I have been asked about what is causing me the most trouble most of the time in view of my Bookshop garnering a Royal Public image attention around the world without the financial success every day and told that my route to success is taking too long. First of all which my route to success is not taking long, it’s a matter of the time frame in which I have made my own decisions to get matters sorted out – for instance, the abusive behaviour of the Media, its Personalities and Celebrities is purely narcissism but I cannot tackle when another group of fools had taken over my concerns using the Publicity to set a stage for involvement that does not involve reading what I have written, such that each time they turn up they make everything I am doing toxic, culminating in an outcome where everything I have worked for is being factorised by another group of idiots who never stop telling me they will build a life on my income margins without consequences because size matters – so it’s a group of fools that have set themselves out in a position which means whenever things go wrong around my concerns, they suffered the most but intend to turn it into some disastrous situation for me like a relationship with the devil through a process of perverting the services that I will provide at a Bookshop while chasing the conveniences of my Royal Office – according to history, pushing back meant whole parliaments stopping me until I dropped out of University then whole Parliaments wrecking what is left of my career because they saw me with a history of sorting out the problem. Hence I must consider that the main problem is a group of idiots in suits who never pay attention to their own jobs because making a mess of other people’s career was more pleasurable 70% of which are Politicians, 20% of which are Civil service workers and 10% split between City Centre operatives and Shop Managers. They have always told me the problem was that I get whatever I want and then I developed a terrible behaviour which is utter nonsense – what happens is that their corruption of involvement concerning men’s world generally makes a mess of my whole life in terms of a group of fools that are always complaining about being victims, targeting me for 15 years over some pleasurable narcissism they must have every day, while the female world will be one about Celebrities running around Town on my earning margins, to secure custom for show business products on my income margins and tell me I may stop anything that bothers me but not the Girls if I wanted to avoid trouble with a big mouth; they have always suggested that they knew there were consequences associated with their corruption of involvement but did not think it would apply to them because their stupidities were so incredibly important, while happening to be the people complaining the most over the mess they made of my finances, since it means they must say I am Royalty in order to pillage which hurts and say that I am not in order to get away with loot which hurts – I am therefore open to any new ideas that their stupidities have got still. The point here is not just a matter of some people who claim to be victims all the time targeting me for narcissism over such a sustained period of time which I completely understand as it were, it’s a matter of the fact that these idiots will continue to enjoy this behaviour provided they are able to get the Public deciding who was right and to ensure they were in that position at all times even for a minute, so I have issued warnings about preparing to tackle their careers for about 2 weeks now, planning to work it to such a stage that the slipperiness of being able to make this mess, tell a lie when being told off and continue, stopped, especially the Celebrities who do it in order to achieve equality that operates along the lines of being going through hell and at the other end, instead of gaining an accomplishment, simply achieved something the Media put me up to, which would ensure they kept their career while they knew what I know and therefore gained some form of social equality while keeping other tools that may offer them an advantage – I have tolerated this mess from idiots who don’t have money problems and are not getting help from any foodbanks the last time we checked, since 2011 and it has not spared me a single day since either, the sensibilities of famous people. So it would have been easier to just set out Publicity which suggests everything they do with my concerns does not have my approval but that is not so easy with these other idiots making a mess of it – what I must do then is eliminate everything that gives them the means to suckle me, right down to a personality I had built at a Hermitage being something I can be detached from and built up on Media so that while they got on with their profitable stupidities, it offered them security, I am as such expecting the outcome to be the usual process where they got hurt and or killed and I got away with it.

I have been told I excel at the self-loathing and self-pity which is utter nonsense – what we have here is the adage of those who claim to be the best at grabbing people’s career and public image, their gimmicks have been Years in the making. The other story about how it is nice to see that I am actually working is not an emotive story but it does have a time and a place too – the big problem we have faced here has been 8 years of my time being spent by a collection of fools with ideas on how I ought to write some Books and how I ought to sell them, without actually meeting me, since doing so would have meant they bought and read the Books in question but it is so intense the outcome is that they are situating themselves well enough to switch off interested parties at my Bookshop whenever they wanted. The Trader insults are usually the one about the idea that if I got around all their problems, then I might perhaps earn a passing glace for my Books which at the deployment of some insulting Publicity along with their Celebrity stupidities means I end up somewhere stuck and living their stupid dreams without getting paid for it and I will not tolerate any more stupidities at my expense from them beyond this for my part in the matter as well. The same story applies with their role being one of making sure low lives like myself did not get to tell Celebrities and important people what to do while mine is one of Equity I broker with the Celebrities which they need for the jobs they do to make the money we hear all the blabbing about – the core problem here being still that these idiots are so full of themselves they are unable to keep their hands off other people and mind their business, so it’s a damned if you did and damned if you didn’t situation for the Celebrities that their stupidities are trying to protect from me, which such resulting outcomes as their idiocy grabbing some fame careers that have been abandoned and they never grab fame career without spending my work doing so, now blabbing nice to see me working, thinking they are the only fools on the planet that can get their imagination up peoples bottoms with a big mouth. We are already at a stage where they cannot stop professing their hate for me which is largely due to the way I ensure their stupidities did not move into my right hand all together but it’s the same tale all round each time they believe they have had a lease from having to complain about me as well, a stupidities associated with the idea that eating some food was a crime, while their idiocy was the successful pricks who also knew we lived in a society where we organised our lives in a way that ensured criminals had a difficult existence which they ended up taking out on completely innocent people because they thought it made sense to do so and it is complaining about me currently, seems the whole thing will end very well all together, blabbing a nice to see that I am working – which is rather ground zero compared to the stupidities associated with the trader based complications they create for me at this Hermitage and I will not tolerate it. I do get asked if it is what some of the gestures I make at people mean but it isn’t – the gestures I make are meant to send a very simple message i.e. their stupidities know where the problems are and they are not entitled to govern me, doing so will risk the prospect that I got my hands on that stupid society as well, which if I did will begin a process where they saw it for the last time as well. Those who claim I talk but am unable to do a thing about it are good naturally, save the part where their alliance with the idiots who handle their ability to conduct the riots are the reasons they hate my Books but the principle has always been as simple as showing up here in an understanding that the writing is what I spend time on and actually reading what I have written since not doing so means their idiocy showed up at a later date to make trouble over issues I may have resolved months, weeks or even years before, something people use to help me grow my Bookshop through word of mouth becoming a tool for their stupidities to exert their violent tendencies at what they believe to be their equal with a big mouth. Then there are those who say I address other Royals in a similar fashion but tend to complain when the same is done to me – while the reality has been their stupidities getting to the very peak, the peak where my very existence is disrespectful for other Royals and those who are in a relationship with them share the same sentiments, so when they eventually get married, they take it to a whole new level and run out of ideas to see what will happen and the party piece is still that their greatest achievement is that I dropped out of University over it, looking for more of what their idiocy is complaining about. Either way, if it is an Arch Prince, the exact part of Arch Prince they failed to understand which beats my imagination, then they are Middle Class and should not forget it as it were but I do try to ensure that we all keep it professional. I mean at this stage I am about to end up with a writing career where I thought that criticising Politicians was terrible business because it meant I spent all my time thinking about the fact somebody else was not doing their jobs properly, to criticising society idiots until I got killed – so I does make sense to pay attention to history where the only time we have felt safe has been those times when these idiots are caught in a cycle of work, shop, pay attention to family concerns and get back to work, as it tends to ensure the sexual abuses that put them in charge are paid for as soon as possible.

