I do not think that there is necessarily anything that popularity gits blab about which they can back up. People are not meant to try and get by based on being stronger than others, they are based on earning less than the work they did which determined how they organised their lives, same as those who earned as much as the work they did and same as those who were rich. They do claim this was about buggering me and this is all that they were really doing, nothing that can be explained with the way that my work was being perverted as such; they were the corrupt Breed, the Celebrities, different from all other groups of people, think I should deploy my Office to cover their backsides while they got rich, are entitled to it and I for the effect hang about somewhere dropping out of school again and again etc – now it’s just a mini war over my entitlement to financial success due to this business where I have not actually done what they want me to do with a big mouth, so a person does get to a stage where they had enough. I do get told that people did not think I was serious about my clash with Celebrities, but I agree as well that it sets me out as somebody who is surprised characters like Celebrities existed while I am not. It’s the view they had of themselves you see; a Politician will have won elections to end up in a Public Office which makes them public figures, none knows why Celebrities think they were, save the fact that they believed other public figures ought to deploy the Offices to cover their backsides while they sold show business products – it is very difficult to get off a Hermitage and get pleasure from spending a lot of time noting such facts, a Hermit is supposed to behave in a way which helped to alleviate the world’s problems; what they have done then being to settle up on this idea that if people wanted more civil rights, characters like me had to be sacrificed to them to do whatever their stupidities wanted with and I am fed up with the insults and their need to handle my Books. The same ignorance that gets them thinking they were public figures if they plugged their gimmicks into my social life to sell show business products, is the same ignorance that gets them thinking that if I had published a Book, they ought to start a campaign to make it their own publication – it is very difficult a venture to try and make sense of what they are thinking but for want of things to say and questions to ask, one might have a go at it.

So I am told that I find a way to make people comfortable with processes whereby I found a way to avoid areas of Royal work that I was uncomfortable with but I don’t – the clash with Celebrities is not a product of discomfort associated with Culture, Media and Sport, it is a product of setting out my social life and networking for it: I thought I had resources that could support women on matters of pay inequality and deployed it accordingly, to which effect managers who never chose the friends of the boys chose the friends of the women who got involved, so I had to make career sacrifices for it, which was not really big enough to get me dropping out of University, that happens because Celebrities and their popularity gits who cannot stop grabbing people’s property in these ways while clinging to grooming products got in on the act. Same as the business of opening my personal life because I expected to find a partner somewhere around the high work low pay media business – these fools had since taken over the entire thing, trashed my career and I am now single at 40 and broke, while they had merely begun. We see it play out as actions performed by lesbians chasing female lovers while abusing me, the stupidities made sense of their social position as little things on the streets that wait for people to get trapped. The whole business of something I had done successful on the social front which got successful people giving me some support on the basis that if I lost it, their social lives would be jeopardised as well, only led to more nepotism being channelled at me for years, now I simply want it back, I want my life back and the networking I did for my personal and family life. When restored, the next time they invite themselves into my concerns like that, I will follow it up with some trouble making of my own.


Now I am told that it is becoming impossible to envisage how I was ever going to get out of this mess but it is not a mess, just about 8 years of practical jokes that took off since I underestimated these people at the academic environment – it has grown from something of a need to hang about on media, developing access to and damage to be done to publicity that my Publishers created for my Books because they were trying to place patents on it, to something of a process where they got to decide what happens and what it meant every time I stepped outside of my door. The problem is that I then must tolerate the financial complications while they keep at the disobedience that facilitates this nonsense within the process of keeping their jobs and salaries. So the bigger crises have emerged since last Muslim git started paying attention to this issue and these had already built up communities that think of my bum all day and the idiots were real men, so they have also peered into and developed a version of my work for the real men, which has complicated absolutely everything that I had put under some form of control around here but to make it worse, we then find that they are now selling themselves as people so stupid that they are not pinching my property anymore because they had become so good at picking up bad things that happen around me and my ill feelings to run them off and make them last a bit longer until they believed their stupidities had gained something from it, this is supposed to have been a threat if the idiots are not yet proving their manhood by fighting my battles, on account that they expect to sit down in their backyards and enjoy a bottle of beer while the stupid communities built up to think about my bum were running wild with my health and personal life. So some people have suggested it is quite a predicament but it is not – it’s the things that you do not get to spend your time on, otherwise you will have to explain it to the Queen who gave you a commission at some stage – I don’t spend my time on it as such, I do that on a hypothetical basis and at this stage all is well; the idiots will pass around their insults, the Media will build it up and complain about bottom hurting and society gits that are always doing your thing will beat them up and get into trouble with the Police. Their need to handle my Books therefore being a step too far, something about the fact that they want something from me and are prepared to pay for it and what they believe they want to pay for, must be used in a condition whereby they spent most of their time handling my person and my concerns, for the purpose of conditioning me and it is an example of the reasons it is ever so important to ensure that they dropped to obscurity and that I cured myself of an inability to be narcissistic enough to inflict this on them as well, eventually getting to the part where I conditioned them in a setting where they were rich and there was no way back, while there was a way back from me with respect to their abuses. I mean even when it says that it has money in the bank and it was something that was more than what I had for instance, the effect is still that of a process of conditioning me using their perverted interest in my Bookshop, because of the way they have set it up and they need to stop saying it, an example of the fact they believed they had judged my personality well but have not. On the matter of this so called cowardice, we know what happens is that they pick up on the Police who are an extension of the Head of State, whose finances and salaries are signed off by the Prime Minister, doing their jobs of maintaining social order and then they decide that those who dared to own what they didn’t will not deserve to have it unless they were doing the jobs that the Police were doing – it will run off this thing to such an extent that it ended up with a lifestyle over it and if you wanted them to make an appointment before they got involved with your concerns regardless of hoe disrespectful which is usually is, all hell will break lose because their stupidities were very important and in this way it appears that their foolish civil rights gives them the license to get involved with areas of peoples careers where the best work had been done, to make a mess. I have never really been interested in their problems and we know now that there is ample public exposure to the fact that I am a writer and the best way for them to find out who I am and the reasons I did what I did was to read my Books, not cling to my Bookshop, starve it of finances, endear their stupid famous selves that were more famous than I am years after I got a Commission from the Queen to criminals to make glossy magazines and hang about conditioning me; even now, we know that they will stop doing this at their own discretion because the fucking idiots had placed investments on the effect it had on me – goes without saying the smell bits was the part where their stupidities had begun to annoy themselves and they may do something about it when they thought that they were fucking mad enough.

