I hear I need to be concerned about North Korea Developments and that it’s a matter of the problems of the US and my general lack of respect for authority; it makes me so angry when their insults take such dimensions; first of all which in terms of the problems of the US, when China runs a fake economy, it was supposed to have been allowed to run its course and when people see it for what it is, abstain from picking up the products, which is much the same as the case of North Korea as well, not withstanding of which it is the same old case of American interference for the express purpose of helping criminals whose crimes have been rendered cost unproductive, to find a way of becoming more powerful than ordinary people by having resources to spend and take revenge on those who had the guts to stand up to them and bring about that outcome and this is the same Principle they apply on North Korea, worked by people who love to talk nonsense about one Mans terrorist being another Mans freedom fighter and then sending out Media scum to tell me what to do all the time. The only reason I am concerned is the insults of the Media; it is hard to see what these idiots are preserving when they rip up my Books like we see them do every day; the Books are not their own and this is not their lives, so it causes disbelief every single time. I have however put it down to my incompetence and have set up a process of managing their involvement with my concerns and whether or not they make money from it to dazzle me with the goods and cause me enough problems to make me wonder what would happen if I had it as well, so they can steal more and pretend they are more important all of the time but this is seems will not be enough anymore. They say they have bad boys in the neighbourhoods and all I can say is that nobody knows what those are always running off to the left for either for my part – they are supposed to bad boys from their own bloody rights so we can find out as well. Above all, I have had enough of these idiots and we need to reiterate the reality facts of this matter; Men do not get what they want around me, it can easily become a fight to the death as the reality is that over 70% of the breadwinning population is male and this is a corruption that creates the idea people should get out of bed and feel like spending my income, it is all very well to speak of my yapping if they want but nobody knows what they are preserving save a bit of privileges of injustice that Politicians Offer them, Money that I can account for better than they can which they claim they own, and Celebrities to spend that money on and they know as well as I do, that I have enough destruction stored up for all these three as well for my part, I do not wish to tolerate therefore any further, their ideas and their presence around my Books and Public life. Besides which are the psychological cases too where Women become satisfied like nothing else in the world mattered if they get what they want but Men simply make more trouble with what they want serving resource and power, so I am definitely not yapping and the next challenge I have to endure from these Media scumbags will lead to an outcome in which this matter blows up in their face and we are not talking about stopping me, so they can go on to do it anyway either, I am not the one complaining so far as it stands by the way. I hear it is said my case with them is not exactly cleared up, I wouldn’t know anyway, since it is so obvious that the Female Journalists I get around my Royal Business with happen to be the personalities that will be used to facilitate war; I mean it’s the question yet again of what exactly they are preserving my provoking me in that way – perhaps their social class or civil rights driving around those insolent saloon cars to pretend they are safe places from which to finger my Bum etc and feel like they live in a Country where I can clearly see that they are able to do whatever they liked and we all know enough have not died for it yet as it were for my part? They say I don’t want to live in a world where Men get what they want but I want to be a Man that is getting what I want; of which their involvement with female society was always the basis of all this mess, especially their need to bully those who live in it in the first place; what we have ended up with being a process where they gather up some stupid girls and put them up on Public appearance and then show up to get what they want and if they do not, those girls will have access to me and feel their wrath; it is hard to locate what they are complaining about when they have such a big mouth – I mean if Men are to get what they want, then these idiots should stop complaining about their hurting bottoms and live in the distraction as well like everybody else, I for my part have already dropped out of University ones and unless they want to pay off that debt need to fuck somewhere else with their fame and media appearances and do so really soon indeed as well. I have never thought the matter a crisis, I have just had enough of them yapping at me – it’s the same story of sitting in my Home Office and having it turned to hell which again largely always means to me that an idiot wants to sell my Book really soon and brag about what he cannot do, to locate some injustice that he or she can talk about and as for the one about how I keep peoples young millions for instance, it’s always the correct pitfall for a writing career of course when they do it as a society and as a culture and as a Community but when it is then Media led and politician endorsed and  very, very personal, I find myself having to settle up on the fact it does not belong to them all of the time but these other scumbags and their ideas about what I should be doing all of the time however, it seems that somebody went to work today which is why my anus hurts and my head hurts because they had a bad day at work etc on account they are furnishing me with ideas of what I can do to them if I get hold of them as well; this will serve the last time I tolerate it.

