Now I hear it is said that a large proportion of Scottish people voted for independence and there must be things that need doing to prevent that from happening again – have no idea what it supposed to be done anyway when we all know that majority of those who did it were Labour Party members and that they are a group of people that are really difficult to understand, I mean is it really possible for a human being to play around with absolutely everything 24/7 of all of their time? It applies they do not just play with their own and mess it up, it has become power as well to be expressed when they get on media to decide who plays with everything and messes it up at the end of which they will ensure everybody understands they are not to be messed with or told what to do due to how advanced they are and because they know what they want from life; of which God knows it is never clear why they want it from my life as it were but we do know that the only thing they do with their time is run around left right and centre seeking out peoples things and careers that they can take up do and everything that comes out of and or from them is entirely vile to that end, filthy and vile to that end, which of course is the reason I confiscated that stupid culture and will never give it back, so I have no idea what this is all about anyway – if it is a matter of avoiding punishment for Politicians then I find it impossible to understand exactly how people intend to do that when it is so important to them even to the deployment of the entire apparatus of state to ensure that I am distracted by financial problems and lack of employment while these idiots play around with me and fire off cheap shots all the time so that effect until it becomes financially rewarding for them, so all I can do is that if they change anything about themselves or come up with new ideas I can guarantee there will always be another way of inflicting some of it as well, hence Scottish Independence story apparently got them taking something seriously for a change in their stupid lives in this Country. It does seem that when people are unable to understand that there are those you need to apply some love on when you punish them for misbehaving and there are others that you simply need to punish again and again and again and again until they make it better with their own possessions, they will not understand it is a Country and not a toy or that what you are doing is a job and not an amusement: as for the part where they come from bigger world powers, what I said isn’t clear to them yet as it were, hence especially for the Americans, when the government there puts them to some activity their assumption is always that nobody knows what it means as well and it will and can only carry on until somebody puts a bullet in their heads and then it will stop – same old case of a job and not a toy or amusement as it were. As for the part where those who know nothing about battles have been taking up leadership of fighting and war, apparently the reality here is that every time we see them, we either see them crying or we see them killing and the fact they have never won a fight around here and never will does not mean anything to them yet. We are well aware I should mention of the fact they are seen 24/7 taking up other people’s lives for themselves and a lot of the times that may even apply to the lives of religious people even when they are filthy gay and then there is the other question at the other end of course of why the BBC supported the Yes vote in Scotland; of which it seems people have difficulty seeing that the BBC has a history of employing staff that are paedophiles and then failing victims as much as they possibly can – it’s a matter of a group of fools who see you enjoy your traditions and claim it is shit all the time until you dish your traditions and set out to enjoy them and they want to write books and make advertisement and become popular and famous – the kind of male idiots mostly that can easily always make an animal out of a perfectly normal person because of their ability to provoke people which they always almost deploy every single time as a matter of certainty; it helps you see for their purposes, as it should be seen that all these things are very carefully planned by these fools and that there are methods to them but the real reasons for their occurrence is that they want to be able to grab your income and get government to back them up as well to add to their power to provoke you and make you mentally disturbed while they get away with it – so it is a group of people that have a real problem with the idea of simply letting others be.

