So they say they have been punishing me severely with difficult tasks just to exist, none of which makes any sense as all I am  aware they do is a routine where the Men want to take over my life and look after me until their stupidities gets me killed and the whites and Muslims are the ones that complain about the effects it has on them the most, while the blacks are just silently confident – the Women on the other hand playing up the routine of raising awareness of abuse and planning their silly lives on my earnings, while they all want to have their stupid conversations about the conditions of the unprotected. I mean it is not lost in translation that if I get hold of that stupid culture and society I will certainly cut it up again as such and if I get my hands on the really destructive ones, the results will be that of lots of celebrities getting hurt as well; as we can see, they do not want to smell, so they have spent years complaining to Politicians and have become convinced they exist in a condition whereby they can do whatever they liked, considering we have a relationship – we were lovers as it were. So there they are setting me difficult tasks and here I am carrying them out with that big mouth.


They say most of my complains are a matter of what Americans are doing but of course we all know the case to be that I do not mind very much provided people do not show up around my concerns to pillage my finances and sit about distressing me and grabbing my attention until my thought pattern turns to Popular culture which they exhibit in my face all the time – even when they know an outcome will exist whereby they complain about their stupid freedom of which they keep hunting me to do it never the less, looking for trouble considering they are very good at making it in their view. Its one of those issues which means that a person must live his life very, very carefully i.e. pay careful attention to your business and do not react to their stupidities but then all of a sudden the far reaching destruction of it when they feel they are not getting through to you comes from nowhere because they want to have money and enjoy the fine things in life.

Then there are the Muslim ones as well when we hear them speak of how their behaviour is a result of the way the UK has behaved during US hour of need when terrorism occurred etc – whereby we know that Muslims have  a very wide range and many flavoured forms of very abusive discrimination that they hide and practice behind their religion, which of course is another one of those cases when I must live my life very carefully and so when one bomb falls on Iraq, that is it, everybody wants to go there as it has all kicked but they however do not care about the innocent people that are getting killed in those parts of the world and so I keep the effects of their abuses and wait for them to blab at me which one has a smelly God and they therefore start my case off as well. I mean the terrorism we were supposed to have been dealing with all these years was meant to have been one about girl who wants boy she can do whatever she likes with because she is backed up by superior Men in her communities that will beat up boy if boy had refused to co-operate and hence whenever there is an argument, because she is superior and by such a time a celebrity too, she expects that boy should be made to behave and not her attitude questioned; until it results in people blowing themselves up to kill some Americans in Bali and maybe North Africa as well; the whole Iraq Afghanistan thing has become a fully developed conflict without reason or purpose and is not heading anywhere either.

So these guys I need to ensure understand that I have a choice to sell my Books like any normal person or to sell it as though the fact their insults are about the Country does not necessarily make it any less insulting. They however continue to reiterate that it changes nothing about the fact people like me are fundamentally inferior but we all know that is not what I have mentioned here, nor is it lost in translation that if I see their Communities, white or not but white especially, I will cut it up again unless it is involved with me only when it is being nice. So what I mean here is simply that their communities are incredibly stupid like for instance when we see that the best of it is when Journalists are getting a good feeling from telling a Royal Prince what to do, on account idiots will pick up on the need to have such conveniences too and it will become immeasurable abuse that they feel makes the world go round for them and the habit of approaching me or talking to me or talking into me will not improve until I twisted them into very uncomfortable positions and encouraged the same things too – just like their celebrities who claim they are more important when all they have done is get Industry idiots to spend money on their fame and done so with my public image as well and have refused to pay respect to the fact I can get industry idiots to spend some on me for bruising them too. its never clear why a sane human being will insist on such behaviour; we are not mates and they do not get to talk to me or talk into me or address me or tell me what to do for any reason.

