My work has always been as simple as developing creative and property equity to broker with Companies that wanted a part of aesthetic activities at the Hermitage, the part of it that applies to them was a beeline as expressing their interests not by wrecking my property but by buying and reading the Books as a reward for my efforts rather than pay girls for taking clothes off on the Internet and show up here to catch up with lost funds, as insultingly as possible thinking their stupid selves to be better at looking for trouble. It was the same story at University; every day I attend it shows up to sulk around and draw attention to somebody that can do something about gangs and criminals that have bothered it all its stupid life while it got to pass exams, it did pass the exams since and got the best job in land according to the abuses I have to put up with here but now we are simply facing a situation where it has added an academic qualification to its foolishness, making its stupidities an educated fool. If I tackled them by themselves, the society gits will say I was told to do that a long time ago but refused to on account it would have made society more comfortable, if I tackled the society people they would say the same things on the other hand, so tackling both is not the progress here, ripping up Celebrity culture and media is. They say I describe them as idiots but they are financially better off and of course anybody would be who spent their time seeking out important people they can throw insults at without consequences or the insults are too much to deal with via existing consequences as such and we are here in this place where they cannot do a thing without working on me because they are afraid of life itself, my bottom hurts and I am sore all over all day while every personal progress in my own home office is interfered with through community organised abuses that helps them make use of my personal space to feel good about life abusively, complaining about its stupid problems the entire time, looking like it needs to learn something that will stop it being such a fucking idiots at my expense all the time and I have never seen another group of people who chase the career in such ways my entire life, it now needs to show up here to read something I had written for sale and keep its insults where people appreciate it, as I am fed up clearing it out all the time. They claim these activities are a product of people who want to be me and we know they always want to be me like so endlessly; to reward girls that take the clothes off on the internet and recover lost funds from my income margins as exposed to them by foolish Celebrities and to ensure if I had any business with Celebrities a student who had two jobs and a college study will not be able to cope on account they watched a film they enjoyed – the problem being where their Politicians get the idea I had lost all I have and now people want to use my position to make decisions which affect how others should live. They claim I have no respect for the authority of Parliament and its utter nonsense as what really happens is that they are a group of people who have no respect for Parliamentary Authority – their Politicians are involved in a fight with Parliamentary authorities every day and I am involved apparently on the same issue i.e. what cookie jar leaders want – I was told my work was useful some time ago and I have never looked back as such and so where I am involved, anything that remotely looks like they were heading down the cookie jar at my expense churns the tummy and then I get it and they give it to me all day, alongside their media gits, knowing if they were not doing that during Public service there would be a clear sense for the people to understand of what leadership was getting up to. Like the other fools say the reasons they clung to and made a mess of my finances is that I chose to be part of a system of repression and we know it wants to oppress me but does not have the money for it, so I will have to find a way to make the money it can oppress me by available to its stupidities or I will be degraded until I ended up in a condition which meant that they could oppress me without trouble but top of the list when it comes to the reasons I am an unhappy person and a pain in their backsides is that when I drop out of University, it does not really matter. They do claim this is an example of the reality people being completely incapable of dealing with reality all together and its utter rubbish; what happens is that I am now in a fight of my life because I brokered equities with Celebrities and Film Companies which provided entertainment for persons who had careers and a lot on their plate and I have to take into account the issues which have arisen applying to such outcomes as meant these people are not able to carry on with their path to success after watching films they said they enjoyed – so we find that none really can measure how much pain there is out there in the world until such times as people invite themselves into ones concerns of their own accord; none of the Celebrities I have been involved with deploy my Public work as a tool for self-reinvention and none of them picks up matters of my Royal concerns as a tool for enhancing their popularity, so this is all a business of developing those equities in a way which supports young people in terms of how organised crime affected them at school and the consequential fall out of the organised crime people being given permission to take their revenge by decadent liberalist fools. They always put up that face which suggests that there is nothing I can do about their abuses and that it was all amusing until there are such results as the type where somebody built a successful company through which process there was always a court case over civil and human rights with them all the time or the type I can do if I cannot copy that, involving a process of finding out if their big mouth is rooted in reality when their stupidities and the narcissism that support their version of Celebrity culture end up on the red corner with me on the blue and we were going to find out if their conviction that I am a fan of their existence was actually correct – it is always amusing until such a point, with features such as Police brutality being all that people who are completely unconnected with the war they wage on the Police because they were evil and very important, can do about them.

Now it is said that I am one of those characters who give people trouble over the belief I am able to care for others but really have been proven not to have such capabilities all together and I could never make sense of it either but it is incredibly annoying like the bubble built up to wreck my Bookshop talking nonsense every time it runs out of excuses and practical jokes about how I will get into a fight to deserve my income with a big mouth. It does need to shut down the Media stupidities as what happens is that most of these activities are issues that buzz around at the background of my life, those who therefore have spent 15 years of insults on me to bring it up to the forefront, needed to face the music, as I will likely hit them back each time they threaten me. The Politicians have said there is no rationale behind this and I do not really explain myself, just say it like so and let it run but the explanation is even more wonderful i.e. the Church will teach me a bit of fortitude which I need if I want to assist people who are in trouble, they will then wreck the academic work and finances to build a media presence, gather a crowd and make me into a disturbed person and even now, I am not a disturbed person but they have got a media bubble built from it which can run all day, such that despite this we find the idiots are the only ones to raise the issue of me giving people trouble to suggest I can care which is an example of the kind of life that should not be allowed – we have not started talking about wanting to provide leadership where they have not got a clue what they are talking about and then once they realised their position was a threat to their own and other people’s wellbeing, chose a sacrifice that was going to be a God once he was done being an inferior person, before they realised some people like to try and care but it’s all about shit – it still therefore comes back down to the fact I am about to copy from those who have made them squirm in the past or I am going to invent my own way of making sure their habit of hurting me comes to a stop, besides the part where they need keep away from my Books and keep their mouths shut. The fact this nonsense is amusing is the reason I need to bring it up to a career to career stage where they have their own broken each time they crash other people’s own, not destroy people’s lives and talk about the disposition of career, money, family and social life while their victims are only able to approach them on points of practical jokes. They do boast that it is nice that they are able to bring me into the world and its utter nonsense as the general effect is the total destruction of all I have done to look after my finances through my Bookshop because they had decided I must be made to live my life the way they wanted – that said, it does not mean I am the victim either, as I am more comfortable being an Arch Prince concerning whom they are so desperate to access what he has to such an extent they hung around somewhere having anal sex to make him feel like an important person they should not have messed with, than they think I am. There is the other story where they claim I am a traitor and it’s never clear anyway, all we know is that we may spend the entire day on gimmicks involving Liberal USA knowing they will get a response if they pushed on the gimmick about consolidating Terrorism problems, race issues and Global economic power matters, which will then make them feel as though they have resolved matters of slavery, slave trade and race, social, wealth inequalities, to decide a certain British slave must resolve it because he has got it and a literary Empire exists only in his head, they have gotten clues that they will get a response from me if they push it off, as it’s an example of occasions where it’s really difficult to tell what is really wrong with them but towards the end of the day, after the entire day was spent on hellish practical jokes with peoples career and finances about it, they pushed it off anyway; the idea being that if they continued to show such disrespect for my career while enjoying theirs which I do not show disrespect for, nothing will come of it, while reality is rather that I will end up somewhere showing mercy until it became a habit to cover them for the way they wreck people’s lives and careers to make money, while they did whatever they wanted – so it clearly does not know me well enough and had pushed it off towards the end of the day never the less, as stupidly as possible.

