Now it is said that I have been spending time taking power from people and it’s so annoying because the implications of such statements is meant to appeal as a threat – I mean I don’t see that people could do a thing about me if I spent time taking power from people anyway but that said, what really needs happen here is that they showed up to read what I have written and not make stupid comments and statements all over my Public image for insulting and treacherous self-improvement, which goes on to make sense of the sort of stupidities I have mentioned here.

They claim the problem with me is the way I have tackled their culture and society and it’s so annoying when they say it; we all know they think people deserve death when their culture and society is handled and at the same time they were entitled to handle me, as stupidly as possible, which is clearly not in their view a recipe for disaster with that big mouth they have. I mean there is nothing about the culture which I am not conversant with, the way Politicians want to know all the time – they are aware that based on what I am seen to say and do, it is possible for me to find women that will work processes I had invented to ensure others cannot carry on with daily concerns because women knew something about their past which entitled others to the public image associated with their person, it is clear that I am able to gather up women who want to interfere with their entitlement to enjoy access to nature because it can be used as blackmail to make them give up money they have worked for, people can see I have the ability to gather my own people and ensure they set out culture to block them off from stepping outside of their door by churning their tummy and yet whilst I do not hurt people with culture, their disobedience cannot see that churning my tummy with it makes a mess of my career and regularly claim that it did not matter when I dropped out of University because they would not stop following me around with it. I mean hurting people is a serious matter because you will be the one to pay for the Hospital Bill and the one to take them off for treatment, so it beats my imagination these fools find their activities appealing as such; some have said we could live in a world where we were educated and then we would have no need for the culture but it’s an old story about culture setting a stage for the way we live having to do with people making a decision on how far they went when it came to doing the right thing and how far they went when it came to doing the bad things, because even when we are all educated, the level of education will have also set the stage for a new benchmark of illiteracy, hence culture is necessary but I cannot see that getting corrupt with it to such an extent people can tell me they will flush my life down the loo if I messed with them and have set about deciding how much money I can own in my life time because I think they are utter idiots as such – I mean they must have eyes to see that hurting people with culture and then building a crowd that finds amusement from it will mean that the punishment those people had suffered does not end where it happens as it now lives in their heads and it’s not clear why it is such a thing, such a phenomenon to inflict it on people and each time I say or do something to move them off my Bookshop blow off that big mouth at me about a culture, talking nonsense about beating me up as well. I know about the culture as much as they do but why is it that I carry on without hurting people with it then as such? They are starting to get on my nerves especially because of it, in a way that requires a response which brings it into the real world – it needs to keep off my Books and stop making comments.

The reality of what has happened here goes beyond a problem people have with my Books while they are so disobedient that they cannot get past a 24 hours without hurting others using culture and then building a crowd that helped to make and find it amusing. It’s a world where every time that there is something amiss with the public interest in my Bookshop, it is because they have been hurting people who turn up, it is because of them in every way and now we hear it blabs I have been taking power from people and this was a new thing. The Politicians have said that their access to me appears to have given them a blank cheque but in reality it has not, this matter is starting to progress into something of a stage where I will set myself out as somebody that is completely fed up with abusive and insulting female practical jokes especially when displayed around my earnings and livelihood and then when the result of persistence is that I ended up with a Public image disposition over it, that stupid imagination of theirs which suggests I am at war with women all the time will have turned towards reality as well. They boast all the time as a result of it i.e. that if I were so clever, how come I have financial difficulties, the way Politicians are concerned that I am patching up the fact they have completely wrecked my life and there is no way that I will likely recover even though I know what to do about them, my health is to poorly to allow me success: we can see their stupidities had become a global stage phenomenon due to the financial benefits of activities that have been worked on three fronts i.e. provoking and abusing me until I had responded to them in a way that set me out as a character they want to bully whenever they wish to get involved with rich people – provoking and bullying to set me out as a character on whose behalf they performed National service and are therefore entitled to whatever it is that gets to my head because I have something they don’t and of course the third being the rich idiots who spend money on their stupidities to make statements about how their money will not run out if people tried to fight back, looking like somebody should wish upon them those times when they couldn’t tell how things happened and the bankruptcy note came into the post really fast. They claim all the time that I cannot tackle them because of their German connections while we see them bandy the insults relentlessly, once done, put makeup on it and get around the streets like two faced tarts; I mean the German connections was a matter of me being seen doing a security guard job and the security guard job was done well but the way I suffered from tummy issues people could take advantage of meant it was a career I could never keep, however they soon found out I was involved with their Industry and that I was working an online Bookshop where I sold Books I wrote on it, so they got involved and the benefits are still related to what I did with security guard job as such, while these goons have taken up an angle where each time something wrong happens with public interest in the Bookshop, they were responsible and it fed into stupid women on media feeling entitled and community idiots having ideas about the extent of violent lasciviousness channelled at me, adding to the way people want to be more important than I am on my Public image and thereby providing them with a future. The British bits say they see me all the time and I cower on the streets scared of all that moves but we know they speak like that before it goes haywire most of the time whilst their stupidities had become a global stage phenomenon and likes to think culture and society exists as an excuse by which to pretend my property existed in a condition where rules did not apply as to how people handled it; so we find that we have already done the part where it does not show up here to talk nonsense at me about society anymore because I pushed its own hard enough to ensure it could not resist the offer of Media presence and Celebrity money to be spent on processes of building up my public concerns somewhere to tell me my life is over, the next we are about to deal with obviously is their foolish entitled women with hurtful practical jokes channelled at my income margins because of the assurance violent crowds had given them and I plan to put them at the centre of it. The Americans are usually the twats who come up with ideas that since I had written a nice Book, they wanted to break me down and find out what makes me work, now it has progressed into something about which I must take a position where they understood their eyes are to be kept off my body and on their shop floor while their minions were to be informed imaginations getting near my bottom was sacrilege – we see this nonsense all the time and they are like the main chief supporting factors for mid-sized gangs that are not too big and not too small, so they are not noticed as a menace on one hand while on the other they are push enough to push people around over matters of fame and money, then they claim Countries that are mid-sized to be the problem and to be the ones that are disrespectful of the fact they ruled the world and cannot control anything they have unleashed.

