Now they speak of how much trouble I have with the very idea of being consistent at all I do but I would never know anyway; the reality is still that these guys enjoy playing up the part where they wear suits and drive saloon cars and gang up on people, so that a lot of the times when you get into a mess for refusing to let them insert their products into your market on account they need the income more than you do, it is this ganging up on people bit that destroys everything; so I am not het consistent as it were on making sure they cease to get on that stupid media to spend my public life on themselves to make some extra cash they can add to cash they already have on account they visited the home of a millionaire and want one of those as it were – it is an example of what I hate the most about them by and large and I am not yet consistent at it as well. I have to behave in a way that recognises HM is Queen of Australia and Canada as well and all they ever do with every process of getting involved with me is set off to visit countries all over the place, where they gather up trouble makers and bring them to the UK and then set about ripping up my public life selling music CDs on it to solve the problem on my behalf as I am too much of a coward to solve it myself, so I am not yet consistent on it so far of which the little I have been is not hurting badly enough yet and those rich persons that buy the music CDs will recover the cost of spending money on it too as it were only when their sales operatives are as active for the purpose and I shall be even more consistent than that too.

They do claim that I mess with The Queens Royal engagements but I suppose that means mentioning it exists to ensure the Court works with UK frontiers and not rip up Canadian and Australian ones and end up in the US talking nonsense all the time like Popular culture does interfere with it all together as a result of their stupidities thereof I guess. And of course they speak of the trouble with Politicians I find myself in – never makes sense since what is happening is a process where they are losing ground fast on the prognosis of assuming rights to teach me lessons – kids and parents and grandparents alike all the time. They say I tell secretes about how people can be oppressed but that was only after their evil practices loved to target me and Politicians spent tax payer funds on it to bring it into everybody’s mainstream living, to talk nonsense about religion being the evil and so when they attack me like they do and it does make me poor politicians will call on crowds and rip up my finances to make up the idea that is what happened, when they express that witchcraft all over the place and it does not determine who wins elections and who does not, Politicians spend tax payer funds on creating the idea they won elections because of it and when they use it on people without any results in which people are rich, politicians spend tax payer funds on those people so I might never deny that it does work etc. So now I have found my own prerogatives of injustice that I can sell on as well and that is why we are listening to the complains and violent insults of intent with a big mouth; it just takes up my time and finances and they cannot simply leave people alone, especially those that are their mates in the first place as it were. Its where its heading that I am issuing the warnings for in any case because it is a place we will find them talk nonsense about asking those that are not protected how justice works in the Country – for now they do not feel like having their hurtful flesh man hating fun and games somewhere else.

They do say I have no wish to stop using the lives of the men to fix my problems but the part that gets to me about that story is 15 years of financial vandalism here so as to move into my right hand and provoke me into criticising them, so that it might seem I am using the lives of the men to fix my problems and hence they have a license to use mine too as viciously as possible considering they actually don’t like it etc; when you do their own they are off having sex with another man already but if you tolerate them it becomes a matter of how long they have had to wait throughout history to find you in the first place. I speak of it because I do feel as though I need to move on for my part, otherwise not enough have died yet as it were; assuming rights they don’t have especially when it comes to teaching me lessons. They do ask what my problem with them seems to be and there is nothing in it save the fact they are stupid people and their behaviour is clear sign that when people are sick and need a doctor it does not necessarily mean they know that they are etc, so it is what leadership is really about – I just have to pay my Bills for my part and the bit where the main tool for their fun is involvement with me that causes damage as everything they touch does get broken which is the clearest measure of how stupid they are and the fact they are always claiming they are more important than I am which will lead them to a bad end alongside it too, will not suffice. It’s what they do with their time apparently; wreck people finances and get them to teach others what they know and then everything they learn will become self improvement instead of knowledge etc and so as a leader you have to be able to handle that but even when I am providing them the leadership where necessary and creating them the problems where necessary they are still regularly claiming they are more important – hence the idea that it is all lost in translation. They do complain that I actually do not need to treat people like idiots all the time but that entirely depends since I am more concerned with intellectual property administration and the only mode of existence they know is how to wreck the lives of rich people in order to bring them down and copy how to get rich of which nobody knows how they copy the lives of poverty that they created in order to get rich but it does set the stage by which things may be invented and done about robbery and theft that have not happened in a tangible fashion – their reasons are always that nonsense about a simulation of luxury on the left or right to be proud of their stupid selves with or to feel good about things and therefore learn how to live like they were wealthy and it’s the same way the Politicians are happy to spend tax payer funds to bring peoples witchcraft into mainstream living so as to get on their stupid media and have ideas about what I am supposed to do all of the time; so it’s like when people say first contact we will have with aliens if