Of recent we have seen the tendency for people to discuss my mental health which beats the imagination since the comparison to them is that I had to wade the pressure of their perverted interest me with a process of remembering what I was thinking if I wanted to place it in a Book that others would pay hard earned part of their incomes for, which then meant that I had to recite what I was thinking to ensure I remembered it – at which stage I realised that doing so placed immense pressure on the ‘we want to have two career at any given time’ idiots, leaving me with a habit of doing it all the time, to seem as if I speak to myself on a regular basis. For their part, they were mentally sound if they have spent the last five years of my time, working what is an intellectual property administration business that operates on property and create equity, in such a way that they picked up my assets to create products while they placed on their stupid sugar babies that ran off publicity to suggest the equity was no longer mine and their idiocy had achieved a lifelong ambition of making me work for them if I needed a proper job, hence the publicity to suggest that I am meant to protect them, to cover their backsides while they hung about seeking affection from the random crowd, on account their stupidities were famous. Hence five years of my time down the drain, all I have got is publicity for my work, associated with their need to exhibit their stupid selves all over it, hanging about selling me for a living and picking up my assets to play up some candy from a baby gimmicks, five years of my time that is gone. It is all developing into something of an official clash with Celebrities as currently what happens is that when they complain of state provided security getting imagination up their bums, I am never seen suggesting it is being done for my welfare, so I need to start working this processes on an Official capacity, to ensure they showed up here to read what I have written if they wanted to find out about me, not sell me for a living and set about building their own version of me lazily, before setting off to decide what my mental health was. We see this nonsense play out all the time when we start to explore the reasons that most murderous psychopaths lived in idyllic neighbourhoods – the nature of the thing as it were. My creative equity and property equity intellectual property administration business was meant to work in terms of process of the Trust system being a point at which people got to design products for consumers in a way that kept the consumers away from Public problems that was really the domain of government and those who worked its various Offices but apparently, some part are so beautiful that mentally sound idiots want to sell me for a living and I have ended up cash strapped for it, if the idiots are not weeping and wailing in Hospital just yet. So this is all a product of their need to be and feel everything; if there is Queen they were Queens too, if there is a Prime Minister, they were Prime Ministers too, if there is a President, they were presidents too, it ensured that they owned the Country but at some stage, the idiots had to make a decision about a reality in which they were none of these things and I am all too familiar with this point since I tend to end up paying the price for it and none lives like this without consequences, none has people live like this at their expense without consequences – the story of those who realise they are not Queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents, therefore need to spend more time working on what they know and doing it properly, being open to harm that causes them to turn towards criminal violence because areas of their lives were open to these fools, who now question my mental wellbeing, while they are at it again i.e. skewer my Bookshop to chase big parties and expensive things.

They speak endlessly of this process where I lived in an area that was a threat to me about which I needed to move out but I didn’t need to go anywhere since these gits who do the abuses and violence have been at it for the best part of a decade but I have never suffered violence as such, just the insults that churn the tummy and their inability to take a fucking risk, if they were too keen to find out what the results will be. Besides which I do not rip up people’s lives and pick up remnants of social lives and public image of victims to hang about somewhere deciding what the public thought my new popularity should be, so there is absolutely no threat whatsoever in terms of where I chose to live. That said, since last I picked up a rented space that was rented by a white person, these gimmicks had developed into something that was done at an unprecedented level – serving to express the fact that whilst we speak of genocide, white people are just as abusive, we speak of holocaust, Jews are just as abusive, we speak of civil rights, blacks are just as abusive, and they have all got their own thing.

It’s not really a crisis as such, what happens is that it shows up here with those insults and abuses to complain about me, at which stage it should move on but had an entire community supporting its stupidities and strengthening its madness, so it stays on to cause lobotomy and gets off boasting about it; either way the only time I have been able to make use of the fact that responding to them had no meaning or purpose, were the times that I divorced myself from their world, whereby the periods they ran out of civil rights lies became very significant for longer periods of time in my life and the need to annoy violent people to a point where I got attacked, which outcome was that they got attacked instead became the main feature of civil rights activities.

Eventually we find the stupid boasting that they had since developed a way to ensure that I behaved and it is not in any way linked up to reality that was more a matter of the fact that their stupidities were now doing what they were supposed to do, even though they enjoyed making sure that I felt the frustrations of it. As for the story that I interfered with their jobs and careers as well, we know it’s the insults they have gotten accustomed to, the fact it has now met up with their sense of entitlement and they are fighting me over the way it makes me ill, so that they might continue to keep those insults their stupidities had gotten accustomed to; intellectual property administration whereby the property equity was mine, the creative equity was mine and I did it by selling Books is simple enough for anybody to understand but the source of the biggest tension in the world is that each time I mention what I did, the fucking idiots will be a handful of sales armies that want me to hand such a big job to a bigger person, attacking and bullying and bullying over claims that it is the sort of work that those who owned the companies that employed their stupid selves should be doing and it is about to secure a response from me as well. It beats the mind all the time, never really clear why they had to be so insulting all the time.

