So the American ones speak of things that will soon come into existence so that they can actually get to meet the skunk that is me – I would never know anyway, we all know the reality to be that of stupid cursed democratic bastards spending their time on either a process of educating others about how artists create work that is worth millions at a later date after they had passed away penniless or they are spending their time to make sure moral people have no relations with parents and family because their morality brings trouble in the big bad evil world and the parents can be used for blackmail or other means that amount to a condition whereby they get hurt. Hence these sorts of insults either make them feel like proper yanks or it is designed to ensure that I am far more interested in the curse of the skunk thing than I need to be – it’s like it’s so cursed that anything it touches, if fully developed, gets damaged and the ones that are not become unsuccessful but it cannot keep its stupid hands to itself and thinks that working for money is the worst thing in the world because of that really high opinion it has of itself and its ability to grab people’s property and we are here because the result is that racism is illegal but this does not actually prevent people from carrying out a racist act all together. I mean they want us to talk about racism within the calibration of their convenience all the time, while the reality is that racists are people whose morals come through all wrong and when we do hear them speak of Jews being evil what it means is that Jews invented their Judaism through experience with White people and therefore what they describe as God is a White Man’s existence and therefore God is White but that they lie about it, which is utter rubbish of course, except if said within the senses of when their morals have come through all wrong and it feel good; I mean I do the morals coming through all wrong bit all the time but do not actually feel like killing anybody anyway, so that should explain it as it were; these fools however on the other hands are twisted scumbags whose involvement with me started off with Media that is provoked by the fact that my light gets in my eyes and wanted to corrupt my heart, which leaves me with a lot of upper body pain because their insults are physical, developed into violent lasciviousness that will determine what people think is the reason my personality is the way it is, while they get everywhere including government buildings to make me live that way and now ending with that stupid greed that wants to talk to me all the time and likes to blab about the power of its stupid money every opportunity it gets i.e. they want to extricate every aspect of my morals and make it come through all wrong because those who do not do what they want should join the racists, with that big mouth they have. Obviously interested in provoking very dangerous people; all I am saying is that writing Books does not make my anus hurt and then my tummy churned and in pain all day long, what does is community croons in their service who cannot keep insults off Men that look vulnerable because they are making use of these abuses to get rich and discover new lifestyles and I need them to understand clearly that when they are finding it difficult to trade, what they ought to do is retire and get out of the market not have a go at me and pass around insults later, since we all know there is a cure for being a skunk all together and they have always been interested in knowing what it is, the fucking liberal cowards. I mean I do understand the meaning of some of the things they say i.e. people are living a life in the way that it should not be lived and then get off to answer questions about how to do something about it and how to stop people provoking them by living a life the way it should not be lived as it were but now that they who know so much about life are to go ahead and live it then, we have a massive problem and there is sexual abuse in the air already and so it all comes together and makes sense just like we saw that these sorts of insults are what they are really good at not winning Hilary Clinton the elections as it were, we saw them exhibit the fact the more important thing was to practice finance based discrimination on Police Officers who were guarding the Hotel area where Hilary was residing after she had lost the election as though there was no failure in their stupid camp all together, like we know nothing is ever important to them all together as it were and so the same old case where they are characters that you can easily describe to a complete stranger who thinks you are irritating because your very personality is sad, as people who are not good people for their part either, whose stupid money is always showing up to tell others what to do, so that it might really make sense. They do love these insanity that they do not wish to practice on their own lives and jobs and careers because they want to appear dangerous, which they are not and I cannot understand how attacking vulnerable people to build a history and showing up around the concerns of somebody that is likely to take the process of watching his back seriously enough to start finding out which restaurants they eat in for instance, is likely to improve their lot anyway but they have been warned enough times about the insults and the fact there is a cure for the skunk thing especially for those who share a fucking skin colour with them that can be used as a curse in their case, to get involved with them for the wrong reasons as well as it were.

If you take a look at the Dining table these fools sit on, you will find enough food for 20 people being consumed by 4, thereafter work it off on the Gym and turn up on my Royal order to borrow my sword and offer some violence, which they will then make profitable at markets as well and so it becomes a weapon as well that is used on poorer people, considering they need to be famous and then rich all of the time in order to afford it and if I see the Culture and society as well it will be the last time that they get to see it too. I understand they point to what the Royals Eat which sits in the same par as their obsession with what I eat, Considering most Top Royals who have State duties always have a meal that fits the pressures they have to deal with – in my case, since I am on my own and my State security is based on surveillance, I have to develop one by myself and that means listening to all I need and making sure I get one of those in every 24 Hours, while the Royals can have one developed for the Queen or the Duke and then the Family can have it unless someone else wants to make a special request. It’s always been a simple case of this great education about those who practice the 7 deadly sins – so these are simply the Greed based bits and the black Americans top it too and I intend to find out what it is exactly they will do again when I cut up that stupid culture and society as well for a second time.

