There is the matter coming up endlessly, about my position being one which concerns the prognosis of tyranny, which usually began with a hate for the press. I do not hate the Media at all – they have a profession to get on with, like when an 80-year-old that is likely to be the only person who saw something amiss when the Police investigate a serious crime, feeling entertained and informed all day or just generally giving people an analysis of events during the day. There is nothing to hate about this – the problem is that some people who work in business establishments that deal in this line of work, had decided a behaviour towards my Books which was a three part story of ripping up my privacy by gathering information on how to make such a mess of it that selling celebrities at my expense became profitable while it did not matter that they wrecked my career and social life, then built a crowd that got imagination up my bum and got off running me down all day to ensure I did not pose a threat, it then progresses to pick up all I did as a matter of recovery, not to deploy it for own ends as that would secure my attention in a big way and for the wrong reasons but to use the same platform as a tool to draw attention to personal problems while selling products on the issues that had been resolved, meaning that they tear down my business premises to sell their own products and it disobediently will not stop, supported by stupid Americans who had products to sell too. I am simply taking up a disposition where they got informed that they needed to make their comments about their own careers and not mine, such a position therefore being set out in a way that can be enforced. It really is an issue with a Court of female journalists, who show up around an intellectual property administration business because they were exposed to serial crimes, associated with people who chased female totems and were likely to kill their victims in order to ensure other people did not own what they coveted, it pays off for them a lot in terms of concerns associated with gits who rip up peoples careers to employ criminals in a bid to keep hold of the neighbourhoods. So we find the irritating part of the activities of these media gits added up to their need to select acquaintances for their colleagues thereby selecting mine as well, which then builds up to a stage where they met Politicians and said that Government Operatives were free to do as seen fit, their job was to report the mess, then turn out blabbing about others who thought that such a position did not help anybody, choosing another way to work a journalists career and rip up my finances and personal life to make a stupid statement which really adds up to a process of disobediently wanting to move into my right hand alongside the foolish society gits who send out their hoodlums and criminals to run me down all day, that some people were incapable of living in a mans world. It then all builds up to some need they had to explore my civic duties and locate ways that I felt safe and secure, which their stupidities could spend on themselves and build communities that got imagination up my bum – leaving me a feeling that my rib cage hurt all the time and everything inside of it hurt too, so they had to cease picking up my PR if they were complaining about smaller responses, at short notice.

I am told most of the matters I have pursued here were created by the same people who wrecked my University studies. Of course they are – the same society gits chasing me around with practical jokes until I dropped out, same academic institution irresponsibility over he fact I had to stand up to tribalism raid gits who wanted to be CEO drawing up a road between my home and the City, the same popularity gits who wanted to get paid on my social life running off men’s sales job on it until I dropped out, same foolish women with ideas about their country being crowded and the reasons they had to bring in fellow idiots from overseas to get imagination up my bum. The other part of the story is that Americans were behind it and yes they are – something about ruling the world and getting those who had a history of enslaving Americans to pay for their crimes; currently running off along the lines of whites paying homage to white Americans, blacks paying homage to black Americans and soon it will not matter which race a person was, they only had to be Americans – it was a simple matter of not interfering with what I did for my publicity and the Bookshop to which it applies, or I too will be encouraged to pick up an issue with the economy practical jokes that involved working gimmicks into peoples lives until it was possible to discourage the Public from involvement with a livelihood, get people to laugh at a CV before reading it at the jobs market and hang about making stupid statements on peoples income margins about how much money you would spend on the product of the owners attitudes changed, set about trading as if the victim had lost something important with fame idiots getting all over it – when I do pick it up, the issue of whether their own was the biggest country in the world will go beyond the gimmick where prostitutes made the most of this nonsense to take their clothes off on my Public image and provide sexual services for gits who ran their businesses in the dark web, into something that had to be settled. So they do say when I talk like that Russians do not pick it up but we know it is an old story where I will suffer financially because their gimmicks affected people who worked undercover, into something of me being completed fed up with their stupidities blackmailing me. They speak of this sense I had no real views about racism and slave trade whilst we know they have never stopped using freedom of speech to make stupid statements associated with coveting my social life, that their stupidities were superior to me, be it a public function, a time they got to meet a politician or even school Children at Nativity, with a big mouth. The same gambling was applied to get people into a political situation where selling human beings made sense – I mean people were always getting sold before then but with Africans who actually began the whole business of organising a state to deal with slavery was actually where the last and most gruesome of the slavery activities ended but the behaviour has not changed – still very good at insults and public power gambling about which it loses and runs off those insults in terms of ideas that others were meant to serve its stupidities, so intensely and relentless that people end up thinking that if slavery was not done to them, they would do it others and they think that they needed to sacrifice one person such as myself to ensure that although their stupid nature looked like that they were able to get along with others, especially where and when money was being made. So the real issue is that Government divides population into workers, dependants and elderly, people had to get things done within  a time frame and they never stopped making a mess of mine, without reason or provocation, having now reached a stage where I am left thinking if the stupid children were to decide alongside Academic institution irresponsible leadership, that I am not to attend an institution with people half my age because their stupid fathers would make me, something that does tend to provide me enough motivation to ensure they saw the Celebrity culture for the last time as well. In any case, if the academic institution is now so toxic, I can study at home but they need stay away from the Books because I am raising funds with it, about which their ego will not facilitate them doing so and hence where it is set to end badly. They said they were working the part of market where people got imagination up peoples bums, what we now know is that they are obsessed with my income margins and never stopped making stupid statements about me picking up careers that were too big for me and should have been their own, the same idiots who do not speak of people and never take no for an answer with mothers running off daily narcissism on their fucking mates in the neighbourhoods, wrecking peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods. I do therefore believe the way they bothered me with it indicated that they were tired of having it; the next time I found myself at the backyards of Industry having to bail myself out of the idea that people were expecting me to come though as a prospector or investor, I will acquire a qualification to grab their jobs by as well, I will be leaving with their jobs in hand. 

