I am now told that I prefer to talk about everything else save the increasingly draconian measures the Government is taking over COVID-19. It is utter nonsense naturally as we all know these measures are entirely their fault as the primary thought process of going out to clear the stores of supplies so that less financially well off people could not survive on account people chased their bottoms, robbing the authorities of time to secure a way of controlling the crisis, even shops have come up with crowd control measures too late regardless of the fact they did in a matter of days, while those who did clear the shops of supplies placed the goods and services at their homes, operated on their inability to control their gluttony and are now out to buy what ever supplies are left at the market place due entirely to necessity, which the NHS will be made to deal with an obesity crisis which will be the result of it too. This nonsense is entirely born out of their sense of the way that wealth and social divide tended to have worked in their stupid favour and a government can only tolerate so much from them before it kicks off too.

They would say I do not understand the mentality of those who engaged in the stocking up processes, which tends to mean that I am unable to understand that it is the elderly and very young children who most need to avoid the infection and therefore most need to go into quarantine and as such most need to stock up, have consumed the products and services at the shops, inflicted themselves with obesity and are now out to consume what is left at the market place due to an inability to control their gluttony. There are so many things we have to tolerate from these idiots, like when people had given them jobs which clearly others do not deserve, they hang around the High streets selecting which part of work engagement they really want to do and which part should be dispatched to work people they love to abuse in order to allow them chose what they want to work and avoid the entire employment all together while getting paid – in my case there is also a matter of mean cunts hanging around the high streets passing insults at me while being backed up by bigger men, blowing off a big mouth that lets them plug products into my public image. So the situation is that they claim poorer people are no saints and yes they are not, there is always a sense that in order to control their need for vandalism and wickedness and the way their children get complicit with it to blame you for the difficulties because you hold public engagement office, they need to live with a real fear that doing such things will affect their financial wellbeing – my condition with them is that time and again I think their case will hit really hard but when I look at it, the little work I have been doing on the matter has given me some results and I needed to keep calm and carry on – this new business of clearing out the shops because idiots had money, the same money they spend for a process of picking up peoples property to run off to tourism economies where there is less control for their stupidities and there is no limit to what they can do with the food chain, until they picked up this illness and returned to spread it among the rest of us can only push a government so far and if they are asking my opinion, the question now is that of what it is exactly which makes the Governments measures draconian all together in the first place. A measure of draconian is when I cannot sell my Books over a 7 year period due to a history of insults their stupidities and that of their Celebrities have built to work my public image and family finance base to their advantage with, they claim the reasons for this is my attitude and the comments I make while the Governments measure for the fact every time there is a public problem they come up with ideas of inflict administrative authority with the most difficult processes of handling it, is draconian.

The insults will say that I am in no position to put up such behaviour because their stupidities were more successful and it is incredibly silly since what I have said about their money and the way they go out to bring pandemic into this Country to add to their civil and criminal disobedience should have indicated I know everything about their insanity. The alterative opinion that I have a lot of talent but prefer to spend it making people into the disturbed characters they is very porous too, since what really happens is that I cannot sell Books because of my comments and those who are deciding how I ought to exist and behave in order to extract money from my Public image and work some superior insults based on the presumption their needs were greater and it is the same way that I will eventually completely wreck their Celebrity and popular culture using the same process of slipping off every time that they are about to come up with an administrative way to grasp and grapple the problem. I don’t have a lot of talent and spend time attacking people with it, what happens if that I have a trust system from which I broker property equity with multinational companies and should be able to write Books through which I release much needed cash in the millions to find what I must do with this Hermitage and my Family but the main challenge I face is that not only do these idiots claim I hang around somewhere trying to extract money from areas of companies where their family members should have been able to make a small tidy sum, denying the existence of actual property I broker with the Companies while running off their incredibly abusive tribalism raids at Industry to reach top leadership positions – they also build a crowd that has a civil right to extract my money from my work and property alongside me and it is a global stage crowd – then claim that they deserve to do this with a Media presence constantly on the premise that I have access to country and am using it to make money, such that if I denied that I did, their stupidities could then revert to accessing country at my expense and it goes on like that endlessly with no means of making media sense of their madness because their stupidities were more successful than everybody else.

They do love to boast that I talk about their case while I cannot handle them, when reality is that they need to keep off my books, stop handling me and shut down the comments they make around my concerns and public image as I too have had enough of them. The other story about the people I cannot handle fits into this, since I need to raise the funds from those Books to look after issues associated with educated fools that get around with their friends to raise money for business ventures which operate on the premise that my Assets and property were needed, the same way their idiocy tend to have jobs on a media presence that performs this nonsense and assumes that my own work and pastime is never likely to join the game too. It is either the Books get sold so I might find out which one puts money together with friends to require my assets for profit alongside football people, as though it is mandatory that people must make profit in this country or their stupidities will fix the problem while I supervised. Some people have said it took COVID-19 for me to come out in such a way but it didn’t, it’s the way they have responded to the disease which has caused me to take such stringent measures as well, otherwise usually, it is enough to say their idiocy is always at war with the family finance bases and social life of the local population and once it reaches crisis point will I launch my own attack as well and thereby think of the sex industry as a very useful tool in the process.

