I have been told that people who engage with the Monarchy always end up the way I have and its utter nonsense too, the only way I have ended up is that I carried out private security guard job, Celebrities saw me do it, the abuses while I was at it so intense I left the it for them but thereafter they picked up my Hermitage and built it up on Media as something about which they will decide public access and the public will access it to make them famous while the way people accessed it, all the way to Government will depend on how important people were and how important people were would depend on how much they earned, which put their famous stupidities at the top of the pile and it appears to be something they could stop doing but had become accustomed to, mixed with their ego and we have ended a situation that will continue because they are certain of what will happen with respect to any violent outcome that may have emerged from it – otherwise we can see it’s really not incredibly difficult for people to stop making comments on my public image and to stay away from my Books. Some have asked what the real pressure points were and it’s the two issues whereby they were living in my personal space alongside their communities, keeping up the abusive processes associated with the fact they are now able to practice any form of distant violence on me about which I had no evidence and they had nothing to bridle how far they might want to go and they do this all day, every day – the other is about working on me as a replacement for what they learned when Mom and Dad used to drag them out of bed to chase the daily concerns, which my mum and dad used to drag me out to chase mine as well but none has seen me work on them as an acceptable replacement the way they do with my income margins. It has now developed into a question of whether they want to stop it as it would suit them or they want me to help them stop it as I would feel most convenience to and they always say I ought to know I am a light weight but this process where I hang around somewhere feeling deep frustration as a result of the fact when they handle mine it’s good for them and when I handle their own its bad for me, so I am damned if I did and if I didn’t in equal measure, is not a condition that I have adopted willingly since I am aware that I have ample capacity to make them suffer very intensely in a way that will make me comfortable. We all know the main pressure point to be that if they can have one Royalty that gave up status so allow them gain social equality all would be well with the world but it also means that their idiots make money from them off it and my Royal Human rights vanishes, although I have never given them such a privilege all together, hence we know it will continue to boast and make those stupid comments all over my concerns, such that if I stopped the comments I would have adopted a draconian measure because I needed money, save if I built myself a history in which I contributed to their wealth and social inequality problems as well – it is the part where some people say I needed to stop fooling around with it as it is rather determined to ruin me. So where they really are in my case as well, being famous and stupid, as per the famous person who makes such a mess of a person’s life and runs it off all day for pleasure and prospects of betrayal based wealth, is the part where there is no prospect of running off some civil rights popularity whereby they got paid and wanted governments to fall, like I had warned them it’s definitely not the 1980s here as it were – they are now part of what we are doing at Government, even assuming responsibility for some matters because they want to keep their gimmicks going but they do not yet think I have an ability to cause them immense suffering too so far, it’s the endless insults and abuses where they address me and tell me what to do and it could have stopped doing that since it prevents my Bookshop being more successful but its ego is too big to stop as it were, telling me where I have ended up with its famous stupidities, for getting involved with the British Monarchy. I mean it’s a human being handled in such ways and you only make sense of the invasiveness of their idiocy when they throw up a tantrum because their victims have acted in a manner which had successfully driven them back.

We hear that talk they ruin people’s lives with all the time, something about free money; while reality is rather a case of the way that those who give money to others facilitate the means by which those they lend money to, got to pay it back, which is the real help that is going on – it has not made sense of this when it currently feels as though I am about to progress from handling the Celebrities by making their bottom hurting issues into a process by which my Bookshop is run, so that they might blab of how the Government started the provocation and their silly fans may get imagination up my bum to make me do something about it as a process of fermenting General public opportunism and take it a whole new stage, to a process of ripping the guts out of their daily concerns because they continue to trash my Equity business, to make a show of their cash intensive one which they will not give people a moments peace for as it were – the reasons I brought it up being to show that their cash intensive businesses always makes a big case out of the times that consumers pay but an equity business like mine is a type where the point at which consumers pay is where things go quiet. The challenge I face then from them being the stupid comments set out and run off on media every day, all day long, while they got off boasting about being able to control my finances, to such an extent that I will end up asking them if they were aware it was a threat to do such things, followed by a process of taking up my concerns and setting it out for the public to enjoy, the process of which is to make them famous and then get into a fight to prevent me building them publicity which says that covering their arse while they got paid for being popular was an integral process associated with the way my Bookshop is run, in order to make sense of the fact they were famous and stupid people at the same time – to add to the fact it’s never quiet enough for people to just read. I am then left with a sense I might end up being influenced by them into thinking I have created this problems for myself but even if I were, the truth of it is that I wrote a Book of equity to broker with people who brokered equities with me but I am now caught up in a thousand and one things to do which has nothing to do with writing and selling the Books, the interested parties on the other hand love my work and like to get involved but if they had not made time to read the Books, it will churn their tummy and it is never ever quiet in this place because they would have stopped but their ego was too big to do so, considering their stupidities were famous. I have been told that this process is a big problem for them but it is the part where I do not regret having to put up a fight as well i.e. it’s in my interest that economy recovers and peoples finances recover and it is not in their interest that these things happen; so my Books are written to ensure people can only read when they had made time for it and when they make time for it, they slow down and plan their finances amongst other concerns properly, which makes them less vulnerable to the market bullying and gimmicks that gets them spending it to make people rich who cannot account for how the incomes that get to their heads have been earned – my Books are so invasive they are not written properly, such that if people plagiarise it, it’s impossible to plagiarise the mistakes as well which is pointless; hence they didn’t write it and need stop making comments on my Public image save they were reviewing something they had paid for. The tit for tart as it stands is that I dropped out of University and they are still doing those things they did to wreck University studies for me in order to make money with a big ego, no care in the world and a legendary disobedience and I have obliterated all that allowed them enjoy narcissistic popular culture and other hedonistic gimmicks by which they want to see governments fall through it as well, to ensure their gimmicks in my direction is more real human being to human being no matter how famous their stupidities were, in case I wanted to take action that made it a little less amusing for my part too and of course I too can ensure this progressed towards an outcome where I completely burned up all that mattered to them in a social existence, to make sense of all that ripping up my whole life to buy expensive items that they can make a show of their stupidities in public by, about which the insults grew to a point where abusing and mocking me ended up becoming either a brand item or part of a product, to show how much of a handful of evil scum the famous twats and their fame freaks really are and why I think they belong in the gutter and have never been a fan like they love to assume I am getting involved with me to secure my attention as if there is unlikely to exist consequences in the future every day.

