So it is said that I think that people hate me, which is not actually true – it is the very fact that they are not interested in my interests which gives rise to the sense that they can handle me if they wanted and the reason they always feel like teaching me lessons too; they do not wish to let me be as we are not of the same class, our interests differ wildly on account there is financial incentive involved but they do not want any aspect of the real me to be recognised by that involvement in anyway and will happily claim they pick on me because they are bullies and I am different. So what happens is that they expect me to allow them some social amnesia when they had whacked me over the head like they love to, in order to become fearless when they want to beat me up as well and when I don’t allow them have it, they claim I come up with tricks and that they can take me on any time.

There is this other story of course that I play around with other peoples fashion pieces which is not actually accurate – I do not do so; what happens is that whenever they see other peoples state office equity, they pick it up and develop it to make fashion without an idea of what it does – then they return to call me names and make me into cultural misdemeanour whose blessings and curses can make people rich and when it doesn’t tends me mean he lied and harmed people. So that for instance the difference between me at diplomacy and politicians is that when pushed and insulted and abused by that sensibility of different guy flesh man dance the night away thing that goes on and one and one endlessly – the Political diplomacy tends to react by leaning towards pornography while I tend to react by trying to find out which genocide people are more interested in; somebody cannot just pick up an equity and make fashion with it because a diplomats wife may wear one and create more problems for the world if it sends out the wrong message for example and there are far more complex matters than the one I have mentioned here. It’s the same story of the reality that these guys do not in any way care about my interests, just the financial additions of getting involved with me and so the story remains the same i.e. they should when buying Books I write not when doing fashion of their own (I am not having to collect and look after the Equity whether or not they are located on Peoples fashion pieces and it is not actually paying me in cash like it is them, it should be noted).

Here it is said that I pretend to know much about Women but know nothing about them – when the reality is rather that I do not know anything about an insulting and abusive group of people who generalise my feelings towards my friends to include all persons within a sex type and really do not care if there is anything to know about them. What happens here is that they have come up with ways of having relationships with Men that can threaten me whose right hand side I have fried up very well at this point and am waiting for the next big provocation to fry up the left as well, so they can see what they are really like and with the help of this Men threatening me and making sure they are out of my league grabbing the Royal commission I get from The Queen of Britain to be rich and famous with has become the answer for everything and the only reason it continues is because what I have to say about it is not out there is public for all to hear, while they fancy themselves bullies as well and have no wish to acquire jobs if they need money.

So it’s not a new thing that a Gentleman has to deal with Men grabbing his reaction to the world around him to make war and get powerful with and likewise Women grabbing his income to feminism and get comfortable with – just unusual that if they have no wish to stop it as it is very distressing for me, they need to end their complains and give me a break in that department as well, until as they have said, I get out there and show myself in public places over the matter as well. We are always saving their lives from the Monarchy over matters of Public image and yet People were always free to look unkempt if they wanted, provided they were able to look after themselves when it came to matters of violence etc - what we hear endlessly is their stupidities doing their stuff, doing peoples stuff, doing stuff, with no idea whatsoever what it all means. Much the same with the Politicians who now need help collecting taxes when they are so fond of fighting for the freedoms of individuals who want to ensure British Human and Economy resources end up in another Country where nobody will control their behaviour while they get rich, now they cannot collect the taxes anymore from the Big Businesses who have now felt alienated from the UK and there is promiscuity everywhere on Tax avoidance all together because people do not wish to pay for what they are not a part of. The annoying part is that I now have to start a new campaign which shows businesses that can be assured of people not moving into their closet to make trouble for them, if they invest in the UK but we can be rest assured too that they will ask questions about whether or not I have not achieved it before already and this is where a fight with Politicians will ensue until people are satisfied; since it is clear that if this continues in this way and people see this sort of thing is all possible and that if Industries and People make use of my services and property and nurse certain funds that I will have to show them I deserve at a later date with a product in hand and it is also possible for people to define the meaning of life as getting involved with me to steal that money or destroy it if they cannot, then I am not going to earn anything my whole life.

They have said that the claim some people have made that the EU referendum is linked to far right activity in Europe is scare mongering; I am really hard pressed to see which part nor have they explained out it is scare mongering; I mean we are in this situation in the first place because the Politicians are determined that those whose lives need to be taken over to make people rich and restore western economy will hand it in and so we have two referendums in the UK within a three year period because a referendum is not important. The middle part of their tale being that I have a problem with the fact Politicians are in charge when there is nothing I can do and it’s like swoon squad and one business is tough and two is tougher and three is a community, so once that point is achieved the Mothers will make the announcement that the way their stuff gets done is ready and they will turn up and organise themselves to take over or completely destroy and if you expect insulting boo Boys that are the kids to get their own, you are joking looking for trouble – because of that stupid money, getting in my face with that media with it all the time and need to clear mine as it were or find out what I can do when I do get my hands on that stupid money as well. It is as though people cannot breathe anymore and in my case specifically all I do is being taken over and handed to somebody that matters more everyday as though they have ways of making sure I cannot end it as well when I want to; so we hear them talk nonsense about War to improve that stupid public image they have crafted from copying my general behaviour all the time and I suppose it is not yet the one where somebody will a gun tells them he has built another one and they are free to use it again, so that when they start to wonder where it will end will be the point at which they are driven Mad and it will not look anything like salvation is at hand when they start to beg for death before it comes as well and then what war is will be clear to their stupid minds in that way before it stops.