The fun of the details I supply which encourages this nonsense aside, the problems the Government has had to deal with here has arisen because these fools have money to play with and are more important than everybody else because of it and they do say I made them into characters that were wholly reliant on the importance of the stupid money, which I have since I am an Arch Prince and they are not Royalty, should not be taking up my time challenging me until their community idiots can get imagination up my bum while I am not spending time dominating their stupidities, since it had become quite obvious that royal allies desert me when this happens and I run into financial difficulty as a result of it, so the money will be the only thing that they will live for in this world. how they have deployed it during the current crisis has caused the government to come up with what they have described as draconian measures and there is no way to make sense of the idea the blame is for other people instead, it needs to give me my space and stop talking nonsense about war and the access to Country I have which its stupidities believe it wants to confiscate. As for the story of being more successful, all the fools have is no asset and no liability money they give to each other, to hang around the Media adding peoples acumen to their own as though making profit for scum who have an issue when it comes to getting a real job if they don’t have one or running a Business properly, was mandatory. We see the same disobedient behaviour exhibited over environmental issues as well, of which its not clear what they gain from exhibiting such nonsense all together but each time we want to tackle the culture and society trouble makers who never do anything according to processes and procedure and enjoy the misery they inflict on others, the idiots with money must invent a bigger challenge and tell us the measures are draconian.

They claim I make a mess of everything, that feminism was alright until I got involved and dragged women into a stage where they had to defend themselves because I am a weak man – what really happens however even at Church is that Women do not leave their social and cultural matters to the Men and when people had decided they cannot make the public decisions and exert the public leadership, they usually wait until a problem arises that women can solve and then they will line up for an apology and nothing will get done as the apology goes on for an eternity, then they go off to fix the problems at their own discretion, then there will be more apologies when they are interfered with. The Feminist one is an old story where their activities make a mess of social and public living that we soon reach that stage where we are always noting the interaction between the self, that couple that never got married despite being together for years and the women  running their social and cultural matters, soon enough its all grown to a size that allows community croons and their idiot children to get the imagination up my bum and they want to win the entire world from it, while the feminists then claim that I am angry because others are successful, such that the business of knowing this would hit a female colleague hardest and therefore supporting her more if you are in a crisis, usually gives way to an assumption they flush my life down the loo for supporting a woman because their stupidities are entitled to my tolerance. They do say that I am never going to develop success for myself if people go by the way that I talk and yes I can and will, still do not understand why they are still telling me what to do instead of buying Books at this shop all together but then again it has never really been a problem that some people were famous and stupid up until now. Current eventuality is that the Americans have got me and they are too much while reality is that the parents perform all sorts of nonsense and the children are usually supportive of it until they got hurt, then there is an ever increasing reasons they ought to groom me for it by abusing the service processes at my Bookshop to get their imagination up my bum and build themselves a community that does that, so the big crimes are when they go do, while the small crimes are when they hang around my public image shoving their opinions and ideas down my throat, especially for those of them that are religious, making this stupid assumption the entire time, that there is nothing I can do about it, while they really have nothing in this world to live for. when they first starting clinging to my Book talking nonsense about how I had written something that caused nostalgia and should not have been written, as though they were bound, gagged and tortured into reading it, it seemed like a big joke but now their Politicians have figured out for them a means to discuss their personal and public problems as per the very fact that I exist, so the job is done. Hence I can develop success from the way I talk and certainly will; especially now their stupidities have grown into something of damaging Natural environment or endangered species, to claim its all my fault for disrespecting them, which they need to shut down as well i.e. people have always been rich and stupid, people have always been famous and stupid but now their inability to keep their hands to themselves has made it into a big global issue for the first time. Its never really a challenge, it just leaves me thinking endlessly about what it is that propels them to think that they were superior to others and or that their problems and needs were greater – I know they grow this nonsense and use it as a tool to manipulate the Government into a situation where they got to make money without doing any work and so when the Government realises they are wealthy with health and energy to show for it and no work attached which makes them a bit of a problem because they cannot make sense of any systems and processes by which public life and municipal living is developed, then they start to think problems are solved through overseas wars and their violent civil rights insults can grow into a crowd that helps them avoid getting enlisted in the armed services for it – that said this business of the society idiots tackling me after their Politicians got them discussing personal and public problems with respect to my existence in order to determine what respect will be where Celebrities were concerned, leaving me with a battle of my lifetime to protect my patented property and my health every day, while their Children invent another violent form of financial corruption associated with what has been taken from me being used to effect ageism that harmed them, as a matter of serving and idolising Celebrities as well, now that it has developed into a process of claiming its my fault they wreck the Natural environment and kill plans and animal species, it needs to stop in a real way.

I have been told this is an example of prove when people say In am full of surprises but I am not at all – they make something big from it but its all a matter of their insults and money problems developing into an issue that people had decided they wanted to respond to. They have on the other hand taken up a position that says none is talking to me and that is the confusion here i.e. that I am talking to them, talking to their self-harming stupidities. The case that I too am using COVID-19 to push my agenda sits firmly here as well but we all know we have been in that situation in the past, where they destroyed areas of the natural environment over money issues and profit to claim its due to my disrespect and are starting again since last their silly European friends took over my concerns for the insults they develop on their part and then failed to provide a proper leadership, talking nonsense about American liberal power.

