They say my life is wholly governed by fear and it will never make any sense as it is governed by a matter of the various stages of bending up in very uncomfortable positions by which you are dragged from a Christian Statesman into being a violent person through abuses, sexual and physical at a distance etc. So I have been conducting my own experiments as well and it concerns giving up state office orientated money if I can write Books for a living while I do government operative work at the same time for my Royal Office without being paid for that all together – so it seems that the insults does get to stop when I do not support homosexuality and yet everything I do is sexual by which I get to sexual their own as well, making sure every single stage of bending up uncomfortably is played out at them and I make them bend up uncomfortably as well thereof; it leads to a break up of all that nonsense they build up around them by taking cheap shots that people which provide them resolve for great acts of violent wickedness but the part I hate the most is the exacerbation of the insults I already put up from them in the first of the things they might say to that effect as a matter of nepotism that is good for their well being.

They claim I have the same problem too which is utter nonsense and shows why the problem will get worse when there are seldom any consequences for it; as we all know that the only thing in their brains is the problems of men – small penis and whether or not those who have it have certain sexual glands in their body that are a certain size which causes them to enjoy anal sex more and that adds to their history of a teenage spent on crime and therefore their knowledge of the legal system, all of which amount to things they use to get by but even so the reality is still that it is okay to tolerate homosexuals and let them do whatever they like unless you are homosexual and interested in the kind of sex they have and so is it when it comes to business lovers as well whereby you should only be interested in their products but when it comes to women, women need to be ruled and I need to control my mother and if I don’t, then there will be other women I need to control instead. I don’t have the same problem in anyway, I need them off my Books as the next time they damage my academic work waiting for them at the jobs market will be the least of their problems for my part as well, turning up on that stupid media to tell me of the things I cannot do because I don’t have the means all the time whereas I would only have needed some lethal support at government security for it and when they have their own killed thereof it will cease to be such a massive amount of fun; fun that facilitates getting on their stupid media to make some extra thousands on people’s lives that will allow for the fun that their stupid lifestyles need. It’s about the number of times we all get to the Office to plan how we will earn our salary and rip up the job of some kid that does not behave how we like because we always wanted to do so and hence got to provoke him into behaving how we don’t like in order to justify our actions, just to make a few thousands and get off to binge with friends in the night, then get out of bed the next day and run the same routine; I simply don’t want them to turn up around my Book sales to do it anymore – they however have continued to brag about what I am unable to do and their popular culture idiots have been getting involved as well; those speak of my attitude costing them the millions they should have made but we all know they never made any millions – what happened to them was that an idiot who thinks his money will never run out and that he can buy anything spent a few of his billions to buy music CDs that they made abusing me which has no meaning and I am determined to ensure he or she does not recover the money, so the next part that will wind me up will be the sales operatives because if those are not active they don’t get to recover any Billions they spend in that way. We all know that for their part they say my Books will never be settled well enough for me to hire any sales operatives in a condition whereby it wouldn’t just be a waste of money; so I am going to do it all myself and they will behold how I will too; I simply do not wish to see them around my Books anymore – they are all like that, they want to be able to play stupid fun games, right down to public transportation operatives.

