I hear I am courting a lot of hate from Americans, I wouldn’t know anyway for my part – all I know is that when I write my Books, the single impediment to making a living goes beyond the need that talk show hosts in America have to ensure all they say and do is about passing insults at me, complaining about a lack of respect on my part for other peoples cultural Father figures and develops right into the case of the neighbourhood bully who is head of the neighbourhood hoodlums arrangement taking hold of my market place every day, simply because a certain amount of my services are free thereby attracting his attention – lay it out like a table cloth to take what he see and feast on what he see and have whatever he wants, every 24 Hours. They need to get off my Business Empire, otherwise become more reasonable about seeing that their hate for me is only making their problems worse. I mean it’s hard to understand what stage and point my Business, all I have worked for and built with my own hands got to become something the local neighbourhood hoodlum leader who thinks of himself as resident bully takes whatever he likes from and what kind of existence that is supposed to have been anyway. I do not think that it is a major crisis in anyway, it’s just that their mode of operation in my direction shows no indications of improvement and this thing happens to my income every day, at the end of which they say it’s the nature of a thing i.e. if it is British and Royalty it is going to have narrow minded views and fall in love with oppression but of course what we see is that when normal people are naive it costs them something and others get better off – when these idiots are nave they destroy other people’s lives and so when they speak of the nature of a thing as well as it were, I am sure they have heard me mention that there will be less trouble if they know where to keep their freedom as well. We see them at it all the time like an obsession on which their lives depend and its always finished off with checking me out to see if I am vulnerable to career piracy like other people really do have any sort of right to take my breath away like that every day and then start all over again when it seems as though any new thing has only just come along. The Celebrities are pretty much in the same area i.e. how this guys create process of getting on other peoples public image and public lives nobody will ever know but the celebrities specifically enjoy doing it in order to try and extricate a condition whereby they were more than I am and leave me this task of making sure that they are not when my time could have been better spent, endlessly.

Of course we do hear that I am a loser which is supposed to be a laughing matter of concerns on National Media but I wouldn’t know anyway since there is rather a link between having these seesaw idiots who play with people’s lives and income running on Ant-depressants like it was air they breathe and blood in their veins, in order for other peoples livelihoods to be left alone by them but then again, the reality is still that they handle and destroy peoples income because they need it in order to get themselves together and get on their feet everyday and still they will damage peoples livelihood and come up with a new abuse for their chosen target every day, perhaps to show that when you try to make it straight if is crooked, the problem only gets worse – hence it becomes a question of what then drives you to that point.

Of course we hear it all the time, that I would do anything to run away from a fight and it is the fight they want to see but that has always been a matter of hunting me a decade and a half to factorise all I own and have slaved for into a condition where what becomes of it is a matter of whether or not somebody else is actually bigger. The fight will involve factorising them as well and then will they find out only, that anti-depressant for a living can be the least of their problems. It’s the same old crew – Boyfriend is same size as girlfriend and they are always out of people league and are always planning something t do to others each time they step outside of their door and it’s a case of confronting people they have never seen in their lives without reason because girl friend has needs or boyfriend whichever one may apply and so it is usually seen of them that since in relationships two heads are better than one, it is always being played out of others. I have written this at 7.00am in the morning and they have been running this nonsense for the best part of last night on National Media, so it obviously is a typical day. It’s always been the case for preventing people chasing you around to secure approval for homosexuality when they know you are a Christian and then they can make you lash out and secure their enemy for Politicians to attack and make them feel better, it is not a new idea, it’s always been the way to prevent people peddling your faith and personality and using that your inspiration to smithereens, right up to a point where the question becomes if they want to kill you for it all together as a whole; ensure they are running on anti-depressants, really beat it down.


