The primary function of all of what I do, especially that which appears to be rebellious towards the needs of Political leaders is a far from a complicated issue as the complications they have made of it. The truth of it is not just the trouble you put up with when you set up a means of earning a living with the fact Politicians and their followers, managed by some of the most twisted media in the world become the most insolent idiots in the world and will move everything to make you share the means of getting rich with people while they keep theirs and never share it, then expect you to look into the cost of such stupidities and work hard enough to earn money to employ people which they take the credit for as insolently as they possibly can with their media as well but also completely confident in the taxes that you must now pay to fund their salaries as well. It is also the more important matter of the fact that it needs to be clear to the President of the world, that handling my career will only lead to a result where I will be assured that my career and work and profit margins and property is safe and secure at his office unto a certain time as I shall claim it and claim it I will - of course it leaves a question and yes the answer to that question is that if tempted I will arm it: no body can steal my career thus but as a cause I simply want to see them make their abusive fame from infamy to establish an insult where I am inferior to them without paying for any damages they do to me or anything that belongs to me as well, more over which  some vulnerability to media has always ever of course been a matter of idiots who think you can never respond to being insulted by them (especially the Politicians and their business idiots) and the look on their face when their own looks that way as well becomes so priceless therefore: of course people do complain that when racial fools, especially the blacks who must make money in this life, get off to those things they do to cling to people and fight them on account they want what people own and are making a living from, I write facts about how I have come across them which makes it impossible for others to understand my work - the truth to this however is that I do not write my books to get people to understand them, I write them to broker the Equities that I release and trade in them, anybody who tries to understand my work always does so in order to get on Public media and claim it as their own, using the derivatives of my market and sales to get rich and famous.

