I am aware it is said that people need to express the fact they hate my guts but I could never make sense of it anyway, what we have is a series of Industry based narcissism that targets me without reason all the time because it wants to make money with my personality and Public image when it becomes a happy person and I am no longer a happy person because of its behaviour which then means that it can have both wealth and power with my work selling products to others – what they do with it is built this other existence where for every occasion I stand up for myself an idiot with a popular culture, stock market and political busy body opportunism shows up with a smile and creates another fight that will benefit him personally and then they start to brag about the influence of Germany and how I am worse off either way I served them or didn’t, the same stupidities were exhibited when they followed me around at University to make themselves the brains behind the operations of their foolish Celebrities who wanted to get rich on my Public image, the result being that I am never free of them and their foolish societies building something that adds up to an onus on me and means that a particular state of affairs will dawn on me, which they can deploy for bad habits that churn my tummy and lead me into obscurity while their foolish women show the dirty faces in public to claim they own me and I was weak to start with, then got into Church to learn morality, such that when I can no longer stand my ground on money issues I get to blame it on women who love to see me do some hard work to make to care for them while bigger men got to supervise – such that the society ones will be the ones who never give it a rest on account that when the fight kicks off they will be fighting with my sense of justice and I will be fighting with my sense of justice, such that looking for trouble becomes such an incentive for them and I really do not want to mess with them and what they want to grab from me as such. I do not even hate them for the fact that they can just show up and bother Politicians on account they need my personality to make their own fame as stupidly as possible and my religion is just so high and mighty that there needs to be a social balance, so I have no idea why that big mouth cannot keep it shut over hating me for some reason, keep away from my Books and stop following me around over the same nonsense like that all the time; it has not even yet developed into a whole sale process of distract me while I distract you and we will find out what it is exactly you can do, what we have had is a business of me looking like I want to deplete the population of their 50 year old school truants in the neighbourhood and they are trying to keep up those populations while telling politicians about my bad attitude every time they want to complain while omitting the life changing insults and abuses their stupidities have taught their children to exhibit as well. We find in the end that they claim they have been spending their money buying products while I got the prestige but all can see right the way to their football idiots, that unless they are building those products alongside me they need to buy and enjoy it and stop making a mess of my livelihood if they are complaining about the consequences. I do get asked what triggers my case but it is still the old business of following me around with these abuses at University, such that I smell like what I ate because of it and drop out, while they then passed exams and progressed from nepotism idiots that are superior to me, to nepotism idiots who pass exams in school and want to be me. The threats are sound as we can see but I think time is running out for the reign of terror that they and their foolish shop managers have waged against me with that stupid industrial narcissism that needs my income margins all the time, I have told them to shut it down enough times for a lifetime and to shut down those communities of idiots with ideas about what to do to me if they are keen to get people listening to the fact they hate my guts as well, the next time they follow me around when they see me at an academic environment, I will do what I need to do to ensure they got their feel of the trouble they seek as it were – hence it feeds into the stupidities of their American friends talking nonsense about how I ought to mellow with respect to those who are capable of being a threat to me, it is about to get far more serious than just insults and complains of hating my guts yet as this nonsense continues. The problem with spending time to learn how to be a good criminal obviously is that these idiots and their large countries then spend too much time learning it and since crime is a stupid thing, become so incapable of being proficient at it all together, hence we find they need help from these society gits – those of them that refuse to engage in learning how to be a good criminal obviously have their stupid women and Celebrities to rely on naturally but these business of handling my income and threatening me has got to stop as the point at which their foolish Politicians spent tax payer funds on them to help them out with their financial issues was not the stage at which what the feelings of insecurity when another person is an Arch Prince is worth, the stage at which their stupidities were in need of money and self-confidence. I don’t understand it myself anyway: if people know that you would be so much worse off if they wrecked your academic work, then found Books you had written later on at a stage where you thought your career had to go on as you sort things out, built you a history of insults to facilitate the decadence that will make the Celebrity culture more profitable and then show up to seek the recreation of this conditions in every turn, claiming that it is what brought them success and therefore something they must do if they want more success, why then would people get off doing it, if they are also aware that you have a reputation – if people know that setting you out for Industrial narcissism, where they lean on you and their criminality depends on you to a point where you are not a happy person anymore and they are now happy enough to show people that they along with any customers that get involved with them can now enjoy a sensation of being superior to you in order to make them rich buying their products at Popular culture canopies of narcissism at Industry, why do they do it, if they feared the reputation you had anyway – if people knew that making trouble for you courts the attention of goons who make money to fight others with at Industry, who then show up to give them money and create the idea that people get rich when you are bullied, why do they do it and set about seeking privileges of injustice when you respond because it had completely decimated your finances that they have no wish to stop handling you anyway. What I know is that the stage at which Politicians spent money that belonged to tax payers to help them out was not the one that meant they had money and self-confidence issues tackling me because I am an Arch Prince all the time; it is quite incredible that the same goons are the ones who want to discuss how much they hate my guts, claiming they have more customers in their Country as if they produce the goods and services with me in the first place, the goods and services that they needed the last time we checked. They do claim the UK is dominating in its attitude which is utter nonsense; what really happens is that they never listen, so there is this sense that those who do not turn this idea they want to strip people naked and sit about in a Town square judging them for trying to better themselves with a residual intelligence, into something of bending them into a very difficult situation and spending time at Industry building gaps after gaps that they will complain about, as so incredibly vulnerable to them that these behaviour will have had a lot of incentive attached to it thereof – the entire time, reality is that I do not think of it that way because I can do it on the go; especially when people ask me about handling the high criminal activity which is simply a matter of the fact I have been working on the jobs hard enough to invent an incentive for them to get work when they threaten me over money issues and if they refuse automatically puts their lives in jeopardy due to the jobs of Law enforcement Officers, which has always been the business of going from telling people not to get involved with gangs and criminals, to cutting out the very bad apples very quickly. My point is that in the UK it all still comes back to the women, so we are not a Fatherland Country and if somebody where to stand up somewhere and say there is a Daddy character somewhere who deserves privileges, it does tend to mean they want to burn something very quickly indeed – these guys on the other hand, especially the German ones who rely on society powers instead of working for money never listen to others; so there is that sense they end up teaching you how to behave towards women once done handling the one they are not accustomed to handling, the ones that do not have their babies and above all believe that it is okay to touch when they are helping out with a dire situation. I could have twisted them into a very difficult corner before I started University at all in the first place but the reason I didn’t was because I could peddle their culture and society for money without getting hurt, which is what I guess they claim they hate me for but as I said, I do not write their Books and while all that vandalism of my property carries on, it is not yet a whole sale business of distract me while I distract you so we can find out what it is exactly you can do about it, as they continue to issue those threats and have no sense of when to call it quits, so if I said it was a cracked up out of my league goon bullying and insulting all over the place, it will continue to think a response from me is something that it might find exhilarating.

