The claim that my social disposition was getting worse is utter nonsense naturally, leaving me to wonder what social disposition it was supposed to have been that was getting worse, just as much as I have issued the warnings, that once it had successfully established that stupid profile it built for me, to suggest similarity with the social activities of criminals and ex-convicts, I will be at war with their stupidities – otherwise it has been a 20 year career mess due to the activities of people whose stupidities were impossible to fathom, selling their gimmicks to idiots on Media and government buildings. None is asking them to get involved with security services and nobody is asking them to make the rest of the public get involved with it either, I am a fan of the insults the last time we checked, and we are now living in an environment where some people at the law and order services were thinking I had set out what is the best stage for catching them the slippery gimmicks. It does go on to claim that according to evidence it possessed, I am homosexual – I could never understand whether it was the pain of having to wait for me to sort out my finances before I got friendly with their male population gimmicks or that it possessed empirical evidence that I am homosexual. It is only a sociopath whom I do not want to see get involved with my career and personal affairs naturally, I need to make it as expensive for their stupidities, as the Law does allow me to make it considering current costs to my academic pursuits and career, that their stupidities were getting involved from a safe distance. It speaks of this underlying public problems naturally of which there was only the one problem of getting off the instances where people were degree qualified when it wants to make public statements about the state of professions, right down to people who possessed technical certificates, to indulge me gimmicks where people were more exposed to crime and anti-social behaviour because the work market had been closed off to them, shooting off its dirty mouth towards an Arch Prince over sexuality. I do not consider it a crisis either, my qualifications are at their lowest because it follows me everywhere to finger my bum with an atmosphere of violent lasciviousness that its community of quasi criminals had built with ideas about how to use my personal space to make money with crowd mentality but it does not want me to make a career from the way that their stupidities showed up here to take up my time, never mind that in terms of impressing them with how much I could learn at school, the boast had sailed and what I now do with my academic qualifications or the lack of it was none of their business. This is typically the kind of instances where we could say that the next time a government office prick continues its need to abuse my privacy from a safe distance, talking nonsense about how a bunch of twats have been fighting communist on my behalf, it will be the beginning of an entirely new story on this matter – it has been a 20 year career mess, the idiots need to stop stifling a Bookshop, cease spreading themselves all over my social profile and personal life like a bunch of poofs ending in conversations about my sexuality, fool around somewhere else and basically get lost if they were complaining. Normal people stood up for the self without having need of Royal publicity and politicians hospitality, in the understanding the police service was a government service department created to enforce the law, I will not tolerate these male feminist twats hurling insults at me with a community designed to finger my bum without consequences, if the government office pricks and famous fools wish to keep stripping me of everything that allowed me to smell nice.

The blackmail gimmicks never stop naturally, not just a need to ensure that a career does not mean anything to anybody no matter what the owner did with it because they wanted to make use of it whilst their wallets were placed at a safe distance, as per market rules and sensibility, building up to the idea I am a threat to the Political system when I said such things as said above – reality of course is that it seemed the purpose of the 20 year career mess I have suffered was to create a series of circumstances in which I was unable to hide areas of my career that they had taken a liking to, in a condition where their media narcissism would be exceedingly profitable over it, if the Nazis could have done it, they would have and so we are left wondering where the Liberals get the extremist ideas from. I could never tell how it is that we were stuck with home wreckers whilst they hated the response people provided for homewreckers but have no clue what to do with home wreckers, save the part where we kept away from Media if we had business with government and denied them resources where and when we could. They raise the point that I have been the best hand on the matter whilst we know they have been suggesting every day, that I was too much of a coward to fight the communists on my own, hence the Celebrities did it because I had organised my personality which they got addicted to, my concerns with businesses being set out in such a way that I vouched for overseas investment, so nobody got to look like they were investing in the UK for the first time ever and got to do it all my themselves, opened up to media narcissism and famous idiots for the wrong reasons daily, despite having developed it in a manner that was publicly shown to have caused them to run errands for me each time they handled my affairs or made a mess for me, to widespread general public and leadership cheers, create a national crisis and dump it on me whilst the 20 year career mess continued to push me into situation where I ended up revealing areas of my career I would rather keep secret to make it work, for their media narcissism. It would use big words like assassination that happened to a government operative when it all goes badly wrong but currently it seems I have been in prison for 20 years because a other peoples stupid children liked the look of my career from government buildings, talking nonsense at me about the obviously proven cowardice on my part, that was worked by poofs who spread themselves all over my social profile and personal life to get rich.

