Eventually we hear that according to my ethnic group, I am very disrespectful but it is utter nonsense naturally and most people can make sense of it – originally the fact racists existed meant they had a right to involve themselves with my concerns, fool around and make a total mess of it, what we have now is beyond excuses all together, abuses and insults that get worse the more important the persons I met, the big mouth talking rubbish about disrespect all the time. I did not think it was an issue overall, just the risk that they were the people sharing neighbourhoods with the so-called racists and I am going to get away with it again as it were. Even so, there is no disrespect issue here, just a consistent process where I had failed to save my career and finances from black people by inventing nasty habits and behaviour I can channel at them specifically for their narcissism which has been applicable to the way my person should be used, when it does stop, it will stop the way I would like it to stop as it were and I will do it my way too. They are not my problem, the problem is the Celebrities who never stopped trashing my career and finances as part of a process where they had problems and I knew how to solve those problems, the abuses and insults of the Celebrities were so numerous and intense on a daily basis, that my career and finances had simply stopped, whilst they claim it was a consequence of being provoked by state provided security, seemingly which when I make the insults of the famous move on, this nonsense will move on with it too – the important part was the fact that I had to work a Royal Office and they had failed to make their decisions correctly on the 18 to 65 matters, about which it was okay to punish me consequently every day, especially when the Law had caught up with them. Therefore, it is now said that they had such deep and intense feelings for me but it is not for me to tell people how I should be loved, besides which if I did, I would die and my penis will get smaller, to which effect they would be the people to make an announcement of it. On the matter of taking my love life in public more seriously, I did once, when I was passing through University and got caught up in the social activities of public figures, met some journalists and it should have ended with perhaps a relationship in that area where people could really understand me from a public mobility point of view but it was turned into something else by the same group of people who liked to suggest Libras like me loved everybody when they were simply unwilling to convert to business relationships. There is the other talk of Celebrities being ideal but we have already seen the issues with that and the threat of getting into a relationship to envisage a divorce for the future, so to make everybody comfortable, I would need to find a partner somewhere between media and celebrities which currently does not exist for want of a better word but then again if thought about carefully, we can see that this was the correct thing, it was normal to think somebody that can actually love you does not exist, hence I am on the correct path.

I am told that even what I have said here only simply puts me in the firing line for more celebrity abuses and yes it does but I was not trying to prevent that either – it is like they say the cause of it all was Brexit whilst we know that the narcissism had grown to such an extent the general public had to make a collective decision on it; we are talking about such issues as instances where a 30 year old in their position, needed a solution for finance and career matters which should really be given to an 18 year old and yet there has been a government in Office during the 12 year period – when Celebrities pick up my wealth equity to attack me and share the wealth of the wealthy, would it have meant they were homeless people who got lucky and started a business that showed promise, would it have meant that they did not have enough money, would it have meant they were completely incapable of devising any more useful form of fun for themselves? It is not currently showing any signs of stopping amicably but we have heard that the abuses of Celebrities was a product of the fact they did not like me, which was precisely the point of it all, the need to pick up my assets for money making and rip up my career to prevent me taking it back and yet they are not entertainment product directors or investors themselves, just employees in the processes, then there was the need to breach my patents and pick up career as well as work publicity as a tool for the purpose of getting involved with me to play with me, crashing my finances in the process – therefore had I given them an exit to stop running it off on me when I am at work and to stay away from my Books, which they claim they cannot comply with, hence I must now look to incident based solutions as the deterrence have been rebuffed. It is entirely normal – problems that are said to have existed because small men tried to do things that were too much for them; in reality however, it explores my civic duties and runs my life with social activities of criminals, to get off doing something brave before I did on it, in order to escape its own screwed up existence, if living in a country where the public clearly does not have homogenised minds, I must in the course of activities which help to run it, accept this nonsense as normal.

They do claim that entertainment was not made to make me comfortable but rather to serve a public and applicable fans, it is never clear who suggested that entertainment was made to make me comfortable anyway, the reality is more a matter of their dreams to work personal popularity on the basis of making such a mess of my social life and finances, that it was being done at my expense and I got to publicly complain about other people’s being good looking and famous, has been fulfilled and now I wish to ensure their stupidities got to show some respect for my career and personal finances as well, especially as they are now clear what they considered to be extremely disrespectful if channelled at them by other people. They do claim I am wasting my life serving Americans which is utter nonsense all together – the Americans are usually so stupid that it goes beyond their need to attack people and employ security guards that will help enforce civility for them because they possessed money to pay for it, knowing they did not like to be turned out the way they showed so much disregard for the needs of people who thought about tackling society issues once they were done sorting out the career and finances but found the society people had gone away once they had, even suggesting that an ability to avoid being turned out like that was a sign of manhood – it goes beyond this to the idea that preventing others from showing or working interest in my Books was a right on account that they were not directly handling my personal cash and there are conventional as well as creative consequences for these kinds of idiots who think that you should get out of bed and get to work everyday to fight for existence and survival at a job that you were paid to do, needs to stop running off all off its stupidities, as well as that performed by other gits who thought when they talked loudest they were right, trying to use it to win elections into American Government buildings, every comment, every gesture, every gimmick shut down during working hours and they need keep their distance from my Books. They do boast about their stupidities being about my concerns as though I had deviated from that myself – we all know it is a matter of the way they prevent me from working the public office while complaining about duties I am meant to fulfil at the same time and it had grown so big, they had successfully created a global stage disposition for themselves out of it. It is an old story when they claim they hated a Libra and loved to gang up on one, some people suggesting that a Libras view of peoples dress code can be an issue, until this nonsense plays out in full like so: it should have dressed up in a suit but left the collar open and did not wear a tie, shows up here playing with my career, eventually people feel the outrage when it arrived at such a stage that it claimed if my career ever were to be successful, it would have been because they spent their money on it, which will never happen unless my attitude was changed and the insults are usually incredible, until I did something to ensure it was not such fun for them anymore. It is not a daunting task as claimed at all, I am not currently engaged with all the consequences I can get my hands on regarding idiots who play with my career and finances, to say the effect it had on me was great fun and bellow threats thereafter, when we gang up on them as well, the wealth and social inequality will have become a phenomenon. To make sense of this, the Celebrities are not even part of the production process for the entertainment Industry, but the fucking idiots will be if I decided to push back at the abuses, like a bunch of idiots that were seriously trouble looking for a bad result. They claimed they tackled Libras because Libras were weak which is utter nonsense – what happens is that of other peoples need to explore our civic duties all of the time causing a lot of tiredness, that said, the Libra they fear are the ones that work in security services, usually very good at sharing the fear with them when bothered, I am more the getting them to do the fighting so they can cease burning up my oxygen kind of person and it grows into a case of their enemies becoming their friends and friends becoming enemies with a good chance for me to get a lot worse. It seems that we are heading for a resolution where that stupid asset of theirs that involved picking on me to befriend the wealthy, will end up on an ultimatum. Eventually they suggest Libras were incapable of doing the bad things and had to justify themselves all the time, last we checked, the Politicians waded in to save the day when I had no time for their gimmicks and stuffed them with information, so when their Celebrities got involved as well, it became a society madness and Celebrity gimmicks for me to play as well; this is not the main problem, the main problem is that because it is always attacking people verbally, socially, physically, it becomes afraid of things that should not cause a person to be afraid and progresses to a point where it needs to handle and control me, which stifles my career, when it does not get me losing the fight with corrupt Scorpio and corrupt Virgo, so we got to look like we were living world war two all over again, claims it gas lighted me and develops a new popularity gimmicks for it, losing my temper then I will decide to categorise crowds and gatherings, on the basis that picking on me was evidence they have got the means to fund the applicable consequences – some crowds do not like being the health people but I will give little choice, some do not like to be the money people but the same will apply and so on until all my issues were resolved as well and they will need more backing from Politicians for a vengeance they think they are entitled to and go on forever if they wanted. People suggest they have seen me resolve these matters on my own and this is true, I decided to work on a diet that will help me cope with their gimmicks, it has taken unnecessarily long to do to and they have devised a new way of picking me that will undo the effects of the diet which they now plan to sell to Celebrities as well as spend on themselves, at the same time knowing the fact I am working on the diet had reached the top end of Government, showing up here to shoot off the big mouth because it wants to be free of the abdominal discomfort as well.

