The new story is that at some stage, people who protect me will no longer be able to do so. I really do wonder if this meant that setting them out as evil people the public should not engage with especially at the Market place would make me weaker than I am now but then I suppose that if morons gave us more of their stupidities we will end up with a conducive ending for this nonsense. For my part however every other group of gits tackling me now have a way that I can harm them such that there is no interference with my daily concerns and I am able to decide how I allocate time to what I do with myself, apart from Celebrities that is – so it seems the options are to tackle office bloc, office window office space twats that buy their products most of the time and are responsible for the mess my academic work is in presently but it’s not clear if tackling customers would give me the results that I seek, hence I am still looking and I don’t believe they understand that there is a conclusion to this nonsense that will likely hurt them in a life changing fashion yet. The facts are that they picked up the activities of evil gits who think that they ought to link their survival to a process of handling me and that this was justified if they were getting killed in the process but we all know the biggest problem we have is that we live out this delusions that being a wicked person was lacking something and required our assistance, while the truth and reality is that if they died it didn’t matter – the Muslims look like they needed to work every country in which there was a sense that they had to go along with local Laws, the whites are racist and the blacks are popularity bullies with an eye for peoples bank balance and they issue their threats at me with sexual context abuses because they don’t like criminal activities themselves, as stupidly as possible; so the Celebrities have picked it up to run off on me all over the worlds media like a bubble that has now trashed my finances and laid waste all I did for a Bookshop and they have to pay for it, considering how they show up to spend all I do on recovery in order to boost their popularity and get paid for it. Some people have said I suggest they recently did this but they have always tackled my Books from the day I had written it – this is not what I mean; what I mean is that they claimed my work with Publishers is where their fame is to be developed but it is over the last four years that they had progressed from failure to control my finances, to a degree of abusive behaviour that was so intensive and widespread, that it was possible to breach my patents by turning off general public interest like a tap, this way, when my patents gathered public interest towards my work, they diverted it towards a business that played their game and garnished the stupidities with civil rights movements, then claim that all these would not have happened if people had what I had and were able to fraternise with the Country the way I did.

In terms of the latter issue which has nothing to do with me or the Country but the work that Politicians are mean to do, considering most of these activities are behaviour that they have fostered and funded for years and it is being exhibited to make sense of the powers of the political system. That said, they do claim I ought to allow them use me as punching bag when they do not wish to accept that a case of their stupidities becoming my main preoccupation will not necessarily end the way their big mouth had decided it should and that it does not really matter if some of them have already died. Hence I understand this story of claiming people are protecting me, besides their friends being made to provide me with security on the Queen’s orders, which they express by putting out all these nonsense every day, is a form of defence mechanism but then again, so do I think that if not handling my concerns and shooting off insults at me, rather than get involved with me as the writer I am the way I respect their celebrity careers, makes them more human than bully, they ought to accept it, as this is not the most complicated personal choice they will likely have to make because of me if it gets worse. The crime I have committed here was to write my Book of Equities and have them find that it helped with those issues where they get expensive contracts from producers but never sort out the culture and society issues, such that the producers than had to pick it up, on account they were busy being decadent, so they decided to trash my finances, added to the damage they did to my University studies before, to build that stupid career on my social life and public image, over some ego gimmicks that suggested I should work for them and now play out every day with me dealing with financial complications while they deployed all I did to recover as a tool that boosted their popularity and got them paid for it – it has always been the risk when they say one is bad and the other is bad and somebody got off solving the issues from Public Office, the risk has always been a matter of their corruption even if doing such a thing might have been the correct thing to do but I did not write my Books for them and it is fast developing into a decision that must be made on my part to put a handle on them, their lifestyles and careers, so that I might decide how my time is used and what my finances are meant to look like too. The insults of the black people may continue, until they had become my main preoccupation, then we may put it to the test but all together, morons will give up more terrible behaviour, hopefully it leads to an outcome that they would have wanted; this policy works all the time because as long as there is a part of my social life and public image which their insolence can make good off, it will never stop.

They do claim that they have always assumed that it had become impossible to run the Country without appeasing them. It is utter nonsense as I have mentioned before, that we do not respond to their gimmicks because they are a concern of the Political system, the abusive behaviour is also set out to draw attention to the powers of the Political system but I am getting very fed up with the abuses and insults for my part. Their Politicians claim it’s the same I am doing which had no links to reality, that was more a matter of the fact the Monarchy places inhibitions on my behaviour, as per if considered in terms of my activities and the fact I dropped out of University in 2007, the problems that caused this have not yet been resolved and getting worse, this is 2020 and the Labour Party is still being manned by Leadership that ushers prerogatives at the Queen Publicly in order to obtain license that allows them do whatever they liked with me. I do get told that I discount the part I have played in the matter to make it this bad but I don’t – what happened is that we were dealing with a recession while they had grown from the reasons I lost University studies, to a handful of characters who were the stronger half of society that the weaker half will work for on course to recovery, so I had to get them off screwing with my mind and issuing those distracting threats if they were complaining about the history we had because they chose poverty and set about tackling me to create wealth and social equality, the outcome was a process of setting out the way those who had strength and energy to work for money were more vulnerable than everybody else during a recession. It is said that this was bad of me naturally but we all know that they have already made something very important out of it, by handling my concerns to suck up to evil people and get rich while I had to consider that the stock market gits went into their Offices to ensure they did something that caused finances to magically vanish from the system and if I wrote a Book of equities to set out the correct ways of trading and I happen to have done so while they knew what they were doing and had all the necessary hindsight, the fact it was patented to my name would become a real problem for their stupidities but now it’s all a mess because of the stronger people and if I responded to this when they were about to take up their retirement, it would be very bad of me in the eyes of the world while in my view it would have been the benefit of their ageism and its abuses all together. So it is still the disrespect problem we faced here – whilst I like to think they consider themselves stronger people others will work for on course to recovery is a gut instinct they have gone with, serving a defence mechanism, they have on the other hand made something very important out of it at my expense. I really do believe that if respect for me as the writer made them more human than the bullies, they believed made them rather appealing for popularity, it was a good enough deal.

On the matter of personal progress, it has been a case of people setting up businesses and work places, when there goons get employed after engaging in their tribalism raids and community organised abuses to run down those whose career, public image and social life should be serving them, it becomes such an issue that the lifestyle, the sense of achievement and satisfaction associated with setting out a business and being successful vanishes once the owner decided on some form of involvement with me, even when it had not yet developed into property equity broker and was just a case of being a small thing people pick up on the streets to play with, which was good for their business. Thereafter, it says I think I had done it while I had not and the question became one of his difficult it could possibly be to link up Book sales to a Trust system if they were the ones bullying me for the financial mess I find myself in all together in the first place. They make this claim where their behaviour was excused because I am not talking about a business I established but it was simple enough establishing a link between a trust system and a Bookshop to work a livelihood without much disturbance every moment and all day long or to end up with the way we are currently doing it, which involves their sense of entitlement showing up where I had brokered property with Clients to insultingly entitle themselves to my earnings and career with a Media presence that helps them boost profits after – not withstanding this nonsense was built from wrecking my University studies and then my career prospects after, stupid gimmicks associated with the way they become a toy for armed forces operatives at University, if they bullied me for the financial mess I am in and got imagination around my private parts to stop me if I wanted to act on their behaviour, it would have worked if their stupidities were god’s gift to this world. It’s like the feminists who cannot allow me breathe for a single moment, going from blabbing that suggest I stole women’s beauty with a crowd that will make me a real man, setting out the idea that men are usually either beasts or foolish and its complicated setting out which I belong, while reality was that women were usually caught up with culture and society issues and whenever it is resolved through sex and adult behaviour it placed them in a submissive position, of which I do not use women to sort out my own and the suggestion I am homosexual will generally have meant an exploration of a twat they shared as a society then, or it is more plausible to say I am celebrate which I am not because I am required to produce an heir for a Royal Commission. It does not make me vulnerable to mention this either, as it is part of the process of finding the necessary means that allows me put a handle on the interest of Celebrities in my concerns, such as I will be able to hurt them without detaching from my daily concerns all together, so they might continue to show up here and experiment on me over and over again, practicing their cruelty and getting better at it, the way I can do the rest.


