Europe; does Europe tell us what to do and how to live? No. In a nutshell, in a lay persons language - what happens with Europe is a case of 5 experts come to a prognosis in the UK and when the matter at hand gets to Europe 20 Multinational experts skilled in the same field come to a prognosis on it; so the assumption is therefore that 20 multinational experts cannot get wrong a prognosis that 5 local experts got right and that assumption according to basic laws of probability is actually true. The problem as ever is the one thing that the very cultural nature of the Union does best at exposing i.e. one trouble maker can make you feel as though the entire world is against you and exploitation of human beings has a natural limit that comes with how much satisfaction those who are perpetrating such activities are getting, meaning that if it continues to the point of human rights abuses, then resources are being wasted to continue by a self harming idiot who is tirelessly showing that they want somebody to spill their own blood as much as they desire the spilling of other peoples own as well. The Political aspects of EU business is always played down because it is a dead end but then again the advantage becomes a focus on economic matters instead, which actually makes it a great organisation to be in and I venture to say, those who notice these benefits will do their bit to fight the ills and stand up for themselves on the other hand as well, because of course the same problem of one trouble maker making you feel the world is against you loves business too.

Does it mean EU regulations are better than UK Law? The reality is that UK Law operates by Precedent, so in terms of exploitation for instance, it will set out what had happened in the past and whether your behaviour fits the bill which means you are due the punishment and hence stricter than the EU as a blunt instrument, however EU Law is more detailed about what it wants to see for the future.

There is this story on the Media of course about a Country we live in, where peoples identity is not confidential if they are accused of a sex crime but I find it absolutely absurd that people would develop and effrontery to ask for such things even when they are immensely wealthy and for most of what it is worth, actually cannot account for their own wealth if asked about details of exactly how they made it. I mean I for instance am an Arch Prince and my world is all about the Church and the State but despite how incredibly hurtful and dangerous and difficult it can be, I still put my privileges on the line to create the sense I am being stripped of childhood, so that Children might have an existence – it blows me away when people that have made vast amounts of wealth by getting on Media to party their socks off would want society to find another ways of compensating them if they were accused of Child sexual assault, which does not have anything to do with the natural way in which it compensates people who have been accused of such things that the last time we checked mostly concerned the way that things are supposed to be done. So the general idea here is that they are very important and I could not possibly comprehend it but which is also precisely my point i.e. the way the Law and Legal system works is that nobody owes them such a duty or debt. People just have difficulty grasping the true nature of sexual assault i.e. that if you walked down a back street and popped open everybody’s Kitchen, you would have been a nice person compared to sexual assault – if you did it and stole some things from their Kitchen you would still have ranked among the nice guys – it is only when you do it, steal some things from their Kitchen and get into their Bedroom to beat them up seriously that you would have begun to look the part: it causes people immense and incurable suffering and nobody has any position that is so great to such an extent that their identity has to be hidden if they have been accused of doing it – none whatsoever. I mean they do say they insult and attack and abuse me for their need to get into the City centre and gamble some money to get rich quick because they have already done sexual abuse and I have done nothing about it; I for my part wonder if that then makes me a stupid person since they are cracked and smell not just because I am in charge and they are not but because I enjoy doing it on account they are far more stupid and useless than they actually look and we are not talking about the Media ones so far yet, those have become rather used to the sense they have the right to address me and turn it into any situation that favours their cause and can continue until it attains a bad end too; when people are cracked and I am not, it is not because of my body type and my sex, it is because of a writing career they can take advantage of to help themselves by getting a copy of the Books – it is apparently a situation and condition in which they cannot carry out any stupid sexual abuse. The rest of what is left of this contraption of a peoples is of course the group that are really fond of telling me all the things I say are rich apparently when they come from somebody who is part of an organisation that engaged in slavery and slave trade and mass global rape and murder; I wonder what they suppose I think about it too save the reiterating what I have mentioned before i.e. there is no such thing as racism and they are free to bring on the ignorance too if they want: it’s a matter of what I get from the look on their faces when they feel they have not been dealt as they deserve, each time they stretch my one in terms of a condition where handling older youths who have no respect for me and anything I do for a living of which would have been impossible if there was a war going on – so they really do underestimate how little of their stupidities I will be willing to tolerate and the American Administration shows the same behaviour quite naturally too.

