So it is said that I really spend my time emulating what is done in Countries with federated systems of Government which is utter nonsense as what happens is what I say about armed forces work being construed as somebody vested in the knowledge of how it works while what happens is that I rely wholly on the way I was shown at school that their work has something to do with the Head of State and the opinions these gits have about what they do should be expressed not on my own rights. I mean I was a child when I was exposed to this; somebody got shot by a Police Officer who explained that he was a suspect in an ongoing investigation – so it stays with those who come across it and eventually I had to find out what a suspect was and this is the kind of world we live in not the ones we make up in our heads, supported by Celebrities. The rest of the time, I am caught dealing with gits who perpetually have ideas in their heads on how we should live the way people in other Countries do and it has now grown into something of a media bubble that helps them order my steps and trash my finances, which has called for the response that it is currently getting. They always love to say we British invite outsiders but cannot stand them which is utter nonsense; what happens is that people overseas were aware of the way British Universities work alongside the City centres, so they decided a leverage fraction of my interests had to be situated in British cities to ensure others around the world was protected, they saw that this worked for their interest in all the necessary ways and kept it that way – soon it progressed to a matter where they only spent money to educate their Children in the UK if the Children were well behaved; so we find a group of goons had sought out their own friends from overseas too, they brought those in to get imagination up my bum and trash my University studies which made me a very happy person like it should and soon they didn’t like the way their new friends got imagination up peoples bottoms, got on media to lay claims to my public image and grab about all I did with my career being their property, supported by men that cannot keep the big mouth shut and then put the issue up on my door step to hang around public places issuing their own threats and talk of the town insults that help to flush my life down the loo over their money issues – I heard they got off to fight my battles at the Monarchy and some eventualities ended in the worst possible way imaginable. No such thing and spending my time emulating what happens in federated Countries.

This is an example of the problems we talk about all the time, chief of which is the smell issues, where we have a group of fools find it impossible to stop clinging to another person’s life while building whose communities of fools that play tummy and bottom games with the persons wellbeing, to make out there is a human being in the world that can fart for 3 hours at a time while they are at their best. For my part we see the most busy bodied of their stupidities are becoming more violent, so I am going to make sense of the way it does not help people with tummy issues to be threatened when they are nervous to their tummy, flip it over and teach them lessons they will never forget as well. It’s largely the same old issue; they tell those lies all the time and then it becomes a personal decision issue for them when they are about to see if they can negotiate the juxtaposition between those lies and what they would really love to be advised by in their lives and it’s at this stage they decide somebody else should be made to suffer for it and their equally stupid parents and Politicians assisted with it – so I plan to get rid of their fashion, Celebrity and Media connections for my part as well and then see what it would look like if I indeed did prepare to fight them like those stupid threats seek every day. I mean I don’t see why they should be picking on me because they got bullied when they could attack the person that bullied them and it should not be the ageist gits that have perverted my state provided security into some sort of industrial espionage their stupidities may engage with all day either since that would be the part where I will try and find out if attacking them will also ensure they got to do something about such men all together for the way their stupidities have made a mess of everything in this place. So on the whole I am told that talking about it does not resolve the issue and it does not, it’s just the way extreme circumstances will play out if I got interested the way I am being pushed – for now I am working out a process where these facts will serve as guiding points by which I become custodian of their loo which will provide me a path by which I got about trashing their finances and so every time they got imagination up my bum, the results will be one more thing done to ensure that I used this process to oppress and step on them very hard as well.

I do get told I am however sick to my stomach with nerves but I am not; it’s the story about what we do not see most of the time i.e. strip away everything that makes the society and communities and general public living and you are left with a world with nothing in it, inside of that world is white big brother with his abusive practical jokes and there has to be a reason for it at all times – Celebrities, Media, the security job that has allowed him access to CCTV that corrupts my state provided security for him, sexuality, women and the list is usually endless but bad as it gets black Daddy does not mind performing the same stupidities they did with motor racing and football at my expense either – so their inability to handle what I am doing of which creates the way they get killed by Police officers i.e. only God can judge if a Police officer has to made a decision about a person who has placed themselves in the middle of some silly young people petitioning Politicians and Industry leadership over claims that I should be replaced because I broker equities and then take back what I had given, whilst such a position had been devised by corrupting my state provided security into a form of industrial espionage and progresses to something that helps low lives who only pick themselves up when emulating Celebrities to make good of their silly decisions financially, while threatening the Police and pushing on vendettas against people in Uniform for weeks, which outcome is that they are caught up with the same issues about which a Police Officer had provoked them – so first of all before we get to the decisions about what activities performed in this situation meant, we ought to ask what a Police Officer would think of such a person generally. The point is that I don’t spend my time on food and I am disciplined about what my tummy does, so this nonsense does not actually live in my head as such and it’s easy to see when the lies come on and imagination gets up my bum and the threats from the communities happen very quickly since it was obvious I couldn’t beat up everybody, to ensure their stupidities got to avoid reading Books I have written and settled up on how to make use of me in terms of putting an end to my so called selfishness. Hence in terms of the idea I think everything that makes a mess of my state provided security and my career is a white person while I don’t – the white people bits is meant to produce a case of utter low lives establishing a relationship with Celebrities on my account, which is not in my interest hence reasons I trash it.

The bottom line here is that I started working on the Hermitage Bookshop as a profit making entity from 2016 and everything I have done since have been destroyed; it started with the arena that the patents my Publishers placed on my Books had created for me to work with, once done with that they got on my Public image and have now performed the same thing on my social media and websites to hang around somewhere with insults about my selfishness and mockery of the way they will become dot com millionaires at my expense about which I could do nothing. This has made me a very happy personal naturally but it seems that comments and routines every fool on media makes to keep it going has not yet been understood as property vandalism, instead what we hear is that what I have written sets a stage for me to play my life out on. In terms of the stage on which my life is played which we can see all of their stupid civil rights movements are aimed at improving the lives of everything with a penis on it and if we let them have what they wanted, the women will be worse off and then the ethnic minorities thereafter – so in my case the way I have conducted my career has exposed what they did to abuse some stupid things in skirts in order to be where they are and although I am happy for them to make peace with what they did in their own time, what they want is a future in which they continued to be more important than I am, which cannot be accomplished without a destruction of my academic work and career until they had achieved on before I am allowed to get on; there was as such no prior information on this, telling me how to conduct my career and everything I have done with my Bookshop has been trashed over it, leaving me with nauseating financial complications they can make insulting and stupid power statements and practical jokes on to pleasure themselves with media every day. None writes Books about these sorts of things while allowing others to decide where his stage is located, I am not a trade writer who writes Books simply because I am a Celebrity, to inspire people into becoming whatever they wanted to be, only to realise I had not told anybody how to prepare themselves for child birth, so they constantly show up with insulting privileges their money had given them to pillage the social life of an Arch Prince in a bid to seek female benefits associated with Child birth, as insultingly as possible, feeling very entitled as they go along, until it goes horribly wrong. Even when saying so, we have not been able to make sense of German facilitated talk of the town insults that makes a proper mess when a victim like myself ends up getting married to a proper duck head and the interest the stupidities exhibited by their women have shown they had in me  over the last 14 years, nor have we been able to do the same for Americans Office window ledge lasciviousness ripping up my Books since 2009 when I had it published, to decide the existence of the younger person while their stupidities made money. They do claim what I say is not in any way linked to what is really happening around me which I understand but I don’t think they would find it savoury if I pointed out what is really happening is the toxic environment I have to contend with everywhere I go because of the stupidities they whisper to hoodlums and criminals they place to obstruct my activities and academic pursuits especially in a bid to chase my public image, showing up here to perform all sorts of insanity that they believe to be linked to their sense of intolerance: I would have rather preferred to say it was a matter of German Talk of the town insults that leaves the means to put lipstick on a pig and get around the streets like a two faced tart because they didn’t have to organise their lives for any reason, working alongside American Office Window lascivious insults meant to decide the existence of the younger person while their stupidities got into an Office to make money – so I guess what they are both doing with my Books is done because they are stupid, looking for an appropriate response. They do say this is an example of the point at which I get into trouble at the Monarchy for instance, speaking of facts revealed by what I have said here and its utter nonsense too, I am already in trouble with the Monarchy because of my current attitude towards my work but it is that which should not be available to the Monarchy at all; a product of the business of being stopped by people who then encumber my finances and hang around complaining about the issues I got myself onto in the first place – it is a product of the fact I am being seen as a character Politicians may handle in order to win elections and is getting more desperate by the day; the start of it goes back to 2002 when the messiest it got was Politicians just telling random Crowds I am a character that looks like I might take back what had been taken from me, which prevents them from performing the duties they were elected to fulfil, now it’s gone to hell and back, we have been there and done expenses scandal but not before we got to deal with claims that people like me are disrespectful on account that Politicians are not being paid as much as third world Dictators are, which is what the eventual expenses scandal that emerged was all about.