The claims of Public problems peddled by their stupid Politicians that are also likely to suggest that I had to be made to keep it up lest racism engulfs me which expressed the fact that upon there being evidence of people wanting others as slaves in the black communities than there were in the white Communities, they were so stupid they did not listen to fact about how racism really worked, if their entire economies were still reliant on systems that developed from the slavery idea. There are no stupid Public problems as such therefore, they needed to manage the gap between their careers and the prison service like everybody else and stop fucking it up for the public, The Celebrity scooping my earnings bits never stops until it really does - I could never find the Bookshop as I left it and that came after the University fiasco, since which it had become a choice to attack Celebrities in order to concentrate on Public work, if I wanted to avoid instances where I acted on crime management and somebody tore it down to handle my finances and decide where I was going to repeat the process and to whom it would benefit while he sold products, presumably it was impossible to kill a famous bastard. They then claim their money was everything and I wanted it like everybody else which is set to grow into something that will let this nonsense end as it really will - where the men need keep the finger imagination off my anus and get caught up in a cycle of work, family life and shopping and the women will keep their celebrity personal relationships if I am not dead yet, as I continue to get out of bed to find a Bookshop disrupted everyday.




This process of beating people off my income while they got on it to race each other to the millions and issued threats at me though the fashion, Media and Celebrity industry is where they believe is best for me to end up if I ran an incentive business and had to manage my finances in a way which made sense of the fact it was a whole business empire trust; their disobedience now decides my lifestyle and my income, and their stupidities were protected by more powerful Countries. As much as it would come to great expense to transform a 10-year incentive Trust into a cash intensive business, what makes their activities unusual in my situation is the part which suggests something of the idea I had signed a contract with them, authorising them to handle my Books. They do claim their insults were a product of the fact I had nothing of my own and it was a well set out plan as they can see, where the risk at this stage is one where they got entitled to my career and talked long enough to get me catching up on lost time, the market incentives I built to do my Book sales numbers with which they cannot stop racing themselves to rub shoulders with millionaires on while claiming it was developed from a Business Empire that does not exist, as stupidly as possible - catch up and work it up to date. All can see that if I did not allow them to seek their incomes from Market incentives that had developed from my own Royal Office endorsement and career work since 2010, they would not be bragging about their money and profitability of their disobedience at this stage but interference with my Book sales is now about to encourage me to catch up.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, October 20, 2013,


The talk of something wrong with the UK and I being the reason for it and must be made to put it right is a very familiar one but I have not thought it is worth paying attention to until now I feel I can on the basis I am ready to discuss the matter of being insulted and abused by Politicians for their sport all of the time. So it is the same old issue of the Politicians that has not got any slight regard for a writer that his...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, October 10, 2013,


