It’s like the tale of being made to become a real man which I don’t mind, it’s the same old story of the British religious people being an absolute nightmare and if they push me I will push back right up to their evil underbelly as well, to find out what it is exactly they can do as it were – politicians providing every rascal they can find with a license to get involved with me and so on while their media fools follow it up with use and abuse insults they think when push comes to shove and they need justice as well they can lie their way out of – I am being made to Man up only by those who are not complaining about running out of energy again just yet as it were. It’s one of those things that can only keep adding up all together – one moment it’s just a process of making you a real man and then the next you find yourself digging up issues on who had his bum fingered by his boss today and it will add up and add up and add up – so all I can say is that it is an old story that when they want to soften up and become celebrities, somebody else must be made into a Man and if they know that I will cut up that celebrity culture there would be no incentives for it in the first place, so it is a line they are advised to push here all together. I am a Christian anyway and will not have my meals all the time or my sleep all of the time, this kinds of behaviour man up hitting tummy thing is something people develop firstly because they want to handle a kid that is me while they will not stop complaining to the Politicians about the consequences and then in my personal view because they want to kill somebody. The mystery is usually that I am American and I have never seen that Country in my whole life; the truth is that I am the Queens Arch Prince and they are just society goons that make up their own version of their relevance, so it needs to stop; Man up must get lost. The reality is that I created the insanity that makes them Man me up, so I don’t mind removing it for a whole to make some sense but they still need to leave me alone and let me get a life for my part too; I need to be on my own. I hear that I spend all my time with Women of course which has no basis on reality as I am fighting all the time to be left alone by their madness; what is true is that it is a temporary existence, created because we are ever so fond of it in the UK, where I work hard to be where I am and because it shows on the outside there has to be competition over whose own is more beautiful which always inevitably leads to claims I stole my religiousness from a superior religiousness that is white if the privilege and money is to be found around it that is and this usually has the effect of blowing my top – there will be no friendship with men here until my finances are returned to the way they found it, when that happens I can take a Holiday and refresh and they can make friends with the real Me after that. They do say this kind of talk solves nothing and it does not as spending most of my time thinking about Women was never the original relationship I had with my Court, speaking of the friends and then there are the enemy black women thing to worry about where they own me because I cannot ‘run away from my skin colour’ like Man up. They do say if I became a real Man people wouldn’t be stealing my Career of which nobody is stealing my career; first of all I have property all tied up in equity and can only release Money from that which means I must make people handle my business trust systems in my interest and not their own first of all since it is mine and not theirs, otherwise I will earn nothing from all that money – then of course we can now see that we no longer live in a world where Men can rip up the lives of the best, so ensure their idiots can count pennies until it becomes millions because it will be naive and rich and free and therefore respectful of the older folk, this was not the world we lived in 10 years ago, I have just made myself comfortable as it were; as for my Public image, I see people make Cars and products on it and I want that to be restricted to selected clients since the behaviour is as bad as it looks when the whole thing is not controlled – biggest challenge being the Germans, always talk of being fans of great things happening in Europe and using it but unable to control chaos at home; they say the more you include is the more wealth you create and the more you have is the more you share and the more you share is the more problems solved but we all know that it has never before ever actually worked, however by the time they are done with such a routine my Empire will have been completely decimated and unless I control these kinds of things, I get the feeling I will never get my Books sold. When I say this is the condition for getting my Books sold the tale will be that they are the ones that control me because I have made a promise but its utter nonsense; controlling a process where people use my trust in my interest has a process of controlling those who steal my secretes to go off and get rich or work for the rich at the heart of it, so there are no favours done them here – I understand they hate my guts but I am also trying to find out if they rip up my Book sales to stop me from being financially comfortable which will severe the cord or it is just a process of showing me that they are evil.


