Now they say I have become the enemy of free press and its official – none of which makes any sense whatsoever as the reality is rather that we are grappling with what really pushes people to do such things as making use of somebody else’s suggestive enquiry writings to make themselves look good as journalist that ask questions of the authorities, then set about ripping up the Book sales of the owner as something a person would fundamentally get out of bed every day to perform as a public show, encouraging all kinds of crime against the person they had gained much from without payment despite their exorbitant journalist salaries – but the bullying itself to rip up Book sales have now become the least of my worries as it has emerged the apparent purpose of this behaviour was to ensure somebody important in inflicted with distant violence of an extreme kind that makes people think murder is about to occur, each time they get a news slot that they don’t want. It does nor trouble me as much considering it makes me think about looking after my daily takings at the market place in a more serious way but it has to be considered as a matter of public concern proportions; that this is not their Book and this is not their property and this is not their sales and that contrary to those claims about what I do to ensure they are harmed by random people is the truth of seeing my work on social media and getting off on mainstream media to perform candy from a baby routines because they think the mainstream media is much more than social media to absolutely everybody – whereas in my case the purpose of TV ones is to ensure when people have management based or security based jobs, they cannot keep them and when people have sales and warehousing and factory jobs it is the radio ones that do it instead.

The other side of this story is that I have difficulty seeing that some Journalists are racist, which is utter nonsense – what happens is that because I am a writer and they are in the information business too, what they think is worth doing is stealing my career public face to make themselves look good, this then means that when somebody has five minutes to do an interview, he ends up thinking in terms of Mr A left his home and met Mr B from next door before he walked past the Man in the green car who was not nice and then past many other people to get to a shop for that day – instead of what they are actually meant to have been doing which is simply think about the fact Mr A left home and got to a shop for the day; hence things left which they have not done that I can drive them insane with but it’s an old story, these are idiots who have a life full of regrets and if they spend your fortunes to get out of it, they will bully you to spend more of it and get back in and it is something anybody that is anybody talks about all the time and tells people to stay away from. The reason for contention with me is of course an obsession with the whole process of threatening me with somebody that can beat me up to make them feel special, which means when I have to deal with enough of the evils of their society, I get hold of them and pervert their own as well so they might be fucked in the arse before it happens; the result is that the ones that get around ethnic minority lives to get what they want, have now shared the right to get jobs on media with the ones that tend to beat people up and so they are apparently in love with each other at this stage. I personally need let people know that dropping out of University changes people and that the next time I have to deal with the bullying while I attend one, I will graduate on it too; I mean it’s usually said that I mess with what happens while white boys are fighting racism and need stay out of it, which does not make any sense whatsoever – the reality is that those who are always getting things done are the ones that are doing it, while those who are always going around to see the world first and have family and children later are the ones that are always being used to do it at a later date, so my schedule is full and as we can all see, some important things are falling through, hence I have no wish to learn of their stupidities and any of the responsibilities concerned therein. Of course we hear it endlessly, the part where nobody knows what the person who says these things looks like which is obviously an old story where writing Books while looking after a Royal Estate and an Academic work and a Job does not make people tired every single moment but provoking them and getting whole communities to hold them down after by those who now cannot keep that filthy mouth shut does. Just like when they say they have bullied and suppressed me into doing civil rights and being equals whereas the reality is still the same as above; nothing except being provoked by people who require their entire Communities to help keep me down is what makes me tired all the time not my schedule – so we can see what I do on Internet and how I want to ensure it has no other purpose except drawing attention to my Books so I can earn a living too and how much of a destructive distraction all these nonsense and those stupid problems of theirs really are, worth considering when we hear them all complain especially the none whites like we do all the time.

