So I hear of this talk of how people would be happy to help me out of a problem I have dug myself so deep into I cannot get out of, if my attitude were different. I couldn’t make it out since what the so called problem really is, is that of Politicians helping them wreck my finances and keep it damaged over a period that will allow them assume superiority by which they might have a problem with keeping their hands to themselves and not assuming the right to teach other peoples lessons. The reality has always been that Politicians need this kind of support to ensure they make trouble until they get into so much of it themselves that the Politicians have to bail them out and that will ensure they keep their Politics and a need for a new country of evil and wickedness where the Politics is supposed to be but it is the way the put it to me and the abuses and insults which society idiots then pick up to play a game of the poor gay who thinks he is royalty in order to climb social ladder which causes me to handle them as well – it manages that stupid sense that I am some meat and they are the dogs. It is baffling enough that this guys have an existence outside of a process of keeping my finances damages in order for superior insults that guide towards having a new Country that will be a republic, which is fundamentally developed around being an enemy of my finances well being and has now led to the results where they follow me about as a community to ensure when I get jobs they turn up to take over the state of affairs at my work place and make me deals and much the same with when I have a business too but the main game being to rip up my finances and have this need not to keep off my Books and my Customers all together. So the irregular heart beat TV and all their insults and sons of disobedience freedoms that are designed to make me give up my faith as if this is their own lives is built on this and if it stops then they can live in a world where they had stopped complaining about it too but if it does not, they can be rest assured each time they let me see it, they will be losing it as well. The game plan is usually largely that rich people have money to pay for the problems they create for others, these fools want to be able to create this problems without money and that is why they are always looking for somebody they can harm without consequences; I know I have pushed them to a point where they are struggling financially and that is why they love to chase peoples private parts but there is also the other appearance they keep on which peddling my personal and public life with facilitate popular culture and fame based riches which makes me frustrated with a sense I am not doing enough to them as the fun of damaging my finances and passing insults at me by assuming rights within my own personal life and Royal privileges will not stop unless the problem of them existing haters of my financial well being is under control. So I wonder which is the right hand side and left hand side story we have to put up with all the time and actually have no meaning whatsoever but they think they have built an existence on the best parts of my life and will make it their own telling me on Media it is about teaching me a lesson by exchanging places – this is has to be the problem I have dug myself into I guess and they can make me too if they are not having enough freedom and civil rights, knowing that keeping their sons of disobedience freedoms and civil rights outside of my property is where their own freedoms are most of the time in the first place. It’s a simple case of doing what I do and making sure actions I take to look after myself are protected from opportunists but they do play up a routine where they set out to nail me specifically in the entire world as a concept and this is usually the point where the sense is that if the men are not saving their salaries to help stupid girls get on popular culture to rip up my business empire exhibiting themselves while they get to behave as though they were gentlemen all along teaching me lessons, things will never ever improve, especially if the aim of making them struggle financially has not been achieved. I do not think it is a problem, it’s just a disposition that sexists and Men must be made to fill otherwise I will not be able to breathe; they like to yap that I dropped out of university but they are doing nothing to control the very process where the existence of Music school means their girls can learn popular culture fame and fortune and have it facilitated by their Father’s salaries on my income – so the mistakes by which I did are not going to happen for a second time. I mean the easier way is that they need to stay off my Books and keep their popular culture out of my sight so as to stop abuses concerned with a perspective on the left which is not clear while that stupid popular culture blocks mine and takes up my time all day long, usually before they complain the Books are about them and needn’t be in the first place which leads back down to the original provocation on moving into my right hand etc which is still continuing.

