The story of how I never accept that the way I run my concerns disrupts people’s lives hinges on this i.e. on one hand if they do not like reality based Block Busters, Hollywood money rips up the Entire business Empire of an Arch Prince because they can, while on the other, they cannot do anything without leaving me financially worse off and facing a time schedule based setback which caused me to drag them back and make them fix the problems while I supervise. Hence one moment I am wondering why all these foolish Women have access to me when Court Members are human beings with an identity of their own and the next I have disrupted the lives of Media idiots whose jobs pay well and is a dream job for them but they will actually be caught dead paying attention to it instead of me. The threats are the reasons I never speak of it so they can continue to make up their excuses for stealing my income as a profession to add to the ones they have already got – never know what might happen when I meet them, never mind grooming them for arse fucking before I get killed by their racists and gangs for refusing to hand over property and co-operate and that stupid Popularity will exist only on the day they deploy their own stupid lives to make one, the other choice being to read the Bible and attend Church which is how my own is made and what it is used for, otherwise I will cut up any bits of it that gets in my face for good measure. As it stands the smouldering effect is the simple one; they can stay and continue to get themselves involved and continue to handle me if they want but for each time I am sore, I will clip them for it as well. All that yapping about consequences of the war I make on men and their girls and mistresses is all very well; in case they have not noticed, it happens because when you tell people not to peddle your personality what they do instead is have sex on it and they can always fuck around with me if they want too, see what happens.

It feeds into the EU story where they say people like me pretend the myth that it is a threat to democracy is true and also that it is wholly a bad thing. The reality of course is as I have mentioned before i.e. that EU Politicians only have one mode of communicating with people and that is about going off to check at home or at the Office if you are really powerful enough to question their actions. This then means that an economic crisis could only mean one behaviour only and that is to collect talents from younger people by making sure somebody that should have graduated from University at 21 is still being prevented from getting into University by journalists and celebrities – in my case, they have already seen me write Books they testate to being disrespectful of peoples cultural fathers but chase my finances anyway knowing there are still points of call like when people make a mess of the employment system and turn out on the Streets to wait for kids who want jobs, which is only the tip of the iceberg; hence sharing an organisation with people who consistently behave like this is something that tends to last as we can hear them claim. The part about saying it’s all bad being not just the one about people buying Books to get involved but also one about making sure the good people are not corrupted by twisted popularity mad bad ones – I mean the fundamental difference between Italy which is obviously European and Canada which is obviously not in trading behaviour exactly is? Hence nobody really knows what the exact reason for delaying trade deals with Canada to the extent that it was really is, while from here my relations with the Italians keep getting better and better. Hence it all feeds into these journalistic nonsense where it is not what I say but where I say it which disrupts the lives of male journalists in a Court owned by a half priest that is for females only – the other issues like Women who serve me in Europe as Temperament Mistresses and whom I created a Court system for to match – a relationship developed from years of an understanding that nothing is to be disrupted about their ability to ask Men difficult questions that can kill them too – so it’s this sort of nonsense; insults and insults, handling me and handling me, complaining about the Royal family and using my Books to make it happen and the EU on which their entire business depended is something we have now stepped out of and they must hit the bottle and have something to say when they do not have a business that is really means to get around bullying people. Any normal mind could easy discern that it is recognition and credits we are talking about and that I am determined to ensure their insults are repaid if they had the entire planets Media at their disposal too; the story of an end to talking to Society is all very well but what they really mean is the need to ensure if I travelled somewhere, they got to own that entire day that was concerning my person – so these Men could be the least of their worries as I have warned them I have a massive temperament and can achieve a condition in less than 24 hours where the Royal Rebel that the Queen trusts sets out to exasperate people and turn their reaction into an achievement which is kept up for the rest of their lives and used to make money and fame as well – at present I wish to solve problems around the Administration of this Office and selling the Books concerned with it in other ways, it does not mean I think such an activity would have been a bad one because this is all about stealing a Royal lifestyle instead of getting a day job and these idiots would destroy anything to make it happen, like the landmarks and Tourist attractions had to be protected from European Politicians and Media while the whole issue of what they were doing with Public finances was being resolved, which I appointed myself to as well for clear and obvious reasons of what they appointed themselves to. They do say that a Nations alliance with another is largely measured by economic incentives that encourage one to protect the other by armed conflict if necessary but we all know the reasons they are always violent towards me and I am always taking it easy is that they turn customers away from my business and set about getting involved to decide what my opportunity costs are supposed to be, it then makes me angry enough to decide what happens to their business cycles as well and hit the jackpot when I realised this is a behaviour that has not changed in decades i.e. go to poor people and collect talents then go off with your money to make more quick money and employ some while being exceedingly wealthy and because of the games they continued to play with my sales and accounts which the Media idiots I want to confront at present have come to think of as daily amusement they excuse by means of Politics until I am tortured into giving away secretes that boost sales for their business for the day etc, I securitised the market to such an extent that the perversion of their own was the most attractive thing to them and because they must now pride themselves in showing manners and being cultured and civilised by staying out of it, their resources and business activity now revolves solely around their Celebrities and fashion idiots and hence the reason every behaviour towards me is so violent. They do say it is the way I am used by the Royals which encourages it but the Royals are family and they are the idiots whose fucking lives I disrupt in my own Court every morning with that big mouth. In their defence they say I suggested I could not be mesmerised by a Mans beauty but it is taking up my whole life and all meaningful aspects of it; in truth what happens is that they have something controversial to say about my personality and Books with respect to how many sales I should have for the day and when that bottoms out my Business and I need a coat but think about going to the shops as a difficult thing when people are so fond of making use of my wonderful personality but do not have the cash to order from a reputable firm and have it delivered in Hours; this is the kind of stage where somebody has an Aston martin and thinks about my mind so consistently that he knows when I am a bit downcast with respect to such a matter, so his Aston Martin or whatever scrapheap on wheels he has got becomes more important than God and then when he returns from the market either without making enough money to facilitate the need to have a go at me in a sexual way, what then happens is that he starts to express how much it is not in his or her interest for me to a job and when I let them understand such behaviour will only lead to outcomes where Politicians intervene on their behalf, what they then do is bellow violence at me and start the gang up of the greedy people over it, which is where it kicks off, bearing in mind that it is the religion I practice in my own personal life that was the reason I couldn’t get a job because they got on Media and Politics to claim it is the reason for all wars to ensure I don’t in the first place. They speak of a problem I have in terms of discrimination but what we have seen when every fool who plays stupid games with me uses it as a means of getting involved with the Royal Family is that they attend functions and do the imaginary hurting of The Queen thing and so I am sure they understand they are not there by my approval but by the actions of those who are either confused about their intentions whenever they have access to me and get near the Royals with it or have cynically let them in, either way of which most have now lost their jobs and we are not seeing Buckingham Palace itself getting sold away anymore – so the reality of what happens when black idiots do such behaviour is that I will not perform my Royal duties and they will take the Estate from me somewhere in hell as well, considering their games are not dangerous. The way it really works is that I share Community with The Royals and all about my life is shared in it as a Community, improving my chances to be financially successful and to find a spouse. We all know they expect me to do one for the democratic world as well and like to make statements of that as an expression of how powerful I really am and why every fool on their side should not fear me but what really happens is that these democratic fools will destroy anything to steal my lifestyle and enjoy the nice bitty stuff that everybody is raving about and it is nonsense they know I have little tolerance for and so far the first black US President understands that too; that the story of ripping up my finances to steal my Royal lifestyle to respect their leaders with can easily lead to an outcome where it’s not just that stupid self confidence I will dig out and beat down seriously so they can turn up in public places to cry everyday whenever they are at work. Of course I am aware they claim I never do anything with my own life but then again I can always start by skewering them again to show what they ate, since we all know they have not been asking how I get by while they were delaying my finances in order to attain the position necessary for this nonsense about which I have compensated with enough security to see them complain about their stupid civil rights as well in a while. The idiots do think it is amusing because nobody got hurt but I do not think a 15 year cash flow crisis so that an idiot can get into position to claim I deploy people’s lives to get things done is amusing for my part, after all its recognition and respect they are complaining about and would like to see their insulting media comments about my person and Books end right away, so they do not take their current pain at sex and drugs and rock and roll to another level too.