I am told people are unaware of the way that I feel things naturally while reality is that my diet is so embarrassing it is not compatible with the fame that they want to take off me, so they invented a story of my whole life ending up in the hands of media and Celebrities and therefore gone for good – which is not compatible with HM wanting to know what her Arch Prince’s diet looks like for example; so these embarrassing things allow me the opportunity to get about crossing out all these matters, such that by the time I had crossed out all that didn’t matter to me, I will have gotten rid of every eventuality in which people made me smell of what I last ate – except it was easily seen this way but they have a habit of following people around to bully them over the ownership of a Public image that does not belong to them, seeking a response. We find the same issue in China as well, where we have a small trading arrangement with China and Liberal America takes over it and dredges the American economy because they want to control their allies as insultingly as possible; they have not even decided what they want to do with their Japan Economic Alliances as we speak, they are saving that for Popular culture goons who tackle you once you return from defending yourself from Industry goons who think it’s a bad idea to deny them what they want because if you started a fight their money will never run out – so it feeds into such realities where I do embarrassing things that do not add up with the business of wanting to be famous because if people added up how it should have affected me and how I really live, they would have seen that it made sense which is why I never suffer anxiety for it like they are rather convinced I should; we will find them show up like that – the fat one is the DJ, The slim one is a very abusive Fashion Industry twerp that can see you naked all the time, the middle size one is the one that has industry connections and gets along with local hoodlums, running off popular culture pipelines from the US to Japan across your business empire and will disobediently not cease an involvement with you while it knows that involvement brings with it damage to academic work, finances and career, claiming that the involvement itself was their civil rights; where it gets you is the point where you had pushed back a goon that wants to take what he likes from your property because if you started a fight it will never run out and the entire time you were always able to set up a business in a way that ensures they suffered intensely and the Public liked you for it, so that you got to sell lots of products to the adoring crowd for doing it. It is usually said that I am better off doing nothing but the last time that was the case, we ended up with the idea those who handle security at Buckingham Palace make mistakes all the time, then Public transport operatives did whatever they wanted as stopping them was not on the media because the jobs of nice people were at stake and then their children thought it was their human rights to deserve forgiveness for ripping up my career and academic work following me around and then getting into the schools to place themselves in a position that meant they were better than I am. They say I am a failure who thinks he can write anything, I too think they are failures that can never stop grinding Celebrity culture away at people – the ace question here is whether they have read my Books anyway, whereby when they read it I will have money too; they apparently don’t like the present continuous, past participle nonsense but think they should build a community that helps them make others put up with it at University.

So for the question of me being a coward who starts off trouble that others have to take out; it’s an old story that it never happens with people I can stand up for; such that if I said that a criminal thinks it’s okay to endanger my life until I give him choices he cannot get out of because doing so will ensure the loves of Police officers endangers his life as well, it is usually enough for them to stop bugging me most of the time, even though it comes with a warning about what things will be like if I got involved with their concerns again, while most of the time that was unnecessary as the main problem is that they pick on me on the streets but for these characters who can spend decades of peoples time to ensure those who provoked them got to pay dearly, ripping up what they can find because when they are angry it matters and when others are angry it does not, it’s usually a matter of the fact that it is never enough whatever I did about what is bothering them because they were out of my league, which is not what happens with people I can stand up for. Eventually there is a sense then that they are an impediment to a process where I found somebody that can support me the way that I am to spend my life with, suggesting they are not my enemies and that I am a narcissist and yes I am but most of the time it is the tenderness that makes a narcissist and not the ability to hurt people – it is not as if I am vulnerable to the consequences of getting mail through my social media anyway, rather lost as per why people enjoy getting on Public media to build problems for me when I don’t even know their names, blabbing of how I am a coward and yes it’s all very good until I built myself a Public image on it for my part as well – suffice to say I will do their own well like I already have; I never invited them into my concerns, they are out of my league and nothing I do is ever enough, needs to stop making a mess of my Books by claiming the service process was a case of me working for them and stop making a mess of any arrangement I have with Celebrities to establish the idea it was all about settling facts on who was more important which sees to it that all the support given was wasted along with the time in which it was built up. Insults about me being homosexual or people wanting to see me become homosexual can only continue until I once again picked up the business of making sure their insanity had stopped practicing their homosexuality on a personality I cultivated at a Hermitage the same way we see them Buy products I have brokered equities to help create for such stupidities and set about stifling my Books to heighten the sensation as stupidly as possible, which I can only garnish with the business of picking up women with whom I can practice things homosexuals do in order to try and kill off the practice again. It’s been about 16 years of local trouble makers making out every day that the only form of Royal duty there will be for me, is looking like I am depleting the number of 50 year old school truants in the neighbourhood who want to control other people’s breathing and thought patterns while their children who want to get dangerous with money conduct their raid on people’s lives, so whenever people think I should be getting into a fight on their behalf they might want to bear it in mind as a consideration – personally however it’s all Humanity and its disobedience, although they hate my Books, I have not started causing them intense distress in order to produce Art yet.


