Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.






Its never true I spend my time sitting around somewhere thinking of what will happen with me and my apparent reputation of committing multitudes of sins against other people in anyway whatsoever; what really happens is for instance people finding out even they do not necessarily believe in getting their hands up my Bum when they do not even know what my name is, especially after I have developed something for them as well, usually a matter of back breaking work which pays nothing over social issues, with such results as a condition where they have to reorganise their whole life being purpose. They will never allow civil security issues stand as it were; the part where it’s a simple matter of the fact a fight is a fight and the only way to ensure somebody whose size is very dangerous does not kill you is to sign a disclaimer with them, of which when such papers have not been signed, then such situations have to be avoided, not because of cowardice but because nobody sets out to kill others during a fight, it just simply happens and those who are most at risk need to show it too as it were; especially when people do have jobs because they are adults, obvious reality is that those who want to take out a fight with people have to come very early in the morning or very late in the evening because others are usually at work most of the time, there are no difficult security conditions we have to live with, these trouble makers simply never let it be knocking head at Media and Celebrity culture because of the way their own stupid decisions have made their existence look and I never sit around somewhere either coming up with education for how their activities affect others or think about my multitude of sins I have committed against real Men and important people like they insultingly claim that I do especially on Media.

The Politicians always make out that the criminal trickery these goons engage themselves in adds up to how they want to get rich with warehouses they have no time to work on due to the demands of Government Office, which adds up to people who are in a desperate situation and need government intervention to help out with finances and then complain later about inability to control their activities, it does leave the wonderment as per whether what Politicians regard as a desperate situation are people who not only chose poverty but whose health is not affected by criminal behaviour in the wider Public because those who perform such actions are part of their extended family, such that some do us favours of inventing their own version of criminal activities and making themselves junkie goons at industry that cannot stop telling others how to exist at the behest of some pests in suits – I wonder if what they regard as a desperate situation is that those whose health is affected by criminal activity made some money never the less or that the fact they have enough health to work for money manually but decide to spend it on celebrity culture targeting those whose well planned living they have already damaged in the past is what they mean by desperate situation. Either way which the opinions of the politicians about it have become more complicated since last the fools invented a way of picking a fight with me over Local and overseas influences and the most insulting of the lot being the white ones spend most of their time wanting to know why an Arch Prince has the Cote of Arms of the Monarch who is their parents on an Estate Operations website.

So I am constantly told of what difficult situations I have brought on myself and cannot get out of which I really am fed up with the business of it harming the confidence and morale of any persons I have business with all together; the truth is that I am not – what we have here is a group of very twisted and evil people who threaten me all the time because they have money problems and wish to ensure none can stop them from doing so no matter what level of Government they need to play up their gimmicks at to achieve such things – the parents of child Celebrity who grew up to find out he has nothing at all because his money was entrusted to them sort of characters. They always leave out these facts when complaining to Government operatives, making up stories about some difficult position I find myself in all the time and then there are the women ones who spend most of their time making sure they were making a mess of my Public life, knowing I have business with Armed Forces, thinking that any which direction I turn will see them get the better of everything I do and teach me lessons for looking like I had counted all the enemies and defeated them; the first time of which it was that I got bullied for attending Church, so it simply had to get serious once I dropped out of University because I smelled thing, hence what they are complaining about presently should feel exactly the same as dropping out of University to sit about reacting to the stupidities of society who really like they claim to have discovered my most prized secrets, need to spend time building the empires that will allow them spend most of their time with equally insane stupid women who would rather not spend time with them without taking pictures that involve blowing kisses at criminals all over my Public image to make magazines that show up at supermarket top shelves to make hell for me on the streets all day long, as a sign of their mental illness getting to mean that they were famous and that I ought to be caught up with the dirty parts of their fame that involves random crowds loving them while I cleaned up after them as they went along and constantly had a dream of somebody that is bigger than I am beating me up, while their civil rights purely evil goons speak of getting into a fight with me all the time as the condition of those who can beat up praising themselves and those who cannot hurting themselves persist to their irritation, of which they will not give up showing up here to peddle their problems instead of get a Book I have written on seeing I am not actually interested. My point is that I am not in any difficult situation at all and they usually say that the boys are able to do it because they are more powerful while the girls are an example of the fact I have lost the money success bits; truth of it being that the boys are junkies who find me put myself up on social media, to set about following and unfollowing my profile until they had built up an image that lets them make demands on me abusively while making sure everything I did was toxic and the Media part to play in the matter being the academic proficiency of my work was lost and it looks like a joke, which encourages more of it, leaving me to think I will only set out the fact it’s a Law student writing Books by completely destroying their Celebrity culture to ensure they got involved with me on the basis of what they did for a living only. The girls will be the part where what has really happened is Industry goons giving them money when they attack me, meaning that they tend to show up for perceptions that will create the idea I had lost it at the market, to avoid establishing relations with consumers if they wanted to recover from a recession rather than the dream of confiscating my Royal Estate writing Empire leaving me unable to earn at Office everyday – its never really an issue as they will never get the money back and I have constantly made it clear it is gone for good whenever spent on these purely evil goons all together, so the only other alternative is to spend all that money on popularity, stock market and Politics goons to get on my nerves and then later on when they want it back build a product that they can force the same persons to buy as it were – yes they usually say they will tackle those who have business with me naturally and they hate my books and social media for a start as it stands, while they simply have difficult seeing I am not interested in their problems while my main objective is to get them buying and reading my Books as it were. Generally, everything I need to do has been done save the academic work I have not finished, and it still stands as the clearest example of their stupidities and wickedness for the busy body politicians to make judgements by i.e. I drop out mainly because the Daddies show up to work whiles on me that churn my tummy, the same whiles they claim they deploy to defend themselves from violent young people and we all know its largely a matter of them taking their ideas out to the City where far cleverer people took it from them as it were; so this is a good reason to drop out of school and spend time getting beaten down in your bedroom while a bunch of idiots practice how to be more important than you are and beat you up at the end of it theoretically while the terrible relationship of wanting to destroy my career and see me show respect for popularity idiots that I have with my birth mum was their biggest advantage and I do not see for my part that it was created by their own stupid parent all together either.