They do speak of how I mention such threats and then get off to fix the problems before it comes to me , which is utter nonsense – everybody knows they are compulsively angry these days and that it is a start but it has always generally been an old tale of either when parents meet each other at the end of school year for the kids or at Church etc; there are always these group of individuals that spend time on things you have clearly made obvious you do not want done, very disobedient people who can easily turn it into violent market square behaviour that goes from teasing to racial violence and having been they made it a matter of the Country tend to believe they have made it less insulting until they get used to it as well and I don’t want any of it done; not by them or their parents or their grandparents as well and I am asking for reasonableness, if they do have a copy of my Books at hand, for all that stupid involvement; this is actually how I am wired. I mean the fact they have that stupid culture tends to mean that even while you have no idea what people’s names are, you are being threatened so a bigger threat might take note of you, they want to speak with you all of the time like you know who they are or are mates with them and cannot have a conversation about anything save somebody doing stuff and jobs and business ownership changing hands etc, so it’s simple that I do not want it done or that their stupid disobedience will face a reckoning as well; the idea that I am trying to escape from the fact it happens on grounds people hate my guts will not wash. They do say it’s a matter of how evil like me gets to hide and do what it does – the reality of course is that they are the evils that are here to punish me for the evils I have prevented people from practicing on behalf of their master the devil and have had their tracks covered by celebrities and international aid and development and schooling as well and then the stories about wars that have already happened too. I for my part have been clear what will happen to that culture and society if that stupid misconception that I am the way I am when I fight for whole communities, which require me to think about those who live in it, when I fight for myself alone and really want to see their stupidities show up around my Book sales and academics and career and public image one more time thereof. I mean they speak of how I talk but never do the physical violence of course in the same way we never see them discuss the fact the biggest racists of all times was actually a socialist and how the importance of holding me back to build a local community under which canopy they can hide and generally get about threatening and abusing me with, to realise they have not worked out how they must pay their bills at a later date tally up with it. It’s always been a simple question of offering me violence or practicing it on me versus whether they have a copy of my Books just yet and so far it seems that hating my guts over the matter is yet not good enough. As for being a skunk; the tale is about filthy scum getting involved with me all the time because they were supposed to have been super stars – at some stage the fact your tummy does not behave properly on a regular basis becomes their main weapon. So they will say this is indication I cannot actually handle government issues but besides this being proper servants of Satan doing what they do best as cursed freedom and civil rights and democratic bastards, when I assess myself, my main weaknesses are financial, so I am only just finding out what it is that propels people to pass around those insults that enable them to describe me as a skunk – it’s simple; take 5 years of my time to groom me into a figure that society can help you hate and abuse and threaten and I will not be so angry, by the time it turns into 15 years of my time, it will be a race against time to settle myself a comfortable pension.

So they speak of the issues concerning their freedoms being encumbered but then again I don’t want anybody building some homosexuality that I would have practiced if I wasn’t a Christian for instance, as it is the blasphemy that rips up the gospel I preached and the sensibility of those I preached it to and they do say I do not have to preach the gospel, which is usually the finest examples of which one is actually the fucking freedom and the fact they will never be free of me as well. It would feel the same way if I got about preventing homosexuals from coming out and we all know they have been using it on me to have fun when I am unable to get a job because my faith is stuck inside me to grow up to bursting point and people can steal my personality as I walk down the streets exposing myself to find a job and to get money to pay my way etc and then there are other evil imaginations that will come to operation on that too: so it’s either they are interested in the gospel or they are not, otherwise we find out again which one was their stupid freedom as it were. So they say it is only one of me but what affected me implies at many people but of course it’s all in the spirit of the same way there is one of me to provoke which is what they want to do with their time but while communities are also involved as well and it was never something I started in the first place. I don’t want it done as it were and they might be the most disobedient idiots in the land and are famed for that too but I do not want it done. So they say I am incapable of understanding how civil liberties work but its utter nonsense; they said they lived in a society where people can take advantage of other peoples public image and make themselves financially comfortable without troubling the owners – what we now see is that they touch my Books and then get involved with me because they want some of mine, which is why they get it as well. In the end they always say I speak but not solve my own problems, which is utter nonsense; they are always chasing those who have a great product and a natural monopoly to go with it not the big ones in the boardrooms that they save their health so they can get involved with in order to look superior and I want them off my finances, want to see them discuss the fact Hitler was Socialist first of all etc, considering it eventually comes down to the fact people gain from my work but do not wish to see me have anything which remotely resembles financial comforts from it and we need no further explanation as per how and why they decide like that out of their extensive goodness like we see them give to the frugal all together. They do say the way I handle and speak of these matters make them angry and when they are angry bad things tend to happen and I can understand as well, except that it happens like that all the time except for the bit where tolerating that stupid culture and society becomes impossible and handling it does not lead to strange occurrences and then the death of the person who did; I personally have made myself clear anyway, no Book touching, it will definitely get the fucking idiots into a lot of trouble. I mean that they need stay off the Books is not lost in translation already anyway; the part where I speak of how I was well raised and it turns out I will make a good Father as well, thus the big joke is when I share my life with those I care about – fuck them all. they always claim that saying this means shooting myself in the foot but it’s an old story – when I think about the reason my tummy is uncomfortable its usually due to every fool that is drawing my attention to violent problems on the left and on the right all day long and the reality is that these are millionaire escorts, stupid popularity kids and their neighbourhoods, TV Personalities and Celebrities – so as I mentioned, not touching the Books since it leads to trouble has not been lost in translation already.