The platform for these gimmicks were the claim that Libras were subordinate to Scorpios, which encouraged the Celebrities to pursue my earnings and social life while paying Scorpios to help them keep it; it has no basis in reality as such, the truth is more that Scorpios were likely to see two sides of an issue and take action very quickly, although it was clear that they were doing the wrong thing, there is always a sense that everybody had an opinion and they had one too, besides which an action on an issue helped to buy time for decision making, although stupid because a decision will be made concerning the action that had been taken too – the approach is pretty much the same with regards to Aries but they have decided I was subordinate to Scorpios and would tolerate anything an Aries did. They do boast that I have been beaten which is utter nonsense; it is now all building up to Celebrities trashing my career, finances and the public work dispatched from the Office while trying to collect my personal and social life to deal with the problems associated with a sense that the work had not been done at all, the effect is that there is so much fuss making a mess and we saw they did it by taking off their clothes to splash out on images about my social and personal life, flooding the internet and street corner shop top shelves, which allowed society gits to develop such abusive fantasies about my private parts that I could feel their finger there all the time as a method of solving problems, this then equals the need for a physical response that can be avoided when famous idiots had stopped running it off on me when I am at work and stayed away from my Books. They do claim there was nothing I could do about them naturally but the reasons society gits liked to imagine my private parts and get their fingers around it etc is because it was a bad idea to express their popularity in my company, so it was always something they thought of doing buzzing away at the background like the importance of teachers at school, who showed people how to stay away from the prison services, until the Celebrities had a role to play and it is never clear exactly what the stage would be where a bunch of famous idiots had an Arch Prince fight people who tickled or provoked their entitled stupidities exactly, about which the deterrence should have worked by now, if it was applied to normal people and not famous twats with a schizophrenic immorality personal and social life that can be used to decide how I existed, a right hand side and left hand side, the importance of some people ending up in hospital because somebody decided they should. We have heard them get all forth coming, to make those silly announcements about the way I am just a pipsqueak with no real power, which encourages their famous stupidities to tackle me on a provisional basis, in case somebody wanted to make a connection or reward them financially for it, playing up gimmicks thereafter at Industry and Politics – it tempts me like this every day, I appear to be the only person aware that my residual view of Celebrities since there was no other way to make sense of their existence, save instances where a popular culture goons with money got involved with public figures during an election campaign for example, showing us what was possible through a career that did not actually make any sense, is one in which the only way to decide what I must do to make them feel comfortable and to ensure I was able to tolerate their antics, is that they first all entertained an intense fear of me. The point have been raised on what my case with the famous was but there is no case, it has really developed a habit of bullying me: I wrote a Book 10 years ago and the Book is now a stage for them to deploy the aesthetics of my career, as a tool for good feeling while they pursued their jobs and it is the abdominal discomfort associated with this, that was the source of all attacks channelled at me for my failure to serve the famous by doing something violent on their behalf, while the other gits who kept blabbing about attacking me because of smell issues have not lived up to it yet, so we see that it is said if it was as serious as losing some control of areas of growth engine available to me at my Office, where people worked with me on markets that were too small for large companies, thereby pushing growth in the process, damaged by their gimmicks involving a need to ensure I could not do my public work and if I did it they ensured it came to nothing and claimed it added up to a process of being able to say they knew what I had and only needed to determine what they had to do to make me serve their stupidities with it, such that Communists got involved to make statements with it and make their own money doing so because they went off to tackle communists and trash my assets to make me serve America and thereby serve them, then I should take it more seriously but this matter of smell issues and tummy issues etc will be the part that made it as a serious as it should be in my view. I mean I get into an equitable partnership with a CEO of a large company and had to make some small sacrifices to facilitate market success from time to time, what then happens on the ground being the poorer people who suggest I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy when working their own markets, being turned into this nonsense and left for sex workers and gold diggers whilst the idiots picked up my public image for fame reinvention and it started as stupidly as a suggestion criminals were better people making money to buy show business while I was a low life trying to involve myself with them, so they could reinvent themselves on my Books – it attacks everything in this place and then sets about complaining on very public venues about me endlessly as well. I suppose if it raises another instance of it being about US influence because of the millionaires there and government office gits, willing to spend money on the fact I was being bullied by people who wanted to befriend them, the stupid asset will end up on borrowed time and I suppose that I will stop when I start as well.

I am told by their goons who had to play the Politicians as well to ensure I did not complete University so they can make popularity from my social life, that it was a matter of what was said at the Monarchy and a feeling of powerlessness on my part. It is both either untrue or the facts surrounding such eventualities had nothing to do with them. In terms of what is said at the Monarchy Queen Elizabeth II had a policy where you needed real evidence that they had damage career, finances and family in order to pursue their gimmicks because of which there were other things she did and said which ensured people were not complacent. What we have had recently is people having parties in the world of men and there is talk of what I have achieved as a matter of the word on the streets like this was all a big Royal joke. The Powerlessness on the other hand does not exist – for the media and celebrities, the arrangement they have established with local hoodlums as a matter of where I lived is set to become a celebrities + local hoodlums = an activity that will stop their famous stupidities in this place for my part as well, rather than what they claim will add up to instances where I fought their enemies and people who provoked them on their behalf. The small facts were the way they clung to my earnings and enlisted fringe society Scorpio that they claim was stronger than I am, building up to the sort of violence that will allow me to build a profile for their marketeers and distributors to make sense of their insults and ensure their stupidities ended the way I want as well. They claim they want me to share the power issues which they do as I can imagine but it needs to stop me every time that these idiots show up to trash my career and finances, to run me down with the violent orthodoxy of their insolent popularity, I mean at this stage I can split the last ten years into a three part story of trashing my finances with social issues practical jokes, running off all sorts of nonsense in public places to build a crowd that helped it decide what my personality was and now making stupid statements about the fact it had a personal and social life which meant that I had to end up on the left hand side with a big mouth, so people need to stop me every time it showed up here and ended up with a pathological fear of the smell issues as it were, I am the one doing the wrong thing and their power certainty stupidities have ever been able to make sense of what these twat were saying in a decade and a half. The famous idiots need to convert to a business relationship and show up here to read a book or get lost the everybody wants a Libras personal life. They claim if I knew all these, it was never clear how I ended up in the difficult situation, which I have not, just the Celebrities setting off an interest in the hoodlums from my neighbourhood, such that my career and finances were stalled for 6 years every day, leaving me with no money to pay my way in the world at all, then its legendary disobedience was such that it could not stand the prospect of me making a decision on it - even sites its corrupt security guards I can handle comfortably without the lies and gimmicks it plays up to stir controversy and pick up my earnings, as reasons, based on the way there were complaints lodged about me and none knows what those complaints were, we know it had something to do with social issue tricks and vindictive cowardice.