I do not think it a major crisis as such in anyway; it’s always been this way and then they will get to that stage where they really expect me to make an announcement on a regular basis, that I am not a teenager who is still growing up but a 36 year old man that is cleverer than they are and that there will be trouble, especially when we can see they develop themselves up to this stage where they fundamentally expect others to do something moral, so they might run off and deploy it to make money because if we do walk down the streets what we will find is that every role performed by the Church is now being taken over by shops. Then we find them on Media telling tales of how the problem with me is that there is only one of me, which is utter nonsense as what they need do is get a copy of my Books to get involved and let alone my personal life, the personal life they think has now become some great big secret everybody is getting pleasure from figuring out as it were. The complain being that one moment I say so and the next I am giving away the books and blaming others when I do not get them sold – whereas the reality is that I am being punished by them for giving away the information considering it would save lives which it did by the way as well and the equities recovered on my websites are testament to it all together and I am determined to teach them lessons they will never forget as well along the lines of the fact even if I read my Books to them and did so all its details, they would still have t o buy it to get involved with me if they had not built a new life for themselves on Media that is all about abusively insulting me, there is nothing whatsoever which suggests there is only one of me in the world and when I say such things they will progress to all sorts of nonsense about how what I say does not lead to progress for me. I do not mind a lot either since I am not the one complaining at the Moment; it’s as I said before, that they do nothing else with their time save get money from Politicians to work on whether or not moral people have the right to have their jobs and income as a matter of social issues and of course the only thing that has not worked out the way I planned it like everything else we see them do which I manipulated them into doing, is the fact that Politicians love to give them that sort of money without considering the consequences. I hear something about my treatment of women being the problem which of course it isn’t; what really happens however being that people like to get into my personal space all the time and it is a Christian personal space while their community croons are still ripping up my chances of being organised enough to find jobs and keep them by running very violent lies all the time that is to come with feel good self seeking financial incentive for people who want to get rich through selling things by claiming it is what it is because I sleep with people wives when I do not actually fancy them much as a people anyway; but these other younger ones enjoy getting involved with it in order to improve their sexual activities using the feel good effects and it cannot possibly have progressed from a condition where I made it clear to their parents I don’t like people spicing up their sexual relationships with my life as it were; I am not therefore their alternative and it is either they are homosexual or they are not, either they are in a relationship with somebody or they are not and provoking me will see me break it up – nothing about that of which is unusual because they cling to me like that all the time and each time I feed them the facts of what they cling to so much considering extent of the damage they do here, what results is that I had taken away their joys of naivety and their freedom alongside and that if I am a 36 year old and not a teenager it is about time for me to move out of my space so others might have babies that will be like me in it and these are just some of the reasons they complain about me to the ever willing to listen because they never ever learn Politicians as it were. They do say I feel that way but my behaviour towards women that are older is unbecoming, which is utter nonsense; if I got involved with a Woman that is older while she was walking with her boyfriend on the Road, typical effect is that Boyfriend is quicker and she is keeping up and then she has to deal with me as well but cannot actually tell me I am going to have to masturbate or there will be bigger trouble etc because there is too much to do, so it becomes really embarrassing and naturally I am aware of that  but what happens with the really stupid ones is that they get involved with my Christian personal space, get some good feeling and attack me to please their boyfriend and I am not their alternative either.  The ones at Court are different in the sense that Industry idiots are always playing games and half the time I am doing jobs that a racist should have been doing in order to make them happier and less violent when they get what they want and if I go round that insanity and have it sorted out, we will find them with friends from Africa and a new problem for me as well and if I had done that too we will again find them among the whites on my account simply because that was an idea and it was possible to do so – hence it gets to a point where I decide they can only take so much biscuit and they decide Women are the points I cannot be seen daring to go because it is always complicated with them and I will be stuck and it varies wildly, right up to the ones that have a relationship with me because there is too much insults and talk out there to suggest that they do – it’s a whole world of difference from somebody grooming up a female idiot and displaying here all over my Court on Media.

