The stupid claim is endlessly made of two separate matters, one being that I am known to be a disrespectful fellow, the other that a victory over me had been attained both of which were fantasies from a bunch of incredibly silly twats – not the main problem that is a need to adopt a position on a stupid media job and spend my whole life being a bunch of grown up rascals around whom my career and welfare revolved instead of it revolving around my home and work, shooting off the big mouth in public every day. The disrespect part since I have never met them as a minor, was a product of two disposition, one being the business of being a moral person whose personality they can use to solve problems if they passed around enough blame and the other being that I had been caught in the trap of their schizophrenic immorality, although it had nothing to do with me, they do seem desperate for a response and chances are that I will provide them one, usually a matter of the stupid abusive practical jokes that in some way had to apply to the work and career like I was some sheep being hunted at the same time that their stupidities tried incredibly hard to keep their own finances from me and if I ignored it long enough, it will then end up with all the power in world, the practical side being its claim that I am disrespectful having to do with the effect its own history had on its gimmicks. The famous idiots have suggested that all together it was a process of having attained some form of victory over me and making me do their bidding which is utter nonsense, the way it works currently is that I needed finances and worked for it but the problem was that I could never acquire finances if when I worked for the finances the Celebrities picked it up i.e. those scenarios where a person is talking to dealers and dealers would ask questions about a special thing being jeopardised to secure a deal and the route to success was to assure them that nothing was out of bounds, what has happen happening was a process where dealers asked Celebrities the questions and they said that mine was not out of bounds, so I wanted finances the Celebrities did my finances, I had no finances after working for it because the Celebrities had burned it. Not really a crisis as such as it had already been put to me on several occasions a lot earlier, that they were running off abuses and lasciviousness about the way that there was money to be made by handling my estate and commission, therefore there was trouble ahead; what we have ended up with was a process where the men were struggling on the streets because I knew it was where they worked too, their need to wreck my finances and acquire life comforts as a tool for narcissism which facilitates it had propelled me to build up a campaign about the personal life and work spaces they will share when they wreck mine and the business of making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy had caused me to develop them and their personal relationships for one such behaviour of my own, like it is said that I am never honest on what is really happening with me but the honesty was a matter of preparing them to make money by abusing them as well, at this stage which I am just flustered and likely to pick up soon but need a break for a while. It kicked off during the first week of October 2022, after I had warned them about running me down, making statements about what I did when I worked for somebody and how it added up to the shame of my public disposition whilst activities at the work place was part of a social life I had selected, thinking it will ruin me as a public figure and leave my public life for them to get popular with, I warned them about the only effect being a process where work was mixed with personal life and both were mixed with social life and I could not tell I was doing a particular thing whenever I was doing a particular thing, so they did it again when they felt that they had complied for a while and could not resist doing it, therefore I am now of a disposition where they get to make their problems about their narcissists who will do well to get imagination up the bums of their Celebrities when they did not like the fame narcissism but could not keep the imagination off the private parts of victims or I will burn the stupid society and the show business for them all together as well. It is an old story about picking up the personal life of a Libra for the abusive gimmicks and victims becoming confused enough to think that they had their own personal lives wrecked by somebody and were probably willing to take such risks because they had nothing to do lose, we only find that the idiots had difficulty seeing two sides of a story and really enjoyed looking for trouble when they performed nonsense such as these and shot off their big mouths for it in public places. I mean none is forcing fringe society Scorpio to live in fringe society where it did not appreciate the way people lived in it and loved to run people down all the time and for all its stupid abusive America, German and Italian influence gimmicks, I can always ensure that we never met without war, history and money gimmicks to churn the tummy was mentioned, when it does annoy well enough to build a profile for its business activities, its distributors and partners while I appear to have ended up in a situation where I could not run out of resources, its public media abuses will not turn into a story about the way it lived in hell and Politicians will not accuse me of working wealth and social inequality. In the end for the rest of the abusive star signs, it does come up that it was possible to make their lives available to me as well and the question was a matter of what I would do with it, about which the simple answer was that I would use it for a lot of sex, which would make sense of the violent lasciviousness that wrecks lives and breaks up marital unions, by which I will wreck my own life and rebuild it at their expense as well, to show their stupidities could be performed by anybody who put the mind to it. The business of handling star signs is said to be complicated at Government buildings and they claimed themselves that I was in bad shape but I am not in bad shape at all and they were not the only people watching me either, the concerns of the Politicians was unfounded as I had developed the public image on wealth equity, so there was always popularity here that each star sign could identify with, these are not the way that people behave with star signs, I have seen the way that an inclination towards religious activity and a process of dealing with parental narcissism was attributed to Scorpios who simply wanted to carry out their daily concerns and get a good night sleep, not a process where I wanted finances, Celebrities did my finances, I tried to resolve it and an idiot built himself a profile to claim my work belonged to its stupidities so I continued to go around in circles, looking for trouble. I am not in half the bad shape they claim I am in anyway, just the business of showing up to surround my concerns with bad fans, so because I tied my ends so well and it does not work, it had built a profile to say its stupidities was interested in my Books, to an effect where every little thing I did was followed up with an abusive nonsense that will draw attention to its personal problems and it then set out the way it got to keep the good fans and leave the bad fans interested in my concerns – all of which builds up to the idea that my performance was below standards and I am therefore left wondering if I had not taken up Trust leadership and displayed it all on the Internet, perhaps the famous people I met there was all in my head or maybe in reality, their stupidities got all over it and built a media presence to do so for the purpose of showering me with insults when not complaining about a response, it seems that the only healthy libras in the world were the ones that the other star signs got to complain about and if it shows up here clinging to my concerns to tell the lies again, I too will make another history for myself as it were.

It is not that we have not been given an explanation for these activities, they have set out the way that reading star signs and plaguing me was explainable through the business of justifying ideas I am a low life trying to rub shoulders with them while they reinvent themselves on Books I had published instead of reading it, thereafter work civil service narcissism that will ensure I faced threat of homelessness if I resisted and finished off with the idea I deserved it because upon fingering my bum, and sharing my privacy with the boys from the streets I never stopped complaining – this stupid explanation was set to make sense of the way they needed me to set out a platform which suggested a particular collection of behaviour would have added up to a professional manner of getting involved with my career apparently, therefore in my view, if it wants, it can go to hell. The claim the problem continually being one in which I am a low life who thought he was important and people continued to support it – I could never tell anyway, I know they are not important people themselves, only have the things teachers told them at school and if they did not wreck peoples lives and finances for it, the possession of such things would have been meaningless, so it may continue to show up like that, fooling around at my expense, forget its place and try to make it violent, it really exceeds its stupid self when it starts to influence people with the actions of criminals – the crimes were committed in a matter of years by the way, during which time the only people who had and still have a say are the families of the victims and perpetrators, there was a time that the Law Courts were involved in which it was resolved, there was a time the Police were involved before that to instil and enforce due process, the victims and perpetrators of the crimes had both paid a price for the crime, it will do so and arrive at a stage where it gets to claim that there was a stock of security and civil rights idiots were getting little or nothing as an expression of interest in my personal life, for the time being it will not keep its mouth shut calling me names and putting the labels on. It is said that it was not a problem I should let lie the way that I do but I don’t, the one that is really going to cause them some real problems is the need for the Celebrities to follow it on when I am in a work place and to continue expressing a physical involvement with my Books, right up to the stage where it builds me a road to criminal activities, creates a community to finger my bum and builds a shadow over me that its stupidities could enforce everyday, like we can see it thinks the best way to address another person while it kept its earnings and the victims had not yet taken charge of its work place as well, was to continually raise the point that I am a low life who thought he was important, about which it seems they needed an education on how to involve themselves professionally and properly – so for the time being it had a big mouth and continued to make it all very real, as if it was prepared for the consequences. It is all a simple problem where they were hard wired by a bunch of stupid men who had a need to feel safe and wanted to get me doing security work without being paid, while the media passed off what they saw and knew about my career and finances as their own, what I mean when people hard wire its stupidities like that to show up here talking nonsense and has not yet been able to separate it from reality. So on the matter of me being a low life itself, what the people behind this nonsense are saying is that they could not have performed the said actions in the well off neighbourhoods that tickle their obsessions, to which they have suggested that it would have ended very badly if they did and I was coaxing them to, whilst what I really mean is that if I did not pick up a bad neighbourhood to help me secure an environment where I was exposed to what I concerned myself with when I worked on my writing projects, their stupid connection with the ex-Prince of Wales would not have been forged apparently and they have suggested the business of always trying to get me into trouble if how the Monarchy worked and that I am exempt but even if I was not, the best time to mess with the Office of an important person for these gits was the times that the said persons were out with a team to find minds and characters engaged in matters that will help them get around to public issues and public problems, if the Office of a Public figure was famed for its level of security they would say they had civil rights problems otherwise, others had to explain the way their involvement with the Military occurred via entrapment. Their agitation is that I had taken up the task of trapping people in the Military, what we know on the other hand is the secret get rich quick slogan of Libra is my bitch which never stops, it never stops the insults and will allow you have the personal space – in the end they read the star signs all the time and the way it is read was to do with the way one month related to the month before and after it, strangely enough, the Libra sits between Virgo and Scorpio, so there are Libras with Virgo moons, hence we had that situation where Virgos were always abusive because they thought they were organised and tidy until it stopped badly, then there is also the Libra with Scorpio moon while the CIA sends out idiots to run people down on the internet over claims that Scorpio was the most powerful and dangerous, so we know the story never goes away. I am a Libra with a Libra Moon in the middle and it needed to stop handling me, we know its stupidities had built up to communities that finger my bum and it was warned at some stage to let go the threats that will get me physically attacked over claims I smelled, about which the popularity violent orthodoxy had since found a cure for the smell issues and it is about to stop badly. Some people have said we are vulnerable to them and needed to stop looking for trouble, others have said we should not leave it lying around, we know that the latter will tend to find we did not leave it lying around and that we had a history from the first forms of organised financially profitable community abuses, which led to the current entertainment industry history and that we are not vulnerable to them as claimed, they were the only people doing the fighting, none of which had yet explained to anybody why they were doing it, save the business of continuing gimmicks where Libra is my bitch and when confronted on that tells another story where we were the ones causing provocation if we turned the back, it carried on still. I for my part now find myself discussing its gimmicks where it shows up here to build communities that finger my bum over claims I am a coward, a highway to criminal activity on my social life and shadow over me that is maintained by life changing insults involving my personal space being used, the issue being that people who say we are the ones doing the wrong thing get us to stop, so when it gets too much and we need them to move, they continued because they were living in that history where we had stopped for a while, soon develops into money and history gimmicks to churn the tummy with that brought world powers to bear, especially the Germans and Italians who can never wait to take part. They do claim I am a greater threat to them than I am letting on and it is not really a threat issue – it never stops selling to people in authority, leadership at the work place and public leadership, this disposition where it was okay to completely wreck your life because it was a more powerful disposition to adopt than that of those who had to preserve themselves, some people have even suggested the reason for this was alienation and the way we appeared to own the world while they had nothing, reality soon surfaces when they are allowed to have their way for a while, even if they knew it was a test to find out what they would do with it – I mean I can always pick up the stupid society and celebrity culture, set about having sex with it until I wrecked my life and then made them pay for it for an eternity. The Politicians have suggested there should be a way to control the problem without doing something discriminating and I suppose there is; a matter of several disposition, the civil disobedience where somebody said a tree was sacred for instance and that process was used as a directive for public control, it will make such a mess around that Tree that we would have arrived at a stage where some bad person damaged or destroyed it, then it did nothing else with itself save show you could not tell it what to do – then there is the one where it gets other peoples Children ending up in hospital because it was trying to make money, which does not sit well when selling yourself or a product, therefore had to invent a plan – then there is my absolute favourite, it wrecks my career and finances following around with practical jokes from bottom chasing insults of the history and money guy from German influence, who decided I was  coward and we are now in a situation where were both old enough to start thinking about our pensions.

