The question asked endlessly of course is whether I know how to do what I do because I am threat in my own right which means I have a character that I have not explored waiting to explode someday but its largely as they say that psychopaths are not bad people, just not guided by emotions and tend to see what others are doing clearer than most people do, hence those who spend time among bad things see it clearer and are likely to respond violently, those who spend time among the good bits see it clearer and are likely to appear formidable like I do. What these trouble makers do is show up all over my concerns to claim I have damaged some culture and society with youth and country people on their side as a crowd, the purpose is then to ensure that they use this as pressure to spend everything about my person and my work on themselves and it tends to happen like a joke happening everyday too, which is also the reason they complain about me every day, especially as I have noted the life savings invested in high street shops, which I can cling to as a culture and society associated issue by which to get what I want the way I learn it from them all the time against my wishes. So, once I had successfully created this world where I am never distant from Celebrities which means there was not enough money in the world to let them play up a gimmick of wrecking my life and performing some talk to the hand routines, I started to take the fact I might be a psychopath myself quite seriously. They however do claim I like to make out that I am when I am not, reality of which is more a matter of the fact I have simply for decades now not given up on the emotional business even though it makes me smell like my loo, hence their case in the matter will be the part where I crack them up so they can feel the abdominal discomfort as well. The story is one of how people I have refused to handle are causing me and everyone else trouble at the Monarchy while reality is more a matter of how they had taken themselves so seriously concerning insults which is about telling me what to do and how to exist and for me it’s a simple matter of when I move them on it will be on social media to cause the max amount of damage and if they get killed by National enemy I am never going to get away with it all together. I do get told that I blow hot and cold on the matter which I don’t; the jobs are good, the bit where they bully people to get to the top then wreck my academic and finances with violent distraction and a process of making an oaf of themselves at my expense talking about violence all the time, which leaves me seeking cash from the jobs market and being exposed to what people want to do with me to get to the top by copying the way they got there while they have rather become convinced they need to find something for me to do that makes me feel safe and comfortable all the time, is not. Its an old case of the fact they are deserving of fame and fortune due to their big brother and big sister disposition and I am meant to do the nice things I am taught at Church over and over and over and over until it becomes a Public sensibility so when they wish to get rich quick they get rich a lot and very quickly too – but again if this is what happens with people who are famous, it should have happened to me naturally, not by means of them grooming me for it anyway, so I am not of the opinion I had done something wrong with respect to how I have responded either; I mean they have no form of transactional or financial relationship with me but the work of building barriers to a process where I complete my academic work due to a need of theirs to make use of my personality and Public image basically does nasty things that keep me off doing so and this is how it really should be seen.

The part where I seem to understand what City centre people get up to is not really the case, I do not; they are professional at work and unless I invented my own text book to read and pass the exams at school, then my studies affects them in some way. What these other goons have done however is eliminate the romance that existed between City Centre people and the Universities being nasty bitter fools that suck the life out of everything once they had inserted their tribalism raid that helps their MPs spend tax payer funds on wrecking my finances because they want to behave and talk like me in order to compete with white counterparts, while the whites who think they are racists are just being destructive – what they got as well is the business where having access to people while they are at study to deploy some talents that would be of no use to them if they had to wait until the owners graduated, is no longer available to them – sometimes its just sad since we lose more and more of our humanity if we continue like that but it will not be sad for long if the objective is to get them hanging up the hat as they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing all together, the same way they claim I am doing more harm than good but some will say my work is better than it looks. The Media ones and their abusive women at the City that they spend time getting married to as though they were preserving their gene pool claim I have taken up what they held dear whether or not it is mine which is irrelevant with that big mouth and then gone off to play around with people that are likely to create war but it’s the same as when they describe some people as toilet women while the women who provide a certain kind of leadership that shakes women up and gets them out of the closet having been they have experience of child birth will see all sorts of new and gay popularity nonsense show up on their lives if they are not either stuck in Libraries as assistants or just stayed out of Public life; so in my case their bottom hurts but there is nothing I can do as the academics and finances are damaged and they were determined to have my Books without paying for it; what happens with my work meaning that I take more time to deliver and the sense emerging that it would be nice of them to get involved with high society at their expense and that of their families that are blissfully unaware of this nonsense. For some reason I have ended up with a reputation which says that everything I do to recover from damage they do here is being done to make me financially and socially better off, especially when the Americans are providing leadership for that.