Its never true the society trouble makers have a way of causing me pain everyday either, its mainly a matter of how I work, being that after years of provocation following my botched academic work over their daddy whiles, I have no right to be unhappy and so they constantly show up here to seek a response – the result being that I ensured they thought of nothing else but what I am thinking about and the only way out has been to get younger people grabbing my career on the basis of what they know. As for the younger people, there was always an old story they wanted to tell concerning their quest for easy life and conveniences which is largely played out in terms of their hands up my bum all day long and so am I certain they can understand me when I say I am not interested in any of their problems only in a condition whereby they buy and read Books I have written. As for the whole thing endangering my life; we have seen many instances of these sorts of abuses and it started with set backs I needed to suffer so people may dominate me spiritually before I am allowed to get a job, years of incredible abuse Liberal America cannot do without following a case of making me out to be or look like what I am not or do not look like in anyway whatsoever, that then gives way to publicly adopted disposition which lets them attack disabled people and others who have visibly obvious problems, never mind the claim I am mentally ill or the behaviour that suggest I have no right to be angry they follow me around and wreck academic work and finances to grab my future as stupidly as possible, as though I appear at academic institutions by the grace of their stupid charity and so on – now we are just at the stage where their stupidities know where my Book shop is located and have since decided my whole world revolves around them and their idiocy which is about to threaten my life and I believe they are complaining presently but it will likely get out of hand if I got the slightest whiff of it as well. It is clearly the price of damaging everything they see here, to get on public places practicing how to be more important than I am, given way to a business of the things they sit young hoodlums down to blab about in the neighbourhoods after which they send them out to chase my bum and label me a bum, as stupidly as possible and yet they say I am the bum all together, especially as it is that each time anything is organised at the Monarchy on the basis of what I had gotten up to, they showed up here to do their own Political version of it as insultingly as possible ironically of which they happen to be the only ones complaining about the consequences in each turn.

I do get told the main problem here is that I am very poor, so apparently it is the bases on which to invent excuses to tackle my Clients and any Brokers that have invested in the Estate products but its difficult to see how this should tend to stop the poverty they complain about anyway or indeed how it serves a solution. For my Part however, lying on my Hermitage Bed praying for strength to deal with Society and Secret society goons who need to lose money all the time as well before their behaviour towards me which is incredibly abusive for it changes, building up pressure for my head and chest and tummy and bottom does not in fact have any effect on whether or not people are being chased up for sex which distracts them from the academic work and the jobs they do for a living, making my poverty the main point of call all together but we can see that it draws attention away from what the Literary Empire of this Hermitage was built for and draws attention away from my Books while the general assumption continues that whilst their need to be modern and to live the life style accordingly Trumps my Arch Prince's lifestyle all the time in such ways, threatening to tear it up for them as well is very likely a bluff on my part. I have not been able to locate what facts support this link they have drawn up between the existence of their money and the business of relying on me not to do anything about damage they do to my property in order to build leverage for it but I am certain it looks for a whole heap of trouble as it is impossible for me to keep saying the same thing to the one group of people for years.

I understand they say I am desperate to be successful and that it is the reason people can play around with my feelings and it is utter nonsense – extremely disrespectful; the only reason I need to do anything about success is that I am dealing with a condition that means when I had put out Equities, interested investors find it dangerous because a collection of idiots thought it was a toy from which they could extricate a lifestyle that will make stupid people rich in the near or far future. What I do not do to them is see them hang around somewhere and feel like getting involved to measure up, so I do not expect them to handle me – what I do not do to them is extract money from their market place or businesses because I want to make women comfortable, so I do not expect them to do it me and sit about looking as though they were the only ones who had a culture on the planet, no such thing as desperate to be successful. I mean they also say that the way I respond damages their incomes but it is how it is meant to work; it happens to every company – employ five and your income goes up by 10%, employ 15 and it does by 60%, employ 20 and it come down by 10% - why do they take what they like from others to a point that means the owners feel as though it is no longer part of the system and will not return home at a later time, why do they feel they can take whatever they like to point where the owners of property they abuse have to respond which means they end up with a problem, like we see them give to the frugal; it is what their cracked up out of my league stupidities are doing to the National economy as a form of blackmail that ensures I cannot breathe and they could churn my tummy as they wished, not being desperate to become successful that makes me into a toy with exposed feelings that any person can make a mess of – when they lose it normalises and the benefit is that their stupidities makes sense of what their behaviour does to others. It is taller than I am and wants to have sex with taller people, wants to work with taller people, wants to read Books that taller people have written, wants to get into a relationship with taller people, even wants to talk only to taller people and marry taller people about its size but my body type is needed as a tool that keeps it safe from the bullying that makes it smell all together and will not let me breathe because it is damaging the Body that has refused to co-operate and I have warned them enough times about how much of their disrespect I have tolerated like the desperation to be successful for example, I have warned them they have their type when it comes to sex and relationship matters. They do claim I do not stand a chance of course and we shall see about that when I start to run a Campaign that ensures those who have a body type that can protect their bums like mine are not doing it as well; since it is rather obvious that when I write a Book and put patents on it that allow me peace of mind and a means to get into an Office and do some work, this nonsense of pulling my legs and getting after my derivatives to ensure they can have such things at my expense whether I liked it or not is what it was used for and yet have informed me if I put a label on them that says they were bloody idiots, I would get into trouble.

Speaking of how it affects my academic work and the need to ensure they understood what consequences will befall them if they pranged it again; its their need to tell me a Woman’s job is never done and get their imagination up my anus in order to manipulate me and have what they want which accounts for 80% of stress I endure – the business of taking out a job in a warehouse or factory while looking after a career and a Royal Estate and my academic work accounts only for about 10% and it is no way to live all together; I am never really interested in their problems or where they want to end up, buying Books from this Shop is what they should show up here for. In the end they do claim they do not fancy me as much as I make out that they do which is not really based on reality, as it does appear I will always see these individuals as a bunch of low lives no matter how rich they were and the need to foul up my language when handling it will always serve the purpose of filling their heads with the stupidities they invent in order to extract money from my life and Public image, even my market, no matter what they have - being happy and sad at the same time spikes my stress levels but otherwise I am rather having a great time. As long as I am keeping them buying my Books to invest my Equities while they are unable to threaten me every time they need money, I will be alright.

The Politicians however will always be convinced this is all my fault after years of ripping up everything I do by spending public funds on the processes of doing so but the entire purpose was to ensure that insane community goons that do not have a lot of good looking people to access can access me, the idiots now think where they have ended up is my fault but its an old story that government was the biggest killer in the world because we never seem to run out of fools who think it is a toy and when it comes to the fucking bits, its always after setting the stage their stupidities realise that they have got a big round arse. The part that causes the real problems being that I dropped out of University because the Politicians wanted it, they wanted it because community croons needed to access me in order to stop looking like characters racists will want to target, what we have ended up with is that these goons who spent time wondering where Teacher's Private parts were while everybody else was studying are now free of looking like something racists want to target even though they are complicit with every evil thing that passes in the land and because they are mentally ill it is usually relentless, such that if my thing is punishing those who allow them access me, mine will be relentless and endless as well; so this is what the Politicians have always thought people need to drop out of University and spend their time on. The rest will be the Popularity goons that will not let me be and yet they understand I am aware they are lowest of the low who need fine clothes and celebrity lifestyle because everybody does what they boast about better than they do it - so when they start to tell me to do what my Mum wants its obvious I had met them; so my question is usually whether they wish to marry my Mum and relieve me which I hope brings them back to reality since if I handle their own as well, I will be making popular culture out of the relationship they have with their parents never mind exploring to the latter the business of their insanity being loved by the Crowd until they are some sort of Bo Character, meaning that the Politicians now know this is not what tackling wealth inequality is about.