So people say they would love to know what I think about famous people exactly but they are  a handful of lowlifes, I mean, the way really famous people with careers where you sometimes think you can match them campaigning against bullying but cannot or that you can ready and make sense of a 500 page manuscript to embody yourself in a role and act in a film but cannot – we are talking about twats who have industry gits buy them equipment and venues to engage with the Public and get paid for being popular on my public image – so, the way it works really is that it’s just a human being like me, the difference being that it wears nice clothes and carries expensive things without which it cannot pick itself up and carry on with the daily concerns because its position really is one that is lowest of the low is society, then it spends its time abusing and insulting me until it becomes a phenomenon to, simply because it saw me walk into a Church, beyond this, the insults and abuses have produced an outcome where there was an abusive atmosphere that an industry fool could reward them for, making it a career and then I will find those abuses had become part of a product or part of the advertisement that is being created for a product but although I have my prejudices about scum in expensive clothes and nice things as such, I do not voice them because it really is an education on the reasons people end up in prison or worse. I am told Celebrities think I am something very special and I probably am, like we can see these sorts of stupidities are things men carry on relentlessly for, although I am aware of it which I never practice them as well for obvious reasons as it were; when they are being nice their stupidities claim they had so much manliness in their lives they were making me a real Man and when they are not, they fill in every gap of my time with something negative because they alongside their communities are sharing my personal space to feel good about their existence and are always violent from a distance while doing so. This is where the entertainment industry fools and gimmicks about me spending time to rub shoulders while even criminals were better people buying films fit into the picture – a matter of how these goons consume products and meet with those who sold them to say they can contributed to the wealth that such persons now own and are therefore entitled to a share of it, resulting in the trashing of my hermitage and now we are locked in a battle whereby I may have extracted some people I got along with from the whole thing in order to shut down access to my person but they had decided once I cleared out the issue, a disobedient investing of my equities which wrecks my Bookshop will commence, about which I too have installed a process of running my Bookshop which suggested it was part of my work to cover their bums while they got paid for being popular – The German ones really love their insults to develop into a gimmick that suggests they would like some direct action, as we can see that each time it blabs about me being a small twerp that begins a problem I cannot conclude, an idiot shows up where I have done the best work for my career to express money and security gimmicks while complaining about the smell, as stupidly as possible and it will never stop making such comments. The outcome of this then is a process where the men have not in the last 16 years including the time period in which I dropped out of University over it, set me out as a character whom people can cause suffering over money issues which would result in those who did making more money, while their fame twats, dug holes around me that will ensure I was provoked to a point of responding in a way that will set me out as a character people picked on whenever they wanted to suck up to the rich – it has so far not ended very well but with Media presence they may ensure what I have done about it could pass on to somebody else and I would not be allowed a moments peace because of how I should be used while what I do about the abuses will add up to a bigger problem; so I have begun to develop in a wider sense my a position which gets people thinking I had a talent for survival whereby calculating that up to 45% of my career concerns are now being conducted in an environment where I am meeting characters that set up an arrangement for hurting people to claim it added up to a business, meaning it was time to show the men I have got a penis as well. We have even seen the same thing develop since last I wrote my Books, producing an outcome where they alongside their silly Celebrities can simply just pick up my assets through insults and hang around in Public places feeling good from exasperating me over wealth and social equality that the USA will be happy to support and then it will say the way I had put forward a sense they needed to stop showing up near my Books and making comments on my Public image was a sign of Royal entitlement while it was not really difficult for them stop showing up near peoples books or make comments around peoples public image, if their stupidities were done running down some Book publishing markets that are free for writers in order to handle me – putting out all this nonsense that suggests there were less operators in the market because of them and that the operators that were currently working it were able to see I was busier dominating them than making money from the Books I had published on their platform, which suggests my Books should be written off and gotten rid of, a relentless onslaught that never stops because some people a men which has no reason or purposes whatsoever but on the whole makes sense of what the evil character of fame idiots actually is like. I have been told I knew this but did nothing about it over a period of time but that is largely a matter of the way it has now been split up between them, my generation and younger people that will be pawned over money issues, whereby it is not a sense of an entitlement to think they should stay away from my Books and keep their mouth shut. Mostly it has nothing whatsoever to do with me and we find the same with their civil rights gimmicks, where their obsession had now developed into a case of picking up areas of my life where I would have put matters together to work with a wife on tough decisions about bringing children into the world, to work their abusive, insulting and narcissistic civil rights by – then one thing will lead to another and they will get into trouble with the Police and die; I will be left wondering what all that big trouble has to do with me but then they upstage me through protests movements for weeks and hang around somewhere assuming I am terrified of them, which I probably am but I don’t see how I would fear them or think their problems existed when they picked up matters associated with me working with my wife on the babies to run off stupid civil rights movements by anyway, after which they produce Children and make sense of communities steeped in poverty as any tended to chase the career looking like that; what we have here is a process where I tended to educate them about what various parts of my concerns are used for and beyond that they tended to hate my guts and my Books too. We are at that stage where I am only interested in my generation and any famous persons I get along with, their problems do not really exist and it is possible I am bluffing when I had begun to put out the warning that it is starting to make sense a process of burning everything which matters to them in order to keep their insults off my career and their imagination off my bum, since it generally means that others are not responsible for my lack of financial success but I simply am not doing it because I am incapacitated by their stupidities and of course I generally do not believe I have a history of being told how to exist anyway, so I am meant to think that when Government sets out economic Policy and they decided chasing peoples bottoms is how to do it, that is how they do it, so the City centre puff wasting my property on the need to get paid for being popular, showed up here if he wanted to read Books I have written, stopped wrecking my career after chasing me around for what I know to start a mini war when I had written a Book and stopped pushing me around – as we can see, their ego is incredibly big and these are behaviour they are accustomed to. The other issue they believe they want to make a thing from is the way that their friends at the Monarchy fight for their interests, which I believe had not been done by considering well how I might respond, since what they make a mess of is a matter of people who had invested their money in Companies, mostly women at the Monarchy and then they use their position to Monitor Crown Interests with respect to how Companies put up Billboards and high level Public advertisement, when I broker property equity or engage in asset exchange with companies, sometimes which I pick up those matters as well, it plays into their interests – so their people had decided to do me favours and unleash them on me naturally which they are now convinced I am powerless to handle all together; their disobedience is such that I had set out a Bookshop to sell Books to an audience I broker equity with, now I am caught up somewhere selling it by building them a publicity that will set them out as something they are not and to suggest that I am in charge of covering their bums while they got paid for being popular, so each time they damage my social status with those insults and comments I lost money.