They do say I am somebody who works in the dark and that nobody really knows where I stand on diversity, concerning which my ideas about it is very flawed – I wouldn’t know anyway, it’s a question they ask as a matter of their stupid power, a question they ask as though others have no clear set out ways of answering it but I am not interested in how fucking diverse they are, only in whether or not their involvement will result in Book sales for me. It’s an old story i.e. there is uncertainty and Business A, B and C have cut back on investment and so I have to encourage them and when I do somebody gets on media to make himself feel convenience while his American Government set about damaging the investments and so the content of that being a Banker idiot who want to get rich as an American who rules the world, same with the Casino idiot who wants some Casino banking that will make him rich and cost him nothing and those who fear America are made to comply with that big mouth while idiots here at home come up with new extremism as I have mentioned above; so I am only interested in whether or not they are here to buy Books and not whether or not their stupid lives are full of regrets and if they spent my fortunes to get out of it, they will spend even more to get back into it again for anal sex – by the way of which that fucking anal sex is mine and nobody gets to tell me what to do especially Americans, their concern here is not to make me tired for their loutish idiocy, it is about Book sales and if not, need to be rest assured they are not complaining enough too. I understand they are working hard like these with their perversions supported by Obama Administration because they are making sure those who are keeping secrets from them in their global leadership are not doing so and I am not working in darkness either, just making sure I look after Royal property and sell Books in a condition where a world in which they got on Media to steal my identity actually does not exist. They do say I still have not made it clear why these things happen, whereas I have made it clear its evil and it wants my soul so to speak, while I want its heart as well for my part. So they always want to be where they think their salary is safe and as they have here, I have gone from being labelled the kind of person people hurt to get good things because his blessings are everywhere to somebody who does things that benefit them hence his anus hurts all the time because we like him. I do not think it is a crisis as such, it’s an old story – the one where I keep saying I have no idea which pervert usually gets around explaining all I do according to what 'Miley Cyrus' has been up to or even 'Justin Bieber 'or 'Justin Timberlake' etc or some football goons and so on but I do know it happens because its evil and they are here always to seek preferential treatment on my work because I have become their latest addiction and so that preferential treatment is now being sought over my sales as well which does not surprise me in anyway, it’s just that they are asking why I suppose it happens, whereby their reasons are that having been the need to ensure everybody else’s business exists under the canopy of their failed businesses has come to nought, my people for reasons of the vandalism and destruction they have caused, have been going around doing business where they should, thus taking jobs from them – which means the other group of idiots that enforce their Political will turn up on my Book sales again to bounce back i.e. I am actually not interested in how diverse they are and it’s not a grudge either. It’s the story of the fact I have means to sell ten Books and somebody shows up to spread news that I did which draws attention and helps him sell two water bottles, perfectly okay, but if he turns up to rip up my ten Book sales to sell one water bottle it’s another case of very stupid men hitting me with their needs and must be made to feel sore all over too – it happens because they are evil and I have gone from somebody people hurt to get good things to somebody whose anus hurts because what he does is benefitting those he did not actually intend to help and then are asking me about that too. They do say we British are like some very bad friends for the Americans but it’s an old tale of cowards violence and those who have property they need to be made to discard so it can be spread around and the wealth shared while the owners do have more and can do without that one; so when I became their main concern for selling Books in their Country I thought it was one of those things they do which hurts but gets put down to something they clearly are passionate about but now it’s becoming physical and so I have to explain this bad friends of the US thing all together. It’s the same attitude towards Gun Laws as well – it’s not that it cannot be removed, it’s just reality that every time a major public problem is gotten rid of in the US that becomes a platform for a new evil to emerge and the person to have gotten there first will sit at the pinnacle of the new greed and corruption that will have been developed from it too, hence Gun lobbyists only get more powerful the more the issue is raised in Public.

It’s one of the issues at the centre of those complains about me that lead to a process where I am always being told that I put myself in dangerous situations; the reality of course is that it should then have meant the whole case of my bottom hurting without reason and me filling in with reasons has run out of juice but apparently it has not because society idiots are still unable to see firstly that I am like them and see the world according to what I hear as well and then also that they need to get a job and stop showing up around my life to want Country. So there is lots, lots more juice in it when we start to consider realities being a matter of the fact it’s not rich criminal that scoops things off your head which you have learned and ensures all you do operates under the canopy of his business so he can take what he likes from it but it is the one that will groom you for it all day long i.e. the poor one that cannot find a way of peddling his wares without doing so involving a process where you can never feel good and my bottom hurts – which makes sense of all that community organised stalking that played a pivotal role in pushing me out of University in order to share things. They do ask how it started of course whereas everybody knows it started with messing me up and setting out after my Public image each time they do, to get involved with the Royal Family in my stead, which is like screwing the pinnacle of my achievements without being provoked, seeing what I would do when they messed with ground zero, which is what we are now finding out, the black ones are still unable to find somebody that will pay a lot of attention to them and continue to think their skin colour they share with me will not become as much a curse for them as the fact I share it with them too, while the whites just want to see something happen (lots more juice to squeeze from it). These are not prove of a lack of respect for Women as such, I am aware these things happen in the form of the behaviour of Men which allow Women and younger people to look forward to something but it is not my world at all and they have never really listened to anything; I am not interested and in case people have not paid attention, I should say it is actually serious too. So it does come down to what it is exactly I want question; old story naturally as the case is simply one of the fact that I want my driver’s seat in my home office where I am comfortable with just sitting down to work on a Book project; they have always raised this case of a problem with the neighbourhood I live in with that stupid need to reward that insane disobedience at my expense, especially the Media and city market/traders who like to say they want to teach me lessons but it’s an old case where people learn to trade on my precincts are tributes and not as owners or learn that they own nothing and get to handle nothing here without consequences – same old case where I am always busy and do not want the hassle.


So this other question of theirs for entertainment, about what I am going to do with current gloomy economic times is all very well placed but it smacks of victory they have never attained, so what that means is that this onslaught of idiots who want little girls to rip up a boys finances with fame and fortune popular culture telling me I am not the person that was going to successfully steal their market from them and everything else right down to how I supposedly have sex and so on which Americans are really fond of is actually not going to recede at this rate. So I need to make it clear here about what pushing the lines will lead to i.e. people do not show up on the left hand side because it is a public or Political disposition, a lot of the time it is predatory and does not fancy kid types like myself who are good targets for criminal types as well – what will happen when things are not worked out properly is that they will soon move into the right as well and then we will hear of Women getting attacked on a frequent basis for it. My position is that the Media needs to keep its hands to itself if their current pain isn’t bad enough just yet speaking of which as it were; everybody knows they all gathered here to make young people rich by popularity culture on my public image and told me it would amount to my business and career disappearing with the wind – what they have ended up with are structures they can deal with which are designed to ensure they ever tend to recover that stupid money they wasted all together as it were; hence this sort of taunting and some new forms of power bullying that is a function of the Governments autumn statement is really not the Bees knees and they know it too. As for the part about handling me all together all of the time in its own right; it is a series of insults linked to that stuff we hear about people walking into public transport to ask others to vacate seats for them because they work in High profile City centre jobs gone haywire – this time it has to do with every bit of my takings on a daily basis being something that more superior celebrities and football goons and Media scum entitle themselves to but when I ignore it I become tired all the time because the media ones want to strike me as a basic form of past time existence and this is where they get bold enough for the threats and think it is entertaining to blab about what I must do about present economic situations and we all know if it provokes me I will crush that celebrity nonsense for my part as well.

