Of course there is no real way of falling into traps set about by media which ensure I leak information by which they can get rich without having to get out to get real news to report for their purposes is not really based on reality. The truth is that I basically get provided for with respect to security at the UK MOD and so get to work with my Working Court to operate my business and this is what my job really looks like. Nothing which suggests a bloated office full of information media can steal; that is usual Media vandalism before their CEOs complain, which they seem to do globally these days. As for the Politicians, with respect to their abuses and how their followers take it up to have lifestyle they have never had with stupid women that are in love with money, I am waiting for the next Politician that will tick me off and then it will be a race against time to see who becomes homosexual first but with respect to the media it is their parents one that look like the insults they hurl around. 

It must be seen that my view of these insults is that they are a product of what people do to confiscate the Global and Public notoriety of my work due to largely the evil nature of their upbringing but they have their lives which they have refused to spend time with, which I also intend to deploy in order to recover the work and carry on; this is becoming complicated however because the reasons they did it was not their usual greed but the desire to prove a point, about which so money money extracted from my work and property all over the world has in my opinion gotten to their heads.


There are these claims swirling around that the UK Government borrowing rate before the coalition government came into office to put it under control was a matter of the economic crisis. This is something I wish to clarify and wholly dispute as well  because what really happened was that the Labour Government thought it was perfectly alright for the government to be borrowing over £400 million everyday over claims of an economic crisis to meet the needs of an acquired taste, what really happened was that they had decided to set the government up as competition with Industries as the primary source of Jobs in the Country using Money collected as taxes from Individuals and the same Industries in what was actually a mixed and primarily capitalist economy and the result was government spending money on endless ventures such that whilst in an ideal world when an economic crisis hits, it is employees and industries that suffer and bear the brunt and not the government, the situation with them at the helm was the reverse and of course they were so high at it that when the economic crisis did hit, they sat there doing nothing – any movement was geared towards giving money to Banks instead. Bringing home to roost thus the other side of the matter which is that having been that we are now years into the recovery process, if the economic crisis did affect the government to such an extent, suggesting that even money belonging to government was not safe at Financial Institutions, there is no clear answer to the question of why we are still taking so long to attain full recovery, bearing in mind that the government has global reach. What I am saying is that the economic crisis was in this case a financial crash and it is not true that everything can be blamed on it thereof; the way a financial crash works is that people like to play games and gambles with Industry money and stock market money and the outcome is that the system is maintained by a steady flow of a certain group of people that cannot chase up insignificant money they lose because the risks outweigh the benefits and or do not notice that they are losing that money and or are aware that they are losing the money but there is nothing they can do about it – this was to ensure that the stock market and financial Industry casino were sustained whatever happens; hence for there to be a problem, these particular group of people will either run out of money or will find ways of chasing up their money and recovering it – according to how deep the financial crash was, what happened was the former and not the latter; so for people to say that Government borrowing rates was a function of the economic crisis is wrong, what happened was that the Politicians involved were playing around, they thought it was a big party until it blew up.

