I do not think these matters are dire; it’s the same old case of issues identical to my Office and personal life which are problems associated with being a Royal Prince – such that what happens with the government is rather that they have spent so much time making it impossible to manage the problem associated with the activities of individuals that wish to handle and deploy British Government acumen somewhere else in the world where nobody will bother them because the liability is not their own and in that way keep one foot in the UK, find areas where taxes are lower, get rich, evade UK taxes and make a show of themselves for it as well at the end – now what they are offering to add to that for good measure is to take us out of the EU and are asking of the people at the Bank of England have an opinion too, while I am specifically said to be an example of British Talent serving the EU rather than the UK when we all know that will lead to an outcome where I broker for instance an Anti-War Equity with German Companies who then make products accordingly to reflect their War History and records and not the British one, while we are removed from the EU which will destroy my Business – I mean it is not that much of a problem if considered from the point of view of the Royal Alliances that The Queen had built for me as such i.e. if these people run off to China that will not do them much good, they cannot run off to the EU at present, they cannot do Japan as that is rather tied to the US except some diehard fans that are not departing from me all together and doing the US will be a bit tough on competition; in the end of which it is actually really about other people running their governments properly. They do say I jump in and out of support for Politicians and the Government but it is largely to reflect what their Policies are doing when they involve me to such as extent as I am trapped like they love to; for instance, we see that a Policy may be good but the government will move towards a path which implies removing Civil service independence which means that the very systems used to support people on their way to work can become the same used to keep them out of employment all together and we also see them dream of it all of the time as well. The follow on question of a general sense being that having mentioned that if economic leadership is not provided, then the same who have worked hard to buy a Mercedes and has declared he will a flying spur same time next year could end up stealing, I have set out parameters for an economic leadership of convenience but it is the Politicians that have invented Government sponsored Celebrity to ensure the Problem is as difficult and impossible as ever; it is again not necessarily such a difficult and complicated matter here all together, since I have to run a Royal Office and manage a leadership of Families and in the process of supporting married families have to administrate mobility especially for young people, I was never going to over look these kinds of social and cultural behaviour all together but even I have had enough Celebrities as I need at Court who have specific jobs to help me manage these matters and yet the government that sponsors Celebrities is still unable even so to control their own, so that they can sponsor it and make the problem so impossible to manage all together on a frequent basis as it were.

I can understand this case where I am afraid of gender equality because my work is so uniquely male and heavy on fostering a Man’s world and uniquely me and hence I feel threatened by it in every way but this supposition is not actually based on reality all together, it is fostered by a group of people who think it actually makes sense that I should be subliminally communicated to by women on why I must give up my job to women in order to foster some form of gender equality because I appear to be a cheap shot for it, which can only make sense to them if I asked them to return home and cook for the kids too. it would never have meant in any case that on mentioning it I have served the needs of silly Political busy bodies that jump on a band wagon to do damage to a Man either – those are at this stage done with these damages and the offering of sex that provides insanity at a later date as their form of justice provided as insolently as possible, considering they have been spending tax payer funds to fund processes by which they rip up my finances, so as to facilitate the effects they wish to extricate from setting their community croons that are barely sane on a course of stalking me for sex, it just means I am pointing out this sort of behaviour is fostered by some of the laziest and most useless women around all together; it might be an amusing trick for them, which pays off financially on a regular basis at popular culture but gender inequality just as I have mentioned above is not in any way amusing. So would I give up my job to a woman if it did bring about gender equality? That depends entirely on the circumstances; where anything else I do would have reflected who I am and whether or not there would be a clash as a result thereof at a later date; bearing these facts in mind of which what I am doing to round up and control the terribly ungrateful popular culture is in order as well. I do not think that the matter is a crisis as such; we see this happen all the time and the main problem is still that there exists a place