Now they say I am a marvel that continues to get away with putting out extremist expressions while reality is rather a case where I write my Books and they show up to express something of the financial problems facing poorer people over it and now it seems I can talk the financial problems facing poorer people talk better than they can and have to deal with threats on account their bottoms hurt and we see the younger ones at it as well with more time to express what it is all about i.e. the same way we look from a distance at things that people do with gangs and crime if we want to decide to pay attention to our academic work is the same way they view religious and moral people because it is a higher state of convenience and self glorification; so as soon as I was spotted as a church going person, I was immediately seen as the guy that will get stuck somewhere dealing with violence while what he could have been makes people rich and famous and then they say that it is what people like me are normally used for, a panacea when it comes to solving their problems and it all got serious at the point where I wrote my Books and it became their Books as well – the bit where it has taken about 5 years of media abuses by those who actually need the Books, to get me stuck with the problems I resolved to write the Books, which suggests they want fundamentalisms that nobody wants to explore to be explored but are now complaining because they never wanted to explore any of it while I have become quite convinced that the gangs and crime should be happening where the Politicians and Celebrities and Media who support it so much carry out their own daily living activities. Its an old story where it does come down to a stage where they blab those threats as though they expect me to protect myself from them and their insanity at some point and takes me back to childhood when my Cousins will attack some individuals and talk about the fact everybody keeps their filth to themselves and once when I was about 4 I saw my dad do it to one of his students that persistently came to visit him at home, muttering something similar as well – so there is a way of handling them if that is what they are asking. They always say it’s a complicated matter and that I cannot handle it while reality is more a simple case of the fact they do not wish to explore fundamentalisms that nobody wants to and yet will not allow other a moments peace over their needs on account those fundamntalisms exist and I would fancy it was that getting involved with my livelihood meant they showed up for a Book and not to play with me – just read and stop being so lazy; they do not see me destroy music CDs when I do not fancy it and none should be damaging my Books, just as those who do should be expecting the consequences not cover their tracks and put up complains in advance. They speak of the things I do with women being the source of all my problems and its an old story, the main problem is that these goons do not see the things I do with women are a real job and its not the only one – there is the relationship bit as well where women who are older than I am are always attracted to me for friendship and so the reality around it is the same old case where it will be difficult to fall in love with a woman that is older than you are, then show her off as trophy wife on one hand while on the other you are safe from croons who chase young people around for sex and assume nobody finds it distressing; but each time they see me they wish to tell me which age range I should spend my time with, it quickly then developes into their parents spicing sex life on my public image and teaching them to do the same too which means both parents and children are superior to me and causes me to explode basically – by far the one that causes the most trouble is the Industry one since they are aware that just as much as somebody expects to come off with hurting bottoms for showing up at the backyard of large companies playing selfish character, they tend to show that their corruption of involvement can get them anywhere, getting involved with Royal business here and expecting no consequences for it, the pinnacle of the whole case being that there is always one back breaking work for other people to do after another and another and another, which does not pay anything on account they have got a penis. Eventually they say people are unable to be young and free because of me and then they say people are unable to run their business empires because of me; in terms of the former, we were never mates and the answer to being young and free has always been as simple as when they keep away from me – we see it all the time, showing up to play with peoples income; they say a certain group of people create amusement when they do not have money, amusement that they who suck the life out of every atmosphere can deploy to push themselves to riches and fame pretending to be happy, we see them provide daily civil rights based leadership for it and claiming they hate people who attend Church because of the avoidance of gang and neighbourhood violence that will make them feel like women while at the same time the security services never let them a moments peace unless they joined up to help deal with law and order issues – when questioned about it, they then say the case where I say they need to keep away from me topped it all and that it is how it is supposed to be, which to me only refers to how it is supposed to be in terms of rich peoples wickedness leads to poor peoples wickedness which leads to world war one and world war two and if they are complaining need to pay attention to the fact that nobody here is playing with them as well; the way to be young and free is to stay away from me and all my concerns as we are not mates. Where people are unable to run their business empires, we are looking at the bit where they refuse to work on it for a decade or so while it gets to their heads at the same time and as expected and prepared for, are now showing up very predictably, to look after my Estate income margins for me the whole time and you need to hear some of the things they say while they are at it; such as how going back to establish relations with consumers in order to run a business is not trendy anymore, after which they face difficulty and refuse to hang their hats and retire since they have enough money for five lifetimes back to back and show up here to look after my Royal Estate income margins for me the whole time, which tends to suggest they expect it to end with one of those cases where its between business people and Royalty and it turns out Royalty was the bigger of the two. Hopefully I am going to sell some Books within the next 24 Hours and then we will not have to do this again at the end of such a time period. They do claim I am not a serious minded person of course and it’s so difficult proving the celebrities they are fans of are serious minded and religious people are not; in the end its usually serious when their time is being taken up too – otherwise there is no stopping them painting the town red on other peoples lives, whereby it now appears for me as though if I had children they would never feel safe i.e. the reasons they are complaining too; I do get told they want to take the work Court away from me, which will only likely cause me to pick up some on the internet and the results will be unpredictability for them while I will be riding waves of putting up event notices and meeting people to work a Court with real people, hence the idea the Court does not really exist while the fact is rather that those guys who are really good at devising public conditions for chasing peoples bottoms know that they are likely to find women who do not fancy it at all and are therefore always selecting as though they were preserving their Genes and always want to be able to beat up women – I have just watched advertisements get changed from those women who fancy me to a collection of goons that play their game and it has now gone beyond the fact they always tend to produce criminals in the Community, cannot stop abusing people and especially cannot stop assuming their human rights involves handling other peoples person and property and it is leading to outcomes where I record those adverts and put them on social media with comments attached to solve my own problems too.