They do say nothing I say has any force of course which is utter nonsense it’s an evil that started since when living in a neighbourhood provoked people because they were not allowed to carry with evils they would have normally practiced with impunity and it all got into parliament to brew a campaign that will help show religion off as the evil of the world etc. We are now only Dealing with the stage whereby it got onto media and popularity culture etc – full of stupid Men and Women that are always drawing my attention to violent problems because every time that culture and society constitutes reasons I am bullied and sexual context abused because I am not currently having any sex is usually the last time they see it as well. It’s like my bottom hurts because somebody else is homosexual and when I mention consenting adults that would have applied only to those they are scared of and it’s the same with the Women, behaviour towards me is usually one indicating that they can do to me what they wouldn’t dare do to their husbands etc – hence we are finding out by how much when we need to as well, as what I say does not carry any force thereof. This is apparently what surprises the Politicians the most, that somebody that is as difficult to stupefy as I am can end up on benefits for the best part of 15 years because people think it is funny to gather as a community and ensure they determine when he gets to have sex – so the same piece of advice applies i.e. they should get into government buildings and up the ante at will, it always leads to a good ending. So it’s like that story of how I tend to show a lot of enjoyment for the fact Politicians like to see me rotate from one fight to another because it energises them and make them feel powerful but it should be seen that it started from all those abuses that were meant to set me out as somebody with whom they can enjoy Political masochism, hence this is the one I suppose I can do for them after all – now that they have found out why people get targeted by culture and society and still become successful never the less, the respect bit still seems the difficult aspect.

Hence they do say that none of my activities actually solves my main problem which is financial but that is something that is always in the pipeline – we all know now that I broke up the Empire and brokered the equities during a recession to recover my money through my Book sales and there is nothing about that which says a meddlesome goon has to get involved and ensure I end up with £600,000 aged 65 out of 25 million pounds initial assessment of the value of the business all together. They always come up with these kinds of really stupid ideas and then worry about their own human rights at a later date when they are done having their fun. I have made it as simple as possible and we are now in the second week of preparations to decide if they are to be viewed as a threat that has to be neutralised in the sense that they are regularly made to pay for any damage they do here and involvement with Royal Family does not actually amount to a process where people can show up in Public to have some of my Empire once they have an accusation going for them, to tell me I expect the money to come from members of the Public as well; this will be done by all the processes required to ensure that each time a complete the cycle of work and product brokerage and then the income vanishes at market like it regularly does at the moment, those responsible get to do the job as well and blab about how I will lose a Royal Estate so I can act to show that I think they are bluffing too. It is the way that the means will begin for managing every goon that love to cook my broth which I don’t want done and their Politicians alongside Media who enjoy a drip feeding my business of Publicity that drives away customers and raises questions, one replacing the other each time I clear it out and followed by a condition whereby they turn out in public to express the fact that they consider themselves to be amusing all together too. I have made the matter as simple as possible – none continues to touch my Books, the fact people have a feeling from my work is not to say that they can invest my Trust and derivatives for themselves, it is insult and abuse beyond reckoning or comprehension and this is the problem to which I will decide a solution in the next 14 days – no more Book touching especially via means of Machiavellian arts of power by which world orders are maintained through those who are rich and have an ego to go with it too. Of course they do say I am looking a lot less like who I really am too, which is utter nonsense – each and every one of these fools have a behaviour they are attached to, which is associated with other people’s lives and not least the Politicians and because of it they have a sense of normalcy attached to their character but its only half of it and you can see when you scratch the surface something else will come up – the racists are no different from the civil rights goons either and there is no law saying I cannot live the way I want.

