So they say I rock the Boat of the Monarchy but there is no such thing going on; the reality is that they are so fond of playing up the perverted bit where all is permissible but not all is expedient because they are freedom idiots and others should have all the responsibility – do I discovered that if I behaved in a very permissive way with features such as building up occasions where what I did was permissive but not expedient and then if I built up enough of it and created a condition where they couldn’t catch it all, I could get away with things as well. It’s like the old case of Terrorism where it is said I never mention such facts as my work exposes about why there is so much Terrorism in places like Brussels for instance; whereas people have seen just as I have, the number of times reporters will run through the party streets of London to find out how much narcotics their test kit will expose, only to find cocaine in every single place and in every single turn when such a substance is considered high level criminal activity, in fact they stopped making such shows because it was counterproductive i.e. the events of 9/11/2001 did bring it all down, especially after the subsequent war in Iraq and Afghanistan but it is still very high a regular eventuality that people attend parties where they expect some middle east guy to get some narcotics into the room etc – so a place like Brussels is obviously where the European Union Parliament is located all Together and its plight does not actually surprise anybody here. Usually they say I know it but do nothing – the result of doing anything of which will lead to the same story all together i.e. that I cause the total shutdown of governance whereas the TV screens show small journalists and celebrities but in actual fact they are very large people who do the demanding work of being famous and eat at least 5 times the meals that normal people have if they are wealthy enough to afford any – it is not the only lie they tell about their image, there is also the one about keeping fit and keeping in shape which causes people to become anorexic; but where this Terrorism is concerned, the case was that if there was anybody that would take on the bad guys they would be such people, what they have become more interested in is how to extricate the survival of the small people, in order to please themselves everyday – coupled with the fact some of them have gone off to leave the proceeds with the Terrorists pretending to  be journalists all together who cannot find news somewhere else that is and so the terrorism keeps getting worse for obvious reasons because of them and the Politicians have always thought that funding them through tax payer money to ensure those of us who kept them out of our academic work will see them run rings around our finances right up to the international frontiers would lead to an outcome in which they maintain control – I personally do a large proportion of what I do out of pity and it does not get much respect either.

It’s like when the Celebrity and Media ones speak of revenge and even punishment all the time whereas what happens is that consistently every day we see them behave in my direction so as to achieve a condition where twisted community idiots that live a barely criminal existence want to see me naked in their fantasies for obvious reasons – handling this of course escalates the problem for the Police, so the Journalistic bottoms are hurting especially, while the celebrity ones are coping at the moment and that is a start. It’s not as much of a problem as they have claimed I am dominated with and so we do hear them speak of power whenever I high light the fact I solved the problem associated with providing the service that I am at the moment, which then gave rise to a Book that people fundamentally needed in order to gain from my personality and what I know and they have since set out to make an amusing and insane fun out of making sure that people do not get a copy of the Books for themselves at all and I am at a loss as to why it would be amusing so; hence I am having financial issues, not because of my incompetence or somebody else’s expertise but simply because of them and the fact they exist and have chosen their version of fun and it will not be the first occasion bystanders ask them if it is a social responsibility or that they perform it on account I am an evil Man; they however had long ago decided it is more a matter of making hearty fun from contrasting the damage they do here with the fact they are always on course for civil rights action, understand the importance of having financial issues settled and are on the side of the masses, understanding what problems those have totally thereof. I have now become ever increasingly convinced that this will never improve unless men are having a difficult time financially, it will never improve unless people are glass eyed, spending their last pound on fuel in order to get home and generally pushing underbelly abuses at me because it is what their tummy will look like when they wake in the morning considering they are going home and will be living and sleeping alone every night and I will soon start to pursue this case vigorously as the pros of their lives says driving around insolent saloon Cars, fingering my bum and stealing my secretes to do business and jobs and to get rich and so that it builds an external community that developed its own right to get between me and Industry clients and find ways of getting jobs and Industrial positions and self advancement and wealth, while the cons of their existence is generally about interfering with my friends to mess them up and threaten my customers; so it is not as if I do not have a workable contingency when it comes to dealing with them as a problem. It’s just the question being answered here as per why they have the strength and energy for all these things while at the same time holding down a job and looking after a Family – all the same obviously, save the fact it is actually true that they do absolutely nothing whatsoever with their time and it is only fair to want them off my Book sales: I know they are struggling but it’s the City Centre ones and the Banking one and Stock Market ones and Security Industry ones only – the Media and Celebrity ones have just made out a reputation for themselves, that they are the ones that can handle me for everybody and are on a high with it at present. : Speaking of which I have no idea why they are always reading my Equity property when they have no products of their own to create or manufacture.