As for the story of Christians becoming extinct however, the reality is still that I am not actually denying that Christians are but the fact need to be qualified i.e. it’s a matter of those kinds of people who get involved with the Faith so as to fight their corner in life. The first time they hated my guts was when they ended up preaching me instead of the gospel of Christ so that they might get to teach their naughty Children how to live in order to be successful and rich, so since 2008 when I found my Dad had passed away and I needed to move them out, progress of the matter has continued to go down the path where they will end up describing me as the anti-Christ. Otherwise they can always continue to meet up at their Churches to discuss the problems of Men and call me names that indicate I am the one with the insight and wisdom to solve them, right down to temperaments I have which people can use for sex, entertainment and merchandising of which when I refuse they start to hunt and round me up like I was a domesticated animal and the things I say and do in response shows I can handle the problems of women as well which has to do with whether or not they are beaten treated as equals of men when they cannot be in bed etc. Some people do say I talk as though I was never aware that they were the enemy but I have already taken the steps to aid prostitutes and pornographers who actually do something about political and diplomatic corruption while they get into Church to sell the faith to aid the trouble makers all over the world which indicates which ones I prefer – I have always known they were the enemy, I am laying out facts that support the theory that they will name me the anti Christ when their attack of me and my income and personal life really kicks off. They do say people have problems and I can understand but while prostitutes and pornographers do their problems on the internet, these idiots will do their own in the Church; so that it comes to that stage where you start to break down the facts of their problems and it comes down to whether or not the men have a small penis or a big one and or have haemorrhoids and or need money to enjoy life etc and the women use tampons during month end and have sex with men they are not married to while you are lower than they are and there is a name they call you which means you are the one with the wisdom and ability to solve all these problems and it is never clear why their heads are always perpetually full of such things or why then they love their intrusive involvement with me to the extent that they do and why they like to haunt me and talk nonsense in public places for it; all together not surprising some Christians are becoming extinct – it does get to a point where I say to them, that I know what Christ taught us all but they are not getting any, so that they might become obsessed with trapping me and spying on me to ensure all I come up with ends up in the hands of some silly women or civil rights idiot if I refuse to agree to a plan where it makes them famous while I on the other hand dodge homelessness for the rest of my life etc.

They speak of these other people I provoke by making sure reality rules everything that moves but of course we all know that foolish black women making sure I cannot get a job unless I am having the kind of sex I wouldn’t want to have but have been forced to have by a world that is cruel and unfriendly in order to give up temperaments others can peddle to get rich, behave the way they do and know everything about the secret problems of women 24/7, so as to ensure they are able to show off their stupidities around the prognosis of money being the answer for everything etc, it beats me they are interested in my reality thing. However we all know that at this stage the Queen has extremely multiculturalised the Country so to speak and everybody is kind of expecting my side of the game as well which is what this is all about and I am only saying that with the kind of range I have at diplomacy and especially where business and industry is concerned, the number of black idiots that will end up in that stupid society and culture when it turns up in my face will be unprecedented; they do say it is a show off of power I really should not have been allowed to acquire in the first place but everybody knows that the way society and culture turns up in my face involves a condition where I get to work and they turn up at my work place with secretes that only exist between me and them concerning some point that is selling my Books which I made or wrote for my fans and customers on the internet and they always bring it up because they want me to share it with my Boss at work, so as to ensure they have power etc otherwise they turn my tummy upside down and then share it anyway and then they will have power and I will have depression and eventually lose the job – the other part about diplomacy being of course that their popular culture idiots have already ripped up my Office and Empire way up to the US to get rich quick and are now keeping their eyes firmly fixed on me and anything that suggests I am getting anywhere near the Russia route has already been taken up – so obviously it is unacceptable if Queen is Queen of Australia and Canada among others as well – so I have done all I can in the Book to ensure they have their popular culture freedom of idiots and if I have to deal with this nonsense again I will get out of here and I will cut it up for them permanently. They do say I could never back up any of it but we all know that is something else entirely that involved going off to find those processes of pick, pick, pick at me so they can build themselves up and  become a threat and then cut it up and ask them if they are still interested in a fight which will mean either they are going down or I am; the part about pick, pick, pick and build themselves up to be a threat itself of which makes me wonder what for and the best answer is usually that they are frustrated which actually does not show as far as they are concerned that they are stupid and really, really, really lazy. This is where they get to tell me I say so but they are richer than me, setting off that sense of what I need to change by making sure they never damage my Books ever again to cause me to end up in other peoples establishments for employment running three jobs at a time for miniscule pay and becoming inferior to them because I am flustered. When we see their young people it’s always a state of knowing what to avoid and keeping that around to ensure the process of doing so sets them out as the neatest and cleanest u young dudes awaiting fame and fortune accompanied by the ‘shit stuff’ when I do not want it, they want me to be dominated first before I do my academic work which will then become their own; now they are busy telling me that what my Books does mean it will never get sold which I suppose tends to mean I never knew what it does in the first place and hence that is all news to me.

