So the Politicians have begun the week with a tale of how my Court of Politicians is a betrayal of Parliament; I cannot understand why that should be the case anyway – all I know is that it is not as easy as they think, to take about such matters when people are bonded to you in such intimate ways. However if the matter must the resolved, then we are looking at an old problem that is still continuing i.e. the Politicians are really good at making sure my finances are ripped up while I am forced to tell stupid people they are clever, in which condition somebody can help them to money, which is not coming to stage where both the attitude that they and these stupid people have towards my finances are becoming essentially and fundamentally violent. Hence I need to accelerate the old case where each time they make use of my Books without paying for it, they end up with more stupid people they represent knowing how their jobs work as well. The same happens with journalists and in their case we now have the most frequent form of abuse to be the one where they give signals to community croons to work some form of witchcraft based abuse on somebody whose public image they want to deploy on the day every day but it began with naming me the big one and setting off to find as much trouble they can get into and means by which they can make use of as much of my temperaments as they might need to clean themselves up after – so that where we are now is the point where it is becoming provocative that the prognosis of all involvement with me is meant to see me do something violent to secure their safety and well being; hence each time they make use of my Books without paying, more trouble makers find out how their jobs work as well.

Hence it seems that what they are referring to is the bit about my state office and the National frontiers and how everybody wants to operate in it due to how good it is etc but then again of which I have no idea how it tended to have meant that the ladies were the problem; so I am sure they will note that if they do what they must in the correct way, everybody will be happy, as my Mobility will not have been encumbered triggering a fight yet again as it were but I am not expecting that this is what they are planning to do with and need to ensure it is not an amusing stupidity at my expense as well. So I guess this is what they meant when they said it is a betrayal of Parliament. In the end I fail to understand what they are thinking anyway, since if I have a Court of Journalists and they are Publicity broads and I have a Court of Politicians who are tied to me in ways that cannot be public discussed, it should have been obvious to the reasonable mind, that I already have people who are set to take up matters on Public and National frontiers of my duties.

It’s the same story we faced over Brexit; what it does when an idiot buys a BMW as a result of spending more time in the work environment than those who are cleverer than he is but are being held down and back by Politicians who are making a point of it and of course how the EU became the main point at which such nonsense as financed. So that if he got to the stock market and got rich quick then returned to the neighbourhoods to show it off to people who have been at work and not unemployed because they are being used by Politicians, over the last five years; according to minimum wage, he would have been dealing with people who had some £15,000 in saving on average, so that the Politicians are still at a loss as to why Brexit happens when they are the physically greatest one impediment to this sort of situation being the norm. So, these are the people Politicians want to represent and not me and what they describe as betrayal of parliament does not actually exist, as it is all my doing, when my Books are used without copies being bought.

So they say it is the way I have made people feel; that is not true either – the way I have made them feel is more concerned with the fact the ladies have now realised that no matter how little the involvement from men they allow at Court business, because of their nature, it will always play out into a case of those who are successful enough to make them question any slightest bit of their great disposition in all of existence, will get stepped on really hard without asking questions – so it might make good sex sometimes but the results are worth thinking about. In my case however, I am working with those who do not need money from me at present and am almost done with them, it should be noted that those who need it are on my door step and that time is against me. I mean a typical example is a fashion model being worth some 3 million pounds at 18 and by 24, 20 million pounds and it is all facilitated by a process of being seen around my Public image extracting aesthetics from it in return for abuse, which will then likely continue for eternity no matter what she has, as though this is actually the property of the stupid Men who facilitate it thereby meaning none of it was as ridiculous as it looked.

I do get those questions about why it happened which is supported by the theory I am promiscuous; the reality of course is something rather even more alarming i.e. when Mercedes Benz creates a shade for their Auto for instance, we all know that you cannot find it anywhere else in the world and if they created it from my Royal temperaments and Public work, it has been an Asset that we share in a Trust system that I have built since last they took interest and started developing them but what we have here is a the greed of fashion models meaning they must be handled in the same way as these property. Hence the other question of how it was made, which is the one about people complaining of their freedom all over the world story; firstly is the question Politicians must answer as per why I am not caught in the same conditions of the evils I cleared out of the country immediately after I got my Royal commission and journalists started travelling around the world, seeking evils they can lay me down with – I mean, it has been imported from Europe I can understand that but so is the question also of why I am in a situation where my Books are not being sold as well bearing in mind it thus means that I did not actually lose credibility after all? The property has been built from the bits about behaving properly to avoid the return of Nazism which people put in my face, alongside how we ever always do our best work when we are trying to kill each other, until I kick them well enough to extricate a complaint from them on a global level which attracts Industries to the Royal Equities too and then there are other Intellectual Property service authenticity parameters such as the fact that I am paid in Equity for my Public and Royal work and how they have a very personal set of problem with my financial well being to that effect; So all will be well if they keep off my Books sales and stopped encumbering my Public image mobility all over the world and more so to inform me of the various means by which they seek their ends, chief of which is the one where I am not aware of the gangs fighting my battled but they are doing my stuff for me, right down to parents who prevent their stupid children from killing me because they are poor and deprived with that big mouth; hence it’s not organised enough for anybody to just get involved with but spread out and completely random to be practiced by the person I meet on the street or my next door neighbour, matching the duties of an Arch Prince who works morality that puts light in their eyes and worked by male Media and Politicians every day.

