So they do say I get a good show off of myself but the ones that rule me are still media people and there is not an ounce of truth to it in any way as well; the reality is that when you do take a look at them, you find similarities with everybody else because they put up a facade to that effect but when you throw in a bit of a problem, you end up seeing that everybody else exists in a world where sometimes they get it right and other times are flustered because they may have overdone it, they however tend to exist in a world where the two face tart routine has never been at its most civil rights profitable. I do not have a problem with them, I have made it clear I have a tendency for keeping peoples women permanently and their stupid women should not be found in my Court knowing that the women that end up there belong in matrimony that is comfortable with the idea, to make hell for me in order to feel comfortable otherwise the big idea is always that they have big and large men for husbands and that will never ever save the day as I am not their alternative. So it’s an old story where the men are evil and the kids are evil and the women are evil as well but religious people are the alternative because they are a release and I need to make myself very clear on this matter because they are rather very hard of hearing especially when they have media to play around with. It’s like the story they tell of how I work so hard to explain my position, explain where I have been, tell others what I am thinking because I am eager to please which has no foundation on reality or truth either; the reality of which is that most of those controversies they set up are not controversies they could have done anything about me for even if the controversies were true, looking for far more trouble than they can handle – so I simply leave them lying around like that and explore them when I am bored and need a release as well and chief among them is the story of sleeping with peoples wives. I like them controversies because they are an easy bubble I can just pop into whenever I want to cut up their culture and society and homosexual communities etc, they do not rule anything. It’s much like my Books, which they claim I have written on my life whereas as stupid as they are and as likely as they are to use other people’s lives to write Books or make entertainment, we never ever find them use their own lives for it because it actually hurts so much when people hurt the products and it affects the owner personally – so it is not clear why they would think that I am writing my Books with my own life; I am not, I simply had to write a Book which saw to it that when I borrowed their society and culture and Country and held it until the Books were sold, it would be a very difficult Book to sell and made it personal so that I might be able to design it in such a way that whether or not I sold it so they might get their country back in the process would depend on their attitude. What we have now is a people I have had enough of and a people who also need to work with and co-operate with me; considering my tendency for making sure racists turn up at their families to steal personality and fame and fortune – which happens because I am an Arch Prince and when women in my Court make me Children, what they then do is go off to grow their stupid bread and get women to make them some as well, so they might challenge me as per whether my own looked the way I am doing it before I got into trouble with them etc – so I assumed they knew what they were doing anyway and took necessary steps. It’s a one wife only story, I am nobody’s alternative and there is no world in which I am ruled by media. When we look at people we see those who have spread it too wide and are flustered for that reason, maybe a clash with sexuality as well, we see the same of those who have overdone it, we see those who get it right most of the time, we see those who have spread it wide up caught up anyway enjoying their moments of relief – what these idiots do is keep people in a permanent state of bad feelings and depression because it has to be that easy but above all when we turn to them we see them on media taking advantage of all these people to make some extra money on TV or radio or other media that tick their fancy – so it does tend to make One very passionate about Local Government, like when they say I have not got a Royal Estate and I always leave it that way as one of those controversies about which they could do nothing even if they were true. They enjoy their fin games of entrapment way too much and that is why they are fighting to be free from it as well now; I will never give it back and if I catch another I will borrow again this time until the Books are sold and then they can have it back.

It’s not that the ladies couldn’t protect me if it came to it – after all we hear the complain all the time that I pretend they are helpless when they are really destructive; what really happens of which is that people control and rule over Female journalists to whom they give scripts to read on National Media of the news events of the day; where I fit in is the part where there is carefully calculated efforts to keep my bank balance at zero and I want to know if they are on some form of campaign for genocide to kill off my bloodline etc.  Much like the story of why women have to end up in my Court which is a simple tale of finding out from them the latest on society and self seeking goons on the left in order to write my Royal Journal daily from where I expect to earn a large proportion of my income editing my Magazines, away from incredible lies turning my tummy upside down all the time; which is what 2016 is all about, now that we know I need to bully the Media to sell Books as 2015 expressed that beyond doubt.