They do suggest I consider the matter from a jovial standpoint but I am losing money and property to it which is not the case, just a bunch of goons who spend their money making trouble for others, doing what they do best – it seems the claim I am a coward was meant to enlist the help of criminals to delay my finances until it could get its head around my livelihood, now it knows it can attack my bread winner clients and had moved to buy anything that its sex workers, mistresses and industry gits were selling, to say it had created a disposition where it made its own market and if it needed to trade knew what to go and how to be successful, an old story where I do not write their Books in this place and it needs to make the comments about its career. It does suggest that I underestimated how much of a threat this nonsense was to me but I like to think it is bluffing when it speaks of threats, as there was no chance I will strike its interests all the way to South America again – needs to stay away from my Books and earnings and keep its hoodlums off making a mess of my personality maintenance, now that they have built a new career from a business of unnecessarily announcing the insults. Some people have suggested the fighting is not good for the world we want in the future but there is none really, just a matter of how long it takes for Celebrities to jump on a band waggon when it happens to others – the part where you work a security job and you were subjected to life changing narcissism because they needed you to do something that proved you were brave, left the security work for them and they managed your life with the actions of criminals to make you do the job free of charge on account you knew what to do when their person and property needed protection – the one threat now was what the media did with it in terms of perceptions my bread winner Clients held about my career and business, alongside the need their celebrities had to spend my acumen boosting own finances and they did it every day. The problem is that the point is always raised where you had a deal with the business partner and they were to pay you X amount of money on Y date, so they asked you what was on the line, the problem with my finances is that the ex-Heir to the throne had spent 12 years of my time making sure they could rely on me to pay attention to them, so I could never tell anybody anything was on the line because Celebrities had put mine on the line for their own finances, no matter what they had and whether or not what they had was gained at my expense in the first place – I have stopped doing what HRH wants naturally at this point, it seems people want to find out how we got to tidy up thereafter I suppose (the history started in 2005 running me down while picking up my personal and social life,, I dropped out of University by 2007, by 2012, it had developed a public profile to breach my patents and say my creations could be put to their stupid fame, by 2016, it had all become some punishment that was a consequence of my personality being used to make money by the famous and an audacity on my part to withdraw it, fringe society Scorpio, excuses made up along the way). They do suggest it was a matter of Armed forces Politics that I could not deal with – utter nonsense naturally, we know from publicly displayed evidence that it was a case of whether its behaviour was creating more security problems than it was solving whenever it did anything with the security services, therefore whether it was up to other people to change that behaviour instead, before then it was rather as simple as the way that anything through which people worked career advancement in the armed forces, was practically an entitlement of theirs. We are now working the part where it was trying to keep a control of the fact that although it worked for or in the interest of the armed forces, 40% of the problems were the problems it created and because I never created any such problems, when it tackles me, we end up with a situation where civilian with no training gets to make sense of its need to cling to peoples incomes and careers, making stupid statements about which one looked the part and should get off the streets and get involved with armed forces work , to prove they were brave enough to deserve the career, so this is it, the armed forces politics bits that it complains about all the time and claims others were unable to handle when the famous idiots waded in on its behalf, will not stop exploring my civic duties and wait somewhere for me to get into enough trouble for its stupidities to go to war, it is making more trouble while complaining that the trouble it makes undoes the security services work it engaged in therefore it had a job satisfaction crisis but had no wish to change the behaviour. It does continue to raise the point that I am a coward and may continue to push up to the stage where it had to stand up and own up to the way that it shares my privacy with hoodlums and mentally ill people, so it could build communities that fingered my bum in a social vacuum where anything could happen and there was no evidence, was something that it wanted to do with my time and make it real thus or it will have to keep its mouth shut or make the comments about its own career (I have counted six years of getting out of bed to fight for my income margins, which is a problem that had arisen because my patents were breached to an effect that meant my work could be passed off as a profile for another persons career, I am not fighting for the income yet because of the stupid men, so it may go ahead and say so when it wants to take the coward story too far for its own good). So far it simply looks good on fringe society Scorpio gimmicks, that if I thought they were hoodlums getting around with criminals but they were financially well off, they tended to spend more money when fucked because it looked better on them and it had not yet been able to assess what I am really like. They do eventually come on to say that it was a matter of the way poor people like me expected people to do things for me, which is utter rubbish, loves to however when done in terms of the Tory Party that thinks about its friendship with the wealthy and the way poor people will decide what to do to make money if it was a problem that they had done, then later decide people could not decide if poor people wanted to etc. It is rather like we have seen – I chose a neighbourhood, set up a Bookshop and everything stopped including an ability to get into a personal relationship with women, each time I stepped outside of my door, even public transport operatives will drive up to my personal space and do something that rallied a Crowd towards the destruction of parts of my career they saw on my personality, to make other people feel important, very nasty stuff but none had a conversation about it, so this business of sharing my privacy with the hoodlums and boys on the streets who spend all their time on loutish popularity nonsense, immoral activities, drinking and bothering women, to build communities that fingered my bum, is the last straw – all however goes back to 2005 when I started University and it started going downhill on the career I had built, as it was the first high profile stage where the stupid need to pick up my good upbringing and make up stories of me being their kid on whom they planned their future, whereby they would fulfil such a dream at any cost, was applied – I can say that my time between 2005 and 2020 has been spent on a bunch with stupid men fringe society Scorpio but they may go on and say their stupidities is what they want to do with my time and not their time if they wanted to as well. The part that is set to cause some real problem is their inability to comply when I warn them about running me down when they see me engaged in work for which I am being paid and continually progressing the stupid profile they build for themselves and their famous idiots from my Books and the fact I had developed public presence for it, I think it is pushing me towards a result where working on a Bookshop and providing services for clients I had established a relationship with had not paid off, attacking their finances will.

The great idea is that I had not been able to make sense of what I had let myself into, which is not really the case; I had let myself into a world where my career will now be developed on a platform where it was the case that when fucked, they spent more money, not because it was true or a lie but because they were more manly than everybody else and it would look good on them – so when mad enough go from sending out stupid hoodlums to soften me up and show up here like I owe them money as well. This is what I had let myself into; Book readers are never going to ask me if I wrote a Book and got caught up in a situation where I expressed so much of my career that I ended up creating a profile that was too high for the Books, then got told that it was below standard, run down by a bunch of idiots who decided they were going to stifle the rest of my academic pursuits for the future of their stupid children and attack anybody that still wants to read the Book after – they simply wish to know if it was a safe item to acquire and use in their personal spaces, what it does with the fringe society gimmicks being an inability to show some respect or regard for the fringe society people, all the abuses I experienced being a product of the behaviour it experiences there due to its need to threaten and run people down to make its own money, the stupid men, this is what I let myself into. In the end it is all greed and abusive gimmicks applicable to it – the problem is that I need the finances but cannot tell producers and employers that nothing was off limits if I needed to do so, this is because Celebrities were offering mine to their own producers and employers, garnished with layers and layers of society idiots that will make me compliant enough for it to be successful, so this is what I let myself into, the stupid men. They do claim that it is all cries over spilled milk which is utter nonsense too, it is an exercise in Government – the directive is 18 to 65 years old to work out what you did with resources in order to retire comfortably, none of their business what other peoples resources were and the way that other people did it, their business clearly was with the criminals, now they were doing so well they had to beat off those and get on Media to decide whose career with the help of feral twats, would pay the price for it.

They do claim I have learned my lessons bitterly and it is utter rubbish, I have not learned any stupid lessons but it goes without saying I have continued to issuing warnings that such statements were deeply disrespectful. What has been happening is the consequences of consistently showing love, respect and regard towards a community of idiots that want to pass judgment on me without my clothes on, whilst they were so nasty towards me, all the way back to parental narcissism, their need to make a mess of my Bookshop and finances for the gimmicks is building up to a question of when I hope to make time for the purpose of hating such bastards publicly, if I had a limited time to fulfil career goals. They do claim Politicians hated me which they do but Politicians always want an environment full of social and political instability because they needed assurance that the future held a world where they could gain more power – all I have is my 18 to 65 arrangements and it has not shown any remorse for the damage it has done here to play up practical jokes and instead of remorse for the desperation caused, it enlists idiots to run me down everyday. The same idiots do need to play up their games and practical jokes elsewhere if we were starting to look like we were heading back to 2003 when the main reasons people complained about me was that I am introverted, they were men and loved to cool off with my personality, as they had no respect for my personal space and this time I promise what I will do about it will be the finale, otherwise it can see why these comments and abusive announcements gets on my nerves so intensely. I am told they were deserving of respect which beats my imagination all the time – I have no idea why people continued to peddle this nonsense where a group of schizophrenic immoral society big wigs had to secure respect from public figures, while those who enforced it were public figures that has to face the public and tell the population that the way to resolve financial matters was through the jobs market – we know that each time it does demand I showed respect, it hangs about somewhere grabbing tummy. The reality here is that a person could so easily spend the rest of their lives just waiting somewhere everyday while these gits who considered themselves important and famous, picked up the career to make themselves into something remarkable. There is only one premise for their activities, like in my case where the need to pick up the fact I had taken up a bad neighbourhood to help me write Books, as a tool for abusive activities at my expense which secured their relations with the authorities had shown, besides the idea they could never have done so in the wealthier neighbourhoods should I have lived there, building communities that chase my private parts and talking nonsense in public every day, the one premise is to say that they had built an environment where they decided who traded at the Market place, so as to ensure if they needed to make money at the market, where they went to make the money would have been a guaranteed source of success, in case they wanted to spend the rest of their time doing crime among other things – it is making stupid announcements about lessons I have learned apparently, because it was blind to the way its stupid interest in me showed up here to spend 12 years of my time enlisting famous idiots to pick off my social life and public work, while it assigned some fringe society Scorpio twat to tackle me on account I am a Libra, talking nonsense about its understanding of my career being that it is the job its stupidities wanted to do, it suggests that it is oblivious to the reasons it may have found its foolish announcements amusing whilst I did not. I have counted 6 years of that time being spent on getting out of bed to fight for my income margins, I am not fighting for the income, just the margins which people made a mess of because they breached my patents at the market place, it needs to play somewhere else or I will stop its stupid men gimmicks very badly – it has picked up those activities that financially successful illiterates engaged in and what the financially successful illiterates said and spent it so wildly on gimmicks where it got to use it as an answer for all problems but it was really the idiot that went to school and can make sense of any Governmental activity in its neighbourhoods, never stopped running peoples down to get rich fast, going back to first grade when it began – now it had once again picked up the gimmick by which its personal and social life was a tool for telling me where I am supposed to be, supposedly done complaining about the tummy churning issues that come with it, since its own looked like that when we checked. In the end I am told people said I was a coward but my actions continued to produce effects that cannot be explained but could be used and understood for good on the other hand – all just a bunch of ordinary people who would rather prefer to knock their teeth out than let the authorities handle the public problems because somebody came up with a money making madness which sets out my success as that which was an affront to the interests of the male population and should be stopped, with a big mouth – they do not know what I know at Public service Office naturally, the only part that made sense was the fringe society where bottom chasing was standard practice on account they were always threatening people, the matter about which my social life was an example i.e. that if they have groomed me for the behaviour and built a community to finger my bum, others were issuing the threats and abuses. I do get told I believed the fringe society should be protected and yes I did, not just a matter of growing up in an environment where one of the reasons to wander off seeking answers was that of two persons in the neighbourhoods who have been in a relationship for tens of years but never got married either way, we know of what I mean as such. I am not vulnerable to any of these as such, I have always been aware that I am not: tall but not too tall, stocky but tall, my legs are proportionally longer compared to my body, I have a big shoulder but a smaller face which meant I had a big shoulder and smaller hands, I have always been aware the idiots did not know where to start their abuses here. The point of this being that if fringe society Scorpio and its stupid Celebrities had not stopped picking up my acumen to make their own money, so I had nothing to put on the line for a business partners and clients that were going to give me some money to pay the bills on a set date, I am set to end their stupidities for it very badly, they are not half the threat they think they are. They do claim they wanted to know more about me so they could tell if the threat existed naturally, we know that the Aries were supposed to have been the gods of war but were the ones now blabbing about the tolerance for bottom chasing stupidities which was the lifestyle I had adopted, the entire time, showing up here to take up my last tolerance and ensure I suffered abdominal discomfort obscurity because the god of war had not tracked and picked up the narcissists and gas lighters that bothered it, what it knew instead was the corruption by which it would make money to any extent at my expense as abusively as possible, make use of my career to improve its finances while it had no respect for me and suggest the consequences were unlikely to have applied because I was not important enough for it to apply – now learning that if I walked away from a fight and it was not an escalation for me to do so, it was its problem to deal with, the famous idiots that shut down everything that got them into a fight with extremists and vice versa each time they screwed about with my property, health and finances, picked up the career which gets to their famous heads where it was left off, last we checked; they spend more money when fucked not because it was true but because it would suit them best, has not yet recognised I thought it ruined my concerns and showered me with insults everyday because it had enough career, social and personal life when I thought it was time to survive by sharing its own, it is currently a fringe society Scorpio that I had to be afraid of and I cannot be allowed a moments peace from the abusive orthodoxy.