They claim I have no respect for them naturally and it’s difficult to locate what the issue is when a collection of famous idiots decided that earning my income instead of working for their own was the best prestige and built a crowd that will help them on the way to social equality through it. I mean they have a show business that is about earning my income instead of theirs and work it by wrecking my Book sales while relying on me to do nothing about it until my financial wellbeing depended on what their stupidities were thinking, whereby it has grown into a sermon at this stage that the famous and stupid need keep off my Books and stop following me around if they are complaining of the consequences. Mostly it is usually okay since the reality about Celebrities is the reasons they do not get blamed for their actions too much i.e. their activities are usually facilitated by a notion they are very important, which they are also likely to take advantage of hugely; the reality is that they are ordinary people who picked up some means by which they did something as beeline as making people happy and made a lot of money from it as per a lot of money measured against their needs – so I am actually more important than they are and it is not a crime to be. The main problem is still the Politicians and their Trader fools who spend all day punishing the rest of us for living in a society that makes life difficult for those who commit crimes. Eventually I get told that what I have said paints a very gloomy picture and that it’s impossible to tell what is really going on but for me it is not a crisis at all; what is really going on is that their claims there is neither God nor the devil has not successfully explained why people need to conduct a sexually abusive behaviour towards me which will put them in charge on a provisional basis, does not explain why I had to work so hard to keep my Office from them or I will have ended up carrying out an activity that ensured I set a social standard by hurting somebody and endling up with a criminal record or worse from a Government concern, does not explain why they hate the idea people at the Monarchy are likely to make statements like it being nice to see that I am working, as per I would likely get into trouble should I get a Commission from the Crown and hang about fooling around but it’s nice to see that they were confused concerning what I was doing, especially if their duty was to provide me with State security, have a problem with it to a point of echoing the statement and running it for Celebrity narcissism, what we know as a matter of certainty being that there have been grudges, such as what I did to ensure they tackled women less, ensured they threatened me over their financial needs and got stuck with it and the fact that I ensured they were past it when it came to the business of deploying my work or public image to make their own fame – the women being an example of the fact that they are in urgent need of the services of an exorcist and are always talking like it all the time i.e. how difficult can it be to ensure a Bookshop was quiet enough for people to read the Books I had displayed in it, if they had problems – such that making sure they were past it when it came to the purposes they devised for my Public image made a clear statement about their nepotism and the superiority they suggest through it. I have been told that I say these things but I do not do a thing about these matters which is not the case; we know that they made their own statements and I wrote my Books and now they want to be me because their statements have not been as profitable as they thought it would be, while the prospects of being me has been fostered by Media and Politicians, instead of the problem being solved by people refraining from making a mess of my Bookshop. So it has always been the old case of wondering who is making any money since they spend their time working on how to get money from poorer people to add to the money that wealthy people already have – the poor say they are giving most of their money to the wealthy, the wealthy spend their time trying to make my money instead of work for their own and both get together to spend national income on food that they dump at the Toilet every day, leaving international trouble makers to get all over it over something of an expression of hatred for the British that they appear never to be tired of and since this has given rise to the expected results from the prognosis of seeing them wreck careers, employ criminals and tackle women, of mid-range Millionaires, who specialise in making trouble for the Public and collecting money from poor people for the rich and the bottom of the Politicians hurt just as much as everybody else’s, mine mainly being a matter of the career I set up for them to wreck so the evidence might ensure I did not have to put up with too much of the Political and Media insanity – thus the Politicians have stopped telling the lies and making a mess of other people’s Offices at Parliament slightly. I don’t understand why it is still a mystery when we know it started since the recession – when we found them saying that the crisis had expressed facts on how the rich get about business, opening up opportunities for them in the process, while we knew that adding to the structural problems we have naturally in any economy, should a government spend money to bail out businesses, it did not have the range to Police those businesses and ensure that the Public were being employed – so I wrote my Books and they made their statements and all would have been resolved without the abusive practical jokes, no such thing as disrespect on my part. The International effects is the usual business of finding them spend time running off all sorts of gimmicks about a hatred for the British, knowing nothing about financial services want to take up every opportunity that exists as British Economic Interest while the Politicians fool around – so they had also inherited the fact that since we are good at Providing a Global Financial service Industry, we are constantly spending time on the problems associated with Terrorism, such as the Mid-range Millionaires who are good at wrecking careers, employing criminals and tackling women that they love to dominate us with, the Terrorists had since picked up the way we fight our corner and spent time killing and ruling over their wives and kids and husbands and we have been through hell to put a stop to it, to the extent that we have so far and now we know they are off to a new one which concerns Revolution, that the hotbed of revolution is South America, which is really going to get up the noses of the Americans. This complain of disrespect from me therefore currently goes all the way to the Office of the Prince of Wales, that I encumber the business of Men just getting around their concerns – what really happens being that they make such a mess of my business and their insolent Celebrities get all over the place because I have not responded to it for years, such that each time I get through the mess, they wait at the other end with Media exposure to ascribe what I had done to themselves and build a crowd that aids them with social equality over it. The society bits will be the ones that are responsible for the part where I am constantly being told that I never make progress with myself while their one problem is to get into trouble that churns the tummy because it makes sense to take it out on me on account I will soon organise my diet and that will add to the reasons they must continue doing it while my whole life gets flushed down the loo.

There is no part of municipal living that suggests people ought to get around their concerns making a mess of peoples diet, building a Community with an imagination that gets up peoples bottoms, churning the tummy and gathering money somewhere to express repressive behaviour that takes advantage of some Media salvation to place them in a position of perpetual importance and sales of products that are only possible because others have something important going on and a Public image attached to it. Then again it only makes sense when they begin to make stupid statements about behaviour they exhibit because I smell for instance, when I begin my own abusive behaviour towards the fact they are extroverted, which will leave me thinking it was all a defensive mechanism but the attrition of the property destruction will mean that state of mind gets swept off to the way side, overall, I plan to do their own well when they are retired – as it usually makes more sense because they have nothing to look forward to, adding to the fact that because I am not a criminal character like they are, I have a means through which to ensure the sexually abusive insults that put them in charge is paid for, to ensure they pay for what they use. I have been told in context that there are people who experience the same conditions I do without behaving the way I do which is completely beside the point – the point that my entire time over the last 18 years have been spent on a gimmick involving the many kinds of idiots that can grab my career, so we are now at a stage that involves the twats who have a long history of either grabbing careers or destroying it if they lost and the whole thing has gone all the way to the Monarchy while the insults never seem to abate. What will happen next is a case that will set out clearly an outcome in which everything they have been complaining about is redone and this time on grounds that I am running a Bookshop which I have warned them to keep away from and stop following me around, to wear my work as cloak that gives them security while blabbing stupid threats at me which indicate what my property and public image ends up being used for is a matter of the importance of size and muscle with a big mouth. However if the Politicians are looking for a name which fits this crisis, it is the fact integration happened after years of being hounded because I lived in a bubble and took up a personality that should rightfully belong to those who make laws that affect the lives of criminals. These are goons who see the world kinaesthetically, so they enjoy building whole communities with an imagination that gets up peoples bottom and there is nothing wrong with that if prerogatives are offered to idiots in suits – the threats over the smell caused is all good but we can see where it is heading if I am physically handled over it, while they pretended they were completely unaware of what they did to make it happen. I mean it cannot keep its hands to itself, you drop out of University and it becomes such an important victory that it eventually shows up at the Monarchy to ensure that nothing you did to see those who saw the world in this way were listening to what you had to say actually paid off but it is the effects of ending up with its society fools due to the wrecked academic work that the fucking idiots are issuing threats for – same case where those stupidities about the need to punish others in ways that are counterproductive because they have a history of bad behaviour, deciding how a person should behave towards their society was what the Laws of the land were or we always find out what those were when we end up in the Law Court for some reason? The Politicians are free to keep doing it, their own threats will eventually mean that being attacked for the smell produced an outcome in which they will be the ones hurting people as it were; we are simply heading towards a stage on which they will be doing it because they were making money and the reasons they complained about me will be a matter of the fact I was making money from handling them too, no such thing as people experiencing the same things I do without being so badly behaved. They do claim the problem to be that my mind is dangerous and it isn’t; what happens is that of people perverting everything I get up to by competing with me to be me, we all know that on the date it starts I am an adult so I must have been myself for at least 18 years already and it is likely to be a gimmick that inflicts some serious personality disorder on its stupidities which it will end up bothering me for in the future, that said, depending on the way it goes on and on and on about it, you do have to prepare for the effects of their stupidities getting all over the place and for the black people it’s becoming a matter of those stupid threats involving people that will handle me when I don’t make black women feel comfortable ending up as a case of something we spent time on because we were making money from it.

