I hear the Politicians say I am being allowed to get away with making a mess of everything and it is utter nonsense as well never mind the part where it becomes a question of whatever on earth they can do if I did; since it is impossible to work out how people get to treasure their financial well being and therefore love to pretend it is their right to have jobs and start their saving early and others do not matter thereof because as it were – I do not see how they treasure it with this level of obsession with ripping up my finances and academic work and it is the same with the Celebrities, they want to do it while I am stuck somewhere solving their stupid problems and want to be able to take up all my time by getting on media to secure my attention through very insolent ways of discussing the secret problems of men and women with me that will be so insolent and abusive that they will secure my attention every single time they do or do it for as long as it may be required to do so. I had mentioned before in any case that when I screw around people tend to suffer which gives me ideas on how to create the problems associated with what my Books does for people all over again in order to ensure they are definitely going to get sold but they want to be able to speak of punishments that should accompany a mess I make all of the time and I do wonder what it is they can do if I made a mess anyway. We are talking about getting around to my concerns and an idiot being sponsored by a politicians to turn up at it to do the girl and women version claiming she checked my skin colour and it matches her own and therefore I asked for it and that there is nothing I can do and that it is a function of the fact she treasures the ability to look after her financial well being of which the celebrities then become the ones that need their Politicians to travel overseas to bring the problems home as associated with people who share a skin colour with me, so that when I solve those problems because the pressure will force me to, they do the female versions to make their fame and fortune music CDs and can never ever leave me alone or listen to anything I say to them; especially now that the matter has developed into a reality where they will never be famous and what they want to do with the money they have made is force me to accept they are famous when they are not. So I really want to explore what their politicians can do if I make a mess as it were, should they continue to push the matter. It’s not that I am making a mess of Royal work, it’s the great old story of every fool that turns up here to chase me around with the secret problems of men and women and to get me stuck at the sex bit ending up seeing a female journalist do what she likes with their personal lives and communities and societies because I made it so and those of them that are men can always get what they want and there will be no problems as it were, especially if they get it around my concerns; the main case now is that I am getting after the difficult task of the fact that the journalists appearing on Media everyday should have kept up facts and figures on what needed to be said but because of the Politicians and celebrities even that is not enough, so I need a Royal Journal especially because the stupid celebrities and their Media idiots fools cannot stop taking pictures of themselves on the public life. It does not have to be s confrontational; if I am able to ensure celebrities do not turn up around my concerns to do the female version of all I do while ripping up my finances then it is okay, same with the Politicians making sure there is always a vile culture and society crowd at my door as they have saved up quite some money over the last decade being the only ones who have jobs as the function of government office is intrusion and familiarity and ripping up other peoples own, hence their stupid confidence is at its peak these days to filter through the secret problems of men and women and the getting stuck at filthy sex bit at me all of the time etc, etc. It’s just that the insult comes up and you have to ask where exactly they suppose they are meant to draw the line. Notwithstanding of which I will get away with it and they will not as it were and this is where we are heading for it too. I mean it’s all something they do to make up the deficit i.e. they may have brains but not health, health but not brains etc and nobody knows why I am such an attractive target for it anyway, above all of which is the twin question of how they are supposed to treasure their financial well being by ripping mine up on one hand and on the other hand of which of the question about where they think they want to draw the line; so that the Politicians can speak of a mess I have made and pretend they do not know why it has annoyed me so much. It’s their health and their problems and their financial well being and it means you are in trouble all the time and the US does not like you, of which the US does not handle my Books and if they do I am sure they like to boast about the Federal reserve being limitless when we actually know there is no such thing as limitless resource; so it’s all powers of disobedience for which they need to keep that money where their mouth is so I do not do their own again.