Of course they do say I am a Civil rights hater and hidden enemy of homosexuals etc but of course the reality is still that these guys do not have a 24 Hours which changes very much from a routine of ripping up my Book sales and getting on bended knees in front of a celebrity over what is left of my public life and financial engagements. So that what they construe here must therefore mean that they teach these sort of nonsense at Church, which inspires people to go out and help others that find themselves in distressing situations. The sort of behaviour that normal people engage in, if they want to become useful people and then I get told that hope is fading about my recovery of course which reality is therefore that people get involved with my Business Empire to speak with them, as well as the Celebrities and Politicians too. They do say the journalists I am seen getting about with are still my main problem but of course the Court was built for a time when the corruptions of Politicians had not yet allowed every fool who hates the truth to get off and work in the Media for the money and so women who hardly saw the world and spent a lot of time with Children were usually the main targets for abuse and violence because they were the closest thing to Saints if people were a bit twisted – it was not open to everybody, so when people get involved the way they do so that idiots can turn up and tell me about their need to do what rich people do to rich people as well and to have while rich people do not have anymore and start to think it has gone beyond the truth of it that has to do with how I spend my time on my Christian matters while they do theirs on telling people that people think higher powers are not aware of how they are doing things but that higher powers actually are and hence I shall therefore now be educated about the differences; I guess it was going to end with the sense that celebrated idiots own my public life which they hardly do according to reality – mainly the same old tale of threatening me if bigger than I am and then the fight resulting in condition where I shall get beaten up because they are bigger but inevitably always starts with telling me I am a little Man that needs to start making promises, so that when I am finished with them Celebrity backyards will lay in tatters all over the world. I am trying to spare as much fact about this matter as I can at present and we are not talking about the need to make rich people poor so they can know what it feels like when people have things that they don’t, assuming it will not burn a Country and their stupid demagogues will not change into a more annoying one because I have really had enough of these fools; what they do is find a way of stopping me from reacting to their stupidities so that they can do it with impunity and when we check up those processes of stopping me, it is related to what they carry on with to ensure that in their pockets of society and neighbourhoods they are calling the shots and laying down illegal unspoken Laws for everybody, which is also why they are always throwing around violent threats. I have had enough of it and I am sure they will be wise to take this warning onboard too.

Of course they say I speak of seeing people work all the time but the reality has always been that it is the only way to make money, otherwise somebody gave the one you have to you and I did not give my public life finances to Media and Celebrity fools for my part; when they work on their jobs Men can have what they want, when they work on me, never. The part where I get around with those I never should is where the main case has always been; celebrities do work hard and it sometimes comes down to somebody bothering you at your public life to a fault and it will turn out she only wants an exclusive right to a certain aspect and so that is how Celebrities get jobs; the rest are idiots I allowed peddle nonsense on my public life to make money because I heard if they didn’t get rich they will kill people. Naturally I will get told I have created a bigger problem which I haven’t as Media and Politics is full of rubbish and peoples Children get killed on account playgrounds did not look good for example. The Germans want to run an economic influence that says people can grab your possessions and stick it up somewhere it will not be disturbed while it is being spent by others and so do the Japanese and now they have elected Obama in the US as well – this matter was already a problem 6 years before Obama was elected and all through his campaigns the meaning of life was me in poverty and it’s been 12 years since he got elected. It’s difficult to locate how they feel they deserve to be listened to when they complain at this point. Their idea of being incredibly clever people is largely concerned with being distracting on having a history and background they can never ever be famous with and each time this affects them they must have a hate figure otherwise they can do nothing academic and seek out religious people to target thereof – so they are the ones complaining as well about the distractions they brew up which is an indication they are very clever. For me however if I am a writer and my head and mind as a result of being a writer is the special thing they want to play the games of heir stupidities with, what then happens when they get desperate enough to want my head as their property? I could never get my mind around people thinking that stereotypically famous people look like them and not me and hence they tolerate infamy worse than I do while behaving like pigs at the same time but I do know they have to find academic ways of making money otherwise I will make famous that stupid history of theirs too, just to make the point that fame is something which is for them quite impossible. I really, really cannot make the connection between driving around Cars that are bought from money made by keeping eyes wide open to take advantage of kids with investments they cannot finance and a process of ripping up my Book sales all over the Media fits into the proficiency of their stupid existence, I really cannot make it out – so it is a matter which in my view has to be decided on the basis of what they are thinking and not the kind of world they expect me to accept or live in.