I am not really interested in all these things I should say, I just want to run a Bookshop properly as soon as possible lest I get placed in a position where their families got feedback for all this nonsense as well.

They do say even what I have said here is spent and it’s not; same case of women with practical jokes which outcome will likely be that I want an understanding I was fed up being hurt by their stupidities and a continuation will likely mean their dreams of a war on women became a reality. The other tales of me looking shameful and finished and I am ridiculous thinking there is anything I can do about anything is not unusual but at this point it really is the reason I should set out that nothing I have or do here has been broken by these gits that have now gone into the academic system to make themselves into educated fools – what we have ended up with is a life where they now own money that they cannot account for, so it influences greatly the way their stupidities affect people’s lives everyday – those who gave them that money and have already dreamed of me being punished by the fact they were rich, have now progressed from characters about which I want to get myself out of this condition which means a Bookshop had influenced me to a state where I have ended up thinking that their money was important while I am Hermit, which has created some public problems that I was to restrict to my Bookshop only, to a handful of goons now living in regret for the way they have spent their cash on the goons aforementioned – I for my part now have to be watchful of the fact that if I allowed everything right down to a need for participation which facilitated Daddy committees making decisions in the life of the kid who wants to rule thing, to run its course, they will trash my Bookshop and destroy my Hermitage and certain important matters which still make my prospects valuable enough for me to sell Books to extent where I am able to pay for the concerns of a Royal Hermitage properly – now it is available to them and they may do with these facts as they please but I believe it is clearly ridiculous when I say each time there is something wrong with Public interest in my Books, the reason were the Daddies and if I gave it to them and then gave it to gits on media pushing their interests, it should feed down to the stupidities of bullies with schizophrenic Children, blabbing about the importance of the violent lasciviousness channelled at me to create them a future and the way people want to be more important than I am using my Public image which decides that future, hence where we end up having Celebrities apply as a group of people who always need to earn my income and are found performing one form of activity or another where my personal life is located, where my public image is located and where prospects of me getting into a relationship with somebody I want to settle down with is located – entirely avoidable depending on what they want, from new careers as fashion models to acting in films and when I compare this behaviour to that a Child who does not know what responsibility is as such, they will blab the culture and society I have damaged to deserve it until they ensured I got my hands on it as well.

Now they say the big problem is that I am not qualified for what I am doing while reality has nothing to do with qualification but the rift and the clash that has now existed due to years of incessant abuse of my person and career – where their need to complete academic work and invent products they got to sell on my Public image has now produced a need for me to keep my academic pursuits away from them while making them get real jobs if they were interested in the various aspects of employment, not hang around running off all sorts of nonsense whereby each time something had gone wrong with public interest in my Books the daddies were responsible, their girls will run it off on Media and it will all feed into how violent lasciviousness is passed in my direction all day as people want to be more important than I am using my public image.

They do say it’s the kind of things I say which makes them want to see me fry while my bottom hurts and I am sore all over because of those stupid products and what my personality, public image and Royal temperaments should be used for, since the last time they completed their academic pursuits – for my part, it’s like the time they said that I am not going anywhere until they made money through what I was doing which made me think that they had taken what they say at the stock markets and when they are engaged with their pyramid schemes so seriously, that they had assumed it would make sense everywhere, now progressing into something which means I have ended up with this feeling whereby I wanted to see what would happen if I fried. In the end all that economy and market corruption is like rubbish – unless you personally took it to the recycling plant, it is ending up at somebody else’s backyard; so they say the Government has approved people who want to handle your concerns as a backup while running a business but the Government knows what it is doing and of course are not acting in a way which takes money out of the economy and gets us relying on Multinational companies that are incredibly unpredictable.

The same issue applies when they claim I pretend to agree and work with Americans on one hand while I take what I had given on the other; utter nonsense naturally as what has happened is that they have wrecked everything here and I am off rebuilding it from scratch, while I faced up to difficulties associated with divisions they had created where they called the shots and I was a certain generation and there was a younger generation to manipulate at my expense and it’s the second time I have ended up with this nonsense where I always had to choose between survival and doing something against my religion which hurts younger people because I was trying to get by, which will make me like them. The first time I ended up with it, they ended up showing up at Government buildings to act as though it was a place they could practice any form of corruption to any extent they wanted, now I have ended up with it again and half the time they say it is amusing, the same way the others mentioned above who has seen my Books and understand it operates in the interest of those who want a healthy market and a healthy economy but prefer their practical jokes and gimmicks at my expense over it, to threaten me later when they think their incomes had been affected if I had failed to co-operate, as stupidly as possible. So the tone at this later stage is rather different from the one they found amusing and they have expressed also the fact that they would like me to understand they do these because they are good at looking for trouble, which is a better disposition compared to the idea that it is amusing. It is like I once saw somebody talking to a Crowd about Her Children telling Her Millennials were teenagers and how she had to correct them – that I guess is what is going on here too.


