They do say the UK is vulnerable to salary inequality just like everybody else, even though holier than thou judgemental goons like myself will not stop feeling superior and its utter nonsense since first of all they are not Royalty and do not have the ability to discern the meaning of anything they do or indeed to understand it but with respect to the matter itself, the reality has been the way they suck up to rich people and take low paid jobs, while the other more violent ones that are fat and ugly get off to run Trade Unions and ensure they make the lives of caring employers hell all together – their problem being that they love to brag of how I am a special case with that big mouth they have got as well, knowing that duties associated with the Church alone allows me enough of a good name to get around sucking up to rich people and giving them anything they wanted in order to be financially comfortable in every way imagination while causing them immense suffering at the other end but the reasons they have become so interested in targeting me is apparently that although when they say the rich are to get richer and poor are to get poorer in their wake it does not hold sway with me as well all together, I am not doing such a thing. So it does come through to the idea that I provide the incentive by allowing myself to be bullied so I can jeopardise people’s lives and well being to reinstate myself, the reality of course is that there is no such incentive and this is far from the problem which is rather that they think they are important when they are actually not significant, need to get jobs and specialise; leave me alone and keep off my Books. Like that other case where they say Communists are getting the better of me all the time – reality of which is that nobody has ever opened up anything I have shut down before and it’s still the same, except for other features such as the need to peddle my Christian mystery life or the Royal one in order to get rich quick or sell products or simply just get famous. They have built up some violent lasciviousness that they roll out on Media to ensure there is enough perception to open up anything I shut down every time they want and so we will see what becomes of it too when Mr Trump is close to the Russians and we have to work out what it means for global security everyday – I personally regularly get the sense coming on that I want to put them down, since it is not something that anybody with a few gold teeth would want to discuss or try to understand even if they have become so insultingly obsessed with me due to the fact Mr Obama thinks Terrorism comes from Republicans in the US and that what he is doing is strong and smart. The reality about how it works really is that they complain about how I tackle culture and society so when I tell them to get off me and get jobs it might really make sense but the reality is still that each time they are asked to get a job or a career, what they chose to do is select people they want to work on or things they want to work on and so this along with other cases like primary provocation that Politicians can get into government building and top up their power for them by, starts to provoke me in a big way when they cannot lay off my livelihood or keep their fingers off my Bum. As for being licked by Communists; it was always a simple matter of making sure Terrorists are not Terrorists and Criminals are not Criminals, while securing National interest from Communists and we can see it’s a cynical media that is creating the lapses. Of course they do say I have no respect for people, which is not true – the truth is that they don’t buy Books and don’t sell books and don’t read Books and even if they do, it will not have been the type I write, so when it comes to the reasons that I have to tolerate them like these every day, there is really no point at which that stupid greed becoming obsessed with that need to get out of Bed and talk to me like so every day, can be justified. The part about conquering people, which is what they say I am mad for being the one we are talking about when starting original provocation Politicians can use to top up power for them is considered – it becomes more important than getting a day job because they have nothing to lose every time and then when finished realise there are those they can dominate on seeing they need to pay their way – it does not mean anything save the fact that Politicians are very stupid people and they can say I am always coming up with ideas about what should become of others except I have trouble with allowing people chose and that is when that space on their right hand side where people can get stuck and give them the same privileges that successful people are getting starts to wind me up in its own right as well – hence the old question of what those left hand side and right hand side gestures really mean, they will say they are dominating, I will say there are issues and factors that facilitate it, which constitutes the reasons I cannot breathe. That it is about the Country is definitely not what makes it less insulting and that it is about their age is certainly not what draws an interest from me for their problems; they always say they need money and then when they have it the result is war. The great all story is about the way big breaks work; the ones that always boast that I cannot take them on as the ones that cannot have enough of exploring the profitability of their disobedience at my expense because they are good at stealing other peoples own and have had some Media and Politics to help them with that for some time – the others are the racists and the black peoples movements and there is no sense that they have a business and the Products are set out in an environment where it is clear they want to belong to a certain group that does not do the bad things while criticising those that do, so the Public might have a clear understanding they belong to one and not the other and that they can calculate their earnings and build from that, what we know they do is seek to peddle me and my life for instance and then once they get the money, start a war with it. it’s never been a problem, we can talk about it in such ways or we can talk about the reasons insulting and meddling and corruption of involvement journalists must pay attention to the bit that actually pays their salary and let other people be; they do say they are enforcing the will of the Queen or other Royals that are of higher authority but it is an example of the reasons they speak of a perverse way in which the Upper Class operates since if The Queen wants to deploy my work to get things done, I am only supposed to ensure One has all she needs not get told what to do by others and it’s an example of how people help out and incur the wrath of the Monarch, since you can only thus help until the Politicians need you helping with everything else too. Every time I feel like hurting them stupid journalists it never lasts and their bullying is getting to a stage where my tummy does not do anything it is supposed to anymore, so I need to be more up and doing on the matter i.e. I don’t want any idiot peddling me to make money he gets to spend on a war and they need to pay attention to the one that pays their fucking salary – we all know the problem has been going on for a while there their socialist ideas means when people ask those who have and get to share it makes them inferior as opposed to just taking it peacefully through civil rights, how it then makes laws for everybody when we know there are those that will not let it go if you hurt them without remitting a compensation because it is civilised to, nobody knows. I am not saying anybody has to do something about it, I am just saying people only need make laws for everybody when people are civilised and will get their compensation when you hurt them at any cost, while another have started a story about how those who ask owners before they share something are inferior. I for my part need to start getting in shape to ensure what I do get done because Journalists telling me what to do and disciplining me an ageism has completely stopped. They do say it’s the price people have to pay in order for me to do what I need to do but we all know I make peoples culture and society famous when their celebrities are always seen around here and they on the other hand are showing tendencies for terrorism – every fool that gets involved with it and shows up here to handle my finances claiming victim just loved to hurt themselves; so I don’t care what they are used to, it’s likely I speak of their case the way I do because I am scared of them and so is it likely I am delaying it so we can meet in person over the matter but it does seem other issues become important and things need to be moved on. It’s never unusual, it simply never rests until it rips up your good name and thereafter you start to think it’s the end but it’s just started to deploy its measly salary to push you towards crime by gossips and raising some perverted awareness of what you have in common with bad neighbourhoods; but the involvement bit that it is completely obsessed with could always have been prevented if taken seriously all along. It’s never been an issue as a whole when they say it’s still lost in translation what I have actually accomplished but we all know peoples culture and society need be famous when they exhibit tendency for civil violence, it means that it’s not the young Men and Women that go to the City to get stuck in problems until they get wound up in a cycle of prostitution and later become lucky enough to get a big break that allows them to have a career for a couple of decades, then retire and have a story to tell others – it means they are the ones that have to chase their own lives and see what it feels like, the way they make moral people chase it and this then means they are the ones that will likely end up in a cycle of prostitution and a story to tell at the end of their lives instead; personally however it’s an old story where my Books do not do them any favours but this is what encourages them to get involved with me more fervently with a big mouth and the structures I put in place to ensure my life and work is secure when I pay attention to other matters are the things that provoke them into taking steps at popular culture and media and politics to pervert it and peddle it to make quick fame and fortune, looking for trouble. The first part of their case is of course that my Books do not do them favours, so they are encouraged to get involved with me even more and put me in my place that way – the other is that the six foot guy might get into an altercation with a 5 foot teenager and behave as though he is fighting his mate who stole his wife, so it progresses to a hate for me which needs the entire Parliament and its Politicians which I suppose is a good start as well but in the end it becomes unbearable to see these low life dumb students who do well in school turning up to provoke me and then after five years start to fight me the way I defend myself from them too, not everybody would see it apparently but they would and so all I do to defend myself against them from a respectable position is taken away and they have not stopped making trouble since as well – these are the reasons I have taken the process of making them complain about me in a big and global way so seriously I am an Arch Prince and a Soldier in the British Army is Homosexual, he can rely on my support because he knows his country respects him and the enemy that constitutes a factor in his life style cannot have that homosexuality like that as well and this is what they are trying to do with that big mouth. They do say they have always assumed I am the peaceful one but when peaceful it’s a matter of the factors that bring about the conflicts obviously: he is a millimetre taller, so that means he is alright in every other way when it comes to the balls and since he gets beaten every time he provokes me and starts to fight like I do because he does not want to be beaten anymore but has no wish to shut down the provocation and attacks all together with a big mouth – of course they do say what I am getting up to will have no effect because people will adapt and so will it happen too that when the fight starts we will fight over it again; I mean if all their violence was ended, whatever structures were meant to attack them would become rehabilitation projects if they needed them at all that is. It is painful seeing those conditions where soldiers have to give their lives as it were – I mean an average civilian has a vehicle license for a saloon but a soldier will have one of those and then an big truck and an Armoured Vehicle and  Tank too; so its hurtful to see them give their lives and this is why people who are a bunch of low lives getting their thrill causes them to hate my guts as well; I mean it’s a case of prevent the terrorists from being terrorists and prevent the criminals from being criminals and keep the Communist out of National interests but when you talk about people who work in the ships patrolling the trade routes it’s not exciting anymore, while dumb idiots have now gone from big for nothing to fighting like you so they can beat you when they want; they have only stopped finding it amusing and that is a beginning. It’s the judgements they make you see; so what they are dealing with here is not soldier stuff but Royalty stuff and this is what I am clearing up here for them and I do feel that they are still showing up around my concerns because enough have not died yet – it’s not a gospel as such but there is nothing wrong with the respect bit. A whole Global Civil rights movement obviously organised by people who want to get rich without any work and primarily to avoid doing work for money – it’s like One must relax, take his time, never do anything unusual lest it becomes a squeezing balloons situation.

