The claim naturally is that I disturb neighbourhoods but the matter goes outside of Peace prognosis on National and Public threats. It grows into a matter of whole societies deciding I cannot be allowed to engage with myself and my work, considering their entire time and that of their communities are spent on the thought of crime, the committing of crime and the encouragement of criminal activity. Current precedent is that Liberal USA and its entertainment Industry claimed I am discriminating against them but we now know they clearly have no wish to act on what has grown into a Public crisis that goes beyond the boundaries of simple violent decadence. 

For my part, saying so would support those who are in need but we are aware of eventuality whereby they were not only victims but also perpetrators of their own personal, financial and social crisis, their involvement with other peoples lives and concerns being entirely self invited at all times. Perpetual boast is that this is the fate all prancing characters that get caught up with people who are bigger than they are - I would rather have imagined it was the consequences of being caught up with social and sexual corruption, associated with money and security gimmicks.

On the matter of my status however not being as clear, I can always tell when people were being abusively manipulative over money issues and they are not the Military and security services who tend to need money all the time neither do they actually know what it is exactly they are doing with money when they take it from people and leave it sitting in Swiss Banks. It feeds into that old case about Media wanting to tell of my inadequacies and failures, leading them to seek news about how I blame people for my Royal duties and deliver my services late; reality of which is that there is no such thing, what we have is their insults and the need to deploy it as a fanatical tool that allows them pick up my Books without due permission, make a mess of the patents and change what people think I wrote it for – as a follow on from a process where they peddle popular culture and grind show business at me with respect to putting up entertainment products on my Public work image which will ensure it sells faster and continue with an obsessively abusive process of getting involved with me whether I liked it or not, this has now taken it up to a whole new level, so I thought I needed to start my own as well with a nice little daily blame that creates them a reputation for their stupidities that they can show on the media all the time, the next thing I am going to do likely is to get some big brothers dealing with some National enemy every time my bottom hurts, since this business of making sure my identity disappears while I am doing anything remotely important and then making sure the purpose of my writers office disappears with Media insults and abuse of my patents as well has become their civil right.

This is usually the stage where the so called immensity of my achievements become rather obvious; the part about getting Russians to wash their hands off US Responsibilities in Russia and tidying up after the Armed Forces when they crush British related enemies from Russia – as this is likely to improve the prospects of achieving stability in the Middle East when other US Allies start to copy it as well depending on what The Crown wants to do with its Diplomatic relations, we are now left with Terrorists who copy everything the British do as a matter of National service and the goons who travel in and out of the Country to aid their cause, the last time we checked of which female RAF Pilots did bomb the Oil tanks and fields very well indeed. Of course it is not as plain sailing with Americans all together, they always offer us the curtsey of not copying what we do for National service and we always have to contend with goons that go against it, in return which we are always at their side when they are engaged in Conflict, so if they can trust us to be there, there is nothing to worry about and nothing for me to be concerned for with respect to my Royal order which it seems people want to copy all the time even when they know I have a Public service Office to attend to.

The talk of black people hating me so much and telling tales of their superiority as linked to a process of how I need to be attacked for showing up in the UK to disregard those who were here first, then set about sharing black culture with white people to make friends with the Monarchy and get no money from it for his part in the matter and then show up to shame himself in Public all the time and get on their nerves – I don’t know how people say these sorts of things anyway but I do know its another instance where I will sell a product in which I wrote that somebody has a golliwog mouth which should make a good risky career if only they are not showing up here to be me so that the gangs and criminals and racists might chase me around when they are being chased, instead of chase around their following people around to have rights and diminish social status characters, their money, money, money madness that will break absolutely any rule for money characters and their Celebrity madness, which will make for great news when they get killed on racist attacks as well.

This nonsense about sharing black culture with white people is something these idiots say because of an image that racists have built up which suggests that they are stupid people and of course I also think that they are as well, since their involvement with me damages the career but in their opinion that was their human rights. They are starting to get on my nerves where the ground zero is located, talking nonsense about the need to show the Monarchy the real superior black people and blowing off that big mouth that suggests I am just waiting somewhere for them to do things to me all the time; they are not as much a problem for me like they suppose they are, its about showing up here for one form of villainy after another, instead of an understanding that if they would not behave a certain way with the existential properties of a Country in Africa, it is not okay to behave that way in the UK until somebody is provoked well enough to say that the Country only belongs to white people – as for the villainy bits, that was about their big mouths all over the use of my personality and public image to make money, which means they have declared to me a need they have to practice some villainy on my right hand side or on my left hand side and so on depending on which tickles their fancy and it is all garnished with lies and abusive nonsense that adds up to rules that they preserve by threatening people, of which we only find out there is a law of the land to live by when somebody has been seriously hurt and the story ended up in a Law Court, adding to the other business where I should not get along with white Police Officers because it will make me a threat to my own race as though they cannot find their mates, while I have a job to pay attention to and some career issues to chase up – it is really getting on my nerves that their stupidities wants to teach me lessons all the time and the next time it does come up I feel as if I am really going to explode for it too.

We see this nonsense all of the time, for instance when I got a security guarding job for a couple of months and ended up with a reputation that suggested I enjoyed being the boss while they were the real boss and everything I did then actually belongs to them, making a mess of my public work and public image especially whenever I step outside of my door, looking for more of what its disobedient stupidities are complaining about and yet before the Politicians bailed them out it was a case where I had a problem with their clubbing and partying lifestyle because their girls could do nothing save the villainy on my left and right hand side and the hands between my bum cheeks concerning how I stole personality from those that can actually do security for everybody – after the Politicians had gone through get public property expense to bail them out from how I responded the idiots are back again and its exactly the same issue, I was the boss when I was a security guard while they were the real bosses and it is something that I took from them. They are not an unusual thing to me but I have had enough of this stuff, I simply do not know why they are using me to escape from being the money madness characters and the goons that follow people around demeaning social status for their own self improvement and causing a bit of a stink all the time, when they are not buying and reading Books I have written anyway and now these stupid threats appears to be improving their lot and that sense I will not be responding for eternity as they rely on me all the time like we were mates. They do day I talk but my finances are still a mess to make their point that they are not as stupid as I may think they are when it comes to hurting people but its an example of why this is not a good thing and we will not be free of them complaining of not being able to get the better of me when they usually detach people from a personality they want to make money with and beat up their victims to ensure that such persons never accessed it again lest their money making ride is disrupted; whenever I think about the fact it’s a matter of successful people and they who were not as successful as their mates and me with my talents being taken advantage of by them and how I must respond to it, the picture that comes up bearing in mind all that blabbing about what I never say in public as though they would like me getting prepared for such things, is one of tackling those life savings that have been invested in the High Street Shops, beating down that stupid self confidence that lets it approach me all the time and making sure Politicians could never again facilitate them and make them a threat to me, which we can see is not a good thing, the reasons the fools really do need to find their mates and give me my space if they are complaining.