They speak of the way I handle the matter relaxed but it was rather serious and yes it is; I mean I am being forced to talk about racism all the time but the idiots have no wish to address the fact racism is about the idea that if you had a small hole you called home people would dig you out of it and make you vulnerable to nepotism and the only way to deal with it is to invent ideas which create a Country within a Country, the sad reality is that racists themselves are very well aware of these facts. I have no wish to discuss racism and want them keeping away from my Books, putting a stop to all stupidities that pepper the public image with Comments. The other popularity idiots always say that my position on racism endorses it and they will be using it against me, so it goes without saying cracked up out of my league is blabbing again as it were and I could draw a line under it and move on but it’s obviously a bubble and will run for eternity. They do say what people ignore is the fact that I invent most of these problems and I probably did, what I am ware brings it on is the consequences of ending up where people whose finances and career have been completely destroyed usually end up but there is still a lot of career and finances in me as such – it’s an old story where the blacks will not leave you alone until the point where you must change your diet because of the way it exposes their culture and it gets serious all the time with that Celebrity blabbing they have going for them, list after list we find they are always engaged in something they cannot get their minds to manage while screwing around with other people’s lives to make sense of their stupid selves. In my case it ultimately comes down to the fact that I cannot now go out somewhere, chase a social life and then perhaps I lost track of time and ended up bunking off somewhere because I would smell the entire time, since last their stupidities took over my social life – an example of the idiocy they spend their time on which they do not have the intelligence to resolve. So the Politicians have said that I have come through the issue to an extent and if I pushed myself would make better progress but there is no pushing self – what happens with these gits is that normal people do not have the intelligence to deal with public issues in a way that makes everybody comfortable, the intelligent people are also not worthy to lead; so they have to ensure that you showed every promise of being a globally renowned successful business man and then take the whole thing from you and use your intelligence to make their stupidities comfortable with their social issues, reaching a point where they now rely on me to keep them covered for abusive things that make me look like it has become a habit to show mercy while they did whatever they liked with people’s lives to get rich or continue getting rich and its playing out all the way down to the sport idiots who have not stopped issuing threats at me save their stupidities got a response for it. They do say I cannot back up any of it naturally and yes I probably can’t but I am a hermit and we don’t talking about beating shit out of Celebrity – everybody knows 70% of what makes me respond to them is the destruction of my health, caused by their community croons accessing my temperament and sharing my personal space for gold digging all day and it fills in every single development to shoot up my stress levels and prolong its stupid life because they hang around with media going on like that abusively all day until they had built a bubble from it and cannot stop living up to the twat reputation by throwing around life changing insults with the results. They claim I have been allowed to access their culture which avails me the opportunity to attack them at will and it is utter rubbish too – what really happens is that they are cowards who make people incapable of attacking them, then attack such persons anyway – I mean those who don’t attack you because they are unable to must have spent time training their minds and behaviour on something else that was important to them and did not affect you, so attacking those that are not a threat makes sense, which also indicated their stupidities had enemies everywhere and was deserving of something similar to state provided security. We see it all the time at Royal Ascots for instance where they had dress codes and Gay people are not heartily welcome as such because they are well aware that the Celebrities spend their time on the excesses and abuses until they lose themselves and lose their victims, a good number of which will be good at the bottom chasing bits, then they expect the highest level of authority in the land to sort it out for them as a matter of social equality. I don’t think they are a threat; it will invent something very stupid and insert it into my life and career with media and on media, claiming I have got it, it’s problem then is what I want to get accustomed to and its biggest issue is the money it has at its disposal which meant if I started a fight I would have been run down before the money was spent. I would fancy they stopped running my show and avoid everything associated with my Books. They love those stories that I am the most disrespectful thing at the Monarchy and its utter nonsense – what happens is that The Queen sets me tasks and people think I do it well and it could assist them at their work but The Queen does not fancy Authority being split up, so we end up with this situation where the same thing is said in my direction, four seconds apart, getting two separate responses from the Monarch. We are talking about being caught up with matters like Terrorists friends who have fantasises about what should happen so soldiers that have served, terrorists overlords who run off ideas about what their creed says concerning those who have served the Public against them and so on – so we do not know when we will have some real government that wants peace in the Middle East when these guys are running around and then they will say that I think we rule the world while what happens is that a soldier would never think of stopping by violent means a person carrying a knife if those he threatens are 20 meters away, he would if the person carried a grenade however – this plays into context of working with soldiers over the last decade and now new soldiers are starting to get involved with my processes and they are mostly concerned with the way the world of men have made a mess of security matters, new ones come in after and they are concerned with the way that everything is so messy and need to be organised – play it up against a less organised, equipped and advanced group of armed people who speak of extremism and personal creeds and we can see the activities of these soldiers are keeping them safe until the day they had decided to launch an attack i.e. we know they can see that picking up arms to tackle advanced military does not draw peace.

They claim what I have said here makes me vulnerable and it doesn’t – these guys are characters that are always thinking about acting in agreement with or carrying out activities which are crimes, so they end up in a situation where the authorities want them to get jobs with characters that had set up business arrangement for hurting people which they claim added up to a livelihood and they want to drag me down with them, so they have taken up 9 years of what is obviously their own time, to groom my writing career into a condition where rules do not apply as per what people did with it, supported by Liberal USA where they believe it’s about the power they have and whether it was all amusing. I do get told I am in trouble because I use them to hurt Politicians and its much the same as the story of avoiding responsibility associated with insults about the use of my personality to a point where the men and their ideas about what they will do when there is a King ruling the Country, serving Armed Forces operatives at the sex industry all the way to Asia, gaining instant access to my personal life – what I have used them for is to tackle the business of stories that my insults are an example of what happens when Politicians are not earning enough money, so the outcome is that thought of parliamentary cookie jar now comes with tummy churning effects and since last I was told that this work was relevant to the daily running of Government, I couldn’t be more proud but the disadvantage is that the Politicians are engaged in a fight with Parliamentary authorities all day, their media backing them up alongside Celebrities all day as well, the course of the fighting being about the destruction of my Bookshop as well and when they are done the Politicians, Media and Celebrities spend time bashing me.


It’s then said at Parliament that we may talk but the Country is doing badly businesswise and it likely would if the Politicians are more interested in money and security gimmicks which is largely where people from whom we should remove access to wealth making systems exist due to their tendency to avoid most of the processes that lead people up to big business and are found with remains of excess energy and bad crowds to play with – ever only interested in what the rest of us will award them for the difficult time they have had through which they had saved the money which will now play a part in the economic recovery process. It is an example of those conditions where it is said that I did not know this from the very beginning or I would have shared it but I suppose the one I knew was that if they were buying products from brokers, they were to be handled like all customers were, so inferred, I would say I was always away that they were a difficult market. Some have said that my position just allows more wealth to get into the hands of the already wealthy but this was never the problem; the problem have always been the gits that spend time ripping apart small businesses to hang around at the Markets watching screens that decided how much money they would make and it’s like rubbish i.e. unless you knew where the recycle plant was located exactly, the likelihood is that your rubbish eventually ends up at another-persons backyard, likewise these gits have never read a text book which had informed them this was how to earn money or run a business and their need to handle and persecute my finances to say the least, in a bid to make money according to what seems to be a fun manner to them, is now that which must end how they would like it, which involved something they can do as soon as possible or it will end how I want it to end, especially for the Americans who always have an excuse to continue doing it. They even bring up stories that people got hurt in the course of civil security enforcement and I deserved it thereof but we know that once they had decided people will get hurt over civil enforcement at a person’s expense because they wanted to make money in such ways at the expense of such a person, it would always happen one way or the other.