Its not the case that I need to remind myself that I am Royalty and others may have Millions but they are just Traders as such, it’s the process of getting along and certain facts behind it which have come up in Public and need to be cleared up i.e. it may be rich but when it sees me defend myself from bullying, most of the time of which it was responsible for the fact I am being bullied, it has a certain financial range and publicity that allows it claim my behaviour as its property – so why they continue to set up their cheaper piled high and sold cheap products on my Public image even when they are rich enough for many life times over and then set about telling me that my Literary empire exists only in my head and that I own no such thing while they keep doing that is a fact that none will be able to explain but it does show that I need remind myself that no matter how rich they will always be a bunch of low lives and not as classy as Royalty. They do make out I have compromised myself and appear as though I need to share in order to gain affirmation, such that they can manipulate me but I have no idea who the person was that is responsible for building me this publicity that says my behaviour towards Politicians and Media and Celebrities and culture trouble makers and Society trouble makers is not my life unless I had gone out in Public places to make a Publicity case out of the fact that it was anyway? They do say I like Industry people and I do not like Industry people etc but they are corrupt and those I have business with really want to work with me, I am fed up with them making a mess of my whole life because my reaction is said to be amusing - its difficult to determine what is wrong with them but I know they are twisted and rotten to the core - not interested in their problems.

Now They do claim others are better than I am at making money which is utter rubbish; what happens is that one does not grow up being completely naive about the way the world of apprenticeships work but when you get out into the real world, whilst the way a Priest gets along with the Five Fries that have been sent to his Parish is the way wealthier Pop stars get along with the others who look up to them, when a Priest rents a venue to teahc people the Bible it does not bother anybody when the Pop stars rend a venue they are ripping up the personal lives and public image of Church attendees to get rich quick building conveniences for the wanton Crowd and it loves to target me so much that I can no longer ignore it all together. Then there is the part that really brings it on i.e. not just that the frequency of targeting me is indicative of how amusing they think it is if they are not complaining about me and blowing off their big mouth all over the place that is, we find that clipping peoples business to rip up the equity and market selling 1 pound music downloads that will get rich quick because there is something in this world which has convinced them that their problems are greater than other peoples own makes them enough money such that when they meet with others who do the same a secret society which has wealth and controls a crowd emerges and then their need to insult people and carry on while telling people to answer to the Fans who are a sign that their methods speak for itself gives way to the other side which is society getting into a habit of violent gossiping that builds atmospheres which are of mortal threat to Homosexuals for example and those who administer the violence will have been getting as busy bodied as the Homosexual get on behalf of these sorts of popularity fools and Industry goons whenever big companies wish to crush small businesses. They are not better at anything whatsoever than I am.

The main case they make has turned now to one that says Christians tend to dominate everything.

From here it does not make any sense whatsoever, we know it never really stops; the story about how they have problems and need a sacrificial lamb, somebody that will die for the problems of society and the fact people are poor and the need to excuse their complicity with violent tribalism and racism once it had started never ever stops, as if they are unaware of what they are doing. Soon, like we currently have it, they are scared and terrified and panicky and have become disillusioned, so Christians tend to dominate.

Its more like the racism business – starts off with ethnic minorities claiming I have what I have because I made a deal to be complicit with racists so they do not hurt me and then in no time it happens to have progressed to matter of damage to academic work and finances because they want me to plan a life and open it up to them while they break any rules they like in order to make money and get rich quick and when I had started to be physical conscious of the fact that what I have done to secure myself from such violent nonsense needs redoing, they want the money they had made breaking rules in this way along with their stupid person to be safe on that as well. Hence its largely a matter of racism being to the young people who do not have the muscles and energy that those who claim to be racists picking a fight with people they have never met have got, the truancy that is a gift that just keeps giving because the racists state of affairs will sort out the problems among many other ills of society and so on but the question these days is largely that of who is doing it, the white Community or the ethnic minorities who can never stop telling lies and find their activities to be amusing behind their victims backs.

This only tends to compound their insults in my direction getting increasingly complicated, which does nothing whatsoever to support their theory that Christians tend to dominate. It does rather make so much sense when they claim to have gotten the better of me, while all can see it is easier to stay away from my Books and stop following me around, than it is to try and find out if the expensive business of being exposed as a civil rights popularity fraud will give way to one of being exposed as a goon who plays around with racism in order to break rules and get rich quick at other peoples expense all the time with no discretion whatsoever.



I have now heard this story of how I am finished and people who associate themselves with me will earn trouble building up to a stage recently, I could never make out what the purpose was anyway, what I do know is that people have explained their position very well and it is quite clear that if I said they were idiots it would get me into a lot of trouble but little choice is left when I fact such nonsense while they tackle my finances by means of making sure that whilst I write Books to broker private creative equity asset, their stupidities had set out to take over my whole life and public image, destroy it and condense anything they have gained as trophy into a product that they sell to their Clients, which is clearly not what Private Creative Equity asset broker actually means. Little choice is left for me when it is virtually impossible explain the facts and reasons that makes them so stupid and indeed why I must always pay the price for it even when they have gained a reputation for informing them that I have had enough of it. They do speak of me doing a lot of talking naturally but its an old story of a very corrupt group of goons that have developed a sense that I will be their fly on the wall because they could never deploy their own lives to do what they want to do except when it involves a process of consuming goods and services that will be gone for good once they had and because of the other part where they are perpetually seen getting around my personal space to make me smell as well, they are rather convinced this theory holds up. It’s the same case we see all round; they will wreck my whole life because women are being sexually abused and then wreck it all over again because society is not nice to men, then wreck it all over again because I am able to do something successfully about it, then wreck it all over again because I took it back to the way it was because they wrecked my life on account I am able to do something about it, now they have begun to get on my nerves because my academic work and finances have been the casualty of that, on account their stupidities makes them think they had suddenly become very important, especially when they have Cars and Houses to show for it – then supposing I am not yet fed up with the stupidities and decided to ask why they do it, then I get told they are seeking out fortunes, looking for money.