I am said to have become victim of a gimmick that leaves me playing into the hands of bunch of extremists everyday which is utter rubbish, people continue to deny the link between the abusive nonsense we see these idiots exhibit and their complicity with racists, the celebrities that showed up here telling me what to do and stifling my finances because all white people were racist and the idiots were hanging about somewhere killing each other each time they made a mess of my concerns, have not fixed the way it affected their own career since, telling me what to do. So if it liked, it should know that we needed to get back to that point where every time it handled my concerns, it got into a fight with extremists and died, just as much as we have suggested that the other women who worked an interest where tackling me and involvement with my concerns was no compatible with female interests and a process of working for women, were a reflection of my responsibilities. I have done everything in my power to try and avoid this Libra – Scorpio clash but it seems that the Scorpio people would rather have preferred it, so I suppose it was time to set out the way that it does not have any meaning or purpose but takes up all my time and makes a complete mess of my finances, exalting criminals, hoodlums and extremists, to arrive at a point where it decided that security was a supply item and it was more available to public figures than it was to those who sought freedom and that it needs to influence others with the actions of criminals and pass exams in school had also made it one, whilst it is simply what they want to do with their time and show up here to build a shadow over me with it, banging away at me everyday to ensure that Clients and partners thought I was not the best place to be, killing off a Bookshop operation and shooting off the big mouth in public places about a social and personal life they possessed, which was used to decide where I ought to be socially, ultimately that it shares my privacy with the boys from the streets and builds communities that will finger my bum and eliminate the social link between them and me in order to ensure there was no evidence by which their behaviour could be argued against or countered, which they claim added up to some sort of gaslighting gimmicks because it was what it was doing with my time and not its time, to hardwire twats that will show up to run me down all the time and ensure I did not get anywhere with my career. The outcome of the stupidities hanging about with a sense people thought they were low lives who spent their time getting about with criminals but were financially better off, to get involved with my Bookshop professionally, or I will burn their pride and joy as well. Apparently the fringe society Scorpio was enlisted because it was assumed that a Libra would be vulnerable to it and they continue to suggest I am, whilst in reality, we know that school bully’s big brother does get beaten up by the bullying victim itself in some cases where it works out well enough and the idiots were not given so much public support each time they showed up on peoples personal lives to pull victims in several directions and hang about in the middle working nepotism that made them increasingly healthier while victims got sicker and sicker by the day – it builds it up this high all of the time but the idiots were also other peoples children as it were, says it had a community behind it and we have since arrived at a stage where it will need here as it were, with the greed mad Aries who has not tracked down those that were gaslighting and practicing narcissism on Aries as much as building me a community that got to enforce what people wanted me to do for them all was of prime importance, getting all over it as well.

I am told the core of the matter was a lack of co-operation with the opinions and views of the new King of which there really was none but this is not the first instance either – Washington said everybody else was complaining when the late Queen set out that their real purpose was to get into a fight for others and when they returned got more fighting somewhere set out for them, that they were freedom people and now Washington is the big stick tackling my career over claims my Books contained power by which to get around public matters and if the public owned copies of it, the power will dissipate and yet I have not been given an alternative income source, while they complained about the abuses everyday. Here in the UK, the new King has not set out what he wants, he has taken them in like some sort of poison, any response from me in his interest will up to a process is laying at the hospital with an antidote in the blood stream, which obviously does not make the social and public problems that may even threaten his legitimate claim to leadership go away. Then there are factorable facts, like the times he is heard saying they fought my wars and I needed to stop complaining whilst what I am doing was more a matter of the idiots looking like teacher did not intervene at school and they could never stop handling me, so I needed to put words in their mouth and avoid exploring stupid ideologies – like the time it was clear what would happen every instance they messed with my concerns when they clashed with some extremely dangerous criminals and in some cases Russians but the new King made out I am the one making trouble – then my party piece where it gets to build me a shadow so it ran me down for every single thing I said and every time I moved which damages my finances because clients and partners thought I was not the safe place to be and that it might happen to them if they read my Books on account the threat was issued, this is the part where we had again lost sight of the way they were always a thorn in the side of Law enforcement, so we arrived at a stage where we  got to think that Law enforcement were doing the wrong thing but having been we were the ones fighting crime and Law enforcement was there to help us win it, there was no evidence we had taken up greater responsibility. I mean we are in the position we are because when I worked a wealth equity public image to keep the violent orthodoxy under control, it seems that when some people got around with the social activities of criminals, their connection with public figures and people in authority was enhanced – I mean those who perform such deeds and I got to use them as PR I did not have to pay for, did it because they were taking revenge for an interest in my personal space to get rich with popular culture which wrecked my academic pursuits and finances, meant that I stuffed them with what I know, so that I got to put words in their mouth and avoid exploring ideologies I should not, their own was plan stupid ambition that currently was not expensive enough for their stupidities and the involvement of their fame idiots was some sort of gold digger gimmick. Hence somewhere in the middle of what the new king has been doing for decades my marital life dies: I have had enough of it, all needs to get involved with my Bookshop professionally and cease picking up my assets to make its own money or the nonsense that provoked and counter provoked, attack those who were not fighting back and counter attacks, to shoot off the big mouth on Media will not suffice. It even suggests I am being replaced and it has never had a life where it had to counter other peoples genes and bedroom gimmicks as applicable to public interest that had to be resolved or complied with and was not to replace me for hereditary purposes, it is simply looking for trouble, replacing things it does not understand, it should be noted that none consigned or condemned them to fringe society itself.

Of recent we hear another instance where they read the star signs again and suggested that Libra and Gemini could not keep secrets – I could never tell why they would not read the star signs properly or stop telling lies, especially if they knew that most misconceptions about what I am as a Libra for instance is the way other people have perverted what people did to make their lives and persons better by getting involved with me, the only part which concerns them being when they had enough well being to put to schizophrenic immorality and could not keep their mouth shut if they did not wish to do the fighting – I am caught between the Virgo and the Scorpio, so people really do need to stir it with some discretion. It beats the imagination if years ago the problem was that I kept secrets and others felt unsafe for it, beats the imagination if I am a writer that makes bad business if he talks and I am introverted, so talking is always such a draining effort, that I cannot keep secrets. I do not think that it is an issue just that such nonsense is very testing and annoying because it was a two part story of the fact their need for civil disobedience had no secrets where an engagement with public enforcement, leading up to a sense of what rogue characters did with the social lives of Politicians, the prevention of war and terrorism which then played into the jobs of security services operatives, they had no secrets whatsoever and cannot tell me what secrets they think they have even after raising this point, what they have is the practical jokes, the gas lighting and narcissism gimmicks which they have seen had no effect on me considering my Books and what I have done on my websites, we know that it can only continue telling these lies until it ends up in a situation where criminal’s wife lived in a mansion and school teacher was homeless and then it would show up to tell me that it made sense for me to join a gang when it never actually made sense for me to join a Political party. The situation generally is that the obsession with me is all good, save the part where I am a Libra caught between Virgos who think they really needed to run people down in order to exist and Scorpios who never stopped dominating others to better then selfish self – their narcissism and gas lighting had no effect on me, the need to show up here tended to suggest they would like me to progress the process of building it into something tangible for them and everybody else, which is the other social side of my need to stuff them with what I knew and put words in their mouths for perverted involvement with me, not just the administrative side which involved not being exposed to ideologies which when explored would make more trouble for everybody, but they loved to engage with as if somebody had condemned and consigned them to do so, the need to show up here implying that they would want me to go from building up the narcissism and gaslighting into something tangible, towards the process of tracking and responding to it. Hence we see how it fits into the gimmick where it complains all the time but continued to suggest the problem with Libra like myself is that we cared too much – if I tracked the narcissism and gaslighting, I would clash with the way that Aries would do anything for money, Virgo never stopped running people down, Scorpio never stopped dominating others while it only cared about itself and if we knew of instances I have mentioned above, such as school teachers being homeless while criminal wives lived in mansions, I am certain they can see why we cut to the chase and say that somebody would have been able to attend the job and pay the bills this week, if they kept their hands which was something entirely within their control, to themselves, just as much as they claim the main issue was the way that the authorities allowed Libras get away with wrong doing – three ways to deal with the poor, which was to give them money, give them a job or tell them to get lost. It says its problem was the way we cared too much unless I was engaged with the wealth and social inequality gimmicks which would be the part where Gemini which they claim was unable to keep secrets was well, would get a role that involved processing social problems through the civil service and government in the correct way. The wealth and social inequality gimmicks itself being the part where their abuses and insults were given a name i.e. the evil eye in the neighbourhood but each time there was somebody doing any in my direction, they would all run me down and jump on a band waggon even when they knew it was evil eye – only continued until I wanted to show the wealth and social inequality bits was the one they usually picked up where they left off and their insults was the way that people made money on the day, especially when it involved the need to say that periods of set back in other peoples lives was their possession, so the gaslighting was a matter of gimmicks where no matter what they wanted to live in that period at the expense of the victims, so I would finish off with a profile for their distributors which allowed me to control what happens around me, since last a simple process of walking away from a provocation was enough lease to create a community that traded goods and services, where they could go to make money if required therefore making more time for crime and then just eat distributors would have big bums, explaining the reasons that they drive around getting imagination up people private parts to share the personality, about which it will be difficult to see who would want to buy food from big bum just eat delivery people once it kicks off. It continues the gimmick where it calls me names that will get people expressing an interest in my private parts, with a big mouth – Libra is my bitch etc, the entire time it was complaining; the words that now make the sub culture included, ‘who, what ,now’, just saying these words meant something and there was a problem with state provided security through which it was first said to keep their stupidities off my concerns, nevertheless has not yet been able to discern that it has ended up in such a situation because it could not see two sides of any story, however loved to indulge an obsession of getting into a fight with a Libra, yap, yap, yap but its inability to see two sides of a story is not my responsibility like it claims it was. The Politicians do say they were ugly characters and I needed to stop fooling around with it but I am not, it tells the lies all the time and I needed to do something that made a public display of its gimmicks; now its inability to make a mess of my career and finances, working the insults of the evil eye in the neighbourhood gimmicks and shooting off the big mouth at me behind my back in public places, has meant that I had counted 6 years of getting out of bed everyday to fight for the income margin, not yet the income itself, the margins because the patents had been to badly breached, now shooting off the big mouth that it thought I could not keep secrets and I cared too much – we cut to the chase all the time as such, considering if I tracked the gas lighting, we would clash with reasons Aries would do anything for money Virgo was always running people down and Scorpio was always dominating, so I had a wealth equity movement based public image which again the finances, their stupidities loved to trash while complaining.