It has occurred to me many times that I need to get Industry people off my Royal brand and back to their brand vagabond ways of making money with the US at the helm and with the number of times these idiots make my life out to be some secret they figure out and rip up my income to do so and own it – hitting that their stupid money has become the most apparent parameter, it is also the reason I cut up that sense I am supposed to get stuck on the right dealing with some pain, so they might have conveniences to get freedom and fame and importance as well – I consider it an insult too far. Of course they desire nothing else but somebody that will hurt and teach me lessons whenever they handle my possessions and which to make it their own, otherwise we are all adults and busy with something else other than violence as it were and stories of what I cannot back up usually plays out until we meet and I have them where I want them and start to enjoy observing them fight for their lives as we speak. as for their Politicians, we will never know what their rosy relationship with those who are insane in terms of fighting young people on Money issues and economic success is all about but we have now settled up on the fact they can make all the faces they want, each time these idiots make war on me, so will I make one on them too and in this way will I magnify prognosis pleasures associated with having new Countries that exist only in their head, which is all about ripping up my income while their jobs and salaries are iron clad secure. Same old story at the Monarchy too i.e. nasty goon wants to get close to The Queen and build wealth to dizzying heights, so he sets me out as his tool and when he is done pillaging my finances with the help of white girls at Popular culture and its media, revolving door simply suggests that the blacks are up next, on and on and on.

We hear of course that my Court is dangerously run the way the French Royal Court was; which is not actually true – the truth is that there are only two types of Court and one of them is the Office for trading while the other is the Office Royal and the people in it are such individuals as I can completely rely on, knowing that my income will not disappear in their hands but in the worst case scenario they will have failed at making me any after trying; the rest are celebrity leaning on it to make riches and fame, which they then deploy to destroy it which makes them feel as though they bend rules to get by and so on; we also know they are so superior that the worst that can happen is that somebody turns up to tell me to behave if it gets on my nerves but above all the level of disrespect is such that they regularly get groomed by media idiots and deployed on National television in simulated versions of my Court, so I might lose everything to notice them; the reason is that pity factor where they cannot hold themselves together without breaking down in tears but what we have here is that they have established link between ripping up my earnings to bully me and pulling themselves together, so those who helped them with it generally love to come up with their own versions of truth and reality for it on Media everyday thereof as well. It was only a matter of time before their incessant involvement established enough contact to ensure I can get hold of them and make them fix the damage for every single occasion they have made fame and fortune in this way too and that is what is happening here. As for being careful how I address people for they might be allied to the Queen: I am not just a Prince, I am an Arch Prince – not just The Queen ally, her Arch Prince and she is my mother and so people can continue to assume there will be no trouble associated with showing up in public places especially public transport to attack me and call up a crowd as it were; I can only be helpful. Just as it is said I do not think celebrities are important whereas there aren’t any other group of people so keen to ensure business establishments are unable to employ me on account they have money to spend on products; the problem is that the only thing missing in their lives of immorality and fame and fortune and public exhibitionism is that they are not gods already and the only thing missing from my half priest, pray and read the Bible and intervene when you see injustice existence is that I do not step out of my door in priestly uniform – apart from which it is obvious when the good ones plead with magazine people not to take pictures on my public life but magazine people decide otherwise every time, the result will be examples like when I see them in shops and it helps to sell the products in it so their bottoms might hurt as well, the really ugly and even celebrities and magazine makers alike wanting some of mine and getting it, the moral celebrities getting involved with me when it is not advised i.e. I get my inheritance, look after it and expect Politicians to spend it to run the Country while I earn a living where I should on the other hand and celebrities have their own lives and existence. It does not mean I want nothing to do with Celebrities, Celebrities in my world are a few people that make up a creative Community at the Royal Estate Court systems, who have decided to change their old live and live in mine for the future; so it should not mean an inability to get my Books sold to those who need it and of course when I react to the problems created by those who foster this condition what they would believe is that I am not indulging them too; if I do not have an absolutely personal relationship with a celebrity, it is always better they let me be for my part as well – I have written Books and Celebrities do have too much Money to afford them all together anyway; the factors that determine what I do is that all celebrities at Court have a role and the roles are not infinite and what I can carry question means I want to do less and less and less every single time I have a choice.


