The matter of how I must be made to show respect for authority that matter to those who have needs have now progressed today to a case of me being bullied by girls and how my insults will be punished further as well; I wouldn’t mind if it were actually the case anyway but I am not aware of any insults being punished by those that actually can, as everything that happens here is engineered by me anyway. That said, I am the same who engineered a process where these goons now live their existence out like everybody else and will only pick up on such nonsense as a sign that I need to prepare to ensure the Americans cannot bother me concerning their freedom when I want to handle them again as it were – I mean they want to own millions of currency but actually hate work by which it is made and even if they face no opposition for going off to handle my Public life to make any of it, they will find my Books and destroy that too in order to end up with a history that said that they made it by taking advantage of me. So what they are referring to here are the girls in question yet again as it were which is not such a problem; after all I can progress from making sure they live like everybody else, to picking up on their insulting parents who want people to think they are interested in jobs and career but are actually interested in filthy popular culture with the use of other peoples lives and then I will list it all, right up to the girls gangs and boys gangs in schools and the various reasons they think that the chances daddy will buy them a car for next years birthday like he did this year is improved if they get around bullying me and then it will be a case by case matter whereby I find out what they are made of as well – otherwise it should be a matter of their money where their freedom mouth is while they still have time as it is naturally impossible to tolerate these things for eternity. As ever, it will do nothing else with its time all round until Arians and gangs take over Public matters and then only will it go off to live out that stupid life it has already got being a perpetual victim.

As for the part where Politicians vandalise my possessions because they are the worst thing in suits ever and make out I promised to work for the common good, it has nothing to do with my Books and my business and livelihood in anyway but everything to do with a process of making sure all their public duty is perverted into a means by which they can foster a processes and get around with their silly families taking over other peoples business communities where the Money is on account they have got some money and they feel that it needs to be respected by other people. In the end it is still the same old case that leads to condition where I am asked what I think will happen when I mention the fact that Fuck Dad Fathers and their needy friends are from the same family; but of course this is just the complete set and these guys wouldn’t put up half the behaviour we see them express on my property in their own living rooms and so the issue of respect has to be restored when their case becomes a popular rhetoric too.

In terms of the problem with my Court however, the relationship I have with it is entirely a personal one and hence there shouldn’t be a difference between meeting on social media and meeting in the real world but the case is that Men can get involved with anything especially when it involves screwing with weaker sex women and a kid arrangement that was how they chose to describe me; hence it does tend to smell. Not least for the sake of the fact that they want to fuck every effect of me that they see on these Women etc. Mostly however they like to perceive me as somebody that should get stuck in some filthy culture while they take up a perspective on the left but I am in a far better control of myself than that which is why they are cracked because they are stupid and love to blow off a big mouth about a fight with the free and democratic all of the time.

They do say I do not believe in anything except my own needs but it is not a conversation either, as we all know I am always targeted because I am the point where there is enough truth and reality to create the necessary perversion for their lies and the only way to ensure I am not anymore is to stop dithering on dealing with the most popular scumbags in suits of them all i.e. Politicians; few tend to notice they attack people and realise they need money later because they are of the view that any Money they need can only be taken from those whom they feel are weak enough to let go and of course if I say so their idiots will tell me nobody asked me to use my own ability to get things done and this their Godless Insults will wind me up at a point where they will realise I have made no arrangement to have a conversation with the devil on such a regular basis. As for the rest of the issues; they can invade Christian personal space and complain about an insane thing on the streets that gets in their House as though there is anything they can fucking do. In the end, they do not have to wreck it for everybody, I am not going to reward this nonsense and its need to show up on Media and try to be more important than I am with that advantage of intrusive insults damaging my finances and letting them make some money I have not got at the jobs and commodity markets, they can commit suicide as far as I am concerned, if they are not happy living alongside everybody else but I will never reward it.