Of course we all know of great things Americans do to create lots of destruction into my company that then result in economic recovery or something like it but this is nothing new, everybody knows that Barrack Obama is a very provocative twit as a person. Normally I would say the issue is that of Americans behaving in ways that suggest the usual need to be seen being able to handle other peoples person and prope...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Friday, October 4, 2013,


Now it is suggested that when mentioned there is a book in everybody it would bring me down but the actual reality is that it does not. I know I am a real writer, I know that if paragraphs of my books are expounded the result will be many more books from my books but I simply don’t see why I ought to allow such promiscuity to flourish around my talent, so I write equities and securities instead; shut it would be better. However to answer the issue by itself, the realit...

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International Community Influences | Book sale Brokerages at the Government Office | Media and fame Industry vandalism securities The idea that HH is being taken advantage of does not really apply; not when the same fools who mention it are responsible for property and intellectual property crimes that have destroyed his finances so far, especially the Americans. In the context therefore, if One is actually being taken advantage of, then he is being taken advantage of by those who have been taken advantage of. For example if it were to be mentioned that the assassination of an Arch Prince in Europe led to a dissolution of some social matters which resulted in problems that cascaded into the first and second world war and that there is an Arch Prince here that the President of the United States has a personal problem with, which it seems is what the fools who have no respect for anybody in his country elected him for and he is very proud that they did as it were to dance rings around this company until he had won a great fight for they cannot leave people alone as it were, it does not take a genius to work out who are really at the heart of the issue. So One always tends to maintain that they fit the bill. It is the excuses they make which brings these matters to public attention of course, although they are perfectly set in the idea that if the public attention does not work for them, it is the wrong one and there therefore needs to be another one etc but in the end the excuses really mean that if they have suffered they deserve to make me especially suffer as much as they have, which is not surprising, so they are not a group of people whom you get to relate with and reason with from or indeed do so from a distance like the act of creating a web presence for this company has shown over their unrelenting vandalism - that they use excuses of politics and civil rights to gain access to perform and are oblivious to the fact they should always expect revenge as well, hence only people you get to deal with only when you handle them in person; however when you think about it for too long, then you find yourself in a position of sympathy with those who abuse people, thus it pays to be set in your decisions and choices. Of course there is huge difference on omitting the matter of stupid old men and those they can lumber with their own insolent weaknesses between watching Pornography and acting against the needs of women that fight for HH and the Interests of the Firm and on his behalf as his Royal Office may alloe; the reality is that the girls of media and the girls and politics and the girls of business and the girls of popular culture will always turn up at such an industry because it is never enough; so when One has one or two things to do with the law, it is therefore apt to know they will either because somebody is imitating them or because they want to finish him off financially by making sure he has no escape route or because it is plain greed do to, hence The Arch Prince has got it all where he wants it at present and is loving the process of doing so as well – causing a means of going under in reality because they never listen and can throw insults and themselves at just about anybody they want to. They will never allow the academic work get done and they will never allow earnings from personal property happen either because they want money along with their business idiots who just like them never listen too, so it has been important to need handle their businesses and break it up to extract anything that is linking their venture with his firm and its affairs; these are just preparations therefore – as mentioned, they never listen and it has got to be done. There is naturally the mention of the part HH has played to bring these things into occurrence and that of course is always when they had omitted the boasting that the idea there are people who endure injustice and are served when the right thing is done and not necessarily when things are changed, means their sense of doing the right thing is simply moving on away from the post of devastation they have caused to a better place to get around with better and richer people: hence such things as 'your CV turns up way too often on my bosses desk' which is entirely likely to happen if they attack the book sales and destroy it with their media over a period of years and not to mention whether their Politicians and media fools and business idiots do get to put up with a process where they cling onto other peoples earnings like they do to one they claim has played a part to bring such activities about in the first place.






It should observed the disparities with reality are that most men that pretend to own Enterprises or local business spend all their time and want to run affairs on the basis of telling women what to do, without suffering or putting up with any of the consequences of doing so and so do their girls and women think that the prospects that the future of today offers them on the matter of getting rich from insulting men and making fame and fortune from doing so not only has Iron clad excuses that classifies everybody else as provocateur but also is to massive it cannot be numerically quantified if anybody tried. This is a problem for the Economy the Financial sector and the Countries in which Politicians support them but seeing that it is what they want to make good of running an economy on, are prepared to tell as many lies as is necessary to patch up the situation and damages it causes and maintain their habits earning other peoples income and sacrificing other peoples businesses to feed it as well as telling tall tales about the economy and the global economy as a whole.

