So there is this talk that I am not an emotional person and am completely unable to feel a sense of care for others, reality of which is more a case of a collection of people whose involvement with anything means that others cannot be paid attention to, their involvement with me means I am unable to care about other people – time wasters you see and we are now at a season for getting rid of them. We see every time that the blacks want to get involved with me and factorise me by my anus all the time because it is likely to make me pay attention to their needs but the insulting comments they make after especially when they want to feel like real girls was never in their view the reasons they are seen complaining about me as the process of addressing me in the first place is usually called for all together. We are heading towards a point now where they will lose the jobs for addressing me and I think that making this happen will be the beginning of an end to the problem, since it is obvious its about abusive and violent practical jokes that are safe for them to practice and because it is channelled at Royalty brings about such great benefits for wickedness and must not be stopped at all cost, when we try to explain and understand the nature of evil all together, garnished with boys from the neighbourhoods beating me up if their plans for how I should be used is disrupted. So I dropped out of University in 2008, writing this blog in 2018 and they have not gotten the gist with strange cultures where they do not have trouble with strangers fingering their bums because they have a culture where they wallow in the mud and have sex at random as a community and here in the UK all black people are the same thus their abuses are well hidden; comments like to me they say thank you but no thank you for example and what will happen before it stops will need to go beyond barging into their alternative lifestyle pleasures, to say the same thing or check up on my Books and ensure they feel me as well if there has been any damage. The fall out is of course that I am having to push forward my agenda, the agenda where after 15 years of Reality Television shows involving their Keeping up with the Kardashians here and housewives of rich neighbourhoods there, have left what happens with Fashion Models who appear on Television advertisement over equity brokered with this Estate lies almost ruined and I have been left only with the bottom hurting bits of the work I do here to settle hospitality and so especially for the Americans and Eastern Europeans, I am now ready to start using their own until people can hear them complain as well, with all those terrorists they have got running around City centres. So we have this story of the Customs Union with the EU to run by and its never clear why it has become such a difficult matter for the Politicians anyway, I have to settle what I need to when European Companies have Brokered Equities with my Estate and its serious enough to develop into vault assets for the firms and their Political leaders expect to keep the relationship going and are not certain that Brexit would mean that they can which is why I keep all my operations on the Internet anyway, while the Conservatives had decided the fat Cats and City Centre trouble makers should decide the terms of Brexit because they are the ones that get into the envoy that goes overseas to sign trade deals and the Labour Party have the type that has business it is not working on to look over the shoulders of poor people and keep weapons at the backyard awaiting the day of revolution, so you can say the Labour party stupidities goes right to the top end of leadership while the Conservative one can be blamed on something specific but at the end of the day it seems we are getting punished by the plans they have devised for the customs Union because they are the ones coming off worse off in the matter. They were in a cultural Union with the European Community but it is impossible for them to simply decide that they want to get out of the customs Union and to take advantage of the fact that if the EU wanted to deny them trade access, it would look bad in the eyes of the world, besides which they had a lot of work to do to settle new trade deals with the EU Countries they were allied to and since having an arrangement with the customs Union would have allowed them to kill it all with one bullet so to speak, it has not since become something too important for city centre goons and fat cats to decide for the Prime Minister. Then they get off telling me of things I would not say where it really mattered, while the reality is as I have mentioned, what I would not say where it really mattered when they are insultingly yapping off thanks I will take it from here and that is more like it over everything I do to sell my Books, so that my equities work anyway but I loose all the money for their stupidities, in order to ensure they are making the government settle up on public policy that is not going to cost them money; all low lives with sales armies that makes them some millions who later compare themselves to my Royal self as annoying as possible, blabbing which ones I would not say where it mattered – the recession for instance took hold of the entire world over 10 years ago and the government has not been able to decide on an economic policy that means no matter which Political party people belonged to, the state of their business and financial matters was never exposed when they did not want it to be, an economic Policy we can say defines our position as a Country on account it will costs some city centre goons and fat cats some millions – for their part it is more of an issue of the fact that the recession was a statement from the global economy on their incompetence but even after that we still find them set out all these stupid parameters that lure people out of a condition where not everybody in the boardrooms will be friends of theirs and so they have to accept some of them will be friends of mine and those friends will be involved with politics and fundamental issues as well, to a business where people sign contracts and find years later that others have something to black mail them with and make more money doing so – I really, really, really hate it and they can see it does not let me breathe and so we are aware they have not been able to do anything about the bad smell as far back as we remember so far; I can say what I want to wherever I want and such nonsense can only continue until the point at which I said it cost them the jobs that got to their heads in the first place – I mean another example is their hate for women anyway, when mostly they know nothing about women all together and therefore know nothing of what they hate as such but that is usually an example of where they get it i.e. everything I say and do is quickly followed by a more like it insults that if I resist is then continued with media setting me up for feeding frenzy while people get involved with my concerns to give me pain. No economic Policy hurts anybody that is not building parameters for