So they say I meddle with the cultures of people who are not really nice to me and it is utter rubbish all together as well – I mean what happens is that I break up a Literary Empire and broker the equities during a recession, got Books published to get my Money back and they meddle for fun and vandalism and its meddle, meddle, till Turkey has now gone from I want to be member of EU, to Tyrant and Russia is important and meddle, meddle to a point where people who serve me at Temperaments in Europe cannot do what they normally do anymore, the trouble makers get to the UK and depend on the Welfare system and they recognise the problem, then table a referendum that others take from them and win as it were, hence now we are planning our exit from the EU and its meddle like so endlessly, never caught paying attention to the one that pays its salary, especially the journalists and it makes me so angry paying attention to the fact they have clearly achieved their own bits too as it were – meddle, meddle and if I broker my Equities and the granddaughter of the distant Uncle of the half brother of the person that owns it makes a music Video about me, it is not my music video anymore and I do not have a life. Of course there is also that tale that I am not appreciative of anything to contend with and we all know that every insanity that allows every fool to show up here and find ways of disciplining or punishing me because I see the world according to what I hear which automatically makes me vulnerable to their bullying as far as they are concerned, it born out of the constant stream of discipline and punishment that come my way all the time after the damage to the finance and mobility and now the well being too has already been inflicted, mainly by goons at Parliament who are making Monarchy behave; apparently it has become a problem for all too all together by the way of which my bottom hurts and there has to be a reason for it, otherwise all these do not actually make any sense.

They do say they have reached a stage where it is not clear if I have likes and dislikes anymore, of which I wouldn’t really understand anyway, since I am rather more comfortable with such instances as when a Politician enjoys calling crowds to vandalise my Business and I enjoy setting him or her up for crowds and society people who will know where his or her private parts are, rather than go in myself all together. So I guess this means that what happens on media is the closest thing to reality, especially when it works wonders for their Political careers as well – in which case whenever you sit down and study legal texts, the interests of Journalists are usually to know what you have studied, so they might deploy it to make their careers look good, none of which makes any sense but it is an example of how far the insults can develop when and if allowed. They largely blab about the disposition they need in order to ensure when they ask Politicians questions, the Politicians will be unable to escape the answer and so on, so that they might get around with Government Officials that they believe perpetually lead in disrepute at a later date too; the problematic and annoying bit being that everything associated with standing in a Law Court to make legal arguments for a client and earn enough to pay your mortgage is under threat on a daily basis, at the hands of a collection of fools that have already got a means of paying their bills, which is what they really should be paying attention to. I mean when I do think about the Women and Men that spend all of their time pointing me towards some violent problem or another, it’s always Media people and Celebrities and certain Politicians and Television personalities, so I am completely taken by this question of whether or not I have a like and a dislike, which in my view simply has to be a very rich conversation coming from people who know they do not like me at all and likewise on my part too but then again which it is suggestive of me being bullied right up to a point, such a point as I may even see homosexuality as a viable option for a lifestyle, which is utter rubbish as I am not Gay and continuation of such nonsense can easily result in a decision being made as to whether I exist or the Gay community doesn’t. Its beyond imagination to think that somebody can go from a job that requires them to point out to the world around them the facts of something that happened which clearly happened in their lives all together in the first place as it were, to wanting another person’s Legal sensibility to make him look good while he is at it but it is an example of the fact that these fools are very, very important and that their importance is actually the biggest problem that they have. Then there are other effects such as sitting up on Media to finish up a Media job and set about getting a writers one and then you start to get scared all together that another trade fool has been moving in on your space and the problem is that he actually has no wish to pay attention to the one that pays his salary, considering the work you have to do when you need to pass vital information to others but cannot seem to get through to as many people as you speak to at a given time, therefore have to write it and because it has taken up your time, provide them a lifestyle service to justify a process where they get to pay you for it too. We all see it develop into something of them telling me how I should be writing Books all together – which is another set of abusive insult that develops from a process of showing up on any work I do to make the facts operable in order to exhibit themselves thereby getting rich and famous doing so and the whole process of every paragraph in my Books being a packaged equity of creative brokerage and security Admin becomes that which people cannot listen to; it had to be secret in the first place on account that if it had showed up in public, somebody would tie it down somewhere and use it to lay down popular culture pipelines on the global stage too and lose me my entire Empire for it thereof – hence this is another instance in which they feel they can do and undo and have since develop from finding out if I have masturbated to justify my right to get a job, down to seeing if I had masturbated enough to justify my right to get up, to this stage where a Book that would have been written at 300 pages has to be written at 200 pages because of the factors they have inserted into the career to make their own convenience operable on a new chosen victim and there is no reason I would make a story I know would fit into 300 pages one that fits into 2000 pages, since that would cost at least 5 times as much, which is actually a deterrent for