We cannot seem to secure any freedom from those gimmicks where black people show up in public to make statements about owning me, how I live off the civil rights others bled and sweated for and how the white people who claim to have taken me from them have since gotten into trouble. I could never understand how they fight for my civil rights anyway, save the sort of scenarios that will exist if I did set about trashing all their civil rights movements, which response is usually to suggest that I will get into trouble but just like we are currently dealing with me getting into trouble for what I have said about their civil rights leaders around the world so far due to this sort of behaviour, we all know when I had finished with such activities, they will be stuck somewhere dealing with characters that want to move into their right hand and chase their bums to get imagination into their private parts, while I got on with my life, although currently the situation as it stands is that they are more willing than ever to gamble that stupid civil rights while keeping their eyes firmly fixed on my possessions and social life. It’s pretty much the usual thing and it comes down the two paths it takes every time – media presence that lets them go on all day and handling my person and property with prospects of me being attacked by people who are bigger than I am eventually catching up with me emotionally; They have time for this nonsense but there is no time to get jobs and careers that would help them escape civil repression, the civil repression that they facilitate each time as their Politicians, Celebrities and Journalists never relent on digging new depths of public insults and abuses, they can get on their roofs to channel at anybody who dares to have what their wicked and Godless stupidities have not got or tasted. It’s pretty much the career crime gimmicks, where it has girls that show up on my concerns without invitation to behave like flames through straws on my career, then tell me that having been the community they had created where they called the shots with a big mouth and are set to decide my existence on the basis of fear that people might move into their right hand and chase their bums, this is what culture is – there is another popular one where they build violent lasciviousness towards me that wrecks the academic work and finances and once it is bad enough for them imagination to get up my private parts, the fact my reaction and responses were amusing to their stupidities would make it what society is. I have no idea which civil rights the insulting idiots have been fighting for in this place, but I can say they are starting to get on my nerves in a major way. I mean if they are fighting for my civil rights then, how is it that their activities towards me were the singular things responsible for the destruction of my career in its current state? What really happens is those claims that white people affiliated to me are doing racist activity and I am still single at 40 because we tend to get news they have bashed men from white communities that cared about me or women from white communities that cared about me, so I have to allow them run off all sorts of rubbish on my Royal Public image instead of saying white people affiliated to me do no such thing as racism, if what happens is that they care about me and I am something people are aware of with respect to the way the communities the men come from and communities the women come from which are largely different responded to such a fact. I mean they speak of racism and how I did nothing about it all the time but measure their behaviour towards an emotionally dead psychopath who wants to kill black people and ascertain if the fact they are unwilling to attack me because I am willing to sell their culture and society for a living is less important than attacking innocent white people because they existed in order to chase money. I don’t think that this matter is a problem, currently the fact on the ground is that enough had not yet died as it were, screwing with me all the time  - it’s the same case about career crimes featuring a process of being held down somewhere until the fear of people who are bigger than you are catches up with you in terms of your person and possessions, with respect to what their stupidities want to do with it, the output is supposed to be that old case where they don’t care about anything save processes of making themselves financially comfortable and when their lifestyle had developed into something that exists solely to destroy everything that is a good thing, it will largely become a case of finding out if an Arch Prince can stand up to them and the results will be surprising as usual. For now, I do not know who the hell they are, they need keep away from my Books and stop blowing off their big mouths on my Public image. It should be judged at this stage in terms of the number of times we have taken time out to develop plans on how to handle and respond to the insults from their Politicians, Celebrities, Journalists and civil rights idiots but I can say I have had enough of such nonsense as claims I am a man who should be gay so black women might be powerful or the perversion of my Bookshop service processes to build up publicity and short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement to say I had stolen a job from big brother in the city centre like he was fucking them the entire time or something.

They claim I am incredibly naïve of the world I live in and its utter rubbish – what happens is the murky evil world that crimes operate in; where we have uneasy truces between racial communities and we know the behaviour these idiots exhibit to chase money the way they do will end up in both racists and black people getting killed but they are so interested in these uneasy truces that it has become a part of their lives to tell me I am both a coward and a character that has no respect for those who are fighting my battles which is the dichotomy by which Police shootings happen most of the time. They also claim Trump is racist but we know of Mr Trumps legendary relationship with his daughters and his Granddaughter whose Father is a Jew but I am not the one saying he is racist, it is up to those who claim it to substantiate this. We see it all the time eventually play out in the form of gimmicks about me ignoring racism that comes to people unexpectedly, whilst we know it’s about what they think was their talent for survival naturally and the whites will find ways of making money and they will find ways to make money and those will pillage people’s lives, eventually meeting at a point where they play each other out, so the whites have to seek out an edge and claim they were superior or their position owns the land, then they start all again and this time it’s about a direct interest in people’s lives: the position of the Government is usually that those who hated ethnic minorities were onto something and then when they go down the violent bits they will have solved it, where the claim that the Public votes for racists was entirely a fantasy, since any racist will need to show the Public what they had done about the ethnic minority problem and then get voted into government Office for it – same as my case being a matter of the fact that I set myself out as a character they can take advantage of to make money but any attempt results in a life lived in hell and takes years to get out of, they claim I appointed myself to it looking for the best trouble they can make but we know if we took the stock markets for instance, saying something to support those who just go there to trade while they went there to make trouble meant that they will cross one more threshold by which they mix their madness into people’s lives and seek violent results that distract people from economic productivity. It’s the same story as ever; trash all the social no man’s land getting paid for being popular, getting rewarded for being stupid, talking nonsense about wrapping an arch prince round  your little stupid finger on social media etc and then come up with ideas about who will wild thing deal with the violent issues to help you feel even safer, all the way to claims it is a Hermit that had difficulty living the world; I am therefore meant to kill myself which will have shown religion was a bad thing, rather than show they were evil or what we have ended up with which is a process of proving them wrong on claims they can walk my responses to the way their stupidities have affected me and of course on the way I feel about their abusive, insulting incessant need to handle my concerns. The rest of it is the Muslims leading from the front naturally on the business of consequential deluge of nepotism that completely takes over people’s lives and fills in any spare time that people had but the one that really takes it to a new level isn’t the part about the problems people like me had created for their stupidities which had added me to the list of people who want to have a footing in their Country in order to communicate with them over it never mind the fact I am sore all over due to how much they enjoyed it but the part that involved ageist goons whom they do not wish to fight because it will undo the idea they were real men, so each time they got bullied, I got bullied and they made a media presence for it and ensure it showed up where I had done the best work for my career, goes without saying it needs stay away from my Books and stop making the stupid comments on my Public image.

I am told at this stage that they take advantage of me to any extent they liked which is utter rubbish – the truth is that this is a dangerous situation involving a bunch of sociopaths, for money reasons which is not my responsibility, as is with every person that complain about them, they will run me down as long as day turns to night at all times but once the price is right, I will be dead unless I killed first. The issue here has been the behaviour of Male journalists and their female accomplices, they must set me out as a character peoples bullied in order to suck up to the rich for the purpose of making their own money and friendship with people who do not have financial difficulties to worry about – they must set out their career as something about which they are able to control me on-behalf of fat cats, celebrities and Industry hoodlums at all time and they must pillage my career and keep up any destructive processes of doing so every day in order to build up the sense that the assumption only people who government Office can oppress others is wrong and how it feeds into this nonsense, the way it affects me and how they over time set it out as an amusing practical jokes does not appear to be a matter for concern in their view at any stage and I think it is because they also assume that if they end up in hospital on my account, I will never get away with it. So as it stands not even the distance between home and work is being interfered with on my part, while I wake up to nausea of financial complications because they liked my Books and have taken action on everything in my life, right down to my bed chamber and bank balance. They do love to boast that the media now has a reputation for handling me and it is utter rubbish, just like the insult that their activities are meant to show me I am Arch Prince of nothing like a handful of cunts – what really happens is that old case of ripping up the academic work, in order to pass their exams and now having failed at it developed a bubble involving local street criminals and society goons which they run off abusive publicity for at my expense every day; its purpose has always been to set out the idea when people exhibit narcissism towards me it turns my career into something that helps them fulfil a heart’s desire and this they garnish with the sense that I love to suggest others are bums but I am the bum in order to secure endorsement from businesses, after which Celebrity interests will be built on a process where all I did to recover from the damage they had done, was just a new idea on how to top up their fame and popularity. So all of it can be replicated on social media which is actually free – since they cannot see they are a handful of character that ask people to tell personal stories in order for them to get paid for a job but then set about adding the careers of people who have helped them thus to their own, claiming that they get no respect no matter what they did and if I built it up to trash their jobs and make everything that did to recover from the damage I had done on social media, as a tool for money making and endorsement from companies, I will achieve exactly the same effect, right down to a process of getting paid for being popular which I will need to top up by repeating it every day. It needs to keep away from my Books and stop showering me with the comments, right down to the parts they had gotten accustomed to such that it became an instinct, if they are able to see I don’t find it amusing that they were going home with their salaries comfortably while doing it.