They claim most of what I speak of can be easily avoided by regular exercises and its utter nonsense as the main problem is their disrespect and the abuses which come from their version of respect being about the destruction of my academic work to get into the work force first and build up their savings which makes them more successful and important. I don’t exercise for the purpose of avoiding these matters, I eat less and have sticky sugar towards the end of the day, I am more interested in the smell issues jeopardising female security than I am in exercising and people must now live with me too. I mean its easy to imagine what will happen if this nonsense develops from a process of again wrecking my livelihood, to situate themselves where I will get to solve their problems through it, then hang around in Public places to build a crowd that serves their purpose by exasperating me, which they get the Government to join in on because they cannot be beaten, then their children hang around being complicit with it until they got hurt too, providing themselves with license to get imagination up my bum, into something of me being physical attacked over those stupid follow on claims that I fart in Public, I am really going to do my bits to ensure it ends very well for them too, otherwise I guess there is probably an explanation for such abusive practical jokes and the way people get addicted to it because they have an ego. They do claim what it shows is that I am a coward but its utter nonsense as I am not good at making trouble but find it easier to fight back, hence for some reason my career, all my achievements and my whole life’s work is now at the mercy of very stupid individuals who want to put things into me, prod, poke, push and blow off the big mouth if they are about to get a response and make means to an end out of the so called exhilarating way that I respond to it i.e. I really do feel that if I get physically attacked for it, I will begin to think the highest possible punishment for this nonsense was not good enough. Mostly the reason they tackle me is that there is now no known future in which their stupidities were famous and that it is quite clear handling myself or my public image was a full-time job. They do boast that having here established this is not their lives, there is nothing I can do about them but I wonder if they want me to make something real from the way that my time is being filled in by stupid society men who want to get around with Celebrities to determine what respect meant to me, claiming Celebrities are more successful than I am and whilst I have no respect for them can do many things that I cannot, the way their need to work on something that helps to access my Books before I published them in order to develop this new found relationship with Celebrities, being the reason my health gets worse and worse just like my finances, not down to the pressures of Royal Office, workload or indeed the academic pursuit, looking for more of what their greedy sociopath stupidities that cannot keep their hands off others are complaining about – there is so far no known future in which their stupidities were famous and I am sure they don’t want me to build a Public image on this as well. This never had to happen, it did because of their stupidities and need to rip up my Books and wrap my round their little finger for some gold digging – I suppose in their minds and that of their silly girls, they wrote my Books as well all together. As for the respect bits, unless people were famous before I got a Royal Commission, they do not matter in terms of my whole life because factorised on grounds of how important famous idiots were, but then again, I did not build this structure where people got involved with my concerns and played up some game of hating me because they were trying to keep the jobs they had scored for them either, we can all see that through their involvement of corruption, the playful hate has become some very real process of hurting me. They do say my Books would be read if people found it easy but the Books are about choices people make – to chase their family finances and social life or hang around somewhere helping Celebrities with social co-operative where people give them money if others are made to look like characters who facilitate market when abused on account they cannot run a business properly or get a real job.

I mean the producers deployed my work to make entertainment from which they got employed so, there emerged three types of Celebrities – one chases up my academic pursuits and career by digging holes around me I can trip on and look like a character people pick on whenever they want a symbol of suffering that facilitates their fame and sense of decadence, the other was worried about me going around boasting about employing Celebrities and had to have me clipped and the third was really enjoyed the idea that I am and should be a punching bag. There is absolutely no reason for this and the outcome is now that an ability to establish a relationship with others, especially personal relationships is now in their hands, more so as a matter of the fact when they and their feminists and ageists buy venues and equipment to get involved with the public by, the fundamental processes of association based freedoms affects my family finance base, while mine which fundamentally involves Church is hunted down and attacked through very vile forms of Publicity until it is completely wrecked – I cannot stand them anymore and we know their fans cannot stop getting the imagination up my bum, so something has to give and my whole life is not coming to stop a third time for them to withdraw from anything around here if they hated me so much, they have taken up enough of my time to think about running their show business in a way that has nothing to do with me, if they hated me so much. There have been questions around how I got involved with the Celebrity culture at all in the first place naturally and it’s an old tale of the fact that what they do with it is show business, and what happens with show business is that people find unusual things and or unusual people and then make a show of it, so I might have wanted to hide but once found out I would be shown off by show business and they have not been doing badly with it either, like the times they think I am safe hands when it comes to drawing up entertainment that help Children feel safe and to grow, which is something I have no wish to see come to an end as well but I am done with the Celebrities, normal people do not perform these sort of activities and more so without reason and completely pointlessly. Some people say that my view of Celebrities is misguided and it probably is but I have reason to eb alarmed as the gimmicks culture and society trouble makers perform at my expense with the business of filling in my time with stupid practical jokes that leaves me tired all the time while they got imagination up my bum and sought to sell products on my public image, to make me powerless need access to my Books before I had published them and liaise with private security Industry to work their stupidities by, is not co-incidence at all – they are transforming the public face of the cultural and social practices of enterprise into a tool for harming people who dare to own what they don’t because they want to have jobs that exist to shatter other peoples income margins and can only understand why it should not be planning show business by requiring another person’s property and assets when people got between their employers and their bank accounts to tell them what to do and then progress it to lies about bullying, of which neither the lies nor the bullying stop because the perpetrators had an ego.