So they say I am Gay and the big problem is that I have refused to reconcile myself to that but I wouldn’t know anyway, the problem with me being Gay is that I can calculate every aspect of the start and end of their stupidities and its largely always developed around the one where they provoke me and jump on my chest to slow me down if I react, of which nobody knows what the purpose is if they are not blessed with enough sight and knowledge to remember the days when their souls were pure until somebody got help from Politicians to play out a game of finding out if he reverse can be the case of such persons being possessed by demons while others have the blessings of God, hence and exchange of personality – however it goes even further because when I do lose my temper, that is when we see them build up a reputation for me and try to press me down and ensure I remain that way permanently. Hence for my part Women it seems can get on the roof and channel sexual abuse at me all day long until I am always perpetually tired in order to ensure that their age gives them such an advantage as means they are never wrong when their services of advice are not needed, of which the only reason they are not in Police custody is that I cannot point them out first of all and then secondly that I have not actually taken the step of calling the Police on the matter. It does seem that the purpose of all the nonsense we hear them say is that Women who think that abusing male Children is twice the trouble minus the sexual gratification should be silenced, while they ensure that they can select any male children they want and find out what depths of degradation their bullying wishes to invent but my point is that I am not actually Gay; besides which it only tends to make sense when it is their Children getting killed by Police, Criminals or Gangs. They do claim my patch up, put a brave face and move on stand will never do, of which there is no such thing here; the reality is that this scum need me and my leadership but wish to play a game of rejection until I am physically sick and then follow it on with demagogues of doing my stuff later on and get abusive about it until they become discriminative with that big mouth that assumes I have nothing else to do with my time and are hence fundamentally in need of my lack of financial well being every single moment of their stupid time pointing to an occasion where they do not have enough money for their satisfaction and I do love to reciprocate any stupidity that causes me to pay attention to those stupid left hand side and right hand side gestures they make into a part of my personality with Media abuses and violent lasciviousness if the Politicians stay out of or get involved and stopped complaining while getting to pretend that Government Office is their property too.