So they do say I need to speak up on the Political matters in its own merit of which I have no idea what other merits there are attached anyway, we all know what they do is get off to make publicity for peoples wealth and surround themselves with gangs and bad company and then like in the case of the spates of referendums we have been subjected to, show up in Public places to pretend the power of the far right political card to play has an allure which is overwhelming hence the reason they do it no matter what the alternative social and political conditions are worth like we see in the out campaigns and likewise the in campaign who have specific persons they target with it too. however which when it comes to it, the question becomes that of a Country making a Political decision that it is very well aware cannot be made on the basis of being financially better off at the other end in a wider sense of which the one they have to answer is that of how far worse off they will be all together and it is a question they never answer because they cannot communicate with anybody in an honest way bearing in mind they will not succeed unless others fail and their wealth is a function of the vandalism of people’s property. They do say I interfere with businesses of course which has no basis on reality as I am keeping watch on the whole case and when their brands are vagabonds again, so their relationships with their sales boys and girls might work like they normally do, away from my Royal brand, then they can rest assured I will not be pursuing them any further and in the same way they might want to help themselves by keeping an eye on it as well, so they might note when I am supposed to back off – as there is no way that a Royal Order will sell peoples products for them or indeed a way of making them listen to anything they are told to do if they know there is government bail out in the worst of cases. However personally they do say they behave in these ways because they are sharing with the world the wealth of the British Royal family and I can understand their point – since it is clear each time they speak of the Queen losing her Job, it becomes more obvious which wealth I have worked for and put in the care of the Monarch and if this is the wealth they are referring to, then they should stop complaining and defend themselves but if it is the one they worked for and shared with the world out of their own extensive goodness, then there will be peace, especially when it facilitates a process where they keep their industrial insults where peoples appreciate them better.

When they do say its about choosing sides, of course what they really means is that they divide society over the possessions of their victims; half of them are the publicly displayed idiots who pride themselves in being educated because it is the means by which to have the most leverage when it comes to if or not others can keep jobs, especially when those jobs are highly paid because they are likely to know most people who are educated enough to have such jobs, while the other is the one in which people despise them and everything else and I am not choosing any of their stupid sides, the bigger question is that of whom they suppose they are talking to anyway, like nobody told me to use my own abilities to get it done.

They do say the problem with me is that I pick up important areas of careers and set about doing whatever I like with them – the reality is as I have made it very clear rather however i.e. they can be rest assured when their brands have become the Public vagabonds they are supposed to be so that those who own them might have their freedoms through which they get wealthy, they can be rest assured I will not be following their case up any further from there. Otherwise discussing this one is more a matter of the abject lack of respect here which means that this is what they think of me rather than the truth that is more a case of the fact I am so talented at the Law that I am able to do all these things with it even though I am a student at level 3 qualification only. The reasons for all these behaviour are of course the clearest of all in practice i.e. when you want nothing to do with whites they can do anything they like with you and likewise the blacks and the product of this is that the one thing you have no time for are actually those whom you have business with – so in the end there are vital realities such as the fact my Books will be safe at the Market when the Court can travel around all Royal concerns without being questioned by their employers and colleagues about it and if I have this I will be alright, however which in order to achieve it I must keep celebrities out of my concerns and I must keep their colleagues especially the male journalists out of my concerns and I must keep Politicians and certain industry friends that follow them around out of my concerns – to which they will likely say it is hard coming by as we already have a history and I will likely respond that they are cracked obviously because they are stupid. I hear there will be resolution if other people were like me as well, which is not a problem; we hear of the blue and red corner but nothing of the so called Gold Corner of which there is only me in the whole world and I am not in a relationship at the moment let alone having Children, so it is that precarious and people are likely to end up in trouble with the British Establishment messing around like that. On one hand they say I do not support the stay out of Europe campaign while they are fighting the wave of fascism that is sweeping the world from it but of course I do i.e. fuck Dad and Mr Needy but if it isn’t the no campaign getting burned as it were – I do support it where I can on the contrary. They say they are fighting racism in Europe apparently but what they mean is that people are becoming less co-operative and need a hard hand to rule them when one business is a fight and two is tough and three is a community and Politicians send their wives to announce that their thing is ready how they like it and move in to take over along with their whole families is the alternative and you would never have envisaged the possibility of being presented with anything more ridiculous, since racist would naturally think they have a right to because they own all things associated with culture in which there are people when it exists in Europe etc. So for my part there is always that sense that my life is something they have as a community made out to be an open secret that others are always figuring out to make loss for me while they gain decadence and means to double any money they have at the market place, full of lies and accusations and promised violence and the only way that the phenomenon that is my Books can last up to 12 noon in any 24 Hours is when that stupid Money cease to exist all together as it were and a time is approaching when that will be the main thing I hit to create reprisals for every occasion in which my Book sales income has been affected by them in this way. All these should have been done when the started those stories about how I take up jobs racists should  be doing, to make them happy and less violent because I am looking for trouble but I got round that and since then they have travelled to Africa to find me more responsibilities that will facilitate their connections and riches and  I have been round the African ones as well but now that we are back again at the Whites, I have had enough of them all together and it has to be done no matter what.