I have been told this is very hateful activity but it’s not me, we hear women point out all the time that these guys need to be avoided as they likely tend to show up all over people’s concerns to stomp and abuse and fester until nobody they do not take a liking to had a valuable career. In my case they simply really love to target me and tell lies that it’s all bullying which raises these questions I need to respond to all the time when I had become a character they believe they can handle and want to pinch all the time. It’s what a war looks like i.e. Mr Macron on France, sent out some Students from a Prestigious University to shoot some Brits and tell the ones that were not shot what to do in the UK, looking immaculate in shining new Military Uniforms – of course you want to compete and in the case of these guys the insults are always so profitable and sweetly verbose, especially when they have some Fashion and Celebrity culture to fool around with and soon enough one is facing the throes of the private security Industry for it as well so they always tended to get whatever they wanted, while the their parents being resisted was the part where you will learn the stage on which your power should be displayed. As I mentioned before, it does tend to issue those threats for the tummy influx that it smells like it is completely unaware but none has taken the risk to go the extra mile in my case yet, as I rather think I would get al haywire as well if that were to occur. We find the main case about me to be that I shut down their Popular culture and yes I did since it’s always a matter of being threatened for being labelled a weak Man, especially when I am seen getting anywhere near a Church which tends to mean according to them, that I will be taught a few things that make me even weaker and allows me to grab opportunities that should belong to women – so we know that Federated societies are always very strict because of these sorts of attitude, never mind the Politicians putting labels on others so that people might be abused to further top up the sense of convenience they had acquired, so it made sense to shut down the popular culture and ensure they spent time on that for each occasion I got threatened by them. I do get told it has to stop and I couldn’t agree more – there would be no problems if the threats were inexistent; what happens with their civil rights is always that it is about money, other people’s money and how it affects them which leads onto the ways they want to acquire it; this comes with ideologies and sensibilities around ownership and society and is therefore likely to be trailed by criminals, so if these civil rights movements do not threaten me all will be well and then there is the part where they are supposed to pay attention to the criminals that have own ideas on society and wealth ownership as well during their civil rights movements instead of paying it to me but if they do not threaten me over the fact they had financial needs, there was no reason for second issue to have become a problem. The rest will be a matter of those abuses meaning that I face real threats from them and I tend to think they were bluffing with it as there is no part of their stupidities that are linked to what the laws of the land is, putting itself out there like something that is binding on me over some features of my life which I may have shared with them. The rest of the time they say it’s all Communist effects and I understand that too but it’s always a story of the way Communist leaders make Policy being a threat to me and a story put out to suggest the occurrence of a war from which I will gain some benefits, no idea what they are talking about or it’s a Policy which ensures those I am friendly with are put in danger – the rest is all gimmicks which goes back to the fundamental reasons these things happen i.e. greed and yes some successful business people speak of secret doors in their Offices which allow them escape the advances of greedy people but in my case I now have to make sense of a bunch of idiots who believe that should their parents make advances at me because I have property they wish to get into partnership with in order to run a business – something that is common place when they start to entice you with possession, property and lifestyle because they want to make you interested in making money with what you have on account they wish to get into a partnership with it, it is disrespectful on my part, no idea what their style of greed was then, save the type that will soon get around with local hoodlums and criminals and get those conducting tribalism raids at my expense in the City i.e. the Politicians have said it has to stop and I could not agree more as it were.

They always claim that I exert my leadership on them much as they love to also claim that they have damaged my Bookshop and on being able to preserve their own property created themselves a sense of equality or maybe even superiority and both are utter nonsense. It’s impossible to spend time on Church concerns where they do not teach the sort of things people put into me which has to go somewhere or get organised leaving them complaining all the time, what happens with it is that you end up being concerned with the criminals and hoodlums that show up at the backyard of its financial concerns and this is not a disposition that allows people to be interested in exerting their leadership on a bunch of individuals that have never listened to anything that others are saying to them as far as we know. The part about ripping up my property to create superiority and or equality is all good but the next time they make a stupid move at my expense, they will begin to understand why the narrative has changed from one of trying to ensure their involvement with my websites and social media stopped being so toxic, to one of making sure they understood that they are meant to show up around in concerns in order to read what I have written and nothing else – it’s the one where I will be shutting down the careers of their Celebrities while their insults will ensure I never spent money on advertisement as well. There is also as much concern that I am finished as there is concern that I am said to have a very bad attitude and it appears to be the case – both of which are utter nonsense – I am not finished in anyway, it’s been 12 years of abusive behaviour towards me by Media, Celebrities and Industry fools, what we have had recently in the last five years is that they have finally located the kinds of people that may take the career from me at any cost and it never needed to become such a public matter save the amount of Royals playing up their corruption on it and the number of Politicians thinking their version will be devised in a way that allows them avoid the consequences, much as I have made a mess as well that ensures there is ample encouragement for the behaviour. The bad attitude story is a bunch of very abusive and insulting goons who like to think when they say such things to me it improves their standing in the world if not their whole lives all together and they do like to act in a way which suggests that I have completely lost my self-confidence over the need to make money with my Books which mean something to them and they had chosen to relate with insultingly and abusively instead but I have not lost any self-confidence whatsoever, just giving them thesis on what their silly behaviour could possibly mean, just in case I wish to rip up what matters to them as well. Am I aware then that few people are as talented as I am? Of course, I am but there is no point going from a character that is said to have grabbed the personality Politicians should be using to making an oaf of myself in Public places over it. They do say they don’t wish to talk about my talents, only my selfishness and it never actually makes sense as I had written a Book so I might make some time for myself all together but then again they do say their point was that a lack of improvement to my attitude will mean that my finances never improved and we can see it’s a bunch of very abusive and destructive fucking idiots thinking I have been trapped, relying on me to do nothing about it.


Now it is said that I am losing everything I have which I am not; we are dealing with the fall out of five year intensive abuse and vandalism associated with a bunch of gits deciding for me on the basis of their version of what sales and Industry is, how to run a Royal Bookshop. The problem we face now is not that I have found it difficult to move them on after letting it run so that its purpose might become obvious since I do not want it to play up nasty surprises at me so often, it is the social issues surrounding the very publicly abusive way they have performed their stupidities at my expense. They have continued to claim that I suggest my superiority all the time but am vulnerable to these matters which is utter nonsense as there is nothing in the form of a superiority based conversation associated with the fact that they are constantly in need of options – something of a process where they want to ensure that the points of the week at which they made the most profit in a business happened all the days of the week, which has nothing to do with their business and the way their business works but the destruction of people’s lives and finances with the contraptions they claim adds up to a business; the worrying bit is that when we look at it, the pattern is the same with the facts associated with sexual assault for instance and various other violent issues that show up at the Law Courts and it becomes so difficult to decide what we did for the 14 to 16 year olds when this their need for options at their fingertips that ensured they had all the money they wanted because others were entitled to the insanity associated with being seen getting around looking for sale opportunities while they were entitled to more than that, for my part on the matter of superiority all together, I believe the warning that they need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around is very clear, it is a prelude for a process where I started attacking their careers and finances as well, to ensure it was a lot less amusing than their stupidities who laden me with five years of financial complications over their ideas on what running a Bookshop should be like, while omitting the fact they are doing it from their very public civil rights complains about wealth and social inequality all together – they do like to say that describing them as a bunch of idiots would get me into trouble and I suppose I can see what the reasons are.