I am told I underrate the fact this was about Americans but it is, generally an issue of people saying it was better to find an enemy of the USA that they can survive, attack that to get rich sharing the incomes of wealthy people and the American president, instead of getting a job, hence they made one out of me and have been building it since alongside their European twats. I do not think it an issue, I have reached the end of my tolerance and the next time it says the might of the USA wrecked my Bookshop, that stupid asset will exist on a borrowed time. The rest have expressed an interest in moving on without it and I understand this entirely as such but it should be noted that moving on involved a resolution for an interest from immoral society gits that people had stopped me from responding to and wrecked my finances to stop me from making the most of my response at, now they have built up their usual three part story for my income margins – one being the stupid practical jokes that make a mess of the market, the other being a crowd that settles on a version of me that the built and the third being the daily insults; I have tried to get my academic pursuits fixed since three separate times with a consequence that meant the academic environment became far more toxic specifically to target me compared to the very first instance. The part the Celebrities play was an interest in the hoodlums from my neighbourhood which really should not be an issue but is then picked up by their corrupt security guards, being that this is what a security guard wants to do with their time and does not concern me much, it is the celebrities ripping up my career and finances to build a crowd that will call me names and put labels on, running publicity that will ensure its purpose was effective, the security guards themselves were not protecting me last we checked, they were watching me for this gimmick everyday – somebody needs to attack me provisionally in case an industry git wants to make connections or spend money on it, so I have warned them it had to stop or I will stop it badly and it can be explored to find out if I am bluffing as such too, considering we are already at a stage where anything those security guard did to attack people who fingered peoples bums will be wasted by me, like it is currently and will be going into the future, lest the celebrities ever felt safe. They do claim that one on one I could not take them on naturally but it is an old story about a really good reason for their personality to be the way they are – half the time its good and involved a process where if somebody wanted to kill them, they would do nothing, the rest is bad so it attacked completely innocent people all the time, as though it was certain that people who have never offended its famous stupidities should not have existed, when it suckles my public image relentlessly to feel superior and thinks I cannot take it on and will never take the bad behaviour seriously. The reality of it is that Celebrities always pass off other people’s career publicity as their own, make the money and keep the backup plan with an abusive crowd but in my case it has progressed to pursuing my income margins and also gone on to try keeping my assets. Proper Celebrities do not work like this unless somebody gets on their nerves properly, likewise there are people who pick up my cultural history all the time making money from publicity when somebody buys them equipment and venues to entertain a crowd by – what we are dealing with here is very vile nonsense associated with twats who thought their media presence should be more than just publicity and a good career to their victims.

We could easily run the matter off from the gender disposition point of view – that a bunch of people have claimed that science which taught them anatomy at school and set out the anatomical differences between the male and female genders have now also told them that if they consigned themselves to a particular gender on the basis of their social issues, what they were doing, was based on hard and scientific fact. Here they suggest I disliked the homosexual and gay community which does not apply at all but if we explored the claim, we will find that the cause of all these was a happy but also dangerous situation in which women had children and there were medical processes associated with it – their point then being that they were so badly behaved that their personal and social lives were developed on the medical processes associated with childbirth, therefore the gender they thought they are was proven by science to have been construed on the basis of fact, like in my case where their gender leaves me with a 20 year career mess because they could not select a different existence, to finish off with instances where each time I said my piece about it, they had a personal and social life which decided I ought to exist on the left hand side, just like their society gits. They then suggest the cause of these and the reasons for the conversations behind it were a matter of small men like me pursuing bigger things in life that we could not work or protect; It is incredibly annoying, but I do not respond to it all of the time naturally because this is the way women talk i.e. I did something unusual, and women said it would be the one people claimed was a small man that pursued bigger things. It continues to pick it up and run it off on me with no regard for my feelings to facilitate the gimmicks of its twats in suits who show up here to make a mess of my finances and cannot have a conversation with colleagues without blabbing of the way I am self-employed to pick up a job that really should have been their own and was too big for me – so fair to say that since the matter was as simple as a three part story where they have never paid the bills for me first of all, they could run off their insults whilst keeping their hands to themselves and thirdly, I have never met them as a minor, I am likely not to respond to this until it builds up to a really good reason for me to earn myself a reputation on it all together. The Politicians have raised the point that each time we happens we tended to learn something new and yet there had to be a way to stop it all together but the way to stop it was entirely in their hands as such: we are talking about a 15 year period in which I got my maintenance loan during University studies in three instalments, so I had to pay my rentage, 3 times in a year, so every day that the rent was not paid meant I got to lose something incredibly important, up to the point they were putting me in the same spaces as local hoodlums for abusive purposes that will make them rich, which ran until I dropped out, now we are dealing with the ageist idiots who will go off to fight my wars at the Monarchy because their rentage was late etc, so after trashing the career and finances, we are at war over rentage which absolutely makes sense as it were but the part Celebrities played in the matter will have been the idea that the famous wanted to find out if I could burn their show business or not, thus these idiots fight my wars at the Monarchy and now work for them as security guards, to steal my career for them. The other part of questions Politicians raised was on the matter of the reasons these people operated the way they did and it is a matter of the immoral society madness; it needed a social life where it could say its activities were geared towards a world where the wealthy were wealthier and the poor were poorer which went against everything normal, then it shows up here to run it off on me abusively claiming I am weak, its purpose apparently is a two part result where it gets to ensure that top positions of Industrial responsibility were held by people who will likely pick up the bonds and bail out of a situation to take up residences in a tax haven, leaving the consumers to the dogs, whilst the other purpose was to ensure those who were honest and did their work well, lost all they had just before retirement, the outcome being its schizophrenic immoral society gimmicks and famous persons stupidities causes the tummy churning issues over its interest in me because they never stopped claiming the fact I did not as a Hermit, see a reason to get into nice clothes for the purpose of exhibiting myself, instead of getting to meet important people as a matter of the work that I am doing, outcome being that they appear to be unable to do without it and I appear to have an inability to exhibit myself which in my view is actually the best way to devise conditions that facilitate the process of getting to the heart of some complicated public matters applicable, they never stopped claiming the famous were more important to the interest of the public than public figures and governmental operatives were. The next time it tells me I am a small man chasing big things, I believe there will have been enough reasons to throw the caution to the wind and go for it – the bottom line is still an issue with my wealth equity public image, which was a product of their need to make a mess of my concerns, drawing up gimmicks about the way they were local Queens and Kings and there was a sense about a beauty that needed to be punctured and sucked, followed up by the unbearable and insulting popularity orthodoxy being channelled at me by their stupid youth endlessly. Eventually we hear the declaration it was a lesson I have never learned about not calling out narcissists as their abuses will only get worse, a bunch of people who have been waging war on Libra star signs, claiming we were weak, now in a position where they cannot handle the Libras that actually lived in their own environment, so they came up with an idea, the idea was to give advice, the advice will have applied to them because they did not have the social range to call out a narcissist if I can always do it on the understanding that I could make sense of talk of the town insults which wreck the marriage and get worse due to the shame of divorce, therefore can always call out a narcissist as much as I liked. I could never understand where they were coming from but I assume it was to do with a need to dislike the German influence abuses but an inability to keep from the German influence money.