where they can build themselves up as classical imposters who will not be challenged by anybody if they did, which place is obviously the Media and hence it’s all going down the route to giving me tools and an impetus for taking it away from them as well. In the end it is becoming personal that whole process of driving cars around insulting those who have either been tamed by Political idiots or who have religious morals that teach them not to hurt women and hence constitute characters they can bully all day long and when done, we see them start their silly children off with the sense that they were famous before they did society a favour by chasing financial success through academic means, however which it is all starting to get personal in my direct all together hence the response to it too; gender inequality was never a fun topic; the small business at home and garage can never be allowed to grow or thrive, right up to an attack of my personal growth all together with them and it never ever has a reason or purpose attached, just an impetus for violence against Women in general for which I must lose everything and so we are back where we left off on Yesterday’s agenda – when they are done with wreaking carnage it still turn out a Man would steal your market but they will ask for the entire job all together; apparently of which if I co-operated their needs for the future would be reduced and then I wouldn’t have to face any such nonsense in the next life or something like that. I however cannot keep getting stuck with people who hate my guts right up to the point where I start to turn on those I love in such ways. It is attitudes like these which will damage and destroy the Royal Estate for me and if they wind me up I will cut up those stupid frontiers again – it is obviously utterly useless and yet they want people to day I am doing the wrong thing; case being the same as ever i.e. if they are interested pick up a copy of my Books to get involved. Of course they say I do not understand anything of the struggles of Women but really love to make out I do but that is because very little is understood about me too – I do not actually care about the struggles of Women in anyway whatsoever, there is no way of getting yourself into a good frame of mind to care about the plight of scumbags who tell you to create equality between them and others by handing over your source of sustenance and pride and joy every blessed day. The reality here is that since 2001 they had long marked me out as the man they want to bully into homosexuality so that woman can be powerful; however on earth human being mark others at random and decide they want to follow them and bully them to show the world is no place for moral people and such persons need to give up their faith and go out there to enjoy life and get socially corrupted while handing over that nonsense called religion to those who badly need self glorification – how does anybody force such a thing on other people and rip up their finances to make a point of it on a daily basis for a decade and a half, like there is no reality in existence all together. Cutting it all up for them right through to the international communities is not the worst I can do, these things can only continue especially with black women until I build a public life on it and then it will get properly serious too – FYI applicable to their Media friends alongside. I appear to be to them some new moral thing which they can corrupt and abuse and make excuses doing so in order to build a perversion that is custom to their needs to facilitate a sense of power, has nothing to do with the struggles of women if I may be polite about it and is going to end really badly just like their big mouth as well. So is it obviously important to keep fighting for everything and anything if it isn’t spending tax payer funds on wrecking my finances and helping themselves to build their confidence to dizzying heights? But then again, half of them can always turn up to tell me to give up all I have because it will foster gender equality while the other male half can get involved with me whenever they want, disturb my personal life and corrupt my Court any time they wish, as long as they are talking about and complaining too as it were – I really do not understand their plight for my part as well bearing in mind I do not live in the same way they do too. So they say it is Mothers Day and I am supposed to say something to help but of course I am expected to mention that people do need to stop co-operating with fools which facilitates a process where others take some months off work to raise a family and return to become the spanner that is open to it all, of which I for my part am always being told of some problem associated with being Royalty that I need to keep in my personal life because I raised the issue and what happens to it of course is that I am aware of those problems, simply not of which part was their concern as such in any case but they might want to do themselves the favour of putting an end to an attitude of buying things they obviously know are stolen. This is where I get told I am advocating co-operation with women in the work place but offering nothing in return but it is rather stupid since the whole purpose of having a job is to become so organised for it that you are disorganised enough to keep the job on seeing you will get fired if your employer thinks your attitude is a bit iffy.