They do claim I ended up with this conundrum and none knows how that happened, which I have not; as I have pointed out, they do run out of lies and I get a few minutes break, which made sense of the fact that what we are doing was incredibly important. They are hopelessly dependent on insults they throw at me and get accustomed to, I am hopelessly dependent on normalcy, such that people so ask those questions about the fact their stupid lifestyle makes them money and it makes me uncomfortable thus I needed to keep from it but this was never the issue, as the problem was that they handled my Books and they had my lifestyle to play with alongside their own – the Celebrities topping it with gimmicks that involved trashing my Books to handle my Hermitage in a way that will secure my attention of which my responses were amusing, in order to chase expensive things and big parties. The damage it does is unprecedented because this stupid lifestyle has not brokered anything with me well enough to be affected by a process of picking up my equites to build products that their stupidities patent to their names and tell me that I had lost. I don’t think it a crisis either, we know that what happens is that they then set about handling Client property and to manage their madness, I will then set about running off a gimmick at their expense which purpose is to ensure they spent quality career time on me, the same way I broke their Popular culture so they now have to wish that their children became popular because they will never be, hence creating regrets that will soon likely become a focus point from which I attack them every time they damaged my Books hence forth. That said, it is the part where I had to keep up this gimmick until the thing in hand was accomplished which then sets the stage by which Media and Celebrities made me appear to have enjoyed luxury if I lived up to the age of 60, so this adds up to the fact that I am not interfering with their finances, so whenever they say that they had money which I didn’t, it damaged my bank balance , meaning that they are going to have to stop saying it and we have not even started talking about the insults of their women originally getting me to think this matter was best resolved if I made myself the means by which that stupid lifestyle beat up their wives all the time as it were.

The claim that I am a low life was entirely born out of the way I stripped down my finances to work on my Bookshop as such, they destroyed it completely to make a statement about being stupid and thoroughly modern, of which the latter made up for their stupidities. They have since picked up the poorly finances and set about keeping the conditions going for as long as their stupid dreams were to be realised, garnished with a process of deciding with media how the public responded to my Royal Office. The whole thing is now about to show up as a process where what gets to their heads was the academic qualification and the pay packet, which processes are something I am conversant with because I was raised in an Educational Family, where most who produced the most incomes did so by leading education systems, talking nonsense about the way that their city centre stupidities will ruin people’s lives in these ways to look like they had lost an idea of the difference between privilege and stealing to such an extent that they could never stop issuing threats at me while clinging to grooming products – which they are suggesting they wish to drive towards an outright clash with a big mouth and we know according to facts that we will find them somewhere regretting the fact the clash happened very soon indeed as it were. It is not just a matter of bodies which govern their show business and media deciding their incomes not their need to rip up my finances and chase expensive things and big parties on my social life, it is becoming a case of that need to handle the royal Office and build me publicity that suggests I should be fighting their enemies – we know that nonsense since produced an outcome in which a handful of fools will hang about somewhere safe to push me into criminal activity, such that the Police could never ask them questions about it, when I moved out of that, they showed up with a history of being punished by the law to punish me as well and if I moved that on, the idiots were thoroughly modern so they shoved hoodlums through the academic system on my social life and grabbed my Public image, tackle those and the men got up to all sorts – so these are people who show their temper when described as a handful of idiots – need stay away from my Books and make comments about their families but if they didn’t want sex workers following those around like I am when they talk about me, keep their mouth shut. Their low life popularity fools who get off those gimmicks born out of telling me what to eat and how to appear in Public, that then develops into abuses that cause the smells that will result in the violence, are a handful of gamblers and they will lose. Personally I don’t think the popularity diplomacy is merited anyway considering all the boasting and the way that I have spent five years to keep Celebrities off making comments about my concerns and wrecking my Bookshop to chase expensive things and big parties – I am aware some people were very good at what they did and would come up with this process where they worked popularity alongside them but when interests got affected there were reprisals, besides which they also got about controlling the Celebrities but I am more of the persuasion that it was better to spend time and resources working on the business of the way Government funds are spent to support people with their career, those who are successful getting the security they need, those who had fallen by the way side getting their support and something being done about criminals who think government was the source of their problems, while the Celebrities got into a punch up with the gangs that bother them, not leave me with financial complications for 8 years over practical jokes and eventually secure a way to build a crowd that believes I am being punished for being a bad person. It seems that the only way to manage these matters is to secure access to their concerns and to get a lot of fun from a need to handle it all the time while making sure each case resulted in damage.

I have been here before – the industry gits who want to attend Holiday Destinations where their Meat was sourced from China, cooked on heated stone from the Maldives and the Dinning set was picked up was Madagascar by ripping up my Public image and my Books, which I respond to, only to hang about falling ill because of the abusive blackmail involved in destroying endangered species if I had not co-operated. We find the stupidities show up on media to suggest they could live with the fact they had given me a hard time when it was possible to ensure I gained access to their concerns and damaged something each time I did and the backdrop was that they never believe anything they are told when given warnings until the drive by shooting situations, cases of English men ripping up people’s lives to make money but it was the insults that ensured the victims did not place a limit on it and the victims ended up with wrecked careers as well. I did not think that after all I had done, I would be trapped in the celebrity version as well through these practical jokes I can only stop if I did something drastic about its ability to prevent me planning a career, a family life, and a retirement. They do claim that I am now shutting down my entire life which I am not – it could be easier to say that they needed to ensure their lifestyle stopped making a mess of mine but there is nothing easy about this because they had a big ego like we know they say I am just a goat, whereby I had tummy ulcer and haemorrhoids and it would be nice if a Crowd was not performing such nonsense, however which when it smells and they had opinions, we must have arrived at the stage where their stupidities had begun to annoy themselves as well. I could never understand why somebody would wreck another person’s career to hang about building the victims according to insults people have thrown on the streets, publicity that will get the victims fighting its enemies, but this lifestyle makes them money and if it made me uncomfortable, I needed to keep away from it, which is not so simple. It seems that I can only move this on when whilst the damage done to my Books to facilitate this nonsense had not yet been punished, the advantage gained was a means to organise public sensibilities whereby I lost something important each time they said they had more money than I did, which was to be maintained, the only way to resolve it being to become a very destructive person too and I am actively now seeking access to areas of their careers where they had done their best work as well. I have done my bit trying to convince myself that the devil does not live in Hollywood and they have ended up working my income margins at the market to such an extent that it just kept giving for them no matter what I did – if I tried to resolve such nonsense my resolution takes me all the way up to National banking, so this business of hunting areas where they had done the best work for their career as well, is the only way forward.