there are any out there will not end well, they are something else and if they are first contact it will be the end for all of us. For now I do not like it when they want to get out of their communities which is where hell is and get all around and when they say they plan to get around with my public life and possessions it could only mean that they want a piece of me as well. It’s much like we hear them speak of my lack of support for Mr Obama and his Anti-gun campaign; we all know people are homosexuals because it’s the most convenient way out of a problem they created for everybody, and so is the idea of shooting an enemy etc and the idea of making stringent gun control laws etc; so that when you do look at the fact there are other bigger countries in the world who do not have a fifth amendment, the reality is that China is Russia’s neighbour and Russia is China’s and India’s neighbour, so they have had a long history of living together – while the US is allied to small Countries in Europe and Enemies in the Middle East, hence everybody knows that you do not disturb the fifth amendment too much unless the Federal government wants to sit 200 miles away from the person that died so that the enemy can get through and kill the rest of the US peacefully – he will not deal with the matters properly because convenience is what they do. So live example therefore is that whacking peoples Royal Prince over the head creates a problem that can be stopped if you stopped doing it and not if you got conveniences on the left or right hand side to feel good about life with but that is usually not what they do and I will get questioned about just speaking of people whacking me over the head like that but I am not mentioning it so people feel impressed to act on my behalf, I do because I have got it under control i.e. it’s always insults and eyes trained on examining the body by which I will beat up others and then a tooth and nail fight to prevent me from examining their own we well, so it becomes obvious they are obsessed with it and yet if I do their own as well they will be off having sex with another man etc to begin with – hence the important thing is to stick to the main business of gathering facts to write my equity and intellectual property administration Books – which facts I will gather and Books I will write and products I will sell and they will do nothing about it, save leaving other people alone when they need to; the reality is that give it half the chance and we will find them think it all such a commotion that it is amusing and elating to making you feel they are using you to flirt with torture for pleasure and making up reasons as they go along and in the US it becomes less amusing when people get shot and criminals copy – it is the business ones that need to stop setting out sales idiots, a certain amount of money for an asset and my public life as the market and violent media to attack me for having the same mindset as the tax man and need to stop it really soon enough as well. If their money is not going to run out then they might want to stay off the Politicians first otherwise I need to cease the pain and distress of seeing them where my Books are being sold behaving as though I cannot recover my Royal Equities all the time – when they do start like that its ever so important they get the Politicians first and make it comprehensive as not all of us have that sort of time as it were but the Music CDs they buy does show they can buy anything too for good measure. I mean Mr Obama inherited a country in deep economic crisis ad his biggest problem is the Fifth Amendment – convenience is what they do, never the real issues. The tale is an old one; they speak of my easy path whereas it’s a simple one not an easy one i.e. they just need to do this quickly and then they will be out of peoples hair before then of which was at least as in my case 9 whole years of nonsense from them every day to test and find out what they need to do and how I will react where applicable – they don’t need to do anything and I want them out of my hair immediately.

There is the story that things ever work for people like me unless socialists are defeated and it’s the stage where dodging homelessness while you have an entire empire at your disposal due to intrusive involvement and abusive lies ceases to be so amusing but if my parents did raise me according to the manner of all that socialist rubbish they would have been so fortunate thereof; they need to buy the Books lest somebody buys their copy and does it for them as it were. At the end of the day when push comes to shove it’s all a story of academic dunce, head filled up with secret problems that Men and Women have, social corruptibility and financial uselessness and if my parents did raise me like that already they would have been so fortunate. I mean people do persecute others because the world is evil and they are more comfortable with it – it’s the part about handling my possessions to get out of bed and ensure vandalism is to intense I am left a bank account that reads zero and then a declared problem with those who do nothing unless they had defeated socialists. I don’t think it a crisis; it’s just reality that saying Local government is much the same as saying there are bullies who want to own whole communities of people and will always come up with their own definition of capitalism that works fast and invasively destructive on all that you hold dear  to you– it’s just them here making out people have a lot of appetite for their complains about those who cannot be seen doing anything unless they had defeated socialists after all they have done; they still have a tiny problem where they need to buy their own copy of my Books as further delay means somebody else will buy the copy they should have bought. We are now officially at the point where the ever innocent complaining socialists that are always oppressed are issuing threats they are 100% certain that they can carry through as a result of the fact their fear for their jobs are now real – I can only say they need to stop playing with me as it is difficult to set out what amuses them so much when I turn up at the job centres to try and dodge homelessness that they want to see it all the time and hence when they want something they always get it with a big mouth. Time and again we end up in those points at which they become their own persons and I my own person but it usually lasts on average five seconds and then they are back in on my temperaments followed by lies of me ending up in their House etc – we are not mates and I am definitely not here playing with them.

