Now it is said that I appear to be sad while I had no reason to be whatsoever and its utter nonsense; I am not sad, although I am aware there is popular demand for me to be but I am not, just very tired. It’s much the same as the story that I live in a world where I want people to do what I want them to do and its utter nonsense – what happens is that they want to bully people they cannot push around and end up complaining about it; I have had to deal with it on three front so far – firstly that I am the kind of person that fights the criminals and gangs and does civil rights while they were the kind that got rich and shared later on, then I dropped out of University and now they want to live a life where they picked up service processes of my Bookshop and used it for something else because they are past it fooling around at my expense and the alternative uses for the service processes of my Bookshop includes allaying the pressure of personal problems and consequences of personal decisions which on a scale of 1 to 10 puts their insults at about 12. At this stage I am done with the insults for my part all together and the Politicians do want to get some certainty on what I plan to do naturally which is not an issue, save the fact that they think I am either on one side or the other while the society and culture goons had probably pulverised personal and social life as the Celebrities on the other pulverised career and public life, meaning they want me to get hold of what really matters to them, rip it to shred and gather up any trophies I can get from it to make the Bookshop work, which is something they can prevent all together as it were. They claim I never talk about Brexit but we know that Brexit is not the deciding factor in whether others live in the daily crushing abuses of the insults and salesmen world they live in, right up to the point where they got to challenge my position when they have no right to make decisions at the Monarchy and made a public case of themselves for it too. some people have suggested that although I complain I tended to pick them up, which is not really the case i.e. they pick up my work and I have to reach some sort of arrangement over it, considering I have State provided security to back me up if I faced any difficulties with them, so for the time being there are difficulties are rumours, which I believe are likely to be true. They speak of how I never do a thing about people talking of fights I start which I never finish and yes I never do a thing about it as such as there are no fights I start which I never finish; this is a product of assuming over a decade that ignoring their stupidities solves a problem and they always love to say I started first while the part where it was up to me to show that the Law says something about the way people ought to handle my person and property was when I was complaining about them, so we assume current conditions adds up to their stupidities complaining about me too apparently. The Politicians always ask if I know why they do it of which apart from the business of the fact they are incredibly stupid characters and especially so when they had become educated idiots by completing the academic pursuits as well, so you must keep away from them and avoid the women who are clearly the means by which you wreck your personal finances but as a whole, what they do with it gets removed from the picture when they petition Politicians about other people’s attitude as insultingly as possible i.e. by the time we have been having this conversation, they must have already used the destruction and vandalism of other people’s lives and careers perpetrated over the last decade and a half to build a state of affairs where they hung around at Office blocks making decisions about what should become of the career and finances of religious people while their Politicians love to stir up public problems and do not have a plan B when victims cut them off from processes where they made themselves eloquent over it by tackling socially moral people – what they use it for is a process as far as I know where Public transport idiots will be seen hitting children who have been playing and made themselves dirty over doing so, so hard that the Children will be homosexuals in later life, just to make way and facilitate rich people moving into an Area, so in my case I am a kid who must be taught a lesson which is laughable but at this point I am done with the insults. They do say it’s not necessarily a bad thing to remove low lives like me in order to allow rich people move into an area and its utter nonsense too since what happens if that you set out a business that is not cash intensive and they spend time wrecking the income margins along with their stupid Celebrities, over a need to build publicity and Media presence for quasi criminals that set out my concerns in a public sensibility that they controlled, in order to tell me that my life is over at will and this means they need to perform more types of destruction on my career in order to show that having established one of those insult built communities where they are familiar with me enough to play up daddy gimmicks, they will then get to decide which investments should be taken over by idiots who have got money. I don’t think that it is a problem either, it’s the sheer amount of work I have to do if I needed to follow on the business of people wanting to own my personality and property for the sake of making money with a process of wanting to sack the culture and society so I might obtain trophies from doing so, for the purpose of making money as well and we know that in order to express the idea they think they are calling the shots on this matter, they are always talking rubbish about how much my books provoked them to build a crowd on, like a bunch of gits that are incredibly good at looking for trouble. When I mean difficult work, I am talking about a 7 year Bookshop I have to protect from their stupid Celebrities which operations I now need to change into something that hurts people because I am chasing profits like their insults and sales men millionaires who cannot stop handling others, let alone change it into something that is a cash intensive investment – it really does need to stop handling the Books before I started thinking that pillaging its stupid ageist career was the only progress path left to follow – its silly children on the other hand are starting to blab about wealth inequality in a world where their insults and salesmen millionaires are on one side while I am on the other and we know their stupidities do not read Books either.