They do say I win and I really love to win but its never about winning; what we see is a group of people who get involved with me in a way that is similar to the fact the Media is a gang of career squatters who will tell you what life should be and their bodies were a weapon with which to suck up your finances on one end and eject it on the other but their own case is more a matter of the fact every involvement is that which you feel as something people are doing to twist you bit by bit by bit and when you look into it five years on from what they are doing, the intention is that they intend you should be homosexual so that the tendency to give up your personality to them for their purposes might become real, it leaves me with the question of why they love to claim that people were born homosexual when all of them are doing it and when I put out such a question we then find them claim it is expensive but yet has a process where we find them spend more time with their mates instead become the way to solve their problems if it was. For me it has always been a simple matter of the fact I cannot make out when it became impossible to sell some Books, simply because very stupid individuals who can work the markets know that there are fat cat panels at Industry whenever Companies have their Annual General Meetings, the reality being that there is nothing they can do about me, the reality being that they need to find their mates, reality being that their case is not up to me and this is how to stem the tide of financial losses as well if they were complaining about that after years of telling me the money will never run out as they show up to spend it inserting products into market I built for my Books and setting off to buy shares at Companies where they can work with popular culture idiots and media goons to keep an eye on me generally for clients and employers using insulting and abusive busy body opportunism all day long – there is nothing they can do about me and it is important they noted we are not mates, I am actually protected like a Royal Prince should be and certainly not a walk over for my part either.

It would be nice if every action that added up to a process of showing up here to handle my Books, make a mess of the patents and change what people think about it had stopped before I started running off publicity for their money madness characters and their following people around to copy lifestyle and diminish Public standing in order to make themselves comfortable causing a bit of stink, so that the racists and gangs and criminals might begin to follow them around for it the way they make use of me but are not buying my Books, followed up with those stupid big mouthed threats that will soon get me taking steps to ensure I can run the career without interference from them like every wealth inequality fanatic that they claim to hate in this world as well.

This is the reality of all that black people can do about me. I am also very good at watching my Back, something to do with making it a point of duty to familiarise myself with the process, place and proceedure where they chew snacks and sleep with girls. So far we hear that none knows why I am always angry enough to make people feel like they are under siege but before then the real Man was busy provoking me and then keeping an eye on me to ensure I cannot just relax in my Bed and let it drip away, which added to the business of pressuring me, starting from when I let home and every neighbourhood had to see them follow me around and park their car right next to my window several times before Morning, which eventually led to a process where they could make me smell like my loo and pushed me out of University as that was when such an effect had been attained, then show up here to tackle my Books and tell lies to dispute the fact that I am being picked on by them not just because they think they can use my personality and public image to get rich but because they can - so they have had fun making me look angry all the time, trying to change my personality and to own it, I do therefore wonder if these effects are the ones that the real Men were expecting now that I am always angry, supposing we were therefore going to take seriously the complain that they feel besieged by me.

Now they claim they are always searching me to determine if I am likely to turn on people when things get heated up and of course the nicer aspects of such a story will be when the racists that bother them are bigger than me which means I must do what they want – the darker bits will be the one where community croons chase my bottom because my finances are in a bad place, same as organised criminals and same as every criminal that has not yet been caught and being it is the only problem here which is affecting both sides, it is not clear why they show up in public places to wreck the finances from sun raise all day every day, why they continually chase the path of doing that which they can obviously see is a horrible thing to engage in and finish it off with sexual nonsense that will facilitate alternative lifestyle if nothing is done about it; it should not therefore have affected my day to day living when they had chosen to live in such ways but the activity here is just a series of bits that cannot be handled by Legislated Law, all newly invented from processes of fresh and new abuse and insults and violence that have not been seen before which plagues everybody that has created something new or is something pure - hence this question is pointless nonsense.

I do get asked why I do not consider what people do to me especially in terms of harassment, to be something serious but its because its entirely pointless too; I know it is an abuse most of the time but its rather a matter of the reasons they do it being that they must be providing one hell of a service out there; Television Personalities and Journalists and Film Directors etc, doing everything that does not concern them more than we see them spend time with their jobs and families, to rip up my finances and get me stuck with matters I had resolved before I even started writing my Books – so community croons chase my bum and make a Public case of it until they had created a state of affairs because they are busy with that and I have to imagine that if I get about blurting it out, I will not be having any fun, whenever criminal gain access to fame and entertainment Industries and I go off blurting out the fact it is the ability to play on my financial wellbeing that is causing it there is no fun in it, whenever they complain about their hurting bottoms but have no wish to put an end to their behaviour still due to the fact ex-cons are gaining access to jobs on Media there is no fun in blurting out the fact states of affairs are being built up from the damage the media and its celebrities do with my Public image and to my finances – so it is still the simple question of why it is that even when they are complaining about the effects of a certain behaviour they continue to practice the same extremely wicked thing. As for the reasons they do it all together; that was because they are pure evil and if not concerned with seeing whether I can get past all the evils in the land that they deploy to beset people and get rich quick with peoples talents and property, then it’s a process where I already have, so they had set about getting more from overseas – now they are stuck as well, stuck and want an exit, want an exit and want it to be easy too.

They do say I do not stand a chance but we all know that entertainment is not making money these days, in fact is losing money years on year on my account and that if I have gone on to mention a part where they are hanging up somewhere getting me all stuck with the job I did to create my Book, it is really a very stupid thing to say, besides which its difficult to locate what is going on in the heads of the buffoons who do such things. Their Point of view is that the entertainment industry is made up of idiots sitting somewhere to watch some fooling around called a movie and so there has to be sacrifices made and discrimination avoided and I can understand when they want to play up the Industry controls artist routine but simply cannot understand why they play it off with me considering I am an artist all together the last time they checked. My point of view is that Film makers who broker with me never do such things and if their goons buy films from such film makers it is not my problem either – in the end they want films that provide the right kind of education they would like their children to have and the right kind of inspiration and exposure but will move the world to punish those who create it and make excuses for their stupidities too – we are here because I dropped out of University and Film makers that broker with me do not cause such things to happen, I can put my name on it. In the end we hear those complains that I make things worse and then assume everybody should be involved in the recovery process, which has nothing to do with reality – the reality is that I am introverted and prohibited from being myself because idiots are making use of my personality to make money and be glorious, which has given rise to very stupid people being able to explain whatever is niggling them on it and gain public mobility therefore, thus those incredibly stupid things they do are now playing off at the highest possible levels of public activity. The other side I am responsible for is when they took it up to an evolution and the 21st century economy would be all about those who can work for it and get spread around so everybody can have it in order to ensure that there is enough public potential to make wealth for everybody – so it had now led to outcomes where I provide really foolish people a mobility into media and Politics and now that the fools who run these systems in such ways can see that such people may have been stupid but can work twice as hard as the average person and hence pound for pound have an ability to earn twice an much, they have started to think twice about the abusive and insulting politics that have become their recent obsession – I personally am now in a place where a decisions they make in government office which affects the lives of criminals now gives way to a process where they can see that others do have ideas too about how to use the culture and society and the member of the general public that work it. So when I am trying to be reasonable I would say its an old story where they cling to my Books and complain but are blabbing and issuing threats and telling me I do not stand a chance considering there would be no consequences if I packed mine in and built it up and decided I was not going to let anything get me down like we see them get out of bed to do with peoples lives everyday – it usually leads to outcomes where they say they will pack their own in as well, so we go right back to where we started, involving a process where they never keep the culture and society where it should be rather than enjoy seeing it show up on other peoples lives where really important matters are occurring to enforce their will by; old case of where the whites are concerned, the fact we have been through the story of the kind of racism that targets those who attend church but have no wish to hand their public image to celebrities, whom in my view do not need it as much as they need a routine and a learning process to earn money like everybody else – blabbing about which chance I do not have is an old case of the fact that if it is not black and white perhaps we need to decide which shade of grey on a case by case basis. I hear I need to be worried about some of the things I have said concerning celebrities, as equally as I should be about publicly declaring I have dabbled into Pornography. In terms of the first of which I do not on grounds that celebrities are goons with money and strange ideas about how to make more, which largely involves bullying others, whose only purpose is to be used as a tool to take money from those who earn it for the purpose of oppression, so that they can make trouble for people knowing they are just a step away from organised crime and drug dealers the whole time – for the latter, its an old case of the reasons people make pornography, ranging from people who feel ashamed of the evil and violent nature of their husbands or children, to somebody going out with a female friend to a state party only for the friend to be sexually assaulted by somebody who is so powerful they cannot be held accountable – for me it’s a matter of whether its that stupidity that means I will be watching myself on it and if I will be watching myself, people can be rest assured I will become helpful and they will find another way to do it. In the end as I have mentioned, they need a routine and a learning process, people complain about me over celebrity when I am dropped out of University on account they want to handle me and lead me on and cause me distress and will not stop even when state security have gotten involved which is what the bottom hurting we hear all the time is really about; a routine and a learning process is how human beings make money, money which are pieces of paper signed by the authorities of the leadership of the National central banking, authorising those who possess it to go to the shops; hence the other side of the story where I am said to have made things complicated is the one where the goons who are involved with Film maker trouble makers for instance might want to buy a Bentley that was made with Broker at my Estate for instance and so I have to play along as well, its never anything but a bit of work as it were and I stand every chance against anything that picks on me much as they are fighting for their lives as we speak too: Economic crisis is not a Toy and now we know they want to preach wealth inequality and force it on others, then get off having stupid fantasies about looking after a Country of meagre salaries so others can get rich, to pillage lives and play games with Industry and progress to making a lot of money they put away in overseas banks after they had evaded Taxes; so if they are always allowed to have their way a civil rights that lets them entitle themselves to what others own and have worked for, it will not be the people who evade taxes that we will be worrying about, it will be the people that are no longer able to pay it at all. 