So I am told that I have never really accepted that what I face endlessly is called bullying but it isn’t in my view – I mean that may have been the intention but what I will have to do to handle it will be a process of adopting a certain lifestyle and working on some money issues that allowed me make statements about people doing my stuff and then I will be ready to ensure that some well off idiots and their neighbourhoods stopped passing life changing insults at me, especially when it involved those time limited abusive stupidities they claimed added up to a process of making advertisement. The problem with this has always been that there is none putting a gun to their heads asking their socialite stupidities to set up a business but once they did, we enter into a world where business is usually profitable whether or not they worked on it, they will set out their products and concerns to work on me and my Public image and will spend the money on some holiday resort where people will be happy to travel down to the UK and tackle me if their money had dried up – so I was told some very bad things had happened to them at the Monarchy on my account, hence I don’t go as far as I used to anymore, such as running a campaign to stifle anything that allowed them enjoy the Holidays etc and we can see that the idiots have since taken full advantage of it. It has always been about the money issues with the Media at the Heart of it, what the Media does being a process of setting out a means for their practical jokes such that on day one they will make comments on my public image and position themselves well enough to threaten Client interests at the Hermitage, day two and we would have entered into a case of any business I had with other companies providing them the means to get off and wreck my Intellectual property administration business by perverting service processes into a case of selling products by making the public feel safe at my expense, stage three will probably be a case of market based civil and criminal disobedience associated with business just business dogma and it will run and run and run on media until it became a bubble so that by stage 4, they were starting to tell me their profits relied on a sense of equality associated with the idea they were now in such a position as they were able to control my financial wellbeing; all because Journalists and Celebrities are able to make comments on my Books which interfere with Client interests to show that are making me fulfil Royal duties by covering their backsides while they made money – these are the activities they love to tell people I can only clear out if I had money, while the career and finances have nothing to do with it as equally as they are not here for work and career reasons. The German ones get involved with the whole thing for the sole purpose of showing if they had money they could spend it on anything and when I make it clear they will find the trouble they seek in a short while, they thought I was scarcely credible – while I rather plan to build up all that process of making a mess of my business to get into arguments with CEOs and Business owners over a need to sell products to a public by seeking equality and narcissism at my expense, to such an extent their careers and livelihoods will rely on it and then I will make them get into the fight they had cooked up, the same way that the blacks are entitled to me at all times and then find themselves in the middle of this storm making statements at the Police which ends badly and was entirely my fault, mostly more so because they do not see Police work as something done by a group of people who think anything that is not off somewhere asking a teacher for how he must stay away from the prisons was a problem. They do complain all the time that my activities churn their tummy and we can see how much of a cover up it is when people look at the way I have responded to their stupidities targeting me through my social media, especially the Celebrities; I have even matched them up with eventualities in which The Queen was hosting state banquet and now the blabbing about a war I asked for really tends to make sense as it became clearer than ever what it is exactly they are doing. Then they speak of how I do what I do free of charge while what happens is for instance an occasion in which they said my work involved covering peoples backsides and I were to ask if women who engage in maternity processes were not more deserving of it and they then said that without money the process would be counterproductive – companies might want to invest in the welfare of women and invest in anything I may have left for them if I had – when they do, they leave me with some property equity based publicity that I can run a Bookshop by all the time and this is what the idiots are mopping up to get rich quick; having built me a reputation which suggests that once I was done working property equity broker after I had performed intellectual property administration tasks, then proceeded to run off the results on a self-funded campaign for the companies, I was the one encumbering profit margins and this is what I mean when they say they have travelled far enough to look for trouble, continued processes of stifling Bookshop client interests by stirring up issues around my concerns, handling my Books and making comments on my Public image is now about to earn them the trouble that they sorely seek. I do not suppose they think that when I start again, I will likely stop doing it at some point then apparently. We see this nonsense all the time, it shows up on their social media endlessly; month number one was their own thing, same as the second month but by the fifth they have not bought a Book but have picked up publicity for asset equities at this Hermitage to make sense of their own products by, so brazen because it would never have paid off if they didn’t display it all in public, to show up here issuing threats alongside their Celebrity and Journalistic idiots every day, like a problem with stupid socialites buying shares everywhere with money they cannot account for, issuing stupid threats at me which wreck my social life and thereafter looking for people it may attack over smell issues. It’s the same problem as normal; it will do nothing else with its time save build a life in which it had become more important than I am on my own public image and for it, I will never stop trashing everything that allows them get paid for being famous or popular, so I do not think the insults about to subside any time soon, however they are starting to appear as if they had adopted a position that required a physical response from me all together, the part where I am Arch Prince of nothing and they will not want me governing them being my favourite insult naturally, when it does progress to a point where proceedings of a Hermitage required them to do my bidding, this theory of theirs will be put to the test pleasurably as it were – currently we know that if I gave them a slightest bit of way with their stupidities clinging to my concerns all the time we will find them treat people that are twice their age the way they treated me, after all those complains of a Royal bad attitude on my part, they say these are people who are a fundamental impediment to those insults that pass at others to boost their income, insults associated with the fact they had money.

Now I am said to be seen behaving in a way which suggests I am trying to scale myself up a rock and its utter rubbish; what really happens is that in the last 12 years I have been caught up with these stupidities these goons make out adds up to a form of power that people desire and people would practice if everybody could do it although it might be criticised as a form of behaviour – so it follows me around and makes a complete mess of my University studies over what I know and then when I wrote a Book all hell broke loose because of a juxtaposition between the white communities and the ethnic minorities and for it I intend to ensure they suffered as well – never really thought I should respond to it as such as it was still within my power that the damage done to my academic work will always get me reacting to their madness in a way that can allow them set me out as a character they want to bully to get close to rich people but the way the media has built up the interests of local criminals, petty criminals and shop criminals on media over gimmicks that will get me into a fight with people to make them and their celebrities feel more special, having produced an outcome that wrecked three years of Bookshop work, which I can rectify but either way will leave me with a history that suggests I don’t get paid for what I do, I need to make an impression on my Clients at their expense. My accusation is this: that they have thought it amusing to progress from making a mess of a court of female journalists that got involved with my concerns because it produced safety that allowed them report the news without being abused, to a case publicity that suggested I must be made to get into a fight with people on the streets so they might report the kind of news they like in a safer condition, to the destruction of my academic pursuits following me around with this nonsense, to the total mess of my social life and the claim I have made a mess of their own as well because I have refused to allow them make good of themselves on my Public image instead, to threats due to the way people had begun to chase them and hurt their bottoms over it – which has now given way to Celebrities building me a five year history of abuses and insults that suggest all I did with my Publishers is where their new found fame is located, garnished with the same process of getting me into a fight with locals to feel special, and then picking up the way hoodlums and petty criminals have associated themselves with my concerns since I picked a bad neighbourhood to avail myself to facts concerning my Books, built a bubble with it on media by which they might set about providing a certain leadership that such goons will love, then take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at those criminals on my Public image, which ended up in the glossy magazines that were sold in the neighbourhood corner shops. So they might find it amusing but we have reached that point where I am about to begin hurting them the way they hurt me as well; it needs to stop handling my Books and stop seeking itself or making comments on my Public image, the gimmicks with producers and other people about being the most famous and popular, reasons my work should be messed around to help them buy the expensive drinks for their friends during the weekend, about which we know they are not making excuses for this behaviour on account they were living on foodbanks , otherwise it is about to stop the way I want, about to progress to a case where I started as well and therefore likely to stop apparently. We hear them claim that they do what they do because they have money naturally but it’s an old tale of their money being a product of the fact they don’t care about anything in their immediate environment save making themselves comfortable and donating that money later on to charitable causes that provide them more publicity – for my part however we all know it’s a product of never talking from their own rights whenever they had problems and ripping up peoples talents to be the first that got to tell the victims that an education belonged in the bin once they were done boosting their incomes – so talk of their money suggests the importance of deciding people in Uniform took one side and they took the other and didn’t get to make a mess of my Books from then on as well. We know anything I say about their money producing such stupid results as a process where the simple fact they had it meant they had to invest it in anything associated with me handling some public office difficulties, besides which we know that my Books had nothing to do with whether or not people they knew were lobbying Political authorities over leadership issues, meaning they had to make it clear they thought they were superior to me and I had to prioritise their silly financial needs – the destruction of my academic pursuits can therefore be brushed under the carpet but I didn’t build them this eventuality where I had a bad reputation for setting Celebrities and Media out as evil people with a man to gather a Crowd and make a living from doing so myself either – I feel as if somebody must be made to pay for the damage they have done to my Bookshop using the same process that trashed University studies or their behaviour is never likely to improve. They do speak of me getting into trouble with the Monarchy but we all know the reality to be that once I peeled away what Politicians wanted from me, perhaps fashion models did as well and other industry people too, what we are left with is a handful of incredibly stupid socialites with ideas on how others should exist in order to be cultured, forgetting their place all the time, not to mention the abuses of their obsessed Politicians who need to get verbosity associated with the insults of female Political treachery from the lives of those they think people will not aid in a bad situation all the time, about which they have set me out as somebody that will not be aided for it. So social part is that I may say these things but we will find parents give their children away in marriage on my Public image, during a wedding in which people made use of a lot of designer clothes once they were done building up publicity which suggested they had gone from idiots who buy shares everywhere and pillage other people’s businesses to make profit for fun, we see this progress immediately from here to a point where they were entitled to have my social life and public image without which I will not have it either – we find it eventually feed into claims about my sexual activities naturally which is mostly a matter of women who show up here to claim they spent time having anal sex with me in order to get on their nerves ending up in a situation where they created something their stupidities expressed their hatred and perverse insanity with. Point being that I am now progressing to the part where I am going to start hurting them as well and plan to stop when I start any time soon for my part too.