So I am told the destruction being wrought here is completely unwarranted but first of all we have seen the behaviour exhibited towards me by this people in the last 19 years; they are not something I love, they are things I destroy and we see the same with respect to their Celebrities as well, that if somebody were to show me one problem for which they blamed others with a deathly tone, that they had not created for themselves, I would move on. I mean at this stage I cannot run a Bookshop with this much noise, it’s always noisy and impossible to say I wrote a Book and people got involved with an understanding it is being written where imagination is nurtured and produced and I cannot run a Hermitage as well with all that fracas going on, therefore it does not look like a dire situation for them but I will have to choose between the Hermitage and its Bookshop on one hand and the Celebrity culture on the others, therefore torch one and leave the other very soon – people have suggested I would still have a lot of work to do thereafter never the less and yes I would but it would only be a case of running the campaign very hot as such, now like the current situation that relies entirely on other people where it is now in their hands and I have no idea when they believe I should start. They do say the Celebrity thing is not that bad and it probably isn’t, save the part where they are off on a gimmick about American power which generally meant they had a need to get involved with my Bookshop and invent their own purposes for it, mostly which concerned my Royal Office and how they may update their incredibly stupid personalities by it. The other issue being the China case where it is said that most of what people do is associated with what I have been up to and yes it is – then again, China has done this before, where they had a huge party in a time of economic ideals saying they needed to be rich together as a Country and there will be theme parks as far as the eye can see etc; this time the main thing is Tech and Gadgets but the US has failed to control them since last they got off equipping and training the Chinese Military to play world power gimmicks by – here however, I was busy with activities that mostly concerns keeping away from Politicians and Politics, which many people from around the world followed as well and then it had to go and do that at my expense. I have been told I am not meant to avoid Politicians and Politics and yes I am not in my position but mine is only a case where the social gits are to get involved with Politics rather than show up somewhere blabbing of a need to merge Industry with Government playing stupid games with me all the time – technically the Obama Administration which ideally should have been something the world expected to see as bright, unusual and great but it also really was my biggest achievement; the twats are now in charge, they have never had a good idea on how a Country should be run and they have never won elections against other ideas.

So they say I never listen to what others say and then I create problems for myself that everybody else end up suffering for and it beats my imagination each time how difficult it could possibly be for people to stop getting onto jobs that get to their heads to make a mess of a Bookshop which not only does not belong to them but is that which they have not been given express legal permission to handle. Besides this is that big mouth blabbing all the time, complete with its stupid politicians performing insulting stick gestures at me with their own big mouth as well because they think the prospects of being a threat to them is incredibly low, about which they were entirely wrong as we all can see their wives hang around on media and engage in a process of violent insults and abuses that build up communities to get imagination up my bum because they are confident there existed no prospects of me moving into their backyard as well, to ensure they had to make deals with society trouble makers in order to get by, from which I may want to work out exactly why people get into the City to start businesses by requiring my own assets and equities to do so – the part where my Dad took me along on one occasion where they met with some friends to work on a project and it was one of those cases where they regularly met at home and travelled away somewhere together and had parties that cemented business relationships etc and I spent time with a friend who spent hours and hours working on a building we was designing in his Studies, to make sense of others whose names I don’t know, doing the same if they handed and owned my assets and equities, the entire time which their entitled and insulting stupidities apparently do not read Books, hence there is a need to be incredibly inconsiderate towards what I did for a living too, like real idiots looking for a response. They even claim my attitude causes people to co-operate less with my needs while reality was more a matter of the fact they have no idea what they are doing while I do which puts me in control but if I did what I did it made them comfortable, except they had a problem with it, so they preferred the part where I was stopped, while their stupidities got to bully and threaten me with money and security gimmicks – the Politicians are always more forth coming about a need to build up grafting that can be used to handle me, my person and my mind, about which we also know I have not yet dropped the ball on what they were meant to gain from a process of bulling that is explained away through my achievements to prevent there existing any arguments that suggest it should not be happening – it’s one of the main reasons I do nothing about these matters, which would have been easier handled if I decided that for the problems these idiots caused me, I needed to run a business and make money in order to cause them suffering because their Politicians have already got us ending up in some difficult public conditions about which they then get off issuing threats when their bottom hurts and we want to see what conditions will emerge from the gimmicks associated with characters who claim to be very good at squandering other people’s property.

I mean the start of it was those stories of the Law existing to allow the weak pick on the strong and get away with it but when I said I wanted to sell culture and society for a living they petitioned Politicians about my attitude – same as the other part where my social morality was provocative and they had to be allowed by the Politicians who were in charge to develop their own social immorality so as to create balance; in the 6 year period of time that I have not responded to it, they have wrecked my academic work and passed exams to put up products at the Market place and build communities that get imagination up my bum to make sense of market, especially the queer ethnic minorities, they have built up stories I am a bum on media who thinks others are bums in order to make people feel comfortable about spending money which gets companies interested in giving them endorsements, they have wrecked my social and public life to help celebrities blow kisses at criminals on my Public image and never stop hanging around Office block boasting about the trouble I would end up in if I tried to do a thing about it, getting their girls to claim my very existence makes a mess of their social lives, to call me names and boast about being able to determine what happens with academic work and finances of a socially moral person while at the same time thought of as the innocent party in the matter – feeding into questions on me not being a fan of Celebrities that dress in nice clothes to pass insults at me all day, only for those insults to become part of a product whenever I tried to rebuild what they had damaged of my concerns. So I suppose it does mean their fears about me are well placed but I have reached a stage now where the Politicians who support it and threaten me over their inability to handle immoral democracy that gets imagination up their bums, need give me my space.

They do claim they do me favours and it is apparently the problem as I now need to build myself a lifestyle which keeps me informed about what the favours they do me gets up to and it feeds into that other case where people say it’s the way the Queen supports them that created problems. For the latter I wouldn’t know anyway since what happens is that The Queen controls Parliament and the Military, such that even the boys scouts knows this and the goons who tell such tales are the only persons in the country screwing around until they had to catch their breath – we all know that if they showed up somewhere to do something which helps foster public security and The Queen was making people feel comfortable, the needs of those who have not performed such tasks will not be prioritised. Where it affects me is that I am off picking up some other small things that Parliament does to help fosters the daily conduct of living to run my own affairs by and they will show up here to torch everything and make sense of a pleasurable practical joke they enjoyed exhibiting at my expense, leaving me to develop this process where each time what allows me get on with my concerns in safety and security is destroyed, I begin the abuses that will get them involved with The Queens business to do some National security work as well. The Politicians express this concern that I am in a difficult situation all the time which I am not – what really happens is that I need to ensure what I do with my self is linked up to my Bookshop, while they needed to ensure they got involved with my Bookshop to access my Public image and other parts of my concerns, so I end up with Books set out as something through which they handled me in order to ensure that I was made to grovel for money, while the Bookshop was something I did meaninglessly somewhere else, so it always plays out as a problem that can be managed without killing anybody if I got involved with it for the longer term and when I say so we find people running off routines where they said their own was the shorter term but the gits engaged in these activities will be the ones doing the killing and we face those futures where there isn’t yet enough prospects of them complaining of the way they hated the British. These favours they do me fits into the whole German interests issues, where none knows what favours they are really doing me all the time; so what I do they say is confusing while what happens is that if I stand up to those who wreck my finances and keep their salaries as an amusing practical joke, they will decide for me what respect should be but thereafter when the same issues affect them, pick up areas of my concerns where I should be making decisions with a wife on how to bring somebody into the world to run their civil rights with, such that if they got into trouble with the Law, they upstage me through protests. Hence the German interest favours has become a question of what they were meant to do with German investors, since the whole issue generally tended to show the reasons German Government never helps Industry with social problems as such; my position being that these companies get involved with my work and when all is said and done, they run businesses like Germans and I run mine like a British Man but none of these comes to light lest we were financially successful; all taken over by goons who want involvement with big business but do not wish to look the part, so we fear that the future is one where government deployed the Military to Police what is happening at Market and the main pressure point with me is that they enjoyed nothing better than to set their wives on a course of spending time in the Communities running off violent lasciviousness that incapacitates my ability to chase my own concerns or they got it off a prostitute while they spent their time getting off to Industry backyards where they can claim my assets as their own – the result being that each time I get involved, I did to recover my work and property for my purposes and their wives and media will beat down everything here until they were certain its prospects at market and my social life was completely destroyed before they stopped, claiming their husbands lost careers because of me. The question of difficult situation being the old case where I considered their activities to prove beyond doubt they were things I destroyed not things I got to love as such – hence assessing the way the society ones need contingencies which ensures that if people wanted anything I had worked for and those people were allied to them, there was no way I could stop them from getting it, the City centre ones always being the ones that get off at Industry backyards looking for ownership of my property, leaving this idea that I am meant to consider what their entitled stupidities are like and set about picking up my work before they got there about which I have no plans and will never develop one, to handle this Hermitage according to their schedule instead of mine – the wives being the ones that keep pushing off behaviour that leaves ideas on how their small violent and insulting hospitality can be taken from them to solve problems with as it were and until the City centre ones are off making deals with society gits on sex in order to get by, it seems the abuses have no prospects of improvement for the future.