 It’s like when they had started suggesting that I am the means by which the British Civilisation is tearing itself up from inside; reality of which is that no part of this Literary Empire is either their own or that of the British Government and if they wind me up again around the case of whom they decide The Queen can get involved with, I will kick their own again too – which notwithstanding I am the Queens Arch Prince never the less, it’s just me putting it all together for their stupid minds, it makes sense of the advice they need to get off my Books and clear my space you see.  The big idea has always been what it is but the reality of it will never change anyway i.e. that when they rip up peoples finances and hold them up for years, extricating the most intense feelings from them to make popular culture that will corrupt it and make such persons more popular culture orientated so they might dominate the world so to speak, it is to be accepted that they do not know what they are doing or indeed that it all did not come with an operative plan. It’s the same story all round; Journalists will sit around and simply feel like dominating people which means they travel off to the poorest places in the world to gather in those who would follow anything and what comes with it is historical tragedy – same with the Celebrities as well, I just had to set out this means of making the facts around it clearly and publicly available to the masses so they can let me be with their insane media too. People do need to stop interpreting the fact that I am widely hated as a sign that I am sourcing the destruction of the British Civilisation and do need to stop telling me where my lot is meant to be as well all together, it causes so much provocation anyway; it is largely the same old story i.e. you do not have a normal life when you are Royalty and that means that while the Middle Classes and Lower Classes have a Country you are meant to govern one – this means you start with stones and trees and rivers and when you are done will you be ready to govern human beings – I might have been governing trees and stones for years therefore, it does not mean I am partial to these goons who make out when the UK has interests they can share as well by means of their society idiots stealing information and quality of life to offer as prerogative to Politicians with a vanity, then pretend they do not know what they are doing as well. I do not think that mentioning the matter is a security breach either, at this stage the UK has now settled well on what it will regard as allies and I am sure people are aware that the fact somebody is allied to somebody else is not the same as a suggestion let alone an indication that the person is the enemy of the other; so I am sure that when they suggest it, they must have worked out very clearly what they are saying too yet again as it were. In the end we see these insults and bum fingering all the time suggesting they want the peace and the prosperity and so on but when finished we find the same idiot off to doing exactly the same things that go round in circles and lead to the same bad results.

The other side of this story is that I have shown myself to be a threat to Americans, which really has no basis on reality. The reality of which is rather that I was supposed to have provided certain Equities that will allow people to sort out some quick security for themselves in the US, right up to something people can pay for at the Cinema and so on but the whole System has to be destroyed by the Obama Administration every time they have a function be it government or not, hence I am rebuilding where the damages have occurred. For their part, they have been unable to protect even those they regard as their responsibility from the threats apparent, what they want to do is remove guns from peoples lives but still have failed to provide the security which people claim they have guns to provide for themselves and it is not the only failure, as they have so far spent more than 8 year showing the American People that their Economy is so supreme that they do not have to work their way out of a recession, when we all know the only way out of a condition where a Country has no Money is when it works for some and saves up a disposable income. So they say its a matter of how much the UK works its way out of recession too, which is a simple story of what I had done since there was no way to prevent American leadership of vandalism compounded by a condition whereby I was labelled spare leader too: - what I have done to ensure that after providing the platform to allow people work their way out of a recession, I was then able to decide how much time a person spends in school and then college and then University and how much that costs and what might be their average profit and how the entire system can be protected, considering that it is not cheap; this means that I have the ability now to decide when they are Economically overactive or not so, after all in the end its a matter of working for it and saving it. In the end, if the Bankers and City Centre operatives were to tell me that they will now take up 6 months of their time and get around the world finding out exactly what their assets and liabilities are, then another month after that to securitise their position in the Markets and another two Months after that to develop their systems and come up with an honest clearly set out plan of where they work best at the barest minimum and hence the point at which the advice People to invest with them thereof, I would have called it a bargain but what they wish to do instead is sales and its profitability of violence and friendship with American Casino Economy, which is all very well but they will have to get done with the profiteering vandalism and then conduct the Celebrity routine after that, so I might find out what they are made of too. Relations with Russians is a little different in the sense that most People from Russia are Fans and they generally always take up any effect of me and do it on my behalf to ensure it does not become a danger to them as their leaders are rather unpredictable and very vicious - so there is really nothing to quantify in it and all I can say is that I need to assure The world that I know what I am doing and there are no risks to this even as I have mentioned it here thereof, thus now that I have to look after it, the state of affairs is still that of People not cracking it if they do not wish to turn out on Media to complain like we see all of the time and this is rather similar to the Chinese Position. The Mystery one is Japan but that is simply a matter of Temperament mistresses whom I have been keeping off rebellion against the American interests in the past 6 years at least.

Now there is talk of the Universal credit system as it stands and I cannot make out what people think the problem with it was meant to be – they say the Government would rather work for big companies and thinks nothing of poor people and families but the previous government spent tax payer funds to wreck the finances and academic work here, so that the personality may become a plaything for popular culture goons, how so much better off I would be if the money was handed to me as a lump sum at the Benefit system all together, bearing in mind that this took 9 years of my time to accomplish. If I said it had become a matter of what I must do with society goons and their children running around the academic system to keep me out over claims I am too old for it, while their industry goons damaged the University studies the first time, trying to ensure I respond to them in a way that gets racists active and that they were train riding their insanity for the purpose of getting rich in the city all over my earning margins and public image, as their Politicians helped them to the way I speak and my personality so they might become proper British people; how is it that people have time for this nonsense and then accuse me of supporting the Universal Credit because I am on it, while the previous benefit system was their greatest ally, especially when it comes to targeting people they have already damaged to cause a bit of stink while building shopping centres? That after all these years of vandalism I should be unable to simply say that Universal credit had changed something?

