I hear that story at some regularity these days about the general assumption being that the Germans were never provoked during the Second World War especially and that we like to make out it happened as activities constructed by some collection of uncivilised and barbaric people who liked to kill other Human beings. It makes me so angry because it is exactly the same behaviour we find go on and on all day long today i.e. they have provoked me and I have done nothing about it and when they brew that to a state in which they believe their own lies on Media and Public appearances to do with Politics, everything I do to explain why I have provoked them as well for having a go at me will lead to an outcome where the questions behind their behaviour are answered in the negative, such as when I asked if the thing that provokes them about me is that I have a job or I am attending University etc and so the answer at this point will be a yes and followed by an affirmation by a Crowd that agrees with it to make them feel they have democratic support. The ones that really annoy me is the Media ones who believe that a behaviour must be calculated in my direction which means that I encounter these things at about 11.00am every day, just after my work shift had begun etc because they gave a signal for it on their stupid Media – so I really cannot work out who they think they are talking to or talking with anyway, the tales of provocation which caused the second world war and so on. I don’t think it is a crisis as such, I do provoke them as well i.e. the primary function and purpose of those stupid insults is distraction from academic work so that they can complete their own and get all the available jobs that I have shown is possible for human beings to get etc and so I had cut up their culture and society to make them fight for their own excrement right up to their lives being fucked at the Toilet and so on and I am never going back on it so Politician can spend money on them and find out how much of it they have; all I think they ought to take into account is that case of keeping their stupid insults to themselves and reserving it for those who appreciate it. I mean the things these guys do are things like a campaign of fear designed around the prognosis of being superior to others and so you tend to have two employers in your head at work all day long and only one of them to whom you should not escalate problems, actually helps you pay your way in the world and then we hear such nonsense as provocations that caused the second world war, which is why it beats me as to whom they are talking with at all anyway in the first place. They speak of how the main provocation is that I am in their Country and the last time that became an issue I ended up writing the Books they are now working so terribly hard to ensure does not get sold as it were, so this time I think when they are done with the insults will likely do their celebrity routine and find me working on them to see what makes them tick too; I mean how does any normal person trouble others and persecute people to a state in which they are able to detach others from how they were born and raised, in order to build it up on Media and claim or sell it as popularity and or fame and fortune etc and then people happen to have provoked them to cause the world wars too? I am sure such talk s bandied around by people who want me to do them again; so far they will never ever see that stupid culture and society ever again and I have no wish to tolerate any new nonsense they have developed – the same applies to black people too, those always have problems and want to get involved with me to explore what I ate all the time and we all know it will stop when they all end up in a place where black or white does not matter but a tale of whom exactly they are more important than does as it were – it is simply impossible to keep saying the same thing to a single group of people for years without consequences and I am sure before they go around tales of being provoked want to think about keeping off me, staying away from my Book sales and trying their best to clear my space as it were, so it does not blow up in their face. As for the part about being punished for my Royal position; apparently that is the one where you end up telling people their behaviour is one designed to destroy your history and upbringing and every beneficial thing that came with it and that it is not something you will be willing to tolerate, so it’s all very well blowing off a big mouth, as they do feel they have the ability to calculate exactly what I am capable of too, especially the Media ones who have this insatiable need to see that others control my Books which I can make myself a lot of money by selling and so on – it makes no sense to get out of bed to fight for your sense of upbringing and how you were raised and what your history is, on account other peoples want it – never clear why people would turn out on Media and build themselves into a community that wants such things anyway but obviously so are they convinced that others cannot possibly have enough of them too.

I mean I cannot keep getting out of bed every day to catch my breath fighting for where I had childhood and neighbourhood and friends and they need to watch their mouths as well – we all know they say it’s the way my behaviour towards their society and culture makes them feel but that would also omit the part where they are the fools who think that they fact they have such things puts them in a position to engage with me over being more important than I am every single moment of their stupid lives; now they are using it to make sense as well which means we are making progress all together and then the Germans would not have been provoked during the second world war as well with that big mouth. So they speak of how I am unable to handle them when I am so weak and of course it is a nice to call people weak after years of inventing a fight and turning out on Media so angry boys and poor boys of the neighbourhoods can do it for them while they get about feeling as though I am getting a fair sense of the power they have in their area etc; it’s the same old story and nobody was inquiring around here about it – The Prince of Wales one is the one where they have laid pipelines all around him on the left and the right which means they can be lazy Men who get rich and famous by doing nothing and so turn up on their stupid Media to prove points at those they want to target all the time, my one is the stupid girls that rule and handle me as far as they are concerned with a yapping. There are other ways I provoke them as well and one of those has to do with clipping their freedom and then taking steps to ensure the US Government cannot protect it as well, so that it does seem that after the passing of Nelson Mandela they had been completely finished – personally I really cannot make out which one is meant to annoy them the most anyway, I already hold government Office without first being rich as it were.