It’s what we find all over the work place, your achievements and the aesthetical evidence generally puts you in a place where if you are injured especially when the injury is emotional it automatically becomes their right to open it and have lots of fun causing you immense suffering and they cover it with layer and layers and layers of lies and set about extricating from it privileges for authority they have that is above yours by a miniscule bit, leaving you in pain all day long, simply because the opportunity exists. When they do go on to tell me they have done sexual abuse and like to attack my finances because I was unable to do anything about like I will be unable to do anything about them in future their modern stupidities, they really are pushing the boundaries in my view. It’s the great old question that was asked all the time when I first got into the work environment i.e. why is it that it is ever so difficult to find European Women that are not cracked? So obviously the EU allows is to meet the Men and I have to say they need to learn to keep their hands to themselves and keep off physical contact with me, especially one brewed from those communities of lasciviousness that will come through for them financially and gives them the confidence to go on and do it knowing I live on my own. It is said I have never really spoken of the cost of being in the EU for my part either but then again the cost of it is the cost of it i.e. if you do not want to pay your fair share when the party is on then you do not want to be in the group in question and State Offices have to host parties, they are used to ensure people look their best and when Citizen deter a behaviour others are able to see and understand the reasons that they have; somebody has to be a Fashion Model, somebody has to be a Celebrity and so on. Hence if I am talking about sexual abuse in terms of the EU, I do not see a reason to become hung up on the cost of Membership. These goons have always been informed that with a history like their own whereby when it is nice it is a marijuana piping, hate figure to attend school, career stealing, fame Mad idiot and when it is not, it goes back to its roots where it establishes links with its community croons that knew where teachers anus and penis is when they should have been studying during their Hay day and turn out a violent gang and criminal – they have always been informed that with a history like the one they have got and the background that goes with it even whilst omitting their hate for religion and morals, Fame is something that they can never achieve. They have rather always decided to abstain from academic ways of chasing their financial problems to seek usage and ownership of my public life and public image; the result we have today is that they have got the Money they claimed constituted their biggest problem and I am still unable to get them off my Business by showing the person who told them they were famous must have been just as insane as they are – so the next stage will be to get them off it my way all together about which they do not like who they are, want to be me and the money will be spent fighting me, does nothing to take into account this is actually what I mean.


There is this other story of course concerning how badly I am being handled by the Monarchy – no such thing of which exists; only celebrities getting involved and when they do and get informed of what it is about, their ego which is beyond anything normal human beings are used to takes over everything; so I now have to start removing them from all my concerns globally one after the other and it is always nice of course to do it that way as there is something gained each time they become rich and famous at the expense of Politicians. They ask why it happens naturally and the reason has always been as simple – ripping up my finances and then following me around every academic institution to ensure I do not prevent people from peddling my personality to make fame and fortune which is apparently what they live for and now there are other bits being thrown around as well which is where I set out consequences as well i.e. fight racism without a job means I rip up their Popular culture all the way to Jamaica as well – have a literary Empire and get detached from the Royal Estate finances so when we say the white man is the problem of the black race it might seem credible etc and they work hard on these nonsense every day, are actually also not preventing white man from grabbing my Royal Estate but trying to grab it themselves. So it’s one very stupid and destructive responsibility after another and another and another all the time and they cannot keep their hands to themselves nor their girls and women save the insults-they complain as we speak but are still doing it even so. The main issue exists in two parts and one of them is that of ripping up my finances to show up on Media and try to be more important than I am while following me around to academic institutions to ensure I do not pass my exams – the other is the same old nonsense about liberalism knowing how to handle peoples personality and carve out riches from it whereby it gets physical all the time and I am always being haunted over some lack of co-operation when they had marked out my personality, meaning I should try not to stop doing anything I am doing which they might find hurtful or harmful too; so these are all things people plan to have and I am sure they will somewhere in hell too. They do say I am worried about and discriminatory towards people, which is utter nonsense; it’s a matter of what I have time for and if