They do say it is amusing but I couldn’t make out that finding strange faces in my Court everyday that I can get rid of in three years at a time while dodging homelessness at the Job centres could be that amusing; the Men who gain from it on one hand and wish it happens on the other say it is something I need to fight as it were and it can only continue until I am out of this condition as well. The Politicians like to create the sense I make exceptions for them but what we find is clubbing and partying squander in Government Offices which is unprecedented, with an eye firmly fixed on my income and the rallying of crowds to it with media everyday to feel powerful and treacherous; no wealth inequality justifies that nonsense and they need to stop playing with me as well. I understand they say I am struggling with things I cannot handle and do not fully understand whereas its Mr Media making his money on my Company because he has Media and Mr friend of Mr Media making sure my chest and head and tummy hurts every time I meet him on public transport because he is another twisted evil negative vile goon who sucks the life out of everything and I have been clear about them turning up around where my Books are being sold to make extra money for my part for some time now.

It’s not a complicated matter, they do say I fundamentally work against those that are trying t help but I would need help if I was complaining to somebody which I am not; besides which I do not care if they have problems anyway, I need to get rid of absolutely anything that gets involved with me without buying my Books as it were – it does not mean I am devoid of feelings, it just means I don’t care because it’s all tricks from men who think I exist to be tricked as insultingly as possible on account that the world of Career was their domain and I am tired of it.  besides which I do not care if they have problems anyway, I need to get rid of absolutely anything that gets involved with me without buying my Books as it were – it does not mean I am devoid of feelings, it just means I don’t care because it’s all tricks from men who think I exist to be tricked as insultingly as possible on account that the world of Career was their domain and I am tired of it. It’s not true I have a problem with the idea people may have dreams and dream of their dreams being fulfilled, what is true is that the days when these activities occurred while my Books were yet to be published were the Days of happy Tolerance - after the Books got written it had continued since 2009 when that actually happened; even the days of happy tolerance was created by Media and meant that stepping out of your Door cost you all of the Company and job you created for yourself because somebody else wants to make some more money to add to his Salary. Of course they say I still get taken advantage of despite all my good words but there are only two reasons I may be and one of them is my incompetence while the other is a certain group of customers who only shop when the process of doing so opens other peoples finances for pillaging – they always ask these kinds of questions but never like the answer that you will give them, then we find them speaking of the existence of other problems besides money which has only to do with making others feel they are growing out of what they had already grown out of in their teenage years, rip up their quality of life and spend any history of a quality of life you have gotten involved with and tell them what to fight to make you feel comfortable – they feel like doing mine everyday and if I do their own as well its finished already and they are off having sex with a fellow man. I don’t think it is a crisis; it’s the same group of people and the only thing in their heads is the secrete problems of men and women that causes you to get out of your Home to find somebody to have sex with – no point Politicians opening up your state provided security for them to have fun with on one hand while complaining at Parliament on the other; getting off my Book sales is what solves all problems; I mean there were signs stupid anus chasing black women had gained access to my Government provided security in 2012 but by 2013 they had started showing me they were the ones running the Country, so Politicians do stop fucking around at some point where it may get serious as we all know the only thing in their Heads is the secrete adult problems that Men and Women have. It is what happens and then soon enough we will find them get some money together and deploy wolf sales goons to make millions and then the very discussing of taxes by me would indicate I am talking to them and need to be taught a lesson while they ensure people like me who have the same mindset as the tax man have no money so we cannot steal their own and it goes on forever in a condition where we are all aware they know nothing about business and it is all classified stealing and can only continue until we crash the economy again. They need to find ways of doing their concerns in a way that does not involve me or the results will get far more serious than they are at present. I am not prepared to jeopardise all I have so people might learn; it does not mean I am prepared to tolerate absolutely anything from them as well either and that they can get on my case and make statements everyday on my finances with that stupid media day in and day out like they do at present. So not only do they regularly rip up my Book sales but have also said it happens because I will be free to get on as normal when and only when they are better off on my income first and I suppose it is an activity people engage in because the unspeakable exists – ripping up certain developing economy supply routes and systems, is therefore proper unspeakable. Of course they do say methods are too harsh but people must try and understand what others are saying to them first before getting off to advocate their freedom and in my case it creates a condition where I have to ensure they are not getting any and have to take steps to ensure spoofs and black markets do to scourge me as well and then they can teach me a lesson for not letting them peddle my Christian personal and Public life to make money for the greater good because I am being moral, which morality they would have attended to as soon as they were rich with it in the first place anyway.


