So I hear that I do not speak proper English and this is the reason people always attack my Books and at this point I do feel the time has now come for me to put it to bed as well. The reality of which is that the fools who continue with such things speak vernacular and Village English which only passes on Media where their version of racism thrives and does not do well anywhere else. I mean you can spend £40,000 to study the English Language from which qualification you expect to buy a mortgage and a car and the same for Literature in English and the same for the use of the Language itself and still be considered in each case to be a completely normal human being. I am a writer, so most of what I say is usually literal; and I have assessed that handling this case now will cost me nothing as well all together anyway – it’s like when people say none of these stupidities tends to bother me and that it is not exactly clear why but this is an example of the reasons – they speak vernacular and Village English I speak Literary English because I am a writer, so both have nothing to do with anything save the idea they can disguise themselves as normal people and get jobs on Media to work racism with if they wanted and need to keep their insults where people appreciate it and yes I hear my essays had to be corrected when I was at College doing Legal studies but the corrections were mean to bring Literal speaking into legal speaking not the correction of my English Language – since it would be a joke to stand in front of a nudge and speak literarily of the facts of a case for example – I was not corrected so as to speak vernacular English of doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff etc. These things happen and they do ask why of course because the great idea is that I am wrong and deserve it because I have done something wrong but there is really no such thing; the reason it happens is because they are Industrial rodents who chew and destroy peoples asset base to ensure peoples businesses are not profitable as a basic form of existence on account they must survive alongside their incredible laziness and yes of course people will always double these problems by getting involved with me through other alternative means save getting a copy of my Books, which is also not in any way my problem. I hear that what gets ripped up when I reveal these kinds of facts is my business, which gets damaged at the hands of the Politicians and diplomats but just like there is no point finding out why what bothers most people does not trouble me at all instead of getting copies of my Books in order to get involved; no such thing is actually happening, what is actually happening is that people now have to think about improving their relations with the UK lest they turn up to give me reasons to borrow their stupid countries until my Books get sold too.

Of course I am aware of the sense that I am not concerned or interested in matters of racism in the Film and entertainment Industry, which has no basis on reality, as people need to buy the Books and stop popping silly questions at me; I was concerned about everything before they had started to think human beings mattered. I mean that there is no racism in the Film and Entertainment Industry – half the time people play that card over 80% of what they are really after is the prize of paedophilia; so what happens is that the White ones start it and then the None-Whites make out that liberalisation and inclusion is the answer for everything, this it becomes incredibly filthy. I really would like people to buy the Books and not rip it up asking me mad questions. I have not in any way lost my temper like it may seem; it’s just very frustrating that firstly people cannot stop finding other ways of rocking your film Equities and Property at the Royal Estate through means that does not involve buying the products and then there is the part where I am working to offer people a quality of life while terrorism wouldn’t mind killing me while I am at it, so I would really like my property to be left as I want it to be, so that those I broker with can get into the issues before the bad people and criminals do, if they need money through entertainment via my Business etc. I do not consider the matter to be a problem in any way, it’s the source of all frustrations i.e. that I ought to be careful how I expose myself to Americans, whereas I do not like their freedom madness as much as these idiots to presume to be my advisers do – so it leads to the same old insanity of 5.30pm watch headlamps blazing and all of them with the same dirty mind of making you deals and that is on the way home from work, so you need to see what happens when it’s time to get to the job in the first place. These idiots apparently do not appreciate the insanity, so it is beyond the imagination why they love it so much.