For them the way it appears to apply is that this is an Intellectual Property Administration service firm, all customers expect to apply the service and buy the books to consumate what they need, except Americans and their friends, who have decided to use it to try out a bid to get rich, claiming the author promised his books can make people so, which means when it is not working he is hiding something to dupe them and the only way out therefore is to get rich with the market sales, finances, income and customers of the Company. 


The story of emerging new social classes and why I need to sit up and worry is not that which I consider of prime concern; they do it all the time when working with me goes smoothly and it eventually moves off from the story about how I cannot have everything that owes an interest to my royal property to myself because they have media to have some with as well with a big mouth and therefore set about pillaging my customer base everyday to create new social classes which widen the sheer number of people I have to hurt to get the book sold to those who make use of the company services and then it moves all together to some foolishness directly concerned with the fact they are enforcing the will of members of the royal family which does suggest they cannot stay in their own social class; hence no matter how abnormal your royal life is they want some of the class as well and it has to do with your earnings and their stubbornness and big mouth all the time. The part that annoys me the most being that they get it from African culture too and the threats and media insults do indicate they really cannot shut their mouths too; we all know the way they operate all the way to their fame freak feminists is that the so called right hand and culture and past etc needs to be shut down for the future and the left and the world out there and the fame and the getting things by not doing something out of nothing but what they then mean by wanting some of the class is that they need the deity ascribed to me due to the position I have to fill and work I have to do and they continue to seek it and I continue to put up with their stubbornness over my earnings without reason. So does it develop all the way to their interests in British American relations and regional issues of government around my state provided security and public work which affords friendship with anybody that likes to hurt and attack me for their purposes as well for of course it is the part they are really good at i.e. looking for trouble and I would like it so much if they shut it and get out of the Company and the Royal Property and Public work as well and stay off the state provided security and personal allies too because their intrusion means gathering facts and that means foolishness that are expensive for me with their media too.


I am aware that any scandal people want to throw at Royalty these days does not stick and it is said I am the reason for it and also the worst of them all getting around with everything in skirts but of course the reality is that when I do not want my Royal Property and Public work and Books to be the basis on which some stupid girl or boy is seen and known and bursts into the lime light in show biz that is precisely what will happen on a daily basis so that my finances might bottom out and people can detach my personality from me with media and claim it there while idiots have civil rights and human rights. Worst of all is the fact they are convinced they can get involved with anything they want to be involved with regardless of what those who own it think and like to play the racist card until there is a point of no return regularly and so I had decided to take away their civil rights and the royal scandals thing so we can find out as well. I do not want it done whether or not bad girls and their media idiots exist, I do not want it done their stupidities they think are lucrative and cannot leave me alone and hence the education they get is entirely deserved whether or not it means I have lost my Royal Authority, such nonsense only happens on media but they never ever listen. It is not a democracy thing; the reality is that on one hand you get involved with young women you must educate about the fact they will never get jobs as long as they show support for things people do to describe them as cultural filth on media when they are the ones who surprisingly to all that is natural and good in this world use cultural filth to do fame and fortune which is unprecedented and get support from Politicians for it as well but on the other my books and royal property and public work is being used as something that even the children and relatives of tyrants can do whatever they like with and hence regularly seen as the means by which stupid girls and stupid boys can have their time and get to be seen and known and rich in showbiz – it does not have to be a political issue, I simply do not want it done and they appear to be deaf for it and speak of rebellion all the time when what has really happened is that I have taken hold of and indoctrinated their stupidities out of them to kill the ignorance and violence based power without an occurrence at any stage of the part where I am supposed to be physically and politically and electorally present to do so; they think they are stupid and now they know, so this is just another issue and the books will be their undoing. Of course employers can continue to employ this filth of theirs as well, so they can have money to move around and do it as it were - one economic crisis is not enough apparently; provided there are all kinds of nonsense to bandy at people through adverts over competition they know depends on other peoples finances and does nothing but destruction like they do get to share that their money with others and therefore continues to happen no matter how much of it they have got looking for trouble. Vital indications therefore for what all Royalty bereft of Lordship and their media slander does, that the more of it they have and the more of the world they see is supposed to make them more civilised works in the opposite and shows of clear indications they have worked a single day for all that money they have which is why they find it so impossible to keep their personal life stupidities and Politics out of other peoples business and stop thinking they are on touchable which is seriously deluded. What I do is sell books I write to create a service for my company and it is not yet their worst nightmare so far.