hurting people and claiming it is a business and if they were running proper businesses, they would not need to show up in committees of Brexit and the Cabinet to look after their stupid interests in the first place but then again I suppose we consistently have to deal with Prime Minister that invite them and dig a hole for the government then tell us decisions were out of their hands and suppose we are to accept their explanations will suffice every time, Prime Ministers who love to be controlled by nonentities who have sale army and have made money that lets them compare themselves to royalty to make more of it like we see them jump on my public image for all the time and as for the Media, the fun bit was when they built up my public image so they might ascribe it to others, the not so fun bit is that they can continued to levy excuses and insults at me when I tell me them and the media divorce will now give me a share of the publicity stake in their Industry thereby paying the bills. They do say I am very wasteful and it makes me wonder like that case of the Politicians talking about people who go with them to sign trade deals and are always pushing up a more like it insults at me on Media along with a sickening blame culture that churns my tummy, wonder if it gets people buying Books when the writer keeps his information secret, wonder whether the use of my property without payment is something they want to do or something that happens because I do not keep information to myself. Their Politicians have the excuses but we know they get by past my backyard as I equally get by past their own as well and that the excuses for those government Office incompetence built up to hurt people with is equally as stupid. They always say I am broke and do not have any real power and I suppose it does not matter anyway since we are now talking about my Books and not a different subject matter over it, even when we are talking about their involvement and vandalism that means a Christian deals with enough financial complications to set off the sense he thinks their cars are more important than God, hence the start of their problems too. I mean what happens most of the time looks like a process where somebody has put up a massive billboard in the city and wants to know I can do his intellectual property administration for him and they show up in suits to stifle my income claiming I would have been successful if I kept secret what I knew – it is a practical joke linked to personality cultures and its competitions, especially the one about whether or not I am the best man aesthetically and so on, so we have reached the stage where they take a look at their salaries and incomes and savings and therefore decide that perhaps I will have them get off my Books and take a look at it the day I solved all of their life's problems i.e. whatever we are talking about now means that we are talking about my Book instead of other distractions and that should have explained something to them about their behaviour; they always say its my friends and allies that want me keeping secrets but its nothing unusual to hear Celebrities say its better to take what you know to the grave than to let others have it especially if it is in their interest to decide how you behave on certain occasions. So eventually is the talk of the hurting bottoms issues which I need to resolve and what they mean is that since they have wrecked everything here because they are certain history will witness them deploying my life and public image to get rich and I have deployed their own and made it attractive for posterity no matter how ugly, I need to match it with violence but considering they pick a fight with people they have never met all the time, what it means to me is the same game where I make myself less appealing to racists and civil rights criminals to have it taken from me systematically by Politicians and Media bullies and then I go to the University to study Law and that was taken too, same with the time I got a Factory job and same with the time I got a security job and we see endlessly that each time somebody has this strange opinions about how the law exists to protect the weak and ensure they can never reach full potential, they get representation in government buildings and since the time of Tony Blair the need to preserve the original provocation that stays in the minds of victims like a glass splinter, has been resulting in House of Lords appointments for the real daddies; so I have no idea what they are complaining about and we see the same when they tell me it has now reached the point where its between me on one hand along with my Celebrities and the Politicians on the other along with their society goons, which does not make sense to me as the reality is that Celebrities are more productive then society goons but are people that are always scared, so each time a Broker Celebrity has worked with me, some people become completely obsessed with knocking heads and creating enmity and the way to ensure what I see when I look at it means the Celebrities and myself are at logger heads, is to get the Celebrities doing my bit of the work all the time while their stupid boys and girls goad me over violence and all I own ends up in a condition where rules and security does not apply; this is the bottom hurting that interests me, the other is the one I am not doing any more, so what happens when I only take care of myself is that it hurts me too but what I gain is that Politicians and Journalists are controllable. Now they say what the main problem was had all to do with racism which I refuse to take responsibility for and I would not understand anyway, we all know they like to tell me that they do such things and say such things and pretend racism will be solved when the racist gods have some human sacrifice because I talk about their stupid and abusive behaviour which causes people to respond in a way that works against the Law and that it is the same effect but we can all see the reason for this conversation is that we are finding out which of the two is actually reality. So in the end we hear I am at odds with the Government, the government that makes excuses for its abusive behaviour on grounds of the needs of those who own the businesses that are going overseas with the Prime Minister to sign trade deals but reality is the number of millions of people who get by across my backyard buying their products as well, so whilst I am thinking the insults are uncalled for, they are thinking practical jokes which say that all I say and do is for the taking due to what they deserve for owning businesses that are going to make the Country the most money and it feeds through in such ways as is akin to a violent activity all the time – the finger is up my bum already and I cannot avoid complying with their needs, than you very much I will take that now refers to everything I do to bring my Book to Public light and the list goes on endlessly along with idiots who have media jobs and have the racism thing I had mentioned above to complain about, Middle power that blabs about handling