HH is perfectly aware that his actions stifle economic growth in developing countries and this is because they vandalise his income and Equities, then leave him with nothing, following him around embarrassingly to create him lots of cash flow crisis and then boast about winning a great fight and more so just because these Equities exist in their countries.

Some tell him he has turned on those poor and helpless people in developing countries but the truth is that he has taken enough nonsense from them at this point, where bending over backwards to fight for their civil rights, while they get off getting authority from America to savage his health, after getting rid of all his income to make it work, ordering him around on media over everything he does which encourages sexual abuse from communities, which means when he does not have any money they can steal it is even better. Over the issue of how hard we in the Top Euro Zone Economies have to work for our economic progress, How the US and the Russians and the rest of the world have to work for theirs, just to put up with the new rising powers of developing economies of course and yet it does seem that when it comes to this matter of small Countries in Africa and The East and the West, even if we went around creating many planets for them, it would never be enough for the goons they elect to lead them or the ones that do without mandate.

They are always ever so good at recognising a domino system that they create into peoples income after having structures in place for the complains when those people are important, no matter how educated and no matter how educated, always are so educated that they always remove the safety catch to bring it all crashing unnecessarily without cause and at the most ill opportune times. The result is the conditions they create for big business to start all over again, which is then a fight they are a in a good position to win since they have no money but have an Arch Prince here to abuse looking for trouble but even more stupid than all this is the prognosis they have my property to spend and therefore nothing to worry about, with those stupid friends of theirs whom only God knows how they got their hands on money with which to earn One's derivatives in Cash obsessively, showing off luxury lifestyles on Public TV too for so doing and then turning it into commercials as well.

In like manner the trouble makers from the UK that go there to get rich claim that HH will harm their position, which is precisely one of the reasons he has said it too because it is not clear what where he travels to and what he does with his property has to to do with them, because they are always sure to ensure anything about his life is spent in a way that ensures he does not have it and are always doing that with something which has to do with the essence of his entire life with their wickedness and evil-something very close to the primordial instincts he has as a human being, playing with his privileges and quality of life, looking for trouble and seeking to have powers to harm people to death without touching them by taking away Ones business empire to make place in his life for experimentations.

Apart from which The Arch Prince's people and Securities which so ever countries they find themselves are perfectly safe and fine and he has jeopardised nothing.

They tell him making these things and many other things he does obvious to community goons are the reasons for the problems he has, like they always do, getting the best out of his income for it, which is also utter nonsense too;  as he does wonder as well what they think the idea of Priests that have the Streets for a vestry was supposed to do for evil community goons, that have base ideas all the time that no body asks them about to express on people, not to mention an insignificant Christian who wants a job while Politicians give media fools his Royal Estate to play around with, through the use of perceptions that are driven into reality with their stupid society powers, as if it is their own life to touch in such ways, which is how they get to insert music CDs into the Radio and TV tracks whenever they humiliate him over money issues-like their Politicians who want to be his friend until they are rich which is completely predictable without a gift of foresight. When they do it the first time bearing in mind people do not pick themselves up again from such conditions and One picks himself up again, they do it again and again and it is becoming some kind of a daily affair now so far which has also become democratically inconvenient for them, while they have no scruples looking for trouble of course but will come round to do it again; hence they have all the fights they need now.

Of course if HH attacks Parliament and No 10 Downing Street, it will be popular and he will sell more books but it is not what he knows and the problem here is what will happen when he works out how to do that along the lines of writing securities, when he continues to have them ruining his finances to keep him held down for community women to 'fuck' or bully to extract feelings of good sex, which will not have helped anybody's ego any more.

They claim the issue is that One's books do not make sense to anybody. Which no body has an idea where they got off telling him what to do, since it is always clear when they wreck people's lives and people trying to find out what it was all about, it is always proven they are more stupid than the people must have first thought they were. And it is not the first time, as they have been here knowing more about the will of God than God himself in One's life before, especially when they are black and their insults know no limits.