So I hear that those who cause me most of the problems I complain about are Muslims but I wonder why it is news anyway – we all know when their own gets handled as well, they will radicalise. So apparently they love to chase peoples private parts all the time because it goes beyond their superiority to the point whereby if it hurts that much, then it must mean they are trying to tell you that the Muslim bit has taken its course in their stupid lives and that they do not want the Christian bits taking a course as well, which is usually where you must have found out what they do not like done to them too. It’s the reason they hate my guts so much; the Hindu and the other religions and sub cultures and some from Africa as well – apparently no religion would exist or survive that long if most of it occurred the way they work it as it were, so it must mean that they are pure evil and this is the fact they are busy declaring too. In the end you find all these evil people being able to steal your work and get off to work for rich people by telling you that you tried to show yourself to be what you have not attained and this evil is not far detached from religions that are evil in themselves being practiced by evil people, so that when you worship God it affect them and send exactly this same message but in a spiritual context. In the end the Women ones like to make out I speak where it does not matter otherwise I would get into trouble and I wouldn’t know anyway since it is clear when I crack their anus as well and they smell the way the bullying they find so amusing makes me too, then we will also find that I am so good at it that they will actually need a penis because a dildo will not suffice. We hear the Politicians speak of my defiance of the powers of Parliament all the time without answering these two questions of course – the first being the exact academic stage at which people become financially better off by making others feel ashamed and fingering their bums all day long, except the point where Politicians spend tax payer funds on them to exasperate somebody else and of course the twin question is also the stage at which they feel it is perfectly sound to get off their state provided security and chase people around like that on the streets, to blow off their big mouth about defiance of the powers of parliament. I do not think it is a crisis; it is ever so obscene to say people that are older than you are stupid but these guys are beyond stupid and need real leadership, although you must accept that we are all equally always working hard to remedy an ugly side of our existence all the time and that it does not do to have this approach or getting around with those that are older than you are – but that said I maintain still that they are incredibly stupid and need proper leadership. Even as we speak they will spend time making out I have been given a taste of my own medicine by being made to succumb to the will of Women, whereas what really happens is that Men finger bottoms for instance because they know somebody close to them or their own children it may be that they do not want getting off to solve any issues of society and culture and Politics because it will simply go round and round in circles resulting in some of them turning to crime and being punished until they learn everything about the law and then get involved with Politics later which is usually the highest point at which it eventually explodes in the Country but time again, Politicians will enjoy a process of spending tax payer funds on these individuals to help them seek fame on my Public life simply because it is there, give them Money by which to start off a life and begin campaigns that will help them to be superior to me, and then turn out to blame me for the outcome claiming the blame is mine because they are more important than I have chosen to acknowledge, then beat down Women and ensure women never get to finger bums as well and find ways of getting really stupid popular culture fools that liaise with these idiots to do the bum fingering instead and I am saying they need to let women finger bums too. We are not talking about Middle class industry trouble makers; in terms of that these are some high profile companies like BAE and Roll Royce where these fools go to extricate their own sense of social hierarchy but these companies have become very fond of making and selling weapons to countries these days without being bothered by conflicts of interests because they are making and selling it on my property, using my Trust system in their own interest and I want that to be revered, I want them to make weapons for the Russians to shoot at the Americans through the fact Rolls Royce and BAE does exist, otherwise accept the British government has been doing very well by them and that people want to trump British Military techno for very specific reasons that they need to become responsible enough to bear in mind as well; those who feel they have something to complain about them on however which need to get a copy of my Books or get lost. It’s like this other story of me attacking me Media whereas they have been able to establish a link between fingering bums and being financially well off and it all works at the hands of the scumbags that run their spin doctor governments for them. It is a serious matter and they need to let Women finger Bums as well – there is no such thing as attacking Parliament, they are really stupid people and legislation is made with specific guidelines and specific rules, such that when I law is made, it is interpreted at The Law Courts in such a way that the result will be that a reasonable person can foresee the events that led up to a crime being committed based on piecing together the facts of what has created the Court case that needs to be resolved, it has nothing to do with all these crap or opposing of the powers of Parliament, of which they have got that much now that abusing and attacking me to make me respond to be being bullied because I am not so easily provoked has created a National state of affairs of its own since people are always seeing it every day and listening to it all of the time.