Its the only problem there is i.e. I am in charge and they are not – the fun days were the days of involvement to rip up my finances and exhibit themselves in Public to simulate processes of being important, those days are now over and brought full results to bear such as homosexuals and alternative lifestyle seekers who need me to behave in a certain way so they might be comfortable and this is usually where things start to get serious –I am obviously one of those that are willing to speak up about it and not one of those who refuse to have a conversation if they can act instead. it was mathematical calculation that the insults and abuses on which their lives depend will not wane whatever the cost of bullying had become since the main attitude of Liberals and Socialists, is largely to see to it that when they had run out of money for wasteful and destructive bullying, they spend those that belong to their chosen innocent victims to get good feelings about life – hence I had to ensure that the protection was taken away, which is what they are complaining about now and what they do not wish to do is talk, if they can do insults and abuses and an ambition to control the finances of Royalty for a change and hence what they will never ever recover as I become increasingly fed up with talking for my part too; so far they now understand what it means to be in control of somebody else’s State provided security and that it is the one where your bottom stings until he or she remembers what the House looked like and since their one is stinging instead at Media and Celebrity culture we have am understanding. I mean I do write Books and those Books resolve their Public issues and they simply cannot pick one up and read it because there are other ways to fund the cost of bullying.

In the end it is nothing but incredibly stupid market square behaviour which nobody actually deserves to have targeted at them and their earnings like the worst neighbourhoods in the land running on National Media all day long thing and every time it is pointed out of which we see journalists and celebrities and television personalities behave like caught shop lifters and when they return back stage start the whole thing all over again and then tell me I have no respect for their cultural fathers who want me to be dominated before I do academic work and if I go through hell and complete it, nobody knows by how much I must be dominated to have a career; until they complain about a Book and Politicians do not want it to be sold on account of their stupid needs, while they have spent so much of my time that I might now raise hell and high water to ensure that it fucking is.

They do love to make those expressions that the left hand side is their right to have and I do not mind if they are making one with their own lives, I do not allow them access to mine because I do not want them to be famous. The Politicians it seems endlessly desire that process where they are pulling at my tie and I am at theirs and we are both gasping for breath and that is why they love to insult and abuse me to facilitate a condition where any little money they have serves as a means of getting respect from me and therefore interpreted as their civil rights and anything I do about it means I am exposing children and if I do not expose children the ones I will hate because they got better opportunities will be created. I mean imagine the time people spend on such things and measure it with the extent of their greed and need and then you may just get a glimpse of why they hate people like me who have a thing for what they get to damage on account of how much they needed it so much; especially what that was my personality etc.

We do hear them speak of Lion character individuals they hate so much all of the time but so does the behaviour towards Lions generally spread right across the board i.e. the same way they see them beautiful creatures and kill it and skin it to place the skin in their living rooms for their ego sake, is the same way they want my Christian personality at their disposal only when I am homeless etc; and of course other cannot breathe because they cannot stop complaining about me too. so they say they have the better of me and I am leaking information all the time but the information is leaked from their careers and Politics and societies; since the fun bit is when they rip up peoples finances so they might copy how the victims recover because it is sweeter when stolen, of which the person is the blame for refusing to share and can be as much fun unless the victim wants to show them it is not farfetched that Armed Robbers and criminals do copy such behaviour as well. I am just going through these facts despite how insane, to show that it does not affect me in anyway; I mean that the public effect of these things is that of a case where their parents left them some Money when they were 17 and they had decided not to attend school for instance, so that meant ripping up everything I have to make fame and fortune exhibiting themselves all over me, complete with all sorts of built up nonsense about oppression they can sell on to those who have money and need to oppress me too – when I ask them about it they will say they are seeking justice and when I ask them about the justice they will say it is historical and when I ask about that they will say it is the meaning of their civil rights and when I ask about that too they don’t know.  I mean we hear that they feel unprotected for instance but set out time and stand somewhere in Public place like a shop to observe people come in and you will find it clearly defined, that those who normally like to seduce people and steal their lives will come there to create problems between 8.00am and 13.00pm and those who like to take over peoples jobs and tell people what to do like it is the air they breathe will do theirs after that time, right up to 18.00 am and those who would take chances with anything and love to use people’s lives to fix problems will be in after 18.00pm till 23.00pm, after that, the armed robbers start business for the day; so the games the Media play are meant to be very harmful, the whole process of protecting them if any actually does exist does not have a meaning or purpose. They want my Christian personality to peddle and get rich but the only way they will have it is when it is dragged through the Mud around the Country and overseas while the shame is built up on Media as a state of affairs which is their property and this is just what they claim is their civil right for criminals do not copy and deploy the behaviour in anyway whatsoever as it were. The one that will send you back to the benefits system all day long and never ever concentrate on their jobs and one Media are just the reasons behind most of trouble others make, since there is only as much trouble as cannot be controlled and they never ever pay attention to the one that actually pays their salary for that matter as well; what they want to do is tell me what I m supposed to be doing with myself to make them feel comfortable and the most popular at the Moment is the Brexit vote that they actually lost, even when they were at the heart of everything, controlling everything else’s (an example of the basis on which their insulting successes are built right around the world). Then we hear them tell me I would be better off if I were nice and polite when the real problem is that they are doing what they do best, which involves taking up my life and looking after me until they had found a way to kill me all together and hence the corruption goons in the Police force and the greed ones all over the place including the Police as well, have become a bit busy telling me people are scared and want to feel protected, while they feel it is lost in translation when I remind them that it’s all really stupid market square behaviour and hence no need for me to be targeted with it the way they do, unless they would like to lose some rights too.