I will start the main risks here on the matter of public finances being a major thing for me to worry about through media on account people know where my books are and my company is and can use that to peddle me to get rich with help from their Politicians. This I find incredible since it is clear that in the UK for example the government with respect to important International relations with the biggest trading partner spends about 8 million Euros in the Eurozone and gets less back which should become a major problem with respect to whether or not I sell my books because they want to be the ones selling books or indeed anything else they like until I co-operate but tax evasion last time which checked costs the government of the United Kingdom just within the region of 40 billion pounds if small and big business tax evasion are summed up. They know that what this means is that the reasons it is easy for somebody to set up a two storey complex in which he trades with the people of the UK and pays his taxes somewhere else because the business in the UK is part of a larger global brand, is because of what they have refused to do and that the only explanation for that is that they have got their own tax evasion arrangements as well i.e. because they want to pocket some 10,000 pounds the Nation is allowed to forego 40 billion pounds to tax evasion but are hounding me over what we pay into the Eurozone and how I will not sell my books until I co-operate with their desire to change things and ensure we get more out of Europe at what I have checked my time at this point to be 2:am and yet these idiots do not have any means of sitting with me on a table to have a conversation because all these matters are being handled on an arrangement based on the fact they are the most insolent scum in the world, therefore with respect to people knowing how to crack my royal property and release equities for their purposes which I need to make a clear statement about, it is very likely I will come across those their stupid tax arrangements and will completely destroy absolutely every bit of it. Their fame idiots have spoken endlessly about plans they have which involves how they will grab all the money in the world and the blame will be placed on my company and then people will take it away and own it along with everything else that belongs to me but of course doing something about their selfishness and their wickedness and their Godlessness was not work I should be doing for the Church as it were hence this is clearly not an arrangement I find to be one of the best in the world as it were. The facts about them shows why they are such an angry group of idiots because if I were of a group of people who do nothing with my time but seek aid money from Politicians and set out to ensure I groom somebody else to be the object of sexual abuse for he pleasures of those Politicians which I then leave to my community croons and set out to get rich and famous, then made out that I want these politicians to personally own all the funds of the tax payers in the world which I will then blame on my victim that is a Prince who is trying to take away from poor people what little money they have left to sell them books, I would be a very angry person indeed because it means that after I had lost everything, somebody takes away what is left to leave me with some education and I am really not trying to sell them anything whatsoever – nor are we talking about their complains with respect to unemployment because of course when the going is good what they do is settle an institution sense of the notion that living on unemployment benefits is preferable to getting  employment when we all know that with respect to financial statistics for the lowest paid workers, waking everyday to misery in return for about 150 pounds from the government week is as different from waking to a job everyday in return for 40 pounds more than that every week, as bricks are from fruits but they will have it their way and I of course personally think it is not hurting badly enough yet. As for pinning anything on my company, that is where I think they are playing games that are bigger than them like grooming me for the sexual pleasures of political scum whose corruptions they have approved in return for aid money, in order to earn my income and leave me with nothing using the fame industry and a process of laying claims of ownership to anything I do about the sexual exploitation itself. For some of them the obsession with talking to me and or addressing me is a factor of skin colour I share with them which is therefore my curse as well, so that when I say there is nothing they can do about anything and that with respect to addressing me I will soon have to shut them up, they suppose that it is some kind of a big bluff. The reasons i have taken no actions at present is that I have taken steps to ensure that abusing me does not make people any money at my expense so I don’t have to become an evil man and the effect is that each time I squeeze the global economy I discover they have not made any profits from those monies they have stolen from who knows where treasuries and this is an okay arrangement; as for the fame thing on the other hand however, they say when people complain about the effects my actions are having on their earning power I get worse but of course it sounds as though they are unaware that by my standards I would want music CDs to completely disappear from the market and so I assume they are not trying to create a message that suggests that I don’t know my actions are leading to a condition where people end up selling lesser and lesser of them every year as it were, which is utterly wrong. There is nothing there for people to worry about; all the money they have at present is a product of some a tax payer money somewhere in the world and it will never make profit around here or indeed anywhere that I have concerns on this planet. When they are finished with their terror and blackmail, then their governments might decide to let us free by hitting everybody with currency devaluation which will be a process of a collection of unnatural and self trained psychopaths making their last mark on what does not belong to them.


Firm Book sales and Property Assets at British Government Operations written out in Functional Aesthetics 


The prognosis of politics and its fanatics is mostly that the general category of individuals into which I fit want to have things without a process of having money for them and that we basically think the world will sort itself out and things will work without money, we want friendship with businesses without having money to buy products and then create problems for people when they are tired of it. The reality on the other hand is a clear and certain glee that must be deduced from their obtainment of an observation of the debtors knock on the home door. The result is that the United Kingdom Economy is the only one in the world to be updated out of the recession - this is not to say other economies are not doing well or doing better but the UK one is the only one that is updated from and outside of the recession but at the same time the only one in which the Politicians want the economy to work with them and not the other way round, as well as the only one in which the Politicians collect debt and not manage public finances for a career; for how the intellectual property administration in this company is operated to hurt them there will be no apologies and demand for such things can only lead to an escalation. There is as they have got media to see to it thereof as they do, an attachment to being challenged via the lewd and pornographic acts therefore. As I have mentioned before, there is never really a reason for any of the Four groups of 'Common' employees, Big Companies, Small Businesses and the State as an enterprise, to have an unfair advantage over another, unless the Government is doing something wrong. 