It will run for hours at a time that I sleep with peoples wives and it is always so incredibly annoying considering the outcome is this process of having a thousand and one things that I get all stuck up and need to get done with on account a group of idiots want to jump on my public image to make fame and fortune, which is not going to pay me a penny and then it gets even worse with those stupid women that talk nonsense about being close to men who can do violence getting in on the act. We are here however because the Politicians keep bailing them out when I want to handle them as well and it is important they noted that too; so far since I do not wish to do the embarrassing physical contact bits, I have opted for ripping to shreds that silly socialism and the great service of protecting peoples wives from me has now given way to a  world where socialists cannot get by in the East or the West or anywhere else all because of one person who lives in the UK stopping them; I should say bearing in mind that saying such things predisposes me to a probability of sleeping with peoples wives which I will not be stupid enough to do in a condition where the husband can catch me as such was the loss in doing so but then again since we have come past it I should now look towards ripping up that stupid socialism in economic terms as well, the one that will allow me recover my state of mind and my personal happiness that they want own and control in order to get by their sad silly madness that sucks the life out of everything, to facilitate sales and celebrity, so that they might just move on and let me be as it were. They do speak of women claiming to have slept with me of course, it’s an old story that happens because the goons keep taking things from women that the opposite sex have earned; so, every day we must deal with the fall out effects of a woman having told them I slept with her and really fucked her woman in trouble bits but time and again they will get after it still as though the fall out isn’t hurting anybody. I have continued to assume that the idea in my mind that as long as Media and Celebrities and Television personalities are allowed to thrive in a condition where their main focus is not the job in hand, others will not have anything that looks like a semblance of normalcy is a bit extreme but every time I have to expose these kinds of facts the reality is that it is not – such that I do get asked how I must resolve the matter and it’s an old story where they gather the news but in order to ensure it has meaning beyond its meaning, they jump on my public image to report their news and stifle everything around here, so they must get this Public image effect in their news everyday but SKY News will get their own 2 Minutes after the BBC, so that whenever they have the same thing they will get at each other throats which they think the fact I find amusing is unpleasant but really isn’t to me – since it means that they end up in a situation where they do exactly what I want, every time that information put to culture and society to run an intellectual property administration business hits the vein and then it will look like they make that trouble for everybody while they are not sharing their salaries as well all together. I do understand my people are concerned that I am stuck in this process of daily struggle that is not making progress but I am not; it’s the Politicians spending money on idiots so they can get about expressing that the think those who tell them they are stupid are not making any sense by it, we are not therefore in a place where the money is running out and they have become rather content with involvement around my concerns to mess it up as much as possible, creating a semblance of daily struggle that is not heading anywhere because those who are making it happen have money to place barriers on me with, following on some bullying where the ones that get worse when discussed facilitate the reasons their whole lives depend on me responding to them so the left can get out of hand and the ones that make a public case of themselves blab off insults about unimportant people challenging their insanity – adding up to things I have to do which are not paying me while they wish to be free of theirs through a hatred for my Books. It feeds into the other case where they say its endless fighting with me whereas if the media spent more time with their jobs and laid off the comments that have nothing to do with it but wreck my Book sales, leaving me only the question of how long I need to learn the market for my work to operate the business in a sustainable way, then there would be no problems; otherwise I will continue to see that their affairs become as difficult and convoluted as possible. They do mention something about the problem with capitalism while capitalism was never the problem as much as their socialism was i.e. they are always seeking a vendetta to secure revenge that will atone for an aged provocation or altercation – so that the whole business of putting some money down to host a party, inventing a product on the back of it that will solve peoples problem and let them make more money in order to spare some and pay you for the job becomes such an issue in its own right. Then we hear this talk of my involvement with women messing them up when people are the ones messing me up all together; they get involved with me over this premise that they are more important first of all and then while they are at it the winning state of affairs is that it’s not about me and yet when I pull away it physically hurts – so I have to protect their gimmicks with this process where I will have to live with myself if it didn’t smell nice and somebody hurt it etc and it feeds into the bits where you ask the doctors about it and they tell you everybody has got them haemorrhoids, those who are not smelling of it being those whose one is not hurting and assess how much of that will change while people continue to invent ways that crack us up like taking over my Court and replacing it with girls that have a crush on me, then complain about their own pains as well like we cannot seem to be free of them showing up on people’s concerns to perform activities that have place only in comedy shows, flirting with torture all the time; of which it is never true that as they have claimed, people want to control famous people – what is true is that all of us have a colloquialism that says we can see the criminal activity over there and the other one which concerns our study and our career is the main thing, their state of mind says the criminals will serve me if I wanted to and what the fuck do you want while I climb up your public image to make money every day no matter how much you had complained about it. They speak of Political power but that was nothing save people who are really corrupt about curtesy matters and more often want to be in a position where they can attack women to seal their authority; it all amounts to the old bullying case where the community croons carry about abuses that run all the way to the toilet and they simply so theirs with some publicity attached but at some point want to keep the Publicity while trying to make you respond to the community croons as well, all the while of which they hate my Books too and like to claim they control me when they don’t i.e. always showing up around the Books endlessly until somebody buys the copy that they should have and their lives start to go downhill when there is publicity attached to that as well – like when I am told social media is not the best place to run my concerns while I think it is, since it tends to create this sense of a batch of federated goons showing up to spend some time, finding out they hate my guts and moving on, while the industry goons that are usually over clever most of the time complain all the way. They speak of fall out but the only fall out there is was fat cats chasing people’s private parts to make companies more profitable and yet they however think that messing with the state will not affect them in anyway, hence we find that the little goons that follow them tend to realise their case will not receive too much complaints from security service operatives, since it is easy to handle.