They say my problem is a very easy one to resolve and yes it is; its largely about a process where there is an end to seeing them turn up around where my Books are being sold, to substitute my customer interests for their men and women secrete problems and the socially organised squander vices that come with it of which nobody knows how normal people invent such things except we start to consider how rude and intrusive they really are which is only measured by the pinnacle of these kinds of stupidity i.e. anus and penis insults that show they are so far detached from the rest of us because of the extent of their problems and frustrations that they can look at others and undress them so easily without the slightest sense of repulsion as the outcome of their behaviour etc. They however think it is because they are wealthier and more influential than I am and I think that is entirely wrong as well as they need to keep their vices off my customer interest and income margins or accept that they will continue to complain about me and show off that nonsense we see them do all the time to suggest their behaviour is about to blow up really soon.

It is never true that I am stuck and cannot get out of a problem, it is where we are heading next over their need to get involved with me and mess me up that I am issuing warnings for; they have played their hand raising family criminals and children who know my stereotype to be the problem of the world and hence regularly speak to their politicians about being allowed to solve the problems of their stupid families using my personal and public life and because of this fundamentally feel they must have fun and games with me that are very hurtful while explaining their stupidities away with something I said and did; the result is that the get out of bed to replace customer interest that I have built for my Books with their secret problems of men and women based vice of squander and  I have taken their need for fun and games with me to a point in which they are so scared these days of what will happen to their jobs that it is impossible for them to feel their jobs actually belong to them as items that feed and clothe and house them – it is where we are going next from here I am issuing the warning for. They say they have invested in me which is an example of what I am talking about as nobody knows whose right hand or left hand side they think is their own around here or which right hand or left hand side they are getting involved with to shut down around here as well as it were, but we know they want some of mine and will get it too.

They say they have invested in me and nothing could be more provocative; The Labour Party has always been a party that gets you to play this part that is good for victims of forced Labour until you are so full of it to bursting point like I at the moment; because of course being a Christian that stays off food to pray or does so when he has not had the time to pray comprehensively creates flustered adults that remind the fucking idiots of when they used to live in third world and developing economies in which they had servants and hence they must get the feeling from me and treat me like one even if I am not getting paid which does not change anything since most of their servants never get paid anyway as they are forced labour workers. Reacting to it was always going to create something I have done which benefits victims of forced labour which is also a good thing by the way. However for my part the real problem with these idiots is that this behaviour extends to a case of ripping up peoples finances so as to make it possible to get in touch with their parents over the fact they have refused to hand over their public lives for important MPs to deploy for the common good and all my life I have always lived in a way  by which I drive myself to utter tiredness and never knew that being tired did set me up to be a person whose activities were sexual; so these idiots are looking for trouble and it is what they definitely find here as it were. They have invested in me they say but complain about never feeling safe at their jobs anymore because I always want to have conversations with people and always want to play silly games with people who are not my mates; bearing in mind they are mine in the first place as it were – it is where we are going next, the one about the consequences of their knowledge of the problems of men and women and their vice bottoming out my Book sales to give them the feeling they can face the day without trouble which will definitely result in getting involved with their case to save mine and spend their own by setting out friends that I was supposed to have my conversations with before they got involved and fans I was supposed to sell books to before their problems got involved, on their jobs while I also get the same to buy the Books on their behalf as well we are talking about here. Their behaviour of these stupid hurtful fun and games they find amusing with me beats me all the time since the complain about me has already gone global over the case of the Christian having friends and others doing corruption of involvement with it so as to move into his right hand when they know what goes on in the right hand of a Christian is Christ sitting at the right hand of God in the first place and that there was no vacancy there for them to show that accountability always costs those who do it their health and then everything  else – they hate my guts but are still doing it; after all a writer that likes to have conversations could never have been a good thing in the first place, they hate my guts but are still doing it. Of course I have made myself clear and if they do doubt that much they can turn up and let me save mine and spend theirs while they get to save theirs and spend mine as well so we can find out but I think I have warned them about playing with me as it were – no more playing – time out. They do say it’s a matter of how I make people frigid but we all know if I don’t they will be spending all their time building themselves up with ideas of what might happen to shame a Christian if he does not have jobs and money and then issue threats at me so I can build them back down and ask them to try it if they have the guts too; the only thing that makes sense of it is the secret problems of sexes vice and I need to ensure they are no longer spending my income for me which is what it is really all about – as I said I will make public appearance with all I say which according to them is the only way to ensure it does not get stolen by those who have better access to Media when I feel like it or they can always turn up to spend mine and save theirs while I spend theirs and save me so we can find out what the outcome will be.