It’s all a matter of people getting to appreciate how much work I have to do to earn the target wages of an average writer which is £25,000 PA, from items that are actually lifestyle products all together; they however do tend to tell me what I say makes it difficult whereas the fact they must not be seen around my concerns does that anyway – the poorer ones are the ones that attack their children and link it to business success as such, whereby the Children attack me on the streets and link it to family tradition business success they will inherit, the wealthier ones are the ones who have a lot of money and had to answer the simple question of whether it is poor or wealthy criminal that bug them but like to target bully me instead because they have come to think themselves a bunch of Royalty all together – the Media ones especially now they have reached a point where they feel like touching because their own is hurting as well as it were need to stay away from me, keep off my Book sales and try to keep their hands to themselves so it does not blow up in their faces all together; I mean I bet they have written Books as well after being done with journalism, flooded the market with trade writing and I am sure it was all autobiographies too, really messing things up and never spending time on the jobs they have already got, never seen minding their own business generally and think when their bottom hurts too, the world will change whereas I will simply just do it again as it were. it’s that Myth they build about my vulnerability that causes the most trouble because nobody would get about attacking me on the streets when their parents attack them and link it to business success if there wasn’t another group creating me a public image whereby I am baby worm; the result being usually that I tend to ask them about their criminality and mostly decide the poor ones need to start working with the rich ones as well which then tends to turn them into terrorists in a very short period of time, considering the first occasion was the rejection that makes people wonder where pornography is in the first place and now I have no idea if they are obsessed with me because they want to be famous as well all together anyway; makes me want to find out exactly what they all bloody want and when it really does kick off it will start with Media and Television personalities as well. It’s like that tale of what I am unable to do to defend myself on violent matters; old case of one meal a day while looking after a royal commission and studying not being something you do because you are planning to defend yourself from violence but they will never spend time on their own concerns at celebrity culture and Media and it’s not the case of looking at their ordering list at the restaurants which appear to be some kind of punishment levied on those they get up on their media to fleece money from, it can always continue right up to a point where all these ferocious reaction to people getting after my tummy especially when I am on a fast day when I don’t know who the hell they are, will give way to a condition where I take this process of watching my back way too seriously as well. It’s like when they say I bring it on myself as per I say and do what I say and do but do nothing to make myself a better off person hence others steal it but it’s an old story; they are neither government nor criminals nor law enforcement, their involvement are just making matters around these three issues fall apart; the first thing I did with my power was apparently to seek out who has been digging my public image to get rich in the City and they now all hate me for it, so these popularity and Media goons will be the next thing I do with my power before this one goes away too. I mean is it really like a right that they have as such, to get off and position themselves on Media to challenge younger people for ownership of property that belongs to their chosen victims and make their families and themselves financially comfortable in that way, knowing others are seeing a penis when they look down on themselves too. They complain about damaged cultures and hurting bottoms, not keeping off my sales will end with me doing it for the money, to see what they will do about that – find out if every idiot seeing me at work and making sure stepping outside of my door must mean the part where I am a writer dissipates and when others have money my life is flushed down the toilet because they have a society and want to be counted among will save the day considering their disobedience is always getting rewarded financially at other peoples greater expense. I do not think it is a crisis for my part anyway; the reality is still that we are in the Middle of the second of the four weeks at the end of which the decision was supposed to have been reached, as per whether or not they will join the culture and society ones that complain about me all the time and let me breathe - just like we hear those claim religion was made up and they could do with one less in the form of me and its solutions about other human beings like that after forcing people to practice their religion in the market squares when they have not actually chosen to do so, in order to develop their freedom based Political wickedness we are talking about here - blabbing to ask me about what next I intend to do about the current difficult economic issues with a big mouth like some power question I do not have anything more than a queer answer to give for it (usually before it’s a race against time to see who will be gay first and all those follow on games and gimmicks to try and show they can live with it). It’s pretty much the same as other matters of insecurity, which are mainly that every goon that wants to sleep with all the pretty girls is Mr Obama’s friend and want a Royal Prince’s income to do his stupidities with; hence those who have not tried it before need to give it go i.e. just taking it easy that is – I mean, when I am on overdrive, I actually know that I am. In the end, those cases of me acting in counterproductive ways are not accurate; these people have business with one or more of my Clients and I have no idea whatsoever what their concerns about or with me is supposed to have been anyway – I do not interfere with theirs by the way unless they mess mine up, so it’s that which cannot be understood really – it goes beyond that process of corrupting by Government security when they work in security Industries with all that nonsense about how I am unable to protect Women.