They did say that in a world where they can do and undo with me, the reality is that my Books are not making any progress – which is not actually true; the truth is that same reality meaning that I gave away information about the Books in their world of need to create broken dreams out of others people’s lives and steal ideas to make people disturbed while you get famous and then sat back to enforce civility that means people get involved with me to buy the Books and not other reasons, in a condition where their civil rights goons could not rip up my income and set about making sure that they change behaviour every time the Books I have written about them is about to be sold in order to ensure it loses credibility; so their one failed to happen and mine did. The Politicians do say there is a need to find out what my problem with people is but it’s a typical example of the fact it is not my competence or laziness that creates my problems but other human beings, concerning which my tolerance, I am not giving back that stupid left hand side wherefore what it means they do not know but asking me is the profitability of violence and power; this is what they fear just like their industry friends join in to teach me lessons about the fact when people are rich they do not go back to work to make companies they manage profitable anymore because they are rich. they say I am not in control of my property anymore and it is utter nonsense; this is a company that is run like a civil service department and designed to ensure when I am uncomfortable with being abused on account others have appetites for money, no Company is too big to be broken up and taken down and the owner made never to see again and it must be run that way, not by getting taken and distracted by all kind of public equity nonsense developed by Politicians; it seems that if my appetite for money rips up peoples lifestyle that helps them clench deals and make large profits with big firms, they will understand what peddling my Office and Public image actually feels like, it seems that if the same appetite means I love to sell society for a living and the Media feels the pain, they will understand; human beings can always make use of other peoples public image and public life to get rich if they are that despicable and show a limit when they think they have reached the point where they are digging a person’s personal and family life, not pretend that when that is handed to civil rights idiots who think their duty in this world is to ensure Industry steals from Royalty so they might steal from Industry as well, to have things they have never had,  they tend to put themselves above the rules lending others pure agony that they do not have to take responsibility for in the process.

It is normally said that I would be so much better off if I realised I  have done very well with myself and need to stop throwing a temper to enjoy the financial success but this is not what I want; the way mine works is a process where people  always think of anything Royalty does s history they can attach themselves to and make themselves good and successful persons – so the more I do not have to spend time thinking about which I should be getting angry at or whether or not it makes sense to sell Books and strut the world is always been the better off I will be; so it’s the same issues where people should expect trouble when their socialism means they want to do popularity and modelling and have made arrangements with their boyfriends to spend my income as my Business comes up with it in order to put me in my place and show they were racist all along therefore – they do that again and play up the buy one copy and read around the world routine with my Books and there will be more trouble than they have seen already; the blacks on the other hand can build that stupid Popular culture empire and stretch it from the US to Japan right across my Royal Estate again and there will be no trouble too.