They do say that I need to resolve my complicated financial condition which I don’t; I picked a terrible neighbourhood to hang about and run a Hermitage with a Bookshop in which the Business was about Brand influence and private Equity Intellectual Property Administration, the profits coming entirely from the Bookshop and I don’t want to be disturbed considering when people ask questions on whether I know what the prognosis for their behaviour is, it’s the same story i.e. Klepto-Media, Klepto-Politics, Klepto-Celebrity, Klepto-Industry but if we left it to the Brexiteers and extremists, those would definitely tell us what life could be all together; I don’t want to be disturbed and those who think I smell need to give me my space. The accusation they love above all else is that my position further deepens wealth and social inequality problems which is utter nonsense – what happens with the 5 year nauseating financial complications and its effects is that it was devised at a time when Industry people were chasing me around, poking and prodding me, trying to convince me I had problems and needed money because they wanted to get into a partnership with what I am doing to make money as well – it speaks for itself. Besides which half the time I see them, they are busy wrecking careers to replace real workers with local Hoodlums and criminals, boasting features like tackling women who just walk around looking free, which leaves fancy women that are older than I am me unable to find a  partner and settle down, while claiming my very nature to be to a mystery all together. Then we find them say that these women must have run out for me at this stage which is just as well, as it prepares for the next generation – the assumption my children will likely behave differently and there will not be one that fancies women that are older as well with a need to rip up their sugar baby and sugar daddy lifestyles because they continue to spice up their sexual activities at his expense while being repeatedly told off for so doing.

I am said to be suggesting I am suffering from some stomach Ulcer of something but I don’t have a clear diagnosis, it has always however been there to build me a history of stupid black women seeing what they can do to crack it, near clear why people do it, from an issue with my religious faith, to questions about sex and eventually the sense that I have grabbed an existence that should belong to women, made something of it and planned to keep it for myself, as stupidly as possible – the part where I have ignored their existence until they have ended up with an anxiety issue as well, likely to lead to ulcer too but mine has gotten worse since, so the business of working on my diet has set the stage for a degree of bullying that runs at a National proportion; again no idea why people do it but what has become quite clear is that I really do feel as if when they try to live up to threats they issue because of the smell they cause, I am going to try hurting them very seriously as well. Hence I get asked if any of these threats I issue are in any way linked to reality but it is – we all know the main question is a matter of a right to teach other people’s children a lesson even when you are right and their stupidities are legendary; we all know that for world the first and second world war was worth, Hitler’s Father used to beat him all the time and we know that German society works in such a way that there are those pocket of boys in the neighbourhood whose only skill is to make people mentally ill and slap girls panties, then extend the behaviour to absolutely everybody else, could have been responsible for the reasons German Parents at that time never spared the stick, not to mention the perverse love that Hitler had for his Mother as well – such products from it as being informed you expect some justice due to the Celebrity, Media and Politically corrupt abuses but what you will get is only more corruption. It is much the same as the story that I am being unfairly treated at the Monarchy when I am not; what happens is that these goons never give it a rest, corrupt, pervert and disturb the Queens peace all day long, so they have placed themselves in a condition that means someone at the Military wants to respond to the sexual abuses that puts them in charge all the time by dragging them off to boot camp, which is not necessarily a bad place as such, it is an Academy and the education is second to none but the context and nature of the circumstances in which people end up in it, especially when it is about putting them straight can be difficult to deal with as well; so the stage is one where I get off rounding up all civil duties associated with such things each time I am targeted, which means that the more time they spend on me is the more attention they draw to themselves in that respect. As for the story that I am a coward, the twin story on the other hand is Politicians telling alternative tales about these matters all of the time; so for the former, the reality is that bad things happen to good people all the time and it is not right to think of yourself as an exception, however which should you want to avoid the bad bits none is making your choices for you unless they actually are, looking for trouble like Media and Celebrities for instance – talk of me as a coward is one concerning which I think people engage in because enough had not yet died over it so far. The stories the Politicians tell of it is that it’s never a case of the best work you have done for your career being something society trouble makers wish to lay claims of ownership to unless it is placed in a condition that makes you look like a vagabond; I for my part am quite clear about it to such an extent that we know the one that causes the most problem at this stage is that they saw me do private security Industry work and have since wanted to own the way that I did it, to own the way I did the private security Industry jobs for the purpose of their servitude of Celebrities and Public transport lasciviousness until they wrecked the career and or academic work all together, except I am an annoying piece of work that turns up to pick up matters and continue from where I left them, the reality of which is rather that it’s always the fact they have an insatiable appetite for security while there are people who need protection getting bullied by them all the time – so I protected those people and when I left the job I left the history behind for those as well. What it does tend to show is that I am more manipulative than they are and I do understand people thinking it is bad but it’s not a case of just getting about being manipulative either – going back then to my tummy issues, the outcome is this arrangement we have settled on where I have a problem with their society, they need to give me my space or it’s okay for us all to smell like what we ate each time we stepped outside of the door, such that our position does not jeopardise female security in the process – I suppose people might want to understand how my mind works and it’s as simple as the fact that my view of this nonsense, contrary to the alternative stories Politicians tell of it, is that there is nothing else more stupid and in terms of being unfairly treated at the Monarchy story, I get told the structures I created to handle them is saturated but it is not technically, they are simply making as much trouble as they can.

It’s all a selection process associated with the state of superiority of Celebrities – I used to be the one with a Public image they will get money from only and then they found out from the way I handled a Private security job that we actually have talent, skill and energy to work for it, so I also became the one that had tummy problems when his energy was being spent over stupidities, vandalism and interference than he had fed himself for because I am hungry, while those who tummy didn’t serve them and kept the money they think belongs to them safe, all garnished with very insulting journalistic pricks that will not lay off for the time being, while their Industry, culture and society gits are starting to brew up an authority issue in the sense that if they are not working for and making money while poor people were giving them money, somebody runs this Country the last time we checked – while I have personally reached a conclusion associated with the stupidities of their society idiots being the ones that target me the most because I did not get into a fight with people during the security guard job while the Celebrity stupidities were due to the fact their own stupidities allowed these fools who turned neighbourhoods on its head to plan a life on other people’s wallets to get away with it. I have been told that I am completely incapable of doing anything about these matters which is utter nonsense – what is really happening is that I wrote a Book that meant something to Television Personalities, Media goons and Celebrities and they decided that I should be working for them supplying the service personally while somebody else got to write Books; they had since taken this up to a stage where it’s now impossible to tell how they developed from claiming they were victims to being such a handful of global stage narcissists and how it’s possible that people who earn at the income bracket they do would become such a handful of trolls. What we see of it is a certain leadership supplied by Liberal USA that complains endlessly that I have set out Women interest matters where it concerns me, in such a way that they had enough worries to make them smell the same way their idiots build communities that drive imagination up my bum from this nonsense, a leadership that ensures people walked around the streets getting Matrimonial services at random from women they have never been seen spending time with, showing up here to handle my concerns to such an extent that I got to understand their stupidities wanted a response and each time I did, the Politicians will take what I had done and made their careers look better, then destroyed everything I do about them to get prerogatives from them, concerning which I am on course to get out of bed every day and bugger them for the sort of response they want me to give to this nonsense as well. I do get told it’s a matter of my reputation with women being a terrible one which has no basis on reality that is more a matter of a Court I built which they invited themselves into and have made a mess of every day since 2006 – now I simply want it to feature the people I have made a part of it or preferably the people I started it out with in the first place and the business of moving them on is the messy one we see because they are so completely reliant on my personal life for their fame, have no plans to work for money and the abusive behaviour of their industry goons taking money from poor people is now adding up to an authority issue since they are not in charge and do not run this place as it were. The Part where it offends them that I think I am an Arch Prince was an old story of getting Royal prerogatives from HM, treated like one of the Royal Family, needing a working Title, which title I got approval for has existed over the last 12 years, none of their business, save the part where saying they are not important will get a response from trouble makers at the Monarchy making them look like they are in dire need of a response from me for the vandalism they wrought here all the time, my personal favourite being that they cannot have enough of getting out of bed every day to climb up their media and tease an Arch Prince, which has now developed into a practical joke that involves a process whereby whilst their own salvation was mainstream Media, they want to own what I have done with my social media exposure, thus each time keep an ear out for the hearsay that is the main way to run a business on social Media, what I get is a case of people handling my public image for their private gain while organising local boys to beat me up if I thought otherwise. It has now developed to a stage where the completely insane and mental health assistance needing lies that they tell in order to continue meant that there is no other option save the one where people found out what I thought about their careers which is where we are going next i.e. the destruction of what shop managers like about Celebrities, the destruction of what makes the process of wanting to be successful like Celebrities appealing, in return for the daily battering of my Books among other processes of inviting themselves into my concerns to sign themselves off customer list and build communities that get imagination up my Bum so they might make money from my income margins. Never true that I am unable to do a thing about it but in terms of the idea I have bad relations with women, the reality is that the bits seen on my social media are the part where their dependence on my personal life for their fame with no plans to work for money, does not tend to mean they will get an exit from me for the way it has affected their lifestyle – the need to hang around on media with insults that say they want to own my Office have people out there who are better suited for my Office is not likely to decide how I talked – but what we are about to hear next is what I thought of their careers as well, the warnings concerning which have been running for weeks. They say I need to state what I want from them naturally and perhaps I did if it weren’t as simple as the fact their corruption of involvement has produced an outcome in which the way I handled my personal and public life left them with such intense nostalgia that they spend an average of 2 hours at work before they want to head home again every day and they will never get an exit from me for it, bearing in mind that making sure they didn’t was also a Public service that allowed other people get on too – be it is as may that it is the way I run my life which has such an effect on them, I am only interested in the business of the stupid insulting comments about my concerns on their Media jobs and Celebrity insanity being shut down, only interested in outcomes where they kept their distance from my Books. My Bookshop sells Books I have written, and it cannot be this difficult to ensure this message is maintained for at least a week, allowing me to decide what I am doing with it each time.