It’s like that tale of my weak leadership that says what is compliant, meaning all I say makes problems worse by revealing what violence people can explore; reality of course is that when whole culture and society is famous and people are stalking their lives instead of the vulnerable, when another person who is similar to a Terrorist becomes an actor it will be obvious that although they are similar, one is an actor and the other is a terrorist. So that industry goons can show up here to pretend the mindset of the world is one thing while theirs is another and that if played right they can do whatever they like, telling me my disrespect for their money has created global disorder which I am unable to resolve like it was my problem or indeed that of the world – like I am the chief salesman in a business that makes me millions who does not want to think about wealthy and poor criminals that can make trouble instead of address other peoples Princes over it. I mean it started from playing with City centre people and then dropping out of University so I might never catch up with those I had something in common with, my life was then copied and used as a tool to get around grabbing top jobs from those who worked for it and were too weak to fight and now we are at a stage all together – so saying so will mean my chest will go hurting again the clowning around and it’s never really been an issue all together as it were, about which it’s a capitalism and goods always get sold anyway whether or not there are salesmen around, thus its nota sermon as such but there is really nothing wrong with the respect bits.

They do say I am not so aware that these are racists and far right sympathisers I am talking about but I am and I believe I have made my point too – not a sermon as such but there is nothing wrong with the respect bits, so their industry goons can tell me when stuck, that I have so little respect for their money that I have created global disorder. So they do say the way I handle matters creates the economic issues, which is not quite – businesses talk of how much trade they have had and how much earnings they have made and how much investment they can make and if it does not work get shut down; government does not talk in such ways, the government has to decide on the conditions apparent by which businesses make the above decisions and if they did so, it would have been obvious that construction and agriculture would suffer over Brexit but other avenues will be freed up due to the fact the French and Germans will no longer be wasting peoples time creating problems and sitting about solving them to provide leadership for all. they would normally say my words smack of discrimination but it’s a matter of being distracted by a midsized gang character who has a fundamentalism concerning his problems, money and the way the world works and if you have had to explain to the thousands of people bearing down on your door everyday for 5 years and found some way to compensate them during that time, then there has to be a way that the idiot can get moving but better still, when you know that is the likely outcome, you do not go about getting him involved with yourself in the first place, then setting other peoples out as human shields for it too because you have the biggest economy in the Euro zone obviously. They do say that I think I am better than everybody else and that its okay to get involved with them but not for others to but the reality is that I limit their involvement first so I can decide what I spend my time on, wherefore so explaining leaves me with a hurting penis and bottom as I get led by French and German scum again.


