We hear that story regularly of the things people hate the most about my actions which is largely about the fact I never mind my own business but of course everybody knows the reality is that although I have crafted the prices for my books to exclude them, which I have by assessing the face value gain of the books and the content gain for those who buy it and settled on a Price which is not too high for them – which then means that they are excluded from the part that is actually worth the buy because it is not my intention to sell it to them. These idiots are a public menace and want to be so towards my royal person and towards my business and the Americans are top of the list when it applies with respect to how they own my royal estate because I want to sell books and I can get it back when I give them all they want from life where anything anybody says is met with a really difficult response of how I have stolen their culture which kinds of things are very damaging to my equities which is what I write and sell and they then turn up on public media to do it every day and then make out it is funny as well and thus expressing the fact it will not stop unless I stop it myself. The others are Asians and Muslims talking nonsense about their hatred for the big powers and these kinds of activities are the sorts of things that a British Soldier was murdered on the streets of London right next to his barracks for – it is the kind of issues he lives for and died for and we will remember. They do these things all the time; for the African ones I am trampling on the authority of the UN which I always think is brought up because they are bluffing since it’s been years now since last no day goes by without there being something that is waiting for me in their black communities that somebody else can have if I don’t want, which does wonders for my finances, no matter what hell hole they crawl out from as it were – I always think they are bluffing because that will push matters to extreme measures and I will completely destroy it as well, so if they have got it they can blow me and find out as it were; for the Muslim ones they hate the great powers but of course when I set up my social networking websites its purposes immediately becomes that of an idiot expressing how I am a slave, a servant and a baby sitter, so much and no Muslim violently that the purpose and content of what I am doing is completely lost in translation as it were. We hear another group talk about Pornography and how I am not a good example; I have no idea why they cannot leave me alone anyway since we all understand what the Pornographers are saying but for them it will only take madness to secure some sense of a part of it that makes sense to you as it were – in the end it seems that when people operate in an environment where they take their clothes off, the reality is that they can do as much evil as they want but in actual fact the question here therefore becomes that of a comparison between them and pornographers, who of the two is doing the evil, when they say I am not a good example because I get involved with Pornographers – I mean these guys have gone into their modern churches that are more similar to homosexuality than anything else to worship me and all I own instead of God for years now and regularly turn out on media to lay claims of my Royal estate as a  part of their sub culture, looking for some of mine for some time now, especially the blacks and of course when I say they are a collection of public menaces do not give such a phrase as much credit as it deserves and therefore regularly turn out here to get confused all the time. I mean the fact I am single is no excuse for people to handle me as they like and the reality is that children never lie and the insults they throw at me is a factor of what their stupid parents teach them – we hear their story all the time and more so especially on public media and I want a break from it, never mind the part where what I say is mixed messages because on one hand I do not support homosexuals and on the other support pornographers, when we all know the problem with homosexuals to be that they want matrimony, of which everybody knows homosexuality is about society in the first place and they have not explained to anybody why they think they should have matrimony either, except that something out there is the same thing when we do not see them get married to the opposite sex and procreate in the first place and are very well aware nothing is ever the same thing about it – it is as though they want to finish you off and need to be in a place where they can, so any normal person does get to have enough from time to time. Like the old story of how I settle for less than I am worth which means that black people can do anything they like with me; I have not, the reality is that I am not willing to engage with anybody’s stupidity and therefore cover my tracks by taking steps to find every communities or condition they sit around to work their conspiracies of incredibly stupid and violent opinions about me that will get my attention so they can do what they want with it and affect me in ways that means they can claim ownership of my property on media from time to time as they wish if they do not actually claim it for good, then set about accomplishing things with absolutely every single bit of those things that I find and then shut it down as well; meaning I will get beaten up by them one day which does indicate they mess around very often with those that have given away too much, even though they still regularly get beaten anyway and therefore seem to think when they say I need to get off church and get into a fight with them and it actually gets to happen it will turn out as they had planned it. It’s much the same story on the International scene where people discuss colonialists for a living during difficult economic times, I mean it does indicates modes of theft has run out but there we are, no limits still, until since I am black for example I also decide I want to perform a service by giving African stuff to the British just to secure a guarantee that British business will continue to view and regard such things as matters of opinion and continue their operations and businesses in any country where they are based without problems. For now it is the Bankers and the finances at home that is the main issue and we see these idiots show their power all the time when they have jobs at UK civil service in order to ensure it does not come to an ending but it will and then the colonialist thing that is compatible with their plans to expand their trade will have become a serious issue as well. The point of reckoning is of course where they say what I do is the authority of the UN; for of course we all know that although the white man is said to be the problem of the black person, it is not the white man that have savaged the finances of an entire literary empire because they have got something of their own that is not enough for two here every day until I am penniless for the last 12 years – hence we will definitely get to the bottom of it too, which is what I mean when I say they are bluffing. It is one of the benefits of being published digitally so that I can explore and find out if they will not lose when I have property that exists at a distance where all I could possible do to protect it and myself will come to futility since those who want to use it will do what they want to do with it anyway; it is a matter about which I am prepared to go as deep as he rabbit hole leads too so they can keep their insults to themselves one way or the other.