So we hear them claim I spend most of my time working out how I want to attack some innocent Men and its utter nonsense as what happens is the part of my business that I do not see being the means by which my whole life is wrecked i.e. the Publisher picks up my work and goes where they usually go in the trade to build some patent margins and some small market that I can start to work an Office by and they have since that was installed chased it and now completely destroyed it. I have to rebuild it with factors in mind such as the fact it seems people are interested in getting involved with me as an Arch Prince and no less, so I must consider looking after the means that will ensure I sell enough Books to make me rich by working processes of making them feel hopeless, helpless and inadequate, this is then what they are fighting but the behaviour of seeking an income at my expense, to talk nonsense about how I can take it because I am Royalty persists on Media, complete with stupid features like culture and society gits who build up my concerns to tell me my life is over, making sure all I said and did to move them on, ended up on the foolish media presence they had built for it, as a tool by which it may pass into another person’s ownership. We see the same of the Fashion gits as well, getting involved with my work the perverse way, spending most of its time investing my equities whenever it sees another Client broker it and giving me market hell, then it spend another time making sense of the bottom hurting world where they are fundamentally criminals but the Fashion gits investing my equities to tell me I try stopping them because I apparently want to fight my own battles, would have hit the big league such as given the opportunity as is in my case where they cannot click the follow button on a social media rather than bother politicians everyday over my so called attitude, is set to show given have the chance they would squander everything I had and hung around somewhere suggesting they were entitled to. They do claim I believe myself to have had their case sorted but I have not done so and its utter nonsense as insults channelled at the Queen while investing my equity property in perverse ways to get rich quick is meant to make sense as per how I should react when people do such things to me while tackling a Head of State who controls the Army to keep the Country safe and controls parliament to ensure we carried on our concerns without behaving as if Law enforcement are at our beck and call. While the other side of their stupidities involved the fact every process of handling me and my property fundamentally had a lot to do with the USA. We see the same sort of behaviour with black people as well; I am so excited about what you have I could pinch you and I could poke you and I could get my imagination up your bum which will not come to a stop until it stopped the way I wanted, blabbing nonsense of the possibility I will get into trouble over something I said. The Politicians on the other hand are responsible for social idiots travelling overseas to bring these sort of gits into the Country for the sole purpose of tackling me and now they have wrecked my academic work and passed their own to get in league with Industry twats who pass exams, put some suits on and place a product at the market to ensure it was successful because their entire communities got imagination up my bum which has now created a position for them on one corner and for me running a Bookshop while keeping my academic pursuits away from their stupidities, now poised for a clash because they would not stop killing off my income telling me how to write Books while rewarding stupid girls that take the clothes off on my Public image, to blow off that big mouth all the time – so the idiots they brought in from overseas are fatigued and they have now turned to another group of pawns that were the black people who got here first naturally as it were.

What they all have in common on the other hand is their need to pass about constantly conversations on what my personality should be used for and we know the source of their daily complains at this stage is the way culture and society low lives make use of that personality while the destruction of my finances ensured I could not be myself; we know Politicians then were the ones encouraging all the others to do what we have seen, blabbing of how going up against them isn’t really a good idea while I actually can since they are simply at parliament for their jobs and are constantly at logger heads with parliamentary authorities because their constituency scum are trying to get by and put pressure on them to handle me for an interest they do not deserve on the other hand – so I can, I don’t even live in their constituencies as such for my part and they all need to keep off my Books and stop blabbing stupid comments they claim they did because they were confident there was nothing I could do about them, while reality is an old story about a bunch of idiots who look like an old single man that was fond of me in the neighbourhoods when I was a younger person but their stupidities are about hurting me all the time, when the Celebrities had acquired what seems to be the only career that walks into people’s concerns to introduce themselves as VIP then the fundamental profitable insult is that they earn more than politicians should be getting more service from me like proper rich twats about whom there isn’t enough money in the world to screw with me and perform talk to the hand routines on media like we have found out. They do say that a Royal Hermitage with a Company broken up to broker equities with Multinational establishments is not an Empire but we are now beginning to see how much of a problem that is, even for their stupidities, when their City centre friends no longer wish to make money by running a business the right way or doing a job properly, I for my part think we have reached that point where they must now live with the fact the same respect they show to other business empires must be showed to this one to avoid trouble for the future.

In the end these are the most filthiest, disgusting, insulting and abusive idiots I have ever seen and we always have to put up with all that superficial nonsense that wants to be me, to ensure that I never supported my property and work by putting such facts forward all the time, acting at my expense as if their Celebrities lived on foodbanks literally. I do get told people want to know what my Book does as a whole and it’s a Book of Equities; each paragraph is likely to contain enough property equity to cate for three parts of business i.e. product creation, product aesthetics and product service but the problem here is the insults associated with scum who know what I was and want to keep it that way working my career for me on ground of a need to have a religious person that built up a good reputation he could not control to allow neighbourhood scum get rich and famous, sucking up to rich and important people and it runs off that nonsense all day on media and social media as if it was a legal entitlement, looking for trouble the entire time with a big mouth about the size of its stupid back up men, about which I am really going to copy from those who have made them suffer in the past or I will invent my own process of stopping them hurting them as well. The black do love to blab about keeping me in my own race and culture naturally and it’s an old story, where they will later blow off their big mouth about trouble I am likely to get into over something I said, when they cannot actually back it up. I mean we are talking about this because they said I spent time picking on innocent men but we know that the business of building pressure for my tummy and bottom to decide how I should be used to make popular culture started off in 2002, we are now living in 2020 where a bunch of idiots who wrecked my academic work are now in league with black scum that were here first and it’s so difficult to tell why they hated the peaceful community that was a product of the fact I am not really a part of the way their personal decisions affect them, which we see them try to avoid every time they step outside of their doors in the first place anyway – I am not part of how their communities had turned out neither are my parents, this is what facilitates most of my decisions, nothing here is afraid of their stupidities issuing those threats to blab about influencing me into giving up property that I give up to those whose money had influenced me and it seems as though the whole thing is a habit that I had cultivated , where I lose money at a Bookshop because I am influenced by the money owned by the scum that are making the mess for me and mostly they get away with it because I would want to own some of it too – so the way to beat a habit clearly is to work will power and to train myself or I can draw a line under it for the stupidities over the years which had decided their whole world was built on making money at my expense on it and run a Bookshop without further interference. I mean I have my own prejudices as well where I think black people need to get a real job and Asians are smelly – I mean it does not really add up but we can see the use of my personal space being done in such an abusive way and processes associated with showing they were superior to me giving way to opportunities that racists can exploit and this has been going on for years, like the business of making a mass of patents and business processes built for me by my publishers, to hang around building a sense of areas of my career that I don’t get to see being used to develop for me a relationship with Satan where they got to fool around with the contents of my mind all day instead of perform tasks associated with the media jobs that get to their stupid heads. It’s an old story of making sure that a parameter is clear before we entered into the phase that ensured their Families got feedback and they had stopped making a mess of my earnings i.e. this nonsense has been going on for the best part of 6 years now, where everything I say and do to move them on is picked up by culture and society idiots who help their organised media presence to pass it on to somebody else and at the heart of it is the way the destruction of my academic pursuits played into the destruction of years I had spent working on the Bookshop and this is the reason I want a reckoning or to be given an opportunity to run a Bookshop properly with no part of what is enough to make me wealthy doing so, being changed or interfered with, like we see them preach wealth and social inequality on people’s lives to make money and secure overseas accounts that helped them avoid taxes, give to the frugal, lest I got to burn their own as well.