I am just saying they need to get my Books and read it if they need my information, not pop stupid questions at me on Media, not hurting badly enough as it were. Like the Media ones and the perverted leadership they wish to supply on these matters all of the time; they say I crack people up and that people cannot go places being cracked up but as it stands they still think they can do disobedience better than I can and the vandalism on a daily basis of the last 15 years was just to get them into a position where they can handle my valuables in order to work it – the television ones especially have been warned so many times about turning up at their dream jobs to rip up my Book sales and insert their own products in order to secure their beer for the weekend but it will not stop and then there is the part where some journalists have no shame so they end up in my Court which they love to interfere with and actually hurts thereof; they were there in the media Industry as the great bastards that they have always been but did nothing about people turning up to combine my personality with peoples married Women and come up with individuals that will get famous at pornography and Popular culture and did nothing about it whatsoever, what they intend to act on is more concerned with throwing hundreds of thousands into the stock market to make some profit and then plough it back in again to return to square one – but they still think they can do disobedience more than I can and my Royal Position is in doubt, which is exactly the kind of behaviour that will damage it and make the problem between us much bigger than they give it credit for at the moment. The Politicians like to make out they are my Gods but are no such thing; what they do is spend time trying to do endlessly is be seen to be in the one position that is undoubtedly the best and since I am Royalty and will not let them into my circles, they have to find another way to accomplish that, which means that they tend to destroy people’s property, just so they can create the idea what they have constitutes the best place to be and it is when I would have started to think it is not a significant problem that I would have been living in delusion myself – in the end what I put out to people for sale is what people work with but they are threatening me and threatening my customers using this whole game of making sure they have a new thing they want to achieve in public office with every single thing I do for a living in order to chose my crowd and my income and unless I start to track their Political movements and use those stupid Political careers in the same way, we will never see them put their money where their mouth is just yet. It’s not as much a problem for me as they love to make out; what they are complaining about at this point in a classical sense is that I like to take up their time over publicly feigned friendship and yes of course I do as they will get fed up too and use their own built up reputation to get famous not talk nonsense about countries and communities I will be excluded from when they are not using mine or one they have derived from it. With that insane background they have got, going round in circles like that all the time and dreaming endlessly of being born into world before those whom they wish to dominate with the savings they have accumulated, they were never going to be famous; so that if being famous at my expense had become the meaning of life for them as well, I needed to do something ground breaking; we are not mates me and them and the blacks especially need to find which one is theirs; I was never as hysterical and mentally disturbed as they have loved to make out. They do say all my futile efforts only make me vulnerable to high entertainment, which is utter nonsense too; I know which ones learn visually and which learn audibly and which ones learn through the olfactory means because I learn all three ways and fundamentally hate people who learn kinaesthetically because I tend to remember absolutely everything I touch and therefore do not like to touch things because it takes over and in the same way being alone is where I thrive not where I suffer and they will get fed up with me as well – they think they hate my guts at this point, especially the blacks but it is just the start of it too. An example is this whole case of life itself being all about what foolish black women who spy on me while I am asleep get to see, along with their stupid toy soldiers; as far as I am concerned of which what they want to look at is when I have shut my eyes in sleep and only my nose and ears see things and learn things as a result and can blow their top with it if they wanted – except my physical features are the things black women want to spend their stupid time abusing as it determines whom they sell prerogatives of injustice to in order to get rich and connected etc and every fool has no wish to keep out of it at entertainment and Media, which is why they are no longer turning out to make so much fuss about how nobody knows who the hell I am etc – so they had all done their bit and will be fed up with me as well for my bit.

So I am regularly poked as to whether I think I am making any form of progress with these matters which progress does not apply; these people hate a life that goes round in circles and if my Books were to be picked up by them it would have been a long time before now; some say they were born with the right to lead, I like to say it is not the Class system which makes them poor. Their biggest advantage is apparently being born into the work force population before others who are younger are – they have so many ways of complaining about this life that goes round in circles if you do impose it on them; civil rights ways, human rights ways, equality way, culture ways, civil liberty ways, racism ways etc but over 95% of their thought process is built around a life that cannot exist unless the real meaning of their disobedient freedom is a condition where others who are cleverer than they are, are put through this insanity; they do therefore need to leave me alone and yes when I say these they claim their disobedience is becoming powerful again and it is utter nonsense, it is not; they need to leave me alone. So it is as though we have real people on one hand and children on the other and they in the Middle and it is a perpetual state of alertness, then we hear them complain all the time and it is hard to tell if they do because they really do believe that they were victims. I mean I for example am said to be having problems with the Armed Forces whereas they do not actually like me even though I am some sort of obsession, while the Armed Forces do; so I want to administrate