They claim I completely deny the fact that I have lost everything I have which is utter nonsense as reality would be an eventuality whereby I did not respond to what Media and Celebrity got up to; otherwise it is still an old story about the sort of fun my big brothers want whereby I am left with nauseating financial complications because they want to make media and Celebrity jobs on my livelihood as a form of amusement, which I have had to tolerate for about half a decade since I got Published so far, while they got to tell me if I told them they were stupid people where it really mattered I would get into some serious difficulty for it whereas this all looks like a risk worth taking with fools who assume they know me that well – there isn’t a difference between them and goons hanging around the streets taking drugs and I would fancy they layabout somewhere else as their proper company is waiting for them out there.

The others who love to make out I am wrong and it’s all my fault all the time would probably spend 6 years of their time tolerating peoples insults that began decades earlier and for each success they have gained including academic success it gets worse because the damaging process is something they are interpreted as power, would make their stupidities very happy individuals, happy enough to describe it as the actions of clever and up standing members of society.

They claim they have their reasons of course I accept it is because of the fact that for each time they attended a venue, they feel as if they wanted to go home in the first five minutes but will not keep off the person that they claim is responsible for it – in fact whilst their families and friends are not aware I have to put up with systematic insults that move my financial structures elsewhere by creating the idea my whole life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities from whence I could never recover it, leaving me with a reputation for building a business and not earning from it while people were getting service, they have been complaining to the Politicians about my attitude while leaving out all these facts, as insultingly as possible. It’s not a big task for me in anyway like they believe it is; it’s never all about the money bits – we know the pitfall of achieving earlier is not hanging up somewhere to put up with goons making you feel sore all over and boasting about teaching you lessons if they made out it was linked to being successful while your work and academic pursuits do not make you half as stressed as their involvement with you that threatens everything else does, so you must find a balance between respecting people who are older than you are as persons while making sure they regarded your position of authority as an important one lest your sex life especially will pay the price – these gits are not part of this, they are simply here to get a lot of profitable narcissism at my expense; it cannot attend a venue without feeling as if it wants to go home but it needs the income margins of that guy who writes Books that he does not want anything to do with, while the victims wait and tolerate in the sense that they will move on at some point, so the big problem is still that it wants to continue getting more of what it is complaining about.

The reality is even more remarkable than the way it affects me mentioned here all together; it’s the fact that HM has been making decisions associated with the activities of opinionated and rational people coming together to make things work, which have become more publicly displayed during the State visit of the US President: opinionated people who show an attitude all over the place and at the same time if you tried to stop them, you will be getting it from overseas while people found it difficult to make decisions on what really matters, while the rational like myself are likely to ensure people understood what they think is a joke is not one in anyway: they have been playing with this on Media and at Celebrity culture all the way through and failing to do the Media jobs or do it properly, so I am now paying the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy – so it’s still the basic ways that I start mine too i.e. they are very important and I am going to make them complain about me again. No idea how the fact their incomes, jobs and families are not affected by their own practical jokes makes them the victim when mine is anyway. They claim I play with them to complain later while reality is that I have made it clear since last it was obvious we were never going to get along no matter how hard I tried to patch up their corruption of involvement with my concerns, that if they are not following me on my social media profiles, they have nothing to do with me and of course those I have engaged with on social media I have put up to this business of being able to hate my guts because it is how I sort out my own mobility issues i.e. if I do not allow this or put them up to it when we share a Court, whilst it is important we keep our relationship to look after our interests, I will have to appear to have power that allows me vouch for their jobs. The Americans are the chiefs of the corruption of involvement, personal finances and academic vandalism practical jokers; they say there is nothing I can do about them because of the size of their Country’s nuclear arsenal while another group cannot stop taking advantage of everything I do because they know where my Books are, to build up this suggestion that when I listen to what they have to say it means I am wrong or that I think I am. Whenever they too complain about what those who want to be wealthy layabouts like themselves get up to, it does rather tend to prove the otherwise.