So they say my position on discrimination and social tolerance is not actually and is never actually clear but I do not know what they want from me anyway; take racism for example, racism of which has always been a particular form of evil – image yourself to be the devil and then imagine you want to be the reason why others are enduring great suffering because it will make you feel good and then imagine you came up with a way of setting out a people you wish to use for this and came up with a plan to make it socially acceptable, which actually works, then you would be racist and we all know there are people like this I every single race and culture on this planet, not just the whites; however which the only time when it is acceptable to say that some white people are bad and some are good being when racism is not happening in government. Hence the reason I am responding to this today being that Piers Morgan said Mohammed Ali was more racist than Donald Trump – which does not make sense, as when we consider the above facts, homosexuals have racism going on in their activities and Joe Frazier was more racist than Ali pound for pound. It’s all pretty much the same old tale with equality especially where women are concerned; whereby I must be made to go out of my Christian state of mind to think of Women who are likely to notice I am a writer and want to be fans, to think of Women as women and not persons according to another group of goons that run the social reigns of feminism as a whole which does wonders for my Book sales. Having said that the reality is still that it is ever so difficult to locate what problem people actually have as it were, with Women who have bullying stuffed away somewhere in their history rather than it running rings around their lives but what we know however is that every time women are required to wear high heels or lose jobs, every time Men earn more than they do at the work place, the bullies have trophy to run with and once they had realised that there is financial incentive attached, they will decide it is what they want to work on for a living and will see Media and Political credence which will make it a permanent feature of social existence for them but people will not stop doing it. It does not actually trouble me that much as such – nothing I say here will change what bullies have decided to work on for money; I am just making a point about an obsession that people have with tying other people’s hands behind them for these goons and the number of instances they have labelled it equality and hence making a statement about the fact when the decision is then up to them, then it is up to them to decide as it were – as for me personally, I can do this forever, so that just like I am with celebrities at the moment over their need to place show business of their beside my concerns and make money that will help them rip up my income to gain a trophy history of taking advantage of me, about which I want them to give me my breathing space or I am going to take it all together as it were – it is when the lives of those who foster benefits for the behaviour of these bullies have become the example that shows it to be wrong, then perhaps that will have become the decision that they have been waiting for all their lives too. I do not have a long story to tell on the matter as such all together – as far as I am concerned, the Bible is clear about what those who get out of bed to go off and wait for another person’s blood are really all about and do not like to discuss racism or equality because it tends to suggest people were not listening to what I said earlier and need to get off and fuck somewhere else. They do say I expect them to live without a culture and society and have been having my exhilarating fun doing these things too – in terms of the former of which they need to keep it off my income or when I am finished with them and they are given their opportunity to kill they will therefore do it with a big mouth only, in terms of the latter, given the right tools and measures although it does not look like it to them, the reality is that they really can leave people alone when their victims are determined to make them like I am and then they can taken up even more of my time to yap using my own to do it until somebody else follows it on with a need to fulfil own desire as well from there (it is a regular routine of theirs especially on Media whenever I am asked what I have been up to etc and yet the basic reality is still that if you had indigestion it would cost your job because they know where your anus and penis is, as they did buy your fucking lunch which calls for it all in the first place as it were to begin with). There is nothing unusual about liberals soaking people’s lives with their problems and stealing the way the victims are forced to deal with it in order to breathe to make a lifestyle for themselves on Media, it’s just that they are not making the connection between it and those things I do when I kick them and ensure they steal no more disposition and equity from me to deal with the effects whereby I have to end up providing a leadership until I am financially worse off every day for it as well – none of it is unusual, not least the complain I encumber their stupid freedom – it is a line fairly drawn under that nonsense about being more important than I am as an ambition to achieve which can never ever happen. Of course I am aware that Court Members are confused about what their role is, just like the case of how I need to detach from Fashion when it is not a problem – in terms of the latter of which it’s a matter of one side of the Court being with me at the Company Office for power reasons and the other at Royal Office to stay with me while I patch up all cracks in my relationship with other Members of the Royal family which when done will mean an end to socialist and liberal vandalism but I need to take my time to extricate the main trade mark of my work which is Political stability and can always extend the time period depending on being insulted and abused by Media fools allied to Politicians as that will mean hurting bottoms continues. In terms of the latter however, they always say it’s the British and their rules but a skirt that is an inch shorter can mean the difference between being a normal guest at Royal Ascot and being somebody that has gone there to talk about Political diplomacy that unlike Royal diplomacy where people push me by saying they are men and I look like I want to dance and the night is young, so I might end up asking them what genocide they are interested in as well – tends to push people towards pornography and anybody bringing it up at places such as Royal Ascot will tend to wish they had made the skirt one inch longer etc and it does not mean people do not break these rules still but that is Mr Nasty who wants to get involved with the Queen to build up his wealth – you know, when we say the entire family is here etc. I need to have a personal relationship with the Court such that there is no difference between meeting and meeting online, otherwise it does not work for me and it does not work for them and their careers. I hear that I need t o be more forth coming of course and I do not need to be forth coming about anything; what these idiots need to do however is continue to give me the persecution of my life, to show the world and its wealth is for evil people – I have already done a new one as it stands for today and they need to use it, use it and attack me and abuse me and show me all I need to learn about violence as it were; it never ever listens to anybody or anything as we can see and it either wants to spend my income and oppress me with poverty because it hates morality and wants to show those who dare what it really thinks of that stupid contraption they call religion or it perpetually wants to get involved with me and exist in a condition where others want to do it on its behalf all the time because it is freedom and democracy where moral people do not actually have a say even though they think that they matter; I do not have to be forth coming about squad.