They do claim I am wasteful and useless and that it is what everything is all about but I am not being wasteful and useless for my part either; I wrote the Books since 2010 and every bit of state of affairs of existing brokerage around the world that needed to be consolidated should have been through the Books – it was not because the Books never got sold on account of over aged rascals who know who is being wasteful and useless on their stupid Media talking nonsense about freedom and democracy, so it has to be done manually with them complaining all the way to the end. This is 2016 the year in which I write my Royal Journals and the magazine and it’s the 4th of January at this point at which I have already finished work on consolidating the Court – right up to making sure culture people, theatre people and even beauticians understand what I am saying, finished off with making sure the Court looks good for the Royal Estate when they appear to do their jobs on TV right down to what they wear and we are now talking about Canadian and Australian interests and why I will cut up that stupid popular culture if it rips it up around my Office one more time; so these guys know I can always make things cheaper, they are not in a good place to speak of my wastefulness and uselessness at all.

There is that talk of course of what my position is on whether or not Lawyers are chasing veterans over War Crimes in Iraq and I have no idea what they expect me to say; all I know is that it is actually impossible for so many soldiers to have committed war crimes and that what these guys are doing is securing tax payer funds to chase around veterans on the basis of what they see me and other Members of the Royal Family do because they have delusions about soldiers being like us; the reality of course is that people like me are already Armed Men – this is how culture describes it, so being dangerous already I would not be allowed anywhere near the Military, so people who end up there are usually as normal as they come and anything that comes up came up along the way, so we all have to conclude what people are doing with tax payer funds is going off to the Law Courts to tell us that they committed those crimes alright but it was a function of what they didn’t know and the war which dynamics they did not understand which is a waste of tax payer funds and an indication Politicians are not doing their jobs properly which is hardly a good reason to get about chasing Veterans over war crimes. I understand they say there are others like me all over the secret service doing horrible things; the reality of course is that Soldiers simply learn from my Royal Order the part that affects their jobs and get off to it and are nothing like me – it filters through to those stubbornness about turning up to abuse me to get food feelings about life or be proud of themselves due to what one of their own has achieved which I am not and various other civil and criminal disobedience games they like to play making out they want to kill me, which is something they talk about without considering what the full consequences will be and what the general population will look like;  so it is one of those things they will likely do and then become surprised that women are the ones that want revenge on them the most since it is obvious my galas ceiling is run by women and men have unfettered access and will come to no harm for it thereof – so they can always play with that and then kill me. It’s not a difficult issue; they always say I do not take into account how much people hate my guts but the reasons for it are very clear as well – they are evil people with a need to become business persons and merchants with their own possessed boys and girls in the pocket who tell their fortunes, especially the Muslim ones; so the easiest way to get some fortune telling out of One such as myself that they actually cannot touch is very extreme distant violence and progressive fantasy and aspirations towards making it physical as well – so they have been making progress with that so far and have something new to hate and can turn up on my door step to tell me they are the devil and are going home with my corpse so we can find out if their own will not pick them up in pieces too.