Like it is said that I am obsessed with this idea that Journalists and Celebrities really need my help, when there is rather the problem of people creating their own version of what my Books are when I have already provided a description in order to get rich quick and it’s a usual problem with Men making you understand that you would have done the things they had done to fuck up their lives, if you were in their position, so as to ensure they reward themselves for their evil behaviour and never have to change it. The main issue right down is that I am not spending my time thinking celebrities and journalists need my help in anyway whatsoever, in fact my social Medias profiles are set up in my name so this question is an assumption that I couldn’t work with an alias if I wanted to.  The reality is that whenever somebody is black like I am and is a film direction, he can crack my defences with a crowd of goons on Media talking about rights, make films on my public image and put any fool he wants in it and I can only do something about it when they are already rich and famous and their seniority of insults had punished me for shaming black people by getting involved with the British Royal family but all I have to say is that it is bound to end very well as long as they tell stories about Hollywood racism. They do say I am talking and really cannot do anything about them of course but it’s an old story where I am talking and they are bragging but everybody knows the main driving force behind a global civil rights of those who want to get rich to avoid working for money and to get rich in order to ensure they never ever work for money in their lives is likely to be propelled by a fat, large idiot with a beard who has a criminal enterprise and stays out of sight – hence blabbing about doing something about it, the respect bit is clearly an instance where he assumes I will not get away with it; in the end it’s the same problem where if I don’t want them doing it, it becomes their main preoccupation instead and their insulting seniority means my business empire is not factorised by how well they can suck up to industry fools with money to spend on them as well for good measure. The reality about the journalists and celebrities is that I want people I can trust first of all and people that are like me as well, who use their own lives and talents and abilities to do the journalist work and then I can have a proper live journal and not people that will churn my tummy every time I offer them my Bed chamber where I engage them with as a whole on account they must have jobs and must work with a manager and a camera man and regularly get on the internet to grab my work and use it to run off the latest project which will award them that big news slot; so I know what I want and the rest is the bit where I am being made to Liberalise and if I am tired of it I can get rid of them.

The other two aspects being the case where it’s not just journalists in the Court which I never said it was – apart from the Journalists and celebrities, it’s The Queen building an enterprise and this is what I mean, any goon that sits somewhere to send out his idiots to escape work with my work and income is taking a risk under an assumption I will not get away with it – the second aspect being that Indians don’t like me which is not wholly true and that Italian do i.e. black Diamond bring good Luck in Italy and bad luck in India, hence some silly Indian Women simply take themselves too seriously over the matter and for all the wrong reasons considering when it is perverted it always has problems and accusations. They do say they don’t know what Millennials want but we all know that Blair started off Premiership of his second Term when he was certain of what he wanted, with a story of how we live in a Country where young people get married early and develops facing the past – 16 years later and the Country was steeped in the worst economic crisis in its history. Even so between 2002 and 2005 the Politicians could speak of nothing but the talents in the Country and how they would be assigned to lead all of it but then again in the Middle we were steeped in a Middle East War where the Media called the shots on our lives. In the end for those who have had their academics and finances chopped up, it has become a very tight schedule where you cannot say that between a time and that it was discovering things you did and then between a time and another it was jobs and then a career between a certain time frame – all these things have to be done at once along with academics and the Media simply does not wish to show any kind of consideration for it at all whatsoever. What we hear each time they run out of something to say is for instance with reference to me, that I make the trouble and expect others to do the fighting for me whereas they only show up to spend time on abuses and insults that are supposed to end when a racist turns up to pass around his market place teases which give way to racist violence and leaves him with socially profitable disposition, while I am at the same time said to be racism compliant and for the insults I levy on celebrities will get beaten up; in the end it’s a matter of visiting on others what has set them back in their lives for the most part but they just fail to understand what our schedule is too and this is where the fighting really takes off.

So the Americans love to say the British introduce me to them as one of the best but I am just a phoney but everybody knows all about the good old American democratic threat to civil independence – the way the world is likely allowed to exist is when Dad is loaded and gave you half a million when you left home to start a life of your own, or else you are fundamentally fucked. They will not when in public office perform the public service that allows people who have no such advantage to sort their lives out; they will not let the people who do not have such advantage sort the service out so they can sort their lives as well in the process either. Hence my Books are always being attacked even when it does not do them any favours to read. I have never thought it an issue but this tale of how the Trump Presidency should beware is utter nonsense as the Trump Presidency has a completely separate set of challenges. I mean one of the perks of Obama’s first Black American Presidency is black Men in the ranks of the KKK for instance, Mr Obama is very well aware of it and can do nothing while they think they should be able to build that stupid popular culture empire pipelines and stretch them from the US to Japan across this Royal estate all together – yap, yap prostitution is Liberal but they would not do it if their lives depended on doing to – yap yapping Homosexuality is heritage but they are not homosexuals and it does not even cross their minds how it works and so on. Then we hear that my very nature and my Books are a fundamental threat to them and their Democratic Party, while Media idiots assume a right to address me all of the time, when they are being nice they deploy it to ensure people cannot have jobs and keep them and when not we see them briefing criminals on the changes to society, when finished find it impossible to keep the fucking insults where appreciated and set about complaining of their hurting bottoms as well. My Books were written on the matter of the fact the Men will show up here to get abusive conveniences from the life of the Christian who is starting out his life in the world, while the Women will show up to threaten me with goons and gangs that will beat me up if abusing me is not helping them get rich and famous – I didn’t realise that sorting the problem meant enmity with democrats but now that we know, I suppose the next question is that of what will likely happen. They however have decided it is better to govern the Country outside of the White House all together and how this helps nobody knows. They do say I cannot actually handle the matter but it has always been a simple case of asking them to stop talking rubbish in public about things they see and covet being theirs until they get used to the idea that it is and the need to take their problems out on others to feel good gives way to the idea others do not have the right to feel good, so as to try and make it a reality and they need to stop being seen around my Books and clear my public image space; where I handle it will likely be the stage where I decide not to say it twice all together; apparently its always utterly avoidable with that big mouth eavesdropping on my work and conversations to pass around insults that let them show up on my personal space everyday – when they said I have written a Book that causes nostalgia and is therefore a threat to freedom and should never get sold, I did think they were joking – apparently not, yap yapping all over the place. I am aware of the scope of the Democratic Party’s Policy and International diplomacy; of the Middle East and Hollywood, of Asia and Japan etc, the vandalisms that happen completely unnecessarily of which their Policies would not be affected if it didn’t is the reason for most of their problems, the rest are those insults that keep the distraction going. The truth is that none of their Policies anywhere around the world has been affected by anybody’s actions since Mr Obama took Office and they know, the destruction of people’s lives and property which has always been linked by them to their civil freedoms and methods they recover from previous oppression is not news, there is simply too much of it, enough of it perhaps to ensure people show them that no individuals freedoms really looks like that. They do say that the problem is largely a matter of how democrats are always disrespected but it’s difficult to see where people are supposed to secure the respect if they spend thousands to get qualified in a field, only to be abused by democrats to a point where they feel worthless even though their outward personality tells a different story anyway, the purpose of which is so Democrats can run off to some self exhibitionist platform to make money they cannot actually account for; sometimes it is better not to ask people for something that you already know they actually do not have as it were. I mean the lack of respect is such that Democrats can demand the life of a person, a time section of it, five years perhaps, meant to allow them somebody they can bully to get over themselves because they felt they were treated in a way that robbed them of their rights and so it gets amusing and 5 becomes ten, ten becomes 15 and all along you never gave them your time if the media made that up for them instead to create this idea that hearing every little nonsense they come up with was actually supposed to have affected me etc – absolutely no respect whatsoever. I mean none of their Policies around the world have been affected save the part where they want to run free without certain important persons who are not Political blocking the atmosphere and it brings out the part where people want them to make a confrontation and then exhibit that Satanism for it as well.

