So they say I am being threatened by white Boys, of which I wouldn’t understand anyway – all I know about white boys and their threats is that it is because they think that stupid communities where they do some creativity by which celebrity insanity is at its strongest, has not been handled or completely destroyed yet. So it is usually the disposition from which they get about handling my income margins to get about Industry communities blabbing about how nobody knows who the hell I am because they cannot work for their own. What happens as a result is that I broker equity with businesses and they deploy it for creativity and make the products and because I am a writer have crafted it in such a way that the most effective experts to review the products and all equities concerned will have to be those willing to make use of photography and video, thus when they do, I recover my heirlooms and have no money because of them in the process. When I say my patience with white communities is wearing very thin, they issue threats each time I am off to somewhere and they have spent all day brewing a certain kind of Media based leadership that does nothing but rip up my business empire and share what is left of it alongside their fellow none white idiots, that they want to provide, which also means I have no right to feel good on account they have needs that will cost me everything and they can continue to issue those threats too and then we will find out if the patience will not wear a lot thinner than that – like that story about how I deploy white culture to get things done, which does not hold water in anyway whatsoever.

We have to put up with this nonsense every time; where they are deeply disappointed that the money they have made from a job they have gotten with an academic qualification they would only study for if they pushed me out of mine and returned to popularity culture after passing their exams has not actually meant that they have become superior to me. Extending then to a stage whereby they are getting jobs at the Police and the purpose is to run the local communities and have specific persons they want to tell what to do every moment of their stupid lives, knowing that in my case it will lead to the cycle of what they are most afraid of starting all over again. It’s never been a complicated issue, it’s the one where I cannot stand their immorality and greed and civil rights associated with it, whereby they need to work for it or inherit from those who had the good sense to do so, keep away from me and stop targeting me over their needs. It’s all very well blabbing about what I cannot do, everybody else knows my main prognosis will easily become one about the fact my peers on account of their lewd lifestyles and binging and partying and sex have no respect for me as a person or my livelihood and these are typical examples of things I will begin to hate very deeply about them until it leads to a fight, so they can have that fight they seek all the time while expecting to engage in children’s ones at a point where they are adults, which is a worthy use of my time as it were; I have had enough of it and they need to stay the hell away from me; I need to tolerate less and less of this processes by which they think they can always challenge me as it were – everybody feels bad for not being superior than those they thought they were better than at some stage, beyond it is the ability to get along with people, these fools however want to commit crimes and get away with it instead and they will bellow these threats knowing if I determined every aspect of their lifestyles and then their sexual activity after that I told them to come round to mine and retrieve it they would not have been able to do so and likewise the business ones who have trouble living with an Arch Prince that is taking Global Economy away from them and have now resorted to blabbing of how all I do is stupid but when asked what is wrong with the clever people and why they cannot have the economy figured out, cannot answer a simple question.

They say I do not scare them and I can understand that too; after all there is no need to be scared of somebody whose finances have been ripped up by Politicians while your own has been stitched up for you, so that his fear over funding the roof over his head must be translated into a fear of you with media, which you can then make something from all the time; even then I still do not see what the incentive is anyway when their Politicians cannot get them past the bit where I can ensure people at Industry are not giving them money to get off messing it up for me by as well anyway.