It’s not that I do not put myself in their shoes, I do; the scene picture is usually one of a table that is about to be used by a Media fool for work on the day being polished by somebody that is not earning less than £20.00 PH and when they sit on it to report the news on the day they will be earning roughly £2000.00 PW – it is not a condition in which a person has an incentive which allows them to attack and rip up the Book sales career of that guy that is trying to make a better world, unless such a business interferes with a job that pays so much and when we say so, we are definitely not referring to the ones they report instead of the news that pays their salary either. All can see clearly that it is a certain kind of leadership they want to supply at the local communities as aimlessly as they possibly can, that facilitates processes by which they damage people’s property to ensure that there is property or lives damaged which can be referred to when confronting trouble makers, as an exit whenever they feel that their own is threatened, so that in my case, it has now carried on right through to a condition in which Politicians have trapped me in the benefit system for 15 years and punished me with a security job that will show me how difficult it is for those who get paid to protect scumbags that look after civil rights, such as these and the need to see them keep off all effects of me has just intensified as a result without them acknowledging how much provocation it causes it until it gets too serious for them to handle. Their argument that I can do with a regular job while they use my work and property as a shield for their careers is invalid of course since I am severely allergic to hay fever and do not have 100% health all together, hence the plan to work on and build these Book products was always the one that fit with the way I can pay my way in the world and they have since refused to accept that the problems they end up with is because they damage it, if they can explain themselves away with the actions of useless Men and Women with 100% health that get out of bed everyday just to show the rest of us that some things simply never change as it were; the one where there is disparity that shows those who don’t have the full health can always get to work and complain about their pain all the time, while such these scumbags do career crime and organised crime and drugs etc. So they are Media idiots and Celebrities and I can always go off and stand on people’s establishments to tell them I am ready to go any other time except the months between May and September, while people are making popular culture songs and money about me. Now it is they say, a time for them to move on as though nothing really happened, move on with lots of partying and insults attached, move on as per they stop when the quality of life of their subjects of envy had been permanently damaged without reason or purpose and there isn’t a world where it that is easy either.

They say my behaviour is very insulting for the Politicians of course which generally means they do not feel that their own towards me is in any case; to which we know they will surely respond with such nonsense as my need for respect being the kind of nonsense that can happen in a place that is not a real Country such as the UK but we all know I am so talented at Government work that The Monarchy did select and put me aside for State service and that their insults and abuses and distraction destroyed the academic work and put me in debt and is now chasing my literary empire all together. It’s the same old case of course of the fact he who wins the power game is he who wins it and he who loses it is he who loses it – these idiots were the ones that invented the whole process of finances being affected and obviously did against their fucking mates, so as to get on National Media to complain all the time about the results. They do say I am a massive internet troll; I am not – nobody knows what the problem with these people really is; half the time it’s stupid but what is not stupid is pillaging your life to drive expensive Cars which you cannot yourself deny is clever and hence they have a problem with the idea they have all that money to buy power and you simply want to make your own thing work for you anyway without asking them all together as well – then it gets better and they have problems and those problems cannot be solved unless something is wedged between them and those problems and that thing is usually a person and that person is already being groomed and insulted publicly for it and then it gets better, because of course the first time the millionaires games got involved with my Royal Estate it was about how what I am should have been what racists were, in the last couple years it has become all about black people which does indicate they were travelling overseas to find none white people who are rich to make friends and do business to make more money with and now that this bit has ended, guess where we are again if it isn’t back to white ones; so it does need to stop and there are social networking sites I can use for that too. I mean no matter how hard I work to prevent it, whenever some idiot who is famous is suicidal, what he wants to destroy in order to feel good is my income and the Media will move the world to give it to him or her in return for a story and attack the Royal Family for giving me the world and yet after that their case will change again and they will come up with new ways of hurting me considering bad news when people get hurt on their account as it were alleviates their mental illness that causes them to get rich and famous on other peoples Public life as it were – so it gets to a stage where a decision has to be made by me; it’s all how they damage mine to preserve their own as there is no other mode of existence that they know stuff, not internet troll stuff.

They are ever so busy with one thing only; grooming me for sex and violence and sexual violence and yet all I am doing as s result of my position is helping them with every goon that wants a piece of their business whenever they open hospitality doors which the millionaires cannot have enough of especially considering they control my income as well. If they think I am an internet troll, for my Book sales can always turn up for more of my property so I can groom them as well. Does this mean I am on the side of civil rights goons? Of course not, those need to clear my space and get off my Books as I am not interested in tolerating their seesaw. As I have said before, the position these idiots have adopted when it comes to getting involved with my concerns is such that their jobs are never safe unless my Business is ripped up as used as a shield to protect jobs they already have from the bad company they have been keeping all their lives and as I have mentioned before, it has now resulted in me being punished by Politicians by through entrapment at benefit system and push into security job to show me how difficult it is to protect celebrities and civil rights idiots who are famous and I want all their involvement especially reporting the phenomenon that is me or that is the patented system by which my Books are a product to come to an end – all involvement with me should involve buying a cop of the Books otherwise they will take their piss somewhere else their way or mine.