So the question asked a lot these days is whether I am being abused and yes I might acknowledge it which allows State Provided security to do their jobs, however with respect to normal people and the company however, I must say that it’s a matter of the fact when people feel they can have me beaten up because they are bigger, they wish to behave towards me all of the time in a certain way and that way of behaviour generally always means, screwing up my health with culture and society because they know I will confiscate both and then they will have the need to get on Media to threaten me and gain access to me and my public life all of the time and whenever they so desire. This was the fun bit, the serious bit now is that I need to get the Books sold and to get a life for it and they are fighting for their lives now as we speak and will never ever recover. It has taken 14 years of my time for them to reach this point; including features like Politicians playing up the bubble between their Offices and the Prison service to push me into crime and rehabilitate me which is a product of what I found in the UK to be a general behaviour of fundamental hatred towards introverted people, like they do their stupid children the last time we checked of course naturally and now it has reached a stage where it has developed results; their need to ensure I am dominated before I complete academic work and after doing so whether or not I am successful will be a matter of what their needs are and if it will be fulfilled in that way, while I grapple with such nonsense trying to pay my way in the world at the same time, this then gave rise to the Books they hate so much on account it got to the part where they got into a habit of telling me I have such a responsibility towards them on account I am in their Country – what annoys them these days has gone beyond the Books as well and into the regions of pigmy stupidities being found at my Literary Empire all the time, running around the world making out nobody knows who the hell I am and they have stopped that too alongside the case of doing the black sheep routine at me. Their Politicians on the other hand have not been able to win the fight in the 14 years of misery for me for their part, so what they have now settled for is a process of appointing themselves to teach me lessons every day and will continue until I appoint myself on their case too. it’s like the Nazis being provoked story; where they knew each time they killed people that it was the end of the fun games and lies but soon developed a sense that killing people supplies them this part of their humanity where they knew they had done a bad thing if they did one and so had to kill people to maintain their humanity; in this case the story is that I am the one making all the trouble which is little wonder considering the above facts and my determination to put my Books in their face which will encumber their progress while I sell it that way to get a life thereby causing them the maximum distress that I can as well – it stems from a need to make them understand, which goes beyond the need to have me and my faith that gets in their eyes dominated for their fame and fortune on Media which has become their domain that facilitates a place where they can rebuild their pride by making sure they are more important than I am but has also become a weapon against me because they cannot leave people alone, looking for trouble; it is the one about how Christians believe that they must forgive those who offend them and ensure what happens to them does not happen to others, thereby interceding for those who are not in a position to look after themselves in such ways, leading to an outcome where they deploy that stupid Media yet again and some government office alongside it, to rip up my finances and get around the world allowing people access to my faith and personal life which will then later be perverted for power and riches; hence quite so obvious that if I do not handle them in these ways too, they will never understand what the fun blasphemy really feel like. I do not think that they are a crisis situation as such in anyway whatsoever, although they will like to say I never speak of what I do speak of in the presence of the people I speak about but it has always been that way with a need to fail to see their involvement with people creates the outcome of personal and social corruption where people go out and bring home to their parents babies outside of wedlock for instance and that it is a prove of how stupid they are and how useless they are – what they are more interested in is how they can make you suffer like they have because they lived in poverty and deprivation. So it’s not the fact people lived in poverty and deprivation and want to improve their lives which causes the problem here; it is the fact somebody else wants the point at which I  had childhood friends and where I grew up and where I am and where I am heading and is always telling stories about how scared of him I am because it seems he realises the one thing that will solve the problem of his lucrative and abusive insults is a condition where he lives on the street at the valley and does not go to the street up north because he might get killed – I for my part have made it clear it should have expressed to them how stupid they are and what the reasons they lived in poverty and deprivation were and above all, whom they are likely to be more important than as it were – personally however of which I cannot keep living in a way that means I get out of bed and fight for where I had childhood friends and where I grew up and where I am heading as nobody really lives like that. So they say they are happy with the way they have been able to completely mess up my life while their Politicians speak of a Royal Estate I cannot protect and of course we all know that this kind of attitude and behaviour will damage it and the results will not be one that will involve the clowning around that they seem to enjoy so much at the moment. As for being able to mess up my life, soon they will be asking why I know I can never make progress by putting my books in the face of those whose culture and society I have confiscated to screw them over, while the story will remain the same i.e. that it happens because the abuses begin at about 11.00am everyday – this is usually the time when they give their signals on Media and arrange popular culture music on Media waves in a way that ruins everything for me all day long, right up to doubts in the minds of my employers as to whether I have the right to keep the job they have given me – then they tell me how I should make progress thereafter in order to continue to turn up and stand on my rights to express themselves with no plans at present to put that stupid money of theirs where their mouth is; they say its poverty and deprivation issues and I say they always have problems at all times whenever they are evil. So they do claim I am a lost cause thereof naturally but the reality is that I hold Legal executive certificates at the moment and am likely to complete my legal career and go from trading private property equity intellectual property administration bundles to learning to trade financial securities and I am sure they will continue to fail to locate those they are more important than, rather than turn up here to bother me, so if I do not sell the Books by causing them the most amount of distress it will never work; even now it is still a matter that goes beyond detaching me from my public life and building it up on Media for others to claim, so that law