So they do say I boast all the time but when people do my stuff there is nothing I can do about it but I am not aware they are doing my stuff; what is really happening is that these are people who are so desperate to copy leadership from somebody else and have conditions around them as though they were the real thing, that they enjoy wanting to manage my life while keeping a large portion of it for themselves. I for my part do what I do to them and about them in order to see to it that they are governed and do not take fancy to their celebrities for that either as it were – reason being that where they live, there always has to be an excuse to ensure somebody’s bottom is hurting even when the person is not homosexual for example and so in terms of a person’s body you may say that idiots can look at the goods but touching is not allowed, touching by your power is assault and doing so on sexual context is sexual assault and it’s a no brainer and this was social rule, except the point at which it is then perverted into a case of the same rule becoming unenforceable with respect to property will completely beat your imagination and then you hear them complain you go into government buildings to use imagination to make laws and by the time its applied, those laws have become undemocratic and yet any consultation will be followed with processes of being made to come up with laws that suit their insanity, especially the one about working hard to organise processes of community behaviour that amounts to sustained verbal abuse for people, ranging from victims chosen because they have what others do not, to plain hate crimes that have no reason whatsoever and this as we all know is beyond the powers of the Police because it is not a case of somebody getting on a roof to scream another person’s name and abuse them every day for years as the case may be. In the end there are endless complains about things I have done which does tend to mean I win and defeat but let them win and defeat as well and you will see the UK become a republic in that respect as a result of changes people want on account they could get the better of me and I could get the better of the problems and people ought to be free; hence I get told this is actually conflict prevention and that is precisely my point, I do not actually think any of my activities are wrong and certainly not as many times as they show up on Media to pretend they have something to take advantage of in that respect either; I do what I do to them to ensure the scumbags are governed – we all know that if we got rid of every nonsense that facilitates the colloquialisms they have, by which they are always doing the stuff that was the stuff done that should not be spoken or discussed every single moment of their stupid lives, there will be new and even more vicious ones with excuses you will never get your head around in 24 Hours, laced with the assumption everybody else thinks they do not know what they are doing but they are actually having the time of their lives; it is always more important than a day job before the Politicians intervene and ensure I sit around watching life go by.

So that we hear that story about how I need to be more competitive and outgoing fit into this whereas no such thing is actually the case anyway; I have a life where I learn to disappear by getting involved with poorer people in whose environment I try not to be too disappointed that I am not as superior as I thought I was which allows me to listen when those things I am meant to have hated about them and their behaviour is actually a point where they tell me what their lives have been like. Hence there are the other ones that control all the wealth and that means others do not have the right to feel good, concerning which I am an Arch Prince and they need to leave me alone as well, sitting in the same par as when it is said I think I have the power whereas the Politicians do, when in actual fact the Politicians want to spend most of their time keeping my Books from the Public and for their own personal and private usage in order to advance themselves – same attitude with when they say people get stabbed in neighbourhoods because the playgrounds are disused and children have no purpose in life and then complain at the other end, that £70,000 PA as the pay for Political work at the highest possible level is not enough for their lot.

Now they say I encourage migrants to travel to the UK and to Europe on one hand while on the other if they actually do, I have already set up a statement which expresses the fact I am of the opinion they are a burden for following me when they travel to the UK; none of these are based on reality or truth in anyway. In terms of encouraging migrants to travel to the UK, I suppose they are complaining because we have now reached a stage where they are fed up with travelling around to find ways of making people ashamed of their race and it was never such a simple matter for them either, it was the one where somebody will live on his $2 a week and another person will travel to his Country to alter his arrangements and not stay back to deal with the outcome as well, which goes further into the same issue concerning the well off in poorer Countries where people have Families and even spouse who have the one ambition to travel overseas and live in the UK or the US only – therefore life expectancy is very short in these Countries as a result of the fact the solutions to such problems are thin, few and far between, except these fools also think that with their racism they are doing a better job of protecting their stupid Country as well. So the insult of me controlling my Mum so she does not create racism started in 2001 and it is still an active behaviour on National Media as we speak every day. The Diplomats and international communities will do their bit as it were and so will the humanitarian organisations but then again, the Politicians and celebrities will invent a bit of their own to do too and show up here to fight Royalty complaining everyday in search of privileges of injustice as well.

So the big problem is that a pipsqueak like me wants to tell people what to do and that is why people want to tell him what to do as well; the reality of which is rather that I am an Arch Prince and when I want them to do something they have to do it, although such an occasion has not arisen and they continue to claim I use it to serve myself, whereas another of their main problem is that they in my view love to pass insults at me of telling me what to do because they want to open their homes to criminals, otherwise it is an simple as insults pertaining to bills they are not paying around here. Main case being as it were that I do not serve myself with the fact that I do what I do to them to ensure they are governed because they say we imagine laws and need to bring it to their level in order to make it and when anything goes down that their level all we see is that we were right to imagine the laws because they touch people by their own power and touch people by their own power in sexual context every single moment of their time, to make excuses that create the sense that the victims were also responsible and if I get rid of it like so, there will have been invented a new one in 24 hours. So it feeds into that story of how people have a problem with me over poverty and deprivation whereas the problem people have with me is that the prognosis I have built up that I am not a clever people can only continue until another person’s life is at risk – people actually have a problem with them and their media insanity alongside celebrity stupidities over poverty and deprivation.