They claim I am lowest of the low which does not make any sense whatsoever if the biggest problem with their stupidities and those who influence it, is that when I don’t want to raise money and look the part of their society, they spend my time telling me how to exist, when I am ready to do so, they spend my time on a time table clash whereby they were more interested in how my whole life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities from whence I could not their cracked up out of my league stupidities, recover it. Same as the tale of me being an Arch Prince that lives on benefits while its enjoyable to go from strength to strength as a bunch of nepotism idiots finding out what they can be at my expense, with the Civil service as their football – the result being that each time I take stock of my operation annually, all the pitfalls and problems draws back to the civil service where the idiots who do most of the damages run their own and it’s impossible to look like giving them a warning or coming with a plan that was worthy of the annals of espionage games to plan my life on their stupid savings because it will have built up the idea it is not in my interest for the treasury to have money and yet their problem was that they didn’t want to pay the benefits and preferred their insults – much worse then being the fact that it’s not that difficult to just find employment and spend energy on it to resolve invoice issues, the problem is that most of the time you are sore all over because they were playing practical jokes that involved corrupting your state provided security and making a mess of your body, as stupidly as possible and the one that gets to me the most is the idea they do not want to pay out the benefits but are very interested in showing they have a problem with your thought pattern and even the process of having an anxiety when you completed one task and are thinking about another, as stupidly as possible – the entire time being aware it takes on average two years for somebody to prepare for their process if they were interested in doing higher education and if they make such a mess they will be paying the benefits for such a period of time as well. They claim this is not a general public issue but about me personally which has never been detached from what I have said; they are getting involved with me without buying and reading my Books via a structure that helps me give away what I know if I thought it would save lived and help people during difficult diplomatic periods and nice guys should not generally be a problem for those who have taken such risks, it is obviously very nice – the other story being that people cannot tell how I feel the world around here when it was rather obvious I cannot get along with their culture and society and politics; such that if people considered that these culture and society trouble makers do what they do because they were being opportunistic and they were being opportunistic because somebody was passing around incredible insults that facilitated their Industry narcissism at my expense, wrecking my academic work and looking all the time that doing so was the only important thing they had achieved in their lives, like we see them give their own to the frugal, it was rather clear that picking them up and publicly crossing them out of my concerns would have made it quite clear that even some of the most embarrassing things I have done with myself, fits very well with who I am and I therefore should not be subjected to a process of smelling like what I ate whenever I step out of my door like they are currently doing. We are here because their main preoccupation has now turned towards the business of getting me to give up my Assets to Companies that are actually making enough money to pay the Government some real taxes and it will certainly lead to outcomes where I showed them something they have never seen before, as this behaviour generally means the Civil service spends its time with what it shouldn’t all the time and each time I see my bank balance I tell myself things while it says I am lying, that I am lying and I know exactly what has been happening around here. It feeds into that case where it is said I appear to be oblivious to the fact getting around with Celebrities has huge pitfalls but I am not; what happens is that they show up here to take out work roles from this Hermitage and then because they are Celebrities it’s all a ‘hey look at me take work roles out of his Hermitage’ kind of thing and then when they do not get it done, somebody is held responsible while he is studying at University, it then gets increasingly worse as their perverted behaviour shows that the only money they want to earn is the income I should be earning. I do not spend my time on anything else save Crown business that means I fancy their National front and if Armed Forces jobs are things that service operatives sometimes hurt themselves with, such that there is also a prospect they might take it out on you because you work a government Office, the question that needs answering as per why Celebrities are the ones complaining the most about it; we see its relative works in the Military and it is afraid of what will happen with the bottom when he or she had enough of whatever, so they have built up on Media whom they think are responsible for the wars and whom they think are to blame for the bottom hurting and problem is solved, especially as they have a Crowd behind them and there is nothing I can do to stop it – Intellectual Property Administration that means my Books have Titles and descriptions attached to them although Celebrities build up the idea there was none – and controlling Celebrities, whereby it’s not a problem for me, only that I had built this system that allows people take some work roles from my Public work and get to somebody’s music studio to make moneys supporting other young people at school, mainly because the boys never let the Girls study because they were talking to everybody the way the bread winner in their family does until they got Monkeys in their closet and thought somebody else was to blame, I have to look after it and it would not cost a lot to get rid star Celebrities and replace them with those who want to get the work roles done when taken out like they think that it is; it’s never worth it playing games with me as per they have a crowd behind them and there is nothing I can do, as there is real prospect that the whole thing will get all haywire. All of which does not explain the titanic battle that now rages because Celebrities are fighting Government operatives over whom should be protected by Armed services operatives and where my case fits in, is more to do with ‘hey look at me, I really like him and will earn no other type of income except the one he should have’, meaning there is real prospect of having a family i.e. I don’t need education on the pitfalls as is thought that I do.

I am told it’s a matter of women chasing me, when they are done claiming Armed Forces matters are a mess these days because of me – I should clear up the latter first i.e. there are different Tiers to the Armed Forces and when changes are made, they need to understand what support role each side offers to the others, during which time somebody must cover for them which is what I think I am doing with what Obama did over 8 years and what Mr Trump tried to undo by handing racism the way he did feeding fuel into the burning bush unwittingly. As for the chasing me bits, we know I have social media network where people can get in touch and need to stop chasing me as stupidly as possible, as we are now clear blabbing of how I have accepted liability for what happens to service people in the fields, will never develop into something that adds up to a threat that affects my person in anyway. The only reason we are responding to these matters is the sheer frequency by which it happens and that frequency is being dealt by Public transportation gits and the media – these are the two group of people who have not yet had consequences attached to their tail so they understood how their behaviour affected me when I am targeted and why they need to lay off it; so we know these women chasing me story is born out of the first time being said to have added up to religion encouraging violence against women in the sense that it was their civil right to threaten me and get me working for the money they needed while some other stupid men kept an eye on it, the result being that I got them trapped with each other while the prospects of getting on Media to become more important I am is now reaching a stage that they are too old to chase and hence they have resorted to a business of fighting my battles – it still however does not offer a respite that will be as good and keeping off my academic pursuits and my finances and being aware following me around when they see me again at a University would have served a very bad idea indeed because I can always get them trapped with each other and then that story about the Church encouraging violence against women will become a real deal when they had become desperate enough too. The Public transport gits however are the ones who spend every day driving around to pick up strangers, get the eyes fixed on my Public image after following me around to wreck the academic work, making a case for where I live and how I am some guy looking for trouble – which then feeds into the business of Media gits using my concerns as a tool to develop an experiment that will help them find out how much power their foolish Media jobs have over others; what we then find they leave out when they complain to Politicians about me is the fact they do this every 24 hours and it dwarfs a case of getting culture and society trouble makers into difficulty before you started academic work and career due to the propensity they had to chase the bottom and churn the tummy with bad habits, which I never engage in because I can always ensure they got to see that if I had to, I would sell their culture and society for living and they couldn’t do a thing about it too, this said of which I only experience trouble from culture and society trouble makers at the very most 3 times in a year and this is a frequency that is due to the kinds of jobs I have gotten myself involved with i.e. the one that made it this high was security guarding. So we find them boast all the time about getting the better of me while their families are not aware I am putting up with this sort of nonsense every time they got to work; I mean the families are aware of consequences associated with the first time they started showing their faces because they thought I had grown sideways, therefore the business of making popularity culture with my personality and public image had paid off to such an extent that if they put the label of bum on me, it would make sense and it is for this we find their foolish women run off this war on my academic work over claims they are important but nobody takes note; the result was of course driving through what I had already done to deter them on the matter of getting me stuck somewhere to look into the behaviour of women while they got a better life and it caused them to lose any little means of controlling these terrible women that they had left and in like manner we know the Media and Celebrity ones are off on an angle presently while we have not yet ended up with a whole sale case of getting them to distract me while I distracted them, just to find out what the outcome will be, what it is exactly they are going to do about it: still a simple case of layabouts that want to be rich making a mess here and women chasing me as stupidly as possible or not, the main issue is still the Media and Public transport operatives pushing it off every second with complete strangers while hating what I do to build them very dirty ageist popular culture that will ensure this was the crowd that made them famous. I am aware they say it’s a matter of what Royal women think of me but we can see in every turn that I have not placed myself in a position that allows the way they live and the way other people at the Monarchy run own concerns to affect me in such ways but the tool through which they ensured it did was the day job and then I end up paying the financial price all the time because they believe I am on the side of their freedoms and democracy to such an extent. They do claim I have not got a chance but it’s the chance I have we are talking about i.e. we find when they bother me in such ways, goons who make money to fight others by spend money on them to make it appear when people behave like this they make financial success – this does not bother me in anyway, what does is when their need to build a crowd of hoodlums around their industrial narcissism in a way that affects my finances and career gets me losing something i.e. the reason I usually appear as if I don’t care on one hand and then on the other determined to be the brightest star if I did respond – it will hang up like that playing up those practical jokes and then when it thinks there is prospect I might respond, we find it gets the opportunistic culture and society goons to chase bottoms i.e. when it says I have not got a chance it has not yet complained about my attitude to the Politicians. They do boast that the business of looking like bothering me helps people make money progresses matters of wealth equality but I am aware it does because I built the system itself; it was however built for young women to go into popular culture and make money via entertainment supporting young people at school, not for idiots like these to show up and take money out to my system while leaving me inundated with gangs and criminals because they think that when they are angry it matters while when other people are angry it does not; so I built it, I am aware it fundamentally tackles the business of living during a recession and taking responsibility for yourself, such that you know your position if it was said that there was no money left in the economy would be one that waited for Central government to print some money which would have paid you according to the situation in the economy that you reside in – this also means that if you got to invest in the same money market, you would only have been able to carry out short terms investments and hence must take such responsibility for yourself i.e. the services according to those who want to deploy power of money they have which they are not sharing to harm others with and get away with things, is that services which can be paid for at a later date, even so when the economy improves are as good as thin air, like we see them give their own to the frugal, especially when they are men or Industrial feminists – I built the system, I know it facilitates wealth equality.