I am said to be of the opinion everything people channel at me is a form of abusive behaviour, but this is not true. What really happens is that since they helped trash my academic work to keep going a certain public perception of my personality, to allow them get paid for being popular with it, their behaviour towards me have become increasingly more abusive and violent and now we have entered a stage where I had to live with a world where they spent time patenting bits of my life to their names, garnished with a group of bullies at the Monarchy who wouldn’t let it be so the Queen gave the responsibility of protecting me to those and they have now turned out to play both sides where they hated those friends of theirs at the Monarchy as a resolve for channelling more abusive behaviour at me while their eyes and hands were fixed on my hermitage and financial concerns – this has been garnished with another history that occurred between 2015 and 2019 when they trashed my Bookshop building interests criminals showed in my concerns on Media as a form of financial abuse, so that while I got bullied into doing something about it, everything I did went to waste on account that those culture and society gits tackling me had communities to run me down by which I was being handled by some ageists, while everything I did successfully about it was to be passed off as a part of their career on Media and I plan to ensure that Celebrities suffered for the destruction of my Bookshop thereof, as I really am convinced that if they got away with this, I wouldn’t be human in the eyes of the world. I have been told that they had no reason to fear or respect my person and that from the facts I have pointed out, they had every reason to be afraid of me, especially the culture and society bits – but I am not certain they are aware of what will come of a process where each involvement with me was followed up with consequences for the culture and society daddies that back them up for it and if it involved getting near my Books while they already profess to hate it, I will likely make the consequences many times are harmful, so do the celebrities fail to realise this theory that I am unable to do a thing about it because when this history of their clashes with a history of me assuming that ignoring them solved a problem, I go under and they got on top with a media presence to show for it and all goes down the drain in this Hermitage and became very amusing, they are yet to realise the danger is that I will get away with everything I did to them over it. It mostly is a delusion of what indeed they can do about me, on the part of the celebrities and their criminal culture and society goons but the damage done to my Bookshop does not play a part in the matter, even when it comes to a process where others own entertainment industries that they wish to deploy as a tool that helped them patents bits of my life to their names, blowing off their big mouth at me on media for it every day – this is what I wish to ensure they suffered for intensely.

So I am told that I have never really explained why I support the President Trump but what is lost is the fact that Mr Trump does not really support main republican party base, he thinks that it is full of ageists who are responsible for spike in criminal activity having completely wrecked the lives of younger people and he despises Liberals not least because of the destruction of his Hospitality business for absolutely no reason save discomfort caused by his Political view – what he loses then is funding for his campaign but when he wins the White House on this platform, he really wants to fulfil this promise. Where I fit into the picture is the way these people rip up my Books to facilitate a sense of convenient political disposition they want to adopt, such as will bring them successes during elections and beyond, when they could always read the Books instead, so if they don’t give me more and more of this every day, there is absolutely no way I will likely respond strongly with such outcomes as damage done to entire Political parties. I do get told that there is nothing I can do about Politicians even though I talked like it which is utter nonsense too as the reason Politicians tear up my career every day is because I do nothing about Politicians as what they get up to at Parliament is no business of mine. That said, if I were interested, it would have added up to a case of responding to the way people lobbied them for Policy making with respect to the business community and I wouldn’t stop until I had trashed their careers as well but I don’t have to do this naturally, we can see that some things simply never change if we have ended up with three hung parliaments on account they all think that each of them were the Prime Minister. The reality of the bottom chasing issues they speak of all the time being that it’s a product of the abusive activities of Celebrities and business people that chase them around for Policy making, hence unlike the way they claim its other people’s responsibility, it is entirely their own and nothing has been done about it for decades. We all know those gimmicks whereby they claimed the armed services served the Queen while tax payers were paying for it is utter nonsense and that when armed services do is something between them and their commander in Chief who is actually a trained armed services operative herself, we know this nonsense and how it plays into claims that the people were paying for it and deserved more service is developed by Celebrities that are allied to them, we know it is their responsibility but when it turns up at the Monarchy the Queen might make decisions about characters who are a plaything for the armed services, sometimes which it ends very badly thereof. They speak of the way they target me when it does because I am not a trained armed service operative and yes they do naturally but are winning the last time we checked as well – will claim that I do what I do and say what I say hoping that they will see reason and let me enjoy some sense of comfort which is utter nonsense as what has happened since 2012 when all means for a handful of fame twats to oppress some important person financially had failed, is the destruction of my Books – started out with a sense if I had a large bill board and under it an Office where I wrote Books, their insults had an effect that diverted public attention from it to another business which played their game every time I had built it – very convenient form of patent breach naturally but now it relies on me to keep the baggage while it developed new forms of fame it can express its stupidities by at my expense. My point is that I am going to end up teaching them a lesson they will never forget on the issue all together, blabbing that I say what I say to make them see reason and just let me be – I am not interested in their problems, just that they showed up here and read what had been written. It’s a professional face of the same things Politicians do to saddle others with the responsibility for hoodlums that had put themselves in charge while they had not a foggiest clue what they were doing – it is a way to ensure that there were two laws in the Country, one which served them and their children, the other which served the general population but I am fed up with the insults, the stupid comments making a mess of my Books. We see them all the time and I don’t take it as personally as it is thought that I do; especially in central London where they express their disposition as bruisers for the Queen all the time, doing peoples stuff, accusing people of doing their own, doing other general stuff etc, until when they made it big enough for the whole thing to settle up as a process which caused them to become targets for armed forces operatives that wanted to play with them as well and then I got set out as punching bag because they wanted an exit for the consequences of their stupid decisions and had not suffered in the past for using me, so this is what I really need to change. I have been told it makes a mess playing around with these facts and we know it’s the same way they claim they solved problems by setting out the way I contributed to being targeted by these gits, so it really does not mean anything; I am entitled to make sense of facts I had come across with respect to what the Queen does and anybody in a field of work that gets them close to government will always be exposed to it, it is very frustrating being stuck with these gits all together but the recent behaviour towards my Books also such that they are having another amusing fun with a process of abusive entrapment at my expense. I mean it’s one law for the Politicians and their children while we have another law for everybody else and the little I had done to ensure they understood how I felt when they made a mess of my University studies to show up and make a global stage phenomenon out of the idea that I talk like an illiterate when what churns peoples tummy is the effect of the insults they threw at me over what I said, most of the time which I am not trying to communicate with them and I am already inundated with hoodlums, who have not a clue what they are doing but had put themselves in charge to spend time punishing those who knew what to do over the consequences of their personal decisions, which those who behaved and communicated in an educated and civilised manner would normally have had access to the last time we checked, so obviously they had lost their temper and it mattered, especially in the case of ex US President Barrack Obama, while nothing happened when I became unhappy about it.