They claim I am not like all the others at the Monarchy and do not fit in anywhere but I have no idea the pleasures of such conversation what they mean; for their part, the only reason people should be interested in a Bookshop should be to read what has been displayed. Their own largely involves wanting me to look like the more currency I had in the Bank was the wealthier I was – what I have here is a Hermitage and in it a Trust system where I broker equity with other Companies and the Bookshop ensures that the systems are funded, in which way I picked up liability footprints of National current and made a viable venture from it, whereby they know of the challenges all these processes bring but prefer to behave in a way which ensures I had to deal with financial complications all the time, hence their question here thereof, once my financial complications had annoyed them more than it did me all together i.e. the only viable reasons people show interest in a Bookshop should be to read what had been displayed.

The other most annoying matter here is that they always want to talk about my character and to have conversations that assess it and issue threats, it pushes up my stress levels and makes me incredibly angry and agitated. I am yet to settle up on the incentive for it, save the fact that they have not yet stopped working on me whenever they chase their career and finances, whilst the claim that I interfere with their jobs is associated with what they had lost the last time they went to Companies I brokered Equities with to steal my Assets instead of secure contracts, talking nonsense about oppression and social inequality – the big one these days have been created by a handful of ageist fools who had built publicity and Media presence for quasi criminals who build up my concerns somewhere so they might tell me my life is over, which is quite unheard of but we can see it is something which has been encouraged by famous idiots using my Bookshop and Public image to facilitate the reinvention of my fame careers to blab nonsense about being entitled to do so because I have got more – so somebody is either going to stop insults about assessing my character or they are going to have to sell me one of those stupid ideas of theirs which tended to have suggested that their brain dead gits who consider themselves to be Celebrities are living on food banks and that I am supposed to have been a parent of sorts to their stupidities, from whom they got whatever they wanted like we see them express all the time. These people are very fond of suggesting they were a threat to me, especially when they had rallied their culture gits into a habit of getting imagination up my bum but the most threat they issue is one of the few facts on the matter which is most concerning of all facts i.e. it hangs around with young professionals, new graduates and youth in the popularity industry, is revered because he is a millionaire selling things to the ones that had gone before and does this to sell things to the ones that he is currently engaged with, so this becomes such a stage for abusive insults channelled at me, that it is now challenging my Office all together – the second point of it being that whilst I don’t live on Media, I don’t run my affairs by what media does and do not believe everything I hear or see from it, when they run off short videos about insulting me which they claim added up to advertisement and it all played into the way throwing money at criminals who build up my concerns to tell me my life is over and meant that they had a certain view of me that allowed them progress from working on me instead of their jobs until they were able to validate labels they put on me to describe me as Mr smell which they currently have to wish to stop disobediently, the reasons I cannot just get on with my own concerns is that of distant violence being expressed, which are so persistent and intense that I am distracted from my own daily concerns to respond to it, meaning that it’s not possible to draw a line under their stupidities and just move on but the threat of making a mess of my finances and building a global stage reputation for me over the damage done, while relying on me to do nothing until they can oppress me, generally means performing activities such as going right back to the very beginning of how they got themselves tangled up with companies I involved myself with in order to control me and from that origin, begin to figure out the reasons the bugger me all the time, about which I already have the answers. This is all the threat that these fools pose to anything in this place and I am going to make myself clear at this point; the next time I have to deal with an assessment of my character by a bunch of ageist fools building controversy to get rich with at market at my expense, it will be the beginning of the end of this abusive nonsense where we find them work on me each time they are given jobs to do and will be the stage at which they kick off a response from me as well. They do love to claim this is what happens when people had access to the Monarchy and I guess one of these days they will have their wish when the Monarchy eventually cuts me lose on their account as it were.

They love those excuses all the time that I am always at war and it’s never going to end well and it’s an old story where it follows me around to wreck the academic work and the finances and when I write a Book all hell breaks loose because I decided to share what I knew. When I do get my hands on their earnings and earning margins as well, I will be playing practical jokes with it because I was fooling around with the prospects of a bloody war as well. I mean I am now dealing with this feedback from the Monarchy regularly, that all I did to keep them picking up my work to go off and put the feet up at tourist economies where they passed around insults a bird carried around the world is coming apart and it’s an example of their sense of entitlement which governs the way their fools blow off the big mouth at me on Media while keeping their interests firmly fixed on my income margins, blabbing about a lack of respect for those who can solve my money problems bringing to bear the value of the equities they have damaged in the last 12 years, since their stupidities began at my expense. It’s an old story about their great reputation for oppression; it wrecks and destroys like it will not stop bothering me, blabbing at me as though I am a child when it has never met me as a minor – then at some stage the victims find that 90% of people they can engage with on a career and financial basis are people who have set out structures for hurting others, which they claimed adds up to a business and then it starts – for my part, since I normally make sense of their stupidities by playing it up on my Public image, they really think they know a lot about me with respect to what I think should become of their Celebrities into the future but do not know a thing about it. For the time being it is angry that a little while longer spent on me and its ability to get paid by being popular will vanish permanently but its ego is too big for its stupidities to stop doing so and it was all fun until it is not anymore.