So they say I need to be a tough person because I am always acting tough when I am actually not; the reality being that I do not need to be tough in any way to ensure that I have what they fancy but ensure they can never ever have it as well. I mean at this stage the reality is that I have failed on very few matters; I have ensured Religious people can be financially successful in the UK by detaching peoples cultural evil and claims that it amounts to their freedom from mainstream living and I have ensured the entire world understands this message very clearly to that effect as well, running my Royal Estate properly and looking after all government interests in my care successfully; what is then making trouble is a collection of self seeking idiots on Media, making sure it is never quiet around here because they want to tell tales of how I commit evil by coveting people’s property and peoples women and when they started it was a case of always talking into me and jumping on my chest, they said it was because they knew when a demon leaves somebody and then returns to the person it becomes 7 times as powerful and evil etc, today it has progressed not just into something about a need to see me get into violent and criminal activity but also something of the fact they are always giving signals to community croons to work some witchcraft on somebody and you cannot concentrate on anything you study because you are so distracted by them and ended up with this case where they want somebody to beat me up for them in order to make them feel special and it is not a situation I believe will end well if they had achieved too for my part, so I always like to say they need to stop getting on my nerves and I rather think they are bluffing too.

I mean it’s an old story; people murder other human beings and it comes down to their arrogance; it was his fault he went up against this i.e. their physical abilities etc among many others and time again of which there is no reason somebody who sell cannabis for instance should make contact with me but the Media will draw up the link and make a stupid distant conversation possible; hence their main source of anger towards me being that they always claim they will win and then they need the kid criminals and the lasciviousness and the Politicians to bail them out, while blabbing even more of those insults in public places endlessly. And it always leads to that same old need to take hold of entire communities and pervert it into a condition where they can say they are untouchable on one hand while on the other they are the real problem for the Police and the anus and penis insults they bandy at others runs wild, whereby they hate my guts but refuse to accept we would not have that problem at all if only they had kept their stupid fingers to themselves in the first place, which claims of untouchable is never really true because when you do is when it turns out the idiots have been fighting your battles all along; Which is the other point at which they have an issue here i.e. I do not want any moving into my right hand or my left hand but it has become an obsession of theirs instead, however which they want to get on Media and complain about their own hurting all the time because I made it so for my part too. It gets help from journalists who offer it in a condition where I sit in the Office to ensure any who reads my Books without buying their copy ends up with others knowing how his or her job works, only for those who enjoy doing it so much to be bailed out publicly on Media, which activity I have never actually experienced an explanation for my entire life; what I have experienced however being when they say I challenge them but have not got the anus and penis insults thing sorted out whereas we all know it’s a matter of going home to third world country and when whole family gathers with cars and so on, the person who cooks food is the one with an anus and penis all together – so it seems that when it leads to a process where I have a problem with them stealing government money and chewing snacks and sleeping with girls, then will they realise I can watch my back and it will all get only a little bit serious.