a Royal Estate rebirth and leave the Armed Forces with work property equity they require – I have a deadline to finish this so that the Government can determine what National capability might look like in a clear and functional way; what they want to do is interfere and seek themselves and it is not a case of saying that if I did administrate the estate and leave the Police Property equity, it will give them unprecedented access and mobility at Industry and somebody will not be able to secure his or her cocaine regularly, it does not have a reason or meaning or purpose even though the afore mentioned is one such conjecture and cannot be explained unless you too low enough to actually see that they are bloody idiots and have always been. So it’s not making progress that is the question here. They say it is because I use my own resources to fulfil matters of mind and spirit but then again as it stands nobody knows whether it is the fact you are taught at Church not to and the Government of the day tries to dissuade you from doing so, that causes them to damage people’s property when their own is looking good; so it is a circle that is never really completed because they need to be controlled by the authorities. They say I need to release them of course but I cannot do that when they have not restored my finances to the way they found it since they have a problem with the idea of me fixing the damage; question is that of what happens if knowing they need to leave me alone and stay away in order to have their perspective which facilitate fame and fortune, I allowed them shut mine down and make themselves fame and fortune with money they have put up somewhere before I was born because it is too much trouble for everybody? So they need to go round in circles and feel the insanity as well until I am satisfied or gain fame and fortune by doing so, otherwise they will never understand – they know they can leave me alone and get their lives back, they are just too narcissistic to do so, showing that I am still being factorised by the need to force me into sex outside of marriage and so it plays out all the time that I spend so much time with people I hate that I start to hate those I love and so I have been breaking up their relationships and homosexuality in return as well; like I said they can have their lives if they let me be but are too narcissistic to do so. So they will be fed up with me as well because of the fake involvement and love thing I learn from them and need to vent somewhere. So do I feel it’s all worth it? Well I am the one breaking up marriages and killing off homosexuality so the question does not actually apply – I am the one having all the fun at the end of the day, they are just trouble makers who have simply met their match and not vile enough lies in the world have cut them a deal on it. 10 years of unemployment unless I have sex before I am married; so many ways in which it does not fit into normal society, so many lies told so that it becomes a major preoccupation for them – they need to get out and clear my space, as for handling Book sale income, it will be their undoing.

They speak of love and romance which is precisely the point; write a Book and realise from your office you are always bumping into things because you are not real love and romance and they are and having ripped up people’s lives and built these contraptions on Media have continued to spend time doing nothing else save the assumption we will accept that is what our existences have become. They do make this claim that I have lost control of my boundaries and it has no basis on reality either; especially when we consider my view of their civil rights and this whole game of having a fake friendship with their entire societies and communities until they are fed up with me too; it has always been the issue at heart i.e. the Politicians bringing government office into their service to rip up my finances and facilitate the means by which they can hold me down until I have sex outside of marriage on account they do not like religion but cannot just have their opinions and keep their stupid hands to themselves but then again, that the highest Offices of Government has been brought to their service like that and left me with a cash flow crisis that makes it possible for them since 2001 needed to be avenged. It’s never actually been that much of a problem for me however, which is not to say they do not practice these behaviour to cause the most amount of harm, it’s just a matter of schedule for me where those who like to mess up my Books had to be handled too: they are really good at this case of being stuck with them when you know that they hate you and actually have no reason for doing so, save the fact they are stupid and claim your existence makes them uncomfortable and it can only last until you start to hate those you actually love – they needed my friendship with their entire Communities until they got fed up with me thing to think about as well.


I hear that my life has become overtly Political as well and there is absolutely no truth attached to it whatsoever; the reality is that we see it all over the place all of the time – the silly fat boys all over the shops that can never ever let be the business you run from home or in your garage, along with stupid black women who know a thing or two about how the rich get richer and poor get poorer and then they want to be the ones who control all the jobs in the shops as well, where they can express many things about how you need to fight between the benefits of them keeping you out of a job and what they get if they actually do employ you but in the end it is always the part where I get a job somewhere else and they turn up to protect the benefits of keeping me out of a job that really kicks off the fight. So the Politicians really need to pay attention to the effects of going to Westminster to play stupid games allowing them access to peoples financial well being because the reaction would be amusing and good for career etc; my world is not Political at all and there is no incentive there for people to believe such nonsense and take those kinds of risks – I mean the Media ones are supposed to have been the grown up ones; the grown up ones who attack you after the violent accusations that you like to take up their family problems and fix it when you are not asked to, but in the end they need to rip up peoples academic work and finances, just so they can use other people’s lives and families to fix the problems in their own, in order to cope with the racism and the violent discrimination and the abuses they have built up around them with bad company and hence have the means to head somewhere with their existence while at