I have been told that I enjoy letting it get the better of me first and this is something peoples really hate and yes I do because the more it makes me suffer is the more black people suffer, since this nonsense was all their idea. I mean when you bully somebody until it affects other people’s ability to carry on with the daily concerns, you might start to think that things are happening around you which are beyond your control I suppose, it never occurs to the black idiots and I enjoy seeing them suffer for it too. They are not a threat to me, they are all including what I have described above, difficult parts of market that you sell things to on specific points; we have seen their wise arse idiots with a  habit that means they will consume products and when a company announces its income, they came up with ideas on how that company will share the wealth, the correct thing to do of which is to make it obvious they are not returning products and services and so the wealth cannot be shared as it does not belong to them, what their idiots chose to do is grab a Hermitage that belongs to me and throw it to the dogs in order to get away because their stupidities were superior and for the show business industry scum, this kicked it off in a very big way too – current state of affairs being the process of spending publicity on quasi criminals that have built up my concerns to tell me my life is over and then the business of complementing it by taking over entertainment companies, to unleash their hoodlum that will get imagination up my bum because they were trying to be rich, talking nonsense of how I had never heeded the warnings about Germanic gimmicks with a big mouth, looking for more of what they are complaining about, like enough has not yet died if I began a process of setting out consequences for every occasion in which their scumbags got the imagination up my bum, to ensure that at some stage they learned something they needed to know, in order to stop being such a handful of fucking idiots. The rest are just goons who are a product of these business fools and the destruction of my career has carried on for a while, now I have grown sideways a little and it’s the Children on one hand, the stupid parents on the other and I am said to be caught up in a place where I cannot turn in any direction with a big mouth – one more case of discussing my character which will kick it off all together as well.

It goes without saying the disrespect has now reached a pinnacle as they are a product of being where maternity activities had taken place where they learned that women who had given birth will not be able to chase their careers 100% thereafter and decided how they were going to split their concerns between those their money had made into Men and those their money had made into women in order to make more money. I have no idea what it has to do with a Hermitage, but I am sure it is clear here that they think I am a fan, but the truth is far from it. As for the story of every company associated with me suffering at the Markets, it should be noted all who take this risk are likely to get a response whereby I had decided to feel blackmailed by it and took up an appropriate response to free me from the incessant abdominal discomfort inflicted by their stupidities; no other group of people chase the career and finances in this way apparently and I have heard that when they bother me, they are not predisposed to bother other members of the public because I am big enough but this is a Bookshop and they need to show up only when they want to read something I had written and displayed on it. I have been told communities should be stronger with what I am doing and yes they should but Politicians are in a better place to answer this question because they are the ones who think that in our Heart of Hearts, we do not consider them to be in charge and the women are usually abusive enough to kick people in the teeth when people are down, should they get a response, then somebody has waged war on women. They say Politicians have their own challenges too and yes they do, which is the reasons we act and follow our concerns the way we do, as we don’t want idealistic goons telling them what to do, so we find that after years of going round in circles we have ended up in a place where it was clear Politicians were doing what he or she was talking about the entire time, then there are the other types that invent altercations with people and take up to the Politicians so they might make statements about what public problems politicians cannot resolve, right up to a point of civil clashes in the future. I have been informed it’s an example of the situations where my assistance is required and yes I do make sense of these types of nonsense by my public image where they get on and have to chase their lives lest somebody grabs it from them the way they cannot allow smaller peoples breathe, soon after which publicity will run round that they were off chasing Celebrities while smaller people were doing the society bits and when they are back with the society bits, it’s the trap they built it into anyway.


