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The general idea is that it has become more profitable for people to consult shrines that evil women keep for the purpose of collecting strengths and career prospects from younger people to accord them the respects of older people that know how to get linked to the cultures of the land; the prognosis is that if I were to spend a lot of time on a process of setting out a means of making sure that the idea of respect does not apply to Politics and business people, so that the workers of these evil cultures can then get to make their own interpretations about their lives which becomes a sub culture that can be handed over to somebody else, technically they were born into the world first and I will be financially worse off and therefore there would never have been a point to it – this is the most outstanding property and finances threat at present, not some economic conditions that have not been foreseen.

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What westerners say to HH with regards this particular aspect of his property apart from the fact he thinks he is a writer but they want to use that aspect of his life and career to have the things that women get from him-to make their homes beautiful. Hence he will never sell the books if he has stolen his way into publishing them-when he continues to refuse to be things like homosexual or a celebrity that gives them feeling of House by being famous in a way which suits them, is that he needs to talk about economic issues in Academic terms and One can see where they are coming from too.

The Problem with that is of course first of all that if he were their equal that would have been the way things would have worked and then the fact that if he did not own the Liabilities of Sterling it would have been the way things would have worked: i.e. live with whatever Political dispositions they have invented especially when they are stupid Democrats in The Unite States of America and then talk about economics in Academic terms on it.

As things currently stand this sort of and every such rubbish has no bearing towards reality. 


They say he shares the proceeds of commercials with advertisement industries and that is what brings on the problems. The only way on the other hand to sell a product being to set out what the product is and what the company that creates it is about and intended and everything needed to connect the product with the consumer, especially during a recession and more so if they have any scruples, not shave off 30% of the value of equities on the product attacking HH who was party to creating it with those he brokered equities with for no reason, making up lies as they go along to maintain certain feelings they are getting and peddling him like a whor with, which if narrowed down to the basics is a feeling of laziness. In One's view, business men lie a lot but media tycoons are in a league of their own and need to be curbed. Question being: Who is paying them for these damages they name advertisements these days anyway? 

The problem here is that HH's property is just there and so people must use it with content of character bred along the lines he exists as though he does not ; absolutely no chances of success whatsoever but they will never stop trying because first because they have other peoples products and the money people are paying them to advertise it with and then also because One's property is just there to see and then try such things with. 

It applies then that One will have some peace around here when Parliament or not, Mr A of Mr A and sons for example gives his son money to establish his own media organization to advertise products from his company with, until then, he does not believe the media will allow the shoots of economic recovery to survive or allow him some peace over their vandalism and plans to get rich. The recession can only be over when more and more people establish new enterprises, some of which will die off with the recovery and some of which will live on after the period of recovery.

With respect to Politicians and the process of grabbing things of which however there is nothing to say about, except that they always betray all that democracy holds to be important in order to make out somebody else's private property is public property, then tell the person, in this case HH, that they will recover democracy at a cost that he will pay for and just because their followers believe it, they must assume the owners of the properties have gotten used to it as well.
So bearing in mind they mention more things about beating him up than he does about beating them up, this is a fight they have the upper hand on with respect to violence, a following they have worked out before they decided to lumber him with, so they must now win it and put people out of their misery.

I do experience the suggestion a lot that there is much insecurity in the London Stock Exchange and market which creates unbearable losses for me bearing in mind the Liabilities of the currency are a property of my Royal Estate and Commission but the reason I rarely react to it is that only idiots will think that I will not be offended when they realise that having planned to ensure I pay up those liabilities of currency that is in my duty and required of me to pay in their name, so that they can get rich, realise nothing in the world works that way and proceed to vandalise my property at the stock market to make their sales, in order to as they put it, hold me to account for what I promised. It is a question of whether it is not the Liabilities of the currency that they need to loose that stupid contraption that they think everybody else believes is a Business? The rest who do destructive Equity sales businesses along these lines as well are simply getting to the point where they will understand in no uncertain terms that whatever business they have with any company has got nothing to do with any business that I or my people have with those companies and that it is a Liability of the British Sterling as well that I secure my people a fast means of looking after their finances at the bottom line. So that people can continue to think that those sort of things are funny as well, whenever it is an occasion when they wish to expend their own resources to do so. Further more, I fail to see how they help their cause when owning the liabilities of a currency means I do do what I promised them i will do, when the Politicians know that cost of what the British Sterling owes the Global Market is dispatched from my Office and managed at the Chancery.