They claim I had been informed these matters will be the result of my activities and its much the same as those claims I am an unlikely American puppet too – makes sense of the way their abuses and that of their children have followed unto my social media account and so far of which at the point of writing this it’s only three weeks into a stage where I have begun to think about them and their madness as a prior engagement. There are no result of activities here, I picked up a bad neighbourhood to write some Books by and they picked up profitable nepotism with blame culture as an excuse which ensures people thought I was the provocateur, then set about building up the activities of quasi criminals and petty criminals as a bubble to play with on Media and to provide those who engaged with such activities necessary leadership which targeted me – I have considered it important because although it has nothing to do with my Books and I can safely ignore it as something they want to do with their stupid time, it is the main source of practical jokes by which they have damaged my Bookshop. Much the same as those claims I love to play with their women – a product of years of abusive insults aimed at showing they desired nothing but a process where I was cashless and woman less playing with their wives and incurring consequences – progress from this stage which gets me caught up with unusual things people did behind marital closed doors, will be insults that are aimed at making me homosexuals which we are seeing already in unbearable amounts every day, so handling peoples women would go against me as a Hermit but their need for it was overwhelming and we therefore reached a settlement – no handling but the playing with happens all day every day, they are now therefore out of their depth talking nonsense at me all the time. I am not necessarily an American puppet as such; what happens is that I am a Hermit and Americans like to pick up matters  at the Hermitage to make entertainment that helped young people grow and families feel more comfortable about their future arrangements; it’s not easy to say what category is which because it’s incredibly diverse according to taste and what people want, hence I never really want to talk about it as such – so what these goons have done is seek their own but only the money part and have already itemised me among the many abusive stupidities but when I had linked up the whole process, especially now that Politicians are getting involved, with a business of chasing mobility issues rather than prioritising overseas wars, we see that it has nothing whatsoever to do with them and those they chase their interests with and shows the reasons I shouldn’t tolerate their stupidities in anyway whatsoever i.e. the reasons this matter of being an American puppet has come up is that the work has been done, ready to be harvested and telling them we are not allies, they had no footing meant they had to make progress on what they want with such statements. They do claim I make their lives unduly difficult which is utter nonsense as what I do here is property equity broker and intellectual property administration, doing it and building campaign for the process, would have meant that those who wanted to make careers selling the products could do so but what it has meant instead is that every idiot who can buy shares anywhere to hang around finding out how deeply their social and sexual corruption can make a mess of people’s lives, sets out one stupid test at my expense every day and it’s difficult then to make sense of how this was meant to improve sales and productivity – there is no such thing as me having around somewhere making sense of a process where I got to think about their lives getting easier or more difficult and I suppose it goes without saying all of their involvement with my concerns should come with Book sales otherwise I will likely stop when I start too; I do prefer converting the matter into a sensibility – that they think the fact they have got money permits them to buy absolutely anything and may keep buying into cases where people want to fool around with instances I am seem struggling with public matters, should we assume they were keen for the results.

They do claim I spend a lot of my time interfering with other people’s concerns and its much the same as building perverse publicity that makes them overseers of how the Public uses my Hermitage and Estate, claiming it’s a matter of accountability Americans will want to be a part of the entire time. I could never make sense of how I need be free of them to run this place properly while I spent most of my time interfering with their concerns anyway – what we know is that they get involved with and take over court systems, cover systems and everything in this place, then spend time caring less for what those things were meant to do and hurt everything here every day looking for some of mine all the time. Then again, we are where we are because of the number of times we have heard the media blab about trouble people get into for messing with them and all problems can be avoided if they ensured they read what I had written before they formed an opinion, all engagement with my concerns came with a copy of my Book in hand – it’s the work I have to do since it’s clear if I tackled every fool that is likely to invest in the complications I faced concerning social matter and trashed the finances, every twats who had gone from industry manufactured Celebrities to a new kind of famous person known as socialite, will have a little less money to screw around with my concerns by but it’s the work I have to do on it that is causing a lot of anger here. They do claim I have no more position at the Monarchy naturally but it changes nothing since even if I were stripped I would still uphold the Queens interests and we know that we have not yet reached the point where they have to handle those mistresses they provoke of tease off all the time, while I built them reputation for being the Men who pick a fight with women and we know we have not even ventured into the part where there was a King on the Throne of England just yet. I for my part have had enough of this nonsense playing out on my career with the Americans blowing off the window ledge violent lasciviousness in the work place insults all over the place, to decide the lives of younger people while they made money – it needs stay away from my Books and keep its mouth shut unless it wants to pay the bills. They have always said that what I have written in my Books will provoke people which is utter nonsense – what happens right back to every discrimination issue we have faced is that they always want to bypass the moral part where you didn’t do to others what you did not fancy and wish to get right on to the part about culture and society where questions are posed on how far you go when it came to doing either the right or wrong thing as such, then they get stuck with those that have worked out how to get away with the bad things and hang around making their stupid selves symbols of suffering to fight for the civil rights of people like me who thought they should not have bypassed the social morality aspects in the first place, then show up to trash my career and social life after the whole thing blew over and people died, claiming they had been fighting for the civil rights I have come to enjoy.

We know the most annoying and most popular gimmick is to discover there is little freedom from the Media and some stupid socialites who upon forgetting their social position spend most of the time telling others how to exist and be cultured if they are not working together to threaten people into fighting for them and doing something to cover their backsides while they made money, getting off at the Monarchy to fight my battles of which we have heard some eventualities ended very badly indeed. It has now given way to tales of me denying the power that Media has over me which is quite unbearable, since it conjures up a series of factors surrounding such claims – that the destruction of my academic pursuits was always going to get me saying and doing something that will make it easier to set me out as a character people bullied to make friends with rich people – their parents were going to rip up my Book sales and set them off to public abuses and insults calling me names that apparently suits them best i.e. as big as they are, never really had the violence issues figured out and reported to ripping up service processes of my Bookshop to make me into a character that gets into a fight with people to make them feel safe and important, which annoyingly is what it always comes down to for the destruction of peoples career and finances, if they are not performing insufferable acts at other people’s expense to suggest their civil rights looks that way – the abuses and insults of their children describing me as a puff for instance which suits them best but apparently the assumption is that when I start my own gimmicks for such purposes as well, I will likely have decided that I ought to stop at some stage, considering they are the same idiots who have been the first to attack me because I am broke. So we find the idea is that they had gone over my head literally and there is nothing I can do about them while reality is more a matter of the fact that they build up this idea the fact I had a Royal Hermitage set the excuses for all the vandalism that I have had to tolerate and this means taking up my pride and joy and making it into a curse that affects everything else I have and do without such consequences as me doing the same to them yet of which not only can I do the same, I can also do the civil rights bits where I start off with the ethnic minority friends and when everything that makes money had been destroyed, we will be off asking white boys to share their own. The Media bits will be the one most outstanding when it comes to the insults of the Children strange names and homosexuality naturally; since they are the ones prepared to deploy publicity based jobs as a tool for picking up perverted interests that criminals and quasi criminals have shown in me and build it up as a bubble on media that they may run off at my expense all day and invite people to join in on because they found it amusing; it comes on the back of damage done to my career to make me react in a way that provided evidence to let them befriend rich people at my expense and thereafter endorsement of Celebrities and Celebrity agents that spend most of their time acting as though Celebrities lived on foodbanks at my expense and now finally settled up on a role to control me on behalf of fat cats, Celebrities and Industry trouble makers which meant that on account to telling me that they will never stop handling my Books and making stupid comments about my concerns and public image, concerning which they are aware of the stage at which they must have damaged client interests and understand it’s not really feasible for me to try and stop people making comments, generally means that this whole industry of people picking up my work on media and social media to pass off as their own stifling potential interest in my work while I am trying to establish a reputation as a writer to make my finances work, alongside celebrity agents very abusively acting as if Celebrities lived on foodbanks to reward stupid people with money at my expense and of course Industry idiots buying my problems because they had money and relying on me not to say they are criminals because they hated my Intellectual property administration business which all who want to steal and plagiarise and pinch and destroy income margins normally do, will become the main battle ground with respect to interests and wellbeing of all that is journalist and or celebrity. The third part of the story being the case of society goons who never keep their imagination off my private parts naturally and I have never seen them stop doing it when their finances had not been completely destroyed – so it goes beyond making contributions to the wealth and social inequality problems they complain about like only I can and develops into a case of the Industry idiots that get Politicians telling me I know about all these matters but do nothing while reality was more a matter of the facts about circumstances, such that when they are buying shares in companies one is inclined to think there was probably a reason for their activities but when it does eventually come down to a process of helping media set out this situation in which all incentive associated with a Royal Hermitage and its Bookshop which allows me make my own contributions to society, raise funds to pay for Royal work and of course have something to look forward to in my position every day is completely destroyed to create the usual scenario of media controlling all the incentives in people’s business while a handful of idiots behaved as if Celebrities were homeless at people’s expense and we know that they are aware each time they have created those conditions in which there is money at a certain location and there are men who control it and now we have other men who want to take advantage of people to share it, we always end up clashing with the Police because of how badly it degenerates but set out to do it never the less each step of the way they follow me around to make a mess of my career. My point is that they have not gotten over my head in anyway and must be very well aware of the points at which their gimmicks had damaged Client interests in the Hermitage business about which we need a resolution or they are set to give me a good reason they believe they were entitled to retain their business empires as well. The rest of it is basically the stupidities of their young people burning the streets and about which they say I am either completely unaware or refuse to address the reasons they target me but then again if they want me to, here we go; they target me endlessly because their lives have stagnated, it has stagnated because they made a mess of my University studies and my health as well by the way, to set about telling me I may be unhappy with the way I have been handled so they might befriend rich and wealthy people but if I tried tackling them where they were attempting to get paid for being popular, I would witness the worst they had to offer, so I did. The rest of the time they love to say I am in trouble at the Monarchy while I am not; what has happened is that my renaissance has stagnated as well because there are too many idiots picking up my work to fight their enemies by, led by stupid Americans, so I am unable to work processes of rebirth because there are too many people, not least the ones that get off to fight some muslims and when those show up in the UK to perform some suicide bombing, innocent people get killed and when I mention it they act as though they are completely unaware of what I am talking about, hanging around suggesting they are either stronger than I am or like to think that they are – this is a process I cannot solve without rounding up the Celebrities like sheep as well. There is no Media power over me here, I guess they will not be advised by something else if their Families have not ended up in a position where they got a feedback from the stupidities they perform at work which I have had to tolerate for over 2 decades so far.