I am told that I make a case out of people putting themselves in charge but it’s exactly what I have done which is not really the case – these people enjoy taking over my concerns to make a mess and it usually develops into a case of settling what we are advised by and who will likely get back to the correct path after we had deviated; it did this to make a mess of University studies for me and then again when I set out a Bookshop, so I really want some of their own at this stage. They do boast about being able to take advantage of me financially which makes them clever and it is not really linked to reality either; liberals never get involved with the businesses of those they had spent time building publicity for because they thought they could take advantage of, the right way, they never get involved with such businesses according to the purposes set out – in my case there is a link established between property equity broker to mitigate economic circumstances and market for luxury goods and a process where somebody built a crowd that helped them force me to provide their customers with a sense of equality, stifling my Book sales in the process and mocking me for the effects later on – so what I do with it is regrettable too i.e. occasions when Clients have had some property equity and intellectual property administration problems will be set out in the same environment as their queer interests in my Business, so they wouldn’t have difficulty with customer numbers as such, they would only end up with kinds of customers they can take advantage of the way they do naturally, the type that get involved with people’s concerns in such ways. The Politicians complain that we are not competitive with communists but it was always the problem i.e. British companies will build products that communist customers paid for but instead of a service process, we hung around somewhere competing with communists and then when we return, we have not got a foggiest clue what we are doing with local economy anymore.

The story soon changes into a case of questions on the fact people want to prove that I had no idea what I did or talked about – the truth on the other hand being that I had set out a Bookshop and they had picked up the service processes and other tools intended for client use, to build me a public image that set out ways I will do things that are very difficult for me to do in order to attract crowds that will buy products from them, for which they will build another good public image for me that constituted of their sense of appreciation for this purpose that I existed to serve. So no matter where I moved my academic work, what I did with my career or the way I set out my concerns, they will hunt it down and set it out this way, like a bunch of scum who think they were really important, then tell me my problem really was that I am influenced by their good looks and money and therefore feel handicapped top respond to their stupidities, which really needed to be cleared up as a very frustrating disposition, so I guess if morons don’t give me more of their nonsense, I will not end up feeling as though I can get a period of time in which they did not interfere with my Books, by going back to the beginning of their stupid interest in me to cause them a lot of suffering catching up with everything they have done with my Royal Public image to day but the pressing part for the time being is that I cannot account for the last three years of my time which has been wasted by these fame idiots who have gotten culture and society goons getting out of hand on me again after they trashed University studies and have built up those interest of theirs that are about a kind of power that can make people poor or rich and on the other hand the part that involved the pattern of crime where you did the crime and did the time, they have built it up on media to define me by and do not allow me a 24 hours without having to deal with a process where they ran it off at me to handle service processes of my Bookshop and trash everything at this Hermitage to make money and flatter me for being so good to them. It has now come to the applicable stage where the industry fools that have been paying them to get popular on my public image are saying I played a part in it and I wish to make sense of their own stupidities as well by showing this was a clearly set out plan with a conclusion that went two ways, either progressing from a process where industry twats paid these fools for being popular at my Public image, putting up sales processes on some sociological manner I chased university studies disobediently and they decided they would keep away from my Books thereafter to end it their way or they will progress from being paid over my Public image to handling my Books, so we got to find out what I considered to be the most convenient way that their famous stupidities may stop getting involved with my concerns, beginning from the history of criminal damage I keep here to be relied upon for a dream their stupidities have to oppress me financially and become me essentially. The first time round was a case of following me around over claims that my social life, personality and public image knew something that was useful to them, once they eventually wrecked University studies and I wrote a Book on it, all hell broke loose because the Books were useful and it came on the back drop of dreams that one day they were important and their security guards man handled me because they took something from me and I bothered them to get it back, which I followed up with a process of getting them to attend their daily concerns alongside these characters that will attack me for them – it became a global stage phenomenon, their entitled stupidities handled my career and finances to get out of the mess this foolish personal decision created for them and the process of handling services at my Book shop for alternative reasons, setting out market that made sense of the way I got about the most complicated things I did, is an example of how the idiots had built a new one. I mean it’s all over the place on the Celebrities but there are the Industry gits as well – it never stopped tackling my Books and when companies sell products to clients a problem will emerge on how clients enjoyed the products while a prevention of such a problem will develop into a fight for survival, when I tell it off handling my Books and social life, it makes statements about a health that my comments wreck, a health that it paid a lot of money to achieve and it continues like that every day especially during the board meetings, so I guess it is an another example of what people do because there existed places I wouldn’t say or do what I did. Their popularity fools are usually more forth coming, they rather tend to say that I should have been taken care of a long time before but I guess that was not yet a time that the Labour party had wrecked the finances and built alternative social life, so I had absolutely nothing to fight for and they were aware of publicity that suggested my social life developed into something of a process where I was unworthy to defend myself if attacked – then it will go from claims I am the one acting dangerously if I pushed back, to those stupidities where it blames and blames and I got tired and took up some of the blame to make it easy when I got stabbed etc, whereby it should have done it a long time ago with a big mouth and none knows exactly what indeed was stopping them. We see it all the time, especially when it has found a new gimmick that suggested when it was confident, I was incapable of fighting back, the abuses would never ever stop.

They claim I fight like a communist but I don’t in anyway whatsoever, what really happens is that there is a point in the process of planning from age 18 to 65 how to fund everything that required finances and to sort out a retirement, where a handful of idiots who want to control your finances and make themselves better off playing practical jokes on you, cannot really achieve such a thing and so the only reason they continued to get away with it was that you did not in any way put yourself between them and their workplace every day for instance among other ways you can ensure that you got through to them. It’s the same as they claim I interfere with their businesses and none really knows the exact point at which they ended up paying a handful of idiots to take their clothes off on areas of my Hermitage associated with the idea that some Clients were involved and some wanted to be, knowing that if those who wanted to be had access to my concerns, they would think there was no reason for them to get involved and if those who were involved thought that those who didn’t had access to my concerns, there would be no reason for them to stay and we see the same nonsense go all the way to Government where they claim a handful of gits who are an opposite of City centre operatives that don’t like talking about culture and society matters and might become intolerant when people do at the work place, get support from the Government all the way to the Cabinet, where it was said that their obsession with me at University was due to the fact they were nice people who only needed money but I dropped out of University in 2007 while I am writing this in 2020 and they were telling me it was the power bits if I had not developed a hobby of my own that allowed my experiment what cruelty I wanted to get accustomed to, at the expense of Celebrities and their Politicians. I do not respond to it the way City centre people do either, it simply buzzes away at the background of my head because I know culture puts out questions all the time on how far people may go when they did either the good or bad thing, which grows into this unprecedented mess associated with the many identities that exist in the world, likewise society makes statements about the way you are happy to handle others on account you saw a weak point that allowed you to, if somebody has not handled your own as well and then there is this question all the time about the way their perverted interest in me has facilitated a bunch of idiots that spend all day banging away at me, being as simple as the fact these characters shared a space with me and thought they should be able to do whatever they liked because I did not have a corrupt personality and have ended up wondering what if they were unable to judge how I were likely to respond if distressed, but the problem was that they were really big and this should have been the end of it save the process of selling products on the most difficult freaky things I will be forced to do, by a handful of famous and stupid scum, really meant that sales boundaries could be pushed and they built this up on public media to run off at me all the time, as though I am destined to spend my day having conversations with people about the pattern of crime where you do the act and do the time – thus for the fact I am unable to account for the last 4 years of my time, I am about to ensure Celebrities suffered on my account until I attained some form of global phenomenon from doing so as well, while the Politicians are rather aiming for processes where I adopted a habit they could do nothing about as well. They have always done this and the damage to University studies was the biggest of the lot – even this talk of how I do not know what I say or do fits right in the middle of idiots in suits paying a bunch of fools to get popular and take clothes off on my social life and public image.