So they say I crack people up and that it is the reason they hate my guts which is utter nonsense; in terms of what they can handle, the products are the Books and I do not build peace and quiet in this Office and personal life for their conveniences – in terms of what they cannot handle however they are always cracked when they get involved with me or my concerns because they are stupid and when done we see them set out to factorise me as insolently as possible and push all I have achieved to a point where the profitability of violence gets to decide what the outcome of their involvement with me should be. So nobody knows what stage exactly a set of idiots that know nothing about the Law became more important than an Arch Prince who is a Law student anyway and it is the sort of rubbish I have to deal with all the time at Public duty office while they pretend that when they are cracked I have ended up with a problem looking for more. We see them all the time at one frequency and that one frequency only i.e. how can they get out of bed and chose a target to be more important than then get to make it happen. So they say it’s the statements that I make and I am aware they are referring to squander specialist with no compunction whatsoever fuck Dad Fathers they have got all over the place and the other ones that are really needy and think they are very tough as well. I say this kind of statement is bad and I wish to find out what it is exactly they can do about me as well – what they have made of my Public life and what they have made of my internet business and what they have made of any other means or jobs I do is not what any of these things really look like and the reason is because they want to get out of their living rooms and show a lot of disrespect in order to become fuck Dad fathers which is going to become a trend really soon provided they have difficulty staying away as it were. They say I make it all convoluted as I do not know what I am doing but I am just a Christian and nothing about that messes with academics and finances in anyway – all else is people twisting me unto unnatural corners because they are gay fuck Dad fathers and it is that old stupidity of not being able to tell where academics and finances should be as per separate from gangs and criminals, whereby I must be made to provide that leadership until I am financially worse off so their stupidity might keep growing and so I always set out a decade of my time and give it away at random like this for instance as it were, considering the kind of leadership Media wants to provide all together. As for the part about me being my real self; I really advise them to tone it down as it has come to me so many times all together about my enmity with celebrities paying off in the sense that my income stops vanishing, the one I am working on now being my enmity with Industry and it will start with that stupid money of theirs they get on my nerves and figure me out every day with until I attain a point where their brands are the essence of Madness is nor for normalcy to be restored when they get around the neighbourhoods getting rich with it away from my Royal brand. I hear they get confused about where the Royal brand is which is not a problem either; if they imagined that they relied on their own Son to run a Government and the Son is also an ally, then they will understand what my relationship with The Queen is like and if she has not built it for me or Her Aides done so, then it does not come under Royal brand; the part where my life has become an open secret people are always figuring out being what they need to tone down to avoid even more twisted gay fuck Dad fathers based problems; I mean they do these things to a point where their insults have developed another meaning for it which suggests that it is my physical nature that ensures I am not vulnerable to what everybody else is which is then what I need to share and have decided of course like they love to what must happen on that basis with a big mouth – the recession is over; they need to move on and stay out. Of course they say I am still stuck, which is utter nonsense; my enmity with celebrities is meant to attain an outcome where the vanishing Book sale income ceases to happen and my enmity with Industry is supposed to attain the one where their brands are the essence of insanity while we see them at regular friendship with Americans to sell things and get rich away from my Royal brand and the pretence that the order exists to sell their wares for them. As for what I really think of the EU referendum however; it’s an old story all together, the one where it is a cultural alliance in the EU and not a Political one, hence Politicians hate how it tells them that taking advantage of others when they want to get rich should be done at a limit so that even their own victims can have a life as well  and because the EU territory is vast as well, people can travel around when they want to get away from Politicians that are always handling them; with respect to me however, it’s a matter of one business is difficult, two tough and three a community and I need to watch out for Mrs Flash and her Boys who makes announcements about how she owns all cultural things in Europe and turns up with her whole family to take over and do celebrity culture with that stupid money. Of course they say that even as I speak, it is all being taken over by them which is utter nonsense but makes the point anyway – that after the takeover, there is no reason to attack and rip up my Book sales but the reasons they get after it and make that happen being that they are never satisfied unless what they have taken was taken with a history of taking advantage of me alongside and that is why we have problems. There is now talk of female anxiety of course and first of all which I have always had temperament mistresses all over Europe – Women who have this tendency to kill when people mess with their Houses have always allied themselves to me and the female anxiety is momentary fear brought about by Politicians engaging themselves in state office bullying when these idiots have set out those they want to feel good on and gone off to shed the morals they were raised with like a shirt and either found out getting rich happens when people are ruthless or does not when people are spiritually filthy, so once done the next chapter is to turn up and clean up on the lives of them chosen victims; so that even moments of fear that lasts seconds because people are concerned with other things apart from their stupid selves can result in a bit being taken and they will do it every day until they have it hence the need for the Media and their Politicians to provide them that leadership to such an effect. So it is said most allies are at a loss at this point as per what I am up to but what I am up to is quite simple; we have now reached that point where most equity and security property have been recovered and I need to ensure all my daily agenda is picked up and will then use it to provide myself with such an amount of daily back up as means that when these guys decide they want to chase me around at a later date naming me an internet troll that handles peoples businesses etc when I have earned enough money they can take from me  at the Law Courts etc, I will have had such an amount of daily back up after, as will then show them it will be a waste of time and lots and lots of money on their part as well; so it’s the same