It has occurred to me many times, especially over complains of inequality, this whole business of Media and community witchcraft thing that must carry on with chosen targets all day long because of course, even in terms of simple things the employer does to train employees, nothing you learn stays in your head on their account; this talking about it like so for me seems like a wasted opportunity unless I had taken steps to ensure all the matters involved have been resolved. They do like to say there is nothing I can do about them of course and am only speaking to create a scare – reality of course is rather that not just is it the case they start every time, knowing the Politicians will turn up and wreck my finances to let them beat down my health and challenge me to a fight on account I am a threat to their freedom – so it eventually breeds this result where the ladies had to find out some facts and figures about their male counterparts especially with respect of what their involvement with the Court aims to achieve, which reality is as it stands that they had taken it all i.e. I had to create a safe and accessible means to dangerous parts of culture and society if I needed a court of journalists and now I have had to get another one and this sort of blabbing and threats by these foolish men therefore makes me so angry; so that in the end, there is really no need to be building the backyard of a business over and over and over again in order to keep he front face open – so it is not true that there is nothing I can do about them and their perverts at the communities, when we all know I can find out how their big mouth stretches if I shut down all means by which their journalism can be more than just news reporting for them and then ensure their society idiots do not have  the latest trend, especially the one about becoming Women and kids. As for the story of black Women getting the better of me; it’s an old case that when you do not respond to being bullied by them knowing that a response would make it all terribly worse, it makes all black people second class citizens and then we soon find they are the ones that want to escape from it by having the most number of white friends – while their white counterpart tend to turn white Men into racists – it’s never true, the claim that runs around endlessly, that they get the better of or bully me as such. Then of course is the question of what I get whereas in reality when the Industry and factory and warehousing ones that are actually the ones who need money from me, concerning whom I need to get the Books sold and these fools need to clear my space, catch on in a couple of Months, it will all come together and then all will see that it is only when these idiots are caught in domestic abuse situations we hear they are not normally violent men, otherwise they will be taking pictures of super models and fame mongrels on other peoples public image and cannot be stopped in hell – it does mean they need to be stopped because it does not work as per since this was not their property I am not getting a space job while they do whatever they liked and am being threatened with violence everyday so they can do journalistic superiority work with confidence. So they say I have suffered a lot but I have not – it’s a matter of anxiety i.e. rightfully I should have nothing to do with celebrities i.e. looking after a community should mean looking after one which comprises of Europeans and agree with Royal allies and Asia too and Middle East and other British Isles but I have made an exception for pop stars bonded to me because they work for academic environment and we have had that long standing relationship even before my unfortunate drop out from University sadly in 2008 and then the film stars that have taken part in films made from Royal Estate world of mystery and adventure which is linked to the temperaments of my person and the blessings of God which are attached to it and also the other bits concerning my activities involving what I have done to extend the effects of my State provided security to others. Even then it is a bit above the head and I have to be strict about it and this is what causes me the most extreme of anxieties.

The European ones say that the British have made it their duty to turn Brexit into a success and so Europeans have to turn it into a success for Europe too; it sound nice and great but it is digging it again, an old story of never rejecting democratic people otherwise you will end up with an argument with the majority and you will never win it too; in this case specifically, it’s about an original provocation, we want to talk about it and stop it, they want us to see it is where people get the better of us as well but when asked if we do get the better of them, say that we do not but do take steps to ensure they do not get what they want from us. So what Europeans have loved to do is foster and develop this whole process where quick and simple decisive hatred for other people’s success can therefore lead to your own success as well and it shows they have learned from the fact the concoction that was Nazism was strangely and mesmerizingly both ideological and military at the same time.

It’s never really an issue just Europeans making things difficult after they broke the UK away from the EU by not recognising the nature of its State because their German and French Models that know how to get rid of Royal Families were the only ones in existence in their view. So, to say that when we have set out how our relations with the rest of the world will be in these trying times, every little interest left over must be shared, which we do not agree with because it causes us violence is that which must be responded to by trade and National income punishments, can only be resolved when we British again take steps to ensure we do not pay for such nonsense at all, lest footing the Bill becomes the least of our worries thereof. I personally have taken these steps to lace some of the things I have done with hypothetical swear words and so on with the result that the good peoples of the world want to see the British and the Monarchy and they want it too but do not know how they want it. Same old case of there being more than one way to maintain global peace; that an angry South America is pretty much as dangerous as ISIL for instance and we all know people in the Falklands need to know their Government works for them.


Brexit they say is fostered by extremists which is actually not true; we all know it goes its own direction as separate from all other things which are mainstream – the only people who are making sure others are caught up with it in a way that amounts to being financially worse off is the Politicians who are hoping extremists will be attracted to it. In the end the truth is that the UK which is a White peoples Country was equally Bombed by the Nazis and we all know that if they gave their reasons for it, those reasons would have been completely ridiculous; the only people who have not learned from it of course are the French where far right movements correspond with a history of collaboration with Nazism and thus creates a result where it holds second largest majority in Parliament already.