They speak of mine being a self limiting gimmick but we all know what happens is that they super impose their stupid ideas of what money is and what making it is about on other people, doing the damage and destruction that we then find them complaining about too at a later date, during which time the victims are left wondering when those who were clearly out of league would serve others an Official certificate of rejection, so to speak. They say I want their money but have no wish to be nice about it, which is utter nonsense, just as we hear them claim my biggest problem is that they are more important - reality of course is that in terms of the latter they cling to my Public image and speak with me of a time when they became more important than Royalty which of course lends me pure misery and in terms of the former, the money was the problem all along since its millionaire playboy or stupid girl that wants to be close to a man with power and violence at his disposal - where Celebrities who are more interested in some kid are doing so to an effect where the kid has no right to feel good etc, that are attracted to Celebrities - so they may get their freedom from me for any 24 Hours I get to sell my Books, which by the way they have never read unlike the stupid things we hear them say about it has gradually gotten the Public to assume is the case. 

I do get involved with people who are out of my league as well anyway but its usually the one that says I am somebody she can make a deal with and that if we strike a relationship where I do not do things that cause her to have sex so every idiot might show up to desire it and cost her the job and the finances and everything else that matters, she promises not to be bad; the rest are goons who are getting an education they thought they were about to administer, on the intricacies of corruption. They do say I do not think that the Celebrities work for and deserve what they have, which is utter nonsense; I am simply not interested in them - I am only interested in those I Broker with and those tales they love to tell about people who are held in low esteem but spend money on the Films and Music while I am a useless low life goon who thinks he is a Prince and Brokers some equity that can be taken from him by those who actually wanted to, has now come to a head - they may have their lies and schemes and games and decisions on who gets killed by racists and so on but sometimes all that other people have is the kind of Films that watch as a Family, living in an Area where the Police Station is 200 Miles away. It is a question i.e. why are they so destructive when they are Celebrities? Either way which side the answer goes of which they now know that even if they are playing a Role with a Producer or Company that Brokers with me, which one is brokered with me is my property.

So they say its all me complaining about Political power which is utter nonsense; its in the end Political power that gets people stuck and going round in circles on matters they resolved to write a Book by – the intrusion and abuse and insults needed for that of which is legendary, now it has a big job to protect itself from the same experience all together and the tax payer has no choice but to keep funding it. I personally have never thought there was any Brains in there as it were all together anyway and then they will get to tell me its about all sorts of things while it is about profitable blasphemy; none peddles my faith, personal life or Public image – so they have decided to wreck any Mobility they have like only their stupidities can and showed up here to talk nonsense about my Christian Public image and a certain sensation of fear. It’s the kind of stuff that got people burned at the stake when the public had decided on a trial that showed they loved making use of those who had what they wanted in very abusive ways even though they got it anyway but that was medieval times and I do get told I could never talk about the intricacies of religion in Modern times when I explain the fact they are evil and its beyond the one where I found myself fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods on account they have got a civil rights which gave way to the one where they were tackling the Politicians to help them build up wickedness to match the way I have taken seriously my religion, so as to bring about balance – the Americans are usually more forth coming blabbing about the land of the free and how their religion is witchcraft, so its even harder there to talk about religion in modern times but in the end we hear most of what I say is oratory and that I have no idea what I am talking about, while half the time they are always seen drinking and smoking and revelling and following up some deviance leaving them looking like characters people realise they can take jobs away from, unless they were able to build power by abusing something pure and making a trophy scandal of it to their name; blabbing a work hard and play hard University Student Union characters telling me how to exist on media all the time and cannot live with the fact I work hard and pray hard as well and that unlike their lies, nothing of my character is a function of sleeping with peoples wives the way their big mouths have suggested it.