They do express something of wanting to talk about racism in the Monarchy but there is no racism in the Monarchy or very little wriggle room for those who practice it – ethnic minorities at the Monarchy are the nastiest things in the whole world, their position is perpetually that of being fans of other people and the sole purpose is to get Public security operatives hurting people on your behalf, this it seems has now clashed with American Celebrities who are constantly in a state of fantasy about what they would do with a private Military. Then there are other discouragements like the fact the US may rely on other European Royalty for Celebrity and culture but it relies on the British one when it comes to Government, so it’s not really a position where racism brings up favourable results. My point is that there is publicity out there to convince people The Queen is racist or fosters racism, but this is very distant from the truth. Where I am involved is a matter of overseas corruption – such as people having this state of mind that is 100% certain that the rich should get richer and poor should get poorer, local wealth should be destroyed while they got to control what was left of it, in order to ensure girls were so influential they could ensure people worked for money and ran away from it in order to stay alive. Then there is my personal favourite that it is inescapable to have evil cultures do you violent favours in an environment where decisions can be taken to take a life, because they wish to ensure they were able to fulfil all their sexual fantasies on those who may not have given the consent for it. The Politicians have said when I mention it so it becomes clear once again where we live but that is an old story about another group building crowds and media presence to make those that are dealing with such matters as the latter one very disturbed persons, about which statements are then made concerning similarities with other Countries that Media and Celebrity have been exposed to. Most of these activities are fostered by a group of goons from the USA whose whole lives are developed on insulting people – so what happens is that the insults were profitable for them because they are insignificant while their targets do not have such advantage because those were important people and they then get off claiming the money they get from it meant they were more important, hitting hard the life expectancy. They bring up those stories where they claim some people had achieved nothing but since they had some Royal backing loved to assume they were more important than American Politicians or Citizens and I suppose it makes sense like that story about Obama Legacy applicable to some British slave who had enough to solve the problems he was told to with their big mouth, in order to be free from the history of racism and slavery like we know I will likely get attacked if I criticised populist nelson Mandela legacy as well, it would be nice if they take out the trash each time and when they have not, cease to complain if somebody pointed out the trash.

They claim I never believe that racism is happen unless it happens to me and its utter nonsense too, the main problem however is still the question of what they are supposed to do to take advantage of a character that has been obtained opportunities in the world of conservatism or as in the US where the republicans conduct their concerns, while he is not white – all their failures attached to which are livelihoods depend on process of abusing white people who have secured opportunities, so this is simply something they cannot tolerate and will move the entire world, shut down my career until they had sorted something out, in order to settle up on how to attach another freedom based social failure to my work, so that livelihoods might emerge from matters of civil rights which none can solve, the main reason being the same reason i.e. it helps them decide in the most corrupt way imagination whom they support is the most profitable punching bag whenever they wish to ascertain whom or what should be punished for what has happened to them, before the insane people they abuse all the time took over and we ended up with real violent conflict. So there are many kind of victims here; one is the type which wants to enjoy their access to nature and this must be inundated with abuses from Liberals which ensured they were made to understand that it is quite stupid to start thinking about stopping liberals from getting anything at their expense, when they do not even know what their enemies were doing with the life and career that they had built, whereby in my case, I have a reputation and will get off another angle if I have to face such nonsense again with them making me disturbed enough for my personality to be split up and for them to move into the one on the right hand side as a community. The other type of conservative is the religious one which I am as well, the victims story is one where I used to think the decisions my parents made about the Liberals was overbearing sometimes and now I am a grown up I had become fearful and therefore have to work so hard on it and yes they do say it’s not the chicken, cowardly chicken but it’s a matter of the fact that I loved to explore and wanted to get involved with a school of thought on these matters, the point being that I am one of those character through whom it is quite clear these nonsense will never stop and therefore I am meant to apply commitment towards it for the long term.

Recently they claim all together I have been taught unforgettable lessons and its utter nonsense – at this stage I believe I have cumulated enough warnings to get through to the thick and stupid skull of the guys, the guys whose need to tell me I had to shut up in the face of culture and society insults by which people wreck my career, which propels me to fill their heads with what I know, being so intense in its abusive form, that the tummy churning problems it creates into the social life of the general public is now a National phenomenon. Then we find the bloody idiots show up somewhere to cling to my Public image for money, claiming they got off fighting my battles at National and Public security services. I mean there facts are there for all to see i.e. their squatter lifestyle which facilitates the way they work their communities and celebrity culture does well with the imagination getting up peoples bums to make them sit up straight but I don’t need it and despite this, their need to push it at me while complaining since I have no wish to star living like them, is also a National stage phenomenon. Then there is the part where they and their Communities since the ripping up of my University stupidities have not stopped stealing from my career to make their own and whilst their Politicians have not been able to make sense of anything they said or did, they continued to make statements about it in public and on a National stage – while I had since come to the deduction that I have never seen a person who has reasoned with them without burning their finances, therefore started to think of those foolish communities as something I want to handle in order to make money, after I take from them the Fashion and Celebrity connections that get to their heads for it. They always boast that I cannot do any of these but we know I wouldn’t face any of these threats if I took my own need to feel safe from their gimmicks about hoodlums making alliances with Celebrities at my expense to a whole new stage. It does not bother me in anyway; it’s a group of fools that have taken up the whole business of female society social life and corrupted it to such an extent their whole lives are now developed around getting an absolute scum to wee on me over financial matters. It has taken a whole life time and their stupidities have not yet worked out women are incapable of destroying peoples careers because they are good looking and I am now stuck in a position where I am not as engaged with the business of handling matters pertaining to equity broker with the Companies that have gotten involved with the Hermitage as I am with the destruction of my Bookshop to offer me the opportunity to make it successful by becoming a Celebrity which will first get me thinking about female society social life to such an extent that I probably want to start thinking it was useful – no reason have yet been given for this and we know it has moved on to the process of making me queer as well, to add to all they complain of when their insolent stupidities get involved with my concerns. I mean it is meant to be abnormal that there are rollercoasters of emotions in an office environment, so each unusual disposition is filled in with abuses that have run off as a community setting me out as a tramp, long enough to be effective in my own personal space and those other idiots with a Celebrity career think their Offices are God’s gift to the world while other people’s own is a dung heap, talking nonsense about lessons they have taught with a big mouth. We hear the blabbing that I cannot recover from it even though I believe I can which I understand but there is nothing much to recover from which is the reason it is so annoying – just them building public media presence for criminals who want to build up my concerns and tell me my life is over; the idea being that most of us believe when they wear suits to work and think of those who wear causals as savages, we exist in a state of mind that leaves us to believe that they are not capable of such behaviour, unless we have to explain short life changing insults for a videos they make to claim they were putting out advertisement which builds up to a point where their communities can get imagination up peoples bottoms since last they were able to wreck my academic work with it and saw such behaviour as their greatest achievement, needing some facts on what lessons I am capable of teaching too, cracked up out of my league talking rubbish all day.

It’s all so very simple as it is impossible to look after a Bookshop with this sort of noise running off at the background – so I am going to pillage their fashion and Celebrity to make their stupidities understand and in that way they may teach lessons and boast about it, especially if I extended it to their football gits who sooner or later invested their football money somewhere and had a problem with processes of doing a job properly if they wanted the investment to be profitable, so I ended up paying the price and they could not stop blowing off their big mouth at me for it too. I have been thinking about a process where they are aware as it is, that the damage done to my finances are entirely a matter of their Communities stealing from my Bookshop to make their stupidities successful at Market and I am sure they are aware too that if it does not come to a stop, I will be thinking of the Communities as things I needed to handle for the purpose of creating profit. The stage is that Companies get involved with me because they want the services offered, usually the smaller ones want to get these services directly and that shows in the way they engage with my social Media and the Bigger ones want to be part of the administration process which they express in the way they got involved too – where they fit into the picture is that they take up equities for their gimmicks and the Companies want it developed to avoid loss and when products are the result do not have the money to buy, so it’s impossible to save them from wealth and social inequality when others are buying products that are born out of equities that were useful to their stupidities and when we had entered into an environment where there were people to be taken advantage of by men while there were other men somewhere to give them credit money for it in the world of money that will never run out before those who chased them ran aground, we will always end up seeing clashes with the Police.