So I am told that I am completely powerless to do anything about these matters which is not exactly the case; what happens is that I am powerless because the process involved Celebrities employing ex-convicts and criminals to collect my career for them – so unlike normal people who move on when you clear the popularity out of your life, should they return at a later date so be it, the ex-convicts and criminals would normally think that the very way that you have moved them out of your concerns, was in itself something valuable enough to be stolen, so the more I move them on to spend time with my career is the more interested they are in my career and the more damage Celebrities did to it, coupled with the way they have done this using the process where I got to ensure society gits were thinking what I am thinking so I didn’t have to put up with the abuses associated with their money issues so much; it’s not difficult to see why my finances are a mess, my career is a mess, I am broke and single. They do love to boast about what they have done here but it is not that much of a crisis; what I now need to do is change the way that I had spent a lot of time doing nothing about abusive famous people – I mean there are good people involved in the entertainment business, people who have dedicated a lifetime to the prevention of bullying for instance which is a good thing but it is still inescapable that the devil lives in the entertainment industry literally. I need to change the effects of doing nothing about them and the effects of a process where they spent time to make a mess of police work in order to develop a lifestyle that meant when inferior people got involved with them, such people can be dragged into a corner and put to work on social issues, only to show up and make this sort of mess in my life when it affected them simply because I wrote a Book that was relevant. I must confess that I hate putting out these facts so clearly because they continue to boast that each time, they did it, they did because I could not take them on.


I do get told it’s the important fact to consider about a Libera like myself, that we never make decisions on time and I don’t think this claim is based on reality either – reality is more a matter of the fact that one will need to be where one is expected to be and therefore keeps up with the pace of the life around him for it but what we have here is the endless insults and abuses, excuses about the despicable ways of handling me being a matter of making me go to war to secure their stupid interests and then my personal favourite being the present continuous, past participle state of communication which is something that either normal people did or a handful of idiots did because they thought they could invent anything they wanted and insert it into your life and career, as long as you didn’t ensure their families got a feedback for it all of the time. So, if they do not mind waiting, we can make decisions based on assessing what the least bad possible outcomes of those decisions were and then we would choose one such outcome and go with a decision. The Celebrity bits are always the worst possible outcome here because it was all a case of threats to my career which is amusing and the damage, they did to ensure they got into a position where they could handle market to access anything that added up to my financial wellbeing, garnished with stupid statements about the one they were doing being the type that allowed me carry on with my life when their stupidities were finished. The threats to my position because it was amusing itself producing an outcome where I may respond in kind but it will grow into a result such that they will want to build a small army to protect their career interest and if I built any it would be an ethnic minority army which would never be as strong as the white one – so to ensure it was not this amusing, such that they follow me around to wreck University studies and start a mini war when I write a Book like we currently have, I need to achieve two results with the way that I handled it and one of those was to ensure I got fear or respect from them while the other was to ensure they got about fighting my wars every time they made a mess of Public work. it is normally as simple as a case where they got off making those stupid statements after like in my case, they wrecked University studies to pass exams and ensure their fans did as well, while shoving hoodlums through the academic system on my public image thereafter, such that they eventually show up with a professional life that meant they wanted to work towards earning my income and the one they were doing was such that I was allowed to carry on with my life once finished, provided I waited for them to finish, of which they never will – the whole thing then plays into gimmicks involving ageists who want me to grovel for money while their stupidities will soon have decided who was to suffer the consequences of their degenerated civil rights and the outcome becomes one of people seeing my livelihood as a means to tell me what to do instead of a business which plays into the inescapable fact that the entertainment industry is mostly pure evil. I have written my Books not to be so incompetent as to be vulnerable to this nonsense all together, so the matter should have ended there but it had not, hence it seems that the way out will be to find a means by which I can earn the incomes of Celebrities and run off my own publicity that suggested that the one I did was the type that allowed them carry on with their lives when I am finished, provided they waited for me to. They do speak of the tricks I play up to develop such position which is utter nonsense as the reality is more a matter of roles being reversed i.e. they are always doing something about what they claim to be the way that people wanted to handle them to make money and then set about attacking them when they tried to withdraw access but are doing exactly the same to Royals and people at the Monarchy including myself, that said which the sermon that we had to put up with every day was one that helped to send out the message that they were more important, hence a continuation of the stupidities we see their Politicians exhibit in parliament where somebody who should be doing something to make them comfortable is always being insulted and abused. It is the worst possible social behaviour imaginable i.e. save their careers and social lives at the expense of a moral person they loved to abuse because he wouldn’t allow them use his social life to get people deciding which careers they deserved, then set about endless publicity for comments that will get criminals and sex workers to follow me around – we see the same when they claim that I do such things as well, played out on social Media, where their profile image supports online crime and makes it quite clear they would steal your property given half the chance but there are the Celebrities deciding the way they want to earn your income while seeking random affection from such persons was of a way of wrecking my life in such a manner that I will be able to carry on with it when I am ready – so the activities that wrecked University studies have been repeated on my social media.

They do claim I blamed everything on Celebrities which is utter nonsense; what happens is their need to build publicity for ex-convicts and criminals on Media, such that I ended up for instance in this social stupidity where those who were not struggling as much as the people in the local area needed to be bullied until they were, which puts me and my possessions in a legal and social no man’s land with criminals paying attention, then we had the other gimmick by which they stole peoples social lives and public image where the Celebrities will say that the way they rip up my life to grab my earnings was of a type that allowed me to carry on with my life when they were finished – the other society idiots that chase my earnings because I am responsible for people getting punished both by the law and by criminals will be the classic case where it’s insulting foolishness involved ideas about my career being sweet for the gambling until it got raped or stabbed etc or hurt somebody and ended up in prison – finally are the other idiots that are preparing to sell themselves to rich people, setting out that I had devised some security for what I did and they will now go about completing it to show that I didn’t deserve my career but all of these become acute enough to get my attention if the last time it did, I dropped out of University, because I wrote a Book that Celebrities claimed was relevant to them – I believe then it’s not a matter of blame but more a case of the fact their perverted interest in me and sense of entitlement attached to it had since reached a point where they could understand the warnings I have issued about how it will stop if it were to stop according to what I had in mind. It’s the same story about a bunch of gits putting themselves in charge and have not got a clue what they are doing, resulting in outcomes where a time will arrive such that after all the destruction of my career, they will join their stupid Politicians in expecting me to provide them a Country they can live in, meaning there is this situation of me, them in a specific environment that can be monitored and the Police, while their Politicians were on a self-promotional stunt grooming me for sexual context and distant violation abuses that make me smell too badly to choose my career.