The most recent story at Industry of course is that British people never do anything properly but it’s not a new story and is just as equally known as the one where the world will implode when those kinds of really stupid and perverted Men who usually tell Women they will have the bodies when they want and go off to work on doing so until it results in powerful Mans sexual assault that gets covered up and revealed only after their death, blowing off a big mouth at Government office towards another who is clearly stronger than they are; everybody else thinks the British invented the doing properly of things and we live with the fact we are like that and live with the disadvantages as well i.e. it’s impossible to find a Brit that works on something with a mind that is set on something else and so this creates problems at Industry when somebody wants a hammer and he gets ones and its only after you had delivered the Hammer you start to kill yourself over what could have been, considering that he who wants a hammer likely wants a Table and a Saw as well. The one group of people that cannot let it be for as long as history goes back have been the Germans, the French are usually just collaborative with anybody that does it and so the Germans and their friends will imagine and imagine and imagine until it gets to a stage where Man becomes machine and Machine becomes Man and nobody knows what they think about the number of times a local goon will get off and tell them they are a superior race who have a future he has seen like he is some fortune teller at Government Office before they think about some necessary important changes, what we have seen is that they have no reason to change if the EU exists and especially if the British are inside of it; for me however it is a publicity do not want and has done its worst for today hence it has been very important to put this short note out in Public too, their turn to lose money at the markets in 24 Hours therefore.

It always has a tendency to continue and facilitate communications that develop interests and well being of perdition of course, while the Politicians generally spend time making sure the idiots who work it have a footing first before others do something about it, in order to know where real power lies and go there to work their own perversions thereof, I am only interested in a right they do not have and it mostly involves my business and livelihood as a whole.

Hence they say that what I get up to is never really clear and does not make any sense, which is utter nonsense; the reality has always been a lot simpler than that i.e. when a Company Brokers Equity with me and I get on my social Media network to complete the process and do the task and sell my Books to get paid, the very process of that Company doing business with me amounts to the atmosphere that facilitates their freedom which they are waiting to get involved with everyday; it’s not their task and it’s not their property and they are not businesses in anyway, they are just interfering and we see the same behaviour from their society goons as well, those really enjoy just starting a fight with others and going off to organise themselves as a Community so they can spend peoples time and take up peoples resources talking about the power of the majority – hence not their task, not their broker, in fact it has nothing to do with them but they interfere the same way the Companies do, so that your social media profile just seems like something that is not your own and something on which no task can ever be completed; I am only being helpful by making these clear since they say that none of it actually makes any sense; it does seem that as long as they feel no actions will be taken so as to attain an outcome whereby they are not laughing when their victims want to talk about it, nothing will ever improve.

The other side of their story being that I really have not got a reason for behaving the way I do but first it should be noted that they are not companies that can afford to interfere because they have the Equity means to do so – in fact there are some Companies that are worth quite some money but do not actually have enough to afford it, who get involved but always on a personal way and like that everybody finds a place around my concerns except their incredibly stupid enemies of civil independence meddling freedom fools, who do in order to have conversations about the various points of stress in their silly lives – so nothing gets completed in a clear way and I never get Books sold and I never get paid while they have their fun but then again I have said it in many other ways especially the ones pertaining to their parents who bully peoples children out of University because the way the Children react to problems is exhilarating, I have mentioned they always have two lives and one involves what matters to them while the other are the things they get out of bed to do on a daily basis to cause damage here, then become really concerned that if I start to take the matter so seriously I will act on what is already loss of all self confidence for them and that they will lose everything but the case has always been as simple as the fact they need stay away from me and stop being seen around the Books. I am only just clearing out the fact that I have a perfectly good reason to have behaved the way I have and that they know that as well as I do too.

They do say I have no sense of the reason it happens whereas all can see that if Mum Owns a Mercedes and Dad owns a BMW and the Family owns a 5 Bedroom, the general way to get around other people has to be the fact that the way they react to problems is exhilarating which then means they organise themselves as a society and community to drag people out of University and make them react to problems in order to have fun and acquire a perspective; their bottom hurting all the time is entirely deserved, besides which the Media is a special case and we all know they could always avoid an idiot who stands in front of his door to draw attention of local community croons to me, making the existence of Men and Women that chase peoples private parts into a variable when it is a given – knowing I will never have a good sleep until I leave the area if done but inventing excused reasons to do it every day – my point being I know they and their popular culture are responsible hence reasons I never lose sleep on it; except they prefer to blame someone for the fact they have been providing a cert=ain kind of leadership that has courted this crowd first of all and I am always being targeted because they cannot be caught dead comply with the fact they are not supposed to help such people steal my identity each time we see them on Media having something to say about not liking me, the reason being that make use of my Books without paying for it; hence in the end given the right tools and measures, the Media can be made to let people be as well.