They do claim I am unappreciative of people fighting my battles while people fighting my battles is meant to be a very personal thing which personal disposition they do not have – what they have is a process of fighting their enemies in my name and showing up here to experiment cruelty on me while their stupid politicians get up the shop floor of parliament to tell me the reasons it must continue was a matter of power but did not like the possibility that when my bank balance tells of how my time is being used, I would want to develop a power habit on their account as well, so it is getting physical from a distance with a big mouth. Mostly have it under control as those who show up to run me down and make good of my social life and public image do because of s society full of dad gits who support them and they know every involvement with me produces an outcome where I tackle it, while reprisals after produced an outcome where I want to make them chase their lives lest somebody took it from them as well and the public stage complains about being dispossessed on my account works that way but this nonsense they have always done excused by their stupid politicians gets worse if I lost information and they picked it up. The blacks were a main issue, it begins to claims there was a civil rights problem and then after that such a problem was to be solved by violent means, from then on, there will eventually emerge a process where they did violent things for the entire race and were entitled to get rich off people’s lives and property for it, it is about the second time they have tackled mine for this nonsense and have not done a thing about racists in this place either – we hear the blabbing that I needed to have more faith in my own people while its stupid women are the reasons people can simply pick up my service processes and set about building market from a process where I had to deal with problems that were too much for me and everybody felt I was suffering on their behalf, so that we have entered into a certain phase of feminist involvement with my concerns over it will generally takes everything and it will come up with the daily life changing insults to access my public life that helps its stupidities feel better, while the male gits will blab about prospects of sharing a bad with them, so there is no relationship here for black people and they will make me if they had a big mouth for it too. I do get told I talk as if I am unaware these were gold diggers and this was how they worked victims but I am not, we heard them as they wouldn’t let it rest that I am completely oblivious to the fact my tummy issues will get me into trouble – so I don’t have the lifestyle, they have not explained their interest in me and the perversions and abuses get bad enough to reach Buckingham Palace talking nonsense at me about how important they were, while the violence for the abdominal discomforts will happen very quickly and will be unexplained, another case that might come to if their blabbing came from a mouth that was big enough – it talks nonsense all the time about how I should have been handled a long time ago and none knows what its stopping it stupidities at this stage; the mystery being that I had found a use for them unlike most people follow on their madness directly and it largely depends on which suits me best, like the part where they cannot keep off my concerns so I built it up to rescue myself from publicity payments, once I got involved with people I really wanted to work with, I can then set about getting rid of them and yes it’s the reason the bottom chasing bits had become such a phenomenon because this is very bad business in the world of people that have been raised all their lives to be gold diggers, being stuck with somebody like me: it’s the same as when they claim we black people always tend to betray those who fight for our civil rights whenever we think that conservatives had become less dangerous and we don’t know exactly when they thought it was conservative danger making my decisions if feminists had to invade and pervert everything I did with the female community because taking advantage of men who had become so generous to women that they lost themselves have always been financially very productive for stupid industrial feminists but among all the abuses that I have to tolerate, it becomes quite clear that it is always a joke when it had not yet developed into such outcomes as a process where their gimmicks gave way to those stupid dreams that I am at war with women all together, always fun when they are not in difficulty. We see the part where I am always being targeted being unexplained, like we see them claim that most of my activities were the new lives that their leaders had created for them in a safe place where they could be me without inhibition, blabbing of how I want to be the only thing that was relevant while instead of showing up here to read Books, they did to laden me with consequences of their personal decisions having put themselves in charge while they had not a foggiest clue what they are doing – so I do run my campaigns, get things out of my system and make statements that offer them preliminary warnings before I set about any action including the ones listed above. The targeting continues naturally because it’s possible to make good of my social life and public image after white big brothers insults but the conditions have remained the same in the sense that I am unable to seek out the trouble but when they show up, what they put in here becomes a real thing, besides the fact they are usually a handful of cowards when placed in the same position as they have me and I am going to do it again thereof. They do claim I talk but they take advantage of me all the time but it’s the old story about morons giving me more as there isn’t a prospect that it will end badly, since when this body is sore all over and their demonic impunity hurt my head and eyes and tummy, so I trashed South American interests, there is no way the same process will be spread globally – it’s a gimmick white people exhibit all the time, bringing them in from Gods knows where to entitle their stupid selves to my income talking nonsense about the problems of my race and superiority of theirs. The media claim I am being held accountable for my Office but I don’t know how anybody could be so brazen after their perverted interest in me had meant that it was impossible to settle up exactly what I have achieved with myself since 2015 save responding to the way criminal view the fact I am a writer which has been built up in public places through their stupid media jobs – it beats me how anybody no matter how stupid could be so brazen after this and I really have enjoyed the part about what will happen if I withdrew access to my concerns from their Celebrities and did not take care to ensure they had organised their lives and did not hurt their tummy the way they hurt mine because they were my gods, now I must come up with a plan to trash their finances which caters for this problem of how slippery they can get; I think that this is the kind of situation where people can be accountable for something, so they are set to come across a lot they could sink their teeth into.


Now  I am told that I have a need here to resolve the issues with the Labour Party, of which the issues began since 2002 and started getting a lot serious when Gordon Brown showed up at Greenwich University to do the part he needed to do to guarantee that I had dropped out. We have seen them follow those activities on with other abusive and very destructive behaviour in Parliament and we have seen them use it to suggest that I don’t know what I am doing, that they had a right to deprive me of my career after spending decades of my time to find out what I was before doing so, we have heard them claim others were more worthy of it. They do love to boast that I am protected by the Monarchy naturally but I suppose it’s the protection of the Monarchy that allows them make a complete mess of University studies and set about a lifestyle of bugging me to wear suits in the city centre and pay a handful of gits that want to take up the clothes and perform lewd acts on my social life, that will allow success by being stupid, then make sense of it all by claiming I had no idea what I said or did and others were more worthy of it. It might rather have been possible instead that the Monarchy places an inhibition on my activities as such but this nonsense isn’t really unusual as we know they are always getting all over the Parliament to live in a world where they could do what they liked, they had one law for their children and themselves while another served the rest of the Country but some ideas they have about getting to achieve it is impossible to imagine and will continue to be fostered and perpetrated as long as they felt they did not have to pay a price for it. overall we know that if there is work to do at the Monarchy it gets done without delay and those who do it are doing it on private Estate, they are the ones getting paid by tax payers and yet this bottom hurting problem associated with the way people lobby them for public policy on business has become a mental health and bad school grade epidermic, with them talking nonsense about character that ought to live in a legal and social no man’s land in preparation for a life as punching bags, about which they have coveted my social life and public image to set me out as one and show up at Government buildings to saddle me with an abusive test every day.