It is the Politicians and Media Industry which has fostered and furnished them with the means to build a version of me in public that has what I don’t i.e., the money that they enjoy ripping up and hence that version will end up being them and this is something the Politicians cannot force me to allow me achieve and they cannot make me allow them have. Some will say my statement is overreaching but of course the price Politicians would pay if they did would far outweigh any benefits and they on the other hand love their bragging if somebody gives them government and Media leverage first because they never actually could. They always make out I am able to talk due to chivalry being offered me but that is not really true; what is true is that they are done complaining that I come to the UK to show it is easy to be successful which brings on all sorts of problems from overseas and the reason we are always after each other is because they cannot let me be considering I am always owning things and working for things in equal measure and they have laziness and greed and power and needs going for them and damage is not competition that I tend to win all of the time. They are very stupid people and the onyl thing they know is ripping up peoples income to show up on public places to become more important than their victims by forcing people to accept that they are and I would rather have revenge than lose everything to it for my part as well, not least through the process of providing them that much needed directional leadership for their stupidities until am financially worse off. There is no point bothering leaders about it when we all know there is nothing whatsoever they can do about me in this world or the next; given the right tools and measures of which they actually can leave people alone and be by themselves - fuck Dad and Mr Needy and no far right will pick up on my rhetoric either.

There is as a whole nothing unusual about it all together; it is the same old case of the wealthy and talented being so because they take advantage of the rest and everything all over is fundamentally unfair and it will grow and grow and grow and build up militant socialism that has the right to turn me into something less than an animal who owns a literary empire while the financial equities end up somewhere else and they do not even know what they have accomplished by their insults but have gut feeling I am still in control of something that actually belongs to them like we see them spend their stupid health on the frugal as it were. So they build themselves up and build themselves up and build themselves up and it gets in my face every day when I try to attend to my concerns and gets to a point as well; so it’s time to play and they need to get out of my personal life and out of head, the personal diaries are full and there is no time to keep writing them as well. I understand I bring it on by showing such great lack of respect for peoples parents who clearly have no respect for anything more successful than I are and they have ripped up my income because I allowed it and spent 15 years of my time killing me and achieving nothing, as if nobody knows it is one of the ways by which they end up with less rights than their ancestors actually had and it has come to a point whereby a line needs to be drawn under it too for my part.

They do say I cling to people’s minds of course, which is utter nonsense; the only thing these fools know, which actually causes the idea to look good, that their kids can only attend school and do well if they hate a hate figure they can play up a seesaw vandalism on, while of course even while academically qualified on anything will only be successful if they see other fail, is popular culture; by which girls jump out of the window to get off and have sex with men they have never seen and return home pregnant with children whose fathers they have no idea and we are not talking about their stupid community croons that assume a 36 year old being chased around by them for sex and the damage being sold to Politicians and Industry idiots as prerogative is something he will find intimidating unless they complain about it too. They know it all obviously – every nonsense that can divide peoples personalities asunder, that can allow them clean their lives up in people’s personalities and minds and so on, every violence that is associated with it. They say I masturbate of course and so I do but then again, we are all adults as it were and our minds are so full of problems and personal concerns that we are aware of when somebody is having fantasies about us when they are masturbating then are we not? So do I have fantasies about them when I masturbate? It is clearly a leadership that One has got to provide until he is financially worse off as it were, otherwise they cannot exist. Their wise insanity does say all would have been better if my current operation way the way it currently is right from the beginning but we all know that it is the part where what it is used for is meant to be settled that they have to get clever as well.

They do say on one hand that these are the ways in which people get informed about what is happening in a government of the unelected but we also know that beyond this complain is a need to take peoples lives and property using popular culture and when that fails they try career piracy and when that fails its time to take up decades of peoples lives to trap them in Politics because that is where they feel they have the safest environment through which they can take whatever they like from whomsoever they want when people have to climb various ropes; on the other hand they have a problem with picking up a copy of the books and letting me be or just staying away from me if they do not want to improve themselves in that way and so we have eventualities whereby they need to know nothing and it is important they fuck somewhere else on one hand and on the other need to be informed about why idiots like them get on media to ask for other peoples lives so they can be where they feel they deserve to be, why people have 100% health but chose a life of crime, why this is somebody else’s life and not their seesaw.