So the problem has always been the Politicians and their fall for the trapping of power which nothing gets ahead of every time – so they wreck your finances for them and wallow in it before they ask questions and thereafter rather than an apology want a stick up your arse to push you on when they are uncomfortable and this is what they will never be free of in my case as well. They do say I run away when asked to provide the leadership which is utter nonsense, what happens is that I already did before they came along and need to buy Books from me not get involved with my personal life; this is what happens in every turn – stupid evil people getting into government buildings to stay there and express themselves on a groomed target and religion causes joblessness and it is the reason for all wars and then they build a state of affairs of entrapment and turn up here to ask me when they can do nothing about immoral democracy when that drug dealer uses their reputation to run his business with impunity etc. I personally do not think it’s a crisis, it’s all the stupidities of their Politics and Liberalism about which they need to open up their own lives to ensure people are not being discriminative or buy a Book to get involved, stay out of my personal life, like run away when asked to provide the leadership. I have gone on the great experiment to find out what they wish to do with this rejection until you are sick thing and now we all know it’s a matter of the fact they cannot keep their fucking fingers off people’s bums and steal what other people have worked for. So it’s an old story of trapping me at Politics so I can climb the hierarchy ropes perpetually and if not trap me at government because they have a majority population at their disposal and wish to make use of my personality for an interest that concerns only them and their stupid families; hence it’s a simple reality about Politicians especially and then their Media idiots buying Books from me to get involved with me and staying out of my personal life, not tell me where I am supposed to be when they are not paying any bills around here and have not actually got any such money anyway. They do say I get involved with and mess about their great civilisation which is precisely the point; if I see it take over my Business Empire again, a Book about my lack of respect for their insolent cultural Fathers will be the least of their worries about me too – they keep it out of my Business Empire or making a copy of me and all I own which fits with it so they can make use of and then I do not have to take it over too; it’s an old tale of carrying on with my concerns not realising others are planning to mess up their lives and want to live in and own mine and soon enough they are here with problems to oppress me with – so problems oppression done and my image built up on media so they can claim it done and claiming the money bit since I am still alive as it were done, except I am still dropping out of University while they are surprised they are getting some of mine too; so it’s simple – Politicians especially and then the Media scum after that need to buy Books from me to get involved with this business Empire or they can take everything from me which is associated with being British and live in the UK and then completely vanish after that so I can breathe too. They do say MPs and Media fools hate my behaviour as well but they can if they want anyway; the normal course of events is that a Book gets written and publicity is built for it and then it gets sold, what does not happen is that it is spied on while it is written and Publicity built for it while it is still being written, so that there might be aspects of this Publicity that the Book owner cannot control, unless I twist their own into very perverted and uncomfortable corners as well. It makes an animal out of a perfectly normal person, this sort of rudeness and when I call them names to show their insults in my direction is not justified on account it’s about the Country, they can issue threats so I can do it again as well.

So what has happened here is that I have done mine and ensured I can control what the extreme left and extreme right get up to but my money has completely vanished, what they have ended up with is savings they never worked for on my reputation all over their stupid neighbourhoods doing peoples career, while the bit concerning my relationship with the Royal family is the one where I can control what the extreme left and extreme right get up to but the reasons I cannot sell my Books is because exposure to the public is being covered by the canopy of another person’s problems and I would like them to buy Books or stay away, otherwise issue those stupid threats again as it were – they need to be reminded to be civilised people for a change as it were and reminded properly. I mean it’s now happy, no more sadness, no more despicable civil rights like we have never seen before apparently. So did I do it deliberately or did they get the better of me? Nobody got the better of me in anyway, the reality is that it does not work telling the small people to get civilised when the big people can do whatever they like; what happens is that every little thing that would have been left behind if you ran into trouble will vanish and then you will not actually be able to do anything about the big people, so you can build a business attached to a royal Estate under the canopy of an idiots business empire – so what I did was to create a controlled environment where people partied to make money but did not make any they had not worked for and so the idiots to spend money on such things to get at others have had their fill of it too. So I get told my temper is the reason I lose everything I work for because what I do with it is always completely unnecessary but I know that, except I am not vulnerable to Politicians or Media or goons with a need to control younger people and write Books and blogs that are said to be disrespectful of cultural fathers but there are a group of idiots who have no business with any of these, who are none entities, getting on media to take up over 70% of my time every day because they have their own plans and ambitions, so the assumption I suppose is that their case is necessary and it’s not like I have not mentioned it to their Media and TV personality stupidities before either. It’s like when they say I am not in any way invulnerable to all those people I have listed but it’s an old story about there not existing a world where they build up my reputation on Media and set about owning it – I mean I can always stop short of being an extremist since people really have to have such things as it were and then tell me it’s a matter of the bad people who have suffered in that way, when we all know that when people have been bad they tend to spend their time doing things that lets them see the world around them as clearly as I do; Its ever so pleasurable taking advantage of those that are having a bad time unless those who are doing so are actually paying as it were. So it’s said I get angry at everything which I don’t and much the same as they say I am very wasteful and then blame others for my problems but it’s an old story of the Men and the Gays running Nations and how it works save the part where things are taken over because they who know a little in a world of stupid people that are always in desperate need of leadership are allowed to get away with cooking other peoples broth all the time; developing this paranoia they have of making sure people are not doing their own for them because they know they are idiots in desperate need of leadership but want to be the ones providing it because of certain perks and lifestyle to be had. They do claim I am doing all I do to preserve myself in a world where power for people like me has past its time and they are the ones in the right place; not  link with truth whatsoever, truth which is that I carry on with my concerns and find it being fed to me like they always do with their perverted Media leadership and all the greed and criminality associated with it, that they are wondering what will happen to the Genius that was Royalty if he loses his position, so that when it turns out he will employ himself somewhere else and become successful, wealth distribution is better served by killing off such people with that big mouth – then move over the corner and you find yourself pitying them and ending up doing these things because whatever you put yourself through will not have been as bad as the lot of those who have already lost their lives while they cannot shut that big mouth on Media which is entirely normal; as I said, I am not gay anyway and we can see that too because those that can beat me up never stop lapping it and those that cannot never stop hurting themselves while scum like these cannot keep their mouths shut i.e. nobody knows which ones they really want anyway – the one where I am one of those bright stars that was stupid enough to join the Monarchy and waste my life on a dream that will never come true due to the occurrence of a revolution before I got to enjoy any of the Money or the one where the revolution had happened and I employed my abilities somewhere else to make myself a useful person but we all know they cannot keep their filthy mouths firmly shut looking to be twisted into a perverted corner that will allow them whip up a crowd to kill me as well. It’s an old story about their evil and twisted nature experimenting with evil they can practice on another person in a way whereby they get publicity for it; so its media managed public life and I am not in need of it as I am an Arch Prince and have no reason to be accountable at government to perverts.

