I hear I am out of my depth with the Tories and it is utter nonsense; just like the Labour Party and the Liberalists, every problem I have is due to my need to talk about every and any stupidity they come up with, which allows them to play up that stupid game of underbelly that they cannot stop playing up at me endlessly. It is not what the real me is like at all and the case as it stands is that the Media ones have learned that their abuses lead to outcome where community croons start to spend time fantasising my anus, while their abuses are a response to my need to carry on with living even though they have decided to ensure the Public life I refused to hand over to them so they can feel sensations of convenience with has now ended up in the hands of criminals and those I will fear in their local communities; so when they let me have my peace, so will they be free of me, otherwise they will find out what those community croons can do as well when they discover what I know about what propels them to leave the privacy their money offers them to chase me around the streets of the UK for it as well. It is the Politicians that have not yet learned their lesson on this matter even though their bottoms are hurting just as well and theirs concerns the state provided security that parliament offers, which they get out of and find black idiots from overseas they can corrupt mine with to play their stupid games and tell me I am out of my depth; it is a bit deceitful, I am not finished by a long shot in anyway. This was developed to ensure the Court behaves in the sense that I will need time to do work at my Office even though the Community belongs to them; so it has become a process of pouring my beehive on people to find out if as they have claimed, it will not hurt with that big mouth on the shop floor of the British Parliament all of the time. We hear them speak of their freedoms of course which I have nothing to do with, except that they want to build it on my perspective because sensations of convenience is better there and I have had enough of their needs – it is a degree of abuse which rivals the Nazis, this process of following me around to control aspects of my life until I get to the top and then get brought down to give up all my secretes to those that are really worthy and I will teach them one they will never forget as well starting with how they intend to keep off my Books, leave me alone and clear my space as it were; they know where their freedoms are located and it is not around here and they know that too. I hear the Tories have driven the Country deeper into debt and gathered up city centre idiots whose businesses I have savaged in order to pillage mine and so this quest for freedoms where the convenience is greater takes a violent dimension as well and I will be prepared for it too, all they need do is blow their big mouth off where it really matters. It’s not a case of claiming its how I treat women either; what happens with women is that they make out if they were in a relationship with me they would have called the shots and so we end up with this wrecked finances meaning every fool wants to get married to this Royal Estate and so the idea they would lead my family is what my stupid mind says. I understand this approach to be bad for women who fight to protect me of course which is not so; in the end lower classes will always need financial support when it comes to transition between home and academics and qualifications and jobs and middle classes will always have theirs qualified so they do not get too much and get about making trouble but both will always be in love with their Popular culture and I will always hate it. These behaviour are e level of gluttony that is abnormal and these Political idiots need to seek medical help and stay away from my property; it’s only going to lead to the part where clear and public positions are taken as to where they fix this finances they have damaged or allow the owner fix his own finances and get on as it were.

Here they will say that I have turned an issue that actually does not affect me drastically into a way of hurting Politicians in unprecedented ways, which is utter nonsense – I respond to all their stupidities of course and it allows them turn out to turn my tummy upside down playing up violent colloquialisms of the underbelly of their stupidities and stalking me all over the place for it too but then again time after time they rip up my Book sales to sell their own products and get rich in its place only to spew some really violent and vile abusive threats at me too; hence I need a holiday from this madness and my Book sales are the way to getting it, every time they damage this, so will we find out how much responsibility they take for the effects their stupidities has at the local communities when they spew it and point fingers at me as the reason for doing so and then I will spin it back every single time as well. They do say the problem is that I am a very insolent person and need to change my attitude to improve my lot and it is utter nonsense as well; what happens is that I need to set up a business in six months but because idiots have not been able to turn up and count pennies on it until they make millions in order to show Politics and the Men is very important, I end up setting up at 6 years and getting through incredible expense that means they find ways of taking the money I am shelling out by some means that they have invented for it and when they think they ready start a fight over their need to become super rich all together but then again the means is always the use of diversity issues which I would have been thinking about during trading parameters after I serve my main customer base or bow to pressure of the number of people who need me to; then we hear them glorify themselves about the small people they bring into parliament to get the better of me all together, which is utter nonsense – they do not get the better of me, it’s the same insanity that goes round in circles talking nonsense about honour and dishonour and living in British communities like you understand the issues looking for trouble all the time and being out of its depth with the fucking Tories. It’s all very noisy and very disruptive and extremely and violently disobedient and it’s not their own disruptive, it is the disruptive of knowing where my anus and penis is and talking nonsense about cutting me to size; all they need do is let an Arch Prince his night time rest and his day time economic and financial activities otherwise they can all go to hell too; it is difficult to envisage a disobedience that has a history and a parameter and a future is heading any where meaningful. They say the problem is largely that I take up peoples time and have not got any idea what I am talking about; which is all very well since I am really a Law student and not a security guard and only got my security guard job after their behaviour had kept me unemployed for 6 years already, hence I do not think I am responsible for how I have behaved all together anyway. In the end I live in a world where the same women from the upper classes they complain about are women I can work easily with because I know what belongs to me and where my hospitalities start and where they end, they however don’t