They do say my Books are not real Books, are not real Books which they are buying of course when we know they love their £5.99 novels and £1.99  music stream; I had to work so hard to a piece of writing in which every paragraph is a potential creative equity. It has become so obvious now that if their fun and games with it is not to come to an end very soon, I will become a real problem for them indeed for my part too. I hear they find my Books disrespectful but when it started it was about their endless civil rights blame culture and progressed to the part where those who are not party to hurting them which they complain about all the time are most guilty, these days when they damage my property it’s for pleasure all together even though they have not amounted to much and we do not above all see them get out of bed to check their own children for cracks that make them vulnerable to career piracy if they can live out a useless existence and ensure they spend their time cracking and checking me instead, which means that in their heart of heart, all these damage for all these years that had gotten support from the highest level of government is done because they would like homosexual sex with me and hence will do anything to fulfil such a desire, which again the Politicians do and then complain like the world revolves around them too; keeping off my Book sales is all that they have to do as it were and it’s all very well speaking of writing rival Books, if I feel that the structures patented which allow me to trade my Books will be disrupted such that selling my Books will not have become second nature to me, I will destroy that too.

So they say I am becoming more controllable and it is utter nonsense; the Americans are most known for setting up contraptions they describe as business and use for the purpose of hurting people, I am not in any way becoming more controllable – as suggested above, what these guys have done is chase me around and keep me unemployed for a decade and a half because I have long legs and they want to have anal sex with me and this is the sort of nonsense Politicians get to spend tax payer funds on as well all together but then again I am not stupid, I never expected them to make this so obvious some first day into any livelihood, I expected them to when I have been groomed to what they might think is a point of no return in years and I have had enough and do not wish to tolerate them doing business as something that pertains to me any further; if I see anything of that sort, they will be responsible for what I do with it and can always tell me I am an internet troll if they want to find more problems and after that tell me I really cannot say these things where it matters; whereas I just have i.e. I do not wish to tolerate further people doing business as per something pertaining to me and if I see any of it from people that are not in my trust system, they will be responsible for what I do with it too: - what they however mean by the right place to say it things refers to the point between society and sales people of which at this stage society does nothing for me and I would get involved with sales people at a limit, even then a business is supposed to do what it is supposed to do, not get around finding out if I have become more controllable as there is actually no such thing except what people dream up. I mean I am actually financially well off now than I was when Politicians from the UK decided to offer me as a gift to the Americans – where they have ended up these days however being the point where I am always exposing something about them that Americans can fancy and therefore demand more and more and more and more of them for – I have no idea why basic goons would assume they can control such a person by simply blabbing at Industry and Media anyway but it’s nothing new as we see they never pick on their own size so that they might not move on at a point where their victims can make something of an existence too – they want a big one like myself, so it might go on for eternity, especially when they want to show off about fundamental corruption that has to do with me being held down financially until all I grew out of and kept outside of my life as a teenager is allowed to follow me around before I am allowed to find a job, meaning it becomes more a question of whose fucking guts achieves it and whether or not they have the balls. Again, all it means is that a business is to do what it is supposed to do, not find out if I am becoming controllable or not, as no such thing can actually happen and they are dreaming. As for the celebrities, when they get the confidence beaten down so badly it works the whole thing out in the public side of these issues where homosexuals are not chasing me around even when they know I am a Christian on account their will is enforced by Politicians and Media – works so well its figures out the part where People get to my place of work to assume I should be entertaining their children who will inherit the establishment I work for and generally have no respect for anything with which I stand on my own feet and provide for myself with.

I hear I am finished at the Monarchy these days which makes no sense whatsoever; I am actually far from finished, what they are referring to is that I wrote something unfavourable about The Prince of Wales in my Book which of course I did as the game of alternative Monarchy does not seem to take a turn for the better and each time it is played out it is done by idiots with a plan for their future that contains ripping up my earnings until the Queen is dead because they have vanity for power and a plan for my use etc. The black ones hate my guts because people really should be doing their stuff, considering their need for popular culture of filth does not provoke anybody that is at the receiving end of it provided it looks good when they get rich and the white ones are always getting out of bed to see if I am cracked and vulnerable to career piracy and it’s the same story about interfering with Politics or creating the sense Men can have whatever they want in this Country when it is a false sense of security all together; I mean at this stage it has come to a point where if I eat something nice they must organise a process of making me step away from me it so somebody else might have it instead like the idiots we have always known they are. The part about a problem I have with my own people being that I need to spend all my time only with those that are actually fans of mine and that will never happen when celebrity idiots can turn up on my public life to make out they are better looking and better contenders for something or another or indeed more important – so it’s the same story of how those never improve unless that stupid self confidence is beaten right down below all together as it were. It is not a crisis, I am only stating facts around a condition where I am far from finished at the Monarchy and there is only one leader, one Queen, one Monarch.