They always say I am a threat to people that needs to be contained, the reality however is that they set me out and select my daily activities, then set off to encumber them and when I ask why they do make out they need a perspective on the left that offers them a sense of convenience – so the only fact obvious is that when it is evil, it always has problems etc; the history of it is even more interesting, we are talking about the one where we slip back into Childhood memories sometimes but in their case what they slip into is the various points in time aged between 12 and 22 when they passed out over binge. They do say it’s a matter of fighting for the women as I am rather fond of getting after those beyond my league but people are still showing me they are beyond my league by wrecking my business that they want to make into their own so much and it is really difficult to go from being their torchlight that shows them where the best women are to fighting over the women all together, I am sure they understand. We hear these days that I am good with Royal work but am unable to tolerate the bother which is not actually true; the reality is that a Parliamentary party I do not invite to my home to spend all I have being a useless person that throws parties enjoys standing up in public places to call on crowds to squander my income because they know where my Books are and need to stop playing with me before I start playing with them in good turn as well.

The socialists claim it is my attitude that causes people to become Terrorists and it is utter nonsense; the terrorists are the Children of those parents that buy five BMWs a year because they are making a killing, who fundamentally think they can do whatever they like, have a tendency to get into people’s personal space and expect to have their own way at the same time. So we see them all the time; it was about sharing what I have without asking because asking and whatever my response will be will end up making them inferior, hence there had to be a trick and it gets better when they realise that their Party is not the one in power, so they needed to raise their children as Criminals if their parent was, now that it isn’t, they have to solve family problems with my personal life in a condition that means they were superior, it added up all of it the ones I have not mentioned etc and so they only needed to see terrorism and ISIL and they had joined up as it were. As for me they can turn up and bother me and we will find out if they will not be complaining again when I probe and examine exactly how much of that nonsense exactly they have built up to a point that means they are superior to me all together and then the Politicians will speak of an extinction of culture and society because I have respect for nothing and need to be taught a lesson, which is the only thing that will distract their stupidities from the preoccupation of wrecking my finances and getting in touch with my parents to ask somebody to tell me how to behave to suit their purposes. I do get told all I do hangs precariously and that is why I am such an attractive target at all times but I wouldn’t know anyway since nothing here hangs precariously in anyway – I mean I can always play that their thing again a video game and they will lose a sense of courage when military guys do their own as well bully Boys rule. The rest are just the reality that most of British government income comes from Taxation and so when you have it you really want to work it and enjoy your work and your money, except when people see that there is an old crime that must be paid for etc and so when it turns out the UK has interests and others can take  part as well it beats the imagination but you hold to reality and when they rip up your own, you can find beer supply routes to South Africa for example and cut it up too. it’s like the things we see them do in this Country talking nonsense about why bigger Countries should have more influence in the world as if anybody did ask them; poorer people will talk about their obsessive need to suggest conflict and they will make out their tummy is being churned because somebody wants to grab their connections with rich people and turn up here to climb up to the Royal family by moving into my personal life, then complain I leave all I do hanging thereby making myself a targeting order to deflect fault from their stupid selves. They do say it’s something I have done to unsettle them at culture and society of course but that was me building a better world; as it does seem when I tell them not to move into my right hand as the only thing in there is Christ sitting at the right hand of God, they turn it into an obsession that is supposed to make me via a process where I am provoked to a point in which I react in a manner that suggests I am racist – a black racist of which has never been seen before anyway all together – it then goes right up to making sure they are the only things in my head so I might write books criticising them and become the guy that expects to have his literary empire while he writes about their lives and this unprecedented abuse was meant to go unpunished as if we are mates in their view. So they do say it has never been done but likewise they have never seen anything like me too all together and they hate my guts now because they will not do my bidding and others are doing it for them anyway. As for the part where I talk and can do nothing, what all these means is that I would like a clean slate with them and maybe teach them a lesson they will never forget and if they can try and teach me as well with a big mouth – since all those things that have piled up and collected and means they are superior is the reason others cannot breathe the free air. It was important to me that they end up getting in a hurry to make money as well so that other people might explore the pleasures of entrapment too and I am sure the next time they will keep away and I am not talking about the underground lower class nonsense where poor people are churning their tummy because they want to get connected with rich people and steal their connections which has nothing to do with what they are being told either as it were – I am talking about teaching them some they will never forget as well.  