I do not think it a point of great conflict; it is not possible to keep living in a manner that suggests stepping out of my door is how I no longer have a job I created for myself; so disturbing the Court needs to cease and I need to see an end to their case turning up around the Royal Journal and the Books and then there will be no trouble. I hear they say it is where I give away my information and not what others do with my finances that is the problem but we all know that these people enjoy buying music CDs and voting for governments that support the prognosis of people grabbing your property and tossing it to the dogs to find out how far you are willing to spend which will determine how much you have and tell them if you are worth trapping etc, so such ideas as a question are very stupid ones. It is what they do even when they know that they have female journalists at their control with a camera that shows people on National Television; now they want to tell me where to say what I say in order to sell my Books and the Royall Estate Magazine as well for good measure – pointing to this Journalist at Court matter for their game as it were since they are no longer interested in reporting the news like the Media does without fear or favour etc and I am not interested in them for my part as well all together – it is what they do along with their community croons and popular culture goons and banking menaces, seeking Industry connections just when we needed it, winding me up every day.

The threats from them I am meant to be wary of is ever so often a point of fun and ridicule but we all know they do not have to issue them especially on grounds I have declared I will never stop playing around with peoples wives for my part as well; they claim to be the rulers of these women, so they could always tell them not to set me out on the basis I am a Royal Prince and have a physical appearance to show for it, as the one they target when they want to play candy from a baby extracting money from my public life etc, considering that their husbands have bigger fish to fry etc, instead of issuing stupid threats at me that does not improve anything considering I have things I hate as well and they are no one, they are nothing as it were. I mean they complain about the parents being cracked but I am the Golden King and my bottom hurts because people are not content with declaring themselves the King of this and that in their own homes without turning up in public to play insulting games with me right down to my tummy and anus and so on – so I will be cracking the children next as it were and would really like it if they would allow me the confidence that people are able to see my Books without any trouble when they want to because that is the precise point at which I will blow it up in their faces all together as well. They speak of the American ones but there are likely only three stages with the American ones and one of them have to do with their girls passing any more insults at me around here, the other has to do with how they will settle for what I can give if I will give at all in the first place and then by the time we had gone through the third and that nonsense they have built up around them by tacking cheap shots at me for a trophy victory all the time comes apart in a condition where we are about to find out if they have the guts, the story will apparently be a very different one from the ones we hear them brag all the time about because it is the nepotism that is necessary for their well being as it were and when a community emerges for it the uselessness, what they think is going to happen is that others will cower and hide whereas if you deal with the issues they chose a self improvement and get worse but if you do within a plan that involvement entrapment for them it all gets done and you decide if people are allowed to see your products or not; it’s not a matter to cling onto at all, I have things I hate as well and they might want to tell their wives about it – I have made myself clear I will never stop playing around with other peoples wives as the reality is that there is nothing they can do about it.  I know what I wrote and perhaps for the whites, it is something about dominating me first before I do my academic work and informing me regularly I will be a used popular culture freak alongside while they live in cultural evils people will not stop practicing with intense disobedience which keeps Northern Ireland divided and had already broken Ireland from the UK all together after the second world war and at is underbelly is the superiority of their silly race about which hanging around my Books will see me borrow that their Country again until it gets sold and then they can get it back. The answer for me is still pretty much the same; I am not going to get into any stupid trouble – I think they love business way too much for that and need to tell their scumbags off my finances as doing so myself is such a worthy use of my time, which they already get to spend to make money because they think they pay taxes and are other peoples personal Gods for the taxes was their own money in the first place.

Of course they say I am not paying attention to the fact these problems are created by wealthy people but I have no idea which part of a need to understand people can see my Books they have failed to understand here as it were – these guys have their own we all know that but they have a problem with mine because I do not like it when they evade taxes which was actually their own money the last time we checked with that big mouth; they have wives at home whose day job is to support them and turn up to take up my Royal Office Equity and public life and sit in the City centres and on the media taking up my time every day, like it was my job to support them as well and pretend they will tell me what the age or sex of those I play with is going to be; it means I have to decide the point at which enough has to mean enough for them as it were and do not think anything I said in the form of checking their stupid women instead of threatening me to look for more trouble than they can handle, is lost in translation. They hate me so intensely because I support the massive level of taxes that they have to pay they say; the massive levels of taxes they pay from incomes made peddling their own public lives the last time we checked is what they want us to believe as it were for instance among many reasons that level of taxes they pay are unjustified. It’s not a do or die affair either from where I am; just a condition in which they understand clearly that I need to know that people can see my Books when required to whether or not they exist and of course the part where they need to keep up the tax payment is not lost in translation either; the big idea I guess must have been that I cannot recover the Royal Equity and Government Office property and it is astounding how quickly they can lie to themselves and knowing they are telling lies have another personality going for them which believe that to be a 100% truth; they have been issuing those stupid threats for long enough, I need to take it apart for them and find out what it is exactly they can do.