Now I do get told I am hated and the hate can be transferred to others which does not really trouble me; people have been told enough times that showing up to dream of a process where somebody lost their family traditions and property in the UK is not an ideal form of tourism and if they have been downloading and recording my websites to plan for a future where somebody else who is stronger than I am takes all I have from me, their stupidities should have recorded that too – it’s not an ideal form of tourism to sit about in a naïve student Union Crowd talking rubbish about how the world should be and showing up here to make decisions that affect institutions of government with a crowd that is just as stupid, while reality is that they do not actually believe they should be acting in such ways and do claim it would improve if the wealth was shared just like they know they are market parasites who willingly get themselves into poverty because they think it provides momentum for processes of change and are well aware if they had an idea that could make them wealthy and somebody else shared it, they would have had nothing but behave the way they do because they need somebody else who want to be safe and secure from their stupidities running a global campaign on it too. It’s like the Gun laws issues in the US where it is correct a lot of people get killed through guns but so is it also true that compared with the number of guns people purchase in the US the level of deaths is still such as displays the fact it is a civilised society, besides the fact that most people are seen to buy guns for recreational purposes. In the end there is insanity within the Gun lobby and there is the same kind of insanity which involves teenagers who ran away from home, running drugs business in their new found families in some flat that they have rented or bought with drugs money all over the US, owning guns and threatening the lives of others, which the anti-gun campaigners never wish to speak of, if they are more interested in taking away the defences of those who cannot be accurately protected by the law enforcement process. In the end if we look at it according to their world of gangs; these are the most provocative people who tend to have a hand in every single process whereby somebody has gotten hurt or killed and therefore a justification for anything that happens to them as well, in much the same way as their gang activity does not just end in the world of gangs itself and the main factor is money. They say people like me want to see good things being done but do not wish to deal with the cost i.e. I should be deploying my morals for things without attending Church where a God gets credit for it so they might be the boss and on this occasion it is about gun crime and gun laws and they are continually convinced it is amusing, telling me I have something to lose if they cannot make use of my religion without believing it and when stopped I have trouble with my morals being used to create a process where others feel safe and secure while I do not get the credit for it – so its pure evil and it claims it is anti-gun lobby all together while we all know its deranged people like these handling guns who are killing others with it but in the end I only want to deal with one problem at a time and at any time its likely to be the goons who select those who have not been taking part in making trouble as the ones that will suffer for it, on account they can extricate self glorifying fame building self improvements from it and tell lies in public for their part in the matter the whole time. Here in the UK, the main talk is one of a case where most of my activities are not actually how things are meant to be done while they know its really about the fact when I tell them I am not homosexual if they asked like they do with subliminal abuses on the streets facilitated by media, it should mean that I am not and when I do not want them building popular culture on my public image it should mean that none of them gets to do it; otherwise it is obvious that it does not matter that much as we all know they are always poking and prodding and bullying and teasing and investigating and scandalising, making their point all day long - most prized of their behaviour being the money issues where they determine what my temperament is and get off on public places to keep it sad and worried and weedy.

It goes back to the very beginning when they started out with those tales about a kid that will do the bidding of the daddies and it was that story where they have not put their wild kids making hell for the neighbourhoods under control but have already worked out how to rule over me, so it meant they were going to have everything i.e. they bully me to set out to their kids what could have been if they were not being spared the punishment, their kids will listen, learn, behave and get into a position to become famous people in future, while I am sore all over and sick all the time – when they started I was 21 years of age, three years after the State said my parents did not have to support me anymore. Its fine for them most of the time obviously but for me it is an abusive insult which means I have to check myself on the mirror often to see what exactly seems to be what is causing their main problem concerning my physical appearance of which I find none, never mind appearing to be discriminating against disabled People as well for it: this is the background that has led us to this stage where I in the last few years have found that their practical jokes will not let me study and will not let me do a factory work and will not let me do a security job and therefore needs to get off my Books ASAP. As for the story of not being content to be respected and not necessarily loved, that was a case where half the time their main problem was that they were afraid of women, the other half the time I happen to set out to some bully women that a limit to how they handle me need be applied as I am a writer and have Books to sell, which should have been the end of anything I had to do to stand up for myself in Public but not for these goons – for them I had to drop out of University and then become jobless for years after that, then fall ill and keep coming through calamity after another that is a direct result of responding to their society stupidities; which is one of the clearest reasons they are always afraid of women - this behaviour esecially. 