There is nothing wrong with UK economic frontiers; these kinds of idiots are just a lot of work – I mean the economic interests in questions are not a thing of fifty years ago, we are talking about no earlier than 2004 to date, about eight years ago being barricade by idiots from poor countries that have secured an alternative robbery and have colonialism stories to tell for it too. They say it is a power game but that was what it always was when it appear that each time they see a media idiot that wants to play around with women they must help such to liberties with my earnings so they can get on television and talk nonsense, then get on the UN and talk their own version of such rubbish as well and so since I was never interested in having to reason with their stupidities, set about getting hold of every structure that supports it and using those to accomplish anything I want to do and now I can shut it down as well and they have no more cultures to talk nonsense at me with. Hence this whole barricading the British thing is supposed to be the next stage and of course I it seems am better placed to win again and they are better placed for boundless anger again; I mean the Chinese ones do not want people to tell them to manufacture things to the death but they do it anyway and the South African ones are not talking about Apartheid at the moment anyway so they do it never the less. Generally in any case of which all is perfectly well but their behaviour will soon likely have created more serious matters. This other matter of racism is not a big issue either; the reality is that there is nothing you can do about a person’s grown up choice to locate means of provoking people in a condition where the consequences of his actions by culture as it were affects absolutely everybody else which is so in order for him to secure a necessarily blackmail that will ensure he always gets what he wants and in like manner you cannot do anything about another person’s grown up choice to declare himself racist and promise to kill such a black person if he handles or touches him again to provoke him for any reason whatsoever – all you can do is state your position and make it clear it has nothing to do with you of which we all know that one of the things criminals complain the most about is people about whom the disputes do not concerns but are in there and all over the place yapping on public media for it. As for the part where we are being used by Americans to deal with terrorism, there is no such thing; the reality is simply that intelligence officers cannot operate properly in such unpredictable conditions as terrorists that can flip over on and ideology and the basis another person is walking around on the streets – but I guess the main issue is that I make a lot of noise when I cannot fight anything; not an issue of course since what we have at the moment is a me that has had toast for breakfast and a lunch somewhere around 5.30pm, hence people have found something they can beat, besides which it seems I have been exasperated so much that my strengths and myself are two separate things that others can access as well if they wanted. However I still stand by what I say; hard sell Asian goons and Muslim goons who will soon have strapped themselves to bombs and killed you for having enough of it have struck again and this time they cut off a soldiers head near to the barracks where he worked; if we put it in perspective therefore the reality is that of a collection of goons who are extremists and live a life that radical and violent people have taught them and know nothing about responsibility and then another who has a child and has to deal with a process where people think they can do as they like with him because he is a young adult gets murdered because of their own madness. So I have taken a stand since it is impossible for a country to solve its problems if we continue to show so much tolerate for menaces – I mean they hate the Police that interferes in their business and hate those who give information to the police and express it in public as well and I intend to start my own campaign as well of a lack of tolerance for it as well. I mean they never listen and I don’t want the hard sell anyway nor do I want them to play with me in such ways and in the present circumstances the hard sell hard sell and murder story could easily have been me anyway, so I must make sure they understand we do not want it anymore. As for the part where I would not find myself in the trouble I do today if I did not defy my parents to get involved with the Royal family; rubbish – I expect my parents to support me in this and it has never been a problem for me that they do not, it is a none-issue, I am happy for myself as it were – yes it is this simple and I have no idea why I am dignifying it with a response anyway. Now some suggest I tend to create the idea I do not see the media as a menace which is rather baffling especially when it is expressed along the lines of how what I say free of charge makes me vulnerable to them; I am not vulnerable to the media, they are the most important menaces in this matter, I mean at present I have not yet set out how to wake up to look after my market place by carrying out acts that fundamentally hurt and abuse and exasperate the media which will put distance between them and my livelihood, so it does not show any signs of getting better: this does not mean however I do not see them as an extension of the devil because the only thing we have between us is me and the Holy Spirit of God and the spirits they want to put inside of me and how they have developed that battle into this heart disease TV they shoot around all the time and give their other violent versions access to media to pretend I buy media equipments for home so they can communicate with me through them specifically and so I have set out a means of shooting back these evil spirits and the way to do that is manipulate the news itself which I have done in order to create a process where there are always four different paths that any story can take but two of them are always certain i.e. the one where they are really angry and the other where they are supposed to wake up every day and get to work to do some