reality while it cannot get its head out of its bottom to begin with. These scum have always been complicit with racism as far back as it goes, they have always had need of evil cultures in the land that will be used to make everybody else live in a world where their lives revolve around that of Media goons and Political fools when it comes to money matters and the blacks have a real problem as the evil cultures in the UK are exclusively for white people. The economics text Books will say one thing and they will do another, thereafter cannot stop talking rubbish at me too. They say I have a problem with security services operatives which I do not and much the same as they say they enjoy seeing me suffer the same way that poor people suffer which is utter nonsense – in terms of the former, it was a case of service people that will never stop doing insanity stuff and now some of them have ended up in Buckingham Palace and we are left wondering if they want to sell it because it has been opened to tourists. In terms of the latter however that was something to do with the many things people do when they want to have some history they can refer to whereby they will claim I was abusive and insolent while they were the ones with the insults that causes Royalty to drop out of University; its never really problem, just gets real when I start to wait for them at the jobs market as well for my part, including other steps I take when I am being abused by them and it eventually comes down to a case where it is said that I have a problem with the Common people when I do not – what happens with the Common people is that they chose poverty and then all those occasions when they speak of wealth inequality adds up to a raid on the general public garnished with a sense of respect for those who actually have all the money; hence for me, it has become a case where they need to keep off my Books as they can now see that even if the opportunists decided to work together with those who were actually working their way out of poverty, they would not have been able to take me on anyway, so it usually blows out at the powers of the US and now they can see if I got out of bed everyday to decide it was Me v The powers of the US, it would end really badly for them too; I have spoken of the matter in many other ways such as when I tell them its the land of the free but it is not okay to put up a band wagon and pretend to be an Arch Prince because it could appeal to the crowd. So it eventually develops into the love hate relationship they say I have with service personnel which I do not; the irony of their jobs is that while we think its the smaller soldiers that are fighting for their lives, when the enemy defeats the bigger ones, we are all done for, so it is the bigger ones that need more public support. This is something journalists have never understood; in my case my personal diaries are full as it is obvious I am writing things in them that I used to write about three years ago in order to cope with the bullying and now I need them to fight and will get a media divorce from them over the assault on my Books too. They continue to get involved generally; even when it is explained that the conundrum between Heroes and villains is that they probably know each other well enough to have been friends in the past, while in my case they have trouble seeing that Royalty does not need their help – they get involved, bring their own problems and enemies and get abusive in public places too, then complain when I do their own as well about the hurting bottoms and claim I am homosexual but have refused to come out because they think I am stupid and that they will secure an exit that way without paying the Bills. So there is talk of other service people activities I criticise, which is nothing unusual, it does not mean I hate them as such, it just means they really are fond of doing the madness stuff and can do it to a stage where society is split between criminals, law enforcement officers and the general public but do not think it is where they have to stop, until this leads to an arsenal for the enemy that allows the enemy a means to some form of military deception and manoeuvrability and then they will be the ones to get sent on suicide missions – I do not know if they do it deliberately but I have to look after my keep when people recognise what I can do and show up around my concerns to get some frequently. What happens with these guys is that every provocation adds up to some form of survival tactics and if they know they will win, we face conflict, if they know they will lose we live in peace if they think they will win we have to listen to new of collateral damage. They do brag about there being collateral damage in everything which I do not mind like when they complain about the bad smell if they cannot listen to me when I say I have a bad appetite, want nothing to do with them, not lesbians chasing female lovers by making me symbol of suffering or some form of abusive civil rights involvement about which I had no choice with that big mouth they have; so its all poor persons talk, in the real world what happens is that somebody planned a living and met another person with whom he had children that would grow and develop from the living the planned together, dying in unforeseen circumstances because an idiot thought that if he got into a fight with the status quo, there was probability he would win even though there was clear indications that this was not guaranteed. They do say I create confusion into the work of Journalists which is utter nonsense; what happens is that I get courted by Couples and then I have to look after them either on temporary or permanent basis at the Estate but because of the behaviour they exhibit towards my personal life and anybody that gets involved with me, the free for all abuses for chasing money and self improvement insults, we find that so far in my case it has happened to three Couples I have Courted whereby a mentally disturbed person has informed the Police who got involved in an issue that if allowed to roam free they will murder the females in the relationships who have adopted the kinds of existences that are better when murdered and in mysterious circumstances and on none of the three occasions have I see then chose wife's friends and chose my friends as well, tell me how to exist and continue to assume they have the right to such insults on media do anything about it; so I suppose the best way to ensure the issue does not come up again is to say they need understand that since not everybody in the boardrooms of the big companies are friends of theirs, it is safe to assume some of them would have been friends of mine – its a friends Court arrangement about me building people lifestyles and the outcome being that I go with them when we face the world together and make money to pay our way and leave some inheritance for the children after, very important obviously and I have fallen behind on some of the very important work and activities, last thing I need at this stage is stupid ideas like this one held in place.