What HH told them he does for a living is sell Equities and Securities through books he writes them and so goes around protecting businesses and people from the vandalisms of the Music Industry and the Media and Politics, to sell his books as the items that will sustain these securities. It seems it is the freebies he puts out which means that my books do not make sense and this is coming from Politicians and Commercials industry fools who put their kids up on One's intellectual property on the media, if they are not making popular music with it in order to direct the problems they create for themselves through the useless lives they live, into his, as though he has no feelings too, then pretend it does not do harm those whose goods they use in such ways cheating them thereof all the time as well. Eventually in order not to buy the little books, the man who sells Securities will have it extracted from his life and from his fame and his existence by big mouth Politicians as if he cannot do the same to them in order to have a secure business in the first instance, so that no body will ever buy the books and the fools who never make sense to anybody tell the world his books make no sense and so it is not clear where they get off or where they had actually gotten off telling him what to do. 

There are no racist and discriminative victories gained anywhere. The Politicians are supposed to wind people up until they react to them-which they are doing to HH as well, knowing they will see such things as they can make their self serving self seeking insolent travesties with but if anybody gets all the fact out there before it is financially late for them, then all that black, white, whatever coloured, as they all do the same things, things they do has no meaning, it all becomes completely useless. The idiots on the media however are supposed to sell the products people give them to sell, not extract equity from people's companies to do adverts with and attack One every other time because he brokers Equities for a living, trying to preserve a tradition where the big boys bully the small boys at the market place, which is a game they have had all figured out before they invite anybody to play and now think they should live up to an audacity to have it figured out on One's income to play with him, that no body is playing with them, which they have been made to understand more times than it is possible to number does not make sense to them yet. In any case of which it is not everybody that celebrates when they get those commercials contracts and so on, so stability will be developed along the lines of Families running their own big businesses by themselves and doing their own advertisements thereof, if we are to go by HH's prognosis. 

Their wives on the other hand claim the whether in other parts of the world is different, which suggests some of the things HH says and get away with in the UK would never allow him stay alive in other places:-whereas he found it easy to work his Royal Estate because of the things he had done in Africa when he lived there which he did for 20 years before he became the Queens High Diplomat in the UK, helping her with work in the Common Wealth for example, while they don’t know they have husbands at home to return home to insult and cannot realise they control anybody of that status like they do every other useless goon they have been able to address, like they think they have him too, thinking they will do anything in Africa if he lived there. 

Its always all noise making Yap, yap, yap especially the black people who save their kids for the future and insolently tell 'the kids' what to do, for a living habit whenever they have a problem or are facing uncertainties (whatever on earth would make people so insulting anyway?). Follow that one and its already been followed while they yap yap yap-no leader can commend them for anything, issuing threats on public places all the time and In terms of the black ones specifically telling One what to do, this is something they will not accept inflicts suffering on him too, since they are no where near what people should be to tell me what to do. All of which happens since it is all backed up by cultural idiots looking for beauties and fame and fortune because they are the worlds greatest vandals, playing generation gap crisis into peoples lives and income and then seeking out who to bully for what must be the latest dream of happiness as well as the best sex thereafter. Which happens so these idiots can give them privileges of injustice on peoples income because they are Politicians perpetually, in order to inflict further suffering in the form of making sure some people have everything but no money-so when it is a Prince can be available for such nonsense more and more and more, looking for trouble, which then tends to sound funny to them as well, especially when they make out others attack them in anger while they are simply trying to get by. 

They are always so superior they cannot keep their hands off the inferior man's property and all of them always are superior. HH for his part will know that economic stability has been achieved in this country when people have big business and their children are running the advertisements. Besides which it is not the first time One must have told them they have the right to have their opinions but never to touch him or his property, his books or his income, his empire or his derivatives, his equities and securities, just because they are too lazy to go out there and sell a product they have been paid handsomely to sell.


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Current Publications. 



Firm U.K. Home Office Assets Property written out in Functional Aesthetics 


The concern of course is that old criminal underbelly style eventual call to take action over this destruction of my work around the world by men and their girls and with their politics; politically, socially, financially and culturally as though it has become the bane of their useless lives and very irresponsible living and one's existence and all owned have become the meaning of people’s lives, so to speak of an observation, when they know they are very selfish, evil, wicked, Godless goons who need to find men and women that will take them to the stratosphere like they love to brag about and leave alone others and more so their personal life as well. The natural story is the same as it has always been i.e. people never do what they should do due to the availability of Politics and of power, so that when the small Country ends up in a place where it does it for them instead it becomes a source of malice with their evil and wickedness based stupidities all over the world with the use of their various Countries on Media because they would not buy any products that come forth from the process thereof if they had all the money in the world.