I am aware of how much my Books allow Women to screw around naturally but it is an old story all together – the last time I checked for my part however the introduction of my Book which is actually publicly available and free to view for all, says that it was created on work I had done to help people recover from a  process of financial damage done them by those who hope to appear to be better than they are in public places (idiots like that think it is amusing but can mean homelessness and death, or being at the wrong place and so at the wrong time so often that sexual assault and death results if it is a Woman). What they have done now is ensure they get on Media first of all to play off this process where the Books will be tackled and destroyed by their communities if they ensure the general perception of it is that it exists to fight them and then on the other hand decide any rescue will have any right to exist if it does serve their girls as well – their girls who are bullies that bully so often they bully themselves just to follow on the stupidities of their Men who have a problem with Women that have bullies somewhere in a corner of their lives and not all over their public lives and careers because it will make them look more sexually attractive. So I am not messing around with them as much as they think I am; and I suppose making this clear means there is peace around here for a change if it be for a while.

Of course there would be peace at this point, now that I have mentioned it but I cannot resist the part where I make them work for more as well, so we are even. Besides they do say that I think I have accomplished much by messing around with the bad parts of other people’s lives whereas I have put them in a position where it will be nice to see them get into so much trouble that they raise their voice on the streets over rights as well even though it does not suit them and then there is that possibility I may find it amusing when they are not looking to, so that when they do mine again they remember how their own hurts each time they are about to laugh when they think nobody notices that this is how they feel about it. So generally I stand by the same position as ever i.e. they are cracked on the other hand because they are stupid; if they do these things to children, there is a chance those will grow out of it besides which it is illegal, so they chose a grown up Christian who is respectful for that was how it actually worked as it were. It is ever so obvious that being able to ensure that your daily agenda is fulfilled around matters that concerns them in this way is one of the best ways to ensure property safety as it were – don’t ask why the hate for me has become a main feature of their stupid lives and culture, the history goes way back as it were; I would have wanted to sell my Books in another way considering they are Adults and make these decisions to behave the way they do consciously but I cannot wait forever for them. They do say people do not know why it happens, which is utter nonsense; the reason is original provocations protected by laws Politicians make on public matters they have created to ensure nothing takes it away from them which will give them an advantage they will have other others for eternity and takes up people’s lives and health without reason or purpose, except what we have seen them try to claim belongs to them and confiscate from those who are not strong enough to fight back and I always want to claw it back, right up to the point where those laws were made as well; we all know when that stupid money gains an advantage it will turn over like their other Counterparts who do it with the use of ignorance that preserves health and superiority, it will turn over unto violence, especially when they get what they want, so it is not true like they claim, that people are unaware of the reasons it happens and I may have been insane, which I notice is an insult but of course it does not actually bother me half as much. They do say I am trying to please feminist which has nothing to do with anything as the problem with the part of my head where I am always in need of female opinion is due to how I was raised by a Dad who regularly collected my pocket money for next door neighbours daughter without reason and will not let next door neighbour look after his own daughter either.