They say I think all the Politicians are bad and do not wish to set out what I think should be done but it is the mystery that continues to allow and facilitate a process where I get bullied i.e. Politicians do not want to end the recession, what they want to do is take over the jobs of those who created it and have become quite fond of accusing me of things because they seem to be troubled about a vantage position which allows me to see that 40% of the economy will be wasted on this and when they are there, will need to waste another 20% of the 60% that was left to get themselves at the helm of all things, so you simply become concerned about your property and try to protect it and cannot possibly underestimate how stupid they are in actual fact as a result. So perhaps new blood needs to come into Politics as they say, but we need something to replace these goons where the chancellor of the previous administration is the Prime Minister of the Present one and the Prime Minister of the previous one has gotten a job in the present one somewhere on and on and on and there is no sense that the Office of Prime Minister is pinnacle of Political power in the Country. As for the fact I speak but will not take part, I fail to see which aspect of my Royal position causes these vanities anyway; when what happens is that when I walk down the streets people say I cause them to invest their money and hope I know what I am doing, so I was eventually forced to look at the asset equity around me and learn what I needed to know about it and they need to stop infiltrating my renaissance, understand nobody moves into my right hand and not provoke me if they do not want to have explored what it is they are going to do about me otherwise as well. As for the part where I play around and lose everything, it is an old story that when people get involved with me uninvited and end up with a headache I get attacked whereas they would never listen when I tell them I am busy and always busy most of the time, but they rather prefer to spread their own story that hurts people all the time about how I come and go at Peoples hospitality the way I please, which makes no sense whatsoever but does open people up to the violent integration and other industry based abuses. They do say I am supposed to work with Politicians and not attack them but I am not attacking Politicians, they simply need to be made to behave; an example is social control, classically they are supposed to ensure those likely to make trouble are controlled, what they do instead is offer them more freedom at the expense of upstanding people who stir their vanities by seeking conveniences at their expense; what really happens is that those who want to be better people have already had a history fighting the bad people for them, so this is always the first stage of their parliamentary betrayal, which then quickly moves onto the financial one as well, where we soon see that they expect you to make so much trouble for the bad people that they will see the best way to improve their lot is to stay away from the Monarchy and resolve their issues at Parliament but when done develop a systematic process of ripping up your finances because it will help bad people look like only they had family support and their wits about them by which to feel superior and this is usually where it starts to become academically destructive first and then financially destructive and then it starts to seek to destroy lives issuing threats and all for nothing, all for a state of affairs the Politicians can neither explain nor justify, all for the fact they want to move into the area of my life where they feel most of the conveniences are located – so it’s as I mentioned before; very, very stupid people, need to let women finger bums as well and then tell me when I have the right to lead it is because of a system that needs to be removed because I actually have not got a clue what I am doing as well, while they are still at it. We can draw examples from the public effects of my leadership for instance where young people pick up from me and take note of these games they play to go overseas with international development funds to bring the trouble makers that bother their friends overseas to the UK for me to deal with as well, and so take a stand whereby they are always showing these goons where the jobs and careers and money they seek is located, far from snooping around England and the rest of the UK checking up on people – what is happening to these young people these days is Doctors strike, so we can see easily that working with and not attacking Politicians is better said than done, so much for the big society; somebody has to do narcissism and it isn’t going to be me due to my moral position but somebody has to do it, my sexual behaviour is not something I will change until their appetite for inventing torture comes to an end as well. It’s not a matter of getting them stuck somewhere either – they simply rip up my income and build a reputation for being more important and now in order for them to have it, I must accept that they are – so I am the Christian and they will be the ones doing the narcissism instead; it all has to cross a threshold at which spending all their time on Parliamentary business is no longer possible and then I can get away with things for my part as well on a regular basis. I hear the way I run my concerns is irritating for people at the Monarchy but that depends on what others want to pay attention to; I might be a laughing playful Prince all the time but it actually gets the job done and the laughing and playfulness has now created a Business Empire that is based on laughing and playfulness, they hate the Books but cannot stay away from it and people have now topped screwing with me, getting angry and violent which is a bit of a change as it were – I am aware saying it means it all becomes the inheritance of Prince George but so do I know I am his God Father too. The case of resolving my financial matters to put everybody at ease is very well the reason we are here at all; I need control of my account system and it is more like putting products in a garage to sell to the local neighbourhoods, Journalists especially need to pay attention to the one that facilitates their salary and keep the comments that are supposed to ruin this for me every day out of their schedule and code of practice or accept it is becoming more serious than they give it credit for – they know nothing about authorship with that insane Media, if I may take an admonishing position and need to clear my space, it’s been 13 years. So they say it happens because of a position some Woman will lose by The Prince of Wale’s side but I wouldn’t know HRH has a history of being bullied at school and this nonsense is therefore likely to turn up around him especially when they see my literary archives placed on a University system and simply have to steal it and advance therefore with but it does not mean I will likely take this from them either; when I do their own they will not need a dildo, as a penis will be the right one so that they can guarantee the fucker will beat somebody up for them when finished.