I for my part have made my position clear on the Celebrities too; I mean it’s a business to get paid £200,000 to have your face on Okay Magazine this Month and all you have to do is eliminate some competing faces and sink an Arch Prince’s book sale business without paying attention to the fact that you will be putting a smiling face of yours on those Magazines while the victim would be very unhappy; so that when I ask why they do it and they tell me they are famous, I really want to investigate the idiots who have been telling them that they are when I am finished with them as well. So it’s not a mystery and they do like to think I am bluffing but once I have changed this disposition, it would not be difficult to see why things will get really bad if this continues, since the magazines are a product in a shop and I have a tendency and capacity and ability to make use of famous faces to attain my own ends as well. It’s not a new case all round; same old issue behind the creation of the Magna Carta where the King was more comfortable with serving the King of Rome than he was with doing his own here at home and the stupid famous Tudor propaganda where they were beautiful all the time and there has to be a contest and a lot of the times it never ended well and The Queen was chief neck slasher. So it is all a behaviour that is identical to the UK itself but it does get to a stage where One makes a decision about taking this nonsense from these Media idiots; apparently the laws are imagined but the insults and touching are beyond the powers of the police because they are facilitated by insults and done at a distance. I am myself running out of patience for it and they need to work for their own or inherit from somebody who had a good sense to do so otherwise easy life will be getting a job very soon indeed. I need a Holiday from their stupidities for a couple of weeks or months to get myself refreshed and being seen around the Book sales making a mess will only serve to ensure the fact I am stressed because I am unable to be free from their stupidities and relax for a certain set periods of time will lead to far more serious results than they are complaining about at the moment.

It comes to that old story of if I am unable to be happy in the UK, which is actually not the case – these are all good people, it’s a matter of living in a world where there are such high stakes when it comes to respect and regard for others and I am not actually falling short as such but getting to come into terms with the fact another set of idiots like Tony Blair do exist and these are the kind that invent a fight with others over personality competition and get after peoples Jobs and financial well being before they get on with the fight they themselves had invented; I have never seen it before or seen it save when I did with his Administration and its spin doctor machine, taken to such a level that it is no longer some sort of fable that can be told to younger children. Then the excuse anyway that they love so much i.e. I mess around with Women – whereas my life never included them and was a three part case of the Royals and the People I go out with and of course the poor people I try not to be disappointed I am actually not superior to. They say I am stuck for Today, which is not actually the case – I am a half priest and I am supposed to be a very happy and content person as a result, which I actually am; they need to get family and business and jobs going or stay away from me and let people who are doing it here get on. These matters are not out of the ordinary, like it is said I have many enemies; it is an old story of how aged between 14 and 25 you find somebody in a Bar and Club every single night and when that becomes his teenage memory to add to the stupid things they used to talk about and do, he must now become me in order to feel safe but that safety is not guaranteed unless I am killed by a gang to make the problem go away permanently and so they show their face on media and cannot stop telling lies but then again of which they have always performed this behaviour, only but taken it to a whole new level with me, taking up 15 years of my time targeting and working on me specifically locally and internationally, hence have made their history and my Books must be sold as well.


