So it is said that I think that people hate me, which is not actually true – it is the very fact that they are not interested in my interests which gives rise to the sense that they can handle me if they wanted and the reason they always feel like teaching me lessons; they do not wish to let me be as we are not of the same class, our interests differ wildly on account there is financial incentive involved but they do not want any aspect of the real me to be recognised by that involvement in anyway and will happily claim they pick on me because they are bullies and I am different. So what happens is that they expect me to allow them some social amnesia when they had whacked me over the head like they love to, in order to become fearless when they want to beat me up as well and when I don’t allow them have it, they claim I come up with tricks and that they can take me on any time.

There is this other story of course that I play around with other peoples fashion pieces which is not actually accurate – I do not do so; what happens is that whenever they see other peoples state office equity, they pick it up and develop it to make fashion without an idea of what it does – then they return to call me names and make me into cultural misdemeanour whose blessings and curses can make people rich and when it doesn’t tends me mean he lied and harmed people. So that for instance the difference between me at diplomacy and politicians is that when pushed and insulted and abused by that sensibility of different guy flesh man dance the night away thing that goes on and one and one endlessly – the Political diplomacy tends to react by leaning towards pornography while I tend to react by trying to find out which genocide people are more interested in; somebody cannot just pick up an equity and make fashion with it because a diplomats wife may wear one and create more problems for the world if it sends out the wrong message for example and there are far more complex matters than the one I have mentioned here. It’s the same story of the reality that these guys do not in any way care about my interests, just the financial additions of getting involved with me and so the story remains the same i.e. they should when buying Books I write not when doing fashion of their own (I am not having to collect and look after the Equity whether or not they are located on Peoples fashion pieces and it is not actually paying me in cash like it is them, it should be noted).

I understand it is said I have assigned people to work fashion in my World anyway but it is one thing for a beautiful Woman to talk about being naked, empowerment and trends on somebody else’s Royal Estate and quite another for somebody to make fashion pieces with it to sell to the rich and famous; apparently people in fashion are very stubborn and have an ego to go with it but it is not to say I am ill informed about that either for my part. Its like the story of being happy that information about illicit activities are being leaked, which I am because I created the conditions by which the rules can be bent; somebody has to be responsible and committed enough to create one and in like manner am I likely to assess all nooks and crannies of every means by which information is being leaked when they are, we see it being leaked like that everywhere these days.

There is talk of course of a war on women – there is no such war here even though I am at the forefront of it by some strange Media Industry game; what happens is that they realise I see the world according to what I see and what I smell and what I hear, so they get into my space to  bask in it for pleasure and personal power vandalism all day long and in order to do so, start their own campaign that my personality contrary to being the way it is because I am an Arch Prince with duties to the Church, it is because I sleep with peoples wives, so as it stands they have come to the conclusion the lies they tell of how they do not know what it is exactly about them which provokes me, tends to make sense. Then again the reality is what it is because this has developed into a condition where they have the need to be comfortable using my life and that has now led to a hatred of religious persons like me and a need to see me suffer in all ways ending in painful suffering but that has now gone on for long enough to facilitate anger and frustration on the part of the Men they were meant to have used to accomplish it and this now means that these men are spending a lot of time beating them up and controlling them – nothing of their behaviour therefore has improved considering the question of everybody having a tendency to have a problem with their temper at any time and its twin question of what respect is for, what has become the change to their behaviour is the need to get on public places and rouse crowds that will turn up at Peoples doors over a War on Women. So in my case we hear them speak of a culture I handled and if I see it again, it will be cut to pieces again as it were – after all I do not see that there is anything they can do if I were a direct threat to them anyway. Either way, the reality is still the same i.e. it is impossible to communicate to a collection of idiots who indicate regularly that they wouldn’t mind killing you to get comfortable with your existence, that you need to pay your way in the world – so the Politicians and Media an Industry fools that push me over so they can wee on me needed to feel my wrath. The Politicians and Media and Industry people that just seem to come across things that are free and also belong to them considering it is free and they paid for it at the same time and then they get to use it thereof as it well. They do speak of how I want to set out a test concerning people only deserving things if it belongs to them and of course it is an old story playing out again, except this time I am not going to hold back because it will mess with my Trust system whereby I am supposed to have been able to campaign for and build equities worth millions that I can ask companies to bid for, so I can earn my way and fund a Royal Business and will likely cut up their contraptions in a very short period of time for it too. It’s like the other story of the need they have to change what the reality of who they are is in public, involving those versions of events where five idiots from a village will travel out with their children and locate me as the thing they intend to make a mess of and abuse every single moment of their stupid lives and have it made sense of academically on Media, so that they might appear to have done well in life - and it’s a case of walking into Public transport and 6 will share the same car and it will be the end of the world, except at the next stop 3 younger ones walk in as well. I do not think that the matter is a complicated issue - just the reality that half of them kill people because of their envy and the other half seldom pay for anything they use because their entire existence is about conveniences of stealing other persons livelihoods but my case will never improve as they have now devised a violent way of existing with me rather than improve their behaviour if they want people to listen to their complains about mine.