Now it is said that I have been heard talking as if I can handle the matters while Police Public relations are getting worse and of course the reality is still the same as ever i.e. as long as there is public support for a sense that Men are gathering somewhere with money and whilst we carry on with our concerns, a group of idiots have found a way to make us into characters they picked on to make themselves eligible for the share of the money that is in the possession of the Men, there will always be clashes with the Police. In my case they appear to have gone one step further building some stupid media presence for the effects involving a bunch of idiots that have built up my concerns somewhere so they might be able to tell me my life is over whenever they wanted and I don’t know of Media organisations that are paying for this, so I assume it’s all personal and self-appointed nonsense by scum with Media jobs to play with. It does not mean anything but apparently, I cannot get on with my career unless I had taken steps to go right back to the beginning of it and sort out something with their stupidities. Some people say that I talk in that way because I wish to avoid the underlying Political issues; the underlying Political issues which are that it perhaps used to decide what punishment was in the Middle East, so it shows up here to invent reasons to handle me all the time, once it gets a response, all hell breaks loose, right up to the point we hear its stupidities petition the Politicians about my attitude as insultingly as possible all the time – same as the other gits from Africa who used to determine the destiny of young people finding out I am good at watching my back, all the way to the points where we find them hang around chewing snacks and sleeping with Girls. So there are people who say the main issue here is my inability to get along with matters of integration which is utter nonsense as they are all gold diggers, while they hoodlums they set on me never ever give it a rest on account the stakes are so high; I intend to ensure every process of getting imagination up my bum comes with consequences until there was an outcome in which I proved them wrong about that sense they can do what they liked with others because they had placed their careers in an area that made it untouchable and I will do so by spending it on the stupidities they have built here, especially the part about quasi criminals building up my concerns somewhere to tell me my life is over, then take my seat and watch their idiocy do something about me thereafter as well. Here it becomes clear that I have not mentioned every part and yes I have not as the one I have not pointed out involved the Celebrities, where it is not quite clear what I must do to stop them ignoring the fact their activities add up to the total destruction of my career, if they pick up what I got up to and deployed it as a tool for self-reinvention; so far we have a lot of fuss and a lot of complaining but nothing has yet changed the way they would like it to change. Some people say the Celebrities look alright and none can really tell how I tended to clash with them all the time but they are not; what happens is that you never know where their violent and career destroying nepotism will come from, a common example is the destruction of your finances and family life once they were done pillaging your social life because they are having to deal with the effects of playing the part of another person’s parent in a film where they were paid 20 million pounds, the reason being that it fundamentally prevents their own Children from behaving as though they were themselves God’s gift to the world – for my part it goes beyond this into something of a process of seeing them take pictures blowing kisses at criminals on my public image, which ended up in magazines that are sold by quasi criminals on street corners and whilst we have no clear understanding of what we will do with the relationship we have with these corner shop keepers some of which are terrible characters on either side, it picks up my work and spends weeks deploying it as a tool for self-reinvention, claiming that I had more and I did this yesterday, the week before, the month before, the year before and the year before that, at the same time being constantly tackled by their market fools who pretend they are living on foodbanks while grappling with insults that suggest what I got up to added up to a process of serving them and their street fools.

I have been told that I am a fraud in the sense that people had taken interest in what I am doing while I really don’t have a clue what it is I am doing and its utter nonsense, as the reality is more a matter of making them want my work and products so much but the singular condition for acquiring it like they wreck my finances and career to reward stupid people and make idiots rich at my expense for market purposes, was simply to reward me because I was making an effort. So the main issue really is the problem they have with the idea that in order to assess what I am doing or pass judgement on it, they will have to give me some money through my Books to do so in the first place and that money will allow me to live like a dignified person first of all before they got to prove their stupidities were geniuses. This is the reason my Books are such a difficult read but people tended to need it to such extent they claimed it’s my access to the Monarchy providing me with privileges that make them feel inferior and naturally they too have said my Books are not a difficult read, that the Books are stupid but this is not about what my Books say, it is about what my Books make them feel, the same way they have pillaged my career, public life, social life and University studies to give people money for taking clothes off, apparently, it will not buy a product that paid me three pounds for creating it to help it deal with matters of social violence, if its life depended on it, I am as such not interested in their problems, only to see them get a Book when they show up here or get a real job instead of cashing into my Royal Public image and or Hermitage. Some people have said my Books are not stupid and they are not; they are Books of Equity, developed to cater for product creation, aesthetics and product function but set out in such a simplistic way, that for me it helps me handle the abuses channelled at me by culture and society fools which my personal diaries can no longer support me on, for them it ensures they paid attention to commitment for a change due to the way that it made them feel. When they claim the reality was that I have failed to recognise them as my employers, then it becomes a bit more real since it grows into a two part question of when they believe I should start running a Bookshop now that it is in their hands and the other being to bear in mind that once it is in my hands, I will likely go back to the source of this nonsense which meant their educated stupidities cannot run businesses without taking out incentives from me or what I am doing as though those Equities had a value that their stupidities could afford in the first place and I will do so with a plan to rebuild everything that has been damaged since my talent was discovered, with respect to which I was given a Royal Hermitage at 20 and I will burn their world for it on my way out. They claim apparently that my access to culture and society prevents them from making as much money as they would like without paying homage to me and yes it does, they need get a real job and stop working on me, get a Book if they want to know what I know and of course I did because there is too much of their stupidities and it’s just too abusive and disrespectful at all times. These are apparently some of the biggest beneficiaries of the world of insults and sales men and they say it’s about me feeling tied to them and what they want to do with that on one hand, while on the other it’s about the idea I am Royalty while they didn’t think so – one more tickle from them or their Children and I will pick up my bits too.