I am told that what has been done to me is monstrous and it is but not in my view, due to the fact I expected it, we are talking about sore ugly bitter scum whose personality was annoying in itself demanding an opportunity to build a distant relationship with me every day, so we were not expecting anything useful or even normal to come of it, even if what they had was a perception. The details are that it has not yet worked out how it wants to stop the ever building problems associated with its need to say it had a mean cunt between its legs and was backed up by some stupid penises and really loved to cling to my public image and my income margins showering me with insults to shoot off the big mouth about being able to do with me as pleased while we know that it was its twat on the line when it came to the smell issues. The problem now is that I cannot get their stupid socialite gimmicks, Celebrity stupidities and Media madness, to keep away from the wealth equity assets at my public life on account they were entitled to get rich with it in their view, whereas the real purpose was one of women creating products for goons who loved spending money to fight others, assumption being that such persons were unhappy at Home, alongside the need to interfere with what I did together with Clients and brokers, to such an extent people think that it was the hard work and the process of not taking the accolade from me if I achieved it clients and brokers, were the people doing the wrong thing. It loves to shoot off that big mouth at this stage about things I would not say in certain place where it thought security that allows it grab my earnings was tight but there was no need in the real world for a half casually dressed idiot to pick up my assets for the purpose of making his or her own money, when it does make me angry enough, it will show up here with all of Hollywood probably as well, to see how it will play out as it were. I am unable to get them off running me down when they see me work for somebody and picking up my earnings and public profile by messing with my Books for power, amicably, so I used to think it was as bad as a business of tolerating it at work, when I got home they fought for their Houses in return but now it was clear that it all had to get a lot more serious than that. The cause of it is the same cause as ever i.e. their financial well being relied on me, contrary to the gimmicks it claims was the real fact behind these matters. The other issue people raised was that they would never stop because they thought they had a hold of me which is utter nonsense – they do claim they fought my wars which they did because they would never stop suggesting it, whilst there was evidence that fighting my wars was not required if I am an Arch Prince and doing it would harm me considering I am a Hermit, even when there were evidences that my position helps to keep public matters under control, as per it was easy to build a reputation for those who claimed they were fighting my wars, such that fighting my wars was all they did and therefore could no longer get younger people involved with violent situations but continued to claim they have been fighting my wars and therefore needed to get it done as it were. It was all a simple matter of doing a couple of things to consummate my image as a Public figure – the partnership with Clients and brokers at the trust developed into services provision once we started earning money from the partnership itself and a business of finding a wife to settle down with, especially as I had no wish to build my finances up to the family fortunes outside of matrimony. The purpose of all this nonsense therefore becoming clear, I have never experienced anything so provocative and had since developed into a daily struggle for which their stupidities were having fun – we have peeled off the layers at this stage, to such an extent that we had peeled off the part where they run peoples lives with the actions of criminals, to decide that the supply of security that was available to their civil rights madness was not enough, to say that if the victim was an important person, the violent orthodoxy, its insults and abuses if it did not drive the victim to commit crime, should set a stage that suggests that people got what they wanted when getting involved with their sense of bravery and therefore get to make them money. I had it all under control, so five year ago the Celebrities and their media began the gimmick of showing that they were the ones I could not control, to which effect their social disposition was profitable too, and it then built up to abuses, insults and threats and now I cannot stop them running me down whilst I am at work and making comments about my partnership with Clients to make their own money, I am unable to stop it amicably, its insults and threats thereafter about to achieve its wish as it were. They do also claim each time I raised the point it was difficult to see how indeed thy were victims of wealth and social inequality, that I am blind to what I do not wish to see and my methods of getting to the heart of the issues was not fit for purpose but I have counted six years of getting out of bed to fight for the income margins when the Media says I can keep every body else from damaging my career except them and their celebrities, which was valued in gold digging terms, it is not doing this naturally until when we arrived at a stage where the authorities thought there was no wealth and social inequality problem all together. The rest of the gimmick was one in which I failed to make progress with all I did because all of my progress was put to a gimmick where Politicians said I had found the problem and my finances had to be stifled until I solved it, which was amusing too, should I lose it and hurt a public figure, they would say I had performed an assassination, big words will be used at such a stage but before then I am a perfect example of the way that even this gimmick as a tool for creating instability that will secure power for politicians into the future is not enough. I am even informed I thought the Media was an ally whilst it wasn’t but I do not think Media is an ally – my career has played out as per working academic pursuits, finding myself tangled up with the social lives of people in positions of authority, crossing paths with some public mobility journalists – I mean the male colleagues will decide the females had to give up familiarity with me or give up the job, no sacrifices I made to ensure the women did not take them up on it would mean that I got to keep my own career. So I know that they are not allies – that said I had set out my career because I worked on Intellectual Property administration and there was already the business of crashing peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods on my tail, so I thought the journalist effect was harmless as there were people screaming the news at the top of their voices whilst what I really should have done should have been to consummate the entire thing as a matter of my career publicity. I have moved everything to social Media now and the rule is that I can either access their mail boxes or they were following me, I do get told they gave their heart and that they wanted to patch it up, so I should want to as well which is not really the case, they have been picking up my earnings and the access to my concerns which they now do not wish to give up had given way to a breach of my patents, a crashing of my finances and an enlisting of fringe society Scorpio to tackle Libra me, so I could never tell if they were trying to kill me all together, while the fringe society Scorpio is getting to the part where it influenced me with the actions of criminals to be an important person, until I got my hands on its finances because it continued to hang about somewhere sending out low lives to run me down every day. The reasons we are doing this as if there was no organised way to work it out, is that it has been impossible to secure an amicable method of getting them to cease stifling my earnings by making their comments about their own careers and stop running me down for power gimmicks whenever they saw me in a work situation with other people. People have raised the question on reasons I hated Scorpios which I don’t – I had a wealth equity public life and there was always some form of popularity in it that every star sign could identify with, sometimes I am confused into thinking I had separated the wheat from the chaff and now completely unable to accept what the chaff was but it does not work like that all, they are simply aware we are running our concerns the way that we are and are willing to take risks with our safety and well being on the areas they thought would benefit them the most, so the main blackmail is that if I wished it away, students get murdered due to excessive narcissism and gaslighting in the study environment.

Some people have suggested I appear to be enjoying the experience which I am not at all – there was a time I did not require an effort to earn publicity for my Books when a Client and or broker wanted to create a Car for example and they decided there were public issues that needed resolving with respect to the target market and they would like me to pursue necessary equities that will allow the development of seats to provide an acceptable service. Now it is a struggle to ascertain what a client wanted because people picked up my career publicity to build me a different profile and cling to my concerns talking nonsense to sell things at the market all day. So I am not enjoying it all; one group was a product of parents having picked up my Canopy and Trust, decided the UK was the best place for the Children to be educated if well behaved, apparently there was causality here too – the other being the business of treating famous idiots the same way I treated public figures until it added up to something serious and now I needed to do the counting and accounting for it while they shot off their big mouth at me but a behaviour continued never the less. The other part of their story was that I am a character who thinks that I am doing the right thing but am actually not – not clear here if it was about right and wrong, as much as it was about areas of my concerns where I was right, having the career publicity picked up by idiots with publicity and made into something else that allowed them make the most of themselves fooling about at somebody else’s expense. It eventually shoots off the big mouth to such an extent that it suggests the system is protecting me from its stupidities, loves to forget that it was an immoral society big wig, who was less important than people who had done well for themselves financially in a world where we knew the best way to pursue the finances was via the jobs market, about which the public figures were more important than both. Immoral society big wig with a big mouth boasting all the time and eventually ending up with stories to suggest I am a character who believed I am doing the right thing but am actually doing the wrong thing, hence this conversation – some people have said besides the business of their need to pick up my career publicity and make a complete mess of it to develop it into something that allowed them make money fooling around, this was a good opportunity to clear out the widely available messy social life, of which in my case was more a matter of their need to make a mess of any part of my career that showed up on my personality whenever they saw me in public places, with public transport operating idiots at the spearhead, I wonder what they do with it since I know what they do with the process of building a crowd that channelled its problems towards my bedroom window and a community that fingered my bum, talking nonsense with a personal and social life that was being used to tell me which part of society I ought to end up, like twats that were 100% deserving of violence – then we find that new threats point to what they believe to be their future, old threats made sense and the abuses were not so random when I see a photograph veteran Radio Presenter on the Buses. As point out I have counted 6 years of getting out of bed to fight for the income margins of my Bookshop because the patents were so badly breached and I will it seems end up in a position where I got to stop it very badly too as it were – it believes that the system was protecting me from its male stupidities. We are having this conversation about the way we got rid of widely available messy social life and the idea I am a character who thinks he is doing the right thing but is doing the wrong thing, because of some gold-digging gimmick from them that had gone horribly wrong. The stage set was one in which the system was the thing that protected me from them, but we know they have been at it since first grade, we know they arrived at a stage where we took GCSEs and were starting to make sense of the way parents would no longer be available into the future, but it continued still. I now have to move on and there is a lot of bottom chasing tummy churning ending pain and tummy issues between me and Celebrities because they decided their involvement with instances where entertainment industry brokered assets with me should lead to outcomes in which they trashed my career and finances, unleashed criminals and hoodlums to bother me every day over the idea they wanted to be the people doing my work, which is now the only thing we had in common and I did not know what to do with them anymore, since I had resorted to tidying up the mess with their social lives and public image. I really do wish to return to my own concerns at this stage but its need to make a statement that having made such a mess of my career and finances running my life with the activities of criminals an unleashing hoodlums to build communities that fingered my bum, they could do and undo, such that anything I did about anything would serve their cause either way, this was the theory I was most keen to put to the test, having since set out it needed to stop running me down whenever it saw me work for somebody and needed to stay away from my Books, with limited results and limited deterrence so far. They do claim it was more a matter of the way that Celebrities got along with me when they really should not have – the truth rather being that they picked up entertainment that involved my assets and cannot tell anybody why they ran me down, wrecked my career, ascertained I had become a threat due to the relentless abuses and read my star signs to unleash fringe society Scorpio on me and make announcements they did what they did because they were important, such that careers like mine were the ones they took up because it suited them best, which is now all we have between us, any progress from here in what I have with Celebrities would have much to do with ideas about grabbing my assets, which is the theory bits about how this nonsense is going to end.

They do claim they were tired and everybody had a price which is utter nonsense – what is happening is an abusive process of fancying my writing so much that they had to take advantage of it abusively, they had to groom me with economic abuses to such an extent I ended up inundated with their social problems, involving popularity hoodlums on the left who shoot off the big mouth because they think they will keep the popularity despite me and the society gits on the right who clearly do not want to relent their ageism being channelled at me, so my social life has now stopped and it did not matter to the famous that it had, my finances remain in a messy state, clearly showing that it will all go away when I stopped their insults as well. There is then the idea that I had performed very badly on the matter which I have not actually – these goons never stopped lying, the backdrop is that when you have a governmental commission and then end up losing it as well, it is not the way life works, it is a form of punishment for something bad that you did, so I decided to set a stage for us to immerse ourselves in the lies, about which they claim I lied too, utter nonsense as the point was its need to suggest I am a coward who claims I had won great battles, whilst none can explain why it gets all over the way I conducted my concerns without getting into a fight with others everyday, never mind the idea their stupidities were in charge and that I am cash strapped because they do not pay for what they use, so the abusive behaviour towards my Books have left me without a career. The Celebrities were the ones whose abuses and insults when stopped got all the basis for the lies, especially the violent bits to dissipate, claiming I started it clearly with a social and personal life by which I told others how to exist and built communities to finger the bottom last we checked. The idea I am a waste of space is utter rubbish too – if it stopped interfering with Client and employer relations and it stopped making a mess of my social life, the Bookshop should run well and I should be married and settled in no time, hence is the general assumption they did otherwise because they wanted to marry me and pay the Bills.