They do say my reaction does not match what people have done to wrong me but I fail to see how that is the case, since they have become so used to seeking privileges of injustice from Politicians regarding a process of seeing me dominated first before I finish any academic work; so what happens is that they interfere with what I see and smell and hear and the outcome is that they can manipulate me with insults and send me on errands which is what they have turned out of recent to tell the world my Books are about, looking for more trouble and then feign ignorance of the reasons I cannot stand any of it as well. The females on the other hand are rather becoming more useful people; the first time was when they had to find a way to dominate me financially in order to ensure when they rebuild that stupid culture I am no longer able to attack it, the next will be the result of when I set out all things that get to their head and also facilitate a means of getting involved with me and cut them all to pieces as well.

Now they say Top Politicians are beginning to dislike me intensely but I could never have worked out what they have been waiting for all this time anyway; what happens is that these their goons do love to show off and celebrate the violent sides of their insanity and mess up people’s lives with it all the time, so the threats I have continued to warn, will always open up a whole new      Kettle of Fish for them and on this occasion the Kettle of fish has to do with the fact they need to be informed that I am fed up filthy society following me around everywhere I go, to turn my tummy upside down and screw up my thought pattern because it is what Politicians, Celebrated idiots and Media fools want them to. I mean there is much to be desired about their violence in their view but we all know it has always been a story of turning out in Public places to preserve some provocation and make some stupid rule that does not make sense but is divided from mainstream living which will allow them to become the bullies they crave to be so much but which will also mean that they can gang up on those who feel the suffering and what to bully them as well, all day long and when done we see them set out to skewer as in my case, some Christian they have described as a respectful kid, attacking whom will lead to cries of suffering that will develop a process where their problems get solved and dreams get fulfilled and when finished with that, we find that they know they are ugly but want to be famous – understanding very clearly that no person except their popularity idiots that are cooked up by industry scumbags, ever sets out to be famous with anything they do but knowing they are ugly people, want to show much deluded we are when we see all that society and Politics and start to think what interests them is jobs and career and not popularity and fame, talking nonsense about fame like it was a viable career all of the time: so that the main issue becomes the suffering they cause others on account they know they are ugly but have no wish to deal with their financial matters by academic means and those who do the academics want to ruin my finances and turn out to become gangs and criminals, while those who do not want to raise their stupid children on me and rip up my health all day long, after which they band together to extricate both the profitability of their stupid violence on one hand and on the other the survival of the small people by which they can become rebels and insurgents and terrorists but feeling all the time as though I need their opinions around my affairs since their violence was not primarily meant to be disobedient beyond imagination. So they do ask why as it were and they can ask me if they want, all I know is that I will cut up that stupid culture and society if I see it again as it were; otherwise the easier way is that they will leave me alone and we have seen prognosis to suggest that given the right tools and means they actually can do so as it were. I wouldn’t know for my part why people have come to love bringing up that story with them about morality and legality anyway; there has always only been an original provocation that gets preserved over a series of events and abuse that is to lead to insanity for others and a state of affairs for them, by which we see them appear in public places talking nonsense all the time because they have no wish to explore Legality and morality from within their own bloody rights, which is yet again another one of the very excellent reasons it makes sense to cut up that stupid society and become very intolerant of it, the further it continues to bother me as it were – explore legality and morality from their own rights, so we can see their own as well and see them hurt as well; otherwise a commoner can always take advantage of these things to make money and people do not have to be legal Practitioners before they do what the law says they should nor does anybody expect the average sales operative to get out of bed and worry about what the law says but again the problem these days is what it means whenever they make money; that they have become Royal Princes as well? I hear it is said I am responsible for encouraging this whole exploration of Legality and Morality; which naturally is not actually true – I mean technically it may be but what happens is that they turn up here all the time to want a new Country where they can be installed A Judge, Jury and Prosecutor and want it like that all day long and all of time, only to assume at the end, that it has become more important to me than my Church activities are. 