I have been told that there needs be talk about getting me married and settled but I wonder if they would be the position to, since the last 6 years of my time has been a matter of their silly Celebrities who have no wish to indulge a relationship with me as such and whose life this is clearly not, picking up the fact I had planned for the female partner to do the finances for the family and it was obvious that if I were seeking such a partner, it would not be somebody with money in such a way that meant there was pressure on her to make a toy boy out of me, as it is likely she would not have known more about money than I did in my position as such – having completely wrecked this building me publicity that will ensure after insults about criminals buying entertainment while I wanted to rub shoulders with them for spending my work to make it, which their stupidities found insulting, I will clear out the mess and they will be in position to spend more of my concerns making more entertainment, whereby I too have now built up the business of their hurting bottoms, so that I may manage it alongside my shop and ensure it was my business to cover their arse while they got famous thereof. I am told it will discourage them from putting up such behaviour but it’s an old story where those who are interested in the part of my work that is linked up to my Books, the trust system and publicity I have built to ensure we did not get caught up with wrong crowds, face threats from their famous stupidities every day, to detach my activities from the Bookshop and wreck the finances. My point is that Celebrities have taken up my personal life and set it out as something that a wealthy woman who wants a penis she may play with can acquire, hence rather complicated making sense of their own people talking to me about settling down – I mean we know a wife that does not get along with popular culture on one hand and society on the other is not something that people who do not live their lives in a hermitage would want. It’s that which all makes sense of the processes whereby my whole life came to a stop because of the venues and equipment by which they engaged with the Public to fulfil their dreams of gaining access to fame, so far my biggest achievement is in the Political area where the Obama Administration having left the white house is still doing what it needs to do to ensure that a time emerged in the future when I was wrong about the fact women were a problem and it goes way back to school when they wouldn’t let the girls be, the same school backdrop which meant they could not exist without creating conditions that allowed them hang around city office blocks boasting about being able to determine the outcome of the finances and career of the moral person and now we are all grown up they always like to say they thought they had beaten me down on it while I at 23 become invulnerable to their claims true love did not exist because they enjoyed showing up here to love one person and marry another as if I am a gift to Industry twats who need to pass exams in school and put up products that serve a yardstick for building communities to get imagination up peoples bottoms because they were making sense of market. It then grows into the stories about when I am going to wreck their careers and ensure all they did to recover made me my own fame as well, when I am going to ensure the business of labelling me a bum who thinks others are bums to secure Industrial endorsements were reciprocated and the business of their Celebrated idiots beating me down all day was avenged.

The Politicians have said that I never accept that I created some of these problems for myself but there is no need to; they live in an existence that is completely different from the rest of us; I might have developed this process where they are twats who are in charge and needed to do the Politics because the process of mixing politics with industry as a threat to me was intolerable but they exist in a different world in the sense that it is always something they explain as the fact we have the Police and Military somewhere, while what they are doing is not a threat to public security or criminal and then when their protest moments are entitled to my concerns it becomes a question of the reasons government set up Police Offices in those communities they had created in the first place to say the least. The main issue here is that they are always seen hanging around at Industry and their entitled stupidities is entitled to my assets and equity, once I picked it up, tehri wives wreck my Bookshop and pillage my social life, so they might continue to put labels on me that say I am a bum. They do claim that I should not have been vulnerable to it if I knew what I was doing but I am not – we are yet again to find out whether a response to their imagination getting up my bum all the time to expose me to criminal and bad people the way their Politicians make me into a character about which the damage had already been done before I got justice like sex abuse victims whose justice works as though they were being examined by a gynaecologist, which they find amusing, we are yet again to find out whether they will be able to get out of the one I create for them using perfumes like I get out of their own as it were. The Politicians say they encroach on my turf is what I say, while they said the same thing but I had adopted the Moral high ground and so none is really encroaching on anything while my health is paying the price of their entitled stupidities substituting parents dragging them out of bed to chase the daily concerns and all they learned from it, for a process of working on me because it was most convenient, as disobediently as possible since there was money to be extricated from my public image making sense of American insults – it’s just getting serious with another group of fools pushing this idea I needed to pick up my Industry concerns bearing in mind what they were like.  So it feeds into the China issue where the Government had ordered a withdrawal of arrangement with Huawei because what was at play was nothing like the Diplomacy relations that got us interested in China having set itself out as a trading block but gimmicks associated with the results of the UK training their military and equipping them, only to play up world power games later – so the way it has now affected the fact that such goons spend their time messing around with Politics while we try to ensure we had less and less to do with Politicians is there to explain how and why the British Government withdrew from the deal with Huawei and we know it’s a price that communist economies tend to pay while here in the free market, their stupidities are not linked up to a process where I ran a Bookshop property, it’s just getting on my nerves in terms of what I would do if I decided to manage the shop as a matter of every penny I had lost due to their perverted interest in me.


