The most important question of recent is what makes me feel Trump is good enough to be US President, my answer either way of course will allow them suck up and make another few thousands they have not worked for naturally but the answer has always been one about how Mr Obama knows in the 8 years he has been giving word directly from the Oval Office that people must stifle my Book sales and steal any big break I work for after that, the exact character content of a criminal that is also a victim of crime after his hate for celebrities and famous people alongside his love for popular culture idiots manufactured by Industry vandals to do wealth inequality campaigns works, when people are getting murdered. It’s always been the same old twisted vicious evil Democrats who are enemies of civil independence but we do not know what could have brought on the kind of behaviour we have seen recently all together either; the abusively insulting entertainment goons want to break me with a case where my Public life and work and property is used to make entertainment but when I think it’s about me, it’s actually about little Children – I have no idea what they intend to do as it stands while I have always known it’s about little Children all along anyway but it is an example of the reasons I need to ensure when I don’t want somebody to deploy my property to make entertainment for Children with his multimillion pound film Industry, he will actually not get to do so as well. As for my so called preparation for the Trump Presidency; I cannot tell if it actually answers their questions better than I could have all together, since it’s a new government and has not even been sworn in yet, hence nobody can tell if it is good enough to do anything just yet – the reality being that its all the things that Obama’s Administration of vandalism did not allow me do which I have felt leave to get done now he is on his way out. The confusion about what I get up to is like that old case of the only thing we hear and deal with these days being about how the Democratic and Just need to ensure that when that girl that knows boys in the neighbourhood that will pillage your closet approach you, you must do what she wants or else and it feeds into that case where they complain about me but my Books still exists in obscurity to those who read it and no longer something written by a half Priest Government Operative, when they are able to tell the exact nature of a criminal that is also victim of crime as it were. they always say I deny that I know exactly why it happens, which I don’t – they just want me to talk about the fact what they are interested in is making a scapegoat out of me who gets about telling the religious to act in ways as to ensure the religion does not affect them, with that big mouth they have and so it becomes a case of how war will happen if their almighty temper is roused yap yapping and feeds into the stopping my Books as well when I don’t want to see them around my earnings and it’s the same story when the Books are written by a half priest but all people know about my public image is stirred by their community croons and is about how my personality is the way it is because I sleep with other peoples wives.

They do claim it’s a matter of soldiers that have given everything being able to get a share of the power and wealth but it’s the lesson they are learning as well i.e. that I invented the whole process by which organised crime ceases to be profitable, so they can get about giving their all and showing up here after all the time thereof – the part where if I don’t want it done, it should not become their main preoccupation is the biggest lesson of them all. I mean I can get arms Industry to not deploy my equity to make weapons a criminal can then get attached to but cannot have the same co-operation from popular culture and people are making the music for them to get into clubs and bars and have sex with the best Women, then blow off their big mouth before they run off to kill somebody as well anyway – are they of the opinion its cheap or easy for them and for me?

Now they say I think I should always blame Mr Obama for all that happened when he was President personally, which has no connection with their disobedience and its effects around here i.e. after 8 years of giving word at the highest Office that people should buy my Books and all I do to recover from that should be stolen, he was able to tell the difference, loving popular culture idiots that do wealth inequality issues and hating celebrities, between a normal person and a criminal that is also a victim of crime as several people got killed in an Airport during the last four weeks of his term in Office. They have already started this story of what will happen when he becomes the President for black people who is not really in the Oval Office and what will happen to me as a result and I basically think that this will mark the start of the big show as well considering they have always had a problem with the idea of talking about their own lives, not trying to lead people who are doing things they know nothing about and not appointing themselves other peoples leaders at fucking random all the time, to show up in public places and seek success of insolence after; it will be the beginning of the end for that stupid civil rights wickedness that I don’t want fighting for my freedom even though it has started to think it is what it actually exists for all together. Of course they do say I cannot take them on, like the story of the reasons it happens being that they are busy spending my time to show that evil is powerful and it’s the reasons every occasion I see that stupid culture and society will be the last time they see it too, so we can find out how profitable their violence will become when I take from them all that nonsense they have built right up to this point as well.