The big one recently is American Democrats leading Celebrities on the business of picking up bits of my life to sell for money and equality and on the back of it we cannot be free from Liberal sociopaths who want to blame others for difficulty living in a Country if their lives we surrounded by property and equity that did not belong to them because they want to make money without doing any work and need to be able to impress their girlfriends among other vices, at any time they wanted to – it never stops blabbing that I never had a chance if I wanted to defend myself but I wonder if they do have more than what I have listed here to begin with and we know I will hang about at an Office getting organised to keep out the bad people while engaging in a work place, the bad people who get completely out of hand will be picked up by the Police whose primary aim is to do paper work on them but most of the time have to deal with civil rights that ensure it never turned out that way and I had to ensure their stupidities and its obsession with my income margins and social life faced a problem as well, they would say conservatives and republicans were responsible for all the wars in the world but before then I will be made to look like if I tried to keep them off my case, I were interfering with US internal affairs or had gotten accustomed to doing so, talking nonsense at me about a chance I have not got the entire time. We match this with the way their women claim we support criminal activity and say that bad people had some purpose which we usually do not want to discuss because the activities of bad people are an integral part of the way we organised a work place but then again, these women had a point if they were saying that our support for the activities of bad people do not add up according to school grades and unemployment rates, then we had to pair these up with the nonsense these gits exhibit all the time. It goes further when we look at the way civil rights movements have been run on their wickedness because these facts had been suppressed i.e. their parents will spend a life time teaching them how to handle those who tackle their careers, their abusive obsession over money issues which was their first interest in me before this other part where they simply want to be me, to be better than me or be equal to me took over, will make a case out of the way I am able to prevent the abuses of ageists who spent time in the work force before I was born to show up and start years later and before we knew it, they will make money that they cannot account for, those who can tackle people who grab their careers will no longer be able to, those who can tackle abusive ageists will no longer be able to and the idiots will blaze my trail at civil rights movements thereafter. I do get this question people ask of how I protect myself from abusive ageists and we know it’s largely a matter of people who are about to take their retirement very soon behaving abusively towards those who have just gotten involved in the work force, so they will either appeal to my sense of morality when it’s my turn or they will have had a backup plan that they worked by spending my time instead of theirs. I for my part have been told that putting up these facts make me more vulnerable but it doesn’t, it would have if I lived up an assumption that evil people were lacking something and needed help or support: the reality is that their whole lives work the way it does and it does not really add up to another person’s concern when they get killed but what does is that they have no plans to suffer the consequences of those personal decisions by themselves, so those who are not a part of it all always make the most profitable collateral damage – generally I am not vulnerable to them and do not think people would like it if I took the plunge either i.e. the plunge where life is about ignoring them while trashing my finances and we have seen their stupidities are garnished with this nonsense where they had a backup plan for this; the Industry idiots who trash my University studies to hang around city centres in suits, spending money on gits that want to take the clothes off on my social life and get rich by being stupid and somewhere in the middle is the story I don’t know what I am doing, while the women simply want something similar for their female communities and there is a sense it will not end when I am dead naturally, so there is usually the one solution of ignoring them while trashing their finances and there was always a link between the two and a process of not looking like the age of 60 for me would have been a luxury. I am not vulnerable because I am all prepared and ready to go at any time but that said, hurting people is a serious matter for those who are not like them and morality would suggest I ought to take my time over it, unlike their Celebrities picking up for sale that will provide people with equality and money, every aspect of my personal life, social life and career every day, regardless of what service processes I have set out or what my business looked like, really building up a profile to suggest they are likely to be the only people that will push me down this route all together. They always boast that it is too late while what they say adds up to lateness was a process of letting them run off that nonsense about trashing people’s lives to pay off the third and fourth mortgage as prove of their stupidities in the sense that they can only live in one of those homes while the rest will become part of a financial structure managed by the central banking system in the Country, I however on the other part have noticed the way they set me out as somebody that can be bullied to make younger people feel better because it is what they fear, while the reality is that I am at a stage in my life where I must have decided exactly what I wanted to do to get bills paid and was aware of what I had not done and what I could do better if I needed more. So it’s too late in their stupid view and we have not started talking about younger people facing tough future because of the recession and COVID 19 but where it is late on account my suffering was all for nothing will be the part where I will be motivated by their insults at some stage to get right back to the beginning of their perverted interest in me to figure out how my time had been spent all those years with financial benefits attached. The ageists gits who want to make people grovel for money and the goons that grab peoples careers are all a plaything for armed forces operatives and this is the reason that it becomes pointless to pick up any process that might have been invented by myself to handle them as such but the Celebrities have always thought they ought to make something out of these fools at my expense. The Politicians say that I never speak of the main reasons they tackle me because doing so would make me worse off and their abusive popularity children say I am not good enough for my Office – the latter is not yet dealing with those situations where I knew that my problems were created by me as part of a greater thing I wanted to achieve in future but spent time making them suffer for it which is the reasons tackling Politicians is never ideal, while the middle class and lower class kids will soon progress their stupidities about a separate law for them as different from the public in terms of when their perverted abuses at this Hermitage, linked up to a process where I wrote Books and walked into the nearest academic system for a qualification I did not have from time to time, faced enough interference to grow into a fight they will never forget. There is no part of the reasons that their international development activities being a threat to me, having resulted in the crisis they find themselves in today, that is likely to make me worse off if I mentioned it, we know that situation is starting to go public where I meet people from all over the world and they wanted to hear what an Arch Prince had to say which is none of their business grew into a case of show business gits making a mess of my life, so I began to adopt a disposition of finding a repressive position for their fans all the time, to ensure when done with the insults they picked up the pieces at their public image, especially in Hollywood but the Politicians will do nothing about their case, first of all the fact their international development activities led to this outcome where they had lost control of local matters and then set about attacking and threatening me for me which is amusing until when it is not and then that my involvement with the world had set a stage for them to make sense of Policy making but their problem was to behave honourably at Government buildings and to behave professionally at law making, so they threaten me for the frustrations they faced here as well; it does not make me worse off in anyway.

So they claim there is great sadness for my predicament and it beats the imagination all the time; it did start around my early 20s when what is actually talent and skill is set out as characteristics of a thing that will turn up to defeat all their enemies, after which it could not stop wrecking my career and academic work to ensure I achieved to the top and got detached from the finances, so I might show up somewhere to show its stupidities how to get where I have been and keep it permanently. I don’t know why they put out the bad bits at the same time that they are asking people for jobs and business opportunities, during the course of which they complain of other people’s bad bits, to such an extent we had a public crisis on our hands all together, it seems the idiots are not strong enough to deal with the effects of putting out the good bits but are strong enough to fuck right over what belongs to those who do. I am trying to run a Bookshop and it constantly interrupts public interest with stories about a predicament of mine that its stupidities had caused and it seems to be the preferred alternative to blowing off their big mouth around my concerns only when they are reviewing something they paid for in this place.

Now it is said that what I have pointed out here shows I am responsible for most of my problems but it does not exactly – the truth of what is happening is that these people pick up service processes of my Bookshop to build publicity on me that will allow them handle me and push me around, so the effect is that if I had five more Books to write in the next 6 years, the public issues concerning those Books are already a problem today which I must attend to, then their bottom hurt and they start threatening me, which I think is a joke until when it is not anymore as it were. It is the most typical of points where they begin to brag that I think I can handle them while I cannot and I have to remind myself the importance of the reasons we work so hard to detach ourselves from the slippery slope of behaviours which are prejudicial, these are as such people who are incredibly stupid – no other group sets about involvement with other people’s livelihood to pick up service processes and build the owners publicity that suggested their victims were meant to get into a fight with people to make them happy or that the suffering inflicted befitted those who prevented them from getting what they wanted – it obviously their idea on how to be thoroughly modern and I will no longer tolerate what is the criminal behaviour of handling my Books. Then there are the parents who will never stop running off other stupidities to say that what I have said only makes me more vulnerable to their media powers but the truth of it was that it’s a handful of aged idiots whose children want to play with my livelihood, talking nonsense at me of their own right as well, further supporting the reasons we must avoid prejudicial behaviour at all times. They do claim they feel as if I am an interference in every part of their lives but I did warn them about those gimmicks where those who had nothing would have everything and those who had everything will have nothing, and they had to become more important and famous than I am using my own social life and public image, besides which they think they are important people but are not. The rest of the times I am conscious of questions about problems I might have created for myself is this process of building a Court about which I am now looking into questions of whether a wife was enough all together – it was a matter of the women in my head without which I couldn’t function properly which was due to the way I was raised, I could say it’s my younger self that thought I was to build a Court and chose a wife from among its members but now it seems the way to do it if I wanted to avoid a path to overtly open as people inviting themselves into my concerns to hang around hurting me all the time, I would need to build the court as an integral part of family business, our matrimonial code of operation and of course build it alongside the wife.