I am now told that I will never recover and some people are determined over it which I don’t mind but I think that even the most stupid persons whose existence were developed on practical jokes can make sense of a case where I am not interested in what will become of their tummy now that my career depends on every Media and Celebrity comments about my concerns being shut down completely. The alternative is that their Communities will become a tool for making money as there is no way to reason with them without contributing to those wealth and social inequality we hear them talk about while I will be deploying the public image of Media and Celebrity goons to tidy up the mess that the criminals who want to tell me my life is over at will, make in this place. I have been told I never take it as seriously as I should and that I have no defences whatsoever, much the same as my information is falling into the wrong hands but this is not the case – it all hinges on the claim that I had picked up the problems by which the USA exerts influence in the world while what really happens is that you get the last straw from insolent Americans about what their Government has requested assistance on, making you out to be some slave they can tackle to rid themselves of slavery and oppression history and then it makes you go solo. The issues by themselves however are that in terms of not taking it seriously, what I should say where seriously was concerned is that it’s all about insults i.e. people walking into my concerns to tell me even when there are clients, that my creation and my livelihood was an annoying gimmick, then build me publicity that says I should get into a fight to make women comfortable, to realise at the other end that they had spent too much time on me and now have to steal my income margins to pay their bills, whereby it changes from a practical joke into something more serious leaving them to show their incomes and possessions as signs of social status. The part where I had no defences whatsoever was the bit where I will spend media and celebrity fame to tidy up everything we see quasi criminals do with the gimmicks they will not stop expressing and working so disobediently on my life and career, the Celebrity and Fashion gits will be the ones that never get involved with people’s concerns the legitimate way because they want to destroy it and grab the market, no matter what they have, making their eccentric characters the thing that prevents others from responding to their stupidities when they had not met people who were as mad as myself and therefore willing to keep a diary of the privilege politics they throw at me, in case they got on my nerves and to ensure they understood their money was not a matter of interest but the hassle was – so it all feeds into the fact women never wreck peoples careers because they are good looking and Men never take money out of economic systems because they always have their hands full, compared to their stupidities adding up to women who have men to work with to such an extent that they can wreck peoples careers and men women to work with to such an extent they can take money out of an economic system, looking as though I write their Books to get on my nerves all the time. The rest are a handful of civil rights busy body gits who are always responsible for taking the life changing abuses to a whole new level because they will like others to get wasted in the hell hole their personal decisions had taken them to and can continue listening in on my conversations for their gimmicks until their own gets serious too. On the whole, I like to talk about it in a straight business-like manner because there are another group of gits who spend money on them, knowing if they took their problems elsewhere profit margins will be improved, it ensures that they got to solve their own problems and when I get the last straw from the dirty nature of American Politics, I go solo on anything I am doing alongside their Government.

They say I will never get out of where I am like the blacks claim most of my activities are a product of being scared stiff by racists in my own home. The truth however is that with respect to the latter, if what I am saying and what I do is a product of being threatened by racists all the time, they are talking about those kinds of things that get security services operatives making statements about dying first before racist can have their bodies, which means the authorities must cover them on the matter, usually an expression of the stupidities until we deal with complains about police brutality allowing protests that upstage those they want to use abusively. The part where I will never get out of this being utter nonsense as I will certainly get out of anything I want to get out of; it started out stupidly enough with claims I sleep with peoples wives and whatever they want from what happens when I step outside of my door being taken during the fuss before the truth is out but when they said I am not going anywhere with what I am doing until they got rich from it first of all, I really did think it was one of those things that they say with their Internet and Celebrity friends, which they assume will make sense everywhere and like we see them sulk all the time and kill off happy atmosphere wherever they go because of what people had done to them over claims of infidelity story, it has developed into a matter of preparing me for National service.

Now we hear them say that what I have been put through has taught me a lesson and it is utter nonsense as most of what happens here are what I have done to myself – this is me reaching an understanding that ignoring them and their need to get involved with quasi criminals that want to build up my concerns somewhere I tell me my life is over, being ignored, is not the way to get about solving a problem. The Celebrities are pretty much the same story but a little bit different in the sense their case is more proactive to such an extent that it picked up my social life, knowing it’s for public service and that I have Royal duties and made a complete mess of it to create statements which helps its stupidities show people that Celebrities like themselves are a big deal – so it’s about to progress toward the question of getting out of bed every day to work out what Celebrities and criminals are doing, so that they will soon have to explain that they are both not the same thing which as history bears witness is usually theory. The Politicians have said that this is how organised crime really works and yes it is but what they are saying here about lessons I have learned involved the sense that Germans lost service operatives and the British had a hand in it, so what has happened to me is a lesson that must be learned with a big mouth, like when they use makeup to do the jobs that get to their heads even when they are Men, it would have suggested they were homosexuals, as far as life changing insults that others do not pass at them too are concerned. apart from the facts thus mentioned, the reality on the ground going forward is that as long as this process where they built a media presence for criminal fools who want to be able to tell me my life is over, who them show up here with entire Communities and Societies that spend all day stealing my income margins, most of the time which I don’t respond before the distant violence that turns me into Mr smell is inflicted and the rest hang around neighbourhoods keeping an eye on me to ensure even when I attend the loo, it is being communicated as a violent open secret that I got to pick up, that I am a light weight – as long as this nonsense continues, it will end very badly indeed as it were. Some people have suggested that stories about me had long become very irritating and I understand this too, not that it matters but it’s an opportunity to say this is not a fluke, it started in 2010, when after the destruction of my University studies, famous idiots who would not like somebody to make a mess of their social lives in order to show others they were a big deal, got off building a new publicity of self-reinvention for themselves which said that any arrangement I had with my publishers was where their fame was located – this was born out of seeing my Books and then deciding that it would serve them better if the writer had no money and was made to work for them, giving up the Books in the process, rather than a part they played in buying and reading a copy, as insultingly as possible, this abusive activity had since taken many forms including what is now their show business alliance with criminals but after the realisation every process of wrecking my finances had failed and resorted to processes of destroying my Books while expecting me to avoid getting assistance from the law before they were yet again a big deal which began in 2012, I had by 2016 started to develop the Bookshop for trading and by 2019, they had destroyed that for me as well leaving me with new reputation as somebody that does not get paid when he works, this is therefore the last straw as it were. They can if they like, should they wish to continue their stupidities, set about controlling the culture and society gits that spend all day stealing my income margin at the behest of the stupidities they run off on Media all day long at my expense but at this stage for my part, I don’t care if they did.

They do claim my activities are a disruption naturally while reality is that it’s a matter of ending up in a place that is reserved for those who spend time thinking about, committing or taking part in criminal activity, while I had no reason to be there; ended up therefore because the Celebrities wrecked University studies making me respect my Mum so they might get paid for being popular and ethnic minority idiots latched onto the idea I was a character from whom their stupidities were entitled to be paid rent and to have me do what they wanted, while the Politicians are the ones that simply have not learned that the destruction of academic work and or finances like they pillage my Books does not make it easier for people to do what they want or get people out of such conditions if they were complaining about it. I personally do not believe it to be an issue as I plan to place my Office in such an environment even when I had departed it, since it’s never clear, like they wrecked University studies, when the idiots or indeed where they will show up to make a mess at a stage where I had done the best work for my career. We all know however that despite being famous and stupid at the same time, they were able to tell that if people picked up their social life to make a right mess in order to build up self-expressions about being a big deal, it would make their foolishness cross but they claim that the reason for their activities was probably my fault while everybody knows is the cocaine piping pathologically lying fame industry idiots who propel their stupidities talking nonsense about threats to their product sales that do not wish to be used by them all the time.