they were not the same that follow me around every academic institution ripping up my studies, I would have given them the benefit of doubt but they are, when it comes to it the evidence is overwhelming that it is a very stupid but organised way by which they can select other peoples crowd for them to meet and end and there is enough nepotism and corruption it, protected by street threats and violence that wants to get involved with people and have conversations all the time to accomplish it – the only reason we have a problem is that although it is entirely tolerable as such, they cannot do without damaging my property, threatening me as a result of an organised community they have with does nothing but violent lasciviousness and gossip in my direction that allows them to know where my anus and penis is and ensure I cannot turn in any direction without facing violence from them while I am always being ambushed and hunted looking for trouble and above all, are always extricating profitability of violence from it at my Job and livelihood and Royal Estate and if violence is not profitable they need to drop it and do things the proper way or stop complaining. It is all together an old story about socialist idiots that have never really communicated with a soul in an honest way in their whole lives and it is never their wealth that is being distributed; they have whole communities whose existence is about violent gossips in my direction and are represented in public places by MPs and Media fools and Public transport operatives who know where my anus and penis is all of the time while their women can only have health if all their stupidities are played off on my Christian temperaments – I see them do it all the time, where they get in my space and make me smell then issue threats of wanting to beat me up like a boy and so on and if they touch me another issue will result from the matter all together as well – the story has always been a simple case of the question of whether violence is profitable just in case others want to profitable it on their income too as it were. So they say I crack people which started it all and yes I did so they might show some respect – they are always cracked because they are stupid for the most part anyway and when they see somebody through whom that can happen start to seek the prize of their nepotism and profitability of violence their stupid Politicians will fancy and reward them for; it is quite so impossible to get on Public places and Media trying to be more important than somebody that is less important than you are the way they do, they have a problem with the respect bit where it applies to me, they find out I am in charge when they are checked and I make it worse as there is nothing in the world they can do about me too. I mean is violence actually profitable anyway? They cannot be seen concentrating on the one that pays their salary, they think they are famous when they are not and cannot be caught dead getting a real job. If violence is not profitable the incessant intrusive and abusive and writers income destroying involvement based insults especially among others are going to pay as well and I am finding it difficult to locate why this conversation would have mattered or why they are actually complaining about me.

They do say that I am stirring up Political instability but I do not owe them a debt and neither do they owe me one and hence am hard pressed to see how anything I do amounts to Political instability – the big question is whether each time they issue those stupid threats it is a right they exercise as per they get to handle the anus of their City Centre sons in the same way and if they do protect their interests with their City centre sons so intensely why on earth do they enjoy ripping up my Court and public life as well, if they know what it would feel like should I have done it too? Showing up over my Books all the time to try and show their temper matters and mine does not with a big mouth. So they say I never get to the point about why the referendum is needed anyway but of course we all know the reason is that the Politicians will sit about with their business friends who think it is amusing to speak of how Scotland is not needed anymore if there is Crude Oil in the Falklands – from which the Prime Minister will then return to Office to allow the People decide what we do in Europe because it would sound democratic and open. So it is impossible to fathom that they are doing a referendum at this stage but that is reality because the government of the day had given it and then we hear them tell me nobody knows the direction of my arguments and therefore none can counter it yet but of course everybody else except them know it is their insults and that it was fair to expect their high and mighty stupidities to know everything about that too; like the story of how I like to hide somewhere to think I can take them on but when I show myself they get cracked and when I crack whole communities it becomes a National problem – its apparently something they say at Government Office when they want to rip up peoples finances but then again its only one half of a whole as the other is largely the one where they get involved with and believe in Peoples religion so they can shut it down at a later date and turn out in public to have issues with their fucking personal problems as well. Then they say it is the way I address people but we hear nothing of the state of affairs in their communities concerning me, save the never ending rhetoric of shut up, idiot, insults, use your own to do it and so on while they steal my Books and my