I am aware it is said that I am vulnerable to the Media but I am not; what they do is spend their time building up the sense I am trying to explain my behaviour to those that can hurt me for it, using Book sale services processes as a tool while hoping to continue keeping their salary as they continued with it, the output being to groom some culture and society trouble makers into a habit of wanting to find out about my Books before it was published in order to give Celebrity and Media the power they need and I am meant to wait somewhere until things happen to me since their upbringing is shit to say the least. For them the question of what brings it on save the business of me having completed work on protecting myself from fat cats, industry trouble makers and criminal feminists, presenting me as a character that they can abuse and attack in order to suck up to the same people they complain about to a point of wrecking peoples lives and careers if they do not bring the concerns of those that they think should be responsible for their safety and security to a dead stop and hang around somewhere educating people on the acts that add up to big crimes by blowing off their big mouth about being very important over it. So at a Royal Hermitage I am constantly bombarded by culture and society idiots who petition the Politicians about my attitude as insultingly as possible while the frustrations that express the idea they were superior and that their problems were greater than everybody else’s is used to bring the government to a point where it has to join them because it cannot beat them and allow them get rich without doing any work, facilitated entirely by getting their imagination up my bum as a whole community teases and bullies me and tell lies about it with the Media presence they have in order to churn my tummy and grab a public image – of which their children are usually complicit until when they get hurt after which they have their own reasons to get imagination up my bum and its all a constant battle between the Police and their communities and there was nothing wrong with that. Hence now that those who have jobs on media have fed them this daily need to find out what I am writing before it is published in order to produce an outcome where Celebrities can push me into obscurity if they needed to, they have explained their insults and money issues as something which happens because I am vulnerable to them, as stupidly as possible, while I am really not a fan of their existence and likely to handle their insanity in a very objective way. It will do this and once it realises I am in a state of mind that says I had lost something important because of it, proceeds unto the business of grooming me for this nonsense where culture and society gits chase me around to make a mess of my whole life, claiming I will either get involved with popular culture so my personality can be used to make money or somebody else will take it from me since people do need the money if I didn’t and their civil rights suggested they were my relatives otherwise racists will get completely out of hand and then it starts to blow off its big mouth for handling me on behalf of fat cats, criminal feminists and industry fools on a provisional basis in case somebody wants to pay its stupidities for it, blabbing its cracked up out of my league nonsense of how I need beware lest it does its thing now I am inundated with ignorant culture and society idiots who share my personal space wanting access to my Books before it is published in order to give fame idiots an edge. It can always do this without costing me Book sale time in this place as long as there is a small amount of respect which meant it does not hang around my Books or Public image making stupid comments over the foolish media job it has got, following up an assumption it is all unlikely to end really well indeed as it were.

Its only reasonable to assume that if a person has spent time like I have, sorting out matters with Industry trouble makers who claim I am out to make money from the shadow that big businesses have casted around the world since it is terrible to leave the big business that way bearing in mind how hard people work on these social and culture matters all together, have spent time sorting out some more issues with fat cats who think I am an easy target because I did not set out a business in a  way that hurts people each time I want to make profit especially when those people are poor and then Industrial feminists that are entitled to my income because I am a man, besides which I must get into a fight with gangs and criminals on their behalf, that I will have settled on a process of being ready to provide a service at a Business and so for the time to be taken up by another group of fools who want to control me for the other three twats is not something I am vulnerable to as such, its an education on the reasons people end up in prison, I am still trying to understand why they do it and hence there isn’t a response from me yet. Just a little bit of respect would ensure they spent time doing so without making stupid comments all over my Books and Public image but there is none of those, so saying that they spend time getting Governments to join them because they cannot be beaten and engage in overseas wars which can be avoided through protests and National elections is expensive and we can see I don’t have to say it, the same way that their freedom of association does not have to be a threat to me, especially when it blows off the big mouth about being superior at my expense all the time and the blacks acts as though they were my relatives over my income margins. I am not suggesting they don’t have a purpose as such but a little bit of respect would have seen them understand I am thinking they would have joined in on the Politics that others can do better than they can because they do not have the intelligence, skill and personality to make Laws, that they would not make a mess of products if it gets people thinking about many other things instead of service provision and the accounts Books, producing an outcome where the Market never stops experimenting on itself.

They Say the Country is divided and not least because of Brexit and its what I am really bothered about but its an old tale of how this matter of Media behaviour feeds into the business of the consequences of making a Public case out of the things they got buzzing around at the background of other people’s lives – I don’t know where their community croons get the energy to boo and moo and coo at people that eventually builds up an atmosphere which suggest people exist for things to be done to them anyway, we all know they build up a process of getting imagination up peoples bottoms which stops people from chasing the career so they might get ahead and gets people giving up information as well, we also know they explain it in terms of what local criminality goons do to ensure people understood how these women were responsible for most of the crime, poverty, deprivation and sex industry but again, people have got to live according to history created for them by Media fools. The other side of the story being the Industry gits that have emerged from it, the Americans never stop talking rubbish at me all day long, blowing off the big mouth about finding me irritating and not wanting to hear me utter a word but being seen all over my Books and public image trying to get rich at the same time – they have picked up the business of blackmailing me through the destruction of Natural environment once again and its all due to a leadership failure from Europeans, where environment issues were to be handled on the global stage, with respect to their silly children being fans of Celebrities and limousines, passing insults at everybody that is clearly their bloody mate but that said, the position from which the idiots are issuing their threats is one where they want to burn some forests in the Amazon but they realise that if they destroyed too much of it, the stupid little irrelevant me will come up with stories that suggest they had done enough damage to the industry to give up their jobs and leadership roles at the Companies they worked with, so they will burn those forests but will burn them at a limit and grab some money off my Public image to make themselves better than they were all together – in terms of protecting the environment of which this is a start, soon my need to conduct activities that invasively engages with their board meetings is going to become a major thorn in their flesh too.