About which facts they likely make out I have all the facts as though I really can do something about it, while the reality is that the only other group of people with this behaviour are the racists and they are usually the first to decide that people should be doing something about those. Its all a train ride on the literary empire I broke up to broker equities with companies during a recession because my products were Books and therefore very flexible at the market, what will not stop is their need to show up on my concerns and extract incomes and job roles from this Estate with Media and the city centre while my personal aims and needs do not mean a thing to them in anyway whatsoever and now the warnings to keep them off has been running for years as well. The truth of what I can do about it has always been a matter of the fact that every body from every class of society in the UK gets involved with high society but the only reason these guys do is to make a mess of peoples lives and then I will say hey Madam how is the Tea but the Tea does not work and something violent has to be done, while I can only do something about the problems in a matter of weeks during which time people had gotten wasted, the point being that they ought to get involved with high society using their own lives and not mine like we see them do presently and then blab about what I cannot do about it like that.

It is usually suggested that I am fighting a losing battle and that I come through for the Politicians when they are my biggest problem. I am not actually fighting a losing battle as I have got my Books Published and have some access to the Public, I have a side job and am about to put an end to everything that is responsible for keeping me off living on student loans, graduating and securing myself a proper career to talk nonsense about its problems and how it is equal to me the whole time as disrespectfully as possible, National Mistress at its best I suppose and somewhere along the line judging from current state of affairs, I am going to reach a proper decision on what needs to move on, then those lies that mean they can talk to people about the evils of my Books without being factual especially when they have support of Liberal America will be worked at a limit and over their own public lives and career prospects if it meant to much to them. The Politicians I have never come through for all together as it were, its just a case where government decisions have been made which suggests some at the Government buildings think that the Civil service should not be used for these sorts of nonsense to make a mess of peoples lives after the best plans of men and mice had been laid down consistently for years but having said so, they are still the same architects of anything that adds up to beating me down so that I become so weak I tend to share what I have then too weak to provide for myself with it all together, which is what this nonsense is all about – concerning which their bottom hurts and there is nothing I can do about it because the finances and academic work have been damaged, bringing them back to reality just so they might find new ways to tell those lies all together and get their society goons starting businesses that allows them to name themselves CEOs with an elbow on people’s tummy and a need to chase peoples bottom all day long, blabbing about what I cannot do about it as they go along. No end to the story will we ever get, that I have a need to control people; the truth is that doing government means governing and its always going to be a matter of successful people, young people and the goons that are of the same age as successful people but were not successful as the successful people, I understand the matter back to back and hence it costs me nothing to let them enjoy that sense they are winning from time to time.

Now they say their lives are under siege and there is this complain that shows up with the Politicians everyday about it but I wouldn’t know anyway, I am not the one spending my time passing abusive insults at and sexually berating people who are young enough to be my grand Children, rip up the academic work and finances and generally tend to show up in Public places to act as if that was not a serious thing – besides which if insulting and abusing anything Men was their game, they have a husband and children to spend their insults on and I have no idea why they are always inventing one back breaking work after another that I am to be made to do which is of a violent kind and the purpose is to make them feel more comfortable anyway, we all know the fall out if damage to my academic work and a need for them to follow me around at academic institutions alongside that which adds to a need they have to show themselves up around my Books all day long; I am sure it is simple enough that if they stopped following me around and kept away from my Books there would be no lying scheming nonsense about making me and my literature an enemy of theirs that they can exploit with government Office to get rich quick with that big mouth that then puts their lives under siege anyway.

They always like to brag that there is nothing I can do about it hence nobody knows why I bother but I am not the one taking away the breath of politicians on grounds my life is under siege here, these goons who rip up the academic work and then ensure they cannot keep their hands to themselves making me smell like my loo so I might never complete it while they build my disposition up into an atmosphere that contains what they want to become, that they can key into, to achieve anything they want, are the ones making politicians breathless complaining about me placing their lives under siege. The reason is that I had made it clear the personal life and the public image and the personality is not for sale but each time I turn my back they are back in with this atmosphere they have built up again trying to do some filthy stock market and popular culture and politics money grabbing gimmicks, blowing off that big mouth at me the whole time.