I am at this stage living on the edge – having built a Trust system and developed publicity for it, to detach us from bad crowds and publicity while we carried out our concerns, I am now faced with a situation where their need to extract money from my income margins has produced a result where having calculated the number of people I will give products to free of charge, the number of people who will be willing to buy and the number of people I will help on a charitable basis, I am left with less than 20% of the people who would be willing to pay for the products to live on – I used to think that when they get around taking money from those who have engaged with my Trust, it was a matter of what people did with their incomes, until I had to find my own oxygen on account they had a gun pointed at some endangered species and would kill it if they didn’t extract more money from an empire they claimed existed in my head to say that I am a nobody, which expressed how much fun this rubbish was to them all together. It is now a decision for the educated idiots in this Country who keep handling me to make, kick it off and get me finding out what percentage of their salaries really belong to me or keep their mouths shut and stop peppering my public image with comments and insults for it. they do claim I don’t have the all clear even though I think I have it which I do have – it’s not really clear what makes it so easy for them to forget their place once done making money from their world of insults and salesmen anyway; I have issued the warning before and it does play into questions Politicians ask about the fact they are not a threat to me but I have allowed them run at my expense for so long i.e. they picked up wealth development structures and I didn’t want them making extra trouble for me by blackmailing me with threats of moving it to other parts of the world while they had their feet firmly fixed on my earning margins and my equity assets but now we have reached a stage where it had become incredibly important that they had stopped threatening people who get involved with my Bookshop, stopped extracting money from its income margins, stopped peppering my public image with insulting comments, come to a decision about whether they want it to grow into a matter of the percentage of their incomes that is really mine or stop blowing off their big mouth about my concerns or pass stupid insults at me, as it is quite clear if I run out to time to pay the bills in this place properly, I will plan my life on their wallets and arguably nothing will stop me from doing so. It does that all the time and blabs about a case whereby I cannot make any money even though I want some but we know a singular Arch Prince in the entire world using his position as a financial tool would be exceedingly rich but what we have ended up with is that when I deploy my Hermitage to pick up liability footprints of National currency and make myself successful ventures out of it, they turn up to ensure that I faced nauseating financial complications as a result due to practical jokes they want to get financial well off by all the time.

They do claim the problem is that I am always untidy and yes I am because the big brothers and big sisters want to make a case out of taking from me everything that allows me carry on my concerns in safety and expose me to the gits that have built communities which get imagination up my bum, to tell me I needed to run my life as they saw fit – so this makes me so tired I cannot tidy up and therefore means they did it because they wanted to be the ones to tidy up all together. I see this nonsense all the time where you have to do one thing after another or think in a certain way after another, right up to the stage where you can be free of smell issues when you have ended up thinking like them but one day it will come crashing down when they dramatically remind you that you are not one of them and the main reasons for it is a matter of how they want to control the way you manage your instincts when it comes to a process of providing for yourself which outcome is that you were safe from smell issues because of their insults but your mental health is nothing to write home about on account they had a penis. Some have said that there is purpose to it and I should say I do try to fit it in somewhere, like when some people claim they used to decide what punishment was overseas and cannot stop having a go at me, so when they get a response they cannot stop petitioning Politicians about my attitude but it does not have a meaning or purpose whatsoever, like the other fools who like to jump on the powers from overseas band wagon all the time, whereby their parents boast about it, everybody they knew boast about their ability to get imagination up peoples bums and wreck the social life, personal life and career because they had kept their own somewhere incredibly safe, about which I intend to do nothing concerning the other gits building up my concerns so they might be able to tell me my life is over when they wanted, so that they are bound to end up with a history here in terms of what I suppose their purposes were in terms of the way we clear it out especially after it had gained media presence facilitated by gits who never stop hurting me in order to make money. They claim that people in the armed services have experienced these sorts of things and have made their career from doing so and it’s the old case about stupidities they invent where the angrier the dog was is the more it will fight its corner, until it turned out what the dog will become whenever it faced an enemy, bearing in mind that villains usually want to tackle those they believe get in their way and point out everything in the world including the way their parents did not meet with every single demand that their foolish little heart has come up with. So we see the same being peddled in terms of the case where they think I needed to stop describing them as educated idiots while it goes back to University where I ended up in debt just to find out the reasons they always needed to wreck peoples academic work and pass their own was to be able to beat people down while people chased the daily concerns and hang around on Media helping Celebrities to peoples career and finances, where anything the victims did to recover only just offered them more ideas on self-reinvention – likely always to carry on unstoppably, talking rubbish about powers from overseas when I had not wrecked their careers as well using my botched academic work, so that anything their stupid Celebrities did to recover would offer me my own version of fame.