So they echo Women who say my problem is that I have an inability to see that my work is good enough and to be satisfied with what I have, which is true in an administrative sense but only the reality that when I am not satisfied I need to keep working in the hope something will trigger the right results which is the being the administrator bit. So the rest is men making fun of wrecking everything to amount to playing tricks on a kid whose candy they want and like the gay bastards they are the story is ever the same for City centre workers and media freak and television personality alike, when you do their own its finished already. They do speak of their tendency for crowd violence whenever they want to rip up my Book sales at that crucial point where customer interests are protected and I am about to get some sales while their needs are paramount and when they actually work it on me like the idiots in flash suits that they are is when they will end up with a mad man hell bent on causing them to lose everything that gets on his nerves so they can work out which part of him they really hate and do the hate properly for a change. Otherwise they can buy Books every time they turn up around my concerns instead, not pretend they want somebody who is willing to sit around and suffer at their hands so they can get rich simply because I am a Christian that does not believe in making sure that the part where I run a business and ensure I am profitable on one hand while on the other am not being stolen from affects another person’s financial well being by cutting my customers off every single market progress I make and set up a state of affairs for it on their stupid Media to tell me about how satisfied they will be with my business staying at a certain level bearing in mind their stupid needs. I don’t think it’s a serious matter; it works like when I put up blog number one it gets the attention of the public and then number two will get more attention and by the fifth one the state of affairs has started to progress to a point where people are becoming interested in my Books, that is usually when they strike and blow off nonsense about their tendency for a free for all violence, so I have to start all again and then we find them wear suits worth thousands to make out it is amusing; the usually pattern is always when the gay bastards are three in number and one is the reasonable one, while the other is the homosexual one and the third is the upcoming star who will hit me really hard if I am as much twitch and then the homosexual one has not had sex with me yet while the reasonable one is the one that actually sticks me when I thought their case was resolved and when I do their own we well it will already have been finished before I started having fun and they had gone off to have sex with men mainly because life is no longer convenient. Right now it is a topic for conversation because I was having it all sorted out with their intrusive stupidities before they talked too much. So it is usually the kind of nonsense you put up with because the black idiots in the UK who do popular culture for them, have no brains and carry around expensive bags do what they do so they can make money out to be other peoples personal Gods and it usually stops when you had gone overseas to bring in your own black women who behave in the opposite way as well.

Of course I may be wrong about what I believe The Royal Family thinks of me but that will not change the fact that people should expect me to react over all those stupid controversies considering I have to convince my Boss I am still relevant on a regular basis; so this is where we are and it is where we are heading next I have issued the warnings for.  They cannot resist picking on people that are smaller than they are and finding these really abusive ways of making sure they save their own goodies and spend other peoples own like the fire that stokes gangs and organised crime with their stupid Media and for me it’s a matter of these stupid games and controversies in order to get to their Offices and make a few Thousands on the day peddling my personal life and public work, looking for as much trouble as they can find and making out what they have saved from being used of their stupidities is evidence of the profitability of violence, so it does seem like it’s the devil himself at work and I cannot tell who told them that any of their stupid rights look anything like that in reality anyway. The obsession they show to telling lies is astounding and that is usually because they pick on those who are smaller than they are and like to pretend all I say and do fundamentally pays attention to whether or not somebody that is three times the size of another attacking them violently amounts to attempted murder and should be seen in that way fundamentally and colloquially. Now the story of playing around with peoples wives is a very much loved one but as far as I concerned first of all the Court is made up of women that are almost like myself in character and their spouses are happy for them to be a part of it – the problem are the rest who get involved because they can and will never be free of the suffering until they are no longer involved – whether or not they pay for the loss of time and finances will be a matter of what that date is too; the rest is the male ones talking nonsense about Public Bars and making assumptions like they always do of a right to teach me lessons, followed really quickly by assumptions that I am just messing around with women in order to wind them up when it is a well calculated process of seeking a piece of them as well, so they might teach me lessons and I might stop looking out for where I was born and where I grew up and where I am heading while they threaten me with gangs all the time; so they run out of gangs here at home and travel overseas to spend their salary on riffraff who live in bushes in poor countries and turn up to tell me to watch my step lest I get into trouble and I want to know who they are teaching me lessons like that every day with a big mouth and making excuses for it because they are getting sexual gratification too. These idiots actually hate women you see and like to think that when they select the ones that look like Men they will actually get away with it and soon enough they have children and the women are trapped and half the children look like the mother and the other half like them and they all want to solve their personal problems especially those concerning whether or not they are criminals on your personal life – so I do crack them as well so they can find where they were born and where they grew up and where they are heading just as they love to disturb me and teach me lessons, all the time. It is not a random process of getting involved with women to wind them up; I want a piece of them as well – so now they know.