I mean we could talk about attacking Politicians like their stupidities do all the time but we all know they are part of the system by which people lobbied Politicians and set about working hoodlums who trash peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods and get those they consider themselves superior to, prioritising their financial wellbeing, they are aware every time that I said something like that there are always reprisals, so although tackling Politicians would provide the easiest and most convenient solution, the question is whether it is the ideal one, never mind the fact Top Politicians do not engage in a process of supporting them and even if that were to happen which it usually doesn’t, a situation in which they did and the company they worked with created 5 hundred jobs will make the suffering that has been inflicted counterproductive, so it’s always the local ones behaving as though they all went to the Queen to obtain permission to form a Government but then again is tackling them the ideal solution to the problem as such? They are part of this problem, same to hijack any civil rights movements, they are the ones buying organised crime products and the same need every incentive that exists because I had set up a Bookshop for this Hermitage, just for the pleasure of seeing the media control it and set it at their back and call; so we see why all the insults associated with putting labels on me that claim I am an overaged puff would suit their stupid parents best and I believe it must have been clear at this stage that I too have had enough of them. Recent state of affairs have been that they got off fighting my corner at the Monarchy because they expected the Queen to add a process of handling their gimmicks to State duties, so I had to do everything necessary to ensure that was not the case – they have not gone over my head and there is no media power over me but it is unbearably annoying that they have added such claims and gimmicks associated with it to this matter of how they plan to stop the consequences of building up activities of criminals and street shop robbers as a bubble to fool around with on media claiming their civil rights meant I had to get into a fight with people on the streets to keep their stupidities safe and how it applies in terms of the points at which they know their gimmicks will show up at my Bookshop. So what we are left with is this story told of me underestimating how much people hated what I am doing – we know however the facts are that if I engaged with people who thought the way I worked was questionable but acceptable as long as I can explain the reasons I worked that way, the results of years of their Politicians ripping up my career because they believed themselves to be entitled to my life will produce an outcome whereby a handful of ageist idiots hang around building crowds that attack my all day because they wanted to write my Books instead of me – we know that they have without reason or purpose picked up the interests of criminals in my concerns and built it up on media as a practical joke bubble and that it is only ideal that I made them pay for the way it harms me each time it plays into the activities of celebrity ageist and every applicable fool that wants to get paid for being popular or get rewarded for being stupid at my expense – we know that I developed equities to help younger people handle the way organised crime affected them at school and that the popular culture which emerged made music on the feelings of people who have been adversely affected by processes involved in working the insecurities that affected the younger people at school, they have always known what the contents of this music meant and what it meant we were doing but took time to trash it, take over and are now trying to convince me that not only are their stupidities doing the right thing because I am sore all over due to their criminal imagination getting up my bum all the time but also that upon taking over what I did, the bottom hurting bits were here to stay with a big mouth, such that we now live in an environment where the development of their civil stupid rights relies wholly on people not being able to attend to their academic pursuits because of the smell issues and they never liked the music or my Books either which their stupidities had taken over for power reasons, looking for more of what they claimed they hated. We know this same behaviour extends right across their history where they fight for my civil rights and if they liked what I did, I felt sore all over, if they didn’t, I felt sore all over, they always had to have communities that helped them run me down because the only type of career which exists is a process of ripping up people’s lives and social lives to get paid for being popular and if I said I didn’t fancy their civil rights leaders I was going to get into trouble for something I said if their lives were about issuing stupid threats at me. We also know the arrangement with Celebrities is such that they want to make statements concerning culture and society goons all the time and those statements involved a process of bashing me each time they were abused, then getting in league with the culture and society goons to bash me because my responses were fun and are now bashing me because I am not getting into a fight with the culture and society goons to help them feel safer on account their stupidities were very important. We know their Industry twats have taken this up in the sense that I developed and brokered property equity assets with Clients for creative purposes, so they decided to extricate the part where they got to build up the sense I am a low life who should be fighting for them whenever they had enemies and got people to develop my property equities into products they can safely engage in self-exhibition at my expense in public places by, suggesting the fact their stupidities had money to spend gave them the right to spend it on absolutely anything they pleased, led by Germans talking nonsense about Global stage power arrangements between larger and smaller Countries, while their idiocy is rather convinced about what they hated. So it has been a simple case of making a decision about not stagnating at a renaissance and if I wanted to grow, I needed to round them up and round their celebrities up like sheep too, set out something administratively and run a campaign for a while, beyond which we get into the tit for tart phase and make sense of what we hated on either side, as far as their big mouth stretched – whereby it should be possible to get back to a time when the relationship with people who worked on media was one of explaining to us what the events of the day was and not one of trashing my career because my responses to abusive behaviour was amusing, building up interest of criminals in my concerns as a bubble to run all day at my expense, being the first to mock and attack me because I had no money each time their well of neighbourhood abusive socialites forgot their place and wanted to tell people how to be polite and well behaved and making fun of the idea that I am thinking about pushing back at some stage, threatening me each time their stupidities were affected by the actions of the criminals they got entangled with, to make sense of what their stupidities hated. In the end, there simply has to be a way that these idiots got to make sense of the exacts points at which they realised their activities were destroying my property and their failure to do so is that which I intend to make them pay for, so this is what I hate as well; they are the only group of people to attack me because I had no money, as well as I must now make sense of their Celebrity abuses and insults in terms of what they do with my career and finances because of their personal decisions such as attacking those who smell and now in my case, setting out I want to rub shoulders with them while the criminals who abuse them and get them to bash me in order to show society people somebody will suffer if abuses occurred, were buying products and were therefore better human beings – I have begun the process by setting out their lies as property which belongs to me and the operation parameters of my Bookshop and will be running business campaigns on it as well i.e. the part that required a response to compliment processes of making money to keep them off distracting me from what I considered to be important, as it’s difficult to tell what makes people this stupid and have no wish to break the Law. They do suggest people only feel safe if they are getting into a fight with enemies because of me and its utter nonsense; what happens is that they know the points at which their comments and self-seeking abusive behaviour which is set out to squander everything I have and those stupid gestures about accessing my Hermitage and deciding how the Public got to use it really means as well as they are aware of the damage it does and are the only group of people in the Country to tackle me because I am broke too – they are as such just as big a handful of puffs as their insulting children claim I am, having been that as big as they are, they have not had matters of violence figured out and therefore need fight their corner and lay off my Finances.