So it’s like the story of how he Conservatives should not have won the last general election and how the polls are to blame while the Media is actually scared and it will never make any sense; I mean the things people do like a Parliamentary Party that won elections which should not have in the first place; we are British, we know that when we get fed up then those who make us that way become wrong with every effort to prove themselves right and that even if the Labour Party was going to win elections, this behaviour can easily be a prove that they have been doing the right thing all along. I don’t think the matter is a problem it’s just that nobody has yet told these fools that there would be nothing wrong with a life of ripping up peoples finances and their own, in order to jump on a band wagon and find people to abuse on grounds of civil freedoms if they did it without me or without trying to make me a part of it – as long as they continue to, they will never be free of me and then they can stand up somewhere and sell nonsense on my public life to make fame, refuse to clear it and start a new media bully campaign that means they will now ensure that I being the last person to acknowledge they are famous am forced to, so that they might be. I have never thought it a problem either; just one of those expected situations that will lead to an outcome where they feel they are handling your business empire and public life and public image to tell you that if you tell them off there will be war and then you will count them out as idiots with health that does not allow them work and more so work for their money softening you up to spend yours because they think it is what being clever means, the parents as well whose entire lives are about getting out of bed every day to find young people with businesses they are unable to bank roll to take advantage of in order to get rich quick and then set out conventional ways of handling them which means that the economy will be on one side and they will be on the other and one of the two is going to beat down the other very seriously. As for the threats; they need to get off my public life and stop exasperating me for sensations of convenience which shows they know they can never be famous with the kind of background that they have, clear my space and public image; we all know my Books that were written to absorb all that publicity I never paid for so they can make money and avoid murdering people do not do them any favours and that they were written to let me sell the culture and society in order to find out what it is exactly they are going to fucking do as well. It is true that when the Politicians help them out financially and nothing exist thereafter which tells them damage is not competition, their confidence for their stupidities that costs others goes through the roof but sometimes based on the number of times I have shoved into the bosom of my female friends, I do get to decide I wish to find out what it is they can do as well; which is why I created a court where women can earn more than their husbands and dominate them while I cut up popular and celebrity culture to ensure they can get involved with me too; they do it all the time and so do I warn them all the time too – always having this need to run my life with gossips and insults that means they can get local boys to gang up on and beat me up if they wanted and  that it will teach me a lesson concerning what happens to men whose wives earn more than they do but when finished damage is still competition, which of course is the part that is no longer happening these days and I am clearly not the one complaining for it too. As long as the way they live their stupid lives involves me there will always be something wrong with it and a test of will at the end to determine who will do what the opponent wants. They do complain I have been allowed to get out of hand and bring an entire economic sector to a standstill but it is not an economic sector, it is a contraption put together to set out profitability of violence which never works as a trade prognosis but works when products are sold on my personal and public life and those who need to rip up my finances using involvement to ensure they are able to have an income – there would have been nothing wrong with the stupid way they live if they had left me alone and they do say there is nothing I can do of which in the first instance the fact they are stronger is the reason and it will end very well too but beyond that is simply that I do not want into their living rooms to tell them I checked my skin colour and it matches their own which warrants it and have told them enough times to get their stupid sensations of convenience for it instead; they are not famous, they can never be famous and will never be.

It’s the great old story about football people and community people and civil rights people and culture people and society people and male media fools and how they get out of bed every day to rip up my Book sales and then when they get to around 6.00pm which is the average time in which their foolishness must have completed its job, then finish off with tales of how I deserve it as per I sleep with peoples wives and we will either live in a world where those Books do not belong to them or one will be on one end while they will be on the other and one is going to beat down the other very seriously before it stops. So the part where they say my behaviour will create war is very understandable but if it winds me up I will set them a challenge for the next 24 hours so we can find out if one more occasion of handling anything that is an effect of me will end up in one – the same goes for me clinging to nobility I don’t have anymore which largely means killing off fat boy capitalism and their society nonsense will make my case better than talking to them to try and make them see they are incredibly stupid and therefore need me as it were. It’s one of those tales that can easily lead to a process where One goes underground and then there will be another existence he should have been more interested in but he is rather more interested in cutting up popular culture which by the time he has done so right up to the US, it will have been obvious he is not bereft of nobility and then his bottom will stop hurting too. It’s the fallout from the bit about not moving into my right hand that we are talking about at the moment – there will be new punishment for the fact celebrities have bums and breasts and I need to hand back their society and culture not sell it on first before I can do my academic work and run my Business yet again while they are at it never the less and that is where we are heading. They say most of the people who carry out activities I complain about are actually relatives of mine but of course it does nothing but show people like me to be invulnerable except to family feud – it’s the sort of conversation they enjoy of course and blowing off a big mouth at me will see me set them a 24 hour challenge on touching anything that constitutes an effect of me one more time; it is usually the point at which their stupid lives are built around having spent that my possessions on themselves anyway and poised to get away with it and I would like them to have it shut down too as it is ever so distracting.