So they say the Queen is not happy with the way I conduct my concerns, its utter nonsense of course – the reality is that my only concern since I am so good at Political issues and have completed work on controlling what the extreme right and extreme left get up to, is basically to sell my Books and ensure my Bills and expenses are being paid – the problem is that I am always being made to feel sore by another group of goons who are always showing up at Parliament and Media and Industry and I like to imagine they make me sore over these things because they think I cannot take it from them and run it for them as well, which is what is happening. The other side of the story is that the upper lower classes are on a role when it comes to abusing me, so this process of making me feel sore is something people want to do all the time with a never ending Media and Parliament based stream of information and accusation and impetus for abuses being set out every single insulting moment of their time and I always have a different way of making them sore as well when it happens outside of Government; so I suppose they understand well at this stage that I will not take kindly when I make it obvious I am distressed by a process where ruffians get involved with me, only for somebody to spend money and make them famous on my Public image – same with ageist bullies and foolish Women who sexual abuse in mind chasing me around as well.


Today’s story is that I am at war with the Communities but it has always been that way, except it’s a really bad time and I am not in the mood at all, so I am starting to think people say such things a lot of the time like there is actually anything they can do about it or do about me. It’s always been the case that they are either rounding up really stupid women to steal my income with or they are resorting to a story of being at war with the communities on my part around 11.30am in the morning. So I have an issue here to iron out and the reality of it is that I do not like being roughed up by local ruffians, I do not like being bullied by stupid involvement insane Men who are also ageists and I do not like being bullied and abused of sexual context by women who think that chasing me around on sex will not distress me as a person, so it is either they want to stop it or they want to find out what more I can do as well. We hear such nonsense as being at war with the communities in the morning but when we listen to what I have done to them as well each time they give an account of it, we might be forgiven for thinking it is the end of the world already.

I hear I do not understand the scope of what my struggles will be like whereas it’s an old story of walking down the streets and coming across a black female for instance and its all twisted and its all evil and it wants to see how her envy will pay off when I become the one that is possessed with evil while she has the blessings of God upon her and thereafter becomes obsessed with getting into Church to control it and ensure my anus hurts every time she see me and she picks up from where the male ones who make me out to be the kid they can bully and steal and income from on account I am respectful and live according to Bible teachings, to ensure she is always working on some means by which I must have sex before I get a job, bringing to bear the reality whereby we live in a world of consenting adults but their behaviour is a main preoccupation when others do not want it done, blowing off that big mouth about a war with local communities; thus given the right tools and the correct measures, I am confident they can be made to listen as it were.

I mean we are not discussing the fact I have taken up all people had done to fight inequality and injustice and reversed it anyway; it is something I have done to show what will be the likely consequence of all that nonsense that involves their stupidities getting involved with me because it is damaging and also to rip up my finances in the process in order to hold me down somewhere and build up my reputation and public image for somebody else to claim as it were, actually becomes successful.