They say I am stuck between them and their issues with the Police which is utter rubbish too – it’s like a video I saw on the internet about a person that nearly got killed by Police Officers who gave him a breath test and then moved on to tell him to keep off their taser, then moved on to their guns where he realised it, got into the car and sped away, meaning his crime was to resist arrest and we had to answer for it at a later date but then we suppose people violate female Police Officers patrolling the streets at night because they are not evil and if they are alive there is probably more hope, as long as their need to make money and dominate others, does not mean they will continue to blab life changing insults that ensure others were handled like something below their feet whenever they were spending money while Hermits like me will be left making sense of a form of communication heard from people who are under the influence of demons. Some have said it’s linked to racism and yes it is – they expect when I had suffered enough their way to a new existence where they will be seen in more favourable light will have been clear and are currently fighting for my civil rights, while I am left wondering why they tackle me as though I had a white skin and did not have a penis and the next thing that will annoy me thereafter will be their various ideas on how badly a person should be treated, so when I build their own Publicity for them, to say they have been parted and something is coming in, they will never stop bothering Politicians on my account. Some have wondered about my motivation but it is an old story of wrecking my academic work to hang around somewhere with media that is used to beat me down while I chase my daily concerns, big brother peels off everything that lets me get on with my concerns safely, clings to my public image and hopes I will get into trouble with gangs and the low life twats who only stop bottom feeding when emulating how Celebrities dress and behave will build communities that get imagination up my bum, adding to their women getting sexually abused so they earned a license to get involved with my concerns and each involvement was nasty, to the tune of the total destruction of my career as long as I was being made to pay attention to what became of it on Media by their Politicians – it all started with the society gits deciding I was going to make sense of the lives of women for the men, so they might live with the fact they hated their wives, while these youthful fools came up with ideas on how I encouraged women to do bad things; I had to ensure we lived in a world where they had to deal with everything women had to put up with because they had wrecked my career and the main point of conversation was still that story about how bad women are. They do claim this is all a matter of hypocrisy on my part which adds up to double standards exhibited by women and that they were right, since being parted and something is coming in bits is how women live – the reality being that whilst we know that, what really happens with these gits is that they never stop poking the fact that this is something they only with people that they explicitly trust and that it is always scary.  For my part they say I never achieved such a thing while we know I have a history with respect to these fools getting off an angle to make me chase my life until I became homosexual, since I normally get them to chase their own instead to such an extent that Celebrities waded in to say that I had done it to people who are bigger than me which puts them at risk – beyond this, the being parted bits is easy irrespective of size and I can always administrate issues to make it safe for everybody to practice too.

They say this does not make women feel any safer and it does not, but it does establish civil society about us and our mothers and the fact we were all criminals because of it until the teachers got involved. The rest is to do with media fools bringing people who have done crimes which they are paying for into public life, to blab at me about things I wouldn’t have been able to do 30 years ago without losing my life. They do say I need speak about racism that affects me and it’s an old story of people fooling around with my position in terms of the spiritually contrived ways by which one human being can be superior to the other and it’s never nasty stuff they are playing with it is worth mentioning, lest they complain – apart from which is an old story where they Media helps to build me this bubble where they can go on all day until I respond to their madness in terms of the fact they cannot stand the existence of me as an Arch Prince and the Monarch should have given people commissions based on their professional abilities, then expect the service to be passed down the generations of that Family at the same time, as far as they were concerned. besides which it is the old story that I am not exposed to racism at the Monarchy first of all and also that the racism has always been about the theory that most social problems are caused by the weak, while at the same time those who claim such things destroy people’s lives and make them weak, damaging State Interest in the sense that talents that would have conscripted at the Armed Forces become too unhealthy to do so, while they have not yet taken up the challenge themselves all together. The weak bits I could never make sense of since it is clear that whilst I am not good at looking for trouble, I can stand up for myself well enough for a phenomenon to exist whereby those who can beat up never stop working themselves over it and those who cannot never stop hurting themselves but then it’s not something I make sense of, just the question of which one people really think added up to the weak people in the first place all together. In the end its one of those issues about which people say I have a go at the Politicians rather than take it up all together but we can see that Politicians understand those gimmick of theirs about money and security does not even come in when people are seeking their fortunes in the world or the part that is better off than the starting point where people give it as good as they get because their finances are messy or the higher one where people have a set out finances and a routine by which they chased the daily concerns or the one higher by which people never worry about money because they were better off financially – that said, we find these gits want their money and security gimmicks to permeate every aspect of people’s lives and show up where people had done the best work for their careers, while we hung around at Government Office being pressured into thinking that generally public control meant controlling the poor, so we could not see that even their bosses host Christmas parties where people attend and are given a sense of what life in the Company is like but their lives are never linked up to their jobs because they are saving it for the purpose of getting imagination up peoples bottoms in order to lobby politicians for local control and the way Politicians support this means that we can say what we want but will not make progress save Politicians changed a behaviour or did things differently.