The settling dust shows that their need to tackle me because I had no money and abusive processes that will get me to make money so they might be proud of me has eventually wrecked three years’ worth of Bookshop work which makes the process of actually making money, more difficult than they had originally made it through their perverted interest in me and so the insults I tolerate from their stupid children as well has become a very important issue on the back of this. They do claim I smell and this is what bothers them but the smell issue is a good old case of their stupidities being measured – they are nothing but a handful of abusive and insults, poor mistress socialites who are stuck between shop managers and the criminals that rob the high streets all day, make me feel like vomiting 24/7, telling me how to be polite and how to be culture and presuming right to punish their mate for bad behaviour with a big mouth. It is very well aware of the points where its stupid comments damage my Bookshop and I intend to ensure they either stopped it or I made them pay for it as well – it needs to watch the insults at this point, there has been quite enough of those, just as I have warned them about the idea there is nothing I can do about them because of the state of my finances, if I feel that all I need to allow me carry on my concerns safely is a mess because of them, I will trash their own as well regardless of how much money their stupidities had – it needs to stop threatening as there is nothing it can do really, save the abusive blackmail where it claims it’s always being required to fight enemies because of me at the Monarchy but we all know this was not necessarily the criteria for their security either. They claim this is what we get when we have unelected authority but I don’t think unelected authority which they speak of as something which prevents them handling people’s lives with money they set out to make trouble by is responsible for their current position; the position which is that they don’t care about anything that surrounds them and this plays out as a process of ripping up local wealth to own what has not been damaged through abusive practical jokes, the reasons it works this way being that they are never seen talking from their own rights if they were rather clear they didn’t care about the world around them, so they get to a point where they are simply entitled to what others are doing, people begin to fight back, property gets damaged and then they claim whatever it left that is not damaged, put lipstick on a pig and walk around the streets like a two faced tart, we see the same at Industry as well were I have business of intellectual property administration with companies and theirs is one that adds up to a fight with managers because a low life got involved with a prestigious company they got a job with while they would have made more money if they simply got off selling products they were tasked to sell – I cannot let it fly anymore, it will never stop ripping up my Books and social life. It is all over the US/British relations they claim to hate so much – we have to deal with a process of going around talking about International security in a world where we find them spend time trashing the work of female journalists whose mode of operation helps communities deal with the criminal activities that happen in their midst and show up to be part of a court system here because they want to report the news without being abused and the blow out is that education Policy is made sense of with the idea that somebody had to get into a fight with locals overseas and we have not got a grip on terrorism – which then feeds into the way that those allied to us suffer the wars and gang fighting whenever their stupidities get out of hand and we see overall that the Germans are just entitled to whatever we did but the part where they tackle us over claims we encroached on their turf being something they can explain away as competition, likewise creating aesthetic replicas of every product we put out into the global markets. So here I cannot let it fly anymore; its earnings exist to let it buy my problems and it is more interested in gimmicks about a low life getting involved with a prestigious company than doing its job which is costing companies that broker equities with me a lot of money and offers opportunities for investments that foster global insecurity.


They do love the annoying claim people like me always start trouble and then cannot handle it when others respond and it is naturally utter rubbish – what really happens is that they always had their freedom to show up and make it physical each time they wanted to work a process where their culture and society indicated the places where any talents I lace my academic pursuits with may go to vanish and thereafter, in order to preserve the idea their stupidities were correct in what they said to other members of the Public they do not make use of those talents themselves either – it has never been followed up with an explanation, just a sense of entitlement to handle others as their stupidities pleased. I mean they can see that each time I make sense of the way that society and culture sets out questions on how far you go either way of doing the right thing or the wrong thing, it does not affect their financial wellbeing and their health while what they do which really is a form of civil and criminal disobedience plays out even on the accounts Books of my shop, when they blow off the big mouth about those who start but cannot handle responses from others like so. Then there is the facts about what they know of the culture and society as well, such that if I had a Court of female journalists, they really only had time to report the news in a way that keeps them from being abused by trouble makers which work feeds into the way that crime works in the communities and allows the government make decisions that show somebody does not have to get into a fight with locals overseas because of education Policy and allows Government to make sense of terrorism – what they claim their culture is about is that of every stupid woman at this disposal wanting to rip up prospects of me having a happy family life by being rewarded for stupidities exhibited at my expense and they show up therefore to behave like flames on straws where I have done the best work for my career; so I don’t think it is culture and society at all, it’s civil and criminal disobedience and they were free to make it physical whenever they will not shut their big mouth about those who start but cannot deal with their foolish responses. I have been asked why I have put myself through hell whilst I am aware of this but I have because my evil mom makes use of this stuff and wrecks everybody’s life in the family, as I have mentioned before, it is unbearable stupid, the other part of the story being that people continue to suggest they were right until I got to accept it too. In terms of other relevant questions, we all know there is mystery about their behaviour but it usually always indicates the same things – go back as far as possible in history and you will find the same pattern, the same form of wickedness, there is always that period of unfettered civil integration just before the civil wars break out and immediately before, they will have exhibited their sense of modernism, right down to the right to wear whatever they liked putting lipstick on a pig, so that when it does blow up they may claim the need people had to prevent such things as their civil right to wear whatever they liked was the cause of war. Then there will be the other male gits with ideas on the way that I support bad things women do and when asked to provide a checklist then we faced difficulties but before then it will suggest that the time I made for female communities issues set me out as a character that was vulnerable to tribalism and will not listen to the warning that the women I assist are women I am accustomed to getting involved with, when the women it is accustomed to getting involved are making its stupid life unbearable with no chance of change for the future – so it is not usually required that there should be extra wisdom to hate their guts.

They do claim that they are fighting my battles, which I have not responded to because I am a coward and it is utter nonsense; if they were, there would be specific inescapable results, like a process where they got off handling my concerns to suggest they were more entitled to it than I was because they made more sacrifices and contributions and then I will drive them into the fighting until they vanished – this will likely then have produced such fall out as a process where they got into Government position in order to make themselves a threat to me and then facts on the reasons I am not a fan of money would become very obvious to them in copious amounts; we all know they like to say they have been fighting my battles while getting imagination up peoples bums, I think that they are doing very well as such seeking out important defence mechanisms to cover their tracks whenever they are done with nefarious activities. They do also claim that I have been using them to swell armed forces ranks in order to avoid getting involved but what really happens is that a soldier’s job while involve 10% fighting but when they had gotten involved that percentage will rise for reasons that cannot be explained or understood, to about 60% or more and so somebody in a right position had to make it clear to them that their behaviour towards other people’s careers suggests they needed education on how career works; so these were the points at which specific matters were addressed, such as a process of pushing them until they took up the 40% enmity they had built up, seeing that it is helping to swell armed forces ranks which means a reduction of prospects I might be getting involved soon, the whole business had become addictive. Some people have suggested it never really is and I am not supposed to put myself out for Armed Forces roles but I am not, these are things I do to ensure that I keep myself up to date with the work people in Uniform are doing, so it’s a disposition which tends to suggest I am trying to win a war before it had begun which is said to lead to the deaths of innocent people, while my responsibility for my position is to ensure nothing changes in ongoing operations which usually leads to a process where people in Uniform are harmed – the point being that I am not trying to win a war before it had started but that this is not a war, so it had since become a routine and these goons are out of their depth because they have to do it. It then feeds into the old question Politicians ask all the time about the prognosis of their behaviour and the reasons I am relaxed about handling it; so the prognosis is their greed and the way that they wish to evolve or change from a handful of people who created circumstances in which people had to stand by their family bedside in the Hospital on account they were making money, into characters that influence what is happening in a Royal Hermitage in order to keep making money, while the reasons I handled the lies and abuses and gimmicks and practical jokes in a relaxed way was that I do not plan to see them get free from the prospects of doing actual work for the money they earn – I mean even the part where an abusive feminist wants to run off her talk of the Town insults where people had done the best work for the career, never really pays off if he has children to feed and provide for and it gets worse when all her Children are boys, it becomes impossible to say she is a feminist. I have been told I am getting around global matters rather easily while people in important position wished they knew what I know but that is not the case, they simply deny what is happening around them: for instance Russia wants to get involved with those who want to trade with Russia and Americans get us stuck with the corruption of Russian Oligarchs while their Celebrity Industry has trashed our finances and social lives to hang about at sky scrapers deciding our whole lives and ordering our steps with violent lasciviousness, the Germans couldn’t resist, so I work Intellectual Property Administration and they bought shares everywhere I went to control me and buy my problems. So the prevalent one quite interestingly is the German bits that I cannot now tolerate anymore because it never stops wrecking my finances; I mean I always wanted to work Intellectual Property and its Administration processes but the incredibly difficult property equity being worked repeatedly is that which can easily be avoided – however it shows they hate intellectual property administration and I might have assumed that preventing somebody from copying a Clients £200,000 product after broker with me was the biggest problem but now we know the Germans will build alternative products and I will have to contend with competition, in the end it will be good for production economy when Clients interests are focused on the brands they are loyal to but I will end up with reputation as Mr Smell and they didn’t have to worry about reprisals where I found a cure for my abdominal discomfort following the insults and abuses they channel at me while I handle these matters at their expense – this then blow over at the black markets and persecutes me on social Media all the time, meaning all I had done is counterproductive. So I can no longer tolerate the idea that whilst the only issue here was to handle matters of people buying products which helped to improve their incomes, they were coping out and save they decided each time property equity was brokered, they would return to their Offices and get on with their jobs, I am set to break their hearts as well. They do claim it’s the productivity they are concerned with naturally but we all know that considering the destructive capabilities of the economic crisis that they had created, if they were involved with property equity, it would have been easy to see that property is not worth what it once used to be and that without abusive behaviour and getting imagination up peoples bums, the population would have understood what productivity meant i.e. I am not unaware this nonsense is a consequence of them making statements that they were more worthy to rule the world as such, only when it does come down to specific or even technical questions.