The suggestion is that I thought I was counted among the rich and famous but am really not – it needs to stop getting poorer people to steal from me, teaching its stupid children to walk around the streets making the most of its abusive nonsense, communicating all sorts of rubbish they have been shown on ways that majority of the law was about property, needs to stop interfering as when I had established a partnership with people, done something for them free of charge, they are meant to engage with the Books. In this we shall soon get the opportunity to find out what it is exactly that they have got, which I cannot account for better than their stupidities can, stealing my Assets every day to have conversations via a media narcissism of what their stupidities thought the rich and famous looked like, since they considered themselves to be counted among. The claim this was an inability to get along with the less privileged is utter nonsense naturally as we know they are always corrupting structures that performed tasks we are well aware of for those of us that are engaged with government – the question of the prospect that somebody who suffers an eating disorder because of their immediate environment and therefore has been unable to keep a job, losing their lives because they lost the job, around 2 week before winter took hold; so there is the bottom chasing at Government to intimate people to the fact some decisions we think has no obscurity effects actually did produce the obscurity effects, it should not be corrupted by idiots getting rich and famous, running me down on the streets because they were unable to stand up for themselves when they had no male feminism, royal publicity and politicians hospitality to cover their backsides with, considering those matters are set out to ensure those engaged with Government can get on with their lives after service, whilst the male feminism is supposed to have been the part where they dominated the female society over sex – cannot keep its imagination out of my pants and has stalled my Bookshop for half a decade so far, running off its mouth about ideas that I am a coward. It appears to these idiots the democracy that worked like clockwork so they could screw with it all the time, was an easy job. It does not decide what anybody gets to do around here with its Muslim and Asian insolence it claims makes it poof stupidities a real man, the whites on the other hand were another story about the favourite insults that put them in charge of my affairs until when I allowed them have their way and had to explain it to the head of state or I took the necessary actions, ultimately when I get my hands on the stupid show business it will make sense of what I meant when I advised it about having had enough time to stop screwing with me and a need for the media narcissism to be shut down. They do claim they could never tell where I stood, whether I was on the side of the upper class or the lower class – I could never tell myself anyway, all I know is that one idiot that had lost its mind is hard wired to get involved with my personal space when getting killed by racists was no longer my fault because its stupidity had found a better alternative and when it was done getting imagination into people’s panties, believed that my public profile should cover its backside lest it gets stabbed and beaten up on the streets – the other wants to grab people’s property and make out it was all about me in order to get away with it, a conversation on the idea I thought I was counted among the rich and famous but am really not, these are not the ways to make a living – those who work for others do something associated with a process that made money and those who earned the money shared a fraction of the income with them for their upkeep, those who worked for themselves established a partnership with people who shared the income with them for more partnership because the partnership was making their lives easier. This was it for my 20 year career mess – either somebody is paid for doing something for another person who has their daily concerns made easy by such activities or somebody is paid because they did something with somebody in the course of making a living and a fraction of the income was shared – this is how human beings made a living and I am drowning in the insults, likely to be driven to a point where I got to show some scum how stupid they really were physically. It loves to make up those stupid stories about problems and the ways I always selected the most privileged method of getting around it, we also know it has not explained if there was truth to the sense they enjoyed picking up my career publicity for something they had contrived because there was fact to the idea that they were supposed to if they were real men living in well off neighbourhoods, just as none asked them a question here about whether I counted myself among the wealthy and famous whilst I am really not. I have been told before that I did not tackle this nonsense like the problem it was but there are no issues to tackle really, they simply had to devise short cuts to making money because they were always rude, when they faced a problem associated with being rude, they wanted something that will offer them the chance to be both rude which they think is powerful and able to get around with people who possessed spending power, thereby have it all – there will always be people that they could take advantage of from time to time and one must be able to decide how the money they made got around the general economy, the risk being that something worse than the person to whom it applied such as myself may end up making such a decision or a series of such a decision instead – the sole reasons we faced complications on the matter were the actions of famous idiots who have not yet taken on the message that they have had enough time to stop screwing with me for their part in the matter, we can see that there was no way to tell people we were working on government associated with their 18 to 65 affairs considering the delay without trashing the famous finances, in fact doing so is therapeutic enough to let a 65 year old do another 10 years in the work environment if he or she needed to, we can also see that the reasons their stupidities burn my crime control publicity and stall my Bookshop for decades is that the way I do the work was exhilarating and my response to the vandalism was amusing, we can also imagine that their local government office narcissism friends will have heard their stupidities lip flap at me about the ways that these sorts of nonsense was about power, just in case I wanted to see what they were made of, in terms of the older always getting all over my social profile and public image to invent ways of abusing me in sexual context and the younger, no matter how younger than me, are usually more British than I am. What I have said solves the problem well enough as we can see – I am not discussing the part the Celebrities play in this nonsense often anymore I suppose, because at the back of my mind, I am beginning to reach a resolve on it too i.e. the public control work does not cause me any issues, only the Celebrity harassment causing health scares, so that they may share the public control work and use it to attend areas of town they were previously too afraid to go, getting violent. They do claim I had no defence against them like I have mentioned what their local government office narcissist should have been aware of with respect to their interest in me by now, the situation being a  government duty to facilitate public 18 to 65 affairs, now I must work the delay that was caused through practical jokes, which made people even sicker than they would have been when they looked back at their history with the tax man, so we have arrived at crisis point on the basis of their need to tear up my crime control publicity because the way I worked was exhilarating, peddling all sorts of nonsense about ways that civil rights and inequality was a pretext for stealing, since it needed to talk for a living and I needed it to cease stalling my Bookshop talking nonsense when there are areas of my work I needed to keep under wraps and they considered it an aspect of my profile which allowed them to obtain money from US security services, telling tall tales, it is going to be explosive but I dared not tell them it would be because I need to get away with it. Here the point raised was the question of who suffered the most and I suppose it was the clown that played to every whim that Celebrities had in mind at the US security services, they were the people bankrolling this nonsense – I was worried about famous gits who have never made a single decision in their lives in terms of what they did with their careers as a reference to what the prison services did, taking advantage of me personally, they have since made such a mess of what I thought was worthy to do for myself, that they were being taken advantage of by the famous on a global scale, it is as if when the famous are having them, they gave and just kept giving.