So they say that they do abusive things to my Court which is the same as I do to other Women and it is utter nonsense as half the time they are making sure the purpose of their stupid salary is to help a female idiot earn my income for me, in order to pretend they were Gentlemen that allowed Ladies go first and the other hand the time they are busy seeking out where sexists are hiding in the British Royal Establishment and turning up to do my Job for me when they have gotten into trouble, which of course they do all the time since they are really stupid as well. Mostly if I have to account for it, their existence which consists of entire characters that are a threat to my financial well being exists in three categories that are likely to get done with the insults and turn out to do celebrity routine that will keep my finances down for ever thereafter and it’s the one that cannot stop touching people, along with the one that keeps eyes open for candies to take from babies and the one that makes people feel shamed and filthy all the time – so that if they finish with insults and do celebrity routine on me again I will end it by finding out what makes them tick too, otherwise as it stands they keep shaking me up which is why we are starting to talk about why Music School exists and what the purpose of those stupid Salaries of theirs really are; in any case of which it is not question to me as to whether men should be made to struggle on financial matters all of the time, so that if it did become a question there is no contest as well all together. As it stands they are living alone and a vast majority are finding it really hard financially as a result of my activities but because they have got Cars for instance and have a certain appearance they have been keeping up for years to that effect, that appearance will help them earn my income and so they are therefore always turning up at my work place to spend some of that money on my employers products and not mine thereof, in order to gain access to me and make me deals and I need them to give me my satisfaction of feeling that they are struggling financially as a result of my actions as well due to the fact it extends my working day three times as much and triggers my depression as if this was their property and that I really loved having a job all together as it were – otherwise I will continue to have this feeling that I have not yet done enough to extricate that satisfaction; as for the respect issue, the story itself is now past its sell by date and we have started talking about what is to happen and what will not in Industrial terms like we did at the Political one. There simply has to be a way of getting them and their wives off my Book sales and Company and I am going to start off with the civil rights ones as well who take advantage of all my fights to make me financially worse off and pretend it has to become a sustainable career and I will offer those Books a couple of times and tell them to beat it when they fail to buy and that will be the start of it. They do love to say I have no way to back up my talk and besides which I smell anyway; it will never change anything anyway as the backing up talk is a matter of choice as to whether I can decide what happens to my income or not in terms of whether or not they are able to suck up to celebrities who will show up on Media perpetually to keep my finances damaged and as for their salary of which that was iron clad secure until they lose it and the fun ends thereof alongside – as for the smelling part, there is a cure for that too; the one where I am being pressed down into an existence that concerns reacting to each and every one of their stupidities so their wives and community croons can creep under my skin and make me smell at will, so when they say I cannot decide what is to happen I always think they are bluffing as well.

It is not necessarily the case that I am a fashion expert myself as such; the reality is that if pushed I may react in a certain way socially as compared to if somebody is pushed in a place like the US for instance and they might react by coming up with pornography; when people make fashion they refuse to make a distinction between the two and the outcome is that they keep finding out my renaissance and going off to the US to play up a high life a result, which needs to come to an end. It’s never a complicated issue, these are people who are big enough to take it and you do need to hit them really hard until they comply as well, otherwise because they are incredibly stupid and really stubborn, they will then go off and rip up your defences and you will find out their cowardice had no limits as well the day the enemy comes through and they become keen on playing a game of who is better at dying with you. I do meet some nice ones and a vast majority of those are usually very successful too and they do not necessarily think when they had not made a distinction between my reaction to being pushed by society and that of a Commoner that is likely to resort to pornography and maybe an American as well to speak of the ones that can show up absolutely anywhere etc, they do not necessarily think that doing something excessive an eccentric will take control me and keep me pacified so they can do whatever they like with what is left of me etc – it’s an old case of running my Royal Estate Bookshop around the corner while they run their fashion across the street but what they then chose to do is turn up to read my Books and splash out on fashion, perhaps to show the level of disrespect for me really has no limits as well. We find ever to often that their need to rip up peoples finances and suck up to celebrities is built around a point at which they had developed some form of social and industrial amnesia; people like Simon Cowel for instance is a very poignant example because his case is so extremely confrontational, you end up setting him a task as per how much money he needs to become more important than you are which he is still working on to this day; his case obviously began with that story of the boys picking on the girls at school because the girls do not seem to have bits and bobs and will become more financially successful in their silly teenage view and so you end up allowing some handful of girls to handle your public life and get financed at popular culture to support and help females in academic environment, except that Cowel takes it over for wealth distribution games and does not get to share with anybody else; knowing he has become this very nasty figure, puts up some strange persona and thinks every person finds it amusing too; the story remains however that each time your daughter aspires to be a doctor, the outcome will be that it will all go to waste the very day Simon Cowel walks into Town with X Factor. So they say all I do and say goes to waste all the time and I can understand but it will not if people stop behaving as though the insults of those who facilitate stupid girls to earn my income for me and pretend I really like having a job, is the meaning of life itself – it is clear they are doing it to help these foolish women define their own version of what female equality is for them, so I suppose they being the Men will be defining their own version at the expense of Princesses all together. I do not think it is a problem on a personal basis; it just causes me to become frustrated enough to force them to tell the truth and end all that fake it until you make it games that they play because it lifts me out of my depression to know they are struggling financially and that I am the cause of it, so that they can stop making me deal and keep off my Business; it does cause enough anger to make me want to determine where that stupid social and industrial amnesia is to happen for them and where it is not. They do say they wish they could find out how Royalty works so they can take it over and there is nothing to take over here; simply a case of the fact they are all really stupid, so we tend to find ourselves in a position where we take up things others have already done and then gotten about doing it properly over stability and security needs which is quite different from having a job that involves taking up what others have already done and then doing it all together – it gets frustrating for some and we find there is always that story from the upper classes about doing their stuff for them all the time and this is the bit they are actually interested in and if they cross me I will kick them again as it were. They will say it is the reason having elected officials is important but of course we can see there is nothing here to copy, only disobedience meant to cause me the most amount of distress as the ones that have been elected at Parliament is clearly not enough for them as it were.