It feeds into what Mr Trump says about the Economy as well, where he says Europe is  Vehicle for Germany all together and people think it is wrong; I think it is correct not to approach doing it the way that means every people who agree with Germans who are always recovering something they have lost even though they have created two world wars in the process, talking of how it hurts them but helps them as well, is allowed to creep in during complex times and find people they can stabbed in the back, so it is a vehicle for Germany i.e. also when we consider how people becomes successful in Europe and what they have to do to be studious i.e. I thrive on pressure for example and it is because Intellectual Property Administration will always see every popularity fool that wants to get rich quick because he can factorise others by their private parts who will set out to encourage criminals in families and neighbourhoods and set them Community croons that are looking for power on me and set about other forms of abuses themselves – so everything works with each other and I only start to experience problems when people had become obsessed with getting on Public places to pass around insults that involve telling me what to do, hence the reasons I get after their own as well – but there are others like those who avoid messing up their health by talking about things which will amount to a kick against the thorns for their feelings and set about getting a minimum wage job, through which they save up some money and by the time they had graduated have ended up with enough for a deposit to buy a house and a qualification to earn high at the same time; so if Europe was for everybody, why are the Swedish having a hard time and likewise the Greeks and the Dutch, if it isn’t the fact that Germany must guarantee its future by making everybody love customers the way Germans do, so Germans can move in and out of everything they wish to? I mean it’s especially respectful when the plan for economic recovery, which will prevent it from happening in future involves not building central banking around what happens when I have decided to spend my money where it should be but to build it where the opportunity costs of my money is being decided by me and gets better when they fail so woefully at handling matters of organised crime and counterfeiting but become so proficient at being liberal with migrants and more so over this matter. Here in the UK it’s a matter of whether or not we wish to talk about founding principles of the EU and of course we don’t. For me it’s the same story that feeds into the Northern Ireland crisis i.e. people continue to run the government there as though it had the same buffers here in England or perhaps in Scotland or Wales, where if it is all burned up we simply become cocky Men – so that he will set out to the left where he thinks all that time grabbing the Woman’s frontiers when she steps outside of her home has paid off, especially when she is good looking enough to be a Celebrity etc and when that is burned up, is after Women for access they have to Country when it’s all to do with the fact they have had time to think about crime and why it happens. I mean if they do want to get after access to Country they can always do me anyway and then I will have to track those predatory business and when it started and extract the cost of the damage they are becoming rather fond of performing, at the open market, which is not to say the Business will go under as such if they work hard enough.  So they do say that I don’t really understand why people do predatory business and leave it for Politicians to do resignation with on one hand while chasing Women, so when they end up stuck with criminality, they sell things to the Women until the frustration builds up to sexual assault – but I do, I am black for crying out loud, I know it is because Politicians it is said, steal the careers of the far right and that when it continues the far right will have no more careers left – it is the reason this whole story of the abuses of the Liberals and Democrats will end really badly because they are the ones that spend everybody’s time building up a sensation on peoples careers for the far right, whenever they are not getting rich quick at the expense of the chosen victims.  It’s never really been a problem – what they know is the fresh water pools in areas of the world where people rarely show up and that is where they refresh themselves and return to their City centre sales idiots vandalism but it is not where the real economy which fundamentally attaches itself to culture because it is the means by which the communication is possible that if you are not doing it, somebody else will take it and then you will lose out – the people slaving away at sewing machines in Asia to fill the High street shops or the roads running through plantation fields etc, I can understand their service economy stories but it does not add up when the bottom line has to be accounted for. It’s more like when they say my problem is never ending when there is no such thing; first of all they are evil people and want to show evil is powerful and I do not want them to show it around my finances and Book sale business any longer and then there are the Politicians who rip up peoples finances so goons can show up to count pennies until they make millions on peoples public image, claiming it means the rich kids are naive and do not know everything that their fathers should be knowing, in order to be rich, so it has nothing to do with me and they can clearly see that in order to put a street hoodlum on the governing board of a multimillion pound company, their activities have to be similar to all these nonsense being thrown around by idiots who want to get ahead of others and know no other form of success save the bit where somebody is after a career they are more qualified for etc and Mr Obama will be the right president for black people outside of the Oval Office, while I will be targeted – hence whenever somebody or someone does tell them no Company is being run by their property or abilities, they will become seriously hurt and show up on Media to attack me. The other story is one about what US Democrats and their Liberal friends are getting up to which is actually not an issue all together; it is not my Books they respect, or my person, or the patents on the Books or indeed the fact the Books belong to me – so it has to be some statement that their Country is more powerful and that they can do whatever they like with me, which means it will end very well too. their fashion goons are usually the best indication of what is to become of this matter i.e. they always say my