We suffer the information of constitutional convention as rumoured to be proposed by the Labour Party making use of a willing horse and hosting parties where they laugh their head off at the energy thereof, shown only by their really abusive community croons and lots of assumption made about what I think of it when we already know it’s a matter of what the devil must do to manage his servants better so we do not get into any trouble with each other and they keep off my temperaments, instead of rewarding them for insubordination that results in losses for the underworld. In terms of the main issues of which nobody knows what they want with constitutional conventions anyway, except that we are aware of the questions we ask ourselves these days concerning the activities of Politicians – questions about whether they are politicians or business leaders but of which that is the ones we ask ourselves, for the ones that are left to them is that of what the hell they are doing since they have not got a bloody clue of it in anyway whatsoever. I understand when they say if I punish politicians my work at the office will end up in the hands of Islamic extremists for as many times as I do it but the last time I checked this air was free and I had the right to breathe it and I find it difficult to work out why they cannot breathe their own in my wake as well so people can see what their stuff looks like too and they can want it all for themselves all the time thereof, since as constitutional convention goes in terms of the tool that it is, it is rather difficult to see how they intend to use it to create devolution but it is never the less an activity indulged by an idiots that cannot let others be as it were.  It is understandable that the accusation has not yet been answered concerning how people like me and me in particular are responsible for the fact that Politicians can no longer secure trust with the people over absolutely any matters whatsoever – but that has never been true, the reality is that these goons especially the Labour Party play around with everything and anything for 24/7 all of their time, so that it has come to a stage where every single debate, every single Policy, every single conversation in parliament is done with a body language that speaks of criminals and barely criminal goons being given a second chance and they always think it is credible because they make reference to me as a matter of comparison between criminals and none criminals – when we normal people on the other hand know that decrying weaknesses and pulling yourself together is never the same thing as abdicating personal responsibility because you have plans to hurt people when the results bite and somebody was responsible for that – so that they seem to have real difficulty working out what exactly is so exciting for them about psychopathy which then offers up things I am scared of for example, living in that stupid world of theirs where there is good attached to activities of those who are harming them on account there is a little bit of flattery involved, never mind the other side of it where they think people are responsible for the actions of others so we can co-exist with a big mouth. So we have consistently had this issue with the Labour Party raised every body language, every gesture, every Policy and how long do people do that before the effects begin to come through as well in wider society? Now they say I create problems and then solve them at the precise point at which to get the most attention from the population when there is no such thing especially considering just one of the above mentioned examples of what they think is a worthy activity to regularly engage in as Politicians – so telling me when I punish them it will lead to more and more of my work ending up in the hands of Islamic extremists will only lead to more problems and that is guaranteed. We know they love to speak of big matters to get attention as it stands and when they say Britain has a new plan for people I have a problem as it stands already i.e. are they referring to the criminals and barely criminal goons that they are giving a second chance all the time and threatening others with endlessly or are they talking to me? People do wonder what I get up to when they hear me speak of Politicians who talk human for example; what I meant in my case was an expression of the fact they are pure evil and those things they do are not what my temperaments exist for and since they know it, need their media and then their Politicians and have raised their really insolent Children to enforce them as well and all I am saying is that when they mess it up because they cannot keep their evils at home and serve the devil there without bringing it into the government, telling me that when I punish them my work will end up somewhere will lead to more problems – I mean in the end one of these days some world power will put a bullet in them and for their counterparts in other countries as well we will probably do it too and then it will become real: it’s a country not a play thing, it’s a job not a toy. Personally however these broken dreams and oppression idiots I have made myself clear about – they know I do not want to see them around my evil mother, the doing my stuff and wrecking my future and sex and money is the real ruler of the world games I have had enough of, the breakup of the UK being the last straw and they do not seem to get the message; not that I am saying I am innocent in the matter either but the first occasion was the one about exceptions I must make for them around rules I live my own life by which I never did and extended that to government as well, so I hand to handle that culture and warn them if I see it again I will cut it up and now they are out to prove nobody handles them and gets away with it and I think it is a worthy challenge as well.  Scotland is not a constitutional matter – a provision by it is not the same as a change of constitution, constitutional convention smacks of two things, first of all that of Politicians showing they have plans to become ungovernable themselves and the second being an assumption that HM Office is solely for advice and Ceremony and yet we know that Queens speech for the next Parliament will be for all of the UK, so I am not going to suffer any more of the abuses from them for my part at this stage is how I feel about it - it has always been a matter of their choice of demagogue i.e. people making things up as they go along, making a mess and then making it better when they find out where and when they are wrong, people compared to whom they are more clever and yet average catch up time for them whenever anything gets done is a Week to say the least and when we have a crisis like this its 48 Hours to say the least.