We do have to listen to the bragging that I cannot and will never be free of my punishment and I have no idea what Punishment they believe they have inflicted on me anyway – it’s about hanging around somewhere working with a persona I had created myself which suggested I am sad, picked up by idiots whose parents blow off a big mouth at me when they want to play with my livelihood and trash my finances talking nonsense of privileges that have not befallen them literally and this is the only thing that serves as a punishment, as I am not meant to be sad, it’s just something I do to get a certain type of Royal work finished. Generally however, these people hate my Books right down to the titles and it inhibits every insanity they want to invent as to trash people’s lives and show up somewhere finding money magically, while I had more Books to finish during my time in this world all together. They have done their bit but now they understand me too, dropping out of University was not a big deal, the perverted interests in me continued for years, I had to make the career work by finding employment everywhere and apprenticeships everywhere and they still didn’t work, now saddled on one hand with the idea that I had allowed them financial advantage which is not really an advantage unless they want to move the money to another economic system, and on the other a handful of German twats making the best of gimmicks they claim was a product of unprofessional behaviour when I worked for a German company as a security guard, while what really happened was the need to inform criminals that they couldn’t rely on me due to my physical attributes and my entire time on the job role was hell on earth as a result, hence the bottom chasing bits must be a need to see what comes of their abuses and insults if they carried on long enough all together – so nothing has worked and I have been unable to tidy up and finish the academic work, so they needed to know there is nothing they could do about me if I started taking personally the way these stupidities wreck my academic pursuits so they might wear suits in the city centre and pay gits that want to take clothes off on my public image, to make sense of the interest criminals have expressed towards the fact I am a writer on media every day, such that I started targeting them intensely as well but either way, they are winning and I have more Books to write as it were, I can testate to the fact the insults are giving me ideas, there is no assistance for their cause by. In the end, the allure of Government work was the fact those involved were not caught up in a two world situation where one part was handling the finances and the other was running their lives; people in government are in there, running their lives and being paid by the tax payer, I don’t know why were are always denied the opportunity to enjoy it by Liberals anyway, I don’t know why they need to ensure it is sickening and violent all the time but we can see that it’s about my Royal social life and public image while the abuses being financially profitable was about greed and I am being pushed closer and closer to the stage where I ran off the cycle of ignoring them and trashing their finances for every involvement with me that did not involve respect or professional activity and the Celebrities are the main factor in moving this along as it were. There is no punishment they can inflict, it’s their big mouth wagging – accountability will make me weak apparently if their Politicians are chasing down and tearing apart my academic work and career to handle my social life over the political failing that shame them all the time, thereby proving they were correct.

There is talk naturally of the way this behaviour developed into a promise of power but we know they will never stop working the premise of young people who sign up to the military earning a right to be respectful of nothing, knowing the others from the republican side will be said to be criminals while reality is that these were people who signed up to the military to fight their battles as well and therefore didn’t have to respect anything too.


Of recent they have said that they were pushing ‘we will do the right thing but make the racial decisions when we have to’ Joe Biden towards the White House and for it I am set for a whole life of hell but we know that they broke down when Hillary lost to Trump earlier. It is an old story about the way they get off to spend time making a complete mess of other people’s lives with practical jokes to move hell and high water to play on their victims and then their bosses and employers will have enough of the fall back and their interest in me will be one of a need to pick up service processes of my Bookshop that they passed off as indications they were important enough for me to get into a fight for them to feel special by, making a mess of everything around here and it gets increasingly worse the harder I worked to move it on with a big mouth, hence the complain that I have grabbed their Fashion and Celebrity jobs which I intend to ensure their stupidities lost as well all together. They do have some support in term of those who have shares in these companies naturally and therefore fair to point out that the blabbing is all good but if we have reached a point where Celebrities will not stop handling my Hermitage, then what we are about to deal with next is the part where they will never stop getting imagination around my private parts, such that they will know when I had begun to run off a type that allowed me think enough had not died yet, when I thought they ought to sort out the Muslims and the Muslims ought to make them comfortable. It’s nothing unusual, the same old tale of how the process grows into what it is when there is a clash between Celebrities and the Church – then there will be campaigns and counter campaigns and it would seem as if we were a divided people. I have really taken time out to set myself up as an example of what happens when people do not respond to their stupidities. The Men claim it all happens because my Books criticised the daddies but I am still wondering if they are progressing with that stupid plan to decide how the Public responded to it, if they were complaining about me, never mind continuing to suggest that their perverted interest in me having caused me to drop out of University was not a big idea because what the daddies wanted was generally more important. I mean dropping out of University was a personal matter but I like to pick it out when their involvement with me continues and I wish to make them suffer intensely as well – that said, I have every right to take it up to another level bearing in mind the purpose has been an outcome where they worse suits during jobs while backed up by community croons who got imagination around my private parts and the difficulty of walking into academic structures was that they were spending time shoving hoodlums through the academic system on my public image through it, claiming they were tidying up neighbourhoods and then when I attend this leadership they provide through their all-important jobs that came into their lives when they passed exams and bullied me into failing mine, played into the way they wanted students to stop me from passing mine for a reward while they spent money on every git that wanted to take the clothes off on my social life and public image to spend my perspectives showering me with insolence on Media. Hence I have thought about avoiding this toxic environment that fundamentally suggest that it is in the interest of a lecturer to mark me down and make me fail to try and study on the Internet but the bloody idiots have decided that is not going to happen and I have been getting support that suggested I should not sabotage the good things I have done by studying on the internet, so the next time I attend an academic environment I am certain it will end with outcomes in which I trashed their lives literally. I mean it never ceases to address me and it never follows up the effrontery to do so with claims that I bring it upon myself by getting involved with people that are out of my league – we know the republicans decided their international development activities were a threat to me because there were some areas in which they were working towards a British republic but none has yet explained why it was a threat to me all together at this stage, they have expressed their feelings concerning the fact I have now begun to show that I am on a schedule with respect to the way I run this Hermitage – the fact they think the Queen isn’t doing a good enough job but my bum hurts like hell while they were getting paid by tax payers to show up at Parliament. Then there are the idiots who are out of my league spending so much time to sort out at my expense, a legal means by which women who kill due to insanity in a matrimonial environment would get into trouble with the Law but at the same time, they rip up my Bookshop every day and it wasn’t the one where I had the sort of eventualities in my life that usually happens to most people once or twice a year to get them sitting down with wife to talk about the worst day they have ever had every 24 hours, they also maintain a relationship with communities that are overseen by croons that had  access to my bedroom through my bedroom window to beat me down all day and get imagination around my private parts on their behalf, knowing however that this is what they are doing, their involvement with me gets more abusive, it gets more invasive and becomes financially more destructive with every day that goes by and it never stop blabbing its big mouth at me that there was nothing I could do about its suit wearing stupidities, clinging to my social life and public image the entire time. We see the same being performed by Celebrities who claim I want to eliminate prospects of people taking up the same position as me when the Prince of Wales is King and we know HRH is not the Monarch and that they will tackle me again pretty soon when the current Monarch beats them down for creating two of the Office with the stupid Media. Whenever it really comes down to the story of Political crisis and any existing social inequality, these matters sit in the middle and then I get told that I spend a lot of my time observing them hence the reasons I know so much, while reality is that whenever we view panoramic documentaries about characters that came up with a grand plan to embezzle government, academic institution and business funds, they all look like these, so you become alarmed every time you see them in a position that provided access to a huge amount of cash in an environment where trust was required, talking nonsense about a country that existed in their heads, while the Celebrities worked on me to get paid by industry fools for causing me distress and then found an alternative work to cover their history by. Some people have said it goes on forever and I need to make it stop but it’s an old story about the stopping, it always takes up the same process that is usually followed whenever it is done i.e. ignore them and trash their finances; we have seen what they have said about Mr Trump for instance and the fact they think they have evolved to a new stage in these activities, in my case of which they have built a media presence for a process of setting out my Hermitage as a cookie jar for the rest of the public and each time people accessed it, they got popular, while the claim I get involved with people who are out of my league was set to show a handful of halfwits had found a way to keep themselves calm and straight during career activities while I have been inflicted by their stupid practical jokes to leave me with this juxtaposition between being me and being a disturbed person in all my public activities, which does not tend to build up to a future that they would hate with a passion, their daddy characters hating my Books while rallying them to a financially beneficial abusive processes that will decide how the public responded to it and provide them the means to shut down my Bookshop all together, the entire time of which the complain about me had become a global stage phenomenon.