With specific reference to HH this contains the two matters of HM The Queen Protecting him because Her successor shows plans of running a show government on the basis of how she is a Woman but have not been doing things that women normally do for all of Her life and HH is therefore the Christian from whom the corruption and big show government should be measured. On the other hand some things the media has brewed a story of irresponsibility from, by which HH is therefore stuck in their side of society and if he is not they can make it up. The other question therefore being that of HH being unaware of his fighting skills - with regard to which Ones fighting skills are are integral trade mark of his Royal Estate and something that offers job satisfaction and pleasure for Soldiers that wish to follow him - the only way such things can therefore be discussed is of course a statement that makes it clear people have their Popular culture and One has his books and they need to get their selves off the sales but of course that would have sounded too apologetic, nothing contained therein to put the savage right and understand a civility. 


With respect to questions raised about the necessity of my actions and in some cases my lack of accountability, the evidence I present here has more to do with the fact that the process of getting along with people who feel entitled to cause me some form of pain or suffering or make and or see me do something which will cause me some harm either to look after my self or for their own ends, means that getting along with Popular culture firms does not exactly and actually operate alongside government interest; it has to be one or the other not a middle ground. However it must be managed the Government property they have at their disposal, such as taxes and in the case of this firm, its products which its owner has the absolutely right to control especially with respect to every single thing that happens to it and more so because they cannot be trusted and if there were suggestions they could be, there is evidence to show that is not the case anymore.  

The standard procedure remains working with the Americans and any Muslim allies that we can find, to ensure the vandals and idiots do not exist in our mainstream and public lives and try to keep their intrusive and insolent opinions to themselves. I should suppose that unless people want me to act to have a means of governing their finances, they will try to minimise media abuses in my direction designed by them to redefine the manner in which the best live styles in the world are distributed and build them thereof a history to such an effect.


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This matter has always been mainly concerned with current equities and Intellectual property space deployments in London and other UK Cities and it is a lack of a process of publicly displayed administration which I refuse to gratify as well because regard for my work would have easily solved that problem for people, whether or not they have derogatorily behaved towards me in such a way as they can personalise things that belong to me with respect to the poor aspects of their activities and certain things they might have done in it, such an an item which is what they regard me to be these days but an item relating to addiction. It is not unusual either, I have been a Christian that people hurt to get good things in return because I have no choice while it becomes gay and abusive just in case I decide to defend myself, which is bad for my health as well.So the idea that my work and or property will be deployed for the gratification of Politicians by idiots that need aid money from them on one hand and then deployed by get rich quick freaks who like to think it is amusing to them to inform me of ironies that suggest the business world is not corrupt at all, which I do not find amusing as there is nothing between me and them to have a conversation about, is the way anything operates is a labour under a misconception by the really mad fools that engage in the activities that bring these conditions about. It is my property and they will always be made to understand what it means for a thing to be a persons property, whether or not they are desperate for as they like to claim, such things as love and affection and of course attention. Besides which facts prove that the harder it is for them and for people in general to attain or acquire fame is the safer the world we live in - although we should try telling that to the Politicians of our time, perhaps out of curosity as well. It would never have been the first occasion that the plan of setting out girls that do damage to society in order to get rich which is then blamed on the inferior races that have come into their country while the men who back them up with muscle deploy the same muscles to bruise, attack and brutally murder these so called inferior races and it would not have been their first clash with me either. It is not important that they are able to crack the royal properties of white Royalty to get rich and try to make more profit with their incredibly irresponsibility that accompanies their selfishness, wickedness and Godlessness which shows itself in the sense that I cannot sell my books to them despite the fact it has become the meaning of their lives because they have already made plans to acquire it anyway and of course cannot to anybody else because it is not their property in the making with a big mouth. I do not want any of it around me and I am pretty sure the insult of addressing me will at some point kick off how I really feel about the fact and have made myself an experimental figure to show enough evidence as to why there should be no selling of music CDs for example at all and more so because it is against the Law of God and it is evil nd perverted and for what arguments people have against the laws of God remains the fact it takes the destiny of the wider society and make a lipstick on pig out of it because it is how they want their thing to be and like to claim the fact people do not want to be dictated to was the reason, about which I like to say those that go along with it to a point of attacking me had better continued along that path as well, it is the reason I let them do as they wish and more so until I have a personal reason and only one such to prevent them.


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