In the end they claim I was a character who liked to get involved with fighting but did not know how to do any fighting, which is utter rubbish – I have not had 10 years respite from their gimmicks having to do with the benefits of attacking me because I did anything I could to avoid fighting while others created the civil rights upon which I had achieved all I had, reasons I looked the candidate being the series of personal and social decisions made on the work Police were doing as a matter of where my dream career was located,  during that time I dropped out of University and the social consequences of this nonsense went through the roof. The ten years after, I lived in hell because I got involved with the fighting and it was all about what they practiced with their time too, indicating the main problem is their need to handle me. The Politicians have raised the point about the reasons people are always tackling me but if I told them they would not believe me – it is about the business of engaging with civil enforcement right up to the rogue characters that got involved with the social lives of Politicians and had their own point to make about public place narcissism, by the time the empathy being channelled towards those who needed it the most, the children, women and others was resolved, you looked like you were hollow bag of blood but nothing about my personal and or social life had exposed me to any of it, only the insults of the famous and a need they had to run my life with the social activities of criminals in order to grab my career, as a process of securing results that involved getting around with this nonsense to pay the price for it using somebody else’s life and career, hence it does seem that when I stop their famous persons insults all of it went away as it were. The part where I think none would believe me if I told them being that it was all due to the fact people were putting the life on the line to provide them with public security. The question of how I ended up there being the part where they were always fighting my wars, finding ways to cling to my personality for popularity while issuing threats and insults my direction and of course the Islamic terrorists who have been fighting everything I hated about the world for me, building up to some badly raised twat who had ideas on flogging a man from infidel community with a belt, usually do not respond to such nonsense as the world would become very intolerable for everybody but they have pushed well enough to get responses from me whereby I got to inform them their stupidities were due to the fact they claimed they had supporting community and when I do take part as well, they were going to need it. I am told that I appear to have made myself one of those characters that think it was possible to keep friendship with women – it is utter nonsense, I do not have female friends, just the discrepancies that are incredibly difficult to live with i.e. if I had to assist a male colleague, which help would require just 2 minutes of my time, I would get no notoriety for it whatsoever and completely free of issues I would have loved to have to deal as well in some circumstances but if I helped a woman, not only will the men make a mess of my whole life, the feminists will ruin it for as long as I lived, so I had to stand by and watch a colleague suffer. They claim I had such a mindset because I cared too much, whereas the reality was more a matter of 2 minute help that I now have to keep to myself with no beneficiaries and the business of watching other suffer causing me emotional problems too, simply because I could not run off my own social experiment where if a feminist screwed with me because I assisted a female colleague and my door was therefore prized open, she got to regret it too. they again claim this was prove I cared too much, so the details are that there were many benefits to assisting women, besides just trying not to hurt oneself with the social discrepancies of leaving them to suffer while being willing to assist men, assisting women usually shows up on a social radar which suggests that due to dependency of the female sex, they were children but assisting them usually leaves people with more time to spend on the important things, meaning that whilst the trouble makers thought the correct way was to get people into hospital because they were trying to make money, assisting women still leaves others with time to spend on the more important things, so we had to police more stringently the fact the idiots were out there making more trouble in the sense that if 8 hours everyday for 5 days paid the bills for a week, they would find a way to interrupt the process. It does come forth to say that I am a character who is building a reputation for being a trouble maker but so is it also working incredibly hard at the business of keeping me single, as the first thing I would do to ensure I can back up the wife who will handle all the finances, would be to progress from showing I may be defective on the mental health front as much as they were with the trophy wives that show up here to make a mess of my finances and their idiots who sell products on my public image while spending out hoodlums to bang walls and doors in my ears and on my body parts each time they wanted to share my temperament for it, into something of a process where the fact they dressed smart and worked in an Office meant that they ran off tribalism raids to trash my career and send out their foolish girlfriends to prevent me keeping my social life, which they claim was an affront to their prestigious career which I could not achieve myself, I will trash it completely unless it finds a way to show some respect in my direction and show up here only when it wants to read a Book and not when it wants to take advantage of market I built and violate me in the imagination with a big mouth. Then there were the stupid Celebrities who ensure that I was beaten down and held back until I was violated, who show up here all the time with their own gold digger gimmicks, no chance it will get into a personal relationship with me and handle the finances, to make those stupidities men perform about bad things women did and the reason I should be made to understand apparently, now that they have made a lot of money handling my public image without permission. They do claim I both had difficulty taking control and had achieved very little for my position but it needs to stop interfering with client business and show up here to read a book instead of tackling my social life and personal relationships, otherwise asset maintenance will have been proven to be such an easy task for me indeed as it were. When it comes down to it, its all just stupid men playing with me, played like that and I dropped out of University, now its main obsession was my Bookshop income margins, I was thinking I would finish the academic work, secure the finances and then engage with them but they would have vanished by then because I was financially comfortable, will not stop until it really does – while it does beat the imagination that the people to trash my finances, build communities to finger my bum and put the labels on were the civil rights idiots who frequented the homeless centres and claimed there was a wealth and social inequality problem, this does mean they would like the authority to think that problems does not exist anymore as it were.

Truss steps down

I am told my opinions about the matter had not been cleared up since I once said it was amusing when I found somebody made a video on the internet about the way they did not have the time to go into methods by which a bunch of Tories created a Prime Minister, a few days later I found another blog which said that over 300 Tories were unhappy with their Prime Minister and it added up to 300 Tories being unhappy with the Prime Minister they created. I am aware of the system working in a manner which facilitated a process where one Prime Minister resigns and another was chosen as a function of party leadership, to continue the manifesto which the public voted for. My point has been that they were such a mess, that the Prime Minister resigned 44 days after being selected using the legitimate processes and rules. So it is clearly a matter of the stupid people that have found a way to run this Country, Truss has resigned because they needed to access activities of some individuals who had developed an equitable process of seeking economic interests in areas of the world that were not traditional political and diplomatic allies, they wish to perform a get rich quick gimmick with it and garner more money for themselves – we are not even done yet cleaning up the mess made by their need to do the same things with the activities of financially successful illiterates, in which case they must have realised by now that it was impossible to run peoples lives with social activities of criminals that were in prison and so they were restricted to doing that with the social activities that got them into prison which was resolved years earlier. They do claim I am not in a position to go up against them which it utter rubbish, I am perfectly fine and they need to keep away from my earnings and personal relationships or they were about to find out for the purpose of their social stupidities going into the future, especially the hoodlums that cannot keep their hands to themselves, that asset maintenance was not such a difficult thing to do, even if it got them weeping and wailing. The difficult situation I have ended up in is nothing more than being run down and twisted into a difficult corner by famous idiots who think that when there were communities that fingered my bum, I will get to work for their stupidities in the process, whereby it does rather appear that when I stopped their famous people’s insults, it will all go away too. The part the Americans played in it being the good old case of claims what I did to keep them off my career and finances was a suggestion I had won great battles which put brave peoples exploits to the shades, once done making a complete mess of everything here, it needed my privacy to build restaurants because it realised it had to eat thereafter, using the help of FBI and CIA, where it appears it will never do the fucking job properly as well. They do claim I made them the way they are which is also utter nonsense – what happens being that their need to run their lives with public development funds made them the way they are, as they used it to boost their incomes at the market place but then set about wrecking mine for power, so there was not taxes for the government from me whilst they took money from the coffers each time they paid their own, hence my license to do whatever I liked too.

They then suggest I liked the zodiac sign predictions but did not like criticisms which is utter nonsense – they tell lies about it all the time, such as the claim Libra is lazy, I mean I do not argue with the fact our personality is lazy as it is tiresome to see two sides of a story all the time but likewise is it not our responsibility that others cannot which adds to the tiresomeness while they complain about the world around them, building up to the part where we are always tired and would fancy people refrained from activities that churned the tummy and kept their hands to themselves, thus came up against people who would never do that, wants a better world, hates a Libra, none could make sense of it. Then there is the claim we failed to take control whereas asset maintenance was not such a complicated matter if Celebrities enjoyed extracting their own incomes from my asset and I was fed up with the gold digging gimmicks, the problem being those who read the star signs tell the lies to make me work for them and not to draw attention to the way that I have tolerated the insults necessary to arrive at a stage where you were extracting an income from other people’s assets. Then there is the part where they claim we were cowards as well, utter nonsense as we were always tired and if we did not make ourselves go to sleep the tiresomeness of our personality would knock us out, hence we are able to sleep with hell raging around us, besides the ability to hold on to a feeling and deliver grudges, where by you can decide in two minutes whether you want to get back to when an idiot started interfering with your sleeping patterns and sleep off the problem until morning when you will have a lot of time to deal with it, hence a libra always slept well unless my employer decided otherwise when not complaining about consequences of its own lifestyle. They do claim it is superfluous to say that our personality was lazy but we were not and it is utter nonsense as we know for instance that I could get out of bed to decide how my Books are to get into the hands of my fans and their community croons will pick up the violent orthodoxy of their popularity insults to make a case out of areas of my personality it had gone from sharing disrespectfully for beauty sleep, onto the part where it shared it with everybody free of charge, which then clashes with my Book sales and leaves me penniless on the day – they claim it is a problem that cannot be resolved logically once done with the insults and hoping I was weak enough for them to build it up to a stage and then tell me the community was not a problem, I ought to stand by and lose all I had, so it was important that even if it was a problem that could not resolved logically, it was the so called evil eye as they claim, when they show up here they pay for and read a Book, if they were keeping their own incomes. The alternative is that I am set to stop it very badly, the case of mainly Scorpio men who lived in a world where everybody thought they spent time getting around with criminals but were financially well off, using my time abusively, after which it says its need to handle my personality explained the reasons its stupidities made those statements to say Libra was its bitch with a big mouth, the understanding of a bad thing being that it is goon sometimes lip flapping.

They do raise the point about the Libra mystery naturally which is no mystery at all – we are caught between the Virgo and Scorpio they complained about, we find each time that their stupidities enjoyed upsetting the balance to shoot off the big mouth about people deserving careers when they had done something brave enough to deserve it, to manipulate others into doing prison time while they grabbed incomes, there is the Libra with Virgo moon whom you might think would be disorganised due to tiredness caused by the business of seeing two sides of a story all the time but they are not, there is the Scorpio moon Libra who does not feel affected by anything weird, I am a Libra Moon Libra, so I really want it to leave me alone so I did not end up with a problem that had to be solved no matter what. They do claim it was also a matter of getting the Libra under control but it was an old story, once done upsetting the balance it gets the Libra under control – I mean the business of so much insults that people can extract their income from what I did with my clients, is not likely to kill me through heart disease but if I said it was my heart disease that killed me, it would already have made an announcement to suggest its gimmicks did, building a crowd for power and public influence, so that what it had done to me would set a stage for a behaviour it exhibited towards others into the future, hence I am the one that does something wrong when it gets shot by the Police or is caught up somewhere dying from a business of fighting extremists. They do claim it was not clear what we were angry about but it is not a matter of anger, mine for instance is a daily business of waking up to celebrities and media fools whipping up community croons to share my Royal personal space with criminals and hoodlums, and finger my bum to damage my public image and personality because they wanted to grab my career, the parts they have already grabbed was something their stupidities were trying to keep, it was as such the matter of the other star signs besides Virgo and Scorpio making trouble, so everything I did with my career to the last penny was being spent by a bunch of idiots solely because there was media presence by which to do it, as all other methods had completely failed and it will not stop handling me until it really had to let go – sometimes I get out of bed to it in the morning and then it happens again when I take a midday nap, implying that they relied on criminals, hoodlums and community croons sharing my Royal personal space to do their jobs, failure to comply which is followed by lots and lots of distant violence based punishment. Eventually we are told that accommodating people like we did made the world a worse place which it does not – it first of all displays only the necessary truth without the risk of the violent gossiping corrupting it, then it also ensured that we were able to gather up necessary resources that will guarantee we got to win the fight; I mean it is the only time the trouble makers have stopped making trouble i.e. the story about the provocation that I first caused, where it got off bothering me and I got off building a campaign to say that it did damage because it had means of paying for it, as a person which would make me wealthy but as an Arch Prince would contribute to government coffers, until somebody decided to stop me for a while, failed to fix the problem and the trouble makers now only want to live within that period of time I was stopped. The rest of it will be the part where it hangs about at government Offices cleaving my finances as stupidly as possible to make sense of the face somebody carries when they build communities of idiots to back them up, give them some money and a three piece suit, so they can draw attention of Government Office operatives to their needs, kill it and they would use the big words, to say I conducted an assassination. The explanation offered is that this was all consequential to my need for meddlesome behaviour, it has not yet been acknowledged that the beginning of all my problems was the University attendance, far from it being the start of a solution – the entire time there was spent on stupid abuses and the way others wanted to make sense of their civil rights mistakes until I dropped out, I dropped out and they have continued to follow me around and pick up my earnings since, the need to get imagination around my private parts existed but since last I picked up the German influence security guard job which I had left for them to do later on as well, it had gone through the roof, so here we are – something about a stupid need to say they gathered in a closet and developed a behaviour which when applied on others produced a result which led back to their own gatherings in their spaces and could be used to secure wealth from other peoples lives, used to dominate people and used for power purposes too. On a personal basis I can always control it in the sense that it makes trouble for me because it had the personal and social life by which it could fund the consequences, we know it is suggested that I worked on things and held them together with a thread but those who showed up here to stop me have not figured out how they want to make the part where somebody hurt others on their behalf work without fingering my bum, it has not stopped and I will stop it badly when I have to stop it myself as it were. Administratively, I think the Government needed to stop living in a delusion that there was a way to control their stupidities without going back to first grade when they first began pushing people up to pedestals to run people down as a tool for getting rich fast.