They claim my family and people hated me which is an old story; the Labour Party had always wanted to have families that hated me as such, so they decided if I was broke, so I was never respected at Home, while they got into an alliance with a family, it would be possible to invent abusive things towards me that made sense and stuck when it came to Publicity. I couldn’t make sense of it myself, my Brothers have always loved to put themselves in charge of social matters they knew nothing about, then set about using me as punching bag because it was possible, as equally as they have been good at assuming what I do to them are meant to have no effects whatsoever – then again, something they had to live with in the sense that they loved to support their mothers insanity even when she had done exactly the same things to them, as she had done to me. It is not really a dysfunctional family, but it has its problems I suppose – the rest were just social gits associated with the Labour Party, who always had to be so popular, they built communities that spent time making sense of my private parts. The problem with the idiots being that they are imposing on me a residual state of mind that considers people who have been poor for generations and occupied a certain position in society where they can blow off their big mouth that they could get imagination up my anus while I couldn’t get it up their own as well, are to be seen as characters that should not have existed and the idiots have not got the means to enforce this, while the fact the last three years of my time have been spent to clear out their popularity abuses without success is my last straw. There is the other story as well that I never tackle the Politicians which is a tale of people who spend most of their time insulting those they believe should have done something to make them comfortable: in my case it’s mostly a matter of wrecking my studies to grab bits of my career as tools that will be pleasing to Industry gits because they were making some money by the way side, but then again, I believe the idiots are aware that what their stupidities were fooling around with involved the employers, myself and these people who have been employed by the employers, hanging about with secret homosexuality associated with their need to put themselves in charge of public matters they knew nothing of and set about trashing people’s lives, doing filthy things to reach the top offices of Industry, while surrounded by Homosexuals who decided what respect others were supposed to show them, ready to abandon their position at the slightest sign of trouble – I suppose that I will end up making a statement about the way people are so idle at Parliament that the devil makes work for them, when it harms me enough to ensure I took their need to push people down and kick the victims in the teeth politics to a whole new stage for them as well. They do claim I am so weak people wipe the floor with me which is utter nonsense as what happens is that their gimmicks is set to ensure I thought of their employment systems, education systems and job systems as something which works only in terms of a need to hang about trying to push me into criminal activity from a safe distance and when I just try to move away from such nonsense they talk nonsense about their body type and the way they deserved my public image to attend school, be seen and probably become the next black prime Minister and so on, so when I manage both the daddies get up to all sorts on my Bookshop, as stupidly as possible – it is either they get imagination up my bum all the time because they liked what they found there or I am meant to follow it on until there was war with Germany as it were. I have never been keen to dominate people as such the way it looks, just trying to make my Bookshop successful and the challenge here is that they were incredibly popular, such that writing a Book from my trust system starts a mini war while the trust system of the Duke of Sussex was a stage of the shit that ends up in other people’s lives, coupled with the stupidities we see Americans exhibit over business empires their parents bequeathed them – normalcy says that as long as people read my Books, it was a career, besides which I will pay for their opinion if I wanted it and I am sure their economic crisis building stupidities that shows up here looking for somebody that will do all the work for them, needed this normalcy for Governance and public stability as well. They always must be this popular and what I have said here tended to dispute the idea Celebrities who show up here with gimmicks that suggested my career was good for the gambling until they got raped and then showed up here to wreck it for financial wellbeing alongside their stupid women and sex workers, are not really being blamed for everything because they are.


They claim I lived on Universal Credit, dropped out of University, and am still involved with Government but the process was done because I was involved with Government in the first place, it is an exercise on their social madness to say the least. Now it has recently become evidence of how clever they really are, concerning which we are rather pleased they completed their studies in the first place. It is difficult to tell the reasons they their industrial popularity needed to be run off on normalcy by which other people’s careers were successful, we only know that when the idiots needed some normalcy people’s careers suffered for it. we know I should have started selling my Books more successfully about three years ago but have not because of what Celebrities believe to be an amusing practical joke by which I can be used but the problem is that Celebrities are not in charge – mostly 80% of them made their fame by plugging their madness into my social life, whereby a group of criminal gits got off giving them money for it, they then became the face of success and everybody wanted to copy it, hanging about performing gimmicks that suggested others were meant to cover their backsides while they made money – I really wish some would take their Civil service jobs more seriously on a professional front if they can see what has happened when I got a security guard job and the factory job and the warehouse job and the sales job. They could deploy their energy to tell off the Celebrities if they want me to be more successful at the Bookshop, not deploy it to put more pressure on me while my finances are tight. Eventually we find that whilst I am talking about what is meant to be the case on a professional front, they are talking about whether their insults had successfully made me homosexual which had taken up my time and the parameter was not their bank balance, it was mine – so whenever it issues the threats, I am rather very certain 100% that it is the big mouth wagging. They do claim I loved to suffer like a grouch which I don’t – this is about running a successful Bookshop on the basis that I got Media and Celebrities ditching an 8 year history of me doing nothing about the business of people showering me with abuses and insults and they are saying this is never going to happen because their stupidities were very important; we see this when the Men never stopped making statements about their producers and managers picking up my books and public image to help them secure their bonuses because I am not relevant and will run it off like that every day killing off my earnings to issue threats which kills off my health as well, while the women will get a handful of poor people to run their imagination up my bum blabbing about being more important and so my salvation relied on the business of me seeing these poorer people as characters that really should not exist, if I wanted to stop my body smelling on me and so on – all feeding into the fact we have just spent 15 years of my time to reach this stage where they got to pick up and enforce pressure that comes from the Monarchy for the Commission that I hold, which pressure they had taken upon themselves to execute, by means of years of insults and abuses that are designed to wreck my career and finances and get me fighting people on the streets for them because they have always wanted me that way, about which their excitement never stopped pinching, poking, pushing and shoving at me, now it seems their dreams of forcing me to do this fighting for them is about to become reality. All of these produce the idea that I do not take these matter as seriously as I should and as it is merited; but if I did, we would be talking about a link between Media and Celebrity insults connecting the way criminals made social media profiles to inform the public they were chasing a need to lay claims of ownership to my social life and public image but if I ask the famous idiots to stop handling me, keep from my Books and stop making silly comments at my expense, there will be a mini war because their stupidities suggested I was being disrespectful, hence having been this had been happening for the best part of half a decade, I need to push the matter through to the part where we had to decide what became of everything that had happened again despite the flurry of warnings that came prior. The other question asked if the reasons I tended to let this issue run off for such a long time and yes I do because it’s a public stability matter i.e. the number of people that will likely go off to fight their wars because they could no longer tolerate this and the mess it would make of public stability, so if I got about stopping people, the idea created would be that my function as a Government operative was to punish the Public, so I have to work on it and it’s a matter of working on red lines, getting to an arrangement on how it got enforced – so most of the love is now being burned away to expose a group of people who think they were public figures if they plugged their gimmicks into another person’s social life, a gang of society gits spent money on it to make them better off and they ran off publicity on this being the way to be successful, such that they now expect others to cover their backsides while they made money and had become so desperate they were forcing people to by wrecking finances and careers and I think that their inability to stop performing activities that wreck my Bookshop sales and their war with normalcy while they pillaged my career to get a slice when needed is about to produce an outright clash.