They say I am seeking more trouble than I can handle and do not have any respect for them of course and it is utter nonsense; I can handle every trouble here and want them to keep their stupidities somewhere else and show up here to bother me with competition that actually involves a process of being a clever person. Otherwise it is the same old advantageous and very insulting vandalism after introducing themselves to the ‘powers that be’ as the nice people who do not make war but of course we all know do every other sort of evil under the sun like their lives depended on it and will now create a world where success on the basis of the profitability of violence is respectful to those that actually matter which then includes their stupid insulting ageist selves (all figured out for posterity yap). It comes all disguised as civil rights and freedom of course and likes to pretend everybody will be taken in and for then we hear that respect thing all of the time which in actually fast mostly has to do with the process where they have pillaged my Public life to enjoy stupid decadence that facilitates sales and riches and now I might tell them they are stupid but can tell it to the Rolls Royce in their Garage if I dare whereas I want nothing to do with how they make money and simply wish to concentrate on and sell my Books if they do not mind keeping out of my space; they always say that I have no chance of course, whereas the reality has been that they are really good at organising themselves to get out there and collect people’s money – they collect it and the government takes it and then keeps it in the National Bank which is then given to the National bank of the world’s most powerful economy as well and that will then keep it in their central bank and then we will all recover together from an economic crisis like that has ever really happened in their stupid lives as it were and now they have no wish to keep off my Royal Estate trust considering they do not want to collect money that they have actually worked for and it is becoming a real problem and not just for me too. Of course they do say this is not half the story and yes it is not, the other half is the number of people I meet on the streets who tell me they would buy anything from me provided I deal with the main issues and of course that does not include Media and celebrity fools anyway, those are rather busy most of the time with various games of turning up on my public life and image to pretend they have become more important and now because my Books are expensive and I have to work hard on it, have become fond of ripping up the income as well on seeing that it targets market that is concerned with rich people but of course the reality is still that if I want to sell it to rich people I will collect those and inform them of a place at my Court and then when I had ensured for instance in the world of celebrities that no producers are deploying my equity and property to make any films when I have not approved of them doing so, eventually only the celebrities at Court will get film roles when they are made from my property and then I can sell my Books only to them, which when mentioned here will have set off the sense already that I am in trouble with Africans that I could have better served with such abilities and will not tell me how to live my life by controlling my finances like it is not hurting badly enough yet and we will have to watch again how that ends too – which in retrospect is not a problem if they spend their time with the celebrities they know and are aware have a relationship with them and are likely to do things for them and keep off competing with absolutely everything that is their mate for their need to have regular pleasurable vandalism like we see them give to the frugal. They do complain alright but have they made another comment on my Public life today, gotten involved with my business without having a copy of the Books to extricate good feeling that covers them while they do the jobs they have already got today, have they done it again, doing business as per it pertains to me again? These are what you may call hero killers – very happy to completely destroy all security and build a system they control where what they do is get paid to move trouble makers from one place to another.