So they say everything I have done is turning out to be a fallacy and I can understand the reasons but it has nothing to do with reality anyway; reality is that I have behaved the way that I have because some people have constantly interfered with my concerns to insist that tradition is usually a case where none entities such as myself are taken up and then used and when completely spent, discarded while there is a perfectly rational explanation for that all together. Its not that I have to explain what the Royal Family does, its just when I am asked and I know how Government works, I have to say it is the right thing that have been and the way Government works that the things which are done have been done, otherwise mostly my opinion is not usually required. The talk of my behaviour causing people to lose their Estate is understood but what happens is that instead of learning from somebody who knows, how to run a place like Buckingham Palace, they get security jobs there and then the Public transport operatives chase my bottom from home, so when I get there they can start doing it too. The cultures of the Land affect every person in exactly the same way; when you step out of line your bottom hurts – it is the same for the racists and the civil rights activists, the same across the spectrum still for the Royals and the Priests and yes they say it affects me differently because I am Royalty and yes while that is true and we know that Celebrities do not like it to affect them most of the time which is why we have different behaviour in the City from the Countryside, I am still always being persecuted by people whenever they have any form of publicity to play with and of course when I have had some food I do not need to be shaken up at all, this is what they will not stop doing, so its cracked up out of my league for those who are famous or think they are and its queer society and culture for those who are not. So all I want is to run my whole life the normal way; at this stage there is no way that people can get involved with me and any grooming would lead to acceptable results because others have need of money and possess insulting ways by which to acquire it; so like I have mentioned before that it has now happened around my concerns three times without their manliness doing anything about it, where a good couple might have ended up with civility that they can build a life on and make money to pay their way and leave an inheritance for their children but what happens instead is Police getting involved with a mentally disturbed person who has promised if they do not control him, he will kill the females to spread it around; what is going to happen therefore is that the whole business of making sure that the Pornography Industry is more mobile than usual, will give rise to outcomes where I shut down those stupid narcisstic popular culture canopies and the insane celebrities who give them what they want with it, so they can get it from pornogrpahy and therefore pillage this Estate from there as well. They have started blabbing about the dangers of leaders who do not have public Office as we speak; what happens with me instead of course is that I am not being paid for public work like their Politicians are – its a cost and benefits arrangement of holding public Office where I put out securities that allow people see a way to behave which will provide them civility and prosperity and in return sell my Books to pay the Bills, which their stupidities especially in Government office has now over years of insults turned into something that idiots who are in a relationship but do not trust each others can do whatever they like with and because their stupidities do not even add up to a civil rights crisis at this point, it is not much to do anything about but even so the reality they have refused to act on being of course that the question remains still i.e. where they intend to stop – for me however their need to refer to my public image concerning which I shut down their fame for such reasons as the fact that I get hunted down and trapped by lower classes like an animal over the last 14 years but have lowered the cost of my Books by half in the last four months to earn more abusive practical jokes from them among many other reasons, it really going to start annoying me in a big way but for the Politicians I suppose they can always handle my Books if it has their names written on it. So we hear them claim I have a problem with the power of the people as well, which is more like the power of the civil bullies – all they spend all of their time on is standing up on public places to decide there is a bigger power and then is a smaller power compared to them and being stuck in the middle brings about the homosexuality and alternative lifestyles people complain about when they are still so disrespectful and it leads right up to the point where it is making use of me and my work everyday to boost its income and assuming that the insults it passes around because it feels it is a steal destroying everything around here with that block head will do. Its also like when they say the main case is that I am always on a power trip with the Monarchy while the truth is that unless the Monarchy gives me some kind of security support, I can never sell some Books and produce an Heir for my Estate, so the war that they will make while I am wondering what on Earth is wrong with them on this case in the first place, is largely based on the fact they have their bottoms chased by those whose job it is so to ensure every one produces an Heir and then we find those insults that are getting them all tangled up with the ones that will stab them for it all together. I do not think it is a problem; I mean there is nothing wrong with my Books at this stage – they are elitist and will appeal to Middle and Upper Classes but I am being hunted down like an animal and trapped by the lower classes instead, since I halved the price of my Books, I have gotten even more abusive practical jokes for them as well; while the reality on the ground is still the case where equity writing and broker generally tends to mean that I am this guy that solves all problems that are put into him to be used by others, then got off to play up the criminals in neighbourhoods and other peoples families routine and followed it quickly with media abuses and it is getting so serious starting from their inability to live with the bad smell as well. So the Germans especially are at the helm of this gimmick that involves the problem with leaders who have no Office being one of where they cherry pick the benefits of public office and I should say it goes without mentioning that I have stated they need to return to consumers and establish a relationship with those all over again bearing in mind creating the economic crisis is such a buzz, in order to get out of the recession – this is what the text Books advice not a process of talking rubbish at me. Its really difficult to see how they hope