Now I am said to be in complete ignorance of the racism which targets me endlessly too but its utter nonsense – what happens is big brother that had lost his mind being given a free run on me by a handful of ageist idiots with ideas about how to get to tell me my life is over and push me into violent activity, which then becomes something another group of twats with a Media presence and Celebrity culture by which they may express a dream that we can never be free from, of seeing what I say and do happen in obscurity while their processes of repeating it where famous and rich people live was the main one, which actually belonged to them, become complicit with, irrespective of how much it has already harmed their stupid lives in the first place all together. This has targeted me in a wider sense because big insane big brother who was paid to tidy up a place I rented stole my toiletries, now having it played into the hands of society fools, will have tended to mean that I do not have it anymore and their need to build a community that gets imagination up my bum has become a public phenomenon thereof. This has now also fed into the stupidities of Celebrities and their families going off to fight peoples battles at the Monarchy in order to marry into the Royal Family and all together we now have a bunch of fools that are completely out of their depth, employing their ethnic minority gits to upstage me over every complain they make about racism and now the process of enforcing a business where they stopped ripping up my earnings by keeping away from my daily concerns and Books, shutting down all comments about my affairs on media in order to make themselves a part of it if I liked it or not, must commence. They do say I could never deal with the question of what I would say if I were asked to handle these matters comprehensively and instantly but it was always as simple as the fact they are incredibly evil things that I am aware of at a Hermitage, it is never part of discourse save when somebody is saying something while being assisted with very difficult spiritual problems which most of the time they are not aware of because what is bothering them had taken over their bodies – what has changed here being a certain kind of Political leadership which brings them into the main areas of public concerns while complaining about it at the same time – particularly when it comes to the business of chasing my income margins, they do say that they will never stop getting imagination up my bum and I too do think that they have run this case where I could not pick up the courage to turn on my own flesh and blood, aka my evil Mum, in order to rid myself of idiots tackling me to make me respect my mum in order to get paid for being popular but it is still a false hope since I am capable of changing this at any time. it goes without saying that I really do need to copy from the last person that made the squirm or invent my own way of hurting them every day as well. There is the other story told of how I am responsible for behaviour which makes women uncomfortable – what happens being for instance where journalists are concerned, it will see me and get all over my case and the next time we see each other the producer will complain briefly about a problem, which if I don’t want to take action on will mean that I prefer it to continue; so the problem that the producer complains about is that upon the last time they saw me, they got off deploying their media presence to flush my life down the loo in order to make money with a small business in a spare time, not because they needed it but because they were greedy. The effect of having some career journalists get involved with what I was doing to protect themselves from the way culture and society gits view characters that stand up in the middle of the streets to inform the general public about daily concerns, is that they invite themselves into my Court to exhibit this behaviour which I have now ended up having to survive by beating them down for it all the time. The main issue here is the consequence of the most recent support for the communities and societies that have found livelihoods for themselves which involved stealing my income margins – so the original problem was that they chased me around to wreck career and finances because of what I knew, so I wrote a book to share it and all hell broke loose and I decided to stuff them with what I know so they carried around like PR, in order to hang around somewhere performing property administration that allowed me watch them make use of it somewhere in hell. We have seen the effect it to be the enlistment of American gits to help them share my Literary Empire which has turned the business of putting a firm on the line in order to provide people with Equity without getting payment for it as a process of economic recovery, a process that is to continue until the economy recovers during which time it will become important to find out why they are not paying and my products are so small they will not create problems for people being they are Books and do not cost an arm and a leg – they have perverted it into a process where I constantly have to content with fashion gits who have never gotten involved with other people’s concerns legitimately because they were probably terrorists, Celebrities who always need to have a hate figure that rich people will reward them for bullying, Politicians who need idiots to show up on people’s concerns to count pennies until they magically ended up with Millions, Company CEOs and Managers whose insults people can never escape from unless like me, the result was a process getting them to make sense of the fact that their need to expand the profit levels of a company by befriending local hoodlums is not a privilege that I would have but didn’t have because I have not got any more, dealing with bread winner insults that rob me of everything I had, by making them pay Celebrities off trouble making, which they have done so extensively, all the way to buying venues and boom boxes, even crowds that idiots who cannot keep their clothes on or their tongues in their cheeks for that matter, needed in order to get rich and famous. At this point of which what I have said would mean I am letting up when it comes to people sharing my work to make money, run off by foolish Americans issuing threats as well and if I see anything which remotely suggests I have shared the market built for this Hermitage literary empire with them, I will burn their world for it too – it is not a legitimate job or livelihood for people to chase and steal my income margins and the Media that builds the bubble for it is currently being manned by a collection of fools who are not losing the salaries because none yet is getting involved with their gimmicks for the long term like I do these goons. They do say the problem is largely that my Books are a threat to the Government which they are not; I was given a Hermitage and it is a Hermitage that I am running. It was always easy for all to see save when Politicians had started gimmicks that the lack of respect on my part was due to the fact they ran the Country but had thin salaries, while at the Monarchy the Heir to the Throne wanted to set out a Government alongside Celebrities was always likely to produce this sort of response somewhere, I am only being a responsible person for it – we have only ended up with Cookie Jar leadership resulting in a lot of tummy aching and not something much more serious. They speak of the Books becoming a threat in the future which is incredibly annoying as what creates this is the media gimmicks they support to allow people build up the abusive bubble at my expense that runs all day – the most recent challenge being that Celebrities have had such a need to handle me firstly because they got involved with my concerns, hurt me and wrecked my life, while expecting me to make them comfortable when I wanted to cut them off and I think telling them to keep off the Books and station there insults where it is appreciated was comfortable enough; the outcome being the need to control me has developed into a process where they buy shares with my Publishers in order to do so and this means the problem has become something I can deal with in a comprehensive way, blabbing at me on Media all day. Some people have said the problem with me is that I am an eternal optimist but I am not; if I felt these matters were a threat to me, I would have taken a course of action which matched it – what happens is that these gits spend a lot of time threatening people who are interested in my Books and I have to take the fall for those people and stay cash strapped, then they pick up any issues which added up to a criticism of the evil in them to stir up religious violence somewhere. This feeds into the idea that my activities are not very supportive of poorer people but they are – it always happens during a recession that poorer people had saved some money and are aware the only way to really help themselves is to gain access to wealth making systems, while richer people who had access to these systems would have loved to shut it down and normalise their lives once they realised they had enough money for many lifetimes back to back but cannot since others are making a living with it and have to sit back, get rich and give something back to the Community, hence they usually welcomed this outcome. These goons will not stop until they had completely destroyed it naturally and people have said their gimmicks are unreasonable and yes they are, like they say my Books are a threat which is not really the case when having a Man’s Country once The Heir to the Crown had taken it up would be fine if they were not serving Armed Forces operatives at the sex industry all the way to Asia, which meant that having a Hermitage where people pick up Equities to find money and look after the body by which they are able to chase my interests the way the abusive behaviour of the Men is what they find money and look after the body for – we see that this is fraught with uncertainty, they had the right to get involved and it’s as if there is Law that they must destroy it when they get involved. It is unreasonable since we know that this behaviour of everybody wanting to get involved in the business world always happens on the road to recovery from a recession but like my Bookshop will never make money until I understood clearly what the effects of my actions on their incomes as though this is their own lives were, meant that having spent 6 years developing a business in a way that does not hurt people to make profit, I must now fear abuses and property damage from their stupidities to such an extent I took out another 6 years to update it as a business which hurts people to make money before I started earning from it, while they hung around at the Benefits system describing me as a parasite, as stupidly as possible. So, it feeds into the way they claim there is a lot of uncertainty around my work while the reality is simply that I want to run this Hermitage according to my schedule and not their own. Much as they also claim I will get into a lot of trouble when asked to back up what I had said naturally and we know that a process where a Hermit with his Church interests is made to think it matters what their cars looked like, fed into this and caused more problems, upon mentioning it which I suppose they are not aware I have done it instantly as such, unto the time I will build a Public image for it too, especially with respect to the bread winner insults distracting people from the daily concerns and bubbles built up on Media for it, garnished with a little sense that it was all a bit of fun and is to be seen as activity which is amusing. Eventually we see it’s not very far from the business of constantly being hounded by stupid individuals who think it was part of their entitlement to get me fighting and winning their wars – they have always thought that their freedom and civil rights looks like that and I am done tolerating it too, which I make sense of when they had enlisted in the armed services as well since doing so by saying the personal decisions made for such jobs in my case is completely destroyed by them, before they started a campaign of building crowds to force me into fighting their battles which never ever stops. It’s much like the story from their gits from overseas claiming especially the Germans, that it’s a matter of handling me while reality is more a provocation and insolence associated with constantly boastfully being told by their parents and friends, that their stupidities were able to keep the career where it could not be reached, which gave them license to handle other people’s lives, bodies, finances and social lives anyway they pleased, meaning that should I get my hands on it to make sense of the other gits building up my concerns somewhere so they can tell me my life is over at will, we know we will end up with that thing they appear to be whenever they have lots of civil rights problems. The rest will be the ageist gits with various types of society and we see they will never keep their imagination off my private parts while we do see them put lipsticks on it to get around the streets like two faced tarts. We never see the Germans support something else naturally and it feeds into the gimmicks Liberal America invented about punishing oppressive Britain for slavery and slave trade etc where we must solve for the oppressed who are now friends of the USA that is clearly more powerful, issues from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia – hence this result where I do what I do and when I get my last straw I go solo for it, while insults that come from Liberal America about whom I last served will certainly get a response. The backdrop they have ended up with here is these gimmicks producing outcomes where a handful of goons claim I disturb their neighbourhoods, which if I made easier would mean I lose, since after years of an inability to keep their hands off other people’s personality and personal space, the problem that is killing them is that I have not got a clue who the hell they are.