buyers. In the end of which they are journalists and therefore do not know anything from my point of view, as equally as they have such little regard for me too all together and yes they do ask about the Lady friends in my Court that will lose Jobs they got on TV because they were lady friends of mine, hence general idea made clear as to why there isn’t a day that goes by in which we do not find them complain about Women as well; considering more so that it all began with having what my lady friends have as well on grounds that what is good for somebody’s career has to end up in their own as well as a matter of a right that they have. The point is I am lost as to the conversation with regards to me not having a like and a dislike at all; these are people who spend all their time stealing people’s homes and Public image and the reason there is always a violent problem being pointed out to me is that some Woman needs to be protected, this has now reached a point where I cannot even play my own video games in peace because it reveals what I can do with violence; but my position has never been in doubt in any case either – they need to stop showing up on my public image if they wish to make their problems go away and try not to handle my Books if they want to keep their own sources of income too –otherwise it is rather an easier option to sit back and find out what I will do when revenge becomes the means. As for not being able to get rid of the Gay community, it’s an old story that given the right tools and measures, they can let people be as it were; an old story where somebody’s useless existence gets them stuck and if my Books help they will turn up to use it without payment just as somebody else wanted to exercise a right by actually buying it – the same story that means when somebody they don’t know shows up to claim the way they looked at the houses and trees belongs to him and that it is his future and that they can recover it if they dare, it has something to do with me as though their lies ranging from my Christian behaviour preventing the use of organised crime products to the part where it prevents the practice of certain wickedness and earns me such amounts of hate as Politicians need to pay attention to, was not already prove that they ensure it affects everybody and that I am experiencing it too but we all know that it is an old story as it were, that they are disillusioned but will never accept or respect another person’s leadership: so it’s obvious people like me with a religion we practice in their personal lives have extreme views about gay people when they follow me around for years and rip up my finances to keep their jobs and build their confidence to dizzying heights, leaving me with a socio political sensibility that says having a religion precludes a process where I am not entitled to employment as well and then they suggest they will show up on a physical basis too. I am happy with the fact that it becomes obvious that not everybody knows that they can solve a lot of their personal problems by actually preventing those who use it to hurt people from doing so but handling my Books which is the job I created for myself, to tell me I cannot handle the Homosexual community crosses a line and I will cross mine too. So it is usually said I have an undeserved high opinion of people which means I am always having to defend my authority but it’s not exactly the reality; the reality is that I suppose I am a generous person, so it costs the same as a Four Bed in the Middle of London, to train somebody from Childhood to University Graduate and the people who spend their time asking for CVs they can steal ideas from are actually those who earn 6 figure sums on average – so considering it was as easy that this sort of spending on training only results in a condition where it is the means by which you earn a footing that allows you to make enough sense to be paid cash when you put your back into it, I had to look for a way that the authority the Crown gives me to decide how much of the Country ends up in people’s lives and careers to help and now it seems the way it must work is when people wear my face and the idiots who do it tend to homogenise their madness according to the frequency at which they do, to tell me if they face problems they will take me on directly, like claims I do not actually have a business empire and thus made it up. We see it everywhere; I have a couture relationship with a fashion designer but every time he or she employs a client worker, it has to be somebody that believes whole heartedly in and is completely obsessed with killing my mouse so to speak and it does lead to a point where I have to look into it and say ‘this stuff actually does not have any respect for me’ which is where the little problems begin.

So they would say that this sort of attitude would tend to put my life in danger; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that the Russians have nothing in Syria save a Lunatic at Government Office who loves to buy weapons from them, so they need to understand that if there were circumstances that led to his lunacy, it does not justify the people that are dying there losing their lives, it does not amount to an agreeable price to pay. I mean when we say Russia has influences in Europe, we are talking about Countries that are ethnically Russian and this was a deep rooted incursion that took place during the middle part of the last century – so when they spread through to Syria and Europe and Africa we then have to worry about some things and in the list is what we do when we marry Russians; so to say it is really important is not that which must put my life in danger at all but is a typical example of how important. I would have been said to have played into the hands of the Politicians on this matter which is not an issue – the Americans are a group we need to see at work when they are having arrangements with other parts of the world which does not involve their Principle ally that is the UK, I am talking about their behaviour with respect to the UK and then the other end products where they return to continue life with Native Americans and expect the British to forget that they are a Country all together as well. So in the end, you can always manage the Politicians by thinking about where the sources of extra incomes are located because they are usually the reasons others cannot have a basic income, while the diplomats are always going off to where the power is because they know that when you do worry about the places they keep the warehouses enough, what happens as a result is that you too tend to feel good and if you worry about it permanently, you may just tend to feel good permanently too.