I actually do not have difficulty with keeping secrets as suggested, I could never tell which secrets I am meant to keep – the reasons I talk the way I do is to ensure society gits were stuffed with information they needed to nose around peoples personal finances for all the wrong reasons imaginable and end up with several jobs at a time or the mentality of it, they always had their freedom to trash my career publicity and create their campaigns to get rich quick of claims I am the problem and the society gits were good people, save the part where they have not figured out what they wanted to do with it, then ask me to keep their stupid secrets. The fundamental problem is that either a version of me that I created or a version of me that somebody else created is facing the consequences for personal decisions they have made – I have been clear about the top end being that they successfully changed narratives and I am not myself anymore, at which point I will be at war with them but mostly it was clear they would stop at nothing if somebody else was paying the price for their decisions and corruption, getting crueller and crueller. It is the residual state of government, administrative matters never change and always go back to what they were regardless of what had been done about it: it is a simple matter of that stupid profile built for me to match the social activities of criminals and the ways they used it to ensure I was paying the price for their corruption and decisions at the Monarchy i.e. what I mean when I say that should they change narratives and make it the real me, I will do something they least expected, utter stupid individuals and were rather keen to say that culturally, they got to decide that I faced consequences for describing them as a bunch of idiots. In the end people have said that it is the disgusting Libra – Scorpio alliance but it is and I need to ensure that before it was discussed publicly and widespread, I had gotten better at punishing the famous for it – I mean apart from other factors, fundamentally I am supposed to be out there exploring which Leos, Aquarians and Geminis were compatible with me, to settle down in a family, I am now stuck with low level qualifications in an environment where people abused me with their history of criminal activity to make money, the reason being that my response to instances where people did that was so exhilarating that the famous put time and resources to making sure I had to do it repeatedly, implying we were all better off when it stopped painfully. The idea is that there was no way I could make happen such a thing which is utter nonsense as it had nothing to do with me but I am simply keeping it to help me run a Bookshop, such that I will soon use it as a tool to decide how abuses that ensured anything that made me feel superior enough to measure up to the famous was eliminated, in terms of getting them to stand up for themselves without picking up Royal publicity and politicians hospitality, at which stage for the insults I will want to see what exactly they were made of. Apparently everybody involved in this mess is now completely miffed about their so called nice people who were willing to take a chance for money whilst I am part of the problem: they had since taken up security service work on my social profile, so that it may become more complicated when I am required to do it, despite steps that security service leadership had taken to ensure what I did never fell into their hands of that of the enemy, we are not doing Police brutality for these sorts of nonsense and ways they read peoples birth signs to get it all over the place as well anymore, especially when it involved their need to investigate the Police until they committed their own crimes and blamed it on the system, a mini war had broken out from the way we were doing both worlds, I wanted them to make comments about their own careers, read a Book when they show up near my Bookshop and do more security service work as I seem unable to get enough of their service. It is never true that I had lost everything I have either, just some incredibly stupid people who were so stupid that their involvement with other people’s affairs would be stupid enough to create an outcome where other people did not wish to get involved as well, where my Bookshop is concerned, that meant loss of footfall and a problem with my finances – the Politicians will be the ones that keep using the blackmail gained from the fact that if I did attack them directly for financial reasons, then I would clash with the society of male population who were uncomfortable with my kind of success that actually had nothing to do with them, at which point their stupidities will have become communal and organised and I will have smashed their Political system because it got on my nerves. I do not think it is a crisis, simple fact that if keeping their financial wellbeing made them bullies, indication is that it was incredibly important for people to keep the financial wellbeing and alpha channelling nonsense where it reads my astrological sign, interferes with my academic pursuits and ensures a bunch of fools got involved with my personal space and social profile on the basis of their criminal history will not do. They always bring up this point about the provocative thing that people said at the Monarchy but nothing provocative has ever been said, aside from action people take according to the rules – I mean when they are asked if they need to extract money from structures I developed to settle my personal financial matters because they considered themselves Royalty, it is not a question that should provoke anybody, it is rather an indication that contrary to the gimmicks we listened to on media every day, I was well provided for. It continues drowning me in the insolence, like since the time we were teens and it needed to screw with everybody’s affairs on grounds it’s had to do what people were doing as well, so there was always intervention from a higher authority to help people get along with its stupidities, still the same and needs to stop getting on my nerves especially when fucking famous for it. The Politicians on the other hand can continue showing up here to trash my finances and give them a leg up, then hang about threatening me, they will invent big words to describe my response later when I felt I had to defend myself in some way. It does come with the territory with respect to my position but there is nothing wrong with my Office, just an abusive need they had to build an atmosphere of violent gossiping around me, that people can take part in for crowd mentality behaviour at my expense but the Celebrities that help them build it complained about living with a career that was vulnerable to it more than other people’s careers were, likewise same as I am expected to respect to their inability to keep imagination off my body bits but such abuses are usually the most effective in the hands of those who wish to burn the stupid popularity culture that gets in my face on the streets. Normal people would think that when I mentioned these gimmicks had nothing to do with me and I was keeping it to help me run a Bookshop, that I must have issued a warning. Your bum hurts and you are never allowed to smell nice because I am an idiot who is passionate about being like the Celebrities, always more effective when I had decided their bum should hurt and they should not be allowed to smell nice because I thought that popularity culture was a bad thing i.e. when the point is raised that I should have expected these matters in my position, most of their spiritual wickedness operates in this manner; there are now two main options for me i.e. to secure a restraining order or to attack their finances too, especially with respect to the famous.