The story of what I am doing with the Women question is always the one they cannot stop asking all together; I have made it clear many times I have a personal relationship with these Women at Court who behave towards me in a way that any individual with eyes can see is an activity channelled at somebody they absolutely adore – so those who do not adore me cannot possibly end up in my Court – as we can see, what happens when they do is that they pick up my work and public life and get something done to make themselves financially comfortable with and then they make a mess and become really stupid when things get much and then we find them become so convinced it’s all my lazy fault while they were the hardworking feminism personified and it can go on for years and years and years ripping up everything so they can exhibit themselves to make some form of fame and fortune. When they are not being nice, it can be as vicious as interfering with everything I do to complete a project and sell my Books, in order to sell their own in its place, all worked like something they deserve to do on the basis of lies and accusations which associate me with the source of their problems stirs social instability and issues threats, otherwise they can simply do me a favour of grabbing contents of my website to secure the news slot they want if journalists especially, basically just ensure it is the way to secure any project they wish. I have never considered it an issue, it’s an old story about the problems and the questions behind them and the big one at this stage whereby I am trying to ensure what does not fancy me does not end up in my Court system or access what we are doing any further and it’s the one where Media operatives and journalists are always so abusive and insulting and the reason is the size of idiots and low lives that are prepared to create a global civil rights movement based on a chosen targeted person through whom they will ensure they make money without doing any work; the part they want to talk about all the time being my sexual habits and not claims it happens because of the ‘fight’, ‘war’ and ‘what’ rhetoric coming from my backyard so to speak which has nothing to do with what they want to know here all together. In the end it does seem that when they are the ones asking the questions and feeling disturbed, we have come full circle and they have begun to understand. They do say I cannot get out of it now and have been making contributions which is utter nonsense; as far as I know, the claim of contributions is a matter that explains all that nonsense which means the fact I use my social media profiles to complete jobs and projects I have been doing with Clients and associates, which will facilitate income and so on is always obscured because what people do in an abusive way that is financially profitable for them takes over every time – so the reality is that when fashion designer brokers equities with me, they jump on my Public image and get Client employee contracts from the designers and then it’s all hell as they start to race themselves to the 10 million dollar fortune for each of them and so on; so the designers and event organisers complain and I end up with Client Employee problems concerning the business of an associate, while they end up with accusations they can continue their madness by. So nobody really has to worry about anything if they are not messing with the projects I share with these ladies at Court, for any reasons whatsoever and yes they do claim some people don’t know they are when they are and its always been a simple matter of reminding them about the things Women do to suggest that Women have taken over the homosexual sex, ewe know that rather than stop a behaviour that means they get involved with the financial well being of Women to do what they like and express the idea that if these Women were put in the same position they would have had just as bad a reputation and need to stop being so selfish and judgemental, what we see them do is coin a new phrase that says ‘toilet Women’ – I for my part am aware they are having fun but do not seem to see they are playing games with a very dangerous individual as well i.e. Community croons and society Men chasing peoples private parts is something they do so they can steal peoples fame – they are full of the culture and have such a solid influence in it that they can make such things happen to a chosen victim; I know they are the ones doing it, hence I don’t lose sleep on the matter but have dropped out of University, found it difficult to hold down a job and now they are after my Books too; so they say they don’t know when they are doing it and I say they can understand me when I tell them to look again and see that they have two lives and one is their career and family and friends and money that is used to hurt people – the other is turning up here to make a mess and they need to note and beware; we have only got the one life and are fed up seeing them show up around it.

So they do say there is a lot of unfairness getting around and I don’t mind anyway – the first time we had to deal with unfairness affecting them, the financial structures of my business Empire became social dispositions that ended up somewhere separate from it due to peoples corruptions of involvement and violent lasciviousness, so I have no idea why they would think I have any more willingness to stomach nonsense concerning unfairness that affects them at this point anyway. It’s never been a problem, they always say I cling to people all the time which is utter rubbish – what happens is that a new department store opens in the neighbourhood, I look at possible intellectual property admin solutions opportunities that allow me to trade my Books and somebody will build a very public obfuscate of my personality and whatever it is I am looking at on earth and make such a mess of me and the community and the Companies public disposition, which he and he alone can clear up while driving a bus or a  white van or those stupid lower class cars with neighbourhoods that save money to do people’s lives and careers and show lots of incredible insults for it while demanding respect that Politicians will help them enforce to prevent social violence; hence what I do is wait for him and the day he will blab about how he wants one economy for everybody and another for him and others like him and then I will appoint myself as well and get hated for the results of what I will get up to – it’s pretty much the same as those stories they tell about having revenge for my very insulting Books, none of which they have had i.e. nobody peddles me and nobody moves into my right hand and the way I have written the Books have made it very clear that they can always start and organise people into a community that needs to dominate me spiritually first before I can have an academic qualification and later negotiate for a career with that big mouth; now they know and everybody else does too.