They say I speak of leadership all of the time but have no regard for those that can actually provide it, if I do not like it when they are killed through foreign intervention all the time as well but there is really no such thing as leadership they provide, what they do is fail at being able to communicate some 2 out of every 10 things people want them to talk about and then we end up in a condition whereby they build their own tests for the population as well and then start to build up on people who protect them and harm the population and provide some queer leadership in that way, which has always been a product of their success of insolence for as far as history goes back. It’s as when I say they have wondered little about the reasons they hate my guts so much i.e. every time people do not end up with a business that is making them rich, I get threatened; so I can either find a global Police for it or I can make them understand.


Now they say I am not qualified for anything I do and it makes me incredibly angry since they do not get to pay the Bills and besides which it was none of their business anyway, really feel the next time it is raised I will have to make a point out of that case of men ripping up my life and finances in order to allow an idiot that is not going to have a sort of success that knows everything which prevents their Politics from doing whatever it wants, to show up on my public image and get about counting pennies until they make millions and this time I will not leave anything to chance all together, considering this matter has taken up 15 years of my time and happens every day but they will seldom stop doing it as it were. I mean it is also said I need to take care how I speak with others while they continue whereas it was never a part of their daily concerns to make me look after Royal Property and a books Company and my academic work at the same time, appearing in public clad in rags so to speak but it beats my imagination that whether or not I am doing my academic work has become a main concerns of theirs for all the wrong reasons too. I understand that sometimes it is caused by other Royals obviously but it’s an old story where enough Royals have suffered on my account because these things do not simply just get waived off as well – the ones that got married into Royal Families long after I started my plans to do so without any success and so on, right up to these other ones that will get a bit close to Royals and start building wealth to dizzying heights, that was theirs to build in the first place; speaking of which I rather think I am doing very well but it ought to be made clear it is none of their business i.e. when they do not buy the Books I am cash strapped and cannot chase the academic work and they tend to have something to say thereof concerning those whom they have groomed into people that try their hands on positions they are not qualified for, so those think they might have bigger penises can take from them if stuck with own career all together – displayed all over the place because a large portion of my fan base are female, so there is always reasons for somebody to make up such nonsense when another person have blabbed all kinds of rubbish in public places that have no meaning, to suggest I try my hands on what I am not qualified for if I look after my Royal Estate and my Book sales business empire and make better plans for my academic work than I did for the first time they tore it all up for me but the part that also beats me is the simple fact they cannot keep their mouths shut. They do say I am homophobic and it is utter nonsense; the reality is that people who chose this lifestyle always have a certain behaviour long before they do and I have been stuck with it for the best part of insulting Americans the last 8 years at the very least, where the Children show up to develop important nepotism by incredible insults and when done the parents will get me creating products they will never buy and ambush me at the markets to reject me until I am ill – they say Men want to walk around the streets being decent people too and that I need to open my Court to all but in the same way their one ambition in life is to see me give up all I have so they can make themselves better off with it, hence no conversation in my direction actually involves an interest in what I am interested in or indeed my products – so they find out it’s not how it works and that they would have been better informed if they had copies of the Books on a regular basis. Personally however, I don’t know why they are Christian phobic as well as it were anyway obviously – are all these things homosexuals would find arousing which I am scared of, meant to help them vouch for partners or to detach me from my faith? I mean nobody really knows why they are always punishing Women, especially for getting involved with me and especially when I have female friends etc but we all know that once most of their time is spent on it, one way or another somebody will get prepared for the part where they will be complaining about homophobia; some of them do tell me Women make them feel like vomiting all together but whilst I do not feel that way about Women in any case, I would like them to respect my products and livelihood which they appear not to be interested in at all, except when they wish to express some wickedness on something that they feel belongs to somebody who is too weak to protect it from them. I don’t find Women repulsive and most of my products are built around my fans, most of whom are Women and if there is respect for me and my livelihood there would be no problems; I mean it looks much as it stands already but we have not even begun to explore all the rubbish they need to invent in order to spend peoples time and finances and resources exploring the various dichotomies and dispositions of servitude, to talk nonsense about respect for the rich and for those who have achieved.