to recover economy by doing other things including ripping up diplomatic relations that the British have built in order to start building their own too in the next couple of weeks, which stupidities are not unusual, just the question that shows up as per whether I plan to suck up to them as well after I had stopped their fame, which would have gone beyond insanity as an action i.e. I intend to get them stuck with me until they are past it as well. This business of idiots who line themselves up on the internet especially to get counted into rich list while knowing nothing about the way people get around the world to let them put up capital somewhere and build a sale army somewhere else to get to those rich lists, especially with respect to comparing themselves to me while their stupidities ensures I cannot sell Books even when they have very good jobs going for them has rather gone too far and I am certain they can feel it as well from the things I do to them about it. With respect to the economy, that would go beyond their main case being that the Monarchy has to develop a special security arrangement for me in order to me to sell my Books and run an Estate, of which nobody really can tell what on earth is wrong with them; that would be a case where idiots who would not trade if they are traders and let other peoples be do not wish to speak with people and find out what is going on as it is not obvious to them the money in the economy is finite and that food products cannot be recycled, thus unless we find a replacement for what is spent on food we will run out of money, hence no way to locate innovation that lets people sell products on a regular basis, without speaking with the consumers to find out what is going on, instead of blabbing nonsense at an Arch Prince to profit from insults that have to do with the needs of the hungry Political crowd. The hungry Political crowd and their leaders who have no other form of conversation save the need to preserve some wealth that they think or claim I want to see less of, in order that they might give me some experience of oppression, hence their explanation of the reasons my position on the EU appears the way that it does. The reality of which is that they are ever so keen to spend some money investing in the original provocation of some goon that really loves to bully other people but then do not like the fact it leads to market and financial dead end, so come up with tricks at Politics that makes my income margins their main preoccupation as though I was naïve about the way evil, wickedness and any forms of destruction associated with it to make those who practice it feel elated really works. The outcome being the impunity that suggests Politicians have gradually become convinced that with certain people anything can be done which should not be done to a person or his property and then funny excuses can be made out of it later on thereof and this is where I usually let them know enough means its enough. Its that old case where a group of women gather over a table of tea and then find suddenly they want to be known as dynamic feminists who have certain Men they can do whatever they like with; then it will never let me be with insults it wants to push off as forms of practical jokes that suggests that it owns me and then as time progresses they find out the ways I earn a living can become their own and I become somebody people hurt to get good things in return which the Celebrities then get involved with and like to think it makes them famous to encourage people to abuse me while they make themselves out as the people that are bringing it to the crowd and claim it facilitates wealth and social equality. I do not have a problem with it as people like to say I need to stop saying that people are fucking famous and I have no idea if it would have been preferred that I started writing Books and blogs about the relationship they have with their parents instead on seeing their fame means I am always getting punished by my Mum at their hands – personally however its difficult to locate how somebody who has a criminal record can be famous without his fame having something to do with the criminal record anyway, hence how they could have become famous by building up my public image which they ascribe to themselves and why they always like to think I owe them some sort of obligation not to take their secretes public anyway. My point is that their Politicians are always selling this story of their abusive and incredibly stupid behaviour with public property being a matter of people who like to support systems of oppression but do not wish to experience what it feels like and it is past its sell by date – they really need to stop peddling it, as we can all see its purpose is to get people who have had the best laid plans of mice and men set aside, feeling at 21 to 28 as though what is happening to them is that they got out of bed on their 18th birthday to ask their parents what normally happens when people have Bills to pay. For now, it is apt to see that it does not mean that having not adopted a position where the supporting public might end up poor while they got all the money, so they can continue to support this nonsense, I am actually worse off, as my position actually means that the whole thing of handing their money to Politicians and Celebrity, is going to hit them hardest when they least expect and at a later stage in life. So they say I am still in a ot of trouble which I a not; we are where we are because Journalists cannot do their jobs – I am not vulnerable to culture and society trouble makers, I am vulnerable to culture and society trouble makers going off to somebody's Media job to have revenge on me by and these idiots in 16 years have not in any 24 Hours paid attention to the job in hand; so we live in a world where their mates are fighting for life in other parts of the world while when I am not vulnerable to culture and society goons whose primary sense of people who know what to do is one of violence, the media is my biggest problem and its going to end very well too – every time I am about to address the matter like a person to person dialogue they slip out and I am stuck with politicians or International communities while this behaviour continues and they continue to hack my finances by tackling my Books because it creates problems for them to behave in such ways as well; its about to be tested if they really are the problem that they think they are and yes they always say they have an alliance with the Politicians but I have no idea why I am always being educated about it anyway. I man what sort of idiot thinks it is amusing to cling to somebody else's Book sales income and get them dealing with society and culture trouble makers over and over and over again all day for 15 years? So it does seem that if I do not have an outcome where I own a certain portion of the benefits of working on TV, it will never stop and this is why I must have a divorce from the Media.