I am told it’s all a matter of people supporting me at what I am doing which is utter nonsense, we have just gone round in circles for 13 years to end up where we began in the first place, even talking about being allowed to carry on daily concerns even when the method of conducting it safely is so beautiful but the money is what has completely vanished for obvious reasons. Their gits hang around on Media boasting all the time at the behest of American democrats, that there is nothing I can do to stop them from doing what they are doing to me and it is utter nonsense – we know they understand at this stage that if they continued risking the popular culture that supports the future of their children on me the way they currently are, they will lose it permanently and this is the primary source of all those sexually violating insults which are an alternative to their uncivilised stupidities attacking me violently for reasons they cannot actually explain over property that does not belong to their American foolishness – we know that this behaviour has extended to my social media profiles where the fact culture and society gits follow me around to make a mess and I stuff them with what I know so they carried around like PR and left me time to work by executing property equity securitisation to provide Clients with confidence needed to work with me, so the abuses come because their stupid children think the social media is remote and they could steal my work to make their own fame with which is impossible with Royalty who has all the fame in the world that he needs, so it is becoming a matter of either copying from those who have made them squirm in the past or invent my own way to ensure they had stopped hurting me. They always like to boast that there is nothing I can do about them because whilst they want all I have, the only thing that stands in their way is a Book I published with another person’s Company but all it offers is more work and I am really tired; we all know if I thought about buying stock to last months in case customers started coming in, on account they had closed down what I was doing with my Publishers, I would be told that was not my talent all together; so it’s never one of those cases where I will find something that looks like a career that democrats have which I can wreck because I want to control them, so when they ask if I am aware how many nuclear weapons their country has I could inform them we are not talking about nuclear weapons yet, just reciprocate damage for what started off stupidly enough with respect to their braindead Celebrities building Publicity for themselves on suggestion my arrangements with my Publishers is where their foolish fame was located, making a mess of everything around here and blabbing about which one was my fault like their stupidities were desperate and lived on foodbanks or something – the result will be an outcome where either I stood there and fought my corner or I walked away as usual, I would win anyway as it were. The rest of the time I am told I can do all this and should be financially well off which is so but these activities are not damaging my finances, the damage is being done by a group of people who pick up what I say and do and repeat it like something they are excited by, giving their followers and fans a means of corruption that channels my income into their banks accounts and the Media runs this all day, while when the Celebrities pick up what the public thinks about me every day I get out of bed to attend to my concerns, as a tool for self-reinvention, the destruction is usually unspeakable – a simple choice of substituting the wife for their stupidities and preferably because I come from a broken family, it would be better for the woman to do the financial matters, we also know that upon the famous idiots who have not yet had to tolerate me getting famous from the relationship they have with their parents the way their insolent idiocy telling me to respect my mum so as to ensure they got paid for being popular, have discovered this, so the need to groom me for a relationship dominatrix is the source of the community built up to get imagination up my bum, as stupidly as possible. So we know it goes on like is endlessly and the British ones are examples of what happens when you start to take down the masks – they become characters that have hurt so many people and cannot stop making fun for themselves out of doing so, while my own version of evil is to hang around somewhere showing mercy concerning the bad things that can happen to them until it became a habit. So far their Americans friends have not yet worked out that I am not an organised crime operative they usually handle through money leverage and majority population gimmicks at the Market, but I think I have said my piece as we know if they wanted to devise trouble for me that is just my size, the Bookshop would have done considerably well before they got to it all together and their stupidities would end up with a version of me that had money to spend on their insanity. They say it’s difficult to tell why I have failed to co-operate when Americans have always taken advantage of the British and its utter nonsense as what happens is that Americans always share their wealth with the British, they are always such nice people, then there is the part where they live in a world where a 17 year old has college studies to complete alongside two projects of managing a business on the ground for instance and planning for a career as a model in the City centre and must complete these three things supervised by their parents, if they wanted to live the American dream – I have not done very well with my studies for being hounded by a bunch of fools, locally and internationally, over what ownership can be substantiated for the sociological ways in which I pursued my career and finances, so I am a little emotional when I must spare a thought for people in live in a Country where Government support is very thin on the ground. Hence I am just a writer and not in any way interested in the gimmicks of goons with ideas about which lives they want to destroy in order to build up popularity sensations that facilitate their world of decadence – I mean I know what to do about the problems I face but it’s the sheer destruction of my health that comes from the abusive and sexually violating processes I am lumbered with each time that I get round to it, like we can see human beings are stupid enough to seek a discourse on the fact the Americans have always taken advantage of the British while I have failed to co-operate. We have never once been able to make sense of what they are saying but the Politicians make statements on it all the time, none knows the exact stage at which ones activities can be said to have added up to something which serves Celebrities but Crowds are built on my public work having such a context constantly and we have now reached a stage where I am more comfortable seeing them hang around somewhere having anal sex because I felt good that they were unable to access what I have, while the Politicians specifically had become Cookie Jar leaders who are always at odds with Parliamentary authorities every day, the entire time of which we know and are all aware a different public services atmosphere would have existed in the Country if they served without doing so.