Now I hear I am quite unable to be satisfied with what I have which has in turn created problems; this is not true – what happens is that people turn up to provoke me with the idea I will get physically hurt before I stopped blocking all they have done to peddle my faith and personality to make themselves rich and famous and I have always know that Celebrity culture is all boys gangs and girls gangs, they needed to know I am an Arch Prince as well with a rich renaissance behind me and this is the lesson they have learned clearly. The media ones who say they want me to do something right now to prove it are just as well; I mean in their case it’s a matter of public engagements giving way to a media idiot having new civil rights which involves sharing my Public life especially at diplomatic circles, with support from goons at poor countries he goes to the US government to get aid for and then it will all look as though it was all his civil and human right and I will never sell Books if I do not stop it as well. In the end, I need at least 5 books sold every day to break even, I am struggling with selling 2 because of them and they regularly turn up with a useless existence that is based on making money by finding out my secretes and getting on Media to make trouble in order to do me the favour of keeping me alive etc with a big mouth and so I still end up sharing at least 70% of this Office with fame idiots which is what is coming between me and success. So I am a Christian and I might not want people to peddle my personal and public life, only for it to give way to mothers gathering with their sons at the feet of Politicians alright but if that is fame and celebrity, then there will be none and they already know I can guarantee this too. It has never been a problem, apart from their right to teach people lessons which we see them assume in public places all the time, the main case has always been that they expect me to forget about the destruction and damage whenever they meet me, so they can top it up and when they cannot, white Boy is unable to become racist and black boy is unable to do popular culture and gets off on Media with more threats and insults and stupid women – I can actually prevent them from having any fame whatsoever and I am sure they are aware of this too. Otherwise it’s all disobedience by which somebody else is more worthy to be me in exchange for making me a vagabond on Media in a failed bid to make me a celebrity and they are stubborn beyond human imagination as well, such that if I got tired of all this I will have lost everything. It is a slippery slope; I would have taken steps to stifle wealth at National and international level to ensure people do not peddle my public life and rip up my finances to simulate a sense of having my money and therefore being more important than I am – Politicians might find their way of making money which does not involve being educated and informed respectful but in the end I have to take responsibility for my actions and not create a condition that is counterproductive for the prosperity of the Country as a whole which is not the same thing as some assumed right I have to sit back and suffer insults from them every day; there is no such fame and there will be none ever. I do not think it is unusual; one moment you happen to inform them you have no interest in the money they have been allowed to hold onto my Politicians, so as to turn up to spend your acumen to make real one with influence and problems and then next you find that they want to ensure that a bit of their money is involved with every money that there is on the planet because they are hunting you and it is incredibly stupid, takes up all your time and you may end up damaging National interest by stifling wealth at National and International level so that stupid dream of being more important than you are with these madness does not become a reality and this is the blackmail they love to play up all of the time.

We hear all that talk about communism of course but it is much the same thing all together; in my case I do not have to be the Christian that get off my case to find and have sex with the latest girl in town because people will simulate my public life and allow such stupid girls to have a pleasure with it and turn up to earn my income for me, which will make sense of gossips that would have existed about me damaging my good business everybody is talking about by doing so, except that it all happens without the going out to get into stupid evil relationships and sex bit. Obviously it is a sign of a people who think themselves to be incredibly manipulative; so that we talk in Royal circles about People presenting themselves properly in Public because it is good for the image of the Country and also the reality where the Police do not fancy useless and lazy people – some people like to describe all these nonsense as World War Two, The Left and their dirty tricks, I like to say they need to look at themselves first when they tell me what to do, as going round in circles over the facts are not indication of the trophies they like to collect on Media of a victory over me all of the time – take a good look at themselves, keep off my Books and clear my space or I will pervert their lives into uncomfortable positions again until it begins to get physically painful like the effects their disobedience and need to show with it that I have financial problems because I am not out there for all to see endlessly does. I accept that as a Civilisation we must have a public image and people must present themselves properly but they cannot suggest that on one hand while on the other I have a thriving business which is not doing well financially on account their perverted stupidity wants to own that part – it just does not happen to Human beings and it just does not happen in the real world.