work with designers amounts to stealing their connections whereas people are only taking advantage of the fact it is not alien to me to be involved with matters associated with people not being able to raise Children properly in the modern era and so they make those clothes, so that the designs can be things that people can actually wear with style – point is, I have no idea how it amounts to somebody else’s connection, to take pictures of their stupid selves all over my Public image, prevent the sale of my Books and splash it out on glossy tabloids; so this is the lesson they have learned, told me I have done my bit and should await their turn and I am waiting to follow on my feelings from being called names, right down to being a British magician that people hide from the Public while people pillage my earnings and good name to get rich quick – I could never understand what is the inspiration behind that sort of abuse anyway but unless I have missed out anything, this should be the story behind the case where I think I should blame Mr Obama for all that happened while he was in Office on one hand and on the other, not being able to take them on. In the end they say I am not aware of the good Mr Obama has done but I am beaten down daily in my own bed by their Community croons, who are looking for power that is evil enough to tell racists whom to kill claiming it is what I am doing and whether or not I get into or out of bed is now in their hands, while they don’t like to be told to pay attention to the job that pays their salary at Industry all together, so I wonder if they have done enough good in the world to compensate me for it and I can clearly see that they have not and we all know that when done, they never really do enough good all together as a track record. So the good I suppose would properly be about avoiding conflict with the Middle East but we can see it is not the one about the fact I have met a Muslim and I am not dead, so it must mean that not all Muslims kill people or the one where a matter of justice is a matter of justice wherever it might have happened i.e. something happened to somebody and it was your fault, so what are you saying and how are you saying it (etc), it’s the one about sensations of the various kinds of Muslims there are, concerning which we are already getting feed back as we speak.


It’s like the Film Industry doing what it is doing, which is providing them the best platform to categorise younger persons into ones that need to be snubbed and put down and ones that need to be manufactured into popular culture icons, which is really all that they know – I just want my Royal Estate purged i.e. I broker equities with Film makers that allow them work with my structures because it involved the way that Law and order is administered for instance and is usually done in such way that the story is told to teach young people something important and to provide informative security where Law enforcement Officers who are actually peoples parents and family are not available to assist in the immediate – today it’s all about action and wild stuff and is taken over by popular culture idiots and those generation actors that used to offer me any hoot while I had recently started out my Commission can no longer walk into Hollywood for jobs because it turns their tummy and makes them sick and I am becoming just as sick as well and need my systems cleared out; they do say I cannot stop them of course because they are protected by a more powerful Country but I have no wish to tolerate seeing them around my Books or Public image anymore. As ever they always say I am never really happy, which is utter nonsense – all my information ends up with society people because I am making it impossible for people to tell me they didn’t hear about it and committed and Intellectual Property Offence out of ignorance, it should never amount to somebody being able to get on Media and steal my identity all together, hence these goons need to pay attention to the job that pays their salary and stop showing up around my fame and reputation. This is usually what the mainstream film Industry is i.e. a very grotesque monster at best. So they say what I complain about now is that which I was well informed about but I have never said I wasn’t, it was a calculated risk – there was an economic crisis and even if we did pick up a global microphone and told people the UK was open for business and measured the way forward on that, we would still have found it difficult to build a Central Banking culture; a little brush with Hollywood and I am being told about regrets I should be having by Journalists who are also Diplomats and The Queen knows all about that sort of stuff with them telling me what to do and going off to complain to members of the Royal family about tucking into my work to get rich quick by helping me and telling me what to do on claims I am slow – they always say that this behaviour means I am reacting to being complemented for what I have accomplished and the last time The Queen responded by telling them they had abused their hospitality, there were leadership everywhere to show people more realities about the world and help the general population understand the News better, so as to highlight tyranny.

These days they say my view of popularity people and the left is quite wrong, which is not actually true; the reality is that the intrusion of their Community croons and endless bullying as well as persecution to prevent people from abstinence on matters of self corruption and sexual corruptibility, coupled with an intrusion on their part to make sense of their insatiable desire for money and riches, which is usually garnished with a condition whereby any small success earns them the right to stand up to parents and challenge their parents all of the time, added to how it somehow plays out that challenging me for a religion I cam clearly not practicing in their personal lives works together to provide them a public statement and a preferable lifestyle – this intrusion is the only source of financial hardships I have because it does nothing but assume rights to punish me, which causes me to punish them as well and wastes my time but above all continues so intensely and insolently that what I do for a living is set in obscurity for as long as it is able to continue and of course the two sources of access are still the same as ever i.e. Media idiots telling me what to do and how to live so they might be comfortable, their community croons coming up with own explanations for the nature of what my personality and the presence of God around me is. My view of them I have to say, really is one of the most accurate that there is.