the same time cutting to pieces other people’s lives with a Media ego that can never be satisfied – so these are the crooked ones and the more you try to make them straight is the more crooked it becomes. It’s never a matter of being tough as much as it is that of seeing a new face in your business everyday that is making trouble, on account they want to be able to have a period of time when they reminisced about how you were once fit and healthy but that time had long gone because you messed with them and it never ever comes with reason or provocation, when such things are made up they are with financial benefits attached for them. All I am saying is that my world is not Political at all; what they have stopped doing is being seen around my Literary Empire and Public life, setting off all kinds of nonsense about how nobody knows who the hell I am – just like we see them all over the welfare state showing they are the body types that cannot do employment very well but will want to find out when others were fit and healthy and when others ceased to be for messing with them at the same time; of course it’s not just a matter of the fact they can never be famous with that stupid background they have of which if fame was the bane of their existence we would have seen them build up a reputation by which to make it happen, not chase my public life and get involved with me to seek cause and civil rights based betrayals by which they will become superstars and I will be the broken dream by which the measure their stupidities too – it also goes as far as the story of telling me I need to behave in such a way as ensures the stock markets is where they go to gamble securely in order to make their pocket money, ignoring it of which ended when they ripped up my academic work, passed their own, returned to Popular culture on my Public life and started stories of locating somebody whom they can ensure the economic crisis hits hardest. Of course they do say I have said all these but made no progress which is utter nonsense; the reality is that they are not going to buy my Books because it is not useful for them and so what they do is use my finances for connections with the rich by playing these games, it has no purpose whatsoever as it tends to create the sense they do not know what the effects of what they are doing are or that those whom they are getting connected with are unaware of where they are coming from; so that nothing they say has a single meaning or purpose whatsoever, all it does is get between me and those who are interested in what I am doing in order to become anally violent. Then we hear them speak of exasperating me as well, which by the way if they do like I refuse to allow them define their stupid freedoms of fame and fortune with my public life, it does set out ranges and degrees of privilege – so that when I pair it with the stupid black ones securing privilege from my life for foolish men that are barely sane and barely criminal because they miss their daddy it becomes even more unimaginably stupid than ever before. We hear of how my reputation and history has now been corrupted and damaged of course, which is utter nonsense, they just want self seeking Royals and Industry idiots to hear me say something about how if I failed to cut up their clubbing and partying then they will spend all my time collecting my privileges for large barely sane and barely criminal idiots on account they miss their Daddy, especially for the black female ones, so that the fools in high places that improve themselves with and make friends with socialists to create problems for me; much the same as they all love to make out they have uses which does nothing but get about gathering problems and then when it is too much for them, seek out and attack those whose existence irritates them – not to worry for me in any case of which they have my entirely fake friendship with their whole communities to be concerned with all together.

The other part of the tale is that these things are done by rich people who have a view of me that will astound angels; there is really no such thing, what happens is that old case of Americans making trouble – the bloody idiots have a country 10 times the size of mine but the very idea of creating something special and selling it to a lot of people if they want to be rich has to be about somebody else’s possessions from another Country, so it might look special and exotic; when I mention it they bring up stories of dealing with Terrorism and then I have to go round all those years messing around in the Middle East, so they can hate my guts, especially when I mention the things they have seen me do but are so thick they still have not a foggiest clue what it is about. So in the end it’s a case of Americans not shitting where they eat and pretending other peoples Arch Prince will give up a Public life and Public image for them to make progress, so they can talk nonsense about my lack of respect for their power and domination of the World. It’s the same all round, half the time it’s the fat boys pretending they invented financial well being and the other half its the other idiots with very bad background who can never be famous but love to make out others compete with them over being celebrity types, doing the insanity on others by handling people’s property to ensure things go round and round and round in circles because it would be amusing – they love it like their whole lives are based on it but show behaviour that suggests they will kill when you impose it on them as well which is why I love to so much especially over my Book sales. So we go through the process all the time; job, job done, Books written, market gained, products sales ready and then we are back because of a controversy that needs to be cleared up at job that needs to be done and then the question of what the definition of insanity is turns up all over the place, which they think is amusing because my reaction is beautiful, what they intend to make me change in a fake friendship with their entire Communities and the process of selling it along with their societies too – because they think they are real men and women of which myself and my people weren’t which is not what this is all about. I have no idea what I am going to do to them; they want to prevent the Books getting sold but its yapping all the time – I do this every day i.e. tell them to keep off my Books while they think their freedom and Industry real Men and Women insanity is amusing. I do hear how I have Royal enemies which I made and it is utter nonsense; they are not The Prince of Wales equal and are not my mates either. Of course these particular ones are driving it in deeper and deeper – when they check their personality