In the end the biggest question of all is whether I believe my actions and activities are not only fitting for a Prince but are the right courses of action but apart from a history of clashes between Monarchy and Politicians over their need to get on Public places and write off people in the populous all day long - the reality is that my Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration is not actually important in their view until and only when they have to deal with some really stupid Celebrities piling one problem on them after another to spend and waste everything they have got - so we need to maintain an understanding that they are to show up around my concerns along with their Media, if they are here to buy a Book and not to play with me; obviously of which this is their version of the same behaviour all together as it were. The question of why I think Celebrities are worthless is an old one but I don’t; one celebrity with a working arrangement is better than many who show up to do their own concerns and I do not fancy the ones that impose themselves on me and talk nonsense about their back up then undo with me claiming I impose myself on them and extract an income from this Estate either; you need a specific kind of imagination to show up on other peoples concerns to do your own business and sell yourself and lay waste everything you get your hands on and what happens to you as a result can be something that you deserve in a way as well. Its not really that I need celebrities, we live in a world of diverse kinds of government and so its important to have a celebrity friend or admirer or two here and there, however these other group of idiots from the US, who always show up on other peoples concerns to do their own stuff are a well-known incredibly stupid collection of goons just like they leadership they want to get around the world providing on their madness. It comes down to the amount of work needed to get ones self back from being stuck at popular culture into Official engagements and how much work and time it may need even to complete anything relevant around the popular culture itself in order to return to what actually matters all together in the first place. So eventually I get told Prince Harry wants to replace me which is something I am supposed to worry about while reality is that those who believe they have strings attached to me and therefore their need to do things which hurt me all the time and set off stories about exceptional treatment I am given by the Crown that everybody is meant to serve have not got any strings attached when I can kill off any worries by running my concerns outside of the House of Windsor, bearing in mind if it is not near the House of Windsor Prince Harry will have no will of Crown to force on me all the time and there will be less statements about how I imagined my problems, danced around my pain and keep provoking people by making out I am Royalty, all the way to the US and all over the world. The Individuals who help with such things claim they have reasons of course which is natural; Prince Harry does not like the way I have handled the case of the Prince of Wales Plan for a Big show reign complete with features such as the Prince’s Trust having been set aside to provide for celebrities but we are now in a place where we are not there yet and we find ourselves in hell made up of celebrities already. I have this reputation that I am the Arch Prince that gets around sharing my position with everybody which is creating problems for me and the realm, which is not really true; all can see me open up a dynasty to the world and close it to the world at will when I wanted to look into the matter of which issues were hampering the fact the UK was a great place for people to work and do business operations, so it should not be difficult to see that I may be a bit open than most but am not sharing anything. As for the tale of how it seems easy these days for people to just show up and get to the very top of the Monarchy; it was an old story that those who had an estate passed down to them did nothing with it except get about making trouble for everybody, while all I have done belongs to me and is done of my own effort – speaking of such things which only leads to outcomes where they wish to build my wealth as usual the need to build other people’s wealth and public image story that is assumed will not be a problem all the way. I have no idea where they got involved with my Royal matters anyway but it is clear that I am next down the Hierarchy and have the duty to watch the Leader’s back which I am doing very well, save this case of them showing up to chase people’s private parts all over the place – some have joined the security services and gone on missions to find out what the world effects of such behaviour is but some still need a lesson that they can learn. With respect to the other matter of Celebrities that get involved being forced to keep their commitment, that is still on and is not disturbed by the mention of this particular case – so that bottoms can keep hurting and I might have some respite (it would help that whilst I am said to be given exceptional treatment that some Members of the Royal Family need to take away in order to ensure all are serving the Crown, that there was no build up of an unofficial version of my duties which grant people an exception to my Policies and leadership especially where my Private property is concerned)


               ® The Cote of Arms of Company Patron Queen Elizabeth R II


 They for their part say I have a problem concerning financial issues which has no basis on reality since the truth is that its a matter of people barricading my livelihood for about 15 years on Media and Government buildings and knowing nobody will employ you so the only chance you have to building a pension is your own job and business, they cannot be reasoned with no matter how much it distresses you - where they have started to think it is amusing to do so and it is ever so difficult to talk them out of it - especially those that have located Men and Women that are to be used like totems to get things done for everybody while the perpetrators of these activities get rich and famous. They do these things all the time because One keeps secretes of what I can do and what I know to preserve their civil rights and preserve mine like most people do, until they start and if I mention how much of a problem it is then especially the Politicians will find it even more amusing when they tell me I have got a fat chance of doing anything when I know I can get hold of them and bend them up the other way to make home, then build fame for it so I can get to use their popular culture and fame and fortune idiots to make home as well and until that is the case the warnings will never deter. So the era of secretes for me was long over and I will now do everything about the business including the equity intellectual property administration in public, so when I ask them the would you could you questions they will answer it.

I am not unaware of a tale where people are so angry and frustrated that they want to harm me - it is an old story surrounding their laziness whereby they were clever and I were not but I work hard and have a life that people want to get out of bed and steal from no matter what they have, considering which the economic crisis of our time came to the surface in 2008 and since then save the fact we know its a matter of laziness beyond imagination, we do not know what the problem is with them clever people anyway. So the threats are just as well and they do say they have some Royalty on their side too, which I do not mind; here in the UK those kinds are losing Jobs are Buckingham Palace and are no longer selling the whole place anymore, of which it happens on my account or not does not really matter. In the end I do such things as ensure that idiots are the backyards of Fashion Model's Careers end up having some form of equality with City Centre and stock market operatives because they need to continue making use of peoples lives to get things done as it were and if they were unable to hurt me because of it, I fail to see what it is exactly they can do at this point, not least because I am threatening to develop a stock trading system which is supported by State Welfare system too, to rival the main one anyway. When it does come down to it, we have to have this nonsense everyday, whereby people get out of bed and expose me to misogynistic idiots that really like to hurt me because they like some how linked the process of doing so with a means to getting rich and it is because of the stupid things stock market and Media operatives do with my Book sales and then my finances after that as a whole - so it would be nice if after I have taken loutishness that can allow these fools develop from incredibly stupid market square attitude that can lead to teasing which results in racial murder, meaning they are unable to get rich quick while their Celebrities have too much of it, the Stock Market idiots keep their insults where people appreciate it as there is really not much more I can do for them as such; it beggars the question of why they do it anyway.








It is an impossible feat to back track to believe something right on an ideology, about which the fact you got the revelations wrong leads to the death or deaths of other human beings. This is what National front activists and Politicians and Religious extremists and dubious Politicians have never really understood or respected. Hence the inability to see why I am valued even when their expressions towards me is that of extreme and violent envy. There is really nothing in existence like that of peddling my place and existence as a part of the Cultural history of the Nation to make a living; such a matter would be clearly understood when the disparities are kept in view of how I need to be a happy person while I broker Equities with Companies and Industries who make products that end up on the Roads and in peoples homes on one hand and another group of people believe that getting rich is a function of abusing and provoking and angering me on the other.

I. Uno I

It is actually true as far as I am concerned, that when people attack or burn the poppy, they are fighting against crusaders. As it stands however, I do not see any British Priests  stealing followers from Moslems, all that is happening is Moslems Bombing British Trains and boasting all over the world about it. 

I shall indeed therefore do all that I can to ensure that enough from the Royal Office and Royal Estate Property is created and made available so that people can at least with possession of a token acquire a slice of understanding, security and moral empowerment.

I do not believe my main concern should be whether or not others are trying to acquire a history where they are me and I am none existent; it is Politicians that must be prevented from legitimising rebellion as a new religion or even new royalty. It is entirely normal for them to get up on public places to abuse me for the purpose of stripping me of my quality of life by stripping me of any state of mind that makes it possible, then complain of what I do to others because of my advantage, like the old issue of what society is meant to be, it is always a kind of master plan for something else.

I. Uno I


Office Equities written out in Functional Aesthetics - Faith based Respect for Death Personal decisions security Admin

 Now I am not too troubled about the things concerning Church people, reality is that idiots always think the Church is a safe place from which to channel peoples children in any direction they wish, I always think they believe they can do it with everybody even if they have done it before and it is a big mouth yapping too. Truth of course is the old stuff about the fact the deviance of this world must find ways of entangling what belongs to you with them when they have an advantage of age and seek prerogatives for their stupid children and then they will always comply by telling you they are not your mate and it always means you should deal with all the problems which of course you do except that they continue to go ahead and make out you steal their vision which you do not mind as it is a factor of an old story they are aware of; that God is not mocked and every man must reap what he sows. The most Important point of the attrition they invent therefore being that of how they keep away from me and their foolish women their insults where those belong.