I am said to be in a very difficult situation at this point because I am tangled up with people I cannot handle and it does not make any sense as what we have rather is that of a case where each time Celebrities pillage my earnings and property, it is because of some power from another Country due to the way society is organised there, to show me who is boss but mostly due to the fact that every time I respond to instances of their stupidities have done so, I am talking about practical jokes while each time they do it, they are damaging finances, personal life, social life and career which therefore creates a condition that adds up to a level of fun they have never before experienced. It then requires the necessary work to get this matter into a position where I am in the same par as their famous and stupid selves, so that it will no longer be a response to practical jokes for me, while it is destruction of family life, career, finances, personal life and social life for them, it will be a tit for tart instead. They do claim I talk like that before they got off to fight my battles at the Monarchy but fighting my battles at the Monarchy was never the problem, only you do not hang around somewhere expecting The Queen to be pleased about it. So they love those abusive claims that I am in need of a lot of help and assistance and so it feeds into the main problem i.e. that I hang around somewhere looking like I am in need of financial assistance and others could help me out with it, which encourages their silly behaviour and I will never stop doing it as long as I have to tolerate ageist fools handling me and whipping my anus because they believed their silly children to be geniuses. So it’s an issue is a Hermit gets off showing respect for the financial wellbeing of characters who are likely to spend 24 hours of their time using money to build leverage that plays into majority population gimmicks in order to repress the day to day concerns of other people but I will never stop showing a lot of respect for their money as long as some ageist idiots engage in activities which leave me with abdominal discomfort all day long. As for the story of how I needed a lot of help and assistance, we can see it’s an example of what we are talking about here i.e. not just a matter of how much insolence their superiority requires, whether they have paid for damages done to my Books or paid for any equities that have made them better off at my expense yet so far, it develops into a case of how the bubble that is set on media which goes on all day and distracts me from all I am doing, to such an extent that I ended up responding to it was created, fair to point out we are not yet done with the part where I want to put my concerns on the same par as that of the Celebrities so we end up with a tit for tart situation on a career level if I had an opportunity to simply draw a line under it and spend most of my attention running a Bookshop, goes without saying they may build another bubble about how much help I needed pitifully if they wanted, see what I will do about that too. They do say my actions add up to one excuse after another but it isn’t; what happens is that the Labour Party wrecks the finances and helps a handful of hoodlums recover self-confidence financially, now they are unable to take the hoodlum out of the person and whilst they had not gotten my finances looking as they had found it, they are tackling me once more because they had seen me attempt to do something about it which was effective. They love to boast that it’s the kind of power people expect to enjoy when they walk into Government buildings naturally but the consequence is that we have spent 13 years going round in circles to end up in the same place, everything is where they were 13 years ago, the only issue being that Celebrities had begun to resort to the destruction of my Books since all processes of financial repression had completely failed and the only thing missing is my financial wellbeing, which indicated the government Office scum are unable to tell the difference between privilege and stealing. There will be no change to my current mode of operation until I was given an alternative way to handle an issue which is very unlikely by the way; an issue where a handful of scum who clearly are their Children living the life by getting imagination up my bum because they like to think they acquired the license to on account they had placed their careers where it was unreachable, which I can only make sense of by finding that stupid career and spending it on every problem associated with ageist fools building this bubble where they developed my concerns somewhere so they might be able to tell me my life was over whenever they wanted – I imagine it’s the thing that gets them looking the iconic civil right gits that people will love to murder, like I am currently serving the purpose of a punching bag for their stupidities, I don’t know if this is how it is made but I can imagine what the results of my proposed response will be, especially when the outcome of putting a stop to the need of their stupid politicians for pillaging my finances and its margins over claims I had commandeered a point matter of Public authority all day, was made sense of as well and naturally what they will look like thereafter. They do love to brag that I am a character that has lost everything I had but has a disposition by which it is expected decisions will be made as to how others should live and we know that if they do not build up such stupid bubbles and run the foolishness they work with it over and over and over all day until I am distracted from what I am doing via distant violence and had to respond, it would simply mean that I drew a line under it and moved on and there was no trouble as such. What they prefer is the business where their stupid children practice a power that most people would do if they could but most people cannot, get imagination up my bum to get what they want all day, while their ageist society fools built up my concerns somewhere so they might tell me my life is over whenever they needed to, without which we would have made enough progress with a Bookshop to fund University fees and I plan to burn their Celebrity culture for it.