I am asked if I had any ideas about how these activities could be prevented from repeating themselves but especially with respect to my person according to the way the point was raised, there is the same usual problem – that these goons were antisocial because they had no money and now they had got money we know their neighbourhoods are full of so called narcissistic alpha mentality channelling, its antisemitism insults and of course the need to read my astrological sign and express so much of their stupidities around my livelihood that it shut down because others were too afraid to get involved with it, since we do not know what the exact motivation is, we tend to assume it was communicating its gimmicks, of the type that will cause the state to make a decision that some people were better existing as memories only. They have since declared themselves, that people tended to ignore how seriously they ought to take the claim and facts behind it, that I am the cause of a lot of suffering and death in the world but I have no idea what has also convinced them that I am unaware of this anyway – we know they enjoyed nothing better than to ensure they hijacked an Arch Prince’s schedule to create results where I needed money and so each time I earned it, people were able to organise a society that subverted my access to what I worked for and got other people entitled to it, over claims that poorer people deserved the financial wellbeing more than I did. They have always been aware of the risk of clashes between government and society over such behaviour and how tirelessly I have worked to ensure that I was not the cause of such administrative outcomes – instead whilst my work was fit for purpose, media and celebrity narcissism had built them a viable bubble in which they can perform it unrestricted. It needs to stop stifling my Bookshop or take it that I am likely to pursue the other part where each time people employed them in a company, they spent their time at the Industrial Offices ripping up my property – much as I am willing to do any work that their willingness to make a mess for me had created, it needs to beware what I might do as well, if I get my hands on its career and finances. So generally, this matter is not a crisis and I have had it under control, such that the two main blocs that facilitated it had since emerged one side being the Celebrities and the other being the society gits, I could never tell the exact point where they decided to stop fighting others and took on to banding together to attack me instead. Here the politicians point out that it is part of a greater international problem, but it has always been – one side is criminal, the other was clever criminal that did not like the way the main criminal did crime, the G7 Nations were their main target – so people have died they say and factual probability was that I am completely oblivious. The Celebrity part was mainly a business of working equity with entertainment industry, only for them to get involved like they always believed they were entitled to anything they saw, from then, I was to be blamed for any eventuality in which they found themselves throwing Hollywood money at International criminals, whilst it has been by year date 2023, 6 years since I had made my position publicly clear, as per whatever it is I had doing with them was finished, hence I suppose the problem is that they were still showing up to feel abusively entitled to something. It needs to stop stifling my Bookshop finances and keep its media people leadership comments restricted to its career or I will do it for them; it is the residual problem, the clash between the famous and government operatives that worked as mystery which never went away and none could explain – the poofs will show up here to rip up my career and finances, claiming I did something to control their activities and will not heed the warning that when it had brainwashed its stupidities into a person that should move into my right hand, I will fuck their stupidities over again properly for my part as it were, the Media will not keep its hands to itself and I am sore all over, talking nonsense about the ways people say it enjoyed making a mess of security service work and should face the social consequences was also applicable to me because I was more cowardly than they were, looking for instances where I will likely way lay it on the streets, bin bag its face and beat it up so it could never tell the Police, both will then get together to become the cultural youth characters that decided what became of my Office in terms of the idea I am supposed to do something that got me into trouble with the Law, to show I deserved what I owned and were convinced their own stupid reality looked like that – so when it claims I started first, it should remember what started it first was the University drop out Prince, considering it was important to get the work done, that was of a need to control what they did between their neighbourhoods and the city centre to ensure poorer people experienced a difficult existence, for my part which their interest in me was originally about making money and they were not living on food banks at this stage to say the least. Hence the other git at the US security services has been the people suffering the most from their activities due to the fact they were the same bankrolling it – it rather liked to claim I loved to seek out big trouble but could not even stand up for myself on the streets, whereas I was doing well with my intellectual property administration where these fools rip up peoples careers, to build a community that absorbed the market which made it functional and employ criminals to help them keep the jobs before the US security services gits got involved – started a mini war because I was concerned about the way that these goons had not made a single decision in their lives about where their careers where located in terms of the work the prison services did, taking advantage of me, now they were bank rolling it on a global stage getting licked because they had no control.