old tale where I do not want them to do business as per what pertains to me any longer and they are aware the facts at the heart of it is that my enmity with celebrities is supposed to ensure my income stops disappearing, while the one with Industry is meant to ensure my Royal brand and order is secure – as nobody knows why they get after, attack and rip up my earnings on account that they have deployed my public image to get rich and it has actually paid off except there has to be a history alongside whereby it happened on account I was taken advantage of. They do speak of people who hate my guts at the Monarchy of course and it is because there is possibility such things can be profitable which has been created by activities of celebrities which cause my income to vanish everyday but then again there are other more serious cases on the ground such as when I take public transportation and end up with hurting bottom or when CCTV generally means my tummy is never settled and there is always a smell, what I will want to find out soon enough, that new boast about how I wanted a fight with Public transport idiots which I am now losing, is that of if they get to treat their city centre scumbags in that way as well; it’s the same tale of Men forming up and preserving themselves for the express purpose of getting rich by showing they can take things off weaker sex and then Politicians and Media will provide them leadership which means it make take forever but they will have it anyway and when it started years ago at a point whereby they considered themselves global republicans that were automatically due the benefits of certain insults I was clear since about people not moving into my right hand unless they are looking for trouble too; I was there when they built their ignorance into a state of affairs that meant it mattered because of how it preserved their health and strength and I was there when the other layers we see had been added on, now the idea is that nobody was prepared for anything when Politicians finished them with money so as to create them profitability of violence as well, so as far as I am concerned, they can always keep their insults where people appreciate them or fuck Dad and his needy friend can only become a state of affairs which continues to get worse. Nobody really can tell what stage they get off their idiots and start to look after me like that, so that they have not even done it for a month before it has begun to get violent anyway. It’s nothing unusual either; the real case here is that they really love to damage and squander my property because they are skinning it for a lifestyle they have never had and when one does it and blows off a cigarette and another strops off and mutters how long her has waited to see something like you on the streets and each and every one wants to have ago including community croons that will develop their own lies on your public life on which their plans to get rich is to be developed, while every scum involved with it wants to gossip about something and turn up on your case to prove what he said, it adds up, right up to the point where it is clear public transport scumbags want a piece of you. I mean its basic stuff; we live in a Country where the rest of the world wants to laugh in your face and call you a cunt behind your back, besides which we do not smack our kids, we inform them or the dreadful horror instead – when people get involved with my concerns they ought to with some degree of respect otherwise fuck Dad and his needy friend can be the start of greater things too. it’s another example of the reasons everything about the EU referendum annoys me so intensely i.e. all that fuss and yet he who has the best car and best home gets to bully everybody – it is incredibly stupid and you know what is coming to you due to involvement and yet it reaches you all the time etc.

So I hear of this case of my unawareness of the level of racism which chases my work and it is utterly untrue as well – it’s that old case Politicians like to throw money on so they can chase other people’s lives but for a while because it will be amusing, where if they could only take up my life and hold me down somewhere and empty its contents during my prime into some condition on Media and Politics whereby they can have unfettered access thereafter and use it to get it done, as per it has been integrated into and made a part of their culture, they will be both superior without question and financially comfortable as well. It continues like we see it all the time as a result of the kind of leadership Politicians and Media want to provide where it’s not just a matter of the racists that will get you in a condition whereby they will not be blamed if they are unable to own your public life and make money with it but goes so far as to build this system of society where somebody is responsible for another person’s actions all of the time and they never played a part in the outcomes of their stupidities whenever it harms them, so they might lean on others when they wish to. It started from Tony Blair who loved to threaten my life alongside his none white party idiots over the need to use my Public image while I do nothing about it if I do not want somebody to shoot or stab me at random – now we know he is travelling around the world making it a peaceful place as a peace envoy and has converted to Catholicism these days, leaving his crap here. I mean if the madness of the Arians does not work in this way, it is likely to be the mental illness that is about how they invented financial well being and need to be in a condition where they know a few tricks by which to go to the stock market and make some quick money when they are out of cash and because of that my spirit Christian must be dominated before I am allowed to carry on academics, whereby if it shows up again they will be around to decide if I can get a job too all together – even now of which my life is still as far as they are concerned, some open secret that they can figure out depending on whether or not they have money and wish to use it to feel good by having something they have never had; the Arians apparently started it when I was a 21 year old Man 15 years ago and have since not stopped on a daily basis or achieved this condition where my spirit Christian is dominated, they have not asked how I have paid my way in the world in all that time because they are stupid as usual and I need to breathe which is why they are complaining as well. Still it continues, in that they are still turning up around my business to bend me and my concerns into very uncomfortable positions where I can be held permanently with a big mouth and I need to ensure they are the ones that end up gay since it wouldn’t suit a Christian too as it were but the one that takes the biscuit is still the damage to my finances and the checking me up to look for cracks that mean I have a career which exists within the possibility that it can be transferred to somebody else that is more superior and it is another form that the medical insanity of the Arians take as it were, which Politicians also really enjoy throwing money at, so that when I had been whittled down health wise, it will appear I fancy the preservation that their ignorance and violence has afforded their health and in that way their violence will be profitable and what people own will become a function of whom they can beat up in order to take it. They complain about being cracked