enforcement can think it’s all very well until they kill somebody and then it is to become more serious after that – telling me all I say simply offers them ideas on how to improve themselves, whereas I have consolidated Court people which I have at the moment to ensure they do not get involved with me without having their copies of my Books and am likely to complete a process of setting out what I want and making the Court people give it to me to consolidate the rest of the processes of being successful too but they now realise that it seems when they find somebody to latch onto, through whom they have a sense that they are able to do anything, it seems the result has to be a burning Country and we are not talking about a Royal Estate I cannot protect when the last time we checked it was socialist diplomatic front getting chopped up so badly that revolutions in the Middle East could not have a definite settlement, so they can bring trouble makers into the Country who have the same skin colour as me and attack me for racism over what those get up to; hence when I take responsibility on realising the economy will never be stable unless they have an understanding of the things other people have in this world which they never ever will. They do speak of the women that take advantage of me of course which is utter nonsense; just the side of the story that never gets mentioned i.e. I have no job because MPs are getting fun from forcing Christian into sex with the use of these women and so the rest are the ones where no matter how many times I may say I am not homosexual they will keep chasing me around with it – now it turns out the purpose was to ensure they can give signals on Media and do my anus all day long and in the end ask me why I know how to make progress with my life but chose the path of attrition with them as they express their stupid selves on my rights instead of their own; when they understand of the things people have in this world that they never ever will, it works out as the source of energy that gets them out of bed and into work on a daily basis and is a win-win lower class situation for all. It does not mean I am not trading anything at the moment as they continue to claim; it means I am trading private equity bundles for Intellectual Property Administration and will learn to trade financial equities once done with my academic work and they are well aware that stories about a Royal Estate I am unable to protect are precisely the sort of attitudes and behaviour which will damage it. We hear all the time that if they do not get rich and famous people will die and now they have peddled their nonsense on my public life to be so, have realised they can never be famous with the kind of background they have, need to leave me alone, communicate with people honestly for a change, clear my space – so yes I am being abused by them and acknowledging it will let State Provided security do what they have to, however on administration issues, this is how it works.

Of course they do say I said I was going to tackle terrorism but am now spending my time working on them instead, which is utter nonsense as what I am doing is tackling Terrorism as it were; it’s just not the tackling terrorism where they tell me and I do it otherwise it would mean I have gone off to suck up to Terrorists on behalf of everybody in which case my method also means that those who kill Civilians on all our behalf are being retired. It’s not my opinion that the matter is a crisis; they say I am stuck in a difficult situation I cannot get out of which refers to their Politicians ripping up my finances to keep me in unemployment systems, so they can force me to have sex outside of wedlock and of course do not yet see that their human rights are becoming a means of entrapment that somebody will view as a serious problem yet presently – it’s only been 14 years of it on National Media everyday as it were so far. The problem at present is of course that they are still doing it, right down to Journalists who claim they are important but I am disrespectful of them; these are persons with a dream job in a condition where people walk up to them to discuss rights and yet are the same experimenting on an Arch Prince due to his morality as to whether they can use Media cataloguing and controversy to determine his finances and therefore develop a template with it that they can apply to everybody else in order to get their own sense of oppression and social repression and personal powers on which their well being depends but by far the part that causes the most provocation is that they are using me to set out that people think they can mess with them until such persons find out there was somebody looking after their anus at some point. So I am not in any difficult situation; I am not homosexual and certainly do not approve of the behaviour itself and people can blow their top and eat their hat for it if they wanted. I have never met a nice one before and maybe that is because of the nature of my person or even the fact I am a Christian and having said so the Politicians need to beware what they force on me too, playing up corruptions that are fundamental to the tune of what I know I should be doing with a big mouth. So eventually it seems that back in history these homosexuals used to get Christians murdered by the Authorities because they needed it and so there happens to have been a point at which the Authorities and the Homosexuals fell out of love with each other as it were – so it seems that in each turn and in each generation the idiots will settle up certain persons they have had a  history of mass murdering and bullying in such ways and start all these games on that, just like the problem at present with it being that they asked the Politicians to play along and the Politicians in turn asked them for something to go by hence the provocation and my reaction and their need to control my finances on the basis of my lack of respect for tolerance and civil rights; so we need to get back to that stage where the Authorities fell out of love with them and I am not the one complaining for it at present too – just a case where the fact they are always putting a stop to me has become some kind of a means to sharing things and getting rich while making sure I have nothing. So they will claim as ever that I take thing so seriously that I end up being affected but it’s a matter of which one is a joke and which one is not and playing around with other peoples finances can hardly be a joke; you get trapped by black idiots in racism and gangs when people do that and women get systematically sexually assaulted when people do that -  so when they are homosexual as well for good measure, as they play these games, so is it important to locate which one is a joke and which one is not and then they can make me into massive one and have new even more perverted and hurting sex on my feelings and personal life and tell me it’s all being friendly. I mean there is a 14 year evidence of carnage that it does not work for me to show in public and even they are turning out to make statements about which part of my life and public life people use to hurt other people but are still turning up to bother me and claim my behaviour stirs homosexuality while I become master of depravity by refusing it to those who want it; so the Politicians need to be wary of what they appoint themselves to force on others to that extent – I don’t have to love any, I have never met a nice one. It is a matter of how the way people live affects them and the things they do not do in order to avoid getting hurt.