Eventually I am told that there is the matter of me being a coward which needs to be put to bed because I never do – the truth of it of course is that when these fools perform acts that provide others with security, the events traumatise those who were meant to benefit from the security. I worked out how to do mine without causing the trauma before I was 19 and I am now an Arch Prince which is a position held by cowards the last time we checked. The problem here is the need that Celebrities and their fans had to tell me what to do, push, prod, goad and abuse into fighting people for them and they have taken up 15 years of my time trashing my career to reach this stage where there is real possibility that I might do their fighting for them, a legendary and incredibly stupid sense of entitlement naturally but it really has nothing whatsoever to do with me; the effects are that the business of stopping them trashing my Bookshop will no longer work on the basis of those abuses that run very fast when it comes to getting moral people to suffer for the consequences of their personal decisions by leaning on their victims really hard, into something of a repetition of what they had already received warnings about doing, chiefly of which is this business of stupid celebrity fans with a lifestyle that is above my head perpetually, telling me what to do to such an extent I am now labelled as Mr smell. They do claim that I had no understanding of what leadership entailed and so am I aware that when I am not counted among the gits that hang about street corners blabbing of other people doing their thing, it goes well for everybody, otherwise generally, they had no respect for the way that I lived and we are not talking about the other types in the city centre who cannot stop clinging to the grooming products while they were the best at pinching peoples work and property to make money in a world where nearly everybody had a Ferrari and the core stage for their own personal security and way of life depended on putting out a handful of low lives to run me down on the criminal front, talking nonsense about a cowardice on my part that did not deserve my career. So there are the Celebrity and Media types who cannot let it be for any 24 hour period as such and I would want to think of them in response to the lack of respect for my person and the way that I lived, whereby they had their personal lives, social lives and popularity, while I only had my personal life and social life because I am a Hermit, getting in on the act endlessly, to think of them as a bunch of low lives who ask people for facts on the affairs of other people’s days to make a living but also think they were public figure and none is actually paying them to be such an inconsiderate group of gits when it comes to the way that their way of living affected other people but I cannot even though my salvation may have relied on it, so I would fancy they gave me my space and showed up here to read what I had written or we are set to progress to a matter of where they had received warnings about abusive behaviour and which abusive behaviour or processes of wrecking my Bookshop they have repeated.

We see this matter is better understood when they say there are bleak times ahead with respect to my administrative work, of which the way Royal in laws make a mess of Police work to an extent that meant MPs did not have enough security for their work if they were not served body guard duties, only to get around with Celebrities who are now the beneficiaries of the way they trash other people’s lives to recover from the consequences of these personal decisions, had nothing to do with me – it is possible for people to tell them apart from the rest of us as such. Then there is the other way that they lived linked up to the smell issues thing where my tummy lends me pain all day and somebody had to poke it to make sense of what they were entitled to in this place all the time, the tummy ends up in the head and lends pain in both head and tummy and they claim there is violence that awaits me because I smell which I think they cannot back up as well for my part but the bigger question was one of the exact reasons they lived like that in the first place anyway but I think I wish to sell Books on it for my part as well, see how much it suits them. They claim it suggested that I am braver than they are at the Monarchy but it’s a matter of people being irritated there: by the way that they have now added me to themselves to ensure I am not a small person that knew what to do when I faced danger who was said to be braver than they were and now they can trash my career and social life and push me into gangs and crime as needed to get paid for being popular on my social life, which meant that if the Country faced a crisis and the Monarchy needed people to sort it, they would have trashed it already. Then there is the problem of low lives that love to tackle me all the time being associated with their lifestyle, but it had ensured my finances and personal life had stagnated instead – that the residual state of mind for me ought to be that poor people were irrelevant due to the idea my salvation now relied on it and freedom from smell issues relied on it, while the Celebrities were the Public figures; this is the main pressure point of which they are now doing their public figure bits I guess and all lack of respect for my career and wellbeing now needed to end, they needed to stop handling me or telling me what to do.