but say nothing about their stupidities – the one about the fact they have no idea where jobs and career and income should be as separate from where gangs and crime should be and since I do, not only will they show their ageist faces around my concerns to pillage my finances but will create the conditions that allow them to get out of bed daily to become more important than I am and create all that nonsense I have to deal with at Public duty office for me all of the time, to extricate a leadership I must be forced to provide until I am financially worse off and then with their money they will never be wrong but now are worried about why they are always cracked and even angrier when I show them the fact it is because they are incredibly stupid people. The other side of the story is of course that people are just happy that I am around and that I exist which has nothing to do with this; in terms of it of which I am aware of the number of persons I meet everyday who like to tell me they will buy shit from me provided I dealt with the main issues of which the main issues are being dealt with anyway i.e. my enmity with Celebrities is meant to ensure my income around the phenomenon which is my Books and its market places ceases to just vanish everyday on account others are famous and my enmity with Industry people is meant to ensure I get my hands on and rip up that insolent money to a point where they are back at brand vagabond and American friends they can get about the world with in order to get rich, away from my Royal Estate – what we are talking about here is the level of racism that follows my work and I am saying that given the correct tools and measures they can all keep their insults to themselves and leave other people alone as it were. As for the Politicians, they always knew about the insanity of these goons and it was really obvious during the recession when they were propelled to get out of their homes in large numbers and go off to way lay younger people at jobs and career but still venture to rip up my finances and help them to financial advantages so they might get around telling me I have to deal with it while they oppress me because it is fair considering I have got everything and every time I am in a fight of my life over my finances as a result of these idiots, so will I be encouraged to make war on the Politicians and the Political system too; it is why this conversation has become necessary; as for the Arians, they are cracked not just because they are stupid but because although they hate my books and will not keep off it still, are continually seen around my concerns never the less to check me up and ensure I am vulnerable to career piracy.

I hear the extremist groups do not just end with Arians of course and I am aware they don’t too; the Asian ones start off and finish everything they do with anus and penis insults and it is ever so obvious the one they do not want to do is Christian stuff and now that I know what they do not like as well we know what the future will look like and their case with me can only continue until I have a personal problem with anything in suits that shows up in my face from the US to India and it will go hand in hand with those insults about the damage to my finances being caused by people who actually are wealthy enough to appreciate my Books when I only want to sell it to wealthy when I am selling it an Court etc and it is another example of the reasons they get cracked and the idea that it is because they are stupid becomes incredible considering they have money; I am not their spare leader. So they do say I am hiding everything that is actually the fundamental reason for all these tensions, which I am not; the reason has always been that I am a Christian and they do not believe in religion but when they have an opinion about it, the opinion comes with pragmatic and very violent behaviour – so I had to show them which ones they were taking advantage of by making sure material things were the reasons they keep their insults to themselves and their hands too alongside – we have reached a point where manufacturers broker equities with me to make products they think they will buy and set about bullying people with until they make more money and because of that they have now worked out how to deploy my public image to get rich and get off to find my Books and damage it after on account they want a history that says they made the money by taking advantage of me and hence they are cracked because they are stupid and there is nothing confusing as that like they love to make out. They say I should surely see that the cracking people thing is abusive and insulting but the only thing that has not turned out as I planned here is the fact Politicians rip up my earnings to allow them get into the work force to build their savings and confidence at my expense – the rest is just them doing exactly what I want them to do and they are cracked which is not my problem because I am in charge and they are not and if push comes to shove, I can actually prove that too – pushing threats at me like the older youths who have no respect for tools I earn a living with which they are is apparently already beginning to open up a whole new kettle of fight in this direction yet again for them. They do say I am looking for as much trouble as I cannot handle the half of it naturally; it is utter nonsense too since that is not despicably spying on me to finger my bum and make a show of my little nice fuckable anus in the mind eye of the neighbourhoods by golliwogs and Muslim scum actually suggests, at that time the idiots were having fun and I guess it was their way of showing their distaste for Mr Little shit that gets on their nerves by writing Books in their personal lives where he builds a peace and quiet at the office for their own fucking convenience as it were – now the fun of it has dissipated for a while yet considering they regard the process where they are not cracked like everybody else as their freedom, expressed all over their insulting media where they go to make their weekend partying cash by ripping up my Books to put a name to their faces in order to report the day’s news etc among many others including the stupidities we see at Politics and Industry. Obviously if they cracked their freedom is gone with it and this is a fact that must be considered by those who do not respect freedoms of Men and the democratic peoples of the world but they will not listen, they will not stop and even if a literary work is patented, if there is the idea that it has to be abused in order for them to get rich, it will be so because they always have what they want – hence I need to prove that hiding that reality that they are very stupid people who counted their pennies at the right time either because Politicians supported them or nobody paid attention to them and their self seeking at a point whereby they would have been financially affected is not always the best position for authority to take. They do say they cannot actually tell which one is stupid and which one is not but that depends – everybody who observes properly can tell which student was never going to go beyond the back of the class room and which one would have been the same if they did not get the right support like they did; so it is worth bearing in mind when they turn up on my case ever so often to appoint themselves and decide something over their fucking mate here. They do say I have a short attention span