income, chase my academic work and Business finances to get rich quick – it gets serious when I have financial problems and they turn up in Public to pretend they are more important of course quite naturally. They are always entitled and like to blame it on the Europeans; entitled to their property, to other peoples own, to my own, to everything and they are still doing it around here while they complain about my Books. None of which is unusual as we all know the future King decides his Ex-Mistress would make a good Queen for instance and that it is all the fault of the fact I had written a Book whereas it is the system weeding him out like it did his Great Uncle – they all turn up here to ruin me and get Gay feeling of Men community to show their faces in parliament and pretend their vandalism is amusing and set their idiots in Public places to tell me what I must do to make it convenient for all. I mean that if the Politicians are aware that allowing these fools to decide what we do with Europe will break up the National Union, why on Earth would they take that chance as well and claim I am the one that have some long standing issue to resolve in order to climb on my chest all the time and tell me I have problems where relations with the US is concerned. These people need leadership all the time and this referendum is an example of it i.e. they don’t know what it is and will find out when they are finished learning and the Union is broken up; they do it all the time and I was not co-operating with The Queen demands on settling relations with the Americans and somebody else is due to take up my role and I cannot tell enough times they need to clear my space and let the Book sell so a job can be completed. It’s always that story of what unusual outcomes that is dangerous will come from my work all of the time whereas they need leadership all the time and if you beat them at those stupid games you see quirky behaviour for a Couple of Hours and then a new plan is hatched; so I do get accused of making it worse by boxing them in which I have as well so they can rip up my finances and show up in public to be more important than I am and if they push me I will bend them over too so they can understand what it feels like. I mean I am unhappy and they are unhappy and yet they are still getting involved with me and my tight schedule to ask stupid questions about how the problem gets solved and how I know what the answer to my problem is; I have written Books out there and do not think there is anything wrong with the copies anyway to begin with. So they say business interests have just noticed that I stabilised the financial markets single handed during the referendum but of course I did not do it for them and all my activities are supposed to lead to two results only – one of them being my Royal role fulfilled and the other being the sale of my Books and all things that facilitates people gaining from me without buying my Books must be killed off so I can stop attending a day job while I am flustered as a result of my schedule and have Hay fever as well in summer; nobody would have conceived that they would come up with such ideas as suggest there is an atmosphere closing in around them that is going to crack them up and the solution is my body type and my sex after ripping up the Books and also both academic work and finances and job before that too – just to mention so people can see why it has to be done.  I am not in any way being hunted by them just having them express their stupidities on a regular basis because they clearly need leadership every single moment of their time, ripping up my finances to get on Media and try to be more important.


We now know that they want to work and explore and discover everything about sovereignty now and it has something to do with killing off my Book sales to get my attention and insulting Women at my Court due to how events have laid pressure on my life and exposed secretes they need more of without getting a copy of my Books for any reason of course and I have had quite enough of it for my part as well since moments ago I was Football practically for American Politicians and I was a Toy for American Media and they were making it all possible and laughing and joking wherefore those who are actually providing leadership on such things are irrelevant. So I have to say that I will be keeping a close observation and if they get on my head in the next 24 Hours we will find out if they make use of my work without payment and then set about finding anything which says it does not belong to them to beat down and run a referendum that far right and extremist groups are taking over as well because they are stupid, on account this is where they were born and where they grew up and had their childhood friends and went to school and that these Books are their property as well and we shall find out what they are made of too and I am not talking about imaginary anal sex with female journalists that Means I am now running that show concerning their insults about the kids that start trouble winding up global powers so that violence they cannot perform might be required of them, especially in terms of France and Germany next door and then they will have sovereignty making use of my work without paying and making use of it like it belongs to them when it does not legally. I mean it really should not be happening; we are speaking of broadcasting which is about taking a fact to a wide as possible audience and Book writing which is about saying something to people in a way they can take with them because they need it and I need to breathe for my part