 Client Brokers' Declared Interests

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Property Assets and Security at Solicitation of fame for unnatural evils abated by the Lower classes, Book sales property Assets securitised, written out in Functional Aesthetics 


 THE  FUTURE [The matter of Business at the Empire Trust and HH's personal Happiness]

This is to make a statement with reference to what might exist as a workable obstacle in the form of the nature of the personal feelings of the person who has achieved Securities pertaining to all that has been written in this website and therefore brokered it thus and as some may consider, without Financial benefits attached which we are all aware the kind of things it encourages, that there might be insecurities attached to them too.

HH's response to this is first of all that insecurities of that kind only pertain to when he deploy the powers that the Law gives him under his rights over his Literary work and then that happening in order to ensure that all necessary and especially his Hospitality are moved smoothly and the value of all he has done is preserved. One does suppose it means that there are things about him which people should never seek or necessarily seek to know after all. However the main purpose of doing so is that these Intellectual Properties and Securities and Equities he creates and releases from his Royal Estate cannot in the real World be used without bearing in mind the personal feelings of its creator-hence people get more out of them the more comfortable he is because information and reputations to that effect are vital-its something about the world in which things belong: such as the use of HH's temperamental Colours (see Royal and Aesthetic) and or the use of Social dispositions he has stated from his experiences and conditions he has gained control of, for the purpose of their securities and the sustainable aspect of their nature, which may enable created products to isolate themselves from unhealthy fundamentalism as a form of security.

All HH is as a person without his Titles is a British Protestant Christian, which is written all over his Property and Equities for authenticity, identity and rights protection for media and more so media familiarity based vandalism especially, trying to make his way in the world and all he can really hope for and want is the sale of his books where the best of what he has set out to do and created in these is accomplished and located. 

The real issues is ever being constantly mixed up on the media which creates a condition of the difficulty of detaching One's self in the eyes of the Worlds public from his products, which now belong to those that use them, are fans of them and those he brokers Equities and Securities with and this is a problem he is dealing with which is also a work in progress, confession being too many things that do not belong to him but do to allies and friends, ending up in his life and work and earnings as a result of media perceptions gone wild and so Advertisements become more difficult which should not necessarily be when it is stated clearly here and HH is trying to fix the issues in order to take a step back and draw breath so to speak. 

Which process will be complete in the condition where when One shops to buy products from others, complimented with selling Securities to them which are created to stop people who do not know nothing about, know nothing of and cannot do business, that get into the various industries to wreck the lives and businesses of others looking to get rich and (more so) exceedingly rich for their greed.

of course every single thing One says or is written or said on this site is directly connected with his Asset somewhere in some firm on this Planet, so every idiot that has a product they want to get rich with so that they can boast about how better than him they are but an unfair society is responsible for the reasons that such a fact cannot be made public, do not annoy him most of all because they do nothing about organised crime, the under world and even though they understand fame and patents because they cannot stay away from television, they have no respect or regard for the royal estate property or renaissance of the royal estate property of somebody else and this becomes the real problem.

They are always really confident of democracies and or cultures and powers they claim should end up in other peoples hands but HH set out to hug in his life which they intend to ensure does not continue but although this media vandalism is a big problem, what he does not want to have as a problem in addition to it is what businesses get up to; in the sense that because HH broke equities with them in a way which means that the more successful they become is the more publicity for his book sale business he will get, they have worked out they will have more power over the world if they observed how that operated and ensured that they made use of his products in a way which sees to it that he gains so little that he can be manipulated at will. One knows they cannot manipulate a rat but what is most annoying is that what they are sacrificing and are prepared to sacrifice even further for this, productivity and efficiency and jobs. Hence it is those that publicly show the tendency for establishing a connection between hurting him and getting rich to claim all sorts of stories about how things are done in their Countries of which it is obvious the only way that their various countries can also get to find out the other side of the story, which has to do with the fact that it is not anything of that sort but a process of wasting other peoples time and resources to get somebody into a place where they are always getting hurt by things and unemployment is the least of the problems of it.

In their minds the plan is that the Christian here will be so terrified of them that even the insults of their women with operate successful distant fascism by which they can defile his body from a distance, fabricating insolent familiarity purpose reasons with which they can do it for their pleasure and then get meaning out of it, which will be different from the fact it has no purpose since it is nothing except culture, lies and theme tunes on wealth grabbing, from politicians that always willingly give them, then make money or acquire it by public funds to show off and build it up into a public matter.