They love to boast all the time about this case where they will never stop making a mess of my finances and I am running out of patience for it, never the less which I have shown them the pointlessness of this activity and the reasons I do not respond to it being that the means by which they pay their way in the world, if it is not criminal, was a serious matter. That said, clearly the National Audit Office will likely have a different opinion to the idea they have achieved something if there is an Industrial fool paying them for being popular by causing me a lot of distress. The Industrial fools that will likely get off to lobby Politicians for access to my work, claiming I had found a way to sort out the trouble makers they built up as a matter of their perverted personal decisions, talking nonsense about a power of money they do not have, if this Hermitage had begun to channel the same amount of disrespect towards their stupid ventures. It is becoming ever increasingly important to do something that helped to show I am on a schedule on the way that matters are to be handled around here, with respect to their interest in it. They claim I label them as halfwits but they were better than me and is utter nonsense, they are halfwits; we are here because of the fact they get imagination around my private parts which has left me unable to account for the way the last 3 years of my time have passed and its meant to indicate they have reached a stage where they want to apply violence on me to win arguments I have never had with them, regardless of which the stupid arguments existed anyway – it is usually clearer to those who are involved with the Church that these activities are an indication they were evil people but for most people we always tend to make sense of this being powers they had of a spiritual nature which can make people poor or rich to make people more compliant with their needs, when they were wealthy enough to but on the whole, it’s the Politicians paying the price at this stage for propping them up financially over the years. The biggest problem is that they tackle me because of the effects of living with their incessant and mostly abusive corruption of involvement and there is a real threat that the smell must stop but they do not like the solution for it either, hence it is said that I needed to stop following up the issues as people fighting my battles at the Monarchy was a mistake but it’s not a big mistake in the wider world, only at the Monarchy – we can see that Celebrities started out viewing my Books as a means to build publicity for their new fame, then they picked up a bad neighbourhood I had located myself in to write Books by, as a tool for clinging to my Public image and blowing kisses at criminals over my career because I ought to get into a fight with people to protect those who were rather special like their stupid selves and then it progressed to a process of shutting down public interest in my social media or just blocking it and I cannot build a community that I engaged in when they read my Books unless it was one that will have the means to be a threat to me, so I got off administrating the way they picked up my Bookshop service process to build publicity that resulted in such nonsense and I ended up achieving something important enough to build controversy that provided them with sales, so it has become of prime importance that their famous stupidities knew I was on a schedule.

I am now told that the impact of the activities people have expressed around my concerns are debilitating and none has been able to clear it up even on National Media but this is because they tell convenient lies at my expense all the time, the main reason I am stuck with my finances being decided by a collection of practical jokes, running off their stupidities which wreck my temperaments all day. What is really happening being that it is the full impact of a life of insolence and abuse being channelled at other people as though the victims of their madness were some subordinates their stupidities had accounted for, right up to the financial aspects and it becomes such an encouraging disposition for them when I have taken the length of time that I have taken to respond to it, such that they have now adopted a disposition where those insults had become financially profitable to such an extent that they were entitled to address me and to see if they could get away with a business of talking to me in such ways, which I like to think is amusing like a big explosion until when it isn’t anymore.

It is not in any way true that when Biden is US President I will get into a lot of trouble, the world we really live in is one in which I will take up those stupidities around corrupt fat cats making a mess of my social life on their behalf, to a stage where each involvement with my Books will never reach that stupid stage where it churns my tummy all day fooling around at my expense to use my books as a means to contact me and skewer my income margins to make themselves comfortable, before I had construed it to be a licence to handle their jobs, incomes and careers as well. It’s easy to fail to make sense of what I am capable of then showing up here to threaten me all the time, if their daddies never listen when told not to groom people into that position where community gits can get imagination around peoples private parts and we find that they will always be the first to make a public and national stage complain about the consequences on one hand, while on the other we find the Media and celebrity gits spending everything I did about it, trashing my career doing so and mocking me for the amount of money they had made at my expense so far, such that it had become impossible for my actions to constitute a threat to them. I could never understand the part Celebrities play in the matter anyway if the whole thing starts off with the Prince of Wales wanting to build a world of men and run a government with Celebrities and it runs down to the low lives that they set on me every day and the gits that get about fighting my battles to churn my tummy – they speak of problems that exist here all the time when there is none; it has always been their exit to keep a distance from my Literary work and stop blowing off their big mouth on my public image. They bring up those stories on occasions to say that it was a case of me getting involved with them and the way we have ended up with a divorce which is utter rubbish as what happens is that a Court of female journalists will get involved with me and the male colleagues will set about selecting acquaintances and friends for their female counterparts, once done, select mine as well, then I will end up putting myself out to support the women until they attained managerial positions, by which time their idiots will have decided what has become of my social position after they spent years trashing my finances; they speak of slavery but time and again they built their fun stupidities to trap people and suggest it was amusing when they blaze the trail of their victims, they speak of racism but none knows when they will give up the insults that suggest I am a subordinate their stupidities had accounted for financially, to plug products into my public life shamelessly and I don’t know when they will see that the abusive behaviour in my case isn’t just going to suggest war but might actually result in one, it is the reason I am prepared to tolerate it, since I am unable to make sense of the lies they tell about it like most people do; I mean they speak of culture and they wouldn’t say they groom me into a position where stick gestures would be effective on account I had an effrontery to own something they had not enjoyed and discarded or do not own as well, the way culture poses these questions on how far you go either way of doing the right or wrong thing does not apply to them and if I defend myself from ageists that want me to grovel for money, their stupidities will get off gimmicks about handling those who can take their jobs to deciding how I should respect my mother, whichever of the culture then that their stupidities go along with – we see the same on the society front when it poses questions on how you are happy to see an opportunity that lets you gain power over others and then take full advantage of it, save when people take advantage of yours as well and they had stupid women that could interfere with any connection I had to nature while I am in possession of a Court of female journalists that I never use against them in 12 years and counting and the list of their stupidities and its double standards goes on endlessly as well – it needs to let me be, this is not the one that will raise questions about a war, there is likelihood that it will actually kick off.