So I have been asked why I suppose I am targeted by these issues and those who work them all the time but it’s never an emotive issue either; the reality of it is that when they get tax payer funds from the Politicians that are willing to give it to them to help them facilitate their careers, the outcome is such that people like me who are not getting it are left somewhere wondering what propels them to rip up the one I built without getting any support all together – we have now as such entered into a phase whereby the effects of the tax payer funds support they got will not be the only things that I took from them and ensured they never saw again, never mind the self confidence that serves to show that being broke, told what to do while broke and then bullied in the reason for all the wealth and social inequality in the world – as I have pointed out, the abusive processes of making a case for churning my tummy and issuing threats for the smell have become a Public matter as well at this stage and they may handle me for it if they wanted to see what the outcome of doing so became too. The missing item from this conversation will have been the part where they apologised for the years of abusive behaviour in the EU, asking the British to explain National Interest, now that we know their National Interests have overtime been the reason for these abusive attitudes that set it apart from ours; as for me, I believe I have shown that I am furnished enough to handle any stupidities associated with boys from the backyard who spend time slapping Girls panties, extending the stupid behaviour towards me as well as stupidly as possible. The main reason for it is the claim I have wrecked people’s lives and am planning to get away with it and yes I am; it will be the lives they worked for the last time we checked and nobody knows really why they have to be such a handful of insulting inconsiderate idiots – that I wrote a Book that helped resolve half the problem and ended up with a 6 year history of insults and abuse that will ensure I worked for them to resolve it until they enjoyed conveniences and decadence from the fact that I did, complete with stupid Americans who are the reasons I don’t discuss the matter because I think of it as something that is wholly their responsibility in the USA, picking up the Books and tossing it to the dogs, so that career female criminals claim I attend Church because I am trying to steal woman’s lifestyle, while these male idiots spent time on this nonsense for their part – no idea what the appeal in this was either but whether or not their civil rights looks like that blabbing their stupidities at me does not necessarily indicate they know me well enough either.

When I do say it’s impossible to tell why they are such a bunch of insulting and abusively inconsiderate gits, it’s actually meant to be a rhetorical question but I am also hoping they did respond to it considering the history of stupidities we have already seen, like a 3000 word Essay on their reasons for such behaviour kind of scenario, 3000 as per they can go to any lengths and gather up any facts that they want. It’s like the Politicians say that my activities are confusing and it is wished that they were not but my activities really are not confusing at all; I did criticise the Heir to the Throne in my Books but I did in context, whilst this context has not been resolved, they think they have created me enough trouble to wreck my life and that I would not say what I say where it mattered, as stupidly as possible – we hear them claim all the time that HM did the same things during The Queen’s early Years but not seeks a completely different condition for the Children, while reality we face is facts that support such claims in the form of Princess Anne having a lower station than Prince Andrew because she is Female, which tends to support the Theory that The Queen did spend any amount of time chasing money around people until they dropped out of University and 11 years later, the need to use such persons as an option which ensures everything they did was profitable for every eventuality that they got involved with business wrecking the life and career wantonly like we see them share what they have with the frugal but as I said, they think I criticised the Heir to the throne which constitutes the reason for all my problems and I think the context in which I did has not yet been resolved so we still have a problem.

Their side of the story is that I am always being seen chasing people that are beyond my means for a relationship where it is impossible to tell how they decided they were beyond my means when they are ordinary people who have been facilitated onto equipment and venues that allow them extract money from my Public image without permission, which has become so bad I am trying to put a stop to, while their directionless insanity does not tend to make it easy because of the legendary stupidities. All they are likely to do here with the money is facilitate Crown business and get rewarded by the Royal Family for it and if they don’t want to do that, need to stop interfering with my personal relationships and spend their time with their own mates – 40% of what I do is better facilitated when my finances are operating at a controlled level and not abundantly available, this is what they tackle all the time to ensure I am perpetually on government support, the story of me being seen chasing people who are beyond my means simply takes the abuses and insults to a whole new level, assumption being that if I got married to a Poorer person it would have made me any less of a Prince as such. It’s the same as we see them make those statements all the time concerning the video games Industry being an expression of American power; reality which is that the Industry tends to pick out bits of exploits that Men people have engaged in and use it to make entertainment for young people – the problem with these claims they make and abusive processes they devise to consolidate their stupid power is that when I fight my corner and it is used in such ways, it does play into the fact that a Prince should not be putting himself in harm’s way like so and sets the stage that suggests I am a victim which women are likely to identify with more than other groups in society but these goons are perpetually in the hunt for the pain based glory they can skewer all the time and the idea of them making these things people do to be happy into a power race makes a real Men of the work people are National service engage themselves in, which leaves me contending with some of the statements the sierra type operatives make such as ‘you had one job’ and so on, while they believe their access to Media gives them the right to get away with anything and for it, considering the way it risks people’s lives, especially who work undercover, without regard for the way it also affects their Country as the Military ties between the UK and the US had become tighter over the years, such that it’s impossible to tell which message is coming from which one, I will break their Celebrity culture to make them more responsible person should the situation progress from here too. It’s an old case of some Celebrity goons showing up here with money they took out of my Public image as disobediently as possible, which I can account for better than they can, to tell stories about the problems associated with seeing me chase people that are beyond my means for a relationship; it needs what I spend my time on to be emphasised like the Military bits above and the fact one must keep an eye out for the Old and experienced soldiers who look after the younger ones and are likely to do those things that draw disparity between those who are actually doing National service and those who are talking like they know what they are talking about, while the others are the Industry people I used to be worried about i.e. they want to be involved with what I am doing to make money and I used to think it was a cause for concern considering the fact that they have more money than I do and I could tell if I could control their interest in Crown business altogether, who are likely to be the Individuals standing up somewhere to fight the corner for National Interest and I needed to ensure that they got the support that they needed provisionally. I cannot do most of these if I ensured my finances were overtly available, until I am able to control the situation if it was so – that said, I am still entitled to ambient earnings and this is what the Celebrity idiots make the most of their stupidities by destroying, as I mentioned above, the warnings having been out for some weeks now, that I am preparing to launch my own attacking on their careers as well; it’s just them, society trouble makers, silly Celebrities and me and the whole thing is entirely my responsibility, currently they are out of their depth, complaining more than I do, of the problems they build for me.