We see that whilst they complain, they have emerged again on social media with a gimmick that will make me very uncomfortable – I am now surrounded by very stupid individuals working the business of abuses they will get the government to join in on because they would not be stopped, which will ensure they got rich without doing any work, so nothing I do gets through to those I am actually engaged with which leaves me cash strapped and my response to this has now left them with a need to come up with a certain description for what they claim is a troll of my kind, however during which time, 3 years of my Bookshop earnings time have been wasted and there is no compensation for it, making me a very unhappy character. Hence, I suppose it would be fair to point out that since they bring up the Brexit story like so again and again, we had better discuss it and the environment as well once more.

They do say for their part that none knows what my motivation is but I cannot believe that to be the case when they are aware I am actually not afraid of the effects of their incessant insults and money issues, which is a useful tool in their hands for the purpose of wrecking my academic work and finances with practical jokes that help them maintain their salaries and sense of importance. What happens is that peoples family finance base and social lives are under constant assault from their stupidities – the older ones work these insults and abuses as tools that help them decide what respect is in terms of the existence of Celebrities and why they should have access to my Books before it is published hence my patents do not offer me any protection or peace of mind whatsoever, while the younger ones who will later become LGBT communities decide what happens to the victims if what the older ones take from them is something they got punished for trying to access but for their part, they had already made away with something that matters to me and are off to push obscurity on me alongside Celebrities at the sky scrapers, being that their overseas wars beat down everybody, made them ever more entitled and their genius demands that they should be awarded such nonsense – so difficult thus to sort out what indeed their problems was all together but I do not suppose that their inability to keep their hands off me and my concerns having produced a warning that if I felt their assaults had created a crisis point, I would launch my own attacks too and the sex industry will come in very handy thereof, was lost in translation. The shop managers have pointed out their position being one of handling me on-behalf on any who is paying for their products naturally and I can understand but when they make themselves the front line on which I express the way these stupidities have affected me on the areas where the retirement of their client idiots should be located, we will not be free of the weeping and wailing too. I am therefore quite certain that they are aware of what my motivation is, the same way they point out that nothing has been taken from me and yes nothing has been taken from me except my time as such bearing in mind they also know we are not mates but their insults and money issues garnished with their ego cannot be beaten and needs to be expressed at my expense – it’s the banging on all the time bits you see which becomes frequent enough to secure a response from me because a another group of fools with media jobs have awarded themselves the task of controlling me for them.

It now needs to keep off my Books and shut down all comments made on it and or my Public image; we know they spend their time on nothing else save suspending my whole life and career to get into those positions where the service process operates in terms of me solving problems, about which they get on Media and social media to decide I did not have a choice of what they got from me every day because they had access to it with a big mouth, just like the Celebrities are always the centre of the story because they run what appears to work as a social co-operative where they made a total mess of the academic work and finances of the talented and hung around the development of such persons collecting money from a public that is giving it to them so they might at a later date look like making profit was compulsory even though they didn’t want to run the show business properly or get a real job by adding my acumen to their own and helping fans to my work and property to boost their stupid fame all day.

It’s the same behaviour with see with respect to the environment and now we are getting information that Plastic is expensive to recycle when we know all companies had to do is turn plastic back into plastic using temperature – so what they are doing now is spending a lot of money to remove the plastic from other substances and items which pushes up their cost and destroys their business and nothing is being done about it. We are left thinking the fools who perform the civil and criminal disobedience which causes this to happen do not have homes of their own, since it was clear that if they did, they would understand the desperate worry that comes from knowing that you are never able to sustainably manage your waste and sanitation issues and it drives people into illness when they start to think it’s a matter of how clean their homes are when it actually isn’t; we all know that unless you had your own waste processing system that you bought and deployed to manage all the waste in your home, unless you are throwing your waste into your own backyard, then any waste you have removed from your home is ending up in another person’s backyard irrespective of where you have put it, so since childhood, it has always been celebrated whenever somebody comes up with ideas for recycling no matter how small. Then again, these idiots come from and have access to homes that are bigger and more luxurious than the ones I am accustomed to, talking nonsense about being superior to me all the time but know nothing whatsoever. Their part in the matter is that they are doing their best to be good people with what they have got but all they really do is chase money over my career and academic work completely destroying it with the ignorance of their customers who get good feeling at my expense to spend money on their stupidities and then they spend the money creating more public problems and its all adding up to something the Government will respond to via something they will describe as a draconian measure – I for my part have had enough of their gimmicks showing up near my Bookshop and the stupid comments they make especially in terms of telling me what to do showing up all over my public image. They claim I do too much on the environment issues naturally with their insulting ignorance and distant violence but we all know what happens is that the legal system has a transferred malic protocol and that if malic attributed to me is transferred to plants and animals they have not actually committed a lesser crime, just a different one. They would claim its what happens when people like me had access to and studied the law while what really happens is that if the malice is being exhibited towards me, then I should go in there and deal with the malice that have been developed to tackle me but if it is then being vented on plants and animals we have to talk and it does not mean they have committed lesser crimes. It has always been a challenge to prove that the destruction they wrought on plants, animals and the environment is linked to malice attributed to me for instance but since last the way I handle their need to destroy my property developed into something of a process where they cannot spend 24 hours without getting on Media and social media to blow off their big mouth at me, I have been making success in preliminary processes of getting rid of them thereof.