We are not talking about the bit where it becomes difficult to a point where you are sick to the stomach, to accept the sad bits of your life when you notice them or when you are a sad person most of the time, to accept the happy bits without being purged of what you ate. I mean it’s easy for us Royals because of HM’s leadership but we are talking about Economic Leadership concerning myself and Royal roles of my own here. Nobody knows how they do it anyway; alliance with community croons and media idiots, ripping peoples livelihood everyday and ending up with a reputation that says they are the ones who create financial and economic progress for others and I don’t mean it is mystical to me either, I mean it is the same amount of effort I put into my work, which creates those outcomes where people tell me they don’t know how I do it, that they put into their own, which is why they can now do it with aesthetical proficiency, from any angle they wish. As I said, my view about them is the most accurate that there is. It’s like when they say people are grabbing all I have, which does not make any sense, it’s the same as when younger Men see the Princess of York they want some fun in their lives and get after it and when older Men see her they want to take her for themselves but what she does is a matter of the age difference between us and the fact we are seeing each other, hence it is perhaps the reason people complain about me on a daily basis.

Then we hear them say I behave with the US President elect as though I am not important myself, which is not true; being important will mean punishing lower class idiots who chase my anus when I need to get somewhere important, making sure any who affects my Books in negative ways feels some serious pain and generally being a real upper class pain in the bum but since I have not been doing so, what they have done is set out their own stories on Media where their stupidities and little wickedness they hope to get away with is attached to me while I am then said to have been the person practicing them, then cannot have enough showing up in public places to factorise all I have worked for along the lines of who can beat me up and grab them and they have always done it i.e. have a culture and society which facilitates a means to sit back and make plans concerning how to take the law into their hands, so half the time you could be dead simply because they exist and the other half they want to get involved with you and it could go either way, issuing stupid civil rights threats at me because their bottoms hurt as well on account of what I have been getting up to without reason and now that they know the Politicians cannot do anything about it at government Office and that they can beat me up, they will own everything I have including my person with that big mouth they have got and I am only saying they have reached their limits and if that see that stupid culture and society they will have to kill like that blabbing I have to put up with all the time too. They raise children that are mad, just to ensure that their idiots can beat up others and show up here to make stupid assumptions while getting politicians to rip up finances and give them time to attack a single person they are scared of as whole communities, now I shall move over to the left because I am scared of them with that big mouth as well. As I have said on other occasions, writing Books and getting a job does not hurt peoples bottoms but there is a bully distant violence associated with absolutely every move I make and when these scum think I am tired, show up on that stupid Media with a big mouth concerning insults associated with ideas of things they want to make me hand over to them because I am afraid all the time and it is coming to a head too. The big idea is that they have become me and I have become them with that stupid Media but the problem is still the same – incredibly stupid people with a legendary need to seek trappings of power and escapism from employment and from the problems after that. So they say it’s a problem with the fact I am stuck with the Media, which I am not – what happens is that in terms of my business I do my Intellectual Property Administration by gathering facts on the ground and I follow it on by making sure the local people cannot excuse any abuses on grounds they didn’t hear or know of it but it then means when anybody gets on Media, somebody with a Camera helps them steal my identity; so it’s like dealing with crime between January and May and then perhaps sanitation between May and September and by October they had started this insanity, so that by November all those problems are back like you never started all together; so it’s the part where this is not actually what they are paid for that causes the whole process of handling them as well so they can get on each other’s throats and find themselves reporting the news you want, while their socialists and popular culture idiots become compulsively angry and cannot stop shooting off stupid threats but it is still the real source of potency when it comes to harming them for it. It does not mean I don’t have it in check; I mean think of Sir Alan Sugar for instance who has this habit of getting involved with my concerns on a whim and will not read a Book written by the Pope in hell, let alone one by an Arch Prince he regards less but gets involved like that endlessly to play up those games whereby they are nice when they want to lean on you and feel good but you get stepped on without reason whenever they see something they want and it’s the same with the Media where they are now financially better off than their Dads who used to beat them, so now they can stand up to their Dads but it works when they stand up to me in the process as well and I am left wondering what stage it actually came together like that for the bloody idiots in the first place all together; so it is not actually true I cannot count them out and prevent losses around here all together, or that I am completely unable to be a proper