They say they do not want me to take up what they have done and do it properly as they can look after peace and security by themselves but that depends on how much heart break and pain makes me smell because they cannot do anything unless they graft it into my person and talk to the world on the basis of my own rights while abusing me to claim all sorts of nonsense from revolution to government accountability and wealth equality etc – it has always been the disobedience that causes all the problems and they have always boasted about how powerful it makes them. Nothing new of it of course since we know that when they get into government they know people change all the time but will invent the problems so as to make their Political careers more sustainable and in the same way they have created their present problem by getting involved with my concerns to invent one for me too. They do speak of ending this problem and it has come to a case of who has the most ability to end it and the reality of the answer is that I do and the way to make it happen is selling my Books; they have continued to reiterate that the sensations of convenience they need is more important and of course it was too. It’s like when I play with my Court and only those who tend to take advantage of them would have known about it; so they can turn out to give me the impression they want me to keep and manage that stupid history of bad behaviour for them as well – whereby the Books I write become more relevant than ever each time; they do say my activities are more of a problem than  solution for the Monarchy but that is because I find the middle way and have not got the time to ensure when I kick the Politicians the Media does not steal proceeds, kick society and civil rights idiots do not steal proceeds, kick Industry goons and popular culture does not steal proceeds but I will get there eventually; for now they are aware my problem with their sexism and vandalism at state security is the start of a fight with the famous. They have changed the rhetoric of my Mum being their greatest advantage these days the way the white ones use their families to solve the problem of racism for everybody the last time we checked (they hate my guts at this point but are still doing it, especially when assuming the right to teach me lessons with that big mouth and cannot keep their hands to themselves) the blacks however are the ones that want Money but one persons money deserves to be destroyed while another person’s money deserves to be preserved at all cost, provided they share some and when they see me knowing I do not like them in anyway and have been raised all my life to end up on the left hand side as a result, bring along that stupid culture and society to damage things here and pretend it is Politics and competition for decades on end and of course I cannot stand any of those things at this point while they seem to enjoy assuming the ending will be very nice if they do enjoy putting it in my face to see me run out of my own depth, whereas what really happens is me showing off the fact I am so good at handling their disobedience ad corruptions of involvement that I can make a clear set out debate for it too. They do say I speak from a condition in which I am writhing in my own pain but it is utter nonsense as well – the reality of which pain I writhe in is more concerned with the idea I assume their criminal behaviour the existence that is a threat to my financial well being looking for trouble all the time to talk nonsense about communities they will exclude me from and a case of honour and dishonour in my ears all their foolish lives, whereas I have now gotten them to a point where what is really famous is Money and not them which then means that I can sell anything if people are safe and that also includes that stupid culture and society by which I get to ensure their personality can be used for advertisement and merchandising too and then I can assume things from there all together anyway; naturally of which the Media insults means the profitability of violence for the bloody idiots as the tax payer money was their money as it were. As for the Media ones, the first time I got worried about them they had to lean further and further to the right so their families can be used to solve racism for everybody at the end of which they will get fucked by the racists first before I get murdered – so now they have been stalking me and bullying me to steal survival ideas as their stupid lives depend on it, the big mouth is wagging again and nobody knows how this occasion will end yet so far. Here they claim they are the ones that have been fighting for a safe and peaceful society I live in; fighting of course with the record of being friends with the same racists they are protecting me from in the past and it all comes together to make sense of when I say Politicians are insane and need to watch what they get off and make their own public state of affairs to force me to give into as it were, for the tax payer funds was their property too and all together when my bottom hurts I will know not to be selfish, which is an issue I will find time for as well as we progress.