They do claim I liked to mention people making decisions about what the prison service did with reference to their careers and it could be promiscuous but it is not – it claims that it does what it does to hurt others because it was unaware of what the law is, there is no doubt then that it had heard about the prison services and what that did. Otherwise, we hope it will again end up in a scenario where its future was decided on the basis of what evidence suggested a reasonable person would have done. I mean the need to say that somebody was bigger than I am and such a person needed to get in league with some criminal feminists who took an interest in my social life and career whilst they provided the muscle, the outcome of which was all my fault if I got them licking their own wounds instead, never mind ways that state provided security provoked them when it talked rather than act – there is also the need to say that it can do whatever it liked with my person and all I could do is start a fight which it would counterfeit, win and keep it that way forever, assuming that I would walk into the social conditions in which it had tried and tested its ability to attack others in the past and therefore made it a reference point, in broad day light – then there was the media and the way that attacking me was the method by which I was tied down and made to do something for them and it was all legitimate, provoked by what state provided security said, making public leadership statements over my Bookshop to stifle my finances and claim it was all my fault. The behaviour towards my career is currently the amusing part of all this, including the need to pick up my career publicity for a different purpose and to claim what I told people I did for a living was just mention of a career that will make them take more risks with themselves because somebody wanted to attack me on the streets, when I do get my hands on their career, we know they will need to enlist the Politicians to assist with the fact I had designated the stupid society they claimed was their civil right a threat and was determined to live in a world where those that can beat up will never shut up and those that cannot will hurt themselves everyday whilst those that were in the middle could have a go whenever they were insane enough, where it is then said that I belonged on the left. I actually don’t, I simply have no idea why they got people thinking that if they did not want hurting bottoms because I spent so much time with Celebrities that the environment where Celebrities had unfettered access was the one in which I made Royal office cultural decisions that prioritised the interests of very young people – I am neither on the left or on the right, just a hermit running a Bookshop and it needs to stop stifling my finances over claims it was all my fault as there is now ample evidence that if it was, we still had a problem in the sense I am not doing what I am doing on their own schedule, taking a stupid interest in me like it would love to tell me what its bank pin was, with a big mouth. They do claim it is not the best outlook for a business mind but it certainly is; I am sacrificing somebody who knew what to do with Industrial offices for gimmicks they wanted to perform by being other people’s left hand side and right hand side person, so it should be left to those who were willing to tolerate it, if I am unwilling to – my reasons are that it sleep walks people and even whole countries into local and international poverty, since there is so much dishonesty with respect to commodity that we ended up with the two outcomes where people did not know which financial services to sell and those who were sold financial services did not know what their packages did for them, because an idiot was running off gimmicks he believed made sense of some stupidity it claimed was a product of its alliance with a German influence and effected progress in the direction of wealth and social inequality matters, loved to play with people’s feelings apparently. So it may not have known what the law was as to set about obeying it, but it knows what the prison services does – I mean it has been a 20 year career mess with famous idiots having since built a media narcissism by which to keep me from preventing a need to say that handling my work, career and public profile felt so good that as famous fools they were entitled to handle it and make public galvanisation comments on it which wrecks the finances, so lets just sit out the outcome as there is currently no way to stop them amicably. The idea I never had a chance is utter nonsense naturally as all they had was a business of getting employment with companies, to hang about ripping up my assets with industrial offices as a weapon whenever the companies had business with me, added to a need they had to make public galvanising statements over my career and public profile because it felt good and they were entitled. It is the same as people worried I have never put to bed the issue of managing the threat they posed to me which is not the case – managing it would be a matter of saying that their bottom hurts for which I am being punished, because they tore up my crime control publicity, to provide entertainment that people were to consume in the homes and set about being so entitled, they would dump the problem on me and get me to fix it for the furtherance of their careers too, now they are in a position where it had backfired and they had to get violent to access anything they needed to manage public control matters the way I did, especially when they wanted to get into areas of town they were previously afraid to attend, claiming that my main problem was that I wanted what they owned and needed to be nice about it, whereas since last I started wanting what they owned in 2013, it has been 9 years of losing minimum wage savings every month, such that what I have now lost is enough to ring fence my self-confidence where wanting what they had was concerned and the abuses which make it this way, considering it is something I was supposed to do between 18 and 24 but doing it now is both not their business, just as much as I am not a novice, is setting the stage for it to end badly.