I mean we see these individuals make social Media into the monster it has become today, only to turn out in Public places to assume their own lofty position by which they tell us what to do about it and assume some leadership that will gratify them in the process. I wouldn’t know anyway; Google for instance is a search engine, the reason you use it and play by their rules is that it is free and the process of playing by their rules creates them an income by which the whole thing is being maintained which is why it is free; they gradually have an excuse by which to charge people for using it and would not have been doing so, if these fools did not help to kill the competition etc – hence I have to take my own matters into my hands and work with the fact I am insane enough to calculate this cost for my part as well. So what usually happens is that you get involved with it and play by their rules, what they want to do is play snakes and ladders with your valuables and so they move in early and then you find yourself on the back foot while they make you deals all of the time; now it has reached a stage for me, where they are blocking access to audience until I pay them and when I am done paying them for that, pay for the customers as well which is rather very tricky, so they do not like the way I handle their own as well for it. These goons however created the whole problem because they are the ones who sign up to peoples social networking platforms and put pictures of themselves having sex for example on it – naturally if I had one I will want to ban people who do so, except I cannot if they are trending and are making money, hence eventually I know too much and they complain and there is nothing anybody can do about it; as it stands each time I pay for access to audience, what happens is that I end up with the social and Political problems of other peoples jobs and offices and this is why they hate me so much because it does make me angry; no idea how intellectual property Administration solutions with a Twitter account is set out to be in the same category as a free lance public function entertainer and I still am unable to account for how my male followers account for over 70% of my follow population while female account for just over 20% when it is left in no doubt whatsoever that I am British Nobility but then again it is an example of the reasons they then show up at backstage Media to pretend that their complain about what is happening around them will determine what reality becomes. It is not a crisis as such; it just does wonders for client bidding; Mr A will sit down in his home and hear about your ability to do his Intellectual Property Administration for him, goes off to broker some equities with your public place property and develops some aspects of your public life but on the day you want to make the bidding itself work, what happens is that the social and Political problems associated with other peoples jobs ends up in it as well, so he may just find me amusing. Of course naturally when I move off I am after other peoples culture and society too and they will tell me what to do with it when they get famous with my stuff as well, tell me what to do with it when they get connected – as the Royal Alliances were built for them as it were. It is what they do with social media these days; block access to audience and use your business to deal with social and cultural issues associated with their lofty positions and we have ended up with such an epidemic of idiots that want to get famous now and find out what it takes to be famous later, claiming I fostered it whereas I only facilitated just a hand full of persons who were girls back then but are women now, whose social Media profiles I use to keep contact, using popularity to help their Counterparts with Sexist and Political problems. They live in their girls’ gangs and boys’ gangs dream world with Media where they think they can just handle other people’s property and income if they do have needs.


Apparently the new sweetest thing is to blame every problem on EU Laws especially Terrorism but the prognosis however will never change, being that it is the same old London Central Middle class idiots with a need to have somebody downstairs whom they consider to be an idiot catching the Baby while they form a habit of throwing it out with the bath water. They talk about which part EU laws should play to do something about Terrorism when they are not busy showing how nasty their nature really is – the one where I walk into a shop and get followed around by local aspiring criminals who then buy products from that shop as well, making it my fault that they existed and bought products from the shop according to those who require me to control my mother without reason or purpose and this then progresses to employment of these local criminals and running rude business according with them by which I will never get a job because every bad thing they get up to is actually my fault, right up to the point where they are digging my personal and family life to make profits or sell on my public life to those that can if they are stopped. It is an old story about nasty people about and finding them should you look hard enough and they do nothing with their time save fuck the white ones and by that I mean split themselves into two groups where one never allows the girls study while the other puts them up at popular culture to peddle another person’s public life and when you had finished dealing with that or they had completely ruined you, they only feel that they want to gain more power, so it switches to fucking the Blacks since I am Black and if we are talking about Muslims, we are starting to see Terrorism develop – this is not what they want to talk about as what EU Laws do to prevent them from controlling the Terrorists is more important considering they think they fancy themselves bullies and have got somebody that will catch the baby.  