They do claim that my main issue is with ethnic minorities but we all know it’s a matter of some dirty faced goons with ideas that they own me, working alongside some fellow verbose idiots, who got completely out of hand after Obama spent 8 years at the White House helping them to operate as layabouts that are also rich at my expense, leaving them to claim they are similar to me in terms of archiving early and keeping an eye on behaviour towards older people, not just because of their propensity to put together their savings and work some ageism with it but because of the business of having a healthy sex life, whereas they are really similar to shit, especially the blacks who are actually some of the stupidest gits I have ever come across in my life, looking like they have nothing in this world to live for, working very fast. It will do these things and then soon enough find that it is no longer able to live in the one society that it has and when it realises it wants to kill itself or become homosexual, its fight with the Church begins on account it does not want to go down alone but then again, so do we find that as good decision go, getting around my Books, finding it is patented and then feeding its contents to the Public in a way that makes them famous is another personal decision that in their stupid view will not lead to such an outcome. So we find that this is what gun culture was in the US and that they have not addressed the matter nor gotten their government to make more stringent gun laws to control access, they want to take guns away from those who genuinely need to be protected from them and their need to plan a life on somebody else’s wallet if it got violent. It’s the same point that was made earlier for my part; it needs to stop chasing me and as for my Books, I never prepared it as a point of contact between me and them, which allows them to access my emotions and am bound to break them or take away their finances to make it stop too; for now it’s a matter of hanging around somewhere making a case for themselves, hurting the bottom and me getting along with work at the Office with the Head of State in the Middle, while their women claim it’s the sort of violence that Church encourages younger men to perform on women generally whereas most of my activities are sanctioned by other pious older women at Church, while theirs have gone beyond the deviance of couples that live together for years without getting married, planning a life on my wallet while it continues with the silly decisions that makes it such a bloody idiot in behaviour practice whenever it shows up in Public to begin with.

The problem , much the same with the Celebrities have always been with people who have what they don’t have and by the time they were done envying and destroying it, they will have realised they were comfortable on the left because they had their own society; it needs to stop chasing me around to allow its idiots develop from the business of being worried about me to a point of seeking privileges of injustice from government to a point where I am now afraid of them because overaged school truants in the neighbourhood spend all day making me tired while trying to get me into a fight with somebody that is bigger than I am. It is then said that people cannot be free from the tummy churning problems because of the way I talk and act but the way I talk and act has contributed to no such thing – what does is the actions of a group of idiots who want fame and popularity from my Public image, who think Government Offices exist to save them from hurting bottoms associated with getting a job, picking up embarrassing things I have done to play with as a means for acquiring my public image for their gimmicks and the reason they are doing it mostly is because it has become a habit for people to claim on public places that whatever I have done, whatever reason people were complaining about me, I was wrong. These fools on the other hand do spend time showing up here to tell me all I am doing only leads to a process where they want a war and need my income, which progresses the whole thing from the business of handling them like the idiots they are, to one of showing that the embarrassing things I do fits with who I am, hence I really should not be subjected to the business of being made to smell like what I last ate every time I step outside of my door. They love to claim the Monarchy is becoming more of a tyranny through me, which is utter nonsense as the things idiots who want to make money from my Public image build up as embarrassment that will ensure I was detached from it and they got to do so, which always works best when it’s about food because it means crowds can gather and talk about my tummy making me smell doing what they need to do about it, while Government idiots who think State service Offices are places where their wickedness cannot be questioned spend time claiming whatever I had done was wrong and then complain about the hurting bottoms associated with these decadent fools wanting to save the bums from the jobs while being rich at the same time – nothing whatsoever to do with the money and besides which they find it amusing, such that we hear them claim it’s the way I talk that annoys people which I could or I could ask them if depending on me when trouble makers and hoodlums get out of hand, while claiming everything I had done about anything is the wrong thing whenever hoodlums complain about my so called attitude, is that which they would rather I approached with a sense of finding out what it is exactly they can do about me or I approached with a sense of talking the way that I do. They do claim I think I have rights and powers which is utter nonsense as what happens is that, if we took what we have just mentioned for instance, it will depend on me when it wants to be safe from obscurity but spend time building publicity that says everything I do as a result of attention hoodlums pay to my concerns and anything I do about the results of that attention, is wrong; so when I seek out the reasons, it’s always about the fact I have something they think they deserve to own and when I suppose they can come and take it if they wanted, then I end up with license to do anything because their jobs are about Government; even now, the outcome will be that I had complained but it is still on. So, on the matter of the obscurity and the bottom hurting and tummy churning, it has nothing to do with me in anyway whatsoever – they have gone on long enough to deserve a response and this is it. They have claimed we support Armed Forces people doing it but not Politicians doing it at the Monarchy but so are we aware that if they were conversing with an opposing diplomatic arrangement and asked a soldier to do something about their counterparts on the other side because the argument got heated up, it would be a job that was too much for a soldier which is applicable to all Government Offices and yet we know they enjoy gallivanting around the world, seeing if a soldiers job will serve them on a personal basis at Industry, then show up to blame others when people returned from service to chase their bums and ensure they were always going the extra mile. It’s the same we see of their foolish Celebrities led by Americans and some European goons; that something I said in the Course of looking after an intellectual property administration business and its Trust system meant that I worked for them, much the same way the service process developed alongside my Books means they can communicate their problems in life through to me any time that their insulting layabout stupidities that also wanted to be rich got up to one of those money madness based insanity; it really causes a need to take up a role on the business of making sure they knew their place with respect to being manufactured into fame by an Industry goon, which gives them the illusion when they entertained people they were really famous. they always claim its rich coming from me when I am the character that Russian Interests play games with the most and its utter rubbish; what happens is that Russian people and Government know I am on the payroll of another government and not their own, so these goons have got enough fighting for a lifetime as part of the deterrence I need to build up, to ensure they stopped following me around especially when they saw me studying, while saying if I described them as idiots I would end up in a difficult situation with a big mouth, like a scene from civil rights horror.