I have been told I have had a lot of bad experiences and people felt sorry for it which I don’t understand anyway, this unhappiness they inflict on me with media based abuses and community relations to play games with is affecting the property assets I broker with firms and will complicate my ability to sell my Books, so I really do not need their pity as such. However, should I want to talk about the matter, this is what goon who love to do those gestures and insults that make people into disturbed characters, leaving them an ability to move into the right hand perspective, do i.e. they kill and the Media who has stopped me from looking after myself after years of the idiots going from claims the law exists to hold down the strong for the weak to pick on and then progressed to making up their reasons for bullying me when there is none, stopped me until I dropped out of University and they got off using what I had built in the form of reputation to explain away their activities that were getting worse and worse with the Media presence, which has now culminated in a need to determine what my personal finances look like, petitioning the Politicians about my so called attitude as insultingly as possible and blowing off a big mouth about how I need beware my behaviour lest they did their thing – they have stopped me until I dropped out of University to make this case for a need that they had, to have culture and society trouble makers they can get around with and do not need further evidence that they are stopping me from defending myself against the onslaught of bad people. As for the part where I need to beware in its own right, I don’t know why their careers involve making a mess of mine in order to make their stupid lives more meaningful, I do not understand why the process of working their careers fundamentally involved acquiring my acumen, so they do need to understand I am not a fan of their existence and therefore likely to handle their stupidities in a very objective way if I came to it, need keep off my Books and settle their insults and money issues somewhere else. So there is this other question people ask on whether I know of a prognosis for this behaviour but it’s the same old tale of terrible upbringing, leaving them with a sense they ought to approach people at random and act as though their access to the cookie jar was overdue, the big problem being that it appears to have drawn up an assumption that I am a very well understood character that is unlikely to do a thing about them. The other gits who want to discuss the idea that sociopaths and psychopaths were the same thing of which need to give it a break as it were, stop getting us confused so we know what we are doing – this is what sociopathy looks like, it forces a relationship on you and at the point at which it claims business involves building a crowd that helps it take what it wants from you, you have also been violently attacked, never mind the degrading processes of constantly spreading all sorts of abusive nonsense which suggest you fart in public places, they usually never stop until they had built predicament for the authorities that involve stages set for big gangs, middle gangs and small gangs which the premise for their success as gangs is based on resource gathering and a threat of inserting themselves into the administrative system to run the Country all together. We have heard them blow off that big mouth time and again about the powers of Germany while Liberal America plans to teach the Brits a lesson by moving its opportunities to the Arab world; in terms of the former, they claim I needed to explain that I am not a threat to German interests while its threats do not scare any person around here, since it was clear they were talking about the fact Germany manufactures industrial products and tools for a huge population in the world and at the same time are making a mess of the fact the UK has the biggest Financial system in the world as well, which suggests that Companies will want to set up some form of satellite here in order to access it or they might want to bring their HQ over all together – it does speak for itself as we know that when the Financial system people gather their resources and get around the problem of terrorism, alongside the issue of silent mid-range millionaires wrecking career to hang around feeding the needs of criminals in the neighbourhoods, the business of idiots allied to them which is not enough for two but exists to allow them get imagination up my bum and make up reasons for it, including claims I provoked them with my diet being something that they should have cooked to entertain foolish Celebrities by and hence destroyed their career through my food, we find the idiots interfere and soon enough they had appointed themselves the characters that slap girls panties for an existence because the idea that talking about these facts would jeopardise British economic interests further never really worked. The other bit about the Arab world being a matter of whether they had the power to enforce their need to put whole countries out of employment because after years of economic evolution, great Britain’s settlement on the production of financial services which they are doing very well as a matter of what others cannot do as well, bothers them very much, part of a project that Obama spent time in the White House developing, he said it was his contribution to a world where white dominance would be lessened,  where it’s a matter of great wonder what would happen if the Arab world spent years doing this, only for the UK to suddenly realise it needed some global stage Publicity to boost its economic profile, whether such dangerous nonsense they engage in and the business of me working the facts if it is available to me is what is wrecking their fools errand. So on the matter of mentally sick people however, they claim I have not pointed out which one I fit into but I have mentioned before, something about the time that I was about 12 years old and I chased down a spider, caught it and burned off its legs with matches and was told by my relatives that I am a psychopath and will have to keep an eye on it – so it turns out that I am not affected by the activities of Celebrities at all and when I tell them there isn’t enough money in the world to allow them make a mess of my whole life and hang around somewhere telling me to talk to the hand, they will claim it’s a big joke but we know reality has proven to be that they are bluffing. Hence it will be said that keeping an eye on it simply helps me refine my skills like the scientists have found out but it does not really apply that way, its always a matter of ethics and ethos most of the time; you never ever make an assumption that people see the world of engage with feelings the way that you do and you never ever fool around with the gimmicks we see Politicians engage in with respect to there being a good outcome from a bad activity sometimes – I would then be said to have become completely incapable of defending myself if I faced danger which is not the case, as save the business of being tangled up in this problem of media idiots and famous fools destroying peoples lives to claim they are important and building you public image that will get you into a fight insultingly, its quite impossible to get into a dangerous situation that involved somebody you did not know; it shows up every time and they look like they had a trail behind them of doing what they were about to do to you to others, which they enjoyed so much, the assumption being that you are just another victim while you had become completely determined not to be.