well, completely fed up with tolerating them for the pain. Of course they do say the more I speak of it is the likelihood I will never do it but of course the reality is rather that I say what I say to clear out all current state of affairs since I am now very determined that if they push me one more time, it will be the beginning of something entirely new; we hear them complain all the time but if they are not trying to make me respond to them so they can make  me smell when I make use of Public transport, which when I cut them off always leads to a process of finding my clients into whose ears they can gossip nonsense about where I have been and what I have been up to which will make my Books unprofitable and rob me of distribution contract after distribution contract while I try to assume I will ever be able to settle a pension with a regular job and a health that is not 100% and yet all they get from it is the kind of fun idiots who made zero grades when your Dad used to attend school can have and as much of it as they possibly can too - if they are not doing this, what they are doing is finding kids on the streets they can prick and point in my direction on account I am unable to understand the kinds of powers they have in the neighbourhoods, ripping up my Book sales business all the time and expressing the highest ends of their stupidities for it when they start to pretend their own jobs are scared and that there will be no consequences for their actions, which they are right to assume there isn't going to be one as well, since the other civil rights idiots that like to tell me what to do, right down to controlling my Mother lest she stirs up racism because I am not doing my entire life the way she may want it so she can consume it like an item in one sitting if she so desired, whether or not I am actually living with my parents and then there is my Party piece being the Politicians who will support them a million times and if they do it once more will get yet another support no matter the level of destruction it causes others. 24/6/2016: UK Referendum Results - UK Votes to leave the EU; It does not in anyway offer me a scary prospect that the UK votes to leave the EU; what happens is that if I walk into Public transportation point, the operator wants to be able to make me smell and if that does not happen, he will inform somebody by the end of the day that will go off and ruin any Book distribution contract I was about to win by whispering nonsense about where I have been and what I have been up to, especially how I like a day job better than being rich and famous and that will be because I did not resign my Job before a contract came through as I should have so as to become their plaything - nobody knows why they like to rip up that my business in that way and are so fond of it but what I want everybody to be aware of now is that they are looking for trouble as I am going to begin plans that we see me rip up their own everyday as well, right down to white van Man contracts before the situation actually improves. So as long as people are not destroying my Book sales contracts, keeping their insults to themselves, the Politicians do not support their vandalism of my property if they did it a million and one times and what Americans expect of me is academic in nature, all will be well, otherwise I make my own version of trouble too and these goons might be pleased to hear they do not rank among and are not actually counted into what constitutes my main problems or concerns. Stay in the EU or leave it does not bother me either way - at the basic level it is all wickedness and evil associated with assuming land ownership and they can never ever ever do anything without it and its need to make other smell and feel messy and shamed; all I have to do is find a way of conducting my concerns without being tackled by them and that does not exclude starting my own games to get rid of them as well, which will match all that abuse and share the wickedness with me in a condition I cannot refute when somebody had a difficult opinion about how they should behave and then issue accusations that mean others are having to save me from their stupid violent selves too at the end which then also mean they have a real prospect going for them, of being able to hurt me and seriously too with a big mouth. They do say I Campaigned to remain in the EU which I did not - I set out facts and figures around what I did and how it worked and hoped we chose to remain, people had to decide how it affected them on the Streets - otherwise mostly its Politicians making something out of other claims I interfere with Politics, showing they wish it when it would have been a constitutional problem if I did and then blabbing about wanting to rip up my bottom and push me to the left which will happen if they can, considering I am now in charge of all that older youths getting around with economic powers to return home to oppress those they wish to ensure live other peoples dreams with their lives and they are barely just able to fight well enough to secure their homosexuality, especially the ones that liaise with Germans and talk nonsense about how people are as inferior as they feel of which nothing in the whole world is actually that convenient as it were. They would claim they were hoping to control sovereignty at my expense after the EU vote - when it is Parliament that is Sovereign and does not control any sovereignty and we do see their stupidities expressed all the time like we have during millions of pounds being spent on a referendum that will end with a prospect where they rip up the lives of peoples