Of course it is not lost in translation – the reality is that they want to threaten and bully and run my life with gossips that will ensure they can push me into a fight with community boys that can then gang up on me and teach me a lesson while they turn up with popular culture idiots to peddle my public life and they understand what I am saying to them as well when I remind them they are bigger and stronger and that it is their problems as it were and if they want a fight can get off and blow their big mouth in my face too – otherwise it should not be taking over when I am doing my accounts, taking over when I am reading or researching something, taking over when I am studying etc. They say this is not what people are saying to me as what they are saying is that they did not come through right when they were born and I will be turned into a woman and made to give birth to them all over again so they can have what they want, so we are in order here and I have told them to get their conveniences for their living rooms only as it were. What happens with these guys is that every stupid little girls they know out there wants to make an income with my Office and my work and this is something they must ensure happens so that they might have some good sex; so they come up with that story that I spend too much time among women when they do nothing but hurt me, which has no basis on reality since whenever their idiots get involved, they are edgy and twitchy and its shove and push and bite and hit with them – very negative idiots who sulk and suck and suck the life out of everything and kill every single item of happiness and so when it turns out there are female friends, I seem to be pushed into their bosom all the time so these fools can get on Media and punish me by ripping up my finances because I cannot stop touching peoples wives, which is what this is all about i.e. the 24 Hour challenge prognosis. So we hear about how things were done to control them in the past but this is not the past and grinding their economic  sector to a standstill the profitability of violence is by far not the worst than I can as it were and that is why I want to find out by selling up the culture and society and listening for any squeak from them in my direction that will ensure I beat them down so badly there is nothing they can, so that I might get a life from the Money on a daily basis as well – like they love to attack my Books because they feel that others are not aware that it is a Book written by somebody whose ratings go through the roof every time he co-operates with friendship. So it’s as though they are really determined to find out what I am like as well. It seems it all comes down to the tale of the Princess of York which has always been a matter of nothing happening when I am interested in whether or not a certain Mr Dave Clark wants to get married to me instead but each time I am out if it they are off to it again which is simply to cause me the most amount of distress; it’s nothing serious, just reality One is Female and has her own Royal Estate and the need to do a female version of mine is something she has been taken by as well but even then right up to the Queen, all have warned about how bad a Couple we would be and even on my Part God too, considering I am an Arch prince with access to Heaven too for that matter; the facts are just starting to filter through now as per a Royal that fancies the stupid women that get all over the Royal Aisles making trouble and getting off to seek out positions with the American Government in order to get rich quick; it turns out HRH does and is even getting married to an American for good measure – so it really has nothing to do with me and if One was asked would also have said every man at the Monarchy is stupid too. we do hear of the people with too much power and influence story but that is not what this is; this is the Christian that cannot protect himself on being more successful than they are in an Evil world by being a moral person teaching them a lesson because they will never ever understand what they make other people feel unless somebody did.