I am said to have been instrumental to the new craze of star sign reading and social media gimmicks that abuse people to wreck lives and career by it but I am, the problem is not the star sign reading, the problem is that it had become a resort of sorts. The main issue is that these were a bunch of incredibly abusive and badly behaved twats who felt they were entitled to everything arriving at a point where they had decided that their 18 to 65 issues should be handled by Celebrities, so those who became successful at Government work had provoked them by setting out a sense that they had made the wrong decisions, hence their need to make a mess of public work but had not wish to change from the celebrity culture which was about making people characters that were bullied to facilitate friendship with the wealthy, as compared to Government where somebody had to face the public at some stage and show that the best way to resolve financial matters was to get a job and do it via the jobs market. So this business of ending up like in my case, a scenario where they need to maintain the abusive access to me whilst there was enough hurt and pain as an incentive to move them on, is faced with the emerged background for the gimmicks where somebody was 35 years of and had spent 17 years doing this, so if I withdrew access to its need for abuses that were channelled at me, the claim they did not have to fear me will dissipate, whilst the wealth and social inequality problems will exist for them on a whole new stage – even then the exit I have given them, especially for the Celebrities who think they were so entitled what I said and did never mattered because what will become of me will still play out in their interest, have failed to take it, it has failed to apply as a matter of relevance to them, that they needed to stop running off their nonsense at me during working Hours and needed to stay away from my Books. They do complain of this process where I got to stop the abusive interest in me by destroying everything but we know that if a Celebrity can engage with their paparazzi without picking up my career publicity, we would make progress, we know that if Celebrities could engage with fame conferences without picking up my Book or my publishers business for it, the problem would go away. Eventually they take up the matter of the way it was simple for me to get around to the issues as another gimmick but it is not at all; it is a matter of the way people say that they will get involved with me and use the involvement for abusive purposes that will end up making them money and incredibly vile nonsense, the main problem being the role that Celebrities played in it, wrecking the public work whilst building a crowd to complain and a crowd to abuse me while they stole my social and personal life, after years of the deterrence over my Books and publishers washing off on them publicly – so they do say it showed the way to handle this matter was to do something brave and it probably did but they will be doing it alongside their Celebrities and I am set to earn myself another reputation handling them alongside the hoodlums who had taken up making the most from their need to link up my privacy with the fact these idiots always had a need to bang walls and doors at people, wrecking everything in this place. I am eventually informed it is about my public Office which I cannot escape from as though anybody tried to escape from the public Office they speak of – we know they always wanted to run the Country but did not wish to go to work and say that they made a living doing it, so only those who can whilst independently sorting out personal finance which is kept separate from state matters did at Monarchy and only those who can speak to people about public policy while reserving enough policy and energy for the life for their whole career can do Parliament. In the end we hear it get off those gimmicks about accountability, a sense of self respect, the importance of other people, the money and publicity for the public, where I could do everything administratively possible about communist interference but nothing will be as effective as the way Americans throw all their money at a defence system to work from there, hence we had to consider what resources we had which operated in a similar nature, it picks up mine, wrecks what I do to Police a democracy – communism no man’s land, in order to forcibly make me do something pleasing for famous idiots and shows up on public places to make sense of the financial mess being the first to build crowds that ran me down, put labels on and called me names, which was the last I could tolerate. I mean I have been informed that it was overkill with respect to my work in some cases naturally which is utter nonsense as I am sure that people can make sense of its need for governmental waste, where even an instance where years of training and resource deployment led to an outcome where a security operative died and the job was not completed more so; loss of life, years of training, all gone to waste as they are not allowed to do their jobs. I am also informed that there was no loss of life in my Trust and also that they had performed their own loss of life over my concerns, since the last time that stupid need to make a public crisis from any instance where a public security operative found something I did was useful, got a response from me and that they have said it had developed into a matter of people having enough of me at the Monarchy which is actually good riddance from here as it were – the punishment however still applies wherever the waste of financial and Human resources at public security and National defence was concerned. They do claim what I did with myself was shameful and a waste of time which is an unusual way to make sense of it as it was rather about other people’s problems, where I write a Book and because I was working Intellectual property administration, there were aspects of it that addressed and showed empathy towards issues that caused stress related illness, so it was an opportunity for the entire world to see my Book as something that was used by famous idiots to reduce stress, in a condition where no matter how much they harmed me, their influence on me was such that I never stopped serving them, so I ended up with a personal finance crisis because a large population got to see my Books that way and they showed up to be the first people building a crowd that fingered my bum, called me names and put the labels on, which was another motivation to provide them a response all together. The Celebrity issue has been a simple matter of some of the most abusive nonsense anybody could ever hope to witness from a bunch of idiots who had access to publicity and wanted their stupid careers to mean more to others than it really did – a case of being saddled with the tough task of making sense of the way they needed to pick up my assets for the purpose of making their own money, while finding somebody that was stronger to forcibly make me do things to serve women, pushing up my stress levels endlessly, as a matter of where they breached my patents and how I needed to shut down those areas of my career so that my Clients and Audience would remain focused. The rest were a bunch of idiots with a big mouth always finding ways to accuse me of something, stopping me, getting hoodlums to share my personal space and issuing the threats when it gets difficult which then makes the funny aspects that will cease to be funny when it gets a lot more serious than it currently is.


They do claim I am always in denial of the condition in which I find myself but I have no idea the condition I find myself anyway – it has been an abusive 15 years and the insults being channelled at me from a distance has built up to an atmosphere where if people shared my privacy with hoodlums they could get imagination around my private parts to stall my career and finances, hence they decided to do it, I have also now arrived at a state of mind where I thought that they did because they were stupid and there was something they needed to know. It does suggest it was a matter of where I did and where I did not and may continue like that until I needed to draw up the line and prove itself as it were. The Celebrity part was simply abusive and wrecked my finances because I was fighting back, which is quite incredible. It is not really a crisis, if we took for instance the 12 year period from 2010, we find that Celebrities have never once taken an image of themselves to splash out and build a profile for their fans happily unless their paparazzi had agreed to make the image about my work, public image and finances, they have wrecked everything here and the pattern has not really changed from the usually destruction of academic pursuits, to pick up what I did with my career after for money market profit gimmicks – needs to stop running it off on me alongside the hoodlums and criminals during working hours or I will stop all of myself and be the only person to enjoy comfort from the fact it had ended, speaking of the hoodlums which we can see every neighbourhood had one but I lived on government unemployment support because Celebrities existed and there were hoodlums in my neighbourhood. It now needs to give my finances a break or destroying the finances of the Celebrities will be the way to solve this problem.

They do ask what it would be like if I got along with people which is not an emotive matter, I am deeply introverted but when I tell people the lifestyle they enjoyed was deeply disturbing for me, it did not matter and then there were the other group that will show up to rob me of my last tolerance and make out they were set to attack me because I smelled who have not done it yet, hence I needed to move on. The Celebrities do take it to a whole new stage where I demand it not be run off on me during working hours and they needed to stay away from my Books and other precincts facilitated by my patents and they instead decided that when I am at work I should not be working enforced by their popularity narcissists, secondly deciding that I should be doing something else instead which made them feel more comfortable with themselves and finally nothing I said I was doing with myself and career mattered, with a crowd built on it, run off on the radio waves and television media daily, giving me ideas on whether I want to remember what they were like before they were famous and fuck them with it properly to make it go away too. in essence when giving me publicity it has not adhered to what I am really doing on the ground, so this had in turn eventually made a complete mess of my finances, but the problem is that they did not see a good reason to cease. If I were to be factual on the ground about it, we are talking about people so stupid that they complained their biggest problem to be people who organised crowd to laugh at them but we are talking about problems associated with saying I am a big mass of good living and kindness whose personal space and bottom people needed to puncture, to ensure that it was spilled and everybody could share, I think that one of them will end up creating a scenario where I too thought the same of their homes, right up to their bedrooms and then the ones with the really big mouth will draw the line and prove themselves.