It is sourly testing for the patience, when they set out to celebrity culture by which they peddle Ones personal life, Empire colours and property, for the purpose of making silly Popular Music CDs, getting rich people to give them money and then rob the same rich people of access to or purchase of the Books and of course access to the Gospel as well, bearing in mind these are the same things bu which those beauties they peddle is possible, then get more help from their Politicians to complain while the process of attacking people and their faith in such ways to wealth grab is ongoing that people using gospel to stifle their culture, which some politicians make public policy on and complain later on as well and yet will never stop doing it but rather can never get off public media and do it again and again and again, telling the owner of the property they vandalise who is quite fed up that it happens because it is what works with respect to their desire to get rich, while their Politicians claim that peoples personal faith that they make a public show off for their purposes make sense in exactly the same way; which has got nothing to do with their assumed right to handle any of HH's property, except excuses they make telling themselves a lot of lies by their evil cultures.

Facts always better expressed by these so called civil rights goons who do not believe in God, when it turns out that while some people think culture is evil there are others who think it is religion that is but by such a time culture idiots own the finances of hard working religious people and then they do not wish to listen to the talking, making a lot of noise about people suggesting things they cannot do and the provocation remains the continued act of making and displaying those stupid Popular music CDs people do not want made on their earnings and property, followed on with leverage from idiots in that industry who make up some business that religious activity is going to hamper as well.



10 MARCH 2011. 



I am not the Upper class talking the poor mans talk. The truth is that poor people always work so often and for so long for what they have, that it is easy to make those who steal from them pay one way or another without having to do so with violence, so should they be worse off because it is possible to without violence?

I can understand when people saw I had gotten a Royal Estate and wanted a Royal they can bully and hence set themselves on me, in like manner they can see today it is all on record and both the far right and myself can do as we please, from the things people do to others that are democratically inconvenient while demanding democracy at the same time.

It is not a matter of them throwing their hands up in the air complaining I am killing everything; all I want is to earn from my job and release money from my Royal Estate and Empire which I desperately need and the fun they get from making that impossible in every sense of the word as if they cannot rather spend their time in their own lives is not so much fun anymore. 

They need to stop getting  onto public places to try and make me famous, in order to use me like a piece of meat, claiming also that when they help me with a group of people who have powers of problems over leaders they hate because they are not evil, I harm them instead with the same issue; whereas all they do is use me and my friends against my wish, use media to make up stories they are being friendly which I cannot undo thereafter, attack criminals in my name to save such stupid girls who work such things and put it down to my name getting me into trouble with violent gangs like a habit with their stupid media and destroy our relationship with each other making us angry perpetually, then betray us after telling the world we work together with them using media, which is why they now deal with Gods of problems and I punish them as well for my tiredness each time I make them.

My court desires me all the time because it helps them to know what I am thinking and when they do, they are able to stay ahead of the issues but these days all that has been happening over the years is now paying off for media idiots, through years of sustained abuse turned into a subculture, so it has become a matter of something happening on television everyday with regards to me, to tell people what is going on. They have not been helping me with those who pursue others with problems, they are crazy, there is something seriously wrong with them.

Clearly the writer whose life people use to know what is going on is the way they can help a government chief of staff with their media powers. The intrusion extends to punishing my friends with the use of sex and they ruin my finances like a habit too, so that while they help me I can neither sleep properly nor eat properly enough to cope with ignoring them. I for my part have not been taken advantage of by the managers of the world problems that are those their girls whose special gift is the bullying of men of reason anyway, I have just spent that their stupid culture making a career and earning a living so that they might fight me to spend some of it as well, as only God knows what they save it for.


I personally have come to the deduction this matter will start being settled from here; as I have decided to ensure the middle class is a size I can handle because they will not stop peddling my faith and personal life. Yes, I know it is arbitrary but try telling them to stay off my books and my market place and by so doing stay off my income, not make up lies each time while they earn it instead of their jobs or earn perks with using it to do their jobs and making lots of noise about how they have places on the left where bad things happen and they can allow stupid men get of out hands as well, which is a place for women to be corrupt with as they like too, since I write them books to get rich or write them to please people and make friends, not earn a living.

So how am I going to make it happen? Nothing serious; just set out their size I can handle and fill the rest up with problems, people, whatever I can find.