They do say I stole a Royal Duchy from the Monarchy which I guess happens when the Monarchy sleeps on the Duty as such; otherwise it is a simple case of Royal Family having friends and acquaintances giving way to a society where people are responsible for other peoples actions and in my case especially it culminates where I am supposed to write a Book and make a living whether or not the Royal Family thinks highly of me but that gives way to people making sure the Monarchy is held to account by ripping up my finances and we will then hear them say I want it all handed to me on a platter about which if I see that culture and society I will peddle it again, if it bandies vernacular nonsense at me that expresses profitability of violence they will fund at public office to rip up my academic work again, I will cut it up all together. Of course there is a reason for questioning my position and it has to do with making reference to the Duchess of Cambridge being a Duchess while I am not, it will not leave Her Husband very happy but I am fed up with the insults from these idiots on account their black friends make it uncomfortable for them to support a black one all together and turn up to watch me on CCTV and corrupt my Government provided security because they believe they know me and can control me given an environment where white people are not involved – so they needed to have their case clarified, all of them. I need to get out of this stupidity they have built for me and my Books are the way out of it; its intellectual property administration solutions from which for some strange and very violent reason they want to make money with but do not have the patience to read and will keep their hands off it or I will keep the stupid hands off it all together as we progress in the matter. I do not think it is complicated; their black friends mostly come from South Africa and somewhere from Ghana where really stupid people live and we all know one of those did put up with some apartheid for decades until it become a problem for the entire planet, don’t ask why, if you have people tell you that you should be writing a Book differently in order to ensure they can read it and deploy it to get rich otherwise they will extricate the purpose of the Books and get rich anyway leaving your finances bottomed out for writing it so complicated they do not have the patience to sit down and read it even though they want to get rich with it at Intellectual Property Administration business. We hear I have acted to crash their economies, which I have to confess was really simple too; all I had to do was keep up the process over a certain period of time since if an entire economy is staked on my financial well being, when I pull the plug after a decade and a half or two, people will end up with an economy that has not at all been managed in any way over that period of time and rethink their legendary disobedience for their part as well; I mean the reason I ought to put up with it so the bloody idiots might become financially comfortable is that I have the same skin colour as they do which then bring it on.

It’s not a crisis or an enjoyment of the process of being disrespectful where the Duke of Cambridge is concerned, it’s the Princess Kate thing and people turning up around it to build hell for me on earth so to speak and I am going to burn it starting with the fact this does not belong to them and is not their own to work on either; the part where it does not belong to them of which will take about 4 years on average while the one where it was never their own to work on or earn money from will take another five on average because these people never ever listen to anything anybody says to them, which is how I come up with the decade and a half to two decades prognosis. These are not serious issues in my view even though they look dire, what we are looking at here is a group of people that show up in public places all the time to try and show they are great and good but just like they want to make use of my Books to resolve for their benefit what it promises but do not have the patience to actually read it which is my fault, they have always shown this streak where they are careful to turn up on people’s concerns to ensure there is serious trouble and violence and some profitability attached to it, when their feelings are pricked, claiming it is to improve their lives which is their right or human right – when added to a history they already have of showing up on Media to factorise me by my lowest and commonest denominator, chiefly of which is that I am a stocky person and unlikely to feel as intensely the violence of scandals and defamation, which then gives them another right to turn up on my Public life and make themselves rich enough to end up with the same disposition that I have as a natural endowment, it really means that I have to take into account the damage to my finances and academic work and go to work on them as well otherwise it will get worse rather than improve. I do not think it a crisis; the local racist was probably their best friend in school and beyond for example and they are completely obsessed with trying to chose other peoples crowd, they live for it and their Media does nothing else but, I am simply fed up with it all turning up around my concerns all of the time, to show that it does not like it when people have a clean life and existence like it loves to endlessly. So the process of how I manage getting punished for keeping life itself by not letting people peddle my public life and various other means of freedom Money they need to make, leading to outcomes where thieves run my life and Office, telling me what to respond to or how to act on matters via insults of Media fools and Politicians is by this prognosis as well – these people will never be free of me as long as it continues as such – it is not a problem that is above and beyond me simply because I never talk about it; it’s not a matter that comes forth from getting around with Media like they claim, the Court they day do not have good reputation may just be women with relatives who are homosexual but do not want to tell the Public for instance and therefore end up in my Court for their purpose; these are the same set of fools who make out that because I was chosen for my role during The Queens Golden Jubilee, somebody else that is better human being about whom none of my disposition must improve so as to undercut, must have a role as well when it is The Queens Diamond Jubilee etc – they are playing he Princess Kate Card here again as it were and you can imagine what it makes you do when it leave you with the nauseating pain that comes from not having your dinner or having it time as such and the need to show that it is a stoppage that allows them access to anything they like too as such. It’s about power according to them, the powers of their societies versus my Christianity that I claim to be really powerful when they are the ones with the real power that need the civil service and tax payer funds and messing around with my tolerance to become effective and to escape the idea the world around them fundamentally hates them for some strange reason at my expense all together etc but it has ripped up my academic work and finances with kids horseplay and lots of deviance based distraction and does not look like it is moving on, so it is hard to see what the complaining is all about and those of them in the Fashion Industry I learned, friction between Americans and Russians com Terrorism all over the place, are convinced they will design all kinds of rubbish on my Public life and because I am respectful of their possessions as well nothing that happen as a result.