They do claim it is disingenuous for people like me who have a royal Commission to hang around somewhere talking about wealth and social inequality but it isn’t, like they say my Books would be successful if I wrote it properly and got rid of the foul language which they used on the streets, which I too can write a book by without using it in a professional capacity as such, looking to be rewarded with money the same way they reward stupid people for taking clothes off on my public image or girls my age who are willing to have sex with them because I was unwilling to play their stupid games. Tyranny itself is meant to be a habit, a habit that people cannot control at a certain stage and at such a point we find them prioritise, one part to be government and the other to be people who are stopping it from progressing; these gits have it in spades and I have said my bit about the Politicians giving word every day for people to wreck my Bookshop, looking for a result where I will begin to interfere with their incomes as well. People always say it is still not enough for me to say so because I am Royalty but it is; for the Politicians it’s a very complex form of self-employment where you spend your money to put out your idea on how the country should be run, as a matter of competition with others who have ideas too and you cannot say it was all your money since people will have given you donations that you are required to accept by Law on account they had interest in their ideas and the kind of Policies you would make when you got into Office and then there are other complexities about winning and keeping the Office for a landmark term of time. I am Royalty for instance so mine involved being a Hermit who had equity to spare and people showed up to invest it; what we then see them do to look after their bodies once they acquired money by which they pursue my interests is what they do with their lives – it should produce an outcome in which they met people, got into marital life and had social lives and it would have been the same thing when Government makes Policy that facilitates money and social life for the population but what happens in my case is a group of scum with Penises creating an outcome in which there were various excuses involving people dying on my account, people doing National service on my account and all other forms of stupidities displayed on media to express their dreams about the life of men, which is what they do with the money they spent to care for their bodies as well, meaning when people invest the Equities, make the money and try to get the social life and marital life, they are hit with a brick wall and those who could not make the money and I was not available to protect and facilitate will drop into the sex trade which clearly mixes well with their hermitage and makes me more tolerant of idiots who pretend Celebrities live on foodbanks at my expense so they might put the feet up at tourist destinations passing more life changing insults my direction for more of the same thing, while a process of stripping myself of cash to ensure a Hermitage was developed properly will now be a permanent feature of my existence and set about unravelling and destroying every single one of my other achievements.


The main problem here is still the money they have made at my expense and the fact it feeds into their stupidities such that it is a tool which ensured I did not get rid of them while their involvement with my concerns destroys it to make sense of what their stupidities want in life and we have not yet seen Liberal USA support something else – entirely reliant on issuing these stupid threat at me with a Media salvation that I intend to take from them too. They say it’s that German influence people had been talking about and yes it is but the whole thing is usually on the public front worked by very stupid individuals which is what Germans prove to be most of the time and it becomes quite clear that if they are allowed to handle people in Asia, Africa and South America the way they currently are, there will be world war three in a while. For me personally it’s an old story where I must be aware at a Hermitage of that nonsense where people develop some socially built spiritual power by which to get their stupid imagination up my bum to make sense to market but Politicians will tie my hand behind my back for all I do to ensure it stays out of my mind to say the least until my personal life was that of their stupid daily routine and then I get released, so they must be pointing it out now that it’s the part they are having to deal with obviously. It’s much the same as the story about Singapore where it is said that I was right in the way I approached it mostly but then again it’s the question for the Obama Administration as such; they used Singapore as a trojan Horse for the Chinese Economy after they were aware that its position served the same effect when China wanted to access western Economy and that the US could have prevented it – there is however logic in what they have done in the sense that Singapore no longer serves as the destination to put the feet up after years of messing with people’s lives to get rich, pass insults that change the lives of victims permanently thereafter as such, Dubai is now the real deal, especially since they had moved there. Hence they single just cut out the Singapore and moved to the Dubai and it does actually make sense – what we are left with is that perhaps our relations with China would count as something which mattered while the Autonomy issue is a relationship with China that has been disregarded all together, so what we have left is the Trading arrangement with China which could put Singapore in a position of Advantage but with the loss of Autonomy due to American involvement makes it all an uphill struggle. I know these because people invest my equities, make a life for themselves and spend their money overseas, since we have an agreeable lifestyle they are able to attribute what they did to me and I am therefore aware of people who require me to act in a certain way for their own world to exist and prosper – so I do want to see the Office blocks emptied and those who use it to wreck the Natural environment having left Town, although I don’t live in the applicable places and have no idea how they live but then it is the right thing to act in such ways when others have nothing to gain from destroying it yet did so never the less.