Now it is said that I interfere with the concerns of wealthy people and am now learning to stop doing it because of the sheer pain in which I found myself but it is an example of the way that Crown business does not put stress or ill health on me, nor does endlessly staying up at night to write Books and blogs or indeed attending any academic institution for studies but this nonsense with its spiritually developed society power that can make people rich or poor, facilitating other stupidities associated with ideas on how my personality should be used, eventually growing into something that has now ended up a case of an inability on my part, to settle up in the most basic way my own right to health, safety and wellbeing, like a handful of idiots who are in need of help to shut it down all together if they were complaining. When they are being nice, they are sorry for me, when they are not, it is this sort of nonsense about what is teaching me to stop interfering with their important concerns. I can always decide I don’t want to be caught up with the society gits putting me through one project after another as the means by which they get out of the way their personal decisions had affected their finances, I can always decide rich and stupid ripping up my whole life to top itself up, needed to control the effects of its own practical jokes and stop bothering me but my main problem now, is now to control the media where people know that if they had taken up the responsibility to handle me for Industry gits, fat cats and Celebrities, these sorts of consequences will be the result, all the way to their local communities. They claim I repeatedly say what I say to beat people down which brings on their activities and that I am not in a good enough health to deal with the consequences – I wonder if their idea of how to tidy up the mess they have made here involved blabbing about my health which is a product of Celebrities making such a grand mess of my social life that staying away from home late is usually a problem for others because I smell or that they have told themselves enough lies to facilitate a process where they got to keep handling me all the time, reaching eventually this stage where I am beaten down in my bed early in the morning, robbing me off all means to get out and chase my own concerns too, over claims I interfere with their concerns even though I knew they were rich and important – as for repeatedly saying what I say, we can see it’s a matter of asserting themselves each time they believe what I have said is meant to prevent access and control of my concerns for their own ends, which meant I had to repeat myself until one of us was fed up. Based on the way they get involved with the service processes of my Bookshop and build publicity for it which contrives it into something else that will ensure I did what they wanted while they never had to comply with the actual processes of getting involved with my concerns, giving way to outcomes in which they persistently pick up my daily business as a tool for self-reinvention in a bid to destroy my Hermitage in what I can only explain as  Hermit as something born of pure evil and the way that they get involved with my Bookshop to hang around making a mess of all public interest, threatening those who want to read Books, never reading Books themselves, building a crowd for their own fame and drawing attention to a Royal Hermitage the entire time, we have now reached a stage where handling their rich and famous stupidities can only be done when I had copied those who made them squirm in the past or I invented my own ways of making them howl as well. they point out every time this excuse about the responsibilities they bear to make the Country a wealthier place and each time we find that what they are blabbing about are things we had already provided for as a government and the reasons we have a problem with it, is a handful of fools who had decided to get somewhere around the International interests of a Country they hate, to seek their personal business concerns – they always go on and on about this sort of thing when I clear it out like so but we know that it was the platform on which they brought friends in from overseas to help wreck my academic work in 2007 and that the destruction of my academic pursuits is still one of their greatest achievements even though their stupidities were rich, important, would not stop doing it and liked to think they were being interfered with. Goes without saying one more blabbing about the insulting stick gesture and I will begin a process where to stop all the completely unnecessary sources of my ill health in this place; it needs to show up here to read what I write, as it does get to my head just as much. This is not happening because I have been walking into their establishments to seek an opportunity over a period of a decade, it is happening because they pick up the service processes of my Bookshop and make a complete mess of it in order to develop it into something else that they believe will best suit their purposes, ripping up my income in the process and getting violent because their stupidities were able to keep the one they earned.

They claim I am a threat to the big brothers and big sisters, and I am a threat to the Celebrities and the Media, and this was the reason for their actions. It is utter nonsense naturally – what we know is that it has taken 15 years and a neck deep in student loan debt just to keep my academic pursuits beyond their reach but what is really causing the big problem is this dangerous situation they have created for me whereby they talk about racism and repression on one hand, while on the other, they constantly dream of me ending up with a career that got to my head living in obscurity while another person used it to access the world in their own names and have wanted it so much that they have created me the conditions to make it happen. It all then takes us back to realisations when we watch documentaries in which people discuss what happened after the second world war ended and Nazis had to be processed by the International Authorities; the assumption many made being that they will be processing mentally ill people but what they met were normal people who saw an opportunity to take advantage of others and took it – so in context of which it has now become a big question for the media and Celebrities to answer after a decade of running off that nonsense where all I did with my publishers is where their new found fame was located, when they plan indeed to remove this dangerous situation that they have created for me. We always hear them brag every time that they are not complaining but we are also aware we have unwittingly gotten rid of everything I did to ensure that hoodlums that they said would attack me if I had failed to co-operate with their needs or allow them take advantage of me got to follow me them to work every day and so we can see if I want to attack them violently, I am never going to reinstate it. The Americans like to say that my books belong in the sewers, the same way the British believe that an assessment of the way big brothers and big sisters had decided my Books helped them with bullying that churns the tummy and meant I had not assessed where my social position should be when I wrote it hence flushed my concerns down the sewer literally, while talking me to make use of it, adds up to a threat that Media and Celebrities faced on my account – it’s an old story about commitment hating Liberal USA coming up with ideas about which people’s lives with be sacrificed to help them feel as though they were an established civilisation and I think I have made myself clear too that it developing into a case of copying those who have made them squirm or inventing my own processes of harming them every day. I do get told I don’t like them in anyway and yes I don’t, there are so many points; like when they spice up their sex lives with my royal personal life and public image, their obsession with of which is the reason for the tension here that runs endlessly because they are getting all sorts of good feelings from it and their involvement with it is always violent because they can, running like an undercurrent here to decide how everything else is handled, as stupidly as possible, as if they can – the spicing up their sex lives with my concerns is meant to be an indication they destroy livelihoods over claims they needed freedom but were constantly in need of servants themselves all together and when I tell them off, they teach their stupid Children to do the same, so it grows into something of a process where I had a personal problem with the way they leave long suffering wife at home, to seek sex with women my age because I had failed to co-operate with their needs and they were hoping to get it through those women all together, then progress from them to try and make me homosexual, which has turned my regular fasting activities into gimmicks about them being people who have money while I am hungry man, pushing the tummy and bottom insults into a global stage phenomenon. This is just the age gap and generation bits, the day to day bits is just source of wonder as per what the appeal people find in working with criminals really was.