So they do say if I continue in this way I will get into trouble and I don’t mind anyway – the whole stage where the answer for everything is exploring if or not I can get beaten up by them is a disposition they will lose when they push it beyond their limits as well. I mean all of these are entirely avoidable, a little respect will have shown that I am a writer and my Books involve intellectual property administration and that if I look at a new department store that has opened up, it is possible I am looking at something that interests me regarding what I do, before they start and later have some stupid fantasy revenge for my insulting Book or which there are much more and even bigger ones to come as well all together. They always say they do what they do because they are a product of a process where Politicians seek power and I don’t mind, it can always continue until I drag them down a corner and likewise the Politicians and make them tell me how much they want to have that war they look like all the time and when I am finished, if they find it impossible to move on I will give them another. A little bit of respect would have allowed it to show that I am a writer and I write intellectual property administration but I don’t mind if they want to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes myself either. They always say it’s the Media that gets the better of me all the time and I wouldn’t know anyway – their own is very difficult to understand i.e. you have a business and have set out the products and people are raving about it but cannot buy because the only thing they want to discuss is that they have fantasies that I you didn’t write it properly and unless you write it properly they will take over your writing career and do it to get themselves out of their mess in life – this gives rise to a process where an idiot makes use of your work without payment, to show up because you punished him for it and get to steal your identity and become a pop star that is worth some 6 to 11 million pounds in about 4 years time; so completely unnecessary and completely avoidable and comes completely out of the blue, strikes from nowhere and reoccurs with accusations that take away your breath everyday and asks what I am doing with Women on a broadcast platform regularly to get what it wants. We hear that blabbing about bringing it on oneself, such that after all those years of paranoia, when it actually thus happens, we are at a loss as to what we must do; it is such a predictable result as such and the part where they didn’t get to fight for my civil right being the predictable bit. They always say if they wanted to grab my career there is nothing I would have done about it and it’s a blabbing that they have only got media to blab with as such – I say if there was the slightest respect it would have been obvious I am a writer and all their problems would have been avoided; when they take up peoples time to prepare for career grabbing it is as though the time is cheap and this behaviour is such an obsessive one because the consequences are never really enough. They do speak of the other more serious matters of course and these are referring to the bits where their answer for everything is threatening me and seeing that they can beat me up if they wanted to but if there was the slightest bit of respect, it would not have been necessary besides which the career can only be grabbed through that stupid media by getting up on it to hope all day long and blowing off a big insulting mouth off all over the place that has nothing to do with the person you assault and what he really does for a living and the way people see him – I mean I on the other hand can always decide if I want to have a conversation with them about it or not, to make sense of the fact the main issue here is that if a journalistic bastard has been building a career on you writing business and he gets uncomfortable and you want him moving off, the most important point that must be made is that he is really important.


They say that my activities brew madness of course and I couldn’t understand which one did brew more of it i.e. taking back my public image after others have made money with it or people taking up a decade and a half of my time to get on media and try everyday to grab my public image and get rid of me. In the end it’s a matter of the fact when they were told the Court is female only they became more obsessed with their corruptions of involvement – now they remember rapport with Television Partner matters and think it’s my problem while their African idiots who cannot tell which one is predictable in my case and which one is not assume their important insults will one day become more profitable than they imagined. The question of what brought it on goes beyond the fact that if there was the slightest bit of respect we would not be doing any of these, right up to the story of Mrs Susanna Reid and a certain Pierce Morgan i.e. she had this role for the Court which meant that she had a Television Career and was working on our interests going towards the East and Asia, what Mr Morgan did was to get on Television and P[publicly rip it up for her, not once or twice but every single Morning on ITV and as soon as it appeared the matter was to be discussed Mr Morgan became some important that even my safety and well being was at stake, so I had to ensure they understood that it does not end up in trouble like that all the time and that it has experience protecting British economy and Business world interests going towards the West very successfully; hence unless they can handle matters of such calibre need to keep their Mouths firmly shut. I simply want people to let be, since it is obvious the Ladies need to know the Bed Chamber belongs to them, considering that in a Hotel or at Home this arrangement will continue as such and the importance has always been that when cultures interact with me and the State Office I have a Live Journal to look after it; People have built a life and a lifestyle, along with their careers on this and those who simply need an easy ride in the rudest and most abusive and manly way possible should not be having a pick of it either.

So they say my problem with the Media is not actually creating any progress but I don’t have any problem with the Media, they are only just realising that what they can do with me is attack and abuse until a sub culture is created since I am impossible to beat and then that sub culture will be racist and when people elect somebody that does not fancy them, the person will be said to have been racist. They however never listen so the next story they will raise will be one where people screw around their achievements to a point where by the time they are successful, all the ill of society have followed them around to mess up the lives of those who did it straight, whereas this is exactly what I mean and have no wish to tolerate further their behaviour around my Public image and my Books. They speak of beating me as well and love to pretend I need them which I don’t – in terms of beating me which we are talking about giving signals to community croons to chase me about and seek my private parts etc and if I have not seen them do it, I would never have known they are the ones causing it – everybody knows it is the kind of leadership they want to supply and so its beat cracked up out of my league beat etc, I don’t need them.  Personally I don’t mind the threats but they can also lead to an outcome where I try and find out what it is exactly they will do when finished with it too.

Of course the general complain is that I mess up their fame on one hand and then on the other could never handle them; in terms of the former it’s a simple case of the fact that as long as people continue to chase fame and public image stuff in the queer and not the straightway considering all generations have problems and it add up, hence important that those who have a considerable aspect of their means something that works and they know works, do things properly, I will continue to condemn them as social damaged goods and until then will continue to be hated too; in terms of handling them, it’s a matter of neighbourhoods with £60,000 Cars parked in the garages and every Child as insolent as fuck and the fact that when they get on my nerves I will feel like bombing it and if I don’t have a bomb find an alternative – so people can get involved with others when they care what other peoples interests are not when the person only needs show a bit of patience and they will be a little while to get famous and then let go, which they never do. I am in control of this and they are not in a position to issue threats; we have never been so united as a society, that nobody can be famous or wealthy enough to avoid being approached by somebody they love to abuse, in any case of which it is all by the way possible when they issue those stupid threats and I feel something is amiss around my personal well being. It’s not an issue I am unable to handle – what they do is split themselves into community idiots that screw you over and make you feel dirty and ashamed when you have put on your best clothes and are about to step outside of your door to approach an important issue, while the rest show p on media and cling to your public image with a sense of daily hope, hence they get together and flush your life down the toilet whenever they see some money and I just happen to be able to handle both, which is why they do not tend to trouble me so intensely; the beat, beat story is a cracked up out of my league issue and this is the point at which the get to beat, the only one thereof.