and voices and size it fills the room, so what they do with it is work for the Prince of Wales and pretend they are the best thing that happened to the UK and so nobody noticed all that ripping up peoples public life and property to build wealth they have been doing along with the assumption they do it because they are competent at Clarence House. The question they ask is whether I am fed up playing with the Celebrities; which I never did – what happens is that Celebrities get Film Role Jobs that are made to develop security property equities I had created; so most of them usually want to stay after playing the roles, while those who hate my existence and have loving ways of showing it when all arguments have run out should not be picking jobs that do not agree with their own ethos. It’s the case of building my systems that will culminate in allowing the Police unprecedented access to Industry, which means that I had to look into trouble makers in the Middle East and Africa and South America – the one where there isn’t much difference between fun loving people and gangs and when I write my Books the US Present must see the world for his family by ripping it up etc, then complaining about terrorism and how the world should treat black people – the one where the big guys can take it and that pigmy along with his Political scumbags has not been looking for trouble if he does not get around declaring himself a hell raiser yet. Of course they do say it’s the pigmy I use before I abuse – but when the so called pigmy they are referring to grab their own and show them where the jobs and finances and money they are looking for is really situated we do not hear them blab, it’s always only after they catch their breath. The other case of always getting into a fight with Women is all very well but there is really no such thing; it’s a case of women abusing my physical features and making it out to be the means by which every girl that wants to be a girl can make some narcissistic money and comfort, which is then followed on by abusive male idiots mostly male journalists and if it is the case I am afraid of them, I have no idea why we have the fake friendship with their entire communities and societies either; it’s the old story of managing the process where some twisted fools want to see me in a gang fight and how women take it over because it is what Women do – while these idiots have their own taken over by the goons Women take it over from. It is never true I cannot face them; the truth is that the Politicians think it is amusing to chose my crowd by ripping up my finances until I am provoked into doing gang fights because the glory would be incredible, while the civil right idiots turn up to develop the insanity of making sure each time I get rid of the predator bating cowardice by dead meat around me they put me back into it for their convenience and celebrity nonsense on Media; the outcome being that their stupidities is the one the Politicians and Media fools take over from, while women take over from the Politicians and when Women bother me about getting into a fight they have something to complain about for it every single day and then they can look for trouble all the time as their history and background was already so bad it was impossible to be famous, hence provoking me simply meant I needed to do something ground breaking for them to add to it as well. They hate the insanity of their perspective of being important which I have shut down and blocked off and want the entire world to make me reverse it by getting my life all grafted but are still doing it, which is stuff Women take over and they cannot actually speak of where they took their own over as well lest their bottom hurts.


It’s like the Celebrities and the story of them being such an awful experience which is not actually true; what is true is that not all celebrities are awful people; the way it works is that they turn up to show the throngs of women who have had their lives and academic work and finances blighted by men and then the good looking ones will offer to deploy your public life in certain places and fight their way through popular culture to help themselves and others but once they had made some money become friends with those Men especially popular culture ones and blight my finances in order to ensure they do not have to support me as well, so they can spend their time creating one support I am meant to offer them to take over another and get really rich. So not all of them are like that and not all of them that are not like that will end up around my property unless men are looking for trouble – it’s the ones I have had a great deal of history with that do and so we find a way to resolve it but for the rest playing these games with my Business Empire when I do not know who they are is a function of the prognosis there is nothing I can do, as well as the assumption they can do disobedience better than I can, not least for the Negros, who claim the skin colour I share with them brings it on and are obsessed with corrupting my Government provided security using access to surveillance systems. It’s a case of administrating by allowing them to work some of their social responsibilities around you by building the means to make it a sustainable means of earning money enough to support others as well and of course setting off the systems that means somebody can pick up your property security and develop it into a film for instance and then that will be an environment in which they can go to earn money and make a job out of the whole process – so the ones that are fond of creating cascades of support I am supposed to give them to ensure I am in no position to bargain for and get their support at Public office as well are actually really looking for trouble and it is not something that One tends to discuss. So I hear it is something to do with the influence of Russia which is utter rubbish – first of all, these idiots always think they will looking for rights on other people’s property and attack people because it cracks them up, which is why they hate everything British so much and then there is also the fact they cannot keep their hands to themselves and know where peoples private parts are. So there is that question of what I actually think provokes people the most about me – which is as simple as the fact I am a goon who thinks I can get by if I travelled to the UK and made use of the Country while stopping people from making use of my personality and Public life if they want fame and fortune as well; this is not their freedom and civil rights and they will stop apparently at this own time and not when they have not ripped up academic work and finances like they should under the Sun.