Now I am told that I spend my time making trouble in the name of the Crown which does not make any sense why I would be making trouble for them and more so in the name of the Crown as well, considering they are not significant people but as I mentioned before, I am preparing to launch an attack on the stupid fame career, the point of call will be what people find out I think of those stupidities gathering up to discuss my attitude like I am their fucking mate, while getting off another stage to make statements on how I should be seen keeping away from the Monarchy should I have a wish to avoid getting attacked with a big mouth. What has happened over time is their need to run around the world picking up black people from wealthy backgrounds whose parents had bought shares in some of the big Companies in the world and use the community they have created from that to pillage the Literary Empire that is attached to this Hermitage while blabbing about the business of buying equipment and venues to extract money from my Public image as the indication of their game and nepotism based importance which I must be made to respect – so the main problem we have is that they have built up a very big one at Buckingham Palace, so their abusive insults had become relentless since, so fair to point out that the next time their practical jokes did develop into a case of telling me where and or whom I am supposed to be, I am going to teach them a lesson they will never forget too. It usually means that people ask what the Political situation in the Country had become and there is no Political situation in the Country, same old gimmick on how you degenerate as a person i.e. being stuck with fame idiots and their abusive insults, they make money by making  deals with those who know how to abuse others in a sexual context or sexual way whenever they want to put themselves in control and their stupidities are usually fundamentally liked to Republican, Socialist and Rebel sentiments – it is these abuses being challenged towards them which requires them to secure an inferior person whose whole life will be dedicated to suffering it, as a matter of the same attitudes that got them into a state of mind for such sentiments in the first place – the outcome is that it appears to be a problem that cannot be solved because when you tackle one group in a bid to get out of it another is well placed to take advantage of what you did because they don’t like such a group but hate you even more but the reality is still the same case whereby getting through every dichotomy they can throw at you and throw at the matter gets you to a stage where the ethnic minorities are talking about wealth and social inequality practiced by their White or Majority population Counterparts and once you get to the bottom of that all you have left is the fact that they all have a very flawed sense of what is right and what is wrong but it is the ethnic minorities most of the time, who start off another story and practical joke that gets you stuck in such a position, in my case the one they have built up for me is now a global phenomenon but they still lack the intelligence to achieve the process of building one that actually works i.e. it leads straight to awesome Conflict if you failed to ensure that you were always in charge, about which being more important than their Celebrity stupidities was never what the Law of this Land deemed to be a Crime.

It should be understood that all those gimmicks we see at University systems, designed to ensure they played very abusive and hurtful practical jokes at people to chase money at the expense of their victims until like in my case I dropped out, is not actually aimed at the riches and fame which come due to the fact they carry on way too long for their own good all together and make up the reasons for the behaviour as they go along, its fundamental purpose is to decide what happens to the career and financial wellbeing of those who have been seen to behave in a moral way or engage in religious activity – they do love to claim this behaviour produced a result whereby whilst we see their show business and Media appearance insults as something associated with extracting money from our Public image and once they push us into the filthy aspects of their lives and we degenerate into obscurity, they moved to another victim and we thought of the whole process as something done by a disease, they too think of us as a disease that needed to be cleaned up. My personal favourite is the idea I am unable to do a thing about it while I can always shut down their Celebrity culture and popular culture as payment, as soon as those stupid insults had grown into something of  community of bottom feeders, feeding and getting imagination up my bottom for the sexually abusive insults that puts them in charge while their stupidities once created a certain obfuscation of my public image for their own benefit will have built the kind of Public image which offers the sensibility that stops the bad smell that we also hear them complain and issue the big mouthed threats for endlessly – the part where we get to find out which part of it they created with their own resources in the first place but it is fair to say I am now very fed up with those insults, especially the ones that show up in Public placed to gather around discussing my attitude so those who want to read what an Arch Prince wrote cannot tell what they are reading any more.


They always say that my whole life is a disgrace naturally and we can see who created the disgrace and who is complaining about it the most which indicates the loss that will be suffered at the moral fabric of society should I get off resolving anything that makes me look less disgraceful. I build a Trust system to help me broker equities with Multinational Companies and sell Books, they build me a reputation for being a character that will be made to give up a Royal personage and a Literary Empire in order to facilitate wealth and social equality, leaving me in a condition where rules and laws do not apply to my property and person while their big mouth complained about it all the time. Pretty much the same behaviour towards my Public image and my Career as well, particularly expressed towards the part where I had done my best work and yet the entire time they claim they were important while the reality is that they had their families and they had their Glastonbury lifestyles and were a bunch of characters who really fitted into the range of some bad people I met in the course of sharing the Gospel but we see that attitude all the time talking nonsense about being more important, telling me I need to stop being an Arch Prince if I wish to maintain personal health and safety – it needs my help but never reads what I have written, it reads some of what I have written and gets after my leadership, it gets my help without paying for it and begins to attack me physically as soon as it had destroyed my property, then stand up somewhere blabbing about me disgracing the realm with a big mouth. It goes without saying that the same process applies as I am now done tolerating their involvement with my Books and those stupid comments they make with the media salvation for work their narcissism on me all the time – the idea there is nothing I can do about it is misleading as the religious and moral person will likely shut down their Celebrity culture and popular culture as payment for this nonsense and would require a very short period of time to do it. It feeds into those insults that what I say is mostly associated with the lives of women which they appear to have ignored that I will notice is a product of idiots who spend their time grooming women for the kinds of sex they want due to the fact they don’t get pleasure from normal sexual activities and are never seen far away from prostitutes – when I had tolerated 5 years of nauseating financial complication due to their insulting stupidities showing up as Industry git to think I will get all taken by what happens when I hurtle down a Rabbit hole and show up at the other end dealing with gangs and hoodlums doing my career and therefore not notice that it is what it really is, they appear to become completely unappreciative of the fact I had chosen to tolerate it than respond to it – all stuck somewhere between the communities and the kids who passed exams to help run the High Streets whereby their need to get the imagination into people’s concerns generally leaves them with a reputation that says people are always afraid they are about to steal something which ensures they smelled all the time and decided they did not want to go down by themselves, hence cracked up out of my league talking rubbish at me all of the time when younger and when older blabbing about the correct way to run a Royal Bookshop while the Politicians supported it, looking for an outcome where I wanted people to know what I thought of those insults that see them gather up to discuss my attitude with a big mouth. Eventually we find it feed into some gimmick about how it was never obvious that the British Hated the Germans so much while it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Germans – what the goons are now trying to avoid is the apologies they will have to offer for those insults that suggested the British needed to explain National Interest now that the location of German National and Economic Interests are no longer in doubt, the source and reasons for the sexual abuses that put them in charge revealed. They do speak of what I make of the fact there are some who are caught in it without knowing what it is but there is nothing to make of it; I have not taken myself away from whom I am and set myself in a degenerative position that meant there were good things I started which I have not finished causing their stupidities to chase my bottom and get me to turn towards homosexuality like the way they are stuck between the Communities and High street does them, about which I want their involvement with my Books and stupid Media comments to end unless their media organisations are paying them from it, in which case we know exactly whom to blame or seek redress from and I have certainly not ended up in one of those occasions that mean I am stuck with their lifestyle, starting to make sense of the filthy aspects because of the way that money may be able to rescue me, it is all imposed on me by Black People, Celebrities and Liberal USA and so have I made my position clear on the threats that are meant to make them and their civil rights financially better off at my expense i.e. the next time that we handle the matter, they will be stuck hurting me like that because their entire financial wellbeing depended on it and I will be stuck handling them for it as well because it was the only way that I got to pay my way. It does not mean that I am the victim in the matter, I have already shut down significant areas of their abusive Celebrity culture which gets them to spend more time with the people that will attack me each time they thought their stupidities ought to do something to flush my life down the loo because they wanted to patent some important areas to their stupid names for money and prestige. It’s much the same as the story of it all being brought about by the way those who support me violate other people which is utter rubbish; what really happens is that the business of people showing up to pretend to be me for a whole until they had become more important than I am, then taking some extra steps to express the range of their narcissistic stupidities on my finances have not stopped – what then happens is other Royals who rely on my work to perform their duties become very intolerant of it over time, considering the able bodied idiots who do it want fame and Royal position and not the responsibility of tackling the Public problems they exacerbate through such activities.