It’s not an endless fight as some might fear; it just requires people to bring their thoughts so low as to consider people can be vile to a fault like these; they learn kinaesthetically and in olfactory ways  you see; so in terms of Kinaesthetic learners, the idea here starts from seeking me out as a visual learner and then building popular culture into my entire perspective, setting out stories I need to go out and have a life and get laid etc – this is because they know that they hardly remember what they touch because it is how they learn and the reality is that they touch a lot of things but tend to remember what they see vividly because they learn by touching things, I am the reverse however, where what I see does not matter to me because I see a lot on account it is how I see the world but I can give a clear account of what I have touched in every turn and this is why they come up with this vile and evil and very unsettling campaign of bullying and then somehow get Politicians to help them establish a connection between it and making money; now they are complaining of course and feel they have things that will set out as tasks concerning that which I have caused which I must reverse or stand back from and these are the kinds of outcomes they will never get in hell. I am not in an eternal battle in anyway; the Politicians I have got where I want which is really important i.e. most of these things I have always ignored and cannot remember when they become more important than my personal happiness only if I remove the 14 year persecution of me violently by Politicians while I abstain from hurting peoples idiot sons who never listen to what they are told when they get elected into government Office and have not a foggiest clue what they are doing – the rest are just millionaires that are willing to pay these fools a lot of Money on account their madness causes profit to happen to the Millionaires; I simply cannot make the important connection between these attacks and vandalism and a process where they can carry on living in such ways without problems. They do say that the problem happens to be that I handle their culture and yes I do of course – something I must do to ensure abuses such as claims I steal the aspect that was saved up for the future does not lead for instance to an outcome in which people brag at me how damaged I am to create equality and make their stupidities feel good about itself – I did and the more of it I see is the more of it I will cut up too, which ever aspects they have restored or rebuilt. They say I handle their culture and what I do with their own involvement based distractions as a community is leading them kinaesthetic learners and olfactory learners to feel like committing suicide; although I do not give a damn, it is worth considering that before then they were these people who had a way to keeping such intensive and comprehensive watch of me that they were able to notice when I finished projects and took a relaxation and were able to ensure I am doing somebody else’s own as well and that person was their community at such a point in time because I think I will ever escape from them and their needs – this we all know quickly develops into a process where people are able to split up my sensibility into what exists on the right hand side and left hand side, make it into their own and continue to make the whole processes increasingly violent to ensure it becomes a career for them and just before they finish it off with cutting up my career with Media and Popular culture, they make it clear the reasons are that my personality annoys them and that is why they want to make permanent changes to it, so as to ensure they have some peace of mind. We are not talking about that nonsense that involves creating that own society that wants to be a law unto itself and Children preserve their parents power and parents preserve their children insolence and the purpose of crime is revenge on those who challenge them while they all hate the Police, we are talking here so far about what exactly causes an individual  develop from a background that does not allow them to be famous at all in to this, if we were to eliminate the explaining prognosis of pure wickedness and evil from the picture. It is always freedom for Americans unless they are paying this price which is what I am very good at extricating too.