I understand there is a sense I am the main point at which it has become obvious that the USA does not currently have a President that advocates what Americans really believe in all together – I wouldn’t know if it was a question and I could never tell why it was directed at me as I am not American and Mr Trump was the President which the USA had elected during the last General Election in that Country, so this sort of nonsense beats the imagination all of the time. All that people need see is that I do not work for them; when I say so, they are supposed to say that the last time they checked, they had been wrecking my academic work and finances in order to buy shares with companies I am involved with, so they might take advantage of me, which means I work for them whether I liked it or not and need pay up what is due and I am supposed to say that I am going to track the equities their stupidities have been fooling around with and when I get my hands on it, I am going to ensure I do not have to tolerate their big mouth ever again. They do claim there are people that can have me figured out and I understand these are the idiots that get us talking about these matters all the time i.e. I am sore all over and the business of writing Books, doing my academic work and even adding full time job to the two items while I looked after a Royal Hermitage does not stress me a quarter of what I am feeling because the idiots have been expressing what they should express at those who are on their payroll at me, while hanging around at another corner talking nonsense about who should own my assets because they were the ones paying the real taxes in the business world and I was  waste of space over a Book they do not want to buy or read but their foolish interest in the author had reached such an extent all together – so I am sure I am not talking gibberish; I do not work for them and am at this point tired of taking the pain killers, so the insults are very salty indeed considering they have not yet suffered for the damage to academic work and finances and the 13 years of my time wasted on these gimmicks to allow them play up their practical jokes.

The part that beats me all the time is that I have to respond to these things when we know they do their own abuses claiming they are other people’s employers while society people do some claiming there is space on the right that makes society people important – no idea what it has to do with me anyway but we can see the Books I have written is something that want to build their own lives with, they find me distracting because I have not responded to insults that are built up to change my life and the eye that is kept on me to ensure I do not relax in my backyard while it drips away with that big mouth they have got, My personality is the reason they wage war on me all the time because it should be deployed to make popular culture and when I attend University I drop out because they get to follow me around, knowing I have not yet earned a reputation for making them complain about wealth and social inequality hence vulnerable if they are not complaining. So in like manner am I asked if I am always at war with them, which I am not; this is just a series of consequences that will ensure they understood very well that I planned to build them a powder keg and light it the next time they followed me around at the academic institutions, regardless of whether it was a repeat process of claiming I was an overaged student with a body type and personality that should be engaging with gangs and criminals to make real bright kids with their future ahead of them more comfortable in the country that their stupidities live in; I do not respond to be frequently because in my mind there is a part of me that says this is all incredibly stupid and I have met clever people, so it is not a normal thing; that said, these idiots know that the reason I smell of what I ate is because of their local communities and societies seeing them tackle me and showing up to assist them while they cannot stop telling lies and while the behaviour of making sure that happens all the time as they bottom whip me over fantasies of me working for them continues, there are threats issued too because of the smell with that big mouth – so this is the beginning of the whole thing getting real; I do not work for them a making sure peoples public offices operate out of control and serves to protect their stupidities from bottom hurting associated with getting a job and this is simple enough.

It was meant to be this way from the first day i.e. the point of wrecking my academic work was to ensure that they got whatever powers that be to see that they were successful and had done all they had to do, while I hadn’t and was therefore set to be the toy they could play with – so I expected it was going to run around the city blabbing homosexuality and the respect millionaires deserve from me and if I pushed back a little culture and society idiots will know where my products are and begin a level of opportunism that makes me think the age of 50 was a luxury but I do not work for them and I am tired of taking the pain killers at this stage, they will need to watch their dirty mouth hence forth, may elect an American President that will ensure they do not have to, like we see them blab about electing one that will follow up those stupidities we see on Media that US economic recovery ought to depend on its allies, after a decade of playing with me and complaining about the fact it goes very well each time, they no longer have the stomach to play for the money – which I know means that they hate my guts but I am not interested in that either, it’s been a decade of tolerating the lies and practical jokes and they could have spent more time with their own concerns and the business that got to their heads than think they needed my income margin and my Royal Hermitage and that their business idiots needed my Bookshop Assets to help them win contracts and trading platforms in the City – half the time I might think I have done something overbearing until I find the other side gets to the stock markets to overload its problems on those who did not help build the modern world, so as to manage risks. The theory being that those who don’t get them complaining about wealth and social inequality before getting off to the academic work and career are vulnerable, so each time people ask them what the case with me seems to be, the most logical explanation is usually that I am a something the powers that be deploy to solve their problems, continues to give me ideas about selling their culture and society to pay off the invoices just to find out if they could do something about it in this life or the next.

