The story that I am at War with the people is all wrong too; I am not at War with the People , these are a collection of very sick and very vile and twisted goons who always seem to have the ability to suck the life out of everything because they are so negative; it’s not just that they want to damage your academic work and finances and face no consequences for it, they want the excuse that they wanted you to do civil rights for them to be an acceptable reason for it too and yet if you did the civil rights for them typical like my Books, what they want to do with it is express themselves and you will never sell a copy if it were down to them and so in the end it will turn out they are not fickle as we hear, that they simply don’t like you and then there is that routine as well where the Celebrities will replace me too and when I ask why that would be the case they claim the celebrities treat them better and set out prognosis for them to get a new Country with, a New Country that is in which they are the Boss. So it’s the same old ill bastards that the Armed Forces protect because their health is rubbish talking nonsense about how everybody else is stupid all the time and cannot leave me alone and they rob that stupid health of theirs all over others and when you are unable to get a job because you smell as a result they will be the first to broadcast it because they are stealing public life as well; as I said, it is a well calculated process of making sure work is taboo while they end up with millions of pounds in savings they cannot actually account for and they have taken years to develop themselves into what they are now. They say I have a problem with work too which is utter nonsense as this is rather the reason I can recognise my property equities so well at the Industries; especially in fashion, their idea of work is to work on other people that they claim to hate and so they make up these stories about how those who can work for their money never seldom find any work or indeed any money unless they learn this kind of survival skill but it does not do anything to change the fact they work on people instead of their jobs – they do say I look tired all the time and that is true because their entire governments really enjoy ripping up my finances and academic work and I have so much to do and need the cash so desperately – so it is a lot of work as a result but even more tiresome is the idea I have to appear not to be tired because of course if I am tired I know it is not as if I share my busy life with anybody else in the first place, so I am fine with work never the less. It’s the big old question of the difference between the upper classes and everybody else and why I do not quite look it but the Royals cannot pick somebody better; I would not end up there if I was not the best of what the Country has to offer and as far as I can see it is either they have the mind but not the health, the health but are stupid, the mind and health but not the temperaments or physical attributes but I have every single item – which I guard fiercely too and as long as people do not affect any of it, there will be no need to pretend stories about what I say and do getting under the control of black women who like to play forcing me to have sex bit that they finish off with involvement that is hurtful all the time of which they are not complaining enough as well so far will not appear to be an acceptable appeasement. It’s pretty much the same story about women; for some unknown reason these people really enjoy messing women up but for even stranger reasons they will not touch or sleep with or go out with or marry or get into a relationship with a messed up woman, so at some stage there is women drought so to speak because they live in a world where they think themselves high and mighty and so it is an exclusive existence and then start to behave in manners which suggest every woman I touch is the one they want to sleep with, have babies with, go out with and so it’s a matter of dealing with really stupid and unexpected violence because they are chasing women I clean up; as I said before, taken years to develop themselves into this. I have no idea why they love to claim that I am unable to find love like they do so often while they are at it anyway.


Finally of course we hear of a need for me to clear up my position on the US which makes no sense whatsoever as the only thing needing clear up is what the state of the world is today as compared with WW1 and WW2 – where the case was that War at the time was fashionable: unlike today of which it is the little things that allow Countries to provoke and set their entire populations on a war path to cover the tracks of their leaders who gain economically from provocation that causes War all together and not what happens before the War breaks out – it in context the US that started War with Japan and not the other way round i.e. cutting off Japan’s supplies while it was trying to invade China not the Pearl Harbour attack which we all know is what the Media says. The point is that the US cannot keep doing things such as Democratic Party idiots who wish to ensure the Books of a British Prince do not get sold because nostalgia has emerged from it when they could always take their joys of naivety and need for freedom like so somewhere else – it was the same tolerance we gave to artistic idiots before the holocausts and then we realised later it was neo modernism and homosexuality, all that visions of a City nonsense all over the place. Of course they say Americans are teaching me a lesson, which is utter nonsense too – what they are doing is going down a path I led them so I might get on with my life too; the game they want to play is the wickedness of free people starting from drugs and clever financial frauds that run casino banking and wants to get rich peddling my public life which fails to give rise to revenge that says I must be punished for not letting myself be dominated first before I do my academic work so they might have it anyway and now a case of democrats who don’t want my Books published claiming its nostalgia giving way to republicans being provoked over it to a point where they are resisting sales of it too – when I say so they will claim its over but it is not since we are talking about what I do being of my own property and how they can always find their own and spend it to get round male and female parts of society in order to ensure they have that kind of democracy as well, except the kind of Country they created makes that impossible anyway, so they want to express themselves with my Books and hence do not want it sold and the insults are so frequent and intense it is distracting me and dragging me down the path I led them so I might get on with my own life as well; thus I fail to see what their freedom has to do with me but if it is freedom from wife and kids and responsibility then they are not complaining enough yet – there is far more games to play here on this matter than that and we are not even talking about Politics existing on the fundamental basis that Authority is a bad thing i.e. you can always exercise power but not when people recognise the source and that is why they are angry they have laws and rules to achieve what I have done while I do it with my own property – far more games to play here than that.