 I understand that other story of my vulnerability to those who have a history of abusing children has become really popular but I cannot make it out anyway since what really happens is that every fool that boasts about how I think it is drugs and gangs pushing me around in the neighbourhoods where they are making sure I am shut out and my Books never get sold whereas it is those who are bigger than me and can make me do what I want because I have no sense of respect for their stupid vanities; so nothing I say gets lost in translation like they claim, especially when I speak of them and their Media getting off the need to get angry frustrated poor and destitute neighbourhood boys to do the beating me up for them while they run stupid jobs of vandalism of Media and public transportation etc and those of them that are politicians join the business ones driving around insolent saloon cars by which they will beat up a Boy with a big mouth that has become their answer foe everything. It’s as though when they wear those suits to look like clever people and turn up on TV to secure the money that will facilitate the next fancy dress party in which a stripper will appear on my Royal Property and I reach the point where I tell them it will be an ultimatum of 24 hours and they can handle it again, they stop and then we see them start again by morning of the next day; it does not in any way mean that I am vulnerable to those who have a history of abusing children because I am a respectful Christian who is not a child and therefore not protected by the rules. We do hear them say they have now reached a point where nothing I do can affect what they want to do to or with me, when the reality is that they spend their money on popular culture idiots to help them start off the process of using my personality for entertainment and merchandising by ruining my finances and setting out I am Royalty and not eligible for civil rights, then pretend this behaviour is their civil rights as well all together and no such thing will therefore happen if I squeeze their profits on the global stage and the provocation continues until I squeeze them here at home and gain my access to the neighbourhoods to sell my Books in the process. The other popular story that the Politicians especially come up with is that I invent these reasons to attack them as it is clear nobody inquired of it; the reality however is that they are vile twisted evil tricky idiots who want to get involved with others knowing that the fact they never ever communicate with anybody in an honest way will likely make such a thing into a financial weapon and then we hear them claim it is the same trick by which I grab the Country from stronger and better people and keep it to myself, which has no basis on the reality that is that I have a history with evil and sometimes it does feel like I am living in Sodom and Gomorrah around here – it is not trick, if they want some of mine I will give it to them again as it were. I don’t know where this story of me being vulnerable to people with history of abusing children came from anyway but the only thing that they seem to be doing with their time these days is whack me over the head and try to blind me to what I am looking at, make me breathless by watching me and insulting me so intensely I can feel them putting hands over my nose which makes me breathless and making me lick shit and spit off the streets if I see any when their houses are nearby and all these things are to ensure that I am unable to gain any access to the neighbourhoods in order to sell books while the Bloody idiots do my stuff by claiming I am doing theirs – so the Media idiots just make it a National issue because these are their friends and they want to sell their own books and popular culture products in place of my work anyway and then we hear the challenge of what I am able to do about it, which always comes after they had failed to beat up and the neighbourhood boys did not do it for them either, seeking privileges of injustice from Politicians and never turning up to beat up like we hear them boast of everyday and the Politicians themselves being the cliques that always work together and are now ruling the Country but will not go into an office and do a job rather than pretend it can do whatever it likes with my property on account living in a society that is tolerable for all will become my main problem instead of them; which of course is not actually sustainable. It is obviously the prize and power of disobedience and like anybody else I would fancy them not doing anything which affects my concerns.