So they do say I am still in a very difficult situation for thinking I can oppress others, which really has no basis on reality – I am not oppressing people and I am not in a difficult situation either; the matters are still the same as ever i.e. they are immoral people who hate religious people and will likely get their support from Media and Politicians to exercise that hate publicly to a point where a social problem which needs to be solved is created – I too am a Christian that tends to tolerate such nonsense from nobody, so I have developed my own way of using the things of this world, houses and cars and money etc to ensure its purpose is that they stay by themselves and cannot move in any direction whatsoever. It gets better still as I have warned the Media and Celebrity and TV personality ones enough times that I have had to take action as well; I mean what happens is that you see somebody break down many times on a  stage because they need to be able to put themselves together without their lips quaking etc i.e. they have a nervous breakdown and a condition of very low self esteem, so what happens is that when their confidence can only be boosted if they damage your property, you tend to justify it right up to the point where they damage the income as well and continue to build it up to more and more violence and you know that it will prove to have been a stupid decision when that their stupid self confidence now entirely depends on making you suffer and even killing you, so that you now have to make them stop otherwise it will be beaten right down until they run and hide all together and simply stop being celebrities; I think about it all the time, think about whether it is the Media that have offered them this way of dealing with their personal problems but then again, even if that was the case they can make their own decisions, just as we see them do when they get help from entire parliaments to help them persecute a Christian and now think they have reached a stage where my condition is worse than the last tramp they saw on the streets and have started calling for my blood by issuing threats; the American versions of these scumbags are usually more forth coming and turn up of back corner Media to make statements that show me whatever is inside of my tummy they want all of it for themselves, making me wonder if that is the condition that has in turn made me stupid like they think I am as well. I do not wish tolerate any more celebrities on my Public life or idiots doing business in a way which pertains to me and I am sure they speak the same language as me, most of them that is too; this outcome was preceded by a warning that fully ran its course. I mean if these people enjoyed damaging peoples financial well being because it was good for their self confidence as much and hence did get into a habit of damaging their own, only to complain about oppression in Public places, you would have said that society has a problem but when they enjoy damaging other peoples own so much, and only to end up finding out they need money after they have the self confidence and that the last money they found was in the hands of the victims they have already abused, then where on earth as we to begin, never mind Politicians marking out government funds to support it? In their defence they say I never ever acknowledge the part I have played to create my own problems and it is utter nonsense – what they are referring to is that every loss that I predicted has occurred and every gain has occurred but the bottom line that I couldn’t predict is where older youths and ageist idiots and Television scum and Celebrities who have no respect for my livelihood tend to do whatever they like with. It’s like that old question of what it is exactly I want, when it is so obvious that activities I carry out which are protected by my patents and facilitate the very process by which my Books are products are not for Public partaking but every time they get on their Media they will exhibit themselves in no other way except by showing their stupidities all over it in a way that is financially damaging for me. Then we hear them claim that I mess with peoples jobs as well; if it isn’t the one where they report it instead of the news and so on and can never ever be seen paying attention to the one that actually pays their salary. As for me being groomed for eventual death however, it is an old story whereby they assume I don’t know their only talent really is murder and that a culture that continues to remain as the point where people were saving up what other peoples have grown into for the future could better serve its cause if they sell it and not threaten me lest I sell it for them, bearing in mind they are the ones that orchestrate the process whereby that their stupid wickedness in which the Men are 100% and the Women are 50% and moral people encroach on the turf of the Women all the days of their lives with a big mouth – and will put that culture in my face once again to end up with a process where they want to kill my own as well really soon. I mean Politicians can fund these things and ensure these people are able to dominate that my faith from inside before I am allowed to do my academic work and get a job but these days apparently the general lack of respect for anything I do for a living is because that is their way of making use of the inspiration that comes from it and it can never be clear thereof if what they want to do is destroy it or make use of the inspiration and then we get to find out the real target was the fact I have long legs and when they desire something it sticks to their minds until they get it, messing with everything that matters, so in my  case they desire anal sex with me but the destruction and vandalism must end and will never do so unless they are really ill, and more so mentally as well. A measure of this is the fact I am perfectly capable of sandwiching my studies and my job but the reason I never feel up to it is because they are reporting my livelihood and doing celebrity with it, hence I run out of energy all the time and tend to need more time to prepare for work than is necessary because of it daily. They speak of my sexual games with other peoples women being settled permanently of course, which is utter nonsense – the sexual games are all a process of curing them of that stupid homosexuality, never mind the fact that was actually the easier part of the job of working on putting an end to being the torchlight by which men find out the secretes of women’s hearts; the idiots we see complain all the time like these are actually the married ones, the bachelors club however are a real problem that makes me feel if they touch me too after all that, I am definitely going to kill them for it as well. It is the same story all round – evil people with an evil culture needing some way to make their stupidities profitable by violence, securing those ways with the help of Media and Politicians and persecuting me over material things until I start to bully them over it too but at the end of the day, the only talent they have is killing people and the condition we find ourselves today was preceded by ample warning, never mind the American ones who declare themselves devil worshippers telling me of things in my tummy and how they want all of it with a big mouth – they are like that obviously; once they get others into a condition where people are no different from homeless tramps, it starts to develop into a threat . it’s like the old stuff about them under belly of capitalism people – of which the female ones have marked me out as the Man that is