So they now say they will never stop torturing me which I do understand but I don’t feel tortured, just frustrated about the way they savage my career and how the comments and abuses that achieve it for them are subtly placed in the comments and body languages they exhibit while chasing their daily concerns and it has been built up from a process of gathering up criminal interests in my business and setting it out somewhere as a media based bubble for practical jokes which squander everything I have – it tends to make more sense when they set out that stage about how it’s a matter of making me nicer because they saw me do something with the security Industry and have been off building publicity to handle my Hermitage in order to get rich quick, which makes the people who use media to see to it that every incentive built around livelihoods that allow those who own it to have something they can look forward to, a means to make contributions to local community and to earn a living, was situated firmly in the hands of people who spend time distributing Celebrity products and Celebrity agents who wanted to wear suits and operate in an environment where they felt certain that there was a lot of show business money going around – in return for which since this is not in their journalism contract, what they get is advertisement opportunities; so I want those strategic comments whenever it occurs and they are aware it has damaged my Books to be shut down, otherwise since this will become one of my main preoccupations if it isn’t, we are about to test that theory that there are places I wouldn’t say what I say whenever they do things like these and plans to get away with it.

They do claim this is just me bashing the little people which is utter nonsense, what actually happens is the abusive processes by which they ensure they got to reward themselves for their nefarious activities at somebody else’s expense, adding up to a process where society gits will not stop getting imagination up my bum and I am about to enter a stage where I stopped dragging my feet when it came to a process where I made my own contributions to their wealth and social inequality problems – the Industry gits continue to reward the media for the insults and comments that are specifically doing damage to my Books which I want eliminated but they were rather convinced it was better spending money to buy my problems – while the Celebrity and media goons are the ones I have pointed out above. They do this all the time – locate a target and then like in my case, follow me around and make a mess of my career over what I know and then when I start a business all hell breaks loose to see me grovel for money, most people always end up like I have i.e. a process of getting out of bed every day to wonder where exactly one stops punishing it. Fair to say it should be recognised the importance of just knowing that I can travel to any place in the world in pursuit of matters concerning my Office without interference from Celebrities, Media and Industry goons, if this is not the case then we have got a problem, their insults had become something much more serious. I do get told it plays into the interests of local people as well and we all know people have no auspice by which to lobby leaders that have not had this work done as such or leaders that have had their own damaged. They need to keep away from my Books and stop making comments on my concerns; we can all see one of those familiar instances show up whereby it becomes clear something about the reasons people in authority perform that behaviour which meant that they never stopped doing things that harm those who seek to live a morally upright existence, leaving the victims to complain to a point of setting out new stages for peace of mind while it does not get to stop i.e. these are the madness that the Prince of Wales suggested he wanted to set out a Government by naturally and we can see that solving the problem only provides them with need to make those who have into a handful of freaks – always targeting me to see if they can make me get rid of the one the authorities do or targeting the authorities to see if they may be allowed to handle me as they pleased and are surprised if judged in terms of damage done to my academic work and years after the destruction of my career with insults they claim will make me get off my bum and make some money that matched my social position damaging 3 years’ worth of Bookshop work which makes it more difficult and has left me feeling very happy about their stupidities, hence the reasons they complain about me all the time and always want to make statements which suggest my problems are being created at the Monarchy. So the insults their children throw at me suggests I am a puff and it suits them just as much since as big as they are, they have not figured out the violence issues yet as it were, seems I am picking up from the ideas they throw around apparently. The Career bits would be the damage to University and subsequent years of vandalism to tell me that an education belongs in the trash can, while informing me they will never stop pillaging the talents they saw me lace my presence at University with to get rich and that everything I have done with myself since they damaged the academic work really belongs to them all together. In terms of being tortured and how it plays into matters of specific comments, statements and gestures that actually damage my Bookshop, such as suggestions I cannot handle the fact they have made money at my expense or that they are financially better off blinds me with anger, everything that fans the flames of their insulting publicity which ensured their narcissism was financially profitable because it brought about a form of perverted happiness which we see them display on media in the form of advertisement on my Public image becoming the main thing that I will be working on, which results they are about to complain of as well.

They do claim that we are where we are because I have been tackling the business of authorities having that behaviour of making people into characters that came up with new ideas for peace of mind but I have done no such thing. The reality on the other hand is that I cannot make sense of their need to get imagination around peoples private parts anyway: I mean either way somebody wants to prove that stupid point that they spent a lot of time in the work environment while I am only starting out and that torturing me financially in such ways proved they had a better social standing, it is more sensible to allow them build the atmosphere and then use it against them than abusive processes of getting imagination up peoples bottoms. We know their understanding of work environment does not involve years of financial and time expense to find the best Holiday locations for family and retirement and that there are people who want to live an upstanding existence everywhere in the world environment which makes it an important matter that they were allowed to keep their personal space. Here they say I am an idealist, but we all know it is either living like this or going along with stupidities people build up through culture and society that gets the better of them because they are in charge. So I am just a Hermit and they believe they have gotten round to handling my whole life for their gimmicks and sense of convenience but then again if I were to be lobbied by culture media and sport, it would have been a very specific kind of lobby – so it goes without saying that if they wanted a role, there are these goons getting imagination up my bum whose wealth and social inequality problems I want to make contributions to, which will not have shown I am very manipulative as well. It’s like this phenomenon where they get from their perverted relationship with money that targets me all the time onto a need they had to prove that I am a coward; mainly a matter of dragging them into the same mess they have made for me before the violence and we know that I have never had to face anybody down because they never commit.

They have said it’s the way to ensure violent matters are operated with the most amount of prejudice but they have respect for nothing in their lives, such that we soon find that they had picked up a very big one at security, so the bottom chasing problems had become a public phenomenon, growing from the insults that characterise their Fashion, Celebrity and Media gimmicks that show up to make a mess where people had done the best work for the career. So we find people tell me it’s a matter of finding me a wife at the end of the day but if I did, I would be inviting somebody to take part in the spiritual side that is the real Me, the social life is always a global stage problem for these goons, so I don’t think it is something people should feel like they just want to get off and do, besides which I am not doing anything about my finances outside of marriage since I have no wish to create a prenuptial agreement with anybody, it is even preferable that the woman does the finances so there might be prospects of people showing up to blab off at my expense about the bad things women did. Ultimately this nonsense about squandering all I had by getting imagination up my bum, clinging to my public image and tackling me over smell issues is the best idea they have developed so far but it clearly has happened very quickly as their stupidities had planned it, so it is assumed I have no buffers left for the risk that my children might be bullied and I suppose that if precisely how it will remain i.e. a presumption. It is really better understood when the idiots take over what people did to create a no man’s land in social life considering the one man’s food is another man’s poison situation – they eliminate it, get involved and tell me the bottom hurting issues are here to say due to their perverted relationship with money and now are convinced I am likely to turn towards homosexuality because I would likely have committed a crime if it became impossible for their stupidities to get paid for being popular and then I got away with it all.

There is this need they have to set out that story about me dealing with a situation I have ended up in which I will never get out of because it develops controversies that produce sales – we know women talk about the way these idiots suck the life out of every environment until the gang fights happen all the time – we know of the way that distant violence insults have gotten out of hand because they are always seen picking up my property to fight muslims with and vice versa – we know of how it’s impossible to get out of this condition where their civil rights meant they had women’s work to do that allowed them get rich and famous while I had to get into a fight with people to make them feel special and safe, wrecking my academic work and the damage done to my Bookshop has been shown to have taken up right back to such a position – we know of instances where I have wanted to stop showing mercy until it became a habit while they did whatever they liked leading to mass racist murder – we know they claim these activities are a matter of racism while we never had racism before the first and second world war and their ethnic minority friends think we are all fools because of such facts and the way their social ugliness and wickedness really works – we know they make statements about handling my Hermitage which is an advanced form of their need to peddle my personal life and public image for money – we know the rest of us think of selling products by making customers happy while they think of selling products by having victims of abuse and hate which produced narcissistic happiness and that it has become a phenomenon warning them, their media and celebrity fools at this stage about grinding away this nonsense at me if they were complaining – we know that the insults they channel at me suit their parents best and show up here to serve as ideas on how I ought to treat them into the future –  we know my Book sales are being stifled by comments and practical jokes played up from media based criminal interest bubbles that are run off so intensely I have to ignore the Bookshop and spend time on it, we know it follows me around to enact new ones on everything I did with myself an career including my social media through which I have apparently not yet been admitted into cardio vascular section of Hospital due to their perverted interest in my concerns – we know I do not have a choice with respect to this matter of the way I respond to their stupidities allowing Celebrity agents whose jobs I want to get rid of as well due to all these nonsense, to make away with their money while I hung around somewhere making a mess of what they had left according to ideas supplied by their interests in this Bookshop, we know it will help to ensure I can grow and achieve my rebirth at the Hermitage which will help to work processes by which winning wars before it had started led to deaths of innocent people and changing ongoing operations meant people in Uniform paid the price. It does not get to stop when it is most convenient for them if I am not interfering with the jobs that get to their heads, assuming they are interested in any or their salaries when they are.