The matter of businesses affiliated to Politicians was never a matter for conversation. They always knew where their friends and followers are and always knew if they cut me off from my people, with all their intrusion, familiarity and violent greedy sociopath activities, they themselves will never be willing to help me with anything and the whole habit of fighting my friends over me will take a new dimension, especially when they had begun to extract money from my market place with their capital and or society through it. Like they tell me I opt of out responsibilities or do not know what I am doing in an academic way, which means I am always using people and always late and always wait for people to act them say something that has inspired me because of it and claim it is my doing. Whereas first of all they are the ones that bombard me with information maliciously until I can no longer do my job without requiring as a function of my own discipline without requiring a latest feed back which they control to make this insult possible, hence complaining from this angle as well is brilliant and then there is the real issue which is that no other group of people have had access to books I wrote after spending my property on the recession (without buying them) like Politicians have.

Now for want of words I must mention that as a Prince the businesses that want something to do with me are those that have so much money, whose owners have achieved so much that it is impossible for them to do evil things because they have enough to look into anything they need, on the other hand, with regards to what I am aware of, the ones that will not or get between me and them to attack me, are those that are likely to fight people who do not stare at their Cars when they drive by on the Streets; these are the ones Politicians play power games with; who always use peoples energy to do things and borrow peoples human rights, then we all get surprised at the existence of tyranny because idiots who think they can trust their enemies on other peoples property are.

For now, the tradition they are sharing with their children is that of using their capital to extract millions from my market place and my traditions I share with my Children is of getting rid of and confiscating the monies of rebels and adversaries which has not yet come into play for me because I am still single and even so, it will be a failure on my part if it does not because they will simply become richer, more evil and then the Military and other arms of the Armed and Special forces will be deployed to deal with powerful criminals that we have not seen or understood before-a problem which has no academic definition. 

The situation then is the need for a programme of selling them out to the rich at all times for security reasons, the richer they are the better. So they can continue to complain I never let people get into a condition of thinking like me, which is generally a matter of trust and how they will never be better than me with my own property because they have cultures; which is a factor of the fact that I am a writer and they are always seeking other ways of extracting the information, which means the job never gets done and all it does for them on the other hand is help them to use their Capital to extract millions from my market place which must stop, as it do then means they make lots of money without solving any problems and then leave it for somebody to get killed for: a Police Officer, a Soldier or a Criminal-either way somebody will get killed at some point. 

If it is academics they are after, then what I am to say is that these are always using their stupid cultures to steal derivatives of my copyrighted work, making themselves my and liaising with family members for it: these books are not mine clearly, they belong to those who buy them, the copyright to the books are mine and between me and those who buy the books are these derivatives that they like to cash into, so I am not going to earn a living around here with them about and because of their powers will not get an alternative job either with their big mouth, these are the things which actually earns me the income, that they love to vandalise to create their own money making machine which ensures I am robbed of everything and have to stop whatever it is they are hurting me with so they make friends with the majority, claiming I stop from earning a living because they must have the best things in life for free, do not know where to stop because they never work for it, are stupid and love to do stupid things to get rich and get rich quick, these stupid things are specifically designed for theirs while theirs is Iron clad safe and because somebody else's property is being used get rich, very irresponsibly as well. What if the entire Japanese or Chinese or African economy depends on it, what do you suppose you can do? Is always their usual question tempting me all the time. Its not the first time anyway, the last consequence they suffered simply made them bolder obviously and I want to see how scary they can get too.

I have nothing to loose for doing such things because I have already made it so, it is not a plaything as it were, it is my business, my livelihood and I am always of the opinion they do these things because of a very unduly high sense of themselves and absolutely disrespect for others which is why I cannot understand the arguments of those who think they should not be treated in the same way, especially when they complain. After all I am so inferior that I am the Prince who has my aesthetics made into a plaything for people as authorised by Politicians who have thus given them new democratic beauties, which when racists begin to do the same as well does not mean something people have to be concerned about, lest they loose the power to oppress a big inferior fool that is me, who dares to defend himself against their violent demands, all because I can be prevented from doing anything to protect my property from them and so will I be held responsible for anything that happens and in like manner, will the blacks set me up for it and from what I gather, specifically because they are determined to make me into a War Lord. 