used to clean up the mess that Men have made the world into, so they might make progress with their own stupidities, which is not unusual as I myself have two step Moms and it’s not the one where my Dad was a Bigamist either, so a process of showing professionals they work for somebody and if they bully me again will lose those stupid jobs on one hand and showing Women they want to patch up a life of being bullied by other Women through having a moral Man to bully and make a public shame of by turning up to demand a criminal activity from me after another ranging from common assault to anything that comes into their entirely useless minds that live in no other existence save what you really do not wish to discuss with those you really care about as it were. As for the business ones, it has always been all about having everything by setting me out as the guy they bully financially and provoke into saying something that is not in keeping with social liberalism and inclusion, never mind the fact I end up talking about Money all the time despite how well organised I am due to the fact I am a Christian in the first place on account they are spending it and vandalising it for me all together as it were – then the result becomes that of putting their eggs in the right basket to support the right political leaders and then getting a safety net in the form of alternative leaders such as myself who end up with painful anus for the rest of their lives – now they are complaining all over Asia and Africa and the Middle East and those stupid threats really do bake my bacon as well, I mean its liberalism with them all the time and all these wickedness which facilitate narcissistic happiness by which they sell things and get rich of course and a human being cannot tell the simple truth without Money but obviously, all comes with lots of abusive bum fingering, I am currently unable to control my bottom line because older youths have no respect for my livelihood, people want to get to my work place to abuse me and feel good about their self confidence making use of the Christians faith and so on, so the women get shown where they are coming from endlessly and the Men complain all the time, while the business ones do not know which way to turn. In the end if I must be forth coming, I have made it clear I do not wish to tolerate them turning up on my public life when celebrities any further or indeed especially having them do business as per something which pertains to me in anyway – the reason is because high profile celebrities at my Court are selling Million pound pads to buy new ones they will make according to a life they share with me and I need to ensure they have enough security for it too i.e. it is when I set it out in terms of asking people to imagine I signed one copy of my Book for a celebrity and added their names to it and sold it to them, that it would be exceedingly clear what kind of products my Book are as it were and then they will start off another system of very violent pressures led by Americans, which will simply make me a lot worse than they can ever imagine until it gets to s stage where it ceases to be as amusing as they make it out to be and their lives revolve around me basically, in order for there to be clear understanding as per why they need to stop and do so in good time too. they do say I cannot actually enforce these things of course which is not true – I have the general Media ones under control, the Magazines will be a little tricky but then again people get on it by posing for the paparazzi and if I have not listen them on my Court or if I have taken them out of it, they should not pose on my public life no matter how wealthy and important at Hollywood etc might be. It’s not that I was trying to find out if people could be nice all this while, it’s just that I never had the time and the only happy reason I am at it which I am overjoyed that I have come to a point whereby I am, is because it has become a major agenda.

So I hear of this talk of a problem I have which I cannot solve and hence they have gotten together to help me out due to a situation whereby it is such a massive liability for all and they need to be the bigger persons – as far as I am concerned of which the only problem I have is being punished for giving away my Books when I was told it could save lives while there was a war going on – now we have come to a point where people spy on me while I write my Books and punish me for not showing up in public places to be a vagabond that is trying to get famous by deploying the contents to make themselves important which makes them friends at Media and Industry and tends to suggest I am just an item that belongs to them with that big mouth and then we hear them complain as well about what I have done to their culture and society which was just the little bit of action needed to ensure it was clear that there should be things that they can never ever have in order for others to have some kind of normalcy otherwise this stupidity will get absolutely everywhere and I only need their insults especially the threats from the Television personality American ones to make this into a public matter to test how far that big mouth of theirs really stretches for their own good as it were; where we see them turn up on my public life and cling to it right up to a point where they start to threaten me as well, giving meaning every time to the saying that it is better to be cleverer than you look. The other part of the problem I have being that they really enjoy turning up at my work place to insult and abuse me, so as to get to use that my inspiration to make money and we see that when they make the money they buy cars for instance and I get bullied when I do not think I should be staring and the reason is that because I am still more interested in what I am doing than I am in what they are using my public life to make in terms of money, which creates this show of wealth I can account for better than the owners, they want to ensure that I show respect for success by learning from them how to get rich, which I do not want to do and we can see that unless discussed in detail like this, what I will be saying will have to do with getting angry and informing people there will be trouble if they interfere with me when I am doing my stuff and then sound exactly the same as gang members do, all because an idiot is making use of my Public life to get rich – so that when the turning up on my work place to abuse me and use that my inspiration comes into the picture, its purpose was to ensure when they are customers they are superior to me while the children of those who own the business establishments are superior to them and then it will worse but what they find is a condition where I beat down that stupid self esteem to a point where homosexuals are not chasing me around regardless of knowing I am a Christian anyway; my point being that it is not their life and I need them off my Books and off my public space and one more insult from them will see us get into another case of keeping their fingers off my Bum their way or mine and that will yield the result of a fight with all scumbags  in suits on this planet, from the US right through to India. They do speak of a glee opportunity to get into a fight with me of course, which is supposed to bother me but I want them off my space and off my Books – otherwise lessons will be lent over those insults of coming to my work place and my business to see how I work and do things and use it to fix their person problems, like angry career shop lifters that have had their plans foiled by me time and again.