I am told there is something about me that attracts the Celebrities but it is not something that is out of place with my position that attracts them – we are talking about cultural and social leadership as a public figure, so there was a tendency not to spend every political and cultural acumen that came your way if Politicians were engaging with business communities to cut red tape among other measures for example. What they have done meant that I never had a schedule and if I had one could not keep to my schedule and because somebody was getting rich by handling me, how I managed my time was no longer that which I could control, so it complains all the time but its famous stupidities is really good at looking for trouble like so. They do boast it is about Celebrities grabbing my career but it is not grabbing anything much the same as the idea I am facing difficulty would dissipate if everything I did to make the squirm as well, was done from a cold hard Office, instead of this business of stuffing them with information because they were abusive and it was their stupidities making them abusive, thereby suggesting there was something they needed to find out. What it has done like 90% of my humanity did not exist when it is not yet famous and dead as it were, is to say that I found myself at the backyard of industry preventing people from picking up my career and they decided to set the stage for people to reward them for punishing me whenever others complained about feeling disrespected – that said, their alliance with the criminals and hoodlums at this stage is phenomenal. It is the same process and the same issues; always so incredibly entitled, gets itself into a degree of trouble that even the Police cannot get it out of and wants to see an Arch Prince fight its personal enemies, it needs now to stay away from my financial wellbeing, their inability to is set to be their undoing.


They do claim that a lot of leaders intensely disliked me which I understand completely but it beats me how I allowed them to express their need for practical jokes on my finances and thus catch up with their twats making the academic environment a very toxic place for me all together but when we assess this matter clearly we see that they claimed they were allies the entire time. The Celebrities apparently are now working towards becoming real threats that I had to worry about. It could cease and it could move on, but this is apparently something to which the idiots are entitled and it will be said I performed an assassination, nothing mentioned of the fact we have been at each other’s throats for decades. The Celebrities were good but one more lip flapping at me from their famous stupidities and their insults will be one of the things that I spent a lot of time on every day – it is never true that I take up their publicity, what rather happens is the reverse of this claim, what it true however term for term, is that they have been securing information about me from criminals because handling me was a good feeling but they could never stop performing abusive activities towards me and did not like to take the time to care for the way that they handled people and the way they got involved with other people’s concerns. So, I could never make sense of their famously stupid involvement here, save to say they want me to murder them, so somebody could kill me too. It is the same story as normal, since last it wrecked the academic pursuits to pass its exams – predictably and as dully as possible, a rerun after rerun and it needs to move on and cease getting on my nerves, shooting off the big mouth on the public media platforms. The bone of contention is still the same i.e. it envied the way I stood up for myself and came up with a practical joke that can be rerun until I was completely destroyed if it was not used to serve its stupidities, as it stands, it has been exploring my civic duties to share with the criminals and society gits, so I cannot step outside of my door anymore, hence its need to shoot off the big mouth and the next time I have to deal with famous idiots peddling insults about an expectation that I got to do what was required of me, their stupidities will have kicked it off here too. The problem they claim I refused to tackle was the way they got sociopaths interested in my personal life, once done wrecking everything like so, it will then need my peace and quiet to build restaurants because stupid men had to eat, I suppose one more insult on what I am supposed to do and then will be find out how they wanted to stop it as well.

They have suggested what had been achieved is a process where I had lost the battle with the famous and the Media; it is utter nonsense naturally, as the reality is more that the more I dither on the business of attacking them because I believed I could tolerate their financially expensive insults forever, the more they made money off it and it thus became impossible to stop them whenever they claimed that they made money at my expense and the problem was the way it pained me that I could never catch on, such that I actually could never catch on anymore. So it does come down to the other questions people raise, questions the reason it always makes sense for Government office operatives to tackle the famous – first of all evidence being that people decided their 18 to 65 issues should be handled by the famous and I end up living on Government support because I have been successful with my government concerns which poses a question as to whether their entitled stupidities had made the correct decision. Then there were other follow on outcomes, such as the idea I got along with some Celebrities but did not get along with some, where the truth was more a matter of the difference between people attending school and there existing sociological matters, to which effect some have by my permission, gotten involved with my state provided security matters to provide entertainment in those circumstances, focusing on the way a handful show up to do crime and had to become passionate people which scenarios ran for what seems like an eternity because the Police got involved as well – compared to the claim they were more important and I spent my time trying to rub shoulders with them whilst criminals were nice people willing to take risks for money making purposes that will fund show business. The bone of contention with the famous as a whole, thus the point where I got along with some, is that since we made Policy, the idea as said, that when I thief steals because he is hungry, he is usually not blamed but when caught he had to be punished, applied to us as Government buildings and not to the famous, so we see what the problem is, something that even a child can make sense of building me a 20 year career mess around here. They do claim it was always convenient to attack the famous but the convenience is a matter of the points where the instability they create is being encouraged and funded from overseas, whilst I have built up a history of being able to handle it properly, I think that the most convenient way to handle it will be the part where the solution involved what I wanted to do with the famous and the insults of their society idiots who claimed they had created me a history fo my life that best fits me, fingered my bum and decided my social position thereof – so we can see that they were the bigger problem, unlike a thief who steals an item, they wrecked careers to play up money market gimmicks with the career publicity that people built up but failed to attain and any careers that they felt was too tempting for them, they make the mess and play up the money market gimmicks with organised crime, lip flapping that I had lost the battle when not dead yet. I have warned them about it but they believe if their lives relied on it, I would not be able to withdraw access to my person from their famous stupidities, warned them about the finance and inequality chasm that will emerge when I pursued their need to show up in the neighbourhoods and wreck peoples career in order to play up publicity abuses that reach top industry offices, for the purpose of friendship with the wealthy and to get rich fast, I have warned them of what will become of instances where I took up the issue for the purpose applicable. The core of the problem is still that people who worked their famous idiots security had embedded themselves in the armed services and civil enforcement systems, they were the only people making an Arch Prince work for money, they were the only people fighting my wars, there has not yet been enough teaching to dissuade them concerning how consequential and damaging this behaviour is, we however know that there have been such results as female Police officers going under cover and in no time at all, not least due to their need to supply people information about me when they were career criminals, she is discovered and sexually assaulted already, on the other hand, history says that I had done their own as well, particularly over the need to wreck my assets at Communists territories and show up here with insults that will bend me to the will of their famous idiots.