And so am I never going to give back that their stupid heart too by the way.


I have only two things to worry about and they are that they will make out all I have done is an elaborate sham, based on the lies they tell about me in those their mad entertainment industries, one which involves my willingness to do what they want, which then explains why these things happen, but with this they will also realise it is not a sham and that I really did make my derivatives available to my friends because while the world has become hopeless for them, I was certain it was enough for a future for them, I also hoped they will buy the books as well and I will have an earning, until the Politicians and their media showed up with corruptions of involvement on that thing that is just waiting to fall apart and in this they will attack and spend that very quickly too-The other issue is that of the economy itself on which some say the government should spend funds to boost growth but in actual fact there is no comprehensive plan for securing the local economy yet and the world economy is doing as much as badly as we are anyway already, so we see what they mean and so this would be growth to suit them so the Government can be attacked again as soon as possible. I for my part have been hoping on not getting distracted during the 2012 Olympics because it is the real chance to engage and consult with the upper lower classes. Which is a plan they will tell me can be threatened with confidence, which I guess means that their plan to churn out educated idiots all over the place cannot be allowed to be as well.  It does not matter as such, I just have to get off and say something about the PR which I don’t want but am getting from whatever they are doing, especially the music industry, which they do because it is really not possible for them to damage my work with scandals these days, only find ways of curbing the sale of my books earning my income from my derivatives and making it impossible for people to buy the books because they have taken and spent the derivatives already anyway, in which case I wouldn’t be selling securities if I did not have this matter of criminals that have found an alternative crime outside the long hand of the law to deal with.

Which brings us to the other question of what happens if I am still held back in poverty while somebody in some other economy gets off writing books which they sell on the prognosis of sharing the derivatives with businesses, in order to bring about recovery. It is one of the questions I avoid answering but must here: the answer is that the person is not a Royal Prince, does not have a global intellectual space and cannot write such books-even if he was, is not me and or does not own my Royal Estate. Which means that all of it is still my property and people would do things like that if they are looking for trouble. The solution is simple; I need to get away from their insults, recover my privacy and sell my securities in peace and the only way to do that is sell my books off quickly, get the money in and put them out of mind and out of sight, which it seems is what they don't want because they want to be rich and to have the ability to oppress me which is clearly looking for trouble as well bearing mind they want to be rich earning my income.

The same old story obviously; things are determined by demand and supply normally, it is said but they have ideas about bending that because of what the recession has told them about other peoples lives, not to mention the fact when they see Universities, knowing they are idiots they will go there and study economics anyway, so they can turn out to make other peoples lives a living hell because knowledge is power. They can only steal my ideas and do it first before I ever get there if I put it out in public and try to make a living from it, this is what reality says, which will then mean they can only do it if I am incompetent but their prognosis is how I will put up with suffering and then forget what was inflicted by the big boys on account I am scared of them and then I like to forgive them and their thought is about how they take over my personal and private life; and it goes on like this on and on and on; now for the sake of the issues they raised about businesses that are affiliated to Politicians which have nothing to do with me, they pretend they don't know people cannot tell which is my copyrighted work, my intellectual property and their derivatives, when somebody else is writing the same books I write while I am not earning from my books and more so because of them i.e. somebody is physically responsible, therefore I will loose my cool on people who are just ignorant of what is happening, then get dragged into the open by them, so they can have and vandalise my privacy like the big boys who need to be in the place of power, the best place to be and they also pretend I do not have State authority to deploy for the protection of my work too. Obviously it is the old matter of the big American stock market and city dunces and their connections, stealing Equities and Securities off this site and every one of my affairs and rousing their community idiots to keep me away from any kind of notoriety all be temporarily until they make use of it and get rich, without such abuses which they will never be rich because I would have been present anywhere they plan to deploy my property and of course the damage they do of which they show no signs of paying is immense. 