We now hear that my view on terrorism does not hold water of course but the reality rather being that what I have been saying about terrorism is beside the obvious i.e. terrorists are freedom lovers and it goes without saying that if allowed to exercise their freedom will eventually turn out to seek a life of fame and kill people because Islam encourages murder when they cannot get it, the reason being so that these idiots do not get to tell me how to behave on account they exist first as we all know they have done that before with racist and twisted evil Africans. My point is that my view of terrorism is that it’s all about the guy that likes to have a go at me because he has been a paedophile in a Country where nobody would even have noticed and I look the part and stir his feelings but will never give him the kind of sex he wants and therefore he needs to hate me while his wife chases me around for violent sex to groom me for a bad thing until he turns up on my door to kill me because I am an intolerable Christian in his neighbourhood, having seen a group of ex soldiers from Iraq draft a dossier on using Islam to supply themselves with foot soldiers, goes off to join them as the only reason he would not have would have been if they did not exist but the reasons we talk about freedom fighting is not that I am an Arch Prince and have a history with evil and can recognise it when I see it but that I am actually doing their stuff as it were. I mean their own is a separate case all together not about the need for an inability to look after a faith that encourages murder meaning that they should when they are able to, turn out at some point to seek a life of fame and use the faith as pretext to kill people when they cannot get it but that they are wholly unable to get a life of fame for themselves without other people’s lives – so I do see them bandy the story of getting me killed by terrorism at some point making a mess on Media with that big mouth, it’s the least they can do when racism is not working so well anymore and yes I see I will lose everything for saying these things again and they need to get away from there and clear my space, so they do not get the Politicians involved again and have something to complain after still. It’s the same old tale all round about the fact I started a fight with them and need to finish it; the reality of which is that they are not upper class but my head hurts because they have the fucking guts for it and so does my chest and my anus on account I am selfish, it does nothing and leads nowhere, only an activity they perform because it damages my Royal Temperaments and physical appearance and personality on which everything depends, while they pretend I will not punish them for it lest I end up in a  fight. So the reality that annoys them the most is that they do not know me that much and yet I know them very well and so my views of terrorism are perfectly sound, I am just doing their stuff. I mean during the early days it was their freedom to ask me for my property while the government ensures I do not have enough to share so that what they do to me might become a trapping of power and true to form; they always say they cannot guarantee that my response will be a positive one and even if it was it would make them inferior whether or not they got what they wanted from me – tax payer funds have been spent on this nonsense to facilitate the profitability of violence in this Country, I fail to see the basis thereof by which it is said my position on terrorism is unsound. It is not lost in translation – they however do say that terrorism is inextricably linked to inequality in society but that then makes my views of it wrong as it were – never the less of which the annoying part is that all I say is deceitful and that it will be revealed in time and it continues like a government office attached to mine which needs to be detached and cut to pieces since what will happen when their stupidities catch up is that people will die along the way: so it’s a matter of priorities i.e. if I want to spend half of my time educating them about how stupid they are and how much they need me and of course how much time I will have left to get the job done thereafter; so none of my views are wrong, I am actually doing their stuff and we all know they will be doing mine pretty soon as well and that is actually what we are all waiting for; the fucking idiots. It’s like popular culture idiots doing the ‘you are home routine at me all daylong’ and nobody knows what will come of it when they determine when I can get in or out of my Royal Estate etc and then they will tell me the Music CDs were made months and years earlier because they never ever listen to anything anybody had said to them as it were – years before now I was their spare leader and Mr Obama was the main deal, now Mr Obama had not had it all sorted so my position is wrong etc i.e. doing my own as well is what we are all waiting for thereof. They do say I like to pretend that Terrorism is done by bad people when it is sometimes done by freedom fighters which of course is actually only possible where Politics is concerned, otherwise we would not have disgraced ex soldiers from Iraq straddle a Country they have invented which exists on a Literarily pulled down border between Iraq and Syria which they bulldozed as it were to create their invented Country that relies on the passages of Islam which encourages murder in order to recruit its armies, fanatics and foot soldiers; for my part the idea stories about me which make no sense will run and run until somebody has the power to push me into a fight with an evil person that will hurt or kill me is all very well, in the end the fact that does not change is that the gossipers and liars behave the way they do because these so called violent people who are not aware of the facts and circumstances of your condition which makes you a target because they have been getting promises from the latter and so I always clear it up if I can but generally wait until it looks like I am in real danger and then it will really kick off, otherwise Media idiots can become more useful. Its goes back to the case of an end to them pretending we are the same things as it is obvious I will not be getting anything done if I spent half my time convincing stupid politicians and convincing them they are idiots and actually need me, however when they do take my work away from me like they love to I do let them carry on and find ways of looking into counter measures because an explosion is definitely guaranteed – they need to stop getting involved with me not just because they are lower classes but also because I am good looking so they don’t get to steal my fame, I have a good personality because I need a public life, I have a good health so I don’t get beaten up by them, I have a sound thought process because I will have to run a Country, I have a good temperament because I will have to ensure I do not lead a Country into conflict and people should not continue to assume I will protect none of it as it were; they need to leave me alone lest it ends really badly as it were. It’s like the case of The Queen who has dedicated her time to taking power away from Men – it seems I have to make my own history here and nothing about it is open to all as it were, nothing about it is open to any I have not assigned their fucking equality.