I mean a closer look at the Women are Court will show they are almost like me in terms of character and personality – so it is something their spouse will be comfortable with and I do have the social media profiles of spouses as well and there isn’t a problem with that. They like to say they intrude because it’s a gather of flesh people and very tempting, I like to say I am a Christian and have a fundamental problem with the idea they can take out every compunction in their lives like a shirt and turn up here to describe me as the big one in order to get around teaching me lessons all the time for a good feeling and all worth not. So I play with the women to seek a piece of them as well and the whole thing needs to stop being discussed by them unless they want to do something about it. So it happens because I can be a Christian that has spent the last five hours praying if I wanted; once I am out there a minicab driver or a bus driver or a commuter will get homosexual feeling from me because that is simply what he wants; this is all possible on account of gossips and nepotism about me which are good for their well being and the media politics financial damage that ensures I pay attention to them – so put up for a year and it adds up – they do need to stop getting on Media to teach me lessons and face the music, or they can shut down the playing stupid hurtful games with me bit, otherwise complaining is clearly the least of their worries. I am fed up with my Christianity meaning that I don’t drink and gamble and smoke and sleep around therefore I must be a kid that is of adult age and therefore their wet dream and they really need to think about putting an end to getting up on that stupid media to teach me lessons; they can take it or leave it and need to stop playing with me moving into or shutting down left hand sides and right hand sides – enough is enough as it were; this is not random either – what happens is that they save their friends and binge families at home and turn up at work to mess with mine for pleasure, so it’s impossible to let the stopping it by shutting down left hand side and right hand side thing go unpunished; they don’t stop it by playing hurtful games with me I can take or leave – they are complaining about insecurity of their jobs at this point because of the way I play with them as well and I am issuing the warnings about where it is leading next as it were. They speak of historical crimes all the time and it is a story that never ever works because of course what really happens is that there are white communities and there are African ones where Africans are concerned – so whites have business to do with Africans and Africans to do with Whites but when they get back to the UK or the US, their films make millions at a time when it goes to the box office while the African ones make peanuts – the question they are asking over those stupid historic crimes nonsense is whether The Queen has an Arch Prince that is black or not and they need to stop fucking with me; the first time I cut up that popular culture it was about international aid, the next time I do it will be about their place in this world as it were. What they did contrary to those lies they tell was wreck my finances and academic work of which there was none to wreck in their lives and when they felt they had it covered got to the Politicians to get money for their own and once they had it started a campaign of abuse and destruction to make me seek a living through civil rights while the Queue is as long as the entire world and then call me names that work with their organised social squander for it as well to make it easier and sticky; so what I do with making a living on civil rights is create the problem and for each damage on my Book sales make it worse so I can get it sold as it were – they could have taken it off me if they were strong enough but apparently I still have it as such.