 I do not consider any of these matters to be a difficult issue in any way; the reality is that I am happy with the world I have created and the idea that what I do for a living when I have never told any idiot it is what I do is negotiate with villains and their insolent talk of violence to stay alive and exist; I intend to keep my world the way it is until I find a way to secure some civility somewhere and enjoy what it left of my existence. The part where I am becoming more unpopular as a black leader is very well understood, even the idiots these guys have who travel to the UK claim I get into communities and act thereafter as though there were no persons there before I arrived but still while they complain about that they are yet incredibly destructive, especially over chances of getting a job or like they love to flatter themselves for and their media scum talk nonsense about, fighting for my life everyday and my very existence too. Its a case of foolish black men who have always had ideas about whom HM can make into an Arch Prince thinking their stupidities after all these years have paid off and therefore getting round to make sure what I do for a living is being done by those who are more worthy to make black people proud of themselves and from my point of view I am certain they can understand what i mean when I say they need to stay off my book sales and the millions of Pounds in the Royal Property from the services this company provides which must be consummated by the books – as they can see thereof the need to stay off crimes that can be avenged by staying away from every derivatives from the books and indeed the company and the market concerned with them, along with their foolish wives and stupid children and have a slight sense of respect thereof for a condition where things belong to others and not them as my livelihood depends on that or stop complaining.

 I am not necessarily one to allow continued intrusion and destruction of my business and Firm by Politicians who think it is funny an activity to go unanswered or unpunished. Yes they have stories to tell of how all I do is to get out of bed every day to negotiate with villains who talk nonsense about their violence all the time in order to exist as if they can ever stop if I do not kill them – the temptations of the savages enough people do not handle like the low lives they are with their access to media after which we will hear media establishment complain, which we must rise above to get closer to God as it were but I have never really told anybody this is what I am doing and did at some stage warn them to keep their nasty insolent selves away from me and stop following my business around the world, while their Politicians think it is okay to rip up my millions and talk so much rubbish as well – I mean money is not God and money is not everything but they talk too much and I want to ensure it stays right where it belongs. I will slap them down over absolutely everything in life until I blow up the fight they want and some of mine they will certainly see, this was a warning I issued but the results I got was a process where we discussed the debt the owed me whenever they say I insert my views into the affairs of those that are beyond my league i.e. making themselves scarce is the only debt they owe me and need to pay up urgently as I don’t want the witch next door following me around anymore (The common people would think of themselves the exception of course and I cannot be clear enough either, it seems not enough of them have died so far hence they have not done a protest in the last 24 hours yet as it were, along with that stupid media which means they can afford to make up their own ideas of what everything I say about what belongs to me means; hence every fool is able to do their evil nonsense to me because of the common people and I am not finished with them yet as it were, hence we are still in the game anyway. I know their Politicians think they are bloody minded and because I said something about Europe regularly make noise about how what is done in the UK should be done in Europe as well, whereas the real issue was that nobody knows what they mean when they ask me to get out of Europe when I actually broker a large portion of company Equities with firms and industries there, so that when I ask them it applies I am looking at the most insolent scumbags in the world, which is why they are currently doing it while I hold down the bad guys, thus I have no idea if when what is done in the UK is done in Brussels they have gotten it done anyway – like the old issue of wrecking my finances to force me to work on a shoe string and use that to determine public mood about the income of the Monarchy, when they could always have wrecked their own finances instead and their foolish journalists that cannot stay away from my Court; same story with the common people as it were that I go up against bearing in mind the idea the Prince does not know when people are hurting him and others can earn his income has not killed enough of them so far yet as it were and will definitely get worse – all I can say being that they need to stay away from me and leave alone the book sales and it is a warning not a bluff.). They are simply too fond of it, what all I own and find some Political side that believes itself to be rulers of the population and then wreck everything for me in the hope those will want to ensure they are ones that own the biggest Industries and companies around, so they can take it and its all come to ahead, never clear what they are surprised about at this stage concerning my actions anyway - like the menacing common people and the Menacing fame freaks and the menacing Businesses and the menacing Politicians and that big mouth about a fight over my earnings; I hope they have not forgotten all about it so soon now I am interested. 



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