 They always claim I would get into a lot of trouble if it came to it but we are here because of their insults and ego – the same story with the fashion models and the Celebrities and so on; what happens is that Clients award them contracts and outsource some work to me concerning bill boards and corporate identity for instance, while I am working on that, for some reason the fact I do not get along with culture and society trouble makers who have crowds on other peoples doorstep to press their need for wealth and fame through other peoples lives by while they got along with those, generally meant their work had a lot to do with me and their Clients had better started behaving etc and it never does, just like the Celebrities are finding out where their case will blow up is the bit concerning goons that cannot keep their imaginations off other peoples bums after spates of insults that these abusive communities support, which are about peoples tummy and why others must keep the mouth shut becoming something female journalists want to discuss all the time moving them off to the left for it, being torn apart, so they might build me a relationship that is based on sex – of which we have always known there is sex and then there is celebrity and then the security that protects them when they seek adulation from the random crowd in the first place and that this was completely unnecessary, save the part where they work for a film producer that had brokered my Equities bringing it on like they were gods in Hollywood. Likewise models need do their modelling as there is no part of my inability to get along with culture and society trouble makers which concerns them; it is usually very difficult to understand unless I ignored the part were they made out they did it because they were planning to buy my Books and get involved with what I am doing and I therefore needed to leave something behind until they were able to and see it as what it is i.e. very twisted and vile evil form of competition that human beings could devise. They always make out I will never stand a chance but we know they were living off Politicians spending tax payer funds on them, of which we know if the Politicians had the entire treasury it was going to be quite a spectacle, with no prospects of success in sight for them, should they become convinced they want to beat me down or take me on, hence not really based on fact and yes they love to speak of the Community croons that will decide everything I have should be available to everybody and its always an old story that they do so because they wish to ensure that the business of chasing my bum is not matched with the business of tearing up their finances on my part as well naturally, worth noting that they know they are doing the wrong thing and are covering their tracks, might be acceptable for them to tone it down as well. They do claim I put a distance between me and them to practice these processes of having a go until I had perfected it and now I want to get the better of them all the time but there is no such thing; what happens is that they force me to deal with the relationship they have built with crazy love community women due to the fact they can never let people be and when I had done it they rip up my finances and career to sit around nursing hopes of me working for them as a security guard, so I am not doing it anymore and am left to deal with their mentally disturbed idiots with a dream which churns my tummy while they chase my public image and issue threats, has nothing to do with getting stuck somewhere to practice until I had no fear of them.

They are not my problem you see, the Politicians are – those will claim their position as the people who run the Country is better settled when they had gained a guarantee that people cannot refuse them when they want people to serve them in some way and yet The Queen does not make Legislation nor does the Police enforce Legislation that The Queen has made in this Country – so we find that once the idiots had finished with this, they will sooner had gotten into Parliament to make the Legislation and run the Country anyway, leaving their stupidities out there for anybody and or anything to copy. We see the same behaviour exhibited at the NHS – whereby we all know the Conservatives have a bit of Socialism and Liberalism in them, so do the Liberals a bit of Socialism and Conservatism and so do the Socialists a bit of Conservatism and Liberalism, so what we have is that the Party Whip ensures that everybody follows the specific Party line and this is what ensures that a large proportion of what they are doing is a matter of what their party stands for; the Conservative show signs of wanting to Privatise the NHS, if the Labour Party was not already using it as a tool to build business connections overseas in the Pharmaceutical Industry, what we will then end up with is that the Conservatives will Privatise the NHS and break it and then they will rebuild it and become the People who gave the British back their NHS and the period that will have passed will be about two decades and only people who do not matter will suffer during the process but somebody whose who clearly effing had the interest of the people that do not matter, made the NHS a position for Political point scoring in the first place. So we see the same behaviour, that everybody else knows when racists and criminals and gangs start to think of chasing what really matters to them, we find them show up at the small shops and factories and warehouses to earn a living but only these Political idiots will pick up tax payer funds and spend it on such people, so it becomes impossible after a fear years of grooming, to tell them that their behaviour is stupid, which otherwise would have brought them back down to reality because they have money to prove that they are not and now the fools are talking nonsense about how finished I am or not and or how to ensure people who associate with me suffer for it, looking like they believe they have had me calculated but have not calculated anywhere near the half of it yet; since it is clearly now time for them to fight as it were, the clowning around having gotten serious – for my part which it is becoming a far more important reality to face, that the only to keep these scum off Ones career and work and personal property, one has to have a personal issue with anything that makes them feel as though they are important and or as though they mattered, considering it is the only way to beat the fucking idiots back to where their jobs are really located.

They do say I need to clear up whether or not I am a coward and I could never understand it, since we find them complain about their hurting bottoms along with loss of future for their children all the time for their part while they have never actually deployed their size to do any fighting in a way that actually has protected any person on this planet. So for the former it’s a matter of insults like these meaning that busy body opportunists join in with the fighting and even if they were going to fight in a way that protects others which is what bravery is about, that would have made it counterproductive, for the latter its more a case of the fact I know what fighting does and have done all my necessary fighting which also protects them by the way, so I could never understand where they get their coward story from anyway. Its like they also claim I get around claiming things that I have never really done which I could never understand anyway, my Books are not written about the lives of other people and they seem to spend their time on nothing else but corrupting its purpose to expose me to their violent problems, so its hardly the sort of disposition that a person who claims things he has never done would end up with. Its a combination of a process of forcing their problems on me while making a headway with general living, organising those societies with Celebrities and Fashion Models and Politicians, all of which are surrounded by security guards and do nothing but extract the best made plans of mice and Men from other peoples lives, talking nonsense about me being a coward as well and of course churning my tummy due to years of insults which relate to the idea I talk too much, to threaten me because of the bad smell caused, which has placed us where we are and as long as they have not shut it down, we are going to get to the part where I detach them from that fantasy of living in my space or being me, so they get real and their own own ends a bit sadly too.

