So here the problem I tend to have with Black people is that of how on earth people fight for their own endorsement but the question therefore being answered by an abusive experimentation that leads to a result whereby they fight and lose the endorsement and keep the job by which it comes and carry on like that for the rest of their lives, doing nothing about it if those who are inflicting it on them are related to them or a Members of their race but most crucially older than they are which is one of the stupidities platforms of existence I have to deal with around here and is a prognosis that will be tested here in every turn as we all know that these idiots have always been fond of finding themselves a younger person to use as shield while they mess up people’s lives to make their stupid existence acceptable in order to end up with clubbing and partying lifestyles while their victims end up with civil rights and death but it is an example of matters that Mr Obama does not pay attention to as such i.e. given half the chance these fools will exchange for us all racism and world war one/two for global level inter clan and inter family violence. As for the white people that take advantage of me however, there is none in a real way; those who want to know where Industry villages are and can get up there and talk rubbish at me where it really matters, otherwise the main problem is still the Media where Lower and Middle classes can engage themselves in whatever processes might be relevant for being more important than I am but is now becoming a weapon of which insults and abuses and violence are not profitable things, so it is very expensive for them therefore and appears to be a behaviour others may end up looking at as an expression of the fact those who carry it through are very intelligent organisms but in actual fact the reality being that it isn’t – so I need to find a way for that; Media for Middle and Lower classes is not sitting well with me so far. Obviously the vile nature of these pickers and opportunists is best expressed by the unscrupulous nature of their feelings when they blockade my Books over their needs to chase my lifestyle for new travel and tour experiences – it does not make any sense as a behaviour whatsoever, just incredible destructive and linked to the gossips by which the nepotism that is responsible for their good feelings are forged but it is their lack of feeling that actually gets to me because it means that as long as there is Media they will have to deal with lesser and lesser consequences for every occasion I am unhappy about that level of destruction of my earnings, all while I am dodging homelessness for instance on their account; so they think they are having the life but it makes me very angry indeed and I bet they have an excuse that explains my anger too; so this is the shakeup that means government security is threatening them and I need to lose social Media progress and I need this update up and running like it is and as I have put it because I am going to do something about it really soon for my part as well. So it is costing me the followers on social Media because this blockade of my Book sales is something that has become second nature for them as well. The need that these guys have to get on media and pass their repressive insults at me is obviously noted but of course the reality is still that it does not bother me that much considering if I have to set out means to ensure black millionaires the world over have something to complain about due to a vandalism concerned with how my successes will break their stupid record, then I will have to do what I will have to do but all should see at present that the goons are still unable to take in the amount of money they have lost so far at the global markets since last the behaviour of turning up to round me up like an animal and claim the white man is at fault while they are rounding up their kids doing so of which is where their future lies, to turn up and force sex and popular culture on me and get in my face all the time on that stupid media as when I do not need it simply makes it the point at which it becomes their main preoccupation so far – I can only make them squirm again.


This is 2015 -16 and it should have become the main concern of all that after the Blair and Brown era it had become impossible to protect a Career from Media and Popular culture goons in search of extra millions and their idiot in the US who consider themselves the purest forms of capitalism if you do not make them pay dearly for anus and penis insults that support personality theft - at the moment this is not the case for obvious reason and is therefore clear the need for leadership. I am not for one moment assuming I will ever work at the Office without distant sexual abuse and total destruction of Public interest on this matter if I had failed to enlist Lethal State Security support to aid me.