The story of the part I have played to foster and bring about the very painful Brexit now seems to show up on a daily basis; what they have refused to discuss are the facts however, which are about how there is recession and unemployment and how any signs of recovery should end up in the hands of a certain group of people so that where all the wealth ends up and where all the employment ought to be can then be decided in that way. For some strange reason the general population went along with it since the early part of 2010 and then it started taking too long just before they set out the referendum and sat up somewhere expecting to win. This kinds of conversation soon changes into one about how nothing I do achieves anything in the same par s the fact that ripping up my Book sales and marking out anybody that has agreed with its content for targets of poverty and deprivation achieves nothing as well and we all know when I get comfortable with the idea of kicking them as well it will be as surprising as the referendum results. Their complaint is that my Books are all about them which is utter nonsense – that case started out with the need to influence the Christian who thinks God is not in the same par as Man because they have been elected and Tony Blair was the one who started this whole need people have to vandalise my earnings as per marking me out as somebody that must produce convicted belief in my heart that Politicians are the boss, the same way I worship God: so the Books had nothing to do with them three years after I wrote it, only did three years after I published it and their stupid liberal scum set out to spread it around the world and occupy the space to provide a certain kind of leadership on media that will make them feel proud of themselves enough to think they are my Daddies and that they are real Men, during which time how I pay my Bills is of no consequence and subsequent difficulties are things I can handle like somebody that is being sodomised with that big mouth they have got. The books are a product of facts gathered from work I have done around equity property an private equity intellectual property administration solutions I have provided and in order to put any involvement issues on their jobs beyond doubt every fact in my Books are testified to my own live actions – so I can understand they say there are names of Politicians and actions of Politicians all over it as well but then again so have they spent a single tax payer moment on their jobs in the last 12 years having set yes on me as well – besides which nobody moves into my right hand; all they will get will be their involvement and subsequent lies and nothing more.

Hence we hear that if I said such things as these years before I wouldn’t find myself in the crisis I do today; the reality being that people rather enjoy reading my Books without buying in order to show up on Media and exhibit themselves, this then makes a mess of them and they return to make a mess of me and get compensated as well on grounds my Books damage well being and take peoples high flier jobs away from them when read; hence confirming the things I have already set out on my websites whereby I have made it clear that the fact Women are treated unfairly over all the do and their actual value in the world and in the workplace does not necessarily amount to another fact that a large portion of their population are not individuals that are stupid beyond what is human comprehension. The Men love this sort of talk of course but nobody here is playing with them; apparently they are the ones that got fat and pot bellied and couldn’t become celebrities and popular culture idiots, now they are stuck between a rock and a hard case as well and talking into my talk to speak of how relevant to me especially with respect to telling me what to do as well will certainly get on my nerves some more too; it’s the Politician ones getting involved and making a mess and telling lies, which are my main concern right at the moment. The story of not being able to look after myself of which is a myth as I have never actually fed myself properly in 14 years and need to have a careful think about a process where I body build to add to what I can already do if I have lost my temper and all that – it makes sense of it all when it goes from an involvement based on dividing my personality and putting into it anything they want which I can spew and clear out each time I feel it makes me uncomfortable while they clean out their stupid minds and the reason being that the Country is with them while it is not with me which does not make any sense whatsoever and they are such a collection Men and real Women that they get out of bed to grab my income on a daily basis expecting there to be no consequences; it’s like when I say there are those ones that have a life full of regrets because of the decisions they have made and if they spent all your fortunes to get out of it, will spend even more to get back in again – these ones however are just insane. They do say it all happens because I boast that nobody can take my career from me; utter nonsense of course, as the reality is that their parents raise them to be insane just in case somebody had to be scared for them for violent reasons and they regard their parents with insanity as well, so you cannot tell what stage this become revenge for how their lives have turned out too all together but you do know they have a culture and society where they have saved up all their dreams and future, from where you have stolen all you have and do; so there are the ones whose lives are full of regrets leading their fucking mates and these are just insane period; it’s like when all their insults are about my tummy while hey build me a reputation that I smell and I have to remind them there is a cure for it too as it were, from which point they can grab the career all together thereof which makes it a boast if at all I did.

So the Politicians do say I brought it on myself concerning how I handle them but it’s an old story where somebody wants to hurt me because I have got Royal property or a Public image all the time, which they can then deploy to make fame and fortune and it is how they hope to deal with stupid decisions they have made with themselves up to the point – so I have made it clear they need to work for their own or go to those they know usually work for it and hand over to them to inherit as this is not one such anyway and the Politicians can keep blabbing too – I am clear this matter does get a point where it ceases to be amusing and if I see the culture and society will cut it up again. My life is in danger in their view, because they should have been super stars, having spent their days making really stupid decisions that have ended them up where they are, fingers on my anus constantly with that big mouth and I have dropped out of University so far while the scum are still having way too much fun for their own good around the matter as well. It’s an old story of when the Women are such awesome bullies and most of my activities amount to a process of showing they would wear the trousers if they were in a relationship with me, which makes the rest a collection of cheap shots they can take when they can as well. It’s like when you have a flower shop next to the chocolate lady who shows up to speak with you every day and damage some of your really lovely flowers with a scissors when you are not looking and the only way you found out how amusing she thought of herself was when you looked it up in the CCTV. So it’s that occasion that makes you feel it’s really stupid and you want to beat up the flesh and have a history of having made a decision to solve a problem in such ways. The black ones are really good at insults that deplete peoples public image so they can secure exits for where their stupid decisions have ended them and it’s no wonder they come from parts of the world where there is ever always a fucking war.