So they say my interference with Celebrities is starting to annoy them and it is always in those conditions where a stupid one want a contract or to make money or get close to the Royal family and an action I took blocked it off without my knowledge; so as far as they are complaining then we should be making progress on the matter since they are usually very clever about it and ensure if I do not do their bidding their problems will get me and if I talk about it People at Court will be put at risk. So I need to be clear on the fact they have no personal relationship with me and do not have a celebrity career that involves showing me off and hence their involvement with any of my concerns especially public and diplomatic aspects is a security risk – if they are interested in me for money, what they should do is get involved with those who are interested in me and my leadership for money, find out how it is done and why and stop getting on my nerves. My tolerance of this nonsense is not limitless and we all know letting it run as long as they do not interfere with the main programme does not work – they are always having way too much fun at other people’s expense for their own good. They always say they are out of my league and I need come through will the bill when I want to tag along but I am not taking them out on a date; what is happening is a process of shutting down that stupid fame game around me because they tagged me a big one and decided they could do with me anything they pleased and I am determined to find out what it is exactly they can do around here as well – goes without saying, if they want money from my leadership, what they should do is get involved with those who do, find out how it is done and why it is done that way. It has become important at this point and the result is that I am going to break that Middle class nonsense for them if Journalists and celebrities do not cease all means of addressing me pretty soon; I mean what I have to tolerate here is important i.e. when people organise talented people at Diplomatic circles and I have to go to the Internet to get information when the trivia of classical music was good enough on account my head is full of thoughts about popularity for instance – so I will not tolerate it any further. It’s like when people say that I have suffered much when I have not since it’s all a matter of Celebrity behaviour causing me extreme anxiety; I mean, nobody knows why somebody would throw up violent tantrums if a process where they cling to and drag around another person’s public image because they are making sure their new business makes a lot of money would become something they do with such publicly displayed glee and joy anyway but the question of how much interference I cause them without knowing it and how it means I will get beaten up has meant I want to end every means by which they get to address me too. They do claim I make use of the Celebrities for my ends of course and do not feel this way while I am at it; the truth is that I should have nothing to do with celebrities but the need to secure property has meant collecting and even supporting those that have played roles in action I have taken to control organised crime by causing as much disruption to it as I possibly can but then again some are still doing it and I need to secure property while getting rid of them, so it is a really bad time for this nonsense to show up along with them blowing off their big mouth like they have become quite used to doing of recent as it were. They do say they are now rich and even have furniture in their homes which have to do with my temperament but then again so does Members of the Armed Forces need to be close to their Arch Prince if they are giving their lives to protect the Nation and it is a blabbing that is worth its salt as well; apparently obviously a case of that idiot whose story is that he is not a violent person when he is caught up in domestic violence, otherwise if not, then they are having furniture in their stupid homes, which have to do with my temperaments. They do say I am at the lowest point of my life at this stage which I am not; when I assess myself, it is obviously the only problem I have is financial and hence nothing wrong with getting a job – however which I have by the way as such always threatened to have the lower class existence and the middle class one while I keep my upper class one to see what it is exactly they can do about it. As for the story of not having enough money to be counted into the upper class in the first place, the great case is that even Royal work is paid for in equity – so if they cannot afford the process of getting involved to build an Industry that employs others while leaving me with Publicity on National Media, they know where the Books are and what their level is; it is a stupidity that has come to a head while I get told I wait too long to sort it out whereas I have not, it is much the same as people finding out secretes of economy and the wealthy during an economic crisis and then by the time you had stopped them, they must have graduated from a University with a degree in Economics and can now do whatever they like from then on forever – so I had to ensure they wanted it but did not know how they wanted it as usual. An example of those points where it is said my behaviour was unacceptable for Parliament whereas Fashion and Media vandals had already informed me Mr Cameron’s Mandate would mean hell for me, just after Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown who actually set the stage for me to drop out of University and even came there personally to look at some of the projects he had set up to make it happen; it was all the Tax evasion game where all the small Tourism dependant economies that wanted to skewer the UK basically had friends in high places – an old story about the fact they were always getting civil rights to ensure other peoples income is shared with them while they save their energy to be superior with in the first place, which was a problem in its own right, the fact that nothing good ever comes from Tax evasion. So what they have on me naturally is something I said when the Duke of Edinburgh played a part in the whole game of me dropping out of University etc and I said something about him looking like he can take one in the bum or something – so that have been building it up as a means of replacing me at the Monarchy and all kinds of filthy revenge they can invent but the prize of my relationship with the Royal family actually breaking down has happened thereof in a decade as it were despite their trying so hard on a daily basis – what it has meant is that they have found another self seeking nonsense about my person which they can seek to become or own or copy etc and yet again proves nothing good comes from Tax evasion. It is not actually a crisis as such; it’s just the facts behind the reality where people have been preventing their stupid children from killing me, thereby keeping me alive and deserving one thing or the other thereof, which usually leads to my realisation that there is a gang somewhere fighting to keep me safe, without my knowledge and leads to a process where we find them complain to Politicians when I am finished too; the one that means that in the world of people who need my leadership for financial reasons are a community of really stupid people that are likely to prefer celebrity leadership and to be homosexual for it too and hence Women always deal with these matters and it gets noticed by the actions of those who want you to mention it, that the problem with female community is that it seldom gets brought up as a topic for conversation, that a very large proportion of their Population are actually very, very stupid people. To which they say I speak but deny women power; whereas that was a matter of either clinging to me because I need to be seen in a gang or basically like the Men having trouble keeping the hands to themselves when it comes to assumptions they have concerning some right to handle me etc, leading to a conclusion that a condition needs to be created whereby where it comes to the fighting, they will be doing it by themselves, so we can find out if it is really as they say it is. They do say I am a bit lose on serious matters of course but it is not lose at all; we can either have a world where a place where it is important to get around how one got through school and school got through me while seeing others do the same as well or we can have one where people adapt to survive and spend time asking if others are tough enough; so that if it winds me up which it does alright, the question is one about their own wind up and whether I have a fair idea what it is like; meaning you in your house and I in my house situation that results in a condition where you cannot wind up a criminal if he winds you up as well with risking serious consequences, while they build up a community where they have decided how they want to communicate with everybody to facilitate them stupid consequences all together as well. They do say of course, that there were people who tried to fix these issues but we all know that those would never have been the ones I supported no matter what it came to – so it’s another reference to the getting out of bed gaiety to spend my possessions on themselves thing; it is an old story that runs in the family that is mine all together it were.