They do say it is not necessarily a fight that I can win anyway but a little bit more and it will go beyond the madness of their Politicians and a process of getting out of the financial mess they have created for me to make sense of that nonsense about dropping out of University so others can pass their exams and return to popularity culture that they do not need a University education for as it were and then we will find out which ones I can win. As for the Politicians, there is nothing about me that says I want to get out of Church and spend time dancing around ropes to make them feel entertained about a kid that wants to run with the big boys and needs to impress those who know what life is all about but then again so do I suppose it is ever so pleasurable to pick on people who have not got as much money as they do unless that is they are actually paying for it. It’s that story of how difficult it will be to handle them when they cannot actually tell me why I must go into the Office smelling of what I eat because somebody else’s Country is always getting the better of me and hurting my bottom. So these well to do people among the lower classes complain thus but we would not be in this position if they had only kept their fucking fingers to themselves in the first place.

We hear of those tales of how I make a mess of people’s lives and job by getting involved with things I know nothing of – reality being that they speak of being a security guard; the truth being that they have no rapport with the establishment they are working for and go in there to pick a fight with trouble makers, after a general sense they are supposed to run other people’s lives and assume everybody is the same as they are having been they spent some time in prison and are trying to turn their lives around and because I settle it with the locality in about a half hour of starting work and sit about waiting for anything that might brew up, I am not a real security guard and then there are other problems about my behaviour they have as well, whereas their parents have a son who works in CCTV and is very powerful, therefore they are licensed to watch my every move and see me when I take a bath and when I sleep and make a mess of me all day long; apparently, we are now discussing it because they have found out what it takes as it were. War with the Communities yapping and a little more yet and then we will have one all together too – otherwise they can continue to tell me where I am supposed to end up and go home sore everyday for it too. There has to be a way to shut them up by means of making sure they have that fight in a way which does not mean there is violence that has a certain outcome attached because they are bigger than I am and those insults that make me get out of Church business to act in ways that gets the world listening to the fact I am being insulted is the way to make it happen too.

So it is said I always resolve issues before they get out of hand so that I might avoid a fight and boast about my abilities, which is actually not true – the world of the upper lower classes is the one about Women and their Gays on one hand, Men and their societies on the other – so they fundamentally assume they have the right to handle people and make excuses which allow them get away with it, which is not to say they should not get into trouble for handling me anyway. In any case of which Government matters is someone else’s business and so is Economy matters at the Monarchy – I was only supposed to do the bit about deciding what becomes of the extreme Left and the extreme Right and since I last completed work on that my only concern should have turned to my Book sales and the processes of making sure my expenses were being met, except Media idiots have a certain kind of very violent and destructively abusive leadership they have appointed themselves to provide at the Communities which means that publicity for their stupid problems is fundamentally developed to overshadow any attention my products get and I want them to life it ASAP or accept they are looking for trouble and try to stop twisting the nose so the fight they seek can be as civilised as possible.

The other part of the story being the disrespect I show the black communities and what they care about, which is true but entirely a matter of the disrespect they show me as well, especially the one where the need to round up their kids on whom the future and the future of the popular culture idiots who do what they say depends, has actually led to a University drop out Prince who is now having to deal with an outcome where every fool can get on Politics and Media to claim he is getting involved with careers he is not qualified for while they are – they do it knowing there is racism in the UK but controlling me and my income so their laziness and stupidity might be rewarding becomes more important. So it’s all very well blabbing about how I do not know what I am for but I am certain I ripped up that partying and clubbing lifestyle that means idiots can tell me I steal beauties from those that can do violence to keep everybody safe, for a reason and of course they can rebuild that stupid popular culture empire pipeline from the US to Japan right across this Royal Estate if they have got it as well one more time. otherwise all together, I implore black people not to cross this bench mark as they can see the Americans can no longer tell me this stupid behaviour is their fucking human rights as it were – I intend to deploy it at a later date to look after my Book sales and ensure I am not homeless; what they care about can burn in hell. It’s pretty much the same as the so called Police brutality; where if you walk past a Muslim who figures you out to where your anus is and hurts you for it, the reason may be the fact he sell agricultural produces from overseas and gets a lot but when you walk past a black person and it happens, it is because he is letting you know others are doing it and that he was by right supposed to have been a famous star and that he wants you to do something about it – so then you decide which one to shoot. It’s the old story about being stuck with all them stupid Women that want to get rich without working for it so people can say my condition is pitiful whereas if somebody who had a few millions got about what the extreme left and extreme right are up to and writes books about his work, it would have been important otherwise it isn’t, hence the question has become one about why my money is actually missing as it were. I mean my parents are not like that and I simply cannot make out why it is important to avoid where they live and do it here anyway; so it has now led to a stage where I want to make something of that stupid celebrity culture and stupid fashion and stupid Media for my part as well and so far what I have done has express which one isn’t superior as it were and they can make it into something bigger if they wanted too, all I ask is that they keep their problem Publicity from overshadowing the Books especially the blacks. I mean no super model would actually have liked it if you spent out Men you complain about all the time to spy on them and gather up how they live for you to get famous with, especially in terms of what they do in the Bathrooms and so on but these are fools that are pleased with such things and I want to make a statement out of it as well starting with them foolish men who tend to have an incredible appetite for vandalism and destruction of people’s lives and property in the first place and tend to think I am doing well so far.