So they say I create a crack into everything but it’s an old story where the rich get’s richer and poor get’s poorer nonsense has failed catastrophically – at the moment they are enforcing Obama’s version of seniority and when Obama is gone they will find something else to do but it will not have meant I drink their beer anyway, what it will continue to mean is that they get out of bed to tell lies and grab my income everyday in public places; obviously there are people who are capable of certain things and so are there people who want to be left alone as well. So far it’s been a game because people talk too much and tell too many lies they needed to know how criminality and the nature of criminals and the candy from a baby attitude most people think is a one off ending up in a bad place really works, so they can make use of my products when they have paid for it unless they are popularity scum who should have been super stars. They say I am not the one losing money when I do these things but likewise I image the need to stifle my Book sales arises not just from insults but the need to become the Arch Prince themselves – so I do like it when the Popular culture is paying taxes so I don’t have to get rid of it completely. It hurts when people build up my public image like that and set about making fame and fortune with it and now becoming obsessed with ripping up my finances; hence I imagine it is because they want to become the Arch Prince themselves, so they think I do not know I am not the one losing money with respect to every activity performed in their direction – it’s like everybody including Politicians and Media should only listen to me and see I am not the one losing money in all these one moment and then the next the idea is that my seniors have spoken and I need to abandon a Royal commission and try to become a popularity celebrity that engages himself with militant activity, with that big mouth. So they say I never address the root causes of course, the root causes of which have always been obvious and it’s not the politically obvious ones like parents raising them in insanity while they regard their parents with insanity as per how their lives have turned out; that is the one where there are stupid and useless people in society you don’t get involved with if you wish to pass your exams in school etc. The real issues are ones such as the need people have to drag my faith onto the streets so as to earn themselves somebody they can attack and bully to give everybody a good feeling – when the Politicians support it, they think the lack of respect for culture issues should amount to a process where I want to have conversations with them, especially when these fools are losing money on my account but there is nothing about reality that says I should engage myself in such rubbish anyway. The reality that they now have to answer the question of whether peoples need to drag my faith unto the street for any reason whatsoever amounts to an outcome in which they just had an imagination or does it actually mean that both God and the Devil do exist? They do love to get around finding ways of awarding Public funds to these idiots and then have a problem with immoral democracy, such as reverse Brexit, surely you have seen that an MP has died story all together but does it mean that these things happen on account that living in a neighbourhood amounts to an outcome where my existence tends to mean that there are certain evils they simply do not have the spiritual will to practice or not and whether the Government should take steps to attack me and facilitate an alternative sensation that will calm them down or not? I personally do not actually care any less what they think or want to do for my part but the idea these goons are losing money because of me and I owe their Politicians a favour of having a conversation about public issues is a delusion. People have their freedoms to practice evil as a whole, the question the MPs now have to answer because they know better about how the moral should live on account it makes them comfortable, is that of whom should actually be the victim and if they tell me the Bible teaches me to suffer persecution I will teach them another respectful aspect of it again too; I mean he cannot live in this neighbourhood because his light is too bright and the Politicians come through for them alongside the Media with government buildings and all; now they must decide, they are now the ones that are being put to the test. So they say I am always antagonising MPs which is actually not true; the MPs say I have no respect for them because I grew up during a time of economic plenty and so their Public and financial incompetence has created a recession for my generation showing an incredible lack of respect for me and then it gets better to a stage where they are becoming abusive outright on account they have multiculturalism whereby they can walk up to me and tell me there is a certain way they would have been treated according to Thailand culture for instance, if they saw me write a Book and wanted me to relinquish the existence of that Book to them to make themselves look good in public with and so it does actually get right up to a stage whereby I become some kind of new black racist when I drop out of University and they are still having that kind of fun on a global stage 8 years later. It’s a simple need for growth in a world where people this stupid refuse to stick to the rules when they get jobs in government buildings; everything else is a matter of freedom goons complaining about me i.e. I am worrying about these things, so I suddenly find popular culture is being made about me and it gets to a point where people own me and I need to establish my identity when I am forced to look at myself through popular culture and then I get to pay attention to it which makes the problem far worse – hence we simply had to end up in a condition where the Americans can no longer tell me in Public that it is what their fucking rights look like, they are now very angry too and that is a start. The Politicians on the other hand being a one off; spend tax payer funds to help them and then spend 13 years of my time to ensure they feel superior to me, tell me it is because my light shines too brightly and they are uncomfortable in their neighbourhoods, then show up years after to solve all problems with processes of claiming insults towards MPs on my part and have a problem with an inability to handle immoral democracy. The American ones say Black lives matter and this is their own way of finding out the way their own works when they have no respect for my bit that involves being the kid type that the criminal type likes to chase all the time, so it’s a good start and they need keep off the Books.