So they say first that the way I feel I have the right to handle people is unacceptable and then also that my methods are not actually justified; of which in terms of the first matter there is a case with being faced with threats all of the time and that means I tend to keep an eye on those that are fond of doing it, the second being that it is entirely justified since what happens is that I may have started a project in 2010 and I am now in 2017 but somewhere around the time of 2014, somebody picked up a certain aspect and got off glorifying themselves on Media to get rich as well and now I am unable to get anything done because I am always bumping into some nonsense he has built all over my public image while he ensures he does nothing with his time except one suggestion after another of removing me from my achievements and taking over. An example is what happens on social media where seeing somebody’s profile is not necessarily an indication that you have met them and so an environment that should be neutral becomes the one which is most vicious. It’s still the same basic respect problem because if there is any what my interests are would have been obvious and then people would have been able to decide to get involved with me or not and therefore decide how but we all know these fools are famous apparently, except if we look closer, this behaviour is one that is usually exhibited by gangs, which then makes them famous in their view and answers a lot of questions around here too. they have had time to plan the way they live now and they have been vicious since childhood and will never understand unless they are made to give other people the time that people need to get vicious too – I for my part do believe I am having to deal with them because they are certain that they will lose nothing in my case, which is a delusion: I like to use the Gun analogy on the matter, where every idiots will want to make a gun gesture to show how he is modern and can do some beautiful violence but we all know they will walk up to and shoot an innocent person with their backs turned on the world and have no idea whatsoever therefore what guns are and how guns are used – I mean these days there are such high calibre weapons that turning a back on a wall will not necessarily save you.

It’s never been an issue, its older than I am and taller and more good looking and more of a celebrity and I understand it has the capacity to get into the Garden and spend five Hours dancing until it finds Prince charming and that dance will fundamentally involve sucking the life out of everything, making out ugly people are ugly and should be hated and know nothing about love – so when some get involved with you, you do want some questions answered; apparently the ones I speak of most of the time are the criminal types that will pervert you and make you leave school and truant etc and it will not just be a process where they are nice sometimes but other times treat you unfairly for getting involved with them – so they are always bad news and that is a given, I simply don’t need them and want to see an end to all involvement with my Court; when it stops looking like people who are Loyal to a 36 year old Government operative who is a child as compared to them, those who are responsible want a personal response from him and shouldn’t complain about it.

The story of Wars I make on others is not an unusual one; there is really no such thing save the bit where each time I sit down to write my Books, insults and abuses and fantasies people have about me has given rise to my personality being exploited and messed around and it ceases to look like it should the way a Prince should be in my mind and then anything that comes out is about them but then again I don’t want to write Books about them, especially since we hear them blab about those who profit from their evil and wickedness and the cultural powers that can make peoples rich or poor by it get murdered when they are famous enough from doing so but it never goes away and instead invents another case where it now has a spiritual power that is greater than mine and therefore should be wealthier at the market place where what is actually being sold is wickedness and power instead of products with that stupid popular culture and media they have; this is usually the bit I tolerate. The part I don’t is the one where I have written the Books and they have started a story about how it prevents them from getting rich with my Public image being that this is their right and so when I stop their stupid rights they stop my Books and Obama is the overlord of this crap all together. It’s the case of understanding the character content of the victim criminal in that world where some criminals are stronger than other criminals and therefore some criminals are also victims in their own right; what is the nature of a victim criminal. The way it shows up in the real world being the one where it creeps up on you with its disobedience and you become accommodating because that is how human beings respond to people in difficult situations, only to find out that his disobedience is the way he gets by and that he has just decided it must be profitable at your expense and that the way you have accommodated him is certainly not what he will do with other people and that he is convinced you cannot move him on. So the other great story is that I handle these matters in a tiresome way, which I don’t; what happens is that such persons want their Prince charming but feel that Royalty is the same thing; I am never going to do a haphazard job with a goon that gets out of bed to fantasise owning my public image while his whole community and mother and grandmother chase my anus to ensure I cannot go anywhere looking proper or smelling nice etc, just like the white media ones and their society idiots; so it gets surprising every time when I catch them catch the society and culture people entirely at the same time as well and none of their friends in government buildings can do a thing about it; for me it’s simple and only becomes hard work when it comes down to the wire. So they say I do need to act as though people are dying but it’s an old case that I do; I mean Mr Obama knows what he is doing doesn’t he i.e. the question of what the character content of a criminal that is also a victim in his own right was as it were. We never see them talk about their own lives and their own challenges, it’s always other peoples own and how it must benefit them like he is an incarnate of Nelson Mandela whom we know later realised some of those activities were wrong but for each one he set about correcting, he did something else to create new offences etc – so I wonder if Mr Obama wants to live in my life and if that was the case, what they are all complaining about too. so the big question is usually why people live in this way, which is an old story i.e. that they are evil and the reason they behave like so, is the simple fact that the popularly held ideas they have about Religion and Law is that it is a creation made by people who spend all their time criticising wicked behaviour to a stage whereby it becomes profitable to do so.

I really hate the part where somebody may have had financial problems and turned to prostitution and they show up to preach civil rights that ensures people can live like that forever without a second choice, whilst we all know they will not do prostitution in hell as it were, not because they cannot but because they are simply selfish enough to create a living and an existence for themselves whereby they don’t and never do – the same applies to homosexuality too, they are all over the place about it but are not homosexuals themselves and have no idea how it works. It’s never true I enjoy criticising Mr Obama either, I mean I want him off my Books and financial well being, hence only asking since people are dying, if he can tell the character content of a criminal who is also a victim.