I do get asked if I know exactly what brings on these behaviour but we can see when they screw around with civil rule and are so important they cannot keep their hands to themselves, that it is Public transport operatives who express the most facts about what they really think i.e. that whilst they have their own lives, they wish to save that somewhere and enjoy it as they invent one stupidity after another to spend mine – so in my case we find my activities are linked to a royal Office but Public transportation idiots have built themselves a following that should let them deploy it to run Public transport jobs as a matter of security for general public members who travel through it and the main problem with me is that I am terribly selfish. I do get told it’s not exactly clear how much of these matters have affected me but they do not affect me at all, when I respond to these matters I do because people have taken up years of my time to make me vulnerable to the stupidities of society and to make sense of what passes on people’s left hand side and right hand side by spending tax payer funds to rip up my academic work and finances, so when I respond the way I do, the purpose is to ensure they had ended up with a problem even though I know exactly what it is and so it does not affect me at all – I mean people know that if they respond to this schizophrenia they will be unable to concentrate on anything that they are doing but they fundamentally yearn to be in a position where they understood what passes on the left and right hand side and society goons could pull their legs and then we find they cannot address or get involved with me either as though I was an Arch Prince or as though I was a writer or indeed both, blabbing about alternative ways to make use of me all the time. We even hear them say that it’s a lack of respect for women on my part which causes it, while reality is rather that they have only done a small bit of the fighting bits that involves supporting Celebrities and are now lecturing me about respect for women, since they are convinced the system can no longer track them. I mean what really happens is that there is the world of Men, comprising of people who cannot stand those who suffer from Tummy Ulcer or Haemorrhoids because such people smell especially when you put pressure on them and so this leaves another group of busy body tramps that gets around ripping up peoples lives to get rich and hence indicates the Men have everything – question being which ones the women have got as well? Then again, I am carrying on with my own concerns before I suffered the Ulcer and Haemorrhoids all together and they showed up to wreck the academic work and finances, start a game of insults and what they had taken from me through it, then set about putting labels on me; so the way it plays out as a whole is ripping up the academic work and finances, building me a reputation for it, spreading the word and then setting off to the work place to ensure my stress level spikes all the long over a busy bodied vicious stock market, popular culture and Politics cycles, running off dirty sales. I do get asked where this is heading but its an old case – as promised, I intend to set out this warnings until the end of November 2018, then I shall get myself a life; should I be done with these warnings and at the end find that planning a career and a family is going to hurt them, it will be deemed bad luck on my part and I shall make them suffer dearly for it. 

We have even heard the claim so often, that I spend my time making sure I am getting up to something sinister with respect to allowing government to oppress free people and we find that top of the list was the one where my Books and academic work or career exists to ensure that they were never able to hold their government to account and were never able to scrutinise the activities of their leaders. The truth however is that they spend most of their time experimenting as per the fact I am a low life with no confidence to address important people or have an intelligent conversation with people, who wants to lead, so he finds a way to push people into a condition whereby people need him in some way, so that he might exert influence over those that would otherwise have gotten him spending his whole life trying to impress in order to gain access to leadership or even an ability to express himself. They never put this fact about their activities in my direction towards the Politicians any time we find them complain about me naturally, it is usually always all my fault out of the blue literally. I have been clear that dropping out of University because of it was not nice and I would fancy they had stopped following me around and had stopped getting involved with my Books but they have not stopped either of the two, the business of telling me what to do and spending my acumen doing so is still very popular with them while they complain that I am the trouble maker. The view these goons have of what I think of them being completely flawed as such i.e. that I think they matter and are important people who deserve respect while what I think of them really is that they chose poverty so they might acquire a path for the practice of their wickedness with those who have had things that they have never had being an excuse for it – when it started on my case in 2002 it was mostly about choosing poverty and then blaming it on the rich or anything that either looks talented or looks like what the rich looked like when they had not yet made the money, now it has developed into a case of ageist idiots getting up on public places to spend my Public image and my Book sales income margins on themselves, first trying to make me like them and set their children on a path to being important by insulting me or generally just running off very abusive daddy whiles in a community they have built which always comes up with a plan to do things to me while I wait somewhere for a time that they will get to do it which tends to indicate facts concerning how their stupidities took a talent out to the City and those who had the brains took it from them.

The point goes beyond the fact I am not vulnerable to it at all, since the reality behind the reasons I get involved with tehri activities when channelled at me, even when I know it is insanity, is so that they might rule over the Politicians who have supported them to a point where people can no longer just tolerate them and move on, so its no longer just a case of doing things at me that they would have done at their children while they do not pay my Bills and never will as disrespectfully as possible, its now a matter of me showing what I am made of as well which means those issues have become very important, the ones concerning the fact they have continued to make out they intend to run a Government alongside the business of Industry that involves establishing relations with consumers, who later become investors and when they do not trust you, your bottom will hurt all the time – its never a matter of my leadership about which none has asked them a question around here and their stupidities have never answered questions I have asked as well anyway it’s a matter of seriously convincing people that they are about to do Industry alongside Diplomatic and Political Office successfully, nothing like me sitting around somewhere making sure their foolishness can no longer hold their leaders to account blabbing on Media all day long looking for promotion where they had never earned it. I have warned these idiots that they are getting on my nerves in a big way and they have rather continued to boast that they really love winding me up, of which we can see that its only when they are finished, we find them begin to appreciate the importance of being able to relax as it were. There will be those windows of opportunity of idiots whose personal decisions inflicted on them the things we can never be free from hearing them complain about time and time again and they will squander it in favour of tackling me so that the vandalism and violence and damage might have a satisfactory consequences for their lifestyles; this is the real men and it can show up here and kick up some dust with plans to push a punch at me as well with that big mouth I can never be free from, see if it has been able to predict absolutely everything I am capable of like that blabbing suggests bearing in mind it never takes a warning and I am very certain I am not talking in gibberish for my part as well. It’s the same story as usual, its not important and is not in charge, needs to stop telling me what to do as I have made quite clear there is enough of it now after 14 years. I mean I am not vulnerable to it as we know I can make the society ones beat up the idiots with an imagination that goes up peoples bums, then set about using both to ensure rich idiots are not bother me, apart from responding to the business of being forced to deal with crazy love community women by responding to it and shutting it down when the women are about to get involved with me, so they will all have to pull themselves together lest they start to smell.

So I really think the main problem is the flawed view people have of what I think of these; my view is that its all popularity and money issues – the popularity is the one where it stands in a group on the streets and I am expected to get off my Church concerns and get involved for the purpose of feeling inferior to them if I do not express the idea that I feel as if I am, the money issues will be the one where it cannot stop abusing and insulting me on public places with a crowd on my door steps slashing and burning everything I do with my person and career on account they want equality and wealth distribution, then there is the claim I hate men thing while the reality is that there may be a thousand and one actions taken to ensure they do not extract any money or job roles from this estate and still it will rent a venue, surround itself with stupid girls and run off Publicity to do with plans that will allow it make more money than it has already got by extracting it from my best made plans. Its not going to end well if I started to think they are threatening me with violence like that big mouth of their blabs about all the time; the smelling like my loo bits being something that was started by stupid white boys talking nonsense about how I need to swallow right down to my tummy anything I was about to say, now they are set to solve the problems of industry goons where it concerns me all together and then when they are too old for the fame and have lost the career completely we shall find out what it is exactly that they can do about me all together as it were. I do not think that any degree of complaining will ever help - staying away from me will do the trick; have already dropped out of University and have no stomach to tolerate any more of their stupidities showing up around any of my concerns.