It is rather difficult to appreciate where we get off talking about the problems associated with the abilities of Politicians to present themselves and their case as it stands, we are in a crisis presently and yet it cannot tear them away from their parties; it took all the parliamentary Parties less than 48 Hours to come to an agreement on what a coalition government should be and what it should comprise of and it was not like there wasn’t enough intrigue involved so as to furnish a parliamentary auto biographer with a career either, it simply took less than 48 hours and that is fact but the Scottish independence referendum is now appearing to be that which must take them a life time to get to grasp with because they cannot be detached from those stupid parties – so I keep my position and it is as simple; the traditions in this country which ever region are not broken and hence there is no reason for anybody to feel light headed anywhere around, we will now wait to that end and find out what those stupid parties will dish for us next and what we will do about it: I mean if they are as efficient and as valuable and as relevant and as good as they are said to be or were meant to be, we would not find ourselves in this mess in the first place anyway.  In the same par exists the old story of course of whether or not there were Westminster tricks to ensure people vote against independence in Scotland – when we all know the tricks existed on the side of the Independence movement where they are the place in which the other mistress finds a voice whereas she is supposed to remain in my personal life hurling insults and abuses and making sure I am never satisfied with anything because it is not what she wants to see me do with myself to suit her purposes, thus of which nothing in or about the Country had ever changed in the first place, the love and hate games on peoples finances and the funny most abused statesman in the world with a big mouth not hurting badly enough yet because people cannot keep their insults where they belong and like to pretend they are having some revenge on me or the UK as a whole so I can do them again. As for the part about south African Priests who cut their teeth with apartheid, I have nothing more to say except that they need to condemn the debauchery and theft and sadism and narcissism and drugs and gangs that happens in the popularity industry and its cultures that they support so much before they think about opening their Desmond Tutu big mouth to fuck around with other peoples arrangements in industries and oil companies calling for populist nonsense all over the place, it will help to avoid a process where I take fresh steps around that stupid culture that can touch me anytime it wants with that big mouth; it is the kind of nonsense you see in the UK when you come to it because a lot of them African idiots like to want to live in a Country they claim has a stable history than perhaps the US for example and it gets to a point when you do not ask them about it and yet it becomes a major problem for you and their insults and violent abuses are a test of the fact they do not have to be scared of you. Of course I am not in any trouble whatsoever nor is the UK, which will then have been something that would be celebrated by the various Nations that hate the UK so much – utter nonsense of course all of it because the reality is that for the blacks their entire existence is developed around selling their soul to the devil in order to travel to a first world country and earn high currency that will make them rich in their home land and they can consistently and continually set me out as one of those guys that are just brought into this world by their parents to be the thing they sacrifice when the risks they take gets too much and things spill over and become deathly violent and so we have that arrangement of sell your soul to the devil, have a foot hold on media and wait for the right religious person of your choice to pick on and handle all the time – of course that is my purpose I don’t mind but the handling me is the illegal part and when they actually do set me up and groom me for an evil thing is when we need to find out what the end of it was as well and not enough of died yet the tyrants relatives and idiots from the third world as it were, so they really have this itch to see what will get me into trouble for my part as well. The Muslim ones I don’t see myself owing a debt as it were but the reality has always been a parting shot while they get surprised about my activities and expect to enjoy a process where I get into trouble as well like they are currently in the middle east not hurt badly enough as it were – hence the point has always been simple, whether as a case of mentioning problems Barrack Obama is trying to solve concerning which I did not invite their talk into my talk for my part as it were with their big mouth that never seems to fail at getting them into trouble, Barrack Obama who wasn’t even president yet when he set me up for his own and has been choosing self improvements from it since while solving problems hence such claims entirely credible thereof:- they say the UK is really hated, I say one of us was always going to do the hate because it is not as if they do not have their own countries and their own countries do not have their own foreign policy it’s just that measuring the size of the UK and that of their Country they should have a bigger one that is the same as the one that the UK has – so it is not that they are that good at what they do, it’s just that the economic issues would be catastrophic in nature and more so during which time the UK will wait for them to figure out their bigger Countries with UK foreign Policy thing first before anything else gets moving – they have manners that can only be made in hell you see and do need to hate – not enough of them tyrants have died yet as it were, they want to see what will get me into trouble for my part. These idiots cannot continue to play their games and stupidities all over my person and reputation and public work and expect there will be no consequences for it nor should those who help and foster and ask them to do it expect that there will be no punishments – these are the reasons I punish them; they were stupid unfathomably to begin with and were not getting punished for that yet and who this guy they know simply has a duty to offer himself up to the devil whenever the consequences of the evils they indulge to get rich comes to roost because he is one of them and we must all band together to make things work? What is certain however