Recently they say The Foreign secretary is meeting the US Government and I am in trouble, never makes sense of course since I am aware they say I criticise Obama but I just want him off my Books bearing in mind that people got killed at an Airport this Week and he was able to tell which one is the exact character of a criminal who is also a victim of crime. As for the bit where I bring these things on myself; it’s that story where people say they have a temper but feel it is worthy activity to get on mine and there is a sense they cannot be separated from, that I and others around me have things we really do not know what the worth is, making it easier to steal, so they can show up here with a need to have one life for a career and family and all things that make them such manly men they have no respect for anything in their stupid lives, while the other is meant to help them show up here to make a mess every day. Nobody knows what propels an Actress to get on Screen and spend most time working for nothing else save a process where I lose a Royal Estate to somebody else but we all know this is what they do with a Husband around that is always angry – so this story of things I bring on myself will likely blow up in the faces of those who mention it again; I mean my Book prevents them from peddling my person and public image to make money, so when I ask about what motivates them to do it, the reason turns out to be their stupid freedoms – stop the freedoms and they stop my Books and cannot keep that mouth shut; it was not looking for a fight obviously all that while, it was all me bringing it on myself. I mean Actresses turning up on my concerns to play up girls want to have fun routine was always going to be followed up with some bad seeds showing up, I am at a loss as to how I brought it on myself all together anyway but it is an example of how obsessed they are with the idea of portraying people anyway they wish on their stupid media and then finding out it is financially profitable at a later date, so when I am involved with human beings and Men want Men stuff, it’s a problem – where Women want Women stuff, that is a problem too, never mind becoming an enemy of their stupid freedom all together.

They speak of crashing whole administrative systems in the UK and if I get a whiff of it they will have something new and really big to complain about me for too; obviously we can see that some people look forward to being career criminals and it’s what normalcy looks like too – it’s not my vocation, not my calling, not my interest and a little bit of respect will show what I do for a living and then there would be no need for any of this stuff; moving into my right hand would be utter madness – I hear they say people die if they are guilty of handling that stupid culture and I will put that to the test as well; hence it can only be hopeful crap they exhibit all over the media all day long. I mean culture and society in my view is nothing but a platform where people go to put something into their minds that makes them feel comfortable about taking the Law into their hands and hence when those stupid contraptions with which to make money is not making any I get threatened so regularly; the reason I avoid it like a plague but black peoples insults mean they want to get on public places and address me with it being that I see the world according to what I smell and what I hear and what I see and it is very intense, so there is no way I would find myself around any cultures and societies without my very temperaments being inquisitive and doing what it likes all together; they do claim I enjoy the thing sometimes which is utter rubbish, I am guess they are referring to the absurdities –  they cannot leave people alone and I always tend to think that given the right tools and measures it is possible to make them; cannot handle it issue is simple, they can start by staying away from me – I mean they do love to trap me nasty somewhere with politics and media no matter how much it actually hurts to do so – it’s an old story, where I move left because of me and they want to move into my right hand considering the years of public abuses and insults and the small insults are still showing up on Media where they don’t want to be trapped a nasty as well. They do say they will never release me which suggests I am trapped where I cannot free myself and its utter nonsense – my intellectual property administration work operates better when I can make it impossible for them to make popular culture fame and fortune on grounds they didn’t know better, so I am actually where I should be, it’s the talk of entrapment and need to be seen around my physical and financial well being that is the problem and when I move left as though I belonged there, they want to move into my right hand which is usually in my view the very pinnacle of this insanity all together – thus the ones I cannot handle. Most of these does not affect my position on the Civil service, all matters on that can be found on my Office Website – the others are a little bit of everything but specifically state duties are at the office website, where I am clear about Young people being allowed to learn something more that civil and wealth inequality which is actually another person’s right; in the end people give little thought to the nature and character of criminals and when I say I don’t fancy their culture, they might want to keep it away from me too, so something bad does not happen to them on my account. It happens everywhere we look; the answer to the economic crisis is the one where people are worth more, which means investing in younger people i.e. they will travel overseas and return with money and expertise and those Countries will make their own citizens worth more and there will be global recovery as well; apparently they are heartbroken as well as a result of the pressures those who do not want them to find an easy way out of an economic crisis that they created have been putting on them, so we are even. They do say it means war and I can understand they want me to escalate it by pushing it down the ‘cracked-up out of my league’ talking nonsense at me route; now they know and so everybody can have a body temperature which matches the parts of the world they live in as well, while they contemplate what they need to do to get things done by the means which is the proper way to. They do say I am taking Liberties now but it’s an old story that will likely lead to an outcome where those business equities are tracked again, so that a public case can be made about how much they have cleaned up since; so they are heartbroken due to the recession as well and we expect them to start their own processes of worrying about the proper way to get things done at Industry, not blab about having so much money the poverty issues will never affect them no matter how much economic crisis there is like we see all the time – somebody has to clean up the social mess as it were and we are not talking about those who needed to find out if I am any good either – now they have found out, I need to see them in possession of Book pieces they have bought otherwise they clearly didn’t pay their consultation fee and now I know about their problems, I am left with a leverage that says they did not sign a confidentiality agreement; it’s the old case where I was never a person with this character that people want to have sex with, the fact it was made up from years of quick fast insulting abuses and lots of abusive lasciviousness for instance and its one of those reasons moving into my dispositions either left or right creates such a problem for them since every process of power and might had failed and now my time is being taken up for tricks and I have to fight whole communities and it happens without reason, sometimes the reason being their stupid businesses about which they know what they are doing was making profit – after which they say my words are insulting and they will move their business empires into any arrangement I have with cultures of the world around my Estate Book sale and Equity business and it will lead to an opening where opportunities will be expected to arise by which the problem can be put to bed for good, where their stupidities can be spent playing games with their own property and money instead – they drift like that as wickedness and insultingly as possible and are not in any way cultured people, so what we find is that predatory nonsense moving into things and people’s lives all the time, to talk nonsense about my attitude. The facts they say is that I contradict myself but I have not i.e. I don’t fancy their culture and society, it does not mean I am not a cultured person, hence when I move left they can move into my right hand if they want and then my left hand as well if they wish and there will be no trouble – the one that really concerns them is that they will move into my business arrangements as a result of my attitude and I am saying that having been it will inform me about their problems, they have signed a confidentiality agreement around here.

So they say I rather spend my time giving away what I know and putting myself at risk but I wouldn’t know about that anyway – it’s about the insults from the rich and everybody including criminals knowing what I know, so they can spend that money to do it one day after they had taken over. The case of how I have selected a side and need let others be fits into this matter as well; they will fundamentally give signals to community croons to chase my anus because I can take it and cope, while if the way I run my business does not mix with their interference and therefore exposes them to it as well once, there will be war with a big mouth. So they needed to know we work to prevent an economic crisis for the future because we are heartbroken about the fact it happened, they needed to be heartbroken about it too in order to understand and now they are, we are even.