They say I have a view of the tax system which I have at present because I have a moral barometer to work that view with – it is utter nonsense; my moral barometer is not the main issue, the main issue is that this is the fifth largest economy in the world and it does not happen when there are no good roads and infrastructure and transportation systems etc, the money to pay for it of which does not come magically. If I have 10 million pounds in savings, then I have more money than I need because I can lay it out back to back and I will have four times the amount an average pensioner who can afford a cruise every three years and travel the world enjoying their retirement can afford – I have enough money to keep my eyes off the bit that happens to have been the taxes that facilitated the process by which I made my money, not doing so of which is absolutely disgraceful. This however is not the part that makes me angry, the part that does is that if these idiots were spending up to 70% of their time working for the fabled money, then they will have had 705 less time to get around taking money from people – what happens is that they are not working for it at all and that is why they have time to get after the taxes too; what they do is set out a million or two and buy some goods and some 200 sales goons, then send them out on the streets of the UK to double their million. They will say I am dabbling into what is not my Business but that is largely because they are not heeding the warning that I have had enough of them as well and what they will likely therefore do when finished with those insults is get after the Celebrity routine too, if they do have the fucking guts for it – all I can say is that it is not their Books I write and this is not their lives either. I understand the excuse that I never listen to those who actually help me of which the reality is that we do not communicate with people in this Country by fingering their bum, all that nonsense are things they do to preserve their own sense of power when they provoke those who have the ability to rip it up for them and then issue threats and steal my acumen on a daily basis as well and go around robbing it in my face to make friends and become popular which they like to make out means they are famous as well so my chest may feel like exploding – what we do in this Country is buy Books from Authors whose work we need as though our lives depended on it; so it’s all split up between those who have the problems and will never ever need my Books for a personal reason and those who have the problems but cannot afford my Books and those who have the problems but although they can afford my Books, want to solve that problem in some other way which causes me pain and changes requirement all the time – nothing new about it, since it was the same with my faith meaning they go off and start a decade long campaign of holding me down financially so they might strip themselves of all compunction and turn up to seek the morals in my personal life for public appearances and glorifying beautifications and I will for reasons of them fighting each other while I for my part seek out more and more and more things they have to do to keep doing so without being able to catch their breath over the bum fingering insults etc, be a lot more beautiful for it than I am at present, all they have to do is keep at it until I build a public life with the process on that stupid Media of theirs too. There are no silly pressures on me concerning which life could have been better like they claim; I am a black Arch Prince and do not have a normal life like everybody else because I really have no idea how some people might take such a fact; so I cannot actually say I was born here and grew up there and am heading here and this is the part of my life digging of which has become their main preoccupation; corrupt in every way like they are as such and you can see that if the Nation was a parent and these idiots who think they are peoples personal Gods with money were daughters, they would come home to their Dads place to sleep with a new Man every single day and it’s not just the social and sexual corruption we are talking about – so that the idiots who are always making sure I am never free from something I am supposed to do and love to set themselves out as the people I should be listening to if I want to be successful have also become convinced that I have not had enough of them as well. They do say there is little I can do about them of course but this story has always been as simple as the fact that this Office should be my Office and not one I bum fingering share with them, the corruption of my Government provided security while complaining about state surveillance as well, looking for trouble – after all they do not teach us at Church, how to get on Media to rip up peoples finances and keep it going for a decade and a half, so as to facilitate an outcome where we have stripped ourselves of all moral compunction and require the morals of their personal lives for public appearances and personal glory, so we will see what I will do with it from the Office of the Arch Prince, if the warnings about not seeing them around my Book sales any further does not have the required effect. We all know the disobedience has gotten to a point and they have their own thing to say to me as well with regards to their perspective for fame and fortune I am supposed to build by looking after problems which was their fucking right with a big mouth. They say there are economies that these goons help and what they really mean is that I was always going to be a threat to Tourism economies in the realm, the part that is truth being that their thing for insults and abuses was always going to lead to a bad end; so that the Industry idiot who likes to take up my public life and go somewhere else in the world to get rich because the authorities here are not co-operating will sit on a warm pool passing insults and abuses at me that community croons can pick up all the time and then that will progress to people chasing my anus all the time and then that will progress to abuses that result in privileges of injustice because they are worked at Parliament everyday and the owner of the economy where he goes to sleep with girls and chew snacks will do nothing about it, what he or she can handle is me; so each time I warn these fools about their abuses, what they do is go off and get involved with a strange culture and then return for more of it, while those who own those cultures experiment a sense of group and organised social intolerance with by being aided at Parliament to handle my finances; so it’s not a crisis at all i.e. these idiots are not being handled by those who have the Tourism economies because they have money, what those who have the Tourism economies can do however is handle me, especially if we communicate with people in the Country by grooming them for a bad thing, making sure crowds turn up at their place with accusations all the time, making them flustered and abused and then fingering their bum when we are bored to get violent when we are not – it is incredibly clever. So as it stands their problem is not the Authorities or the Police or even some racists, it’s me, just one person and they cannot catch it either, it gets away with everything all of the time. it does not matter if I am some rodent that will eventually have his day in any fools view; it’s not their lives here and it’s not their Books I write and they will never find the easiest way out of his fight so I can beat it out of their stupid minds every single time for it like it is at present too. I am Royalty because I can win my own battles, it does not prove anything for people to provoke me all the time and gang up on me until I am defeated; they need to stay off the poor angry boys on the streets and turn up to my face so we can find out what they are made of, otherwise clear my space and keep off my Books as they have failed to do so in 15 years, as for fingering my Bum like they are giving me ideas all the time, that will even really well all together. I am never going to allow anything clear of that stupid left hand side and Media where they have built up my Public life, so that their Politicians can be famous etc; what nobody is supposed to do is get them out of their trap, what I am supposed to do is sell Books for a living and they all know I have had enough of them, that much should have been obvious by now. They say I have a problem I can never resolve for their part and that is utter rubbish too; I have made it clear many times over that there will never exist social stability when people stab others because playgrounds are old and disused etc, there will never be social stability unless they live in a mental state that says there are things they will never ever have which other people do have since we all know it is the only condition where we find them get out of bed to live normally and let others be as well, try to get jobs and make their money that way etc –I am not going anywhere; if that is what they are asking, I have Books to sell here. They could have done their lifestyle thing without me, they were aware I had spent my own property on the recession to work on giving people a bottom line so we can draw up a road map to recovery, they could have done this stupid popular culture way of living without me but then it would not have been as far damaging as the ones they think they can do by getting involved with me, it would have made them money but they would have had no power, so here we are.