Aware therefore one is of vanities and lasciviousness and carnality that can be operated in a Family setting of an environment of government, which The Arch Prince of the Monarch should be aware of and deal with in clear, secure and efficient manner. Of course the issue of the UK Class society is usually largely misrepresented around the world; the reality is that the biggest problem with the lower classes is some inbuilt desire that is insatiable, to act in one way and deserve a completely different outcome from the same action on the other hand, concerning which that outcome must always be hugely beneficial - hence by their moto the Country is free to eat itself up from inside because another person has a responsibility and the reality they have to deal with is that others feel otherwise.

The claim I am so obsessed with everything I do not allow others get to it or indeed buy and make use of the products is entirely wrong, the reality of what they do those who make such complains, is a plan to change the nature of my lifestyle, make it their own and give me a different one that is violent and full of problems in the most hurtful way imaginable and will not seek an alternative good feeling for trade but that first of all which of course we are all aware will not cease to get them into trouble and especially on that stupid media of theirs as well and then they turn up to deny a lot that unreasonable wickedness people practice in my direction is a matter of something I have not done in order to discredit religion and the existence of both God and the devil. In the end of which they never mind their business and I will not cease to dish it out for them as well and there is always for me a time for everything, and as it applies in this case, a time to work and a time to think about staying out of trouble.

The case of getting into trouble with women at the Monarchy is an old one; it has given birth to an Heir, so it wants to create a position of power for itself that influences the Politicians; I was an Arch Prince before Kate Married William, Americans will help to ensure my existence is constantly a new thing to the world and it goes on and on and on, then we hear its women playing with me when I have expressly shown I do not like people playing with me in such ways all together and then it big mouth will be all over the place to show its perfectly aware of the effects of its stupidities, especially when it points out what Princess Diana got up to etc – whereby the first time I had to deal with this so called necromancer stuff, it involved Politicians either pushing me into crime to rehabilitate me away from my personality in order to claim it or setting off criminals who need to return to the right side to be on so as to stay out of trouble on my public image to secure a process of being served by them criminals in order to be glorious either way; since then, every other new invention on this nonsense I have had to content with has been invented by these female idiots talking nonsense about power of which Diana who went off to engage with some Africans and risk the future of her Children was still the preferred way to handle a matter they had no idea how to handle as it were and it still all comes down to the same old case of whether people think the fact it is a woman means it does not know what it is doing when it grab everything that benefits you as a result of being British and tosses it to the dogs in order to sit about mocking you, playing Children’s video games on mobile phone screens. So, I have done it again as it were and await another insolent occasion whereby it would mean that having done so amounts to a process where they can take it up and do it for me all over again to extricate women power and show themselves to be happy fools, considering Princess Diana isn’t here anyway.

We see it all over gender pay gap issues which they say my activities support but I look as though I am going back on it because I am not being supported, which is not actually true; what is true is that Politicians and as reflected by the activities of their media fools are usually only interested in some sexual deviance that can be extricated from processes of handling gender issues and this is why rather than make laws that simply say a Man and a Woman cannot be paid different salaries for the same job, we find all kinds of gimmicks that will preserve access to the deviance while some form of middle ground is being reached. This means that whenever I mention media fools are up in arms blabbing about my inability to protect myself from being touched but we all know that protecting myself from being touched is a matter of taking what hurts me seriously and the most prolific of that is people I do not know getting involved with me and more so finding their corruptions of involvement to be a form of power that they will never let go of and thus invent excuses every single time I detach myself from them, which is what the media does and nothing else, about which I was not addressing them at this point, only responding to what is obviously a gender pay issues which have been put to me by somebody else. It is however a regular form of insult that they believe gives their ageism and advantage over me because anything I do in response will be avenged on their behalf by somebody younger than I am, which I would like to see them try on as well, especially when they are talking nonsense about what might likely happen at the Monarchy: I am an Arch Prince and a very good one for that matter for my part and their insults have come to a point, feeds into the need to enforce it when I say they need to find a civil way of making money by the beginning of September and show up here only to buy a Book otherwise there will be trouble. As for which ones I have no idea how it will end, everybody knows I am going to ensure that whenever I am responding to state matters at this Office or running my life as I see fit without having to accommodate others and deal with insults about some older goon that wants my Estate at the Monarchy as well, I do not get hurt by a self-seeking scum either on the part of celebrities or anybody else’s, which will ensure I can talk to people without my bottom hurting as a result of being used in abusive ways by evil scum with problems and that will involve running their stupid lives for them so I can decide a limit for it, setting out a campaign that will let me ensure their jobs and shares and positions at companies are never ever safe, then get hold of those stupid celebrities and turn them around to help sell my Books and see which one will be hurting me from there as well. I was not addressing them it should be noted; what happens is that women have their lives sorted out and get ready for work but doing so disturbs others and then when they get jobs anyway, they get less pay for doing the same work that men do – besides which for me when they sort their lives out it does make me happy because it is a probability that if somebody starts a business it will be successful and then there is the bit about public matters that is messing it up for them, which they respond to in ways that means they fancy me in personal ways and the sensuality of it can then be deployed to make pornography by money mad goons, then I get told by the same idiots not to watch it, while at the same time when Pop stars get involved and try to make me watch them instead of the pornographers, somebody takes that way, which is why that stupid pay gap is so important to them: so what I get by simply stating that the Politicians would rather dance around loss of their sexual pleasures than make laws that simply say that men should not earn more than women for the same job is these ageist scum addressing and hurting me as strangers I do not know getting involved with me, to talk nonsense about how I have no idea how it will end whereas everybody knows it is the guys they think I should be scared of that are the reasons they need to find a civil way to make money by the beginning of September 2017 or else that stupid need to take things that belong to me and ensure I can never find anything I own the way I left it in order to make me sick all the time and talk nonsense about freedom will lead to something far more serious than they give it credit for and especially so at tourism economic scum fingering my bum as this marks an example of their insults really getting to me especially over the involvement that does not involve custom for my Books.