I really have no idea whatsoever for my part, why it is that the Politicians have spoken about the economy since the recession began 8 years ago but nothing has actually improved, if not things are getting worse but they expect us to believe that every single thing they say about it is the correct one anyway. I mean it’s all very well claiming somebody did some magic 4 years ago and made half a million pounds and that if we support people like that we will be rich as a Nation but does it actually have anything to do with the economic rule Books as a whole when it is supposed to have been Policy? So they know what the economic rules Books say but take up our time with this nonsense all the time – they know that all the money comes from those who do the manual labour to provide the goods and services and then buy them and that if the poor people are not paid there will be no wealth for the rich people, that big business works for the consumer and small business works for big business, where it gets to a stage people ask what my problem is and why it annoys me, whereas it is common knowledge at this stage that what they expect is to come up with the ideas while somebody else works for them so they can earn the money and it is like an expectation which they expect as well. I am sitting around my own concerns and all of a sudden a Politician makes a statement about the economy which translates into what he expects me to get doing right away and they really do need to shut it as it were. The story of what abilities I have and why they want to make use of it is all very well, I am a writer and they need to buy the Books or clear my space. As for the one about my economic abilities which are being requested as a legitimate right of the government to; what they are really requesting is the one where I am getting around my religious concerns one moment and then the next I am targeted and bullied to a point where all I think about is them, replacing my religious thoughts with popularity culture to teach me continuous lessons thereafter with respect to how stupid that religion thing I do really is i.e. the one where the Arch Prince really wants to take the economy away from them as it were. It has now come to a head and the question is becoming increasingly important as per what is wrong with the clever people when the stupid people can work hard enough to end up with a life others want to steal from on a daily basis and why we still have not got the economy figured out.

They say I am the Duke of Poop and it is not actually true, the truth is that I am still at a loss as to where this case began and grew so big whereby everything here gets drowned out by publicity about celebrities being the ones that need my work more than anybody else; I mean Celebrities that are loyal to me went into the market and took contracts from them alright, hence now it’s the modern peoples revenge but then again it was entirely legitimate for reasons such as the ones I have listed in the paragraph above. The reason it happens has always been as simple as one concerning the fact Politicians blab rubbish all the time; right from school, they knew that modern people always want to impose themselves on others but it’s been 15 years of people calling me to homosexuality which then has something to do with their civil rights as confirmed by their Politicians who rip up my finances for them. Hence the old story of how much time they spend in the work force which determines how much spare disposable income they have and how much power that can actually beget at the heart of it, considering which they are doing very well now as it were – so when they pick on me because they are older like so, the Politicians will then make statements to show it is part of their civil right. I do not think it is a problem, I mean what we are looking at is a case of when I get employed and people want to teach me lessons on grounds they are the ones who are more worthy to get around with the siblings of those who own the establishment and it leads to complains being made of how I beat down people’s confidence considering it progresses from the fact they want that my Public image bit where I did moral things I couldn’t sustain for another person to clean up their public image and make famous fortune with and will get it off me at all cost with that big mouth, which is the main problem here and my position has not changed either, it is still a function of the nonsense their Politicians can achieve if the mind is set to do so as it were on one hand while on the other there is no problem here save the Public image they do not wish to work for and use their own lives to create – where they say that each time they try, I am there to mess it up because I am always on their minds while they always knew that was the risk but chose to read my Books and make a public mess of it without buying a copy on a regular basis still. It’s the old story of this being an intellectual property administration business whereby it’s all very well telling me what I can back up or not while it fundamentally keeps an eye on the money circulating between celebrities and rich people and the sucking up journalists especially the male ones because it needs to make profit from a process of making sure that they stop the depletion of my finances by making more money through processes of extracting it from my Business in some way and this is really all they have to get about bothering me over what I cannot back up with. The most important reality has always been that they need to stay off me and keep away from my Book sales of course but they do want to see what it is I can do whenever they don’t and this is the start; obviously if they push it the whole thing will escalate and the journalists who do not wish to stay out of either what happens when poor people make use of my products without paying or when rich people do will never stop seeking out racists that will handle me for them when they want to steal my income, only that their continued insistence on this behaviour will push it towards something much more serious. It’s all a game in their view and I will never really know why they cannot stop playing it on others when it turns out that the entire world would have changed if somebody did on them as well.