It is never true I am the one bothering them, they could always stop picking up my career publicity and social profile for gimmicks which only purpose was to galvanise the public towards their ego but trashes my finances and becomes a reason I should wake up to nauseating financial complications everyday but they would not, so we have now arrived at a stage where I need to pick up the business of people saying they want t commit 100 crimes against me and only needed 0.5% to get to me in order to change how the mob thought it ought to get involved with my affairs, since I am not allowed to smell nice because of it, as a tool for acting on the insults of the famous. Their appetite for nepotism is incredible, so far, I have done good work on the business of Politicians making the process of meeting with big and international businesses an opportunity to line their pockets and seek opportunities for their families, also made the work itself incredibly attractive.


The general suggestion is that this is all a problem associated with an ability to let go of being the centre of attention, when interest had moved onto younger persons – reality of course is that like the University fiasco in which they paid the fees, being the centre of attention was devised in a way that trashed my finances, so when I am detached from it, their position would make the most of abusive activities being channelled at me, coming into being with some sort of financial and market incentive attached, hence the usual business of listening to people talk at show business like they were in need of assistance from a priest and the priest had to be skilled in exorcism. So, the effect is that I continued to wonder what was ripping up my finances until I investigated and discovered of recent history, that the famous were responsible, garnished with their local government gits who enjoyed ripping up my Bookshop to work me for homelessness because they got to find out how difficult and expensive the career was to build and maintain, having paid the social security. They do claim it is my responsibility and it is not in any way, they wanted to stop me from defending myself against quasi criminals and eventually succeeded; the quasi criminals have built a history of increasingly being cruel to people and they need to stop trashing my career, I will do something about that history when I see fit, just as my career schedule was none of their business, it is me, all me, all about me and the clowning around endlessly at my expense is restricted thereof, their problem is that I am not mates with their famous gits who thought they were more important and they do not have as much control of the problems despite a need to trash my finances and run me down all the time, as I have got. I mean its whole quasi criminal career would be in a worse state than mine, if I took the risk to finger its bum and grab its penis all the time because I was worried about my situation and needed to draw narcissist succour, whilst I told issues and threatened victims, ruining lives to keep my gimmicks going, because it was entirely developed on a need to get in my face and make stupid statements about wanting to be like Celebrities – we understand how little power a bunch of guys on the ground trying to enforce government directives would have had, if I did not perform public control work that ensured that the conditions could be created to make it give way for people to do well at academic pursuits and career, right up to governmental administration, so it is not clear why my Bookshop is being damaged and why I am being worked for homelessness by those who did it – what is clear as far as I am concerned, is that I punished their interest in me that created the University fiasco the first time around and the famous built them a media presence for reach, so they now think they are doing the right thing whilst I was doing the wrong, to start all over again whilst the famous goaded me into a health scare to make me do something that got me into trouble with the law because they wanted to make me acknowledge they were important – so I need the Hyde of the famous at this stage, when finished, should I find the twats were still around, the punishment will involve the fact they were not paying the bills and there will be another story. There is concern raised that their thought processes were difficult to ascertain but they are not at all – they simply think they are better than everybody else, the risk of that becoming a problem was their need to graft themselves into other people’s business, none tells them what to do, none corrects them on anything and people are not supposed to decide what the law was, at the same time, it shows up on your affairs, does not take instruction, does not accept correction, brings it to a dead stop and you cannot get rid of its stupidities. So in terms of Police work, leadership is waiting for the extremist that also got involved with the service to exhibit attitude issues and then put the two in the same environment to solve a problem; they link it to me all the time, claiming that my personality was the cause of the problem as per if they could have used it to get paid for being popular, the problem would not have occurred, yet I have allowed them get paid for being popular with it and my Bookshop had stalled whilst their local council narcissist got to work me for homelessness because they paid social security, investigating law enforcement until they committed their own crimes, then set about supporting the criminals whilst reading my astrological sign for social gimmicks where they allied themselves to astrological signs that were more dangerous than mine, will not shut down the media narcissism if it was complaining both about my responses and any Police brutality – utter scum naturally, needed to pick up my career and do something else with it that I did not intend, talking nonsense about ways I did not wish to give up being centre of attention if interest had moved to younger persons whilst it controlled nothing in this place and I am obviously not the one cutting the corners at public policy, to hang about paying the price the way I currently did.