They say I say so but have not taken care of the reasons people get involved with me which are firstly that the need their media fools and politicians have to get on public places and do things that will stifle my Book sales are not what my tolerance are for as I will need them when Mr A says Mr B on the left has grabbed everything and Mr B says he claims to have taken part in the first and second world war but does not look it and I have to come to a decision on the basis of who is behaving in exactly the same manner which will lead to exactly the same results they are complaining about; the rest are a matter of what promises people make to their media idiots about taking care of those who mess with them, so journalistic fools might turn up here to drive me into a process of provoking people who will beat me up by handling my income and keeping it for themselves which is a fabulous use of my possessions and finances and especially my time too – the other ones on the right are the ones that are bigger than them, when some older Men and Women want to have anal sex thing, which is where they usually become the most insolent lower class scum in the world when they want to have it on my public life. As for my own problems, it has always been an old story about Scottish National Party and Labour Party games not being what my tolerance is for besides which I am sure they are aware somebody is responsible for giving the people of this Country their stability as it were – I am fed up with them turning up around my concerns to seek out nice little earners and so on: I understand the appeal of stories about how there is nothing I can do but that is because they are not expecting somebody to be angry about the fact all that rubbish is because they checked a skin colour and found it matches mine, so they have mothers that have give children and raise four to be criminals by telling them tales about those who have things they don’t and are responsible for it, in order for the idiots to turn up to get famous while their girls want to make alliance with society barely sane and barely criminal low life who eats what I eat in order to protect them while they have go – the whites like to play the role of Mr Gay master who spends it all and if you recover you keep going round the various races; it is the Americans that like to make it out to mean freedom as if it was their lot; here the Books hurt the last time we checked but they turn up around it all the time still and we will see what I will do to sell the Books themselves as well and that way find out if they can back their own up as well; no fool is having any stupid sex with me like they assume they will yapping all over the place about some selfishness. I do not think that this matter is a crisis as such; it’s the old story about the same group of people doing what they do best and so far the British ones have stopped turning out at Industry to claim my property as their own, while the American ones and their democrats who will stop my Book sales because the Books create nostalgia whereas it was written that way to keep them out in the first place, that are still full of the same goons who wanted to maintain their state of affairs of being able to run out of pocket money and then come up with a great idea to go into the stock market with and return with £50,000 at least, while the global economy was suffering a down turn – the same behaviour exhibited on my public life that helped them at the stock market which then resulted in economic crisis because I am sure there were million others in my position, a position I created experimentally, as well; those never give up and a case of not seeing them turn up around my Books to pretend like their British counterparts do, that their bad health means the right to my public life and that we communicate with people in this Country by violating them sexually to get their attention without saying a word is the way things work; I have made it clear they know where the Industry villages are and if they are so bitter about the blacks being punished for this by a process where I cut up that stupid culture and am now ready to sell it on as well to find out what it is exactly they can do – just as the Whites are no longer maintaining a network that must dominate me first before I am allowed to do my academic work and roll my job, as they tell me to watch out what the Police there are doing which actually has nothing whatsoever to do with me since my own concerns have to do with people for whom I must provide stability in return for security and do not like them very much which is why their heads and tummy and bottom hurts as much as mine over some selfishness too; they can always go where the Industry villages are and stand there to talk nonsense about their local and global dominance on my Royal Estate and Literary Empire if they do have the guts for it; they have trained their bad health for this for years and it is the ripping up of my finances and academic work that led to this punishment where Democratic people are being fundamentally stopped where my Books and Business Empire is, which it appears seems to be the only place their ego and narcissism wants to turn up as well hence the idea that is what reality and life itself is like to make them seem justified when angry – they have cultivated this laziness of sick people who want millions by avoiding work for years to be the way they are presently and I am saying they need to stay away from my Books and keep off me and then there will be no trouble. I gathered they were fond of their sick sexual violation nonsense because I am supposed to stay out of sight and at Home while they go places with my fame and public life and possessions – then we hear it’s the Tories that do it whereas everybody knows that if not Labour it’s really hard to locate which other group all together – I personally do not care which one does anyway. It’s never a serious matter as I have said before; there might be Scottish Nationalists and all that nonsense about an evil that broke Ireland from the UK and keeps Northern Ireland divided thing but I have to provide