They say Islam has not quite move on from the cruelty that Christianity has and that this is what needs to happen but we all know the Cruelty of Christianity is not something that has changed due to modernity and has not happened throughout the Christian age as a whole but only certain points in history. We all know the way we preach the gospel suggests these guys do not know what they are doing because of the excessive emphasis of being tolerant while giving people the benefit of doubt on all matters – it does not mean we are unaware that they know exactly what they are doing and that it involves hurting and killing people and those who have preached peace and none violence are particularly sweet targets because they are unlikely to kill as well; so what we see is that when it realises you are prepared to let it kill you since it thinks that is a worthy activity in a world that is already full of death and suffering and that it is your faith that gives you the strength, it will want to take the faith from you while it kills you as well and the reason is simple narcissism – we see it play out on cases where it has done you a favour by not killing you, which means it must peddle your Public image to make fame and fortune or get rich at stock markets and so on and if you do not comply children will suffer; so it becomes obvious that the reasons you get out of bed every day to hurt yourself by the very blessings of the food you eat is because these fools are making money, then the suffering of innocents at their hands because of you becomes really important immediately after and if you get hold of him, you will burn him at the stake so that even if he repents as a result of the suffering he has endured on it, he will not have a body that can be raptured at the second coming and will not be going to Heaven. They do claim most of it to be my fault for the way I hound people of course but I do not actually hound them; what happens is that they need realise an Arch Prince is not like they are and when they make deals all over the place with evil and serve God with what belongs to the devil, they should try to understand where his authority lies too but what they want to do is modern Christianity with which they get involved with people’s concerns no plans in mind to get along with the rules which does nothing else but dish death, hence when they dish it the question becomes that of whose cup it is and about which they need to give the answer quickly as we have not got a lifetime – as we can see that Mosul has been Liberated from Islamic state year date 10/7/2017 and they have already begun a new evil story to run on media and extricate lifestyles that can be corrupted by their convenience seeking and violent vice, all along of which it is a simple behaviour they could not have carried out, a simple choice they could not have made to sell souls to the devil, knowing he will expect them to think others should exist in a corner somewhere waiting for things to happen to them, while they explain their stupidities as the evils they have to do otherwise the devil they sell themselves to will not allow them a moments peace. So, the Christian cruelty is not part of the religion and happens at specific periods in history; they however tell those lies all the time that Christianity facilitated Nazism because it helps them with their Politics of evil and wickedness but we all know it is the Nazis that thought it was an important aspect of white way of life that needed to be protected and not the Christianity that facilitated the Nazism. They do love to finish such conversation by claiming there is one death to have which is mine and then it will be over but we all know I have been dying for 15 years and its not normal fucking retard. Now they say I punish people all the time and this is what makes people behave the way that we see them do but all that punishment aspect is about concerns the fact that nobody is asking celebrities to confiscate my Public image and nobody is asking people to touch celebrities too. I mean, when I said we preach the Gospel to love the people of the world not hate them but are aware their activities are a product of deliberate and conscious decision, it should have been the end of the story but it wasn’t – an example of the fact I am right to think that when their notorious nonsense that a fool who is just as insane told them is fame means they have enough to play talk to the hands routine while they are at it, my life will be over. Even now, they say I do not know what I am dealing with but I am not the only person that lives in a past where I did something that confidently showed I had the right to exist and they had to respect it while their stupid women spend all day building their own history of abusiveness that undoes this past – so it is stupid to imagine they know how I am likely to react to it when they know nothing about me and we should never have come to this stage if their senselessness around my concerns and not my own incompetence that is causing my financial crisis and preventing people from buying my Books. 

They always say I get involved with Pornography and that is where they are coming from the problems that carry on and on and on a financial but of course everybody knows an otherwise situation would have been that when people are prostitutes those whose only job is to do the fucking or the Camera bits, will ensure they can never get near Church as well and its not like they are paying me for the pornography anyway, so I do want them to give it a rest like any sensible situation would require. I mean the bits where they attend parties hosted by Politicians in which girls are used like meat and a film is made from it and at my expense because the Politicians did it on grounds my vanity was the original provocation is a public service that shows they care as well and stops them attacking me when there are obviously bigger problems to worry about and should be encouraged but doing so would not have meant I want it to be a part of my life as well all together anyway. My Court members do sometimes write those pornography stories of course but its because years of Men intruding into my court now means they can see me naked and see me in my own bed to strike me and hit me and tell me where I am supposed to be while their insolence on my Media equipment they assume I buy so they can talk through to me knows no bounds - hence only apt that cracked up out of my league had started worrying about some sex videos as well.

I understand it is said I am the architect of all manner of corruption at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense – its two people who are interested in each other people kept apart and in my case since they started, I have dropped out of University and Published a Book they are using to create global protests and senselessness that encumbers all of my personal finances; so it seems what happens when the Public take these Royal relationships to heart is that they start to chase those involved on commitment issues and I want them to shut down their fucking comments then as I am trying to sell Books that are being encumbered by their senselessness being built up around it for no reason I am aware of all together.


 There is always a regular pattern we all know; half of them are incredibly arrogant idiots with a thirst for fame and fortune and a desire to handle anybody’s property to make it happen, not to mention an insatiable need to create problems that they can do so to solve to keep the fame and fortune going even when there are none, no matter how much money they have – the other of course is the ones that always want some kind of religious sensibility around their sense of power over others so that they can secure loyalty for their tyranny. Its a trade to them you see and they always plan it to the finest detail but for me they seem to have a thing for acquiring things that belong to me all the time and hence it has become a matter of protecting what they get and thinking about which ones they have handled which I want to forgo, depending on what they are trying to do with it and so on and of course most of all the kind of work and or property that no sane human being would let them handle as it were. The problem now is the need for the British Labour party to set me up for them to catch and gain unfettered access to by wrecking my finances and for fun as well – so I am aware that when it has come to the point where their religious sensibilities around power over people to secure loyalty to their tyranny or corruptions of involvement which means that if it is open and people are in it they can join anything they like and make anything they want into a group they can join, has paid off in the sense that they have reached a stage where they hold on to these things and tend to know best all the time with violent consequences for me, each time turning out to realise they were wrong but then reaching a point where they have begun to get fun from it and have begun to think they can get used to it, then we have a problem because of course the next course of action will be to maintain the fun and the process of doing so will definitely extend to my employability and my job and my right to get one all together. So the fight with Politicians especially the British Labour Party and some of their American friends continues.

They do say I make out the violent aspects of my religion are a good thing but I am just tired of the children that will suffer and the women that will suffer and the public issues that will go awry if I do not comply with their needs of which it is mostly just some really stupid search for a new lifestyle of convenience they have gotten their eyes on and this time it’s the one where I am some guy Industry people like to play with and they want to have my place, thereby pretending I buy my television so they can talk through to me all the time. I really cannot tell why these idiots cannot just shut down those stupid comments and keep their senselessness off my personal finances as I am not playing with their salaries currently as well for my part so far. Apparently the wealth distribution happens where they kick those they think they are better than and make connections with those they have supported by saving lose change at home that helps them with consumerism when a big business is about to crush a small one but in my case it has gone on way too long to be tolerated, since the days when they created poverty for themselves deliberately because they were saving their health which will let them rub shoulders with the wealthy when they had nothing, now it does not respect the fact that my personal finances are personal and have nothing to do with them, my Books are mine as they were not written by them and I am selling the Books, so if it is important to their media careers, makes no sense why they are the biggest problem I face, never mind the fact the insults have developed since 2002 from one about a Christian that gives people feelings of the kinds of things kids of today are too modern to give, to a stage where they are certain that if I were required to give up a career to them I would have done it, showing up to replace me at Industry every day and having nothing else to do with their time save learn from me to boost their income and rip my whole life up with insults at the end as well, which is like more than 100% reverse of how it should be. So what they think they want is economic separatism that allows them to bully whom they wish and get connected with whom they like and it was that way since the days of the recession and I am going to give one to them on account of the incessant destruction of my public life and property that amounts to a process of controlling how they spend their money to ensure they are honest enough to facilitate a means by which those who have worked for and produced the goods and services that they require are getting the money spent on it that they need. We even hear that they want my virtues which does not make any sense whatsoever what these idiots will do with my virtues on Media; it may sound sweet of course but so do we know liberalism is a matter of what happens at one’s backyard. These are goons that are so stupid that even when I drop out of University and have to grapple with community croons I am still better than them because these community croons get the better of them while they have media careers – they excuse it with what they spent their time on but we all know they have no respect for other people’s careers and it is the insults that get them killed most of the time, talking nonsense about physical confrontation all the time. I do not think the matter of virtues are a big one, I used to think the way they are thinking now but I was in my early teens then and never brought it out in Public because I thought people would laugh – it is the sort of nonsense we see people blab about until extremists take over neighbourhoods in the middle east and then their inability to have a meaningful conversation with others will be the reasons they are the first of get killed over some oppressive control measure. What I want is to control my finances because of their need to damage my property, to decide how they spend it lest the fact my business empire is getting smaller and smaller on media is then imposed on the real world as well – the easier option was the one where they kept their comments off the Books which are products I am providing a service by. It’s an old story we see over and over again where we hear them talk nonsense about fighting extremism as well: where I am the one that realised people were addicted to my activities and set it up as rival for drugs businesses, to kill off their incomes, so in order to avoid these criminals making their way into mainstream living the media fools must have the games and gimmicks they play around my concerns ended – it’s that old story where convenience will be developed from my temperaments and the suffering caused me will facilitate a certain kind of sex that allows them to enjoy pain and pleasure nonsense in a safe way; what I did when I saw it obviously.