So I have lived my life in the knowledge they exist in another world and you do not get involved unless you have something doing with it and when you do get involved you will find it is the meaning of hell here on earth but they cannot do without turning up around my concerns to rule women and distract me from my work and finances all the time, then chose trophy victory at the other end to ensure my temper will mean that I cannot breathe – and nobody yet knows what for either, all we know if it is the excuses they make; so I have a problem with it too right through the Communist Block and South America. I mean it’s impossible to see exactly how indeed you walk around peoples Country like you are their Boss on account you are good at what you do, it stays with you and needs to be resolved like you owe them money and then they want you to believe what they tell you about Terrorism at the same time as well while they have a problem buying your Books. Their Politicians say I am not good at what I do just good at grabbing history and culture but I am British as well and what I do will show, hence hardly credibly – what is credible is that they pass insults and abuses at me because I am a respectful Christian leaving things to their imagination and when I kick them they send in the kids because they have no respect for me, so when I kick that too the whole thing goes round in circles. Still the lack of respect for my personal and thinking space because they have need to dump their problems somewhere is astounding – the threats always open up a new kettle of fish all the time. I don’t think it a complicated matter in anyway – it’s the old tale of how America invaded Iraq to bring them freedom and I was bullied into saying something about it which I reacted to because I was not yet aware they were the superior ones – now they think I will tolerate that blame nonsense from them after they have had so much fun having a go at me with the rise of a Country and its evil bits routine where people are selfish and people are evil and people are stupid and people want somebody they can profitably blame for their problems. Its either this when they are being nice or the nasty old men routine where you travel with them in Public transport and the one in front is hater of women and the one at the back flows on a frequency you do not believe a human being could devise all have a need to make you feel filthy to collect and copy things that they will furnish the lives of their stupid children and grand children with and just as you grappled with that because you were heading to work 4 more walk through the door which is a typical day. Its leadership alright but there are stupid Politicians spreading those nasty ideas that they are more important. Of course they say I make trouble for everybody and my time is coming and its utter nonsense like the tale of knowing nothing about the USA while using my ideas to make judgements etc whereas when done with school yard gangs and cults they turn up to teach me lessons for keeping them off peddling my personal and public life claiming I shut down a free thing that existed for everybody simply because I was in control with that freedom nonsense we have to put up with and made it a social thing to continue putting pressure on me with like they normally do; so the reality is still that I tend to find strange faces in my Court and they will never stop or go away for at least half a decade at any given period they do it and in that time I will write Books that mention their names and they will find it and cut it up due to libel while I dodge homelessness at the job centres – it gets to a stage where I think about them and their spouse as a team that is really bad for me and then when I actually mention it somebody will take it up will hence be the name of the story kind of story. They say it’s a matter of where I give away my Book contents whereas that was the risk I take to gather facts for my work and their job is to get a copy of the Books if interested – hence where those activities affect them being the fact they are still here, the scumbags. So they do like to make out I think myself Royalty whose work is to support the Monarch and Government whereas that is not what Members of the Monarchy think of me and this largely refers to ones linked with Media and celebrity culture which again has nothing whatsoever to do with me looking for more trouble and so the situation continues that when I say local government local government, what I end up implying is that there are people who want whole communities for themselves and then they will ask if that is not true anyway but then hate the fact of the truth that concerns the Kings and Queens of that which is unspeakable, the whites having a need for cultural evil that is responsible for things like racial segregation in South Africa, breaking Ireland away from the UK and keeping Northern Ireland divided while recently talking nonsense all over Scotland – the blacks are just Daddy coming home all the time – while their stupid Politicians open me up and give them go ahead on my property with each public appearance and the media follow suit providing them updates of what I wrote with which to make trouble for me where I work and so on – so I have this need to ensure they cease to turn up around my concerns and that it happens their way or it happens my way but happens either way. So it’s all Kings and Queens of the unspeakable and I am the only Golden King around hence all fake and I always see them from Europe through to the East and South America as hell itself to get involved with only when I have major business doing so, except they turn up more often than not on my concerns because Politicians are giving public urges and go ahead all the time; at this point of which they are suffering as well because of their activities and so are the Media but nothing seems to improve yet.