The fascination with mentally ill characters that will be raised here do not actually exist, what really happens is that telling these gits to keep off my Books and shut down the insane comments they make over my income margins, is really a simple solution that works for them and for everybody including me but that was not what they preferred. They like to say they are a problem for me but its an old story of handling my work and property to create problems for me that I will solve but the bullying and vandalism associated with it is nothing compared to what will happen when I responded to those problems having been they had prepared tools through which they might claim it as an improvement of their personality, image and career, so it is likely only to continue until I got my hands on their careers and that of their Celebrities as well, with intent to do the same things and therefore not really a threat. The other idea that they are a crisis for me is not built on reality either; they assume me to be a hermit that is naïve of what evil looks like, so all that time spent wrecking my career because they have problems, to get imagination up my bum and boast about their power in terms of disrespect on my part was supposed to have been seen as a passing issue but the reality is that I really cannot stand them, since if it is punishment for crimes I have committed, theirs will be the business of getting imagination up my bum and hanging around my public image shoving their ideas down my throat because they were being modern, its not a matter of not liking them, to me they are absolute scum who hang around the neighbourhoods performing all sorts of nefarious activities and only picking themselves up when they emulate Celebrities, showing up to flush my life down the loo and share my income margins using civil rights movements and media insults.

They do say it’s a bad time to be horrible but I am not; they need to get their imagination off my bum or stop telling lies that they spend their time running off all sorts of nonsense that will develop into scandals which have such effects as things people do to ensure the process of live itself puts wind into me and pressure on my chest and tummy to release it, like none will ever understand that this is a very nefarious use of adult imagination, not telling those lies so people generally expect me to respond to what will likely grow into public crisis causes me to smell of what I ate all day long and this is what is causing problems for them as well because it means that they will secure a response one way or the other for it. apart from which the service processes of my livelihood are now used to cover up the silly activities they spend their time on and develop a social life for their stupidities, the same way they chased money at my expense and deployed my essays at University which caused me to drop out but have never stopped although I have ended up with a reputation based on the stupid complaints about my responses. This is what they have gotten accustomed to and its purpose is to ensure that my time passes very quickly, and I am always clearing out this nonsense that takes time to resolve instead of selling Books.

They do say there is a reason I am targeted for it but its an old story of being soft and squidgy first of all and beyond that I am a character people put things into but the big one is that I flinch when being attacked and people tend to feel that doing so provides them access to that personality Politicians said I stole from them to obtain peace and tranquillity while they were the ones that made decisions which affected the lives of criminals and for those who share a roof with me and bring home the violent lasciviousness other applicable abuses they can face me and get violent over the smell when their stupidities are mad enough or carry on as they are. It needs to stop telling lies about this nonsense which doing so leaves me with something to explain all the time, allowing them to push up the pressure and churn my tummy. The excuses associated with claims I can do things to protect people and therefore deserve it are good but we are now heading towards a part where it was clear they had a problem with my leadership while being so irresponsible that the extremists are getting rich on their stead, at the same time which what I do about security is never enough for them the way it is enough for those who trust me over it. We all know so far that supporting younger people over drugs and social deviance is what they usually take over to make their Celebrity culture and blow kisses at criminals on my public image by and that supporting young people over extremism is what gets LGBTQ showing up on the public image of Children like bad robots.


I have been told that every person that comes in contact with me ends up with tummy issues and there is no real explanation for this phenomenon but there actually is; what happens is that I have always organised my life to go when I go, so the way I run my concerns and what I chose to delay does not put me under any pressure, what does all the pressure that has grown into something deadly of recent is other people deciding who gets involved with me and it is done on the basis that if they respect the fact I have set myself out as somebody who does well with himself when he is not disturbed, it would mean that I am important when I am irrelevant. It is so easily avoided if they were busy doing such things with a small amount of respect which meant they were not making silly comments on my livelihood and public image with media every day, but this small amount of respect is missing entirely. So we have ended up with questions on why being disturbed churns peoples tummy, reason being that their whole lives are developed on telling lies about the fact I am being bullied by society and culture trouble makers, explaining away their activities with my academic work and other things I do for a career – so it then settles up as what they have power to do because their community croons spend all day heaping abuses at me and filling in my time with those abuses, to such an extent that an atmosphere emerges and they can deploy such an atmosphere for whatever they wanted but the disadvantage is that this sort of nonsense is then open to all other forms of adult imagination. For their part it has become exceedingly important to assess the money they have and use it as a tool to ensure whenever I responded to their activities they topped up their position to stay ahead on it with the money and the process involves preventing me from having any – this has given them a sense that I am being oppressed, they cannot do without it and I have ended up with a mindset that says in order to get rid of this nauseating nonsense, their families must now get regular updates on the nonsense I have to put up with each time they get to their Offices. Hence a need to pay attention to the fact that they do believe they are very important naturally but reality is that they get involved with people and spend their time building publicity around what they make of themselves with peoples property and career instead of who they really are, the same is then extended to any persons I got involved with and always developed on the premise that everybody else was more importanT.