So it is said I refuse to recognise two present facts and first being that time should be spent on stabilising Asia but it is spent on Europe instead because the Russians want it that way and the second is that people hate my guts in Europe when I am ill aware of such a reality. Both prognosis of which are wrong as in terms of the first what causes the disillusionment is far from Russia mostly and rather a function of the fact that while there is a whole world out there for people to explore, they are more interested in messing around with the work and life of an Arch Prince to oppress a Moral person that is stuck with a religion that predisposes him to a condition where he is obliged to keep a non violence promise while others go places by oppressing him and having fun with it and that means that when all that nonsense we get up to clashes with cultures in places like the Netherlands where people take the case of falling in love with your own mates only as a matter of uttermost seriousness, it becomes very difficult for people to understand what others are saying to them, besides which a large proportion of Americans think the only other Country there is in the world is the UK; I mean don’t get the wrong idea here, if people are always blabbing how they have done your stuff at you in a Country where Education is expansive and you have to buy your own health care, you would come off thinking they actually do not come from a Country all together. This said, there are others that exist such as France and they do because of Fashion and Wines but then again it is pretty much the same thing, since that is largely a function of the fact there are beautiful people in the US and beautiful people always want to get around with ugly people to bring about social balance which propels them to get involved with all that fashion and modelling stuff which then means that France and Paris get to exist. The problem with Europe is mainly that there are few things in this world which are as insulting and abusive as European Politicians are and sooner you had started to talk with them about being attacked and they can displayed some Machiavellian Art of power that is concerned with industry in your face, until if mad as I am, you cut it up and then things get serious; normally I wouldn’t want to do that but what they do with their time is turn their insults into envy and the profitability of violence and that means that they have a tendency to brew up militant socialism and spread it globally which is a threat to all Royalty all together, hence I am practically forced to.  Reality of course has always been that by the time they are done with Arts of power, they must have completely done it for the poor people that are willing to work their way out of poverty and started making financial deals with the use of Public funds with those who have 100% health but chose a life of crime and then wonder why poorer people exist or what the phenomenon of wealth inequality along with all its associated problems and fascism is really about. Then there are my personal favourites, the ones whose whole lives are built around what happens in diplomatic circles and everything they do and say must be explained by it as well, reason being that whichever path others take and whatever other people do and say, the end product will always be that they are right and others are wrong and what others think is a waste of time and because I don’t care, they love to call me names on account of my tendency to get away with whatever I want to get away with, so I might have to tell them or remind those who already know that they are cracked because they are stupid and I am aware my tummy hurts because they are responsible for it. I mean it cannot be both true that the British are indolent on one hand and then on the other are obsessed with enslavement and servitude – it has to be one of the two and we still don’t know which one they think it is, regardless of the fact they opinions and leadership abilities are infinite.

So we hear I am now in a position where I face so much threat and damage from them while they are making alliances with Military operatives; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that it is all very well to show up in Public places and push forward that process of having an insatiable need to get on Media and simulate my life to become more important than I am while I provide leadership for their stupidities until I am financially worse off but this can easily constitute the last form of organised insults I am likely to tolerate from them; we are not talking about the Politicians either, those will pretend when I mention it I am only playing from the hands of one group to the other but this is somebody’s life and not their seesaw. It all leads back down to the same case where they clear my space as this need we see them have to get on Public places and do something really stupid with my life and possessions everyday is largely a function of how they have progressed from a case of my Books not getting sold because it has caused nostalgia and they want to be more important than I am, to a point where they think they can exhibit themselves in Public to control my finances and public life and of course it is one of those matters that decide how I deal with terrorism when they turn up to demand it in the usual incredibly insulting and abusive way that they do – the one where those stupid lives of theirs and entire societies and communities and Media and politics is predisposed to be used for something incredibly stupid until the results are attained. So it is important these bloody idiots save their threats and stop getting up in Public to blow off that their big mouth like that right up to a heightened sense of things around here lest this office becomes their fucking nightmare as well. Of course we hear I can speak with people in a courteous way but so are we aware when I write Books they want to get involved with me not buy a copy to express how much of a collection of perverts they are. In the end they speak of people in the Military having a view of paedophiles and sex abusers which I do not share but of course we can see they know much about how these kinds of crimes are committed and that knowledge has to become a perversion which facilitates the trappings of power and fundamental corruptions by which power and domination of their fucking mates is possible – I have a Court and that is my only concern, if the suggestion is that not sharing their view my put my Court at risk, my question now is whether that is a challenge they have thrown into the fight as well. I want nothing to do with them – you simply get to a point where you have no more time for those you care about and no control of what those you want nothing to do with, do with your life and property; hardly a behaviour put up by scum that hate sexual abuse and it is nonsense they are confident I can only keep tolerating from them, like being unemployed because stupid black women are chasing me around for sex for instance, which has gone on for the best part of a decade so they might express their hatred for religion.

They do claim they want to be friends and not enemies with me but I wouldn’t know anyway, that is a function of how many times and instances the security systems built for my Court to travel around the world and aid me with global issues on poverty and business and Book sales is taken over my war and violence and civil unrest before they issue their stupid threats at me and tell me it is because they are cracked; of which we can see they are cracked because they are stupid and I am in charge, I know best.