They do always speak of an unfairness which concerns the fact I have no respect for Celebrities and I will never understand it anyway - first of all is this realisation that they can handle what Industry trouble makers who want their pound of flesh on account they took part in a project get up to and that it is usually impossible when that involves me as well, which I am happy about; I am Royalty and Celebrities are famous, I am pretty sure one of those was more important, so we might avoid such clashes as an eventuality where I want to get around with some female journalists who will ensure goons who cannot keep an imagination off peoples bums were being discussed with a position on the left as well, it gets destroyed by Celebrities who want to look after me using their security guards and pornography. My point being this confusion is possible due to Media fools blabbing nonsense of how I need deploy Royal Office to show respect towards Celebrities and the realisation people have arrived at in the Celebrity world over the matter and the understanding it works in a certain way, that they need let me be is how I want to keep it for the foreseeable future - it of course excludes Celebrities that have always understood when sharing peoples lives you must give them the least amount of trouble and there are some that have never put the foot wrong, cannot say I hate Celebrities generally. The Celebrities that have been manufactured into fame by Industry trouble makers were meant to be the ones that gave us all specimen that we can learn from with respect to finding out what the characters of criminals who are also victims of crime is like.They do say the Celebrities were fabulously wealthy and they are but it is completely irrelevant – when companies float shares it is floated for the Public and anybody can buy it and sit around looking after his piece of a Multinational business, their position at Industry needs to cease being a problem for me. Besides which it is something I want to put a total end to; this business of running off a service during a recession and then having the products destroyed by Celebrities who set about making songs that people can sing during weddings and parties all over it and all over my personal life, bearing in mind they will not let my Books get sold even when the Books would have been bought without a hair on their skin being disturbed literally.

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Company Holdings at Industry & Prospective Investment Property Equity Assets Securitisation  





These matters of brokerage and Company Finance, Products and Property security are usually a very well familiar old story: businesses complain HH does not work with them when he decides to do what he may wish with their businesses and that it is a matter which creates the biggest problem, when in actual fact they are get rich freaks that are money mad and not business men or women but the question stirs actually from that of what people do when they see signs of an economic crisis because they make use of other peoples products without buying them and indeed what such outcomes say about their actions and the effects they are having on people's property? So it should be assumed that if the Country fell into crisis they would simply take their money and go somewhere else after wrecking everything and HH already knows the prognosis of that while they also know they can make no more money than they have if they do not get involved with him, so are determined to wreck his to make it happen and therefore do nothing for anybody, in which case it is difficult to see what their case over working with One whom they understand perfectly is a sturdy Christian and believes in nothing less than reward for work, is all about. It is nothing else they want apart from evil entrapment that they should get without consent so others can preserve their rights, which original purpose was to have something beautiful to look upon and to abuse for a good feeling but has now turned out to be about an evil entrapment that allows an ability to deploy One's Equities and securities to do business like those who buy the books do whether or not they buy the books and it is on this basis that the ever complaining popular culture idiots that speak of how One is always getting the wrong end of their stupid Popular music stick, get their own version of bullying too and no body gets a story from it from them so far either: it probably does indicate that they have spent money to buy arms to overthrow the British Government the way they normally show around their insolent boldness but that will not diminish what the CEO of this firm does to scar them and their insolent versions of socialism every time he is provoked either and that will not change for eternity nor will the outcomes. It is therefore all very well to plan a rebellion when you have a habit of doing things to hurt leaders that they have made clear to others and you have been in a position to listen, that they do not appreciate done to them, in fact it is fun and fame and they are getting the wrong end of your insolent stick and there are people who pretend to belong in the global Naval community because of their Physical appearance as though others are stupid and when they say that neither God nor the devil exists everybody tends to go along with that. Fair to say then that one is prepared to have anybody who wishes militarise what he may do to change their world if they change his own. It is a big planet and they continue to handle his property and tell him where he is supposed to be; with that they make money and travel around the world to find all places where people offer quality of life orientated services that other people buy and so because they want to get a lot of power from buying those services for their money, they feel as though they should topple a government in the UK. They continue to do nothing with their time but extract money from the property of a Prince while provoking him thereafter and so he will recover the money of course because they get in his face too often; it is a big world and they need stay away from his property and away from him and never tell him where he is supposed to be, so that when they earn money it does not belong to him otherwise it will. With respect to the matters raised therefore as an issue; the reality is first of all that HH gambled his entire empire on the economic recovery of the country and now they are not only pushing him into gangs and replacing his Intellectual property with the beauties of the damned using the media, so that media idiots can play games with his earnings and earn perks from his job, which does not seem like something that will court a response as it is done over the fact people do their own thing and broke it with HH and they on the other hand take the liberty to get involved with it especially where the money is concerned and thereafter start up lies of a conspiracy by some state operative, to roll out destructive media statements and commentaries that express such sentiments which suggests HH is stereotypically mingling with a Crowd beyond his league and will bring people to ruin, while checking him out for weaknesses, which causes the need to assume safely it is impossible for them to let people be unless they get hurt and love to perform these habits especially at the Financial part of the Economy where like the Commercials one, they do for Legal loop holes that will enable them appropriate things and help their kids to the finances of a Prince they supposedly can beat up, all of which means they have got more money than he does: and their point exactly no body will ever understand. This is the big question; selling books to and books that bring about economic success and security is the crime here ladies and Gentlemen. For now with respect specifically to One's career, HH intends to maintain this process where they cannot resist fighting for a good cause whenever they see one to secure that means they align themselves beside politicians with and will never be able to resist because the alternatives are much worse, even if they are fighting the President of the entire World. This is a gauge for the future of Media and Advertisement Industry and their vandalism based on how HH will have his life wrecked so he will use his powers to fight gangs to make them feel as though they are special.  