Now they say I do not believe in parliament and democracy and Politics and all I did was fundamentally linked to a process of putting more power in the hands of the Monarchy but I don’t see any part of it being linked to a process of persecuting people who dared to have something they don’t, clinging to my income margins and making up excuses to do so all the time anyway – we have ended up with a case whereby they hated me and needed to express their stupidities on that but exactly what is likely to prevent their next victim copying from me as well anyway? They spend most of their time working on me instead of their jobs, then make themselves the only group of people to put labels on me which describes me as Mr smell, it apparently is a process where their stupidities got to replace what they learned when parents dragged them out of bed to chase the daily concerns with something much more convenient – this way they cling to my income margins and build up incredible insults associated with their silly filthy sinful gimmicks that adds up to forms of abuse that allow industrial twats to invest money on the way their insanity affected others, claiming it added up to cultural power. Even their Celebrities think they are famous but the fame is reliant on a very stupid process of using other people’s lives to make sense of social issues while sucking up to their parents who are just as abusive as they are and this meant they were always telling me how to treat my parents as the main factor associated with their stupid sense of fame, while they were the famous people around here all together – I mean they are starting to realise that this works for me as well, so it’s a battle for survival at this stage, although I would much prefer they gave me my space as this is another history of the way they create problems for themselves and become convinced others were responsible especially when they want to become somebody else because they don’t like themselves anymore and it’s all supported by Political stupidities and social living associated with alternative lifestyle they believe everybody else’s existence should come to stop in order to tolerate. I mean in the end my question is usually whether these activities were a product of conviction they had which suggested human beings are normally this stupid. I have been told that I have refused to accept it’s what war looks like but we all know what does what it does; we know Soldiers usually do a professional job that involved measured and calculated risks which they handled in deathly circumstances, while terrorists can successfully make themselves a threat to people who live thousands of miles away from them – so we find that a soldiers job also helps the terrorists to feel safe and secure in the world and these idiots sympathise, sympathise, soldier got killed by terrorists and you will get it for the rest of your life is very well but we also know they have no idea how terrorism works and when they find out the only way to get out would be to kill somebody else’s family. It’s the same as they say small men like me looking for trouble we cannot handle is what usually builds up to big risks for security operatives while reality is that they spend all day developing socially construed spiritual power by which to inflict schizophrenia on me and boast about it to use my public image for their own stupid lazy ends and this feeds into those gimmicks whereby since last they passed exams in school and put up those stupid products at the market and I had that public image, all hell had broken lose. It needs to stop working on me while complaining about the smell it causes and we know one of the most difficult aspects of this is that I cannot draw a line on it and move on, we know they have to tackle me until they got attention, we know they do this to put themselves out as characters who have somebody to bully whenever they wanted to suck up to rich people and we know there isn’t another group of people in the Country chasing careers the way they do. We see this behaviour exhibited by terrorism sympathisers being expressed against the Police all the time – I cannot be allowed to step outside of my door without having to deal with some money madness based gimmick on how I should be used while the main accusation that keeps it going was that I was a character that encouraged prospects of them getting punished by the authorities. They would rather build up socially developed spiritual powers to gather communities that get imagination up my bum than read something I had written, which is one of the main pressure points in this matter and will tell a whole world of lies to secure this nonsense and hang around somewhere looking like their stupidities were entitled to it, claiming its culture and society, as if I am likely to get accustomed to it because I have seen people that stupid in my whole life. So if it is complaining, it needs to stop working on me, needs to stop clinging to my income margins, needs to shut down all socially developed spiritual power by which to inflict mental illness of me due to the need for a process of making its ageism financially profitable, it needs to stop building obfuscation about my diet to ensure this nonsense hits me really hard and I am vulnerable to every twerp that came out of their world, their Media men need to stop interfering with my court to talk through to me and later hang around blabbing about wanting to be free of me while their entitled stupidities are still doing it, their media women need to stop picking up my concerns over an understanding I am at such a distance as I cannot make them pay for using it or get sex from them in return for destroying it and at the same time wrecking my whole life to blab about their beauty being beyond my league etc – they do like to blab about being afraid of them but I have no idea how an awareness of all these facts tended to mean that I was anyway, either way which I fail to see what it is they could do if I were. It has now come to that stage where I did not do my academic work when there was a lot of attention for people who did; so whilst I do it in secret as I work on my career in Public while they did their own in public as they worked on their career in public, the reasons this scenario has become a problem goes beyond the fact I wrote a Book which supported them on tummy churning issues and they flushed my life down the loo for the purposes of their entitled stupidities to blow off the big mouth about small people who create more risks for security operatives – it developed into something of the way that building public perception around me eventually produced a results where the way people handled me did not happen with rules attached and these were the society gits who said they would never talk because talking churns the tummy, so I ended up talking for them, what we have as the main issue these days is this other goons with their academic pursuits and that product they placed at the market being the reason I smell all day and we do not yet know of any imperative benefits for anything to work that way; so far I am beginning to give them the count of the results of putting up with this nonsense everyday more often than usual and they do not yet believe this is capable of adding up to a threat.