They do say they want to be free of course and that is when they are not talking about how my position does not co-operate with other military in the world- in terms of the first of which the main case is usually first that they have an opinion about moral people which is hateful and because of it they also hate those that are completely innocent and have not offended them in anyway because whilst they commit crimes and end up in prison, such people grab all the attention and make them repeat offenders and then there is my personal favourite where I can be unemployed for years because their community croon wants to get a feeling of sex from me and so it means that I have to handle the material things which gets to their heads as well i.e. money and market and houses and cars etc and now they have to watch every single move the make because if they use other peoples morals there will be trouble and because coming up with their own is difficult we have the problem we have today and it goes all the way to decisions they make which brings about the personal life and financial difficulties they have, when wives and kids are trapped and want them to get into a fight and that is why they like to set me out as the cheap shot they can beat up to gain this freedom. As for the part about co-operating with other military in the world; when we have the most advanced battle ship and Tank in the UK and others want to compete for National pride, what they do not compete with is the people that actually live in their lands from whom they expect most of their revenue, if they can do the British one where they say we are both indolent and obsessed with servitude at the same time which actually has no meaning – it usually means that Industry people gain from Arms sales the most and nobody cares as small Britain started it and hence it is not in my interest to work with foreign militaries as well; it should have been done a long time ago when it translated that this meant that we were brought up to speed with the democratic world as per industry is the people who give mandate to Politicians in the first place and it meant that they could be assured I will not be chasing them any further when their businesses returned to operating on brand vagabond positions and performances as it were but it is being done now anyway. I really have no means by which to bail them out of the point where they have gotten themselves stuck at present, all I can do is assure them that if their culture and society makes trouble for me I will cut it up again and if they really want to be free, they might want to change a behaviour which of course is the only part of this whole business they actually have the power to do, I couldn’t care less anyway if I am more concerned with making sure they are paying their fair share of taxes and that they are hating my guts for it and simulating ideas of becoming more important on Media as revenge.  As for the case of where I divulge my information and who actually gets to listen to it however; that has always been a tale of the fact I have warned the Media ones enough times about getting on Media to handle my writing career and public image to make their weekend beer money and claim it is a problem they have with colleagues allied to me but nothing about this behaviour has changed and nothing about mine will improve until it does as well. It’s all very well having that need to show up on Media to express their seniority at their fucking mate of course but we all know it is the behaviour that led to that process where they hated my guts right up to football which they have of course only recently recovered from; I mean these idiots want me to be a hate figure otherwise it is impossible to sandwich their stupid useless deviant existence of popular culture with academic work, like I owe them a debt and of course we all know that it is the fact they damage mine for it that causes the problem all together – an example of how they are always keen to show they can do and undo with no definitive prove of it – just like their industry friends deploy my public image to make money and chase my Book sales to rip it up because it has to be a whole package of money they made at my expense because they took advantage of me, which has now come to a point where they are making sure my Books is not profitable at all and I have to balance the process of criminalising people as every process of handling it does amount to a crime, with a process of recovering my market property from their stupidities whenever I see my bottom line is leaking.

I do not think it is a crisis as such; I am just going through every little detail – the reality is either that they are older than me and deserve respect that will mean they build up reputation of being more important than I am on media and get to have it or that their physical appearance would fit my Public life better than mine or that they are the kind of men that usually promise women they will get sex from such women when they want to and then end up getting it in the end; so they are always certain the authorities will allow them some nonsense on me to facilitate sensations of convenience but of course the reality is that this is actually my Public image. The big idea as a whole is that all question of what I think is really wrong with people wanting to be more important than I am; but then again those who bring up this story have not asked them what they want to do with it either, all I know is that the first time it was about showing me that if they wanted homosexual sex from me they could manipulate the Media and Politicians and get it in the end anyway and to this day the effects is still the daily need to get on Public places and express their ability to damage my finances – I am only showing them it is something they do because when push comes to shove they actually can; fuck Dad and his needy friend.