I mean I am homophobic when the difference between Mr A who speaks to a 200,000 strong crowd about how to be successful and Mr B who does the same as well is that Mr B is a Lunatic – so they will show up here to do their popularity and capitalism and democracy and globalisation in successful ways, while such insults continue to rip up my delicate finances in hell too; so we can see them give to the frugal as it were. I don’t find Women repulsive, these fools and their involvement with me is the thing that actually turns my tummy upside down all the time. Of course they do say I bring up stories about tummy and anus and penis insults because I am brewing discrimination; its utter nonsense of course but the part they enjoy the most about the fact I am talking about it is that I am at least not talking about the gospel and it is a fair price for making sure they cannot talk about their stupid quasi racism and other forms of Satanism that clings to pure things until it is corrupted before they take a break around here as well, especially those on that stupid media with whom I have the longest history period all together. I mean missing my meal times and feeling sick after I have had food is not strange to me but the only time in which it has made me smell is in the UK where people are senior and tell me how to live my own life with cultures from Africa where I never felt that abused in the first place all together; it’s always that stupid question with them as per whether the greater pain is inside my stomach or outside on my anus and penis all day long etc – so it is a problem that can be dressed in suits and very insolent, dripping with corruptibility and attacking people when business is not making money, solved if it has to be too. It’s not a complicated matter, what I said is what I said but my personal disposition is what they have not understood, which is thus providing them the incentive to keep having a go at me i.e. soul music fans in suits dripping with corruptibility and would go to any lengths and take anything from somebody they felt had possessions that could not be protected from them and an Arch Prince, do not really mix that well – it’s not difficult to handle or manage them as they like to make out that it is.

So they say I am fundamentally scared of racism and its utter nonsense too; I mean these idiots believe that when they are in need of sex from a particular person, they can chase the person and abuse them until they get the feeling they have gotten it from the persons personality if they do not take it by force anyway, so it leads to a stage where there is a problem with my hard working personality all together on account they have got habits and then progresses to a point where the important things start to matter, such as when I drop out of University and they have consistently had a habit of showing up on Public places to have way too much fun over it for their own good. I mean they have chosen how they want to make money and are convinced it is how it works, whereas reality says that the authority of the government and that of the Bank of England Governor is the main means by which a piece of paper becomes a latter that allows a shop keeper to give you some sweets and so that you need to do something to earn that letter from somebody that has got it if you have not. The only thing these idiots celebrate about me thereof being the fact it beats my imagination all the time that they can put money up on media and industry and show up to torture me all day in order to get this letter from those who have it – chosen what to work on obviously and it is a certain kind of money they are earning too all together as it were and we shall find out what the need to handle my public image and my Books does with it too – just like they claim nothing I say or do does anything about racism and it would all be well if they have got a copy of my Books to prove it, with those stupid civil rights insults that appear in their view to be less insulting if it is about the Country all together as it were, otherwise accept that this is actually where it will blow up as it were. They do speak of their problems but it’s always the civil rights idiots and this routine; speak of racism and another will show up to flirt with torture on your health and feelings and I am now asking the easy questions of whether there is a problem with my hard working personality on account their stupid habits do exist, to bear in mind until when I chose what I want to work on as well; it’s always been about money and whether they can groom those they can abuse in order to get it, all about whether or not they can hurt people and make such people give up wealth to them and there will be no other preoccupation for their time. Fear of racism they say but it’s a simple case of a point where you decide that the fun must stop; the one about getting involved with my business at the figures and products and accounting to play out what they are good at which involves taking over and making sure the idea delay is denial when it comes to justice is played up all over it, all the up to National Media and I am only saying what they complain about now is a foretaste of what I am good at as well and the least of their problems with be the difficult things I prime issues to force them to deal with when others put pressure on them as well, they are set to see what I am going to do when this nonsense especially with respect to damaging my finances and building my personality on media for others to claim actually becomes successful. It’s never really been a matter of being afraid of racism, I mean it’s what the racists are saying – one moment I have stolen their ideas and got about being respected and rich and important, the next it’s a thousand and one lies they have to tell to grab my possessions and the next they are taking some of my ideas as well which means it’s not usual racism first of all and then that it’s not actually real racism since there is no point or prove of superiority when their ideas are being taken off a none white person – these other idiots however are the reasons for all that stupid communication between me and racists actually being made possible. As I had mentioned, missing a meal and falling ill when I have had something to eat after is not new to me but my tummy and bottom hurts constantly for five years daily and then 7 years and then 12; of course I am scared of racism and they want a piece of me as well. The excuse is usually that it is all a test of my Britishness and then also a problem with the fact I can actually speak better than the way I do; in terms of the first, they have their own social class and should not be testing me all the time and in terms of the latter, it’s an example when I mention those occasions in which I walk down the streets and feel a sensation whereby my feet are on somebody’s head and a blabbing about what they are going to do – the idiots are not aware it is all very tiresome so far yet until they are made to be – it’s not as if extreme self expression is caused when their stupid heads are stepped on anyway as it were. They say that their problem is that I am a Coward, but so is my problem the fact that stupid verbose little women with an insult going on for them, perpetually having an opinion about knowing me and knowing I am no Royalty – it carries on and on until there is civil war, which will happen in my case only when they are famous.