Politicians have expressed the fear this is a dangerous obsession but it is not an obsession in practice, more a matter of greed – my wealth equity where women sold products to goons who spent money making trouble for others, is now the means by which I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy – my assets are now a method of interfering with anything I did alongside Clients to extract money from my income margins and my public work is picked up for self-reinvention. Its nothing unusual, I mean I had set out and those who judged me for Harry and Meghan, including the business of American twats that will show up here to make enough trouble that got them fighting some Russians to say the least, especially the blacks, they can now do something about Beatrice and Mozzi. I am told I am not meant to do anything about Beatrice and Mozzi which I am not naturally, as the business of working it to the current stage was a process of putting the incredibly important thing they were doing to get rich fast, through to public and civil enforcement processes. Here there was a sense I had given it all away which I have not, as the main problem is still the Media, where they first organised their career to say the incentives of my livelihood needed to end up in their red button hands, so that they could secure advertisement opportunities, which gave way to some need to say they were going to attack me on behalf of the wealthy people I disrespected as a tool for connections that benefitted them and their children, now it is running off a career which facilitated publicity for any public problem personification that set about claims that my career had been stolen, counted 6 years of fighting for my income margins everyday and the need for the quasi criminals to finger my bum and make popularity from it had become a crisis, so we have ended up with a new crisis for work that was done impeccably because they had media jobs. As for me, any whiff of those entitlement to shower me with insults, building up to an endorsement of parental narcissism where they travelled off to Africa to bring people that will help make trouble for me at the Monarchy will mean I had a reason to respond to some mean cunts myself as well, whilst the claim my work did not benefit them and their well off neighbourhood was simply a failure to accept the idiot who build all this nonsense for them clearly had a personal life where he was going to take responsibility for and accommodate it – since every insult is usually followed with a public statement to make sense of new found popularity, he will have to hurt some ethnic minorities soon. The other gits have suggested that I am a character they would want to do some serious harm too and I took am set to end up in a situation where I calculated that one side of the equation was a process where they suckled me to make the most of issues surrounding their civil rights problems which they claim they had forced me to resolve with the use of my personal and social life, for the purpose of nepotism that will allow them become healthier and make me sicker, matched with a need to build a community with ideas where I was always doing something wrong, to which I will provide them a mathematical solution when they look like they were deaths door stupid and I will never get away with it.

There is also the part where it seemed that the business of getting around to solving the problem of Islamic terrorism led to an administrative process of controlling the way that society gits loved to run down secret services operatives – like in my case, I am a civilian, so it enjoyed trashing any areas of my career that shows up in my personality whenever I stepped outside of my door, even making excuses such as claims that it was everybody’s father and I am in the same place it found me a decade a ago which churns its tummy, the entire time it has been conducting this behaviour alongside its Media fools to share those parts of my career with those it thought were more deserving of being important people and were likely to give it money, outcome being one in which public transport operatives were also struggling because I realised their work place was the streets and I could make a mess of it too. Eventually, they had to justify it when I travelled away from the immediate neighbourhood and watched them change the behaviour whenever they had moved to other parts of town while continuing to act as if they had not yet made enough contact to deserve a response. It seems I have a history with them and their football people and now I am acquiring one with the media and celebrities, so I believe that while I am tackling the abuses of the latter, the former will make statement and they may if they wanted too, especially if they wanted to say I had done the wrong and deserved what came to me. The point of raising this being that it is now no secret that there were security service staff embedded in the media, that the media knows this and loved to attack me because I had a part in it – that said an example of what we are talking about was the way I am told they attacked me, trashed my finances and built communities to finger my bum all day because they wanted to keep my earning margins because I first started attacking them and the narcissism was therefore amusing, especially when they assured me I was so powerless I was kicking against the tide but it was just a bunch of men who had picked up the things done by financially well off illiterates and turned it into a tool for running people down and getting rich fast, leaving the financially well off illiterates with social problems, it soon picked up what I did when I got a German influence security guard job and its abusive interest me has never been so intense or violent since, may kick it off it is wants and find out if I really am kicking against the tides, or it wants to stop picking up my assets to make its own money at the same time interfering with my personal relationships while building a community of popularity hoodlums who had an interest in my private parts for gimmicks. It is otherwise meant to be as simple as setting out the point where they were breaching my patents and skewering my earnings, running the Bookshop successfully and making them go away at the same time. The easier resolution would be that in good time, they started getting involved with my concerns professionally, alternatively thus I can run the career based on their interest in it, so when it patents my patented work to its name on the basis of access to my personality, I would fight it in court and lose to them. They have ultimately suggested that I am a trouble maker and then the security services will show up all over it whilst reality is that every time members of the public got involved with me, the business of getting people to make the most of facilitates that helped them sort out their finances at the jobs market, gave way to an irresistible urge to make use of them in show business in order to pillage my social life and public image – the Celebrities were playing the game and they would take a side where the price was right, no matter what they had, borderline criminal producers will therefore show up here all the time and a bunch of idiots will get me to take responsibility for the abdominal pain consequences of their lifestyle – I need to play it to my advantage too, including the new social media platform ownership gimmicks. They claim I cannot escape consequences for these matters naturally and it is utter nonsense – I am just a Hermit but mostly people find out the Arch Prince side when they really want to, it is difficult to tell how somebody goes from a process of years spent, consistently picking up work I do for my Office and acknowledgment of Royal family members who had roles concerning the work done in the area, take it completely out of context and will not cease looking like it wants to make it a matter of bedroom issues and genealogy which would develop it into a feud that it got members of the Royal family to work for its stupidities, now it thinks that not only is it entitled to make me run off a sermon about the consequences of its activities and the community of idiots built up to finger my bum after it grooms me into such a position, in order to avoid fear of consequences for the mess it has made of public matters at my expense, I mean talking about abuses of the sexual and worst kind that follows every responsibility they had to take for what their big mouth and abusive activity had brought upon them – for my part it cannot be that difficult to shut down and completely destroy a popular culture to keep their fingers off my Bum, while I ensured their famous idiots did not push me into such a position again and wait for which idiot will make its stupidities violent again – it needs to avoid making it all into a feud and stop handling me.

They do claim that in otherwise circumstances I would have ended up in a lot of trouble with the famous but I would not, this has been an exercise that had exposed due to the way people were flexible with career publicity in modern times and the existence of the internet, that there are people who were not vulnerable to the financial gimmicks of the famous. it could go easily wrong when I came up with a plan to ensure that it one day found me in its Office because I lived in the neighbourhood where its sky scrapper was located but if I do not wish to get it doing something unusual and employing security guards to tackle me which will also create a scene and draw attention to my concerns, I could play it the career way and end up sharing the Office space – my point is that we know Celebrities were incredibly ugly people in the past with respect to behaviour, what they are talking about here is uncharted territory. I am not interested in it, I wish to round up their careers if I must and make a statement about the pages, paragraphs, cover titles and trailer publicities which its interest in my business had developed into a process of breaching my patents and skewering in income, through which I will come up with workable consequences if I had to and run a Bookshop where they did not continue the interference. They do claim it was the decline of the west in sight which is utter rubbish – I mean we know of the story and it has been going on for years but then again if a person decided he was going to create his own version of a £300,000.00 super car, he has better gotten around to the problems in his society and resolved them to create an acceptable service for the people in his society who were going to buy it, not copy one that was made elsewhere to get people bowing to his middle east oil money and then none would bother. The way that it works is a matter of 100 persons from the UK and 100 persons from Russia and they shared a space and knew that they were solely responsible for the interests in their Country, we know that the responsibility for that could range from intellect through to finances and even violence, so if you want to create a £300,000.00 car for the best of the best in your country, you probably want to provide a service which ensures that you did not lose them, besides which they could afford it – we have seen how easy it is that I am Royalty, I brokered Assets with the Companies was given equitable holdings and publicity but cannot sell Books because Celebrities had decided that areas of my public life which accessed public equity was something they would handle to get rich fast, working their stupidities to a point where they could make me deals and if I treated them well they got to serve me but if I didn’t they would serve idiots who spent money making trouble for others and attack me instead, so the crisis we now have is that I don’t want them accessing the wealth equity public image as it is reserved for women to trade with goons who spent their money making trouble for others but they had decided they would fight me for it and I need to settle up on the fact I may have to stop it all very badly. I am told the system had been trying to achieve this for some time but they were more focused on goons who went into peoples enterprises to appoint themselves right hand man and left hand man, who really have nobody’s interest at heart – I mean if I let them overpower me, I would take other steps to ensure my board paid more attention to the needs of the Trade Unions but if I wanted more power, I would ensure they did not. I really do think of as state Office responsibility considering that all Assets usually build up to the Office of The Head of State whose portrait adorns the National currency but the point is that they think picking up my Assets to splash out for oil tycoons for instance was a decline of the West.

Finally, they say the treatment I have received from Americans is horrendous but it is not to me as I had expected it – the problem is that people thought Hollywood was a nice place, I know it is full of people who can no longer communicate normally and everything they said sounded like a victim of demonic possession communicating with Priests that were trying to help. The USA itself had a written constitution and it beats the imagination every time, that the problems which come through because of its inflexibility were so much lesser than what would have come through without it – like the way I have been run down, hunted down, driven into a difficult corner because a bunch of idiots thought that not only was a process of building communities that fingered my bum and passed insults at me all day necessary but that I needed to be trapped if the USA had a large market and they needed access to the possessions of Royalty to get wealthy with it, what I should have done with the stupid big stick gestures was not done, so I will need to do something with a process of getting them to involve themselves with my concerns professionally. Most people therefore do not believe in the existence of this world between worlds until they had a terrible experience over it, I have not had an experience before but I do feel like I am by the roadside and the traffic was whizzing by, so I know it exists, especially if most of the traffic was a product of people giving their lives to provide the rest of us with public security – it is the reason I keep it spiritually tidy around here most of the time and conduct my physical appearances to maintain it, the others and the bum fingering thing is clearly very disturbing as much as it explains the reasons the USA was full of guns, the rest who fought my wars have and need to keep fighting until they disappeared. It is not like the UK in the US where in the UK, it could be said something was untouchable for the purpose of public control and a goon would make such a mess of it that a bad person would touch the untouchable and then he or she could say that the authorities had to allow its stupidities do the little wickedness it wants, in the US, it was the process of actual public control which created outcomes where somebody did something to ensure that it did not exist, so I was seen as somebody who was more stressed when I did nothing, so being a Libra and able to make a stand on public control while catching those who come up with gimmick later just as well as the stand I make, it was decided at the Monarchy that I was better placed to work with US interests.

They tell the tales endlessly that the reasons they performed their abusive gimmicks was to do with the way that I presented motivation after motivation which encouraged people to do National service, of which I wouldn’t know anyway, what I really aware of being the new found ability to get to areas of town they previously would not venture because they had been exploring my civic duties that they passed off as their own achievement, therefore arrived at a stage where it was possible to become a group of very upbeat twats. The real problem here is still the Media, the said problem that I bandy about all the time does not exist i.e. people banging doors and walls, what has happened is the media sharing my personal life with criminals and hoodlums, to draw up a link between my private parts and those activities and put the pain of it in my mind, finished off with a business of getting low lives to share my royal personal space and enjoy the finer things thereof, feeding into some sort of civil rights victory i.e. I appear to have showed up on the scene to hang around somewhere fighting for my income margins because the patents had been so badly breached by a bunch of fools who dispatched hoodlums and quasi criminals to share my personal space and price open my doors for their stupidities everyday, finished off with a need to get up on public places and exhibit their stupid selves for the purpose of hurting me: it talks too much about chances I did not have, needs to keep the mouth shut and read a Book when it shows up near this one as it were. The sole cause of this is that I had finished preparation for an Intellectual property administration career, so they decided they were going to help people declare access to and ownership of my career using their media jobs, had no connection with their own jobs, they were not paid to do it, they were not given instructions by their employers, I have now counted six years of fighting for my income margins like this everyday, then it shoots off the big mouth as well and tells me its stupidities taught me lessons about the protection I got from the State being used against them. It is not the first time either – first was the business of just deciding that I had created a Bookshop, its stupidities was afraid of the markets and needed people to finger my bum for it to end up with the incentive of my enterprise at its foolish red button fingers, for the purpose of winning advertisement contracts, then it moved on once it had done satisfactory damage, to a case of punishing me for the wealthy people I had disrespected because I found myself hurtling down a rabbit hole to prevent people picking up my assets and tackling my career, now its just daily vindictiveness, abuses, transferred violence and a business of asking hoodlums and criminals to share everything I came up with as a social gimmick that plays into their plans for wealth and power on a stupid media job – the cause of it is that I had misplaced my projects on public transport and since last they got their hands on it, regardless of the fact that I had a copy, they will build a crowd that will destroy my very existence in order for the stupidities to make it their property, then again it still cannot be that hard for them to read Book when they show up here instead of show up to make trouble and shoot off the big mouth fighting my wars while complaining – stupid men and tin can feminists, need to read Books when I show up here and I think they loved it when I used their career publicity to make the announcement, if they will not comply, it is not so difficult to make sense of the fact I may end up teaching them lessons they will not forget in a hurry for my part too. I was the one doing the discriminating before it got this bad, now we know the people who came up with such clever ideas have not been able to ascertain what their stupidities were doing and we know that it will not comply with required behaviour for my career and Bookshop if it continued to enjoy a guarantee that I will not wreck the tin can feminist and stupid men finances as well.