upper class arse hole as a whole. They do say somebody else has to prepare these things for me to massage my ego with and its utter nonsense too, it does not add up with tales that I act out of my own authority since such a thing was never the truth anyway in the first place but in the end, they want socialist bullies being financially rewarded all over the world, hoodlums getting off the streets to head Multinational businesses, they want popular culture idiots stabbing and shooting people to steal fame, they want African idiots ripping up economies to expect aid from popular culture scumbags but they also want an Arch Prince at the receiving end with a big mouth and need the entire planet to play along with them so as to achieve it since he can get beaten up at will all together; it goes without saying they need to get a job and stop getting on my nerves before the entire disposition becomes something others have confiscated from them all together. It’s never been an issue – I mean I could ask if there are people that will be spared if a criminal showed up to shoot dead bystanders, not because they were a threat but because it was the technical aspect of running away with Jewellery he had already stolen, who will be spared – so I can ensure they understand they need to get jobs and lay off my Public image otherwise there will be a reckoning over people being able to steal my identity on account they are being paid to do something else on Media. So they will revert to a case where I am being bullied to divulge information about British Government with other none white nations can use to make themselves rich and it’s an old story where Hilary Clinton did not get elected showing up endlessly as it were; I mean if she did get elected the result will likely be the traders and market square underbelly of New York being cut to pieces by my Humble self when it is drawn up from the US to the Middle East across this Royal Estate or my Public life – it should be noted the blacks hate my guts just as much because of their case all together in this matter. They always say I am a very provocative person but we all know that when done, their American idiots will lead the way and collect paragraphs of my Books and spread it around the Middle East to provide leadership that makes them proud of themselves and when they start a war, it always inevitably leads to a war that kills those who know nothing about it like the stupidities we see on Media; the phobia these scumbags have is one about working for their money but whilst we have always lived with it as a planet, here is a new one about a general lack of respect for other people’s property.


They do say I talk because it is easy for me to start a war but it’s an old story where I have never asked anybody to fight my battles while I have an ability to start a war that I guess will be fought around the fact they are always showing up to screw with my concerns until that goon with his market places teasing that gives way to racial violence, shows up here to play his stupid games; I want them off my Public image and an end to seeing them around my Books. If people feel they are complaining about me enough, they can stop carving stupid sales paths between any businesses in the US that is meant to runway through this Royal Estate for a start. So the Politicians say they hate me and want to show I am no Royalty all the time and I wouldn’t mind anyway, as long as they are the ones saying it, then it has to be the truth all together, I suppose is what they are thinking all together. Either way, if I ran my business in a way that does not control society and make it tough for them to win elections without being so pleasing, would it put an end to me being groomed into something a teenage scum wants to stab with a knife and steal a public image to get rich and famous thereof with as it were, while they blab about how it happens because their fucking children’s playgrounds are disused. It’s all the same old story of people getting involved with me when done with their drugs and crime thing, while those who put them up to it in government buildings claim it’s their civil right; it reaches a stage whereby they do some real and proper damage as well and I go from running a Book sale business to making sure some individuals who have been having these kinds of fun for the last 12 years running and have it every day like we see them give to the frugal, are getting a piece of me that they appear to desire so much. The Buckingham Palace ones say they want to teach me a lesson for making a mess at Buckingham all the time, which does not make any sense; what really happens is that when any idiot gets off messing with me and applying the result of their insults at dignitaries, they get jobs at Buckingham Palace as though they were never Pop stars concubines somewhere in Africa and so I was bothered about community croons beating me down in my own bed and then I had to worry about idiots getting CCTV jobs to corrupt my State Provided security after that, now I have to worry about this one as well, while the fools can never let the food stay where it goes when eaten; hence those who cannot now move them from Buckingham after taking them there, say it’s my problem. If people think they are complaining enough, the Media ones need to stop telling me what to do and what to fight for, the rest need to stop being seen around my Books and Public image, otherwise I am not fatigued myself anyway – in the end we see them do the same with their silly children too and it’s about popular culture families saving up money to steal peoples public image and careers with, while they claim they only attack those who show signs or harming their own all together and we all know I do assess it from time to time as well, checking up the kinds of campaigns I will need for my part too, when the insults are so unbearable each time any person takes Public transport. So they do say the Civil rights goons are after me of course, which is nothing unusual – the idiots are always working on some stupid