They do say my case with Media is not entirely clear, however which it seems never the less that I lose customers every single day and lose them all day long because the Media are showing I am vulnerable to sex abuse criminals and need to do something about it. So there is that tale that comes forth which says I am a paedophile whereas what happens is that they were always free to raise children that will be the future of a republican Britain and will turn up here to settle with politicians how my possessions will become their own when that dream is realised and when it is not take the path of popular culture to own it all together and then it will not end as badly as the one that has just ended. Just like the Media too where there is enough Media hatred for the world all together as it were; they want to make me do what they want but that means spreading lies and controversy and lots and lots of very violent gossip and when that is no longer effective resort to tackling my finances to get my attention – hard to locate the black idiots that ruffle your private parts because they have secured their own means to sensations of convenience from it, the point at which Media tackles your finances to get your attention because they want to make you do what they want; it is not a case I intend to end well all together for my part too. I am not as interested in Children by the way, they are only ever presentable when their parents make them, so handling them is as good as handling the parents; besides which you will need to speak playground language to ensure Children understand you are their equal and also leader of the pack who puts them in order, if you wanted to be a paedophile which of course I cannot and do not have the time for unless I want to speak to children that are mine. The politicians are however the ones who wreck my finances for them and then restore their finances which is the only thing we hear and see on Media these days – I don’t have a problem with it either – the bloody idiots said they were doing wealth inequality and have still not yet worked out how to secure the respect that they wanted so much because their brains are too empty to work out how to. The case of being beaten down of which never being true just like this other one about how the Media tells me what to do; in terms of being beaten down of which it’s the government working so hard to ensure I end up on benefits which will mean by confidence is knocked and I can get beaten which has no meaning or purpose; except they find it amusing and the Media tackles my finances because it will annoy me well enough to get my attention and make me pay attention to what they want me to do and to do thereof for them. The incivility is the one where they complain about how I strip their communities of power but have been complaining everyday for 14 years about that stupid power being all about them getting sensations of convenience from making my mind end up in one area while my activities are on another and my feelings are affecting them so they can become intolerant about it and so the audacity to handle a boy and making gestures of it with their hands is usually the last straw as it were and each time I decide the day I handle their communities as well, it is usually when they appear not have meant it; so I go from pushing them off moving into my right hand to dealing with that and losing my academic work in the process while it is amusing in Government Office. I do not think it is unusual; what happens is that they hate authority i.e. the difference between a Politician and a law maker, the difference between a law maker and a judge and when you exercise power and people start to be assured of your accountability and the legitimacy of the source of your authority then the war begins because they are pure evil – I hated their stupid children’s inability to respect my thinking space on account they claim they want one like it for themselves to bring about equality – the ones they do I have informed them in the past is off the scale. So that the story of what I have done to socialists comes down to this as well, so that they might stop saving up their energy to persecute me for having things they do not have or cannot share, claiming that they are wealth inequality champions and that they work so hard and earn so little and that is the problem the entire society has for good measure. They work so hard and earn so little they say, of which they can actually account for the work that they have done and can also account for how they earned the money they have earned too – spearing a thought for the fact they have clearly not been working on people instead of jobs for all their lives in the first place to begin with and are poor even so at this point because they are block heads; talking nonsense about a Christian that will never get the satisfaction of preventing evils that happened to him from happening to somebody else all day long for trappings of power. I mean if people are going to make use of other people’s property at least the person deserves a quality of living as it were; the idiots were going to find facts about how the economy works and their plan for recovery was the correct one and they were going to make it quick and secure it with government funds; I mean I know what I am capable of and it’s not the one where it is being used to serve the Nation yet when they play their stupid games. All I have done so far, distanced from calculating them and making them suffer the same percentage as inflicted on me, is just making them understand what their activities feel like on those they inflict it – yet it has already become a matter of power and violence as per behaving in that way is actually their civil right. It’s not a matter of my inability to get along with socialists; it’s a case of dinner time is three am for me and 7 am for him – study time is 6am for me and 10pm for him but at 6am he has an extra lifestyle that involves drinking and gambling and smoking and drugs all over the study area but later realises that it can constitute power if he checks his skin colour and it matches mine so as to justify his right to be seen anywhere I go hence involvement that he can use as a weapon; this background is history and permanent and there isn’t a Soul in the world that can be famous with one like it – they have been helped to money on my public life by their stupid politicians and need to clear my space.