So they say my problem is largely that I am unable to understand the sentiments people have about the British but it is largely the same as the sentiments I have to put up with here at home, where people hate morality and religion and want to spend all I have on themselves in the most abusive and destructive way they can, ending with some tale of being teased over sex. Then again it does eventually lead to a tale whereby that girl sees my Books and decides there is no way I can come to her Country to get rich on her turf with a means such as writing Books which does not involve any work at all when she is the big bad bitch of all the neighbourhoods, so it will lead to that case where she knows her place among the Men that will beat up people to make her feel special better than she does and if the Politicians have an opinion it will be ignored until there is a war and then the Americans will intervene. I mean for the Men one and their freedom, every time I let it run because people talk a lot it leads to an end where all the good gangs have been taken and I can only join one another person set up etc.  The case in the matter was a very simple one i.e. people have seen the powerful Books but the question they want an answer for is whether it is an invasion; which of course it is, since I want to pretend I wish to trade while what I really want to do is sleep with peoples wives.

Hence we even hear that I am a hateful Jerk and yet the Court was female only but that is something I now need people to comply with to begin with; I am however not a hateful Jerk at all, the reality is that people need to stay off my case and let me be, why they think this will never happen is that there is an excuse around that says the Monarchy is still on the Throne and cannot let people be as well and it generally tends to mean they are better than me and should be ruling over me. They do love to pretend as well as though there are no other facts or reasons disputing this, whereas their whole lives are about storing up money in neighbourhoods to get about chasing peoples jobs and careers and then taking jobs and careers from inferior people without provocation with and this is not good enough an excuse to make people so confident that they are worthy to rule over me. We also hear that talk of beat up and kill and harm which I do reciprocate as well whenever they do as though the knives and bullets and guns and sticks and stones tend to chose whom they can hurt as well and probably can be reasoned with and they do not tend to feel pain. I do not think the matter is an issue about which people should lose sleep; I am ample evidence exists such as the things they do because they want to own a Book like mine as well, which completely destroys my finances and it has been running everyday with the use of Media sympathetic to their causes for the best part of the last 7 years – now just like everything else that say they want to take from me, when it is put beyond them, they tend to use the media to destroy it so I cannot have it instead like we see them do with my Royal Estate all the time, this time they think they have done the same with the Book as well and my point here is that I am not a hateful jerk and when I say so they need to listen to what I have to say as well so it does not tend to get more serious than what they are currently complaining about at present. What I have done to them by the way is designed to ensure that they are civilised people and when they get involved with an author, do so because of his Books and not Government or Media etc – I mean there is no reason to lose control of crime and government issues because they have the freedom to invite themselves into my concerns and I have warned them it is completely unnecessary. In the end socialists always come up with very strange ideas and then we see them set about protecting a human rights after that; right now they say I do not care if they rich have too much money but I am at a loss as to why somebody thinks it is his or her right to damage my property and threaten me over the need to decide if another person can be rich, if he has not yet decided that people have no right to pay their way in the world unless given permission by government to do so but what is gradually coming to a head is a process of getting them off my business empire and my income no matter how much of it I may have. What we see them do when these behaviour are a past time for them is a process where they serve the will of salesmen who know where peoples anus and penis is and therefore do not think work brings about money if they can do those abusive insults to get attention instead, otherwise we never actually see them talk about their own problems; I mean if I think something wrong with my capitalist arrangement and that it was bad when people were able to steal some by ripping up an aspect of other people’s lives to make wealth by partying, what is happening with respect to government holding people down so they can take all of it and then speaking of whom people should vote for is now off the scale, so I will try and do something about it- they however never speak of the fascism that crops up among them to murder millions of people on this planet from time to time, in fact we never see them discuss the problems that beset them at home, if they can discuss the lives of those who have what they do not have instead and so we find their behaviour to be one where I set out a certain percentage of my capital that will benefit the society around me and another that I will invest and another on expenses and their one desire in the world is to play up populist vandalism and rip up any of those which they think there is free access to, before they remember later that bills need to be paid and there are those that can come up with these things – that big mouth they have which gets better all the time as well when we see them get after those they think they can bully all the time; I mean what I have done to them so far I can make many time worse but they can have rights in my view, the day they are civilised people as well; my Book sales depend on it; I will continue to make their lives and the media existence and the lives of the sales Men impossible and when I say they need to leave me alone and it is lost in translation, that will continue to develop towards an ending where they end up selling my Books for me all together as well and this will be the point where I will see how many of that process where I broker equities with Companies who produce goods that may be months or even years stuck in the pipeline, only for the debut day or the day they see somebody else buy and use it to have become the day they show up to demand my job and my business become their own; we see them do it every time, we see that it never ever stops too, others will produce the goods and provide the services and they will share the process and deny the owners a decent income and tell tales about inequality and yet they think they have an authority when they speak of decisions being made about people getting rich or not – that is if they can talk about taking secretes from kids that are always being successful instead and these secretes will include body fluids as well because it is a very abusive disposition. So they do say I need to do something about it when I say it and I am here too anyway; we have a problem because they are