is that they and all those who foster and even fund their means and ability to take up my reputation and public work and perform all kinds of nonsense with it like only they can, especially and particularly black people will soon have their chance to find out what can get me into trouble as well: I am going to make them and those stupid celebrities a lot more stupid than they currently are as it were: they do say when they see me it appears I seek respect and fear from others and I have no idea what they are worried about either anyway the somebody that can suffer what has happened to them in their stupid lives as well so they can dominate and feel important and take it out on something – if they want to avoid it they can stay off my books and off my public work and that cannot be a difficult task as it were – it gets to a point and it creates wonder what is that point anyway the punishing people for being stupid of which has never actually been the point before there is more talk of freedom; I must have heard people will never fear or respect me or my work or possessions from a thousand bastards by now and yet they want us all to think there aren’t methods to it and purposes behind it and all aimed at theft and robbery and possessions and sex and money ruling the world – it’s just that I never inquired of them as it were. I am never going to talk about the matter again, I will be better understood by what I do with it the next time it comes up – their insults have far reaching consequences for me than they give it credit for and each time they do the results must always enable them to be predisposed to handle me in person which does not end up with the Police so it progresses to handling of my possessions and grooming me for an evil thing and complaining about how it has turned out as well and they are tough enough in my view and I will never stop kicking them until I clear each bottle neck I deal with as a result of it. I mean they can stand up in public places and make out my books are all about the career others took from me and the careers others barred me from and confiscated from me and so on and the result is that my response will create an outcome where they realise the books are not for their consumption but rather than shut their mouth and stay off a loutish nonsense to read my books in peace they have located a new privilege that they need to acquire and it was the same with that stupid culture and society and they have never learned the lesson behind that yet as we can all see, they cannot shut it and keep their insults where they belong, the getting into trouble with their stupid media all the time. The businesses will go the same way as well, they are like the media, those had their fun when they couldn’t tell the difference between a broadcasting corporation and a sole proprietorship, the Industry and companies and business idiots will make me famous as well, they cannot tell the difference between their business empires and another Mans Royal Estate and apparently it really does come right down to the matter of secret societies they belong to being the most powerful in town and so on, so this will be the last occasion I have a discussion of it too. As for getting into trouble with top media fools, that does not bother me at all because it will sooner have become a case of how they get off to find out if their media powers can keep others out of their jobs knowing if people are certain they are paying their bills they can take a day off and visit the BBC and rough up their insolent three pieces and then return home to listen to them talk nonsense with irregular heart beat TV again – of course we hear that noise they are the psychopaths that got away of which they will not psychopaths get jobs where they will not have to put a name to their faces and pretend what they court will not happen to them as it were – its good money apparently and therefore should be a job for everybody.  I mean if it makes them feel uncomfortable in the tummy I have no idea rather than start to become abusive bullies why they cannot move away and stop pretending they will cheat in terms of respect and what they claim is power and I always say when they have my Royal Estate it appears then that there will be nothing born gay in the world anymore. It makes me feel the same way to be approached by them as well and I don’t interfere with their finances for it for my part either especially the African ones, the truth I suppose as compared to all that noise making a function of a lack of understanding who I am and what I am like to be seen making noise all over the place about violence and claims made to my possessions which means they have a reputation and I cannot get it back, which is just another step in progress for following me around to embarrass me at the highest points and most unlikely places, talk nonsense about skin colour I share with them and trophy battles won and continue to expect that to occur without consequences especially when it damages my finance sin the process instead of keeping to where their mates are and off my books. Of course it isn’t true that I take time out to root for human rights – what is true is that Politicians will make laws on that or they can pretend it is good sometimes when human rights abuses occur as a matter of when they want it to, where I stand is a case of making peoples children cry and seek mummy when we were children which was embarrassing by the way which some people never seem to grow out of and then as a result we have them split into this two groups of goons who on one hand always need to see that people are never ever happy, they are always tense and their heart always beats faster than normal, so their community idiots can take advantage if they want and employ distant fascism while complaining about racial prejudice at the same time if they are not practicing it all together and on the other hand are a group that are happy to see another person’s blood both behaviour having only the two features of having things others have worked for as well as being able to take their frustrations out on others at will as it is the only thing that can clear their minds when they are frustrated – difficult to understand as well since we know they are the same idiots who can spend 12 years of my time like it is currently to find out if civil rights idiots can beat a Royal Prince and oppress him then start to wonder how all those unusual turns their minds and the minds of others around them take came about even when they tell me I am a victim of wealth distribution which is usually the last straw because I am not.