The story they tell that I love to boast but cannot do a thing about them is not really based on fact; we know it is achievable to think about action with respect to the three part abuses that involve radio wave gits ripping up my career by helping employers and traders to help the goons get imagination up my bum while they could not keep their eyes on their shop floor if their lives depended on it, goons with juvenile crime backgrounds, that are set off by big brothers and big sisters ripping up my books because it helps them, while chasing ownership of my Public image in the City centre, while radio wave idiots beat me down as I chase my daily concerns, rip up my career and set off anything I did to recover it as the new found fame of the Celebrities, garnished with claims I think others are bums while I really am and they will sell products no other way; we all know it is achievable to set out doing the same things to them until I had hurt them badly enough to keep them off my Books, public image and especially personal life and bed chamber all together. They do say that I make up these things as I go along but in a singular statement, what I want is an end to their stupidities showing up all over my concerns to get people involved with my Bookshop for a million and one purposes save the reasons it was set out, it destroys my finances and their stupidities are the only ones whipping my anus to claim I am a bum in the place, hence now that it is in their hands, I wish to know when exactly they think I ought to run a Bookshop properly, or it will stop the way I want it to.

They claim I never wish to address the fact my Books are disrespectful towards Royal Family Members and is therefore the source of my problems and its utter nonsense but as I have pointed out before, they behaved stupidly most of the time we saw them but since last they acquired the academic pursuits as well, they have over time proven to be a handful of educated fools. Some people will then say I needed to address it properly but we all know we are a Constitutional Monarchy and this is how they get about churning our Tummy, the method of doing so in other systems of Government around the world is different but we must recognise their activities are mostly interlinked as well – hence we can see the abusive behaviour that comes from other systems of Government allows them to do these, while letting them get out of hand on our part allows them to chase some overseas trouble makers bottoms. So it will be said that working in this way may be a threat to them but I am fed up with it and want them showing up around my concerns only if they want to read my Books. I cannot look after a Hermitage with this much fuss getting all over it and I cannot look after a Bookshop with this much noise getting over it, reasonably, I cannot look after a Hermitage and a Bookshop with this much noise and this much fuss getting all over it. I have been told many times that I needed to stop thinking of myself as a Hermit when I am more than that but what I am beyond a Hermit whose small activities in the realm concerning social and Public morality, expresses, reveals, shows and facilitates an understanding of Public matters which progresses good Policy making and this is how I assist the Crown, the rest are what I am to the Royal Family of which the Queen is leader. I mean Public morality as in when it started, it said that the Law exists to allow the weak pick on the strong and get away with it; so whilst we wondered how to show that we don’t hang around inventing Law on the basis of established system of things deciding how others are to exist, in just 6 years, it causes provocation, links it up to a history and now appears to have gained a Doctorate Degree in bullying, cannot be stopped and there is no argument that says it is a bad behaviour that it is engaged in which can dissuade it from its activities. Now it’s the Media and Celebrity gits all together, blabbing about what would not necessarily happen in the real world because I said it; while reality is that most of us think about a world where those on the left say they are incredibly important it implies others did not have a right to exist, while those on the right said there was a space on their right hand side which showed they were important about which they were not getting enough attention, so expressing bad behaviour over money issues was always going to produce a far reaching effect, we all do this except Media fools who blab what they cannot understand all the time – so here I am for my part, having written a Book that they found useful, must now work for a Book I had already written and then way that this response to my work by their stupidities have gotten me stuck in areas of society reserved for those who spend time thinking about crime, committing crime or supporting those who do, has meant I am giving thought to a process of burning their Celebrity culture for it, while the outcome of the response I have provided leaves them partly complaining and partly thinking I am bluffing and yet they think there are things that will not happen the way I have said it. The idea being that if somebody showed up with a weapon to tell them they had to spend time in areas of society reserved for criminals as well, there was no prospect of it ending very badly if they blew off my big mouth the wrong way once. Then there are the others who get into Office blocks to pass insults at me alongside the society goons petitioning Politicians about my attitude all the time – what they leave out of their story being that they have cumulatively spent my time deciding my academic pursuits, career and finances, were to be done in a way which suits them or were not to be done at all otherwise. All these feeds into Governmental fears that none is really paying attention to the fact the UK will be the least performing economy in the developed world after COVID -19; while reality is that these kinds of gimmicks are mostly dead and buried, alongside the idea British interest should be debated while bigger powers they want to play with are untouchable. The outcome being that German Interests no longer seem overbearing since we left the Eurozone and has become more streamlined, while other National interests are getting appropriate attention, the Americans came with some responsibility when Mr Trump decided to make the UK point of first and biggest investment since he took up Office and the civil upheavals in the US are a proper set back we need to ensure does not get worse. So we will find the claim run off that we spend most of our time on this instead of civil rights, like it usually does when Business shareholders have interests in the Local Community if their friends had businesses that were rooted in the Natural environment and therefore a Fat Cat in such a position does not want Company business to wreck the Natural environment save if he was spending most of his time chasing profits instead of other people’s rights and it got to the stage where companies and communities were on lock down and would not give each other access and then the Media had a field day with documentaries on the poverty and the social mess and the homelessness etc. We have even see the new black lives matter thing run off the same way i.e. it is tough for business people as well, where they travel overseas to seek interests and somebody wants to decide the outcome of their whole lives which puts them in a position where they want to ensure such persons were shown not to have any money before they attempted such gimmicks and it takes effort, lots of work and money to achieve this – what they return with is the various ways to communicate business matters and a Fat Cat would say somebody whose Assets and property was not either used to facilitate something unusually position in a Company or to Boost shareholder taking or to boost company profits, expected a raise in pay and another will pick it up and run it off on the streets until racism broke out – we have seen them use it to tackle the Police, we have seen them make the black lives matter case into a business directive and they even now have special days when people buy from black owned businesses only but we have also seen that any black owned businesses that did not co-operate with their needs will suffer and if they push it at me, I will ensure it went beyond the idea my health would not be good enough to cope while they moved into my right hand, into something much more time consuming all together. We hear them talk about Governments negating discrimination issues all the time, while the main cause of 90% of the discrimination they talk about is their need to abuse those whose lives and work they had deployed to boost their incomes and then the business of churning peoples tummy is what somebody must have told them is the way to seek out jobs and careers and to work on both. In my case specifically it has come down to the part where they provide tourist destinations for Public immorality goons pillaging people’s property to seek access to life on easy street, while claiming I had done something to drag them out of their culture and into the open, having kept the society gits out of my concerns, am now stuck with the more educated goons on Media building up arrangement to ensure I was used to serve the purpose of Celebrities, Industry goons and corrupt fat cats, as an initiative that would pay off in their position, after grooming me for it over a period of years, the same way that I get upstaged over Police brutality on claims that it was done for me.