There is this talk of the worry that I am a love cheat, which I am not – what happens is that things are not getting done and it leaves what is to be desired lying around for women to show up and pick little bits by and so it feels just like tasteless sex obviously; by getting things done I mean having a Court and it being occupied by people who play around with an Arch Prince who has a body type that can tolerate what they are unable to and how it means I must have a specific arrangement with all of them especially couples, hence the question I usually ask of why I am stuck with the Media and not how they want to have sex, you know, showing me how they do their own. The same goes for the mixed messages it is said I send concerning celebrities, which I do not; the bottom hurting bits and society trouble makers and culture trouble makers is my stuff, they rather just like to get all messed up with it while trying to be famous and then the paparazzi and private security Industry corruption will want to get a job and then they will think they can blame it on me on and on and on too; the reason is usually that such a disposition adds up to a process where they are employing me while I have no respect for it, so the outcome is usually when I make a statement that this stuff is not free for all. We see this behaviour all the time and we know they issue those threats often too but reality is pretty much the same as ever i.e. whilst they want to nail me and Obama got really close, Trump has committed a crime by being surprised that he won elections in the US – putting in the best of his campaign and hoping to build a Political career after but being surprised when the American People elected him has become a crime, tried on Media and decided by a Jury of Celebrities. Then they speak of the main case with me as if we do not already know that they are always either making reference to my public image as a right they had or they make reference to my Estate as something they can have – the main case of which was never apparently that they spend all their time on doing so and now wish to gut everything I have with the help of their Politicians when they want to pay the bills, therefore if I tie them down with me until they cannot do anything useful with their lives, I will suck up to them after and then they will have my public image that way. Same as when the Politicians shaft an Arch Prince to make trade deals rather than talk to consumers and resolve a recession, concerning which practical jokes mean I cannot sell my Books, which of course is what the Celebrities are copying by setting out their show business as a process of deciding what the Public gets from my work in order to bring about equality which process then ensures the purpose of their stupid jobs are that when people spend years working on a thing, the day they go public, it ceases to be their own, which I also intend to handle over that case where every goon that wants something off me and cannot have it will seek it by tackling my entire age range and if he fails, will get it off the Celebrities, going from a need to show up at Industry and blab off those insults about how nobody knows who the hell I am, make money with my work in parts of the world where the taxes are low and seek out resorts where he can pass around insults my way that a bird will carry around the world - the result will be that their need to own people and own other peoples bodies will see them get their services from the sex Industry and it really does look like I am going to shut down the Celebrity culture as well, so that when I do we shall see if the outcome will be that I suck up to them that they might have my public image as replacement. They always say I am not making any progress, that I am this person that thinks he is Royalty but has never been there but it has been an old tale of asking them to seek their equities from their savings and mortgage if they have no wish to lose the celebrity and popular culture to another persons Royal Bills. Then we hear this talk of Communist while reality is that apart from the Russians where what you do to make a deal with a bigger Country palatable becomes the source by which you are invaded to ensure that you keep it up and those who never knew were their allies become sources of infiltration, the Chinese were stoked up, armed and militarily updated by the Obama Administration who considered it a means of starting a project that will allow bigger but poorer countries to become more powerful than little midget but powerful ones in Europe and now they are provoking the same Chinese as well all together. They do speak of Politician gutting me for all I have and its an old story where handling the squander captains on Media will solve the problem all round; they are ever so good at starting people up, just like they strike my bum for the celebrities, we find them come up with a test every time and then ask me how I came by the idea of making them get their deals from sex workers while reality on the ground is that women can no longer keep the husbands from being bullied because they have got fingers – they always start and in my case have set me up so big on media that the only time I know they have deployed my work to get rich quick is after the marketing processes have taken root, like the boys from the hood, sitting on the fence and when I take my lunch box back, it promises me wrath that I appear to be experiencing everyday – same as the stupid females who serve the ones that attack women for conveniences and set up women for sexual abuse and now think they have got it all going at Hollywood and there will be no trouble if they put it in my face as well; these always start off persecuting moral and religious people who can do nothing about them as far as they are concerned and if it stops complaining to tell me that boys from neighbourhood will have me if it cannot peddle my public image again, there will be even more trouble than its stupidities are complaining about presently. This idea they have that a part of their lives is something I agree with beats my imagination all the time, since we know they screw around with peoples lives under the guise of wealth inequality to rip up small businesses and rub shoulders with rich people but I could never tell why they love to target me anyway whenever they tell their stories about the rich people while they have the rich nonentities with sales armies that cannot let people be with the insults to play around with anyway. We have done the bit where I put up with it because it would never have been fair to see something in skirts end up on the streets but