They say I have not explained my reasons fully and equally say I bring it on myself – so in terms of the previous the reasons are as simple as the fact I do not wish people behaving towards me in ways that makes me aware of reasons Women do anal sex which is something they copy as well because they have no discretion whatsoever and tell me it’s the same way they feel when I have a Royal Commission so somebody can hurt them seriously on account I need to be protected. As for bringing it on myself, that is an old story of doing my faith to a point where I get all of the attention all the time, which pushes those who are not getting any to crime and imprisonment as a result of a religion I practice in their own personal lives. So they say I describe democrats are cursed but I am not wrong – its either what they touch belongs to them and cannot grow or what they touch belongs to somebody else and is broken because they have, besides which it’s impossible for them to have conversations with people that does not involve people becoming something or somebody else or jobs and livelihoods and property changing hands from owners to somewhere else; the main issue behind the case is always that work was their nemesis all together and so they regularly need to been reminded that although racism is illegal, nobody can be prevented from carrying out the act all together but I like to think that with the correct tools and measures they can let people be. An example is when they say I get about with people who are beyond me all the time, thereby creating problems – whereas the reality is that I only want to spend time with my Religion and fix my financial concerns and those who do not wish me to do that will only create conditions where my religion precludes a process where I am not allowed to have a livelihood – so it’s always good when we hear them say God does not need to protect me from them but is seem all over their culture and society, since their disobedience includes getting into my personal space if it is sacred especially those who want to make excuses that involve punishing those that had offended them etc – so they are incredibly disobedient and I am not sorry for their predicament, it’s just that they love to know what truth to be the case and prefer showing up in public to spread stories about the evils of religion instead, when they can mind their own business as an option and then the pushing and pushing after that for years and years and years, right up to a point where the benefit of doing so is making a relative out of me who gets stuck in the problems of society and does not have will or means to persecute them over greed and money like they love to do to others, allowing them to be successful and important, of which I have no idea what convinced them I am such a relative after all the 15 years of utter rubbish they have exhibited around my concerns, especially for those I share a skin colour with and their insults. So I am not wrong that they are cursed, it’s just that they want to continue those conversations that allow them to grab my life and put it in their world and sit about making sure while everybody else is enjoying theirs I am prevented from enjoying mine because my Books will never get sold and we see it all the time – the number of people that will perish if you neglect a cause and then when you are stuck in it and decide that since they are always having that problem they might want a music CD or a Book, you end up realising you are creating a product that they will never ever buy and will do all in their power to prevent others from doing so as well, without reason, except their perversions and what they must do to enjoy them. I do not think it’s an issue, apart from their Politicians trapping me to ensure everybody else has success at market while I don’t because they are using my personal life to develop some perverted glory, there are the others that will likely just set somebody out and persecute the person over every aspect of life and then the question will be that if they are wrong, there has to be a way that the victim can explain why things are going their way – it gets to a point where another Politicians who sees things the way their victims do gets elected and that is when it will show that the victims were right all along for the 25 years they have suffered and it will be the day they get stabbed for it; so you can only tell them to mind their business on seeing although racism is illegal, there is nothing preventing others from doing it anyway. They do say they are a big problem for me which is utter nonsense – I have asked them if they have a problem with my hard working, happy and ever expecting personality, especially the bit about a faith and c clean soul where they can dump their personal life trash on account that they have got some fucking filthy habits going for them and they didn’t give me an answer that I can run with; so far it’s the warnings they say is the big problem, over that their need to have a relative that cannot attack them on financial issues but is stuck somewhere looking out for the violent bits of life for them, nothing like them who can attack people on financial issues thereof; they chose me for it and it’s not going very well so far anyway at present but these are all the warnings – when that nonsense about ripping up my finances to build my personality on media and become me is successful, so will they see what I am actually capable of too.