So the other part of the story is that I prevent people from fighting the good fight which I don’t, my state provided security is based on surveillance, this means I am more conscious of the ways that avenues for the corruption of the UK Armed forces are developed and do what I must to ensure it does not happen on my account. Discussing this at length only ends up exposing how closely related the activities of Celebrities are to that of neighbourhood criminals, so it might be said that I am coping out but I have not really run out of ideas on how to get them enlisting in the armed services to fight my battles either. They do claim that I am completely unaware of the sacrifices people make for me behind the scenes and its utter nonsense as well; the only thing that has been happening is the usual thing such as the assumption that keeping from gangs and criminals, bearing in mind you are not enlisting any to attack them whenever they must make comments that leave you with nauseating financial complications and then find your disposition amusing every day, working that stupid social co-operative that is used to help them add peoples acumen to their own in order to show profitability when profitability was never mandatory for them since they never got real jobs or did businesses properly. So for the very young especially, you might have thought that keeping away from these bad elements was your right, except that you must keep away from it in a way that does not cause those who supply Celebrities the organised crime products that they spend show business money on, to push up prices. I am then said to have broken their hearts which I have not in anyway whatsoever, what is really happening is that they had all the time in the world to organise their show business in a way that has nothing to do with me but preferred to take advantage of an intensified interest of culture and society idiots that American secret services had recently developed a habit of fooling around with at my expense, to tear up my career everyday in order to make themselves better off, so if my whole life came to a stop so they might withdraw, it would be a third time that my whole life came to a stop because a handful of fools were famous and I am not accommodating them any further. They do say that it’s a matter of the times that The Queen has been unhappy about my activities and yes it has, there was always risk of that if I had to start pushing back as well.

The other case is that there is huge controversy around my activities, so massive that the Government wants regular explanation. The truth of it is that most of my activities are found to be supportive of the Civil service where secret service operatives work, so those who love to fool around with public matters are finding out what I can be when they are unable to appreciate the pressures of work where people have to be professional and not professional on the spot and during which time things can kick off into deadly violence at any stage, like nobody introduced Tinker tailor soldier spy to those who have jobs on TV. Eventually we have ended up with this scenario where they appoint themselves bruisers for the Queen which is all good if they do not make a mess of the civil service i.e. I am a Hermit in service of a Government where the Civil service was actually a professional arrangement contrary to the publicity the Media and Celebrities who are completely detached from processes and procedures associated with civil daily concerns, jobs, careers and academic pursuits, so such an extent you can even go back to a case where it is possible to intimate them to matters associated with the times when the school teacher pointed out talents among students, of which what they said was not very far detached from the talents we are exhibiting today while mine is being held back through media comments on account the way I respond to nauseating financial complications caused was said to be exhilarating i.e. if people realise they are making a mess of the civil service, need stop it, not hang around somewhere putting out ideas they were a threat to those who were already uncomfortable as a result of outcomes in which socialist mistresses got on media to pass insults at others via short videos in which they claimed advertisement was being made. The Russia issue is the one that got me acting on the matter wholly all together, as it was said that they wanted to take all I had from me because some persons got hurt or killed in Russia, as a clear disparity from the fact what happens when ask soldiers to solve problems is that they get into a fight and if they come to harm we then have to follow their trail and pick up the jobs they tried to do, what they tried to accomplish and what got them to take the risks that they did. Some will ask if I think that people took unnecessary risks which I don’t, what has happened is a case of Media making a proper mess of the jobs they did because of the risks they took to do it the way they knew it and it will take so much work now to clear out. Hence we find that Mr Putin had at this stage relinquished some powers to the Russian legislature which should have been a great result when added to the work that service operatives did on the matter, bearing in mind the part of my work they find most supporting is the part where I do not think overseas wars help since the Countries we invade are actually full of people that work hard trying to stop the gimmicks that the trouble makers invent – that we should support them but not so as to drive them into getting killed as such, which leaves them the means to do their work more efficiently. But we can see Media entanglement means that Public leadership has not got a clue what has been going on all together. The other story being that I am afraid of the smell issues which are a matter of US Culture but I am not – its one of those matters that bring to bear that I need a wife and partner to support me on the State duties all together since it must be kept from entanglement with the other part of me that does not get a lot of attention i.e. that I do not like the Celebrities and Media goons at all, although they assume that there is a way that I get to accommodate them in a wider sense.

They speak of a great mystery where Government operatives are unable to tolerate the Media but it usually goes far beyond something of a need they have to be the careers that get into peoples lives to decide how people should exist because they are incredibly important, alongside the Celebrities while being completely detached from processes by which things are done to ensure that the least to the most dangerous career is handled in a way which allows people to go home to their families at the end of the day alongside their society gits who never get along with anything the rest of the population does and has not got enough compunction to see that following me around with it over how my public image should be used, until I dropped out of University, would make me angry enough to seek vengeance, depending on their attitude. So the outcome is that the family finances and social lives of the general population is always under constant assault from the Media and they do not have a direct way of making money from it, so its all provisional in case somebody that wants to bully others because they were rich, wanted to pay the Media for it. It gets to that stage where no matter what we do, when women talk about war and peace, its difficult for people to hear what they are saying and terribly confusing, then there is my party piece which is all linked up to the way it is said that I am not keen for people who fight my corner at National service to do their jobs i.e. the small people who get away from big bad people and is therefore in the interest of society to protect them in order to get one back being hounded and hunted down with sex and alternative lifestyle.