It’s an old story about me getting off my case beyond my powers and its utter nonsense if a bunch of idiots are about to burn the Country because their bottom hurts but cannot stop disturbing the concerns of his Hermitage to make a mess of mine and make it happen with a big mouth. The idea is that if they stopped disturbing me while I am at it, the suggestion will be that I am an important person when I am not and the reason for it is that their stupidities would be better off in any violent situation that emerged between me and them; it needs to stop making a mess of my Books, relying on me to do nothing about it and the fucking idiots really need to shut down the comments. I have never gotten into trouble before and never will – no such thing as making trouble for them while I got protection from the Crown, their stupidities have not got it. What they have got is a seemingly endless form for exhibiting this nonsense and its practical jokes, claiming my response was abusing, right down to obfuscation they make of my diet in order to make their practical jokes about my alimentary Canal and so on and I believe I can only resolve it by making sure the next global phenomenon they will build about me will involve what I want people to understand of the way I perceive what Shop managers think of Celebrities and the way or reason people want to be successful the way that they are. For their part they say Americans cannot tell if I am a threat or not but it’s difficult to say which one they consider to be a threat all together – all I know as a matter of certainty, these fools issued their threats at me from the days it was a matter of the Interest shown by the Royals in me being something of what has occurred due to their indifference to the Monarchy, to what is now a daily practical joke associated with making sure somebody more worthy was me all together and it’s the part where if the Americans will not do it, the Russians will, that we find them complain of endlessly now since it appears that somebody had lost their lives over it. They enjoy sending out the mentally ill Community goons to fool around with people and conduct the sexual abuses that puts their stupid selves in control naturally and it continues as though none notices the way that their well off neighbourhoods which claim peoples public image for themselves sell products, gets endorsement for Companies and run business and so the abuses and destruction and secret communities that target me and my tummy issues for these very hurtful gimmicks continue because nobody is breaking that to pieces as well.

I have been told the main problem was rather a matter of me getting stuck with Television to such an extent I have had my whole life ruined and it is utter nonsense – what really happens is the same business of people inviting themselves into my concerns for all the wrong reasons; the Media and Celebrity types have eventually now settled up on a need to get their hands on everything associated with me and set about selling it for money, which is also the reason they have neighbourhood boys to back them up in case I decided to do something unusual, while the reality behind it was that the work Court they invited themselves into primarily did what they did with me to protect me from a business of Media exposure allowing people to do this. It has eventually given way to an outcome in which they have unleashed some Media operative/Trader/Salesman/Thief character on me who never see that a world in which there is a limit to their stupidities being practiced on others really does exist, the serious consequences going beyond the destruction of my academic work to leave me hurtling down a rabbit hole into the backyard of Industry where I get a good view of hoodlums and gangs doing my career, into something of me having my Book shop wrecked again over the fact I decided to try and get in touch with Companies I brokered Equities with on social Media and their need to pass about insults concerning how I am no one and need to start from scratch while they took everything I had, damaged the fact that I was only getting in touch with people I already knew on social Media – once I had re-established the relationship, another vicious campaign to decide how I ought to run a Book shop ensued so they might grab that as well. Hence the outcome being this case where I am to set out a few days or weeks of warning and then begin an attack on everything associated with the way that their reality television lifestyles and well off neighbourhoods and Celebrity culture goons trade, get involved with the Public and secure endorsement from Industry i.e. when I point out they forget it is unique to them enough for people to attack it as well, I am really referring to the fact it’s incredibly corrupt and then we find those people who want to be successful like they are too wondering why they had to work for money in the first place the entire time. They do say that I am in bigger trouble than I can imagine which is utter nonsense – what I have done with my social media sets out very clearly that it is never really a good idea to keep making a mess of what I do with Celebrities and Fashion Models for example and especially when I had done it to ensure they are able to tell the difference in terms of which are associated with them and which are associated with me – enough is enough and they do need to get their stupid imagination off my bum and stop following me around. Others have suggested I ought to take responsibility for some of these issues as I am partly to blame but I am not in any way to blame for any part of it; we are here because the business of handling my person and property to make money has backfired spectacularly, we are here because whilst most people get involved with my concerns on account I set out a Bookshop and a Trust system, these idiots wreck my academic work so they might be able to handle and sell my Royal Office to make money and this is what their stupidities are getting involved with, the core problem at this stage being that they have no wish to move on because they believe that if push came to shove they are in a position that makes them better off, a behaviour that suggests they are likely to continue with these pressures to get what they want because they were my personal Gods. Their American friends who provide all the support for this nonsense are always seen working from a certain disposition where the consequences of their activities are shown to be a perverse and incorrect investiture in my Office, which investitures I do not have the authority to give out in the first place, so in effect they have been seen getting involved with the Queen on my account in order to peddle a Royal Office for a living – it shows very clearly a group of idiots who believe that most human beings are usually as stupid as they are and they are therefore the best things that happened to humanity itself and as for the business of getting over me to get to the Queen and chase bottoms at the Monarchy, I really have no idea a Global stage phenomenon of complaining about me, who the hell in a fooling with their stupidities anyway. It is still the same process – they are here not to get involved with a Bookshop the way that other businesses who got involved with my concerns in order to make money did, but to get involved with a Royal Office.

There is talk of Royals forcing me to serve being the main problem and I have no idea why people think it matters – what really happens is some Royals picking up matters which are entirely my responsibility, making a mess of it with Royal Publicity and then deciding that apart from abusing and berating me over money issues until they had created a Public problem by doing so, they had successfully spent some time making me serve. The outcome is the complaining and threats I get because the bottom hurts because it is not being left alone yet as we speak; we all know that chasing the trouble makers down the society bits will leave them chasing the Celebrity culture bits and chasing them down that way will leave them chasing the society bits and it would be nice if little fortitude by which I handle the issues on a case by case basis was not being shredded like it currently is being shredded over some fantasy trophy Royal feud. I am said to be instrumental to Royals being worse off but the reality is that HM has faced disappointment after disappointment, so this process of making sure all are Dukes and Duchesses who will earn their position as Princes by working for it, is working very well towards the future bearing in mind the Political changes in the Country. The other story on how HM loves me too much being untrue all together – The Queen does not love me too much, I have only ended up putting myself in this position where I appear to be the only person who understands that being Head of State means the Buck stops with you and that this is a lot of the times really a lonely Island in the world with the Queen at the top of it; in the end which is quite clear that when other Royals spend their time attacking and abusing people over financial matters like they do me, eventually the problem that emerges is that they have money and nothing else while such persons had everything else save the money and it’s all social in context as well – so I would fancy those who complain the most about the bottom hurting stopped making a mess of what is not their responsibility by getting all over it and then suggesting it’s a process of making me serve, bearing in mind also that we do have to contend with the mental health epidemic all together. The story eventually turning to a lack of understanding what I have done all together, while reality suggests I have successfully short-circuited Communist influence as equally as I have Tyranny in the Middle East and Africa, some Partial work to be done in South America, bearing in mind we are a lonely Island with HM at the Top and we need to work Foreign Policy thereof; this means that the tyrants are left spread into the mainstream Population, claiming I would not say what I say in certain areas naturally because they live in parts of the world where people do not respond to their antics or do not respond in such sophisticated ways as I do i.e. the bad things he plans to do relies on others for the energy that will help do it, the entire outlook of a person is more in keeping with ideas on how others are to be used, adding up to bad behaviour they have not yet performed about which the punishment for performing it should happen now – then it starts an altercation with me and the Politicians learn all about it, meaning that it’s in my interest and my safety and security demands that I sabotage its plans to win elections and gain power to teach me lessons with – so going back we find that when this sort of mentality grows and they had attended school and showed up at Government buildings, we had ended up with a massive problem. For my part, I can always fall back on taking from them due to the terrible things they do on the basis of bad activities about which they rely on others for the energy that they perform it with, access to the popular and Celebrity culture as well as the society but it has become an issue at this point that Royals who love to tease it up and complain about the bottom hurting while claiming it’s a matter of making me serve need to stop doing it.