So I am told I discount the fact I am at war with them all the time while it’s not really the case but I am not at war with them if I am in control of everything, right down to the business of the fact their idea of taking their money off to places in the world where people like me would not bother them, generally involves making money on my Public image to put the feet up at some tourism economy where they pass insults my direction which are so lie changing a bird will carry around the world – the outcome now being that I am not stopping them taking their money to places in the world where I will not be able to bother them, assuming they are prepared for or have the stomach for that too. It’s all just a series of consequences to ensure they never followed me around where I am chasing my career again and they always say some of them have seen wars while I am a flesh man blabbing which is very good, except that when it will never stop, so will we find that they cannot do anything about me because I can weave my equities into the society and sell it for money that will buy weapons that can help me find out if they will not die should I use it on them as well; otherwise people whose names you do not know should not be building communities of idiots with ideas about what to do to you, run it off at Politics and media all the time and get their imagination on the most private parts of your body whenever you step outside of your door while their women get into a war without end over your backyard and front porch for the same reasons, while they complain to Politicians about your attitude their own children run around making trouble for everybody and their version will involve the fact they must be instantly famous at my expense. So we find that because they can boil it down, they have noticed I can spread it out and they have gotten the Politicians to groom me from a character they were worried about to something they are not afraid of anymore because they want to move into my right hand and look like great conquerors as insultingly as possible and for each time that I can sell their culture and society for a living to buy weapons that can defend me from an attack by them, doing everything they don’t want when they tell me following me around when I am chasing my academic work and career will never be stopped, are all things I can do independently; the children can beat me up if they smelled it and I can beat them up to make them instantly famous, the Men can get their hands up my Bum after grooming me into a character they pick on to abuse somebody and help boost markets, complaining about reprisals but will not shut down communities with ideas about what to do to me and I will get into a habit of doing anything they don’t want, while the women can ensure I cannot breathe until the Celebrities spent their House because I made it so – all of it scares them well enough in the neighbourhoods, so when they want to punish me for filling their heads with what I know so I don’t get to pay the price for their stupidities all of the time on account they believe it’s how I get around to freedom and democracy, they usually punish me by setting out my whole life is now in the hands of media and celebrities, somewhere at the Office of their local Politician but since the completely unnecessary process of Media fools with jobs to lend them for these purposes got involved, there has been a sense that when they say people are taking things from me, there is a reality attached to it and it’s an example of what is omitted when media idiots and their Celebrities complain about me too.

They say I am prone to mistakes of course which I am but it’s an example of what we are dealing with I.e. it makes these decisions that eventually culminate in an outcome where it can no longer live in the one and only society that it has got and then it decided that it will not be going down by itself, so I lose my career because I am good looking enough to be chased up for homosexuality while it find a new existence on my Public image and builds a problem enough for a lifetime on a new decision to become more important than I am due to my attitude when I was more important than its stupidities, also plans to deploy my own Public image to achieve this. So it will bellow those foolish threats because its unaware my view of homosexuals when I was a young person was that what older people did with it was a bit overbearing and it is the excesses which caused the heartbreak, now it seems I am in the position to make the same decisions and it does appear to have been overbearing indeed as it were – so what happens is that one is not exposed to the other side of the story when one is a younger person i.e. the fact criminals really are people who endure such a difficult existence that they then decide without a choice that somebody else must pay for their suffering too, while homosexuals will be at the top of the list when we count people who help them home in their skills on this – such that if a criminal meets one on the streets, got irritated by homosexual suckers and beats it up, now we have something we get through our lives feeling sorry for. Some people think I am excessive in my actions too which I am not; we have seen me drop out of University an spend 11 years tolerating them in a hope that they want me to commit murder if I want to get rid of them and now I have actually taken a position to tell them off and they have also taken one to tell me it will never stop, we find media fools who support them the most pick up from here the business of making out peoples public Office exist to ensure their bottoms do not hurt due to the fact they got jobs – the same way the benefit system wanted me to drop out of University and end up on it so that I might reach a point where it wants to get me off and now that it wants to get me off, it has begun to spend less time trying to show people that although I have a good CV, I speak well and understand what commitment is, I really do not want to work but it has also left to me the business of clearing it out, which means that I must meet with enough employers to do so but I have to start meeting with them first in order to start – so it all shows up on Media as what the Men do to select my friends and that of women who work and carry on around them, then blow off the big mouth at me concerning what they must do to force me to get along with the male community while my biggest problem is still some sense of decorum I accorded them, which may or may not have been a factor of the money they had and since they wanted more of it, they destroyed my academic work and career to ensure that the prospect of getting it was not threatened, as stupidly as possible, then there were the women who befriended me and it eventually led to Media manager calling in somebody to speak with them about friendship with a character they do not know as something which is not good for the job in hand – having chased the business of trying to take the media manager job for myself over a period of years, I have decided at this point that it would have been a whole new lifestyle choice but the business of my finances looking well enough to ensure it’s not a factor when I get involved with these men is still the primary basis on which we will ever get along. So they do have tales of my sexual habits to play with and I am not disputing it too; when people see them people see money corruption, when people see me people should see sexual habits – the difference being that I am not actually doing it while they are but am predisposed to bother them as much as they bother me; in the end I am not in any way afraid of them as they have claimed, they are only likely to blab of my sexual habits until the business of showing I am fed up with taking the pain killers and do not work for them translates into acquiring a Media Mistress and  war on Shop Managers/CEOs – I do not work for them and I am fed up with it. The self-seeking media ones are nothing unusual, they always claim I hate their success while the Court is still not open to men and the pitfalls are still the bottom hurting issues – they have said that part is not their problem and that they can get involved with anything they like naturally but on the contrary it is, so that when the idea I should be involved with bad behaviour so that they might have the kind of dark society that makes male journalist feel as if their job is worth the salt, it will not be set in stone.