Most of these matters are not their creation, they are all mine; it is never true I complicate social issues, what is true is that I cannot stand the moving into the right hand side routine, it provokes me uncontrollably and the reasons are varied. Take the Muslims for instance – in their case the first time I noticed them was that the way I live convicts people of bad things and they are keeping an eye on me and I will get into trouble if people convert from Islam to Christianity and then the one that really got out of hand became the one about how I think I like Muslims but still believe my Government did the right thing by invading Iraq of which what I do say of what was wrong about it has nothing whatsoever to do with them but happens to be the part that exposes how far reaching their stupidities can get for I think that if I open my heart to real Men and they know everything about me I will be free from getting into trouble with them and then I will be wise and then my wise words will make me leader of Men, now what we find is that what they cannot stop stealing to do Terrorism is the International sensibility of the Royal Estate that belongs to a certain British Arch Prince that is me and it causes so much anger because their stupidities are seen around serious matters and for the wrong reasons all the time – just like we see the fucking idiots abuse Men in Public because it is okay to but Women are abused in private because Allah would be offended if they were abused in Public. The rest just need to keep getting involved with me regardless of the consequences being that they are being forced to get out of that stupid culture and society and get real jobs so that somebody might be free of popular culture scum peddling nonsense on his public life, they keep doing it while complaining to Politicians to resolve the consequences. They say the reasons are that I end up in areas of society that I shouldn’t; areas of society referring to 14 years of financial carnage for me because they are insolent and abusive and learn kinaesthetically and it only ever therefore makes sense when they are complaining like they are at present that they are suicidal but are still doing it considering I learn visually and do not tend to remember much of what I see because it is how I learn and therefore see a lot hence makes no point, just like they think they are immune to random  anal violation, which puts them in a powerful position and this is not all we find, we also find the anal violation etc is something they do to put a stop to others while they carry on and when asked speak of others having the Military and the Police and how they must have their own as well, which makes no sense whatsoever but takes up other peoples time completely with those insults and disobedience we can never be free from – so with respect to me, I ended up in Areas of society I shouldn’t, yes; the way it works being that there are Royals at the bottom of Society just like the Windsors are at the Top and so if I get a small job in their part of society, they must come to my work place to solve personal problems on messes I clean up and go from there to fancying themselves a collection of bullies who want to be famous, then get about complaining too: I need not say or point out more to make people see why they will never be free of me as well – not least the fact that Popular culture sells rubbish on my Public life as a matter of insults that express how they remember everything they see due to their mode of learning and need to cleanse me of a Faith that gets on their evil nerves. Make a promise little man is how the colloquialism works and it only gets better when they are the ones making the promises feeling suicidal all the time. This has nothing to do with what their insane Labour Party deals with either; those ones will get my finances back the way they found it in 2001 when they started their Games otherwise they can leave me alone and stay away or expect trouble – it’s a simple case of disappearing author and Books in the spotlight not their corruptions of involvement and insults they think they have learned from African culture to control me with, that big mouth all the time; I don’t think it is a crisis, it’s a matter of how much time they leave me to organise a workable pension determining how vicious I become over it as we progress; they play their part all the time spending government funds on these fools who then have a platform with it by which to tell me the sense that others have things they will never have and their attention needs to be spent on jobs if they need money and not me, has not actually worked and so it is a matter of what I must do as well to ensure they do not on any occasion find it amusing; it’s the old story of the kids that got it right with parents and now feel that they have the right to spend my income as much as I do and it is on borrowed time at this stage too. They do say they don’t know what I know but there are Millions of people out there who know nothing about the Law but work with it never the less and obey it throughout their lives – the socialist idiots I have had enough of and claim people want to share my possessions in ways that does not involve asking me because doing so would make them inferior are actually exercising their civil rights, to do the right thing for once in their stupid socialist lives.  It is where that talk starts again of the real Men that can do Wars and get me out of trouble if a fight breaks out and I am sure they are not deaf too as I have made it clear I am a Christian, bearing in mind supposing I do their own again – the Wars and all.