Stability for the Elite forces that are responsible for my Government security and they are good to go with their foot soldiers who join the Military to help their stupid illness make fame and fortune with other peoples public lives: they always like to say they need their freedoms but that is always based on the fact they are okay in every way except money while somebody else’s bottom is hurting – so I have had enough of it too; nobody knows what the American ones will hate now they have had their day with a Government Operative that is financially worse off than they are as it stands anyway but here in the UK I want people to have their stability so they can spend more time on my security as I do have better things to do; so here they will say they have been dastardly and given me hell of my life but it is as incredibly stupid as ever and there are more games to play. So there is the tale of how I need to focus on what I do to gain results and of course which I do not need to do any such thing when it is so obvious that people suffer when I screw around and that means they get to decide they need to buy Books from me to learn what I trade and what I know not bully me in order ways to make fun of their incredible stupidities by which they get rich when their health would otherwise not have allowed it. It means that although they do it all the time and people get barricaded at Public transport and at the shops and every public places and start to get barricaded in their own homes until they do, the reality is still always that after setting out the products, they want to discuss your behaviour patterns before others will be allowed to buy it; so it is not as if the process of damage to Book sales everyday is a matter of what they know – something they understand and apply; it’s just that it does damage and they want to do something that does the damage, simply a case of blunt idiots who want to see how angry I can get – so when I am not focused and people suffer I can protect my Books and myself and set out to create the problems all together to ensure the Books are sold. Sometimes people run out of the patience to live at the mercy of their generosity by which they think their behaviour of vandalism can then be tolerated – why would I want to get all focused when I am always exchange that for a condition in which they stay away, it works just as well to do so. There is nothing unusual about it when the tale of what black people say runs my financial well being because of them at present; after all the first thing black people and Africans hated about me was that I held Government Office without being rich first, so we are all looking forward to the next episode that will contain what they have decided to hate next.

So there is that story told of things happening because I mess about with greater powers and that it is what we are very fond of doing in the UK but then again, it is quite impossible to see why the Books of a British Prince should be stifled because there are a Military race between Russians and Americans. In the real world however the reality that comes through is first of all that we see them being bullies at Politics all of the time and when they have conversations it is about nothing else save how Mr A is leader of 30 people and Mr B is leader of 35 and one Man’s terrorist is another Man’s freedom fighter which makes no sense whatsoever but their problem is that they cannot leave me alone as it were; that people attack me without paying attention to the consequences and then seek out self improvement from it as well because I am too much of a coward in their view to do anything about it, hence the outcome being questions about how I don’t do the Politics stuff but am able to do government work anyway, so that the fact might become obvious that people like me always create war and need to be hated by not living in a world where Men get what they want and Women can chase him around for anal sex, if he can live in a world where Men do not get what they want and when Women chase him around for Anal sex end up wanting it so much, never getting any while a Female Journalist plays games with it on Media which games the Architect of their problems can jump in and have a go at regularly as well so they can rip up people’s lives to trap them at sex and revolution no matter how it is with a big mouth and that means that filthy unkempt Americans can turn up and seek self improvements doing such things all over the place as well – so at this point of which mentioning such things will mean I get told that I am missing the point of messing with greater powers which I am not i.e. I am aware most of these matters are a function of German Spies and Dutch Spies and American spies and French Spies and Russian Spies etc – however which they are all still behaving in exactly the same way that leads to this exact result i.e. come to the UK and do nothing but get about looking for grooves and then when they find other peoples well looked after children get into temperaments to secure fame and fortune and never ever get out after – so it’s really difficult for me as it were. In any case of which as we all know they really enjoy whacking a British Prince over the Head and bragging about it, of which half the time I am their toy and for the other half they can take advantage of me to make fame and fortune for their stupid girls and it carries on until I write one and put it up on a website and crack them as well then that causes them and their Governments to flood the UK with spies but it does not change anything and is the same behaviour that leads to the same results. It’s the same tale of how I pray to God to help me transcend media to my Court and that is all given except that Men can get involved with if they wanted as well and nothing will deter them from a new found sensation of convenience because other people’s lives revolve around them as far as they are concerned and then they play up what I do and whom it affects and whom it does not benefit all of the time to make me breathless, yet refuse to realise it will lead to exactly the results they complain about too.