They do claim I have not learned to conduct my affairs without getting involved with them myself, which is utter rubbish – the reality is more a matter of the fact I conducted my academic pursuits and arrived at a stage where I was tangled up with the social lives of the people in authority, and found myself crossing paths with some female journalists, so there were other female journalists whose social lives were simply annoying and these male idiots were making announcements about corruption of involvement that can be conducted into my personal life for their own career advancements, about which they knew there to be consequences but I was not significant enough for those consequences to apply; this was therefore the natural way to get by, the mess they have made of my finances now mean that I had to recreate the environment by myself. I am told I have made so much of the failure that occurred in University but in my view it is really not the end of the world, I mean it is a very serious matter about which I am thinking I caused it and therefore cannot make sense of the role they had taken up but then again apart from a need to cling to my social life for money making and working with lecturers to make the environment toxic, I have realised in terms of providence and the reasons things happen as they say, having completed a diploma in Law and business admin, that if I completed my Law and economics at the time I did, I would have ended up off-side as they say, I would have failed to play fair most of the time. In any case I am only interested in the academic system when I had arrived at a point of working my talents, where I needed tools, I needed to know something more, not when I needed a job like they do, we had to tolerate that big mouth all the time but their part of society speaking of class issues, was the one in which corrupt Police Officer were sent to be rehabilitated and I think it shows up here to make a mess for me all the time because it loves the way I pick up its career publicity to make the announcement that it needed to share its comments else where and read a Book around here. We are here solely because it had taken up the task of helping people to a sense that somebody had stolen my career and shared my earnings on account that it needed to feel more important than its stupidities really were via a media job and then we arrived at the stage where it continued to pick up my assets to make its own money and people thought I enjoyed getting hurt by its stupidities because I had not responded, to leave us the only option of moving them on having to do with an interest in my assets especially when there were third parties involved such as Clients and brokers, and there was therefore no matter how much I needed the money, anything left to tell those who were going to help me make it of things that could be jeopardised to help me get by because famous idiots who enjoyed perverting my public image into a claim I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy had stolen everything and now will not stop the stealing no matter what I owned and more so owned at my expense. It will then claim that it was all happening due to Brexit whilst we know that whilst Brexit occurred and they moaned about it, they have not been able to establish the connection between running people down while people were at work, interfering with peoples assets and working social disposition for their narcissists to finger peoples bums in an environment where there was no evidence they were doing it, called gas lighting and a process where a successful business man in Europe had to mitigate the fact that there were hoodlums willing to attack people randomly on his behalf in the streets. I have mentioned something about stopping it badly and the idea peddled, that I will get away with doing so, was based on the sense these fools knew me as well as they suggested that they did; ultimately when I engage with people in Europe I am not looking for them and we know that when I wish their stupidities away, therefore provided no responses, students get murdered in mysterious circumstances.

On one hand they say that it was curious how people ended up getting caught up with them the way that I have, on the other it is said that there was conviction I did what I did out of fear, both of which are entirely wrong; I did not do anything out of fear as it is more a matter of resolving their need to explore my civic duties in order to be braver, by taking the Law into my hands, therefore it was preferable to stir up some matters intensely enough to ensure they showed up complaining and we all wanted to know what the complaining was about. The matter of getting caught up with them still bears towards the one thing, the one thing of a need to say they were bigger than I am and if a violent situation existed, they would pay a greater price than I would, therefore they had a personal and social life built on an access to my privacy, showed up fighting my wars everywhere and decided they knew where power was and where I am meant to end up, whilst complaining my version of popularity was a dirty one. It is a simple case of working intellectual property administration and ending up befriending managers and CEOs of large companies, thus they were the things that happened between us – the idea that people ought to comply with their needs because they might use their disposition and their interest in me to perform actions that affected businesses negatively is usually only peddled by Americans, who later show up here and I have now counted 6 years of getting out of bed to fight for the income margins because the patents were so badly breached, due to the fact a bunch of famous idiots existed and their understanding of my career is that they wanted to be the ones doing it, to cover their arse, before then even the business of claiming criminals were nice while I spent time rubbing shoulders with them was not beneath their famous gimmicks – every time I responded to their famous persons insults the amount of relief I get from the abuses is immense and I will therefore have to make time to do something that will stop it for good as well. The matter of the way these people worked to make a mess of businesses and finances was mostly due to sales men trying to avoid consequences of own personal decisions as well – we know they claim these idiots had a right to build a life on access to my privacy and a process of telling me where I am supposed to be with it in order to decide that I complied with a sense of where power was located on account they were informed of the fact some markets were difficult markets. In the end these gits always complied with what market wanted if a product was good enough and everybody was engaged with that products, more a matter of statistically sufficient people engaging with a product – it would argue that I am a fantasist but we know that currently my idea of a bad thing was not one which suggests it can be good sometimes, so that I could become its worst nightmare with respect to its personal and career relationships, all the way to the tax man, like the mess it makes here, knowing areas of its personal life that it enjoyed the most was the place to make it comply with what market wanted. They do claim nothing I did had given me respite and that it was too late as they had already made money at my expense but the football goons said the same years ago – I intend to build a community that will finger its bum as well or it will take to the way I have drawn attention to the deep contrast between its behaviour at my Bookshop and what is traditional behaviour from Book readers, hence reasons my income had dried up and the activities continued because I had not attacked their own. I mean the Politicians have suggested I kept the secrets until I hurt myself but I am sure none wants me to share the way I want to get imagination up their bums and shut down personal and social life to such an extent that I was able to prevent its need to perversely handle my concerns in a bid to manage the consequences of its personal decisions and that of its famous idiots, right up to the point where I gained access to its bank balance, through which I got what I wanted as well. The sensibility at this point being that I did not take seriously the way that people thought that the Royal Family considering me as one of their own was unacceptable but it is unacceptable if we lived in a world where the jobs market as a method of resolving personal finance matters was swept aside in favour of Celebrities perverting my public image into a profile which suggested I was a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, alternatively, if it does not stop handling me, I will smash it.

Some people have said that it would be nice if everybody engaged with Royal business the way I did but they are not engaged with Royal business, they were conducting gold digger nonsense, something which builds up to a process of putting the feet up on tourist destinations and passing around insults a bird will carry around the world, to cling to people’s assets and earnings. So, we find some people have said that the way I worked made a mess of the fact they were given titles, which is the reason we are always working on it; if they say that what the Royal family thinks of me was a problem they might want to show what they were doing to support public enforcement officers in order to express how unworthy I was as well. The part where they claim that I was not doing enough is usually something they do because they think that if they grabbed my assets, when they did it, they got to keep my assets for themselves, one of the main reasons as such, that I would really love to return to the way that my own concerns really work i.e., broker assets with Industries that are involved, they keep those assets and work the creativity until they felt they could hand it back, so the equity asset left is preserved in a Trust system, I get my assets and some publicity. The others who see people do it and decide to pick up my assets for marketing gimmicks that will make them rich, we simply ended up in an area where people were encouraged to invest in the UK, work there goes all the way to the Office of the Head of State and they may want to take note of it. The idea I am unable to take them on and this was the source of all problems is utter nonsense, I have mentioned before the way it was a matter of their need to pick up what financially successful illiterates did to maintain a social life and to get by, develop it into something that made such a huge mess of it whilst at the same time, allowed them to run people down and gets rich fast, they are not financially successful illiterates, they attended school, the relentlessness of their abuses indicated they had learned in a school environment how to run people down – we have see this play itself out when they suggested they did not like Truss as Prime Minister, this time it bore towards people who were engaged with economic and industrial activities where countries were not necessarily our traditional diplomatic and political allies, they had to access it and run people down to get rich fast as well or the prime Minister paid, needs to stop running me down with the lies, if it does not want to fight my wars as well. Here they say there was evidence I could only talk naturally: when I engage with the fighting and therefore no longer recognisable, I believe that stupid story would change too – we are talking about people so stupid that they would meet in a hall in the hundreds with moderators at the helm, leading them in very abusive activities that suggested making money was war and people like me when beaten down on account others had investments, produced results at the market, which is the reason I am always feeling sore, they will break when they break as it were. I mean the normal economy was 10 producers forging partnerships with 10 consumers whose engagement with the product boosted their incomes and allowed them maintain a lifestyle, the growth economy was the exceptional 2 producers who found a way to create a new product that caused such an upset more money was spent, more people were employed, more taxes were paid, none of which could happen if people were in perpetual pain from dress well, self-exhibitionist narcissism that was supposed to make some people smell and make other rich, such are the facts that assign authority when you become convinced they were characters who 100% deserved physical violence. Personally, if the abuses were performed to trash my finances and social life and to set out the effects as a tool for new popularity where those who made available media jobs for their insolent decadence suggested they had no responsibility to foot thereof, it was simple that if this happened after I received a Royal commission, it was part of work that I was doing and the general interference on the basis of expectations should stay firmly with those whose opinions I have not requested.


The Celebrities have suggested that I had learned an invaluable lesson about not tackling them or getting between them and what they wanted but I have learned nothing, just a bunch of idiots who pick up my Assets to get off fighting wealthy people on my behalf, then they end up failing complexly, the wealthy people give them money which is recovered from my Royal Estate but it is the way they go from this to a public life which suggests they were more important than I am and their insults continued to create a result where my patents were badly breached, so Clients did not engage with Books on account that there was mishap in the partnership we had built, the entire time I was cash strapped and could not pursue their stupidities for it, like they were a bunch of idiots that deserved 100% of the physical violence in society. I have given them an exit due to the consequences on my finances having been their need to claim that the process of running peoples lives with the social activities of criminals, right up to the stage where they damaged personal security and decided the share they got was not enough, hence the interest in peoples personal lives and the idiots who order the steps of the victims thereof, is that everything here had stalled including my career and personal relationships, such that they were then able to breach my patents and build a crowd on it through public media, to set about running off publicity which suggests that owned or had stolen my career and have begun blabbing about trapping me somewhere to enlist violent people that will ensure I did not recover it – I have asked them not to run it off at me when I am at work and to stay way from my Books, but we continued to face a social brick wall caused by the comments which have kicked off this conversation. On the Governmental side of it, I was involved with civic enforcement and since I had done the public work so well there was no social control issues, I was elevated to engage with matters of National security, where I worked it to a stage in which controlling the activities of society gits, gave way to an awareness of the actions of Terrorists, as a matter of the social lives of Politicians, the claim being that security service operatives kill their people but the terrorism continues and they were now expressing an interest in handling public development funds here in the UK like they do in the US, resulting in the turbulent atmosphere we currently have at Parliament considering we had such a water tight system with regards to such governmental matters unlike they did in their Countries – so a bunch of idiots had decided to follow on the destruction of my academic pursuits, which was the one thing that set a stage to get me becoming so ratty when people handled my property and we were not talking about the way that their famous stupidities needed to lay off the Assets, then we found they were the people who started the campaign itself of suggesting that doing so had destroyed anything which indicated I am Royalty, call me names, put the labels on, build a crowd to finger my bum and run it off on media to say they were incredibly important, now wondering why I did not want them handling my concerns anymore while the need to damage my Book shop had not stopped anyway, the point made at the end being that in light of the public work I did, they were a group of famous and stupid people who denied me my finances on grounds that I was unable to win the publicity war and there was no way I could win it if they breached my patents to keep up the damage done through media and build a crowd to get imagination up my bum, outcome being that my Clients wait and I am cash strapped but their claimed German influence stupidities were not salesmen themselves, looking for more of what they were complaining about.