it does need to stop threatening me as well – had enough of it. I do get told my activities are in consonance with organised crime but it was all organised crime and most of these activities apart from individuals that are badly raised and can no longer depend on the parents until the parents are ill, the case of course is that I am just one of those persons that is able to prove it whenever I say somebody has an adage that adds up to criminal activity and the extras usually involve a process where the Media is manipulated into reacting or acting in ways that prove my point – so I am never limited to just saying they have an adage so that due process might hold ground; it makes it difficult for people to operate secret businesses and as I mentioned before, the hatred for me of which makes sense as nobody would be hurt if the government set out Policy social or economic that did not set out a structure for making money which works by hurting others. So we see that every time I do anything it is handled by Americans because their Country has a large Military and they should be able to get an Arch Prince stuck between Republicans and Democrats like that was my share in this world – so its an old story that the US does not have as much in common with the US as it would suppose i.e. if you said they were not like Canada or Australia or the UK or Europe then they would adopt some form of US exception Policy but we can see why they act in the Middle East and pull back without getting any jobs done i.e. the families of the males pay the dowry for instance and not that of the female like it is in the UK but on the matter itself, they do need to stop threatening me with those stupid violent involvement that characterises how they get about with people and stop blabbing which trouble I will get into with boys from the hood if I fail to comply with their need to make use of me and get rich – we all know the ethnic minority entertainment industry is losing as much money and assets as the damage they are causing here and that when Mr Trump showed up and promised to build a wall it got worse, its apparently what they need to trap people and grab equities by which to get rich without doing any employment and when I am finished too with this process of making them get their services off the sex Industry, the process of making out they would buy if I were selling with my so called enviable body, the Political decisions will become much easier to make. Apparently there are reasons squander captains behave in such ways; here in Europe they say I do not think Europe matters but reality of course is rather a case of them chasing deviance until stuck and then women will be made to take off clothes, if I had an opinion I will be man-stripped and bottom chased so they might get out of it instead but in the UK its more a case of a need to ensure wife has something to brag about concerning somebody husband pulverised to make money for the family, which feeds into narcissistic popular culture and turns up on Television advertisement – so the idea continues to run around that I fancy their socialist need to rip up peoples lives and rub shoulders with the rich in order to end up with popular culture which facilitates overseas accounts and tax dodging and we should always remember that Nazism was a product of socialism as well, so each time they start, somebody needs to keep an eye on their complicity with racism. So they say everybody is complaining about my tummy these days which is great anyway; what really happens is that everything I do annoys them because they have not got one like that and I need to keep it out of their face, then my personality comes from sleeping with peoples wives, then I wrote a Book of equity which means any problems stuffed into me will produce a good result that comes out of my mouth later, featuring a process of living with me in the same area but showing up to talk rubbish in Public about how I should be used every time the idiots step outside of their door, then return to live with me in the same House or neighbourhood as well and regularly talk nonsense about giving me back my personal space by throwing a punch over the bad smell. Then their insulting media fools and Politicians will say its a quest of respect which lesson I am learning, which is utter nonsense – the whole business of the fact that people do not in a working life always use the loo when they need to, sometimes it can be Hours away or something needs to be completed urgently and their need to share peoples personal space and make a case of their alimentary canal every second makes a mess of everything i.e. I have Books to sell but I am not a writer until their cosmetic freedom and democracy that does not allow people leave property and return to find it as was left, besides which those who brag too much on the media are the ones learning the importance of some of the things women do, when their next door neighbour has more respect for the chicken he eats than he does for them. They do say I do too much naturally which is not that I do as such, its a carefully sorted out plan to ensure they are tolerable or they are in pain as we can see if it does not shoot down my Books and ruin everything, build poor neighbourhoods if it can, just so it might set up a theatre business in Blackpool for example, it will not feel as though it can live in an environment that is exclusively for men, if it does not completely destroy all I have, it will not pick up the one that gets to its head and just get on with it. As a whole, it is still the same process of managing people that are possessed with demons without performing an exorcism all together; if it has that wickedness it seeks, I will be getting stabbed and shot at because he wants to peddle my life and get rich and if does not have it, I will be punished for the rest of my life and this nonsense about choosing poverty and then conducting raids on peoples lives with media and wealth distribution campaigns is usually one of its most prized tool. The Politicians have continued to insist when they make money the lifestyle they adopt will provide me with a breathing space when they support this sorts of nonsense; now they can never say that it does any more and by the way of which immoral democracy is now beyond them at Public Office. Now its become a matter of those occasions when they pay for pleasures they cannot afford the way we see them take it as it were and it is set to put into perspective the part where they are always caught up with a bigger and more difficult version of everything I do, then when they make a mess start their abusive persecution on Media.