They do claim it is never clear what I hated about them which is utter nonsense as it was never a matter of hate, just one of those instances where their need to make a mess with bad decisions, then fight those who did not make bad decisions to mitigate the consequences in their entitled existence had been allowed to grow on my part, to such an extent that the truth about their activities could no longer be hidden, just as much and their need to tackle me for their own wellbeing had become violent. My reasons are a matter of the wrong narratives that we end up with at Politics and society, which was the main point they raised endlessly on the Media themselves. It is usually good issuing the threats they do at me naturally, this is the part where my perspective was made clear too i.e. that they were a bunch of people with a personality that came in only two parts – one being the good and the other being the bad, when good, if somebody attacked them they would do nothing, when bad picked on innocent people to build a reputation as a bad person, so when I experience the bad, even if I had chosen to ignore their abuses, it cannot be said of me that I took it lightly like they believe I do. The obsession with me is a simple matter of the idea that I loved putting myself through a huge amount of discomfort in order to make others comfortable and since they were famous and entitled, it was somewhere they were meant to spend most of their time and possibly their entire existence as a matter of right – I have warned of the wealth and social inequality that will come on the back of it considering that dealing with the businesses involved a process of getting some top employees stuck somewhere tackling me instead of running the business that gets to their heads, besides the damage I will do at the markets over their need to abuse my finances as well, so the question here was one of the way I got about tackling the Media and the Celebrities. It therefore goes without saying that the point I tried to get around to their problems which they were entitled to see me solve for them, was the part where I wrote a Book and if they needed one, showed up to pay for a copy and get to read it. My personal problem with the famous was the business of public leadership i.e. as they say that a thief is not blamed for stealing to feed himself but when caught, had to pay the price, Government provided leadership to ensure they spent the money at the market place, their crime was their business with the Police – what Celebrities decide then is that there was civil rights to be gained from taking up such a position to get rich fast with entertainment and decide what the Police did with people’s lives, to claim I am a low life rubbing shoulders with them while criminals were brave enough to take a chance and buy show business, picking up my assets to make their own money, backed by a higher power and a need to self-reinvent whenever I tried to move on the problem, looking for more. They raise this point about issues at the Monarchy where I provided the Harry and Meghan one with some response but did not Beatrice and Mozzi, so the Mozzi effect will be an expression of the fact it was not the only instance where people married into the Royal family to marry my possessions in the process, only this time it was the Italians showing what they were like when they had to share their women, have never explained why they continually suggested that their marriage to the Princess was dissatisfying on my account either, we know it has made such a mess of my finances, I am still single in my 40s and is set to develop a reason for me to build a social media that specifically targets the male population, so I could handle it at home and on the go as it were. Some people have suggested the bad reputation does not become of me and perhaps it does not but I am not doing a bad reputation here, these gits have not actually supplied a good reason they cannot keep their hands off me therefore I was always feeling sore all over, whilst they complained about me as well, so it is another thing that I am set to put a stop to very badly – there is no part of what is bothering them, that I am actually supposed to pay a price for in anyway and I am certain they were aware of this too, just not aware of the part where the attack and abuses occur to make me do something about their problems and it did not matter if I did or not as it were, looking like it was not preferable for my body fluids to stay inside of my body with a big mouth. The part where I would have done something unusual, would have been the interference with the work of security services but I have not, if my activities are assessed, it would be seen I had done something with society abuses, Celebrities and corrupt security industry which is because I had work to support the Armed services, as we can see that the corrupt security serves the Celebrities to such an extent that they took up work roles at the armed services, making stupid statements about being real men from Germany or Italy who wreck my social life and career, to pick up my personal life for the purpose of building restaurants because their stupidities had to eat after doing something to brave it caused Washington to reward them financially for fighting the cause of the free and there is currently no teaching yet that gets through to them about the effects and consequences of this particular abusive behaviour, it is talking nonsense about hate and yet the entire time, if the cause of getting them to spend time working on me instead of their career and finances, gave way to a response that applied to the violence their celebrity culture channels towards me, to get rid of it completely, so that the wealth and social inequality I created would make sense, I would still not have practiced an act of hate. So on the matter that Celebrity culture was a crime in its own right, the details were that Celebrities picked up peoples career and product publicity as a tool for self-reinvention and then came up with a series of activities that will build a picture in the eyes of the public, to say their career was tough and they worked for their money – what it really would look like if they did, was an instance where the government had people that everybody could abuse in order to make enough money as to pay more taxes and the government would only have been able to say they made more money if those who abused the people that should be abused, like we see their stupidities get up on the roof to do it for controversy that will sell products on my social life, then get about complaining thereafter, made more money than those who were being abused, made from existing resources possessed by the abused or the effect was such that those who abused the abused, used the position of the abused as cover to get around to a business of creating products for new emerging markets; what Celebrities do on the other hand goes the other way in terms of Government, Central banking and general economy finances, so I need not say more here, they have never done a days work in their lives and need to stop running it off on my Bookshop during working hours. What people who make the government more money end up with, is a world where you practiced what you were good at to such an extent that you end up with a personality that the last millionaire in the neighbourhood had before he was rich, so his mates who had by that time become a bunch of ageist twats, will get off saying that you were set to live in hell because they would have it at any cost with a big mouth. In my case I am involved with the executive arm of government, so I have planned my concerns, in such a way that there are a lot of financial equity being delayed, to ensure that people who went to the civil service for career and finance support got the correct one and the attack of the famous who were entitled to the money in it at this stage, is such that I am placed in a position where my whole life was a hurry, last we checked, I did the same to control society gits they bothered me about which in hindsight is supposed to have been a mistake (???), looking for more of what their famous stupidities were complaining about, to get rich fast. The outcome at this stage is that there was nothing I could do about the famous and that the famous simply had way too much money, built up to a stage where I deserved the abuses and financial destruction here over what they claim is an office caused by my state provided security: I was powerless, the same way I delayed action to appear my contribution to making the world unbearable for others as well, was to be their victim and the source of their famously stupid financial wellbeing at the same time.