So there is this story of how people are confounded that others of reputable character like  to go along with what I get up to, which is popularly considered to be incredibly stupid; the truth however is that what really happens being that when people make some money and become Industry leaders, the general idea about the way they live their lives should involve primarily a state of mind in which somebody wants to hurt them and they are prepared for the right kind of revenge for it, yet of which more than 60% of the time, the whole process of somebody hurting them has been made up in their silly minds, it seems they really enjoy the profitable aspect of involvement with me that concerns a condition in which my Royal work brushes past them and in that way provokes them into blabbing nonsense that will tend to secure them a profitability of violence, along with their Media friends. The Media ones to whom it was given to get around seeking the involvement with me that means they are in control of my security all together as it were and can therefore let go when I have not been co-operating with their needs.

I am not necessarily comfortable with the idea as such, that when people have worked hard and earned their place, somebody else has the right to make them feel small but of course the Politicians and their Media friends need to ensure that people are not playing around with my Royal Property and Public image when they are working hard at Industry, otherwise the trouble with never ever go away; since it is usually a way of making sure that every one of my engagements leads to a condition where they have access that allows them sit around my concerns doing whatever they liked in order to get rich. The Politician ones have not changed a habit of spending money in a way that ruins my work and finances and allows goons to become financially well off a little bit and get around making trouble for me – while the Media ones are usually the most popular examples alongside their celebrities, of how peoples bottoms have been stung to a point where I now know what my Royal Estate looked like, however which the behaviour and attitude itself continues still.

The Media ones especially concerning whom I am not in a relationship and do not have a responsibility to carry like babies all the time; so it is fair to say that at this stage it has happened yet again i.e. their vandalism means that all my Campaigns have now brought about intended results whereby Society as governed by the Queen looks the way it should when Governed by One at the current age, while the Heir has aspects of it which are not yet opened or exposed to look forward to and I am well prepared enough to keep  evil Men from taking over my life and looking after me while planning some way of giving up my security when I am in dire need of it because I had failed to co-operate with their stupid needs at some stage – likewise evil Women wanting to feminism live and exist where my finances are all day long, as the answer for all their problems. All is well except the usual problem yet again i.e. my Books have not been selling, it only just became obvious that it is a very Royal story and that it is nothing but a story and yet we all know that what happens with Royal work is that others show up to spend and deploy it so as to make it into history they can live by and then that also means it becomes a tool by which they can make a living as well; so it is fair to say that some journalists are on course to get hurt and I am fed up with carrying them like children, more so this state of affairs which suggests we are lovers when we are not.

Most of these matters can be easily resolved i.e. they need to stop getting my property stuck at Industry, Politicians and Media especially who both like to assume that when they encourage neighbourhood criminals to sting my bum as well, each time their own is stung until I can remember what my position and property looks like, nothing that is harmful for them will come of it; for me however it is not anything like a crisis – it does not even constitute 5% of what I am supposed to be worried about, even though it threatens to take over everything i.e. being fancied by tyrants on one hand while those who believe in freedom and civil rights show  up to make trouble for me and both have no wish to work for money if they can make it by partying at my expense, both have money bequeathed them by their parents to take over my career via the route of popular culture with and I am only concerned with whether or not they are earning the money for which National income is vital and therefore paying the taxes; so they do need to see that we are not mates and tend to let me be as well. I mean I was able to detach my life and career from gangs and crime and so on when I was a teenager and could confidently say that I can teach somebody else to do the same when I was 17 years of age and yet whilst my parents were never unemployed in all my life, the only means of experiencing a life of unemployment has been of my own actions; so I find then heartless and need to be so as well; especially when it comes to the matter of celebrities and Industries making use of my property.