Of course we do hear they need to stop me from becoming Royalty but the case behind that has always been as simple as the fact that there is nothing they can do about it; the big controversy these days at the Monarchy is whether I am HH or HRH, so there is no communication happening which suggest that they can actually prevent anything, besides which the Royal Family is by the way not their criminal families all together, where they can get to stop things, which by the way they don’t so the Police might clean it up. It’s the same old story of every black female looking like the thing through which armed robbers get involved with your concerns – acting as if when they have enough partying and clubbing lifestyle after running away from war zones they created in Africa, the results have become that they have unlimited powers of treachery which means they can fuck with any flesh Man and get away with it; I mean these are things I can no longer tolerate right up to the International community’s at present of course and they are feeling it too in the first place – it’s just that they regularly assess themselves and conclude that they have unlimited powers of treachery and the same skin colour as me, which brings it on. So this present state has always been my last run with black people as such and once I am out of it and they follow me around further as it were, it will blow up in their faces very surprisingly too. The Royal Family is not their family where they were meant to have controlled the criminals we see on the streets making us unsafe all the time; and we see this behaviour perpetually, that they are unable to control their own stupid children but want to control me and it stems from that old case of what I do for a living being to sell My Books, while what I am not supposed to do is get them out of their misery which also makes the Book selling relevant to them, by letting them work out successfully how to have a hate figure at a distance in order to chase their academic work and other meaningful career pursuits. So this is me making it clear what I can become when I do become very vile about it as it were.

As for the part about there being nothing I can do; it goes without saying the need for people to talk like that all the time should always be done on grounds that they are talking from their own rights and not mine because they really cannot measure what they can do when they do that and it will end very badly when it does blow up, end very badly on both sides. They do say they are the larger persons in the matter whom I am supposed to fear, so I suppose they are in the position to decide how it ends too, when that does happen but it is the case they really don’t know me so far and not yet as it were. People do not get involved with my Literary Empire to speak with them, I cannot continue to get to this Office on an empty Bank account, I cannot keep doing so without consequences – I am human. I really don’t know why such violent and useless playfulness appears to be their strong point and such a fun preoccupation for them too – but especially the City centre and stock market ones and their Media sidekicks – they do say they are the larger persons in this matter, those insolent saloon cars and the reason my anus hurts and my Penis hurts and my tummy is not doing anything it is supposed to do and I cannot have the health to work for what they love to pinch with that big mouth. I understand it is said I am not supposed to get into this fighting stuff but I am not; I have just mentioned what the fighting would look like – what I am doing is an adjudicating process where we are talking about other people’s right hand side and left hand side on an agitation they have and that is not good enough – they have their own right hand sides and left hand sides too. They always say they are revolutionists and republicans who want to make me bow to the will of the people but of course the last time I checked their main preoccupation the low lives they are have always been female society and then when over 80% of what goes on in their stupid heads become the pain Women inflict, we find them turn out to play the stupid games we see all the time pretending nobody can inflict a consequence for it – so I wouldn’t like them tempting me on that as well; it’s a constitutional Monarchy and those of them who work backstage in Parliament better take note too – both the good and bad aspects of using the Nation to make money had been done away with centuries ago and HMs Office is never controversial enough to allow them pillage and flush my life down the toilet over a Country new and shiny which exists only in their stupid Heads. The part about HM displeasure over my progress has always been a case of information people feed to The Queen; for instance the Labour Party will travel overseas to gather trouble makers they will bring home to the UK to facilitate distant violence against me which allows them deal with their personal problems which is not what I do for a living since what I do is sell Books and we find them boast about becoming racist for it all the time but never ever getting stuck there so they can throw a punch at me, if it is better to run off to the Left all the time – I don’t think that it is a serious matter, the whole process of governing them for getting involved with me can only ever progress thus further at all time. Hence the bigger picture seems to suggest whether I think that this pathetic figure I am is actually my lot; makes no sense whatsoever of course since everybody knows it is not actually my Royal duty to handle the popular culture and celebrity but I tend to do it better than everybody else and its all by the way side because I am supposed to be good enough to support the others in that way – so the case of what The Queen thinks about me is just something they design as a useful distraction; poverty is a line and I can get on