Now I am aware it is also said I bring most of the things I talk about upon myself, the reality could not be further from this however, which is what people do to ensure anal sex is everywhere so they can chose who gets to be forced to have it and so on. So they want money but destroy money and it does not matter if it is my money or their own, the point is that they want money and destroy money to want money and it is the same with justice, they want it but attack religious and moral people and it is the same with civil rights, they want it and have people whose civil rights cannot be respected because they are too inferior to have such privileges bestowed on them first before they seek it and so on, so that when it is time for the anal sex to be had, then we have a problem because it is at the point where people are interested in me because I am looking for work or are interested in my books or even my person that they want to create a space where they can have their homosexual relationships and then cut out a piece of all I do and own it as an aspect of their civil rights and the operation of that is that they do it because nobody knows who the hell I am in this their village and is always done in complicity with gangs and violent criminal idiots. I know I am supported by the Government through unemployment benefits and housing and I am supposed to finish my books and find money to get them sold and if I get a job along the line which I personally would keep only for about two of three years, it is not the intention of any arm of British Government that I do so, hence it is just a logistical manner in which I want to get my work finished and so it is clear that each time these people make their public place and public media complains they expect others to be carried away with it and believe it is the worst that ever happens but is it really? The first consequence of these things was the issue of certain kinds of anal sex that they will not like but since then it has gotten worse and expressed publicly its attack on me because of my faith; i.e. it is something they do to ensure parents have no choice but sell out children who do not like the way things work in the Country and this then offers prerogatives to media and Political idiots who need to protect the system by finding out why your personality is the way it looks but my point is simply that I look for work because I want people to be interested in the fact I am and I write books because I want people to be interested in the books and if they do not want to complain they had better stayed out of it. It is a familiar story i.e. socially organised vandalism and financial squander and each time I say a thing about it, first they say fuck and then they say fight and I always therefore venture to deploy such words first and will soon have them patented to my name too. I am aware of course they say people are actually working with me as it is not in the interest of the Country for the lower classes to be involved with media but I do not see that it matters anyway since my relationship with upper class trouble makers that think I have no right to earn money from my own property is that they have property I want to use to get things done since they are sorted in that if there is anal sex everywhere they are homosexual any way and for the middle class it is about finding out how far below our social class we can go for a game since they are sorted in the sense that whenever they have problems civil rights will have it done and hence they can cut out aspects of my life people are interested and build homosexual communities with it and then cover their tracks by setting up a front of antagonism against Christians which of course is designed to ensure they are successful with their wickedness and that people are not doing the same to them as well, while for the lower classes I am on an expedition to actually uncover what exactly it is that annoys them so much. It would never have come to these needs for a collection of activities that messes up peoples minds and temperaments while I improve mine if politicians never go around telling lies about the fact people hurt me on account they view me as something they can lean on violently when they have problems and are frustrated, so then it would have remained a matter of the fact not everybody wants to be friends of mine sort of, since they did things had changed and I do not think it a major crisis either; its just that I live my personal life in a personal way they live their personal lives over my profession and run off to preserve their jobs for power, so everything I do in view of what people feel about me to ensure I never fall into financial trouble and that I am never homeless is physically and with much attrition brought to noughts because people have a need to do these things to me, especially the homosexual idiots; hence it becomes a personality war which I am winning by the way and then they will tell me my place is on the far left hand side and we will have to discuss it all over again because it is not the only insults around here that changes everything. Where then does the teasing stop and the bullying start and minus the question of the fact they are social menaces and their politicians need to stop talking nonsense while pretending absolutely everybody wants to listen to their quest for decadence, it is a matter question of who the hell do they think they are anyway? I do hear they say I enjoy my needless battles against people and the overkill I wrought with it but of course we all know as well they deploy other peoples property to get rich and be known and to get famous in show biz without the permission of the owners and return to exercise violence on them as well when they should never jeopardise people they have handled in such ways by making contact with them at all once they are done like they normally are, in the first place. So I do not want any of those things done with me or my person in anyway whatsoever and if done before not any more; when people want to go against this they must live with the Consequences - I will hunt them down at the Ports and the Pornography Industry and India and China and Asia and Japan and they know I am not bluffing in that either.