So it is said I am paranoid about the Royal Family whereas in actual fact they really, really love me but it is as such a paranoia which has been manufactured by others from a process whereby I do not want the dirty aspects of my work to be in Public view and they have become rather fond of exposing it, in order to mess up everything else – which offers its own opportunities too i.e. feeling like having something to do with that bubble that exists between the Offices of Politicians and the Prison systems, which will involve cutting them off from it and doing something unprecedented. They always say there is nothing I can do, more so if I did cut them off from it anyway; whereas everybody knows that if their investments depended on the markets I would not have been able to touch it due to the fact it would have been impossible to determine what people think or do, when a goon sets out with a million pounds, puts up 100 thousands in products and another for partying and hopes to double it at the end, which is the source of their confidence thereof but it really isn’t – it actually depends on Nation income thereby setting off a stage in which they do need to be informed – informed and taken off that Government money being properly weaned. So they say I talk but they still make the profits anyway but people make as much profits as others use my work without paying for their copy of my Books – these guys on the other hand know they can never ever have the quality of life their money can afford, if they use my work without paying, as every idiot will want to steal my secretes in order to turn out and work for them but as we all know they do it and want their own amnesia, the poorer ones want their own amnesia that will facilitate their sense of profitability for violence too. I mean its wealth and power and privilege and to which I have a Royal image people cannot stop making use of alright, in equal measure do they need to see how hard I have to work and understand it is not their one where all they need to do is keep fit – here I can work for it but somebody out there will still want to damage it and cause me to deploy Government security to kill people; so the Books are available for use without payment if people know what I mean.

So we hear that if I said what I have been saying where it really matters, they know they would have killed me but of course nothing I have said actually matters as I am only trying to sell my Books; it’s the great mystery where I am a tall person and should be vulnerable to anus and penis insults, feminism aside but I am not because it is my Mum that is not the Tall person and my Dad that is and I am just in the Middle and these two individuals in my life have always been a walk over as it were the last time I checked (hence no more mystery). The problem being that these fools borrow everything they have in life from those whom they think cannot do anything about them and when they make money like these it become an example of the kind of leadership that Politicians want to provide as it were – in which they know that I can account for their wealth better than they can and start attacking me because they are paranoid, complete with features like celebrities that will help keep me down. The Whites speak of their Country and continue to disregard the reasons my Mum is their greatest advantage because she prevents me from moving right as it were, since it is clear it is a matter of what they have and how they want to pay for using other peoples own as it were – on this occasion of which I have personality and they have Country and the stupidities are unfathomable and I will help them burn it too as it were, do something to them that will ensure it is no longer a threat, as there has never been anything wrong with my personality which then warrants all that insults to make me miserable and the shutting down while stealing it that we see performed in Public all of the time. The blacks never listen, so when I do not want popular culture, rolling it out on my Public image becomes their main preoccupation. In the end it is the question of why people want me beaten up or dead or ended up in a gang which has become the main preoccupation of Media but has always been the same story i.e. it was okay to steal these things and get rich if they were not busy insulting and abusing me to ensure when I am a writer, the image gets stolen and when I am a security guard that gets stolen too all day long, complete with abusive mockery about how they would like it if I came to guard them in their homes – giving rise to this process where they hate my guts so much because they have unwittingly revealed that not only is my existence easier than their own contrary to their claims but that their parents also do not support them and their Mums have always given them anything they wanted which means they now exist as drifters that I really cannot describe as Middle class for that reason, interfering with everything right up to sexual activity in people’s lives to find those that have worked for people and had people invest some money in their future that they can do business to try and claim in return for a service so they can steal the money for the rich, make a few millions and take peoples breath away