Of course I am aware of all the stories swirling around of how the problem is that I think what I can do around HM Business is limitless – whereas the real problem has always been that the limits will not be allowed by the group of goons who raise these kinds of issues to remain, so that I have ended up in a place where I have crafted all I do to wind them up and when we have reached this point where they complain to The Queen and One says She cannot help them with it we know we have made valuable progress on these kinds of matters. It does not mean that Prime Harry for example antagonises me as such like we have started to hear too, it’s just the reality that I get attacked a lot for living like I were the lower classes and as if that is not enough I get attacked some more for getting involved with some individuals that are not good stock most of the times of which that is created by politicians and media but these are a particular group of people in Royal circles that really love to have a go at me and of course think their insignificance is an advantage that offers them flexibility with such things when in actual fact as far as I am concerned it is not. I hear it is said that this is a matter of me being stolen from but at the end of the day it is still always the old case of how easy it is to steal from me and my advice to those who do it to get the Politicians before hand when they start since I will certainly not be blamed for what I get up to as well. I don’t feel this matter is a problem I just need the Politicians to keep their insults and stop pissing me off while making those assumptions they know me and know what I am like and can handle me if they need to. I mean by this that I am happy with what I have and I know it is good and what other people think really does not matter to me but the problem is that take for example the Court members who are celebrities do what they do because I am single and the fact I might get married is something they feel they have an obligation to protect and that is how they end up in my world but before long we have every stupid little girl doing it when they do it as well and people wondering why I do the things I do too for my part since in their view I really am just a concept and all I own is available, hence if they stay off my books and off my income especially the Politicians I do not see how we should be ending up with a problem here either but when they refuse to do that and spend a lot of their time and mine thus inevitably to ensure my temperaments and everything ends up in the hands of black people so they can express their stupidities like only they can with it, they should not continue to pretend the punishments from me will either go away or my work ending up in the hands of Islamic extremists when I threaten and punish politicians like they love to bellow all the time will suffice – these things get a point and we are only beginning to realise what that point is and they are beginning to work out they need to stave off pissing me off. I understand those stories of questions about what I am going to do about it but any normal person would easily see that I am looking into what the Americans might think about my new vendetta on freedom yet as it were, so their continued provocation will lead to an outcome where I think I do not need their opinion anymore: I mean take for example the Journalist Court, where women spend their time working with me and when they get to deal with frustrations I sense it, the reality of which that happens because of three reasons only – one of them being that I may be lazy, the other that I have frustrations of my own, these two of which are unlikely to be the reasons that it happens because I am neither lazy nor frustrated since I happen to be a happy person with a rather good temperament, the other is girls supervised by stupid black men making fame and fortune doing things that my Court does as well looking for trouble and yes I have not yet made them more stupid than they are already and then beat it out of them seriously so far so there is a lot of tongue wagging and new ruthless powerful celebrity nonsense all over the place – so when we put in context Politicians staving off pissing me off as I normally set out 13 years of my time and give them away like that all the time so they might have no limits. In the end its largely a matter of feeding off the hospitality of global leaders so that I can do their stuff for them when they have lost track of how good it was and I need these friends and allies for my work and for my literary empire to that effect – it is because we have come to a point where this story of debates on why law and order is provided the way that it is by convention is the way that it is, it gets to a point when idiots are so corrupt and full of a need to attack those who are more important than they are with it because important people are not being corrupt that I needs to be settled – so yes we will watch this generation of Politicians wriggle out of this one while I make a career from it, so they can attack religious people and give criminals a second chance and talk nonsense about God and the Devil that nobody has inquired of them from parliament: of course normal people know these is a difference between those who lament their weaknesses and those who stave off responsibility because they want it to hurt at some point so that they can deploy their anger towards hurting or even killing people hence we know we do not make assumptions criminals do not know what they are doing – everybody wins therefore but I am soon going to get to a point where they will piss me off no further and stay off my book sales and finances for their part and I am going to do it my way too.  The trigger for this here is a matter of his Islamic extremism is to be managed and the things I do to ensure I take away the cultures of these idiots which has not ended up shutting them up and keeping their insults from me but made them more absurd which means I am going to get worse and how they have decided like I would love to make mention of their own version of the one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter thing, only for the end product to not be a case of the fact my Christian temperaments are not meant to serve all those their stupidities that they dish out and community croons they employ to spread those stories about it and sit about trying to dominate it and hence raise their stupid children to occupy and live on as well as we all know these things have no reason or purpose but happen because they are block heads who fancy themselves bullies as well – having been that Politicians cannot mind their business and I don’t pay attention to these things because they are not who are am at all, they had decided to spend tax payer funds and do nothing else with their parties except work hard at extricating a reaction from me for it claiming it is funny and at the end will damage my quality of life which others can then simulate and buy with money to ensure I don’t have it anymore which is still ongoing having been it has failed in every way imaginable, that they turned out to make that last straw of a noise about how my stuff has been used to fix world problems by the powers that be and they are satisfied and can now seek more freedom at my expense – this I never did respond to because I am a Christian and it is what Christians do i.e. give anything they can to help people and ensure the world is a peaceful place, considering that preaching a gospel of alienation would fundamentally expose itself as that which goes against the teachings of Christ even though I have a literary empire to run and do not need their involvement but they decided by response thus was not good enough and started off the story of how much trouble I am in at present because I think what I can do around HM is limitless and that is for me.