There is this other question they raise about the way that I have sorted out a career that involved a process of torturing people, bandied about my American career crime women as usual – I had been spotted naturally and everything I do lead back to it as stupidly as possible when there is yet no response and an effort behind one and its utter nonsense too; firstly, to pick up peoples service processes and spend time working into a business of the way people will feel if he were torn to pieces in order to protect them as a developed market to sell Celebrity foolishness and fashion madness was a question in its own right, more so the fact that they were doing this with a complete and legitimate business in the first place, talking nonsense about which US presidency will put me in danger with a big mouth – it really isn’t a problem for me as such as it is not difficult for those who engage with the Church to make sense of the fact they are evil but if it continues to handle my concerns, I really am going to make them squirm as well – I mean it does not stop picking up mentally ill people to hard wire onto my earning margins and get around with stupid Politicians who provide them leadership on how their problems can be solved if the life of one Royalty was sacrificed for it; we have to deal with the problems at big business that caused two world wars, whereby people cannot really account for how they make the money they want to oppress others with; owns a million pounds and cannot say it served a million customers, so it has time and energy to make war on the world because it had made up its stupid mind about the one it wanted to shoot, we deal with this while the idiots tear up everything we have using civil rights and their inability to stop seeking their incomes from my Hermitage Empire and its Trust system is about to result in very difficult situations all together – it’s not a stupid divorce after I spent time getting involved with their stupidities and I am not at any stupid danger of their Politicians either. We have to deal with that nonsense about wars I instigate and therefore called it upon myself all the time, none knows how their stupidities got from civil rights idiots who never talk from their own rights if they cared only about themselves and therefore show up to handle what belongs to others or belongs to the collective, to get around my case later on agreeing with me that avoiding conflict was very important, when I don’t actually want them to agree with me on it anymore now that they had made money from a process of disagreeing in the first place, to a case of being convinced that a Hermit instigated their stupid wars but as I mentioned, it can be understood in terms of the way service processes of my Bookshop have been perverted into something that required me to get torn apart so others might feel safe and there is that sense that being torn apart created the market they needed, when I administrate their stupidities, I had done something unusually which creates more market controversy. It needs to stop their way or it will stop the way I want with those stupid fat cats, running down to hoodlums they pay once they wreck peoples careers and the abusive local community twats, after which we find the celebrity and media scumbags fighting my battles to churn my tummy – I will burn their world.

Naturally they do claim that when I say these I lose the market but it will never cease unless they were suffering intensely for the products they handled and damaged and the ones that handled without payment as well. I have to get into a fight for survival to prevent this nonsense where multinational companies are made to think I am coming to the backyard to engage with products and market while they trash my academic work and finances to hang around somewhere talking nonsense about controlling my market and earnings to fulfil their foolish desires and those stupidities associated with the idea I need money but I am disrespectful of those whose businesses I might likely get employment from crop up from it each time because the idiots do not think that spending their time on their jobs instead of tackling me was actually more important at this stage, it continues when they are well aware if they paid compensation for damage done here, their stupidities would never pay off. On the running of the bookshop itself, it has now turned to a question of when their stupidities believed I ought to look into properly, talking nonsense about controlling my finances to ensure they got a better deal in the world. They claim it’s difficult to tell how I were Royalty that made sense of democracy more than people whose lives depended on the existence of democracy but it’s an old story whereby tyranny was a habit and they have got it in spades, need to stop threatening me as I am not actually emotionally attached to the importance of democracy, such that I had gone too far with them and couldn’t pull myself back, either which they have the tyrant habit in spades and the fact they are not working anywhere near government buildings showed that the system was working, besides which Royals don’t play with the Tyrants habit save it’s an occasion where I am being punished for doing the right thing and I want the Politicians to kill me and take it over if they knew better. The pressure point here is that every time there are difficult matters like this, we find that Celebrities who want to top up their earnings are at the heart of it and I really do need to prepare to take the plunge of working hard on myself to ensure they didn’t get through to my thought processes while I spent time tackling their finances, regardless of what we have seen them make of Politicians such as Mr Trump who will likely do it because it is always fair to assume they are always getting after ones financial wellbeing and its therefore a waste of time to think about finding out what they got up to first of all.

It is the same process of my whole life’s work after years of civil rights insults being understood in terms of the idea that I am so troubled that there are people I cannot successful attack in a violent way, that I have hurt my tummy and will now lose everything, such that those who can attack me are always getting better off with a foolish media at my expense while those who don’t are always inventing abusive ideas, such that I am incapacitated with respect to chasing my own daily concerns all the time, blowing off the big liberalist mouth at me endlessly on media – this is what I am about to change this time.


I really hate it when that habit of engaging with Crowds to make a statement about what I should be doing, which continues to build and foster their stupidities with respect to the office space crimes of their civil rights gits and Muslim criminals – it is not that much of an issue as such, I have made my position clear on the matter when I speak of the fact they are now in control and must make the decisions on who gets to practice racism and who gets to get hurt by it now that they are, since they have always cared only about themselves and how to make a complete mess of people’s lives over their money problems but will never be seen addressing the world around them from their own rights instead of that of others, on account it broadens their stupid range and causes a lot of destruction from a safe and convenient distance. So I can always decide now they are in charge, they were starting to look like characters whom when it came to the business of a few suffering for the many they had more to give like they have made me over the racism issues and I can always decide which specific characters were set out as the ones that are used to do it as well but what they really need to note on this matter is the history of insults they have built here and the way that each time I pushed back I ended up under and they on top hence they were encouraged never to stop doing it naturally, so that it will show that I am able to take them on from any direction and in every way once their gimmicks about using my books as a means to secure my attention and push up my stress levels gives rise to an outcome where I got my hand on their jobs and careers as well, being that since I have not done it, I am being forced into this position where they are a threat and I had to get off Hermitage business to think of ways I can look upon them as one thing and have my other one thing to show for my part when it came to the way I wanted their finances to behave – it appears that according to history, this is likely the only time a handful of gits who gets off to make a lot of money in big USA market, then get elected into Government Office to handle me all the time because I dared to own what they didn’t, talking nonsense about respect, will ever allow me some space. It is occasions when facts like these have been brought to bear that we find they would like to be democrats instead of bugging me again as it were but it’s an old story about morons giving me more, as there is no way that it will end very badly. They claim I never point out the reasons they hate me because I am aware it will make me worse off to do so and its utter rubbish too, as the reasons are that the US Government does not leave them without pay or a pension when they join in on National service but we see their activities developing into some leadership the Democrats feel they must provide with respect to characters that US Military likes to think of as toys to play with because they are always fooling around with armed forces jobs and then others get roped into it and cannot understand why they ignored a career to hang around somewhere making sense of arguments about who paid the biggest prices with armed forces operatives all together – so we have reached that stage where their familiarity with my person and career and a need to handle my social life and public image, getting imagination up my anus is going to produce results where I got to lend them a lesson they will never forget for my part as well. They tell those lies they need to tell in order to win the elections all of the time and it’s the way that we get to absorb so much media nonsense that we think of their insults as something that allows us make sense of their successes, while they thought of their lies as that which entitled them to what we own but in my case it’s one of those where they said its true they are not a threat to me but never clear because we are not fundamentally expected to hang about a hermitage working out how we can see a meant to handle others for a power and advantage and set out processes that allow us to make full use of it but it is becoming a threat to others and I am being forced to act, when I am incapacitated and cannot chase my daily concerns if society idiots will not stop building abusive crowds to run me down, while the popularity and Celebrity bits will not stop making stupid statements about the way I want to attack them but cannot beat them, so I must now hang around somewhere hurting my tummy until I lost all I had – the entire time of which what really happens is that the fact I am black meant they were entitled to my career and all these nonsense show up through their foolish civil rights, where I have done the best work for it, to make a mess for me and seek out ways they could become better off doing so all the time – as I mentioned, it has left ideas on whom I want to pick on to suck up to the rich and will not take seriously that we are not mates and it needed to stop handling me.