So they say I get involved with other people’s concerns and then when I wait too long without getting any recognition or being served I make up what I want but its utter nonsense – it’s about how much they provoke people i.e. the one where somebody sets about ripping up my finances and then when I start to get into that position whereby there is something I could have done better if I had an extra cash which if such a situation occurs too often will leave me with mental illness, then their cars become more important than the religion I practice in my own personal life for instance because they observe how I look at it due to the fact I am desperate and then after that they start to develop this interest that says it is not in their favour for me to have a job because that will put an end to their fun; so we can clearly see what sort of fun it is and why I am really determined to find out what it is exactly they have actually got too.

The same story applies with the Media where their case is that I pick up things I cannot do, overwhelm myself and blame others whereas it is not impossible for me to look after a Royal Commission and do my studies and hold down any small means of making money to fund my expenses i.e. job starts around 8am and ends around 5pm and college which does not happen every day starts around 6pm and ends 9pm and then I get the Weekend off work as well; except that the reason it is the college and the job that I cannot do while I can do everything else is because of the comments and problem based publicity that makes the sort of local community leadership that Media scum want to provide in order to make me co-operate over the use of my life concerning some stupid need that they have, which eventually leads to an end where they have set up a small market place and need somebody they can make a mess of to ensure that it is putting money into their Bank accounts. So this is what I want them to lift off my Books, off my Public image and this fight with them really began two weeks ago when they said that what they really want to find out is how I intend to sell my Books that are provocative towards society and culture people without getting into a fight or risking getting shot during one of my Book signing Days and I told them they needed to put together their combined Radio and TV powers to sell me one Book in 24 Hours to avoid a fight with an Arch Prince so we can see them give to the frugal – they failed to do that and I intend to end this twaddle and make them squirm if I have to as a result. They do say I have said my piece and nothing mentioned about what I spend my spare time on as a matter of trivia which involves losing people their pride and joy dream jobs but that is all very well too; the expected outcome gained as they are now the ones being tested – all I am saying is that looking after a Royal Commission, studying and writing and selling my Books alongside a part time job is not something I am unable to do with enough time to have fun – I want the Publicity dead, I want their problem blanket so to speak lifted off my Book sale business and my Public image, I want it lifted, I have had enough.


So they say everything I do amounts to mockery which it doesn’t, it’s the insults I really shouldn’t pay attention to but Politicians want me to – I mean the one I did which Politicians complain about to this day was the one where I said they were after me and wanted to ensure I was stuck climbing Political ropes with my unique faith because the only thing democratic about the UK is the Labour Party bearing in mind everybody wants a job and it is something I did as far back as 2002. The other variations I have not explored is the one about telling them to keep their mouths shut the way they encourage the nepotism of their block heads to do at me every day, especially if I do it somewhere adjacent to the one where I claim everything socialists do ends up serving democrats and Liberals. So it’s the insults and it seems they do not know what it does to people and need an education; so I suppose I can say that what it does is the one where somebody made themselves financially comfortable and due to some misfortune lost every little thing they had and now have to be tested on how careful they were when they were at the top all day long by less fortune fools all over the place – so the Media ones have always gotten after my finances because they want me to get off State business and get into a fist fight with somebody but when I turn them inside out as well and goad them for one they want a privilege of injustice and in order to ensure it stops and my finances are no longer affected I need to see to it that they are not getting fun from my reaction in any way or in deed any form of self marketing for that matter. They do make that case of the religious people like me who foster intolerance whereas the religion is practiced in my personal life and when they make a scandal of it and set about liberalising my bed chamber they should learn that it is something about which they can prevail if they are the stronger half of the both of us; I mean it’s an old story where if it works on the positive side, apart from the celebrities who just actively look for trouble all the time, what happens is that my moral gospel of goodness and peace grazed past somebody that was on his way to beating up another human being, so he will take it up and go off to play football and gather friends to develop a community based violence that they can talk about long enough to practice on me at a distance claiming I made them feel like cunts, which is why I take steps to make them feel like that too all together; we even see their ruffian Politicians express this nonsense at the Highest level of Government and I like to say it’s a matter of the fact they are not claiming expenses again just yet. The other side being that I tend to believe on account I have opened my heart to the world I think I am worthy to be a leader of Men and then it ends up with them and where their problems are supposed to go and who actually tends to have a sticky personality that cannot stop leaning on others uncontrollably because his burdens are too great and all because the religion was practiced in a personal life but they made a scandal of it because they wanted to behave in such ways towards me; these Media fools picking up on it all the time to pass around excuses that will allow them handle me before anybody who wants to think it should not happen gets to do anything about it – then claim I show a lack of respect for what their communities have a certain regard for, whereby I have no idea which part of the civil rights they fought for save the one where people have no choice but to say they will not support a racist who has killed somebody as it were. In the end they say the insults and abuses I complain about are practiced by my people on a regular basis but I wouldn’t know anyway; all I know is that they make people sore for fun and we are only getting to the part where they will get un-used to the new life they have made which involves leaning hard on their victims and laughing about it to feel like real men getting about what real men should be doing because it is a bit violent as well to make them reverse it. I mean sometimes you tolerate it because it may be a necessary sacrifice for people to open others up like that in order to ensure that there is minimal discrimination in their society but ever so often they use it as a weapon and then take away your basic supply as well to make themselves decadent and then you start to have a problem with the idea they are not opening up their own lives to make it happen; in my case there is nothing violent about telling them to do their own and let me be but the level of violence channelled in my direction usually calls for a response and then I tend to observe it’s the kind of Atmosphere that existed in Egypt before the Arab Spring, where 5pm is when everybody gets home from work and each Car headlamp you stare into tells its own story of the days wickedness to ensure they dominate at Home and control everybody’s finances and steal talents from younger men while chewing snacks and sleeping with girls and so when you start with a case of how much their stupid cars distract you from academic work and jobs by which you can secure your own finances as well, is the only time they tend to pay attention to the fact they have been provoking another human being – then you wonder what it is doing in the UK as well as how it started from Liberalism of opening people up to avoid discrimination to end up as these. The Media ones are the ones that tend to require immediate action all of the time because they will never stop the rhetoric of making sure people get off Government work that they could not have gotten involved with if they did not go through the stages; where there was a point they wondered what it was about and then the point where they thought violence was acceptable and then the point where they gave up on violence and then the various other points where they had to do something with themselves wondering if they have assumed that they have hit their dream-dream but it turns out to have been an activity which is against the law and then had to measure from a behaviour towards other people and how it would affect them if somebody did the same to them, how to be nice to people and therefore obey the law without having to become a legal practitioner first so that Lawyers can be out of work otherwise I will be a criminal instead and rely on people fearing me to get by with that big mouth, before they even started to work their way towards any kind of success; these idiots are still blabbing things I used to think about and hide from the world because I wasn’t certain how people would react when I was a teenager, dragging me out of my place to get into a fist fight and not wanting to be turned inside and out for it as well because they have got a job on Television, so I really think there is a behaviour problem here that needs to be resolved.