and that is when they are actually being nice on account somebody is about to help them and I believe I have made the issue clear as a whole, I have no wish to tolerate further any of the social and cultural issues associated with their greatness or indeed stupidity around here or anywhere in my personal life. They will say I have here revealed to people how they can become upper class or move around in it, which is utter nonsense; what really happens is that when they see my possessions they handle it and get about and even when I have my own property I still tend to know where my Hospitality starts and where it stops, while they want to get involved with everything people do, messing with people and expecting favours that will make them comfortable all the time; so in my view they are always in need of the Country as nobody knows what they will do when they add it to their cultural evil and the flash cars and money and media they show off all the time trying to determine reality with endlessly – never mind the society ones that built the Country and can therefore handle it if they wanted, which is why they are always find out if I have recently turned up on Public transport since last they were made to smell for turning at a high society function. Then they move on to a tale of how they are being oppressed at this precise point where we are done talking about their civil rights that would have made progress if they were not so rude and abusive, talking about their poverty not being a function of oppression but refusing to work hard, while they claim I am deluded on one hand as they feel sensations of oppression on the other which leads down the same path when they claim I am not upper class and do not look it, meaning I must have gotten my knowledge of what Terrorism does with diplomatic arena by some witchcraft which then again matter better their lot all together anyway; the reality being that this nonsense blinds people to all that is good, where somebody buys a £200,000 Car but cannot have fun with his Toy because Terrorists have ripped it all up and are off exhibiting themselves, much like these idiots where people display their expensive ware because they have no choice and when you look at it and get told it’s about time you did your own as well, it turns to violence whereas I for instance think it is the reason the whole business is so much fun.

At this point they will claim the UK tends to behave with a sense of superiority at all times but there is nothing superior here, only the fact that I have engineered a process where on my account people are richer than they are too, so that I can get connected at their expense, we are now waiting for a process where they wind me up so I can screw them over as I do it as well. It’s like the same old tale about how my sexual habits determine what I know whereas they cannot tell the difference between their academic work and where gangs and criminals are supposed to be and I am always being tested by them as to whether I answered all questions and did not grow according to the trouble they make for me in my work; ripping up my academic work and passing their own to run off and grab best jobs along with my literary empire and Royal Public life, then pretend that waiting for them at the jobs market is the worst I can do too. Then we find them speak of this game that is being played which they want to play as well; what they mean being that people create their businesses and broker equities with me and then stack it up in very hidden places so I might have to find it because I have a reputation for seeking out pressure to thrive on – so it’s a matter of whether the property belongs to them to play game with or if it is rather that my sexual habits determine what I know. Of course it isn’t true that I exhibit a disobedience that is beginning to pay dividends; what is true is that everybody and everyone these days are largely concerned with occupying themselves with exploring alternative social attitudes; for the Politicians it is a matter of ‘what ifs’ directly developed along the line of what would happen if a Christian that needed to be handled in a special way had to find his own means in a condition where there was no welfare state and he was a hate figure for society without reason and so they play it out for the fun right up to civil service independence from Politicians because it will determine when they want to get their fun and when the benefit system should not interfere with it – for the rest at the Monarchy it’s not just a matter of getting involved with the Royal Family to build personal wealth to dizzying heights as it is about fundamentally considering themselves to be worthy for absolutely everything, wherefore I want to change it all the time whenever they wind me up considering that each time I behave permissively they get to leave alone my Book sales and the rest of my finances as well and how much of it they leave alone will depend on how far I go to extricate the result. It does not mean I offer the Queen more power – it’s just reality that I am a direct responsibility of the incumbent which one actually is the Monarch is not a topic I like to converse one because they will turn up here to decide I have got two instead of One all day long, looking for corrupt easy ways to get rich – which also means that the Politicians pay attention to the little things they pick up and blow into something unprecedented without reason or purpose. Apparently most of these behaviour are designed to show when they are unhappy it matters and when I am it does not, simply because they think I would have looked the part if I am groomed for such an existence and in that way my behaviour tends to show when they are angry it does not matter and when I am it does because I do not necessarily hate a system that gets in my way but may also get in the way of somebody else that could have caused me harm as well; it is servitude in their Books and I love to rub it in their faces as well – especially the bit where evil and immorality is to lead to wealth and power and I appoint myself as well as I do not do Gods work for him with my own hands even though I am on the moral side and damage is not competition. So they are learning that they are not the only ones that have a list of things they hate and that big idea about hating people that are as cold as fish can sometimes lead to trouble and they need to shut their mouths especially the blacks lest somebody boils their own as well and the story of what they hate therefore changes like it has in my case; I mean it does appear the mystery is why some people are as cold as fish like they claim, but it is not that their leadership is usually that which others like these trouble makers will never understand and their challenge is more to do with struggling against the evils of society and culture on behalf of everybody and finding other ways of kick starting their energy in order to go out and make money from lest they set out the sense it is okay to become the very things they have tried to protect people from if the conditions are right and then get to pay their way in the world like everybody else; so that crossing them does not get to mean somebody ends up hitting rock bottom whereby the only way is down contrary to what is natural.