I do get told that I am completely out of hand but it starts with the Politicians wanting my personality to be debatable, soon we find these gits have moved into my right hand to show they are the real conquerors, situated in a condition from then on when they will be comfortable and in a position to make money, all good unless I decided I wanted to move on and did not care if hell broke loose – we know if I allow these gits do what they liked, they will rip up everything around here the same way we see the Media and public transport goons never give it a rest all day and because of the pressure they pile on people to put pressure on me, end up complaining still about getting the feedback from me as well, complain about my attitude as insultingly as they possibly can, we know if I allow it carry on, it will rip up everything around here and show up at another place saying it should not have happened because its stupidities were already comfortable with its Liberal society in the first place. It’s pretty much like it is said that what makes me do what I do is a very small matter and yes it is; what we find is that when these fools keep trouble makers off their business premises, they make statements that it is what I should have been doing as insultingly as possible, so it tends to clash with a process where their stupidities mess with my person and go to work being exceedingly important, which does not go down well with their bosses and here in the UK if those are linked to Lower parts of Upper Class activity the response is usually very vicious indeed and what is said while people are at it is that they are doing it for me – this is what the scum have copied and are always fighting my battles making a mess around here and talking rubbish completely unnecessarily all of the time – which will change nothing by the way about this business of crushing that stupid popular culture to make a statement that this is not the 1980s and 1990s every single time that they rebuild it and their dirty faced women are passing those life changing insults at me, especially the part where they claim what I say and write in the course of an intellectual property administration business adds up to a process of working for their stupid selves about which they build publicity and advertisement like complete idiots led by their even more stupid American friends.

It is now said that matters are so incredibly unstable because of me and there is no such thing; all we have is Media and Public transportation operatives claiming that they can do whatever they liked at my expense because each time they have a go at me a space that means a sensation of convenience exists irrespective of what I did about it, such that when they walk into that space they feel comfortable about their bad activities which then serves as a great incentive to continue and yet we know if they are bigger than I am, putting a bucket over their heads and beating them up to ensure I will not be recognised when I did it, would work just as well as any other form of attack. We know they speak of race issues getting out of hand all the time, while my Books were so controversial, it prevents me from raising funds to get a life and look after a family that serves the cause of this Royal Hermitage because they are keen to do things with it that does not involve acquiring and reading their own copy, such as finding out if I will get shot like John Lennon, so we know that it’s a behaviour whereby each time they handle me without reason or purpose it is always incredibly hurtful, never mind the fact some of them used to be terrorists, so if I said they need to stop following me around at academic institutions and keep away from my Books, they would tell me that will never stop as well looking for more of what they are complaining about i.e. whilst the race issues was a case of picking on Black guy because he should be in the gym and black guy thinks they need to spend a bit more time in the loo of which both sides are now unnecessarily showering me with their love, if they are complaining about the fact that they can fight when bullied but when they have handled me, no amount of fighting is ever enough to deter a bully, why they will not keep off my case and stop running around all day picking up random members of the public to talk about where I live and point to me as the guy who is looking for some trouble because they have the stupid media and Public transportation jobs to fool around with. I really have no idea how hard it could be for people who claim to be educated and better human beings than I am, to understand that running off a Media and Celebrity job on Publicity I have built for my Bookshop will destroy the sales and that if I must raise funds to get into a relationship at the Monarchy it is very destructive an existential thing for them to do, if I mention it that way it will be said I am being tender about something that will not give me a breathing space while I am only just responding to the idea they appear to be in need of information. I am perfectly aware that it will not give me a breathing space talking nonsense about the violence I will face because they were big enough for me to be afraid of, while it continues with that behaviour that wants to play cutthroat life with my earnings whereby I get to wait decades for their stupidities to prepare to get into the right position to produce the required effect as unnecessarily as possible, since this is not their own lives and my personal favourite that draws up that question of why it is that I work Government Office but the prospect of people who work National service and may sometimes find me irritating, is something the Celebrities complain about more than I do and why indeed the business of taking the warning I am fed up with swallowing the pain killers while their insolence gestures me to the left to feel superior continues has not been taken seriously. So it does tend to mean I get told as well that I will meet them a lot in the course of a writing career which I will but I do not think it will be a problem either, as long as I am not picking up their security problems when I attend a Book signing event; as I have pointed out before, the start of all these was the damage to my academic work, bearing in mind I already had a personality that was said to be good only for the purpose of hanging around somewhere being angry that others are famous while it was being used to make fame and Celebrity culture for other people, so the idea that I could give them anything they demanded while I attended University without being bothered was done on the back of this – it is the destruction of that academic work and the continued vandalism of my Book sales which has set out the decision that something had to be done about it. The Celebrities that complain about me really love to claim I get involved and it affects their marriages and so on; what then happens is that I assess the structures I had built to support some Celebrities who accept that support without spending time working out who is more important while that support is going on and decide I must have unwittingly picked up a very bad one, except turn on the internet but a little and there will be a million and one saucy pictures taken for my public image and with specific reference to me, which have accumulated over at least a 5 year period. They love boasting that the sensation of convenience which exists when they tackle me and therefore encourages them is due to the fact I am afraid of them but I cannot remember for what engaging with my audience over what I do to make a living is worth, when exactly I have said or done anything that was set to ensure they felt comfortable about their stupid selves anyway and am still of a mind that wonders if the fact I do not respond to the threats whenever I see them, is going to be a problem with the Media and Public transportation gits in the United Kingdom.