We hear of the special relationship between the UK and the US being replaced of course which is utter nonsense – as far as I am concerned of which it is a matter of how manufacturers get to put increasingly less of my Equity property in terms of luxury into regular products that these scumbags need, especially at the Auto Industry, to ensure these kinds of problems are curbed; those manufacturers that want to continue can always develop their own equities for it of course, I for my part need to pull it back and bring it under control in Europe. They do speak of this question of whether I do what I do out of my own authority which does not make any sense - half the time, I am carrying out normal Christian activity and the other half the time I am paying attention to whether or not The Queen who keeps a close monitoring of my activities feels I interfere with the way matters are handled in the realm. They do speak of how I have ended up in very difficult situations I refuse to acknowledge I need their help to get out of so they can have what they want - it’s not true of course i.e. I have not been turned into a cultural abuse figure, they were the cultural abuse figures that have learned their place specifically on my account, I have not be made to see money through civil rights they are the civil rights idiots that cannot attack me to force me to criticise them for a living and change when the products hit the market to discredit me and rip up my finances and then my life as well permanently, I am not the Christian that cannot stop being persecuted, I am the Christian that uses material things to punish people for bullying me and telling lies for it in high places and government Office, so that they understand they can live in this world with others or they can die in it and let others be and the list goes on - I have to admit it is a bit of work to maintain it all daily; I am not stuck on anything, I am just trying to help them as well all together. So they say it would be nice if I taught people how to do it as well, which is never really a case of teaching people as it is a case of society idiots that organise themselves into a crowd of vandals at civil service and Public transportation organising themselves to follow around and stalk a 36 year old, with fingers right off his bum and lots of insults and violence and abuse and accusations for it every day – I had mentioned before for instance that a time will come when Politicians start to answer questions for it as well and they have continued to tell me its due to the way I follow celebrities around over their usage of my Public life as well, which does mean that it is one more thing I need to rip to pieces for them and settle once and for all the question of who is more important in the process as well. Hence in terms of not being satisfied with what I have, its a case of the happy Christian that has come to enjoy trapping sulky bitter twisted attention seeking goons for his part as well, so Women can warn them about me all the time too (I am aware as it is said, that I think Celebrities believe me to be a god but they actually despise me and do not fancy my character at all - the reality is rather that since my style of leadership at an Arch Prince's Office fundamentally involves disrupting organised crime, there are certain Celebrities that fit into my renaissance and of the lot of them, only a very small handful that have expressed repeated interest in what I am doing have earned any involvement with me, the rest, especially those I may have been involved with by error are trouble makers that will not buy my Books and turn up here to take advantage of my safe environment to steal lots of customers and get rich and famous but each time they are informed of what it is exactly they are handling when they become so fond of it, turn out to pretend that I am going to sit back and take nonsense from them because they are far more superior individuals concerning whom it is my responsibility to provide comfort when in actually fact they cannot make me if push came to shove as it were; but then, it is not at all a laughing matter, an ill person has to get out of bed and get to work and complain about the pain - organised criminals have 101% health but what they want to do is crime and a process where other peoples existence simply makes them feel sensations of convenience and if you meet them in Public transportation, it is as though the space they occupy is not enough and the one you have paid for is getting under their skin, getting under their nerves, it is as though they have no brains whatsoever to take leave of in the first place and I am sure celebrities will take note too; I mean their main point of complain at this stage, quite incredibly is actually their various low points, their various dark points, their various mental illness, when they are done taking advantage of other peoples safe operations environment, leaving me huge death dealing responsibility, stealing customers to get rich and enjoy the good life that is).