I do love to change the topic on them but such cases as stealing a fighting spirit from America as a result of video games is beyond that kind of treatment – I mean normally what it deserves is a case where I remind them fighting was their strong point and they need to stop complaining and get on with it but if I am being nice I am supposed to remind them that usually they seek Prince charming but what they want to find themselves doing every time is getting around a real Prince – so these things are unique to me and were custom built right down to my sex life as such and I have no idea why they seek it and more so why the fucking idiots cannot seem to see that it actually hurts to ask for it as well; so fighting is what they said they were good at and I win again as long as they are complaining. It is obviously the ring of power as it were kind of thing, it will give you unnatural long life and for thousands of years poison your mind and these things about people grabbing my sword and trying to see what will happen when I face an enemy without armament so to speak is one of the simple tricks of making them carry it for some years and then get it back when they are completely twisted and I have been making Books out of their plight for my part as well. In the end what people do with these video games at the end of the day is settle cases around cruel people who want to get involved with the Military or have already done so, these kinds of talk are usually a matter of cruel people that have already gotten involved with the military, so there is no such thing as play video games to steal a fighting ability from US culture – when I sell up their societies and cultures it is not an extension of me that does it, it is the real me and my residual self and it seems they are tired of fighting too and need to clear my space and get off the personal life. As for the tale of the women I get involved with however, that they will say is a security breach but what it actually is, is me building up my exes without actually having any sex that will corrupt anything around here and it actually hurts physically when these idiots either get involved with me or want to have sex with my Court and they should bear that in mind at all times too.


Now they want me to make a statement on where I stand with regards to the economy and what the future might bring; I could never make it out since these are people who will listen to none when it comes to enjoying the despondence it causes others if they homogenised the Economy as a whole, narrowed the pool of revenue, implemented much treasured austerity measures and then set out thereafter to pay off National debt. I wonder if they think they are making sense by asking me at all; I mean it is not easy to come up with working Economy equities by which questions people ask about why they should invest in the UK when they are not of the same skin colour as those who live there can be answered for example, so this was never cheap stuff that I provide out of my own expense as it were – that said of which every property equity concerned with diversity and these kinds of asset options are in the hands of the Royal Consortium and not as free and available as they love to get into Government Office to pretend to control me and therefore suggest that it is; so what is likely to happen next is a process where I set about rounding up these Women and working with them vigorously to ensure these goons do not waste my property any further, not answers on what the future for the economy is going to look like as they claim it will be. Their game plan obviously was to protect their rich friends that will pay the most taxes, the outcome now has become that of an inability to make them pay the taxes at all, all together and the goons are sorting out even more austerity measures to implement and making statements about wasting my assets a little bit more and it is getting to a point as well, a point for this whole business of narrowing the pool of revenue sources while trying to recover from a recession and then widening it again to run an economy and pay off National debt – where they expect revenue from the Chinese but set about fighting them and the same is with Europe concerning which they are expecting a referendum later in the year, none of these have asked them to homogenise the economy like they have decided to do on account they understand the risks and do not wish to homogenise their own and they are unable to understand why these people behave in the hateful ways that have been created into them by these Political goons in this Country as it were – they want us to see why we should work with them to alienate ourselves from the world, perhaps with a plan to sneak back in and become friends with the whole world in order to get rich I suppose. This is just the question of their silly budget for this Year as it were and we have not started talking about other serious matters like security; where it takes somebody making a decision to keep their economic and business interests in the UK to achieve a process where he might be willing to gather information for us on our enemies – so this is not leadership, this is a collection of Political goons really screwing around and I have not even started mentioning the friends they have brought in from overseas to help them squander Royal property either – if we dig into that we will find out that it is our enemies that are setting up business in the UK to watch us and gather information on us, while these idiots turn out to work at the shops so they can locate those they wish to attack at transferred aggression and blame culture and pretend I have no choice but to be controlled by Government and hand over my property when requested and we shall put this theory to the test in a couple of months as well.