I am not at a loss for anything as popularly suggested; I am only streamlining my Office, which is where I do most administration online, stream lining my Book shop which is where I do most diplomacy and will likely seek to have a physical presence for it on the High streets, which will involve a new kind of pain for celebrities and television personalities if it is not doing well enough to consummate the job that has already been done through it and of the Court and of the Administration Platform and of the Firm  website, which was primarily built to ensure that when I am uncomfortable with what is actually a despicable act of celebrities and industry peoples deploying my personal life and my history and public image to make money, no Company is too big to break up and ensure the owners never see it again; it was designed to be run in that way not chasing up public equities when politicians so desire, especially when concerned with the throes of the “un protected” – there is no such thing as setting up websites I run randomly and have no idea what I am doing thereof. In terms of terrorism and intervention in US Policy however, the story has always been that since the rights of people is entrenched in the Constitution, infringing it to protect them can unravel the State itself, so it is a problem that falls to ‘the second amendment’ and for Politicians to provide leadership which ensures it does not blow up, as it is clear the way the US works is that people decide how they want to fight terrorism with terror or the government infringes their rights to do it for them. The case here being that it is not how I run my affairs; what those who say so mean is making reference to Germans and Spanish creating terrorism for everybody, while the French bear the brunt of it all of the time and the magic of putting both alongside Middle East leadership to make sense of things and ensure I get to win again, considering they all love to follow on the foolish Men who want to take care of me and create conditions in which I am vulnerable to evil and violence to a whole new level, they claim it is a story of the vengeance of the unprotected but from this angle of which does not make any sense. They do say I am lazy and privileged but it is not an issue especially where Americans are concerned - I already have a tendency for manipulating people into a corner so I can get off to work when these things get to me and that is the question they are asking here in my view but everybody knows when I do it again, I will be doing it on their heads. It does not bother me in anyway whatsoever, the reality is still that the reasons they want to bully people all the time is that old case for instance of the fact that when you work with somebody and they are managers, they are managers because they are more educated and there is a certain way those that are more educated should treat everybody else - it explains a lot about the reasons their whole lives are built on ripping up other peoples academic work and the reasons they hate my guts i.e. although there are three main categories of people who speak of going into academic institutions to gather tools to perform amazing feats, of which one are those who always tend to make the A Grades no matter what and the others those who are party animals you think will fail their exams but never do and then others like me who rip up peoples cultures and if Politicians do not intervene, pass exams as well, they always want to kill it naturally but never ever do. Its an old tale associated with those occasions whereby I am told that my progress is slow or none existent - whereas it a matter of finding out what is what and what their actions are used for; apparently ripping up peoples academics and passing yours is meant to create a process whereby Politicians can foster further delays of progress for the person and then eventually they will start to count up the persons years like they do me and count up the years of younger persons and sit about seeking to confiscate anything I own, while setting off this storm where it is possible for other people to treat me like a useless person and count me among the like, for too old for the level of achievements gained, hence it is what they wanted to do with their time and I thank them very much for it too - likewise with my Books that they love to mess around, when I write those they will turn up and own it to a point where I become desperate as far as they are concerned and then the result will be that they know what they are doing if they party to make money because that has become a daily routine, or simply have money put aside for them by their parents and do not wish to be counted the same as other human beings in the world and then it becomes profitable all together as a matter of sensations of freedom based convenience, concerning which in the real world they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing. They do say there is money in the patented equities on my websites just sitting there of course but so do I wish they would only make use of it when they get a copy of the Books, since I too am aware that the money is there too, considering I built the whole thing during an economic crisis, to turn a crisis into a resource which means they would be worth more when the economy got better; otherwise blabbing about my laziness and privilege will easily lead to another one of those occasions whereby turning up around my concerns to chose what they want to work on, in order to make a career for their stupid selves will not suffice; much the same as the manager and worker analogy thing - where you excuse the abuses on the basis that they are more educated until it turns out that the owners of the establishment have Children after all and your manager must rip up all aspects of your quality of life which makes you an