vested interests of an evil that is designed for people who want to get by, which others harm by religion that happens in a Church while it is practiced in their stupid personal lives all together and those evils you can harm if you want, no matter how hard they hurt you to prevent you from so doing as it were, except that you never do anything about the racists who are actually murderers all together and it goes on like that and wants to get involved with you for reason of sharing a skin colour endlessly as insultingly as possible; now they rip up the finances and Mr Obama will be president outside of Oval Office so they can target me with a big mouth. So they say they always had a feeling I was going to make war on Popular culture, which is an old story; whilst they say so life is about some form of seniority that comprises of intensely and abusively bullying me all day long – even down to the civil service where I cannot get a job because I masturbated and then cannot get a job after because I didn’t and then after because I did but it wasn’t enough – soon they have developed their own version of my personality and it concerns the claim I a magician who can make people rich and so on; so now there are no more abusive partying by which sales is made without a media struggle and certainly no more International Community warehouses and insults that can be financially profitable or Aid in Africa designed to climb up my public image and make a mess all the time, while I try to clear the fact I am not gay and do not have a personality which God has blessed by community croons like to fuck because I sleep with peoples wives and cannot therefore put a distance between me and it and pay attention to what really matters to me; so it can always continue until I build a Public life for this too. They always speak of some secret reasons they do it all the time but everybody knows it’s because of the fact they bully people all the time and bullying for them is like Boys and their toys stuff but above all, it is those who look weak that they always target because they say they can clear their lives of the stupid ways they live and upgrade their fame by stuffing such people. Hence they have chosen me and I am this person people bully because I look like something they must fight for as it were – so it’s all good now, when I get out of here and build a public life on it too, they will have any more popular culture left. So they say I need to change the mode by which I work with Politicians of course which I don’t; what they do is show up at Parliament, income guaranteed, benefits paid, I am trying to sell my Books and raise my own, so they want me to work with them on that second source of income – perfectly away they have designed the behaviour in question to wind me up intensely. So they say I am not being allowed to work with Politicians, I am being made to but it’s an old story; perhaps I am too dangerous to be allowed to run around like that and perhaps I am also useful since Politics is wholly the Queens Business and none other – the point is, I am not a dangerous person like that, it’s the fact even when it’s a Church environment, you will notice an idiot with pot belly being disobedient to a point of violent extremism because when you don’t want it done, he will be doing it and his Children will be doing it too, as disobediently as possible. So there is that question of what is being done, if it isn’t the checking me to see if I am gay story and then I will have to find out if they are doing so in the hope I will become one and when I lose a temper it ends with me providing them their own Church canopy that follows them everywhere they go and I control too – then we find that they want to move into my right hand and take over a Royal Estate and I will end up telling them they can if insane enough but my point is that One should not be noticing another person’s as an insolent bastard with pot belly at Church but they will ensure One does. So they say I do look gay and it’s not actually true; the truth is that they have spent way too much of my days and years being held down so community croons can beat down my tummy in bed and that means that the presence of me which everybody is talking about has something else inside it which others wish to factorise it by and then the Media will show up to try and ensure that is the part people think is what it is all about; so I for my part will not drop out of University a second time on their account and that of their children and fans too, while they are all damaged goods because there isn’t a single soul that is famous in ways that are not actually queer and they do say it’s all my fault of course but perhaps this is the reason all together as it were. It’s all about other people’s popular culture goons on my public image, robbing me of friends while involvement with me makes out I am the best bully bunny because I listen to people i.e. the fact I see the world according to what I hear etc and so I decide they want some Intellectual Property Administration problems, associated with idiots factorising people by their private parts in order to be wealthy and comfortable and that is what their problem has been and it has also ended that stupid narcissism happiness by which sales are possible on the public image of those who don’t want it done to them as well; in the end the case it seems is that it is not that they cannot afford a £21 Book, what they are doing is damaging the whole thing all together and what they are trying to say as well is that they are fucking famous, getting on nerves. I mean technically a celebrity is somebody that understands the importance of not being rude to others, it is usually a part of them; so when they tell somebody they will get after the bad things they have not been doing, it will make sense to them and make sense to the person that has been exasperating them – these fools are just queer threatening me, stifling my Book sales, telling me it is attitude associated with the fact they are famous, getting on my nerves.