They do say their activities are designed to make me feel cold all the time as well just like my Faith brings about the presence of God which makes them feel cold all the time, of which they really do not have to follow me around but at this stage of which it has become the original provocation; so apparently the UK was a warm Country which is why the reason I pay attention to their very intrusive disobedience and the general benefits of feeling superior with it that exists for them was all in the name of making trouble without reason – very warm indeed as it were. I understand the case that the Royals are the reasons for all my problems but it is utter nonsense as those are the very people who mention all the time that I screw around endlessly so people can grab my stuff and nothing which befalls me has anything whatsoever to do with them, not that anything has befallen me as such – only a case of the fact I never really discuss that Politicians behaving like animals towards me because they need this idea they can be narcissistic towards people on account it never really happens anymore due to the developed quality of civil rights, is capable of actually killing me, because if I did I would only have forged another excuse for them to glorify themselves; so it is largely a matter of the younger ones getting cracked for their disobedience and hating my guts while the older ones are shown all the time the state of their health as handling them can kill them too. Do I therefore want to get out of bed every day to contend with male journalists? Of course not, that is the me that have been made up and I do not want to be a part of it, except they are really good at looking for trouble and the Politicians really enjoy giving them the financial advantage and they know where my Books are. So they say the reality is that I imagine things and mess around with things until I take up other peoples jobs after investigating all I want to know about it; never makes sense of course since they wouldn’t be complaining if when they dig my person to make popular culture, they stopped when they realised they were digging personal and family life as well – we all know popular culture is what they want to do with their time so it should be possible for them to go their way and leave me alone at some point, since it is apparently all about screwing around with their rights and other people’s rights to make a living all together, safest way of living like that of which is stealing people’s lives and identities in public glare and finding ways of pleasing crowds to get away with doing so and they can never ever reach a stage as we all know whereby they decide they have had enough money, because they are stupid. I personally have no idea why I am such a softy on the matter anyway – its either ignoring them when they do my public life or shut it down to a point where they are forced to do the part where five friends were left with only 2 because the other 3 got shot dead in a gang fight and then the remaining 2 made music and got rich sort of story, telling tales about what they have been through all the time. they say I talk but when I am out there on the streets I do nothing; the reality of which is rather that of their insults being answered along the lines of the questions of whom I dishonour with my very existence in their community and how every insult meant to help them peddle my public life and person to make money and sell things and get rich and famous need to be settled in terms of whom their entire communities are dishonouring or honouring at the points they are popularity culture doing it and not a case of giving attention to Political nonsense about sharing wealth and sensations of convenience – which of course is what I actually have time for presently. The UK was never obviously a cold country where we all had to adapt; I should be worried about the consequences I dish out for it when it damages my work instead. it is never actually accurate that I do nothing but attack people; what happens is that they hit me and press my tummy to make me shame myself so they can laugh at the consequences of their involvement and its corruptions, then when I push back set out to save up the punishment for days and surprise me on a regular basis because they feel I had no right to, while they assume the right to teach me lessons.