I understand completely the love people have come to develop for the need to tell me I do not have a Business Empire because I have no Money but in the end it is not the only category; there are many others like the idiots who show they would like me dead because people like me always tend to show that being a big spender and spending your way out of problems especially with others is the best way to get things done and that it completely destroys the fact they have prowess for violence and makes it entirely profitable hence they feel like killing my flesh man stupidities all the time and fucking me in the arse – then there are the girls and Women that want to get rich and famous with my Public life but when there are problems want me to behave because I am a lesser human being as compared to them – most of it therefore happens because they are Liberals that want to pretend to be my Father figures in order to rip up my finances and make me suffer until they see what their anus looked like and I am also hoping they will view a sense I have created here that I am fed up with their stories of which Empire I do not have and therefore would be wise to take it as a warning as well and concentrate on the one that actually pays their salary to that effect (Year Date 4/5/2016); no more talk of it and no more mysteries. The celebrity ones never ever listen, they have their backs against the wall spending my earnings as an exit claiming their parents will punish them if they are not successful but I am being punished by my parents for being a generous Christian as well and they cannot see because they are so stupid, that this behaviour will eventually create a situation that goes all hay wire as well. As for how much problem they are to me ; officially it’s a case of stopping people using my business Empire trust in their own interest and not mine and then killing off my Book sales as well to show me there is evil in this world with a big mouth as long as they are the ones complaining that is and most of all the fact I put my facts and figures in the hands of society and culture people to top liberals from stealing was always going to create the sense there is wealth but which is hidden somewhere and that these fools have their names written on other people’s money so to speak; the millionaires wives of which is a case of that their stupid mind and tenacious nature working very well for them in all respects so far yet. The Politicians are just the ones that invent insults all the time; I could be stuck in the whole story of a group of idiots who want to decide the west should make money by chasing the anus of some burley British but before I could work out what their own anus should be used for and these great tasks we are good at to be forced to do all the time, the Politicians will issue the insults, I will decide they can do it instead and their security idiots will employ celebrities to make me irrelevant at Royal circles and I have not yet made a habit of displaying public statements about feeling like killing Politicians so they can spend time on the ones that pay their stupid salaries just yet for my part so far too. they say I say these things but fail to deal with greater problems in the form of Americans that have me all the time and it is utter nonsense as the US is so free that when these idiots are done being financially better off by making the economy smaller on account their needs outweigh everything else, then everybody will get together and put their backs into making the whole country wealthy again; here in the UK such nonsense exists on a whole new level and I for my part hated the lower class ways of making money in the first place which has no respect for peoples hospitality and shows discretion for nothing whatsoever, so the problem the UK ones have is that question of what it is exactly they intend to tell people was the problem they had with the idea I should earn a living selling the Books because I have the right and privilege to, so how this question will become more relevant depends on what becomes of their need to deploy my Trust in their interest armed with lies and accusations and a crowd thereof. They do say I create lots of make belief over people that get the better of me which they don’t; what happens is that Politicians spend money on them to get a life with and when they have it they want extra respect that accords them what they have never achieved at the Shops, they want to drive Cars are losing the reputation for being useless people that our society has produced by insulting others and saying they are never wrong if they have mortgages and cars and those they attack have nothing etc but the Industry people that parted with that money now want profits and dividends and they have started developing that story of wanting to stand beside me to look like they are superior and have their wits about them on account they are the only ones that got family support, into a game of telling me to be a nice guy and it beats my imagination lower classes are making money would generally think I have been messing around with them to such an extent. I do have to deal with the question a lot, the question of whether it is possible to stop the problem permanently and sustainably and yes there is but that means stopping people from being celebrities because all Media does these days is whisper to the gang lords in drug infested neighbourhoods a tale of how those who have not co-operated with Media needs have stolen a career from them, I do not get after the Media for it at this stage because gang lords so to call them can make their own decisions about whether they are left feeling like that or whether if they are not the person accused was responsible all together. The first line that these fools crossed was the one where making peoples public lives into a tool for getting famous and rich in a very abusive way was civil rights co-existence behaviour, the second line was that of making Popularity money and finding the victims in order to make their behaviour into a long term sustainable career by further bullying and now we await the last one having been they cannot get over themselves because a perspective on the left has now been blocked off completely. So I bet there is a trap somewhere as the rich get richer and poor get poorer behaviour comes in from overseas since they know anything about how either works, takes its toll and they are bound to step into it too.

I hear that all these things can be resolved by a simple process where I become a happy and cheerful person but before then the miserable came when it was the schizophrenic women being informed by popularity and Media idiots that I have been stealing their life style while they get on media to make a self improvement based scandal of it and rip up my health for personal pleasure then tell me I did the wrong thing cutting up their homosexual communities as well. It is always better said than done since my relations with the world is not their own and I am not their spare leader and when I have friends and acquaintances and a circle of associates, it has to be people who listen to me whether or not I am solving problems for the world free of any charges with their big Media mouths.