They now say I do not sincerely believe in anything I do although I want to be seen championing civil rights in my own fake Royal way all the time; the reality of it is ever so simple i.e. the fact they want to spend all their time wielding the power of the majority is what drives you further and further into the enforcement of the class system – for instance when there are 200 banks ripping up the economy and five are well behaved friends of yours, so that when they are called to select committees to give evidence they hate your guts and sit there complaining that you have ripped up their Policy systems all together. So this is another occasion where they feel like judging me and the situation is pretty much the same as it has always been i.e. nobody has a problem with their civil rights in the whole world, they simply have a need to bandy it about while ripping up people’s lives and property so as to get a certain feeling from setting out that after an onslaught from them they have more and others have less and that can be interpreted as what they call freedom, claiming that it is perfectly alright as their victims have recovered before and nothing dissuades them except death; so it is really ever so difficult to figure out how people come up with such nonsense and I have tolerated it as well because people are not supposed to get the benefits of my work from me through alternative means if the Books are published and placed on the market, supposing I made an excuse to blame myself etc – so their incivility had to be punished i.e. I am not throwing away all my money I am making the problem worse in order to protect it, as it is not clear how people come up with that too. These are the fakest freedom scumbags I have ever seen in my life for the most part and their access to technology and information systems is unprecedented, the fact it is always causing me harm is something that had to be dealt with. They do also claim my place as Royalty that is championing civil rights is unbecoming and I would never know as this is not about championing civil rights but the fact that others always tend to have areas of their lives that are vulnerable and they always tend to get on media to get their own covered so as to be the persons with an exclusive right to exploit it and so when you do have a job for life, you must understand that you cannot live like that and if it is not that one because you are Royalty then it is the one where as a person you simply have a personality others need to peddle to make entertainment and merchandising – creating such conditions as suggest that your children will always be robbed with fresh meat in an environment where those who do it know that there are predators around so to speak and they think they will get out of it by making me kill with government office until I am no longer able to, then just sit back and take it until I am killed in revenge too.  So they do say it is what my Books do as well but if which if the Books did nothing of that sort they would never ever have listened; so now they have a personality people want to peddle to make entertainment and merchandising as well they understand but have no wish to change their ways as well and I do not think it is a problem either, as I mentioned before, this matter is here discussed because they seem to have a need for judging me everyday alongside it i.e. the problem is that they are fighting entrapment as well and now people can finger their bums to probe their stupid minds and I can be realistic about the way civil rights income theft and career piracy works right back to the 1960s – the choice is their own, to stop being found around my concerns and business and there is no side of them that is right for it, either front or back so to speak. The colloquialism is that they have always been a bunch of two face tarts with a need for media corruption and the damage to my business was just the beginning – that was meant to ensure I am vulnerable to a process where all I do to fix it is spent on a civil rights idiot doing something about environment and rock and roll, while the other is just the market income for my Books being stolen and taken away totally, so it has to lead to a serious outcome as that is the only way to stop it – there is no Royalty here fighting for Civil Rights. They say I play around with peoples wives but the first time they ripped up my literary empire with a Media abuse that was enough to as it were, it could not be explained; since then, subsequent damage has been explained by such things while people continue to make their wives into the one I should have married to have a sex that matches their seniority and all those kinds of abusive insults and the anus and penis abuses that come with it – I am sure they understand that they live in a world where they rip up people’s lives and make excuses the owners are supposed to go along with and find out in about a decade that they had been idiots all along and stop issuing threats at me before it becomes far more serious than they could possibly have imagined – I can do whatever I like with their wives if I cordon off their homosexual communities and want them to keep off my Court; so they are free to keep provoking me by turning up on that stupid media to make out their rights involve asking me to make use of my business without paying for the products if they wanted and then do it anyway if I had not given. So I will continue to play around with peoples wives as 15 years of financial destruction in my Estate where it is so important to them that they destroy every single thing on a daily basis, such that I am now so cash strapped I cannot get a date must certainly indicate genocide; they do say I will get into trouble, I say they love business way too much for that to happen.