it and off it again as much as I wish to, it has its uses and if they were as clever or prepared as much they would have been able to as well, we see them prepare for nothing even though we see them hurt others over endless needs. I do understand I am an Arch Prince who goes about working to support a Monarchy who Rules by the Law and that I do not even have a theological qualification for it but that is not to say but it is not to say I am as stupid as these goons do make out too as it were; what we find is that they want to be celebrities and that was supposed to have been the good part where it seems the purpose of your existence is to tolerate them and then tolerate them to a point where they get rich and go their way while you finish your academic work and go yours – it gets complicated and open and real when the main issue is rather that they want to be able to satisfy their wickedness and their evil by using people’s property and lives and bodies on account using their own will hurt them and this is what the socialist idiots hand them tax payer funds to play with and get mobility for – so it beats the imagination that somebody can actually say that religion is an evil from Public Office where you resign for sleeping with another person’s wife for example but these are claims on which Policy has been made time and time again; they know nothing of what The Queen thinks of me. The reality in this matter is that the part of society we do not pay attention to a certain aspect of society which is concerned not with whether or not I use swear words when my Books are practically the lives of the lower classes that I will sell to get popular and rich as well but unlike them will actually be famous for it all together, rather the fact that a very large proportion of Men have become used to as a result of a lack of leadership from government, a process of getting out of Bed and preparing to step out of their door to find Women to take advantage of – so it is really tough on the female folk and not least because they enjoy collecting trophies with it and more so that the MPs are actually the paedophiles that got away with their crimes according to what they say in my direction all the time, which is why I love to tell them to get off the angry boys on the streets and turn up to do it if they have the fucking guts. All it really does with me is get me thinking about whether or not I do need to become like them, having women that I can attack when I don’t get my wants and because I have given those women access to the personal lives of other Men they can attack other men to sort their case out too and that always means I do not need it because I have enough already. We see them at it all of the time, especially the Journalists and Media personalities; life is generally lived and all about getting out of Bed to take advantage of women especially the vulnerable ones etc and so they do say it is my action that causes them to feel violated which has brought on this behaviour and I don’t care what they think anyway; as far as I am concerned they will not be using the Country to fix their problems and by the way of which it is a constitutional Monarchy and the process of using the Country to get rich has been done away with Centuries before which means those tales they tell of what I pinch has no basis on fact whatsoever too – they will not be using the Country to fix their crack this time around and I will see to it too; it is the process of ripping up my finances to put up money for fame by which to turn up and force me to acknowledge that they are famous when they have a background that can never let them be so which has brought it on; their behaviour says they will get it out of me one way or another and therefore complete the process of oppressing and turning me into a Civil rights goon, I say they are only trying to find out if that will ever be possible in this life or the next and their television personalities and media fools know they are looking for trouble directly too. I mean I can give these goons an account of where they have been and we all know it’s between age 12 and 25 for the pubs and drinking orgies, 25 to 35 for the times when only the personal lives of religious people will do and 35 beyond for a need to own the Country – they will never complete a process of being more important than I am on my public life and I am not making a statement; I know they never will; now their bottom is hurting too and they can feel the distraction as they brewed it so knowing they have a background which means they can never be famous, what I do for a living is sell Books not get them out of it. I mean most of their Party goons and society idiots have not survived their behaviour of showing that they are bigger than me and I need to show respect in a sparing occurrence that happens once in a blue moon over a period of months, they just know they are cleverer than I am if I have survived it without trouble at all after a daily occurrence on National Media and Parliament for the last 15 years – so the MPs and Media fools are putting it down to sub culture because of them as well for good measure – I on the other hand have reached a point where I have had enough and need to make people understand they speak the same language I do and that they should know what I am displeased about if I sell Books for a living and ripping up the income is their most important past time.  