professional journalism and leave me alone – the remaining two can become anything depending on their behaviour, so that whenever they pick a path to follow there are always three others that they have not followed on their minds and then they are now in readiness to do more and more of the heart disease Television as it were. The bottom line at the end is that I do not think them a major crisis but will never set down to sell my books not because of their insults especially where they are making sure my royal estate is common to everybody or the part where they abuse me violently to create a good feeling for others and thereby sell products no matter how many times I have warned them I am not a sales man or indeed the part where they address me as a boy and therefore tend to borrow my royal property for an hour or two or a day and then on and on and on and cannot keep off the public work and the books as well – it is the one where they take a look at me and know that what I say and do today will get better with age then round me up and wait somewhere to damage anything in my life that will prevent control that will allow them take it away from it at an age where it has developed into a point of the satisfaction of their vanity and state of mind and so I will never sit around and sell my work yet unless I have secured my guarantee beforehand that things can belong to other people in their life time and that they can be okay with that. There is no such thing as being afraid of the media – they are the most important menaces here and like to think of themselves as invincible hence all that noise making about they find ways of incorporating their vile problems into people’s business and then getting off to make them look into those problems in order to acquire some decadence: hence the members of the Royal family like to show me off to their friends, so do Politicians to their colleagues and the media show me off to the world to get rich and famous looking for some of mine too which is not surprising anyway: it is much the same here too, I am not reasoning with their stupidities and at this stage I have covered myself so well no Politician can make me – they need to stay off my books and off my business concerns. That I have not got a clue what I am doing and hence feel my way into everything is therefore the old deal as it were but I do not think that although I can handle them and their public menace status academically, you need academics to do so. Yes there is complain I am never tired of dominating people which I don’t think is surprising anyway when they are so daring and each time I have something to say about when they handle my work and property there is always a successful counter excuse while they carry on doing it anyway; I mean some car producer will turn up and consort my intellectual property to create a car for working mothers market and so somebody expects these kinds of games with their provocative excuses to run wild while they are doing so which also means I have no idea what I am doing and regularly feel my way wrecking other peoples businesses when we all know what we are dealing with here is a theft factor of a very violent form of greed. These are all equities and can be easily damaged by such things and for them there is a good chance they can stop it and if they do not want to need to stop complaining, I think of the media as the most important menace around here. I am aware it is said everything I say and do is a lie yes but some of us are famous in a different way so that if their flash and modern lives are important to them they live like that and stop pretending they are paedophiles and I am a grown up kid that is not protected by the rules; hence they can now do so much irregular heart beat TV and cultural wickedness and violence to mastermind economic and financial recovery and wealth as it were; of course I have endlessly mentioned I am not a sales man but everybody knows in the same measure that once they cling to a thing and in this case that involves hurting me to get attention and lifestyle for advertisement which is the sort of respect they deserve for their power, it will become the only thing they want to do. Th reality of all they do is based on an old and familiar story I should mention and all readers should note and that story is about how they serve the devil to their detriment and in order to ensure those that serve God do not tell them they are, what they then do is assume every disposition that those who serve God occupy and then regularly shoot off their violent and publicly menacing demagogues at random all the time, seeking self improvements from peoples lives in every turn and naming it a power trophy victory but it gets better because they then need to find some Church to attend and then they can bandy around such rubbish as how those who serve God and do good go below beyond their station to feed off scraps because it is what people say to them when they do these things but want people to be nice to them by buying products or generally giving them money in other ways and of course it soon becomes the meaning of life for them as they do it in the most provocative way imaginable to detach people from God, I for my part am still wallowing in my revenge for all those statements they make in public to keep me in a personal finance crisis after it became a matter of personal anger to them that I travelled away from Africa where I lived some years ago, to the UK, to spend my time being a Christian when there are many who desire such opportunities as if this is their own life and turn out in that stupid Labour socialist party to enforce their will, mess up the British immigration system and generally show off their insults being my parents and getting off on media to keep it up using wealth distribution, social equality and competitiveness nonsense which I intend to learn from as well bearing in mind the Politicians that give the speeches and cannot leave me and or my finances alone, as it has now moved onto a process where it is not in their interest and all these nonsense they build up and have reason to live up to will dissipate along with the power if I am financially successful and hence it has started as it were - looking for more