We do hear that story all the time about how much I need to be afraid of blacks in the US especially because they are real men with very large penises and have respect for nothing when angry but I know what it means in any case for most of the time, it is not unusual; just an old story of what popular culture and celebrity is all about i.e. when they are done with school yard cults and gangs they turn up on media to mess with my public Office in order to end up owning Millions they have never worked a day for, so the threats have developed from a prognosis of looking like they want to kill me and take it and by the way of which they have found those who use their methods of asking people to share and labelled them the problem and are even ready to murder those as well for good measure and it is nothing at all new, just the fact they have gone from being scared to learning my Royal fighting abilities with which to threaten me and nothing about it is ever fresh – same old tale of a kid starting a fight with me knowing if push comes to shove he will get Mummy’s knife and stab me and so he has confidence the most cowardly way he has devised to ensure nothing deters him from starting a fight with others is iron clad and it goes on like that because it is what their parents teach them and send them out to do, right up to the part where they are more rooted in their local communities than you are etc, bearing in mind that the parents always follow up this nonsense with their grown up versions. I don’t mind for the most part; the first loss was largely a matter of clashing with me for cowardly trophy victories that waste my time and property and set them up for life, having to do with the fact they have no respect for me which changes nothing about being more successful than they are, leading to an outcome in which they have come to justify involvement with me to damage my property and create an idea to the contrary which never actually really works as everybody knows I am a Law student and if they were Law students and considered themselves to be in a position where I write what I write and say what I say, they would have been geniuses on that stupid Media all together anyway, so it does not bother me but they need to shut their mouths and put those insults where people appreciate them because I am very unlikely to get into trouble with the law over their stupidities or stupid children as much as I am likely to borrow those stupid cultures and communities again, so they can have it back when I am done selling the Books as it were, the first one I borrowed has not yet been handed back it should be noted, this new one was the one they made up and are very angry people at present but cannot leave me alone as we  were mates thereof. They are not more successful than I am and the American ones will not tame the need to make me feel I have no clothes on yet until the results are a lot more serious than they ever imagined; they think there are bigger men in the Country who see living the way I do which they did beat up, have imagined I am much the same and like to brag all the time about doing my stuff as a function of looking after women to rile the gentlemen Brit etc and how I would get into trouble if I lived in the USA when I have not lived there yet and they have no idea – they hate my guts for what has happened to them but everybody can see how stupid they are because they keep doing it; I gathered they are just playing with me and yet I am complaining, they complained because I do not want them to play with me before that so I really need to ensure the fucking bastards are not wasting any more of my health or time as it were before they move off. It feels as though One is meant to celebrate every turn we see them get off on Media and social media to show they have been cheated out of everything in life as such but if you don’t actually do it this is what you have to complain about. The root cause of all these problems is that they have always wanted to express themselves through some civil rights corruption where those who have more tell those who have less what to do; this therefore means that they turn up on my case with a tale of what I may not do and whether those who make me do what I wouldn’t want to do instead have the ability to even if they have to rally millions of persons against one man to achieve it – so we all know they enjoy their high profile civil rights movement idiots and that is why they like to think they are more important but we are not mates and they do need to leave me alone otherwise there is more to complain about painfully as it were; apparently women are just things and the fact they are filthy animals who are the kinds of persons that beat up people to please women and need somebody else’s public life and somebody else’s entertainment establishment to have a public life is all magical – by the way of which I want them to clear off mine now and take the money or else. I mean at what point does a human being work hard and shut down the aspects of their lives that mean they were born somewhere, grew up somewhere and are heading somewhere anyway? When they do and seek other people’s lives the Politicians claim its civil rights and their civil rights leaders live in a world that operates with insult that is beyond human communication all together – so this women stuff is not at all amazing in anyway because I really cannot shut mine down even if it is the reason I cannot get a job; I mean I have seen some of the reasons and it has to do with joining a gang for example so when you leave you sign a death warrant in the process or insults of community idiots that want to move into your right hand etc but it is impossible to understand how something so simple as the fact you did not fall off from the sky could be such trouble but then again women are things and it is magical all together and they can be used as pawns by two fact civil right tarts. What you eat cannot stay in your tummy apparently and yet it is as though those who like to abuse you sexually and make you sick because they would kill for what you have were a menace while these idiots will actually kill you and grab it to ensure their destiny is in their hands but if you take a look at them the only thing that runs in the heads of the women is whether or not women use tampons or have monthly periods etc and for the men it’s that community nonsense that people have to be rooted in etc and this is why they and their Politicians love it so much – to get on media and call me names that may indicate I am the kind of person that has the answers to these kinds of problems; not enough have died yet and this is the last time the insults and threats of anus sniffing American ones will be tolerated here. If you kill the ones that follow you around they will say it is those that were fighting your battles for you – the battled you were too weak and cowardly to fight as it were but these abuses never cease and their women are always off to violent sexual conquest on which the nepotism of their husbands and barely lawful criminal existence of these stupid children is profitable, so let’s be clear about this matter here once and for all, I am no longer willing to tolerate it further.