So there is that talk of American relations needing a resolution which resolution there isn’t a need for all together; the way they do it is more a case of gather up communities of people who have messed up their lives and blamed it on the person they had a confrontation with just before it was all messed up, that looks like a chosen target and then they will run an Oval Office for a President who will walk around like the burden of keeping them under control is so much he does not have a firm grip of other issues while they have it all figured out on how to pick on those that are smaller than they are especially. The point that forms the bridge at which the whole things get inverted from people having the right to pick on those that are smaller than them being the part where they only need to bully somebody to free their minds from the oppression they suffered in order to chase their dreams again and then the Political leaders will turn up and say that the weak that they get used to bullying are not weak at all but people that are good at getting the terribly strong to do things for them – Nelson Mandela did the same things and it is not surprising Mr Obama is the same kind as well; I for my part have continued to live in an environment where staying off food because I am a Christian means people turn up to appoint themselves and toughen me up, eating my food means people turn up to appoint themselves in order to get about seeing me get into a fight and if they are not doing either of the two then what happens to them has to happen to me because I am the guy that should be doing something about it who is doing nothing because Americans like to have perverted conversations thrown into the air for media to impress on people with others but do not like people to have some of it with them. So when they speak of people being able to pick on those they can beat it really needs to be cleared up whether they think the fools have been spending their time chasing their dreams all this while, cleared up how they are saying it; apparently they say its harmless popular culture and Media and I am determined to show what I can do for my part as well. So I do find myself building structures for governing the Boys while they are still working very hard at building structures for making sure people do not co-operate with my needs, which makes no sense whatsoever but is the usual example of really stupid time wasting that show they think Career is their domain etc. Their big question now is whether or not I think Mr Obama is wrong about the history of slavery and slave trade but I hope the question is not coming from idiots who extract feelings of domestic workers being subjected to nepotism and abuse that is good for their well being from my Christian self because I look the part, if it is one such sitting around the Politicians and Parliament to do it like they all do, then they should be rest assured they will have something to complain about again really soon – working ever so hard to show the world all black people are like their stupid selves and cannot let others be. I come from a Family where Domestic workers were treated as part of the Family for my part and will not put up with any of their superior nonsense – it does not mean I have not been served by one such on several occasions. I hear that they would like it if they could get me to shut up but if they are going to do something as uncivil as use media and popular culture to insert their products in place of mine when I have worked with people to build relations to a point at which I am about to convert them, this is not a realistic goal then as such; damage is damage and competition is competition – the two are never the same thing, whether or not they believe this seems to hinge of what you do when you respond. It’s not a complicated matter; it’s an old story of work I must do to gather facts for my Intellectual Property Administration Books, so I understand what they mean depressed, I was depressed when they turned up at University to play up the gap between their lives and the prison services, which makes me fuzzy and allows them to play up left hand side and right hand side opening and shutting down at will since they are shutting down their own as it were, helped by Politicians and Celebrities who got to rip up the academic work for me all together thereof – I am not depressed anymore and it’s a matter of my Books not killing me; so if they are going to ensure every emotion especially negative ones do not change and remains as it is permanently each time I complete every task and thinking process and every day, like their community croons love to do which they help with a lot on Media and popular culture, then they have to accept there is no realistic prospect of achieving a process of shutting me up. This is what happens; does a 12 foot banner that belongs to a Company I am helping with I.P. Admin become vulnerable – does a Celebrity get away with making out the market and frontiers of the latest attire of a famous designer belongs to them; these are matters I have to provide solutions for since it is what Celebrities do in public but in private have their own small businesses that make them millions of currency and God help any who as much as looks at it. It’s not a case of rejection it’s a case of Royal Equities spread around the world for the allies and Public figures and Celebrities at Court, which anybody then picks up and soaks themselves in to create goods and services pretending when I see it I will not recognise it and that they do not have to acknowledge – so they have not at all been working on the whole shutting him up thing despite how much they want that to happen.