So they say they have never really been able to make sense of what my position on women was but it’s an old story and we still see the same stupidities show up here I have done the best work for my career to express its need to know me for who I was and not who I am like it ever knew me at all and was not caught up in a world of its self-absorbed stupidities which leaves me in a sickening constant state of bemusement all the time, as its stupidities run off limitlessly when it has not yet been seriously hurt for it; so the big pressure point now is the transformation of my Bookshop into means that God has made available through a guy that showed up at Church and is now trying to escape what God has set out for him to do in order to make their stupidities comfortable, like a version of me their idiocy has always had in mind being enforced. So where the women thing is concerned goes back to school days when you had to talk about women when you had been there and therefore knew what you were talking about, not when you had settled with yourself and were able to decide what relationship with women was, since involvement with them was always an indication of social and moral corruption – so we find those with bright ideas have now had too much, so they are off to a corner where they decided I must come to a conclusion alongside them that women were a bad thing, following me around to make a mess of my career, while I am caught up with my own case where I have always known that I cannot function without the women in my head but had to allow myself develop to a point where I am able to decide what becomes of the relationship I had with women, mixing with them of which is a bad idea at all times. It’s their women on the other hand who produce the bad feeling gimmicks where they had friendship with City centre goons going on and so show up here to complete what I do as a matter of social life all the time where my career, family and prospects of settling down in a relationship with others was concerned and each time they blab about me behaving like I want to be a woman and should be handing my life over to them, it does make me think I want to keep an eye on the sex industry for them once again, to ensure they got into a relationship with a criminal that killed what it loved, so that they might fear my name again as it were. The blabbing that the reasons they tackle me all the time is that what I did was a one off is typical of that stupid money and security gimmick thinking people were afraid which encouraged their foolish activities all the time: I mean those who are wealthy do not have to worry about money issues, those that are financially comfortable are usually more organised than everybody else and those who are not financially well off always give it as good as they got, while they were right there at the bottom looking to sort out something near the prisons by showing up where I have done the best work for my career because of the familiarity that has been brought about by their perverse civil rights movements and the racism which encourages it. I mean there is nothing stopping me from beating up peoples parents when their civil and criminal disobedience is about getting imagination up my bum and they knew it affected my academic work and career as such with all that talk about a one off but since I have not done that the processes I have put together to control their stupidities was clearly a one off; I mean I would have to be evil enough to think about people in a certain way, if I wanted to develop something that added up to a socially contrived spiritual power which allowed me violate them by getting imagination up their bums in order to get ahead, talking nonsense about tackling me because what I have done to them so far was a one off – the truth of what they are fighting for here is clearly the money their stupidities are earning instead of tackling me, whereby if I get them off my case they will drop straight down to poverty and destitution or I could under rule their stupidities and start running a Bookshop properly without any further interference; so far the outcome of the fact they have had it so well figured out they are always teasing me for a fight while they built up publicity about being the idiots who decided whom I got into a fight with, has now produced an outcome where I will never get into a fight with any of them but then created this processes where the idiots that bang on all day are the ones that apparently want the job of looking into the issues of their abusive croons, the scum that are the envoy of the daddies and like to get physical with a big mouth the ones who want to be used as tools that help clear up the mess created by society and culture fools building up my concerns to tell me my life is over whenever they wanted, while the clowns blabbing about me getting into trouble over something I said have to be the ones that will be handled to make sense of the fact I don’t know who the hell they are, all adding up to big brother providing the atmosphere for their abuses relentlessly every day to talk rubbish about my Books disrespecting the Prince of Wales and black big brother providing the sex, while Muslim big brother provided the bread winner insolence – when it does develop into a case of finding real work for them, it will never end in a matter of me getting seriously attacked or those who can beat up lapping it endlessly and those who cannot hurting themselves, as if I have not done it before as it were.

They say I look pathetic but I don’t; this is a product of years of these idiots standing by their community croons who claim a personality I cultivated in a Hermitage was a product of sleeping with peoples wives and now it has grown to such an extent everybody wants to handle me and they have got their own flavour – I mean it happens all the time; its sharing my personal space and my personality is a fascination, so they say I claimed I could handle the matter while I cannot whereas the job had already been done, so we are hanging around finding out what will happen when we get loud on account they believe I do not deserve the peace and quiet I have built for the Office to sit in a chair and write some Books without feeling them in my space, in my bedroom and their imagination getting up my bum because the space they had is not enough for them and they were really big and I would get into difficulties if I tried responding to it, that if I had my peace and quiet it would make me an important person while I am no one. If people showed me a single problem they complain of which they had not created for themselves, I would move on as such – what I have said here for instance should have been enough but it isn’t because of the other fools building up my Bookshop for a perverse purpose and they suck all the sweetness from the service process, such that a mere desire to have it reinstated meant that I was chasing something their stupidities had marked out as a means to provide for their stupid Children – it does not despite the above group of idiots screwing around with my personal space, make me into a character that is always taking a free ride on its own, it’s never seen passing around its insults by talking from its rights and has handled and made a mess of my Bookshop to facilitate it all which means I must pay attention and it hits me in the tummy very hard, while they all gather around blabbing about a smell, as stupidly as possible. So, I just need to see one problem we hear the idiots complain of all the time, which they had not created for themselves and I will move on. I mean it goes on all day and it was all about my tummy and my bottom which smells, so it’s normal that it does; they are starting to talk too much like the characteristic ways it’s difficult to tell what their problem is as well, knowing they go on all day – the stupid parents had already developed from insults and abuses that reach a stage where they brewed up socially developed spiritual powers to get their imagination up my bum all the time and are now talking nonsense to suggest I am mentally ill with their stupid children looking like half fucked brains that think if I am allowed peace and quiet in a Bookshop it would mean I am important while I am not, the whole business of going off to the Monarchy to offer prerogatives that allows them handle me as they wish however is that which is a social and cultural satanism that was avoidable and I like to say enough had not yet died because it was as far as I am concerned yet as it were.