I understand it is said I am the most rebellious thing that the British Monarchy has ever seen but it could not be further from the truth as the reality is mostly that of going through months of hell at a time, only to find the reason to be some media goon that had been sitting somewhere at the Monarchy to get some good life into their systems at your expense; so usually it becomes question of how the story ends of which this is usually not the idea point at which it should. In my view it comes right down to abuses that may involve a process where they cut me off from my finances due to their ego needs which is associated with making me do something to help them have better sex because they look upon me as meat person and that means that this whole need to address me and get involved with me when I want nothing to do with them id largely developed around the need to express the fact they would not read my Books if paid to while I actually do not mind since it is not novels I write anyway let alone ones that will help them with their sexual problems. Then again, that these guys have egos that get them thinking they want an Arch Prince to help them with sexual issues is an example of the reasons I should take action if their ultimatum expires and they have not located a civil way to make money around here by that time – so for now the main problem is that my actions cause a lot of sadness of which I am finding it difficult to locate what they expect from me anyway: 12 years of daily bullying, constant attention drawn to things security services may do to put me in harm’s way as it aids their jobs instead of my Books etc or the bits about the Monarchy which is family and has nothing to do with how they chose to be fans of my activities, besides the desire to see me get off a half priests office to write Books that help them with sex is a history that I do not consider to be mine – we are not dealing with teenagers here, we met 3 years into my adulthood and they started their gimmicks about 3 years later, so there was no growing up to do 12 years ago when it all began, so it’s not part of my history and since they will not accept that it is their history because they want to deploy media to change something and have what does not belong to them, I usually leave it hanging until when they put pressure on me and then I go down that route to extricate a process where I will be found explaining myself along the lines of the fact they deserve everything they get from me, that usually after all useful affairs are successfully concluded and I need to ensure that what I do to sustain myself is not causing me pain and suffering which by the way has nothing to do with it all together. It is an ego that is found in the persons of individuals like Elon Musk or Richard Branson who regularly handle my Public image and run it off as a means of ring fencing the risks of a project in order to carry it through, leaving all who broker assets with me and all who have a couture arrangement with me see everything they own lose all value overnight – so safe to say they think I do not have an ego as well and so have I warned them about the fandoms of their millionaires showing up here to make up for inadequacies as though we were equals, leaving carnage in its wake all the time, warned them about those stupid media comments about pieces of work that are a product for clients which means they are set out to provide services that help people run their lives and keep jobs, warned them to stop making those stupid media comments as the Books are for sale and am quite convinced it will not stop save I am seen cutting their own to pieces as well, which is what September of 2017 will decide mostly – all in their hands to find out how it will work, see how deep the rabbit hole goes or move on and keep out of my concerns. I do get told I will never get it done by blowing hot and cold on it all the time on hand, while on the other I am told I have trust issues; in terms of the former of which is a matter of their claim that conservative people do things without reason and so I apparently started very young and tend to have this boundless energy and boundless experience to go with it too putting out information for absolutely everything – its purpose is to address those ways of hurting me which they can get away with all the time even while they are fighting to stay alive as we speak, especially with respect to being forced to make a living through sorting out their sexual issues for them, it makes me angry enough to drive them hard into a corner they will never get out of and then end up living a life that shows that the wife is always a conservative persons exit as it were; hence the same case of the three things we never hate – Wife, Country and Job. The truth issue on the other hand is really just me making sure I know it works before I allow others to put their hope on it – like for instance when I have to see that I stop them wrecking my work in order to get on their foolish media to help a Prince all the time by running their lives for them, I will need to handle the popular culture and celebrity culture and society etc and then when I know it reaches a point where I can run a campaign that encourages people to take those company shares they buy on Publicity they run off to express a case of locating me as a person that they own and bully to get rich by etc, I have to test run it and let people have a go only when I think it works like a dream.


They want to be assured there is nothing to be scared of because they should be the only ones that scare people of course as it were; reality is that it normally falls to men like myself to defend the country as it were, so you speak of fundamentalisms and it is nothing serious and it is arrogance everywhere that is really insulting and violent and financially beneficial because of their size and their games with media and now it has become a fun thing as well on grounds that they think my tummy is completely messed up of which nobody knows who told them that my tummy is messed up or what evidence they really have of such a claim anyway. It is the same old story of course with evil scum on one hand and arrogant celebrity idiots on the other – drugs, gangs, crime and general tyranny and of course we still live in the same world as we did years ago even though they are also convinced I have created a sense that we do not which is to their benefit. They speak of nothing I can do about anything but at present they are complaining about the Christian who expects them to get off their cultural side of society to know everything about his faith so that they can coexist with him, which if they did will change their culture all together and hence no means for such things to be resolved looking for trouble but nobody knows still how we got to live in the same life in the first place with that foolish media and that stupid culture as it were. So for now I bet I will give it less than two weeks and the question will have to become relevant of one more of those daring violent and insolent arrogant because they are bigger men and they will have kicked it off and we will end up with a situation of me on one hand and they on the other and the country in the middle especially for the black ones – because of course it is when the Christian does nothing about it presently that the whole thing becomes the meaning of life itself, so they can tell me there is nothing I can do about it with a big mouth. The last thing I want to been enduring from media is that sense that what I do with those who serve the Country at the Armed forces is something that they can do with or to me as well but they do not seem to understand and for the evil tyrants and criminals on the other hand, I am in love with their mothers who will tell me all about it, hence I want them off the Pornography industry as well. I mean these are examples of what will likely happen because of course the last time I checked I had come to a resolve on the matter – banging cars and violent bullying by dunces in the neighbourhood fanned by their media counterparts they find affinity with and in the Morning is the best possible time for me to feel like my chest is about to explode while their women hum oppression at me over sex; gives real meaning to when you pop the question of one more of the insolent arrogance and they will kick it off as it were but I had since had much fun over the day and forgotten it to an extent, however which it seems it is important that I do not at this stage as well. I am to therefore reduce those their civil unrest search for vanities to neighbourhood bitterness and of course like I said before I am in love with their mothers, who will tell me all about it too. Now the part where I will be driven to a point of great trouble with the Monarchy is very well understood but the chances are really small; I mean people have tried insulting me but cannot get a reaction because Christians do not respond to insults and they have tried everything else too including death threats to get a reaction and regularly use public office for such abuse but we all know it is keeping me cash strapped for 12 years and making sure I cannot have an alternative job and making sure I do public work without being paid in order to get a reaction and call up the evils of their society to it that brings the issues to a head and the fucking idiots need to leave me alone. I mean I am not necessarily innocent in the matter either because I have put together all I need to get a reaction from them the more famous they are the better – I mean in any case of which I have no idea who told them they are famous anyway and why they would think they are famous to me as well. They do need to stay out and move on and take their fame band wagon with them if it is not to become a source of real problems that is – it’s all I can do. At the Monarchy they say I do the work of the servant and it wears me out and destroys my eating behaviour and allows them to do whatever they like and then I make a mess of the Royal work but in actual fact since they last got involved it has been impossible to buy anything I need and then since they last got involved with the books it has been impossible to sell any and they have no yet realised that they owe me that duty, instead we hear all kinds of insults from their television idiots who cannot stop using people for things that people have told them they do not wish to be used for and will die for their beahviour before it stops never mind spending any new thing I do as punishment for denying them the chance to get inspired by what is happening in my mind - they are not the only television personalities around with an agent and it will end badly it seems before it gets better.