They say I never wish to listen to the reasons people hate women so much but of course I do; the primary reason is that Women invade their personal space to corrupt and complicate it which eventually ruins their lives; what they do on the other hand is lack personal principles and seek conveniences to a point where they get involved with Church to wear whatever they like and quote parts of the Bible they think shows what God is really interested in, which always inevitably ends with them getting married on peoples personal and public lives to get covered for the homosexuality that follows around that kind of behaviour. Then the part that starts to create real social confusion becomes the one where they start to preach me instead of the gospel for instance and it tends to show their belief structure is one that says a system which puts criminals away to make a safe society for all is wrong and so is the religion and those who practice morality to take away all the means by which they can select people and trap them in these kinds of things so that people can become the sacrifices by which the problem is displaced while they become the means by which everybody moves on in order to ensure that the problem does go away; so they become these violent sexists and internet trolls when Women do the same to them as well and they come through surviving and as for me, they like to tell violent people to seek redemption by attacking me because I am an Arch Prince and that it is their offering and that they do not care how the violent people are doing it – so this kind of complain seldom makes sense all together too anyway, especially when they have other ways of making it happen such as damaging my finances and getting help all the way to the White House for it. So if I settled the issue and asked the racists if it was settled and they answered the affirmative, to ask them as well and they answered to affirmative, it would still never have been settled because it is twisted and when it is twisted the more you try to make it straight is the more twisted it gets on both sides. So these are the ones that attend Church, you can only imagine what Women put up with. So they do say Women ruin my life as well which is utter nonsense; what Women do is offer me sex and I am an Arch Prince and will never understand at first instance what they were offering and here I will get told it ruins my life and is not a good thing anyway but so is the fact they get all their power from the process where Russia and the US are always trying to blow us all up in a nuclear cataclysm and will never let anybody get rid of that system. I had made my peace with what Women offer and allowed the lifestyle to operate in order to ensure these two countries end up in a place where something strange is always happening to the ring of power which it did not intend and now I need to look after it while they need to keep off my income and the Book sales by which it happens or accept that is their version of trouble too. They speak of how I am in danger of course and it is utter nonsense; the popular culture girls never needed State Provided security and should not have gotten it and more so at my expense too – all they have done is go about looking for trouble and seeking out gangs and I want the ladies to save my life by buying the Books not a male goon who took over my Government provided security to play out his sexism. So it has come to a head now and I do get asked why Women behave in such ways because not everybody sees they are silly and very immoral people who like to think they can do whatever they bloody well wish with others, especially if they have access to Media; they did mention that they are out of my league of course and I accepted that but it was never enough and the government public life is not as difficult to protect as they love to make out that it is i.e. provoke me to a point where I have to ensure they are never free of me while they issue threats of what their big daddies will do to me so I can tell them to get as many as possible as they will need it and the big daddies on the other hand becoming obsessed with taking their stupid pictures all over my Intellectual property and public image for magazines which makes me feel as though my chest is about to explode all the time; worse case is that they end up as prostitutes and I can turn up the internet and watch them have sex in public lest I have to open my sociology and criminology text Book. That way they can get to find out how it was made as well; all the challenges and etc.


It’s never true that my Day is full of fighting and negativity; the reality is people really love to get off and do my job each time I offer them a copy of my Books and where it really blows up is the one in which they will handle some Royal sexist simply because I offered them a Book that they have not actually bought. So I am not actually in league with Royal sexists as such, it’s the old question of which is wrong and which is right as it were, I offered them Books they have not actually bought it should be noted. If they can define some new freedom and turn up with power and sometimes the White House to get it off my Public life like their usual stupidities especially for the blacks who can never keep their hands to themselves instead. So they say I always make sense in terms of the idea people are reaching for what is beyond them, which is all that is wrong with the UK but it isn’t, this is the same story of the shallow immoral goons that fill up our parliament and Politics because it is the best way to hurt people, make a mess and hurt even more people to clean up and look the part to go places and having taken that away from them means they are always issuing threats at me but will not practice it on those they have a  better opportunity of handling; they are very fond of it and will likely be the first to end up with mental illness and because this whole thing was the way it started, it has to proceed that way which means that is somebody else’s fault as well. As for me, these matters do not actually necessarily determine what I am thinking; it may mean I go to bed with them sometimes and end up miserable for a day or two but beyond that, it’s a process of debating their wickedness as a whole on being an Arch Prince and noting their cultural evil grow and grow at regular intervals and paces but which is that it cannot do so unless it takes advantage of me, all that seems to be the purpose of the Media thereof. It’s not actually the case I have only spent time giving away how mu Office really works; the reality is that I have a history with evil and every self seeking shallow Media goon was always going to try and ensure my Public image and public life ends up in the hands of gangs when he does not get what he wants without understanding the consequences; to me their games and plans make no sense whatsoever, it is just all that is normal, just like the idea that I think that because I take up peoples stuff and do it for them here in the UK, I can do the same for other Countries overseas as well; the reality of which it seems is that the way some Countries have leaders that enjoy wielding an entire Country into something that competes for my Public life because they are its leaders and want it thereof – so we see the same traits with the civil rights idiots where I would think they had won by factorising me in such ways as suggests if I have anything they have the right to have it too but we soon see them get off on an angle defining that as their civil right, gambling it all; so it has to be the one where I have fans all over the World who have very specific relations with me and when people have it cracked should not be surprised to find their own cracked as well – what I am saying being of course that I really can justify all of my actions and activities contrary to popular claims. It’s much the same with the family ones; the wives start and get the husbands in and it’s like domestic violence where you end up at the other end of the stick, so I turn the husbands over having been there was an evil side to them and we needed to see it quickly and move on and then the women will have more work to do in a world where the assumption that it is the Men that will give the pleasure when anal sex is happening is a fantasy and nothing more than that – it’s the celebrity ones to whom I have to ask to be stopped which they always follow on with big daddy threats and then I have to ensure they get as many as they possibly can too.