I have been told what has happened to me is appalling but not that much from here, as I can account for the way the time had passed – I dropped out of University in 2008, according to career plan, got published in 2009, I could have picked up the academic pursuits immediately along way but for their assistance and the need to breach my patents and keep up the damage on Media really kicked off in 2012, five years later I had tried various career paths and a security guard job had ended, the end of the security guarding job was then the stage where I had learned a trade which would allow their famous madness trash the rest of my career and finances, to show me how important it was to me to serve them and allow them express how so much they liked to be treated like Royalty and it has now been 6 years of getting of bed everyday to fight for the income margins of a published good. The Politicians have said that tackling the Celebrities was an important issue which I have not acknowledged but I have hence the warnings but in terms of what Politicians want and practical measures, we are talking about the way that their behaviour and that of their fans was so bad that although they made you feel like you have no clothes on so they can get imagination around your private parts, there were hundreds of other people doing other things with public appearances. For my part however, the rest of us think that what happens with career is that you get a job and start work, because you are paid and you do not spend all your money, it gets easier, besides the fact you are promoted due to experience and paid some more as you go along – Celebrities on the other hand had to find a show business start up money that they made without doing any work and then decide what work they were going to do to show they had earned it later on, if it continues to interfere with my clients and make them wait while I am cash strapped, running off stupid comments about my career and social life for it, this is what I will be doing next, it seems that if I cannot recover my career because I am unable to win the fun gimmick publicity war on account people breach my patents and build a crowd to finger my bum, the show business itself was the problem that had to be eliminated. The other issue where they had people that will sort me out being the one where the highway was ready for such persons to engage with activities that assisted security operatives, while they could have a go at me when mad enough for it as it were, even a child can make sense of what somebody is saying if a child heard that they did not need at an activity run off at them while at work and needed the fun gimmicks to provide a distance from a Bookshop – goes without saying that it will fall into the hands of some corrupt Police Officers being rehabilitated in their stupid neighbourhoods, they will spend more money when fucked, it will get worse and I will walk away as it were.

It is a very simple matter; I engage with CEOs and facts were obvious about the way people deployed the work place to run down employees and get rich fast, playing into the Monarchy and Royal family, so a social gap emerges where it would make sense for me to keep a mistress, they will show up here to extract the money and shoot off the big mouth about other powerful countries they were allied to, keep my assets was taking it too far, looking for trouble. Likewise I had a wealth equity public life and they made me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy while picking up my income margins at the Bookshop as well, claiming women always enjoyed some sense of security from strong men which I needed to be afraid of, whereby after 14 years we have ended up where we started in terms of their need to get me into a fight while clinging to my career and social life, to use the fight that was too much for me as a method of controlling me, as stupidly and uselessly as possible but they do not get to keep my Assets, especially the Americans. Then there is my party piece of my administrative acumen being spent on their need to practice sexual narcissism on each other without consent, the result being that the men hated the women and the women the men, they would both do anything for money and when I engaged in Europe or South America, I was certainly trying to find them and fulfil their stupid needs. We have to listen to the boasting all the time that when it comes to Celebrities handling me, it appears that famous people were asleep and that I made it so – utter nonsense as they do not have the means or finances to secure a degree of security that can protect them from me if they trash my finances and pick up my assets, income margins and career, appears to be what they lived for as it were, now resorted to a business of sending out a bunch of hoodlums and low lives whose history with me was one of a perverted interest in my personal space until I dropped out of University, to I wrecked their rights ranging from parents attacking Children to get freedom when social services take their responsibilities into care and their need to show up here trying to get paid for being popular with my personality, therefore wrecked young peoples future to account for the way time and money was spent at University, showing up here everyday to watch me and finger my bum, backed up by stupid men who abused me all day while I worked a security guard job and now have plans to get rich fast by making me do security work for free or suffer consequences with a big mouth. It does eventually get on to say it would like to see what gives me the confidence to tackle their famous stupidities at some stage; the confidence being that it shows up here to insolently read an Arch Prince’s star sign, so this life between the Virgo who would steal anything and blame poor people and the Scorpio who fingers peoples bums to claim the reasons people had problems was a refusal to get into a fight on the streets but do not fancy the gangs and crime with the big mouth and police custody social badge it likes to brag about, where I say it spends more money at the market when fucked, not because it was true but because it suited their insolent Scorpio stupidities the best, it is this life that was the answer for all the problems of the other corrupt and abusive star signs who would do anything for money. I know I hated the way it sat in an Office space to send out hoodlums that will run me down because it was selling a product, I know I hated the way it interfered with women that took an interest in me for relationship purposes because it wants me to fight somebody in a bid to keep its stupidities safe, I know I hated its road and road side insults, it does want to see what happens when I take it all into account and wanted to find out what they thought I was capable of all the way down to their holiday destinations and sex industry or perhaps it wants to take my warnings to stop running off its stupidities at me while I am at work and needed to stay away from my Bookshop and Clients. So far it was the Politicians that loved to create career setbacks for me being tested by them as well due to a process I engineered, each time it seemed the Politicians made the correct decisions for a change by asking them to fight some Russians and do anything for money abusively that way.

I am told that this was a problem to do with my work but there is nothing wrong with it, the problem really is that the public work had been so well done – some of the Celebrities have been forth coming enough to declare that they saw it as the kind of public work which they loved to damage, so that the person who did it may get off doing it again, offering them an opportunity to take control of such persons lives and torture the victim to solve their personal problems, speaks of itself really, the problem being that if it is complaining especially because its bottom hurts, it needed to stop fooling around. Personally, I now need to get on with my finances and they must accept the exit, since last they complained that lack of access to me for these gimmicks caused them to lose the will to live, they need to stop running it off when I am working and need to make comments about their own careers, stay away from my Books. Alternatively, I am going to pick up their show business start up money whenever they were hiding it to show up here shooting off the big mouth about how helpless I was and ensure I and my clients are not longer distracted to cause me losing money by working them up to date on the need to pick up my career and pass it off as the work that they did to make the show business money – it seems that the only option when dealing with the famous is the annihilation option. I have been told this was all probably as matter of feeling inadequate for my part and I don’t feel inadequate, the problem is the will to adopt a new lifestyle where I got to class some people as the social idiots, seeing that it was so stupid it gets imagination up my bum on the streets and claims the process was linked to money making, it was so stupid it finds a practical joke to help it breach my patents and maintain the damage on Media, it was so stupid its need to tell me what to do, order my steps and decide how I existed was based on its personal and social life, it was so stupid when I pay it to rent a space, it shares my privacy with the boys from the streets and builds communities that will finger my bum because a famous idiot had an arrangement with paparazzi and they needed to ensure that when celebrities picked up my career I could be rounded up and attacked in a street corner, to prevent me taking it back but for all its stupidities, it does not live here and its family is not getting a feed back yet, so I believe that is about to change or it can take the exit I have offered and make itself scarce. I am told I have never really tackled the business of what people thought of me in terms of an obsession to decide my appearance – it is utter rubbish naturally, the only people who decide my appearance being a bunch of twats who claim we thought they spent time getting about with criminals but they were financially better off than the rest of us and another group of fools who were wealthy and publicly displayed wealthy, so they were so privileged and entitled they could not tell the difference between stealing and entitlement anymore, recently decided to send out their hoodlums to tackle me because they wrecked my Bookshop and I am living on Government support, which plays into the exit I have offered them, to make comments about their careers and not run off their stupidities at me while I am at work, so they get to work publicity on the matter for me because their careers relied on it or devise an exit of their own and stop getting on my nerves. Personally, it does breach my patents to maintain damage done through media, to make statements of what it thought of people who smell, like it wants some of mine and is determined to find it, in terms of this playing into the fact that if I did not do this kind of work I would be thought of as useless Royalty at Government whilst the Industries would not be able to make sense of where I developed product appearance, aesthetics and applied security investment equity from, that said we can see why they deserve to have me cause them suffering when keeping them off my Books simply means they build communities to get imagination around my private parts and whole industrial parks were involved in preventing me from taking up a public disposition where I got to suggest that the best way for people to resolve financial matters was through the jobs market and even school children were drafted in, as the idea that I am an important person became repulsive while their stupidities clung to my earning margins.

They do claim that there was excessive censorship on social media. I do not think there was any, the real problem was the people who worked the social media attacking people to help Celebrities make money from it and to get rich themselves. It was meant to be free and if you had to pay for it, they would not have found it as profitable, like every venture people set out as a tool for hurting others, when you sign up they find out important facts about your career and will not let it go, hence you cannot leave when you have been harmed – in my case the stress is unbearable, that I am being cut off from those who are really interested in friendship with me, in a bid to make me pay for it, because I had made my profile into something which when used for such purposes would produce a counterproductive effect; in this way it was possible to make the internet a safer place for very young people again. It is a pattern that repeats itself everywhere – this need to ensure others cannot get to work and time was wasted, whilst they shared the incomes of the wealthy who got their money from the market system, so we became poorer and poorer. Then they claim it shows I have been outwitted which is utter rubbish as I have a wealth equity public image which was designed to ensure people who worked it with me got to sell products to Industry trouble makers, especially those who liked to spend money fighting others and can clearly buy anything therefore have been giving them money for the gimmicks, it needs to stop running off this nonsense, the insults of it and all, at me while I am at work and stay away from my Books, or I will find my own Crowd pleasing gimmicks that will allow me select an annihilation option, considering if I had it all done, the claims they were wealthy anyway regardless of me, will continue to distract me from my work and stifle my finances, therefore it will never be done unless I ensured their finances vanished along with their Assets and in their case it would be the Homes and the Cars as well. They do claim I had a lot of time to plan it which is utter rubbish – this was rather how they were going to work their own Government sanctioned 18 to 65 activities, others worked with the Government itself and had to face the public to tell people the correct way was through the jobs market, those who give them money for it clearly can buy anything but I am now completely fed up with the interference here. They claim eventually that my cowardice was a huge threat and it is usually so insulting but eventually the cowardice story goes beyond my reputation and what I might do to maintain it at their expense, hopefully the institutions of Law and society did not get involved whilst our families had to make difficult decisions, as we know medium sized men like me did not like people pushing me into a fight and bigger men did not like size comparisons etc. I do not think it was a crisis either; these are sociopaths and their famous gits are sociopaths as well, it may show up here to dig as deep into my personal life as it wants, it still will always have trouble knowing me as well as it presumes, half casual, for some reason goes for a walk at midnight and rapes a woman on its way home, shows up here to churn my tummy and decide if I am beave or not everyday image in my head – the psychopaths will be the ones where you were having a conversation and he was off on the level of your power, never fancies the financially well off ones for my part in any case, it may blab about the way I never take part in National service activities but I do wonder if it really wants me to anyway, either way, it now has a highway here, where it can run off as much traffic as possible to assist public security operatives or it may want to spend most of its time with its famous idiots – needs to stop running it off at me when I am at work and stay away from my Books, more so seeing I am still single at 42 because of their stupid interest in my personal space, talking nonsense about cowardice. They do claim what I am saying is talk and not real but I am wondering as such if 6 years in an environment where they try to put the fear into my by working their stupidities on every part of my daily actions watching me on CCTV and cannot keep their imagination fingers to themselves 24/7, was the thing that made what I said and did a fantasy – the sociopaths will then send out their stupid low lives to run me down, bang walls and doors at me all day long with a big mouth and it seems cannot do it by themselves, until I supposedly weakened enough for it? About feeling sore in my insides and the smell issues which was clear we can always ensure people did not have loos even if they had one and did not keep their loos at home for that matter as well, I suppose it will get serious when I do their own too. It was their responsibility to do the National service and decide when I had failed in my duties and was to be punished because the public decided they ought to take up leadership or they want to spend their time with their famous gits.