stealing image all day long. So I do get told I need to speak of these matters in more civilised way which has always been as simple as the fact there is no peace for the writer at home or at the Office with these well to do grown up scoundrels around and they hate me so far but are yet to let me be as it were – it is the careers that have been fried up very well so far, next the part where there the peace and quiet I build at this Office is for their conveniences will lead to a person problem with their homes and families until that is fried up well too. They love to claim I would get into trouble saying things where it mattered and when they see me claim I use tricks and that they know they can kick my arse, it has become a norm at this stage especially for the Media and TV personality ones who never really understand that the social misogyny associated with me is normal with respect to my career and is not to be reacted to, hence they rip up my Book sales and their convenience idiots with easy life turn up here I have had a day job to make me deals as per who has the most celebrity personality and who need to get stuck in to the job they have already got. There is no vulnerability to women in this matter; it’s the feminism that is a function of women who do not get any opportunities in life; so where I am is where the blacks are really good at ripping up all support from friends and family to make me seem alone and destitute each time I step outside of my door – now they have made alliance with white boo boys who are all about family support to look good and attend school and ever seldom pay for what they use and do not get told they are useless people because it will make them worse and if they threaten me again along with their Media scum and fashion idiots, will find this story turn on its head.

There is always that sense I need o discuss the usage of my image and stuff which is utter nonsense as it only means talking about every self seeking idiot getting involved with fashion to rip up my life and exhibit themselves to get rich and have conveniences and of course every fool buying cars through which they intend to make more money – it is a complex matter about which I am not in the mood presently i.e. those who use my personality are usually interested in my success, so they care about a whole world of things including those who pretend to be friends but do not support me financially in anyway whatsoever if they can do the damage themselves. All I can say is that I do not know why New York in the US for instance will still be a diverse world of businesses from all over the Globe especially European ones but we are on course to vote in a referendum about leaving the EU. The other side is the intrusive involvement by which everything people do to exhibit themselves on Media is about me and so it is the career that has been cooked up to a point where stealing my image does not make sense anymore and I will soon get after their personal and home and family lives next so it might end as badly as it looks when there is no peace for the writer at home or office with grown up scoundrels around.

We hear it all the time about how they want to get rid of people like me, so that they might live in a free world but while they do fail to accept others will pick up on it and turn up to handle my possessions, looking to reward a useless life after I am dead and have not listened despite complaining about the consequences of doing so, right up to international Communities. Such that despite the current hate for me, they are still some insolence personified especially the blacks who are female – so that this becomes a matter due to testing i.e. what becomes of grown up scoundrels and what will happen when the amount of money they have is paired with ideas about where I can say what I say is put to the test on this Literary Empire and its Royal Public life. We are not talking about society of course; those have now learned that they see the world with the ears but because I do as well, they can take any risk with consequences graver than they could have envisaged, especially when all I hear is community croons whispering sexual abuses at me, while they get to peddle everything that they see me do in Public and their Celebrities turn out to own the world on my Literary Empire, especially the goons at Popular culture that cannot stop flagging their idiots on my Public life with talent shows, who think they have become incredibly important on account of the Money they have made and these stupidities have become a real matter too by the way, on account of their threats as it were, issued in my direction. Of which the matter is pretty much the same as it has always been i.e. perhaps they bloody idiots want to stop peddling it as it were. The feminist ones obviously it seems, see the world with their nose as well and because I do too, have been taking risks accordingly, such that it has to involve a lot of money and it has to involve my property and it has to be collected by somebody bigger than I am and preserved for Women – I cannot stop cracking the idiots, so they might 'shit' in some other House as it were, while they claim to have caused me suffering on a global stage whereas I am of the view it is an adventure.