 A process of being able to step out of your door without somebody cashing into how you met with and affected peoples lives for every second that you do on public media, they claim Its all to do with their jobs and I am guess more so particularly the part involving strategically placed news reports that will really do One harm and cause him suffering and pain and set him up for community based bullying, just in case he decides to cut them off from their daily source of controversy that is a secrete place to make news and Television programmes with at the same time, which then get his attention by destroying his work and being defiant over doing so when he is not paying any attention and is used for bullying when anybody pays him any attention for the preservation of media power and claims it is done to ensure he comes up with information by which they get to the heart of the matter when they report news - while at the same time running businesses that hate him and accuse him of trying to create war because he has such low levels of tolerance for their community wickedness and keeps them inductrinated about what he thinks all the time, especially when they do not wish to listen, whereas they could simply rather buy the books instead to get all the information they wanted from an author. With respect to the legitimate way he hurts them, that has to do with the fact that they know the identities of those who get into the City centre to steal and grab money, they enjoy life with at tourism economies with such people and they have been joining them in their parties too for the purpose. They already hate the Arch Prince for, is that they have taken all these money and placed it somewhere to enjoy life with, expecting lots of power over people first before then, by the use of the economic crisis they have created in the first place. What he did in return was to set up this Firm that depended on these kinds of liabilities and they like to attack his book sales for it. Bearing in mind that his business was not connected with their stolen money or what they did with it but because they knew it would undo any plans to keep the money in a manner which assumes power and the Prince did because in his view they took those monies on account they clearly wanted to create jobs and employment and should be doing that straight away, as a government cannot get its own money too because people have no jobs to pay taxes with, so they expect this power to be about how we have to start from scratch, which brings up that question of who the hell they think they are. Of course HH is aware he could get information from the media but thinks it is better still if the media hates him instead; "I mean we are already putting up with blackmails and vicious destruction from tourist economies, considering their new found interests and the fact they know we are a threat and no body knows how long they will do everything they are told to and expect the economic crisis to last for anyway, so it is a question of how much people really think such information from the incredibly disreputable media we have today will be worth is Sterling pounds." Bearing in mind also that for every single securities and equities put out to deal with this matter, there is a follow on Political vandalism from their Politicians, who throw in with them because HH tries to earn a living and they want recent vanities acquires satisfied, about which he is always happy to tease the media all the time, while they talk about how scared of them he is; how he is the girl with their cool stuff while they are the real men who need to be cooled and the result was very violent and insolent distant fascism and of course One had to confiscate that stupid left and ensure he makes them as hot as possible and all the time too, so they can win only when he is tired and exhausted but get off spreading so much ill news which will mean it will happen again more painfully. It is never actually true that the British Monarchy overworks people and thereby creates rebellion within its own ranks like it is suggested of which I am set out as an example, when I actually do not feel over worked by a process of releasing money from my own property. It is a problem associated with the fact I have to keep records of all my movements just because I may have at some point somewhere affected peoples wickedness in their multicultural society and so although they know there are Christians around and should keep such things in private or people will inevitably happen to damage them, they put it out in public to secure such provocation. In the end it boils down to the question of how on earth you deal with an idiot that loves to get on television to do damage your livelihood because the way you fight is spectacular and pleasing to his eyes; You know it is easy for him to and therefore do everything to ensure he does not do it by taking responsibility for problems that are of your fault as well but what if he loves to gather up facts about you and use those facts to manipulate your feelings so that he can do it? I bet even now what HH creates as a service and product will not be enough because they know what is in his storehouse and will use media and advertisements to acquire that if they do not wish to buy it.




 For the connection One has with his friends and fans therefore, has he by his own expense put up this website for them and so written the Books for them too but returning to an Official duty or indeed his academic work would largely become an impossible feat because of the men. They have turned this matter into a career for themselves for vandalism and it is not such a difficult matter except that it expresses some intended violence and there is a woe factor to any who aids them. They as usual on the other hand think that his books will ever get sold because they are bending him into something which inspires people and gives them energy to go and get. One will never be allowed to exist therefore, bearing in mind that they want to hop from great job to great job and from high paid job to high paid job as a result, showing signs that nothing has changed about their thirst for preferential treatment by an entire world that got them into the position where they now hate a Royal Prince in the first place. It is therefore imperative to assume that HH will make them into things too. Bearing in mind that It is clearly an old evil which always seeks to corrupt everything for an internal war that they will loose as a form of destruction for things they envy and covet from other peoples lives - the violent face of western corruptions of involvement; and at the bottom line of whatever outcome is always the underlying message that those whose lives and property they covet belong to them. HH's prognosis "For which they always tell me they are not the problem and that the racists are which resonates really well with telling me about my so called involvement with the Queen of England which they intend to pleasure themselves with ( I don't see their stupid children becoming Government Chiefs of staff while still in college because they had a talent for it around here any time soon, nor do I see them do so). I too think racists are not the problem because the Country is, the Land is and the culture and society is and I want it all as personal and private property too, I mean they can see the way it works when my working Court cannot report news for a living in peace because they exist. As for being older than people and pleasuring themselves part, I believe I have made myself very clear about where I stand when it comes to the fact that it seems there is government for everybody except them and I intend to do things to provide one for them which no body has authorised me to. The standard is that an Enterprise that is my property is clearly an item not a classified adjective, thus like all others, no matter how big, the owners must have at some point handled accounts and PR. It is never quite clear what they mean by claims that I tidy up peoples businesses to swell my Bank account and that they are entitled to learn from and do so as well, never clear what they mean by an intrusion on my part to do the jobs that wives and children should be doing to support their Husband's businesses, never clear who gave them the right and what makes them think they can have those silly opinions anyhow they like and whenever they want with their silly sacred Cow Political wives, back stage Media and abusively destructive Children." In the end their Politicians can talk but I have had my empire wrecked and am financially crippled because silly gits want a new life and think of themselves as the worlds worst envy freaks as a result of lies they can tell and access to Media with it and now I am rebuilding all I own all the time because I am a Christian but it again means that they now have new arguments that support peoples businesses being wrecked as a result of that to provoke me and nothing is being done about it while they get on their way to acquire any things they want doing so, which in their view fit into civil rights as well. So the next time they tick me off we will definitely go after it and I will show how fed up I am with the insults and I will get any alternatives on offer on the matter - so that I might also enjoy some peace as well. So to this I say again 'Global Naval Community' and they can respond to it if they want, bearing in mind they are the only ones in the world that need money, more so from wheresoever God knows where Media (again). There are of course two major questions over all matters here at present and one of them is that of what seems to annoy me when others try to get around with me of which the facts are that they do not try to get around with anything but spend most of my time making sure a simple process of writing books and leaving them with publicists to sell them to those who buy is incredibly complicated because they want to fleece all I own out of me due to the extent of personal financial confidence they currently have and the things they can acquire with that as well and so it is that simple process of what I do for a living I want restored and established or I make their lives look like that instead, the richer and famous the better. The other question is of course that of how much trouble I find myself in with richer people of which there is none; it is the old story of their insults that I never respond to which their women especially think they want to build a new money making future from as well, on account envying them and their financial success usually brings about social cohesion, the same insults which ensure that each time I do not want a thing done to me doing it because it would present an opportunity for power over me which they need, it becomes a major preoccupation, the same insults which has landed them where they are today because they cannot listen when I say I do not want them to deploy my existence and whereabouts and activities as means of commercial activity but becomes the only thing they wish to do. which then makes anything that might be done with them very unpredictable because they are rich and should know better. I am not in any trouble, its a case of Politicians wrecking my finances with their intrusive and insulting stupidities to see what kind of angry citizen atmosphere they can get out of it and the things I do which has now shown I am the one complaining about the outcome that such actions have created and the things they themselves have built from it which they know provokes me but the violence means they can secure a smile on their face which is linked to whether or not they make money about which like the process where I write books for a living and it does not have to become other peoples nightmare whether or not they work for Church and have no intentions to view other peoples bodies as scared due to their female and female learned stupidities that they believe the Bible approves as well, I have warned them that the way this appears to me is their need to be linked to power and gangs in order to secure a smile on their faces no matter how people feel about their actions or what they tend to do about their laziness and desire to own millions of pounds at the same time while they indulge business and profits and stock markets. I mean they are rich, some of the most successful citizens in the world I put my hand up to that but they are nothing like a Royal Prince, nothing like me and I am warning them about that too, just like I have about the books and the fact jumping on the sales on account they are stubborn and tend to want people to do something about stubborn people like them that others will eventually pay money for will eventually blow it all up all together. 