Another of their stories I have had enough of a two face tart is the one of how I wouldn’t support anything of the evils the British Government does on my behalf around the world because if I did I would lose my literary empire and still if I didn’t would share a secrete between me and them and only and this is the sort of nonsense that facilitates the kind of sexually abusive involvement through Media and Politics while people get off to ask me why I am always after the idiots that work in those two spheres all the time. The simpler way of explaining the reasons they hate my guts and I hate their own is that of the fact that they have claimed all I do is sexual especially when I al flustered because of them while I am such a master of deprivation that I don’t even support homosexuality and it dances right into the violence for me if I get jobs without being fucked by their community croons whose sexual desires I stir thing that besets them at academic work so they can turn up on my case with their stupid civil rights and seek money through popular culture which then makes the problem worse, although I am happy people have had their fill of buying those stupid CDs and music off them as well for my part as it seems they can buy anything thereof and get my information without paying for them the Books to feel powerful and blow off a big mouth they cannot back up which they do not so often these days anymore as it were – while what I hate about them is simply the insults which they are doing everything they can to ensure there is no justification for having such feelings towards them as they were more important. The complicated ones will be far more detailed i.e. when they say I will get into trouble for messing with peoples wives but I find their wives all over my Court making hell for me to make money they do not work for, which means I am not getting into any stupid trouble any time soon because they love business too much to have any guts for it and will keep playing with peoples wives as much as I like, if I do not actually keep them here permanently all together as it were. Then there is the other one about how when I am flustered as a result of their insults and abuses that are supposed to force me to tell their fortunes they claim I am sexual and when I stick to my faith a violent master of deprivation looking for violence and get up all over that stupid media of theirs for it too – the other will be the part about them at the back of the class room in school, at the back of society, at the back of culture, at the back of Politics and a need to cling to me like we were mates, abusing me sexually all the time because they are sure that based on their endowments they can take me on etc. So this is the kind of things that mean your daughter jumps out of the window and gets off to have sex with men she does not know where is where the two face tart part of their lives come in as mentioning such things also means I serve them because they have power over me to make me but in the end its still social corruption and she will one day return with a baby whose father she does not know in her womb; so it’s largely a matter of the devil at the door and it is going home with your corpse tonight the joblessness that comes from not fucking around because you want to provoke the strong by being a Christian and then provoke them further by letting your morals affect them; so I would do many times as worse anything that the British Government does to them routinely as it were and this is a fact they do not pay attention to. As for the part about being at the bottom of everything including culture and society and academic work and turning up to get involved with me which messes up my public image and personality and finances – all that noise making and threats and journalist based involvement and insolence will soon lead to an outcome whereby I concern myself with making them fear me as it were; women do not provoke them and I am a Royal Prince while they are nothing – nothing whatsoever. What really happens in a real world sense by the way is that they turn up and assess me to locate what they have seen before in the lives of rich people and then that means I get factorised by them to give rich people the advantage which destroys everything here and then go off to rip up the personal lives of rich people breeding where they shouldn’t as well at my expense, which is why it is so important to the Media and popular culture ones that I am so cash strapped I cannot even get a date from people in my own Social Class who will not have a date with them etc and then it starts to get all sexually abusive when they are resisted and that noise making about getting into trouble for playing with peoples wives ensues which is what is happening but on the matter of what the British Government does to them abroad, I think these facts lay it out very clearly that I would do many times as worse. It’s never about looking out for their stupid rights like they claim it is; it’s about having it and making sure others who had before you lose their own as well – so we find them making really stupid excuses up like how other peoples successes need to annoy you lest you would never be successful yourself etc, then tell me what I get to support about the actions of the British Government when my food cannot stay in my tummy because they know where my anus and penis is and have problems that I will solve anyhow I tend to react to it while they do it for as frequently as they have any fucking needs with a big mouth and the threats will mean that they have the capacity to take the whole evil merchants trapping peoples children and getting them possessed with demons that will tell fortunes through the children which Christ can then come down from Heaven to release from bondage so that he might set himself up for crucifixion etc to a level that says the devil is at my Door step and is going home with my corpse tonight, so we can find out if that is really what is going to happen as well as it were; otherwise they need stay away from me as I am Royalty and they nothing.