There is that question of course about why these things matter to me of which they do on account it is one thing for people to be comfortable with idiots that have no wish to follow the correct pattern of working for money and saving some in order to be financially comfortable, if causing others distress pointlessly like a disease is preferable, hence the reasons that deploying people image to get rich quick matters so much and if they deploy mine need always to bear the consequences in mind too as it were. It has always been a problem fostered on Media where peoples dream jobs are to ensure my image ends up in the hands of those I am likely to be afraid of but these fools do what they do as we see them do, on account of the view that these is nothing I can do about it first of all and then also on account they are not obliged as because they are not the ones being distressed by their behaviour, putting it off completely and pretending everybody wants to tolerate a female idiot. As for where I am won a fight or not however; it’s a simple case of the Men and their society knowing it’s been 5 years of Publicity I have neither paid for or wanted – so their rallying cry that I peddle their lives to make money too, is not based on fact, as I am nothing like them and have done no such thing as they do. The female ones however are largely about pushing me outside and deciding where I am supposed to be using insults and disobedience, to take up my time talking much nonsense about feminism and because they are educated makes it rather difficult to reason with them around the understanding they are really stupid – which is very distracting for my religious activities too. Hence I have always thought that it is clear enough the fact that I need to support those I broker property with and having been I allow them to use my image because it is fan activity which I must administrate these idiots need to stay outside of it on one hand in the manufacturing Industry and on the other keep their destructive and power based laziness off my property at Fashion, especially when Black and American and likely to start telling tales about how she always gets what she wants, which will definitely blow my top. As for the story of Politicians, I wouldn’t know anyway; I just know that they need to stop getting on Public places to call on whole crowds that would have been inferior if they asked me to share my work with them to squander it and hope for support at Government buildings while they are doing so; so that the bit about investigating my personality until a situation emerges by which people can deploy it for entertainment and merchandising was a start, which is all very well when we see them get into Parliament to complain about their hurting bottoms all the time too; they do appear to want some sort of amnesia on this, that will help them live in a world where I am sub human and cannot get provoked by this, so they might spend my time losing touch with their humanity as a matter of threats to me, while I have to spend mine restoring it to pacify them and try to survive; hence needed to be informed here, like it is with their business interests being tied to National income so they can threaten me at will which they suppose is to occur without consequences. Those that are a bit over the top on the matter are always free to throw some money at it and not try to extricate my property and income for any process of fighting me, leave me alone and stop being a Coward all together if they wish; I have never really liked what becomes of their insulting and very disobedient nature after they are done absorbing the academics anyway.  The simple process has always been that all who have no wish to work for money and save some of it in order to be financially comfortable need to keep off the Royal image as it is impossible to communicate to them, that I have financial commitments. I understand that my behaviour creates criminals and causes offenders to reoffend but then again, if not, then we all know what will happen is that those who do academic work to chase their finances with, will become gangs and drug criminals, while those who do not will raise insane children on my Public image for popular culture, claiming my behaviour has been very scary for them – so I really don’t care; they need to keep their fingers off my bum. It can be tolerated right up to the point where they appoint themselves and make their own rules which is detached from government through civil rights and allows them to make up their own versions about why things happen by which they can bully people, tell me where I am supposed to be like I inquire it of them and push me around; I mean, we have a Financial sector in the UK, we have a thriving Tourism sector, and we have a Manufacturing sector that is strong, alongside a Government system that is second to none in the world – I am far more prepared for their various wicked and violent vanity along with their feminist idiots, than they think I am. They do say it is the Media ones I cannot control whereas what those ones think they can do is to get involved with a law student and mess it up and they had not signed a confidentiality agreement of course, so now they will scare me into refraining from keeping that stupid history and managing it for them, so we can find out which planet they will ever get famous as it were; their defence is usually that I am rude and interruptive but all I really want is to get the idiots off my Royal Public image, not a show of their stupidities that suggests that I can do Intellectual Property Administration while being unable to look after it. I hear I am always