I do not think it is a crisis, it’s as I have mentioned before a very slippery slope; one moment you are playing a game of how much money they need to make to be more important than you are to stretch their frustrated nasty fat pigmy boys in the middle stupidities and the next you find yourself stifling wealth at National and International level to control them, all of which would not happen if rich people ceased to pay for products they are perfectly aware are stolen from another person’s lifestyle when it is offered to them but clearly isn’t what they want to do as it were; so that when I talk about fucking the black ones, we are looking at travelling overseas with their society and feminist nonsense to return home with problems that are bigger than them in order to work at the shops and point fingers at those they want to channel their violent blame culture at. They do say I am overwhelmed but it’s simply a matter of whacking you over the head on Monday and then on Tuesday and then on Wednesday and then on Thursday – by Friday when he hopes to start the fight, he thinks it is his human right to have you forget about all that happened the Four days before, so that he might be fearless and this is what they will never get from me – setting off this sense that since I do not want them the way they want my mind to think about them every single moment, when I am married I will become a dangerous person and when I have children that danger will increase exponentially and then they can walk around being flash boys teaching others lessons on how to exist every moment of their stupid lives with a society where out of 100 persons, 5 will be famous and the rest would be criminals looking for people to oppress in order to secure privileges of injustice from Politicians and having no wish to get a proper job – full of assumptions others that have had enough of them are quite overwhelmed, talking nonsense about a need to translate the nepotism that facilitates the only form of well being they want to have, into a sensation concerned with feeling that a Country belongs to them. They say I say what I say but never really make progress with myself and finances and it is utter nonsense; I have ever always sold my books to small businesses if I count the areas and points at which I have been successful that needs to be built on. So that what happens otherwise is that each time I offer people my Books, what they do is turn out to do my Royal Job and have a go at trying to be me and at the end it is never really enough to get them to buy the Books all together, so I will at some stage replace Celebrities with ordinary people – while the big businesses are just the ones that enjoy picking up my public life and Royal property and then getting about developing it, so that if brokerage for this business in terms of that aspect were to be temporary therefore, then so be it but none keeps my Royal Property and Public Office concerns as it were. I understand therefore that they need me, so I have to reiterate that the main issues are still that of dealing with this society of Men that has emerged between me and my Clients and does nothing else but have a life that involves driving around insolent saloon cars fingering my Bum, devising ways of helping me sell my Books which involves making sure the social and cultural problems of all contraptions they call sources of income ends up in my Office and personal life and going around stealing my secretes to trade, get rich with and do any jobs they have acquired in such ways, while the social bit involves messing up my friends and allies, ripping up my finances and playing up celebrity routine to secure people that will keep it wrecked permanently. So it is easy to assume I have gotten myself stuck somewhere from a point at which I am responsible for distracting people from working on their Companies for a decade, while they assume they are going to get ahead of me on my own earning by a simple whim.


They do say they will not let me sell my Books and wish to find out how I plan to do it but that has never been an issue or a question as such either anyway; the reality is that I will likely take even more steps to ensure their money does not contaminate the stock of money in the world, so that we might all find out how they are going to do so anyway. In the end people buy Books from an author to get involved with one, otherwise we are looking at a situation in which somebody took up his own possessions and made something that people can pay a token for in the understanding that once written it had a tendency to last forever and he might get his money back at the other end in the long run being ripped up for fun – civilisation wise a situation that can make an animal out of a perfectly normal individual as it were. So that we have to understand the reasons they are always lying to be that they want us to think their behaviour is a matter of there being a society where people are living too close to each other, whereas what happens is that they leave their homes and families, jobs and friends, personal and public appearances and then set out to formulate a new social attitude based on handling and clinging to mine, saying so of which is the only way to show that even if I did write the Books about them, they have no right to tell me I cannot sell it, the way I prevent their popular culture idiots abusing me to make music CDs in order to become business tycoons later as we clearly know thereof as it were.  I hear they say my Books kill people but then again, it is very well said so but the blacks are still conducting violent integration in my name and the Whites are still fat boys in the Middle teaching me lessons and making sure I have no money while maintaining appearance for every idiot I have caused to struggle financially for damaging my Books and causing me security risks in the process – so I am sure they are also informed here thereof that based on fact not enough have died, since I do love to play them up too. They say I have a lot of work to do at the Market of course which is utter nonsense; it’s the same case of paying them to sell my Books and having them push a job they want me to do for them at me too, leading to a process where I do not get paid if it is not done and I will never get it done because of course it is actually the social and cultural problems associated with whatever contraptions they regard as a means to an end but then again whether or not it is the internet, when I pay them to sell my Books I am actually expecting a profit and the way I handle them when I do not get my Money back plus a profit is entirely