The rest like to claim my problem to be a function of attacking those who are on my side of which there are none; it’s an old story of our communities in the UK being full of young people with a hatred for other peoples skills, which means they regularly make statements about people walking around like they were the Boss who need to be attacked simply because they know what they do so well that they do it aesthetically and then the accusation based controversies that make them campaigns of entrapment will follow very soon after and get more and more violent every passing 24 hours. However it is the older ones that were worse off because their mates got ahead of them and so I would never understand how it feels when a younger person is more successful unless I get the same feeling which is what they are inflicting here and the crucial issue being of course that I am able to recover firstly which means they do not have to worry about their conscience and then also that they got involved with me in the first place when I don’t even know them, to find out about the success altogether; the Politicians that fostered it said they were making sure I do not steal their public lives to make fame and fortune celebrity, now everybody can see what has become of it. So the competition they like to have with me over who is the best man is what is happening here and not a process whereby they are on my side and they will be free of me when my finances are restored as they found it – it’s not that I have a problem with younger people being financially more successful, this is what the problem is; the finances need to be restored to the way they found it if they want to be free of me and stories of my problems stemming from attacking people on my side which they need to say to ensure the smile on their faces on that stupid media is not a wry one is going to lead to more trouble. As it stands the big matters are the ones being handled i.e. when they star in a film they think that is their stupid popular culture where somebody helps them to my public life but now they will dominate me with the money as well and so they start to pretend it is their stupid lives as well and we all know the films are owned by different people who actually buy and own shares and create and direct the films all together, so I need them to keep off my Books, take the Money, stay off my Public life and clear my space. Of course they do say I get involved with celebrities as well but that is largely a matter of some of their own idiots making films and perhaps some Music too which leads to an outcome where instead of directors being wary of actors claiming the film to be part of their lives, what happens is that the directors claim the actors lives to be part of their film – so that I have to collect the social media profiles of actors affiliated to me and then it can be from there as well. There is no such thing as problem here because I attack people on my side; I need these idiots to clear my space and keep off my Books. They are playing the same game down the Communist route too, such is their hatred for me but in the end it does not bother me as we all know communist spies turn up in this Country to walk by me on the streets and start to attack and hate my guts as per I will get them killed which was my fucking business as we are all well informed about what they are spying for around here; their Countries however being full of idiots that put up all these facade on the international scene so they can grab people intellectual property and run off to behave like Kings getting wealthy in their Communist countries with it – the most surprising Nation that does it with incredible impunity being the Germans and they are not actually communist but they do start to accuse me of laziness and indolence and that is usually where it starts to heat up as well. There will be trouble if they don’t have money they said and now they have the money so I suppose they are looking for it and it is a good spot to start the part where they only starred in the shows and the movies not own it hence I can watch my share in peace as it were – they do say I could solve that by tidying up my life which people ought to mess up too at the rate of 14 years at a time because they have needs; they can wreck me and keep wrecked everyday from here.