I do get told I never really talk about these matters in terms of what I think of it instead of what had come to me but it is an old story where what I really think of is a bunch of hoodlums with money on their mind having such a degree of access to me that it is possible to eliminate all my interests and place themselves at the centre of my thought process to threaten me with bottom hurting issues they claimed are here to stay, all because the way these idiots think about handling my Books is to stifle the sales until such goons developed a way to restart the problems they create for everybody, since the last time they thought they were in need of the services that my Books had provided – all due to a mindset they have and how they run their own businesses which had nothing to do with me. so the results are that whilst these goons say the reasons they tackle me is to make statements that baby will be homeless and jobless if he does not co-operate with their needs but the reasons they tackle the Celebrities and the Media and the Industry goons is unknown because these were people who claimed to be rich in the first place. We see the same sort of behaviour with their other goons who show up here to kill off anything that allows them to be afraid of me and set about picking on me every day because they thought I was afraid of them, in order to get paid for being popular at which stage we know it’s possible to blame and blame until they stab and shoot with a big mouth – we have to go back years to reach the exact stage at which Politicians had stopped making those decisions where they delayed my financial wellbeing for a while, on claims that I was the one acting dangerously because I took it from them, to make sense of their stupidities blabbing stupid threats at me while clinging to my Public image every day at this stage. So this is what is really happening but if I said so, I wouldn’t have had any fun myself; so far I have done 8 years of the sole reason I am dealing with financial complications being abusive practical jokes these scum play up at my expense and the comments they make to target my Clients which have now turned into s subculture – the entire time which they are the ones complaining about a lack of consummation for the problems my Books had resolved and the entire time they are the ones not buying any Books to justify their perverted daily interest in my concerns, alongside gimmicks about hatred for women.

We hear all the time that I think I can handle them while I cannot when the reality is those stupidities we see displayed on culture where they get to make a case of themselves until people understood they have been raised by parents all their lives to make sense of occasions in which ‘people did their thing’ – whilst they know their stupid interest in mine which involved preventing ageist goons targeting me to make me grovel for money, had a history of mixing the two problems, to produce an outcome which was such that after years of their need to prick other people had led to suffering for ethnic minorities at the hands of those that have the ability to oppress, they would have fought for my civil rights, civil liberties will have been established after many had suffered and some had died and after we had normalised, my civil rights will really have not been fought for and we would have a social crisis for every insult I had to tolerate thereafter. It then feeds into those gimmicks about claims I can handle the German goons while I cannot; the entire time we know those who harm themselves because they cannot beat me up like they thought do not commit when I pushed them into the same difficulties they had created for me, to wait at the other end for the violence we cannot be free of their big mouths blabbing about, while those who cannot love to set out women who claim I have counted all the men in their communities while I am just a flesh man when I had decided to manipulate them into a condition where I had the advantage the same way they screw with me to make sense of fate – none of them tend to commit to the violence and I can break them by saying they are cowards for it, although I am content with this outcome whereby either way I stand and fight or run way I won and they suffered never the less. Good old case of starting while claiming others are looking for trouble, soon after there is lipstick on a pig and people walking around like two faced tarts rewarding idiots for making a mess of people careers to boost sales on account they never had to organise their lives for any reason – I mean people are usually burned by problems on one side while the other side is how they lived if they were normal. Eventually we hear that nothing I said would stop or deter them and I think Rome was not built in a day either – we know what happens is that I set out property equity with Clients, they get off inviting themselves into my concerns to build up publicity for property, make sense of the creative equity aspects and build their own products from it that will make them feel safer while I got into a fight with their enemies – so I have begun a process too where those lies are now the means I want to sell my Books by, it will churn their tummy, I will trash everything that lets them carry on their concerns safely and then grab the media, Industry or celebrity jobs simply because I can speak well like they do, should I fail to do with before I started making plans for retirement, I will settle for revenge on grounds that they have known the last 8 years that whilst they stifled by finances with practical jokes and we talked about it every day, I had done nothing to interfere with the salary that got to their heads. It’s much the same as they say they would like to get out of this process where I make them underestimate me which should not be difficult if they need somebody to help lay out for them facts on the way they get me stuck between the city and its lights on one hand and their need to make money and secure jobs on the other, for the sole purpose of making money by developing narcissism at my expense which they claimed was an endless source of happiness that facilitated advertisement because somebody who had personality and temperament everybody else wanted was made to suffer so people might feel good, much as I have warned them and their celebrities and journalists not to grind their show business at me but they got off doing so anyway including the kisses they blow at criminals on my public image, to build publicity that meant they had an interest in everything I did every day to make statements that drew my attention to the hoodlums that are bothering them as the princesses they are from the USA and Germany.  I intend to raze everything that matters to them as well and the bragging that I am unable to do anything about them does not really hold up while white Hollywood is Police shooting black Hollywood since last they claimed criminals were the better people buying products while I wanted to rub shoulders with important people, clinging to my public image and asset equity abusively – much the same as the legacy of the Obama administration creating this clash between their cultural insanity and my life of not being at the mercy of ageist idiots who want to see me grovel for money, claiming Trump was racist. We know if they didn’t want to stop doing it, they could always get off buying shares with everything I got involved with, to claim they employed and owned me again, then people in Uniform will say I had one job and they will later find it impossible to keep their imagination on their shop floor and off my body, their minions keep it off my bum because somebody died. So these are the facts which when not discussed means that I have to tolerate practical jokes stifling my finances, building a crowd that decided an Arch Prince had a normal income while they clung to my Asset equities and expected me to drag my feet for ever on the business of making contributions to their wealth and social inequality problems, while they got to underestimate me.


The question asked often is what I have in the form of schedule but this is why this matter is so annoying and I really had to boil it down and bring it up to a stage where the fight with Media had dawned. All is running smoothly here like it should save the finances which do not look like the work I have done and it’s all due to comments and gestures and abuses levied at me by the Media, full of idiots who think I had made enemies with people that can do violence to protect others and want to use me as a tool to work with such persons in their interest – so their stupidities must have been aware of the points at which those gestures damages a social life, a public image and a Bookshop, need keep their mouth shut and eliminate it or I am set to interfere with their salaries as well. their excuse has always been that I am suffering for what I have done to show women are not bad – we all know first that I should do nothing to counter their horrible behaviour so the parents that raised them badly will have to handle it, like we know after years of suffering for damage done to my career over processes of showing me women are bad, I will be put through more of it over the activities of bad women all together – so it goes back to such examples as when I had a Court of female journalists and they trashed it, right up to the stage where the employers of the women decided that the women had to choose between friendship with me and the career when we had never met and I went through hell to make everybody happy because their jobs paid quite a bit, which set the stage for this nonsense, so that it has also created the idea I am suffering for showing women are not bad is clearly not a process where a handful of idiots are looking for more trouble. I have been told it’s a matter of how they studied science and have certain feelings towards those who studied humanity and it’s an old story that goes beyond terribly upbringing that meant I should never get into a fight with them so their parents would become targets for the insults they are taught to throw at me all the time – it grows into the same process where people made sense of the madness that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of the ageist goons who had strange relationships with money but in their case we have this sense of all that is allied to Germany being linked to a sensibility around the night going on forever for instance and on the back of it was their ability to make those statements about clinging to my income to suggest I start a fight and cannot handle it when they responded, feeding into their ability to inflict mental illness and subsequently the bottom chasing and physical violence that follows thereafter as though I keep their money in this place. It is simply a process where they found an opportunity to take advantage of people and made use of it. They claim we British pretend we don’t have problems of politics and society but what their stupidities makes profitable are such things as when the Queen rescues me from international Politics gimmicks of the Men, only years later we find them do exactly the same things at the Monarchy because they were impatient with respect to attaining the world of men in order to dominate so called kids their stupidities and that of their foolish children had set out as profitable victims of financial corruption – now we have ended up with two Monarch literally and I get out of bed every day to engage in a fight for survival at my career, dealing with bullying associated with the sense that somebody had gotten hurt at National service, all laced with stupidity bubbles advanced by fools with media jobs. My schedule is looking good if we considered that there has been a constant process of viable update with respect to the USA which is the UK most important ally and we probably share the way we treat people involved with both National Interests, meaning that there is means, will, process, room and on going action to administrate the way our people end up picking the fall out of the corrupt way in which other Countries conduct themselves – here at the Hermitage it has been 2 decades since Americans began picking up Property Equity from a Royal Hermits Office to main entertainment and educate people culturally, not only must this be maintained but the benefits of doing the right thing having yielded much is that which we are keen to share only with allies, hence the process of acknowledging the existence of risk perpetuated by characters who while facing consequences of their personal decisions, such as attacking completely innocent people or indeed just grooming strategic victims for attack over their financial needs, they got to gain access too.