Now it is suggested I interfere with other peoples businesses but that entirely depends since it is clear what I am likely to do, if the government is struggling with corruption and people dump it on my lap that I am their catalyst for higher things, then inform me as well that they intend to take up my stuff and do it for me too by making somebody else the catalyst as well, as inform me that it was a matter of the big boys sending me on errands as well. What I do is not just something I get up and do as such, the truth of it is that there is no such thing as money they got to stuff their personal accounts with when they knew it belongs to others and therefore the fact its all been blown away by the economic crisis that was created as a result; a recession is simply a condition where the forces of demand have an elasticity that takes such a long time to complete that it is impossible to quantify any real economic Policy with what the structures it has created comes up with, it does not mean that it does not complete its cycle in the end eventually anyway. So I am expecting to see that money back in the economy anyway, unless they have been tampering with the way the economy and more so the global economy itself works which is another story entirely. On a personal note, I have no idea how such a collection of monumental idiots could end up at the helm of the most powerful businesses in the world; to tell people to give up money and give up more money and then inform them it is not going to run out anyway, which is the sort of thing you see in class A drugs businesses and underground prostitution rackets etc. For my part it is a lot of work to get around gathering up peoples business operation to have a hold on their companies so I can break them up and sell the equities when they cause trouble like that and so I do wish they will use their ears and ensure the money they took out of the economy is back in it . I am perfectly aware the government did spend money on the economy but that is because if a loaf of bread is £10 and you check out social conditions and make £100, at some pint you will loose ten customers but it does not mean they will not need to buy loafs of bread.


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Current Publications. 


 The fears about protecting our stuff from the rest of the world now that so much has been exposed to the world, for assurance reasons, One will mention here is not a problem and more so a quantifiable one as such because British engineering has for example always been based on creating with stiff  materials but creating only what statements are being communicated as a statement. The Germans don’t do this as it will cause them all sorts of problems, neither do the French or the Americans or Japanese and these are the only four The UK has to be concerned about in the matter; all they can do is nibble the edges of what we are doing, which is what allies do, hence not an issue.

HH for his part has always thought that if he went into an elaborate process of dealing over and over and over again with the problem of those who like to find money from somewhere and use it to extract earnings from somebody else’s market place, he would build confidence, respect to which he thinks he has become pretty good at now, such that he can whenever he wants to.

The challenge is that The Economy as an entity just has to be a stronger body, leaders like HH have to be stronger for people as a Government and hold things together for them as a Country, otherwise it may fall apart and it has nothing to do with what the Monarchy is doing which is rather going perfectly but what Parliament has to do that it is not. And so the Conservatives will like to deal with problems faced in the East but the Liberal Democrats are causing a lot of trouble, hence they have now gotten themselves stuck at a place where as they have put it, "they have the best seats but none of the parachutes, hence they have to enjoy the ride to the destination, not try to blow up the Plane."

Which then brings us to the point of Conversations about how HH is responsible for grabbing lots of riches in Africa for white men, while those that do are still maintaining their records, as the people that can reduce others into haggard, rag wearing, City crevices scrounging, homeless, rough sleeping, smelly unkempt people because people are intellects that do not do their bidding and One has or had never did say it was over.

So here mentioned are the part of the Monarchy and the part of Parliament and now people want to know his part; which of course is his global intellectual space and the process of extracting an income from it, which is a game these vandals love to play. For them it does not matter if it is somebody’s property, it will be used anyway and they will stop the owners extracting an income from it if they want to or like and then keep them from getting any alternative jobs for beauties they might need, so that they cannot earn a living enough to shut it down and then keep the owners out of creating perceptions with their feelings which are now a part of the property to get rich; generally it does not matter if it is somebody else’s property, they will be and it will be used anyway.

Hence the imagination of going from argument to counter argument because of large people that will beat up those whose property they need and want them scared so they can say something and give off energies that can be used to get rich with with them at this point, which transpires on the academic front as something about how much money is enough money, when making things work is still impossible because of them and their access to media where they gain links to those who do not want to work for their profit at the market because they have somebody whose property they want to confiscate and peddle.




 Clearly white idiots always think that because they are obsessed with an idea of succeeding only by seeing One fail, he cannot indulge them vandalism of competitions as well, they also think he will be made to say all sorts of things to evil black people then never sell his books to any of the sides and have to suck up to those black people to make a living. This is never going to happen as he owns the Liabilities of Sterling and have spent his Intellectual property on it to Turn it into an Asset; it is there solely for the purpose of providing banks and financial institutions with the confidence to lend, as our Home Manufacturing sector is not as strong as most of our Rivals and any who touches it will see HH have a piece of their Hyde as well, especially when they come from Royal Corners-for the treachery of their secrete societies and practiced powers of hatred, by which they wear black frocks with my Boss the Queen and sit in the Most important Order of the Garter itself in the British Establishment, oppressing those that do their jobs with the use of culture, which makes them have such sense of ultimate self harming feelings they think they will bring One down with (these days of which it is all they ever do with their time; their cultural friends climbing the social ladder with One's property and helping their insolent children to self confidence with One's income and they think I am blind therefore do not know. It is them that do not know the currency of a country is a very expensive thing and expenses from Somebody else's Royal estate to turn its Liabilities into a working Asset is unfathomably costly - I must mention as such that these days it appears that those who wandered off to this route have now given them up quite but I am now left with the burden of vigilance never the less). HH is the Golden King too and this is the most expensive item of my Royal Estate (I mean the only one expense One can mention here is that of providing for the cost of the time frame for small business economic cycle, which is always longer than that of big businesses, in order to encourage Banks to Lend to them-this itself is obviously incredibly expensive), not the plaything of any old idiot.



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