They do love to glorify their vandalism especially the male population and their need to categorise people because they get together to talk about their insults like some indoctrination that is then deployed as a tool to solve a problem they would understand at their income bracket and social standing but at the end of the day it is still the same old story about the fact that if I am not bothered by women like they are, it means I am in charge and they are not, so what they are complaining about for instance is the fact that we have done this routine where I ended up being hated because I had something in store as a history lesson for everybody that exasperates me i.e. they have problems that gets them closer and closer to a relationship with the Prison service but prefer to get the solutions off me by abusing and insulting me with no consideration that the assumption I have no means of using their own in the same way is fantasy. They rather love to brag about how they hate me because I am a supporter of Monarchy which has always been an old case where we find them make those statements of what Monarchist do not understand being that they come up with ideas and then Political people deploy it to make money – so we see the one that annoys me the most is the one that goes beyond those insults about being my daddy figures who deserve anything I have worked for, and becomes a case of their need to be seen getting about Industry communities blabbing how nobody knows who the hell I am and then pretending a lot of people out there are putting them on the list of serious minded people for it too. I suppose it does get real when they damage the finances and their stupidities had therefore started to make publicly obvious sense, considering those threats of which was an old case of that idiot that ensures I have to deal with a set back each time he drops his children off at school getting away with it to a stage where he thinks he is used to it and they can start talking about wrath if they wanted too. They always say that they damage my finances all the time while my interference with Politics is legendary but we all know in terms of the former, since they have been blaming me for the war instead we have come full circle but in terms of the latter, it has stopped being amusing in the Houses of Government as well all together. The females want to couple this business of abusive stories about me now in a place where I think I can solve any problem while they are showing me I am not taking seriously the fact their activities are meant to be life threatening but it is an old story about stupid female Politicians thinking those who walk into Church belong to them as Men that have been trying to run away from Manly social responsibilities, nobody knows what those practical jokes are about as much as we are conversant with the extent of complaining that results from it, like the new war on women we hear them talk about, while engaging with violent vaginal monologues on my Books leaving me with financial difficulty everyday. Nobody knows why they simply have to squander other peoples property and why the assumption is that if they spend years trying to bully me which I have made impossible and can no longer spend time with the businesses that get to their heads or indeed do something important with their lives, the probable outcome is that I will suck up to them so they might have mine but the Politicians are in another league all together – showing up around school to create me setbacks and drop the child off, then return to continue every 24 hours like they are my personal gods has now given way to a need to show that they were treacherous bitches at my expense laying waste to my finances in the process but now they wish to have me tolerate the threat of violence as well despite the fact they are complaining about me on a global stage because of it; apparently the benefits of being a woman so that this becomes the operation of multitasking that does not let them pay attention to the job in hand, while the male civil right scum with tribalism they cannot afford that lets them chose poverty and conduct raids on peoples lives and possessions using civil rights that will do the violence assume when we have this sort of talk about it on a table and they blow off their big blame culture mouth about my state provided security or my public image sparks will not fly so we can find out how far that big mouth stretches too. Where the state provided security is concerned of which I do not care what they are complaining about, I want to get them stuck with me so they are no longer able to do anything useful with themselves, right up to the stage where they find their place and clear my space, stop showing up around my Books if it does not belong to them legally; when they end up like that for the rest of their lives then that big mouth will be put to the test in that way or they can stay off my grid and keep those insults out of my concerns as we are not mates – this is very important. There are place where I would never dare take such stance naturally but if I see them put the feet up on any beach blabbing nonsense at me they will complain again like that did before; I still have time to complete my academic work and secure all the tools I need for what I have to do, with time to do it as well but every time this time frame gets smaller over their stupid cosmetic freedom insolent practical jokes, I will make them suffer for it too; I am sure they are at least clever enough to understand 12 years of nauseating financial complications that are due to a process of tolerating them, now we are not living in a slippery stupid world where we classify people as idiots so we might justify ourselves while beating them up, issuing insolent threats at me and talking rubbish about belonging to gangs. That I am not taking seriously the fact they are threatening my life was the threat they made; very rich coming from scum who are too old to attend School that would have helped them escape from the throes of foolish spoiled women who have become neighbourhood community queens chasing their bottom, tends to forget its place so frequently, backed by those stupid media insults and if I do not get real over it, the whole gimmick can only get worse. They excuse themselves with that nonsense that I am a failure in some respects but clearly of which one dropped out of University because he had a Court to aid him while we chases his property equity Estate business and the Court was female so it deserved no respect from idiots with Media careers who deserved more than anyone to be protected from community croons that chase peoples bum – now they tell me I am not taking seriously the fact that what they do because they want to peddle my life and get rich and are being resisted is life threatening, I think I can solve all problems like they are playing with me and so if I do not get real on this, if these scum do not end up living with the fact I know where they start and where they stop and they need to watch that big mouth as I have had enough of them as well, since the time when they could not do anything else save talk rubbish at George Bush about where the blood and sands of war in Iraq should end up and whose public image was to be used for the clean up processes so they might discover new forms of fame, this nonsense is never going to show signs of an improvement, so important they kept their big mouths firmly shut as it were and stop taking up my study time playing up those foolish jokes, taking up my study time, never showing up here to buy and read Books I write and I could never be free from a plans to get rich and various other abusively insulting nonsense they deem to be life threatening, mostly born out of fun processes of finding Witch Doctors that will make me smell like my toilet and cannot keep their big mouths shut on their stupid media for it - The Celebrities did say my whole life is a line in the sand earlier but I do not see that it is either their line or their sand anyway.