In the end they say my activities cause them to lose money but we know that while I have to tolerate the consequences of their perverse interest in me, I am left cashless because their stupidities do not read Books, so it might be said that such claims are utter nonsense but I have no wish to give up any accolade which suggested my actions were harming them like those relentless media and Celebrity insults running all day at my expense. They always hang around somewhere claiming I love to meddle with Public and National security all the time – reality being that I am aware of what my abilities are and what happens if I were playing video games for instance and I am certain this was spotted when it turned out that each time those who did not like the British very much wanted to make something of is, what came through as an affront was the fact I am British and the UK has a military, so since Military operatives spotted it and used it as a tool to help them do their work these other goons doing me favours all the time had become interested and from the point at which Politicians gave them Public credence people have been getting hurt while everything from the way I sleep to the way I talk and eat is being stolen – it turns out it’s a behaviour these twats engage in because anything military will have contained boundless confidence by which to get rich quick in the City, therefore it is mostly a practical joke which if not stopped would make them rich and is likely therefore to be the safest way to work their greed. Beyond this they say they have found out how I avoid racism and will not cut me off and go in for the kill which is utter nonsense; we know that the way they handle my concerns is below the way they regard their extracurricular activities which is below the way they move from home to the places where they chase their careers, which is below their careers, which is below their families which is below their self-love and that I have not even been interfering with the way they move from home to the places where they indulge their careers to make more trouble for me, let alone all the others, their families getting a feedback for the nonsense I have to tolerate all the time and of course doing something which affects their self-love. What they have found so far however is that I am against the UK becoming a republic because it is all about digging ethnic minorities out of their Homes so that they might be vulnerable to nepotism and they have never once developed an idea for running the Country let alone win elections on it, which we had seen for instance when the SNP made gains in Scotland and nearly broke up the UK because this was being underestimated. So in my view it’s just something they do to find out whether I am interested in handling them for the mess they make here, the imagination getting up my bum, the female MPs blabbing insults at me like I was their home cleaner for the purpose of boosting self-confidence for their stupid children which has gone on for years, only have I responded to the part about getting physically attacked or any other stick gesture insults which are entirely laughable as the parliamentary scum have never once paid the bills in this place. So I have conducted my concerns this way to make them understand what I would do if I were engaged in an exodus from the UK, in order to prevent other people who are just as discriminating as their stupid selves telling me I allowed the white man take advantage of me and then showed up in Africa to share the little they had left, it has helped them understand that their discrimination does not in any way make them superior as people do it in every country on the planet. The rest of the time its ethnic minority idiots that have continued to make those statements about being the upper class of the none white community having an inability to stop showing up in Public places to blow off the big mouth about handling me when they cannot even deal with some of my problems and have made the tummy issues into a global stage phenomenon when they are simply linked to a process of not prioritising money in a Hermitage since it’s not the best way to handle its concerns all together but the part where they say that if I got into a fight with Politicians I would be doing their bidding will likely be the last straw for every nonsense associated with not being able to trust me to get into a fight that will make their stupidities comfortable and therefore show they were more important than I am, it will be the last time I tolerate anything from them and take this business where enough had not yet died over their stupid insults to a whole new stage – I mean the part they are worried about I should confirm really is the case, that after years of continually re-enacting everything associated with wanting to own the sociological way in which I chase my career, chasing market at my expense while I am at University and talking nonsense about being superior to me, resulting in me dropping out of University, still being the corner stone of everything we see them do with themselves in public, had come to mean they will cling to me until there was no prospect left for them to get paid for being popular and then will we find out what it is exactly their stupidities can do about me. I do get told I am all finished but I am not – all is well save a group of parliamentary twats forging an alliance with society idiots who fill in every gap of my life with something sad and abusive, in order to detach me from a Public image that facilitates a process where idiots can get on government office to stand over market and tell me that thing I complained about was still on and they need to stop making stupid statements that show up around my Bookshop brewing uncertainties where I had no idea which client it would affect if I am not interfering with their salaries too. They claim I am always at war but what really happens is that they watch me all the time and get on to pick up every aspect of my activities and fill in every tiny bit of my time with problems, time ranging from feeling happy about using my phone to just walking down the streets – it’s always the happy and destressed acts and feelings being filled in with problems and the co-operation they have gotten from Politicians and Media to run off the bubble which gets it to affect my Bookshop is the reason I have ended up where I am while the same as the first group to be provoked by it. Their German friends want to know whether the description of myself as an Arch Prince which was something achieved by a German Princess who took the Throne of Russia, is the source of my success which is utter nonsense as we know what they have described as my success is the way their practical jokes have affected them in my case, especially where it is impossible to trust them with simply market honesty in an Equity intensive business after making a mess for me running off a global stage wealth and social inequality protest, so they have the money to buy my Books but somebody must have bought the one that they were supposed to sometime earlier and I want to see that link up to their careers and to experiment with what might happen when I thought it should be taken from them too – we even see their behaviour being excused with such nonsense as claims my behaviour would ensure absolutely every person can get involved with the Business world, while their business just business civil and criminal disobedience builds hell for me here – while reality is that it always happens that after spending years in the work force, having some money and knowing a thing or two about market during a recession, people always want to experiment with business and it’s their right to, something Government must pay attention to as its clear if the money and its equities depart the local economy they will end up in difficulty. We see that it’s not just a matter of barging into people’s concerns to introduce themselves as important twerps, it’s also the fact they blab so their racists and gangs and criminals might hear them, about how I ought to fight for my Country without necessary training, which I have also created the carnage they complain about all the time from, as I have no wish to address it directly – it tended to suggest enmity is from within and I had all the tools I needed.

Now it is said where I have ended up is appalling and its utter rubbish as I have ended up nowhere whatsoever, just a reality where a group of incredibly stupid individuals who live in a world where they are always out of other people’s league, their women require them to fight somebody before dinner is served, show up here to get involved with a female only Court system, then place labels on me which describe me as Mr smell years later, this then becomes the means by which I am incapacitated and prevented from chasing a career I already have while their entitled twats get about blowing off a big mouth each time I try to make sense of the reasons they needed my assets and equity to make money by, if they were either running a business they established or co-created with people whose names I don’t know just like I don’t know their own and the reasons their stupidities believe I will get into any sort of trouble when it begins to get to me well enough for me to seek redress for it, especially the employees who are really just managers working for another person who established the Company and knows what it is about, tackling me instead of looking after profit margins. The effects are that the idiots are still working on me instead of their jobs which was to their stupidities a preferred replacement for what they learned of the years mum and dad dragged them out of bed to chase the daily concerns, while those abuses and insults have now created an outcome in which being told off a million times for publicity that sets out how my personality can be used to make people better off at Popular culture has now created an outcome in which society croons are sharing my personal space 24/7, we also know then that the main pressure point is their stupidities getting off on media to make comments all over it, wrecking my Bookshop and therefore finances that way every day and it goes on all day long, looking for trouble. The Blacks have so much manliness going on in their lives that the insults that fill in every bit of my time with something negative is a process where they shared it and made me a real man and it’s another reason I can never concentrate on anything that I am doing, while they find out in this way they may spend their youth being tough, then secure a comfortable life on my social life and public image thereafter, rather than get a real job, about which we are now moving towards the part where incessant comments that allowed the violence of their community idiots who are now sharing my personal space all day for it to get out of hand, is set to produce an outcome in which I torched their Celebrity culture to see what they can do about me as well. Their money and security gimmicks towards my career, showing up where I have done the best work is always a sign that their behaviour towards me and my business was less than their extra-curricular activities which was less than career and salary and less than family all of which are less than the love they had for their stupid selves but when it comes to the society developed spiritual power that lets them get imagination up my bum and stop me in my tracks to grab what they like, they are starting to appear as though they were a group of idiots who needed my help to shut it down at this stage.

They do claim anything that is stopped will be stopped when they wanted it to stop and I don’t think that is necessarily a process where they got to live in reality either, since that stupid salary for the 24 hours of Bookshop time that gets wasted here, is starting to look like something I can perform some practical jokes with as well – besides which what I said about the fact they live in a world where they are always fighting and therefore need to have my life, about which they have already developed a process where women I was a match with are already taken, getting involved while complaining about the smell, should have been enough. It’s an old story of years of career vandalism talking nonsense about how handling me can make people rich, the business of their ability to squander people’s lives and fortunes, giving rise to society idiots having now built themselves a public stage premise that says any who got involved with them will be predisposed to a condition in which if they wanted something I had worked for, they would get it, the City centre idiots will not yet stop requiring my Assets and Equities to run businesses I know nothing about and their women will not yet stop being the spear head of every stupidities that build up to their ability to get imagination up my anus, looking like characters whose sense of hospitality I needed to deploy to tidy up some problems they have created in this place – so they really are leaving me with very few options and do not tackle the criminal activity that are a result of their stupidities being channelled at me yet so far, while the other goons that are always seen trying to run from the consequences of their personal decisions had counted me among their clique without my consent to entitle their own stupidities to anything I did about it, when we know the only point in time that we were able to get along were those times in which I was not counted among their juvenile stupidities on the streets. It needs keep away from my Books and keep its comments off my Public image or get set to find out how much choice it has left for me in the matter, I have not ended up anywhere and we know this nonsense runs off like this and has done so for the best part of five years every day, before they then set out to effect another part of their wickedness where they deployed some evil culture to do me violent favours associated with a need to live in a world where the rich got richer and poor get poorer and their stupidities got paid for it, looking like they had a culture thereof, getting imagination up my anus, about which I too think that it is entirely escapable too, if their stupidities are complaining about the consequences, looking like they needed my support to shut it down. They love to say the real issue is that I am a coward and it’s an old story where bringing to bear a whole national party and parliament had not yet achieved a condition in which I was so badly beaten down I had to push my way by getting into violent situations with others, so it has now turned to a process of providing some juvenile twats an incentive to provoke me and get into a fight with me, in order to prove to their stupid selves that they were important all along, which is about to end very badly too. Now they say the Labour Party has always done this and yes they have, we have simply reached that stage where it follows me around with it at University to wreck my studies and then start a mini war because of where I had ended up pointing to such things as my diet provoking its stupidities and then we hear them blab all the time about teaching me lessons with a big mouth, even after I have warned them about looking that the disobedience that it worked through that spiritually developed society power that lets them get imagination up my bum is clearly starting to look like something they cannot control and therefore need my help to shut it down, along with those stupid comments that show up on my public image making a mess of Client relations all the time. It started with gimmicks about being left alone not being that which is my choice now, when I mention facts like these they don’t want to handle me anymore, don’t want to play their part in an area of society where people who spend their time thinking about or committing crimes end up, to find that every time they engaged with people on career and jobs, it always resulted in a realisation those people had set it up to hurt others claiming it’s a business, this condition in which there is no reason for me to end up whatsoever in the first place, it does not want to handle me anymore when I mention facts, does not want to do its part anymore as it were – just the week before to the time I have written this, I was being upstaged endlessly over the consequences of Police brutality.