Where we have ended up since of course is that when you have something doing with Royalty, anything that involves corporate interests is likely to be of a government kind but time and again I am stuck with fat cat issues, so the damage to my finances has ensured these completely irrelevant matters took centre stage and the various forms that government have taken, corporate and State are now merged since there was enough insult and abuse to get me finding out what they would do if it were – which is why they show up near the Politicians to support their theory that they are more important than at Arch Prince hence the reasons they cannot keep their hands to themselves every day. It is the same way these idiots who think they matter so much showed up at University to seek ownership of the ways I handle sociological matters concerning what I was studying and brought their friends from overseas to bear as well for good measure until I dropped out and all they have done since passing the exams is this nonsense and the busy body media insults supported popular culture, politics and stock market dirty sales that it facilitates; the outcome like they make out they do not know what they are doing and need to be educated besides which could never stop telling those lies to buy time and keep doing it, is that the remains of my day contains three times every time i.e. our concerns as people – the school run and family run and shopping, Public Policy because Politicians sat in Parliament and what they and their celebrities and fashion idiots have built up as a sense of the violent things I am marked out to do in order to make them comfortable on account their stupidities who do not matter in anyway whatsoever think that they were so important they found they simply could not keep their hands off me or other people for that matter. We now hear them claim there is nothing I can do about it anyway and it feeds into the fact that they have an inability to settle up the stage at which they ought to give way to others, so when you do give way to them they tend to take advantage of it and some more, following it on with insults and what they have taken through the insults; I have not yet seen them claim they have done my career yet since if that were to happen I would build myself a Public image on this nonsense and get on to a test that will let me find out how far indeed their big mouth stretches, they however have continued to do it while they know it is schizophrenia to do so; hence need stop following me around and need stay away from my Books if they have any plans to put an end to what they think adds up to a process of them living under siege. The part where they are more connected to the Royal Family than I am is nothing unusual; what really happens with it is that when I visit Buckingham, I tend to look at the Statue of Queen Victoria in the front of it but the Man that stands by the Lion Figure is selling the Palace which makes me very agitated and means I am going to likely progress towards acting in a way that will harm them seriously too – much like the claim that I do work violent things to protect some people at Industry but not all, whereas what happens is that I get around my own concerns and somebody picks up what I look like in this great Country of theirs and makes a product from it, informs their boss of how they did it, so it adds up to the way we live in a civil society, these fools then got involved and began a deal that had to do with how they controlled a certain market and how I had given something and must give it up, such that the deal about the market they controlled started out when Politicians spent tax payer funds to help them deal with their financial problems, at the end of which they were neither in need of money or self-confidence which should have been the end of the story.

They do claim I am obviously part of the Establishment and very keen to hit the poor which is utter nonsense, I am not; there are Families at the Top of British Society and there are Families at the bottom of it and The Queen has never put the position of those who work for her below anything else – whereby they then get to say I work for The Queen which I do not; I am an Arch Prince and the Queen expects proceeds from my Estate and Office that must not fall behind. So this is the root of all that has happened here basically – facts had emerged about how I get around governing the business of Goons who want everything in life in an instant, so 3 year old and it already knows where peoples anus is located and that way its future is guaranteed, it can manipulate absolutely anybody into doing whatever it wants; the Muslims have not yet worked out how their Jihad is to be applied, any comments I have made will become a tool in the hands of Industry fools that want to see me get killed by Jihadis so they might feel safer, the Celebrities and Fashion idiots that spend all their time dreaming of me getting into a fight to protect them want it now, not long after they were living under siege I had created and the Politicians are breathless due to the complaint, when I had explained they began the insulting threats associated with how important their stupidities are all over again.They usually say that this case I have in my head whereby I do not work for The Queen is rather confusing but it is one of the two main stories people tell which wrecks my finances; the other being that I am meant to marry into the Royal Family to keep the Arch Prince’s Office; all of which sets off the idea its all very complicated while it is not, the reality being rather more that people have their own lives and its only on matters of sexual abuse that we tend to find out this was the case i.e. there is a link between men making women feel sore in the nuts and the ways in which they fraternise with the Country. Hence I get told my own sexual habits puts a question on everything which it does not, it apparently is the tenderness that makes you a narcissist and not the violence and cruelty, so I do not actually have any relationship with people that is not a business one which is to end with them buying my Books at this stage, would be clearer if Liberal America was dealing with enough problems to be distracted from my existence and while this is not the case yet, I have to explain. It all then feeds into this case where people say they do not know how to get around with me as a whole while they had invested in what I am doing; reality which is that I am in The Queen’s protection, so when people establish a relationship with me it has to be a relationship that they control, leaving other goons to point out cases where I established one with others which is simply a matter of what it said on the tin, about which they soon realise that it means when the tendency is one which important people might get involved with a business because of what you said on the tin to deceive people and wreck peoples lives, then the reality is that you are going to likely get into a fight for doing it, a fight that allows people feel safe unless you came up with a Liberalist insult, so in my case the fight usually has something to do with having set up business to hurt people and play into the hands of demon possessed goons running around the city centre looking for corruption and trappings of power, they must now say that I am very good at handling the issues therefore I should while they supervise, meaning the good facts about knowing what I am doing is rather that I can decide when I absorb the stupidities which means that I am likely to become more violent than they are while they are likely to become less violent than I am if it got worse. The rest is a matter of silly comments people make and the trouble it gets them into; as I mentioned there are families at the Top of British Society and there are Families at the bottom, so the families at the Bottom will say they saw me play video games and would fancy I signed up to the Military, the Families at the Top will say it is not what it is meant for, this plays into the fact that the Head of State puts the position of those who work for Him or Her above everything else and somebody is stuck in the middle making stupid comments on media, I suppose looking for a responsibility. Here I get told its all a mess on my part of the recruitment processes the Military engages in but it does not; first of all if people want to work for the Queen its more a matter of what I am doing but with respect to what National service people do as per a case of knowing what those who might build insecurity are getting up to and there is no Military that can successfully force people to do this, on the other part, Politicians are always saying that their rivals are not good enough for a job, so if there is something a Politician cannot do, the tendency is that his rival is very good at it, so there will always be a way to twist people into a place where they get shot at by the enemy doing other peoples battles at a limit.