Hence they will say that coming to think of it, they are actually famous because of the prices they have to pay in life; meaning fame is when another person spends 4 years in Police academy, so you can get around being beaten up by criminal gangs and when you escape with your life continue to screw around with his job blabbing about it in public places, which makes you famous; they do say I do the same things as well whereas my case is more about the fact I used to be excited working with the Police at the Office and my Public image but am not anymore – referring to the bit about community croons and goons are CCTV and these other ones opening up Buckingham to idiots that pass insults at me and want to find out if it has earned them connections with the Royal Family. So they say these guys now work in the security services, which is not unusual; if somebody has been messing around like that and you have taken him and put him through Police academy and you now have a team, you do care about your Men of course but people can watch me if they want, provided they keep their fingers off my bum lest I start walking very close to the curb on a busy road to make everybody nervous for example. So the problem they say with respect to fans of my work is that I am never really happy these days anymore, which is not the case; it’s the story about how good cops/bad cops are made and how it leads to outcomes where Media idiot gets killed for his part in it and the security services are blamed but if the security services did it, then the government are blamed and so on – it usually gets serious when they start to speak of gathering and controlling those things that will allow market place idiots that make the good neighbourhoods exactly the way they want it, to drive Public transport and tell me how to behave on grounds they are controlling criminals, cracked up out of my league, to be a protected people and it gets serious because it becomes all about whether I have a public image and there are Women in the force. It’s the sad fact as it were; the goons want to get into the Armed Forces and pass exams, while the idiots want to become Terrorists and the two groups are convinced anything works in that way, especially when we hear that talk about the interest in security service operatives and so on; as for me, I do play them video games as it were and I do play them well.

So they say I am always being bullied by everybody and tend to do nothing about it and I can understand that but it is the way I have designed it as well; I mean the politicians rip up my finances so if somebody passes insults at me on the streets I will have to stop and react because others decide what my feelings are and not me etc – then I will get off and react as well so they can become used to it, rather than react so that those who do it can take up all their time doing it. They are not famous, they are queer and they do say when I mention it that way I will get into trouble of course which I will when I end up asking if it is their entire communities that are queer instead all together – then they can tell me I think I am good at the violence stuff when I am not while I am only thinking the only way they can do it is drive by me on the roads and pass insults that have to do with my privates until I react and when I do it will be the type that will lead them to talk with the Politicians as well – otherwise the Men do make those neighbourhoods the way they want it and can throw one at me over a respect issue on account they are looking after my well being by controlling criminals, so we can find out if there is anything in this world stopping me from beating them up as well for my part – this is when the fighting would have happened. I like to think that a personality that is always being attacked by community croons who want it to get out of bed and have sex, alongside a reaction to all these madness is actually not what I am really like, is obviously Germanic stuff that hurts their stupidities and helps it as well while I am inferior and live in the past; they need to stop showing up around my Books and Public image, none of my actions are random, I know exactly what I am doing and the goons that are planning a future on my financial well being to be backed up by a greater power than the one in my Country are few and far between now as a result of my actions and those who fundamentally get out of bed to be financially well off at my expense have been heavily depleted. I understand when they hurt peoples bottoms sales are lost and somebody else gets rich in their place, so that has its day as well. So there is that story about how letting me into the Monarchy is the biggest problem of all, which I don’t mind anyway, it’s an old case of the part where, if this was the 1700s there would be a time when I would join the Queens procession to somewhere and black girls would start a campaign about knowing me and how I am no Royalty until there is civil unrest because it makes them feel like real girls. Their problem during this modern age is that they cannot save their modernism from me and their insulting conditions are getting worse – I mean I do get called strange names like magician that is being put away because he knows secret of wealth that everybody else wants to deploy to be comfortable, how this helps with Fashion I would never know and how it helps with the idea I have stolen their connections with wealthy and important people I would never know as well but now we know if they rile me further there will be something more and much bigger to complain about until I have the right combination to ensure their case does not show up here anymore.