deserved too and has nothing to do with claims it is my fault I am not selling my Books as it were. It’s like that story I will never survive them, where there is a certain equity I have with people and families all over the world and a certain percentage of that equity actually is financial and what they have not learned is the source of all their problems with me, is going after that money whether or not I have gone about earning it via the services that people have already extricated from my property. So it is the same old story where they want big business that is the one where a Company has branches in 50 Countries and if there are 60 Countries in the world, then it is mathematically conclusive that everybody in the world knows that it is their property and nobody can therefore take it from them, what they do not wish to adhere to is the rules where those who live in glass houses should not throw stones as well – it is of course an unwritten rule which means they can do whatever they like. Besides there are bigger issues in the sense I will considering these behaviour being uncontrolled pay somebody to play strong man who goes to the market place to get that money for me in the form of a sales person and then end up with an outcome where somebody gets hurt on my Business as well – I am sure they understand but do not care if they appear not to; after all my bottom can unexpectedly hurt and that was after homosexuals became resigned to the fact they hate my guts in this Country and overseas, meaning they are not learning as well. Of course they do it because they want to be rich but then again Celebrity has always been about Boys gangs and Girls gangs who have finished with school and University and hence turned up on Media and popular culture to have some more – I need to respect the problems they are trying to fix they say with lots of society and feminist anus and penis insults but so do they need to respect mine as well:- when I sell peoples culture and society I should not end up with Media fools alongside some American Politicians and aid workers helping themselves to my Public and Diplomatic life and property as I will never get to sell Books that way and they understand I have a solution for the problem too. when I say so they like to pretend I am bluffing or that it is all lost in translation but of course it isn’t at all; the problem has always been half the people complaining they end up desiring me like a disease and that is causes problems for them, while the other do as well but it is good for them, only for these idiots to turn up to seek something greater by making me desire them and I have mentioned when I get married that will make me a dangerous person and when I have children increase such a danger exponentially, I do not think the part about popular culture goons and journalists, Aid idiots and American Politicians keeping off the diplomatic frontiers of my Public life was lost in translation either. They say I always avoid the main issues and that largely concerns some very evil people I seem to know everything about – the problem of course is that they do not want to know as much about them too as they would love to fund their needs and problems at tax payers’ expense and pretend after that they were expecting to maintain control later on account I exist, of which the matter still comes back to the same old admonishment that they need to get involved with an Author by buying his Books and need to get off my Finances and clear my space; just like World War Two, the Left and their Dirty Tricks. Before now they were  boasting about their ability to extricate survival of the small people as a state of social affairs because they are middle powers who are being torn in both directions and need to have scapegoats; all an invention of theirs of course that creates that sense you cannot tell if they bandy civil rights about all of the time on account that they are unable to exist without servitude and the rules have always been the same i.e. that they need to keep off my public life and their hands off my finances and their popular culture off my cleared space. Then we hear I always avoid the real reasons these things happen which of course do not; real reason of the fact they are evil people who are always making up accusations against morality to seek financially beneficial privileges of injustice against those who work for the light while trying to corrupt it as much as they can – it is astonishing how much Politicians love to play their game and pretend ripping up my finances and academic work was supposed to have led to an outcome where they retained control at the end and then I will end up playing back to them the bit about religion being the problem of the world, the bit about these fools speaking of their civil rights which is to believe in death and war and destruction and murder and power and then we end up where they find out they will retain control with those stupid secretes societies they have all over the place to glorify themselves with and that will progress to threats about a Political Pigmy that will teach me lessons especially at the security Industry and we are still finding out about that at this stage all together, while they are working on it as I keep the history I have with evil and get to supervise on a regular basis; the fact it is free and democratic is not to say it will be a moral thing, when they are using their own to do it; of course it is not true that I hate conversations and debate and arguments over issues, what happens is that they all think I am the cheap shot they have arguments with in order to gain an advantage of power over their competition and it turns up on my concerns to take up my Christian Faith and turn it into something very violent and perverted and hurtful and black Women are especially obsessed with it, which is no wonder they are so useless and walk around as an embodiment of what other Women should not aspire to all of the but are convinced rather of their importance - the Industry ones have progressed to a point as helped by Media, where I am such a a person as they pervert and corrupt or hurt in order to gain those advantages and I have no idea what I will do to hurt them badly enough to stop it so far but I am looking hard for my part too.