More or less it’s the same case of being treated with absolute misogyny by society when you are a writer; it is never discussed in the profession but in my case the Media has now led the Politicians and they all want me to be discussing it and so I had to ensure that their case was not amusing for them too. they do say I am not immune to their problems and of course it is not true; what is true is that this is a process of showing black people what it would be and feel like if I were stealing their stupid culture to get rich and famous, so I can have my thought process back and once done, should they follow me around further the prize of insults will not suffice from then on. It’s like the current story of Politicians and Television Personalities finding out I do not have Satellite TV and are hence leaving main News Channels to get away from me and I could never make out how that was necessary anyway when the easy bit is rather that when people write Books they are making a living from it and already putting up with misogyny from society as a whole and the last thing they want is people trying to find out if they can use the business to work out a process where they are able to turn off consumers at will when needed, claiming his work offers up so much prospect and inspiration that suggests people can do anything and therefore is his fault, without actually buying a copy of the Books. It started off from abusing the guy who was a grown up acting like a kid because he was a respectful Christian and then it progressed to a clean life they can put away all their mess at to make him fit in and then it progressed to the guy they harm and attack to feel good about life by getting good things in return for doing bad things to him, now it has become an experiment to find out if Media power can make people poor or rich; so the part they want me to give up is that kinaesthetic and Olfactory learners feel like committing suicide these days and it means MPs are still very keen like they were at the beginning when there was more enthusiasm at it were, on spending tax payer funds to help them chase and hold down people and force them to lose virginity and have sex first before they are allowed to get jobs which is what they have been doing for the last decade and a half so far – all stuff that is more important than a Day Job, more important than running government office for which they were elected and the pain of doing the fingering my bum and hitting my tummy routine when I have not actually had any food being excruciating as well, they discuss with people and wonder why I take it so far, yet they keep my depression like it was a prized possession on ground their kind remembers what they see and wants to own my perspective so they can be important and rich while at the same time forcing sex on me and ripping up my academic work and my Business Empire on National Media and to get out of bed to turn off my consumers on a daily basis still with controversies, looking for self improvements and self glorification thereof. In the end its the Women story with the self improvements based vandalism and I have no idea why it is always a hot topic when we all know that if Men were to declare themselves Men of Men they would make no progress with anything and then the world will behold how they are planning to pay the Bills the next we take a close look at it – these stupid women think they can walk on water and what I need do is keep a close eye and ensure they understand how I feel whenever they cross me every time they take the chance, especially the Nero ones; it is where the tummy hurts because the Media men are attacking me to make me live up to it too and hence a complete tale told here thereof as I did appoint myself to teach them Lessons too and it’s the one where we can all be normal people who don’t want to be famous 24/7 led by me – the part they will never be free of. So that it finishes off at relations with the US where they cannot settle what I am doing bringing these goons out of society and putting them up in public glare but what I am doing is very simple; black leaders will cease their way or mine to wreck my finances and promise to fix it at a later date as a way of fixing their failures in the world and the Media will be the people I have appointed myself to teach lessons to all the time as well which means I can only be happy if they are normal and do not feel like being famous 24/7 so I can breathe the free air and ensure I have a hold on things I have done to see that criminals do not become more powerful than normal people due to availability of resources to them, while the Americans fix their Economy and struggle with North Korea Nuclear Armament. So it comes down to the one story of how I always find ways of punishing people for messing around but it is the kind of incivilities that result in making stupid people famous; where people are supposed to get involved with me by buying my Books whether or not I have actually read out every single word to them to a point where they can memorise every one – when they go to the market they are paying the full price and that is an end to it. I mean who would have thought that abusing those who have their hands full with public matters could actually make people famous but now it has and their main point of anger was that I took steps to ensure criminals are not more powerful than normal neighbourhoods by denying them resources – it completely beats the imagination without contest and is an example of the reasons these idiots are poor because so do we also know when it comes to anus and penis insults and using people’s lives and body to satisfy a wickedness their skill is unmatched, in contrast with the fact if I actually gave my Books as an asset to a Company, I would end up with a lump sum of millions even if I may have to return regularly to update them on my position so that they might maintain the property equity in the Bundle which they paid for and yet if I wrote it so valuable and worked the Intellectual Property Administration company so everybody can buy, I end up cash strapped with a Broken heart as a result of the totally exasperating process of meeting foolish men upon foolish men telling me they were not expecting me in that part of the world where they were being me to secure their bread and butter and hence will I suffer for what I have done bursting their bubble.