children and push them into crime to rehabilitate their minds because they stole beauties MPs should be having which they claim is sovereignty, while they attack those that are actually providing leadership on it at the Monarchy because they have not got a foggiest clue what it is and if I see their stupidities turn up around any of my Book distribution contracts one more time, they will also find out I had long ago discovered how to control them too and that it involves getting out of bed everyday to work towards ripping up those their contracts and generally hoping to see Men struggle financially all Day long - it really gets to cool them down as it were. In the end they ask questions of what I am doing with security services but everybody knows the reasons Celebrities can grab my income is because they know somebody that operates in it or has died for National security doing so and I will start my own games as well if I see them turn up anywhere near my Distribution contracts one more time and then I find live in a world where my Business does not know which way to turn and its all because of a person who said his wickedness is designed to protect him from a bad and evil world outside but had since become a disposition from which to attack and rob religious and moral people on a daily basis - I have no idea where they brewed the story that leaving the EU would be a threat to me anyway. When these things happen, People are made to think they are dealing with the cleverest organisms on the planet but if people do not allow that disillusionment and sickening obsession with sensations of convenience on which their whole stupid and very insulting existence that wants to take over and run the lives of others hold sway, it usually turns out people are entangled with fucking idiots, and the part of them I can crazy about being that they cannot pay attention to the one that actually pays their salaries and keep off my Books Business; of course there is the question of leadership around why people are distracted into behaving in such ways but then does it add up when they sit about at the same Parliament and Media to claim I am the one taking sides in the EU Campaign anyway; nobody says people cannot have their entire societies and communities powered by very violent gossips and backbiting but so should they just assume a position which says that they do not know where my anus and penis is as well - we all try to tolerate the insults from those we lead when they become fond of getting on Public places to try their hands of being more important, which is a responsibility we could rather happily do without and I am sure they will understand I have had enough of them too and it is important they try to keep their insults to themselves and do not turn up near my Book distribution contracts like they did the day before: all together making it easier and easier without the EU anyway. Thy do say I really do not grasp the difficulty I face without the EU and its utter nonsense; I face none; the result of the referendum is the death of one problem i.e. first Labour goes over seas to secure its agents of squander and develop a problem that has no name and how now been dubbed the Blair-rich project, then the Tories go off and secure their own as well while they return home to select those who keep stealing the aesthetic aspects of MPs jobs to attack whenever they are playing up social power and just when it was getting cooked, they gave themselves a referendum and expected to win; the remaining part is the three other main connections with the poorer Countries of the World i.e. the German version that applies to all because they run the EU (???), the French version because they know more about how economic recovery happens when the rich get richer and poor get poorer and the Spanish ones who know more of how being emotionally involved with those that are beyond your league leads to war, so people might handle your property to make themselves comfortable and tell you whom to fall in love with for good measure as well; the result being that every fool that comes from parts of the world where there never ever ever ceases to be War and Genocide in any given period of time turns up here to run things and shows themselves all over the shops throwing around blame culture aimed at the moral and the religious who are living an existence in other peoples personal lives according to them. So they say these things I speak of are done by Europeans who really like us British people but of course that is utter nonsense; this is an extreme form of very violent and uncompromising and very personally decided and decadent competitive and evil form of modernism and it will stop at nothing to create the sense every opportunity to attack moral or religious people is entirely justified if there is a bigger Man that can arbitrate and it is a trapping of power which is a source of incredible number of evils in this world and is usually practiced for malicious reasons; as for the question of whether I would have loved to be in the EU, the answer to this is that it does not make any difference to me - if we are in the EU we will still have to deal with this matter where Germany and France export a lot to the Countries from which most of them workers of squander from overseas and their violence, who come from parts of the world where there never ceases to be War and genocide live and if we are not in the EU we still have to handle the same matter anyway. My case is that of what the implication is now that we are out; there are those who have always been bullied and are still after me to control my person and my resources