They claim I never accept what happens with Police brutality and will continue in that manner until it happens to me, which never will happen; we all know they have pillaged University study here, they have since turned my writing career into the reasons I am stuck in an environment reserved for criminals and supporters of crime while I had no reason to be there and now are grooming me for Police brutality because that is their latest problem. On the side of those who work for Law enforcement, they are a bunch of all round Good Eggs, we know operate from a certain area of the environment that is reserved for those who commit and support crimes, where Offices and Paper work are set up for the jobs that they have to do and there is either no reason for me to behave as if they have not been trained for their work reflected when I in the course of doing so, show more regard for the people who sign off my State support and actually earn less than they do. Then again these guys do not think Police are all round good eggs either, they do not think about the fact Police are paid and trained for their work more that civil services staff and that a large number of Police Officers are better looking than the Celebrities they worship. So there is also talk of some who will never compromise in my case and yes there are; those are men’s world Police Officers expressing themselves as usual – like the time they took over security services and we couldn’t tell how talent was flowing between us and the Countries are allied to, like the time we started ending up with bottom hurting Country and it has not yet been rectified since they took over, like the time the abuses and insults ran off to such an extent once they had taken over, my Royal Order fell into the hands of the enemy and they told me it meant it was time for me to be conscripted. We see the same behaviour exhibited by their women who believe that their civil rights involved an insulting process of making statements about me getting involved with some process of fighting in order to protect women, notwithstanding their need to hang around somewhere with profitable insults that churn my tummy for years, being something they did because it was obvious that it would serve as a means of digging into my concerns by telling me how to exist, which will simply never stop giving. I for my part have talked about it here because I think they have suffered enough from the process of sexual perversions and corruptions on this behaviour at my expense, right up to the time that getting pregnant was a surprise to them and then the painful Childbirth as well, securing privileges for it and their insulting society husbands of which is what this is all about but if they are saying that they have not suffered enough of that they believe society gits telling me what to do to create one task for me after another in order to get out of the way that their personal decisions have affected them or the tribalism raid CEOs and managers that facilitate everything that shows up on media and social media to play up a mean cunt routine on my income, is going to become more than just the problem I am trying to move on here, it will quickly develop into something else entirely. People have asked why I am always targeted by them but I am because clearly when you have made the decision to set out some time for female community concerns, it automatically builds up questions about sexuality which affects you never mind the fact the stupidities began when they saw you walk into a Church and then exposes you to tribalism – Some have even said that most of what I have done is defined by the publicity I get from my involvement which completely detracts from the fact their main interest is the process where I had built a trust system and gathered publicity for our concerns to keep our operations from bad Crowds, which has created a sense these entitled scum needed to make money from a certain proportion of income which those who took part wanted to spend on my Books, just so that their whole lives being a matter of doing peoples stuff would be fulfilled and it translates into the way they have perverted the precious and expensive property equity broker system and operations that the Hermitage engages in, into a dream fulfilled of somebody who was groomed into a good character at Church, whose public image was used to facilitate customer services, as insultingly as possible, destroying everything here with that stupid media and social media, to tell me when the other gimmick in which they expect me to get into a fight that will make women comfortable wrecked University studies, it never really mattered, which is one of the sources of their endless complaining too. No part of what I do is defined by Publicity born out of involvement with women and there are no mean cunts who desire my income in this place who run my affairs, besides which there is the personal question of what their interest in the social lives of men were – we know it looks beeline at this stage but will likely grow from me achieving all I had done through Publicity built from involvement with women into gimmicks about macroeconomics meaning they should get imagination up my bum while micro economics means homosexuality and then the sheer smell and abdominal pain will be the singular incumbering factor with respect to my whole life and career, worked with vigour every Hour – this is why it is annoying. The truth of it on the other hand is that we cannot pretend women can do what they do not have the energy to do either – we cannot pretend women do not want somebody to help them out with female society issues, who is strong enough to do the lifting but is not masculine enough to be a threat while getting involved with female society matters – the way these fools interfere generally means we end up with such scenarios as when a character looks at a woman whose type he saw in a film that changed his life but has not seen ever since over the last 35 years and then has to decide what his entitled stupidities must do to ensure he never loses that feeling every again in a secluded street in the middle of the night while the women is about to disappear into the night in about 20 seconds – so I had built a Court to support women in my life as well, especially those who were exposed to Publicity, the part these idiots play will mean that these women always had a lesser bargaining power and position in such circumstances, so I have to take pride in the result where they are socially worse off turning into song birds all together and when they want everybody to be defined by an open secret of the adult world where Vagina sizes were matched to penises, it got them nearer to the sex industry, so that when they informed me about it, I kept an eye on it to ensure it did not affect my hermitage extensively. Some people have said armed services duties is not that bad and I don’t think it is but what these fools are talking about is insults that will not let people breathe so their criminal activities might been profitable, that people need to become foot soldiers in order to make women comfortable and make themselves real men, armed with a social apparatus for entrapment, corruption, lies and income margin theft. The fall out at the Monarchy being that during the last Queens Jubilee, I visited Buckingham Palace and what the Queen has done over the years was displayed and I was expected to be too stupid to notice that The Queen had not visited Canada a lot but had been engaged with the Country a lot, so they picked it up and are now boasting about what Liberal America has put me through, claiming the problem with the world is that the UK is still an empire. The truth of it is that it is not; we know what happens is that we live in a world where people want democracy but as long as we had democracy, there will always be gits that decide accountability will be extracted from leaders by force and this is what the Canadians cannot tolerate, so they are an independent Country that kept a comfortable executive system, same as Australia. These are the kind of facts that are said to be dispensed by me at the behest of Politicians and it is utter nonsense as my position with Politicians does not facilitate Politicians using my work for anything i.e. since last their Cookie Jar leadership kicked off, I got off running around with my own gimmicks to get culture and society gits learning how their jobs work because of the way they targeted me with it, so Parliamentary coffers Cookie jar attitude now comes with a kicking against the thorns effect and they are always clashing with the authorities there – knowing quite well that if they stopped doing so, people will be able to make progress because they knew what Governmental leadership was and the constant niggling of the Monarchy would  come to an end too but have rather chosen not to. With respect to what Liberal USA has put me through, it’s an old story about the way that black America views the significance of their President – so they think it should be the means by which they got the UK to serve every need associated with racial equality in order for them to feel superior and I like to think its people who just have an issue they want me to assist them with until I get my last straw and go solo. As for the claim these matters get me into trouble anyhow, they don’t – I am very well aware of what happens in all violent situations being a matter either of a process where Armed Forces operatives are doing a professional work or a handful of gits want a lot of attention but eventually it plays out in a process where I don’t want to be loved by them while they have not stopped accessing me through a Court system that is exclusively for women so that they might and the outcome for me every day is that experience where they destroyed everything they loved even when it’s just civil and criminal disobedience performing most of the vandalism, so when it comes to the war bits, I need to get them that close to Armed Forces recruitment processes, so it might be easy for them to be signed up as quickly as possible, while their female gits have always had a history of being able to explain what domestic violence does, the last time we checked.

So it is eventually said that I have been set out as a character that settles problem and now that people have rounded me up into a corner and taken up a stage to expect, I need to get cracking but its utter nonsense as we know the same behaviour destroyed my academic work, which they did in 2007 and the reasons for current clashes is that the fact they did is still a useful premise that must be deployed every day in 2020, therefore needed to be fully informed I have had enough and their stupidities had to move on. They do not scare me in anyway, it’s the same structure of civil and criminal disobedience where you said a tree was not to be cut because it was being conserved and that Tree will become the main premise for the war they had declared against every person that was more famous than they were until it is cut, then they will be the first people to do your thing by starting a war because it had been. Here I get told such examples are an outcome where I had done very well and there was cause for optimism but there always is since all government operatives take a pay from a single pot which is obviously bigger than anything any Billionaire owns. For my part, it is becoming a question of what will become of the stupid society gits putting me through one thing after another to make sense of how their personal decisions affected them while tribalism raid City centre managers were becoming more of a threat that got me doing something else while I had Books to sell. So we see they never get involved with people’s concerns the legitimate way and have already started throwing blame my way for inventing the civil and criminal disobedience word, while we know it is the means by which those who are not lacking money get involved with my Bookshop the wrong way until they had destroyed it – the rest were told years back about a lack of respect for me not really being an issue but they needed to think of me as a small thing that shareholders and company owners play with which is good for the company and when putting a product out to the Public must take all the facts of how the products are made into account: they had since resorted to a case of keeping an eye on every production stage to eliminate me, destroyed my Assets and set their girls on my Company on media and social media, each time it is revealed to be more valuable than their stupidities thought it was – not yet found a way to explain the behaviour either, especially when I had eliminated the part where they claimed to be superior forms of human evolution.