So I am told that I support women because I think I have to and it is utter nonsense; the truth is that I have no idea what goes on with women and I really have no idea what they want, at the same time I don’t think that snooping around their concerns makes you a better person as such and certainly it does not when you are incapable of being embarrassed about anything in your life, so you did forcefully put your penis somewhere (makes sense of what I mean). It’s like the story about China where they say I have no idea what I am doing with Communist interests which I suppose has its merits but my business with it is rather simple i.e. China did set out a position for themselves as a trading block and we can see that there isn’t very clear information to prove that failure to respect them as a trading block, giving way to a process of training and equipping their military will bring about more respect for their position as such, besides which we can now revert to showing some regard for their position as a trading block but how do we recover from what has happened to Hong Kong? I do get told that they have always resented those who exerted power over them when they were weaker which is the gimmick that trouble makers who fool around with Countries think is worth playing as we know there really isn’t a Country that was strong but is not strong anymore – what happens is that new powers pick up a position of strength and then measure it against a supposed position of weakness. My position however was one where we had an understanding of friendship and we were determined to work hard and avoid Politicians getting involved with our concerns as such – so the prospect of a Chinese trouble maker having their activities curtailed by a Chinese friend is very high, which is the reasons I don’t want people doing me violent favours as it is likely to result in a clash between Chinese friends and British people – the question some have asked is one whereby security operatives allied to me are then able to intervene where necessary but it does not really work that way, the way it works is the existence of imminent threat to Chinese friends and if that threat is then being supported by the Chinese Government, it’s not worth losing experienced service operatives for, while the characters that wish to draw up a sum of the races that have created the world and which ones should be considered superior, are likely to end up being led into a corner and betrayed, hence I don’t want peoples violent favours as it complicates my concerns. They do say I need to be reminded I also have Royal support for it and yes I do, since I realised I had won this position and I had support from the Crown, hence have ensured that nothing about it changes as The Queen listens to nothing else but the interest of the Country and people who work with the Queen have to be controlled by the Queen all the time as they are likely to listen to none if they think it is in the interest of the Crown. The other part about the Americans is an old story where the UK has experienced its share of turmoil and war associated with the Head of State being concerned with what happens overseas and eventually it came to a head and they created the Mag-na-carter which kept current state of affairs the way it is. They speak of the Middle East issue which is a case of how the problems we are concerned with really works when those who need to be educated wanted information i.e. the middle east being where arguably the most entitled group of goons in the world live – I could get through hell to find out what has been happening to equity assets I brokered with Companies and find it’s all being made sense of in super back graveyards located in Dubai and this makes them oil money goons that are free to do whatever they liked – this then develops into a case of inventing their own ideas on what cars should look like and running it off on the internet to such an extent they got to make their own cars as well, ripping up my Hermitage in the process, then this gives way to a process where some of them try to win competitions to design Cars for European Companies, British Companies etc and never do, so they claimed it was racist if their designs created more diplomatic problems and more industrial destruction to add to what they have already done, while the work I have done recently have shown exactly the extent of the carnage in question all together. The Political aspects will be that Mr A is a murderer who has killed somebody, who is a relative or friend of Mr B who was just as bad, so we know that once there were invented processes by which to kill off all the people that had not taken part in what happened on both sides, it will be a war without end and since they decided their wars should always affect us, the best way to begin a process of achieving real and democratic government in the middle east was to begin support for those who had not taken part in what happened on both sides – what the trouble makers have made of this is that we have taken power from them and robbed them of a group of people concerning whom they made sense of their position as powerful people by dominating and the entire time which we have not given up our own position or power all together. This then makes the stage where it is said the UK considers itself world Police while it’s simply a matter of the link between the world’s biggest financial system and what people do with money – how we assure people their money was safe here in the UK when we were able to respond to those who threw threats into our works regularly, never mind the way our manufacturing industry works as a matter of what people wanted, how much of it they wanted and when it was broken they could bring it back to be fixed and perhaps continue that way as such.