So when it comes to providing closure for the story of messing around with peoples wives, it still come back down to the same old issue i.e. the Media being a place where people can make a wealthy career by their looks and hence being full of goons who were once a part of neighbourhood criminal gangs and most spent time at police custody and the prisons etc, so they are always at it – did others know that messing around with them is a bad idea for they know something about the law and how to hurt people and evade it? Of course they do, they have been in the Law Courts for all the wrong reasons during their teenage years and cannot leave me alone thereof. As for playing up what my part in the matter is; the reality is that culture produces theatre and celebrity and entertainment and people who are loyal to me basically produce stylists and so on who beautify Journalists to fit my Live Journal and so when they are not doing peoples make up in ways such as that, then the persons applicable need to stay outside of my Court.


They love this prognosis whereby I get punished every time they get on their great media every single day but of course the reality behind that is still that they hate my guts so much on account that I am involved with the Royal Family while I hate their guts so much because first of all they cannot leave people alone and then also because despite this every single thing they say and do is based on a prognosis of saving their own and spending other peoples own which then starts to develop along the lines of entrapment and violence.  I really cannot work out which annoys me the most; that they have the effrontery or that it is their civil rights, however what I am exploring now is why it is so important to them that whenever they are off to ripping up my finances the main goal is to ensure my Bank account reads zero at the balance; in response they like to speak of how my Books affect them which is just as well because they do need to get out and stay out of my life otherwise I am starting to think that exploring why they may find this behaviour so amusing is a worthwhile activity so I can make some real physical enmity with that stupid media for my part as well; I mean if I take a step out of my door I will be picked on by strange people I have never seen and when I find out why it happens it will be because I am one of the most notorious when it comes to defending yourself from the activities idiots consider to be most rewarding when they want to get on media to make some extra money they want to add to salaries they already have – that it is a worthwhile activity for people who hate my involvement with the British Royal family beats me as mine was the greater fortune in the first place and we have not yet discussed ripping up my finances to get connected either – so I always tend to revert back to stage where I think I have done quite a substantial bit as restricting the mobility of these idiots especially where earnings and potential is concerned but it does seem that I have not yet done any nearly enough yet as it were; I am not saying it is a problem as they are now in a state where as a society their main state of mind if a fear for their jobs all together – a lack of a world where they work on a job and reach a point where they can go to office and be confident it will be there to feed and clothe and house them within the next 24 hours and the extent to which I have gone is a matter of the extent to which they have provoked me and like to abuse me sexually i.e. right down to public transport operatives – so I don’t have a problem here, I am just saying that these sort of things mean I have not yet done anywhere near a nearly enough yet so far. They do say I am unaware of what I am up against whereas it’s the same old tale of Politicians having children and those children having friends and parties and people selling things to make profit and get rich etc – so they are obviously friends of the US President and that has been news in their view apparently for the last 7 years so far. It might of course appear all I have done is lost to the benefits of stupid girls and civil rights goons but all that will do is set the stage for me to ensure that absolutely everything I do is developed along the lines of spending their own to do it while saving and protecting mine, so they can stop turning up around my Books to make extra money and talk nonsense about how it has affected them which is why it needs to be attacked for good measure. I need to enjoy a process where they no longer turn up anywhere near my Books to determine which one pleases them to spend the most with their idiots and then tell me I am a dunce who should have no position like the one I have as well; when we all know I am a legal genius and I know things like my maths at a level which supports me in that as well and will very likely borrow that stupid country of theirs until my Books are sold before they get it back in a condition where they can do nothing about it, then finish off by telling them how they are supposed to run that stupid media as well, if they have the effrontery to put that stupid culture and society in my face again one more time.  We all have to make our calculations by which to run a business and settle where we earn the next profit on one hand and where we stop ourselves being stolen from on the other – seem to be the only person in the whole world that has his income spent by others who use this problem to do it while I am at the same time the only person in the whole world that is not bothering others with mine – so an end to their presence around my concerns needs to be found and that will happen sooner than they imagine. This by the way is only just progress from the part where economic crisis encourages them to set out to trap younger adults at the civil service and jobs markets – it has been very destructive an activity because it is clearly more important to them than the economic recovery itself and such nonsense is what I have an inability to tolerate hence a never ending fight around here, which gave birth to the titanic battle that raged up to government buildings and involvement of Politicians on grounds they want to bring their family problems especially ones where their children are criminals, into my life to have it solved and it only improves when it gives way to the part where they sit about like local kings who are in charge of the very badly behaved young people in the neighbourhoods talking nonsense at those who have security jobs to do at the shops etc, such as myself.