People do fear I am getting wasted but I am not; it’s the old case of living with black people and ending up with problems associated with people wanting to be me getting all the way to the Monarchy, so what I am doing now is supposed to have been the white versions of the same problem. What we find is that they enjoy ripping up my academic work and finances to build up an atmosphere they will immerse themselves in to attain the kinds of successes that they want for the future and each time I get through hell to keep them off it, what distracts me from my Books and studies is the fact they had gotten back in there and will not let go without a fight, gotten back in there to run off busy body opportunism on media, dirty sales, Politics and stock market gimmicks – hence it never stops by itself or get out of my space, only improves as a situation when I had decided the distraction has caused me to spend time thinking about what I can do prevent them from achieving as well.

The Politicians do say that this does not improve the conditions for everybody either but it does for me, the rest of the time that the fact it does for me does not affect everybody is when there are these sorts of abusive insults that I have to clear up every day – so what we find is that if it has a drink in its hand, wear suits and has its ID card around its neck in a Consumer Electronic exhibition, the fact it is in a nice place means that my Books will never get sold for the day and then once I had cleared that out, I am stuck with stupid women telling me they make money on my Public image and get in touch to dominate me with it not just because I am supposed to be less of a threat than my own public image but because they were successful women and I were a low life and so it was all a matter of some new film or music that has been made and since they had placed and gambled a lot of money on it, I must be made to wait until the sales processes have been completed despite the amount of warnings I have issued about their stupidities grinding celebrity culture away at me. As for the business of being less successful than they are, it has now given way to a process that means I am besieged by Public transport fools that want me to make an exhibition of myself and thereby look like a Celebrity and that has now gotten me into a mode that must sort something out to ensure I am able to breathe the free air, which runs all the way to having my own Coven of Fashion Models that have agreed to work with me on specific issues; the one that will kill them apparently is an Arch Prince who believes money exists to provide Central banking with a Job and make the Government as well as big businesses and Multinationals comfortable, being pressured and bullied into doing the greed routines and I have become increasingly intolerant of the complains that follow the consequences of their insults as well.

We find all the time that the main crux of their behaviour is based on the fact they do not have money problems; so the fact they do not have money problems generally means my bottom hurts because that is how they show they are terribly important and then my livelihood is damaged either by the fact they are incredibly stupid people or have become quite convinced they may invent any stupid thing of their choice and insert it into my career, so that they might wield power over a certain portion of my market and make me stupid deals about their position in life all day long. My point here is that the Politicians say I need to work it in a way that benefits everybody but we are here because it is impossible to get them to abandon anything without their ego winning the day first of all, so they have not abandoned this nonsense for at least the last 14 years meaning these goons always have a derivative at their disposal to play with and then complain that if abandoned their finances will bottom out which I do not see exactly indeed why that should have been a bad thing in the first place. So we find that when I speak in such ways they wish to ensure that my need to tackle that stupid money because it is the basis of their insulting filthy bullying and the lies they cannot stop telling in order to keep it up, then they start to tell me what they are really thinking making out their money will never run out – reality of course is that the fat cats said the same thing but are not anymore, what the fat cats are now saying is that they were on course to damaging the Monarchy the way I damage their concerns but they were never going to damage anything if I am incredibly good at the business of making sure their version of money making does not make any trouble around here – I mean the UK is recovering from a recession and they want to start up a global story about the benefits of making it into old civilisations like Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece of Egypt that shows up at Hollywood and never stops giving, I write a Book of equities and my incredible achievements are dwarfed by all sorts of nonsense about my Books meaning that I have agreed to let people tear up a Royal life and fashion the bits into products that can be used to make clients comfortable – so it has always been the kind of trading that means they want to get me killed and put my body parts in a jar to get inspiration from and it is a form of Tourism that I will not tolerate as well; so we are not getting into any serious scuffles yet because they have not done any damage, they can always start and see what I am capable of too; it will always be the old story of ripping up my academic work to set up my personality and public image like some atmosphere that has some suffering attached to it that they can deploy to explain away the wicked activities that we find them engage in and then at the end they will open a shop and name it after themselves and their families and it will be successful way into the future – the problem these fools have then with buying the Book of equities that I wrote if they wanted such things from me is that the scum have not got the time to read it as such, what they have the time for is following me around to rip up my academic work and wait for me at street corner for homosexual sex practicing their stupid ageism on anybody that is not their mate.