Now they say there are three main issues; first being that I have stolen a Royal Estate and then the other being that I interfere with Politics and then the third being that I know too much about Women. In terms of the first of which is case of the fact I know I have stolen a royal Estate and it has been made clear to me many times, not least when I attend a job and get subliminal messages and more so from Public transport operatives as well, that they know which jobs I can do and which ones I cannot and that any jobs I have will be the one I do to a point where others steal my dreams as well and it has been a year into the job itself so far. In terms of the former I interfere with Politics when Politicians are representing and seeking the interests of petty neighbourhood criminals and will not therefore let me do what I do while they represent their goons, which is quite an incredible claim. As for knowing too much about Women, it’s not just a matter of what people do when they set me up for community croons to abuse, unto a stage whereby they can copy and own my personality in order to get rich, it’s what they use it for, whereby they tell me which areas of their communities and societies are too exclusive for me and my possessions can therefore go in order to vanish for good. As for knowing too much about Women, we are looking at Journalists and TV personalities and Celebrities and fashion idiots setting me up for community croons to abuse and have my faith replaced with claims I have a personality others can access meaning it is the safest way to have power by telling me what to do without any evidence that they have, or indeed any means by which they can actually get into trouble with the Law. So I have stolen a Royal Estate and they can come round and get it if they wanted. It’s an old story where if I get outside and walk around with dignity like a Man I will have my personalities copied until I fart; so I have stolen a Royal Estate and when the Politicians and their security guards feel they have done what they want to do with it to a point and have built up that case of areas of their lives that are too exclusive for me and my property can go to vanish feel they have done so enough, can come round and get it back too; I personally can confidently say I have finished with them at this point – where everybody now knows my view of their stupid lower class existence is that everybody is supposed to be a thief and am ready to put it into overdrive as well.

So they have become rather fond of making those statement that facilitate using me as nasty push around which says that I would do well in the Military on account I have played a video game and I suppose it is now time to speak about the fact these idiots having damaged my finances either need to start giving me money and paying my Bills or get the hell out of my way when I am doing it considering we now live in the same life as well. It is an old story of how disturbed a person is supposed to be in order for general incessant requests for his left hand side and right hand side yields results that mean they can move into it and if they move into mine there will be fresh trouble on a global level again. In the end they are always coming up with something that amounts to a me that I am trying to run away from which I must be made to face up to and carry like a weight on my shoulders while their stupidities add to it for good measure and if it takes up my time one more occasion, this whole process of getting on by letting them run to a point and having an outburst from time to time will give way to something far more effective a methods of dealing with Politicians and Journalists because it means their stupidities copying my personality and setting up some money to become me on that stupid Media has generally become real again.