So it is said I have thrown away all I had chasing my ego but that is not really the case; the reality is that some people still find it superficial that somebody gets to challenge freedom and civil rights goons and gets away with controlling them on a daily basis of administration but then again of which to me it is not so surprising as we hear them mention the other side of the story way too often for their own good i.e. that the UK is still unaware the world has changed and that its power is diminished of which they are in any case making a fabulous job out of teaching such a fact to the proxy British all together as well. It’s like the other story of how I spend too much time on the wrong people, which I really don’t; my activities are meant to be split between the Church and the State and so it is easy to see that anything that may get on Media and feed on getting attention from me by controversy while each time it is finished with a day job and on its way home stops at a pub to drink its head off whereby if it has sex with somebody outside of marriage it is very likely to have been arranged in such a way that his wife agrees that they can both sleep with people outside their marriage is very bad company to keep; I want nothing to do with them hence the fuck Dad and Mr Needy rhetoric. As for the case of how I think I am in control but women pull all the strings, the reality is still that when it comes to it, these guys are happy to rally behind celebrities when good causes are mentioned but attack the people that are actually involved with those causes in a direct way – while the conditions are still that it is the celebrity one where not just that backs but also their money is required for which I love to taunt them all the time, especially the Politicians. In terms of distrust however; I do not mistrust and distrust – the reality is still that the journalists and celebrities have ripped up my income and built themselves reputations on Media whereby they are more important than I am and it is the process of actually claiming and making it real that is getting violent, the Politicians do the same with corruption that is fundamental in the sense that it is not what they can do to me but what I couldn’t do anything about even if I wanted to because I cannot, hence their obsession with their idea of me being seen to publicly get made to do what I do not want to do all the time, the People are just the ones that would kill me to grab my fame and make fortunes with it and I have gotten them into this condition whereby they are not in control and cannot decide if they want to live their lives in a useful way or not as I am and therefore tend to need the taxes most of the time hence will likely require them to get jobs every single time and have done it in such a way that neither the Politicians can stop me nor the Americans questions me about it. So we live in a very different world from that of the past four decades where the first two years of the decade is when they ask questions of what it will bring and whom their victims will be and after that down to the 8th year of the decade is hell on earth to ensure the world revolves around them and then it starts all over again for the next decade; I am only pointing out that how I have reacted is entirely mathematically calculable i.e. they say I cry over my Books, my insulting Books and that women pull all the strings but are still hard it making sure I am just a kid whose job can pass onto anybody because it has been perverted into something that exist at a success point that the fathers would find respectful – hence the Books sting but they turn up around it all the time still and I like to say that given the right tools and the right measures they really can leave people alone as well.

Its all of it the same old story; in public the hidden facts are that they cannot control what walks into through their doors when they do business while I can, so how they make use of my products is to get involved with me for the information rather than get a copy of the Books – the other fact that is not so hidden is the one displayed by their popularity idiots i.e. they want to find some religious person who promises none violence to beat up, in order to clear out their image of being losers and have instead ended up in an uncharted territory that is very different from the world that they lived in through the last four decades, since it is ever so clear that they get to beat up just like that. It’s never really been a problem; what they want, is to look formidable and become wealthy society people whose daughters others do not mess with and get Cars for birthdays, which they can insultingly shove in the faces of moral and religious people who steal the place they ought to occupy in the world – so I do wonder all the time if I ask them any questions about their insanity and because it leaves me with violence to that effect all of the time, they will have it as it were, they will have it in hell. There is always that point when Celebrity delegate their vandalism to their back stage people which is where all the Boo Boys with Money to take things over and the pain and inability to breathe while I am at work while they make me deals comes from – they are of the opinion when speak of handling that stupid money until nothing bothers the phenomenon that is my Books to a point where it is recognisably patented and hence starts to earn me the cash I need, I am very unlikely to get after them. They do this thing where they want to sit with somebody on Media and have conversations about me concerning who is victim and who is not and as soon as it becomes one change the subject, throw up an insult and settle up and covering me with filth to set themselves up on a convenience that was sourced from my personal life for the stupidities they want to sustain themselves with in the future - then it tends to construe this notion I do not know what I am doing when it is about the Media and Celebrity idiots along with their HIV ridden scumbags from Africa who have a pathological fear of work, setting some victim out as the one that will not resist them, to attack because somebody else had attacked them in the past claiming its their civil rights and to get rich doing so, because they have a pathological fear of work - I am rather fed up with their opinions about my Books for my part and would not care if they vanished but of course, the reality around who is victim and who is not is the same old tale of how long they expect to provoke others before they realise their victims can react to their stupidities anyway - all together of which their insults is just as well and they are cracked because they are stupid (the point where I am being helpful being the bit about reminding all Men that its just me and my Court here pushing along and that all of their involvement is provocative and uninvited, not that they buy my Books in the process, if they can deploy my Public life to make money and then damage it to secure a history where they did actually make money by taking advantage of me with a big mouth instead). Eliminate the religious explanation and for what clinging to me because it cleans them up not unto God but unto fame and decadence and Public presentability looking for trouble and you will have none other - so its their version of wickedness and evil and I am at a loss as per whom they suppose is playing their stupid games with them on a daily basis like they make up on their stupid Media and Celebrity culture anyway.