on a path to war which is a direct opposite of what I do; which is scare people off public demonstrations and rights games at Civility, while peddling other peoples cultures and societies, so they might have to chase their dreams and finances too lest others take it up and find out what it is if people took their breath away they love to play up laziness around their insulting ignorance to pretend they have a right to do – The problem has always been the trio of Politicians and Media and Celebrities plus Industry goons and we are finding out what kind of leadership they want to provide at this point as well; as for me, nobody and I mean nobody whatsoever moves into my right hand as it were. It’s like when they do claim I speak as though I am right above the law and the rules when they are rather the ones behaving in such ways but specifically with respect to me they can turn up and enjoy appointing themselves into positions that will cause me the Child Christian who has not grown up because he has not got problems, intense suffering and distress; so let them deal with the not moving into my right hand bit as well. What they really do mean is that if I were to assess the time it takes to secure any kind of justice should they harm me in anyway, I would see that they could extend such a period and that it will mean I do not get any justice at all but do tend to want to behave as though it is set in stone too – hence need to clear my space and keep off my Book sales and if they are in a need of somebody to get involved with or personality to peddle, use their own. I am done frying up the silly careers of these grown up scoundrels and will be after the peace and quiet at family life really soon as well.


It is never really clear the reasons The Labour Party as a whole is the place where people lecture the general public every time there are government duties to perform on their part; they do say that people do not wish to see that it is the Labour Party which is the saviour of the Country naturally but of course it is actually the Party that set the stage for the breakup of the UK and it was that close with a Scottish Referendum last year, so such an idea does beat the imagination. The reality being as ever that they are a party that hates the Country but wants to govern it at the same time and it becomes so annoying because rather than do their Homework and find out facts about what they govern, what they do is get on Media to lecture the Public all day long. They then claim it is my fault of course which does not make any sense – I mean the Labour Party has taboos such as the fact you should never discuss the wealth Gap between Government operatives and Members of a Socialist Party as it is common knowledge that others are responsible for it but so must they desist from ripping up my finances to enable their idiots wee on me all day long, so to speak. The only sensible thing they ever say most of the time is that certain behaviour sets the Conservative Party on a deviant path – what they do not wish to discuss is the fact they are very stupid people that regularly rip up peoples finances so as to come up with stupid rules about why things happen, which is the only purposeful use that Government Office has for them all together. I hear they think that I see the world the same way that they do but it is not a new story they turn up around my concerns to sit about realising things when they are old enough to be my parents and grandparents, then set off accusations of how I live in the same way whereas these are meant to have been the daily eventualities around my business that is supposed to attract customers to my Books and until I protect it physically as well, this kinds of talk will not diminish: - when I say realising things around me at their age, ripping up my career, I mean it is the same behaviour that was exhibited by Benito Mussolini during the World Wars and there was Silvio Berlusconi during our time as well; I do not think that it is a problem, I am aware of my footing, that when  it winds me up I can always start my own stories about how Labour is the only thing democratic about the UK since everybody needs a job. What really happens is that they start off this campaign of hatred that suggests every Christian and Moral person sets out a certain portion of their income to help poor people and kill off the careers of socialist leaders and if they are not doing that, what they do is stoke racism and start to seek out people that must be made to get killed by racists on-behalf of everybody. We hear that tale that these behaviour saves my life of course, which is utter nonsense as what it does, especially the part about stoking racism and finding somebody to sacrifice to racists, does nothing except set out a society where people are responsible for other persons actions, so they can run spin doctor government all day long ruining peoples lives for no reason - the moral and upstanding first and then the criminals and would be criminals not so badly attacked: they never ever look the part of Government deal i.e. that an individual we do not want learning about the Law might actually turn up in Parliament to make the Law as a result of popular elections, what they want to do is play hidden secret perverted games of physically harming me to claim misogynistic self improvements that patch up the problem, simply because it is an option that was created by their spin doctor Media. Even now, their excuse is that I am the reason for these things is that I am the moral person that allows bad people to follow me about and chose self improvements by which they turn out to bother Government