of course, which is likely credible as a Royal that is famed for his good temperament becomes a person with short attention span but it does not trouble me so much, what does is this process of dealing with that media nonsense and its leadership which has brought me so low as to work on people instead of things and I want it to be temporary as well. It’s not a new thing about Liberals; they must have access to the personal life of those with authority in some way and through that life and living will be all about stealing the persons style to exhibit themselves in Public with and following it on with lots of anus and penis insults because they know they have enough access to use the persons existence to solve any problems that may arise and nothing will ever convince it that it is not important as it were; it will do nothing else but this behaviour until the Arians and the gangs take over the Public issues and only then will you find that it feel it can go off and live out that stupid self exhibitionist existence that it has already got. So it’s much like when it is said I contribute to this sense that social Media can always run wild and am adding to people addiction to it which is bad all round but that is not the case – social Media is a platform controlled by people and those who sign up an account on it have to bear that in mind and understand if they have anything important on it, those who control it actually do not get to show their faces besides which most are owned by Americans who are known to spend money and set up contraptions that will be described as businesses but exist to hurt human beings – apart from this two risks of which the main one is supposed to be the actions of trolls which means that when you do have a profile on social Media, you should follow it on with public activity as well, otherwise you will fail to notice that although they present their extreme need for destruction of people’s property as something to do with civil rights and freedom and wealth inequality, the reality is that what they find most amusing among other things that is amusing to them about it is the way you react when they do. Personally I can apparently put a business on social media for years and have it damaged and ripped open by Industry people on a daily basis but it is the point where I decide after five years to take steps to do something about or say something about it that the first stages of censorship will begin to appear and so you do tend to feel that social Media people do actually think they can do anything they like and that if they push you one more time, you will put it to the test as well and that is not counting the number of times when they have catalogues aspects of your history they can sell you out to the wealthy to make business and wealth and connections with, rather than allowing you to bring attention to bear on what you are doing at present. The political bit they do not like to discuss is their vandalism allowing me to accept following from those I know are actually selling sex – they do not discuss that bit of course because they like to consider themselves in the light of being other people’s personal gods. So it is said I make these things worse but that is a matter of which insults and provocation politicians and their Media friends continue to cause people to adopt a position where they can if they want to, extricate a reaction from me for considering the money that comes with that level of exhibitionism does not happen unless I react to it as it were. So in the end they say the Political establishment hates my guts which is an old story about how I need to be punished by those who actually do have the right to do it as it were making things far worse than it can be – but then again of which is a behaviour we see from fat cats all the time i.e. hey guys I do not discriminate against anything on offer, which can also mean he does not mind if you murder somebody over racism for him – in terms of Politicians and their Media friends of which you will generally want to see what leadership they intend to provide all together. The Political establishment is learning for my part in the matter, that you buy Books to get involved with an author unless you are a pervert in which case you should not complain about what he gets up to as well; as for the threats, it can only lead to results where I will corner them too and provide them a service they cannot do without and then they will find all that nonsense I have learned from Public transport operatives will come in very handy and it will be powerful proper. In the end I do get told I refuse to work with the rules of course but that is not true, it’s all them doing what they do best; my part in the show is that they do not want to go out there and do something useful with themselves because Christian likes to see people keep off immoral behaviour and this one actually has some power with which to enforce it – it is counter to the part where their most popular persecution of moral people is usually dredging them up and putting it on media to create a personality that can become famous in order to make them vagabonds when they are told to claim it before it is gone and then it is given to somebody else after they have been dislodged from their comfort zone so others might use it to be glorious. So now there is wailing about culture and society and it is music to my ears too i.e. they do not want to go out and do something socially useful with their lives because it wouldn’t be powerful to and they do not want to leave me alone because that wouldn’t be the powerful thing to do either. They do complain of course that Politics and Monarchy is all the same thing these days because of me and there is no truth in it whatsoever – what has happened here is their realisation that it is the same passion as it were, the same passion that means their personality and aura and they like to insultingly put it to claim they are being modern, the same passion that propels them to want to be part of the Political system and work in parliament where they can help ensure those who go there to set out matters of leadership according to the mandate given to them by the People behave in accordance with its rules, exactly the same passion as it were and now they know, they know what it feels like when you have failed at being able to buy a big House for children that are homeless because their parents do not want Christians at home on account they emulated me, the feeling of loss of not being able to protect those that have been forced to stand for hours in front of a shop and show their youth to the world until customers are attracted and hence ran away from home because they liked the way I do things.

It is not a matter of grave concern for me at this point, we all know liberals are fundamentally convinced of their version of the truth and have two minds all the time; one for lying and the other for decadence. I am only looking after the process where the Media and Political vandalism tends to mean that I worry too much about Money when I am actually only interested in stabilising my life and we can see that there will never be enough normalcy to network for people who need my products and deliver them like a normal business if they are not retrained; the idea I am being made to suffer at the hands of black people being utter nonsense too – the only suffering is their insufferable stupidity which means Arians are right about their ideology.