So I am accused of some limp leadership which encourages these things; there is no such thing – what I am meant to do is sit around administrating this Office which I am doing very well too; I mean there could be a Town A and it has now been socially divided into part A1 and part A2; because people who live in A1 want to dress properly and live well, while people who live in A2 want to play a game of lies and power and ensure everybody’s bottom is hurting; so when A1 needs my work, then I have allies as such and that means that it can get to a stage where A2 people are complaining about my sexual habits for which they have no prove to make sense of it all. I never really start these things; an example is when I am labelled the Duke of Poop for which if I actually am there is a curse as expressed so far as it were. So they say I never speak of the trade deal issues and economy issues and diplomacy issues if I can spend my time on simplistic stuff but when I spent time on those people were more interested in tackling my religion while ripping up my finances, hence we have spent the last 7 years going round in circles for them to talk about it now. It’s never really a palaver for me; if we look carefully what has taken a real beating here is Men and their celebrity idiots and mistresses with that need to find alternative sources of income to maintain it all and keep a fat wife at home that they hate; so these are excesses of theirs that will not find another way to make money save ripping up my business empire which we have seen them have one like it and thereafter more so allow people mess with in such ways. I mean I could squander their money as well but because they are stupid and evil I may end up creating a problem of violence, so the truth here is that they take any bait that is put to them like there is no tomorrow and the bit here was the one that would keep them so distracted that they end up with businesses they have not worked on in years, hopelessly depending on profits that they expect should come from alterative concerns they have devised which has to do with choosing what they want to work on; the failure of this system has always been linked to Politicians and Journalists ripping up my finances in some way to allow them their favourite narcissist happiness that facilitates partying and sales; they know that when they do these things, the Politicians will intervene on their behalf and I will end up with an existence which shows I am a danger to others or have been but will do it anyway, like it is a worthy use of my time. In their defence they say I am completely dependent on others but treat nobody with a sense of respect; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that it’s all a matter of putting a noose down peoples noses to drag them back to where it began, so as to solve the problem, which they always say I cannot do as it were – I really cannot account for the point at which media took over my life to run it in such a way as puts me in danger and makes them feel safe to foster the removal of people who resist other peoples freedoms nor can I determine exactly when Celebrities set themselves out as the ones that need my products the most and make out publicity on broadcasting media and internet to that effect. If I am not being civilised about answering the question then it’s a matter of deciding somebody who really wants my Books cannot have it because it would be amusing to for years steady every day, and then tell me it’s a matter of respect, considering I am able to extricate the same effect on people’s homosexual communities too etc. They say that nobody really knows when my problems will come to an end but for me there is actually no problem here anyway; it’s a simple reality around what belongs to me and not them and so they handle it and make some money but know nothing of up to 40% of how it works anyway, then their insults and ego ensues and abuses follow and they fear for their lives and my bottom hurts and I cannot concentrate at University and their silly children who have passed exams cannot keep insults to themselves, then I am angry and then something has to give. It’s a matter that is so easily resolved i.e. is it their own, are they Royalty? But we all know if fashion idiots handle your diplomacy image, what they do is destroy it and sell clothes to celebrities unless you make them fall face flat on the floor squirming all the time and take charge, so they might do drugs and commit suicide and become really eccentric when their insults had killed them. I mean the Princess of some European peninsula is fond of me for instance, what they will do with the whole image we have between us is to make a dress and then that dress will be the source of hell for me and until I find out the procedures they plan to deploy to sell it with and then I will drop dead because the dress is that important, especially what Celebrities will use it for comes into mind as well – so there is actually no other way save taking charge and making them feel like killing themselves the way they express all the time and then for those who go through with it becoming really eccentric when they do.

Of course they say that not all fashion is bad but it has always been a simple story i.e. the nature of my relationship with the guy who are trying to be useful and decent people in society and will likely take photos of Women who want to exhibit themselves all over public places; the relationship for years now without a positive regard and sense of consideration from them has continued to be that they must stay outside of my Court and buy Books to get involved not label me duke of poop.  It comes to a point where the decision to spend time only with those in whose company I feel like a human being is no longer in my hands and then we hear them claim I attack my own people to get things done whereas the truth is that I can recognise evil when I see it and not therefore a novice. It feeds into the lives of the American ones; you never see them and when they make enough trouble to make you seek them out you realise they have already made enough money at your expense to take on whole governments and they have no other form of happiness save the one where that stupid girl making a music CD on my Public image again in the next 24 hours after all I have said on account of market demands having existed, would not kill me; here is usually the stage and point where they say I have been subjected to their will, and it is utter nonsense considering what they pay for it, never mind the fact another cultural system has gone down the drain here and they are not Royalty thus cannot take me on.