They claim journalists in my world take advantage of the fact they are the Men in the Industry and it is utter nonsense; I know because there is no way that a journalist in a Court that is attached to state office and therefore works in terms of Service operatives and every other goon on the streets that are making living hell for others, is likely to have an easy ride with them – even so there is no way the result whereby I have to go off and get these journalists a new backyard because their male counterparts have taken over the old ones and are using the abuses as means of stirring community physical and distant violence against us all whenever we are not cooperating with their needs, is likely to have been the result of such a condition, they are lying again as it were and if it does not come to an end soon enough, I suppose they will be the ones selling Books by hurting Politicians and Journalists. Besides which in any case it all speaks for itself i.e. when I am fighting for myself I can tell people to rip up the business empire or public image or Book sales again if they have the guts for it but when I am not, then I have to go round all that bend and so on – even so, I am not the one making the most capital out of what is happening here, they are the ones extricating the most convenience from it as well, so those who say I think I can justify everything can play their stupid games somewhere else. It’s like when they say I make people sad when they get involved with me but the reality is that people are fond of adding onto me on grounds I am too happy and this will affect my levels of concentration and degree of success and they turn up to make use of my work without paying for and create even more sadness, then tell me to do something about the fact they have been affected and get at me from very unexpected places all of the time like the men they are. I mean how on earth am I supposed to sell Books that others are trying to hide, in order to make themselves wealth because my personality is their trade secret; so I will give it 24 hours and if nothing changes the process where they are the ones selling Books by hurting politicians and male journalists will have begun too.

They do say it is because I really do not know what I am doing but then again, as a student I wrote a Book that they want to hide from the world and use as trade secrets while I won myself a Royal commission as well, so it does not at all call for respect considering I have made that really difficult too and hence people need to put their backs into it thereof or go away. Just like the other story about a Royal commission I have lost and its always about Prince Harry who started off his career with a new found respect for Men and when I said I have none for him as well as a result, they were all up in Arms if they were friends and aides of His, now people are not anymore and the remnants of that mess are still making trouble; where corrupt goons in the Military and Police service want to see market square abuses that turn into racial violence against innocent people resulting in an outcome where those who behave in such ways feel they are a protected people – so I am at a loss as to which stage One got off from his to cancel my Royal commission when he is still having trouble actually shaving his beard, hence never really true.

They do say my attitude is brewing a condition where Politicians will rebel against the Monarchy, which is again utter nonsense; all they will do is create a lower class world where they all want to be thieves and when they were done making each other so corrupted in every way, show up and let me know, so I can start my own campaigns about how good stealing is too but first, we have to live in a lower class existence where everybody wants to be a thief and they are doing very well on that in terms of whose interests they want to represent at Parliament; it’s never been a matter of respect, we have very clear tools – election manifesto decides every aspect of Policy, bye laws and delegated legislation decide what happens with unexpected situations at Local level and at National level committees decide how new government laws outside of manifestos are handled – what we have with these goons is the committee aspect taking over some 70% of everything Government and opposition want to do, talking nonsense alongside their security guards who love to abuse those who are not giving up public images to them but getting about doing the stuff that the daddy should be doing instead about respect and what my attitude brews, which has nothing to do with me and what they have developed here occurring over matters which have nothing to do with them either for good measure. We hear that I do not hold with any form of regard the fact Politicians are capable of creating a very bad and uncomfortable place to live but I do not have to, as they actually cannot: the fact people are older than me is never a good justification for ripping up my finances to pretend their salaries are the meaning of life for me all day long and years on end thereof – the insults are like some kind of sponge and everyday there has to be some mishap that allows it to mop[ up my finances and so they need to know that all they really can do is create a lower class existence where everybody is a thief or wants to be one and when they are done I can start my own campaigns about how good stealing really is, to see what becomes of it – they are not more important than I am, they are MPs and I am an Arch Prince, one is more important than the other and it is not them. In any case in terms of being reasonable the reality can be easily understood by such facts as when I get a job and their one obsession with that job becomes a history where I was told what to do and messed around and when asked why it is important blab of how I should make my way in the world where my own class is, when done, back to the insults and involvement with it which mops up the finances and causes me to acquire them stupid jobs. They say the war I wage on MPs is a cause for alarm but we all know I do not wage any wars on Politicians; the truth about Politicians is that if you go to their homes, what you will find is that if one child injures the other, be it for trivia or something serious, the injured party has to get some compensation or another from the other side before its okay; when they show up in Government buildings, other people’s children and the lives and property and careers those have become carcasses all of a sudden and they become dogs who have found what they have always been looking for. Hence its actually not necessarily true that people are allowed to do whatever they please in government buildings and if we take closer look at the Politicians we have today, it does not actually occur to them that such a fact is in existence – like the story of Women and how I make up all I say and do from my own ideas whereas that is another insult brewed from involvement with my birth Mother who wants to raise her Children all over again when they are way past their teens, so that ever fool that wants to get out of bed and spend other people’s lives and property in gaiety can do his stuff if he wants but actually cannot; no idea why Women get stuck dealing with that nonsense anyway but just as well, the most successful women are the ones that actually pull off processes of dealing with it.