There is this tale of black people and Africans reclaiming their lands from white intrusion and colonialism but I wouldn’t know anyway, it is exactly the same evil story as the case of step out of line and suffer story we hear about what I do; the reality of which is rather that they are expecting to set out a prognosis by which I walk up to them and tell them I have the right to lead while their influence makes me crawl under a rock and that never ever, ever, happens and never will. So they have come up with all this building themselves up from cheap shots they push at me all the time story which is what this is all about; there is a certain level of involvement and intrusion their stupid wickedness carries out which goes beyond simply making noise about how what I have belongs to them as well and gets to a stage where it becomes a question of whether it is my life or theirs and that is where things that to take a turn where if they don’t do what I want they suffer for it.

They do say I am being hounded because of an encumbering system that sets of depravity and limitations for free people in the Country created by me but to say that another person’s property does not belong to them if they are Royalty has the same effect it’s just something they think will not be popular enough to gather crowds to the causes of their victims hence their victims are powerless etc. They will never have it back and only when those who want it back are stronger than I am will they get it which means they are getting it over my dead body – I like to say the society goons are waiting for them and then they will be famous thereof; so they always take it up and work out how to spend my royal property to deal with society goons, then spend my public life to make the fame and then the society goons will bully them until they take their place on the left and look like the best things to happen to younger people and then they will become famous and rich but they need time to plan all these things and we all see they are human beings who do not spend their own time properly; it will never be resolved any other way except mine and I think they are now damaged goods and if we want to see what free younger people look like we have to wait for the next generation and any who cross me will be damaged like these idiots as well; I do not discuss peoples peddling my public life, I am much too powerful for that too, so we are definitely putting it to the test as it were. It is what it is all about i.e. fantasy of putting my Royal Estate to some form of entertainment trust for all to get rich quick and it is my property so those whose lives depend on taking it will over my dead body as well. It’s not being scared of them that concerns me, it’s the enormity of the task ahead i.e. these are the ones that belonged to school yard gangs and they actually have professions at hand – so what is to become of the little ones trapped in the neighbourhoods and raised to end up along the same line can only be imagined – the Politicians only stop lying when it becomes as serious as the midsized gangs seeking the need for money and dominating people to a point where they become terrorist groups. This was the first line of obsessive punishment on my part i.e. peddling my public office and public life – I had to punish until they got to understand what it meant and what the effects were not discuss it; the next line of obsessive punishment will have to do with addressing me or using media to get involved with me without buying my Books; so we see these are individuals whose behaviour cries out a need for leadership but when you provide it for others, they want to determine how democratic it is supposed to be with their own self appointed involvement and then have a problem with those who Police the world when they peddle other peoples National identity and democracy and bandy it in front of me all the time as well. The spanner in the works of course is that which makes them claim they are getting pleasure from seeing me fight for my civil rights as well; makes no sense of course since I am only putting myself through the experimental process of finding out what will become of them if they were able to and got to rip up my finances and then ended up with more money than I have – if it would mean that they had become free and I had become the oppressed etc but the kind of free and oppressed as may apply here involves the one where they are always inventing accusations all of which lead right down a single path where the cultures that make movies that earn millions are superior because the rest had at some point been placed under slavery and I am going to pay for it all – so that when done taking the money they take the health as well which is what is affecting their alternative lifestyles and twisted evil as well considering there is no way I will be part of it if I can rip it up when it gets in my face etc; so we tend to see stage after stage after stage of the wickedness and the evil and the depravity that lets them down all the time and allows them point fingers at the next successful people they wish to blame and it seems endless which is not surprising as their poverty is usually National at any given single stage etc, so they can turn out at the world bank for money and the UN to talk nonsense about those who are to blame and so on, which for me is a very excellent result all round. I have got them at a place where blaming others to get money at the UN is no longer a viable option – the viable one therefore becoming that of saving face and that means they have to rely wholly on the story of somebody who will pay for years of slavery and slave trade that the British inflicted on the world. The nail on the head that they claim I never do would be the one where you spend decades studying to the highest possible level after which you get involved with politics and work hard enough to earn eventually the highest prize of being elected to the highest government Office in the Land but because these idiots think that you need a crowd and a political party and an ability to finger peoples bum, that is what they will set up as an opposition; here in the UK there is a way of diffusing it, overseas what people do is kill them; so you are leader and they are not, not because there is a way you can avoid turning out to tell them what to do without being affected by their influence and fear factor like they claim but because they are stupid beyond human understanding and desperately need to be led. The economic front is another example – when we speak of wealth, their prognosis is that the State always has money and their prognosis of what that money should be doing is always that of making them comfortable, whereas every other normal person knows that the money the state has is just a collective small fraction of what those who paid in the taxes took home for their own private use, so you as a normal person never tends to think of State funds as things that should be spent on human beings; the part that really gets to me is not just how they set up gangs and criminals around where they are trying to study to ensure people do not steal their history to make fame and fortune, which then means that the only way they can make anything work around their academics is to ruin another person’s own for trophy – it plays out in the general economy in the sense that when they intrude and ruin the lives and finances of rich people the purpose is to ensure they bring rich people to their level so that they can copy and be rich as well but the reality being that if they have ruined the rich people, heaven knows where they are copying how to get rich from anymore – so it is really stupid, from brains made out of stone and exists to cause others the maximum amount of distress they can come up with and when I broke my equities with firms and find them make stupid spoof products of their own as well either of my company or that of others, sacking their economy supply roots is never to me the greatest evil in the world – after all we tend to see less and less of those stupid Counterfeits turn up as well all together. They do say I have taken it to extreme but that is because of the number of times my anus and tummy hurts and the number of times I get my hands of popular culture pipelines that run from the US to Japan to make the suffer because of it too. The social one is the one about some nepotism they share with their friends in the form of gossips that are to dominate other people’s lives which means that I need to explain the length and width of my vengeance when we all know it’s about peddling my public life and being ready to have a serious problem with me when I do not fancy the overseas accounts as well, talking nonsense that will please wealthy clients and create an exclusive environment to continue with like the tax money was their own as well; the idiots are happy to tolerate homosexuals and get involved with homosexuals only when they are homosexuals and need homosexual sex – they are happy to tolerate business lovers and let those do anything they like, getting involved only when interested in the products – but when it comes to Women, they rule women so those can turn up in my place every time because it becomes ever so difficult for everybody else except them; they rule women and rule women and solve none of the problems if they can add their own instead, rule women and rule women and simple things I know to be the things you ignore when women do become the very fabric of my academic work and finances, while any little money they have is spent yearly and continually on my public life to double their fortunes and allow them get on Media to talk nonsense at me all the time; so I had made it simple for everybody by making it clear they need to keep their fuck off my Books but they would either think they are wealthy and or more physically endowed than I am, so they need to test the extent of my wrath and find some civil rights they can claw back as though I keep them lying around here as it were. They rule women and they do need to put them women in order and leave me alone otherwise I am going to take steps to ensure they do not play their stupid fun and games with me any further than they already have and their Politicians will have to explain in a big way why they are always turning up around my company income on account I am a younger person. Women do not provoke them and even if that was the case I am not interested.