They do boast that my problems were only beginning – I could never tell if it was my problems beginning anyway: they are supposed to show up here to get stuffed with information they actually needed, so that each time they tried to saddle me with media narcissism, they ended up with two jobs, I had already ended up with two jobs because of their interest in me, so if I lost the one that paid my bills, they were meant to lose the one that paid their own, to solve this problem, not clear the part that the famous were playing in the matter altogether, what we do know about the role of the famous being that their actions were making me ill, if I speak of myself – not the sort of illness I can patch up, no, it goes straight to the organs and becomes something these idiots can build a history to play on like my deterrence methods and to serve themselves a counter measure for it. So it seems that the famous do not stop lest their ego was dented, this whole famous persons harassment gimmick, until they really had to, no idea why they were asking me the questions about it. It does lip flap those stupidities where it claims that I am the one being disrespectful, when I begin to think about its famous insults being the reasons people showed up to experiment on me with crime, I want it to hand back my network as I am unable to get people involved and therefore none engaged with the Books, like an incredibly stupid thing that only the famous could achieve. They speak of mystery behind the way the whole clash with the famous thing came about and it is only the story of a group of people who never stopped handling my affairs in such a way that every day was concluded by methods of things done in such a manner that they were shown to be superior to me – eventually it culminated in a process of passing my career to the boys from the streets over stupidities associated with people getting into trouble with the law to show they deserved what they already owned, my history with the boys from the streets being that I dropped out of University and punished their whole communities for it as well, hence it kicked off, needs to stop getting on my nerves talking nonsense and shut down the media narcissism, as it is the source of all our well-dressed hoodlum harassment problems. There is the question of the boys from the streets as well and we are talking about a bunch of gits so abusive, they had immersed themselves well in the immoral society gimmicks and did not feel sick to the stomach for the way it made a mess of peoples career and wasted time anymore and then they became bold enough to pick up my career publicity for whatever it is they wanted to do, such that each engagement with clients and brokers came with outcomes that real poofs had done it over what they wanted yet again. It still comes down to the main problem, that they had gained access to Royal publicity and Politicians Hospitality to cover their backsides, I mean not really but something similar due to a high need for running people down every day, so they have already begun the cycle of how the gimmicks are to be stopped, in terms of labelling me a coward who is to lose his career because he is not getting into a fight, setting off the need to ensure the Bookshop worked for me on a schedule, by returning their social disposition to its original form, where the media was the place to escape to each time people had provoked others to such an extent that their victims had become inconsolable, not show up here spending more of my time on madness that creates the sense that when an interest in me got me to drop out of University, it was all my fault. The personality issues at the heart of it was to say that since I am a sigma and they were alphas, their advantage was that they managed their time better than I managed mine but it was never clear why this time management advantage of the alphas was not the main tool for sexual activity, narcissism happiness, popularity and media abuses, up to the stage where the famous took up all the means by which people got involved with the Royal Commission and therefore engaged with the Books to stifle my finances by using the career to explain its personal problems to its fans on the red carpet – I mean I could diagnose this matter in my 20s, I knew anything I did with them should be done by the way side, never built a life or a career from it but in my 40s I had to survive my attacking them, however if we considered the way it picks up my reputation to make the most of market since it had such a bad one, up to the point where it needed to rip up everything that helped security services protect the public from terrorism and used a sense that I had not prepared myself to teach it lessons it will never forget as well, as an explanation for claims I am a coward who did not deserve my career, attacking them is now well worth it.


They do claim I had no real method of pursuing my aims whilst the famous suggested criminals were alright and I am part of the problem over ideas that I am a bitch – talking the way I did was to ensure crime was controlled on the basis of very goon that showed up to bother me ending up with two jobs in the head because of information it could not avoid, I am now having to channel the same process towards the famous obviously, so it is not clear if they were complaining because they had decided they wish to stop being a part of the problem too. My backdrop is that I have bene doing this for two decades and cannot just get about changing it, likewise the idea I relied on them for anything having built a court for mobility matters and therefore need people to replace them rather than get rid of the court itself. They do claim eventually that this was about hate but I am working with a professional environment or people can continue to suggest they are not aware of the consequences of their behaviour – I do not believe I have set the stage for peoples parental narcissism and family verbose gimmicks to take root at my affairs and it needed to stop addressing me as though we were in an environment where I ought to be accustomed to it – it is developing into a case of the fact they never stopped trashing my finances for the society amusement and I will trash their own well, just as there is now an option to pick up everything celebrities covered their backside with as a tool for vengeance over their need to ensure I possessed nothing they needed whilst they owned everything I needed. They do claim I had become one of the most prolific voices of division which is utter nonsense as largely it was amusing that I was the only person paying the financial price for the fact they were determined to make sense of what lazy people were saying and so the question become whether it was as amusing as they suggested it was after all – it talks nonsense about power of government and the part where I was brought under control with stupid women who had ideas about what I should be doing for others getting all over my social profile to feel entitled to a sense that I got to do something violent for women, stifling everything around here like other people’s daughters were entitled to pass insults at me, if their stupid fathers had abused my privacy and softened me for it, like idiots who only listen and respond to people that acted in a violent manner, which does explain the entitlement to be protected naturally, it gets accustomed to that nonsense about controlling me because it is not getting the sort of respect and treatment it was getting from a Christian, anywhere else, upon getting greedy and become increasingly cruel. I am not as callous about the safety and wellbeing of others as suggested, they treat me callously and so I ensure they got their fill of it, when I set out a sense that I am probably more worthy to be a living breathing human being that they were and most of the time turn out to be correct – it becomes a matter of what they have and what other people did not, the question in my case being that of exactly what they possessed since I must have seen better by now.