Naturally having revenge for what occurs as people doing business by making me responsible for the evil things that other members of my own race get up to, with a result that they turn out to peddle what I make of my living and running my own affairs and generally usurp it for attention and to make advertisement for their stupid products in order to make more money than they have already got and show off their insolent passive aggression, is not necessarily exactly living within the confines of the Law of God as a Christian. Besides which they are all more or less Fans of HM The Queen, whether  for evil or not. I simply do not appreciate their presence being seen or felt anywhere around my business, whether or not they have their own tall tales to tell about how I did it first and deserved the reaction I got; as they boast on their media, that is supposed to have been the usual case of 'the same old story, only smugger' - with a big mouth - which the black and non white ones and also the American idiots that have been given access to peoples personal lives by Wishy Tories through the secret security services wear particularly well - those stupid insults for it too. 

Bearing in mind also that it will never come up as a topic for conversation, the old story itself of filthy women thinking they can affect the balance of wealth and power by destroying other peoples public appearance and being encouraged activity by the same fools to do so. These are all activities that sluggards engage themselves in so they can better get some traction off the line and get to a job on any given day especially when black really insolent and female, the whites just think they want to be superior to somebody all together for their part - however when it gets financially destructive and is actively encouraged and funded by Politicians, then whoever is targeted with it can see it as a stupid civil rights based means of dominance and wealth acquisition and that it destroys the property I own must be met with some consequence. 

The talk of how I now indulge myself in many things I can say to please people and facilitate the sale of my book is just the normal process of very evil people doing what they do best which issue I have won, defeated and put away for good as well and no number of cases where they turn up at any Church will help their case either. I simply want the Politicians and the Governments to go into their offices to do what they do with those offices not handle my book sales and talk rubbish even if the books are about them and as for the media, those need to keep their civil rights idiots off my finances and do that soon enough to avoid a process where their desire for power because they fancy themselves an industry that should have some as well leads to something that will be settled on the basis of revenge; for of course we know their mates are paying for their freedoms with their lives all over the world as it stands. And we are all aware of media insults, provocation and goading and how I speak like there is anything I can do but of course so do we know of where I stand over that matter of telling me where I am supposed to be or getting to act to handle my livelihood on the basis of what feelings my existence brings out of them with that big mouth. I never said it was a major crisis nor did I suggest I am innocent in the matter; it is a case of American Fathers that can handle a boy and of I that can handle American Fathers and a certain media that needs to move on and stay off the book sales as soon as possible so it does not become a matter that must be settled on revenge bearing in mind they got themselves where they are at present because it seems that the more they have to worry about is the less problems I have and therefore dignity and peace of mind I get for owning something unique.

 Now they speak of how the Meek will inherit the earth as expressed by Twitter which is why they need a task-force to head the way technology is developing and feminists need to handle it for their purposes. I would never know since I am aware if they were to tell me that being successful is a function of human relations and so the nicer you are to people is the more likely you will be and that it is what Christ said I would have considered it credible but this kinds of interpretation and more so that they cannot do it with or on their own lives and property is that which they know is provocation and a piece of me therefore they want and will certainly get as well. I mean they think it is funny and I have no idea what is funny about it either; one more Christian around here that they need to catalogue and control before he is allowed to move on which is then frustrating because they seem to come up all the time to give them work to do – that the Church is open to all tends to mean we don’t notice the activities of home wreckers any more is the idea. It is important these idiots save their interpretation of the Bible, save their insults and keep off my book sales as I am rather resolved at this point that one more go at me or my equities or intellectual property or temperamental colours will mean one more task for them as well; There is no information overload going on, that is what they fantasise they would like from me, what is really going on is a process where they do these things because they think they are famous and I do what I do to them to ensure they do not gain from it when they do them to me no matter how famous.