The idea of Prince Andrew doing anything about it is absolute rubbish, which I mention on this particular occasion because it is brought to my attention and brought up by those insolent girls who work with the rich thieves that he has brought to the UK to invest here. I have to deal with the matter of idiots thinking the UK is a place where older people get lots of respect and younger people get nothing, hence the best place to come and be treated like a big baby King, while people suffer all around you because it is a constitutional Monarchy, while he brings them in here to invest. The result today is that every idiot believe when they have some money they can get involved with a member of the Royal family and become royalty that is more important than I am-grabbing stuff and telling people to ‘shut it’ all over the place, while donating money to idiots in the education system who then get up to all sorts with my studies and do not expect revenge for it because they can boast. I intend to make his life very uncomfortable because it has been a matter of people after people after people taking turns playing games with my income, so that far right groups can continue to rewrite history; I did not ask them to barge into my life to set up structures by which since I am not vulnerable to the evils of their society I will be when I work for something that I cannot have and I need the money now while the fun in their games have expired.

The only thing good about these peoples intentions have been but getting to ensure when they have a Party for their children enough rich people to constitute a defeat of my Royal Estate attend it, while I claim benefits for a living and the problem with it now is that I need that money and their games are not fun any more. No body has mentioned a thing about the Royal family being or becoming a punch target. Now the Princes Job which was given him by a collection of socialist idiots to supplant me, which he operates as a factor of power that he thinks he has over me all the time, was to get people to invest in the UK. What he thinks makes the rest of us stupid is that we do not know what businesses do; we do not know that they bring money with which they set up companies by which they take money from Citizens and then employ some of them with some of it. Now everybody knows how economics and business operates, so this is not the issue, the issue is the kind and nature of theft that his office and the operations of his friends have become a front for and not to mention the fact it targets my income like a habit all the time and there is no telling when lower class idiots who should never come round here to have opinions will get that through their thick skulls (In their case if it was a matter of turning Royals and members of the establishment against each other, who asked their opinion when he knows they are stupid and hence think when people write books about nonsense they get up to, such as the idea things should be happening as a function of who was born into the world first, that suddenly makes their stupidities an important and relevant issue over and in anything whatsoever, who nonsense I am not prepared to stomach at all, before they think they can control my books share my income with people and become distributors of my income etc ,like they talk about each time they have the space to appear on public television; hoping some strange institutional racism and insolence based prejudice will be involved in my business and then they will bottle neck my supply lines and tell me its all gone to hell, as if I don't already know that and I don't know everything about them). I am definitely never going to give back that stupid left anyway.


It was a simple process of whether the broking of equities from my global intellectual space and property with businesses all over the world holds a certain amount of sway in people's companies and their outlook, to the point which then creates a circumstance of that sway amounting to up to 70% of their outlook by which I can push for them to have their HQ in the UK to make things easier, not a fight, 

Hence these people ask me what they get in return for placing their HQ in the UK and I promised to deal with the evils of society for them, not set up structures for men to come to the UK to be served by kids, so they can be glorious, while voting socialist idiots and telling them thereof how to get more and so on because there will be a banana republic if I do, on account they do not wish to understand what it means to leave my books, my market place and thereby my income alone, 

nor was it a matter of me living on benefits with their violent society idiots that always put up with pain that makes no sense and tell those who supply them with information that makes those pains many times worse, they are cowards, until they have it beaten into their souls, so they can form a deadly gang for revenge. Which if they are not doing recently, means attacking me because of their gluttony, with which they come here to eat the most exotic foods and chew the most exotic snacks and sleep with girls using money embezzled from a treasury somewhere in the world relentlessly, which then means to them that if they challenge me they can  get away with it, especially the insolent black men and their stupid girls and the women who think they are my equal or something as well, who think they will either copy or steal my fame as a result of insolent media reporters talking nonsense all the time with which they use that violent cultural practice of theirs where they put their problems in my heart which is bad for my health and abusive for my person and my right to do my job or indeed earn for it which eventually leads to fascist abuses to have revenge for rejection, in order to live on the best results of every fight that has been won. 

I am an equity trader not somebody who flatters businesses for a living and being called such things by idiots for whom other people’s progress is competition with their fame, will not stop until the necessary steps are taken.

The UK was a place I made into somewhere parents who want a safer place for their well behaved kids could bring them to study and do business, I had even taken steps to control House Prices and ensure they do not hit the poor because rich people buy here, until it became the little mess it is today; with idiots all over the place claiming young people serve stupid men here and this is the place to come to be glorious.