I have now been told that if I lived in the USA I would never have had a chance against them which is so incredibly annoying as I don’t live in the USA which is the reason my main target is the Politicians, concerning which I am rather doing very well handling the effects of their insulting and intrusive stupidities. Speaking of living in the USA however, it is still in the play, it is still a question of how I would plan the process of setting out my feelings with respect for a bunch of idiots who show up here to make a mess of my career, especially the part of it where I have done my best work, on grounds that they hated women and their hate for women contrary to my opinions about women which brings about the conclusion that it is all my fault, is built up from their feelings concerning their own wives and kids that they had time to marry and arrange a wedding for and had time to fuck and bring into this world while making a mess of my whole life for it, all garnished with my own personal feelings on how they should not handle women for my part as well; what has really happened with these gits is years of insults channelled at me being built up in Public places and I have not responded to it because it has not been worth my time to do so all together – the outcome now is that on their right hand is a leverage that helps to control my concerns which was built up from this years of abusive insults, on their left hand side is a history of damage done to my Bookshop and my financial wellbeing when their stupidities gets involved with my concerns, so these dreams and insults and abuses of where I wouldn’t stand a chance against them each time they are out of their depth because I have been talking about it becomes an important social engagement is the part where I have not yet built up one that I can control their foolishness with on my right hand side and another on my left hand side to match as it were, so the fact I give away my information when I think it will help people, continues to serve as the reasons my Books are not getting read by the Public due to the opinions and involvement of their democratic stupidities. They do always say they have problems and I don’t care as well, what I do with most of my time is the writing that I talk about and their idiocy needs show up to read what I have written not continue to make a mess of my career if complaining about me has so far become a global stage phenomenon. I have perceived them express regrets that their gimmicks have not had an effect on me but it’s a typical example – that when I was younger it should have worked because I had my whole life ahead of me, now that I am older it should have worked because I had grown sideways, so the outcome will likely be something of a convention on the insults they channel at me, so that each time I hit them as well it would make perfect sense.

I do get asked what brings it on but it’s the same case we find all the time i.e. I look like the punching bag because their insults made it that way and they cannot have enough – such that my entire life’s work is now been seen in terms of the idea that size matters – feeding into the sense I fool around with the matter all the time while reality is that each time they said I am not the victim I make myself out to be, they are actually correct, because since the last time the threats associated with the fact that they have existing problems became distracting enough to make a mess of what I am doing here, I too had decided on what the best use for their muscle and stupid energy was going to be – so it has developed into something of what I do with the fact they regularly get off to grab National economy and finances bases in certain areas to play their games with, by making sure it was being used for the correct purpose and was being made to be productive in the right way and towards the proper channels. These facts tend to suggest I am not the victim while people are trying to help me as much as they can but the reality is that this is all bullying completely with features such as their Politicians helping them make up the reasons for it as they go along; at University the behaviour was exhibited by skinheads, now it is exhibited by black people and produces a typical example of those circumstances where I make it quite clear that enough had not died yet, as we can see I may have some respite if I wanted to fool around with the idea that both ought to get together and figure out what their own problems were – my personal favourite is the fact they spend time with a lifestyle that leaves them with tummy issues and then build a society that says it’s my tummy that will be used to get through problems that help them manage it – its therefore very tempting for the fucking idiots to assume I have not had enough of them and keep blabbing of parts in the world where I would not have stood a chance against their stupidities, shooting up my stress levels.

They do say the state of Politics in the Country is a mess and people like me are rubbing it in, never mind the business of rubbing our position in the faces of the Politicians – both of which are wrong; the state of Politics in the Country is due to a group of goons who are so perverse in their thoughts that they drive into Higher Institutions with their entourage to make statements during a conference that suggests certain people have been picked out to have their careers and academic work doomed and then return to employ an Education secretary, showing up in public places after that to act as if I am getting a renumeration for not speaking up about it, especially as they are planning to punish me for the problems at the polls which is associated with the behaviour. We see the same being echoed by their society goons, much as those in the know understand that their perversion is not the way things work at all i.e. the highlight of Political career was never election won which involves ticking boxes while the Public gave you a benefit of doubt for mistakes that you made in the Course of your National duty, for them it’s the highlight of their careers, so when somebody else puts a checklist to the Public and offers them a job that pays twice as much, we find the statement made to be that it’s difficult to tell if the appointment was a better career than the election and the problem becomes one of when society people make the same sorts of statements too. For the previously mentioned case, we find that in the UK, the Government is prepared to spend money on you at welfare but expect you to get to the shops to provide for yourself thereby keeping the local businesses running while finding a job of your own – in the US they have little or nothing like that, so all that blabbing would only have meant that the business of showing up at their backyard to decide what I wanted to do with my time on the basis of what their wallet was worth, would have happened a lot earlier than it took for me to find out that I did not stand a chance. The mystery has always been what it is but I am a Legal studies student and we have been asked to work on finding out the way that legislations are drafted, I have been there and done it and I know it’s something I want, as equally as I am aware that those who want a job that will pay them enough to make them millionaires and not a job that will pay them enough to make the State Operatives do need to keep out of it instead of making a mess for us all. They say some people have it in for me at the Monarchy and there is no such thing – same group of people with gimmicks in mind – first it wrecked my University studies playing practical jokes on me with Celebrities, thereafter it got the Prince of Wales trying to build a future reign on what I did with my Books and during that time, it has gathered up enough nepotism gits from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to make some proper public trouble that is developed from Industry, built up a real Mess and kicked off a big one at Buckingham Palace, in league with Culture and society fools who have helped build communities that get imagination up my bum, to get me out of my home all the time – it was never important, only the group of goons that HM does not want to do business with. I do get told it means I cannot get along with Celebrities and yes it does; the extent of abusive, insulting and very hurtful practical jokes being played on me by Celebrities have now become a global phenomenon, just like the part where they clung to my earning margins and built up an International protest stage over wealth and social inequality – the outcome is clear indication that as long as the idea remains that I flinch every time that the process of attacking Celebrities is due, it will never stop. They do complain that I consider myself to be very important but I don’t see how my position contrary to the nonsense suggested indicated that I would have expected an Heir to the Throne who Commands an Army that is over a Million strong and everybody in it was trained in an Academy to get off protecting me – besides which the main case has been the feelings of republicans and revolutionists and people who want to break up the Country spending too much of their time on me because they perceive my activities as a threat to them, in which case doing so does not help since I am likely to pick up and complete some related civil duties that then leaves them and their culture and society people looking like characters that should be dragged off to Boot Camp, lest they continued to make a mess of the academic work and the career like they have already done in some areas. They do need to stop dragging Royal business into my Hermitage and its Bookshop and Trust systems; this was all their idea.