The story I get all temperamental when people do not buy my books is utter rubbish – what happens is that they think they have funny games to play especially black men; the one where I need to take a look at what is happening and see that they are not buying my books and that they are declaring it on media as well. so the result becomes that they will not buy the books because they don’t need it and others cannot buy the books no matter how much they needed it because it has become too complicated to do so, while their claims they have been preventing people from buying the books and that they are not buying any themselves and your reaction is interesting becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. They even think when you mention it, people should find it funny like they do as well and so the problem becomes that they dish violence for me like so but don’t want to die anymore. To my solution of which they normally claim that I chose such a high handed way of handling simple issues like there is anything I can do – those insults that will never go away that we seem to have very different opinions of and the fact I don’t actually mention I find them insulting is not to say I don’t as it were. The way it works is that the part where they think it is funny when I am in financial distress and the only friendship they can offer people is a homosexual relationship while they gorge themselves on showing they are not buying my books and are preventing others from buying it on media which becomes a self fulfilling prophesy since it soon tends to be too complicated for people to buy the books and to the point where they want it but cannot buy it and need me to give it to them in some other way which is impossible since the only way is selling it to them, is actually half the story – the other half is that they do it because they fancy some woman that is beyond my league and I ought to look elsewhere while they gorge on their pleasures yet again – this is the point where I put it to them that I can beat them to the grave and they are usually so stupid their reaction is that of an acceptance of the competition and not enough have died yet where they can find out what the results of the contest was in the next life as it were.

It is never temperamental because people do not buy books, it is rather that they dish violence for me endlessly and make fun of it and now happen not to wish death for themselves anymore, especially black men. We hear them talk even more nonsense one done with their financial vandalism of how important than I am they are and how I refuse to recognise that of which the reality is rather that if they work for the BBC for example and the BBC was a company – once they had realised I broker equities with that company then my equities business on account they have civil rights and media will become an ideas sharing contraption put together by a kid without direction which is free for all, so that they can find ideas that they have not paid for to gain promotion they have never worked for and that is how they become more important than I am but the more serious matters emerge when they cannot stay off my bank balance and book sales numbers. 

I mean it is never clear what propels people to seek to find funny making somebody who develops creative security terrified and nobody knows why they would when he is - only that people tend to become even more miffed when they had lost their foolish lives at the end of the game. Nobody knows why the only leadership people want to provide is a funny one that involves getting books out of an author instead of buying a copy of their own either - all I know is that given half the chance somebody will lose their lives and I had better raced them to the grave first so they can find the results of the contest in the next life and that is why I do it.

I actually have no real issues at Industry, it’s just a condition where Entrepreneurs are convinced the only way they can do anything is to insult and abuse me and expect that punishment will not come for that which then becomes a barrier to book sales because they are busy using me to get rich along with stupid girls. So it has come to a point of make a demagogue and get involved, then follow everything I do with a statement of another problem by the way side or issue which is involved with whatever I have achieved and attack me until I notice it then just on my Literary empire and make money while you are really busy with that making out it is a life and death issue for me if I want to get them off it, so that each time I act on them they counter act instead of go away in some way and the most popular of those ways is getting on media and checking out what power they can have recently by an accusation of some sort: so I do not think it is a problem and am taking my time, about which I feel they ought to relax and take their own as well since it will end very well thereof and stop talking about problems at Industry for anybody. And of course there is always ever that talk of what I am supposed to have been thinking about the progress of women which I dont mind but when it starts to involve the outcome itself where everything I say and do is taken out of context and then generalised for all women, they are looking for trouble and should not be saved from finding it too. I dont think it is an amazing thing for my part it’s the same story with stupid media men and homosexuals; when somebody says they are feminists for example the purpose is to get attention and make points that allow them get back home, so they might sit around doing feminism but when their Dad turns up to speak to them they drop it for a while claiming it is an occasion they had to arise to lest others take up their stuff and do it for them in my case I am being robbed of this as a fundamental aspect of their stupid activities every single time, time and time again and it is the reaction they are looking for and that they will find as well – it is not something I tend to lose any sleep for and of course have already issued warnings the world is fed up with their ideas about what my work and my books are for – we all have commitments apparently but these sales men and sales idiots have vanities and cannot live a day without hurting me profoundly, so it is always okay if they keep their deviance but I am never of the impression that this stuff is random activity, so if their games about female progress has anything to do with it I will rip it up again – and their Politicians too which is why it has continued with them for this long so far. 


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