I have recently stumbled on a statement women made about ways that making men homeless toughened them up – which only made sense when we said that we removed the men who engaged them with such conversations from it and let them run it off in their own female society, to see if we would not have to deal with huge levels of Police intervention because women had one job at home and somebody kept wrecking it. In any case, factually, homelessness is not designed to make people tough and there are criminal narcissistic feminists out there hunting down men and making men homeless which had always existed from the dawn of time, the purpose of such activities is to say that a society that decided people can only keep what they own when they got into trouble with the Law, had turned on itself, so they needed an exit in blood and chose somebody randomly. Being victim of such things is not going to make me tough, it is going to make me incredibly destructive and if told by such idiots that it had toughened me, I would certainly attack them too. That is not what is currently happening like they would have suggested it was, what is currently happening is Celebrity harassment, where people had come to think that I relied on blaming them for my problem to an excess, whereas the outcome each time I pursued the problems with my career was still set on a premise that each time I got my act together, they would wreck it because getting involved with my personality felt good and they were the people that society had treated badly, who deserved something in return, such that investigating the problem will take me to the DWP and solving it will take me to their doorstep i.e. not just a simple matter of the way that they wreck my affairs whenever I had them organised and the way it gets personal for me when I was organised because somebody helped me get organised but the way that I need to make a public image available in terms of the way that each time society goons started a problem, especially when they think others ought to modify a behaviour because they had failed to raise their children satisfactorily, I did nothing about it as it was never about me, since it occurred often that those concerned showed up at some stage to claim the due of what I may have decided was the best way to get to the matter and it shows up to continue what was already a 16 year career mess at the time, due to the media abuses and the radio lesbians that would not give it a moments rest, to claim I could be relied upon to make them more important by providing them with security, disobediently insisting on it and bottoming out my finances, letting go once it realised it possessed something I wanted but I had nothing it wanted. This has since developed into a result where they claimed I clashed with their society but is really not their side of society at all: just evidence of the fact this mess and other issues around it suggesting that men would be toughened when made homeless was a problem that existed between the famous who encumber my network so I became cash strapped and society gits who want to establish a connection between abusing me and being successful at business, both on realising they would consume each other, deciding to rope the rest of us into it too – every time I stepped outside, somebody did something to wreck the writers profile for as long as I am seen outside and continues with gimmicks and lies for the rest of the day, whilst the press and its celebrities, got criminals onto my doorstep and allowed people to work the streets into my bedroom and if I looked back quickly enough I would find them laughing because I had done nothing to attack their finances as well. History so far is that this behaviour was used to get me dropping out of University and what I did to punish the continued interest in me that took such a form had created this business of finding out their reach at the DWP whenever they worked one at my expense and being able to get around to what they were doing with their narcissism press – the behaviour towards my Bookshop is about to set the stage for the next cluster of activities and will be mainly focused on their financial wellbeing. It is never true I am burned out either, it was a matter of making sure they ended up with information to carry around like PR I did not need to fund, ending up as a career advantage when somebody else built them a media narcissism to play with. It is the one singular problem all round i.e. Celebrities taking an interest in my work because it makes money – it does make money and this is due to the fact I designed it to make money, people are supposed to get involved to make money, spend money and engage with the Books, what the Celebrities have done is corrupt my wealth equity concerning the process of building products for wealthy people that spent the money attacking others to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy as the prime manner in which my network got involved with the wealthy people in question whilst pretending it was a worthy activity befitting famous idiots who were always entitled to something, trash any work that existed for security service interests that protected the public from terrorism, get around with security service idiots, newly signed up over my social life and any so called secrets gathered from affairs I would want to keep to myself, progressing from incompetence to corruption, making stupid public statements about criminals being nice people whilst I am part of the problem and building a mob that will make the most of my financial wellbeing when people died, finishes off with a media narcissism to suggest I can be relied upon to serve them with private security that will protect them and make them more important, bottom out my finances and cling to recovery to go from mortgage to mortgage and basically work with their poofs to spread themselves all over my public image so that people could not engage with the Bookshop. All else mentioned was largely beneficial administrative detail, associated with a need they had to play the victim role, even then working alongside idiots that never stopped stealing and a group of fools that helped to hijack my schedule with gimmicks where they laughed behind my back whilst keeping the public transportation jobs for self-confidence.