I am told that they think I will get into trouble with them eventually and it is utter nonsense too – I will never get into trouble with them eventually for any reasons whatsoever, when Celebrities have worked out how to feel entitled to security for which purpose they trash other people’s career and finances, show up here to run my life with the social activities of criminal in my neighbourhood while spending my assets in a designated neighbourhood where they can have everything, sort out how they want to deal with the blow back, associated with their need to take naked pictures of themselves over my Office and Public image, so that society gits would finger my bum all day, I will begin to fear their threats at that stage but until then, it is talking nonsense, shooting off the big mouth, bluffing mostly. The cause of it all as some people speak of a need to shut down the whole gimmick is this business of claims that they have been fighting my wars, gets off to communist territories to burn my assets in a bid to forcibly make me do their bidding, my response was to mitigate threats to security operatives, about which they claimed I never stopped crying because they lost their lives doing so, have been fighting my wars and deserved due compensation, so I guess they have. It speaks of instances where I faced threats in a condition whereby I had not yet had it all worked out naturally and it will likely be the point where its need to explore my civic duties and make a mess of the way I fought my corners, will be taken seriously enough to do something violent on my part or it did not fight my wars and need to stop running off its stupidities at me during working hours, stay away from my Bookshop with regards to the endless daily gimmicks. They do claim I am target for it because I did not look the part of my position and Office but a lot of people do not look the part for many things, in essence, there should not be a problem if a writer engaged with Book readers only and an intellectual property administration solutions broker engaged with business managers and CEOs only, instead of a bunch of idiots that pick up career and product publicity to play and play and play and end up with abusive narcissism only their stupid selves were getting pleasure from, we know that without it my finances would look better and that when it gets off issuing the threats as well, the stupid things they did to make money with my career which was now more numerous than the things I did to keep it will earn them an acceptable response too, particularly if it had to be settled. So we can see how small a problem it really is, seeks an action where I would say that it needs to crash my career and finances because there were criminals and hoodlums in my neighbourhood, over what it a group of people whose importance was below that of work place professionals and public figures, led to a result where I trashed their neighbourhood where they got to spend the proceeds as well, so each time I had to tolerate their very public place insults that stifle my career, there will be clarity that the situation was likely to be escalated. The rest of it will be the part where the twat that works interests for Washington and continued to spend money on them at my expense is set to lose the job. There is even the claim it was a matter of the USA ruling the world and we know that to control people they have since gotten people who handled matters of terrorism and international crime in Africa and the Middle East, to do the Communist threat and those who handled the Communist threat to do the former, an exchange of informational understanding has now occurred and they have controlled nothing here, needless to say people were better off remembering, their need to make a mess of my finances and the German influence ones picking up career and product publicity for a purpose where everything was fun and games, building up to short insulting videos they think was the way advertisement should be made, better off not forgetting it, soon after we see it read star signs and it loved to gang up on a Libra such as myself, to claim we usually think we were tough enough, when the stupid need to say that we always had something doing on our left hand side and right hand side, while our middle was open to all sorts of gimmicks, then gets off keeping the job, did not lead to violence which when finished will leave its stupidities with the historical wealth and social inequality problems. Here it is said I never take the matter as seriously as I should but there is nothing to take seriously and expose the public to here – it picks up the idea you should be attacking people who make it uncomfortable because its immoral society stupidities was important enough to deserve it, then it progresses the damage it does to the career to forcibly make it a reality, into insults where it reads the star sign to say my middle was exposed to a community that needed my earnings and could put the imagination to my privacy as far in as to finger my bum in public places, finishes off with the idea I deserved my own self-employed career because I thought I was important while no such thing as people attacking others on my account had ever happened, it could be a matter of hours, even days before the feedback comes through as a cynical gimmick associated with the idea you thought you deserved your career when somebody else had gotten hurt on your account – seems they resolve their own issues at the prison service, needs to stop running it off on me during working Hours and stay away from my Books, lest I found a way around it and the Libras that allied with them got the tell the story too. So I know all this but my career is still a mess, there is however nothing wrong with my career – it is intact, the problem is the interest celebrities have shown in the criminals and hoodlums in my neighbourhood with respect to my person and finances and it does not believe, especially with the at least one life changing insult to build controversy and get rich fast handling me gimmick, that I will trash and completely destroy the half well dressed, plays with my career, takes lunch box from the smaller boys in the neighbourhood, show business gimmicks. Eventually they claim we Libra always talk but never willing to take responsibility for others, whereas all we now have between me and celebrities was the matter of my response to the insolent need to take naked pictures and associate it with my Office and public image, so that society gits will finger my bum while they clung to my earnings – it becomes so tiresome, that something which should have been done for a person 12 years ago, as a matter of public leadership and civil service, is being done now, not that it had not been done properly, the time lapse simply defeats purpose. When it raises points like this about cowardice as well, needs to get it done as I am now really tired, when finished, it may wear expensive clothes and turn up at city centre buildings to send out its girlfriends, who will tackle me over claims I appeared to have adopted a personality that was due to people as important as their stupidities, considering their industrial Offices, and then I will repeat the process, especially when it developed to a business of running me down every day over claims I had a small penis. The Islamic idiots and other terrorists will likely pick up its sharing my privacy with the boys from the neighbourhoods to get rich fast insults and show up here to make me tackle the enemies of entitled violent twats who like to decide how others should exist too – for what it is worth, here we can see the extent to which my career as a writer has been interfered with by these idiots, while their sense of entitlement was again being channelled towards the idea they should be allowed to keep their jobs and earnings. I can either write Books or their insults can ensure it is no longer about Books but a matter of a clash with well-dressed twats with girlfriends that never stopped handling me and half well-dressed idiots taking peoples lunch box with show business. It does come through that this was very vile behaviour from the male population and it has always been – my crime was to exist on a later date, so there were things I was to forcibly consider in terms of the fact it had spent at least twice my age in the work environment and saved some money for personal use when it comes to buying big assets, however it could be deployed to tackle me instead and so here we are, but it is not the end of the world if the Children had joined in and I have seen the circumstances of parent and children taking part as a good opportunity to cause a lot of pain and distress, rolling it back publicly for my part too. So since I am not a bad person as well, it is either the atmosphere of my career will remain long enough for clients to be interested in the products, or the obsession with handling me for what they consider themselves entitled to, will build up to a clash with partially well-dressed who plays with my career, talks nonsense on media over my complains and gets about with Celebrities on one hand and well-dressed shows up at Industry offices to send out its girlfriends to run me down on the streets over comparisons for manliness, claiming it was not a problem of wanting to preserve what it was when I finished my Books and my producers created patents for it, long enough for a public place notoriety and a means to get the bills paid, but rather a process of talking to their money while I was completely powerless because I thought their famous stupidities should not offend me. The Celebrity part will be the one that ensured I would be lucky to see the age of 60 if I did not take action due to stressed caused, where the stupid things done to run around helter-skelter and all over the place, extracting money from my career doing so, were more numerous than the things I did to keep the career and pay the bills. So the outcome is a matter of what it now needs, as in I lived in a part of town, so they showed up on two fronts, one to ensure all I did with my career ended up in a space at their stupid society where evil waited, so that I would be made to share, leaving me with a level of stress that meant if I took no action I would be lucky to live through the next two decades, then the Celebrities joined and wrecked everything I did about it to perform their own version of exactly the same behaviour, thus there was a part of town they went to spend the proceeds and it is in this scenario that I needed to tackle it. I am told that it was unusual the way I kept my head to get it sorted out but then again I have placed a description on what I am doing as such – nothing which suggests that people should turn up and pervert the assets for fun and games that will wreck my health and finances, then set about issuing threats because I tried to move them on, its just famous and stupid and is now trying to argue that it was not 100% deserving of the violence. They claim I am happy to attack the famous but do nothing about the society gits which is utter nonsense – I have never been free of the violent orthodoxy of the society gits and their need to handle and or get involved with me, it simply will not leave me alone, I therefore did drop out of University and we made some history with the stupid society, they are now suggesting they want to attack me on the violent front like there has ever been an instance where it was not their stupidities mainly responsible for instances where they got stabbed and shot on the streets.

They have recently observed a claim they had begun plan to progress the running me down everyday business into actual violence that will ensure people can take what they want from me and to blame me for personal problems. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know it is prepared alright but at the same time it is likely their stupidities were bluffing and I am not, as I seem to have developed a need to tidy up the streets and use their personal lives to get it done, lest it developed into an abusive process of reading my star signs, saying I am weakest and kindest and building communities to finger my bum and gang up on me which then become very violent indeed. The business of tidying up the streets and using their personal lives to do it, will allow me to explore the way that idiots get imagination up my bum and open their own all over the place to gather up quasi criminals that will do their bidding, leading up to the big mouth being shot off at me in such a manner. The Politicians have raised the questions about the reasons they end up like this and it is nothing unusual, still the same process where the immoral society is always seen doing something to ensure only they were entitled to public security, it will then get off to involve itself with a degree of trouble that even the Police cannot get it out of and show up making trouble for everybody including the government of the day, now targeting me all the time and reaching a point where it cannot stop lip flapping when it had not gone badly wrong. They do claim I exceed myself at Monarchic matters naturally which is utter rubbish – what happens is that when I am working on something insignificant I get little attention but when it becomes something useful which it should if it were successful, all hell broke loose, so I needed to manage my time and they were now full of it; the big one is the way I ran my finances on a low key to sort out a crucial issue with my career which they played up with to get me dropping out of University and they spent the time from the beginning of the project to the end of it, building me a reputation as a low life and a bum on the streets, now I cannot move on to something else having completed it and the very process of seeing me pursue any part of my career with a sense of urgency, was a prerequisite for more career destruction and more abusive history that their stupid communities can be a part of to make money, all brushed under the carpet when it complains, to arrive at the point of shooting off its big mouth because it believed it had become a threat, hence the cease handing me warning bits is the one that never worked and it may show up here to find out what I will do with its stupidities as well, like we know we have never seen an instance where it is not the stupidities that were mainly responsible for the shooting and the stabbing that we had to endlessly feel sorry for. This is really the result of the gold digging gimmicks from the Harry and Meghan side, meeting up with the Beatrice and Mozzi side, their new and more abusive interest in me, especially the corrupt security bits where it watches me all the time and claims I am a bum with a community that will make me one, then to continue watching me, had to live with it and cannot therefore keep its imagination off my anus and my chest, was the big one. The threats are all good and it loves to blab about the way I did not have a chance naturally, from here I had all the chances in the world, since we know it is either an activity that picked up my concerns to make more money than I could have, therefore in the circumstances, such activities were prioritised because they paid the government more taxes than I could have with my resources or it picks up my concerns as a tool to navigate public matters when trying to seek out investments in emerging markets, both which we know the fucking idiots are not engaged with as they were more interested in picking up work I did to support the Armed services, to sell to Americans. Then it will say that I would gladly live in a any condition because I am a coward, looking like it would soon conduct a coup and the size of bullet used to take it out would be impressive, considering it had to be done quickly and we will all feel a sense of trauma for it – otherwise it was clearly not starving, it was rather so wealthy that it loved to abuse an Arch Prince in sexual context, like it could pay for it at the popularity, talking nonsense about star signs and it was not running for its life either, so it was in a position to say that if the people running the Country were not doing a good job, its stupidities could get the job done instead. They do boast that I talked and had no way to handle them whilst we were in this position because they enjoyed exploring my civic duties to share the way I stood up for myself with their society twats that they thought deserved to feel important, when I do get my hands on their own, if their daily concerns were not conducted as if they were women because anything manly will be spent on me, then will be find out if their big mouths were blabbing facts.