because they are far superior and if they damage my distribution contracts one more time I will get after them right down to white van Man contracts as well and it will all be so very easy to handle when we are not part of the EU, as it will cease to be a mystery that they are a very abusive and insulting and violently destructive people who are protective of their own at the same time and need to be made to keep their hands to themselves where other people are concerned; the reality is that I have to conduct this balance between access to me which they have because the Politicians rip up and bastardise my finances to allow them such an access and a process where that access was meant to have worked alongside a condition where they pick up copies of my Books, within this currently temporary condition in which I have to find some extra means of making sure my Bills are being paid, of which I thank them much for too all together so to speak and then I will not have Books at the Global markets and turn out in an Employers place to show that I am not good to go for five of 12 Months a year due to severe Hay Fever (on a personal basis we can see the situation has not changed; my Books are insulting due to their need to make use of me that leads to ripping up my property and making out the solution to problems is my sex and body type - the situation has not changed as they complain but continue with the same behaviour of insults and vandalism and destruction of the kind of possessions we do see them share with the frugal if they have it as it were). Those who say I no longer have a Royal Estate but continue to assume I do are the ones that have spent so much time building a reputation for me that says a Royal Estate was revoked by The Queen, which ways of living a life I have never conducted myself - so its just another example of property we see them own and then get to share or hand over to the frugal as it were; in the end if I want to get paid I get a job, if I want to make profit I do business and my Book sales business does not exist to provide me with a condition for working, a reality they do not seem to pay attention to. It is what we see of them all the time; its about ripping up finances of kids to feel like they are entitled and deserving and with that set about enjoying life while you cannot make your ends meet - enjoying Royal lifestyle, Politicians lifestyle and anything else there is including my lifestyle the Books of which they do not pay for because it is insulting and so on and then when I start my own Campaign of Fuck Dad and fuck Mr Needy as well they begin to blab about how things will keep happening until I get into serious trouble for it (of course it is not true that I am trying to locate where the blame for brexit lies; everybody knows people can only put an entire economy on hole and keep some leverage somewhere to follow up an accusation of others making money under the shadow of their massive establishments which needs to be handed over, supported by Politicians who will do it to help them secure people that will work for them while they get rich, for so long, before something drastic happens - I mean it has come to a point of very pure solid English jokes such as there being Crude Oil in the Falklands which means we do not need the Scots anymore ha ha ha.). They do claim I made contributions to such a result of course, which is utter nonsense - their insults made all the contributions that were not made, like that story of how it has to be that the more I react to their stupidities being channeled at me is the worse they will get, in fact most of the arguments I make in Public are based on this insults that are well hidden and detached from civilised society which means they can act in unaccountable ways. Eventually it gets to the point where absolutely everything they do is linked to the Diplomatic front of the world which then means that all you do is wrong and will be wrong eventually at some point and it is therefore alright for people to have societies powered by violent gossips as such but so should I try and say they do not know where my anus and penis is as well and it does not play into the hands of Industry people either, everybody knows those are lazy, want to be rich and have a pathological fear of work so they can blame their problems on those who have personalities that they do not, not withstanding of which a large proportion of the problems they create is a factor of these idiots messing with my Book sales to ensure there is enough problems for general public that will let them use media to carve out their own trappings of power and goes back to the story of not letting scum that used to make zero grades when Dad attended school to mess with you like they want. I have made it clear I do not appreciate it and they are not so stupid they are unable to change a behaviour and Brexit must be about the fact they are really tough too (no human being would have been asked to give up his day job by Public transport operatives on account they heard a rumour that he is getting a Book distribution contract which they will ruin if he does not realise that is what they are trying to say, turn around and go home; nobody who gets a contract from Simon Cowel that is.): so after Brexit UK Social atmosphere returned to the kind of bullying which resulted in University drop out for me back in 2005 but my stolen literary Achieves are still to be recovered from the Popularity that did - something very evil tends to tell their blocked and very stupid minds that it is their right and their bodies will then be used as a weapon to defend that right too.