There is always that question of course of what I think the main problems are which is rather a simple case of Politicians body language in government buildings, which suggest they are actively abating a process where they grab and own my public life because I was stabbed and shot dead in a criminal neighbourhood and do not want others to discuss the fact they are trying to kill me and have been doing that since the time of Blair and so on – I don’t have a problem with it, they are the ones complaining about a threat to their lives as well due to my activities. As I have suggested in the past, the only other group of people that are as stubborn and disobedient and destructive as fashion people and their high street shop trends based abuses and you must accept they are 6ft tall on average and that pecking them will have no effect the way it does young people, you must hit hard to make them listen. They do say I do things to them that make a new record on bad ways of handling people but my Books are failing not because I am incompetent but because of a person with feelings and family and friends who knows what the value of money is to a point where he does not want recession to end because he wants to own the jobs and wealth of those who caused it, so as to become savour of the Public, who then has a certain incredibly perverted behaviour towards my person and property – so that in the end for the sake of the whole business moving away from a process of preventing them deploying my Trust in their own interest to direct threats, there now exists a question of how we can get to ride those magnificent gay ponies as well, while the Politicians face the question of if they want to keep doing it or not i.e. give them tax payer funds to start off a life with so that when they drive fancy Cars they are always right because they are successful.

Personally it was meant to be a simple matter of whether something I have said or written or done has given away my Books and I need to secure it for the customer, alongside whether or not I have control of my Trust and people are not deploying it in their interest but there was this other matter of how I never listen to what others are saying to me until it results in the kinds of murder we see in the Middle East by being inclusive with what happens in my world of which I only will be when those I have included listen to me not rip up my finances whenever there is the slightest trouble to improve themselves which is a direction their celebrated stupidities always take no matter how hard people try due to the fact paying them any attention when you are more important generally means they have realised they were actually more important etc. So no sooner had I gotten off to it than the story changed – the Media wants to inform every lunatic in the land that I steal their style and use it to get rich, the Politicians want to have me under control while they run a Body language that says they want somebody to shoot and stab me in a criminal neighbourhood, popular culture idiots want to get rich and famous on my Public life and when there is trouble see that I am made to behave because they are far more superior, Millionaires wives want a fight with me I will never win that involves changing something about what the public thinks of my business acumen when I am about to trade for the day to ensure I have no money – then we see them all make out I have no respect for class barriers and that they are now creating one of their own that is custom built to foster their interests to remind me their stupidities are clever because politicians love to help them to tax payer funds so they might be financially well off and superior to others and then the magnificent gay Ponies will turn up to make me deals and decide how rotten my life if I live at all should become became they want to claim and own the Public life as well. So it all becomes a case of what may happen if I have the right tools and the right measures at my disposal, which is what I have spent all day doing today when I should be resting in preparation for my working week. In the end they do say I provoke and have a go at people that have done nothing to harm me but it is always an old story about infiltrating my renaissance and the fashion ones especially, taking pictures of some really dumb goon wearing their latest designer piece on a scenic background which shows that they are actually the ones that own the Country and if not then something has to change – the problem being that when told they are okay owning the one they buy it becomes a fight and so when it is applied to me in terms of how I am not Royalty then I seek out the giant billboards in the City centres and I seek out their competitive abuses and then they regret something really soon and we can see I am being encouraged by the results as well since each time I do it, we always end up with a real world economy and not all these fantastical nonsense forged by their stupid women using intrusive insults. They do say I do these things of my own accord and that this is what creates the problem but that can be credible to those that are unaware of my stance being a weak type that cannot deliver violence, while their own is not and that they fundamentally hate me and want to fuck me in the arse which then steadily becomes an intense need on account I spend until I hurt myself to solve problems, which means that they become irrelevant and nothing so far yet has stopped their stupid girls and women from naming me somebody instead of addressing me by my real name if they have something to day etc – and this as I said is one of the cheapest of the lot. In the end the main issue must not be forgotten i.e. that I only care about those that are my type and that can continue of course until such bad things as the Terrorism we see in the Middle East murdering people actually occurs, I do not understand why looking into it has become such a problem considering that it is the ones that are willing to listen to what I say and to run with my leadership and rules that have actually raised this issue in the first place - I simply do not get it at all.