It’s completely unnecessary and work I should not have to do if it is a form of work at all – the story of what my Books are about and the fact they are not government or law enforcement or criminals and hence have no part to play in the matter but take up all my time and publicity to have their fun bullying that they hope to make financially rewarding at a later date and it has to be settled too. They do say it is a matter of others feeling they would have done better with my work and my position and property which is utter nonsense; it’s really not possible to understand how somebody else is more worthy of a Book that has been written and patented in another person’s name anyway but like I have mentioned before, it’s always better to let them get used to it before it is reversed and restored because it is a bit violent to do it that way otherwise they will be forever nasty and irresponsible, if it is continually profitable to behave in that way; I mean it’s not their lives or their property in the first place speaking of which but just something they do because it will lend me pain and distress if they did. I do not think it is lost in translation either, that the problem publicity that blankets everything around my Books needs to disappear or I will make it vanish the only way I know. It’s the story behind when they say the way I conduct my concerns is noisy but it has to be because the biggest problem I could have to deal with from these guys is one where I am in a fight with an entire global broadcasting corporation and I believe I am prepared for that too; it’s not at all lost in translation, I need that blanket problem publicity to be lifted off my Literary Empire very soon otherwise it will start with a process where I control their stupid staff for them all together – providing leadership, showing young people a direction, done so much as it were.

So they say the two issues have not yet been resolved and one of them being that all I have came from the broadcasting corporations themselves whereas the truth is that they spy on my Books as I write them and set about getting their quota of my Publicity before I am even Published then start to ambush me financially as well and then claim I still have not put an end to playing around with peoples spouses too. In terms of the latter which is a matter of learning something from a Journalist who is then immediately replaced with another because I have learned from them and this happens right after they had deployed Hollywood money to rip up my Entire business empire because they do not fancy reality based films which rob them of the ability to think like Men of intrigue, that they do not actually have to buy and it’s when they are finished we see them return to replace journalists I take a liking to because I learn something from them – this has now led to a result where I have social media arrangements for my case and will soon take over those stupid back stage media jobs of theirs too. The part about playing with peoples spouse in an old story; first of all they have no evidence of this but we all know what we have evidence of is that when they say my court is free for all, what they mean is getting involved like my life is a social group from which I should stop discriminating and then building up what they exasperate me to find on Media and ensure any stupid Women can end up in the Middle of it, it is then followed soon after with a process where if Members of my Court make use of the Court, any success has to be copied and reciprocated for the Men otherwise there will be hell like there usually is, for anybody that has contributed to such an eventuality – culminating in a process where they cannot have sex, be it with prostitutes or their wives or their girlfriends and mistresses unless they are fucking the wife I did not have enough money to marry and this is the thing that takes it up to the level where something has been lost if I do not make them sore all over as well. I hear of dishonour which has occurred and on my account too; reality of course is what happens when such behaviour as a process where contents of my Books end up at the Highest levels of Government to get stifled sales is one people have enough fun to blow the roof with – everything else is as I have mentioned already; there are persons at the Monarchy who handle Government matters and Economic matters as The Queen Aide and each of them have a certain relationship towards me as well, my role is really as small and deciding what happens with the extreme left and extreme right and selling my Books when done to pay my expenses.