We see the Celebrities reciprocate this nonsense as disrespectfully as they possibly can and the probability naturally is that I shall perform my own gimmicks on their show business and culture and then the outcome will be that I will completely destroy it too; so apart from letting everybody knows I am fine, the reality is that these guys simply cannot let other people be – the celebrities do what they do because they can; their own is a life of making money and speaking to crowds of people on how to make money as well while getting paid to do so, if another sets out a venue like them to preach the Gospel they have to attack and completely destroy it whereas there is really no difference between the two i.e. how far I have come as well since last I thought it was apt to let myself into their concerns too. It feeds into this case where I said to antagonise Members of the Royal Family while at the same time that all these things are happening, some Members of the Royal family were building involvement with them and a wheel of distrust alongside it and now these goons have been able to build enough enmity to ensure they were marrying into the Royal family, a course for concern for me naturally but it is not my problem if I should say. The rest claim that I am disrespectful and they were here to enforce respect for Royal Family members and it will never make sense if they made some money and got to know members of the Royal Family in the process to burden me with such nonsense – I am upper Class because HM took me there, when people behave in such ways I am left wondering who took them there anyway, besides which it gets worse because of the instability that they create i.e. the families at the bottom of British Society tend to solve their problems by violent means, I tend to ensure they did nothing to push themselves to a point of dragging the Monarchy into disrepute especially if they had done it for me more so and The Queen is never going to allow other peoples position become more important than that of those who work in the National services, so it is difficult to locate where they got their ideas for the relevance that they think they have all together anyway – made some money and got to know members of the Royal Family, I congratulate them for it but they must see that they need to give me a break.  

Of course there is no real way of falling into traps set about by media which ensure I leak information by which they can get rich without having to get out to get real news to report for their purposes is not really based on reality. The truth is that I basically get provided for with respect to security at the UK MOD and so get to work with my Working Court to operate my business and this is what my job really looks like. Nothing which suggests a bloated office full of information media can steal; that is usual Media vandalism before their CEOs complain, which they seem to do globally these days. As for the Politicians, with respect to their abuses and how their followers take it up to have lifestyle they have never had with stupid women that are in love with money, I am waiting for the next Politician that will tick me off and then it will be a race against time to see who becomes homosexual first but with respect to the media it is their parents one that look like the insults they hurl around. 

It must be seen that my view of these insults is that they are a product of what people do to confiscate the Global and Public notoriety of my work due to largely the evil nature of their upbringing but they have their lives which they have refused to spend time with, which I also intend to deploy in order to recover the work and carry on; this is becoming complicated however because the reasons they did it was not their usual greed but the desire to prove a point, about which so money money extracted from my work and property all over the world has in my opinion gotten to their heads.


There are these claims swirling around that the UK Government borrowing rate before the coalition government came into office to put it under control was a matter of the economic crisis. This is something I wish to clarify and wholly dispute as well  because what really happened was that the Labour Government thought it was perfectly alright for the government to be borrowing over £400 million everyday over claims of an economic crisis to meet the needs of an acquired taste, what really happened was that they had decided to set the government up as competition with Industries as the primary source of Jobs in the Country using Money collected as taxes from Individuals and the same Industries in what was actually a mixed and primarily capitalist economy and the result was government spending money on endless ventures such that whilst in an ideal world when an economic crisis hits, it is employees and industries that suffer and bear the brunt and not the government, the situation with them at the helm was the reverse and of course they were so high at it that when the economic crisis did hit, they sat there doing nothing – any movement was geared towards giving money to Banks instead. Bringing home to roost thus the other side of the matter which is that having been that we are now years into the recovery process, if the economic crisis did affect the government to such an extent, suggesting that even money belonging to government was not safe at Financial Institutions, there is no clear answer to the question of why we are still taking so long to attain full recovery, bearing in mind that the government has global reach. What I am saying is that the economic crisis was in this case a financial crash and it is not true that everything can be blamed on it thereof; the way a financial crash works is that people like to play games and gambles with Industry money and stock market money and the outcome is that the system is maintained by a steady flow of a certain group of people that cannot chase up insignificant money they lose because the risks outweigh the benefits and or do not notice that they are losing that money and or are aware that they are losing the money but there is nothing they can do about it – this was to ensure that the stock market and financial Industry casino were sustained whatever happens; hence for there to be a problem, these particular group of people will either run out of money or will find ways of chasing up their money and recovering it – according to how deep the financial crash was, what happened was the former and not the latter; so for people to say that Government borrowing rates was a function of the economic crisis is wrong, what happened was that the Politicians involved were playing around, they thought it was a big party until it blew up.