So the matter can be better understood by looking again at the stage where I have Books to write but people will take over my mind and work with so much disobedience and intrusion, that every stage, every fact, every story and every aspect of the Books will be about them – between 2001 and 2005 it was much a story of how I must be dominated first before I am allowed to pursue any meaningful aspect of my living, between 2005 and 2008 they had already ripped up the academic work and turned out at the Industries with their own qualifications to own me – now what they want to talk about all the time is that I live in their Country without showing appreciation at a time when I am putting into work the whole business and livelihood but do not have the academic work for it, so that they might get involved with my Court at will which is physically hurtful, to be considered when we hear them complain thereof as such. So it seems the Politicians especially want to censor the Books and I am asking them to stop me if they want and the rest will get their culture and society back when they have the guts to do so – we are not talking about pillaging people’s lives to have something that makes it easy when they do what they love best which is all these violent nonsense, we are talking about doing it from their own rights so that when I stab and shoot their own it will hurt right down to the soul and make them understand as well. They say they are psychopaths and I really don’t like financially well off ones – I like them in self loathing and self pity form where they can seldom become a threat to others without reasonable grounds for it, but these kinds of things happen on me because Media and Political idiots want to provide a certain kind of leadership. Of course they do say I wouldn’t know these things if I weren’t a psychopath myself which of course does make religion a bad thing too, since it were never clear that if you are unable to feel empathy like everybody else, there was something stopping you from acquiring what you really want by the means available as it were. What they are most interested in is how the process of seeking legitimacy and authority for your power can cost you everything and make you half a person on the left, in order to talk rubbish about the powers of Russia and I will follow it on really soon enough again, right through to South American Countries. I mean people can always seek medical help as it were and not turn out to make up the idea that this sort of nonsense gives them rights of dominance; I mean I am Arch Prince and the fact I look after morals for everybody because if they were asked to abandon their culture and society, others will grab it and make counterfeit goods and new name economies in a flash, at the precise point where they were off chasing the Money but it does not mean any psychopath idiot can shed the morals his parents raised him with like some shirt, get on Media and label me the big one and turn out with his friends and city centre idiots to get violent on extricating sensations of convenience from my health and personal life. I hear saying such things may give me satisfaction but does not actually mean I have said enough but we will say enough when we speak of the fact normalcy and reality is where nobody is deploying peoples public lives to make fame and fortune and then getting racial and violent about it as well, hence the point where they would have been no racism thereof – it’s the same as the question of what I think people really hate about me which I mentioned earlier; laws have been made from otherwise situations and I have no idea what it means, I can only rely on the fact I did mention a critical position of 10 Downing Street when it comes to appointing people into the House of Lords simply because crowds are following them and why society cannot be allowed to sit in that House to determine the fate of society at the same time : - we all see these matters are a factor of provocation they think is so complicated those offended will not be able to resolve and then any response by them will be tagged a provocation and avenged a tit for tart on account money in their Middle name. This is saying enough, they need to fuck somewhere else or I will cut it up again; I was only answering the matter of their powers from Russia story earlier -  I mean being a psychopath does not prevent them from reading nursing texts in order to find out pressure parts of people’s brains to do their punitive distant violence by which people give up ideas so they can drive around those insolent saloon cars fingering peoples bums and pretending the Middle Classes run the UK obviously, it does not determine whether or not people are capable of understanding the English language when it is being spoken to them which is what I am doing here either, so what will happen is that they will stop in their own time under the Sun as it were. As for the fact they are telling me to get off my Royal Estate, what is happening with that is obviously that I am never giving back that stupid culture and society for my part and will soon stop them from having any right to be famous all together and then they will get to an ending whereby they leave me alone for their part as well and by the way which since The Prince of Wales is not planning to run his Office as King from Buckingham Palace, when selected Royals like myself go there to pick up facts and return to their work, they can tell me they want my Royal Estate as well. It’s nothing out of the ordinary as far as I am concerned; it’s usually getting oneself to a position where I am unable to understand what the effects I have no others are because I have never been told in my life and am not in the same disposition – it is a behaviour not as a result of being a psychopath but as a result of utter stupidity; usually associated with either being the first child or being an only