We hear them claim I am a character who never stopped running down people after I appear to have been one to find the best sections of the civil rights other people fought for, to situate my own existence – it is utter nonsense naturally as none knows if the point is raised though untrue, because they want to discuss the way other people’s career come to dead stop over claims of cowardice, whilst Celebrities made a career from going around looking for trouble and then getting somebody else to do the fighting for them. I have given them the exit on the matter, it needs to stop running it off on me during working Hours, keep its imagination off my private parts and keep its popularity insults away from the atmosphere that facilitated my Book writing job. I am informed my Books would solve the extremism issue to a large extent and I am aware that it will, hence the Celebrity interest, which has already built a National Media presence to spend it on themselves, for which reasons I am living on unemployment support and they have come to believe short insulting videos supported by world powers, was the way that advertisement should be made. The other fear they claim existed being one in which my Books caused more extremism to occur which is utter nonsense as the reality of it was more not a matter of celebrities fussing around my public work until criminals ran my life as disobediently as they could make it happen, then issue the stupid threats later on but more a matter of the idea that it was either a matter of what the extremists said to themselves in their group or personal conversations or it was a matter of the sense that when I am provoked none noticed, if I responded people would be happy to gang up on me, so it is going to have to stop handling me if I got a whiff that my Books encouraged more of it. The idiots who are responsible for my entire career stagnating would be the fools that have now come on to say their civil rights included a process of exploring my civic duties to find out I stood up for myself and then get into a position where they got to decide who would stand up for themselves in that manner and how I would go about standing up for myself another way, implying what we are doing on the ground had gone beyond the stupid insults churning my tummy every day while the fools who were complicit with it and suggested they would attack me for the smell have not done it yet, at the same time which their interest in me whilst they complained had not yet arrived at an understanding my time as limited and I needed to move on.  So what we are doing on the ground would be a matter of deciding how others stood up for themselves because the most powerful wanted to spend the best ways of standing up for ourselves, so it must mean from their point of view that it was a test to see if they or I would be the one to lead a life like a woman because I was not allowed to be my own gender, showing up here with a big mouth to express the way it had a personal and social life that got to decide where I should be situated socially because their stupidities had built some community lasciviousness over it, my history being that when I dropped out of University over this stupid interest in me the authorities never thought it was a red flag until they started complaining about it themselves. They do say that we could try to live in a better world which we already are – as none knows why the characters that continued to claim with gimmicks that will sway people, all the way to violent activities, that these immoral society big wigs were more important than top employees and Government figures, nobody knows why they continued doing it whilst the only thing that prevents them complaining about it more than anybody else was the way it relied on others – for my part, the question still stands on the reasons I had to exist in that manner where I ran my concerns in terms of the fact that with respect to what I am doing, they were unbearably stupid and needed to show the same amount of curtesy people show to help them keep the careers that get to their heads, when they show up on mine. I mean a Celebrity and some tin can feminist backed by stupid men had an interest in my Books and the only part which concerned them was the way I wrote it when I was much younger, so I thought about the concerns of older persons in the work place during the course of extricating an intellectual property administration service from my creation, worked the part where people wrecked other people’s careers to employ local criminals in a bid to keep it as their own and ended up creating the Book in a way that helped to manage Heart disease – the part where it also builds and sets the stage for creative equity and business image does not concern them, I am cash strapped because they plan to pass it off as prove their famous and popular stupidities were brave enough to deserve their careers and if I responded I would end up in a difficult scenario with a big mouth, hence it needs to end or the erstwhile war on the famous will inevitably kick off here.

The idea peddled is that they have taken everything from me, which is really not the case as the two activities here were to do with people picking up my work as part of their industry which meant that if they made more money than I would have with current resources, being that they paid more taxes than I would have in the circumstances, their position were prioritised over my needs and picking up my concerns as a tool for prospecting in emerging markets, both overseas and instances where companies were too big to take advantage of smaller or more complicated markets. What these goons do involved showing up here with abusive behaviour that helped them run my life with the social activities of criminals, yap, yap, yap the popularity yap and if it does not run it off at me when I am at work and stays well away from my Bookshop finances, since I will be sitting down in a Bookshop to think that Book readers did not behave in such ways, it should be alright until its need to continue the behaviour created a different problem and then we could tackle it on a problem by problem basis, did not have to do everything at once. I am also told that I planned to leave the Country which I don’t, I mean I did suggest it as a matter of the leadership prospects of the King succeeding Queen Elizabeth II as Monarch but it would still have been utter carnage to run the Monarchy on the whim of popularity gits either way, I was simply not in a position to rule it out completely. I am told I had a choice about the matter but choice was a product of the mess that the then Prince of Wales made of the work that the Monarch had done over the years; we remember that it was Queen Elizabeth who had to relinquish the empire, so if she worked with popularity people extensively, it was due to the fact that the circumstances of her reign called for it, besides which we saw that she made it a matter of personal leadership and tended to secure an unprecedented level of success  concerning instances where the problem showed up at Government level. We know more so that even Parliament dealt with similar version of the same problem and at the time there were no viable ideas on how to tackle them – the thatcher Administration was a clash between the Cabinet and the workers Unions, Blair settled it with the workers Union but the streets was hell for him and these characters having an inability to keep their imagination off peoples private part pushed criminal tendencies and tribalism raids at Industry to new heights etc, hence the matter of choice as per staying or leaving the Country with the state of leadership being the main reason. The question some have raised is whether I thought the King was doing well and I think he is doing incredibly well but we try not to raise publicity for activities until Official coronation, as we had no idea what HM thought his Ceremonial leadership should be until then, that said, the Official Birthday was incredibly important and there needed be awareness for it as it was going to be a recurring activity year on year. Where I am will be the part where it seems that people had a need to share my privacy with the criminals and street hoodlum for money market gimmicks associated with abusing the fact I might be seen with important people one moment and the next helping take out public trash due to a business of working public office, so this need to tidy up the streets and use their privacy to do it seems to have been an evolution of the wealth equity public image and therefore the actual governmental work that I am doing – they have claimed they forced me into the position which is utter nonsense as what happens is that they showed up here endlessly trashing my career and finances to look like people who needed to find out information about something incredibly important, like something they needed to know, have since had enough and decided to share my personal space with criminals and hoodlums, idea being that if I did not want that, I would stop giving away information.