It is suggested that I am a waste of space and resources which I understand. It is not the end of the world when people say such things but what I cannot understand is the reasons they had failed to consider the facts to be that my Books would have been paying the bills in this place save the actions of Celebrities showing up to continue their gimmicks on teaching the Public how to abuse moral people in order to get rich, where their civil rights gives them license to get involved with areas of my career where I had done my best work to make a mess and sell their own products with the Publicity of my good reputation, only to build another publicity that encourages the public to join in – we know the Bookshop would be doing well if they were not off on an angle while I tried to tackle the Celebrities, putting their children up to a follow on of their insults and the way that the fact I am respectful of others can be used, the office space, office bloc insults that eventually produce an outcome where people preferred to laugh at me at the work place instead of employ me – we know the Bookshop would have been doing well if I was not caught up with their men’s world minions who pervert everything I do with my career into a gimmick they can engage in as a matter of industrial popularity, while extracting earnings from the structures I had built up to say the work that I had done to write my books should be seen – we know I would have been paying the bills well if there was no abusive communities that spent all day passing insults at me to such an extent a condition had since existed where I marked out a degree of hospitality to accommodate them and ensure they sorted out any problems they made for the Country at my expense, talking nonsense and abusing me all day until it was possible for business and work partners to see the abuse and bail out instead of engaging – we know that my Bookshop would have been more successful if the daddies were not hell bent on seeing me build up these matters to an extent where it would be possible to say that I had coped with all these matters comfortably and the main reasons that I have fallen short is that they watch me on CCTV and cannot keep their fingers off my bum. So, unless those who think I am a waste of space cleared their own out in three years like I have done mine, including the ways that I managed all the other above issues mentioned and they also want me to get into a habit of hurting these gits as well, then such statements are without merit. I do get told that according to what is known my career is not facing peril and it is not, I am trying to work out a way of moving these goons on, so I didn’t have to harm them over these habits they had to hurt me because they would rather be bullies than human beings but I do not plan to spend an eternity on it either; the problem at hand has already been solved i.e. they got involved with my Trust to take advantage of it and I had built it up in a way that meant their goons spent money on them and the silly celebrities, the money is gone and they will be expected to ask me about the money they lost on my trust system at a later date when their stupidities were mad enough, while the Celebrities were caught between a rock and a hard case. So, unless they wrote my Books, they owed me the same curtesy that meant their jobs got to their heads to a point where they had to be this abusive and stop making comments about it or my public image for that matter. The Celebrities have always boasted that there is nothing I can do about it while reality is that if I was spending all my time on them, I would be busy getting around to the governing body for their profession through which I would get to the bottom of the reasons they loved to ask managers and producers to pillage my career in a bid to secure weekend Champaign and it is the point at which I showed up at their door step instead of live on Universal Credit that they would begin to live in the real world on this matter.

It is said that the Muslim gits that loved to attack and abuse me were my main problem, and it does not really add up to a problem. We see its stupidities at it all the time – it will build a community that gets imagination around my private parts, it will set about making sure criminals on social media took an interest in my social media profile and the big one will be the part where it now has access to something that matters to me the way foolish American fame gits handle my Books and the British ones handle publicity for my Office, with an effect where a company may grab my work to make profits by and if I made a statement that such things were going on which clients had to be aware of, the statement made will never be effective and then the imagination getting up my bum bits which takes up all my time as well: it has done its real Man Muslim thing naturally as it were, if I decided that it had no right to enjoy a bottle bear in its backyard, it would do Jihad while I was nowhere near killing it as it were. Eventually we see that most of these are developed from a process of Celebrities putting together their gits to tackle me because I attacked the Interests of those who protected them: what we know is that they realised Defence Industries were picking up my Equities to build equipment for the British Government, so it was a black person contaminating their Country and they went off to sell state secrets to Russia at my expense – what I did about this was then pillaged by black people who are not complaining about a racism I do not seem to understand, of which enough had not yet died in my view hence it continued as we speak still. The other half of the story is that they then set about trashing my Assets to ensure that we are all forced to suck up to the USA and to Hollywood, which is the part that had since developed into a clash all together: we are talking about resources and work done to ensure that the probability of a service operative picking up information that facilitated National security was greater, by boosting the number of business connections that may be available to such matters being followed up where I was concerned, wrecked to ensure we sucked up to the US Government and Hollywood, time and again picking up service processes of my Bookshop to seek its income where I had done the best work for my career, making a mess of everything around here to make sense of a display of Alfred Hitchcock’s Photos on the internet. The financial difficulty caused me being the fact that even as I have said it, the idiots will have done another insulting gesture. The disrespect issue is basically a matter of their interference with those who want to read my Books because they loved showering me with insults; story of my life – popularity idiots start out with practical jokes, practical jokes wreck finances, financial complications hammer self-care, self-care issues lead to embarrassment, embarrassment follows me around making a mess of areas of my career where I had done the best work to claim it is civil rights and then they tell lies about it as soon as they found it all profitable but the physical damage to property will have been proven by the professional body that governs the careers that get to their heads, that it was an unprofessional behaviour concerning which I can sue them back to the stone age. As for the way I ended up with the crisis that had become the most decisive one; it’s a matter of taking my computer out for repairs and I did at a Muslim guy’s shop, where they found items on the computer and deployed it to ensure service operatives faced things they faced at home at the fields, soon to follow was the white boys that loved to visit their shop, then the tiresome work of tidying up followed – now a new form of stupidity had been invented, a community that gets imagination up my bum, they are no longer pinching my work, they are pinching my time.