So I now have to deal with threats from their girls and Women as well and it is the most ridiculous aspect of all; the goons say they want their freedom from me but nobody knows why they are always getting involved with me barricading my public life so I have no mobility or making out my Court is free for all with their Media, if they want their freedom from me so badly for instance but generally it is an old tale of those threats and the fact I will soon have to find out what it is exactly they will do when they are done issuing them too for my part. In the end I already have people who fill in those roles they want to play at the Royal Estate and those are people who mean a lot more to me than they do as well.

It’s never been a problem just the same issue of the fact nobody really know exactly why Politicians and TV Personalities and Journalists love to take that issue of me being a Christian and therefore a kid character that is actually a grown up and can be harmed without consequences therefore, to a stage where every single thing they do on Public places fundamentally involves teaching me lessons and assuming the right to touch and handle me and punish me for doing something bad anyway? The reality is that they are nothing, they are not significant in anyway and I had also shut down the left hand side because I do not want them to be famous i.e. when it comes to fighting for myself it is a matter of seeing what they will do when they are done blowing off their big mouths where it really matters but when it comes to fighting for whole communities which is what happens when Women do get involved, One is forced to take the longer route hence the conversations we tend to have on a regular basis that gives them all that impetus they do not know the reasons for as well. This has never been a crisis for me either; these guys are the reasons nothing anybody learns stays in the mind; I have shut it down because I do not want them to be famous – of course their girls are having a go as well, makes it even more ridiculous. Their freedom is what they will never have if it means their barely criminal and criminal stupidities will own half my life and business empire with that big mouth; what will happen instead is that they will want it so badly that they do not actually know or can measure how they need it exactly, so I can sell my products in peace as it were.

Now these are new levels of hate for me which I am to deal with soon if I want to be a coward that stays alive but we hear such nonsense every time before we hear the complains; the powers that be who act in ways which encourage every idiot in the land to show up on my case and try to make me into a bum like they are while finding a way out of it at my expense and it is only natural that those who do it to a frenzy get some of mine as well. As for Women hating my guts story; it’s an old case of the plans people make to be wealthy and comfortable beating imagination all the time, whether such stories are a worthy conversation questions and of course that also of whether I am a kid people can slap on the head and grab money from or a 36 year old Man they will get into a relationship with and find they are caught up with their nightmare as it were. They are never actually seen looking for sex with their own mates and want to make me into a person that seeks to Police them and ensure they get a proper job so I can breathe too. They like to say they want my income all the time because they are racist but that is what people said before I cleared out their socialist communities and started this war with celebrities that we have today; so they really do need to get themselves a proper job and stop showing up around my Book sales ASAP. I do not wish to tolerate any more of their fame and celebrity and popular culture and Media on my public image and with reference to me any longer, it is such despicable behaviour that it ensures I cannot step outside of my own door everyday; all about which one is a Bum to Celebrated idiots and their Politicians and communities Today but then again which is an old story of exactly how far people can take their need for the kinds of freedoms that create "Gulliver’s' Travels" situation in other people’s lives, so as to give them the opportunity to be important as well, considering their lives depend on it. Here it is not actually the real Bum whose property their cities and its slums have been spending to create their stupid found fame in the last 15 years obviously, so it is the bum they have been trying to create over the last decade like we see them give to the frugal and the insults which consequences are the reasons we cannot seem to be free from their silly complains continue thereof still.