This is where the threat of USA is really considered as such. An old story of what I have done here being wasted, which it really isn’t if I said that I have over the years taken to the business of wanting to rub shoulders with Celebrities to such an extent that a link was drawn up between me doing so while even criminals were the better people paying for entertainment, leading up to school shooting, cinema shooting and other criminal activities associated with how criminals think those who have gotten involved with their concerns ought to remit the gains for doing so. I have planned out a process now of managing the fact that all hell breaks loose when they broker my equities to make entertainment in a way which allows young people to grow, sends a message crime is unwelcome and makes young people comfortable because they had to create what they claimed was a world outside of reality which would avoid war but was going to involve crime, so their version of fantasy world for young people was more a matter of crime that was not seen in public places save the results that hurt people and could not be dismissed or brushed under social life – my plan involved making the process of covering their arse a major part of how I run my company which is due to the way they levy it on me to brag about how I think it does not really apply that their Country pushes people around but it’s how it really works which has now produced an outcome whereby I have developed everything necessary to ensure that others took up the entertainment Industry and got them out of out of it, effectively got them sacked. Personally however, if I got my way with the entertainment industry, they would see it for the last time all together, since it might be told a million times to stop running off a reel on my public work but each time I performed a task it will do it and when the need was dire, when the issue was important, when I needed to move them on, the reality was that I didn’t think their Country pushed people around but that was how it really worked. They do love to boast and issue the stupid threats but the pressure point with Americans is still the way in which criminals and drug dealers hang around feeling free with other people’s careers and possessions due to this sort of nonsense and they may tell me there were things I thought I could do which I couldn’t one more time as such. So the reality here is that the US is a Country so closely tied to us and we have seen that their relationship with other countries tended to fail as well, so we have no wish to fail them too – the reasons for these failed relationships generally being the way other countries have governments that are developed on a process of having a way with the Crowd which does not work for Americans who lived in a world where parents supervised Girls that had to do their college qualification, while at the same time doing their model career training for those who have interests in fashion and at the same time hold down a job in the local fast food restaurant if she must fulfil her American dream, so we here in the UK are an extreme case of the fact that you want to avoid issues which make people feel incapacitated with respect to their daily concerns, such as the fact regardless of all the challenges above Americans still use swear words, while we British don’t because we think that it generally implies that people are never really up to it when asked to do anything important; we then find there are areas of the US where some people think there are only two countries in the world, one being their own and the other being the UK and so it’s important than I don’t fail them – I like to think of the activities these idiots exhibit as something which is required and I will do them because I want to but soon enough will I get my last straw from them and go my independent way with it, from then on which it will be a matter of every involvement on their part and that of the gimmicks of their stupid celebrities implying I needed to take some action to recover control. I do get told I use swear words as well but it’s not real; I am a writer and people needed to read, it has become an issue because I am now very fed up with a process of hanging around a Bookshop doing a million things that are not linked to a process of selling Books, which needs to stop. What people did not like was the way I sold the Book as the Book of equities which I had written, so the pressure point was that I had not yet made my public statement with respect of the position of the companies I brokered it with as such, now that I have, the companies get to read the Books as the equities I broker with them and ordinary people read it as stories – it’s a classic case of social divide naturally but we can see this is an example of a situation they will claim was of my doing at some point in future. I do get told my treatment has been appalling but it’s all worth the price – I mean at this point I am only back round to the way I started it off in 2003, some of the main issues being the way people expect what they described as flesh men to work for their lives and when it was time to draw the pensions they lost everything, which was an integral part of the way they expressed their love for tribalism raid managers and industry goons – the American version of these gits are still the ones running off all the nonsense I have pointed out above as such, when they keep a relationship with hoodlums and criminals who wreck peoples careers and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, they claim they were being successful at managing large companies as such naturally and we have seen a classic case of the way it affects communist economy explaining the work I do concerning communism to ensure that we aimed for economic recovery that involved securing a change of that stupid attitude where they wreck our lives and tell government to make people behave while they supplied money for investment that will bring about National wealth and recovery for the future i.e. the UK Government has now cancelled a contract with a Communist China company because there were version of these gits in Chinese society, whereas in a democracy system it would be a matter of government cancelling contracts offered to a private company. So it’s a matter of clear sense being made of the way that I did this the day before and the week before and the month before and the year before and the year before that, which apparently will not stop if they didn’t get seriously harmed in some way. I do get told young people will have a hard time but I don’t think that effect will be far reaching if what they were to do is deferred, so that it would not be a case of saying that they were onto it and something stopped them while they knew they had not done it at all in the first place, which allows them a fresh start when ready – the claim the way I run my concerns takes power away from the political system is utter rubbish too. Now they claim they are at war with me and I understand that very well too – it’s a product of being paid huge sums to teach people in expensive Universities, then show up to assume there will be no consequences if a complete mess was made of a process where an Arch Prince paid for a Royal Hermitage properly. So it seems that nothing works unless I went back to the very beginnings of their stupidities to sort something out with them, the same behaviour implies doing a job properly does not appeal, if it was possible to pick off bits of careers people have spent money they could have deployed to put down a mortgage in order to build. I am now done with the insults and they need to stay away from my Books – 6 figure sum will not pay for a Royal Hermitage and I have the equities to fund it but we know their gimmicks will always affect clients especially high profile ones save I went back to when it all began and sorted something out with them on the way – the asset equities will remain in the Companies when I broker them without interference or the trouble here will continue and this is The Queens realm, I value my freedom whilst we all know what happens when any person runs anything according to their schedule, if it is not the public stage bottom hurting gimmicks which mean they worked on a self-employment parameter and showed up somewhere they had to work on it again because others were building them alternative publicity, which left them looking like the people who don’t get paid for work and nothing of this Hermitage will be run according to their schedule.

So they say I am able to do what I do because the authorities co-operate with my needs and it is utter nonsense – what happens really is that I am more prepared for instances in which they had money and influence and wanted a Royal Hermitage as well, than they have given me credit for; we can draw from the war of the roses what happens when the social experiment is conducted to allow them get to the money and acquire titles and lands and so on. So we find they draw attention all the time to yobs that pick on me endlessly while there is nothing to do about the yobs, same old case of the fact when I get into a fight with them it will begin a decent to the bottom, so the best way has always been an avoidance of the way their personal decisions have affected them which is to control them and usually it eventually ends up in violence anyway, which is the reason those who can beat up will not stop giving themselves the accolade and those who cannot will not stop hurting themselves. The reality is that they keep themselves very dirty on the inside and anything tidy is superficial meant to help sell products, so if I got out in my dressing gown to attend the poshest theatre in Piccadilly, on account I was worried about their community croons picking up those insults on how my personality should be used until I could no longer feel any slightest sense of security, I would get away with it. My point is that I do give merit to the idea that I act like a war monger all the time but so is it the case that the destruction of everything I have from the time I took my SATS exams is such a pleasurably past time, that they have created a global stage phenomenon out of it, while they can estimate exactly what I am capable of while I have never attacked their own; the war mongering bit itself being that with this kind of history they have, they do not act as if war is in their interest as well and it’s never going to add up to a case of people who had decided they will suffer enough nepotism to become traitors who are killed by their own people or they will die at the hands of the enemy either way – for my part, there is the abuses and violation and insults which help to ensure I existed as a character whose sense of security was only applicable when the damage had already been done but cannot live with the way I go on and on about it until I achieve my own security while the media had controversy to fool around with thereof, as we know it is what happens to sexual assault victims too, especially when the Politicians had decided it, whereby they love to tell me they want to see me get into a fight which I would if I were trained for it and shown the enemy in question, otherwise I assume the enemy is from within and they have acknowledged their behaviour to mean I have all the tools I needed; in essence working on a Bookshop which proceeds are damaged by the perverted publicity they build for me while I worked on it, to make their own wealth, looking for trouble, upon leaving me looking like the character that does not get paid when he does work, meant that I had created a position for myself whereby war was not in my interest according to their stupid view. I have been informed it’s a matter of gangs and mafia playing games and I understand it is, save what I don’t is the fact that whenever it had turned to a game of finding out if I have psychopath tendencies and want to play around with their weaknesses as well, then the Politicians pull out all the stops to prevent me, later one hang around looking out of their depth; it’s an old story these guys only know how to hurt people and they will never stop showing up for money and security gimmicks where others had done the best work for the career and it seems Politicians who love to say I wanted to be tough and have got my wishes thereby providing themselves an opportunity to drag people off their achievements and spend their days on social issues in order for them to climb the social ladder themselves, which the Labour Party is best at because they are the Socialists in this Country and can therefore justify it regardless of the consequences.