I am now said to have perfected the art of making a mess of my life which I then set about blaming other people for. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know that the most annoying part of responding to these matters is that I am responding to the fact that my career and academic work had been wrecked over a 15 year period to ensure I had to make sense of the insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of character who spend their day working out how to stay away from prison because Celebrities and society gits spend theirs thinking about how to acquire servants and slaves. It did begin stupid enough with ideas that suggested I listened to their problems which their children did not and was good for their health, which quickly spiralled to something of violent activities channelled at me to make me do what they wanted because their stupidities were convinced that there were likely to be no consequences for it, wrecking everything around, here especially my finances. We know that this would not have gotten so completely out of hand if the society idiots did not take their need to tie me down to such an extent they built a community that did nothing save get imagination up my anus and threaten me for the smell, then spend money on low lives that had given up on life and were now living as if they were retired, who operated on the basis that I had a personality from which they could get peace of mind and because they had access to my personal space, they would never stop using the hatred for every movement I made and access to the business of getting imagination up my anus to get it from me, as stupidly as possible, for which I wish to build them another famous reputation as people who get imagination up peoples bottoms because I want to kill them, so the next time Celebrities and Americans interfered with it, I am certain to be the person tidying it up as it were. The other part of what we know being the same process is replicated to allow Celebrities get the same sorts of privileges at my expense but this time, it’s not the society gits doing it for low lives and ex criminals, it’s the back stage camera people and producers doing it for famous idiots, who then set about wrecking my Bookshop to make statements that they had something that was more special than what I had, about which people should get involved and spend money and we know that the famous idiots with a need to complain about me every day, did this every day as well. The third factor being the other people at the Monarchy who had joined in, which acts had such an effect as meant that criminals got to influence or help make the decisions on the matter over a ten year period, then tell me that the socio-political mess associated with the way I worked was immense at parliament, which it seems was a behaviour they could not exhibit from their well off neighbourhood and will never show up here to read Books I had written, considering that is what I did for a living as well. We had to listen to those stupidities from a handful of gits who think that I ought to worry about their media, as if nobody was aware that a character who shows up on Public television to run off abuses he had gotten accustomed to, which purpose was to ensure that since the way I respond when provoked was exhilarating, I was a person in a tin can and if their famous and publicity working stupidities consumed me, that would have been the end, had families and friends that were well aware of his or her stupid behaviour being channelled at me every day. They soon get off this to claim that the problem was to do with the way that Books I wrote at a Hermitage provoked them due to the consequences of having need of it while being backed up by a long history of showering me with insults, about which the Books needed to be taken off the markets – whereby It does go without saying that it had to stay away from the Books and stop handling me instead of complaining all the time otherwise the family and friends are soon to get a feedback of their own for it too. They do claim that what I am doing was an example of the way that it can go badly wrong like this when people were allowed to show such little respect for wealthy people, which is utter nonsense as what happens is that these are all insults they had gotten accustomed to – they wreck University studies, then set about a career path that meant anything I did with employers or Clients were activities about which they were capable of producing at least 4 levels of academic advancement, from which reasons they got imagination up my bum and beat me down all day, which really does not stop me from doing anything I want to do, however the destruction of my finances and the way that the completion of my studies meaning nothing to them did not prevent further persecution to stop me studying at home, since the academic environment had become such a toxic one for me on their account. The whole thing would not have been as bad if not for the industry twats that will then show up to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods once they were done trashing the careers of people who lived in it, to straddle both position and work out how they will use money to beat me down while sucking up to Americans at the same time, over some insane German interest practical jokes, which had also convinced their stupidities that they were a threat to me. We are then faced with questions of what makes them this way endlessly; the same story about being tough while I was some sort of soft man and then people will ask me to take it seriously, about which I do not know what could be more serious than the wailing at hospital when the wounds were being treated. Eventually which we must face those questions associated with the way their gimmicks did pay off, if we were not talking about the idea that I tended to back off from the slightest sign of danger. Reality of course being that for the latter issue, I back off on account that those who agreed with me faced the complications if they were blabbing off at me at a Media studio in which I wasn’t present, such that they are expected to carry on like that until we met as it were – as for their gimmicks paying off, it does not really, they are not important people who have had to make sense of insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of society trouble makers, I am an Arch Prince who will have to explain it to the queen at some point if I did, so they spend most of their time on tribalism raids that get to industry and then every time we see them, we see them engaged in ideas about the way that rich people who had jobs to give to others were going to entertain ideas about how despicably people can be used, this then eventually creates an outcome in which every time people got jobs, it lasted a few weeks and then there were new bosses which didn’t like them. I had to respond thereof by taking into account that they had made money from their behaviour and therefore accessed structures of wealth creation, while I also took steps to ensure people could get jobs anywhere they wanted when they wanted and they have said that it’s the structures I used to accomplish this which they will handle for revenge and I don’t remember using anything that I didn’t pay for, so it will be the beginning of a process where I paid a lot of attention to their perverted interest in me that had gotten thus far. I do get told that I am winning in all these nevertheless, but I am and its much the same as the claim that what I have said do not actually set me out as victim which it does not because I am not one. In terms of the former I am winning because when people show up at a Bookshop they want to read what I had written, not pay attention to whether or not somebody had gained several stages of academic advancement in the way I engaged with others and was beating me down and getting imagination up my anus over it, that said, I do have to draw a line somewhere and the line is being drawn on the way the idiots in suits got involved with my Bookshop and blew off their big mouths on my social life. As for the business of being a victim, they have seen my Books and they know that the ideas peddled over the past few years on some incompetence on my part is badly misplaced, if the Books are out there which I cannot be a victim to their gimmicks. They do build up this nonsense to such an extent, the business of insults being channelled at me to a stage where it was a distance that existed between me and them which will not be stopped and that stupid gap gotten rid of while they were complaining about me every day, I had no idea what I needed to do to ensure famous idiots stopped building a very important distance that takes up all the attention and time somewhere between my Office and my Bookshop and I have had enough for my part all together. The joy of all these is the way they will return to their own lives which they had not paid attention to for years and it will be a labour of love to live in it like the stress they have caused me here. Mostly the problem on the other had has now turned out to be the way that their communities who get imagination up my bum hold me down, so they might do whatever they liked with my person to secure peace of mind, a sense of important, getting paid for being popular and selling show business products based on having something that is more important than what Royalty had, which is about to end very badly on this matter of the insane who have developed a habit of hurting me to claim their stupidities were famous - the low who get imagination up my bum and work communities that spend all day on it as if somebody was making their personal decisions for me, seeking an outcome where I made them lower than they already are - and of course the Celebrities who rip up my earnings and complaining about me all day with a social life that can clean up the filth of the tiredness they cause here, looking to have me burn their money.