three times my size but by bottom hurts because I am willing to work for what I own and know how to, while they are stuck somewhere with laziness and a wife beating attitude. So if they have a use for me, I will make them complain to the Politicians again as it were – I mean Today’s one is that I am a hateful jerk and each time I explain I am not and give reasons for it too, the story changes so they can support stupid salesmen and take candy from babies and so on and we all know that when it comes down to the part about seeing who will oppress whom, I will be the one doing it because they are stupid as well. I could say they need to grow up but they are actually older than me. They do say I cannot back up any of what I say and do as well and I can understand that too but if I feel that the only problem I have is one of being bullied by self seeking idiots, mainly male, snooping around Industry, we all know this story will change as well but the big picture for this occasion is that the fact people are older and had time to get into work force and save some money before me has to become a threat because they do not have the good history I have which is what they want to completely destroy; so the idea is that if it is a threat that will not go away, there is no way I can waive that reasonable sense around the greater good and take their money from them as well – I mean when it comes to rich people for instance, if you see you are encroaching on somebody’s business with clients you can pull back and if you see your relationship with them is all together you can call it quits, these goons however nobody can tell why they get involved with people and then show up here to tell me I have become hateful, just as routinely we see all the time and when I explain that I am not and give reasons, the story changes and get violent with that stupid Media; so it’s not clear why they get involved with me yet until they find out why it is that they really have no effect on me in a grand way as well; I could say they need to grow up but most are actually grandparents – It’s not magic, it’s the same story i.e. they are out to get me and I need to keep calm as its all ridiculous. I do not have an issue with this one anyway -  it comes through as a very violent insult every time whenever I say anything and what it is talking about is when I am doing things like these which involve law enforcement and criminality and celebrity and journalists at Court – when it comes to the wars and stuff, I tend to clip Obama and do not talk about it when I do Putin as well since the latter is far more likely to kill somebody randomly as it were but generally it is a situation that need not exist if they could only keep their fucking fingers to themselves – I want them off my income and off my Books if I have to do so myth bursting for it as well.


So they say I develop humour into these things every time I talk about them, which sends mixed messages but the reality is that my humour is due to an inability to understand people’s stupidities and not a means by which I can say what I like and get away with doing so. I mean the Obama one is a story of me telling tales of those who foster the same ideology as racists but do not like it when others put me in the same position – but when done talking like that they are still the boss of course and it will never go away unless I move out of it or move them out instead – what we have left is the daily insult that has to do with their problems being bigger than everybody else’s and what people must do to make them feel comfortable with that big mouth they have got, getting increasingly violent as such as equally as it is insulting by the day. The way it usually happens is one where for instance 15 traders will form a consortium and leave the US to go off to trade in Asia; what is Obama going to do about it besides doing nothing and planning to talk about other people’s lives and problems instead of his own while leading them for his civil rights and so the traders found a Book I wrote and a blog I wrote and picked those with them, so this results in confronting me all the time with incredibly abusive and violent insults whenever I am picking up on the issues around crime and organised crime and Celebrities are involved as well at the Court – blowing off that big mouth all the time. The British ones have as a result had to be dealing with another issue concerning every scum that wants to have sex with the prettiest girls and is a person friend of Mr Obama, so they can show up here on a regular basis to blab as though my humour indicates much more than what they actually see. It’s not the end of the world as such in anyway – the reality is still a simple one where it is obvious Americans do not want me and all I can do is stop getting pushed right up their brick wall and just stay out of sexual impropriety and have a good time and a party – hence their snooping idiots here will say I will have some racism to deal with; their regrets bother them and attacking me is the way to make it go away, besides which I can deal with all the racists in the land and the racists do not all behave in that way as well anyway; the Country is their own and the idea is that they have been feeling well too, after attacking me for it and all that. It’s an old story where you hear these idiots talk and get carried away if you indulge them but an example is when they say that luck is the only thing that has kept me from behaving like them, whereas they have never actually asked their parents what the complain was all about concerning their attitude anyway – especially now the none whites are organised criminals and the whites are fully developed racists and it has something to do with others. The most important reality is still that I am hated alright but that popularity careers gone with the wind candy from a baby modernists City grime nonsense that comes from their Godlessness has not actually diminished, what they expect is a level of intolerance that is supposed to come from me while their leaders like Obama for instance label me a Mad man him and his goons can tease to feel good about life and hence it so becomes completely incredible and forces me to make use of their handling my Books as a disposition of quasi criminal history they have, which I will not let their time in the White House ever be free from on any Public issue whatsoever – I have not signed a Contract with them that says they can handle my Books and it’s a wholly different kind of Publicity, which is based on the fact they are criminals and I do not want to resolved anywhere near the Law too; they have to limp with their own as well all the days of their lives. It’s a simple case of Politicians and Media fools and popularity scum being bad for Book sale business but they will not step away from me as well because they see this fantastic power worth having in a process where I have written a great Book people want but will not be allowed to buy or read or enjoy as well. So it can only get to the stage where I make it obvious that what I do to them are things I do with intent before they pay attention to the one that pays their salary and not to telling me what I should be doing with myself. It’s a simple case of Politicians and Media fools and popularity scum being bad for Book sale business but they will not step away from me as well because they see this fantastic power