I love it so much when it grows up to this kind of level and then has to be reversed because it is the one that usually shows that the Politicians are wrong and I am right i.e. he needs my morals to do customer service with because his life hurts people but he hates my religion from which my customer service was made in the first place; so I really, really love it when I let it grow up to a global party and then start to reverse it because it always tends to mean that I am right and the Politicians are wrong. As for the so called rich people I have no respect for, before they complain about war and terrorism, the story is usually that I behave the way I do because I hate other peoples success on account of problems which accompany their privileges but not long after we find owner of cosmetic A company lounging in her 20 million pound apartment so that when people get in touch with her, she is all worth her station and having ripped up my income with stories of how I have a problem with it, when people get in touch with me a few things are not worth my station and my fans are violent people; hence the fact we clearly need to be so disrespectful. Their freedom is not actually located at the point where I am beaten down, it’s something they do because their Fashion and Media and Celebrity can be so abusive and insulting and show a lack of regard for what you can do as well when those goons of theirs meet you on the streets and determine what your entire day becomes just by doing so; we see them pinch it all the time i.e. the aspect of me concerning when I fight for myself and not Women whereby I think about whole communities but what is remarkable is how inferior I am to them once they had successfully stolen it and it’s like a pandemic on Public transport and on the streets and everywhere, while they complain about the consequences of popular culture in my head and people moving into my left and right hand side as a result when I actually like classical music which makes me very distressed and we will find out two things if this current condition is altered in the negative again, the first being what will happen when that stupid popular culture empires are built from the US to Asia across my Royal Estate again and of course what will happen when I return to university and they follow me there to play with me again thereof. All those years being held down and having my finances and health ripped up because they were making sure I am not a threat to their civil rights and so on – it was apparently credible that I was such a threat on account I attended Church etc, now we know they are protecting interests of them criminals and barely criminal goons I have no respect for as well for my part all together. The question then lingers as per whether misogyny is a crime; which it isn’t naturally since it’s all just idiots Politicians give money to, so as to let them tell others they are not stupid if their insanity does make them money which becomes such an issue whenever it is important that what you are learning does stay in your head thereof but it becomes such a point for bullying that is in their interest especially when they are driving and have made their statements about me being the stupid one and they the clever ones while expecting everybody to assume they do not know what they are doing when they gang up on the roads and interfere when I am in other people’s business premises and so on; so it is important that they know I cannot breathe, leave me alone and stop getting involved, clear my Public image unless they are here to buy a Book I wrote. The other alternative of course is to start a personal vendetta on that stupid money which means being at war with the treasury which supplies them with it and that you do not think the Country should be successful – so that when they know this is the case, they really become convinced they can do whatever they liked and you wouldn’t tackle those stupid businesses and contracts and warehouses of theirs as well while they have no clue what they are doing thereof, with anything that was a possession of yours. It does not do to get after people like this simply because they do not know what they are doing but I have had enough of this stuff and enough is enough; it amounts to bullying when all that personality and freedom based nonsense gives way to the obvious fact that people are not buying my products as well while I am being used by them. It’s the pure villainy that can kick my arse obviously after the parents had ripped up academics and finances for them thereof, to ensure they get around any premises I get a job in to make trouble on account they in that way a well of enemy that never gives it a rest know me. They say it’s all associated with messing around where the might of the US is concerned and it is utter nonsense too; the reality is that the US is a Country where people want to exercise autonomy all of the time because it is how it works, this then also means that I write Books and because I sell it there, I am a threat to their National Government and their freedom; a threat that does not mean they have to self defend and does not mean their government has to arrange an emergency as such but just a threat, giving off the sense it is a vast National alright but full of fucking idiots. Then they soon follow it on with claims I get around with Communists which makes it impossible to Police the world and it is the one about which they cannot be seen keeping off the Book sales if it killed them; I mean I could get involved with Communists if I wanted from the UK apparently as far as they are concerned – so it has always been a joke and they have always claimed they are better at what I do than I am but fail in every case imaginable like the older ones before them and I am quite tired of it too, makes me stupid. I mean even when you look into the welfare of the female folk for instance Americans are still an enemy; so it works only for as long as they find somebody who does not want to get lazy and complacent about dealing with them lest he loses any count of numbers. I do not get around with Communists, they need to get off my Books, their Politicians most of all that is. They do boast about the puppet me in the hands of those who want the UK to become a republic but it is easy to make such claims on Media and easy for it to feel as though it were reality and I had to live my life that way, so it goes without saying that I hope nobody will likely complain about what I get up to as a result of it as well. Hence it’s an old story where they do what they like and the Media where people love to see me engaged in some freaked out extreme reaction to something very evil suffer for it; because of course we all know the popularity idiots and celebrities now fully rely on perforating my public image so rich idiots can plug products in and do it on my personality all day long everyday and that this is set up because Media is powerful but then again of which damage is not competition as well, so they already have reasons to hate my guts not least because they are unable to unwind and I am prepared to take it further. It’s all that stuff where they need to take all I have and taking my personality especially is most important of all; so they always want to create some process of infusion that is best worked out when I put up a product for sale and have to do it over and over and over until that infusion takes place before I can then go on, facilitating a means when they can dip if they want at any time they wish, blowing off big mouthed threats at me as well – so the next time we speak of it there will be a fight to make points and cases I suppose, which is precisely the way I want it too. just like they say I claim they have destroyed everything but still have a lot going for me anyway, which does show we are making progress and that they know what is important and must not be damaged by others in their foolish lives if they have any – they claim they are stopping me from discriminating but we all know they are always telling lies, its involvement and wealth distribution when they have had some money saved up and eyes fixed on other people’s property, so they can get involved when I do my thing about people being unemployed when those who have Companies lose them and pretend what they damage here will not result in destruction of their own as well, if it turns out that they were actually having fun due to the power they have got which I cannot appreciate as I have not got any and it was not necessarily malicious with that big mouth showing up on their insane Media all the time.