I will start the main risks here on the matter of public finances being a major thing for me to worry about through media on account people know where my books are and my company is and can use that to peddle me to get rich with help from their Politicians. This I find incredible since it is clear that in the UK for example the government with respect to important International relations with the biggest trading partner spends about 8 million Euros in the Eurozone and gets less back which should become a major problem with respect to whether or not I sell my books because they want to be the ones selling books or indeed anything else they like until I co-operate but tax evasion last time which checked costs the government of the United Kingdom just within the region of 40 billion pounds if small and big business tax evasion are summed up. They know that what this means is that the reasons it is easy for somebody to set up a two storey complex in which he trades with the people of the UK and pays his taxes somewhere else because the business in the UK is part of a larger global brand, is because of what they have refused to do and that the only explanation for that is that they have got their own tax evasion arrangements as well i.e. because they want to pocket some 10,000 pounds the Nation is allowed to forego 40 billion pounds to tax evasion but are hounding me over what we pay into the Eurozone and how I will not sell my books until I co-operate with their desire to change things and ensure we get more out of Europe at what I have checked my time at this point to be 2:am and yet these idiots do not have any means of sitting with me on a table to have a conversation because all these matters are being handled on an arrangement based on the fact they are the most insolent scum in the world, therefore with respect to people knowing how to crack my royal property and release equities for their purposes which I need to make a clear statement about, it is very likely I will come across those their stupid tax arrangements and will completely destroy absolutely every bit of it. Their fame idiots have spoken endlessly about plans they have which involves how they will grab all the money in the world and the blame will be placed on my company and then people will take it away and own it along with everything else that belongs to me but of course doing something about their selfishness and their wickedness and their Godlessness was not work I should be doing for the Church as it were hence this is clearly not an arrangement I find to be one of the best in the world as it were. The facts about them shows why they are such an angry group of idiots because if I were of a group of people who do nothing with my time but seek aid money from Politicians and set out to ensure I groom somebody else to be the object of sexual abuse for he pleasures of those Politicians which I then leave to my community croons and set out to get rich and famous, then made out that I want these politicians to personally own all the funds of the tax payers in the world which I will then blame on my victim that is a Prince who is trying to take away from poor people what little money they have left to sell them books, I would be a very angry person indeed because it means that after I had lost everything, somebody takes away what is left to leave me with some education and I am really not trying to sell them anything whatsoever – nor are we talking about their complains with respect to unemployment because of course when the going is good what they do is settle an institution sense of the notion that living on unemployment benefits is preferable to getting  employment when we all know that with respect to financial statistics for the lowest paid workers, waking everyday to misery in return for about 150 pounds from the government week is as different from waking to a job everyday in return for 40 pounds more than that every week, as bricks are from fruits but they will have it their way and I of course personally think it is not hurting badly enough yet. As for pinning anything on my company, that is where I think they are playing games that are bigger than them like grooming me for the sexual pleasures of political scum whose corruptions they have approved in return for aid money, in order to earn my income and leave me with nothing using the fame industry and a process of laying claims of ownership to anything I do about the sexual exploitation itself. For some of them the obsession with talking to me and or addressing me is a factor of skin colour I share with them which is therefore my curse as well, so that when I say there is nothing they can do about anything and that with respect to addressing me I will soon have to shut them up, they suppose that it is some kind of a big bluff. The reasons i have taken no actions at present is that I have taken steps to ensure that abusing me does not make people any money at my expense so I don’t have to become an evil man and the effect is that each time I squeeze the global economy I discover they have not made any profits from those monies they have stolen from who knows where treasuries and this is an okay arrangement; as for the fame thing on the other hand however, they say when people complain about the effects my actions are having on their earning power I get worse but of course it sounds as though they are unaware that by my standards I would want music CDs to completely disappear from the market and so I assume they are not trying to create a message that suggests that I don’t know my actions are leading to a condition where people end up selling lesser and lesser of them every year as it were, which is utterly wrong. There is nothing there for people to worry about; all the money they have at present is a product of some a tax payer money somewhere in the world and it will never make profit around here or indeed anywhere that I have concerns on this planet. When they are finished with their terror and blackmail, then their governments might decide to let us free by hitting everybody with currency devaluation which will be a process of a collection of unnatural and self trained psychopaths making their last mark on what does not belong to them.


Firm Book sales and Property Assets at British Government Operations written out in Functional Aesthetics 


The prognosis of politics and its fanatics is mostly that the general category of individuals into which I fit want to have things without a process of having money for them and that we basically think the world will sort itself out and things will work without money, we want friendship with businesses without having money to buy products and then create problems for people when they are tired of it. The reality on the other hand is a clear and certain glee that must be deduced from their obtainment of an observation of the debtors knock on the home door. The result is that the United Kingdom Economy is the only one in the world to be updated out of the recession - this is not to say other economies are not doing well or doing better but the UK one is the only one that is updated from and outside of the recession but at the same time the only one in which the Politicians want the economy to work with them and not the other way round, as well as the only one in which the Politicians collect debt and not manage public finances for a career; for how the intellectual property administration in this company is operated to hurt them there will be no apologies and demand for such things can only lead to an escalation. There is as they have got media to see to it thereof as they do, an attachment to being challenged via the lewd and pornographic acts therefore. As I have mentioned before, there is never really a reason for any of the Four groups of 'Common' employees, Big Companies, Small Businesses and the State as an enterprise, to have an unfair advantage over another, unless the Government is doing something wrong. 