So I am told that what they want to talk about recently is the fact I need to enlist in the Armed services but will not until it cost me everything and it’s always so annoying since none here has once had a conversation with them about their fighting abilities in the last 18 years and beyond. The problem has been that following me around with this nonsense has resulted in me dropping out of University, so that was the big problem but I have chosen to interpret it as an indication when added to the same experience being repeated in other study environments I have shared with them, that it will be impossible to study in an environment I shared with them and their Children, so I needed to keep my academic pursuits beyond their reach. The last straw has been the damage done to this Bookshop all together as it were. Its spends all day blabbing about my person and my work, blabbing about prospects of another grabbing my career, blabbing about the Media presence by which it is set to achieve such nonsense, blabbing it disobediently, claiming its stupidities are not a crime, so I suppose also that when it results in a crime the way we see Police Offices are set up to manage such things, the Police will be allowed to do their jobs without people getting into trouble with them in a personal way and showing up here to upstage me during protests and civil right movements. The black people bits are always boasting about handling me naturally and we know it will produce an outcome where I want to provide them a deadline on the management of the insults that are so intense that I am detached from my person and Hermitage so people may be able to deploy the better part of it to make their money, leaving me with average salary and no prospects of selling enough Books to fund a Hermitage properly and therefore leaving the Hermitage without purpose on account their stupidities had taken up the market – I will provide them a deadline for it to stop and assume if crimes were the result of it, I presume their stupidities will allow the Police to do their work too. It clearly would go to any lengths to ensure it is able to play up its insanity and practical jokes where others had done the best work for the career and as I mentioned, the damage to the Bookshop is the last straw here – I mean beyond this, I will likely get into trouble due to something I said, with that big mouth they have.

I do get told that even when I have said such things I still had the advantage but the advantage they are talking about is the fact that every time their stupidities lobbied Politicians, I felt sore all over and smelled of what I ate, while the Celebrities will then show up to handle my hermitage as a responsibility Royalty owes them to ensure that they were provided for and made to feel safe and since I can see they earn more than Politicians, I would understand why they believe they should get more from the Hermitage. So it is all developing into a behaviour that will not stop since its processes have begun to develop into something more invasive, like infecting my computer or making some parts of my social media vanish for a while until they had finished what they were doing with it all of which leaves me with incredible levels of distress to add to the fact they are the only group that have placed a label on me which describes me as Mr smell. The advantage being that I am about to become the guy that wrecks Political lobbying to match the fact their stupidities have never listened to what others are saying to them, as far back as history goes. We have not even started talking about their friends from overseas who never pay attention to their own National interest because they want to get involved with the British one and do what they called stuff having a go at me a power gimmicks all the time.

The whole thing is now building up to a direct confrontation; where I have put my academic work beyond their reach and it’s still impossible to just look after a Hermitage and study for what knowledge I needed to do so by on account there is me and a Hermitage and the academic pursuits and the career on one side, while they are on the other having completed the academic work and placed products on the market, gotten their bodies into suits and think about my anus to get their products making them rich – we see the same behaviour with their Celebrities as well, where they must galvanise publicity to earn the money I should have earned because their whole lives about what they describe as doing other people’s stuff for them, so what we have here is a Hermitage that will be used to help people make sense of their wealth and social inequality and those who are making it available will be rich, it is kept outside of the story every time the bloody idiots issue their threats. I mean I thought the time the black big brother scum told me I am not going anywhere until they got rich with what I have for instance, it was one of those things they said at the stock market and amongst their internet friends which they assumed will make sense everywhere, the idiots actually believed in it well enough to issue threats at me in public places and on media while clinging to my public image and the income margin of my Book shop to make sense of their stupid lives talking nonsense about the version of me that they had envisaged with a big mouth. The boasting is always that I talked until it goes badly wrong for me as well which it never will at all ever; it has taken 15 years to keep my academic pursuits beyond their access, now my finances are also a mess because they pass their own, get into suits, put up products at the market and come up with enough insults to whip my anus all day and make sense of it, so as to ensure they did my stuff by taking my Hermitage from me to make money and improve their social standing by, I can talk anyway I want without getting into any trouble and when I do make trouble for their stupidities as well, as this is now developing into a tit for tart scenario that is the only eventuality which had paid off in the past, I am never going to get away with it.

They point out this case where public transport gits claim to get the better of me all the time naturally and yes the issue exists but over 70% of Public transport operatives are half my size, so it’s unlikely to have been developed on reality. The reality is that they exhibit incredible wickedness like when poor young people are dirty and playful, they are attacked in such a way they are likely to end up homosexual for being poor, playful and dirty on account their stupidities were trying to get rich people to move into the area. Then the disparity is that if I have a none finance intensive business and we operate it in a way that means we give away things and sell when we had to, which ensures a huge number of people pick themselves out of poverty, this will suffer constant assault from their stupidities because they were trying to get rich people moving into the area and yes they say I could never defend myself from violence if it came from them which is utter nonsense as what I really want to do is allow their stupidities run off to a stage where I will start vouching for some real characters who hate the fact that more time is spent with Children to help development which should have been spent making some more money to buy them toys that could play that role very well for example, people like this of the sort that have a real personal problem with them, who will buy shares in the Public transportation system.