Normally One worries about the things women deal with which he does as well and so there are some behaviour you do not pay attention to because they just come and go but on account these idiots rule women and play with you, it is woven into the fabric on your literary Empire, Royal Office and Academic work and the next time I get to University and they turn up again like they have shown they can, waiting for them at the jobs market like I have shown I can will be the least of their worries but for now I need to sell my Books and there is that part where I need to ensure they do not play their stupidity fun and games with me any further; at the moment they fear for their jobs so far and it is not yet improving, so it will become much, much more than that yet; I mean if I were to make it tolerable for them, I suppose the question is that women do ensure those who do not deal with problems for them do not get a moments rest in years but then again as surely as ever, does it mean that it makes them happy when you get off and kill somebody on their behalf? I have had enough of them and they do not actually seem to understand even though they fear for their jobs and hate my guts presently. They do speak of this society where some people like women and others do not – it makes me wonder what it means anyway; I mean I do not check if women have their tampons on or check if they are having their monthly period etc, so I do not want people pushing their social corruption at me; the part where I am a Christian is the one they never ever listen to unless they have something to complain about and as it stands will not stop playing their stupid games with me as well and that part is going to stop really soon; writing my Books were the Local government bees knees and my Magazines were never meant to have been ready for writing and we are not talking publishing yet as it were 7 years later; it has been happening because people are governing Women – governing women but cannot put them in order.