So I should be sorted out when I had settled Equity for the British Aisles and Tourism, then set off to settle where HM Aide who is responsible for me is, and finished off with a statement of awareness of activities of Russian spies and American spies and German spies and Dutch spies and French spies and how all continue to complain but behave in ways that lead to the results they are complaining about; except that another with his own Royal Estate to pay attention to and girls that can do female versions of mine is off making a mess and so they do think that this whole case of the people in the neighbourhoods blocking me off from access so I never sell Books will not easily become the least of their worries too. As for the black people story and how I continue to set my work off through them; it’s somewhat temporary at present because I cannot stop the idiots ripping up my entre empire so as to cause me to fight racists without a job in a condition that will offer them sensations of convenience that will equal their white counterparts, I must do everything along with them, so that if I am no longer involved with them at some stage and beyond that point they continue to follow me around, then there will have to be a reckoning too; it has never once been the White Man’s fault around here over anything in the last 15 years and they have been black people looking for it really intensely for their part all together. Like the tale of economic downturn of recent at the markets where they will take my equities to another Country to get rich with if I refuse to allow them have what they want and the result was that Communist economies like China were the ones doing well since it was not like Russia but operated in much the same way i.e. Russia is a good market Communist Economy while China is more technologically and Fashion orientated and this was the advantage they had because these were the sectors that were doing well and  because what happens with communist economies is that people get educated and travel out to see the world, when manufacturers build anything it has to last for eternity literarily since they are certain of the number of people that will buy anything that needs to be manufactured, unlike high depreciation and high cost goods we have here in the west and the outcome of course was that when the idiots got off to mess about in China, China bought everything and the story has now ended – they are back again I suppose and market turmoil has followed them here again as they try to settle in which I guess is not going to end well too; just like my Books where the biggest sales problem is that people like it so much they want to keep it for themselves – so they have picked up certain passages and made such a controversy of it that it allows them to enforce market deterrence for the general population, now they will not buy their own copy if they can keep it all for themselves and you can never work out what it means – just like the Politicians like to get involved with me so people can finger my bum on account they will die if they don’t get what they want, then complain that people who are Loyal to me finger their own at parliament as well and that they will learn from what I have done to their society idiots to look after themselves as well which will never work as they appear not to have learned anything from Scottish independence besides which the Scottish Nationalists have lost a referendum but are still messing around and I have to provide people their stability so they can know what they are curetting at parliament and what they are defending at the MOD and what they are policing at the MET – so now Political idiots can replicate what I do to their fools to get by and continue their prize of disobedience if they want. A good point to start for me however which has already begun is the Media and the condition of them turning up to sit on my TV to extract extra income from my Books is that which I will end too. they do say I boast about achieving nothing of which I am quite proud of achieving a control of their rates of profit at the global stage for making sure I am unable to sell my Books because I had an Empire which I broke up to broker equities in order to do so which was obviously their business all together and the celebrities and trouble makers in the middle will spend all they have as well and then get killed and that will be the end. The Politicians like to pretend to be wise when the question of people liking my Books so much they want to keep others from buying it is raised; in the case of those who do it, it has no meaning or purpose, just something they do because they are suckling me in order to be reborn rather than get a job and be useful people and it is all indirectly being bankrolled by the government over excuses of freedom and civil rights that seems to pay off all the time because extremists exist – so they have helped them to make money on my public life but that is not enough and there is still trouble brewing and like to boast it has happened because I am being punished and hence need to keep it to themselves and run it along the lines of the body language and hand gestures as the day they blow their big mouth off about it and the condition of following me around so people can finger my bum, there will be trouble; I may have achieved nothing in their view but I am content with being able to determine their levels of profits from Eastern Europe to South America and we can do the Maths whenever they tell such tales too; in actual fact owning an Empire and breaking it up to broker equities and recover my funds through my Book sales is actually nobody else’s business – it’s become a reality that needs to be established. So the US Presidential Candidate Mr Donald Trump was asked Today by the British Media if he thinks what he says is rhetoric or actually fact or truth in his view and I get told here that the same is applicable to me too; but it will always be rhetoric for as long as somebody does not have something to complain about - never the less if I and my work were to be detached from Media and Politicians, light would be shed on what I do and who I really am and the problem associated with this would be that my Books will get distributed with less trouble to deal with and this is what People do not want to see happen until according to them they had taught me a lesson when my Royal Estate becomes their own; so it is still much the same reality i.e. they are not famous and it is clear there is not a world of reality or fantasy in which People like this can ever be famous; that background they have got is history and it is permanent too, no Soul with it can ever be famous.