Eventually they say my ideas about the Military is all wrong but it really isn’t, I am only interested as a result of my position in those who have careers in the Armed forces and the most important part of somebody being a Royal Guard is not that they are Soldiers, it is that they are one of the most educated Soldiers for example – so as I mentioned, the goons want to go into the Armed forces and pass examples while the idiots want to be Terrorists but this has nothing to do with the way that anything actually works and they always say it’s about the fight it rhetoric which is more really about the fact they are bullies, who are always having a go at those that are weak claiming they will be asked to fight for those sooner or later and if they are so worried about being groomed for a role, it is important that they do not do it lest they catch the attention of somebody who actually has that career they are messing with; this was common sense the last time I checked. So they do say it’s a matter of fighting me and I am still here too, I want to know how exactly they extricate this process where their alliance with Community croons is the worst nightmare for businesses alongside their very selves but they end up on Media with a reputation for fostering financial well being; I mean sometimes when I am really desperate I start to think there are some businesses that do not suffer it too much but each time I check it up, everybody is living the same nightmare all day long. They have continued to maintain it’s a matter of the link between their livelihoods and Political Office in order to deal with their fear of work but greed for money that seem to exist side by side like a vicious cycle for other people which it really is and I am wondering if they are Capitalists or Communists; I have such a relationship with business here at Government concerns of course but it’s the type that means that when Mr Trump gets into Office, it will be very easy to prevent Germany from carrying a whipping stick over all of Europe at Industry, not to ensure that I have a business that the government is working hard to ensure others are beaten down, so as to see that it is successful for me. It’s like that story they tell about immigrants who simply have money that is not enough for two, cradled in lots and lots of dreams and ideas, hence never really a matter of whether they will show up but a matter of who has the balls to go in there and provide the leadership – where they show up to tell me my view of migrants simply always has to be the right one at all times on one hand, while on the other tell me the UK wants to lead in place of the US but has trouble handling the responsibility; in terms of the former of which we are looking at bringing popularity trouble makers into the Country and when done with demagogues set them up at the shops where a stupid Woman can work out persons she wants to select for some blame culture campaign all day long and does not do anything that can be quantified or measured and hence has nothing to do with migration in a real way, while in terms of the latter, we are going round in circles where Immigrants have money enough for themselves only but lots of hopes and dreams and ideas, enough for the world. This hence means we will be able to prevent one trading bloc called China from ripping up another trading bloc called Asia much easier with Mr Trump in the Oval Office (unlike Obama talking about how the UK does not show respect for bigger Countries and going in there to boost the Chinese Army and take over any British interests with Media, in order to provide leadership, then fail at both the Russia and China question).

Hence in the end they say I feel I have the right to play around with Armed Forces stuff while others don’t, which is utter nonsense; it’s usually about their neighbourhoods where the way people drive their cars to pick up the kids after school and drop them off in the morning is based on informing them of where my anus and penis is as I walk by and so on, hence I cannot attend to my own concerns all together because they would make themselves comfortable with a writers personality if there is no respect at all whatsoever and he wouldn’t know what the value of his personality is, when somebody does not rip up their stupid investments by telling him. Every time I want to grab those stupid neighbourhoods and find out how they will save up money somewhere to do my life and career at popular culture by getting them out to fight, without which they will not be able to eat or sleep, there is likely to be a Police Car drive by and then I will start to feel I have been doing another person’s job and hence tone it down and move on but it does not detract from the fact that unless you witness it, you cannot really get your mind around the lives of these egoistical bastards. I mean everybody thinks about putting the best of them out to greet people, they always put their worst out and save their best at home and then become fascinated by the fact other people eat food and have private parts all the time. It crosses my mind on a regular basis i.e. what sort of campaign do I need to run around here so as to ensure they are made to understand their place and let me breathe as it were, never mind the one that will solve the problem of their stupid wives and make it famous for the Politicians all together, where the siblings will point it out and everybody else, until the Police do and it gets serious but when the Judge does it becomes the beginning of the end as it were, it crosses my mind what kind of campaign I need to run to ensure they stop showing up around my Books, telling me what to do for personal gratification on their stupid media and exhibiting themselves all over my Public image to talk nonsense about sharing all the time but each time I do, find myself reverting to the bit Politicians sorted out for them really well i.e. chasing the job and the academic work instead and of course it is not a condition that will last forever, so I do have to say it is not as if I don’t know what to do but it can always continue until I get out of this and build a public image on it. So they say it’s about when I stop being a completely useless person which I am unaware that I am anyway, since I am only looking after my trust systems and the means by which to release money from it and pay my way like everybody else while their Industry idiots claim I don’t actually own a business empire all together which is any of their business as a whole and these are the kinds of nonsense that have become a sub culture to facilitate conveniences of their phobia of work etc – I was never aware I was completely useless when I do these with property of mine and am referring to the one that is now in National service all together. I mean I am doing very well for my part and wonder about them all together; like they say I claim so but am really sad when it’s a regular occurrence that they do this all of the time and when you are happy become completely unable to pay attention to yourself when Sad and when Sad unable to if Happy because it cracks you up, I am just not interested in anything to do with paying attention to it all together. I mean its obvious most of my activities where warnings are involved will have largely concerned black Women and their money madness abuses which are always invariably laced with the aim to corrupt other people sexually and get involved with them to work a disobedience that makes their insanity operable to that effect, there is nothing new about that but I think the new thing is that we understand each other perfectly when it comes to powers of communism and the idea I don’t have the right to feel good – we all know I usually need the help of entire International Communities and the US Government and the British one on the matter, so I still not miffed at this insults and disobedience and do not care if they change them either.