They were supposed to go to the US but they will never go there because at the moment they realise Americans are having a hard time and that it will be on them if they do, so they come here, where it could be on somebody else; such that while we expect they will come here and behave, it turns out the direct opposite. Hence when they get their insolent kids murdered through racism, they think they have split blood on my property etc, since I am blind as well. The danger is that they expect to leave this country when they do with some glory gained, with which they can ensure which ever country welcomes them does at the expense of the UK and it is never going to work because I will hunt them down there, especially so because everybody knows they talk too much. They tell me I will loose my benefits at this point and if I do they will loose their business for something so small-it’s not a joke any more.


The upper lower class support the middle and I try to lead the recovery is what we are doing here and I am not talking about Labour. Those are work based oppression tyrants, who blew up the civil service, the military and the Police department, increased number of worker in them to incredible numbers and now another government has to come in and in turn made cuts, so people are left unemployed in an industry they spent their youth training for, while they have their jobs not in government but as the opposition of government. However there is still a worse issue despite this because all these things have been done in such a way that there is a very huge deficit to pay off, which if we wanted to keep secrete they would tell the world to ensure their plans for dragging people out of their homes until they do revolution, so they can grab the jobs they fancy themselves a as having in order to have open government. So it was one thing to fall of the mountain but they have been digging fast below, now its another to climb out of a pit that is almost as deep as the mountain is high, in order to start climbing the mountain at all in the first place. Hence I must take stock of what they must pay for these things and the friends they have made overseas based on their desire to climb the social ladder looks really good for it; the only way we can pay off part of the deficit, then convince businesses that when they invest here while are debts are not so bad, they will not be throwing away money even though we have debts.

How long has it been since the Bank of England kept interest rates at an all time low, while idiots manufacture us bad news in every way they can, after being responsible for creating us a crisis out of  recession ? I know I should not be sitting in public talking equities and securities but it is the way they like me and will get worse and worse until we recover. For starters; insulting me, peddling my personal life and moving into my right which is were they normally must be and everybody know it will happen or else. Now it seems they are prepared to tell me what to do by which they will move me left in a way that I can ignore them when they do but the issue is still that it is a function of their ego, so it will never do.

It is never a matter of respect for me; how I can get respect for anything and from anywhere when I am just looking after myself? It is my global intellectual space, it is my empire and I broke it with businesses for a living and write books from which I earn. The part where government is involved is when people need information from my office and they always give the respect that is due because its their stuff anyway, and then the bit where respect for me comes in is where by equities determine up to 70% of how a business runs its operations, at such point of which I will try and push for them to have HQ in the UK and the way they respond varies widely:- some want to have operations in the UK, some want to have storage in the UK some even have a way in which their business works so they get involved with the Queen directly, which is where the matter of respect comes in etc, which even if it does is quite insignificant (I mention it because it is a matter of abject insolence which I should ignore from people who have a habit of ruining my life by ruining my finances). The issue here is people who claim everybody knows their place is to move into my right, which they will with their ego that will never do in hell.

I think they understand me when I say they come to this country to eat the most exotic foods and chew the most exotic snacks, then sleep with girls al using money they embezzled from a treasury somewhere and unleash fascist idiots on others thinking they will go from thieving middle class to stealing my fame or indeed Royal Estate and that it is nice to insult people all the time and make it it is something less damaging such as teasing whoever is their equal as it were. Of course they have waited decades for a boy like me whom they can take advantage of to have a great thing in life to come along but the whole process by which I was available to them was not a matter of normal circumstances, which means it is likely it will end on a human rights issue and I will never be responsible for my actions as well.

They all tell me especially the Politicians and every twerp on the media that has had a conversation on public television with those, that they make me fight because I keep them out of my life and they are staying out still anyway; out of any perversions to my faith that I might have been forced by circumstances and their insults to carry out especially , stay out of my securities and equities, I am not saying those perversions do not exit, I am saying they will have none of it and will continue to stay out of my personal life whether they like it or not, while I will never give back those stupid cultures anyway. Obviously corrupt buy your way to the top on over and about absolutely everything new families in Europe, along side developing economy idiots that will punish us for colonialism and the process of making them better people, then hope to turn out to gain from it when they are rich enough punishing us as it were as well and American support played out destructively on media on a daily basis for both is a winning combination; it seems that it is the lack of respect for Nation sovereignty most complained about by Russians that appears to be causing pain. Here in Royal circles the problem being that since last the Daughters' of HRH The Duke of York thought about seeing the world, I have been moving from one finance orientated problem to another, while he has not once believed that it is important to detach his daughters get around with the rich and party life from official business, because of course if I did, I would not be putting up with really excruciating lower class misfortunes because it is going on.

I. Uno I


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