idiots that they are, which really has no meaning whatsoever but does its part in taking up a Government anxiety issues here and then cutting it up, to which I must make my own contributions too as it were, considering how much of an insanity their response actually is - so that the main case is that it has always been a story of giving their silly children a home they can grow in and a competitive edge in Public that involves ripping mine up to make me look like an Orphan every single time I step outside of my door, which is followed up with very abusive insults all day long, meaning that the question becomes that of if I am to trade my Books without getting into a fight with Politicians and Media and Industry idiots alongside their Celebrities. I for my part however need to ensure my equities are in demand around the world at all times, while they are now free to play up the using peoples products and property without paying routine by which goons can turn out to steal peoples secretes in order to work for them with it but the rich and famous and powerful will never go from being fans of mine to being fans of theirs in this life or the next; I already have a history with Feminists who like to think when they had lost everything to the Men, they will have me instead, which is supposed to remain precisely where it is found, as a fantasy; now they can all go to hell (of course it is never true what I do is mysterious - as I have mentioned before, they are not actually interested in my Interests and do not wish to find out what my interests are, although they are peoples personal gods and can get involved with whomsoever they wish, getting about feeling as though they have enough freedom to touch and handle other peoples children and teach them how to behave all the time - so you can always tolerate the insults from the pompous bastards to a point. They do I turn other peoples tummy upside down which is pretty much the result of the other stuff about not forcing people to pay attention to my interests lest they pipe Cannabis and turn out to blow my brains off; what really happens is that they enjoy pop and I get really unsettled when I have not had my Classical music fix - so because they are always telling others how to exist, we all know what becomes of their loutish pop as well, it is not a mystery - so it I simply do not have to suffer it, if I can turn peoples tummy as well: they do say I have a scary personality that makes good people uncomfortable, which has no basis on reality - reality that is more a case of the fact they interfere with it, right down to whether or not I am seeing the world by sight or sound or smell and make a mess of it right up to how it sleeps with peoples wives and which jobs it can do as compared to the ones he cannot and down to their stupid children growing up on it but when they are done messing it up, they want me to do something about how it has affected them since they last got involved with the mess they have made in order to make it in the first place but the problem is that they cannot make me.). There is always that question to contend with about why it happens, of which there is ever only one reason i.e. it is evil and they need some moral and upstanding behaviour to update the stupidities they wish to exhibit in Public which is why that insanity that says moral people court them and then allow them bothers scumbags in Government Office tend to make sense; they do say my job is not worth doing if it is about ruling over them but we all know the ones that do the academic work will turn out rebels and criminals and terrorists if they do not have  Country in which they are Judge and Jury and Prosecutor, while the ones that do not will raise their stupid children and even culture on my personal and Public life using Media scandals and insulting abuses that are to extricate profitability of violence - so it is usually a big joke. I am not incapable of being Happy, just need to complete the process of rounding up my Equities - for instance crime series one was built around live developments to facilitate security and mobility concerning peoples wickedness that for instance means that when others do something moral they go off to Politicians to ask for an adjudication that may allow them top up their evil since it has been the kind of leadership Politicians and Media and Industry goons and Celebrities have been providing in Public for years now and there are others like the Pop stars that have grown up and had their own families, hence no longer a case of let them deploy my Public image and find somebody that will facilitate their popular culture career for them doing so anymore etc, I need to ensure it is all under control and still doing all the things that it is doing whether or not those who played parts have grown up or moved on etc as doing so is the only way to run this firm in a sustainable fashion (of course I will be told I give away too much at this point - of which I can give away more too; I mean my Office Twitter is designed to ensure I manage a process where peoples relationships with their parents work for them and there are usually two tweet blocks; one which is a Court Link and the other which is a Royal Mobility Administration, now it is obvious people can do their own too and get get killed and it was really painful; I am only trying to avoid having to listen to the fact it happens.). Of course its all serious, what I have done is condense the control of criminals into equities that can be used for Film series and so on and in that way maintain administration and so I need the Equities for every purpose to do what they are supposed to.