We do hear all I do is on the back of Middle East problems and Middle East money which the insane result these media idiots have sought all their foolish lives but no such thing happens here – what does is that Middle East leaders do business with Companies and if they broker equities with me one of their Aides will try and keep that from them as something he can later steal to advance himself with and it is ever so abusive with something being put in and inserted and my bottom hurts too – so I really don’t know if this kind of complain is a plug for the problem because they really are incredibly stupid sets of people. They have continued to show in public that they think this is a massive process where I am sucking up to the Democrats on seeing their Candidate will win the US elections but there is no such thing here; all I am concerned about is the expenses being paid which they are supposed to be through Book sales – finish Royal work, pay your expenses etc, so those who are eating expenses money will be getting kicked soon enough and that corruption of involvement and it’s sickening indiscretion will not save them this time either. When they started claiming out of that insulting envy that I have written a Book that encumbers freedom, I thought it was one of those abusive practical jokes that are fundamentally all about rejecting those who have what they don’t until they make people physically sick, now it’s turned to cowardice Politics and lots of threats so I have to take is more seriously. I do not think it is a crisis at all, it’s an old story where they dance their way into people’s concerns and each involvement comes with something that the host must do every single moment and nobody likes idiots who creates jobs for them – those who try it on social media always end up being used as cork to control the issues around which the internet is a place where twisted evil murderous people express themselves easier and in the best way possible. They do say I should be ashamed every other Royal is doing better than I am but the anus and penis insults of idiots who work for celebrities and fashion designers and are sick with greed and sense of insulting excess is not a good measure of what I have achieved or not – so people need stop such talk just in case they get stuck between a rock and a hard case when I ask them what it is they want to do about me as well. Anus and penis insults idiots with an incredible greed and excess who lurk at the back of celebrity goons and fashion idiots and Media scum should not determine what people think I have achieved in case they get stuck between me and them as well. I am not a wise arse they tend to claim I am, it’s a case of the fact they are evil and when they are the ones being tempted one test after another it tends to make sense and I will never stop i.e. the exact gap between temptations and measurements and testing – it only makes sense when they are the victims. The paradox is that one moment they say they want to find out what goes on in my head and then the next they say I am a massive Troll but have not acknowledged that I am. It makes no sense whatsoever; in terms of being a troll however the story is that every other thing that you do to protect your income from being stolen by Celebrities always leads to one result only i.e. that you have been manipulated into taking up one more responsibility but when the fame is actually affected then what you get in return is a process where they listen as well and in my case the story is that a £3 music CD and a crowd range of millions is safe business so they always have me in the bag in their view, but if it creates problems for me, it will have to go and this is usually the stage where they say they are not complying and I want to find out if this is my life of their own too, which they usually assume is a condition I actually cannot enforce. The other story of what goes on in my head is really not something I am unable to talk about; it’s a story of being a Law student and being able to handle myself and carry myself like one, except the problem is that when I say Intellectual Property Administration, the result is that I build a business and people want its image which is completely mad. 9 November 2016 Donald J. Trump wins the White House (the undertones around here had become one of how it will be a Presidency that sails well if the relationship with the British is severed; laughable when considered lightly but helps set out priorities when not i.e. provided grown up Men with Families and Grand Families are not described as cunts and then stuck in our British faces as well as just some of the things Americans do with their freedom and the Bad treatment of Women plus the kind of sexual abuses that goes on in places like Vegas are discontinued, then people have nothing to worry about generally; it is usually a matter of the fact the Americans are crazy about the British and the British are crazy about the Americans and both have to show it. They do say its the usual stuff but everybody else knows that if these Men they describe as whatever got involved with a cruise and provided these people with some hospitality, we will find them love it so much they make an excuse and run away for instance, hence an incredibly destructive way to behave, being so abusively insulting. Then there is the part where I am wrong about Women, whereas we all know when the feminist ones set out the criminality and persecute them for their religion, what they become is psychopathic murderers but when the normal ones think they should become Men that Women are proud to be around, Men that are not poor and Men that are gentlemen, the ones that hold some support back because they want to do it by themselves are top of the list for getting beaten up - so we all know that when what is really important is that which is actually getting done, then there will be no need for arrangements such as Obama care unless the American Government has come through with a clearly set out democratic way of providing Public Health care. The other part of the story being the matter of the Stock Markets, which is clearly called Stock Markets because it is Stock Markets and not a normal environment and hence some things we say is corrupt and unnecessarily derogatory might be a way people behave with each other which actually amounts to support - as for the case of those who think I am talking rubbish, the reality now is that when they have chosen a useless existence and me as their punch bag and human shield that will keep them safe while they enjoy life and see the world and head towards a bad end in the hope I will be the one to do the bad ending for them when it does come around, there will be no body in the White House forcing me to do it any longer this time. As for the story of the case where not all Men agree with my position, it happens all the time i.e. some Men decide Women can take a Mans place in the world and then refuse to follow that path ever again, settling up on what they already have and living like that for the rest of their lives - the problem comes when they do start to get involved with feminists and then blame others for the effects as well.).