So it is said I am simply repeating things I had already accomplished but the issue here is that people love my social status, they love my public image, they love my work but it’s not being funded properly because every slightest interest in the Bookshop comes with unprecedented threats and a heightened state of affairs, about which they will boast of their achievement putting me through so much distress but as I have mentioned here, it is a pressure point which is responsible for the fact I wake up to the nausea of financial complications every day, the reason for it being money and security stupidities that is way below people whose finances do not look the hard work they do or people who have a good income and are organised or people who are wealthy but has found a way to familiarise its stupidities with my concerns over insults that will detach the hermitage from me and ensure others can use it to get rich, leave me with average salary and pension which means the Hermitage had no function, the insults it needs in order to tell me I wouldn’t say what I have said where it really mattered with a big mouth. Hence clearly it is not a crime but I am sure I am correct if I said we all assume when a crime is the result, Police Officers will be allowed to do their jobs without further interference, protests and riots.

I do get told I needed to stop referring to matters of Police brutality the way that I do but I can refer to it anyway that I want. I mean a scenario like the one I have described here is the kind where Government builds and Office for Police to occupy, so it likes to bother me because of the Police and I like to say it does not want to make its issues personal with the Police and we find two scenarios emerge from that i.e. either Police is inundated with paper work until deadly violence erupts with the communities or it goes off to do the racism for the Police force all together, gets killed and puts the Police in a difficult situation while what is left of its activities does what it likes. Some may say I do too much but if I am shown a single problem these people have not created for themselves ranging from civil issues where you cannot develop a behaviour towards the female community if you have not been there by having sex with them, leading to outcomes where I have my career and finances pillaged over claims I support bad things women did by idiots who do not want to live with the interests women show towards them and it is getting violent too. There is the part where the lifestyle that garners these interest from women leaves them with regrets which poor effects they blame on others, leading to a level of civil intolerance where they are fighting Politicians to prevent a processes of social equality and therefore need to confiscate income margins from people that are smaller than they are. There is also the one they mention about the abusive ways that people at the Monarchy handles them, whereby if you worked on behalf of the Crown, you would be concerned with maintaining municipal environment and therefore tackling the incredibly stupid things that happen to destabilise it, some of which I have mentioned here but what they want to get from the Monarchy was fame and Celebrity and soon people have enough and an eternal enmity on media erupts because their bottom did hurt at some stage. I am simply going through some important facts to see if people have out there problems these gits complain about which they had not created for themselves, even the business of getting imagination up peoples bottoms all the time, then attack the victims and end up in prison because the smell was too much etc. So the part they got away with involved with people had bigger fish to fry, such as the Monarchy for instance, my fishes are not that big and hence am likely to view them as one of the incredibly stupid things that happen in municipal environment, right down to that stupid popularity and Celebrity culture looking like they are working on it or have stolen everything valuable in this Hermitage to walk around in City with expensive items looking like proper puffs. The Politicians have asked if mine is now in utter chaos as such but it isn’t – I am looking for a trigger at this stage; It will go to any length to ensure it shows up where I had done the best work for my career, to express stupidities that can be rewarded by a money idiot who wants fame and fortune from the Monarchy, pushing off money and security gimmicks as a fine replacement for everything learned as a result of parents dragging people out of bed to chase the daily concerns. They do claim I bring it upon myself naturally which is utter nonsense; what happens is that the first time I had to contend with money and security gimmicks, I ended up making sure they had to think of what I was thinking, to ensure people didn’t have to suffer the consequences of their stupidities to such a great extent – what they have done since shows they will stop at nonsense as my personal space is taken over by their communities, their imaginations are constantly up my bum and if I want to avoid being hurt since they have access to my personal space I better provide them with ideas that can make them rich, so a tit for tart seems to be in order. They always say that doing so will fail to address underlying problems and yes it will because this is about a behaviour they exhibit at my expense because there are prospects of securing prerogatives rich people would pay for through it, while the rich gits who keep paying for such things continued to look like they wanted everybody else to hands off public problems because they were paying. As for the claim I am the best thing that happened to communism; we all know the two most notorious are the Americans and the Germans who both never look into matters of diplomatic interests properly, they really love to get about the British one so they might blab about doing stuff by doing so but we have now entered into a stage where stories about theirs being untouchable while British interests were debatable will no longer serve the alternative for a process where their inactivity is creating problems for everybody – this is where the business of becoming destroyer of lobbying has emerged since the Americans are usually the most disobedient twats in the entire world, that each time they lobbied Politicians, I was sore all over and smelled of what I ate and they never listen to what other people are saying when given the opportunity to behave in such ways as such. They do claim I cannot damage anything naturally but we all know I have done this due to a need to instinctively protect myself, to such an extent that they believe when the lobbying is very important certain areas of my social media need to be encumbered for a while and my ability to ensure society gits are all over it as well, needed to be controlled through distant violence.

I am said to be completely inundated with these issues with no prospect of a future or escape but I have no idea what has raised the notion I think about escaping anyway – I don’t think I would do well with the life of women as it tends to be provocative especially when I wish to spend time with the Hermitage but even then this is not a viable excuse. The real reason I don’t care if that big brother facilitates an environment for this nonsense and brings everything that usually buzzes away at the background of my life into the mainstream all day but although it makes sense for me to take charge of his life and use it to effect an administrative processes for the stupidities and abuses and vandalism which have emerged from it, the facts we face is that the mind is completely wrecked and there is nothing I can do to change that, it thinks in only a single direction which involves this nonsense and therefore means that I am better off directing my energy towards any instances where Celebrities might forge arrangement with hoodlums in a way that adds up to a direct threat applicable to my person, the real problem are the utter scum who have given him a free range over my concerns to run wild and do whatever he likes using CCTV access blowing off the civil disobedience insults and a big mouth about what I will lose, since it has become rather convinced that after 17 years of being fascinated with me and my concerns for all the wrong reasons it’s insulting ageism could muster, there is still little I can do about its stupidities which every person in the Armed Forces will probably have a way of responding to as it certain to act in a manner which brings the worst out of people all the time, could be told off a million times but will get off and do it again showing a face which suggests the main thing is that you should try not to mess with its stupidities, just for the criminal pleasure of doing so, never stops boasting about its villainous prowess with a big mouth, looking for more of what it is complaining about.