They do say they are pushing me to make money and I am attacking them instead while what happens is that when I buy a platform from which I build websites to run my concerns as I do not have a Literary agent – the result is that what I do for my Books is so perverted from being my own agent that I am put in such a place as I would do better if I were selling other products as well, which of course I am not in any way prepared to do, which means another aspect of my life and career and public image opened up for idiots to play with like they are not complaining enough. We see it on the streets as well all of the time, where standard business practice is about chasing people’s private parts to drive cars around while senselessness keeps your Books unsold because people cannot get in touch and it never stops unless you are taking steps like messing up equities just at the right time during business cycles to ensure they have bread and boiled eggs for breakfast, spending their last penny to fuel the car and being respectful persons for a change. They speak of some monopoly game going on which is utter nonsense – what we have here is the usual merry go round of Industry where wealthy ones need your products but will never buy and then when poorer ones need it but are willing to pay the wealthy ones will then recognise a threat from smaller businesses that can take over their place in the market as a result; so you have to grapple with it and ensure everybody is comfortable but I am always angry because I am having to grapple with Media too – those have their own ideas about whom they are superior to and are confident there is nothing I can do about the suffering that the evolution of their gay loutish nonsense inflicts on me so. The story of things I don’t know is an old one where I do not think so from the Office of this literary empire where I do what I need to be my own Literary agent, nothing I don’t know about idiots who feel comfortable about saving up lose change by which to support big business which want to take over smaller ones and think it is okay to behave the way they do; what I know is that people chase people private parts at Industry and so I must find a way to fulfil the wealth and power and privilege that have been ascribed to me at a Royal Position in a way that avoid all those troubles – I am not expected to make a living like common people a yap yapping goons who know something I don’t and will not keep their senselessness off my Books. There is also talk of how I am unaware of what is happening with me at the Monarchy which is not really true; it’s the old story of Chieftain characters who started playing games of setting out pyramid scams they want to get rich by peddling my Public image and it always involves fingering my bum, so when I clip them as well because it is really violent and involves insults they build up at the neighbourhoods like an open secret which says they have seen a nice anus for fucking which smells good too all the time, then they find a way to deploy private security Industry connections that gets them close to people at the Monarchy because I did. So it’s now a matter of doing something about it like it was the first time when they ripped up my career but had a problem with the fact that ending up where they are and running my life as normal made them uncomfortable, never mind the fact I only wanted to eat African food too; hence will largely involve what happens when they should have been the ones to have my diet which means they chase my private parts and make me smell bad so I can never keep a job or have the same Public image they wish to peddle without paying attention to the fact I am always eating African food and will likely be in a position to clip them very hurtfully while making sure nothing else changes and that I can continue to eat whatever I wish. I really have no idea where people started thinking of their activities as real anyway - it began around late part of 2014 and actually has nothing to do with anything. Its the great old case of the Modern ones beating up the religious ones all the time and nothing new except the bit where they are not blabbing about religious laziness that forces them to do everything anymore: what they are doing these days is the Kardashians get the better of him when he is angry and he is not and then they get the better of him when they are angry and when they are not after that, then we hear those stupid threats that suggest no part of my plan involves seeing the secret service fools that help their stupid socialites to screw with me take those shrouds off and come into the light so we can see what they are made off all round as well. It was always a simple choice to be religious or not to be religious but for them its far more complicated, right down to the story of how The Duke of Cambridge will want to attend a party more than he will want to attend Church, the latter of which is what I want him to do.

I hear that other authors cannot understand why I written the Books I have written and really think that it should not have been written but then again I am certain other authors understand why fundamentalisms and manners of thinking that should not be explored are left unexplored, I am sure they would understand if I said I am a legal studies student as well – so this should settle it. but for those who are not satisfied then we have to go into details such as the fact they have become too fond for their own good of deciding other peoples fate as a society, so I really need to write a Book the way I have written it, such that the more people keep their insults at bay and read it peacefully is the more they will understand it but the more they make a mess of me and my work is the more it will make their lives a mess as well. I mean the great idea is usually that the average criminals had ended up in prison by some freak of nature as it were, while the truth couldn’t be any more different. However when it comes to the push and shove issues, the reality is still that it is unacceptable for people to get off on media and make a decision to put forward such conjectures and statements over Books about which they have only seen the cover as it were and of course when they wish to trade writers who think that thinking about something long enough and then putting it to paper to chase fame and fortune with actually makes them writers sell Books, they might want to think about selling it on structures of businesses that they actually built to sell Books with, otherwise stay away from me and keep to their fucking job descriptions where the insults can be accommodated and nobody whose parents gives only them the right to sell something on a business structure or make comments on it in Public has to accommodate them while they make a mess of peoples lives, people who have had to go through a process of being broke in order to find out whether their writing is to serve a job or past time due to the fact that serving others takes up all their time have to accommodate them as well: it is a breach of intellectual property about which I have already warned is likely to develop into situations that require action from me, which will not see any parties end up anywhere near a law Court that is going to waste any more of my time as it is. Normally people do not have a problem with a structure of business that others are sharing to enrich peoples lives by earning a pound or two for their work at any given time but this has gone on for way too much and way too often I want them off it and out – its perfectly logical to and I know they say my Books are far more expensive than a pound or two, likewise are they aware that the minimum consultation fee to seek an affidavit from a legal practitioner is £15 for the lowest qualified and so it shouldn’t be too much for me to earn between £4 and £5 for a piece of work they will take home and make their own forever: people need to sell Books on their own book selling business and not mine and I do pray and pray that the media ones will shut down those stupid comments as the shop items are for sale but it rather seems they will risk their lifetimes work like they have risked mine and their stupid careers along with it too. Its all part of a system where it is impossible for me to leave anything I own somewhere and return to find it as I left it because I am being punished and made to feel sick and cash strapped for not letting people peddle my Public image and my faith so they can have the kind of money they wanted and  I will begin to act on the matter specifically and act on the Men and Women that run the system as well from the beginning of September 2017 into the future. We see it every time where it would rather copy couture here so it can get into a place of power and glory where it talks nonsense at me about the wishes of the daddies I must comply with since the Couture have to do with women that are older than I am and means I play around with their female fools and they do not necessarily perturb me but it is not the only one, as there are others such as when I preach the gospel but cutting down my finances and waiting for me to lie or fornicate so that it might become the latest trend and become what I am teaching people when I was not talking to them in the first place is their main preoccupation especially on Media; the Media where idiots will rather complain about consequences than edit out such nonsense when they know that reporting it will allow idiots have such an effect on peoples lives.


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