And of course it should be noted that the claims of administrative disobedience on my part which they love to latch onto really does not exist, only my need to ensure that ransacking my Company and market place and Office for means of self advancement etc is not funny an indulgence for people at the Monarchy; which of course it would never be if idiots who consider themselves to be tricky and somewhere in my league were not so busy getting involved with me in their own way which wrecks my finances so they can set up their stupid children and find ways to enforce their foolish ageist version of the will of God with the use of things such as the Civil service - fair to mention of which is the fact the next time administrative disobedience becomes a major issue around me, I will definitely get around solving some problems (the facts about this particular group is their claims I have damaged their society which of course is not the only thing I have damaged either and was never my choice to have my finances wrecked with their intrusion and familiarity and insults - whereby involvement with things beyond their league clears their minds on the other hand to let them make money and dominate; so the next time they raise administrative disobedience they clearly know much about bearing in mind I am their equal as well, they will certainly feel me as well).





Primary prognosis if a follow on of Publicity I have not actually paid for or accepted; which says that I have finally grown up and now find myself in a position where I can tell others how to handle women - of which was never the problem at all in the first place, just one of those main bones of contention because people can rip up your career and public reputation just to impress on you that you need to control your Mother on account they think they are superior idiots, which of course they are not doing anymore but never the less my academic work lies in tatters and they are still living out a painful delusion of grabbing best jobs in the land especially if those were mine on account their own is not. The reality is that its all a trick that means each time you are somewhere carrying out an activity connected with paid employment, Men are bound to invent some secret you share with them which not everybody knows and turn up there as such to mess up your health and make you sick trying to determine and settle which part of your work and possessions they wish to spend on themselves recently until they spend or damage it and the story of how Women provoke them is the excuse that never fails and just keeps giving every time as far as they are concerned; I for my part have now reached a point on This Royal Estate Literary Empire Emporium, whereby I need to cut off every thing that gets involved with me without buying my Books - they however know perfectly that their involvement with me is damaging and had a long time ago decided on doing so because it is, especially for my academic work and finances - so it is not actually true that we do not understand each other perfectly, what is true is that they hate my guts for the results of those involvement at this stage but simply keep doing especially on Media with ale Journalists and Television Personalities.

No Publications Currently.



 It has become increasingly amusing to speak of problems associated with my inability to listen and understand how US Democracy works – I could never make out what the idea is meant to achieve anyway but I am well aware that it is more a matter of the disadvantages of being beaten by those they select and concerning whom they want to make personal absolutely everything that happens around them and when I say so, we will find them speak of my inability to cope with the power of US democracy which means we are going round and round in circles and they are the ones that are not listening at all. Something about their insults meaning that I am unable to sit down with those I need to talk with about my financial matters, so they can do from pretending to be more important than I am to getting more and more confident issuing those stupid threats all over Media – the disadvantage of this for them of course is that they can never be famous with that kind of background they have got and not least their relationship with other peoples Royal Princes which looks like that. The Blacks have now resorted to stories they want to tell us all about Hollywood racism and of course it was entirely predictable that they might too.

Of course it is not true that I lose all I earn and pretend I have made progress; its Intellectual Property Administration and the Part I had to achieve at State Office for the British Monarch was to get the Culture and Society Goons out of People’s lives and into jobs, which means absolutely everything they do from now on will be provocative; people need to live with it at least as a result we now exist in a world where people do not tell so much lies anymore or confront others that are fighting for their lives and future with deals of personal convenience to create social entrapment, lest they become victims too as it were. 


I am aware it is said what is happening is largely a matter of the lives of white people I play with through my Books which is utter nonsense – their lives apply alright but its only the part where they simply need to follow around my concerns and my personality making up a case of how they could be a threat to my finances but have not been because they either do not wish to or are not doing it, until it became  a self-fulfilling prophesy giving them an opportunity to justify following me around to make a mess until they damaged the academic work and finances and then to tell me of what I am too old to do with myself; they had to end up somewhere inside the Projects I am working on, it was inevitable especially when their Politician had begun to claim their Civil rights looks precisely that way. So its pretty much the same as when people say they would fancy I spoke candidly about matters which has always been a simple case of the fact that whilst I have no relationship with people, they randomly show up around my case to bully me first of all before the business of trading, high street and celebrity culture that got to their heads and made them so arrogant had become important enough to pursue, while my whole life is not linked to it in anyway whatsoever and then they follow that on by claiming it is something women do and which is done for me to hurt others that propels them to behave in such ways – the implication of course is that if I got into a stupid environment which is what the world of work that is available to ex criminals and racists and local trouble makers that want to change something about their lives is, when my bottom hurts because I am there and I have questions about it, the reality is that I should I expected it – if I am working in an environment where somebody is playing up daddy figure obsessed with stock market insanity and with popular culture and with political madness, it was important that they mind their own business and spend media time on what gets to their heads first before they showed up here to damage what gets to mine on account they have a big ego, which they get to excuse by claiming it is nice to rely on me as insolently as possible – I expect them to keep their nose and busy body media insults out of it irrespective of what amount of money they hope to gain by not doing so. Typically like they tell me this is how tyranny is made but we can clearly see that the business of showing up on other peoples public image to make celebrity money and then finding it impossible to allow the money put distance between you and the people you had taken advantage of, in fact deploying the money as a tool to make contact with them and oppress them was clearly a practical joke and not the stuff of how tyranny is made.

Its as we hear now that people would like me to respond to issues about the surge in violent crime but the question is still that whilst like a security guard that is experienced can spot somebody that is likely to attack a premises from 10 yards away and a Police Officer can tell who is on the System by walking down the Streets, why is it that things are still happening completely unexpectedly? So we find instead that some Politicians are now talking about handling the matter and making sure other peoples Roses do not get into it, which I am sure is being said while they realise that there are Families at the Top of British Society and there are Families at the bottom of it and that HM prioritises the position of those who work for Her above everything else. It applies in the same way I do not want to get stuck constantly with a jobs market that is fundamentally developed around what people want to do because of the other silly people that bullied them to get through to managerial positions and do not want to get stuck with a jobs market against my wishes at all better still.

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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.