child, it does not mean that the mental condition is restricted to this only. They speak of the various offences that I caused which is precisely why we are here in the first place; the bad things I did to deserve the things I complain about to be exact – their entire existence from the ones that provoke people as a form of existence to the ones that play up civil rights to ensure that those who have been hurt do nothing or that anything they do is ineffective, is all about intrusion into people’s lives to make them deals and it is when it is said in this way that we will have said enough, so they might want to keep their mouth shut, keep off my Book sales and let me carry on with writing. I mean I can understand collecting the culture and society and never returning it, then borrowing their Country until the Books get sold, so they can claim I use the National cote of arms of a website to sell Books which they find insulting and will get me into trouble all the time is a process of making them deals as well but that is a deal as per I am in charge and they are not and by the way of which it has to be that the City centre ones drive around those insolent saloon cars fingering peoples bums, saving money to dominate those who are younger and just only coming into the work force therefore having none and keeping eyes open for inspiration to confiscate and get rich with, Middle Class runs the Country because they are giving people ideas. All I can say is that these are just kids attending school and that the last time we checked, all tat development and preparation for employment was expensive as it were and not something that is their own and is free while they use it. This is where we have said it all; they need to clear my space and stay away from my Books; we can all see they hate the insanity of going round in circles and working for money other grab because you are self employed but it seems apparently that they cannot stop doing it.

So it is usually said that the Media is obviously a big problem for me which I clearly cannot handle; so the case usually starts with how I refuse to accept that my need to handle other people’s property is the source of all my problems – the reality of which is that there is no such thing and it is pretty much the same case as it is with homosexuality, that when they want to bother people and pretend their mental state as an excuse means that they are good to go screwing with peoples private parts and talking about powers of the US and powers of Russia and all that nonsense we have to listen to all of the time but the real reason of which is that they have sex in the anus because they wish to ensure when they bother others the sodomy, they are immune to the public effects on account they are homosexual and it does not matter. So where inability to handle media is concerned we would have ended up talking about a case of how I would get off with my dream job of TV, leaning towards the right to ensure society scum and violent people are attacking somebody who does not allow me peddle his Public life in order to make my Beer pocket Money for the weekend – they deserve everything they get from me and like all the rest will stop when it’s my time for them to stop and not their own. It is never true I cannot handle them; their case is a long built up series of endless insults and ‘shut up’ threats, on seeing I am a writer and noting the kinds of Books I write and then the whole social disposition of doing that with every single stupid news report will mean a state of affairs that facilitates a new life where they have somebody to dominate because they are unable to offload the difficulties they have gotten themselves into as a result of their lack of morals somewhere in which they will make the process into an excuse to steal the finances of the person they use in such ways as well; so they are not as difficult to handle as they would like to make out with respect to problems I may have to that effect. As for handling people’s property; what happens is that these guys never ever listen when they are warned about anything; so they will pick up my Royal property and develop it to make money at will and what happens with the most insulting of them all aka fashion designers who are really, really stubborn and such a bunch of Cowards that you have to be really stiff if not violent with them as well, is that Mr A is a Diplomat who comes from Belarus and his Wife Mr A wants something to wear to an important diplomatic function and because they like to play around with me, a Fashion designer will pick up on that and create something for them accordingly but because of the actions of these uninvited goons, what happens is a real risk the fashion bloody designers who are so high and mighty other peoples and beneath their feet, that Mr A and his Family will attend a Diplomatic function and wear something that means Belarus as a country has Interests that other people want to share; so it’s usually a question of when they have taken up the Royal Property and developed it, they shall now go off and do the wars as it were – I mean they really do pimp it up and create some proper and very violent basis for inclusion when they exhibit themselves like that with products, so the question really is worth asking considering that when they move around, unlike other mere mortals, they tend to do so, not on their feet but in Limousines that they bought with Celebrity money as it were, looking to make other start a new religion that they will get involved with and corrupt to a point of asking the politicians to ‘take people out’ due to National security endlessly (as for not being aware of what I am doing of which I am a Legal Studies Student and when I am finished with it, people can play these games and end themselves up in a Law Court without knowing very well what they are talking about for their part all together as well.).