worth having in a process where I have written a great Book people want but will not be allowed to buy or read or enjoy as well. So it can only get to the stage where I make it obvious that what I do to them are things I do with intent before they pay attention to the one that pays their salary and not to telling me what I should be doing with myself. I mean when I have ensured Popularity Goons are no longer arranging music videos to rip up my income and the Celebrities are under control and the Politicians understand I can ensure the complain about me turns into hate and pain, there is nothing left save the scum on the streets I meet everyday having their own pick – so it does not go away until I start to make them understand their bullying and the fact I do what I do to them with intent as it were:  I get out of bed every day to hurt myself and I smell too –with that big mouth they have all day long, claiming I tend not to respond to their insanity because I have got backup magic. They do say the Americans are actually providing a leadership on freedom; I couldn’t make it out anyway – since there is nothing free about a one size freedom that wants to draw attention to some claim I need to be punished for being untidy while getting involved with important Women – while the main issue was that I am an Arch Prince and when I apply myself to other things I will write Books and support celebrities with some security and provide businesses with mobility to travel around and do what they know etc and there is a reason for Americans to one size fits all freedom attack that to a point where their stupidities cannot actually explain why I get out of bed to hurt myself and smell every day. I mean getting out of bed to hurt myself case is one about their Women and follow on stalking that lets them keep up insults which provoke me and then stop me from acting with Women’s whiles until I am weak enough to be bullied, that are developed as open secretes to be deployed on a daily basis as a form of derogatory nonsense that never sleeps, that can be used to detach me from property or personality they wish to deploy for their own ends and are therefore always building a media atmosphere for, I wish to know what their explanations for it actually is before they get into loving themselves too much and blowing off that big mouth all of the time. So they say I am all fake news when it suits them, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they love to dig my public image to make riches with and when they dig right up to personal and family life it does not just smack of abject disrespect but other consequences come with it like using me as though I am item resulting in drop out from academics – so when I am unemployed, time on my hands and see them have a go at me again and make fun of me with power they got from money they make by a project II began in 2008 but they saw and stole the bit that was developed between 2013 and 2016 and I can actually account for their incomes better than they can, it drives me insane every time their bullying does not have a limit and my time is wasted and unproductive and I am struggling to play my way – this is how I start to track their own as well. They do complain about how much I expose it society people and complain at a later date – the reality is pretty much the same as ever i.e. the Industry ones will abuse my person and work to get rich and then at some stage start to get violent, it’s usually the point where I am about to get jettisoned from the role all together, so we know anus and penis insults will do it, alongside community croons that are insane, so they must be brought out already as it will end very well along the lines of my determination too – the society ones are being brought out for Media and Politicians and the Court it must be noted was female only by the way – they and their girls have never really shown an ounce of respect for any means by which we keep ourselves normal decent human beings and I do not intend to free them from the complaining too  really stupid with an existence full of regrets to show for it too as it, apparently they know how to put it into others the same way I know how to shut down their mobility.

So it’s like the drip feeding us News everyday about the progress that Syrian Forces are making in Aleppo all together: Today one Town has been taken and then the next another has been taken and we all ought to know – it makes me angry because I am made to wonder if they intend to turn it into a Tourist attraction when finished; I mean here in the UK there is a National Health service and the government knows if it blows up peoples limps they will not be dumped by society because the Health service will fill in the enablement gaps, in Syria the reverse is what happens, considering which there is no National Health service too but there is where the government is more interested in blowing off peoples limps – I mean it should be mentioned to ensure the facts of what is happening there is made clear, when the scum turn out to get on my nerves as well all together. They do say the facts are too complicated for me and that they are clever people but that will make me even happier considering I have no way of handling that stupid fundamental corruption and insults of theirs where the primary thing about existing is that they have the Country and I have money they want which I have worked for on being inferior to them and because of the Country which I want so badly but cannot have due to my very nature, they know where my anus and penis are and through that all their problems will be solved. I mean the one where I say they don’t behave like that, people will find out who I really am and want to be me thereafter and then I will probably get killed and they will have to inform me they want to be me as well and anybody who knows what is good should too with that big mouth. Of course at this stage it is painful to see that there are Industry idiots who spend money on that stupid Popular culture to create the idea I have done nothing to harm them, providing an incentive that will not dissipate but then again considering their main blabbing is usually about how they are poor, it seem to have some a problem in its own right around here all together anyway. They do speak of how the Country was before I came along which does show they know nothing about it all together, sits in the same par as the one where I need eat my heart out considering the Americans do not want me – whereas the real issue is that normal people do not get involved with their Clients acquaintances whenever they want to do business with others and I do not care whom the Americans wants and will kick them if they have a go at me again as normal. My point is that they may say there was not a provocation which has caused my reaction but the ultimatum I gave them when they last said they want to find out how I will sell my Books when gangs and cultural goons and society trouble makers want to stab and shoot me and I asked them to sell one copy and avoid this fight through all their Media power, which they failed to do and at the end of the time period of grooming them for it as well a state of affairs has to be established here, here every day of unproductive no Book sale 24 Hour that goes by at this Royal Estate and its Business, will be followed by another 24 Hours where they are made to suffer immeasurably.