eligible friend or mate, of which in my case, their need to make me find work only means that I have to chose between friendship with the Royal Family or friendship with the Children of those who own establishments and if they give me further grieve I will make them  regret it again. They love that story of society goons getting after me way too much but I do not see that it is a problem anyway, save the fact that it is a threat and I have been clear about the many times I have warned them about threatening me too; in the end it comes down to stealing and stealing my public image and personality is the nearest valuable thing to stealing without getting into trouble with the Police and they will never be free of me until that behaviour changes into one which respects the fact that even when they are making use of something I said or did pertaining to the Gospel, it will be because they are listening to it and nothing else, otherwise they will feel me and my own sensations of convenience and what it feels like too, to compound problems. Its never been any thing less than stupid Men obsessed with Pub Life and other forms of lose living but want kids that will work for their money while they enjoy it seeking idiots that will write British Books they will support, within the process of pillaging my sales to make him successful, which process will also make them successful too; its like that tale of how I steal other peoples society too, which is utter nonsense - the only relationship I have with their society is one where they are made to be completely unprotected, while I am over protected and the reasons for it is to make them listen to me when I have anything to say about the destruction of my property that has become an integral part of their stupid personalities, each time it shows up in Public, hence it becomes clearer why it annoys me so much when they are so obsessed with staging Media stories of threats to my life and society idiots getting after me with their gossips and whispers that lie in wait for other peoples blood; it is usually the point where they then get to pass around an insult that suggests it is about getting things off me for the pleasure of Celebrities, first of all in order to ensure I am not selfish and then to ensure that Celebrities are having what I have without any consequences or costs and then we hear them claim it is the same way I handle them as a result of showing up in their Country when they do not want me to, of which their insults do not become any less when it is about their stupid Country and when I handle their case, as they have been well informed about, all that blabbing will translate into celebrities getting hurt all over the place, in a short period of time. The response here normally changes to that of how I issue threats but really cannot back them up but of course I at least issue them at those who think it is a worthy use of my time, to hunt my person and finances in order to round me up like an animal and control me and when they feel they have attained such a thing spend their time on nothing else save handling my possessions and threatening me - the Politicians among them claim I adopt a disposition whereby I appear to be their ruler as though I can handle them, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that it is the sermon about seeing them keep off my Books and writers Public image that has been preached to them in the last decade and a half, on a daily basis; of which they had a long time before developed all together a means by which to set about dispatching people onto the streets to scout and tackle younger persons with personalities that can be stolen to make them look good when they show up in public with, which means people want to target me all of the time while they need to show they are powerful by giving go ahead to those who want to rip up my Business everyday as well - so whilst people seeking my personality to make themselves look good does not stop me from being financially comfortable unless I had taken up that stupid civil rights and done it for them, so as to set the stage for behaviour I can ask them to avoid in order to prevent a repeat of the problems, nothing ever improves and it is the reason I have done it too (easy life matters apparently; for which there is enough fighting to last a lifetime for them here as well - so that while they do not pay my Bills, live in a dream world in which they can issue threats at me and assume I will not take my chances with their stupidities as well bearing in mind time itself is unlimited; hence they want to have an important Christian that preached the good morals and then realised he was an idiot at a later date when he has to beg them for Money, while they damage his property to look powerful and sell the prerogatives to Industry idiots that have money to buy - which does not sit so well with them when he twisted them into a corner as well and built some that he can sell to Politicians too.). It is nothing of an Armageddon, only the same stupid, stupid habit of having need of something and destroying it in order to make use of it when it is damaged beyond recognition - the same we see expressed at the way the Natural environment is handled every single time they are seen anywhere near it, killing off my income because Media idiots and Political scum will be happy if they did all day long and starting therefore to exhibit other nonsense about being more important or wealthier than I am too - what those insulting threats do just like they did when I was younger and thought these were behaviour that had general public consensus for support, is still the same process of stealing my possessions and distracting me so intensely I cannot actually spend my own energy and resources to work for another one, to talk further nonsense on Media about their freedom needs.