With specific reference to HH this contains the two matters of HM The Queen Protecting him because Her successor shows plans of running a show government on the basis of how she is a Woman but have not been doing things that women normally do for all of Her life and HH is therefore the Christian from whom the corruption and big show government should be measured. On the other hand some things the media has brewed a story of irresponsibility from, by which HH is therefore stuck in their side of society and if he is not they can make it up. The other question therefore being that of HH being unaware of his fighting skills - with regard to which Ones fighting skills are are integral trade mark of his Royal Estate and something that offers job satisfaction and pleasure for Soldiers that wish to follow him - the only way such things can therefore be discussed is of course a statement that makes it clear people have their Popular culture and One has his books and they need to get their selves off the sales but of course that would have sounded too apologetic, nothing contained therein to put the savage right and understand a civility. 


With respect to questions raised about the necessity of my actions and in some cases my lack of accountability, the evidence I present here has more to do with the fact that the process of getting along with people who feel entitled to cause me some form of pain or suffering or make and or see me do something which will cause me some harm either to look after my self or for their own ends, means that getting along with Popular culture firms does not exactly and actually operate alongside government interest; it has to be one or the other not a middle ground. However it must be managed the Government property they have at their disposal, such as taxes and in the case of this firm, its products which its owner has the absolutely right to control especially with respect to every single thing that happens to it and more so because they cannot be trusted and if there were suggestions they could be, there is evidence to show that is not the case anymore.  

The standard procedure remains working with the Americans and any Muslim allies that we can find, to ensure the vandals and idiots do not exist in our mainstream and public lives and try to keep their intrusive and insolent opinions to themselves. I should suppose that unless people want me to act to have a means of governing their finances, they will try to minimise media abuses in my direction designed by them to redefine the manner in which the best live styles in the world are distributed and build them thereof a history to such an effect.


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This matter has always been mainly concerned with current equities and Intellectual property space deployments in London and other UK Cities and it is a lack of a process of publicly displayed administration which I refuse to gratify as well because regard for my work would have easily solved that problem for people, whether or not they have derogatorily behaved towards me in such a way as they can personalise things that belong to me with respect to the poor aspects of their activities and certain things they might have done in it, such an an item which is what they regard me to be these days but an item relating to addiction. It is not unusual either, I have been a Christian that people hurt to get good things in return because I have no choice while it becomes gay and abusive just in case I decide to defend myself, which is bad for my health as well.So the idea that my work and or property will be deployed for the gratification of Politicians by idiots that need aid money from them on one hand and then deployed by get rich quick freaks who like to think it is amusing to them to inform me of ironies that suggest the business world is not corrupt at all, which I do not find amusing as there is nothing between me and them to have a conversation about, is the way anything operates is a labour under a misconception by the really mad fools that engage in the activities that bring these conditions about. It is my property and they will always be made to understand what it means for a thing to be a persons property, whether or not they are desperate for as they like to claim, such things as love and affection and of course attention. Besides which facts prove that the harder it is for them and for people in general to attain or acquire fame is the safer the world we live in - although we should try telling that to the Politicians of our time, perhaps out of curosity as well. It would never have been the first occasion that the plan of setting out girls that do damage to society in order to get rich which is then blamed on the inferior races that have come into their country while the men who back them up with muscle deploy the same muscles to bruise, attack and brutally murder these so called inferior races and it would not have been their first clash with me either. It is not important that they are able to crack the royal properties of white Royalty to get rich and try to make more profit with their incredibly irresponsibility that accompanies their selfishness, wickedness and Godlessness which shows itself in the sense that I cannot sell my books to them despite the fact it has become the meaning of their lives because they have already made plans to acquire it anyway and of course cannot to anybody else because it is not their property in the making with a big mouth. I do not want any of it around me and I am pretty sure the insult of addressing me will at some point kick off how I really feel about the fact and have made myself an experimental figure to show enough evidence as to why there should be no selling of music CDs for example at all and more so because it is against the Law of God and it is evil nd perverted and for what arguments people have against the laws of God remains the fact it takes the destiny of the wider society and make a lipstick on pig out of it because it is how they want their thing to be and like to claim the fact people do not want to be dictated to was the reason, about which I like to say those that go along with it to a point of attacking me had better continued along that path as well, it is the reason I let them do as they wish and more so until I have a personal reason and only one such to prevent them.


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