So they claim what really causes all the problems are the comments I make about government and Media of which I know nothing and therefore makes their lives grafted and complicated – I agree with this completely but the fun days were the days when they started and had the power to stop only when they had changed my quality of life permanently; what these fools have done is turn up to take up 14 years of my time ripping up finances and academics to make themselves into the personal Gods that attack me but I cannot fight back because it is much too complicated than that and the where I ought to be insults that bring about relative comforts to suggest a decadence they do not have will never do, it gets to a stage where Mr A’s idiot Son who got elected really needs to leave me alone as it were and for the Media ones too, the big story is that they better had gotten it all back to the way they found it or left me to be on my own otherwise they can rather stop complaining; seeking even more privileges of injustice will make it worse and that is an example of the reasons they are complaining as it is not clear exactly why anybody would want to set out time and work towards a civil service that is no longer independent and specifically so with respect to me as a person, so that when they want to, they can pick up phones and keep me out of jobs etc. We are all in this position at all in the first place, as a result of the power of their disobedience and the shut up and I will do what you should have been doing based insults that come with it and of course my personal favourite being the miscellaneous inventiveness by which they can keep it permanently as a method of dominance. It is much the same as the story of whether or not I hate people generally which I do not; my Court is primarily female and I have chosen the females that have ended up there, they do ask why that is the case and the answer is that it is none of their business but here we are – if they have a heavy heart I get to carry it, if they have a job slot where they spend more time outside than indoors I suffer for it to make them feel better and these are the ones that mean they are good people as if they are responsible for keeping my depression for me as well; these rest are usually too unreasonably violent to discuss most of the time and this outcome was entirely predictable and thus far have the powers of their disobedience come as it were; entirely predictable of course when they are not getting back any of the culture and society and know that I am the person responsible for that but have still not decided when they want to get my finances and academic work and all states of affairs around my concerns which has nothing to do with their magnetic personality loser nonsense on the left and right trying to make money without working for it, before they try to get back the culture and society as well. They need to think about how fair it really is but at the moment of which my disposition is about 70% to 30%, I want to restore my finances more than I want to force those who damaged it to do so but as time progresses and they get closer to achieving the aim of changing my quality of life it will be inverted on the basis of the time I have left to secure myself a workable pension. It’s the same story around whether I am meant to work with Politicians or attack them like I do, of which the answer is that they can be incredibly stubborn, so you do need to be very firm indeed as it were – I mean examples like a recession exposing things about how the economy has been working all these years, so they can take revenge on those who have things they don’t and then it will cause wonder as to whether they have never read papers from the 60s for instance where they would have been able to gather ample information on what a recession does – their people are much the same but the case those make is that I am noisy whereas what happens is that they grab my work and ruin my property to get my attention and climb up on Media to impress their needs on me as a function of matters I should be paying attention to and when they do it right up to a point where I respond, what they do for their part is interrupt and dump problems on me as well for good measure; its like the case of the EU where they want to be able to Veto regulations from Europe when they have become so concerned with spending their time making trouble at Industry which then creates those regulations but because they make trouble at Government Office results in an outcome where those regulations affect government - they say they will never get in touch with the consumers and build a relationship because its not done like that anymore, they say it is easier to target me and sacrifice my budding Empire on account they and the rest of the World need its market more than I do and so if they explore my ending and ruin my health and finances for it I end up in a place where I give up things and a state of mind that is always doing so but of course we all know there are other options like when I become obsessed with handling their own so I can give it up all the time as well which leads to an outcome where I am  making them pay for it. So its all freedom in their view and happens because people are democratic and those they assault in such ways are in a position where they cannot have enough of letting them have their way using their violent but their magnetic personalities.