Now it is said that there is an issue between myself and those who work in show business whereby they were the ones making most of the decisions but I wonder if this would have meant that they had acknowledged the existence of the problem itself, since it is clearly not to a joke to bring up a source of misery being created for me which goes on all day and could have been stopped but those who do it have got a really big ego, coupled with the fact they believed that they would be better off if the worst were to happen, whereby I think it would be nice if they stopped before their families got a feedback of the stupidities I have to endure here each time they attend to the day job. They always love to say that I am a threat to their livelihoods which is utter nonsense as what happens is that they are the only profession that walks into people’s careers to pick out the most valuable bits once they had introduced their stupid selves as important people thereof and in my case, they have done this to ensure their lives had more meaning than people thought it had for years, such that because I am engaged with legal studies, they are regularly now being found to hang around cross examining their guests rather than interviewing them and the appetite for career destruction and vandalism as can be imagined, does not stop there. They speak of a prognosis for their behaviour all the time while reality is for the Media establishments, one about getting me to rely on them for Book sales and to allow them control my publicity, the other is to make me into a character that people can provoke into responding a certain way so that I might become a tool people bullied in order to get closer to rich and famous people – the effect is that a group of female journalists got involved with me to handle matters associated with showing up in public to tell the populous what the events of the day meant, whilst it is a Court that is women access only, the Men use it to communicate their stupidities to me relentlessly, blabbing about an existence where they were known to get whatever they wanted and the women version of such idiots are off building up my property somewhere, such that if they can access it in a condition where I was too distant to do anything about them or even gets sex from them and or make them pay in one way or another, they would have what they had already dreamed of. Nobody knows what motivates these goons to do such things, but we know at this stage that a need to express their violent side over it is brewing something of a need for physical contact. They do also claim I am a greater threat to Celebrity than I have allowed the Politicians involvement with which is utter nonsense; what happens is that to avoid overseas wars, we must engage in mobility issues which also improve trade, it then clashes with everything they do to pillage Royal Public image while the fashion gits behave like terrorists and have never gotten involved with other people’s concerns the legitimate way, hacking Royal Publicity by which The Queen travels to Parliament to open the Government every year because they claimed to have been in possession of eccentric characters. They do say I obvious feel deeply about it and there must be something I wanted as such but I don’t want anything from them, just to see them stay away from my Books and keep the big mouth associated with building media presence for every quasi criminal fool who wanted to tell me my life is over, to play with, about which everything I did to move them on can be said to have passed to somebody else. They always like to say it’s a disposition which showed I hated the USA which is utter nonsense as what we have found in the last 18 years is a systematic destruction of my personal life, my social life has now been so badly messed and they were the first to spend all the best parts of my work and property getting paid for being popular puffs in the City – which has produced those outcomes where Police Officer will talk about their civil and criminal disobedience as something that will get Officer to do a very bad thing as it is becoming incredibly intolerable while they blab about me standing up for myself and there was a dream that involved taking me to places where my career could be taken from me as such with big mouth and then I get told by the Police this process where they build up my concerns to tell me my life is over getting a media presence meant I had been bamboozled by gobbledegook. My academic work has been totally wrecked and now my Bookshop has been damaged because they are in a constant state of dreaming I was a character that hung up somewhere complaining about the wickedness in the world and therefore not being able to control what happened with the Public image I had created, so they might deploy it to get rich, which sets me out as one of the biggest and most profitable prospective victims of their insulting financial corruption – it complains all the time but its stupid fascination with me that has run along this lines has not stopped in any 24 hours in the last 18 years, now it hates me my Books too. I suppose it eventually comes down to the fact that if what I have done to control culture and society gits such as stuff them with what I know, so whenever they expressed their madness at others, they will not be able to detach it from what they heard me say, giving rise to a process where people didn’t have to bear the full brunt of their stupidities and the society gits who hate my guts because they love to abuse people and hate the way my writing gets them to chase their lives lest somebody grabbed it too, then all will be well, otherwise more difficult times are forecast ahead where this new insanity where their Celebrities had picked up my Hermitage and built publicity for it to ensure they controlled it and decided how it served the public and since they earned more than Politicians, how it served them better than everybody else, will result in such catastrophic outcomes as a process where I round up the issues and build my own publicity for it too, so that I might put out that question once about the real difference between their stupidities and that of criminals banging away at me all day because of the way I handled culture and society goons and if I didn’t get a satisfactory answer will begin my own processes of teaching them lessons they will never forget which I can boast about for the future all the time too. I mean tends to create the sense Celebrities are bad while we know that as a Public figure you only want to engage with Celebrities on a limited capacity, you certainly don’t want your children spending too much time with them if there is need to pass the exams at school as such but the Celebrities on the other hand had crossed that line and live in a completely different world, like I can tolerate mentally ill big brother being put on a pedestal to poke and prod and insult and abuse until matters that buzz away at the background of my life is now part of daily concerns for criminals to bang away with, since for me it simply developed into a question of whether some Politicians want to take public stability seriously or not, so I had crossed that breach like the Celebrities had crossed theirs – the question becomes the exact breach that this money and security scumbags have crossed, showing up here to progress a process of having industry twats buy them venues and equipment to engage with the Public and manufacture fame into a means by which to build me a Public image that says an Arch Prince is to get off his Bookshop and get into a fight with people that are bothering them in their stupid low life existence. The results of their stupidities come through all of the time – we could think that we want to avoid overseas wars by engaging with mobility issues and the trade which it brings but will be caught up with the way the destruction of pristine forests, wild life and natural environment was linked to a process of savaging the social lives of women, to live in sky scrapers.